setdbg.8   [plain text]

.TH setdbg 8
.B setdbg 
- AppleTalk interactive kernel debugging facility. 

.B setdbg 
.I debugfile

.TP 8
.I debugfile 
Specifies the name of the AppleTalk kernel debugging
definition (usually netat/debug.h) file.  
If you don't specify the debugging file, setdbg will
look at the AT_DEBUG_DIR variable to find the "debug.h"
kernel debugging definitions. If this fails, setbdg
will look for "debug.h" in the current directory. Note
that the definition file used has to be the same as
the one user to compile the kernel running on the 
system where the traces are needed.

   setdbg myATdebugdefinitions.h


.B setdgb 
reads the debugging #defines as used in the kernel 
inside AppleTalk source code to select the level of traces
generated by different AppleTalk components on the debugging port
(using kprintf). Once started, setdbg will display a list of
all the trace level (usually starting with "L_") and all the
debugging modules (starting with "M_") that can be turned on
or off. A debug component selected for tracing will show a
"*" following its number. Note that the kernel debugging option
needs to be turned on for kprintf in order to generate any AppleTalk

The following commands can be used within setdbg:  

   [number] - toggle the tracing of one component
   q - quit setdbg without updating the running 
       kernel with the new debugging settings.
   x - eXit and update the running kernel with the
       new debugging settings 
   t - toggle state of all debugging levels and modules 
   u - update the kernel immediately
   l - list show the kernel debugging status
   s - set all components to trace ON
   c - clear all components to trace OFF 

.TP 8
Executable file
.TP 8
AppleTalk debugging header definitions