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Changes for the 5.10 release (the cctools-396 release):
- Added support for the -s option from freebsd which is:
       s      Write an object-file index into the archive, or up-
              date an existing one, even if no  other  change  is
              made  to  the  archive.   You may use this modifier
              flag either with any operation, or alone.   Running
              `ar s' on an archive is equivalent to running `ran-
              lib' on it.
  this is done by just running ranlib to ease porting.  When this is done the
  new ranlib(1) flag -f will be used to generate a warning when a fat archive
  is created as a result of the ranlib operation and the resulting file will
  not work with ar(1).
    - Added the AR_S constant to archive.h
    - Added the code to parse out -s and -V in main() in ar.c
    - Updated the usage() lines in ar.c
    - Added the code to execute ranlib in main() in ar.c 
    - Update the ar(1) man page with the -s option.
  Radar bug #2814831.

- Changed the Makefile to not use the -dependency-file with gcc as well as

Changes for the 5.5 release (the cctools-307 release):
- Removed the reference to Rhapsody in the ar.5 man page.  Radar bug #2399338.

Changes for the 5.3 release (the cctools-283 release):
- The change from ts_sec to tv_sec was picked up for MacOS X (see below).

Changes for the 5.3 release (the cctools-282.1 release):
- In the stat struct (non-Openstep) there are three struct timespec's
  (defined in sys/time.h).  The field name ts_sec was change to tv_sec
  to match Posix (Radar bug #2005170).  So in ar/archive.c the use of the
  field ts_sec was changed to tv_sec.  Three places (Radar bug #2284290).

Changes for the 5.3 release, MacOS X bringup (the cctools-282 release):
- Change it so the ar sources are included with the installMWsrc target in the
- Changed the Makefile to allow for RC_OS=macos for MacOS X builds.

Changes for the 5.2 release (the cctools-267 release):
- Removed -Dlint from the Makefile to allow precomps to be used.  Radar bug
- Changed the default to use long names (-L the default with -T off).
- Changed ar to pad long names with \0 out to four byte boundaries when using
  the extended format. Radar bug #1670513. 

Changes for the 5.1 release (the cctools-260 release):
- Added -c to all the install commands in the Makefile.

Changes for the 5.1 release (the cctools-253 release):
- Delt with the problem of the uid and gid fields in the ar.5 format being 6
  characters wide and the types being 32 bits wide.  A cast to u_short was added
  as in the 4.3bsd ar.  Radar bug #2000486.

Changes for the 5.1 release (the cctools-250 release):
- Added a comment in the ar.5 man page that the extended format is not
  yet used by the Rhapsody compiler tools.
- Changed the man path to install the man pages directly in /usr/share/man .

Changes for the 5.1 release (the cctools-247 release):
- Maded the -T option the default so to not used the extended format not yet
  supported by the compiler tools. The -L option was added to turn this default
  off.  Updated the man page (Radar 1670513).
- Added MKDIRS if code to the Makefile to build native on Rhapsody.
- Changed the Makefile to use gnutar instead of tar because it works on Rhapsody
  where tar does not.

Changes for the 5.0 release (the cctools-235 release):
- Added code to detect fat files like the old ar program and print a message
  about using libtool & lipo.
- Created this directory from the OpenBSD/src/usr.bin/ar directory.  It is only
  built when RC_OS=teflon.  Removed all the warnings produced with -Wall and
  made it compile with the Grail4C header files.