execscript   [plain text]

export LC_ALL=C
export LANG=C

if [ $UID -eq 0 ]; then
        echo "execscript: the test suite should not be run as root" >&2

set -- one two three
echo before exec1.sub: "$@"
echo calling exec1.sub
./exec1.sub aa bb cc dd ee
echo after exec1.sub with args: $?
echo after exec1.sub without args: $?

# set up a fixed path so we know notthere will not be found
export PATH

echo $?

# this is iffy, since the error messages may vary from system to system
# and /tmp might not exist
ln -s ${THIS_SH} /tmp/bash 2>/dev/null
if [ -f /tmp/bash ]; then
	/tmp/bash notthere
	${THIS_SH} notthere
echo $?
rm -f /tmp/bash

# /bin/sh should be there on all systems
${THIS_SH} /bin/sh
echo $?

# try executing a directory
echo $?

${THIS_SH} /
echo $?

# try sourcing a directory
. /
echo $?

# try sourcing a binary file -- post-2.04 versions don't do the binary file
# check, and will probably fail with `command not found', or status 127
. ${THIS_SH} 2>/dev/null
echo $?

# post-bash-2.05 versions allow sourcing non-regular files
. /dev/null
echo $?

# kill two birds with one test -- test out the BASH_ENV code
echo echo this is bashenv > /tmp/bashenv
export BASH_ENV=/tmp/bashenv
${THIS_SH} ./exec3.sub
rm -f /tmp/bashenv
unset BASH_ENV

# we're resetting the $PATH to empty, so this should be last

echo $?

command notthere
echo $?

command -p notthere
echo $?

# but -p should guarantee that we find all the standard utilities, even
# with an empty or unset $PATH
command -p sh -c 'echo this is $0'
unset PATH
command -p sh -c 'echo this is $0'

# a bug in bash before bash-2.01 caused PATH to be set to the empty string
# when command -p was run with PATH unset
echo ${PATH-unset}

echo "echo ok" | ${THIS_SH} -t

${THIS_SH} ./exec2.sub
echo $?

${THIS_SH} ./exec4.sub

# try exec'ing a command that cannot be found in $PATH
${THIS_SH} ./exec5.sub

# this was a bug in bash versions before bash-2.04
${THIS_SH} -c 'cat </dev/null | cat >/dev/null' >&-

# checks for proper return values in subshell commands with inverted return
# values

${THIS_SH} ./exec6.sub

# checks for properly deciding what constitutes an executable file
${THIS_SH} ./exec7.sub

true | `echo true` &

echo after