at_cho_prn.8   [plain text]

.TH at_cho_prn 8
at_cho_prn - allows you to choose a default printer on the AppleTalk internet
.B at_cho_prn 
.I [type[@zone]]
.TP 8
.I type[@zone]
Specifies the type of printer to be used, and the area
(zone) in which it resides.  If you don't use the type
argument on the command line, at_cho_prn displays all
entities of the types LaserWriter and ImageWriter.  The
system prompts you to select a printer by entering the
appropriate number from the printer list display.  If
you don't enter the zone part of the argument on the
command line, at_cho_prn lists all the zones in the
internet and prompts you to choose the zone in which
you'd like to select your default printer.

The at_cho_prn command displays a list of printer selections
and saves the name of the printer that you select. The
at_cho_prn command checks the network to determine which
printers are registered on that network.

After you specify the zone, at_cho_prn lists the printers
(of type type) available in that zone.

The at_cho_prn command must be run while the user is logged
in as root.

The command

        at_cho_prn 'LaserWriter@*'

produces output similar to this:

          1: AnnLW:LaserWriter
          2: TimLW:LaserWriter

        ITEM number (0 to make no selection)?

where NET-ADDR is the AppleTalk internet address (printed in
hexadecimal) of the printer's listener socket, and
OBJECT:TYPE is the name of the registered printer and its

Executable file