CHANGES.txt   [plain text]

CHANGES.txt - 1.6b1 - 2012-05-22


	- Documentation updates (STR #3927, STR #3980, STR #4010, STR #4068)
	- The scheduler now consolidates all PPD updates from filters at the
	  end of the job (STR #4075)
	- CUPS now supports color management using colord (STR #3808)
	- CUPS now supports Bonjour using Avahi (STR #3066)
	- The PreserveJobFiles and PreserveJobHistory directives now support
	  specification of a time interval (STR #3143)
	- PPD files can now be archived in (gzip'd) tar files to further reduce
	  the disk space used by PPD files (STR #3772)
	- The network backends now deal with printers that report their levels
	  in percent but do not specify a maximum capacity of 100 (STR #3551)
	- The network backends now report full/almost-full waste bins in
	  printers along with end-of-life for cleaning pads (STR #4017)
	- Added a configure option to set the permissions of the installed
	  cupsd (STR #3459)
	- Added a new WITH-ALL-VALUES directive to ipptool EXPECT predicates
	  (STR #3949)
	- CUPS now supports a User directive in client.conf and the CUPS_USER
	  environment variable for overriding the default username (STR #3114)
	- Now set the PJL USERNAME variable as needed (STR #3100)
	- Added support for usernames and passwords longer than 32 characters
	  (STR #2856)
	- Added a new MaxHoldTime directive to automatically cancel jobs that
	  have been held indefinitely after a specific number of seconds
	  (STR #2291)
	- The LPD backend now uses the originating host name when it is not the
	  local system (STR #2053)
	- CUPS now prefers the suffix "dpcm" when reporting resolution in dots-
	  per-centimeter (STR #4006)
	- The configure script and build system no longer support building of
	  separate 32-bit and 64-bit libraries.
	- The "brightness", "columns", "fitplot", "gamma", "hue",
	  "natural-scaling", "penwidth", "position", "ppi", "saturation", and
	  "scaling" options are not longer supported (STR #4010)
	- The "page-bottom", "page-left", "page-right", "page-top",
	  "prettyprint", and "wrap" options have been deprecated (STR #4010)
	- The scheduler now reports the standard "number-of-documents" attribute
	  instead of the CUPS-specific "document-count" attribute in
	  job objects.
	- Added new destination connection and enumeration functions (STR #3924)
	- Added new option, localization, and job submission functions that do
	  not depend on PPD files (STR #3925)
	- Added a new MaxJobTime directive for cupsd that specifies the maximum
	  amount of time allowed for a job to complete before it is canceled.
	- The default password callback now supports passwords up to 127
	- The scheduler now supports a DefaultAuthType of "auto" to
	  automatically choose between Basic (username/password) and Negotiate
	  (Kerberos) authentication.
	- cupsSideChannelSNMPGet/Walk now support OIDs and values up to 64k in
	- CUPS no longer supports automatic remote printers or implicit classes
	  via the CUPS, LDAP, or SLP protocols (STR #3922, STR #3923)
	- The PPD APIs are now deprecated and will be removed in a future
	  version of CUPS (STR #3927)
	- The default IPP version for requests is now 2.0 (STR #3929)
	- The IPP APIs no longer expose the ipp_t or ipp_attribute_t structures
	  and instead provide accessor functions (STR #3928)
	- The scheduler will no longer run programs with group write permission.
	- The PHP module has been removed (STR #3932)
	- The bannertops, commandtoescpx, commandtopclx, imagetops,
	  imagetoraster, pdftops, rastertoescpx, rastertopclx, and texttops
	  filters have been removed (STR #3930)
	- The serial and parallel backends have been removed (STR 3935)