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If you got this far and the "cmp"s didn't complain, it looks
like you're in business.  

To install in /usr/bin, /usr/lib, /usr/man and /usr/include, type
   make install
To install somewhere else, eg, /xxx/yyy/{bin,lib,man,include}, type 
   make install PREFIX=/xxx/yyy
If you are (justifiably) paranoid and want to see what 'make install'
is going to do, you can first do
   make -n install                      or
   make -n install PREFIX=/xxx/yyy      respectively.
The -n instructs make to show the commands it would execute, but
not actually execute them.

Instructions for use are in the preformatted manual page, in the file
bzip2.txt.  For more detailed documentation, read the full manual.  
It is available in Postscript form (manual.ps), PDF form (manual.pdf),
and HTML form (manual_toc.html).

You can also do "bzip2 --help" to see some helpful information. 
"bzip2 -L" displays the software license.