WARNING-WIN.TXT   [plain text]


Apache should never be used as a production server under any 
consumer operating system such as Windows 95, 98, or ME (Millennium 
Edition).  Only Windows NT 4.0 or 2000 should be considered, and only
with appropriate NTFS file system and user security administration.
Apache runs on these consumer Windows environments only to 
provide test, development or trusted intranet server platforms.

Apache on Win32 should be considered initial-release quality code.  
It has not been subjected to the same stresses on its stability and 
security that the Unix releases have enjoyed, so there is a greater 
possibility of undiscovered vulnerabilities to stability or security
of the Win32 port.  

Apache performs best, and is still most reliable on Unix platforms.
Over time the performance, reliability and security for the Apache
Win32 port has improved, and continues to improve.  Folks doing 
comparative reviews of webserver performance are still asked to 
compare against Apache running on a Unix platform such as 
Solaris, FreeBSD, or Linux.

The Win32 code for Apache 2.0 has been entirely revised and large 
segments have been rewritten from scratch.  Once the Apache 2.0 
server is released, we strongly encourage all Win32 users to move to 
that platform for increased stability and security.