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# Info file for the Rhapsody 5.0 PowerPC Compiler package

# These fields will be displayed in the Info View
Title		PowerPC Compiler
Version		cc-752
Description	Cross compiler for the PowerPC.  In order to be able to use this compiler, cctools-218 or later (which can most likely be found in /Net/seaport/projects/cctools/Packages) must be installed, either before or after this package.  This package must NOT be installed on a machine that also has the old gcc 2.2.2-based NRW compiler (cc-218 or earlier) installed.  ~comp/Packages/Release_Notes/PowerPC_Compiler-752.rtf contains more information about this compiler.

# These fields are used for the installed and floppy locations
DefaultLocation		/
Relocatable		NO
Diskname		cc #%d

# Other fields
NeedsAuthorization	YES
Application		NO
LibrarySubdirectory	Standard
InstallOnly 		NO
DisableStop		NO
LongFilenames		YES