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.TH cups-deviced 8 "CUPS" "16 June 2008" "Apple Inc."
cups-deviced \- cups device daemon
.B cups-deviced
.I request-id limit user-id options
\fIcups-deviced\fR polls the backends in
\fI@CUPS_SERVERBIN@/backend\fR for a list of available devices.
It is run by \fIcupsd(8)\fR in response to a
\fICUPS-Get-Devices\fR request. The output format is an IPP
response message. The \fIrequest-id\fR argument is the request ID
from the original IPP request, typically 1. The \fIlimit\fR
argument is the limit value from the original IPP request - 0
means no limit. The \fIuser-id\fR argument is the
requesting-user-name value from the original IPP request.
Finally, the \fIoptions\fR argument is a space-delimited list of
attributes ("name=value name=value \...") that were passed in
with the request. Currently \fIcups-deviced\fR looks for the
\fIrequested-attributes\fR attribute and tailors the output
backend(7), cupsd(8), cupsd.conf(5),
Copyright 2007-2012 by Apple Inc.
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