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.\"   cupsfilter man page for CUPS.
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.TH cupsfilter 8 "CUPS" "4 March 2010" "Apple Inc."
cupsfilter \- convert a file to another format using cups filters
.B cupsfilter
[ -c
.I config-file
] [ -d
.I printer
] [ -e ] -j
.I job-id[,N]
[ -m
.I mime/type
] [ -n
.I copies
] [ -o
.I name=value
] [ -p
.I filename.ppd
] [ -t
.I title
.I filename
\fIcupsfilter\fR is a front-end to the CUPS filter subsystem which allows you
to convert a file to a specific format, just as if you had printed the file
through CUPS. By default, \fIcupsfilter\fR generates a PDF file.
.TP 5
-c config-file
Uses the named cupsd.conf configuration file.
.TP 5
-d printer
Uses information from the named printer.
.TP 5
Use every filter from the PPD file.
.TP 5
-j job-id[,N]
Converts document N from the specified job. If N is omitted, document 1 is
.TP 5
-m mime/type
Specifies the destination file type. The default file type is application/pdf.
Use printer/foo to convert to the printer format defined by the filters in the
PPD file.
.TP 5
-n copies
Specifies the number of copies to generate.
.TP 5
-o name=value
Specifies options to pass to the CUPS filters.
.TP 5
-p filename.ppd
Specifies the PPD file to use.
.TP 5
-t title
Specifies the document title.
\fIcupsfilter\fR currently does not use the filters defined in the PPD file.
This will be addressed in a future CUPS release.
Copyright 2007-2012 by Apple Inc.
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