triggers_priv.h   [plain text]

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 * Portions Copyright 2007-2011 Apple Inc.

 * Information kept for each trigger vnode.
 * This is opaque outside the autofs project.
struct trigger_info {
	TAILQ_ENTRY(trigger_info) ti_entries;
					/* tail queue of resolved triggers */
	lck_mtx_t	*ti_lock;	/* mutex protecting accesses */
	uint32_t	ti_seq;		/* sequence number of state changes */
	u_int		ti_flags;
	int		ti_error;
	fsid_t		ti_this_fsid;	/* fsid of file system for this trigger */
	fsid_t		ti_mounted_fsid;
					/* fsid of file system mounted atop this */
	time_t		ti_ref_time;	/* last reference to this trigger */
	int		(*ti_check_notrigger_process)(int);
					/* call this to check whether this process should trigger mounts */
	int		(*ti_check_nowait_process)(int);
					/* call this to check whether this process should block on mount-in-progress */
	int		(*ti_check_homedirmounter_process)(vnode_t, int);
					/* call this to check whether this process is a home directory mounter */
	int		(*ti_check_homedirmount)(vnode_t);
					/* call this to check whether this trigger is having a home directory mount done */
	void		*(*ti_get_mount_args)(vnode_t, vfs_context_t, int *);
					/* call this to get mount arguments */
	int		(*ti_do_mount)(void *);
					/* call this to make the mount upcall */
	void		(*ti_rel_mount_args)(void *);
					/* call this to release mount arguments */
	void		(*ti_rearm)(vnode_t, int);
					/* call this on a rearm */
	void		(*ti_reclaim)(void *);
					/* call this on a reclaim */
	void		*ti_private;	/* private data, if any */

#define	TF_INPROG		0x00000001	/* a mount is in progress for this trigger */
#define TF_WAITING		0x00000002	/* somebody's waiting for that mount to finish */
#define TF_FORCEMOUNT		0x00000004	/* all operations cause a mount */
#define TF_AUTOFS		0x00000008	/* an autofs mount will be done atop this trigger */
#define TF_DONTUNMOUNT		0x00000010	/* don't auto-unmount or preemptively unmount this */
#define TF_DONTPREUNMOUNT	0x00000020	/* don't preemptively unmount this */
#define TF_RESOLVED		0x00000040	/* trigger is on the resolved list */

 * Call used by the automounter to specify some additional routines
 * to call.
extern trigger_info_t *trigger_new_autofs(struct vnode_trigger_param *vnt,
    u_int flags,
    int (*check_notrigger_process)(int),
    int (*check_nowait_process)(int),
    int (*check_homedirmounter_process)(vnode_t, int),
    int (*check_homedirmount)(vnode_t),
    void *(*get_mount_args)(vnode_t, vfs_context_t, int *),
    int (*do_mount)(void *),
    void (*rel_mount_args)(void *),
    void (*rearm)(vnode_t, int),
    void (*reclaim)(void *),
    void *private);

 * Set the mount timeout.
extern void trigger_set_mount_to(int);

extern int auto_get_automountd_port(mach_port_t *automount_port);
extern void auto_release_port(mach_port_t port);
extern kern_return_t auto_new_thread(void (*)(void *), void *);

 * Look at all triggered mounts, and, for each mount, if it is an
 * unconditional operation or if it hasn't been referred to recently,
 * unmount it.
extern void unmount_triggered_mounts(int unconditional);