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Changes for the 5.19 release (the cctools-590.4 release):
- Added the S switch to not run ranlib on the archive.  The change is in main()
  in main.c and the man page ar.1 .  Radar bug #4130034.

Changes for the 5.18 release (the cctools-583 release):
- Changed the Makefile so that when RC_XBS is set to YES then the compiler
  options -MD and -dependency-file as well as the md(1) program are not used.
  Radar bug #4029936.

Changes for the 5.12 release (the cctools-552 release):
- Changed ar(1) to update or add a table of contents when in UNIX standard
  conformance mode (the default). To do this and not hose archives with fat
  object turning them into fat files that ar(1) will not operate on a new
  ranlib(1) option -q is used.  This only updates the table of contents when
  the output would not be a fat file.
  - Changed archive.[ch] to have a new global variable
    archive_opened_for_writing which is set to 1 in open_archive() if the
    file is open(2)'ed with the mode O_RDWR.
  - Changed main() in ar.c to run ranlib(1) when in UNIX standard conformance
    mode and archive_opened_for_writing is set using the new -q ranlib(1)

Changes for the 5.12 release (the cctools-464 release):
- Made changes to build cleanly with gcc3.3
  - Removed -Wno-precomp from the Makefile
  - Fixed warning for "comparison between signed and unsigned" in archive.c

Changes for the 5.12 release (the cctools-450 release):
- Added a switch statement for the errno value after the flock() call in
  archive.c to deal with the fact that NFS can now do locking.  Radar bug

Changes for the 5.10 release (the cctools-396 release):
- Added support for the -s option from freebsd which is:
       s      Write an object-file index into the archive, or up-
              date an existing one, even if no  other  change  is
              made  to  the  archive.   You may use this modifier
              flag either with any operation, or alone.   Running
              `ar s' on an archive is equivalent to running `ran-
              lib' on it.
  this is done by just running ranlib to ease porting.  When this is done the
  new ranlib(1) flag -f will be used to generate a warning when a fat archive
  is created as a result of the ranlib operation and the resulting file will
  not work with ar(1).
    - Added the AR_S constant to archive.h
    - Added the code to parse out -s and -V in main() in ar.c
    - Updated the usage() lines in ar.c
    - Added the code to execute ranlib in main() in ar.c 
    - Update the ar(1) man page with the -s option.
  Radar bug #2814831.

- Changed the Makefile to not use the -dependency-file with gcc as well as

Changes for the 5.5 release (the cctools-307 release):
- Removed the reference to Rhapsody in the ar.5 man page.  Radar bug #2399338.

Changes for the 5.3 release (the cctools-283 release):
- The change from ts_sec to tv_sec was picked up for MacOS X (see below).

Changes for the 5.3 release (the cctools-282.1 release):
- In the stat struct (non-Openstep) there are three struct timespec's
  (defined in sys/time.h).  The field name ts_sec was change to tv_sec
  to match Posix (Radar bug #2005170).  So in ar/archive.c the use of the
  field ts_sec was changed to tv_sec.  Three places (Radar bug #2284290).

Changes for the 5.3 release, MacOS X bringup (the cctools-282 release):
- Change it so the ar sources are included with the installMWsrc target in the
- Changed the Makefile to allow for RC_OS=macos for MacOS X builds.

Changes for the 5.2 release (the cctools-267 release):
- Removed -Dlint from the Makefile to allow precomps to be used.  Radar bug
- Changed the default to use long names (-L the default with -T off).
- Changed ar to pad long names with \0 out to four byte boundaries when using
  the extended format. Radar bug #1670513. 

Changes for the 5.1 release (the cctools-260 release):
- Added -c to all the install commands in the Makefile.

Changes for the 5.1 release (the cctools-253 release):
- Delt with the problem of the uid and gid fields in the ar.5 format being 6
  characters wide and the types being 32 bits wide.  A cast to u_short was added
  as in the 4.3bsd ar.  Radar bug #2000486.

Changes for the 5.1 release (the cctools-250 release):
- Added a comment in the ar.5 man page that the extended format is not
  yet used by the Rhapsody compiler tools.
- Changed the man path to install the man pages directly in /usr/share/man .

Changes for the 5.1 release (the cctools-247 release):
- Maded the -T option the default so to not used the extended format not yet
  supported by the compiler tools. The -L option was added to turn this default
  off.  Updated the man page (Radar 1670513).
- Added MKDIRS if code to the Makefile to build native on Rhapsody.
- Changed the Makefile to use gnutar instead of tar because it works on Rhapsody
  where tar does not.

Changes for the 5.0 release (the cctools-235 release):
- Added code to detect fat files like the old ar program and print a message
  about using libtool & lipo.
- Created this directory from the OpenBSD/src/usr.bin/ar directory.  It is only
  built when RC_OS=teflon.  Removed all the warnings produced with -Wall and
  made it compile with the Grail4C header files.