mkdirp.m4   [plain text]

##                                                          -*- Autoconf -*-
# Copyright (C) 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006  Free Software Foundation, Inc.
# This file is free software; the Free Software Foundation
# gives unlimited permission to copy and/or distribute it,
# with or without modifications, as long as this notice is preserved.

# ---------------
# Check for `mkdir -p'.
dnl Automake 1.8 to 1.9.6 used to define mkdir_p.  We now use MKDIR_P,
dnl while keeping a definition of mkdir_p for backward compatibility.
dnl @MKDIR_P@ is magic: AC_OUTPUT adjusts its value for each Makefile.
dnl However we cannot define mkdir_p as $(MKDIR_P) for the sake of
dnl Makefile.ins that do not define MKDIR_P, so we do our own
dnl adjustment using top_builddir (which is defined more often than
dnl MKDIR_P).
AC_SUBST([mkdir_p], ["$MKDIR_P"])dnl
case $mkdir_p in
  [[\\/$]]* | ?:[[\\/]]*) ;;
  */*) mkdir_p="\$(top_builddir)/$mkdir_p" ;;