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Bison News

Changes in version 1.28:

* Should compile better now with K&R compilers.

* Added NLS.

* Fixed a problem with escaping the double quote character.

* There is now a FAQ.
Changes in version 1.27:

* The make rule which prevented bison.simple from being created on
  some systems has been fixed.
Changes in version 1.26:

* Bison now uses automake.

* New mailing lists: <> and <>.

* Token numbers now start at 257 as previously documented, not 258.

* Bison honors the TMPDIR environment variable.

* A couple of buffer overruns have been fixed.

* Problems when closing files should now be reported.

* Generated parsers should now work even on operating systems which do
  not provide alloca().
Changes in version 1.25:

* Errors in the input grammar are not fatal; Bison keeps reading
the grammar file, and reports all the errors found in it.
* Tokens can now be specified as multiple-character strings: for
example, you could use "<=" for a token which looks like <=, instead
of chosing a name like LESSEQ.

* The %token_table declaration says to write a table of tokens (names
and numbers) into the parser file.  The yylex function can use this
table to recognize multiple-character string tokens, or for other

* The %no_lines declaration says not to generate any #line preprocessor
directives in the parser file.

* The %raw declaration says to use internal Bison token numbers, not
Yacc-compatible token numbers, when token names are defined as macros.

* The --no-parser option produces the parser tables without including
the parser engine; a project can now use its own parser engine.
The actions go into a separate file called NAME.act, in the form of
a switch statement body.
Changes in version 1.23:

The user can define YYPARSE_PARAM as the name of an argument to be
passed into yyparse.  The argument should have type void *.  It should
actually point to an object.  Grammar actions can access the variable
by casting it to the proper pointer type.

Line numbers in output file corrected.
Changes in version 1.22:

--help option added.
Changes in version 1.20:

Output file does not redefine const for C++.