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/* */

/* This contains various user-settable options not under the control of
   autoconf. */

/* Define CONTINUE_AFTER_KILL_ERROR if you want the kill command to
   continue processing arguments after one of them fails.  This is
   what POSIX.2 specifies. */

/* Define BREAK_COMPLAINS if you want the non-standard, but useful
   error messages about `break' and `continue' out of context. */

/* Define BUFFERED_INPUT if you want the shell to do its own input
   buffering, rather than using stdio.  Do not undefine this; it's
   required to preserve semantics required by POSIX. */

/* Define ONESHOT if you want sh -c 'command' to avoid forking to execute
   `command' whenever possible.  This is a big efficiency improvement. */
#define ONESHOT

/* Define V9_ECHO if you want to give the echo builtin backslash-escape
   interpretation using the -e option, in the style of the Bell Labs 9th
   Edition version of echo.  You cannot emulate the System V echo behavior
   without this option. */
#define V9_ECHO

/* Define DONT_REPORT_SIGPIPE if you don't want to see `Broken pipe' messages
   when a job like `cat jobs.c | exit 1' is executed. */

/* The default value of the PATH variable. */

/* The value for PATH when invoking `command -p'.  This is only used when
   the Posix.2 confstr () function, or CS_PATH define are not present. */

/* Default primary and secondary prompt strings. */
#define PPROMPT "\\s-\\v\\$ "
#define SPROMPT "> "

/* System-wide .bashrc file for interactive shells. */
/* #define SYS_BASHRC "/etc/bash.bashrc" */

/* System-wide .bash_logout for login shells. */
/* #define SYS_BASH_LOGOUT "/etc/bash.bash_logout" */

/* On Rhapsody, symbols that conflict with loaded dylibs
 * (eg. System framework) need to be declared __private_extern__.
 * For other systems, make that a no-op.
 * #if !defined(__APPLE__)
 * #define __private_extern__
 * #endif