CHANGES.txt   [plain text]

CHANGES.txt - 2011-06-14


	- Compile fixes (STR #3849, STR #3850)
	- The scheduler didn't check for empty values for several configuration
	  directives (STR #3861)
	- ipptool didn't generate valid XML when a test was skipped.
	- Added additional error checking to the 1284 device ID code (STR #3858)
	- Fixed some compatibility issues migrating from the old usblp backend
	  to the libusb backend (STR #3860)
	- Fixed the wake-from-sleep printing behavior on Mac OS X.
	- The scheduler incorrectly allowed jobs to be held from a terminating
	- The cups-driverd program could crash when a PPD was renamed.
	- The dnssd backend took too long to discover printers on large or busy
	  networks with the new default timeout used by lpinfo and the web
	  interface. This resulted in "lost" printers.


	- Documentation updates.
	- Localization updates (STR #3845)
	- Compiler warning cleanup.
	- Fixed PIE support for Linux (STR #3846)
	- Made httpSetTimeout API public and use it in the IPP backend to avoid
	  timeout errors.
	- The scheduler incorrectly set the "authenticated" printer-type bit for
	  remote queues using authentication.


	- The CUPS library now supports per-connection HTTP timeouts and
	- The CUPS library now supports (limited) SSL/TLS X.509 certificate
	  validation and revocation (STR #1616)
	- Updated the PostScript filter to support IncludeFeature in more
	  circumstances (STR #3417)
	- The schedule did not correctly parse some IPv6 addresses and masks in
	  the cupsd.conf file (STR #3533)
	- Fixed a case-insensitive string comparison issue for locales that do
	  not treat "I" and "i" as equivalent (STR #3800)
	- The scheduler reported an incorrect job-printer-uri value when sharing
	  was not enabled (STR #3639)
	- The scheduler now allows the ServerAlias directive to contain multiple
	  hostnames separated by spaces or commas (STR #3813)
	- The scheduler now sets the process group for child processes and
	  manages the group (STR #2829)
	- Fixed some minor issues discovered by a Coverity scan (STR #3838)
	- The scheduler now more carefully creates and removes configuration,
	  cache, and state files (STR #3715)
	- The lpadmin command now allows default option values to be deleted
	  (STR #2959)
	- The lpadmin command now allows the cupsIPPSupplies and
	  cupsSNMPSupplies keywords to be set in a PPD file (STR #3825)
	- Moving a held job no longer releases it (STR #3839)
	- Restored support for GNU TLS and OpenSSL with threading enabled
	  (STR #3605)
	- Fixed a confusing error message from cups-polld (STR #3806)
	- Increased the default RIPCache value to 128MB (STR #3535)
	- MIME errors are now routed to the error_log file (STR #2410)
	- Updated PDF filter to support new Ghostscript ps2write device
	  (STR #3766)
	- Updated PDF filter to support new Poppler option to preserve page
	  sizes in PDF files when the user has not selected a particular media
	  size (STR #3689)
	- Added new PWG Raster filter for IPP Everywhere printer support.
	- Added job-uuid, printer-uuid, and subscription-uuid attributes.
	- Added support for the cupsSingleFile PPD keyword.
	- Dropped support for the printer-state-history attribute (STR #3654)
	- Added support for a new cupsIPPSupplies keyword in PPD files to allow
	  drivers to disable IPP supply level reporting.
	- Added support for a new cupsFilter2 keyword in PPD files to allow for
	  the propagation of the actual MIME media type produced by a filter.
	- The scheduler did not always get the correct Kerberos username when
	  authenticating (STR #3670)
	- Added new cupsRasterOpenIO function and CUPS_RASTER_WRITE_PWG to the
	  CUPS imaging library to support printing to IPP Everywhere raster
	- The scheduler now provides default values for the pages-per-minute and
	  pages-per-minute-color attributes for PPD files that lack a
	  Throughput keyword.
	- Email notifications did not work on Mac OS X.
	- The cupstestppd program now shows an error for files missing a
	  CloseGroup keyword (STR #3668)
	- Name resolution errors no longer cause queues to stop (STR #3719,
	  STR #3753)
	- Added a new cups-exec helper program that applies security profiles
	  to filters, port monitors, backends, CGI programs, and mini-daemons.
	- The web interface can now be disabled using the WebInterface directive
	  in cupsd.conf (STR #2625)
	- The scheduler now provides privacy controls for jobs and subscriptions
	  (STR #2969)
	- Added new cupsArrayNew3 API which offers memory management of array
	- Added several new color spaces to the CUPS raster format (STR #3419)
	- The Validate-Job operation now uses the same policy as Print-Job by
	- CUPS now uses iconv to implement all of its character encoding
	  support (STR #3097)
	- The scheduler now implements the Cancel-Jobs, Cancel-My-Jobs, and
	  Close-Job operations along with the job-ids operation attribute from
	  PWG 5100.11.
	- The main CUPS header (<cups/cups.h>) no longer includes the PPD header
	- The scheduler and CUPS API now support the print-quality job template
	- The scheduler no longer supports the old Mac OS X Server quota
	- The scheduler now allows writing to /Users/Shared from print filters
	  on Mac OS X.
	- CUPS no longer supports the old ~/.cupsrc or ~/.lpoptions files from
	  CUPS 1.1.x.  The ~/.cups/client.conf and ~/.cups/lpoptions files that
	  were introduced in CUPS 1.2 must now be used.
	- The ipptest tool is now a first-class user program and has several
	  improvements along with new documentation (STR #3484)
	- The cupstestppd tool now warns about non-unique filenames and
	  provides a way to ignore all filename warnings.
	- Dropped support for the recoverable: and recovered: message prefixes.
	- The scheduler now requires that filters and backends have group write
	  permissions disabled.
	- The PPD compiler now checks for overlapping filenames when writing
	  PPD files.
	- The HP-GL/2 filter is no longer included with CUPS (STR #3322)
	- The SCSI backend is no longer included with CUPS (STR #3500)