ChangeLog.00   [plain text]

2000-12-29  Derek Price  <>

	* (handle_dependencies): Switched the DEP_FILES
	definition to be conditional on @AMDEP@.

2001-02-03  Ville Laurikari  <>

	* depcomp (aix): New side-effect dependency tracking mode, for
	the C for AIX compiler.
	* m4/depend.m4 (AM_DEPENDENCIES): Recreate `conftest.c' and
	`conftest.h' for each test.

2001-02-03  Tom Tromey  <>

	* automake.texi (Dist): Updated to mention caveat of putting
	directory in EXTRA_DIST and also providing a nice example of
	removing the CVS dir.
	From Ganesan Rajagopal.

	* m4/depend.m4 (depcpp): Run tests in a subdir.  Fixes report from
	Bob Proulx.

	* (scan_one_autoconf_file): Disable warning about

	* (handle_configure): Don't modify variable which
	aliases list element.  Don't push @inputs onto the dist list.
	Fixes colon7.test.
	(initialize_per_input) [dist_dirs]: New variable.
	(handle_dist_worker): Use global dist_dirs.
	(handle_configure): Set dist_dirs entries at toplevel.

2001-02-02  Gordon Sadler  <>

	* automake.texi (Java Support): Added index, @section.

2001-02-02  Pavel Roskin  <>

	* (scan_autoconf_traces): Restore trace messages.

	* (handle_aclocal_m4): Fix stripping of the initial
	"./" from the dependencies of aclocal.m4.
	Reported by Ralf Corsepius.

2001-02-01  Pavel Roskin  <>

	* Rename "verbosity" to "verbose". Always prepend
	"aclocal: " to the verbose output.

	* Remove all debugging messages.

2001-01-31  Akim Demaille  <>

	* (add_depend2): Quote properly $obj and $source.

2001-01-31  Akim Demaille  <>

	* Instead of replacing @PFX@ in $(@PFX@COMPILE), and
	then replacing `$(@PFX@COMPILE)' for the files that need some
	special flags, use only @COMPILE@.  Similarly for @LTCOMPILE@.
	Try to document this file.
	* (add_depend2): Adjust to these changes.

2001-01-31  Akim Demaille  <>

	* (%factored_dependencies): New.
	(file_contents): Use it.
	(handle_phony): Rename as...
	(handle_factored_dependencies): this.
	* No need for convolved syntax to declare .PHONY.

2001-01-31  Akim Demaille  <>

	* maintainer-check fixes.

2001-01-31  Akim Demaille  <>

	* (file_contents): Rewrite: instead of trying to parse
	it line by line, first swallow it completely into $CONTENTS,
	*then*, parse it *paragraph* by paragraph.

2001-01-30  Akim Demaille  <>

	* (file_contents): Remove.
	(file_contents_with_transform): Swap the order of the arguments,
	and rename as...
	(file_contents): this.
	Adjust all uses.

2001-01-30  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (scan_one_autoconf_file): Don't mention

2001-01-29  Akim Demaille  <>

	* (&scan_autoconf_config_files): Extract from
	(&scan_one_autoconf_file): Use it.
	(&scan_autoconf_traces): New.
	($scan_autoconf_files): Use it.

2001-01-29  Akim Demaille  <>

	*,,,, Add a
	.PHONY target.
	* (handle_texinfo, handle_man_pages, handle_multilib)
	(handle_etags, handle_subdirs): Don't push into @phony.

2001-01-29  Akim Demaille  <>

	* (scan_one_autoconf_file): Correctly recognize

2001-01-29  Akim Demaille  <>

	* (handle_tests_dejagnu): New, extracted from...
	(handle_tests): here.  Use `.PHONY:'.

2001-01-29  Akim Demaille  <>

	* (handle_phony): Sort.
	(file_contents_with_transform): Catch `.PHONY:'.
	(handle_tests): Instead dumping the hard coded target check-TESTS
	and registering its .PHONYsm, get them from...
	* here, new file.

2001-01-29  Akim Demaille  <>

	* (add_depend2): Use &transform.

2001-01-29  Akim Demaille  <>

	* (handle_tags): Use &transform.
	(am_error, am_line_error, am_conf_error, read_am_file): Use
	directly arrays in strings, no need for &join.
	Require Perl 5.
	* (maintainer-check): Use grep -w when looking for

2001-01-29  Akim Demaille  <>

	* (prog_error): New.
	Spread its use.

2001-01-29  Akim Demaille  <>

	* (handle_single_transform_list): if (@list) { foreach
	(@list) ...} can be written as a simple `foreach' loop.

2001-01-29  Akim Demaille  <>

	* (define_standard_variables): Use &transform instead
	of build_rx.

2001-01-29  Akim Demaille  <>

	* (handle_texinfo): Use the new $texinfodir instead of
	the removed $texinfo_tex.

2001-01-29  Akim Demaille  <>

	* (handle_libraries, handle_ltlibraries): Use

2001-01-29  Akim Demaille  <>

	* (handle_programs) <xexe>: Remove, replaced by
	Use it, and &transform.

2001-01-29  Akim Demaille  <>

	* (get_object_extension) <$default_includes>: New.
	Use it and &transform.

2001-01-28  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (variable_value_as_list_worker): Handle entries in
	%am_var_defs.  Fixes listval.test.

2001-01-26  Akim Demaille  <>

	* (handle_texinfo): Don't use $conf_pat, just
	$conf_dir to transform MDDIR since now &transform handles the
	escaping of RE special characters by itself.

2001-01-24  Akim Demaille  <>

	* m4/depend.m4 (AM_DEPENDENCIES): Don't leave `AC_PROG_CC' etc. in
	* m4/init.m4: Likewise.
	* m4/sanity.m4: s/conftestfile/conftest.file/.

2001-01-24  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (handle_libraries): Use $configure_ac; typo fix.

	* (transform): Quote substitution.

2001-01-21  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>
	    Tom Tromey  <>

	* (obsolete_rx): Match whole macro names, not
	* (obsolete_rx): Likewise.

2001-01-21  Tom Tromey  <>

	* automake.texi: Changed dir category.

2001-01-18  Akim Demaille  <>

	* (handle_texinfo): Use &transform, and transform
	Reported by Lars Hecking, and diagnosed by Raja R Harinath.

2001-01-16  Akim Demaille  <>

	Let Automake support `'.

	* In the comments, prefer `' to
	When using &am_conf_error, don't repeat `in', since
	the function already reports it.
	When referring to `' use `$configure_ac' instead.
	(configure_ac): New global variable.
	(scan_configure, scan_one_configure_file): Rename as...
	(scan_autoconf_files, scan_one_autoconf_file): this.
	(scan_autoconf_files): Compute $configure_ac.
	(transform): New function.
	(handle_configure): Use it to transform CONFIGURE_AC in
	`' and in `'.
	(common_files): Also consider `'.
	Use consistently single quotes.
	* (configure_ac): New variable.
	Use it.
	* Depend on CONFIGURE_AC not
	* Likewise.
	* Likewise.

2001-01-16  Akim Demaille  <>

	* m4/multi.m4: Remove the hairy useless quotation of `$'.
	Simplify `ifelse([$2],,,[$2])' into... `$2'!
	* m4/minuso.m4: Don't use changequote!
	* m4/cond.m4: Fix quotation.
	* m4/sanity.m4: Follow the Autoconf coding style.
	* m4/missing.m4 (AM_MISSING_INSTALL_SH): Use a for loop.
	* m4/depend.m4 (AM_DEPENDENCIES): Fix quotation issues.

2001-01-15  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (handle_single_transform_list): Don't print rule
	here when source is in subdir and object is not.  Fixes

	* (handle_single_transform_list): Correctly compute
	$nonansi_obj.  Fixes cxxansi.test.

	* automake.texi (Man pages): Updated to account for man1_MANS,

2001-01-13  Steve Robbins  <>
	    Tom Tromey  <>

	* (scan_configure): Don't recognize macro assignments
	or AC_SUBSTs.
	(add_file): Likewise.

2001-01-13  Kevin Ryde  <>

	* (handle_ltlibraries): Omit -rpath from
	check_LTLIBRARIES, as per noinst_LTLIBRARIES.

2001-01-11  Tom Tromey  <>

	* depcomp (case gcc3): Use -MD, not -M.

2001-01-10  Tom Tromey  <>

	* depcomp: Handle gcc 3.

2000-12-23  Tom Tromey  <>

	* Updated to 1.4c for cvs.

	* Updated to 1.4b and released.

	* config.guess, config.sub, texinfo.tex: New versions.

	* (handle_dist_worker): Always define DIST_SUBDIRS.
	Re-fixes pr87.test.

	* (maintainer-clean-recursive): Use DIST_SUBDIRS for
	distclean and maintainer-clean.
	* automake.texi (Top level): Document use of DIST_SUBDIRS.

	From Rusty Ballinger:
	* (handle_java): Don't skip `noinst' prefix.

	* automake.texi (Invoking aclocal): Mention ## comments.

2000-12-22  Tom Tromey  <>

	From Raja R Harinath:
	* (libtoolize_sometimes): New global.
	(initialize_global_constants): Added libtoolize_sometimes to

	* m4/depend.m4 (AM_SET_DEPDIR): Ignore errors when running rmdir.

	* m4/depend.m4 (AM_SET_DEPDIR): Remove .deps directory when done.

2000-12-21  Tom Tromey  <>

	* automake.texi (Tags): Document GTAGS target.
	* (GTAGS): New target.

	* (libtoolize_files): Removed ltconfig.
	(initialize_global_constants): Added ltconfig to common_files.

2000-12-21  Kevin Ryde  <>

	* (handle_footer): Generate .SUFFIXES target when user
	defines suffixes but automake does not.

2000-12-20  Marc Espie  <>

	* (handle_texinfo): Make path of $vtexi explicit in
	* Likewise.

2000-12-20  Tom Tromey  <>

	From Kevin Ryde:
	* (handle_footer): Always push user suffixes at the
	start of .SUFFIXES:.
	* automake.texi (Suffixes): Updated to reflect new suffix

2000-12-18  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (handle_built_sources): Removed.
	(handle_merge_targets): Handle BUILT_SOURCES.
	* automake.texi (Sources): Updated documentation of

2000-12-17  Tom Tromey  <>

	* m4/protos.m4: Always do header checks.

	* (handle_ltlibraries): Check for LDFLAGS variables
	before using values.

	* (handle_ltlibraries): Allow _LDFLAGS to be
	conditionally defined.  Fixes PR automake/77 and ldflags.test.

2000-11-25  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (file_contents_with_transform): Added file name and
	line number to error report.
	(MACRO_PATTERN, BOGUS_MACRO_PATTERN): Leading spaces are ok.

2000-11-23  Pavel Roskin  <>

	* m4/regex.m4 (AM_WITH_REGEX): This macro was broken because
	of M4 underquoting.
	* m4/ccstdc.m4 (AC_PROG_CC_STDC): Added some M4 quotes.
	* m4/dmalloc.m4 (AM_WITH_DMALLOC): Likewise.
	* m4/lispdir.m4 (AM_PATH_LISPDIR): Likewise.
	* m4/maintainer.m4 (AM_MAINTAINER_MODE): Likewise.
	* m4/multi.m4 (AM_WITH_DMALLOC): Likewise.
	* m4/python.m4 (AM_PATH_PYTHON): Likewise.
	* m4/strtod.m4 (AM_FUNC_STRTOD): Likewise.

2000-11-23  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (require_file_internal): Pass $file as second
	argument to maybe_push_required_file.  Fixes PR automake/87.

2000-11-18  Tom Tromey  <>

	* m4/depend.m4 (AM_DEPENDENCIES): Redirect `$am_depcomp' stdout to
	/dev/null.  From Paul Martinolich.

2000-11-16  Morten Eriksen  <>

	* (write_aclocal): Set ``binmode'' after file has been
	opened, otherwise it has no effect.

2000-10-23  Morten Eriksen  <>

	* (write_aclocal): Don't write aclocal.m4 with
	CRLFs. This circumvents a bug in Cygwin bash.

	* (generate_makefile): Don't write
	files with CRLFs, as it causes problems for the dependency-file

2000-10-19  Alex Hornby  <>

	* (handle_merge_targets): Allow parallel install
	with forced relink.

2000-10-19  Akim Demaille  <>

	* subdir4.test (depcomp): Don't create it, defs does.

2000-10-17  Pavel Roskin  <>

	* (handle_aclocal_m4): exclude aclocal.m4 and
	acinclude.m4 from the dependencies of aclocal.m4 to avoid
	circular and duplicated dependencies. Strip "./" from the

2000-10-17  Lars J. Aas  <>

	* (write_aclocal): Set up aclocal.m4 header with
	normal comments (#) instead of m4 dnl-type comments.

2000-10-17  Alex Hornby  <>

	* depcomp: Altered sed clause to strip of inclusion depth
	numbers generated by cpp. Also output in gcc style.

2000-10-16  Morten Eriksen  <>

	* depcomp (msvisualcpp): New dependency tracking mode, for
	Microsoft Visual C++.

2000-10-16  Morten Eriksen  <>

	* depcomp: Fix a bug in SGI dependency tracking mode with source
	files which do not dependend on any other source files.

2000-10-16  Rodney Brown  <>

	*, aclocal.m4: Standardize FSF Copyright statements.
	*, automake.texi: Likewise.
	*, Likewise.
	* Likewise.
	* compile, Likewise.
	* Likewise.
	* Likewise.
	* Likewise.
	* depcomp: Likewise.
	*, Likewise.
	*, Likewise.
	* elisp-comp: Likewise.
	* Likewise.
	*, Likewise.
	* Likewise.
	* Likewise.
	* Likewise.
	*, Likewise.
	* Likewise.
	* Likewise.
	* Likewise.
	* Likewise.
	* m4/ Likewise.
	* m4/strtod.m4: Likewise.
	*, Likewise.
	* mdate-sh: Likewise.
	* missing: Likewise.
	* Likewise.
	* Likewise.
	*, Likewise.
	*, Likewise.
	*, Likewise.
	* Likewise.
	* Likewise.
	*, Likewise.
	* Likewise.
	* Likewise.
	* ylwrap: Likewise.

2000-10-09  Pavel Roskin  <>

	* m4/init.m4 (AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE): Don't rely on variable
	assignments changing $? - it's broken in ash-0.2.
	* m4/missing.m4 (AM_MISSING_HAS_RUN): Likewise.

	* (handle_aclocal_m4): If ACLOCAL_M4_SOURCES is
	defined use it as the list of M4 files aclocal.m4 depends on.

2000-10-06  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* (add_file): Strip comments while scanning for
	macro dependencies.

2000-09-15  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* (initialize_global_constants): End the
	result of dist-bzip2 with tar.bz2, not bz2.

2000-08-30  Tom Tromey  <>

	Fix for PR automake/72:
	* (initialize_per_input): Define `need_link'.
	(finish_languages): Use need_link.
	(handle_source_transform): Set need_link if required.

2000-08-28  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (yacc, yaccxx, lex, lexxx): Set `derived-autodep'
	(register_language): Default the `derived-autodep' option.
	(handle_single_transform_list): Add to %dep_files if language has
	`derived-autodep' set.  Re-fixes lex4.test.

2000-08-27  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (handle_single_transform_list): Only add to
	%dep_files if language is found and supports automatic dependency
	tracking.  Fixes PR automake/75.

	* (am_primary_prefixes): Don't set `valid' for
	configure variables that don't satisfy the other constraints.
	Fixes PR automake/68.

2000-04-14  Victor V. Vengerov  <>

	Fix for PR automake/67.
	* (handle_multilib): remove .am suffix in fragment
	name passed to file_contents.
	* m4/multi.m4: Add missing ')' in AC_ARG_ENABLE invocation.
	Remove external quotes in first arg of AC_OUTPUT_COMMANDS.
	Remove unnecessary "rel-to-top-srcdir" before

2000-08-26  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (maintainer-clean-recursive): Always run clean rules
	in `.' after all subdirs.  Fixes PR automake/3 and PR automake/24.

	* (handle_man_pages): Generate install targets for man
	even if man_MANS not defined.  From `danpb'.  Fixes PR automake/73.

	* m4/depend.m4 (depcpp): Use `-o conftest.o'.
	Fix for PR automake/74.  From js pendry.

2000-08-20  Eli Zaretskii  <>

	* depcomp (gcc): Support DOS-style absolute file names with drive

2000-08-06  Jim Meyering  <>

	* (handle_dependencies): Set $require_file_found{'depcomp'}
	if the depcomp file exists, before calling require_config_file on
	`depcomp'.  This makes require_file_internal skip its buggy existence
	test that would make automake fail (with `required file `lib/depcomp'
	not found') when AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR is not set.

	This change change does not fix the existing bug where, if `depcomp'
	is not present in the build directory (at the top level), automake
	still gives the inaccurate diagnostic about *lib*/depcomp rather
	than ./depcomp.

2000-08-05  Jim Meyering  <>

	* m4/header.m4 (AM_CONFIG_HEADER): Fix typo in last change:
	add missing closing bracket and closing parenthesis.
	Don't quote the first argument to AC_OUTPUT_COMMANDS.
	Backslash-escape the backquotes and `$' in `am_indx'-incrementing stmt.

2000-08-04  Tom Tromey  <>

	Idea from Nicolas Thiery:
	* automake.texi (Tests): Document DEJATOOL as a list.
	(check-DEJAGNU): Run runtest in a loop.

2000-08-02  Akim Demaille  <>

	* m4: Quote properly the name of the macros being defined.
	Use `#' instead of `dnl' where appropriate.
	* m4/header.m4 (AM_CONFIG_HEADER): Get rid of changequote, just
	Don't quote passive characters.
	Pull the AC_PREREQ outside the macro.
	* m4/init.m4: Pull the AC_PREREQ outside the macro.

2000-07-28  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (uninstall-@DIR@LISP): Prefix file with $(DESTDIR).
	From Bruno Haible.

2000-07-13  Kevin Ryde  <>

	* (am_install_var): Apply the $(EXEEXT) hack to
	EXTRA_PROGRAMS as well as other _PROGRAMS.

2000-07-02  Jim Meyering  <>

	* (scan_one_configure_file): Recognize AC_LIBOBJ.

2000-06-19  Paolo Bonzini    <>

	* define UPDATED-MONTH variable (for an example, see
	GNU make's manual)

2000-06-02  Morten Eriksen  <>

	* depcomp: workaround for problem with SGI IRIX sed (it can only
	handle lines of up to 8192 characters, the rest of the line will
	be mangled).

2000-05-31  Morten Eriksen  <>

	* depcomp: tell SGI MIPSpro compilers to generate dependencies
	through the pre-processor (only CVS libtool has the -Wc option

2000-05-15  Brendan O'Dea  <>

	* missing: Add support for `help2man'.

2000-05-11  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (handle_tests): Work correctly if TESTS is empty;
	print nothing if it is.  From Kevin Ryde.

2000-05-08  Tom Tromey  <>

	* automake.texi (Texinfo): Mention vers*.texi.

2000-05-04  Akim Demaille  <>

	AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE is no longer optional, so don't look for
	* (seen_package, seen_version): Remove initializations of
	unnecessary variables.
	(scan_one_configure_file): Don't set them.
	(scan_configure): Don't use them.

2000-05-01  Akim Demaille  <>

	* m4/init.m4 (AC_PROVIDE_IFELSE): If it is not defined, do it.
	(AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE): Update the writing conventions.
	Quote the arguments properly.
	Add a few missing `dnl'.

2000-04-26  Jim Meyering  <>

	* (scan_one_configure_file): Handle the AC_CONFIG_FILES
	macro.  Based on a patch from Harlan Stenn.

2000-04-13  Akim Demaille  <>

	* compile: Remove unnecessary double quotes in assignments.

2000-04-13  Akim Demaille  <>

	* (scan_one_configure_file): Also recognize
	Remove trailing blanks.

2000-04-05  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (DESTDIR): Commented out definition.

	* (require_file_internal): Pass --copy to libtoolize
	if automake was run with `--copy'.

2000-03-22  Tom Tromey  <>

	* automake.texi (Uniform): Fix definition of pkglibdir.
	From thi <>.

2000-03-19  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (parse_arguments): Copyright 2000.
	(write_aclocal): Likewise.
	* (parse_arguments): Copyright 2000.
	(initialize_global_constants): Likewise.

	* (generate_makefile): Call handle_dist after
	handle_dependencies and handle_tests.  Fixes subobj3.test and
	pr19.test regressions.

2000-03-19  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (@EXT@.o): Look for the source file in srcdir as well
	as the current directory.
	(@EXT@.lo): Likewise.

2000-03-19  OKUJI Yoshinori  <>

	* (handle_data): Pass -candist instead of
	-defaultdist, for the compatibility.

2000-03-19  Tom Tromey  <>

	Fix for test nodepcomp.test:
	* (require_file_internal): Use readlink on symlinks.
	Only unlink file if we are going to try to add it again.
	(handle_dependencies): Require `depcomp' here.
	(scan_configure): Don't require `depcomp'.

2000-03-16  OKUJI Yoshinori  <>

	* (handle_configure): Remove $(BUILT_SOURCES) from
	the rule to remake Makefile, whether $use_dependencies is true
	or not. This was a historical one and doesn't make sense any

2000-03-19  Tom Tromey  <>

	More for PR automake/38:
	* automake.texi (Invoking Automake): Document --force-missing.
	* (force_missing): New global.
	(parse_arguments): Recognize --force-missing.
	(initialize_global_constants): Document --force-missing.
	(require_file_internal): Handle --force-missing.

	Fix for PR automake/38:
	* (require_file_internal): Check for and handle
	dangling symlinks.  Fixes symlink2.test.

	Fix for PR automake/45:
	* automake.texi (configure): Mention requirement to run
	(Requirements): Removed most text.
	* (seen_init_automake): New global.
	(scan_configure): Error if AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE not seen.
	(scan_one_configure_file): Don't support AM_INIT_GUILE_MODULE.
	Set seen_init_automake if needed.

	Fix for PR automake/41:
	* (require_file_found): New global.
	(require_file_internal): Set require_file_found entry.
	(handle_texinfo): Require file any number of times.

	* (handle_dist_worker): Exit if `cp' fails.  Fixes

	* Don't reference $$here.  Report from Sven Verdoolaege.

2000-03-13  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* m4/missing.m4: Print the backtick in a way that won't cause
	autoconf CVS to emit any warnings.

2000-03-01  Jim Meyering  <>

	* (handle_dist_worker) [generating rules for distdir]:
	Don't use `ln' (which was just a space optimization anyway) to
	populate $(distdir).  Otherwise, the dist rules that change
	permissions would end up affecting the master sources.
	* (dist-info): Likewise.

2000-02-13  Jim Meyering  <>

	* (generate_makefile): Detect write/close failure.

2000-02-02  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* (handle_single_transform_list): do not use $< which
	is not handled by all non-GNU makes.  Instead do explicit sh code
	testing for the file in this directory and srcdir.  Based on a
	suggestion by Alexandre Oliva <>

2000-01-12  Tom Tromey  <>

	* m4/lispdir.m4: Added --with-lispdir argument processing.
	From Kevin Dalley.

2000-01-06  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (handle_configure): Don't check for
	(scan_configure): Check for AC_PROG_MAKE_SET.

	* (@SET_MAKE@): Added.
	* (@SET_MAKE@): Removed.  Report from Motoyuki

1999-12-19  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (handle_dist_worker): Expand DIST_COMMON under all
	(require_file_internal): Corrected arguments to second invocation
	of maybe_push_required_file.

	Fix for PR automake/9:
	* (make_dirs, make_dirs_set): New globals.
	(is_make_dir): New function.
	(handle_configure): Use it.
	(require_file_internal): Push file if there is no Makefile in its
	(initialize_per_input): Initialize handle_dist_run.
	(push_dist_common): Inspect handle_dist_run.
	(handle_dist): Set handle_dist_run.  Push items from
	configure_dist_common onto dist_common if appropriate.
	(configure_dist_common): New global.
	(scan_configure): Set it.
	(maybe_push_required_file): New function.
	(require_file_internal): Use it.

	* (handle_dist_worker): Scan DIST_COMMON to see if
	more subdirs are defined.  From Axel Belinfante.  Fixes
	PR automake/2.

1999-12-18  Tom Tromey  <>

	Partial fix for PR automake/40:
	* (install-@DIR@LISP): Handle nobase_ case.
	(uninstall-@DIR@LISP): Likewise.
	* (install-@DIR@HEADERS): Handle nobase_ case.
	(uninstall-@DIR@HEADERS): Likewise.
	* (install-@DIR@DATA): Handle nobase_ case.
	(uninstall-@DIR@DATA): Likewise.
	* (am_primary_prefixes): Recognize `nobase_' prefix.
	(am_install_var): Recognize and handle `nobase_' prefix.

1999-12-17  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (get_object_extension): Added space before `-I.'.
	Report from Ralf Corsepius.

1999-12-15  Tom Tromey  <>

	* Don't pass $acdir to scan_m4_files.
	(parse_arguments): Push $acdir on end of dirlist.
	(scan_file): Don't warn if duplicate macro seen.

1999-12-13  Tom Tromey  <>

	Fix for PR automake/30 and PR automake/23.  Fixes test
	* (initialize_per_input): Initialize
	(derive_suffix): New function.
	(handle_single_transform_list): Call it.

	* (add_depend2): Handle the no-dependency-tracking
	case.  Fixes test suffix2.test.

	* depcomp (tmpdepfile): [case sgi] Added missing `fi'.

	* (get_object_extension): Fixed quoting on

	* Removed erroneous comment.

	* automake.texi (Program variables): Document nostdinc.
	(Options): Likewise.
	* (get_object_extension): Respect nostdinc option.
	(handle_options): Recognize nostdinc.
	* (DEFS): Use @DEFAULT_INCLUDES@ as sole

	* (read_am_file): Allow conditional includes.  Fixes
	test condincl.test.

	* depcomp: Handle case on SGI when libtool is `yes'.
	* (@EXT@.o): Set libtool.
	(@EXT@.lo): Likewise.
	(@EXT@.obj): Likewise.

	* depcomp: Unify dashmstdout and dashXmstdout cases.  Move hp case
	after gcc case.

1999-12-13  Pavel Roskin  <>

	* (add_depend2): substitute $rule in the rules
	for individual files.  Fixes test specflags5.test.

1999-12-12  Tom Tromey  <>

	* m4/depout.m4 (AM_OUTPUT_DEPENDENCY_COMMANDS): Run mkinstalldirs
	to create directories.  Fixes test subobj3.test.

1999-12-10  Tom Tromey  <>

	* m4/depout.m4 (AM_OUTPUT_DEPENDENCY_COMMANDS): Don't print
	message when creating .deps files.

	* (initialize_global_constants): If unreadable by
	owner, make it readable by owner regardless of number of links.
	Fixes more of install2.test.

	* missing: Try to see if gnutar or gtar exist before invoking

	* m4/missing.m4 (AM_MISSING_INSTALL_SH): Remove ${SHELL} from
	install_sh value.  Look for install-sh and in a
	somewhat more sensible way.  Fixes test install2.test.  Partially
	from Jim Meyering.

1999-12-09  Pavel Roskin  <>

	* m4/missing.m4: remove redundant backquote

1999-11-23  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (initialize_global_constants): Use `bzip2 -9', not
	`bzip --best'  Report from Jim Meyering.

1999-11-22  Tom Tromey  <>

	* m4/missing.m4 (AM_MISSING_INSTALL_SH): Don't take argument.
	* m4/init.m4 (AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE): Don't pass argument to
	* (scan_one_configure_file): Reverted previous

	* (scan_one_configure_file): Define `install_sh'
	configure variable when AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE seen.  Report from Jim

	* (handle_single_transform_list): Generate explicit
	rule for subdir objects.  Fixes new addition to subobj.test.

	* (handle_lib_objects_cond): Allow LIBOBJS to be
	defined by AC_SUBST.  Fixes ltlibobjs.test.

	Fix for sourcesub.test:
	* (handle_single_transform_list): Added `var'
	argument.  If config sub found, give error.
	(handle_source_transform): Updated for new

	* py-compile: New file.
	* m4/ (m4data_DATA): Added python.m4.
	* m4/python.m4: New file.
	* automake.texi (Uniform): Mention PYTHON.
	(Python): New node.
	* (amfiles): Added,
	(dist_script_DATA): Added py-compile.
	* New file.
	* New file.
	* (seen_pythondir): New global.
	(generate_makefile): Call handle_python.
	(handle_python): New function.
	(scan_one_configure_file): Set seen_pythondir if AM_PATH_PYTHON
	(am_install_var): Special-case PYTHON like JAVA.
	(scan_configure): Check for py-compile.
	(initialize_global_constants): Added py-compile to @common_files.

	* (install-@DIR@LTLIBRARIES): Added missing space.

1999-11-21  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (finish_languages): Only generate suffix rule when
	not doing dependency tracking.

	* m4/missing.m4 (AM_MISSING_INSTALL_SH): New macro.

	* Use @SOURCE@, @OBJ@, @LTOBJ@, @OBJOBJ@, and @BASE@.
	Always use `-o'.

1999-11-19  Tom Tromey  <>

	* Set `CDPATH=:' to avoid problems.  Merged from
	Alexandre's change on branch.

1999-10-02  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (maintainer-check): Look for occurrences of ``cd'
	without `CDPATH'.
	* Set CDPATH before cd.
	* Rebuilt.

	* (handle_single_transform_list): Change `\1' for `$1'
	in `s///' replacement.

	* (handle_dist): Set CDPATH before cd.
	* (check-DEJAGNU): Likewise.
	* (install-info-am, dist-info): Likewise.
	* m4/init.m4 (AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE): Likewise.
	* m4/missing.m4 (AM_MISSING_HAS_RUN): Likewise.
	* aclocal.m4, configure, Rebuilt.

	* AUTHORS: Added myself.

1999-09-14  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* m4/missing.m4: Support relative srcdir and ac_aux_dir.
	Reported by Tim Wilkinson <>
	* aclocal.m4, configure: Rebuilt.

1999-08-17  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* m4/lex.m4 (AM_PROG_LEX): Require AM_MISSING_HAS_RUN and, if no
	LEX program is found, use `${am_missing_run}flex'.

1999-08-16  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (handle_single_transform_list): Replace `$(OBJEXT)'
	with `o' in depfile.

	* (handle_lib_objects_cond): Remove second dot from
	dependency file names.

	* (OBJEXT@EXT@.obj): Dependency file should be .Po,
	regardless of OBJEXT.

	* (handle_dependencies): Add blank line after depend2.
	(handle_dependencies): Start DEP_FILES with `@AMDEP@'.  Output
	blank line before `include's, not after them.
	(scan_one_configure_file): Do not special-case `DEP_' any more.

	* m4/depout.m4 (AM_OUTPUT_DEPENDENCY_COMMANDS): Run for loop only
	if AMDEP is empty.
	* aclocal.m4, configure: Rebuilt.

	* m4/depend.m4 (AMDEPBACKSLASH): Define.
	* (@EXT@.o, @EXT@.lo, @EXT@.obj): Use AMDEPBACKSLASH.

	* (handle_dependencies): Generate `include's for
	dependency files after `@AMDEP@'.

	* m4/missing.m4: Use eval, instead of a sub-shell, to test for
	--run support in the missing script, since SHELL is not exported.
	Reported by job bogan <>
	* aclocal.m4, configure: Rebuilt.

1999-08-15  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* aclocal.m4, configure: Rebuilt with itself.
	*, m4/, tests/ Likewise.

	* m4/missing.m4 (AM_MISSING_PROG): Remove DIRECTORY argument.
	Require AM_MISSING_HAS_RUN.  Use am_missing_run, defined by...
	(AM_MISSING_HAS_RUN): New macro.
	* m4/init.m4: Remove missing_dir from calls to AM_MISSING_PROG.
	* automake.texi (Requirements): Likewise.
	* version.texi, stamp-vti: Rebuilt.

1999-07-28  Tom Tromey  <>

	* depcomp: Handle the `hp' mode.

1999-07-06  Tom Tromey  <>

	* depcomp: Work around HP-UX 10.20 sed bug.

1999-07-05  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (handle_dependencies): Generate a separate include
	for each dep file.  Report from Alexandre Oliva.
	* Don't include DEP_FILES.

1999-06-01  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* Add @AMDEP@ before `include', so that dependency
	tracking can be disabled.
	* Ditto, before all lines related with dependency
	* m4/depend.m4 (AM_DEP_TRACK): New macro, that documents
	--enable/disable-dependency-tracking and sets AMDEP accordingly.
	It is implicitly disabled if depcomp is missing.
	(AM_DEPENDENCIES): Disable dependency tracking unless it can be
	generated by side-effect.
	* m4/init.m4 (AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE): Require AM_DEP_TRACK.
	* (handle_dependencies): Add @AMDEP@ before the value
	starting with `#'.

	* depcomp: Support -xM for dependency generation, for Sun CC.
	Reported by Alex Hornby <>
	* m4/depend.m4: Extract the list of supported dependency-tracking
	mechanisms from the depcomp script and use it to test each one.
	* THANKS: Added Alex Hornby.

	* Move $(depcomp) to the line of $(...DEPMODE), so as
	to leave $(...COMPILE) in a line by itself.

	* THANKS: Added Miles Bader.

1999-06-01  Miles Bader  <>

	* m4/depend.m4 (AM_DEPENDENCIES): Add check for `makedepend'.
	Fix `dashmstdout' to ignore non-dependency-generating uses of the
	-M flag.
	* depcomp (makedepend): New dependency-generating method.

1999-06-01  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* missing: If given `--run' as first argument, try to run the
	given program before falling back to the ``emulated'' behavior.
	Add support for `tar'.
	* Use new `tar' support for `dist'.
	* m4/missing.m4 (AM_MISSING_PROG): Instead of checking for the
	program, prepend `missing --run' to the given program name.
	* m4/init.m4: Remove AMTAR-related stuff.
	* NEWS: Updated.

	* m4/depout.m4: Instead of `find'ing Makefiles, just iterate on
	CONFIG_FILES.  Do not use temporary variable for list of
	dependency files, it breaks Cygwin.

1999-04-27  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* depcomp (gcc): Imported comments removed from, so
	that we don't lose them.

	* m4/depout.m4 (AM_OUTPUT_DEPENDENCY_COMMANDS): Avoid sed s/$U//
	when not using ansi2knr.

1999-04-26  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* m4/depend.m4 (AM_DEPENDENCIES): Test for depcc -E support.
	* depcomp (cpp): Extract dependencies from `# nnn "..."' lines.

1999-04-25  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* m4/depend.m4 (AM_DEPENDENCIES): Add a definition to conftest.h,
	so as not to compile an empty source; some compilers fail on this.
	Redirect stderr of depcc to /dev/null.  Test for -M with -o,
	because some compilers will output the rules to the output file.
	* depcomp (dashmstdout): Add --silent before --mode=compile, so
	that we don't get libtool output mixed up with make rules.

	* m4/init.m4 (AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE): Require AM_SET_DEPDIR.
	* Set tmpdepfile too, to speed up depcomp.  Always use
	-o for libtool, otherwise it may try to deduce the object name
	from the dependency-generation flag.
	* depcomp: Assume depdir exists.  Preserve depfile on unsuccessful

	* Do not emit .c.lo here...
	* ... emit .*.lo here, only when using libtool.
	* (get_object_extension): No more @MINUSO@ here.
	(handle_single_transform_list): Set $depfile from $object.
	(handle_dependencies): Emit for all used languages,
	regardless of $use_dependencies; the setting of depcomp makes the
	(lang_cxx_finish): Do not emit compilation rules.
	(lang_objc_finish): Likewise.
	(lang_java_finish): Likewise.

1999-04-21  Tom Tromey  <>

	* m4/depout.m4 (AM_OUTPUT_DEPENDENCY_COMMANDS): Correctly
	interpolate DEPDIR in DEP_FILES expansion.

1999-04-20  Lee Iverson  <leei@Canada.AI.SRI.COM>

	* m4/depend.m4 (AM_DEPENDENCIES): Fix up test for SGI-style
	dependency updating.
	* m4/depout.m4 (AM_OUTPUT_DEPENDENCY_COMMANDS): Fix sed script to
	handle multi-line dependency lists.

1999-11-12  Tom Tromey  <>

	Fix for PR automake/14:
	* Added `ud_GNU_GETTEXT'.  Updated to mention
	* Mention AC_CYGWIN, not AC_CYGWIN32.

	* m4/multi.m4: Added missing `]'.  From Akim Demaille.

	* (path-check): Make sure distdir is writeable before
	removing it.
	* (handle_texinfo): Added `cm' and `ov' extensions.
	(handle_dist_worker): Make sure distdir is writeable before
	removing it.
	(initialize_global_constants [$dist_trailer]): Make sure distdir
	is writeable before removing it.
	* (distcheck): Make the new source tree read-only before
	compiling.  Idea from Karl Berry.

	* automake.texi (Gnits): Allow COPYING.LIB again.
	* (check_gnits_standards): Allow COPYING.LIB again.

1999-11-11  Jim Meyering  <>

	* (distcheck): Remove $(distdir).tar.gz before counting

1999-11-09  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (handle_dist): Typo fix.  From Jim Meyering.

1999-11-09  Jim Meyering  <>

	* (handle_dist): Remove the DISTHOOK and GETTEXT
	markers, no matter what.

1999-11-08  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (distcheck): Put `&&' at the start of the distcheck-hook

	* (handle_dist_worker): Use `cp -R', not `cp -r'.
	From Jim Meyering.  Also, don't mention file name in `cp'
	destination.  From Olly Betts.

1999-10-27  Miodrag Vallat  <>

	* (uninstall-info): Use installed info file, not one
	from srcdir or builddir.

1999-11-07  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (maintainer-clean-generic): Remove  From
	Jeff Bailey

	Fix for PR automake/18:
	* (handle_dist): Add contents of to the output
	* (amfiles): Added
	* New file.
	(distcheck): Added uninstall and distclean checks.

	* (PATH_PATTERN): Added `-' as allowable character.
	Fixes PR automake/20.  From Matthew D. Langston.

	* (SUFFIX_RULE_PATTERN): Add `0-9' as characters
	allowed in suffixes.  Fixes PR 22.  From Matthias Clasen.

1999-10-03  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* m4/lispdir.m4: -batch must come before -q.
	* elisp-comp: Likewise.
	Reported by Lars Hecking <>
	* THANKS: Added Lars.

1999-08-15  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (get_object_extension): Fixed quoting bug.  Fixes

1999-07-27  Tom Tromey  <>

	* config.guess, config.sub: New versions from autoconf.

1999-07-13  Tom Tromey  <>

	Work around losing `awk'.  Report from Harlan Stenn.
	* m4/init.m4 (AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE): Require AC_PROG_AWK.
	* (ID, TAGS): Use $(AWK), not `awk'.

	* (handle_source_transform): Mark prefix as seen if
	corresponding _SOURCES variable exists.  Fixes empty2.test.

1999-06-25  OKUJI Yoshinori  <>

	* (ACLOCAL): Do not prepend the variable SRCDIR to
	(AUTOMAKE): Set --amdir to current directory.

1999-06-20  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (TAGS_FILES): New macro.
	(ETAGS_ARGS): Moved files into TAGS_FILES.
	(ETAGS_ARGS): Removed.
	(TAGS_DEPENDENCIES): Removed duplicate definition.

	* (ID): Handle VPATH correctly.  Use TAGS_FILES.  Report
	from Ganesan Rajagopal.
	(TAGS): Likewise.

1999-06-18  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* (handle_ltlibraries): Check for -module in LDFLAGS,

1999-06-20 Mark Elbrecht <>

	* ylwrap: Handle filenames output by the DOS version of Bison.

1999-06-20  Tom Tromey  <>

	* ylwrap: Be less strict when recognizing DOS paths.  From Mark

1999-06-19  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (handle_dist_worker): Remove redundant entries from

	* (handle_lib_objects_cond): Better error message when
	unrecognized option passed in LDADD.

1999-06-08  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (ACLOCAL, AUTOMAKE): Use our own scripts, with
	appropriate --acdir and --amdir arguments.

1999-06-07  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (dist_header): Avoid changing permissions of files
	in the source tree, trying a complex `find/chmod' command before
	falling back to plain chmod.
	(handle_dist_worker): Do not create directories with mode 777, the
	find above will take care of that.
	* m4/init.m4: Set install_sh for find/chmod above.

	* THANKS: Added Shuhei Amakawa.

1999-06-07  Shuhei Amakawa <>

	* Strip dirname from given filename.

1999-06-07  Jim Meyering  <>

	* (handle_dist): Change emitted rules so that a failure
	in `$(MAKE) distcheck-hook' propagates to the outer make.

1999-05-27  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (handle_single_transform_list): Replace AM_FLAG and
	not FLAG in compilation rule.
	(add_depend2): Likewise.


	* m4/dmalloc.m4: Updated dmalloc site information.

1999-05-19  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (handle_single_transform_list): Push object name
	without extension onto lang_specific_files.  Fixes

	* (handle_single_transform_list): Added missing
	space.  Fixes specflags.test.

1999-05-05  Tom Tromey  <>

	* Disabled dependency tracking for Java.

1999-05-04  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (@LIBRARY@): Use $(@XLIBRARY@_AR).
	* (handle_libraries): Recognize _AR variable.

1999-04-30  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (finish_languages): Always use `-o $@' with
	libtool.  Define ltcompile and ltlink at outermost scope in
	* (.c.lo): Removed.

	* (finish_languages): Put `.' before extension in
	suffix list, `.obj' rule, and `.lo' rule.  Look at `-flags', not
	`-flag'.  From Pavel Roskin.

1999-04-28  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (finish_languages): Fixed scoping of ltcompile and
	ltlink.  From Pavel Roskin.

1999-04-27  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (read_main_am_file): Don't start macro definition
	with backslash-newline.  Instead, append newline at the end if

	* (read_am_file): Insert a backslash before a trailing
	newline.  Fixes pluseq8.test.

	* (MACRO_PATTERN): Allow digits and `_' to start a
	macro name.
	(check_canonical_spelling): Don't insert `AM' before macro name
	(reverts Alexandre's 1999-04-27 patch).
	* automake.texi: Reverted documentation change for `AM' patch.

	* (handle_lib_objects_cond): Prefer `$1' over `\1'.
	Minor rewrite for clarity.
	(check_canonical_spelling): Prefer `$1' over `\1'.

	* (@OBJ@): Renamed.  Use @SOURCE@, @COMPILE@.  Always
	use `-o $@'.
	(@LTOBJ@): Likewise.
	* (handle_single_transform_list): Don't print rule if
	doing dependency tracking and the file's language supports it.
	(initialize_per_input): Initialize lang_specific_files.
	(add_depend2): New function.
	(handle_dependencies): Use it.

	* (lang_ppf77_finish): Use lang_f77_finish.
	ratfor compiler name is `RCOMPILE'.  ppf77 compiler name changed
	to `PPF77COMPILE' to allow use of f77 and ppf77 in the same
	(lang_ratfor_finish): Use lang_f77_finish.

	* (NOTDEPEND.c.o): Removed.
	(OBJEXT.c.obj): Likewise.
	* Added `flags' attribute to all relevant languages.
	(handle_single_transform_list): Handle per-derived-object flags.
	Changed interface and all callers.
	(handle_built_sources): Don't call handle_single_transform_list.
	Added `compile' and `compiler-name' attribute to all relevant
	(finish_languages): Define compiler variables here.
	(lang_cxx_finish): Don't call define_compiler_variable.  Don't
	define flag variable or .o rules.  Don't add to @suffixes.
	(lang_f77_finish): Likewise.
	(lang_ppf77_finish): Likewise.
	(lang_objc_finish): Likewise.
	(lang_java_finish): Likewise.
	(finish_languages): Define flag variable here.
	Added `output-arg' attribute to all relevant languages.
	(finish_languages): Define `.o' rules here.
	(finish_languages): Put extension on @suffixes.
	(get_object_extension): Don't transform NOTDEPEND or MINUSO.

1999-04-27  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (initialize_global_constants): Invoke gzip for
	dist-shar just like in plain dist, i.e., pass it GZIP_ENV and -c.

	* (initialize_global_constants): Remove zip file
	before re-creating it.
	Reported by Bob Friesenhahn <>

	* (uninstall-info): Look for info file in srcdir, just
	like in install-info-am.
	Reported by Tudor Hulubei <>

	* (handle_lib_objects_cond): \Q doesn't work either.
	Let's use the good ol' substitution, then.
	Reported by Russ Allbery <>

	* (check_canonical_spelling): Insert AM before names
	starting with non-letters.

	* automake.texi: Document it.

1999-04-26  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (handle_lib_objects_cond): Do not use quotemeta, it
	doesn't work on perl4.  Maybe \Q and \E do.

1999-04-24  Tom Tromey  <>

	* Treat `.zip' and `.jar' files as Java.

	* (generate_makefile): Define `subdir' after reading
	.am file.
	(read_main_am_file): Give programming error if variable defined
	before invocation.

1999-04-22  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (generate_makefile): Define `subdir' variable.
	(handle_dist): Don't define `subdir'.

	* (handle_texinfo): Change numbering scheme for
	stamp-vti files, to avoid problems with DOS.
	From Michel de Ruiter.

	* automake.texi: Don't mention AM_FUNC_MKTIME.
	* (obsolete_macros): Mention AM_FUNC_MKTIME.
	* (scan_one_configure_file): Recognize
	(obsolete_macros): Mention AM_FUNC_MKTIME.
	* m4/ (m4data_DATA): Removed mktime.m4.
	* m4/mktime.m4: Removed.

1999-04-20  Tom Tromey  <>

	* automake.texi (Top level): Don't recommend substing SUBDIRS.

1999-04-20  Brian Ford <>

	* Change else if's to elif.

1999-04-20  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (handle_lib_objects_cond): Only require the source
	of a LIBOBJ if it's not in BUILT_SOURCES.
	Reported by Erez Zadok.

1999-04-19  Tom Tromey  <>

	* Treat `.class' files as Java source.
	(lang_java_finish): Handle `.class' files.

1999-04-18  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* m4/lispdir.m4: Match only `/(share|lib)/x?emacs/site-lisp/*$'.

	* m4/lispdir.m4: Do not override lispdir if it's already defined.
	Run some emacs-lisp to find out the site-lisp directory, but
	relocate it into prefix.

1999-04-17  Paul Eggert  <>

	* m4/mktime.m4 (bigtime_test, main): Move alarm from
	bigtime_test to main, since Solaris 7 (64-bit) mktime loops
	even outside of bigtime_test.  Use a time limit of 60 seconds
	for the whole test, not 10 seconds per iteration.

1999-04-17  Erez Zadok  <>

	* Create stamps for headers in appropriate
	directories, even if the input file lives in a different place.
	* Likewise.

1999-04-16  Tom Tromey  <>

	From Brian Ford:
	* (install-@DIR@PROGRAMS, uninstall-@DIR@PROGRAMS):
	Invoke `sed' only once per program.
	* (install-@DIR@SCRIPTS, uninstall-@DIR@SCRIPTS):
	Invoke `sed' only once per program.

1999-04-13  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (handle_subdirs): Make `install-recursive' phony.
	From Michel de Ruiter.

	* (handle_ltlibraries): Added missing `check'.

1999-04-12  Tom Tromey  <>

	* ansi2knr.c: New version from Pavel Roskin (via ansi2knr.c

1999-04-11  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (handle_dist): Use AMTAR.
	(initialize_global_constants): Likewise.
	* m4/init.m4 (AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE): Use AMTAR, not TAR.

	* (lang_sub_obj): New function.
	(lang_cxx_rewrite): Use it.
	(lang_asm_rewrite): Likewise.
	(lang_objc_rewrite): Likewise.
	(lang_cxx_finish): Add `-o $@' to all C++ rules.
	(lang_asm_finish): Add `-o' to suffix rules when appropriate.
	(lang_objc_finish): Add `-o $@' to all ObjC rules.
	(lang_java_finish): Likewise.

	* Only register `asm' once.
	(lang_asm_finish): Put assembly suffixes on @suffixes.

	* (.s.lo): Removed.
	(.S.lo): Likewise.
	* (lang_asm_finish): Handle libtool.

	* (.c.o): Always pass -c to libtool.

	* (lang_yacc_rewrite): Handle sources in subdirs.
	(lang_yaccxx_rewrite): Likewise.
	(lang_lex_rewrite): Likewise.
	(lang_lexxx_rewrite): Likewise.

	Assembly code no longer included by default:
	* (.s.o): Removed.
	(.S.o): Likewise.
	* Register `asm' language.
	(lang_asm_finish): Generate suffix rules for assembly.
	(get_object_extension): Don't add `.s' or `.S' to suffix list.

	* (get_object_extension): Substitute @MINUSO@ when
	* (.c.o): Added @MINUSO@.
	(.c.obj): Likewise.

	First cut at allowing objects in subdirectories:
	* m4/ (m4data_DATA): Added minuso.m4.
	* (dist_script_DATA): Added compile.
	* m4/minuso.m4: New file.
	* (initialize_global_constants): Added compile to
	(seen_cc_c_o): New global.
	(scan_one_configure_file): Set it when AM_PROG_CC_C_O seen.
	(handle_options): Recognize `subdir-objects' option.
	(lang_c_rewrite): Added directory argument.
	(lang_yacc_rewrite): Likewise.
	(lang_yaccxx_rewrite): Likewise.
	(lang_lex_rewrite): Likewise.
	(lang_lexxx_rewrite): Likewise.
	(handle_single_transform_list): Pass directory to _rewrite
	function.  Generate dependencies for dirstamp files for each .o;
	it is just the rules we want to create once.
	(lang_c_rewrite): Handle `subdir-objects' option.
	(lang_c_rewrite): Require `compile' program.
	* compile: New file.

	* (initialize_per_input): Initialize %directory_map.
	(handle_single_transform_list): Only create .dirstamp rules once
	per directory.

	* m4/gcj.m4 (AM_PROG_GCJ): Use AC_CHECK_PROGS, not AC_CHECK_PROG.

	Fix for confh.test:
	* (configure_input_files): New global.
	(scan_configure): Set it.
	(handle_configure): Use configure_input_files when determining
	which subdirs have a  Fixes confh.test.
	(handle_configure): Only recognize acconfig.h in top srcdir.

1999-04-10  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (%.o): Use `$(*D)/$(*F)', not just `$(*F)'.
	(%.lo): Likewise.

	* (am_install_var): Remove redundancies from the
	result.  Fixes test cond8.test.

	* (handle_single_transform_list): Handle dependency
	tracking when files are created in subdirs.  Error if object in
	subdir has `..' component.

	* (initialize_global_constants): Use $(TAR), not tar.

	* (handle_ltlibraries): Allow check_LTLIBRARIES.

	* (lang_yacc_finish): Added missing `&'.

1999-04-10  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (handle_configure): Replace multiple occurrences of
	@STAMP@ in the same line; completes the patch for

	* (handle_dependencies): Fix test for `autodep'

	* (handle_source_transform): Add a pfx to used_pfx
	only if it's conditional or non-empty, to reduce the number of
	empty variables.  Emit _OBJECS variable based on program name if
	no SOURCES were explicitly specified.

	* Create the stamp file before the header file,
	and just rename it after, so that the timestamps will be correct.
	Reported by Marc Horowitz <>

	* (lang_yacc_finish): Generate and dist a `.h' for a
	`.y' iff YFLAGS or AM_YFLAGS contain `-d'.
	Reported by Jim Meyering <>

	* (lang_yacc_finish): $hname must not contain a `.'.

1999-04-10  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (EXTRA_DIST): New macro.
	* ChangeLog.1996, ChangeLog.1998: New files.

1999-04-09  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (handle_source_transform): Handle dist and nodist
	(initialize_per_input): Initialize dist_sources.
	(check_libobjs_sources): Handle dist and nodist prefixes.
	(generate_makefile): Define DIST_SOURCES.

	* automake.texi (Macros): Mention AM_PROG_GCJ.
	(Java Support): New node.
	(Dist): Documented dist_ and nodist_ prefixes.

	* m4/gcj.m4 (AM_PROG_GCJ): Renamed from AC_PROG_GCJ.

	* (lang_java_finish): Generate .lo rule for `.java'
	files, not `.gcj' files.

	* m4/gcj.m4: New file.
	* m4/ (m4data_DATA): Added gcj.m4.

	* Register the `java' language.
	(resolve_linker): Handle GCJLINK.
	(lang_java_rewrite): New function.
	(lang_c_rewrite): Use new constants.
	(lang_cxx_rewrite): Likewise.
	(lang_header_rewrite): Likewise.
	(lang_yacc_rewrite): Likewise.
	(lang_yaccxx_rewrite): Likewise.
	(lang_lex_rewrite): Likewise.
	(lang_lexxx_rewrite): Likewise.
	(lang_asm_rewrite): Likewise.
	(lang_f77_rewrite): Likewise.
	(lang_ppf77_rewrite): Likewise.
	(lang_ratfor_rewrite): Likewise.
	(lang_objc_rewrite): Likewise.
	(handle_single_transform_list): Likewise.  Handle LANG_SUBDIR
	return from rewrite function.
	(lang_java_finish): New function.
	(register_language): Changed interface and all calls.  Added
	`autodep' settings to various languages.
	(handle_dependencies): Use `autodep' property of language when
	including dependency-tracking code.

1999-04-07  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (handle_texinfo): Indentation fixes.

1999-04-07  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (value_to_list): Skip *only* trailing backslashes.

1999-04-07  Pavel Roskin  <>

	* (value_to_list): Skip trailing backslashes.

1999-04-07  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (handle_texinfo): Add texinfo.tex to config_aux_dir
	when appropriate.
	Reported by Per Cederqvist <>
	(handle_texinfo): Do not define texinfo_tex='.', use
	'$(srcdir)/texinfo.tex' instead; the directory name will be
	properly extracted.
	(require_conf_file_with_line): Fixed typo.

1999-04-03  Raja R Harinath  <>

	* (handle_tests): Test `dir=./' before `dir=', so that
	we do not depend on PATH starting with `.'.

1999-03-31  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (quote_cond_val): Quote \n.
	(unquote_cond_val): Unquote \n.
	(read_am_file): If line ends with `\', preserve it and add a
	(read_main_am_file): In conditional case, put conditional text at
	beginning of each generated line.

1999-03-31  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (handle_tests): support XFAIL_TEST
	* automake.texi: document it

1999-04-12  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* End of merge from trunk.

1999-04-12  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (cmdline_use_dependencies): Reintroduce it.
	(--ignore-deps): Set cmdline_use_dependencies again.
	(handle_dependencies): If use_dependencies is not set, define
	depcomp as empty.
	(handle_configure): Pass --ignore-deps to generated Makefile.ins.
	(scan_configure): Do not require depcomp when ignoring
	(initialize_global_constants): Reintroduce --ignore-deps.

1999-04-10  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* depcomp: New file.
	* (dist_script_DATA): Added depcomp.
	* (cmdline_use_dependencies, omit_dependencies,
	dependency_macros): Removed.
	(--ignore-deps): Just ignore.
	(handle_single_transform_list, dep_files): Named dependency files
	as \$(DEPDIR)/$base.P$obj
	(handle_lib_objects_cond): Likewise.
	(generate_dependency_code): Do not check for AM_*_DEPENDENCIES.
	(scan_one_configure_file): Likewise.
	(handle_dependencies): Always enable auto-dep.  Define `depcomp'.
	(handle_configure): Do not pass --ignore-deps.
	(scan_configure): Require `depcomp'.
	(initialize_global_constants): Make `depcomp' common.  Remove
	`--ignore-deps' from usage.
	(get_object_extension): No more NOTDEPEND in compile nor libtool.
	* Remove rules for .c.o and .c.obj
	* (distclean-depend): Wipe out $(DEPDIR)
	* (@FPFX@DEPMODE): Define from config.status.
	Use it and depcomp in suffix rules.
	* libtool.m4: Likewise.
	* m4/ccdepend.m4, m4/cxxdepend.m4: Removed.
	* m4/depvars.m4, m4/objcdepend.m4: Likewise.
	* m4/ (dist_m4data_DATA): Likewise.
	from the Makefile and subst it in deps.  Report creation of deps
	files (for now).  Replace $U with `_' and the empty string.  Write
	a comment to each created file.
	* m4/depend.m4 (AM_SET_DEPDIR): Select a valid deps dir name.
	(AM_DEPENDENCIES): Accept CC, CXX and OBJC.  Just determine the
	dependency mode and AC_SUBST [$1]DEPMODE.
	* m4/init.m4 (AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE): Automatically call
	AM_DEPENDENCIES for CC and CXX, if the corresponding AC_PROG
	appears in, before or after AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE.

1999-04-02  Raja R Harinath  <>

	* depout.m4: Fix sed expression for extracting `dirpart'.

1999-03-29  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (DEP_@FPFX@COMPILE): Use `!=' and not `-ne'.

	* (.c.obj): Also disabled when dependency tracking
	* (@EXT@.obj): New target.
	* (get_object_extension): Added explanatory comment.
	(generate_dependency_code): Handle $seen_objext.

	* Removed obsolete comment.
	* Minor formatting fix.

1999-03-28  Tom Tromey  <>

	* m4/ (dist_m4data_DATA): Renamed, and added new
	(EXTRA_DIST): Removed.
	* (dependency_macros): New global.
	(scan_one_configure_file): Recognize new dependency tracking
	macros, and define new resulting configure variables.
	(generate_dependency_code): New sub.
	(handle_dependencies): Use it.
	* (DEP_@FPFX@COMPILE): New macro.
	(@EXT@.o): Use it.
	(@EXT@.lo): Likewise.
	* m4/depvars.m4: New file.
	* m4/objcdepend.m4: New file.
	* m4/cxxdepend.m4: New file.
	* m4/init.m4: Moved dependency handling code into depout.m4.
	* m4/depout.m4: New file.
	* m4/ccdepend.m4: New file.
	* m4/depend.m4: New file.

	* (@EXT@.o): Renamed to be old-style suffix pattern.
	(@EXT@.lo): Likewise.
	* m4/init.m4 (AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE): Don't create `.deps/.P'; it is no
	longer needed.

	* m4/init.m4 (AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE): Add code to config.status which
	will create the required .P files for dependency tracking.
	* (scan_dependency_file): Removed.
	(handle_dependencies): Never call scan_dependency_file.
	(generate_deps): Removed.
	(parse_arguments): Don't recognize --generate-deps, --build-dir,
	--srcdir-name, or --include-deps.  Do recognize --ignore-deps.
	(srcdir_name): Removed.
	(build_directory): Removed.
	(initialize_global_constants): Changed $USAGE to reflect argument
	parsing changes.
	(handle_dist_worker): Never run automake in `dist' rule.
	(handle_configure): Use --ignore-deps, not --include-deps.
	* (DEPS_MAGIC): Removed.
	(DEP_FILES): Unconditionally include.

1999-03-27  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (saw_sources_p): Correctly count header extensions
	(handle_headers): Fixed order of arguments to am_install_var.

	* (am_install_var): Don't error if EXTRA_foo is
	defined uselessly.

	* (install-@DIR@SCRIPTS): Use NDIR when appropriate.
	(uninstall-@DIR@SCRIPTS): Likewise.
	* (install-@DIR@PROGRAMS): Use NDIR when appropriate.
	(uninstall-@DIR@PROGRAMS): Likewise.
	* (install-@DIR@LTLIBRARIES): Use NDIR when appropriate.
	(uninstall-@DIR@LTLIBRARIES): Likewise.
	* (install-@DIR@LISP): Use NDIR when appropriate.
	(uninstall-@DIR@LISP): Likewise.
	* (install-@DIR@LIBRARIES): Use NDIR when appropriate.
	(uninstall-@DIR@LIBRARIES): Likewise.
	* (install-@DIR@JAVA): Use NDIR when appropriate.
	(uninstall-@DIR@JAVA): Likewise.
	* (install-@DIR@HEADERS): Use NDIR when appropriate.
	(uninstall-@DIR@HEADERS): Likewise.
	* (install-@DIR@DATA): Use NDIR when appropriate.
	(uninstall-@DIR@DATA): Likewise.
	* Rebuilt.
	* (dist_pkgdata_DATA): Renamed.
	(EXTRA_DIST): Removed.
	(install-data-hook): Added POST_INSTALL; print commands as they
	are run; respect DESTDIR.
	* (DISTFILES): Removed $(HEADERS).
	* (am_install_var): Accept `-candist' and
	`-defaultdist' options.  Handle `dist_' and `nodist_' prefixes.
	(am_primary_prefixes): Added can_dist argument.  Recognize `dist_'
	and `nodist_' prefixes.
	(handle_scripts): Pass -candist to am_install_var.
	(handle_data): Pass -defaultdist to am_install_var.
	(handle_headers): Likewise.
	(handle_emacs_lisp): Pass -candist to am_install_var.
	(handle_java): Pass -candist to am_install_var.

1999-03-26  Tom Tromey  <>

	* m4/init.m4: Fixed typo when invoking SHELL.

	* (lang_yacc_finish): Always use `.h' as suffix for
	yacc header file.  From Ralf Corsepius.

	* Rebuilt.
	* Updated to reflect removal of TAR subst.
	* automake.texi (Options): Document dist-bzip2.
	* (TAR): Removed global.
	(initialize_global_constants): Changed `dist' to use pipe with
	gzip; work with non-GNU tar.
	(handle_dist): Handle non-GNU tar.  Don't define TAR.
	(initialize_global_constants): Added `dist-bzip2' entry.
	(handle_options): Recognize dist-bzip2 option.
	(handle_dist): Likewise.
	* configure: Rebuilt.
	* Don't check for tar.
	* m4/init.m4 (AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE): Check for `tar'.  Substitute

	* (am_install_var): Removed obsolete comment.

	* (uninstall-info): Don't print loop but instead print
	commands.  Simplified pre-uninstall loop.
	* (uninstall-@DIR@SCRIPTS): Don't print loop but
	instead print commands.
	* (uninstall-@DIR@PROGRAMS): Don't print loop but instead
	print commands.
	* (uninstall-@DIR@LTLIBRARIES): Don't print loop but
	instead print commands.
	* (install-@DIR@LISP): Strip subdir from file name.
	(uninstall-@DIR@LISP): Likewise.  Also, don't print loop but
	instead print commands.
	* (uninstall-@DIR@LIBRARIES): Don't print loop but instead
	print commands.
	* (uninstall-@DIR@JAVA): Don't print loop but instead
	print commands.
	* (install-@DIR@HEADERS): Strip subdir from file name.
	(uninstall-@DIR@HEADERS): Likewise.  Also, don't print loop but
	instead print commands.
	* (install-@DIR@DATA): Strip subdir from file name.
	(uninstall-@DIR@DATA): Likewise.  Also, don't print loop but
	instead print commands.

	* (handle_merge_targets): `install-strip' is a phony
	target.  From Michel de Ruiter.

1999-03-25  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (define_compiler_variable): Don't define variable
	with trailing `_'.

1999-03-25  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (LDADD): accept -dlopen and -dlpreopen here
	* automake.texi: ditto

1999-03-25  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (TESTS): make from Solaris 7/x86 loses if srcdir
	is absolute and != objdir.  dir="" or "$(srcdir)/" fixes it

1999-03-24  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (define_compiler_variable): New sub.
	(finish_languages): Use it.
	(lang_cxx_finish): Likewise.
	(lang_f77_finish): Likewise.
	(lang_ppf77_finish): Likewise.
	(lang_ratfor_finish): Likewise.
	(lang_objc_finish): Likewise.

1999-03-23  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (install-@DIR@PROGRAMS): Use `-e' instead of multiple
	sed invocations.  From Elrond.
	(uninstall-@DIR@PROGRAMS): Likewise.

	* (lang_lex_finish): Rewrite `l', not `y', to `c'.
	From Ralf Corsepius.

1999-02-01  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* accept both A(C|M)_PROG_LIBTOOL, print a
	warning when AM_PROG_LIBTOOL was found
	* automake.texi: renamed AM_PROG_LIBTOOL to AC_PROG_LIBTOOL

1999-03-22  Tom Tromey  <>

	Made `+=' more robust.  Fixes pluseq6.test and pluseq7.test.
	* (define_standard_variables): New sub.
	(read_main_am_file): Use two passes to scan standard variables.
	(read_am_file): Don't special-case configure variables with `+='.
	(initialize_per_input): Initialize %var_was_plus_eq.
	(read_am_file): Set var_was_plus_eq element correctly.
	(define_variable): Give error if variable assigned with `+=' is
	internally defined.
	(initialize_per_input): Initialize %am_var_defs.
	(file_contents_with_transform): Set element in %am_var_defs.
	(read_am_file): Use %am_var_defs.

1999-03-21  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (initialize_per_input): Initialize %object_map.
	(handle_single_transform_list): Allow source files in

1999-03-21  Jim Meyering  <>

	* (handle_dist): Add missing newline after the first

1999-03-11  Tom Tromey  <>

	* m4/error.m4, m4/mktime.m4, m4/obstack.m4, m4/regex.m4,
	m4/strtod.m4: Use $ac_objext, not `.o'.  From Jim Meyering.

	From Jim Meyering:
	* (handle_dist): Add `;\' to end of distcheck-hook
	(scan_one_configure_file): In LIBOBJS, recognize `$ac_objext' as
	legitimate ending.  Fixes libobj9.test.

	From Ralf Corsepius.  Fixes lex3.test.
	* (lang_yacc_finish): Include `.' in name pushed onto
	maintainer-clean list.
	(lang_lex_finish): Likewise.

1999-03-02  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (maintainer-clean-recursive): Changed "&&" into "if"
	construct to work around FreeBSD make/sh problem.  From Rich Wales.

1999-03-01  Tom Tromey  <>

	Fixes from Pavel Roskin:
	* (variable_conditions_sub): Sort list passed to
	(variable_conditions): Sort list before returning.

1999-02-27  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (lang_extensions): New sub.
	(handle_dependencies): Use it.
	(cxx_extensions): Removed.
	(lang_cxx_finish): Use lang_extensions.
	(f77_extensions): Removed.
	(lang_f77_finish): Use lang_extensions.
	(objc_extensions): Removed.
	(lang_ppf77_finish): Put `.' before extension.  Fixes ext.test.
	Report from Dave Morrison.
	(lang_ratfor_finish): Likewise.

1999-02-26  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (finish_languages): Added AM_LDFLAGS.
	(lang_cxx_finish): Likewise.
	(lang_f77_finish): Likewise.
	(lang_ppf77_finish): Likewise.
	(lang_ratfor_finish): Likewise.
	(lang_objc_finish): Likewise.

1999-02-11  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (obsolete_macros): Copied from
	(obsolete_rx): Use only keys of obsolete_macros.
	(scan_configure): Report replacement macro for an obsolete macro.
	* (obsolete_macros): Added ud_GNU_GETTEXT.

	* (obsolete_macros): Corrected typo in AM_EXEEXT
	entry.  Fixes obsolete2.test.

	* (obsolete_macros): Use empty string to indicate no
	(scan_one_configure_file): Likewise.

1999-02-07  Paul Eggert  <>

	* m4/ccstdc.m4 (AM_PROG_CC_STDC): Prefer -Ae to -Aa
	-D_HPUX_SOURCE, since -Ae allows `long long' and this is
	needed by some programs.

1999-02-10  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (handle_texinfo): Added `pgs' to list of
	extensions.  From NISHIDA Keisuke.

1999-02-04  Akim Demaille  <>

	* (handle_texinfo): remove texinfo.tex from

1999-02-02  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (handle_merge_targets): Use INSTALL_STRIP_FLAG.

	* Handle `ypp' as C++ yacc source and `lpp' as C++
	lex source.
	(lang_yacc_finish): Likewise.
	(lang_lex_finish): Likewise.

1999-02-01  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (handle_dist_worker): Correctly find find in $$d,
	not $$.  From Bill Davidson.

	* (finish_languages): Use "&", not "do".  From Pavel
	(handle_single_transform_list): Likewise.

1999-01-29  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (handle_configure): Removed unused variable.  From
	Pavel Roskin.

	* ansi2knr.c: New version from L. Peter Deutsch.

1999-01-22  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (require_file_internal): Correctly examine return
	value of `system'.  From Andris Pavenis.  Fixes copy.test.

	* m4/init.m4 (AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE): Require autoconf 2.13.

	* (lang_ppf77_rewrite): New function.  From Jochen
	Kuepper.  Fixes ppf77.test.
	(lang_ratfor_rewrite): New function

	* (handle_configure): Use `&' before sub calls (Perl 4
	fix).  From Erez Zadok.

1999-01-15  Tom Tromey  <>

	* Version 1.4a (oops).

	* Updated version to 1.5a.

1999-01-14  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (handle_configure): Compute $header_dir based on
	$one_name, not $one_hdr.  Reported by Erez Zadok.  Fixes
	(handle_configure): Compute relative path to input header
	correctly in all cases.

	* (handle_tests): Avoid error messages from dejagnu
	test rules.  From Karl Heuer.

	* (handle_texinfo): Add `/' to end of $conf_dir.

	* (AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS): Added `1.4'.

	* ($(srcdir)/stamp-@VTI@): Find @TEXI@ in srcdir.
	From Alexandre Oliva and Erez Zadok.

	* (create): Renamed from touch.
	(handle_configure): Use create, not touch.

	* config.sub, config.guess: New versions from autoconf.

	* mkinstalldirs: New version from autoconf.

1999-01-12  Tom Tromey  <>

	* config.sub, config.guess, COPYING, texinfo.tex: New versions
	from FSF.

1999-01-11  Marcus G. Daniels  <>

	* (PATH_PATTERN): New variable:
	(INCLUDE_PATTERN): Use it.  Ignore all include commands using
	symbols besides $(top_srcdir) and $(srcdir).

1999-01-11  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (handle_dist_worker): avoid failure in `make dist'
	if last file is a builddir-only file

1999-01-11  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* missing (autoheader): `s' was missing from sed script; grr

1999-01-11  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (@STAMP@): Reverted timestamp change.
	($(srcdir)/ Likewise.

1999-01-10  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (scriptdir): New macro.
	(script_DATA): Likewise.
	(install-data-hook): Use them.
	(EXTRA_DIST): Added script_DATA.
	(installcheck-local): Use script_DATA.

	* (pkgdata_DATA): Removed duplicate definition.

1999-01-10  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* missing (autoheader): accept multiple header files
	(automake): simplify sed processing

1999-01-10  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (handle_configure, stamp_dir): create only one stamp
	file per header, instead of one in the top-level directory and one
	in the directory that contains the header.

1999-01-10  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (lang_objc_finish): Formatting fix.

	* (objc_extensions): New sub.
	(handle_dependencies): Only generate dependency-tracking code for
	ObjC when ObjC source seen.


Copyright 1999, 2000 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

This file is part of GNU Automake.

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it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
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