CHANGES-IPPTOOL.txt   [plain text]

CHANGES-IPPTOOL.txt - 2012-02-28

This file provides a list of changes to the ipptool binary distribution posted


	- Changed behavior of WITH-VALUES "/regex/" to not require all values to
	- Added WITH-ALL-VALUES directive for EXPECT predicates that require all
	  values to match.
	- Updated test files to use WITH-ALL-VALUES where necessary.
	- Updated test files to use new ABNF for media names from PWG Media
	  Names 2.0.


	- Fixed the packaging of ipptool on Windows (removed unnecessary DLLs)
	- Fixed an crash in ipptool when mixing DISPLAY with -I and a failed
	- Added a Print-Job test file.
	- Added a "setdebug" batch file for Windows
	- Added support for a CUPS_DISABLE_ASYNC_CONNECT environment variable.


	- Fixed an issue with the IPP/1.1 test file where the "waiting for job
	  completion" test did not work.
	- The attribute groups out of order error was not shown for the
	  operation-attributes-tag group.


	- Fixed a truncated XML output bug that would happen for certain errors.
	- Fixed the order-of-groups tests.
	- Fixed "WITH-VALUE >N" for rangeOfInteger attributes.
	- The Windows installer was missing the get-printer-attributes.test
	- The Linux binaries are now compiled for all LSB 4.x-compliant Linux
	- The Linux binaries no longer support SSL or TLS.


	- Fixed a crasher bug that showed up on Windows.
	- The IPP/1.1 test would hang if the initial Print-Job test failed.
	- Fixed a typo in the IPP/2.0 test.


	- Using OF-TYPE with the "no-value" or "unknown" out-of-band value tags
	  now works without special WITH-VALUE strings.
	- ipptool now shows an error when an attribute appears more than once
	  within the same attribute group.
	- ipptool did not display attributes as specified by the DISPLAY
	  directive when a test error failed.
	- Fixed one spot where DEFINE-VALUE was still treated as an error when
	  the EXPECT test failed.
	- uriScheme values were not displayed properly.
	- Updated the IPP/1.1 tests to properly validate support for
	  job-hold-until-default and job-hold-until-supported when the Hold-Job
	  operation is supported.
	- Updated the IPP/1.1 tests to properly check for the various standard
	  media sizes for the printing tests.
	- Updated the IPP/1.1 tests to accept "no-value" for media-default an
	- Updated the IPP/1.1 tests to accept "unknown" for job-state.
	- Updated the IPP/1.1 tests to not perform the bogus URI printing tests
	  unless the "document-uri" variable is defined.
	- Updated the IPP/2.0 tests to properly validate media-col
	  "media-xxx-supported" attributes.
	- Updated the IPP/2.2 tests to properly validate media-ready and


	- Test output now includes a summary and overall score at the end.
	- The MATCH-VALUE predicate now correctly deals with a failed EXPECT
	- The IPP/1.1 test suite now looks for legacy media names and uses them
	  if the corresponding PWG standard names are not present.
	- The IPP/1.1 test suite now tests the Print-Job+Release-Job when the
	  printer supports the job-hold-until attribute, Hold-Job operation, and
	  Release-Job operation.


	- Fixes for HTTP chunking, timeout, and encryption issues reported by
	  various users.
	- Greatly improved IPP tests with added IPP/2.2 tests.
	- New test documents - 1-page and 4-page mixed A4/Letter PDF/PS and a
	  couple JPEGs.
	- New REPEAT directives to programmatically repeat tests as needed.


	- The Windows version no longer requires Visual Studio to be installed.
	- The Windows version now supports SSL.
	- Added "ipps" URI support.
	- Added a new "-T" option.
	- Added support for fractional seconds for the -i option and DELAY
	- Added support for authentication.
	  SKIP-PREVIOUS-ERROR directives.
	- WITH-VALUE now supports variable expansion.
	- Updated the IPP/1.1 conformance test to skip the "my-jobs different
	  user" test if the printer URI contains a username.
	- Updated the IPP conformance tests to validate media, media-default,
	  and media-supported values.
	- No longer error out if a Printer returns a different version number in
	  the response when the request contains the version 0.0.


	- Initial release of standalone binary.