get-printer-attributes.test   [plain text]

# Get printer attributes using get-printer-attributes
	# The name of the test...
	NAME "Get printer attributes using get-printer-attributes"

	# The resource to use for the POST
	# RESOURCE /admin

	# The operation to use
	OPERATION get-printer-attributes

	# Attributes, starting in the operation group...
	GROUP operation
	ATTR charset attributes-charset utf-8
	ATTR language attributes-natural-language en
	ATTR uri printer-uri $uri

	# What statuses are OK?
	STATUS successful-ok

	# What attributes do we expect?
	EXPECT charset-configured
	EXPECT charset-supported
	EXPECT compression-supported
	EXPECT document-format-default
	EXPECT document-format-supported
	EXPECT generated-natural-language-supported
	EXPECT ipp-versions-supported
	EXPECT natural-language-configured
	EXPECT operations-supported
	EXPECT printer-info
	EXPECT printer-is-accepting-jobs
	EXPECT printer-location
	EXPECT printer-make-and-model
	EXPECT printer-more-info
	EXPECT printer-name
	EXPECT printer-state
	EXPECT printer-state-reasons
	EXPECT printer-up-time
	EXPECT printer-uri-supported
	EXPECT uri-authentication-supported
	EXPECT uri-security-supported