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.\"   lprm man page for CUPS.
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.TH lprm 1 "CUPS" "28 August 2009" "Apple Inc."
lprm \- cancel print jobs
.B lprm
[ -E ] [ -U
.I username
] [ -h
.I server[:port]
] [ -P
.I destination[/instance]
] [ - ] [
.I job ID(s)
\fIlprm\fR cancels print jobs that have been queued for printing.
If no arguments are supplied, the current job on the default
destination is cancelled. You can specify one or more job ID
numbers to cancel those jobs or use the \fI-\fR option to cancel
all jobs.
The \fIlprm\fR command supports the following options:
.TP 5
Forces encryption when connecting to the server.
.TP 5
-P destination[/instance]
Specifies the destination printer or class.
.TP 5
-U username
Specifies an alternate username.
.TP 5
-h server[:port]
Specifies an alternate server.
The CUPS version of \fIlprm\fR is compatible with the standard
Berkeley \fIlprm\fR command.
\fIcancel(1)\fR, \fIlp(1)\fR, \fIlpq(1)\fR, \fIlpr(1)\fR,
Copyright 2007-2012 by Apple Inc.
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