NEWS   [plain text]

This is GNU bc version 1.06.  (And dc version 1.2)

Changes in dc from 1.2 to 1.3:
    Minor bug fixes.
    New multiply algorithm of bc.

Changes in bc from 1.05 to 1.06:
    New multiply algoirthm and many other changes in lib/number.c
    Function size now done dynamically.
    Function syntax in non-posix mode allows newlines in more places.
    Bug fixes:
	improved computation of j(n,x).
	enables readline only if interactive.
	for statment bug fixed.
	use int instead of char for readline char counts.
	improved cosine accuracy.

Changes in dc from 1.1 to 1.2:
    added !< != !> commands
    arrays now stack
    output is now line buffered, provided setvbuf() is available
    fixed known bugs in 'q', 'Q', 'a' commands, '-f' command-line option,
      and documentation
	changed the 'P' command's behavior on a numeric argument:
	  due to popular demand it now does the equivalent of 'aP'
	  (for small values)
	added new 'n' command to do what the old 'P' command did

Changes in bc from 1.04 to 1.05:
    Solaris makes work better.
    bug fixes
	stdout now always does line buffering.
	sqrt bug fixed for small numbers.
	readline (if support is compiled in) is enabled only for
		interactive executions of bc.

This is GNU bc version 1.04.  (And dc version 1.1)

Changes from 1.03

	reorganization of source tree
	use of automake

	new commands for dc (|, ~, r, a)
	new command line options for dc

	fixed infinite loop in sqrt in bc
	fixed an I/O bug in bc
	made bc conform to POSIX for array parameters
	added long option support for bc
	new commandline options for bc (-q)
	added support for readline to bc (use configure --with-readline)
	command line argumens can now be taken from an environment variable

Changes from 1.02

	minor bug fixes in bc.

	addition of Ken Pizzini's dc program that uses the GNU bc 
	arbitrary precision arithmetic routines.

Changes from 1.01
	minor bug fixes.