mmstats.c   [plain text]

/* Access the statistics maintained by `mmalloc'.
   Copyright 1990, 1991, 1992 Free Software Foundation

   Written May 1989 by Mike Haertel.
   Modified Mar 1992 by Fred Fish.  (

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Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.

   The author may be reached (Email) at the address,
   or (US mail) as Mike Haertel c/o Free Software Foundation. */

#include "mmprivate.h"

/* FIXME:  See the comment in mmprivate.h where struct mstats is defined.
   None of the internal mmalloc structures should be externally visible
   outside the library. */

struct mstats
mmstats (md)
  PTR md;
  struct mstats result;
  struct mdesc *mdp;

  mdp = MD_TO_MDP (md);
  result.bytes_total =
      (char *) mdp -> morecore (mdp, 0) - mdp -> heapbase;
  result.chunks_used = mdp -> heapstats.chunks_used;
  result.bytes_used = mdp -> heapstats.bytes_used;
  result.chunks_free = mdp -> heapstats.chunks_free;
  result.bytes_free = mdp -> heapstats.bytes_free;
  return (result);