Rules-builtins   [plain text]

# Update the strings from the builtins' long docs.  Must be called when
# bash.pot exists, in the middle of the bash.pot-update recipe
builtins.pot-update:	$(top_builddir)/builtins/builtins.c
	$(XGETTEXT) --default-domain=$(DOMAIN) --directory=$(top_builddir)/builtins \
		$(XGETTEXT_OPTIONS) --omit-header \
	  --copyright-holder='$(COPYRIGHT_HOLDER)' \
	  --join-existing \

# This rule has no dependencies: we don't need to update builtins.pot at
# every "make" invocation, only create it when it is missing.
# Only "make builtins.pot-update" or "make dist" will force an update.
	$(MAKE) builtins.pot-update

	$(MAKE) update-po