pagestuff.1   [plain text]

.TH PAGESTUFF 1 "November 2, 2010" "Apple, Inc."
pagestuff \- Mach-O file page analysis tool
pagestuff file [-arch arch_flag] [-a] [-p] [pagenumber...]
pagestuff displays information about the specified logical pages of a
file conforming to the Mach-O executable format.  For each specified
page of code, symbols (function and static data structure names) are
displayed.  If no pages are specified, symbols for all pages in the
__TEXT, __text section are displayed.
The options to
.IR pagestuff (1)
.BI \-arch " arch_type"
Specifies the architecture,
.I arch_type,
of the file for
.IR pagestuff (1)
to operate on when the file is a universal file.  (See
.IR arch (3)
for the currently know
.IR arch_type s.)
When this option is used the page numbers are the logical page numbers starting
at zero for the offset that architecture starts in a universal file.
.BI \-a
Displays all pages.  All other arguments are ignored.
.BI \-p
Print a list of the sections of the specified Mach-O file, with offsets and
lengths.  All other arguments are ignored.  Note that the size(1) tool given
arguments "-m -l -x" displays a much more concise listing.
Mach-O(5), size(1)