constraint.drv   [plain text]

// Include standard font and media definitions
#include <font.defs>
#include <media.defs>

// List the fonts that are supported, in this case all standard
// fonts...
Font *

// Manufacturer, model name, and version
Manufacturer "Foo"
ModelName "FooJet 2000"
Version 1.0

// Each filter provided by the driver...
Filter application/vnd.cups-raster 100 rastertofoo

// Supported page sizes
*MediaSize Letter
MediaSize A4

// Supported resolutions
*Resolution k 8 0 0 0 "600dpi/600 DPI"

// Installable Option Group
Group "InstallableOptions/Options Installed"

  // Duplexing unit option
  Option "Option1/Duplexing Unit" Boolean AnySetup 10
    Choice True/Installed ""
    *Choice "False/Not Installed" ""

// General Option Group
Group General

  // Duplexing option
  Option "Duplex/Two-Sided Printing" PickOne AnySetup 10
    *Choice "None/No" "<</Duplex false>>setpagedevice"
    Choice "DuplexNoTumble/Long Edge Binding"
           "<</Duplex true/Tumble false>>setpagedevice"
    Choice "DuplexTumble/Short Edge Binding"
           "<</Duplex true/Tumble true>>setpagedevice"

// Only allow duplexing if the duplexer is installed
UIConstraints "*Duplex *Option1 False"

// Specify the name of the PPD file we want to generate...
PCFileName "foojet2k.ppd"