notes   [plain text]

Changes for the 5.16 release (the cctools-520 release):
- Fixed a bug that would cause a crash if libsyminfo was presented with an
  binary of an unknown cputype.  The fix was in nm() in libsyminfo.c to check
  if archInfo is NULL before using archInfo->name.  And if NULL then use a
  sprintf() of the cputype instead. Radar bug #3590209.
- Fixed a memory leak in SymInfoFreeSymbol() that was not free(3)ing the
  symbol->arch.  Radar bug #3554267.

Changes for the 5.12 release (the cctools-466 release):
- Fixed the incorrect casts on the comparison of the nlist struct's n_strx field
  where the value being compared to was casted to a long.  The correct fix was
  to cast n_strx to an unsigned long.
- Changed nm() in libsyminfo.c to handle DYNAMIC_LOOKUP_ORDINAL.  Radar bug

Changes for the 5.12 release (the cctools-464 release):
- Made changes to build cleanly with gcc3.3
  - Removed -Wno-precomp from the Makefile
  - Fixed warning for "comparison between signed and unsigned" in libsyminfo.c

Changes for the 5.12 release (the cctools-456 release):
- Picked up the initial implementation.  Radar bug #3145742.