file.h   [plain text]

 * "$Id: file.h 7460 2008-04-16 02:19:54Z mike $"
 *   Public file definitions for CUPS.
 *   Since stdio files max out at 256 files on many systems, we have to
 *   write similar functions without this limit.  At the same time, using
 *   our own file functions allows us to provide transparent support of
 *   gzip'd print files, PPD files, etc.
 *   Copyright 2007-2011 by Apple Inc.
 *   Copyright 1997-2007 by Easy Software Products, all rights reserved.
 *   These coded instructions, statements, and computer programs are the
 *   property of Apple Inc. and are protected by Federal copyright
 *   law.  Distribution and use rights are outlined in the file "LICENSE.txt"
 *   which should have been included with this file.  If this file is
 *   file is missing or damaged, see the license at "".

#ifndef _CUPS_FILE_H_
#  define _CUPS_FILE_H_

 * Include necessary headers...

#  include "versioning.h"
#  include <stddef.h>
#  include <sys/types.h>
#  if defined(WIN32) && !defined(__CUPS_SSIZE_T_DEFINED)
#    define __CUPS_SSIZE_T_DEFINED
/* Windows does not support the ssize_t type, so map it to off_t... */
typedef off_t ssize_t;			/* @private@ */
#  endif /* WIN32 && !__CUPS_SSIZE_T_DEFINED */

 * C++ magic...

#  ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
#  endif /* __cplusplus */

 * CUPS file definitions...

#  define CUPS_FILE_NONE	0	/* No compression */
#  define CUPS_FILE_GZIP	1	/* GZIP compression */

 * Types and structures...

typedef struct _cups_file_s cups_file_t;/**** CUPS file type ****/

 * Prototypes...

extern int		cupsFileClose(cups_file_t *fp) _CUPS_API_1_2;
extern int		cupsFileCompression(cups_file_t *fp) _CUPS_API_1_2;
extern int		cupsFileEOF(cups_file_t *fp) _CUPS_API_1_2;
extern const char	*cupsFileFind(const char *filename, const char *path,
			              int executable, char *buffer,
				      int bufsize) _CUPS_API_1_2;
extern int		cupsFileFlush(cups_file_t *fp) _CUPS_API_1_2;
extern int		cupsFileGetChar(cups_file_t *fp) _CUPS_API_1_2;
extern char		*cupsFileGetConf(cups_file_t *fp, char *buf,
			                 size_t buflen, char **value,
			                 int *linenum) _CUPS_API_1_2;
extern size_t		cupsFileGetLine(cups_file_t *fp, char *buf,
			                size_t buflen) _CUPS_API_1_2;
extern char		*cupsFileGets(cups_file_t *fp, char *buf, size_t buflen)
extern int		cupsFileLock(cups_file_t *fp, int block) _CUPS_API_1_2;
extern int		cupsFileNumber(cups_file_t *fp) _CUPS_API_1_2;
extern cups_file_t	*cupsFileOpen(const char *filename, const char *mode)
extern cups_file_t	*cupsFileOpenFd(int fd, const char *mode) _CUPS_API_1_2;
extern int		cupsFilePeekChar(cups_file_t *fp) _CUPS_API_1_2;
extern int		cupsFilePrintf(cups_file_t *fp, const char *format, ...)
			__attribute__((__format__ (__printf__, 2, 3)))
extern int		cupsFilePutChar(cups_file_t *fp, int c) _CUPS_API_1_2;
extern ssize_t		cupsFilePutConf(cups_file_t *fp, const char *directive,
			                const char *value) _CUPS_API_1_4;
extern int		cupsFilePuts(cups_file_t *fp, const char *s)
extern ssize_t		cupsFileRead(cups_file_t *fp, char *buf, size_t bytes)
extern off_t		cupsFileRewind(cups_file_t *fp) _CUPS_API_1_2;
extern off_t		cupsFileSeek(cups_file_t *fp, off_t pos) _CUPS_API_1_2;
extern cups_file_t	*cupsFileStderr(void) _CUPS_API_1_2;
extern cups_file_t	*cupsFileStdin(void) _CUPS_API_1_2;
extern cups_file_t	*cupsFileStdout(void) _CUPS_API_1_2;
extern off_t		cupsFileTell(cups_file_t *fp) _CUPS_API_1_2;
extern int		cupsFileUnlock(cups_file_t *fp) _CUPS_API_1_2;
extern ssize_t		cupsFileWrite(cups_file_t *fp, const char *buf,
			              size_t bytes) _CUPS_API_1_2;

#  ifdef __cplusplus
#  endif /* __cplusplus */
#endif /* !_CUPS_FILE_H_ */

 * End of "$Id: file.h 7460 2008-04-16 02:19:54Z mike $".