config.sed   [plain text]

# DJGPP specific configuration file.
# Sed script for additional DJGPP specific editing
# of the configure script generated by autoconf 2.57.

# Copyright (C) 2005, 2006 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

# This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.

# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.

# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation,
# Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.

# Additional editing of Makefiles
/(echo[	 ]*':t/ a\
# DJGPP specific Makefile changes.\
  /^aliaspath *	*=/s,:,";",g;t t\
  /TEXINPUTS=/s,:,";",g;t t\
  /PATH=/s,:,";",g;t t\
  s,\\.deps,_deps,g;t t\
  s,\\.new\\.,_new.,g;t t\
  s,\\.old\\.,_old.,g;t t\
  s,c++\\.at,,g;t t\
  s,c++\\.m4,cxx.m4,g;t t\
  s,calc++,calcxx,g;t t\
  s,scan-gram-c,c-scan-gram,g;t t\
  s,scan-skel-c,c-scan-skel,g;t t\
  s,Makefile\\.in\\.in,,g;t t\
  s,Makefile\\.am\\.in,,g;t t\
  s,(MAKEINFOFLAGS),& --no-split,\
  /^install-info-am:/,/^$/ {\
    /@list=/ s,\\\$(INFO_DEPS),& bison.i,\
    /@for *file/ s,\\\$(INFO_DEPS),& bison.i,\
    s,file-\\[0-9\\]\\[0-9\\],& \\$\\$file[0-9] \\$\\$file[0-9][0-9],\
  /^\\.y\\.c:/,/^$/ {\
    /\\\$(YACCCOMPILE)/ {\
	-@test -f && mv -f y_tab.c\\\
	-@test -f && mv -f y_tab.h\
/^libbison.a:/ i\\\
\\$(top_srcdir)/djgpp/subpipe.c: \\$(top_srcdir)/djgpp/subpipe.h\\\
subpipe.o: \\$(top_srcdir)/djgpp/subpipe.c \\$(top_srcdir)/djgpp/subpipe.h\\\
	\\$(COMPILE) -c \\$<\
/^yacc:/ i\\\
	echo "bison\\$(EXEEXT) -y %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9" >\\$@\
/^bin_SCRIPTS =/s/$/ yacc.bat/\
/^MOSTLYCLEANFILES = yacc/s/$/ yacc.bat/

# is renamed to
/ac_config_files=/,/_ACEOF/ {
/CONFIG_FILES=/ s|po/Makefile\.in|&:po/|2

# We always use _deps and _libs instead of .deps and .libs, because
# the latter is an invalid name on 8+3 MS-DOS file system.  This makes
# the generated Makefiles good for every DJGPP installation, not only
# the one where the package was configured (which could happen to be
# a Windows box, where leading dots in file names are allowed).
/^rmdir[	 ]*\.tst/ i\

# Replace (command) > /dev/null with `command > /dev/null`, since
# parenthesized commands always return zero status in the ported Bash,
# even if the named command doesn't exist
/if ([^|;`]*null/{
  /null[	 ]*2>&1/ s,2>&1,&`,
  /null.*null/ s,null.*null,&`,
  /null.*null/ !{
    /null[	 ]*2>&1/ !s,null,&`,

# DOS-style absolute file names should be supported as well
/\*) top_srcdir=/s,/\*,[\\\\/]* | ?:[\\\\/]*,

# Prevent the spliting of subs.sed.
# The sed script: subs.sed is split into 48 lines long files.
# This will produce sed scripts called subs-$ac_sed_frag.sed, where
# $ac_sed_frag is some unique number. This will not work if the splited
# sed script contains a multiple line sed command at line #48. In this
# case the first part of the multiple line sed command will be written
# at the end of one particular subs-$ac_sed_frag.sed and the rest of the
# sed command will be written at the begining of the next subs-$ac_sed_frag.sed
# making both sed script useless.
# This matches the configure script produced by Autoconf 2.57
/ac_max_sed_lines=[0-9]/ s,=.*$,=`sed -n "$=" $tmp/subs.sed`,

# The following two items are changes needed for configuring
# and compiling across partitions.
# 1) The given srcdir value is always translated from the
#    "x:" syntax into "/dev/x" syntax while we run configure.
/^[	 ]*-srcdir=\*.*$/ a\
    ac_optarg=`echo "$ac_optarg" | sed "s,^\\([A-Za-z]\\):,/dev/\\1,"`
/set X `ls -Lt \$srcdir/ i\
   if `echo $srcdir | grep "^/dev/" - > /dev/null`; then\
     srcdir=`echo "$srcdir" | sed -e "s%^/dev/%%" -e "s%/%:/%"`\

# Autoconf 2.52e generated configure scripts
# write absolute paths into Makefiles and
# making them useless for DJGPP installations for
# which the package has not been configured for.
/MISSING=/,/^$/ {
  /^fi$/ a\
am_missing_run=`echo "$am_missing_run" | sed 's%/dev.*/bison[-_0-9]\\{1,1\\}[-.0-9A-z]*%${top_srcdir}%;s%.:.*/bison[-_0-9]\\{1,1\\}[-.0-9A-z]*%${top_srcdir}%'`
install_sh=`echo "$install_sh" | sed 's%/dev.*/bison[-_0-9]\\{1,1\\}[-.0-9A-z]*%${top_srcdir}%;s%.:.*/bison[-_0-9]\\{1,1\\}[-.0-9A-z]*%${top_srcdir}%'`

# This will only work if the assumption that the
# testsuite is ran from the following path:
#   ${top_srcdir}/tests/testsuite.dir
# holds. The explicit names are of no importance.
#   ../../. == ${top_srcdir}
/\.)[	 ]*ac_abs_builddir=/,/^esac$/ {
 /^esac$/ a\
ac_abs_builddir=`echo "$ac_abs_builddir" | sed "s%/dev.*/bison[-_0-9]\\{1,1\\}[-.0-9A-z]*/[^/]*%../../.%;s%.:.*/bison[-_0-9]\\{1,1\\}[-.0-9A-z]*/[^/]*%../../.%"`
/\.)[	 ]*ac_abs_top_builddir=/,/^esac$/ {
 /^esac$/ a\
ac_abs_top_builddir=`echo "$ac_abs_top_builddir" | sed "s%/dev.*/bison[-_0-9]\\{1,1\\}[-.0-9A-z]*/[^/]*%../../../%;s%.:.*/bison[-_0-9]\\{1,1\\}[-.0-9A-z]*/[^/]*%../../../%"`
/\.)[	 ]*ac_abs_srcdir=/,/^esac$/ {
 /^esac$/ a\
ac_abs_srcdir=`echo "$ac_abs_srcdir" | sed "s%/dev.*/bison[-_0-9]\\{1,1\\}[-.0-9A-z]*/[^/]*%../../.%;s%.:.*/bison[-_0-9]\\{1,1\\}[-.0-9A-z]*/[^/]*%../../.%"`
/\.)[	 ]*ac_abs_top_srcdir=/,/^esac$/ {
 /^esac$/ a\
ac_abs_top_srcdir=`echo "$ac_abs_top_srcdir" | sed "s%/dev.*/bison[-_0-9]\\{1,1\\}[-.0-9A-z]*/[^/]*%../../../%;s%.:.*/bison[-_0-9]\\{1,1\\}[-.0-9A-z]*/[^/]*%../../../%"`

# Add DJGPP version information.
/^#define VERSION/ s/\$VERSION/&  (DJGPP port (r1))/

# We need makeinfo to make the html formated docs.
/\$am_missing_run[	 ]*makeinfo/ s,\$am_missing_run,,

# The path to the FORTRAN compiler and libraries
# shall contain no absolute path reference so it
# will be good for all djgpp installations.
/^FLIBS="\$ac_cv_flibs"/ i\
ac_djgpp_path=`echo "$DJDIR" | sed 's%\\\\\\%/%g' | tr $as_cr_LETTERS $as_cr_letters`\
ac_cv_flibs=`echo "$ac_cv_flibs" | sed "s%-L$ac_djgpp_path%-L/dev/env/DJDIR%g"`

# The following is not a valid DOS file name