config.defs   [plain text]

 * Import the real "config.defs" file from the framework.
 *   The ultimate goal is to have a single ".defs" file in
 *   the project which is used to generate a shared "config.h"
 *   header, the "configUser.c" file used by (and included in)
 *   the built framework, and the "configServer.c" file used
 *   by the server.
 *   To date, I have been unable to determine the needed flags
 *   and/or rules to add to the Makefile to ensure that any
 *   changes made to the real projects ".defs" file results in
 *   the[re-]generation of both framework and servers MiG files.
 *   As such... IF YOU CHANGE THE ".defs" FILE, MAKE CLEAN!

#import "../SystemConfiguration.fproj/config.defs"