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  This document summarizes all important changes between major mod_ssl
  versions, i.e. between 2.x and 2.(x+1).

  Major Changes with mod_ssl 2.8:
    o  Upgrade to Apache 1.3.{17,18,19,20,22,23,24,26,29,31}
    o  Various Bugfixes and Cleanups

  Major Changes with mod_ssl 2.7:
    o  Added experimental support for OpenSSL's crypto device support
    o  Completely removed RSAref support
    o  Added new Cyclic Buffer based Shared Memory Session Cache variant
    o  Restructured the Session Cache implementation(s)
    o  Upgrade to Apache 1.3.14

  Major Changes with mod_ssl 2.6:
    o  Support for PRNG seeding via Entropy Gathering Daemon (EGD)
    o  Enhanced HTTPS proxy support (still experimental)
    o  New ca-bundle.crt extracted from Netscape Communicator 4.72's cert7.db
    o  Upgrade to Apache 1.3.12

  Major Changes with mod_ssl 2.5:
    o  Upgrade to Apache 1.3.11
    o  Support for OpenSSL >= 0.9.4
    o  Lots of small bugfixes and cleanups

  Major Changes with mod_ssl 2.4:
    o  New `SSLOptions +StdEnvVars' and additional SSL_* variables.
    o  Fixed SSL shutdown handling in case of pending outgoing data.
    o  Fixed semaphore based SSLMutex variant.
    o  Fixed timeout handling of internal OpenSSL cache.
    o  Fixed `SSLOptions +ExportOptions'
    o  Lots of small bugfixes and cleanups
    o  Upgrade to Apache 1.3.9

  Major Changes with mod_ssl 2.3:
    o  Full Diffie-Hellman/DSA support for certs/keys and ciphers
    o  DSA support for cert/key generation
    o  Upgraded to OpenSSL 0.9.3 API
    o  Added SSL_SESSION_ID variable
    o  Added ``SSLOptions +StrictRequire''
    o  Shared Memory support to Extended API (EAPI) via MM library.
    o  Shared Memory based SSL Session Cache
    o  Support for X.509 CA Certificate Revocation Lists (CRL)
    o  Switched all addresses and references to new domain
    o  Kicked out all remaining SSLeay dependencies

  Major Changes with mod_ssl 2.2:
    o  New companion module: mod_define
    o  Support for DER+Base64 and plain DER certs/keys in addition to PEM
    o  Added mod_ssl vendor extension support via EAPI
    o  Switched from SSLeay to OpenSSL as the primary toolkit
    o  Overhauled and fixed the SSL shutdown phase
    o  New diretive SSLProtocol for configuring SSL protocol flavors
    o  Support for per-directory(!) SSL configuration parameters
    o  Support for manual feeding the Pseudo Random Number Generator (PRNG)

  Major Changes with mod_ssl 2.1:
    o  Support for binary compatibility to non-EAPI DSOs.
    o  Now gives an error page when one connects with HTTP to HTTPS port
    o  Fix handling of socket connection timeouts
    o  Support for OpenSSL
    o  Support for Server Gated Cryptography (SGC) / Global ID facility
    o  Added APXS/DSO support to mod_ssl distribution
    o  Created a completely new second-generation user manual with WML
    o  Increase performance by kicking out NO_WRITEV requirement 
    o  Fixed CA-certificate-chain list sending
    o  Replace ugly directives with a general SSLOptions directive
    o  Full support for Dynamic Shared Objects (DSO)
    o  Replaced all global variables with EAPI variants
    o  Replaced all SSL patches with a new generic Extended API (EAPI)
    o  Added a flexible on-the-fly directive mapping facility
    o  Added support for X.509v3 certificates in `make certificate' procedure
    o  Ported to the Win32 platform (Windows 95/98/NT)
    o  Support for exporting whole client certificates to the environment
    o  Added a flexible and generic variable lookup facility
    o  Added a flexible authentication facility: SSLRequire
    o  Internal HTTPS client support for mod_proxy when mod_ssl is loaded
    o  Added a general Mutex facility
    o  Splitted the source code into smaller pieces
    o  Replaced the gcache facility with a (N)DBM based session cache
    o  Completely new pass phrase handling and terminal dialog
    o  Cleaned up the SSL* directives
    o  Added a flexible and consistent new logging facility.

  Major Changes with mod_ssl 2.0:
    o  Added RSAref support
    o  Created the first time a complete module documentation
    o  Enhanced `make certificate' procedure (four types of certs)
    o  New libssl.module script for smooth Apache source tree integration
    o  Full Apache Autoconf-style Interface (APACI) support
    o  Dropped support for SSLeay < version 0.8.x
    o  Finally ported to the Apache 1.3 API
    o  Replaced all unsafe and security-risky programming constructs
    o  Completely overhauled the source code line-by-line
    o  Created a facility to assemble the distribution out of CVS
    o  Imported Apache-SSL into a CVS source repository