triggers.h   [plain text]

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 * Portions Copyright 2007-2011 Apple Inc.

 * Information kept for each trigger vnode.
typedef struct trigger_info trigger_info_t;

extern trigger_info_t *trigger_new(struct vnode_trigger_param *vnt,
    void *(*get_mount_args)(vnode_t, vfs_context_t, int *),
    void (*rel_mount_args)(void *));
extern void trigger_free(trigger_info_t *ti);

 * The arguments passed to the thread routine that calls up to automountd
 * to resolve the trigger are assumed to be in a structure the first
 * element of which is one of these structures.
struct trigger_callargs {
	vnode_t		tc_vp;		/* trigger vnode */
	fsid_t		tc_this_fsid;	/* fsid of file system with trigger vnode */
	trigger_info_t	*tc_ti;		/* trigger information */
	thread_t	tc_origin;	/* thread that fired up this thread */
					/* used for debugging purposes */
	uid_t		tc_uid;         /* Calling threads uid */
	au_asid_t	tc_asid;	/* and audit session id. */
					/* The two above fields are so that we can set a worker */
					/* processes to have the same uid and audit session */
					/* and thus be in the right security session for authentication */
	fsid_t		tc_mounted_fsid;/* fsid of newly-mounted file system */
	uint32_t	tc_retflags;	/* assorted MOUNT_RETF_ flags */

 * Arguments passed to thread routine to call up to automountd to mount
 * an arbitrary URL on an arbitrary path.
struct mount_url_callargs {
	struct trigger_callargs muc_t;	/* common args */
	char		*muc_url;	/* URL to mount */
	char		*muc_mountpoint; /* where to mount it */
	char		*muc_opts;	/* mount options to use; null string if none */

#define muc_this_fsid		muc_t.tc_this_fsid
#define muc_origin		muc_t.tc_origin
#define muc_uid			muc_t.tc_uid
#define muc_asid		muc_t.tc_asid
#define muc_mounted_fsid	muc_t.tc_mounted_fsid
#define muc_retflags		muc_t.tc_retflags

 * Make an upcall to automountd to call SMBRemountServer() from the
 * SMB client framework.
extern int SMBRemountServer(const void *ptr, size_t len, au_asid_t asid);