print-job-hold.test   [plain text]

# Test print-job and job-hold-until attribute
	# The name of the test...
	NAME "Print with print-job + job-hold-until"

	# The resource to use for the POST
	# RESOURCE /admin

	# The operation to use
	OPERATION print-job

	# Attributes, starting in the operation group...
	GROUP operation
	ATTR charset attributes-charset utf-8
	ATTR language attributes-natural-language en
	ATTR uri printer-uri $uri
	ATTR name requesting-user-name $user
	ATTR mimetype document-format application/postscript
	ATTR keyword job-hold-until indefinite

	GROUP job
	ATTR integer copies 1

	FILE ../data/

	# What statuses are OK?
	STATUS ok-subst

	# What attributes do we expect?
	EXPECT job-id
	EXPECT job-uri