CHANGES.txt   [plain text]

CHANGES.txt - 2007-12-14


	- The scheduler incorrectly removed auth-info attributes,
	  potentially leading to a loss of all options for a job.
	- The scheduler stopped sending CUPS browse packets on a
	  restart when using fixed addresses (STR #2618)
	- Fixed PDF filter security issues (CVE-2007-4352
	  CVE-2007-5392 CVE-2007-5393)
	- Changing settings would always change the DefaultAuthType
	  and Allow lines (STR #2580)
	- The scheduler would crash when submitting an undefined
	  format file from Samba with LogLevel debug2 (STR #2600)
	- The scheduler did not use poll() when epoll() was not
	  supported by the running kernel (STR #2582)
	- Fixed a compile problem with Heimdal Kerberos (STR #2592)
	- The USB backend now retries connections to a printer
	  indefinitely rather than stopping the queue.
	- Printers with untranslated JCL options were not exported
	  to Samba correctly (STR #2570)
	- The USB backend did not work with some Minolta USB
	  printers (STR #2604)
	- The strcasecmp() emulation code did not compile (STR
	- The scheduler would crash if a job was sent to an empty
	  class (STR #2605)
	- The lpc command did not work in non-UTF-8 locales (STR
	- Subscriptions for printer-stopped events also received
	  other state changes (STR #2572)
	- cupstestppd incorrectly reported translation errors for
	  the "en" locale.
	- ppdOpen() did not handle custom options properly when the
	  Custom attribute appeared before the OpenUI for that
	- The scheduler could crash when deleting a printer or
	  listing old jobs.
	- The Mac OS X USB backend did not allow for requeuing of
	  jobs submitted to a class.
	- lpmove didn't accept a job ID by itself.
	- The scheduler incorrectly removed job history information
	  for remote print jobs.
	- The scheduler incorrectly sent the
	  "" message for printer state
	- The PostScript filter drew the page borders (when enabled)
	  outside the imageable area.
	- The LPD and IPP backends did not default to the correct
	  port numbers when using alternate scheme names.
	- The scheduler incorrectly deleted hardwired remote
	  printers on system sleep.
	- The scheduler would abort if a bad browse protocol name
	  was listed in the cupsd.conf file.
	- The online cupsd.conf help file incorrectly showed
	  "dns-sd" instead of "dnssd" for Bonjour sharing.
	- The scheduler could crash changing the port-monitor value.
	- The scheduler generated CoreFoundation errors when run as
	  a background process.
	- When printing with number-up > 1, it was possible to get
	  an extra blank page.


	- Documentation updates (STR #2560, STR #2563, STR #2569)
	- CUPS now maps the "nb" locale to "no" on all platforms
	  (STR #2575)
	- CUPS did not work with a Windows 2003 R2 KDC (STR #2568)
	- ippReadIO() could read past the end of a buffer (STR
	- The scheduler would crash on shutdown if it was unable
	  to create a Kerberos context.
	- Multiple AuthTypes in cupsd.conf did not work (STR
	- The snmp.conf file referenced the wrong man page (STR
	- The cupsaddsmb program didn't handle domain sockets
	  properly (STR #2556)
	- The scheduler now validates device URIs when adding
	- Updated httpSeparateURI() to support hostnames with
	  the backslash character.
	- Updated the Japanese localization (STR #2546)
	- The parallel backend now gets the current IEEE-1284
	  device ID string on Linux (STR #2553)
	- The IPP backend now checks the job status at
	  variable intervals (from 1 to 10 seconds) instead
	  of every 10 seconds for faster remote printing
	  (STR #2548)
	- "lpr -p" and "lpr -l" did not work (STR #2544)
	- Compilation failed when a previous version of CUPS
	  was installed and was included in the SSL include
	  path (STR #2538)
	- The scheduler did not reject requests with charsets
	  other than US-ASCII or UTF-8, and the CUPS API
	  incorrectly passed the locale charset to the scheduler
	  instead of UTF-8 (STR #2537)
	- cups-deviced did not filter out duplicate devices.
	- The AppleTalk backend incorrectly added a scheme
	  listing when AppleTalk was disabled or no printers
	  were found.
	- The PostScript filter generated N^2 copies when the
	  printer supported collated copies and user requested
	  reverse-order output.
	- The scheduler did not reprint all of the files in a
	  job that was held.
	- The scheduler did not update the printcap file after
	  removing stale remote queues.
	- The cupsd.conf man page incorrectly referenced
	  "AuthType Kerberos" instead of "AuthType Negotiate".


	- The scheduler did not use the attributes-natural-language
	  attribute when passing the LANG environment variable to
	  cups-deviced or cups-driverd.
	- The scheduler did not use the printer-op-policy when
	  modifying classes or printers (STR #2525)
	- The auth-info-required attribute was not always updated
	  for remote queues that required authentication.
	- The German web interface localization contained errors
	  (STR #2523)
	- The Swedish localization contained errors (STR #2522)


	- The 1.3.1 release was incorrectly created from the
	  1.4.x source tree (STR #2519)
	- Added support for 32/64-bit libraries on HP-UX
	  (STR #2520)
	- The scheduler incorrectly used portrait as the default
	  orientation (STR #2513)
	- The scheduler no longer writes the printcap file for
	  every remote printer update (STR #2512)
	- Remote raw printing with multiple copies did not work
	  (STR #2518)
	- Updated the configure script to require at least autoconf
	  2.60 (STR #2515)
	- Some gzip'd PPD files were not read in their entirety
	  (STR #2510)


	- Documentation updates.
	- The USB backend on Mac OS X could hang if the driver and
	  printer did not match.
	- Delegated Kerberos credentials were not working.
	- "make distclean" incorrectly removed the edit-config.tmpl
	  files (STR #2508)
	- Fix compile problem on HP-UX (STR #2501)
	- The cupstestppd utility now tests for resolutions greater
	  than 99999 DPI to detect a missing  "x" between the X and Y
	- Fixed many problems in the various translations and added
	  a new "checkpo" utility to validate them.
	- The cupstestppd utility now tests the custom page size code
	  for CUPS raster drivers.
	- cupsLangDefault() did not attempt to return a language that
	  was supported by the calling application.
	- If a remote printer stopped while a job was being sent, the
	  local queue would also get stopped and the job re-queued,
	  resulting in duplicate prints in some cases.
	- A few Apple-specific job options needed to be omitted when
	  printing a banner page.
	- The new peer credential support did not compile on FreeBSD
	  (STR #2495)
	- Direct links to help files did not set the current section
	  so the table-of-contents was not shown.
	- The configure script did not support --localedir=foo (STR #2488)
	- The backends were not displaying their localized messages.
	- CUPS-Authenticate-Job did not require Kerberos authentication
	  on queues protected by Kerberos.
	- The Zebra ZPL driver did not work with Brady label printers
	  (STR #2487)
	- Norwegian wasn't localized on Mac OS X.
	- getnameinfo() returns an error on some systems when DNS is
	  not available, leading to numerous problems (STR #2486)
	- The cupsfilter command did not work properly on Mac OS X.
	- The scheduler makefile contained a typo (STR #2483)
	- The TBCP and BCP port monitors did not handle the trailing
	  CTRL-D in some PostScript output properly.
	- Fixed the localization instructions and German template for
	  the "Find New Printers" button (STR #2478)
	- The web interface did not work with the Chinese localization
	  (STR #2477)
	- The web interface home page did not work for languages that
	  were only partially localized (STR #2472)
	- Updated the Spanish web interface localization (STR #2473)
	- ppdLocalize() did not work for country-specific localizations.


	- The scheduler did not handle out-of-file conditions
	  gracefully when accepting new connections, leading to
	  heavy CPU usage.
	- The scheduler did not detect ServerBin misconfigurations
	  (STR #2470)
	- "AuthType Default" did not work as expected when the
	  "DefaultAuthType foo" line appeared after it in the
	  cupsd.conf file.
	- The on-line help did not describe many common printing
	  options (STR #1846)
	- The IPP backend did not return the "auth required" status
	  when printing to a Kerberos-protected queue.
	- The scheduler was not looking in the correct directories
	  for LSB PPD files (STR #2464)
	- Changed references to ESP Ghostscript to GPL Ghostscript
	  (STR #2463)
	- The PostScript filter did not cleanly terminate when
	  the job was canceled or stopped.
	- Fixed generation of Kerberos credentials for remote
	  printing.  Note that this requires a recent version of
	  MIT Kerberos with a working krb5_cc_new_unique()
	  function or Heimdal Kerberos.
	- Added Portuguese and updated Italian message catalogs.


	- Added more range checking to the pdftops filter. 
	- The scheduler would crash if a remote IPP queue was stopped
	  (STR #2460)
	- The scheduler did not allow "DefaultAuthType None".


	- Updated the German localization (STR #2443)
	- cupsAdminGetServerSettings() did not handle </Foo> properly.
	- When lprm and cancel are run with no job ID, they now will
	  cancel the first stopped job if no pending or processing
	  jobs are left in the queue.
	- The scheduler now logs successful print jobs, filter
	  failures, and the job file types at the default log
	  level (STR #2458)
	- The scheduler now logs the usernames it is using for
	  authorization at LogLevel debug instead of debug2 (STR #2448)
	- Added Intellitech Intellibar and Zebra CPCL PPDs to the list
	  of installed PPDs.
	- Added 6" and 8" wide label sizes for the Zebra ZPL Label
	  Printer driver (STR #2442)
	- The cupsaddsmb program and web interface now support
	  exporting of 64-bit Windows drivers, when available
	  (STR #2439)
	- Moving a job that was printing did not stop the job on the
	  original printer (STR #2262)
	- The cups-lpd mini-daemon did not work on Mac OS X server.
	- Added httpGetAuthString() and httpSetAuthString() APIs to get
	  and set the current (cached) authorization string to use for
	  HTTP requests.
	- Updated the default cupsd.conf policy to list the
	  "administrative" operations separately from the "printer
	  control" operations so that it is easier to define a
	  group of users that are "printer operators".
	- The web interface now pulls the default cupsd.conf file
	  from cupsd.conf.default in the CUPS config directory.
	- Added a help file for using Kerberos with CUPS.
	- The scheduler now strips the "@KDC" portion of Kerberos
	  usernames since those usernames typically do not appear in
	  the group membership lists used by CUPS.
	- cupsMarkOptions() could (incorrectly) leave multiple option
	  choices marked.
	- Backends could (incorrectly) run as root during discovery
	  (STR #2454)
	- Avahi is now supported for DNS-SD (Bonjour) printer sharing
	  (STR #2455)
	- The default cupsd.conf file had typos and old operation names
	  (STR #2450)
	- The scheduler now erases authentication cache files using the
	  7-pass US DoD algorithm.
	- Delegated Kerberos credentials (proxy authentication) did not
	- The filter makefile did not optimize the libcupsimage.2.dylib
	  with a sectorder file.
	- The IPP backend incorrectly wrote an empty printer message
	  when processing the "none" state reason.
	- The USB backend could deadlock on Mac OS X while performing
	  a side-channel command.
	- The scheduler did not prevent remote queues from being
	- The scheduler did not remove the temporary request file on
	  authentication errors.
	- ppdLocalizeIPPReason() did not handle "scheme:" schemes or
	  "file" URLs.
	- ppdLocalizeIPPReason() was not exported on Mac OS X.


	- Copyright updates - CUPS is now owned by Apple Inc.
	- Documentation updates (STR #1775, STR #2027, STR #2130,
	  STR #2131, STR #2263, STR #2356, STR #2397)
	- Added new cupsfilter utility (STR #1734)
	- Added new job-printer-state-message and
	  job-printer-state-reasons attributes to jobs (STR #2418)
	- Added LDAP+SSL support (STR #1967)
	- CUPS now supports authentication via peer credentials
	  over domain sockets (STR #2242, STR #2277)
	- The CUPS sample driver PPDs are now generated by the PPD
	  compiler and include all of the localized languages by
	  default (STR #2164)
	- You can now specify "AuthType Default" in the cupsd.conf
	  file to use the default authentication defined by the
	  DefaultAuthType directive.
	- The SNMP backend no longer adds a default Address line
	  when none is specified in the snmp.conf file; this allows
	  the backend to be easily disabled as needed (STR #2434)
	- Added a new cupsctl command for doing basic changes to
	  the cupsd.conf file (STR #1777)
	- Added a new ppdLocalizeIPPReason() function to get the
	  localized text/URI for a given IPP reason keyword for a
	- Removed the deskjet2.ppd driver, as it only worked with
	  a very small subset of HP DeskJet printers and was
	  confusing to users.  The rastertohp driver still
	  supports the deskjet2.ppd options for existing queues.
	- The scheduler did not add a trailing banner page if a
	  client did not specify the last document in a job (STR
	- The scheduler did not report Bonjour shared printers as
	  remote printers (STR #2384)
	- Added new -R and -W options to the cupstestppd program
	  for greater control over the testing of PPDs.
	- Added a new cupsGetServerPPD() function for getting
	  an available PPD from the server (STR #2334)
	- Added a new cupsDoIORequest() function for reading
	  and writing files via IPP requests (STR #2334)
	- Added a new CUPS_GET_PPD operation for getting an
	  available PPD file on the server (STR #2334) 
	- CUPS_GET_PPDS now reports multiple ppd-product values
	  based on the PPD ModelName and Product strings (STR
	  #2334, STR #2383)
	- CUPS_GET_PPDS now reports the PSVersion attributes
	  from a PPD file in the ppd-psversion attribute
	  (STR #2334)
	- CUPS_GET_PPDS now reports the cupsModelNumber attribute
	  from a PPD file in the ppd-model-number attribute (STR
	- CUPS_GET_PPDS now reports a driver type string in the
	  ppd-type attribute based on the cupsFax and cupsFilter
	  attributes in a PPD file (STR #2383)
	- Added a new printer attribute called "cups-version"
	  which reports the version of CUPS that is running
	  (STR #2240)
	- backendRunLoop() now aborts immediately on SIGTERM
	  if no data has been written yet (STR #2103)
	- Due to poor IPP support from the vendors, the SNMP
	  backend no longer tries IPP connections; instead,
	  it now uses a lookup file with fallback to port 9100
	  (socket://address) and 515 (lpd://address) printing
	  (STR #2035, STR #2354) 
	- The scheduler now recreates the CUPS log directory as
	  needed (STR #2353)
	- cupsLangDefault() now maps new-style Apple locale names
	  to the traditional ll_CC form (STR #2357)
        - Add new cupsArrayNew2() API to support hashed lookups
          of array elements (STR #2358)
        - ppdConflicts() optimizations (STR #2358)
	- The cupstestppd program now tests for existing filters,
	  icons, profiles, and dialog extensions (STR #2326)
	- The web interface no longer lists new printers on the
	  main administration page.  Instead, a new "List Available
	  Printers" button is provided that shows a separate page
	  with the list of printers.
	- The web interface now supports setting the banner and
	  policy options on raw printers and classes (STR #2238)
	- The socket backend now reads any pending back-channel
	  data before shutting down the socket (STR #2325)
	- Added a new ErrorPolicy directive in the cupsd.conf
	  file (STR #1871)
	- Printers that use JCL options are now exported to Samba
	  correctly (STR #1985)
	- The IPP backend now relays printer-state-message values
	  from the server to the client (STR #2109)
	- Added support for the PWG printer-alert and
	  printer-alert-description attributes (STR #2088)
	- Added support for LPD "stream" mode (STR #2036)
	- The scheduler now reports the PostScript product string
	  from PPD files in CUPS-Get-PPDs responses (STR #1900)
	- Raw printing with queues pointing to the file pseudo-
	  device and multiple files and/or banners now works (STR
	- Added new public cupsAdminGetServerSettings() and
	  cupsAdminSetServerSettings() APIs.
	- Added new "makebuttons" script in the "tools" directory
	  for creating web interface buttons (STR #2231)
	- Added support for DNS-SD (aka "Bonjour") printer sharing
	  (STR #1171)
	- Job operations (cancel, hold, release, etc.) from the
	  web interface now return back to the original page (STR
	- The classes or printers list is now shown after a
	  successful deletion from the web interface (STR #1999)
	- The default configuration now allows browse packets from
	  any address (STR #2008)
	- The web interface now provides an "allow printing from the
	  Internet" check box (STR #1897)
	- The notify-events-default and
	  notify-lease-duration-default attributes can now be set
	  (STR #1671)
	- Server-side default options are now sent to clients when
	  the "printer-defaults" attribute group is requested (STR
	- Added support for Linux "relro" linker option (STR #1614)
	- CUPS now validates the number-up option value (STR #1329)
	- The on-line help now provides better search capabilities
	  (STR #1701)
	- The web interface "Add This Printer" button now allows you
	  to change the printer name, description,  and location
	  (STR #1646)
	- Added support for Mac OS X authorization services
	  (STR #2206)
	- Added support for driver-specific pre-filters (STR #2108)
	- Added a new side-channel API for drivers and backends
	  for basic device control and information queries (STR
	- The scheduler now uses poll(), epoll(), or /dev/kqueue
	  instead of select() when possible (STR #1261)
	- Added new cupsArrayGetIndex() and cupsArrayGetInsert()
	  functions to get the current index and insertion
	  positions of an array.
	- Added a new --with-max-copies configure option (STR
	- Added new cupsRemoveDest() and cupsSetDefaultDest()
	- Added support for cupsPJLCharset attribute in PPD files
	  which specifies the character set that is used in PJL
	  strings (STR #1969)
	- Moved the definition of the (private) _http_s structure
	  to http-private.h; code that directly accesses the
	  http_t members will no longer compile!
	- Added support for setting the document-format-default
	  attribute on a per-printer basis.
	- Added support for IntelliBar label printers.