CHANGES   [plain text]

Changes with Apache 1.3.29

  *) SECURITY: CAN-2003-0542 (
     Fix buffer overflows in mod_alias and mod_rewrite which occurred if
     one configured a regular expression with more than 9 captures.
     [André Malo]

  *) Within ap_bclose(), ap_pclosesocket() is now called consistently
     for sockets and ap_pclosef() for files. Also, closesocket()
     is used consistenly to close socket fd's. The previous
     confusion between socket and file fd's would cause problems
     with some applications now that we proactively close fd's to
     prevent leakage. PR 22805
     [Radu Greab <>, Jim Jagielski]
  *) If a request fails and the client will be redirected to another URL
     due to ErrorDocument, see if we need to drop the connection after
     sending the 302 response.  This fixes a problem where Apache treated
     the body of the failed request as the next request on a keepalive
     connection.  The subsequent 501 error sent to the browser prevented 
     some browsers from fetching the error document.  [Jeff Trawick]

  *) Fixed mod_usertrack to not get false positive matches on the
     user-tracking cookie's name.  PR 16661.
     [Manni Wood <>]

  *) Enabled RFC1413 ident functionality for both Win32 and
     NetWare platforms.  This also included an alternate thread safe
     implementation of the socket timout functionality when querying
     the identd daemon.
     [Brad Nicholes, William Rowe]
  *) Prevent creation of subprocess Zombies when using CGI wrappers
     such as suExec and cgiwrap. PR 21737. [Numerous]

  *) ab: Overlong credentials given via command line no longer clobber
     the buffer.  [André Malo]

  *) Fix ProxyPass for ftp requests - the original code was segfaulting since 
     many of the values were not being filled out in the request_rec.
     [Tollef Fog Heen <, Thom May]

Changes with Apache 1.3.28

  *) SECURITY: CAN-2003-0460 (
     Fix the rotatelogs support program on Win32 and OS/2 to ignore
     special control characters received over the pipe.  Previously
     such characters could cause rotatelogs to quit logging and exit.
     [André Malo]

  *) Prevent the server from crashing when entering infinite loops. The
     new LimitInternalRecursion directive configures limits of subsequent
     internal redirects and nested subrequests, after which the request
     will be aborted.  PR 19753 (and probably others).
     [William Rowe, Jeff Trawick, Jim Jagielski, André Malo]

  *) Fix NULL-pointer issue in ab when parsing an incomplete or non-HTTP
     response. PR 21085. [Glenn Nielsen <>, André Malo]

  *) Removed BIND_NOSTART from HP/UX shl_load() logic for loadable
     Apache modules, so that statics are initialized when the module
     is loaded (especially critical for c++ modules on HPUX.)
     [William Rowe, Noah Arliss <>]

  *) Win32 build system changes; always recompile buildmark.c (used for
     Apache -v 'server built' messages) even when Apache is built from
     within the IDE; build test_char.h and uri_delims.h from within the
     ApacheCore.dsp project.  PR 12706.  [William Rowe]

  *) Introduce Win32 .pdb diagnostic symbols into the Apache 1.3 build
     (as created in Apache 2.0.45 and later.)  Makes debugging and
     analysis of crash dumps and Dr. Watson logs trivial.  Requires the
     Win32 binary builder to set aside the exact .pdb files that match
     the released binaries (.exe/.so files) for reference by users and 
     developers.  [William Rowe]

  *) Make sure the accept mutex is released before calling child exit
     hooks and cleanups.  Otherwise, modules can segfault in such code
     and, with pthread mutexes, leave the server deadlocked.  Even if
     the module doesn't segfault, if it performs extensive processing
     it can temporarily prevent the server from accepting new
     connections.  [Jeff Trawick]

  *) Fix mod_rewrite's handling of absolute URIs. The escaping routines
     now work scheme dependent and the query string will only be
     appended if supported by the particular scheme.  [André Malo]

  *) Use appropriate language codes for Czech (cs) and Traditional Chinese
     (zh-tw) in default config files. PR 9427.  [André Malo]

  *) Don't block synchronous signals (e.g., SIGSEGV) while waiting for
     and holding a pthread accept mutex.  [Jeff Trawick]

  *) AIX: Change the default accept mechanism from pthread back to
     fcntl.  Idle child cleanup doesn't work when the child selected
     for termination by the parent is waiting on a pthread mutex, and 
     because the AIX kernel's notion of hot process is apparently the 
     same as Apache's, it is common for the Apache parent to continually
     select a child for termination that the kernel will leave waiting
     on the mutex for extended periods of time.  There are other 
     concerns with pthread mutexes as well, such as the ability to 
     deadlock the server if a child process segfaults while holding the 
     mutex.  [Jeff Trawick]

  *) Fix a pair of potential buffer overflows in htdigest
     [Martin Schulze <>, Thom May]

  *) A newly created child now has a start_time of 0, to prevent
     mod_status from displaying a bogus value for the "time to
     process most recent request" column for freshly-started children
     in a previously-used scoreboard slot. [Martin Kraemer]

  *) When using Redirect in directory context, append requested query
     string if there's no one supplied by configuration. PR 10961.
     [André Malo]

  *) Fix path handling of mod_rewrite, especially on non-unix systems.
     There was some confusion between local paths and URL paths.
     PR 12902.  [André Malo]

  *) backport from 2.x series: Prevent endless loops of internal redirects
     in mod_rewrite by aborting after exceeding a limit of internal redirects.
     The limit defaults to 10 and can be changed using the RewriteOptions
     directive. PR 17462.  [André Malo]

  *) Use the correct locations of srm.conf and access.conf when tailoring
     the httpd.conf during the install process. PR 9446.
     [Stanislav Brabec <>]

  *) suexec: Be more pedantic when cleaning environment. Clean it
     immediately after startup. PR 2790, 10449.
     [Jeff Stewart <>, André Malo]

  *) Fix apxs to insert LoadModule/AddModule directives only outside of
     sections. PR 8712, 9012.  [André Malo]

  *) Fix suexec compile error under SUNOS4, where strerror() doesn't
     exist. PR 5913, 9977.
     [Jonathan W Miner <>]

  *) Unix build: Add support for environment variable 
     EXTRA_LDFLAGS_SHLIB, which allows the user to add to the hard-coded 
     ld flags specified for DSOs.  Compare with the existing LDFLAGS_SHLIB 
     environment variable, which allows the user to completely replace the 
     hard-coded ld flags specified for DSOs.  [Jeff Trawick]

  *) mod_auth_digest no longer tries to guess AuthDigestDomain, if it's
     not specified. Now it assumes "/" as already documented. PR 16937.
     [André Malo]

  *) In configure always assume suexec-umask to be an octal value by
     prepending a "0". PR 16984.  [André Malo]

  *) Fix typo in suexec -V output. PR 9034.
     [Youichirou Koga <>]

  *) Fix bug where 'Satisfy Any' without an AuthType resulted in an
     "Internal Server Error" response. PR 9076.  [André Malo]

  *) mod_rewrite: Allow "RewriteEngine Off" even if no
     "Options FollowSymlinks" (or SymlinksIfOwnermatch) is set.
     PR 12395.  [André Malo]

  *) Change the log messages for setsockopt(TCP_NODELAY) and
     getsockname() failures to log the client IP address and to
     change the log level to debug.  [Jeff Trawick]

  *) Correction to mod_negotation for Win32, OS2, Netware etc, where
     case insensitive requests such as the HEADER or README search
     from autoindex would fail to match HEADER.html (because the
     system internally looked for the case-sensitive header.* pattern.)
     PR 7300 [William Rowe]

  *) Correction to mod_autoindex so that only text/* files (prefering
     /html, then /plain, then some other flavor) can be recovered
     from a multiview-based HEADER or README subrequest.
     [William Rowe]

  *) Improvements to mod_usertrack that allows for a regular (verbose)
     as well as "compact" version of the tracking cookie (the new
     'CookieFormat' directive), and the ability to prepend a string
     to the cookie via the 'CookiePrefix' directive.
     [Pål Løberg <>, with cleanup by Jim Jagielski]

  *) Certain 3rd party modules would bypass the Apache API and not
     invoke ap_cleanup_for_exec() before creating sub-processes.
     To such a child process, Apache's file descriptors (lock
     fd's, log files, sockets) were accessible, allowing them
     direct access to Apache log file etc.  Where the OS allows,
     we now add proactive close functions to prevent these file
     descriptors from leaking to the child processes.
     [Jim Jagielski, Martin Kraemer]

  *) Prevent obscenely large values of precision in ap_vformatter
     from clobbering a buffer. [Sander Striker, Jim Jagielski]

  *) NetWare: implemented ap_os_default_port() to resolve the 
     correct default port based on the request method. This fixes
     a URL reconstruction problem on a redirect. 
     [Pavel Novy (]
  *) Added new ap_register_cleanup_ex() API function which allows
     for a "magic" cleanup function to be run at register time
     rather than at cleanup time. Also added the
     ap_note_cleanups_for_(socket|fd|file)_ex() API functions
     which allows for control over whether that magic cleanup
     should be called or not. This does not change the default
     behavior of the non-"ex" function (eg: ap_register_cleanup).
     [Jim Jagielski, concept by Ben Laurie]

  *) PORT: Take advantage of OpenBSD's arc4random() function for the
     initial secret [Henning Brauer <hb-apache-dev at>]

  *) If Listen directive is not a port, but just an IP, emit an
     error condition as this case is ambiguous.
     [Rich Bowen, Justin Erenkrantz, Cliff Woolley]

  *) Update timeout algorithm in free_proc_chain. If a subprocess
     did not exit immediately, the thread would sleep for 3 seconds
     before checking the subprocess exit status again. In a very
     common case when the subprocess was an HTTP server CGI script,
     the CGI script actually exited a fraction of a second into the 3
     second sleep, which effectively limited the server to serving one 
     CGI request every 3 seconds across a persistent connection.
     PRs 6961, 8664 [Bill Stoddard]

  *) mod_setenvif: Add SERVER_ADDR special keyword to allow
     envariable setting according to the server IP address
     which received the request.  [Ken Coar]

     and above.  Update AIX configure logic to allow higher AIX 
     release numbers without having to change Apache.
     [Jeff Trawick]

Changes with Apache 1.3.27

  *) SECURITY: CAN-2002-0840 (
     Prevent a cross-site scripting vulnerability in the default
     error page.  The issue could only be exploited if the directive
     UseCanonicalName is set to Off and a server is being run at
     a domain that allows wildcard DNS.  [Matthew Murphy]

  *) SECURITY: CAN-2002-0843 (
     Fix some possible overflows in ab.c that could be exploited by
     a malicious server. Reported by David Wagner. [Jim Jagielski]

  *) Included a patch submitted by Sander van Zoest (#9181) and
     written by Michael Radwin whichs is essentially a work around
     for the adding headers to error responses. As apache does not
     go through the proper chain for non 2xx responses. This patch
     adds an ErrorHeader directive; which is for non 2xx replies the
     direct analog of the existing Header directive. This is usefull
     during 3xx redirects or more complex 4xx auth schemes. [Dirk-
     Willem van Gulik]

  *) Included the patch submitted by Sander van Zoest (#12712) which
     prevents just 'anything' being sucked in when doing gobbeling in
     complete directories - such as editor backup files and other
     cruft. This patch allows us to tailor/control this properly by
     allowing simple wildcards such as *.conf. [Dirk-Willem van Gulik]

  *) SECURITY: CAN-2002-0839 (
     Add the new directive 'ShmemUIDisUser'. By default, Apache
     will no longer set the uid/gid of SysV shared memory scoreboard
     to User/Group, and it will therefore stay the uid/gid of
     the parent Apache process. This is actually the way it should
     be, however, some implementations may still require this, which
     can be enabled by 'ShmemUIDisUser On'.  Reported by iDefense.
     [Jim Jagielski]

  *) Fix a problem with the definition of union semun which broke
     System V semaphores on systems where sizeof(int) != sizeof(long).
     PR 12072  [<>]

  *) The protocol version (eg: HTTP/1.1) in the request line parsing
     is now case insensitive. This closes a few PRs and implies that
     ProtocolReqCheck will trigger on *true* invalid protocols.
     [Jim Jagielski]

  *) Relaxed mod_digest its parsing in order to make it work
     with iCal's "WebDAVFS/1.2 (01208000) Darwin/6.0 (Power Macintosh)"
     User-Agent. Apache (incorrectly) insisted on a quoted URI's
     in the uri field of the Authorization client header. Not
     yet done for EBCDIC plaforms. 
     [Dirk-Willem van Gulik]

  *) Back out an older patch for PR 9932, which had some incorrect
     behavior. Instead, use a backport of the APR fix. This has
     the nice effect that ap_snprintf() can now distinguish between
     an output which was truncated, and an output which exactly
     filled the buffer. [Jim Jagielski]

  *) The cache in mod_proxy was incorrectly updating the Content-Length
     value (to 0) from 304 responses when doing validation. Bugz#10128
     [Paul Terry <>,, Jim Jagielski]

  *) Added support for Berkeley-DB/4.x to mod_auth_db.
     [Martin Kraemer]

  *) PR 10993: add image/x-icon to default httpd.conf files
     [Ian Holsman, Peter Bieringer <>

  *) Fix a problem in proxy where headers from other modules were
     added to the response headers when this was already done in the
     core already. This resulted in header (and therefore cookie)
     duplication. [Martijn Schoemaker <>]

  *) Fix FileETags none operation.  PR 12202.
     [Justin Erenkrantz, Andrew Ho <>]

  *) Win32: Fix one byte buffer overflow in ap_get_win32_interpreter
     when a CGI script's #! line does not contain a \r or \n (i.e.
     a line feed character) in the first 1023 bytes. The overflow
     is always a '\0' (string termination) character.

  *) Add new "suppress-error-charset" environment variable to
     allow a BrowserMatch workaround for clients that incorrectly
     use the charset of a redirect as the charset of the target.
     [Ken Coar]

  *) Support Caldera OpenUNIX 8.  [Larry Rosenman <>]

  *) Use SysV semaphores by default on OpenBSD. [Henning Brauer 

  *) httpd -V will now also print out the compile time defined
     HARD_SERVER_LIMIT value. [Dirk-Willem van Gulik].

  *) In 1.3.26, a null or all blank Content-Length field would be
     triggered as an error; previous versions would silently ignore
     this and assume 0. As a special case, we now allow this and
     behave as we previously did. HOWEVER, previous versions would
     also silently accept bogus C-L values; We do NOT do that. That
     *is* an invalid value and we treat it as such.
     [Jim Jagielski]

  *) Add ProtocolReqCheck directive, which determines if Apache will
     check for a valid protocol string in the request (eg: HTTP/1.1)
     and return HTTP_BAD_REQUEST if not valid. Versions of Apache
     prior to 1.3.26 would silently ignore bad protocol strings, but
     1.3.26 included a more strict check. This makes it runtime
     configurable. The default is On. This also removes the requirement
     on an ANSI sscanf() implementation. [Jim Jagielski]

  *) NetWare: implemented file locking in mod_rewrite for the NetWare
     CLib platform. This fixes a bug that prevented rewrite logging 
     from working. [Brad Nicholes]

Changes with Apache 1.3.26

  *) Potential NULL referencing fixed in the CGI module. It had
     been there for 5 years. [Justin Erenkrantz]

  *) Ensure that we set the result value in ap_strtol before
     we return it. [Justin Erenkrantz, Jim Jagielski]

Changes with Apache 1.3.25

  *) SECURITY: CVE-2002-0392 ( [CERT VU#944335]
     Code changes required to address and close chunked 
     encoding security issues.  To support this, we utilize the ANSI 
     functionality of strtol, and provide ap_strtol for completeness.
     [Aaron Bannert, Justin Erenkrantz, Jim Jagielski, Brian Pane,
      William Rowe, Cliff Woolley]
  *) PORT: With OpenBSD 3.1 and up, allow modules to work on their
     ELF-based architectures. [Brad <>]

  *) Add X-Forwarded-Host and X-Forwarded-Server to X-Forwarded-For
     to the proxy. [Thomas Eibner <>]

  *) Fix a problem in mod_proxy: it would not set the number of bytes
     transferred, so other modules could not access the value from
     the request_rec->bytes_sent field.
     [Anthony Howe <achowe at>] PR#6841

  *) Fix a problem in mod_rewrite which would lead to 400 Bad Request
     responses for rewriting rules which resulted in a local path.
     Note: This will also reject invalid requests like
     "HEAD /roaming/martin/IMAP localhost HTTP/1.0" as issued by
     Netscape-4.x Roaming Profiles (on a DAV-enabled server)
     [Martin Kraemer]

  *) Disallow anything but whitespace on the request line after the
     HTTP/x.y protocol string. That prevents arbitrary user input
     from ending up in the access_log and error_log. Also, special
     characters (especially control characters) are escaped in the
     log file now, to make a clear distinction between client-supplied
     strings (with special characters) and server-side strings.
     [Martin Kraemer]

  *) Get rid of DEFAULT_XFERLOG as it is not used anywhere. It was
     preserved by the build system, printed with "httpd -V", but
     apart from that completely ignored: the default transfer log
     is to not produce any transfer log.
     [Martin Kraemer]

  *) Fixed sending of binary files under Cygwin.  PR 9185.
     [Cliff Woolley]

  *) Added Cygwin directory layout to config.layout file.
     [Stipe Tolj, <>]

  *) Added a '-F' flag; which causes the mother/supervisor process to
     no longer fork down and detach. But instead stays attached to
     the tty - thus making live for automatic restart and exit checking
     code easier. [ Contributed by Michael Handler <>,
     Jos Backus <> [ Dirk-Willem van Gulik ]].

  *) Make more flexible (file extensions like .so or .dll are
     no longer hardcoded). [Stipe Tolj <>]

  *) Add an intelligent error message should no proxy submodules be
     valid to handle a request. PR 8407 [Graham Leggett]

  *) Allow child processes sufficient time for cleanups but making
     ap_select in reclaim_child_processes more "resistant" to
     signal interupts. Bugz# 8176
     [David Winterbourne <>, Jim Jagielski]

  *) Recognize platform specific root directories (other than 
     leading slash) in mod_rewrite for filename rewrite rules.
     Bugz# 7492  [William Rowe]

  *) For supported versions of Darwin, place dynamically loaded
     Apache extensions' public symbols into the global symbol
     table. This allows dynamically loaded PHP extensions.
     [Marko Karppinen <>]

  *) Correct proxy to be able to handle the unexpected 100-continue
     reponses sent during PUT or POST requests. [Graham Leggett]

  *) Correct a timeout problem within proxy which would force long
     or slow POST requests to close after 300 seconds.
     [Martin Lichtin <>, Brian Bothwell

  *) Add support for dechunking chunked responses in proxy.
     [Graham Leggett]

  *) Made AB's use of the Host: header rfc2616 compliant
     by Taisuke Yamada <> [Dirl-Willem van Gulik].
  *) Update the Red Hat Layout to match Red Hat Linux version 7. 
     PR BZ-7422 [Joe Orton] 

  *) Add some popular types to the mime magic file.  PR 7730.
     [Linus Walleij <>, Justin Erenkrantz]

  *) Tighten up the overridden-Server-header bugfix in the proxy, by
     only overriding if the request is a proxy request. It has been
     pointed out that the previous fix allows CGIs and modules to
     override the Server header, which is change to previous behavior.
     [Graham Leggett, Joshua Slive]

  *) Another fix for the multiple-cookie header bug in proxy. With some
     luck this bug is actually now dead. [Graham Leggett]

Changes with Apache 1.3.24

  *) Fixed a segfault in mod_include when #if, #elif, #else, or #endif
     directives were improperly terminated.  [Cliff Woolley]

  *) Win32 SECURITY: CVE-2002-0061 (
     Introduce proper escaping of and cmd.exe for Win32.
     These patches close vulnerability CAN-2002-0061, identified and
     reported by Ory Segal <ory.segal@sanctuminc>, by which any CGI
     invocation of .bat or .cmd files could compromise the system 
     when the .bat or .cmd was parsed the query args as an argument 
     to either cmd.exe /c or /c.  [William Rowe]

  *) Add % and \r [C/R] to the dangerous Win32 shell character list.
     Retain the Unix sh escapes list for compatibility.
     [William Rowe]

  *) Pass the command line to the cmd.exe /c interpreter double quoted.
     This fixes a bug that CGI args ending in a double-quote would 
     cause invocation to fail.  Also, treat as a 16-bit 
     executable.  [William Rowe]

  *) Win32; Never invoke cmd or bat scripts based on the registry, even 
     for 'ScriptInterpreterSource Registry' enabled.  [William Rowe]

  *) Provide Win32 users a log of the cgi command invoked, to assist
     in debugging scripts at LogLevel info.  Also provide env vars
     at LogLevel debug for additional help to admins troubleshooting
     the ever mysterious "Premature end of script headers" error.
     [Aaron Bannert]

  *) Added the 'CGICommandArgs off' directive, to allow admins
     to disable the query argument passing mechanism in Apache,
     if future CGI argument vulnerabilities should be discovered.
     This defaults to 'on', meaning isindex-style query arguments
     are enabled.  [Aaron Bannert]

  *) When a proxied site was being served, Apache was replacing
     the original site Server header with it's own, which is not
     allowed by RFC2616. Fixed. [Graham Leggett]

  *) Fixed the previous multiple-cookie fix in the proxy. Cookies
     are broken in that they contain dates which in turn contain
     commas - so merging and then unmerging them breaks Set-Cookie
     headers. Sigh. [Graham Leggett]

  *) Add ap_uuencode to the httpd.exp exports file used by
     the AIX linker. [Bill Stoddard]

  *) Win32: Ignore AcceptMutex directive if it is present
     [Bill Stoddard]

  *) mod_rewrite: restored rnd behavior that was broken in 1.3.23.
     PR 10090, 10185  [Jeroen Boomgaardt <>]

  *) NetWare: Added the command line directive -e that forces all
     fatal configuration error messages to the logger screen rather
     than the Apache screen before Apache is unloaded.
     [Brad Nicholes]

  *) Add the ProxyIOBufferSize option. Previously the size of the
     buffer used while reading from the remote server in proxy was
     taken from ProxyReceiveBufferSize. [Graham Leggett]

  *) Fix a NULL variable check in proxy where we were checking the
     wrong variable. [Geff Hanoian <>]

  *) Fix typo in default config files related to Swedish language
     documents.  PR: 9906, 10040  [Tomas Ögren <>,
     Dennis Lundberg <>]

  *) apxs didn't get rebuilt when options were changed. This must have
     caused much puzzlement in the past. Fixed.
     [Ben Laurie]

  *) No idea why an HTTP/1.1 proxy would send an HTTP/1.0 request
     to a remote server by default. Fixed.
     [Graham Leggett, Gabriel Russell <>]

  *) NetWare: Added the module mod_log_nw to handle log rotation.
     This module adds LogRotateDaily and LogRotateInterval to allow
     all of the custom logs to be either rotated on a daily basis or
     on a specific interval. Based on a patch by Bertrand Demiddelaer.
     [Brad Nicholes]

  *) Fix typo in rotatelogs.8.  [Will Lowe <>]

  *) Clean up warnings in mod_proxy [Chuck Murcko <>]

  *) TPF: Use the correct subpool when opening the error log.
     This prevents a possible SIGPIPE in standalone_main.
     [David McCreedy <>]

  *) When proxy enabled a slow frontend client to read from an
     expensive backend server, it would wait until it had delivered
     the response to the slow frontend client completely before
     closing the backend connection. The backend connection is now
     closed as soon as the last byte is read from it, freeing up
     resources that would have been tied up unnecessarily.
     [Graham Leggett, Igor Sysoev <>]

  *) The proxy code read chunks from the backend server in a
     hardcoded amount of 8k. The existing ProxyReceiveBufferSize
     parameter has been overloaded to specify the size of this buffer.
     [Graham Leggett, Igor Sysoev <>]

  *) [Security] Prevent invalid client hostnames from appearing in
     the log file. If a double-reverse lookup was performed (e.g.,
     for an "Allow from .my.domain" directive) but failed, then
     a spoofed dns-reverse-address could appear in the logs. Now
     the numeric address is logged instead. Note that
     reverse-address-spoofing did NOT actually allow access
     to any protected resource!  [Martin Kraemer]

  *) Some browsers ignore cookies that have been merged into a
     single Set-Cookie header. Set-Cookie and Set-Cookie2 headers
     are now unmerged in the http proxy before being sent to the
     client. [Graham Leggett]

  *) Fix a problem with proxy where each entry of a duplicated
     header such as Set-Cookie would overwrite and obliterate the
     previous value of the header, resulting in multiple header
     values (like cookies) going missing.
     [Graham Leggett, Joshua Slive]

  *) Fix a problem with proxy where X-Cache headers were
     overwriting and then obliterating upstream X-Cache headers
     from other proxies.
     [Graham Leggett, Jacob Rief <>]

  *) Win32: Work around a bug in Windows XP that caused data
     corruption on writes to the network. The WinXP bug
     is tickled by the combined use of WSADuplicateSocket 
     and blocking send() calls.
     [Bill Stoddard, Bill Rowe, Allan Edwards, Szabolcs Szakacsits]
  *) Add 'IgnoreCase' keyword to the IndexOptions directive;
     if active, upper- and lower-case letters are insignificant
     in ordering.  In other words, all A* and a* files will be
     listed together, rather than the a* ones after all the [A-Z]*
     ones.  [Tullio Andreatta <>]

  *) NetWare: Implemented the real ap_os_case_canonical_filename()
     function that retrieves the accurately cased path and file
     name from the file system. [Brad Nicholes]

  *) Fix the longstanding bug that errors (returned by src/Configure)
     would not be noticed by the top level configure script.
     That was bad for automated configurations. [Martin Kraemer]

  *) Link with -lpthread on Solaris since we reference pthread
     functions for the accept mutex.  Previously, the link step
     would succeed but we would link to bogus versions of the
     pthread functions in libc, apparently breaking accept mutex 
     serialization when "AcceptMutex pthread" was used and 
     apparently breaking some third-party modules whether
     or not "AcceptMutex pthread" was used.  [Jeff Trawick]

  *) The Location: response header field, used for external
     redirect, *must* be an absoluteURI.  The Redirect directive
     tested for that, but RedirectMatch didn't -- it would allow
     almost anything through.  Now it will try to turn an abs_path
     into an absoluteURI, but it will correctly varf like Redirect
     if the final redirection target isn't an absoluteURI.  [Ken Coar]

  *) apxs: fix bug that prevented -S option from containing quotes.
     [Ben Laurie]

  *) ftp proxy: various cosmetic and functional improvements
     - Allow for /%2f hack (to access the root directory / )
     - properly escape generated links in dir listing
     - do directory listings in ASCII, to avoid problems with EBCDIC
     - close data & control channels to server properly
     [Martin Kraemer]

  *) NetWare: Added mod_auth_dbm to the project file.  
     [Brad Nicholes]

Changes with Apache 1.3.23
  *) Changed the symbol mapping of the following from API_EXPORT
         ap_snprintf(), ap_table_do(), ap_bvputs(), ap_log_error(),
         ap_log_rerror(), ap_log_printf(), ap_rprintf()
     [William Rowe]

  *) Fixed a number of mismatched int sizes and signedness problems.
     Still remains, MSVC's 'interesting' declaration of FD_SET still emits
     (impotent) warnings.  [William Rowe]

  *) mod_proxy changes:

    *) Bug fix for ap_proxy_cache_conditional(), unititialized wetag
       [Zvi Har'El <>]

    *) Add persistent connection handling
       The patch changes mod_proxy to write the reply-headers using
       ap_send_http_header() instead of directly using ap_bvputs(). This not
       only simplifies mod_proxy, in my opinion at least, but enables it to
       make use of the features of Apache's normal header and persistent
       connection machinery.
       [Christian von Roques <>]

    *) Graham Leggett's original 1.3.12 patch, updated for 1.3.19+
       Original comments:

       HTTP/1.1 support for mod_proxy:
       - support for Cache-Control
       - conditional support If-Match, If-None-Match,
       If-Unmodified-Since, Etag
       - support for content negotiation using Vary
       - storing of request headers (for Vary support) in cache file 
       - storing of updated response headers (with 304 Not Modified) in 
         cache file
       - support for 64 bit dates and content-lengths in cache file
       - ProxyPassReverse applied to Content-Location
       - entity headers no longer stripped from response after cache
       - annotation of mod_proxy cache code
       [Graham Leggett <>]

       changes to preserve binary compatibility with httpd core, clean up
       [Chuck Murcko <>]

  *) HPUX 11.*: Do not kill the child process when accept() 
     returns ENOBUFS on HPUX 11.*.

  *) PORT: Numerous additions to Cygwin, including: defaulting
     to Posix thread accept mutex, excluding the call to
     pthread_mutexattr_setpshared(), better proxy and DBM support, and
     allowing the use of native Win32 socket ops instead of
     Cygwin's Posix wrapper (for better performance). The last
     item required the addition of a new Configure Rule: CYGWIN_WINSOCK.
     [Stipe Tolj <>]

  *) Use "httpready" accept filter rather than "dataready" on
     FreeBSD after 4.1.1-RELEASE where it works correctly.
     [Tony Finch]

  *) Fix incorrect "Content-Length" header in the 416 "range not
     satisfiable" response. [Joe Orton <>]

  *) Add FileETag directive to control fields used when constructing
     an ETag for a file-based resource.  Historically the inode,
     size, and mtimehave been used, but the inode factor broke
     caching for systems with content fan-out across multiple
     back-end servers.  Now the fields used in the construction
     can be controlled by configuration directives.  Minor MMN
     bumped; MMN went from 19990320.10 to 19990320.11.
     [Ken Coar, from a patch by Phil Dietz]

  *) NetWare: Fixed the access forbidden problem when requesting an
     empty directory rather than showing the empty listing.  
     [Charles Goldman, Guenter Knauf <>]

  *) Cause Win32 to capture all child-worker process errors in
     Apache to the main server error log, until the child can
     open it's own error logs.  [William Rowe]

  *) Revert mod_negotation's handling of path_info and query_args
     to the 1.3.20 behavior.  PR: 8628, 8582, 8538  [William Rowe]

  *) Modify buff.h and buff.c to enable modules to intercept the
     output byte stream for dynamic page caching. A pointer to a 
     'filter callback' function is added to the end of buff.h. 
     This function, if registered by a module, is called 
     at the top of buff_write() and writev_it_all().
     [Kevin Mallory <>]

  *) When the default of 'Group #-1' was changed to 'Group "#-1"',
     the Makefile wasn't updated to recognise the quotation marks.
     [Owen Boyle <>]

  *) Win32: Do not allow threads to continue handling keepalive
     requests after a shutdown or restart has ben signaled.
     [Bill Stoddard]

  *) Win32: Accept OPTIONS * requests.  [Keith Wannamaker]

  *) Unixware 7.0 and later did not have a default locking
     mechanism defined.  This bug was introduced in apache 1.3.4.
     [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Prevent an Apache module from being loaded or added twice due
     to duplicate LoadModule or AddModule directives (or a missing
     ClearModuleList directive).
     [William Rowe, Brian Pane <>]

  *) Add checkgid app to do run-time validation of Group directive
     values which might cause the server to fall over, but which
     are syntactically correct.  [Ken Coar]

  *) NetWare: Added mod_unique_id to the project file.  
     [Brad Nicholes]

  *) NetWare: Fixed a link problem with mod_vhost_alias so that it
     exports the correct MODULE structure. PR 8598  
     [Brad Nicholes]

  *) Unix: The generated install script for binary distributions,, now makes DSO files executable, like
     make install.  This allows a binary distribution to work on 
     HP-UX without any manual intervention.  PR 7428  
     [Jeff Trawick]

  *) Win32: The Apache Win32 developers generally recommend that
     MaxRequestsPerChild be set to 0 to prevent the child process
     from ever recycling. However, for those that do require a 
     non-zero setting, this patch fixes a serious bug that can cause 
     an apparent 'server-hang' condition where the server stops
     responding to requests for a period of time. Prior to this
     fix, when the child process handled MaxRequestsPerChild
     connnections, the child process would stop accepting new 
     connections and begin allowing inactive threads to exit. The
     problem was that a new process would not be created to begin
     handling requests until the old process fully exited. The old 
     process can take an indeterminate amount of time to exit because
     it may be sending large responses to clients connected over slow
     links, or it may have threads blocked in read awaiting requests
     (eg, one attack mode of the Nimda worm is to establish a 
     connection to the server but not send an HTTP request. This 
     connection will be timed out according to the setting of the
     Timeout directive, 300 seconds). This fix allows the new process
     to be immediately started and begin accepting requests when the 
     old child process reaches MaxRequestsPerChild. 
     [Bill Stoddard]
  *) Win32: Emit error message when the server bumps up against the
     ThreadsPerChild configuration limit. This will be useful for 
     admins to detect when their server is running out of threads
     to handle requests. [Bill Stoddard]

  *) Test all directories listed with the UserDir directive for validity.
     Also resolves the Win32/Netware bug of unparsable quoted paths.
     PR 8238  [William Rowe]

Changes with Apache 1.3.22

  *) Recognize AIX 5.1.  [Jeff Trawick]

  *) PORT: Support AtheOS (see
     [Rodrigo Parra Novo <>]

  *) The manual directory is still configurable (as enabled by
     the 1.3.21 change), but its default setting was reverted to
     the pre-1.3.21 default as a subdirectory of the DocumentRoot.
     You can adapt your path in config.layout or with the
     "configure --manualdir=" switch.      [Martin Kraemer]

  *) Additional correction for the mutex changes on the TPF platform.
     [David McCreedy <>]

  *) mod_proxy - remove Explain*; replace with ap_log_*
     [Chuck Murcko <>]

Changes with Apache 1.3.21

  *) Enable mod_mime_magic (experimental) for Win32.  [William Rowe]

  *) Use an installed Expat library rather than the bundled Expat. This
     fixes a problem where multiple copies of Expat could be loaded
     into the process space, thus conflicting and causing strange
     segfaults. Most notably with mod_perl and XML::Parsers::Expat.
     [Greg Stein]

  *) Handle user modification of WinNT/2K service display names.  Prior
     versions of Apache only accepted identical internal and display names
     (where internal service names were space-stripped.)  [William Rowe]

  *) Introduce Win32 -W option for -k install/config to set up service
     dependencies on the workstation, snmp and other services that given
     modules or configurations might depend upon.  [William Rowe]

  *) Update the mime.types file to map video/vnd.mpegurl to mxu
     and add commonly used audio/x-mpegurl for m3u extensions.
     [Heiko Recktenwald <>, Lars Eilebrecht]

  *) Modified mod_mime and mod_negotiation to prevent mod_negotiation 
     from serving any multiview variant containing one or more 
     'unknown' filename extensions. In PR #8130, mod_negotiation was 
     incorrectly serving index.html.zh.Big5 when better variants were 
     available. The httpd.conf file on the failing server did not have 
     an AddLanguage directive for .zh, which caused mod_mime to loose
     the file_type information it gleened from parsing the .html
     extension. The absence of any language preferences, either in
     the browser or configured on the server, caused mod_negotiation
     to consider all the variants equivalent. When that occurs, 
     mod_negotiation picks the 'smallest' variant available, which
     just happened to be  index.html.zh.Big5.
     [Bill Stoddard, Bill Rowe] PR #8130

  *) SECURITY: CVE-2001-0731 (
     Close autoindex /?M=D directory listing hole reported
     in bugtraq id 3009.  In some configurations where multiviews and 
     indexes are enabled for a directory, requesting URI /?M=D could
     result in a directory listing being returned to the client rather
     than the negotiated index.html variant that was configured and
     expected.  The work around for this problem (for pre 1.3.21
     releases) is to disable Indexes or Multiviews in the affected
     directories.  [Bill Stoddard, Bill Rowe]

  *) Enabled Win32/OS2/Netware file paths (not / rooted, but c:/ rooted)
     as arguments for mod_vhost_alias'es directives.  [William Rowe]

  *) Changes for Win32 to assure mod_unique_id's UNIQUE_ID strings really
     are unique between threads.  [William Rowe]

  *) mod_proxy - fix for Pragma: nocache (HTTP/1.0 only)
     [Kim Bisgaard <>] PR #5668

  *) PORT: Some Cygwin changes, esp. improvements for dynamic loading,
     and cleanups. [Stipe Tolj <>]

  *) Win32 SECURITY: CAN-2001-0729 (
     The default installation could lead to mod_negotiation
     and mod_dir/mod_autoindex displaying a directory listing instead of
     the index.html.* files, if a very long path was created artificially
     by using many slashes. Now a 403 FORBIDDEN is returned. This
     problem was similar to and in the same area as the problem
     reported and fixed by Martin Kraemer in 1.3.18, only the scope
     is much narrower and is specific to Windows.  [Bill Stoddard]

  *) Update the mime.types file to the registered media types as
     of 2001-09-25, and add xsl, so, dll extensions [Mark Cox]

  *) Resolved the build failure on Win32 using MSVC 5.0 (without the
     current SDK.)  PRs 7790, 7948.  [William Rowe]

  *) mod_proxy - fix reverse proxy cookie passthrough
     [Brian Eidelman <>] PR#6055

  *) mod_proxy - fix CacheForceCompletion directive
     [Alexey Panchenko <>] PR#8090

  *) mod_proxy - close origin server connection when client aborts
     [Alexey Panchenko <>] PR#8067,7383,6585

  *) ErrorDocument 404 pointing to a parsed html file with a
     <!--#include virtual="file" --> with a request URI containing
     %2f would result in a segfault (NULL pointer deref, not a
     security problem).  [Jeff Moe <>, Dean Gaudet] PR#8362

  *) UnsetEnv from main body of httpd.conf file didn't work; backport
     of bugfix from 2.0 codebase. [Gary Benson <>] PR#8254

  *) Win32 - add and to the build.
     [William Rowe]

  *) Enhancement of mod_auth to handle 'Require file-owner' and
     'Require file-group'.  This allows access IFF the authenticated
     username (from the appropriate AuthUserFile database) matches
     the username of the UID that owns the document (and equivalent
     checking for file GID and user's membership in AuthGroupFile).
     See the mod_auth documentation for examples.  (Not supported
     on Windows.)  [Ken Coar]

  *) Addition of the AcceptMutex runtime directive. The accept mutex
     method is now runtime controllable. The suite of available methods
     per platform is defined at compile time (with HAVE_FOO_SERIALIZED_ACCEPT
     noting that the method is available and works, and
     USE_FOO_SERIALIZED_ACCEPT noting that it should be the default
     method in absense of any AcceptMutex line, or via AcceptMutex default)
     and selectable at runtime. The full (current) suite is uslock,
     pthread, sysvsem, fcntl, flock, os2sem, tpfcore and none, but
     not all platforms accept all methods. [Jim Jagielski]

  *) Parallel to a change in Apache-2.0, the manual directory was
     moved out of the DocumentRoot tree to simplify the separation
     of private content&configuration from server's on-line
     documentation. An "Alias /manual/ ..." projects the manual/
     directory (which resides now side-by-side with the icons/
     directory) into the logical DocumentRoot. Note that a request
     to http://server/manual (without the trailing slash) will now
     behave different than before (it used to redirect to
     http://server/manual/ but no longer does).
     [Martin Kraemer]
  *) Fixed ap_os_canonical_filename() so that it wouldn't try to
     canonicalize an invalid file name.  Also fixed 
     ap_os_is_path_absolute() so that it wouldn't recognize names
     such as proxy:http://blah as a NetWare volume:pathname.  Both of 
     these fixes were necessary to fix mod_proxy problems on NetWare.
     [Brad Nicholes <>]

  *) Fix a storage leak (a strdup() call) in mod_mime_magic.  
     [Jeff Trawick]

  *) We have always used the obsolete/deprecated Netscape syntax
     for our tracking cookies; now the CookieStyle directive
     allows the Webmaster to choose the Netscape, RFC2109, or
     RFC2965 format.  The new CookieDomain directive allows the
     setting of the cookie's Domain= attribute, too.  PR #s 5006,
     5023, 5920, 6140 [Ken Coar]

  *) The Win32 build script failed if
     INSTDIR="c:\path\with spaces" was given, this is now fixed.  PR 8184
     [Jack Tan <>]

  *) EBCDIC: The proxy, when used in a proxy chain, "forgot" to
     convert the "CONNECT host:port HTTP/1.0" request line to ASCII
     before contacting the next proxy, and was thus unusable for
     SSL proxying.  [Martin Kraemer]

  *) SECURITY: CVE-2001-0730 (
     Make support/split-logfile use the default log file if
     "/" or "\" are present in the virtual host name.  This prevents
     the possible use of specially crafted virtual host names in
     some configurations to allow writing to any .log file on the
     system.  [Daniel Matuschek <>,
     Marc Slemko] PR#7848

  *) Added a directive: "AcceptFilter <on|off>". To control BSD 
     acccept filters when at compile time SO_ACCEPT_FILTER is 
     detected. The default is still 'on' except when, at compile
     time, AP_ACCEPT_FILTER_OFF is defined. 

     Also downgraded the fatal exit to a warning when the 
     associated setsocketopt(2) fails for any reason but
     for ENOPROTOOPT. The latter - which implies that the
     kernel does not support the filters - now rates only an 
     info level message. All in all this should make it easier
     to move httpd binaries and config files across BSD machines 
     with varying acceptfilter support.
     [Dirk-Willem van Gulik <>]

  *) Fix the <Files ~ "^\.ht"> container to *really* deny all access.
     Without the Satisfy All, .ht* files could still be fetched if
     they were within the scope of a Satisfy Any directive.
     [Ken Coar]

  *) Print a warning when an attempt is made to use line-end comments.
     Apparently they are not detected/handled gracefully by all directives.
     [Martin Kraemer]

  *) (TPF only) Take advantage of improvements to select(), fork(), and
     exec() in the TPF operating system.  
     [David McCreedy <>]

  *) (Cygwin only) Fix problems with signals sent to child processes;
     Improve auto-configuration for Cygwin.
     [Stipe Tolj <>]

  *) Added Mod_Vhost_Alias to the project file so that it builds as an
     external module (VHOST.NLM). 
     [Brad Nicholes <>]

  *) Fix problem with lingering_close() on Windows.  Issuing read() on the
     socket descriptor on Windows always fails. Should be calling
     recv() instead of read() on Windows.
     [Bill Stoddard, Bill Rowe]

  *) Added an abnormal exit clean up routine to make sure that ApacheC NLM
     is always unloaded cleanly.  This fixes the "Ouch! out of memory"
     problem when restarting Apache for NetWare after an abnormal exit
     due to configuration errors. 
     [Brad Nicholes <>]

  *) Change the compile switches for ReliantUNIX SVR4 not to use
     SYSV semaphores, because upon reaching the system limit of
     semaphores, the whole server exits (not just one child).
     Apache could be improved to use NO_SEM_UNDO flag (see test/time-sem.c)
     which is currently implemented only in the time-sem program, but not in
     apache. Until then, revert to using fcntl() locks.
     [Martin Kraemer]

  *) Changes to 'ab': fixed int overruns, added statistics, output in
     csv/gnuplot format, rudimentary SSL support and various other tweaks
     to make results more true to what is measured. The upshot of this it
     turns out that 'ab' has often underreported the true performance of
     apache. Often by a order of magnitude :-) See talk/paper of Sander 
     Temme at April ApacheCon 2001 for details.
     [Dirk-Willem van Gulik]

Changes with Apache 1.3.20

  *) Autodetect if platforms have isnan() and/or isinf() for use in
     ap_snprintf.c. [Jim Jagielski]

  *) SECURITY DoS: CVE-2001-1342 (
     Correct a vulnerability in the Win32 and OS2 ports, by which a 
     client submitting a carefully constructed URI could cause a GP
     (segment) fault in the child process, which would have to be
     cleared by the operator to resume operation.  This vulnerability
     introduced no identified means of compromising the server's data.
     Reported by Auriemma Luigi <>.
     [William Rowe, Brian Havard]

  *) Resolve the Win32 SSI exec cmd bug, where cmd was not executed
     appropriately against the shell.  [William Rowe]

  *) Added NOESCAPE (NS) flag to RewriteRule and enabled use of
     '\' to allow escaping of special characters.  Previously
     there was no way to embed either '$' or '%' in the output
     of a RewriteRule; now 'foo\$1' will result in a literal
     'foo$1' appearing in the result rather than 'foo\<value of $1>'.
     Note that [NS] disables *all* normal URI escaping, so incautious
     use can give unexpected results.  [Ken Coar]

  *) Add support for Win32 apxs.  Note that cygwin builders must use a
     cygwin perl to avoid the MSWin32 handling.  [William Rowe]

  *) Changed the initial screen handling for NetWare so that the -s 
     parameter will properly destroy the Apache console screen and switch 
     to the system console screen.  Also removed the call to clrscr() for 
     NetWare so that any warning messages produced during startup are visible.
     [Brad Nicholes <>]

  *) Integrate support for the Cygwin 1.x platform (a POSIX emulation layer
     for Win32 systems, see
     [Stipe Tolj <>]

  *) Hooked calls to opendir() and readdir() so that we could add '.' and
     '..' to the entry list.  By default NetWare does not return these
     entries which caused mod_autoindex not to display the parent directory
     entry. [Brad Nicholes <>]

  *) Solved a very serious threading problem with WinNT/2K Services.  The
     moment master_main told that the shutdown was complete, the parent
     control thread exited Apache, leaving mod_jserv's Java process running
     and alternately invoking mod_perl's cleanups from the correct thread
     or the service control thread. [William Rowe]

  *) Populate the Win32 HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\[apachesvc]
     key with the Description value of the running server across all Win32
     platforms, including NT, ME and 9x.  This value is the server_version
     string including loaded modules.  [William Rowe]

  *) Fix ndbm.h include problems with various Linux distributions and 
     brain-dead glibc >= 2.1, which sometimes have ndbm.h in a
     non-standard db1/ subdir. PR#6929
     [Victor J. Orlikowski]

  *) Empty headers are allowed by RFC2068 section 4.2.  The presence or
     absence of an empty header can be significant.  The current mod_proxy
     of httpd 1.3.x removes empty headers. Change mod_proxy to preserve
     empty headers. [Christian von Roques <>]

  *) Enhance rotatelogs so that a UTC offset can be specified, and
     the logfile name can be formatted using strftime(3).  [Ken Coar]

  *) Fix a possible NULL pointer dereference in the detection of the
     default ServerName or IP string (introduced in 1.3.18).
     [Ignasi Roca, <>]

  *) Make EBCDIC conversion fully configurable. Until now, apache relied
     on some (incomplete) heuristics, and would fail to correctly serve
     text files when they had a MIME type of application/anything, like
     application/x-javascript. The new conversion directives allow
     defining the conversion based on MIME type or file suffix.
     [Martin Kraemer]

  *) Add a -V flag to suexec, which causes it to display the
     compile-time settings with which it was built.  (Only
     usable by root or the HTTPD_USER username.)  [Ken Coar]

  *) Set the Win32 service description in the Services control panel to 
     the server_version string from Apache and the loaded modules.
     [William Rowe]

  *) Added a new API for NetWare, ap_os_dso_unsym(), to allow Apache the 
     chance to unimport module symbols before it shuts down.  This is 
     necessary so that Apache on NetWare can shutdown cleanly in an error
     condition such as a failure while reading the httpd.conf file.
     [Brad Nicholes <>]

  *) Introduce NUL device pipes for stdin and stdout for the parent Win32
     service process.  This solves bugs such as PR7198 that report 
     "dup2(stdin) failed" when trying to use piped logs.  [William Rowe]

Changes with Apache 1.3.19

  *) Rewrite ap_unparse_uri_components() to make it safer and more readable
     ["Jeffrey W. Baker" <>]

  *) Under certain circumstances, Apache did not supply the
     right response headers when requiring authentication.
     [Gertjan van Wingerde <>] PR#7114

  *) Clean up some end-of-loop not reached warnings [Jim Jagielski,
     Aris Stathakis <aris@sco.COM>]

  *) Add the correct language tag for interoperation with the Taiwanese
     versions of MSIE and Netscape. [Clive Lin <clive@CirX.ORG>] PR#7142

  *) Fixed system shutdown on Windows 2000 to assure that the modules have
     an opportunity to clean up.  Note there is a _very_ limited amount of
     time in which to execute all cleanups [see MSKB Q146092] so all of
     the modules may still not be given an opportunity to complete their
     cleanups if they require more than 20 seconds total.  [William Rowe]

Changes with Apache 1.3.18 [not released]

  *) Workaround enabled for a core dump which appeared in broken
     NameVirtualHost configurations. [Martin Kraemer]

  *) Sporadic core dump in ap_default_port_for_scheme() with
     internal requests fixed by [Jeffrey W. Baker <>]

  *) PORT: Allow for build under latest dev. version of NonStopUX
     on Compaq. [Tom Bates <>]

  *) mod_user on Win32 bug introduced in 1.3.17 is corrected.  The parsing
     is completely rewritten so all platforms share the same file/redirect
     logic interpreting UserDir directives.  Specifying a Win32 or Netware
     relative path or a relative path on any platform using an '*' now
     emits an error when httpd.conf is first parsed.  [William Rowe]

  *) Apache/Win32 no longer holds open the console on error, unless invoked
     by a shortcut with the new -w option.  [William Rowe]

  *) The Win32 -t test config now holds the console open on "SYNTAX OK".
     [William Rowe]

  *) Apache on Win9x now ensures the service is stopped before removal.
     [William Rowe]

  *) SECURITY: CAN-2001-0925 (
     The default installation could lead to mod_negotiation
     and mod_dir/mod_autoindex displaying a directory listing instead of
     the index.html.* files, if a very long path was created artificially
     by using many slashes. Now a 403 FORBIDDEN is returned.
     [Martin Kraemer]
  *) Trailing slashes (if they exist) are now removed from ServerRoot,
     because there were known problems with them.
     ["William A. Rowe, Jr." <>]

  *) Changed ap_os_is_filename_valid on NetWare to accept 
     SERVER/VOLUME:/PATH/FILE as a valid filename pattern. 
     [Brad Nicholes <>]

  *) Win32/Netware: correct relative paths and eliminate trailing slash
     in the -d serverroot argument.  -d Serverroot may be relative to 
     the path of the Apache.exe file.  [William Rowe]

  *) Win32; fix the ServerRoot as the path of the Apache.exe file.
     Eliminates the requirement of a 'backup' registry key to locate
     the server root.  [William Rowe]

  *) NetWare MOD_TLS fixes to disable nagles properly when making an SSL
     connection, and properly detect an SSL connection based on the port
     and work around the r->server->port 80 bug.  
     [Brad Nicholes <>]

  *) TPF startup/shutdown fixes. [David McCreedy <>]

  *) Correct a typo in httpd.conf.
     [Kunihiro Tanaka <>] PR#7154 

  *) Get the correct IP address if ServerName isn't set and we can't
     find a fully-qualified domain name at startup.
     [Danek Duvall <>] PR#7170

  *) Fix pointer arithmetic in mod_rewrite map expansion.
     [Christopher A. Bongaarts <>] PR#7157, 7158

  *) Fixed a problem with file extensions being truncated during
     the call to ap_os_canonical_filename().
     [Brad Nicholes <>]

Changes with Apache 1.3.17

  *) Normalize the Netware path names to close a potential security
     hole in comparing paths when the adminstrator specifies both
     sys:foo and sys:/foo formats in the same httpd.conf file.
     [Brad Nicholes]

  *) Fix an unlikely segfault provided a zero length string in the
     translate_userdir() call on win32/os2, and accept backslashes
     in the UserDir directive on those platforms [William Rowe]

  *) Fixed translate_userdir() in MOD_USERDIR.C so that it correctly
     recognizes NetWare absolute paths.  This fixes the problem where
     MOD_USERDIR was trying to redirect to an absolute NetWare path
     rather than opening the file at the specified location.  This 
     patch fixes PR5826 & 6283. [Brad Nicholes <>]

  *) Fixed ap_os_is_path_absolute() in OS.H so that it can tell the
     between a NetWare path (SYS:/path) and a URL (HTTP://path).
     [Brad Nicholes <>]

  *) Fixed the sdbm.h bundled in Apache for Win32, bringing it in sync
     with Perl.  Because it didn't have the same geometry as Perl, 
     users reported the first user added with dbmmanage was not 
     recognized.  [William Rowe]

  *) Fixed ap_os_canonical_filename to append a the default volume 
     name if the the path is a full path and does not include the
     volume name.  Since NetWare's current working directory always 
     defaults to the SYS: volume regardless of where the executible 
     started, the default volume will be the volume that is specified 
     in ap_server_root.  [Brad Nicholes <>]

  *) Handle port numbers in Host headers properly again after
     the code was broken in 1.3.15. [Tony Finch]

Changes with Apache 1.3.16 [not released]

  *) None from 1.3.15 [repository tags were the issue, no code altered]

Changes with Apache 1.3.15 [not released]

  *) Fix a new problem introduced with the -k config syntax, that the
     service installed with the -i flag would attempt to re-install
     itself when starting the server.  [William Rowe, Andrew Braund]

  *) Fix the declaration of the module structure in mod_example.
     [Gururaj Upadhye <>] PR#7095

  *) Fix the handling of variable expansion look-ahead in mod_rewrite,
     i.e. syntax like %{LA-U:REMOTE_USER}, and also fix the parsing of
     more complicated nested RewriteMap lookups. [Tony Finch] PR#7087

  *) Fix the RFC number mentioned when complaining about a missing
     Host: header. [Alexey Toptygin <>] PR#7079

  *) Fix Range header processing to properly parse the syntax specified
     in RFC 2616, and properly handle unsatisfiable requests by returning
     a 416 error. [Tony Finch, William Rowe] PR#6973

  *) Remove some human-readable fluff from the machine-readable mod_status
     display. [Youichirou Koga <>] PR#7025

  *) The new Win32 command line option, -k config, replaces the default
     options for the existing, named service with the options given on 
     the -k config command line.  Apache -n servicename -t now displays
     the default options before it tests the httpd.conf.  Use the syntax
     apache -k config -n servicename -f conffile to upgrade an existing
     1.3.x service to the new 1.3.15 default arguments.  [William Rowe]

  *) All Win32 services now support default command line options when
     starting an Apache service.  The command line options given with
     the apache -k install command, including -d, -f, -D, -C and -c, 
     are all saved in the registry.  This change superceeds the old
     ConfPath entry, so existing services must be reconfigured when
     upgrading to 1.3.15.  [William Rowe]

  *) The Win32 build is overhauled to use for all dynamic
     Apache modules.  [William Rowe]

  *) The Win32 build scripts (, Apache.dsw) now build
     all the usual targets, including the directories htdocs, include,
     lib, libexec, and cgi-bin.  [William Rowe]

  *) WinNT/2K service can be started from the command line with any
     desired args (e.g. Apache -k start -n apache-1.3 -D FOO will
     start the service with the -D FOO option.)  This extends what
     Apache on Win9x already does, even running as a service.
     [William Rowe]

  *) WinNT/2K can be started from the Services control panel adding
     whatever args are desired (e.g. -D ARG) in the 'Start Parameters'
     box of the start service dialog.  These will be passed on and
     recognized by the service as it starts.  [William Rowe]

  *) Support -k install/-k uninstall on Win32 for compatibility with 
     Apache 2.0.  [William Rowe]

  *) mod_cgi on Win32 and Netware now does a more effective job of
     capturing all stderr output from user's scripts.  PR6161
     [Hardy Braunsdorf <>, Will Rowe]

  *) mod_status now respects ?refresh=n of 1 or greater.  If the given
     refresh value is not a number, ?refresh is set to 1 second.
     [William Rowe, Dirk Ahlers <> PR5067]

  *) Restore child process consoles to correct 16-bit CGI execution
     on Windows.  Relies on Win9xConHook.dll for Win9x.  This patch
     also assures the Apache window remains titled 'Apache', rather
     than flickering to the cgi app titles.  [William Rowe]

  *) Added Win9xConHook.dll, which uses hidden console spy windows to 
     handle the shutdown, logoff and Close button events, and dispatch
     them to Apache just as SetConsoleCtrlHandler does on Win NT/2K.
     The close button on Win9x now works, and the Win9x service support
     code moved into this module.  [William Rowe]

  *) Fix messages from the -k start/stop/restart command options on
     Windows.  [William Rowe]

  *) Allow Win32 users to build mod_isapi, regardless of the age of
     their Win32 SDK headers.  Warning provided if features must be
     disabled due to old headers.  [William Rowe]

  *) The ScriptInterpreterSource Registry source will now handle any
     post-scriptname arguments (e.g. cmd script -q), substitute any
     environment variables (e.g. "%windir%\sysapp.exe") and use the
     short or long path name as appropriate (e.g. "doit %1" uses the
     short form, no spaces, while "doit "%1"" uses the long form of
     the script name, in quotes.)  Also, passes all script names in
     backslash delimited format (instead of slashes).  [William Rowe]

  *) Accomodate an out-of-space condition in the piped logs and the
     rotatelogs.c code, and no longer churn log processes for this
     condition.  [Victor J. Orlikowski]

  *) Make cgi-bin work as a regular directory when using mod_vhost_alias
     with no VirtualScriptAlias directives. [Tony Finch] PR#6829

  *) Move the check of the Expect request header field after the hook
     for ap_post_read_request, since that is the only opportunity for
     modules to handle Expect extensions.
     [Justin Erenkrantz <>]

  *) Add default CacheGcInterval of one hour [ Chuck Murcko ]

  *) Each Netware thread is created in its own thread group to ensure 
     that any context change applies only to the thread in which the 
     change was made.  [Brad Nicholes <>]

  *) Relax the syntax checking of Host: headers in order to support
     iDNS. [Tony Finch] PR#6635

  *) Fix Content-Length calculation when doing Range header processing.
     This makes PDF byteserving work again. [Tony Finch] PR#6711

  *) Link with libresolv on UnixWare 7 so that PHP works.
     [Larry Rosenman <>] PR#6780

  *) Linux 2.2.x and later do not need a serialised single listener,
     and sysv semaphores scale better than fcntl.  Updated GuessOS
     to distinguish 2.0.x from 2.2.x -- 2.0.x will still use fcntl.
     [Andrew Morton <>, Dean Gaudet]

  *) Eliminate caching problems of mod_autoindex results, so the last
     modified date of the directory is returned as the Last-Modified 
     and ETag HTTP header tags are sent if IndexOptions TrackModified
     directive/option is used. [William Rowe]

  *) Corrected file path arguments from server conf directives to
     their canonical form (excluding OS2 - which uses alternate 
     logic.)  Resolves a long list of PRs reporting that Win32 paths
     of the syntax x:\foo were mis-concatinated to the server root
     as of release 1.3.14.  [William Rowe]

  *) Correct an issue with Alias and ScriptAlias directives that 
     file path arguments were not normalized in canonical form.
     This correction makes no attempt to normalize regular expression
     forms of Alias or ScriptAlias.  [William Rowe]

  *) Add a new LogFormat directive, %c, that will log connection
     status at the end of the response as follows:
     'X' - connection aborted before the response completed.
     '+' - connection may be kept-alive by the server.
     '-' - connection will be closed by the server.
     [Bill Stoddard <>]
  *) Normalize all NetWare config directive paths and filespecs to
     their canonical names.  [Brad Nicholes <>]

  *) Update the mime.types file to the registered media types as
     of 2000-10-19. [Carsten Klapp <>,
     Tony Finch] PR#6613

  *) Restore functionality broken by the mod_rewrite security fix:
     rewrite map lookup keys and default values are now expanded
     so that the lookup can depend on the requested URI etc.
     [Tony Finch] PR #6671

Changes with Apache 1.3.14

  *) Fixes to allow compilation on NetWare [Brad Nicholes

Changes with Apache 1.3.13 [not released]

  *) NOTE: A number of Win32 symbols were exported without explicit
     declaration in the ApacheCore.def file.  These are now exported
     with the same ordinal export values from 1.3.12, but are now
     named consistent with Apache's conventions. [William Rowe]

  *) Add support for a "conf directory" which operates similar to
     /etc/rc.d/init. Basically, if a config file is actually a
     directory, all the files in that directory will be parsed
     as conf files. PR #6397 [Jim Jagielski, Lionel Clark

  *) Initial support added for mod_proxy under MPE/iX.
     [Mark Bixby <>]

  *) Refined UID/GID management and permissions on MPE/iX to deal 
     with some limitations. [Mark Bixby <>]

  *) Updated the MPE DSO code to be compatible with an OS patch that
     fixed an earlier DSO problem,  #include tweakage required for 
     using apxs to build modules without access to the full source 
     tree, and other minor MPE tweaks.  
     [Mark Bixby <>]

  *) SECURITY: Tighten up the syntax checking of Host: headers to fix a
     security bug in some mass virtual hosting configurations
     that can allow a remote attacker to retrieve some files
     on the system that should be inaccessible. [Tony Finch]

  *) Add support for /, //, //servername and //server/sharename 
     parsing of <Directory > blocks under Win32 and OS2.
     [Tim Costello, William Rowe, Brian Havard]

  *) Expand dbmmanage to allow -d -m -s -p options for Crypt, MD5,
     SHA1 and plaintext password encodings.  Make feature tests a
     bit more flexible.  [William Rowe]

  *) SECURITY: CVE-2000-0913 (
     Fix a security problem that affects some configurations of
     mod_rewrite. If the result of a RewriteRule is a filename that
     contains expansion specifiers, especially regexp backreferences
     $0..$9 and %0..%9, then it may have been possible for an attacker
     to access any file on the web server. [Tony Finch]

  *) Add mod_auth_dbm (sdbm flavor) binary build for Win32.
     [William Rowe]

  *) Overhaul of dbmmanage to allow a groups arg (as in Apache 1.2)
     as well as a comment arg to the add, adduser and update cmds.
     update allows the user to clear or preserve pw/groups/comment.
     Fixed a bug in dbmmanage that prevented the check option from 
     parsing a password followed by :group... text.  Corrected the
     seed calcualation for Win32 systems, and added -lsdbm support.
     [William Rowe]

  *) Radical surgery to improve mod_isapi support under Win32.
     Includes a number of newer ServerSupportFunction calls, support
     for ReadClient (in order to retrieve POSTs greater than 48KB),
     and general bug fixes to more reliably load ISAPI .dll's and
     prevent leaking handle resources.  Note: There are still 
     discrepancies between IIS's and Apache's ServerVariables, and
     async calls are still not supported.  Additional warnings are
     logged to facilitate debugging of unsupported ISAPI calls.
     [William Rowe]

  *) Update Configure script to allow building Apache on IBM's
     IA64 version of AIX. [Paul Reder]

  *) NameVirtualHost can now take "*" as an argument instead of
     an IP address. This allows you to create a purely name-based
     virtual hosting server that does not have any IP addresses in
     the configuration file and which ignores the local address
     of any connections. PR #5595, PR #4455 [Tony Finch]

  *) Fix processing/merging of Remove* MIME directives.
     PR #5597 [Sander van Zoest <>]

  *) Fix merging of AddDefaultCharset directive.
     PR #5872 [Jun Kuriyama <>]
  *) Win32: Work around bug in Win32 select on network reads. Select
     can indicate a socket has data to read, but the subsequent read
     can return WSAEWOULDBLOCK. This problem has been observed
     when running with SSL enabled Apache, specifically, browsers
     sometimes cannot complete the SSL handshake when an SGC 
     certificate is used, receiving a network error message.
     [Richard Scholz]

  *) Use "accept filtering" on recent versions of FreeBSD iff the
     kernel is configured to support them. This allows Apache to avoid
     having to handle new connections until the request has arrived.
     [Tony Finch]

  *) Fix error handling in make_sock. [Tony Finch]

  *) The htdocs/ tree has been moved out of the CVS source tree into
     a separate area for easier development.  This has NO EFFECT on
     end-users or Apache installations.  [Ken Coar]

  *) Fix problem matching Configure guessos on HP-UX 10.
     [Victor J. Orlikowski]  PR#6015

  *) Correct the problem where the only local host name that the IP stack
     can discover are 'undotted' private names.  If no fully qualified
     domain name can be identified, the default ServerName will be set to
     the machine's IP address string. A warning is provided if Apache has
     to assume the IP dotted address string or the localhost/loopback
     address as the ServerName.  The default ServerName is removed from
     the default Win32 httpd.conf file.  [William Rowe]

  *) Add new directives RemoveType and  RemoveEncoding to accompany the
     RemoveHandler directive added in 1.3.4.  AddType, AddEncoding, and
     AddHandler now all have corresponding 'undo' directives.  This allows
     things like marking foo.tar.gz.asc as *not* being gzipped, so it will be
     correctly interpreted as an unzipped signature of a gzipped file.
     [Ken Coar]

  *) Win32 NT and 2000 services now capture stderr messages that occur
     before Apache's logs are opened to the Application Event Log.
     Console and Win9x services now hold the console open for 30 seconds
     (and may be dismissed with the <ESC> key) if they exit with an error.
     [William Rowe]

  *) Expand Win32 protection for pathname length, to provide protection
     from future potential bugs such as that which caused directory index 
     to be displayed rather than returning an error.
     [William Rowe, Allan Edwards <>]

     [Ovies Brabson]

  *) Change Win32 the isProcessService() routine to compensate for other
     helper apps that invoke Apache.exe without a console.  Recognize that
     we are running NT, and use the STARTF_FORCEOFFFEEDBACK flag to be
     sure that the SCM has invoked the process. [William Rowe,
       Jim Patterson <>, Kevin Kiley <>]

  *) Export from Win32 the ap_start_shutdown and ap_start_restart symbols 
     for modules and executables dynamically linked to the core.
     [William Rowe; Jim Patterson <>]

  *) SECURITY: CAN-2000-1204 (
     Prevent the source code for CGIs from being revealed when 
     using mod_vhost_alias and the CGI directory is under the document root
     and a user makes a request like
     as reported in <>
     [Tony Finch]

  *) Under Win32, The console input mode is fixed to ignore mouse events 
     and always listen for a Ctrl+C interrupt, even if the console window
     defaults to another mode. [William Rowe]

  *) All Win32 services will now perform a graceful restart when given
     the -n servicename -k restart signal.  No equivilant control exists
     in the service control panel applet or through the NET command.
     There is no useful acknowledgement on Windows 95/98, however.
     [William Rowe]

  *) Significant overhaul of the Win32 port documentation contained in
     the README-WIN.TXT, as well as the htdocs/manual pages windows.html,
     win_compiling.html, and the new win_service.html.
     [Andrew Braund <>, William Rowe]

  *) Add 'services' for Windows 95 and 98, including install/uninstall
     options.  The Apache server therefore can start when the OS loads,
     and will not stop between logoffs.  This implementation remains 
     -HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL-.  Additional changes provide for clean shutdown 
     of Win95/98 when Apache is running as a 'service' or a console.  
     [William Rowe, Jan Just Keijser <>]

  *) USE_PTHREAD_SERIALIZED_ACCEPT on AIX 4.3 and above. This change
     provides a substantial performance improvement on multi-CPU
     machines serving large numbers of concurrent clients.  
     [Victor J. Orlikowski <>]

  *) Brought httpd.conf-dist-win into sync with httpd.conf-dist, and added
     explicit documentation of many Win32 specific features. [William Rowe]

  *) Convert Win32 build files (.dsp) to MSVC 6.0 format, and add perl
     scripts and for portability to version 5.0.
     [William Rowe]

  *) Fix mod_expires to merge its settings for Cache-Control into any
     existing value for the field.  It was unconditionally setting it,
     wiping out anything from, say, a 'Header Append Cache-Control'.
     [Ken Coar] PR#5769

  *) Add Win32 option -k stop as an alias of -k shutdown, to correspond to
     the NET START/NET STOP syntax. [William Rowe]

  *) Force Apache to test the Win32 config prior to any operation,
     except the [-k shutdown -n service] and [-u -n service] combinations.
     [William Rowe]

  *) Add Win32 Ctrl+C/Ctrl+Break/Close/Logoff/Shutdown handler.
     [William Rowe, Jan Just Keijser <>]

  *) Expand mod_setenvif so its directives can be used in <Files> and
     <Directory> containers, and in .htaccess files when FileInfo
     overriding is allowed.  [Ken Coar] PR#3000

  *) SECURITY: CVE-2000-0505 (
     Fix Win32 bug when pathname length exactly equals MAX_PATH. 
     This bug caused directory index to be displayed rather than
     returning an error.   [Allan Edwards <>]

  *) Correct mod_proxy Win95 dynamic link __declspec(thread) bug.
     David Whitmarsh <> 
     PR: 1462, 2216, 3645
  *) Changed Apache for NetWare build to link with XDC data which
     marks the NLMs as being able to run on any processor.
     [Mike Gardiner <>]

  *) Ported expat-lite to NetWare and integrated project files into the
     ApacheNW.mcp. [Mike Gardiner <>]
  *) Switched thread storage data mechanism on NetWare to use updated
     system calls. [Mike Gardiner <>]
  *) Fixed problem with multilanguage support that prevented Apache on
     NetWare from displaying the correct language page.
     [Mike Gardiner <>]
  *) Fixed memory leaks on NetWare port.  When unloading Apache with
     the developer option turned on NetWare would spew messages
     complaining about unreleased resources.
     [Mike Gardiner <>]   
  *) Fixed a problem that prevented Apache on NetWare from shutting down
     correctly when loading multiple instances in individual address
     spaces. [Mike Gardiner <>]

  *) Changed threading primitives to use faster more scalable calls.
     [Mike Gardiner <>]
  *) Added -s option for NetWare port to allow Apache to run without a
     screen. [Mike Gardiner <>]
  *) Added code for NetWare port to display the listening ports and loaded
     DSO modules to the console screen.
     [Mike Gardiner <>]
  *) Removed ugly NetWare specific code from the modules and added libpre.c
     and libprews.c instead.  These files implement the NLM startup code
     for shared NLMs (DSOs).  The result of using these files is less
     obtrusive code, faster load times, and a smaller executable size.
     libprews.c contains WSAStartup and WSACleanup WinSock calls needed for
     initialization and termination of DSO modules.
     [Mike Gardiner <>]
  *) Moved htpasswd and htdigest projects files for NetWare into the main
     ApacheNW.mcp project file. [Mike Gardiner <>]
  *) Added mod_tls (SSL/TLS) module for NetWare SSL/TLS support.
     [Mike Gardiner <>]

  *) Updated httpd.conf-dist-nw with <IfModule> directives around
     standard DSO modules. [Mike Gardiner <>]
  *) Correct mod_proxy Win32 garbage collection bug (clean failing
     due to stat() against directory).
     PR: 1891, 3278, 3640, 4139, 5997
     [Michael Friedel <>]

  *) Add '-n' option to htpasswd to make it print its user:pw record
     on stdout rather than having to frob a text file.  [Ken Coar]

  *) Set default ServerName setting to for the Windows
     config file (httpd.conf-dist-win)
     PR: 5509, 5783, 5953, 5903, 5983, 5259, 5515, 5858
     [Oliver Wendemuth <>]

  *) [EBCDIC] Update mod_mmap_static so that an ebcdic box can use 
     MMapFile for files that shouldn't be converted from ebcdic->ascii.
     [Greg Ames]

  *) Revamp the Win32 make environment. Apache.dsw created to bring 
     together all the pieces. Create new file os/win32/BaseAddr.ref 
     to define module base addresses (to prevent dll relocation at 
     start-up).  Extraneous compiler files were removed (precompiled
     headers, incremental link images), and .map files were added
     for consistent diagnostics of gpfaults of the binary release.
     [William Rowe, Greg Marr, Tim Costello, Bill Stoddard]

  *) Resolved Win32 mod_info (ApacheModuleInfo.dll) errors.
     PR1442, PR2472, PR4125, PR1643 and PR2208
     Jim Patterson, Jan Just Keijser <>

  *) Add some more error reporting to htpasswd in the case of problems
     generating or accessing the temporary file.  Also, pass in a
     buffer if the implementation knows how to use it (i.e., if L_tmpnam
     is defined).  [Ken Coar]  PR#3945, 5253, 5383, 5558

  *) PORT: Add recognition of the GNU/Hurd platform.
     [Adam Farrell <>]

  *) More FAQs and answers from comp.infosystems.www.servers.unix.
     [Joshua Slive <>]

  *) Win32: Add dependency checking to the CreateService call to ensure 
     TCPIP and AFP (winsock) are started before Apache.
     [William Rowe <>]

  *) FAQ changes related to tidying up historical documents on the web site.
     [Joshua Slive <>]

  *) Various fixes to mod_auth_digest:
      - Reworked MD5-sess stuff. The semantics of userpw_hash() have been
	changed for it to return
            MD5(MD5(username ":" realm ":" password) ":" nonce ":" cnonce)
	instead of just
	    MD5(username ":" realm ":" password)
	because one of the points of MD5-sess is to allow the info to be
	retrieved from login servers so that the server itself never has
	the full auth info (after all, MD5(u/r/p) is equivalent to the
	password for auth purposes).
      - In order to allow for servers to share a realm the server-name
	and port have been removed from the nonce-hash. Even so, sharing
	the realm has problems - see the new comments at the beginning.
      - Fixed uri-comparison when request-uri isn't identical to uri in
	Authorization header (some fields were not being initialized).
      - Handle non-FQDN's (i.e. simple hostnames) in uri parameter in
	the Authorization header. Thanks to Joe Orton
	<> for pointing out the problem.
      [Ronald Tschalär]

  *) Add case_preserved_filename field to the request_rec structure.
     On systems with case insensitive file systems (Windows, OS/2, etc.), 
     r->filename is case canonicalized (folded to either lower or upper 
     case, depending on the specific system) to accomodate file access
     checking. case_preserved_filename is the same as r->filename 
     except case is preserved. There is at least one instance where Apache 
     needs access to the case preserved filename: Java class files published 
     with WebDAV need to preserve filename case to make the Java compiler 
     happy. [Bill Stoddard]

  *) Put in Korean and Norwegian index.html pages (2.0 and 1.3)
     which where donated by Lee Kuk Hyun and Lorant Czaran [dirkx].

  *) Modules which load third-party DLLs (ala mod_dav)
     expect them to be in the path or cwd.  Tweak the
     service startup code to not only change to correct
     drive but also correct directory.
     [Keith Wannamaker <>]

  *) WinNT: Do a better job at handling spaces in service names.
     Add the util function ap_remove_spaces and export it on all
     platforms. Change some Win32 service and registry functions to 
     make use of this new function. 
     [Keith Wannamaker <>]

  *) use send/recv instead of write/read in proxy_connect -- fixes
     https through proxy on NT.  []
     PR 5963, 5899, 5823, 5107, 4990?, 4885, 4680, 4468, 3801, 2014

  *) [EBCDIC] Make chunked encoding work again; it was broken by the
     recent CRLF macro changes. An oversight. [Martin Kraemer]

  *) Work around a popular restriction of some sed(1)'s in APACI where
     "1,/<pattern>/" commands start searching for <pattern> at line 2 only.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Merged in a small subset of SGI's latest `10x' patchkit for Apache
     1.3.11. The extracted and merged in parts are entirely cleanup and
     non-performance related changes only. SGI's remaining changes are
     not taken over, because they are either cluttering the Apache 1.3
     sources too much (e.g. the lint(1) related changes) or cause too
     much internal changes (e.g. the ap_int32 types, etc.) which are not
     reasonable to do any longer for Apache 1.3 (they should be done for
     Apache 2.0 instead).
     [Mike Abbott <>, Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Fixes to mod_proxy for BeOS support.
     [David Reid <>]

  *) Fix return value calculation in APXS' error messages.
     This should avoid the confusion on APXS errors.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Make ApacheBench (ab) compile again stand-alone under 
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) The ServerTokens directive now accepts the 'ProductOnly' keyword,
     which results in the display of just 'Apache' with no version
     information.  Additional product tokens are still only visible
     with ServerTokens Full.  In addition, ServerTokens now complains
     about bogus keywords (which it used to silently treat as 'Full').
     [Ken Coar]

Changes with Apache 1.3.12

  *) Only OS/2 requires the addition "t" flag for ap_pfopen()
     (as therefore fopen() as well). This is handled by the
     FOPEN_REQUIRES_T macro. [Ian Turner <>,
     Jim Jagielski] PR#5760

  *) The default charset is only added, when enabled, for those
     Content-types which require it (text/plain, text/html).
     [Jim Jagielski] PR#5766

  *) Fix handling of multiple queries in APXS commands (e.g. "apxs -q
     CC CFLAGS") and make sure Perl-related command line options (which
     can contain the "::" constructs) do no longer cause an incorrect
     internal parsing of the query result.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall, Steve Robb <>]

  *) Avoid infinite looping in APACI's configure script
     inside Ultrix' /bin/sh5 upgrade step.
     [Jan Gallo <>, Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#4940

  *) PORT: Add support for Amdahl UTS 4.3 and later.
     [Dave Dykstra <>] PR#5654

  *) Make implementation/descriptions of the FLAG directives
     AuthAuthoritative, MetaFiles and ExtendedStatus consistent with
     documentation and the standard way of implementation those directives.
     [David MacKenzie <>, Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#5642

  *) Cast integer ap_wait_t values in http_main.c to get rid of compile
     time errors on platforms where "ap_wait_t" is not defined as "int"
     (currently only the NEXT and UTS21 platforms).
     [Gary Bickford <>, Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#5053

  *) The default suexec path was HTTPD_ROOT/sbin/suexec if not
     configured via APACI. Changed to HTTPD_ROOT/bin/suexec.
     [Lars Eilebrecht]

  *) Add an explicit charset=iso-8859-1 to pages generated by
     ap_send_error_response(), such as the default 404 page.
     [Marc Slemko]

  *) Add the AddDefaultCharset directive. This allows you to specify
     the given character set on any document that does not have one
     explicitly specified in the headers.  [Marc Slemko, Jim Jagielski]

  *) SECURITY: CAN-2000-1205 (
     Properly escape various messages output to the client from a number
     of modules and places in the core code.  [Marc Slemko]

  *) SECURITY: CAN-2000-1205 (
     Change mod_actions, mod_autoindex, mod_expires, and mod_log_config to
     not consider any parameters such as charset when making decisions 
     based on content type.  This does remove some functionality for 
     some users, but means that when these modules are configured to do 
     particular things with particular MIME types, the charset should 
     not be included.  A better way of addressing this for users who 
     want to set things on a per charset basis is necessary in the future.  
     [Marc Slemko]

  *) SECURITY: CAN-2000-1205 (
     mod_include now entity encodes output from "printenv" and "echo var"
     by default.  The encoding for "echo var" can be set to URL encoding
     or no encoding using the new "encoding" attribute to the echo tag.
     [Marc Slemko]
Changes with Apache 1.3.11

  *) MPE builds are no longer stripped, which caused the executable
     to not work. [Mark Bixby]

Changes with Apache 1.3.10

  *) Fixed parsing of TAKE13-based configuration directives.
     [Steffen Roller <>] PR#5550

  *) rename the lookup() function to hashTableLookup() (in expat-lite)
     to prevent name clashes with modules / third-party software.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall, Greg Stein]

  *) Reduce the time that a parent waits for its children to die
     after SIGKILL has been sent, since there isn't much point in waiting
     another 16 seconds beyond the initial SIGTERM waiting period.
     [Ed Korthof]

  *) Add --suexec-umask option to configure, and severity levels
     to suexec log messages.  Also clarify a couple of those messages,
     which were perhaps a bit too cryptic.  [Ken Coar] PR#4178

  *) The end_chunk() code forgot to convert the trailing CRLF pair
     from EBCDIC to ASCII. Fixed. [Martin Kraemer]

  *) An Action set for a Location that didn't correspond to a file didn't
     work. Fixed.
     [Manoj Kasichainula, Ben Laurie]

  *) ProxyPass and mod_rewrite's proxy mode erroneously converted 
     authentication requests to proxy authentication requests.
     [Ben Laurie]

  *) Reverse a patch which broke HPUX shared builds. Basically
     we comment out the SHLIB_SUFFIX_NAME=sl line in Configure.
     [Ryan Bloom]

  *) Added the mod_rewrite `URL Rewriting Guide' to the online
     documentation (htdocs/manual/misc/rewriteguide.html). This paper
     provides a large collection of practical solutions to URL based
     problems a webmaster is often confronted with.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Add a suexec status report to the '-l' (compiled-in modules)
     output. [Ken Coar]

  *) Changes to enable server-parsed mod_autoindex Header and
     Readme files. [Raymond S Brand <>]

  *) Add back support for UseCanonicalName in <Directory> containers
     [Manoj Kasichainula]

  *) SECURITY: CAN-2000-1206 (
     More rigorous checking of Host: headers to fix security 
     problems with mass name-based virtual hosting (whether using mod_rewrite
     or mod_vhost_alias).
     [Ben Hyde, Tony Finch]

  *) Updated README.config to reflect current APACI state.
     [Brian Slesinsky <>] PR#5397

  *) Added SuSE and BSDI layouts to config.layout for convinience reasons.
     [Sebastian Helms <>, Timur Bakeyev
     <>] PR#5112 PR#5154

  *) Consistency cleanup of the complete APXS tool and corresponding manpage.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Add %q logging format directive (logs "?" and the query string part
     of a query, or the empty string if no query).
     Can be used in combination with %m, %U and %H: "%m %U%q %H" is the
     same as "%r".  [Peter Watkins <>]

  *) Improve OS390 port to work on older system releases
     [Paul Gilmartin <>]

  *) Enhance mod_mime with an AddCharset directive to properly handle
     that negotiation dimension.
     [Youichirou Koga <>]

  *) OS: Added first cut at support for IBM's OS/390.
     [Ovies Brabson <>]

  *) Replace all occurrences of "\012\015" by a macro CRLF. This makes
     the code (somewhat) more readable, and improves the portability
     to character sets other than ASCII (e.g., EBCDIC).
     This patch results in no functional change whatsoever on ASCII
     machines, but allows EBCDIC platforms to live without the
     ebcdic2ascii_strictly() kludge.
     [Paul Gilmartin <>, slightly modified
     by Martin Kraemer]

  *) more fixes to mod_auth_digest:
     - better comparing of request-uri with uri parameter in Authorization
     - added a check for a MUST condition in the spec
     - fixed SEGV
     [Ronald Tschalär]

  *) mod_proxy now works on TPF.
     [Joe Moenich <>]

  *) Enhance mod_actions' Script handling to be able to deal with
     arbitrary methods and not just the well-known ones.  This allows
     experimental or organisation-private methods to be used without
     waiting for Apache to catch up.
     [Ken Coar]

  *) Fix various compile time warnings in hashbang_emul code which
     prevent successful compilation on OS/390  [Ovies Brabson
     <>, Paul Gilmartin <>]

  *) EBCDIC: Fixed binary upload capability (plain and chunked) for
     all methods using the ap_*_client_block() functions, most notably
     POST and PUT. The functionality to switch input between protocol
     parts (chunks) and (possibly binary) data had been missing all
     the time, making chunked PUT impossible until now.
     [Martin Kraemer]

  *) Fixed a recently introduced off-by-one-character bug in 
     mod_rewrite's expansion of expression back-references.
     [Cliff Woolley <>] PR#4766 PR#5389

  *) Add IndexOptions DescriptionWidth so that the width of the
     description field in fancy-indexed directory listings can
     be specified.
     [Ken Coar] PR#2324, plus lots that are closed unsatisfied

  *) EBCDIC: Escaped characters were encoding the ebcdic representation
     of the special characters, not the latin1 representation. This
     would result in invalid URI's for, e.g., filenames (with special chars)
     in mod_autoindex.c [Martin Kraemer]

  *) EBCDIC: Fix Byte Ranges for EBCDIC platforms. The necessary switch
     between implied conversion for protocol parts and configured
     conversion for document data was missing. The effect of this was that
     PDF files could not be read by Acrobat Reader (which sends long
     lists of byte ranges in each request) when the server was apache
     on ebcdic machines.
     [Noted by Oliver Reh <>, solved by Martin
     Kraemer, warnings fixed by Ovies Brabson <>]

  *) Add IndexOptions FoldersFirst to allow fancy-indexed directory
     listings to have the subdirectories always listed at the top.
     [Ken Coar]

  *) BS2000: Use send() instead of write() in the core buff routines
     for better performance and fewer restrictions (max. transfer size)
     [Martin Kraemer]

  *) If the compiler sanity check fails, force the verbose output
     for TestCompile so people can have a clue what the problem
     is. [Jim Jagielski]

  *) Add --iconsdir, --htdocsdir, and --cgidir option to top-level
     configure script to allow one to override the corresponding 
     variables from config.layout.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Fixed `quad integer' (aka `long long') handling in ap_snprintf.c
     [Jim Jagielski, Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Fixed error handling in dbmmanage script.
     [Andrew McRae <>] PR#4973

  *) Fixed NEXT/OpenStep building by adding an fallback typedef for 
     rlim_t to ap_config.h.
     [Mark Miller <>] PR#4906

  *) Fix SHARED_CORE feature for HPUX by backing-out a change (comitted
     between 1.3.7 and 1.3.9) which changed the DSO extension from `sl' to
     `so'. This worked only for modules (where we load the DSO manually), but
     horribly fails under HPUX for DSO-based/shared libraries (where our
     $SHLIB_SUFFIX_NAME is used, too).
     [Gary Silverman <>] PR#4974
  *) Added support for Berkeley-DB/3.x to mod_auth_db.
     [Steve Atkins <>, Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#5382

  *) Fixed mod_auth_digest.c: result of an open() call was being 
     checked against the wrong failure value.
     [Rick Ohnemus <>] PR#5292

  *) Removed the variable name "template" from a prototype for SunOS4 
     in ap_config.h to make C++ compiler happy, too.
     [SAKAI Kiyotaka <>] PR#5363

  *) Added missing links to htdocs/manual/mod/directives.html 
     for AllowCONNECT and ProxyDomain. [Patrik Grip-Jansson 
     <>, Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#5319

  *) Fixed typo in htdocs/manual/install.html.
     [Chris Pepper <>] PR#5360

  *) Fix $AWK/awk usage in top-level configure script: We confused ourself and
     replaced the wrong "$AWK" with a plain "awk" in the last releases. So we
     now both fix this and move the comment which already tried to explain it
     more closer to the location to which it applies.
     [Paul Gilmartin <>, Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#5304
  *) Replaced pipes with commas in GuessOS' fallback output (displayed for not
     explicitly recognized platforms) to avoid side-effects with APACI's
     --shadow feature and similar uses where GuessOS' output is used directly
     on the filesystem (where pipes are meta-characters!).
     [Paul Gilmartin <>] PR#5303

  *) Made stripping of a trailing slash in directory names in top-level
     configure script more robust and this way support also a plain `/' 
     as the argument without resulting in an empty name.
     [Matthias Lohmann <>, Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#5291
  *) Made `tr' usage in top-level configure script more portable 
     by always using square brackets consistently.
     [Masashi Kizaki <>] PR#5230

  *) Fixed ap_config_auto.h generation in src/Configure: there for the ``quad
     integer'' stuff ``#ifndef+#undef+#endif'' pairs were generated instead of
     ``#ifdef+#undef+#endif'' pairs.
     [Greg Siebers <>] PR#5231
  *) EBCDIC: fix the hsregex package to correctly deal with [a-zA-Z] type
     character ranges (the alphabet is non-contiguous in EBCDIC) and with
     the special [:cntrl:] range (the control character class is determined
     dynamically at run time). [Martin Kraemer]

  *) Add --with-port option to APACI. [Ian Kallen <>]

  *) Fixed QUERY_STRING handling for `RewriteRule ... [P]'
     in per-directory context.
     [Martin Zeh <>] PR#5073

  *) Overhauled mod_rewrite's general substitution function
     (expand_backref_inbuffer): 1. The `$0' backreference is now officially
     allowed and documented and references the while pattern space; 2. the
     ampersamp (&) backreference (which is equal to $0) is no longer expanded,
     because it was never documented and only leads to confusion with
     QUERY_STRINGS; 3. backslashes (\) are honored correctly, that is `\$N'
     now really forces the dollar to be an ordinary character and $N is
     not expanded. 
     [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#4766 PR#4161

  *) Make sure mod_rewrite escapes QUERY_STRINGS on redirects.
     [Klaus Johannes Rusch <>] PR#4734

  *) Make sure mod_rewrite matches URL schemes case-insensitive and also allow
     additional (commonly used) URL schemes ldap:, news: and mailto:.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall, Klaus Johannes Rusch <>] PR#3140

  *) Overhauled ApacheBench (ab) manpage ab.8.
     [Simon Baldwin <>] PR#5139

  *) Made sure ApacheBench (ab) performs no more requests than 
     specified on command line (option -n).
     [Jim Cox <>] PR#4839

  *) Support DSOs properly on 32-bit HP-UX 11.0
     [Dilip Khandekar <>]

  *) Fix problem with proxy configuration where globally set configuration
     options were overridden inside virtual hosts.
     [Graham Leggett <>]

  *) Fix ProxyReceiveBufferSize where default value was left uninitialised.
     [Graham Leggett <>]

  *) Added a CLF '-' respecting %B to the log format.
     Suggested by Ragnar Kjørstad [dirkx]

  *) Added protocol(%H)/method(%m) logging to the log format.
     Suggested by Peter W <> [dirkx]

  *) Added a HEAD method to 'ab'. [dirkx]

  *) When generating the Location: header, mod_speling forgot
     to escape the spelling-fixed uri. [Martin Kraemer]

  *) Update for the next release of the TPF OS (PUT11)
     [David McCreedy <>]

  *) Add some compile-time flags to the output when -V is used for TPF
     [David McCreedy <>]

  *) mod_auth_digest fixes:
     - Use unix-io instead of stdio to read /dev/random (fixes problems
       on FreeBSD)
       [Kano <>] PR#4967
     - Correctly unescape all parts of the request uri and the uri
       attribute of the Authorization header before doing comparison
       [Joe Orton <>, Ronald Tschalär]
     - Fixes for MD5-sess
       [Joe Orton <>]
     - Don't send a domain attribute in Proxy-Authenticate
       [Ronald Tschalär]

  *) ap_base64decode_binary does not null-terminate the output anymore
     [Bill Stoddard, Ronald Tschalär]

  *) WIN32: The following bugs introduced in Apache 1.3.9 have been fixed
     - CGIs broken if script calls other programs which deliver on stdout
       (Search this file for "DETACHED")
     - 16 bit CGIs should work now
     - Server will not start if passed the -d option with spaces in the
       argument. [Bill Stoddard]

  *) WIN32: GetExtensionVersion() comparison in mod_isapi fails when
     using some non-MS compilers [Bill Stoddard]
     PR#3597, PR#3782, PR#3781, PR#4887

  *) Allow BeOS to use its native closesocket() call
     [David Reid <>]

  *) More TPF changes. Code reorganization for cleanliness, regex
     changes for testing, as well as doc and build updates.
     [David McCreedy <> and others at IBM]

  *) Add TPF processing for the socket read to the rfc1413 code.
     [David McCreedy <> and others at IBM]

  *) Require the batch (-b) option and default to MD5 on TPF in htpasswd.
     [David McCreedy <> and others at IBM]

  *) Move "handler not found" warning message to below the check
     for a wildcard handler.  [Dirk <>, Roy Fielding]
     PR#2584, PR#2751, PR#3349, PR#3436, PR#3548, PR#4384, PR#4795, PR#4807

  *) Build errors in src/support stop with an error, just like all the
     other recursive make calls. [David Harris <>]

Changes with Apache 1.3.9

  *) Remove bogus error message when a redirect doesn't set Location.
     Instead, use an empty string to avoid coredump if the error message
     was supposed to include a location.  [Roy Fielding]

  *) Don't allow configure to include mod_auth_digest unless it is
     explicitly requested, even if the user asked for all modules.
     [Roy Fielding]

  *) Translate module names to dll names for OS/2 so that they are no more
     than 8 characters long and have an extension of "dll" instead of "so".
     [Brian Havard]

  *) Print out pointer to Rule DEV_RANDOM when truerand lib not found.
     Fix test-compile check to check for randbyte instead of trand32.
     Use ap_base64encode_binary/decode instead of copy in mod_auth_digest.c
     and tweak to make Amaya happier.  [Ronald Tschalär]

  *) Ensure that the installed expat include files are world readable,
     just like the other header files.  [Martin Kraemer]

  *) Fixed generated AddModule adjustments in APACI's `configure' script
     in order to allow (new) modules like mod_vhost_alias to be handled
     correctly (which was touched by the adjustments for mod_alias).
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) For binary builds, add -R flag to apachectl to work around the lack of
     an absolute path to the ./libexec directory where the libhttp.ep file
     is needed for SHARED_CORE architectures.  [Randy Terbush]

  *) WIN32: Create the CGI script process as DETACHED.  This may solve the
     problem observed by some Win95/98 users where they get CGI script
     output sent to the console.  [Bill Stoddard]

  *) Fix (re)naming in the uuencode/decode section. The ap/ap_
     routines are now called ap_base64* and are 'plain' (i.e., no 
     pool access or anything clever). Inside util.c the routines acting
     like pstrdup are called ap_pbase64encode() and ap_pbase64decode().
     The oddly named ap_uuencode(), ap_uudecode() are kept around for
     now but deprecated.  [dirkx]

  *) Clean up the base64 and SHA1 additions and make sure they are
     represented in the ApacheCore.def, ApacheCoreOS2.def, and httpd.exp
     files.  [Roy Fielding]

  *) WIN32: Migrate to InstallShield 5.5 and provide a bit more error
     checking.  Allow compiling on VS 6.0.  [Randy Terbush]

  *) Fixed assumption of absolute paths in  [Tony Finch]

  *) Use TestCompile to search for the truerand library (rather than blindly
     assuming its existence). If it is not found, complain (but do not
     exit - yet).  [Martin Kraemer]

  *) We forgot to add the new exported function names to
     src/support/httpd.exp.  [Bill Stoddard, Randy Terbush]

  *) Add description of -T command-line option to usage().
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) For "some" platforms (notably, EBCDIC based ones), libos needs to be
     searched only AFTER libap has been searched, because libap needs
     some symbols from libos.  [Martin Kraemer]

  *) Fix conflict with original mod_digest related to the symbol of the
     module dispatch list (which has to be unique for DSO and follow the
     usual conventions for the installation procedure).
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Add a dbm-library check for the "usual places" (-ldbm, -lndbm, -ldb)
     for other platforms as well.  [Martin Kraemer]

  *) Make ap_sha1.c compile for EBCDIC platforms: replace remaining LONG
     types by AP_LONG and replace reference to renamed variable 'ubuf'
     by 'buffer'.  [Martin Kraemer]

Changes with Apache 1.3.8 [not released]

  *) Flush the output buffer immediately after sending an error or redirect
     response, since the result may be needed by the client to abort a
     long data transfer or restart a series of pipelined requests.
     [Tom Vaughan <>, Roy Fielding]

  *) PORT: Improved compilation and DSO support on Sequent DYNIX/ptx.
     [Ian Turner <>] PR#4735

  *) Local struct mmap in http_core.c conflicted with system structure
     name on DYNIX -- changed to mmap_rec.  [Roy Fielding] PR#4735

  *) Added updated mod_digest as modules/experimental/mod_auth_digest.
     [Ronald Tschalär <>]

  *) Fix a memory leak where the module counts were getting messed
     up across restarts.  [David Harris <>]

  *) CIDR addresses such as a.b.c.d/24 where d != 0 weren't handled
     properly in mod_access.
     ["Paul J. Reder" <>] PR#4770

  *) RewriteLock/RewriteMap didn't work properly with virtual hosts.
     [Dmitry Khrustalev <>] PR#3874

  *) PORT: Support for compaq/tandem/com.
     [Michael Ottati <>, dirkx]

  *) Added SHA1 password encryption support to easy migration from 
     Netscape servers. See support/SHA1 for more information.
     Caused the separation of ap_md5.c into md5, sha1 and a general
     ap_checkpass.c with just a validate_passwd routine. Added a
     couple of flags to support/htpasswd. Some reuse of the to64()
     function; hence renamed to ap_to64().
     [Dirk-Willem van Gulik, Clinton Wong <>]

  *) Change for EBCDIC platforms (TPF and BS2000) to correctly deal
     with ASCII/EBCDIC conversions in "ident" query.
     [David McCreedy <>]

  *) Get rid of redefinition warning on MAC_OS_X_SERVER platform.
     Change "Power Macintosh" to Power* so if uname prints "Power Book"
     we're still happy on Rhapsody platforms.  [Wilfredo Sanchez]

  *) Fix SIGSEGV on some systems because the Vary fix below included
     a call to table_do with a variable argument list that was not
     NULL terminated.  Replaced with better implementation. [Roy Fielding]

Changes with Apache 1.3.7 [not released]

  *) The "Vary" response header field is now sanitised right before
     the header is sent back to the client.  Multiple "Vary" fields
     are combined, and duplicate tokens (e.g., "Vary: host, host" or
     "Vary: host, negotiate, host, accept-language") are reduced to
     single instances.  This is a better solution than the force-no-vary
     one (which is still valid for clients that can't cope with Vary
     at all).  [Dean Gaudet, Roy Fielding, Ken Coar] PR#3118

  *) Portability changes for BeOS. [David Reid]

  *) Link DSO's with "gcc -shared" instead of "ld -Bshareable" at 
     least on Linux and FreeBSD for now.  
     [Rasmus Lerdorf]

  *) Win32: More apache -k restart work. Restarts are now honored
     immediately and connections in the listen queue are -not- lost.
     This is made possible by the use of the WSADuplicateSocket()
     call.  The listeners are opened in the parent, duplicated, then
     the duplicates are passed to the child. The original listen sockets 
     are not closed by the parent across a restart, thus the listen queue 
     is preserved.
     [Bill Stoddard <>]

  *) Fix handling of case when a client has sent "Expect: 100-continue"
     and we are going to respond with an error, but get stuck waiting to
     discard the body in the pointless hope of preserving the connection.
     [Roy Fielding, Joe Orton <>] PR#4499, PR#3806

  *) Fix 'configure' to work correctly with SysV-based versions of
     'tr' (consistent with Configure's use as well). [Jim Jagielski]

  *) apxs: Add "-S var=val" option which allows for override of CFG_*
     built-in values. Add "-e" option which works like -i but doesn't
     install the DSO; useful for editing httpd.conf with apxs. Fix
     editing code so that multiple invocations of apxs -a will not
     create duplicate LoadModule/AddModule entries; apxs can now be
     used to re- enable/disable a module.  [Wilfredo Sanchez]

  *) Win32: Update the server to use Winsock 2. Specifically, link with
     ws2_32.lib rather than wsock32.lib.  This gives us access to 
     WSADuplcateSocket() in addition to some other enhanced comm APIs.
     Win 95 users may need to update their TCP/IP stack to pick up
     Winsock 2. (See
     [Bill Stoddard]

  *) Win32: Redirect CGI script stderr (script debug info) into the 
     error.log when CGI scripts fail. This makes Apache on Win32 
     behave more like Unix.      
     [Bill Stoddard]

  *) Fixed `httpd' usage display: -D was missing.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#4614

  *) Fix `make r' test procedure in src/regex/: ap_isprint was not found.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#4561, PR#4562

  *) OS/2: Fix problem with accept lock semaphores where server would die with
     "OS2SEM: Error 105 getting accept lock. Exiting!" 
     [Brian Havard] PR#4505

  *) Add DSO support for DGUX 4.x using gcc. Tested on x86 platforms.
     [Randy Terbush <>]
  *) Add the new mass-vhost module (mod_vhost_alias.c) developed and
     used by Demon Internet, Ltd. [Tony Finch <>]

  *) Better GCC detection for DSO flags under Solaris 2 where the `cc' 
     command potentially _is_ GCC. [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Fix apxs build issues on AIX 
     [Rasmus Lerdorf <>]

  *) DocumentRoot Checking: Under previous versions, when Apache
     first started up, it used to do a stat of each DocumentRoot to
     see if it existed and was a directory. If not, then an error
     message was printed. THIS HAS BEEN DISABLED. If DocumentRoot
     does not exist, you will get error messages in error_log. If
     the '-t' command line option is used (to check the configuration)
     the check of DocumentRoot IS performed. An additional command
     line option, '-T', has been added if you want to avoid the
     DocumentRoot check even when checking the configuration.
     [Jim Jagielski]

  *) Win32: The query switch "apache -S" didn't exit after showing the
     vhost settings. That was inconsistent with the other query functions.
     [Bill Stoddard - Fixed by Martin on Unix in 1.3.4]

  *) Win32: Changed behaviour of apache -k restart. 
     Previously, the server would drain all connections in the stack's
     listen queue before honoring the restart. On a busy server, this
     could take hours.  Now, a restart is honored almost immediately. 
     All connections in Apache's queues are handled but connections in 
     the stack's listen queue are discarded. Restart triggered by 
     MaxRequestPerChild is unchanged.
     [Bill Stoddard <>]

  *) Win32: Eliminated unnecessary call to wait_for_multiple_objects in
     the accept loop. Good for a 5% performance boost. Cleaned up 
     parent/child process management code. 
     [Bill Stoddard <>]

  *) Added ceiling on file size for memory mapped files.
     [John Giannandrea <>] PR#4122

  *) Fix ndbm.h include problems with brain-dead glibc >= 2.1 which 
     has ndbm.h in a non-standard db1/ subdir. PR#4431, PR#4528
     [Henri Gomez <>, Ralf S. Engelschall] 

  *) Determine AP_BYTE_ORDER for ap_config_auto.h and already
     use this at least for Expat. [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Allow .module files to specify libraries with Lib:.
     [Ben Laurie]

  *) Allow SetEnvIf[NoCase] to test environment variables as well
     as header fields and request attributes.  [Ken Coar]

  *) Fix mod_autoindex's handling of ScanHTMLTitles when file
     content-types are "text/html;parameters".  [Ken Coar]  PR#4524

  *) Remove "mxb" support from mod_negotiation -- it was a draft feature
     never accepted into any standard, and it opens up certain DoS
     attacks.  [Koen Holtman <>]

  *) TestCompile updated. We can now run programs and output the
     results during the Configure process. [ Jim Jagielski]

  *) The source is now quad (long long) aware as needed. Specifically,
     the Configure process determines the correct size of off_t and
     *void. When the OS/platform/compiler supports quads, ap_snprintf()
     provides for the 'q' format qualifier (if quads are not available,
     'q' is silently "demoted" to long). [Jim Jagielski]

  *) When the username or password fed to htpasswd is too long, include the
     size limit in the error message.  Also report illegal characters
     (currently only ':') in the username.  Add the size restrictions
     to the man page.  [Ken Coar]

  *) Fixed the configure --without-support option so it doesn't result in
     an infinite loop.  [Marc Slemko]

  *) Piped error logs could cause a segfault if an error occured
     during configuration after a restart.
     [Aidan Cully <>] PR#4456

  *) If a "Location" field was stored in r->err_headers_out rather
     than r->headers_out, redirect processing wouldn't find it and
     the server would core dump on ap_escape_html(NULL).  Check both
     tables and raise HTTP_INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR with a log message
     if Location isn't set.  [Doug MacEachern, Ken Coar]

  *) Add RULE_EXPAT, the src/lib/ directory structure, and a modified copy
     of the Expat 1.0.2 distribution. [Greg Stein]

  *) Replace regexec() calls with calls to a new API stub function
     ap_regexec().  This solves problems with DSO modules which use the regex
     library. [Jens-Uwe Mager <>, Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Add 'Request_Protocol' special keyword to mod_setenvif so that
     environment variables can be set according to the protocol version
     (e.g., HTTP/0.9 or HTTP/1.1) of the request.  [Ken Coar]

  *) Add DSO support for OpenStep (Mach 4.2) platform.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall, Rex Dieter <>] PR#3997

  *) Fix sed regex for generating ap_config_auto.h in src/Configure.
     [Jan Gallo <>] PR#3690, PR#4373
  *) Switch to /bin/sh5 in APACI on Ultrix and friends to avoid problems with
     their brain-dead /bin/sh. [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#4372

  *) Better DSO flags recognition on NetBSD platforms using ELF.
     [Todd Vierling <>] PR#4310

  *) Always log months in english format for %t in mod_log_config.
     [Petr Lampa <>] PR#4366, 679

  *) Support for server-parsed and multiview-determined ReadmeName and
     HeaderName files in mod_autoindex. Removed the restriction on
     "/"s in ReadmeName and HeaderName directives since the *sub_req*
     routines will deal with the access issues. (It's now possible to
     have {site|group|project|customer|...} wide readmes and headers.)
     [Raymond S Brand <>, Ken Coar] PR#1574, 3026, 3529,
     3569, 4256

  *) When stat() fails, don't assume anything about the contents of
     the struct stat.  [Ed Korthof <>]

  *) It's OK for a semop to return EINTR, just loop around and try
     again.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Fix configuration engine re-entrant hangups, which solve a
     handful of problems seen with mod_perl <Perl> configuration sections
     [Salvador Ortiz Garcia <>]

  *) Mac OS and Mac OS X Server now use the appropriate custom layout
     by default when building with APACI; allow for platform-specific
     variable defaults in configure. [Wilfredo Sanchez]

  *) Do setgid() before initgroups() in http_main; some platforms
     zap the grouplist when setgid() is called.  This was fixed in
     suexec earlier, but the main httpd code missed the change.
     [Rob Saccoccio <>]  PR#2579

  *) Add recognition of .tgz as a gzipped tarchive.
     [Bertrand de Singly <>]  PR#2364

  *) mod_include's fsize/flastmod should allow only relative paths, just
     like "include file".  [Jaroslav Benkovsky <>]

  *) OS/2: Add support for building loadable modules using DLLs.
     [Brian Havard]

  *) Add iconsdir, htdocsdir, and cgidir to config.layout.
     [Wilfredo Sanchez]

  *) Fix minor but annoying bug with the test for Configuration.tmpl
     being newer than Configuration so that it is less likely to fail
     when using APACI and shadow sources. [Wilfredo Sanchez]

  *) PORT: Add initial support for Mac OS (versions 10.0 and
     greater). Use Mac OS X Server layout for now. Clean up dyld code
     in unix/os.c, and don't install the dyld error handlers, which
     are no longer needed in Mac OS. [Wilfredo Sanchez]

  *) Rename Rhapsody layout to "Mac OS X Server". Change install
     locations to appropriate ones for user-built (as opposed to
     system) installs. [Wilfredo Sanchez]

  *) Modify mod_autoindex's handling of AddDescription so that the
     behaviour matches the documentation.  [Ken Coar] PR#1898, 3072.

  *) Add functionality to the script created by to use tar when copying distribution files to the
     serverroot. This allows upgrading an existing installation
     without nesting the new distribution in the old. now detects the local perl5 path to install
     apxs and dbmmanage with proper path to perl interpreter.

     Add an install-binsupport target which copies the source files
     for apxs and dbmmanage to bindist to allow these scripts to
     be properly installed relative to the destination serverroot.
     [Randy Terbush, Covalent Technologies,]

  *) Fix intermittent SEGV in ap_proxy_cache_error() in
     src/modules/proxy_util.c where a NULL filepointer and
     temporary filename were closed and unlinked.
     [Graham Leggett <>,
     Tim Costello <>] PR#3178

  *) Fix inconsistent error messages reported by mod_proxy.
     [Graham Leggett <>]

  *) OS/2: Fix terminating CGIs that aren't compiled by EMX GCC when a 
     connection is aborted.  [Brian Havard]

  *) Force the LANG envariable to the known state of "C" so that we
     have assurance about how string manipulators (e.g., tr) will
     function.  [Ken Coar]  PR#1630

  *) Add a directive to allow customising of the tracking cookie name.
     [Ken Coar]  PR#2921, 4303

  *) Add "force-no-vary" envariable to allow servers to work around
     clients that choke on "Vary" fields in the response header.
     [Ken Coar, Dmitry Khrustalev <>]  PR#4118

  *) Fixed a bug in mod_dir that causes a child process will infinitely
     recurse when it attemps to handle a request for a directory wnd the
     value of the DirectoryIndex directive is a single dot. Also likely
     to happen for anyother values of DirectoryIndex that will map back
     to the same directory. The handler now only considers regular files
     as being index candidates. No PR#s found.
     [Raymond S Brand <>]

  *) Ease configuration debugging by making TestCompile fall back to
     using "make" if the $MAKE variable is unset [Martin Kraemer]

  *) Fixed the ServerSignature directive to work as documented.
     [Raymond S Brand <>] PR#4248

  *) Add "opt" (SysV-style) layout to config.layout. [Raymond S Brand

  *) Add APACI --without-execstrip option which can be used to disable the
     stripping of executables on installation.  This is very important for DSO
     and debugging situations. [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Add support for OS/2 (case insenstive filesystem, .exe suffix, etc)
     to APACI files and related scripts. 
     [Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes <>, Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#4269

  *) Add support for standalone mode in TPF
     [Joe Moenich <>]

  *) Fix number of bytes copied by read_connection() in src/support/ab.c
     [Jim Cox <>] PR#4271

  *) Fix special RewriteCond "-s" pattern matching.
     [Bob Finch <>]

  *) Fix value quoting in src/Configure script for ap_config_auto.h 
     [Paul Sutton <>]

  *) Make sure RewriteLock can be used only in the global context, (i.e.
     outside of any <VirtualHost> sections) because it's a global facility of
     the rewrite engine. [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Fix the ownership delegation for proxy directory under `make install'.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) APACI would not correctly build suexec. [Maria Verina
     <>] PR#4260

  *) mod_mime_magic passed only the first 4k of a file to
     uncompress/gzip, but those tools sometimes do not produce
     any output unless a sufficient portion of the compressed
     file is input.  Change to pass the entire file -- but
     only read 4k of output.
     [Marcin Cieslak <>] PR#4097

  *) "IndexOptions None" generated extra spaces at the end of each
     line.  [] PR#3770

  *) The "100 Continue" response wasn't being sent after internal
     redirects. [Jose KAHAN <>] PR#3910, 3806, 3575

  *) When padding the name with spaces for display, mod_autoindex would
     count &, <, and > in their escaped width, messing up the display.
     [Dean Gaudet] PR#4075, 3758

  *) PORT: fixed a compilation problem on NEXT.
     [Jacques Distler <>] PR#4130

  *) r->request_time wasn't being set properly in certain error conditions.
     [Dean Gaudet] PR#4156

  *) PORT: deal with UTS compiler error in http_protocol.c
     [Dave Dykstra <>] PR#4189

  *) Add ap_vrprintf() function.  [John Tobey <>] PR#4246

  *) Fix the mod_mime hash table to work properly with locales other
     than C.  [Dean Gaudet] PR#3427

  *) Fix a memory leak which is exacerbated by certain configurations.
     [Dean Gaudet] PR#4225

  *) Prevent clobbering saved IFS values in APACI. [Jim Jagielski]

  *) Fix buffer overflows in ap_uuencode and ap_uudecode pointed out
     by "Peter 'Luna' Altberg <>" and PR#3422
     [Peter 'Luna' Altberg <>, Ronald Tschalär]

  *) Make {Set,Unset,Pass}Env per-directory instead of per-server.
     [Ben Laurie]

  *) Correct an apparent typo: on the Windows and MPE platforms, the
     htpasswd utility was limiting passwords to only 8 characters.
     [Ken Coar]

  *) EBCDIC platforms: David submitted patches for two bugs in the
     MD5 digest port for EBCDIC machines:
     a) the htdigest utility overwrote the old contents of the digest file
     b) the Content-MD5 header value (ContentDigest directive) was wrong
     when the returned file was not converted from EBCDIC, but was a
     binary (e.g., image file) in the first place.
     [David McCreedy at IBM]

  *) support/htpasswd now permits the password to be specified on the
     command line with the '-b' switch.  This is useful when passwords
     need to be maintained by scripts -- particularly in the Win32
     environment.  [Ken Coar]

  *) Win32: Win32 multiple services patch. Added capability to install and
     run multiple copies of apache as individual services.

     Example 1:
     apache -n apache1 -i -f c:/httpd.conf
        Installs apache as service 'apache1' and associates c:/httpd.conf
        with that service.
     net start apache1
        Starts apache1 service.
     net stop apache1
        Stops apache1 service

     Example 2:
     apache -n apache2 -i
        Installs apache as service 'apache2'. httpd.conf is located under
        the default server root (/apache/conf/httpd.conf).
     net start apache2
        Starts apache2 service.

     Example 3:
     apache -n apache3 -i -d c:/program files/apache
        Install apache as service 'apache3' and sets server root to
        c:/program files/apache.

     Example 4:
     apache -n apache2 -k restart
        Restart apache2 service 

     [Keith Wannamaker, Ken Parzygnat, Bill Stoddard]

  *) Correct the signed/unsigned character handling for the MD5 routines;
     mismatches were causing compilation problems with gcc -pedantic and
     in the TPF cross-compilation.  [Ken Coar]

  *) OS/2: Rework CGI handling to use spawn*() instead of fork/exec, achieving
     a roughly 5 fold speed up. [Brian Havard]

  *) proxy ftp: instead of using the hardwired string "text/plain" as
     a fallback type for files served by the ftp proxy, use the
     ap_default_type() function to determine the configured type.
     This allows for special configurations like
	<Directory proxy:>
	DefaultType gargle/blurb
     Additionally, add the Content-Encoding: header to FTP proxy replies
     when the encoding is defined (by the AddEncoding directive).
     Because it was missing, it was almost impossible to browse compressed
     files using the FTP proxy (works now perfectly in Communicator).
     The ftp proxy now also returns the Date: and Server: header lines (if not
     much else... This code is "somewhat" broken) like normal requests do.
     [Martin Kraemer]

  *) Be more smart in APACI's configure script when determining the UID/GID
     for User/Group directives and use the determined UID/GID to initialize
     the permissions on the proxycachedir.
     [Dirk-Willem van Gulik, Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Changed the forking-prior-to-cleanup in the proxy module to first
     check wether it actually needs to collect garbage. This reduces 
     the number of fork()s from one/request to just the odd one an hour.
     [Dirk-Willem van Gulik]

  *) Added proxy, auth and header support to src/support/ab.c. Added a
     README file to src/support/
     [Dirk-Willem van Gulik]

  *) Don't hard-code the path to AWK in --shadow bootstrapping Makefile.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#4050

  *) Add support for DSO module compilation on BSD/OS 3.x.
     [Randy Terbush, Covalent Technologies]

  *) Fix sed-substitutions in `make install': path elements like `httpd/conf'
     (for instance from an APACI configure --sysconfdir=/etc/httpd/conf
     option) were substituted with $(TARGET).conf, etc. Same for other strings
     with dots where the dot wasn't matched as plain text. 
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) PORT: Add support for FreeBSD 4.x [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Fix verbose output of APACI configure (option -v) 
     [Martin Kraemer, Ralf S. Engelschall]

Changes with Apache 1.3.6

  *) Removed new PassAllEnv code due to DSO problems. [Lars Eilebrecht]

Changes with Apache 1.3.5 [not released]

  *) M_INVALID needed a value within the scope of METHODS so that unknown
     methods can be access controlled.  [Roy Fielding] PR#3821

  *) Added PassAllEnv; makes server's entire environment available
     to CGIs and SSIs executed within directive's scope.  [Ken Coar]

  *) ap_uuencode() always added two trailing '='s and encoding of
     8 bit characters on a machine with signed char may produced
     incorrect results. Additionally ap_uuencode() should now
     work correctly on EBCDIC platforms.
     [Ronald Tschalär <>] PR#3411

  *) WIN32: Binary installer now runs the configuration DLL before
     the reboot prompt (which is only given if MSVCRT.DLL system
     DLL is new or updated). This should avoid the configuration
     directory being empty after installation. [Paul Sutton]
     PR#3767, 3800, 3827, 3850, 3900, 3953, 3988

  *) WIN32: Binary installer now creates Start menu options to start
     and stop Apache as a console application and to uninstall
     the Apache service on NT. [Paul Sutton] PR#3741

  *) WIN32: Apache.exe now contains an icon. [Paul Sutton]

  *) PORT: Switch back to using fcntl() locking on Linux -- instabilities
     have been reported with flock() locking (probably related to kernel
     version).  [Dean Gaudet] PR#2723, 3531

  *) Using APACI, the main config file (usually httpd.conf) was
     not being adjusted as $(TARGET).conf. [Wilfredo Sanchez

  *) PORT: AIX does not require the SHARED_CODE "hack"
     [Ryan Bloom <>]

  *) Set-Cookie headers were being doubled up for some CGIs by the O(n^2)
     avoidance code added in 1.3.3.
     [Dean Gaudet, Jeff Lewis <>] PR#3872

  *) ap_isxdigit was somehow neglected when adding the ap_isfoo() macros
     for 8-bit safeness.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) PORT: Use -fPIC instead of -fpic on Solaris and SunOS for compiling DSOs
     because SPARCs have a small machine-specific maximum size for the Global
     Offset Table which is often exceeded when compiling one of the larger
     third-party modules with Apache. [Peter Urban <>] PR#3977

  *) Move the directive `ExtendedStatus' in httpd.conf-dist-win _after_ the
     DSO/DLL section because it's a directive from mod_status and isn't
     available before the DLL of mod_status is loaded.
     [Martin POESCHL <>] PR#3936

  *) SECURITY: Fix a bug in the calculation of the buffer size for the line 
     continuation facility in Apache's configuration files which could 
     lead to a buffer overflow situation.
     [Thomas Devanneaux <>] PR#3617

  *) Make documentation and error messages of APACI's --activate-module=FILE 
     option more clear. [Jan Wolter <>] PR#3995

  *) Fix the gcc version check (for enabling the `inline' facility) to 
     really support all future gcc versions >= 2.7 until we know more.
     [John Tobey <>] PR#3983

  *) Let APACI's configure script correctly complain for unknown --enable-XXX
     and --disable-XXX options. [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#3958

  *) Link the shared core bootstrap program (``Rule SHARED_CORE=yes'') also
     against libap.a and use its ap_snprintf() instead of sprintf() to avoid
     possible buffer overflows. [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Remove no longer used non-API function ap_single_module_init().
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Add Apple's Mac OS X Server Layout "Rhapsody" to config.layout.
     [Wilfredo Sanchez]

  *) Add cgidir, htdocsdir, iconsdir variables to Makefile.tmpl in order
     to make platform installations easier.  [Wilfredo Sanchez]

  *) In configure, do not append the target name to the directory path if
     the path already contains "apache".  [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) SIGPIPE is now ignored by the server core.  The request write routines
     (ap_rputc, ap_rputs, ap_rvputs, ap_rwrite, ap_rprintf, ap_rflush) now
     correctly check for output errors and mark the connection as aborted.
     Replaced many direct (unchecked) calls to ap_b* routines with the
     analogous ap_r* calls.  [Roy Fielding]

  *) Enhanced mod_rewrite's mapfile handling: The in-core cache for text and
     DBM format mapfiles now uses a 4-way hash table with LRU functionality.
     Furthermore map lookups for non-existent keys are now cached as well.
     Additionally "txt" maps are now parsed with simple string functions
     instead of using ap_pregcomp(). As a side effect a bug that prevented
     the usage of keys containing the "," character was fixed.
     The changes drastically improve the performance when large rewrite maps
     are in use.
     [Michael van Elst <>, Lars Eilebrecht] PR#3160

  *) Added ap_sub_req_method_uri() for doing a subrequest with a method
     other than GET, and const'd the definition of method in request_rec.
     [Greg Stein]

  *) Use proper pid_t type for saving PIDs in alloc.c.  [John Bley]

  *) Replaced use of WIN32 define with HAVE_DRIVE_LETTERS to indicate
     when the OS allows a DOS drive letter within pathnames.  [Brian Havard]

  *) Add %V to mod_log_config, this logs the hostname according to the
     UseCanonicalName setting (this is the pre-1.3.4 behaviour of
     %v).  Useful for mass vhosting.  [Tony Finch <>]

  *) Add support for \n and \t to mod_log_config, can be used to produce
     more reliable logs with multiline entries.  [Tony Finch <>]

  *) Fixed a few compiler nits.  [John Bley <>]

  *) Added informative error messages for failed munmap() and fseek() calls
     in http_core.c. [John Bley, Roy Fielding]

  *) Added some informative error messages for some failed malloc()
     calls. [John Bley <>, Jim Jagielski]

  *) OS/2 ap_os_canonical_filename()'s behaviour is improved: ap_assert()
     is removed. This allows <Directory proxy:*> directives to work and
     prevents invalid requests from killing the process.
     [Brian Havard <>]

  *) Reorganised FAQ document.
     [Joshua Slive <>] PR#2497

  *) src/support/: The ApacheBench benchmark program was overhauled by
     David N. Welton: you can now have it generate an HTML TABLE, presumably
     for integration into other HTML sources. David updated the ab man page
     as well and added some missing descriptions. Thanks!
     [David N. Welton <>]

  *) Win32: The filename validity checker now allows filenames containing
     characters in the range 0x80 to 0xff (for example accented characters).
     [Paul Sutton] PR#3890

  *) Added conditional logging based upon environment variables to
     mod_log_config.  mod_log_referer and mod_log_agent
     are now deprecated.  [Ken Coar]

  *) Allow apache acting as a proxy server to relay the real
     reason of a failure to a client rather than the "internal
     server error" it does currently. The general exposure mechanism
     can be triggered by any module by setting the "verbose-error-to"
     note to "*"; this allows more than just proxy errors to be exposed.
     [Cliff Skolnick, Roy Fielding, Martin Kraemer] Related to PR#3455, 4086

  *) Moved man pages for ab and apachectrl to section 8.
     [Wilfredo Sanchez, Roy Fielding]

  *) Added -S option to so that options can be passed to
     strip on some platforms. [Ralf S. Engelschall, Wilfredo Sanchez]

  *) Tweak modules Makefile generated by Configure so that it handles
     the test case of no modules being selected. []

  *) Added a <LimitExcept method ...> sectioning directive that allows
     the user to assign authentication control to any HTTP method that
     is *not* given in the argument list; i.e., the logical negation
     of the <Limit> directive.  This is particularly useful for controlling
     access on methods unknown to the Apache core, but perhaps known by
     some module or CGI script. [Roy Fielding, Tony Finch]

  *) Prevent apachectl from complaining if the PIDFILE exists but
     does not contain a process id, as might occur if the server is
     being rapidly restarted. [Wilfredo Sanchez]

  *) Win32: Add global symbols missing from ApacheCore.def. [Carl Olsen]

  *) Entity tag comparisons for If-Match and If-None-Match were not being
     performed correctly -- weak tags might cause false positives.  Also,
     strong comparison wasn't properly enforced in all cases.
     [Roy Fielding, Ken Coar, Dean Gaudet] PR#2065, 3657

  *) OS/2: Supply OS/2 error code instead of errno on semaphore errors.
     [Brian Havard]

  *) Work around a bug in Lynx regarding its sending "Negotiate: trans"
     even though it doesn't understand TCN.  [Koen Holtman, Roy Fielding]

  *) Added ap_size_list_item(), ap_get_list_item(), and ap_find_list_item()
     to util.c for parsing an HTTP header field value to extract the next
     list item, taking into account the possible presence of nested comments,
     quoted-pairs, and quoted-strings. ap_get_list_item() also removes
     insignificant whitespace and lowercases non-quoted tokens.
     [Roy Fielding] PR#2065

  *) proxy: The various calls to ap_proxyerror() can return HTTP/1.1 status
     code different from 500. This allows the proxy to, e.g., return
     "403 Forbidden" for ProxyBlock'ed URL's. [Martin Kraemer] Related to PR#3455

  *) Fix ordering of language variants for the case where the traditional
     negotiation algorithm is being used with multiple language variants
     and no Accept-Language. [James Treacy <>] PR#3299, 3688

  *) Do not round the TCN quality calculation to 5 decimal places,
     unlike RFC 2296, because the calculation might need 12 decimal places
     to get the right result.  [Roy Fielding]

  *) Remove unused code to disable transparent negotiation when
     negotiating on encoding only, as we now handle encoding too
     (though this is nonstandard for TCN), remove charset=ISO-8859-1
     fiddle from the fiddle-averse RVSA comparison, and fix bugs in
     some debugging statements within mod_negotiation. [Koen Holtman]

  *) Fixed a rare memory corruption possibility in mod_dir if the index
     file is negotiable and no acceptable variant can be found.
     [Dean Gaudet, Roy Fielding, Martin Kraemer]

  *) Win32: Add new config directive, ScriptInterpreterSource, to enable
     searching the Win32 registry for script interpreters.
     [Bill Stoddard]

  *) Win32: The compiled-in default filename for the error log is now
     error.log, which matches the default in the distributed httpd.conf.
     [Paul Sutton]

  *) Win32: Any error messages from -i or -u command line options are now
     displayed on the console output rather than sent to the error log.
     Also the "Running Apache..." message is not output unless Apache is
     going to serve requests. [Paul Sutton]

  *) Rework the MD5 authentication scheme to use FreeBSD's algorithm,
     and use a private significator ('$apr1$') to mark passwords as
     being smashed with our own algorithm.  Also abstract the password
     checking into a new ap_validate_password() routine.  [Ken Coar]

  *) Win32: The filename validity checker now allows "COM" but refuses 
     access to "COM1" through "COM4". This allows filenames such
     as "" to be served. [Paul Sutton] PR#3769.

  *) BS2000: Adapt to the new ufork() system call interface which will
     make subtasking easier on the OSD/POSIX mainframe environment.
     [Martin Kraemer]

  *) Add a compatibility define for escape_uri() -> ap_escape_uri() to
     ap_compat.h. [David White <>] PR#3725

  *) Make NDBM file suffix determination for mod_rewrite more accurate, i.e.
     use `.db' instead of `.pag' not only for FreeBSD, but also when
     the NDBM library looks like Berkeley-DB based.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#3773

  *) Add ability to handle DES or MD5 authentication passwords.
     [Ryan Bloom <rbb@Raleigh.IBM.Com>]

  *) Fix O(n^2) memory consumption in mod_speling.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) SECURITY: Avoid some buffer overflow problems when escaping
     quoted strings.  (This overflow was on the heap and we believe
     impossible to exploit.)  [Rick Perry <>]

  *) Let src/Configure be aware of CFLAGS options starting with plus
     signs as it's the case for the HP/UX compiler.
     [Doug Yatcilla <>] PR#3681

  *) Remove the hard-wire of TAR=tar (we now check for gtar and gnutar first)
     and check to see if the tar we wind up with supports '-h'.
     [Jim Jagielski] PR#3671

  *) A consistent and conservative style for all shell scripts has been
     implemented. Basically, all shell string tests use the traditional
     hack of 'if [ "x$var" != "x" ]' or 'if [ "x$var" = "xstring" ]'
     to protect against bare null variable strings (ie: wrapping both
     sides with double quotes and prepending 'x'). 'x' was chosen
     because it's more universal and hopefully easier for old shell
     prgrammers, as well as being easier to search for in 'vi' (/x\$) :)
     [Jim Jagielski]

  *) The status module now prints out both the main server generation as
     well as the generation of each process. Also, the vhost info is
     printed with '?notable'. [Jim Jagielski]

  *) Move src/main/md5c.c to src/ap/ap_md5c.c; it's httpd-neutral
     and this makes its functions available to things in src/support.
     [Ken Coar]

Changes with Apache 1.3.4

  *) Renamed macros status_drops_connection to ap_status_drops_connection
     and vestigial scan_script_header to ap_scan_script_header_err,
     mostly for aesthetic reasons. [Roy Fielding]

  *) The query switch "httpd -S" didn't exit after showing the
     vhost settings. That was inconsistent with the other query functions.
     [Martin Kraemer]

  *) Moved the MODULE_MAGIC_COOKIE from before the versions and
     filename to the end of the STANDARD_MODULE_STUFF.  Its
     presence at the beginning prevented reporting of the filename
     for modules compiled before 1 January 1999.  [Ken Coar]

  *) SECURITY: ap_os_is_filename_valid() has been added to Win32
     to detect and prevent access to special DOS device file names.
     [Paul Sutton, Ken Parzygnat]
  *) WIN32: Created new makefiles Makefile_win32.txt (normal build)
     and Makefile_win32_debug.txt (debug build) that work on Win95.
     Run each of the following from the src directory:
        nmake /f Makefile_win32.txt           # compiles normal build
        nmake /f Makefile_win32.txt install   # compiles and installs
        nmake /f Makefile_win32.txt clean     # removes compiled junk
        nmake /f Makefile_win32_debug.txt     # compiles debug build
        nmake /f Makefile_win32_debug.txt install
        nmake /f Makefile_win32_debug.txt clean
     [Roy Fielding]

  *) Added and helpers to make it easier for us
     to build binary distributions. [Lars Eilebrecht]

  *) IndexOptions SuppressColumnSorting only turned off making
     the column headers anchors; you could still change the display
     order by manually adding a '?N=A' or similar query string to the
     URL.  Now SuppressColumnSorting locks in the sort order so
     it can't be overridden this way.  [Ken Coar]

  *) Added IndexOrderDefault directive to supply a default sort order
     for FancyIndexed directory listings.  [Ken Coar] PR#1699

  *) Change the ap_assert macro to a variant that works on all platforms.
     [Richard Prinz <>] PR#2575

  *) Make sure under ELF-based NetBSD (now) and OpenBSD (future) we don't
     search for an underscore on dlsym() (as it's already the case
     for FreeBSD 3.0). [Todd Vierling <>] PR#2462
  *) Small fix for mod_env.html: The module was documented as to be _not_
     compiled into Apache per default, although it _IS_ compiled into 
     Apache per default. [Sim Harbert <>] PR#3572

  *) Instead of fixing a bug in the generation procedure for config.status (a
     backslash was missing) we remove the bug together with it's complete
     context because the special cases of the past can now no longer occur
     because of the recent magic for the --with-layout default.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#3590
  *) Make top-level Makefile aware of a parallel build procedures (make -j) by
     making sure the src/support/ tools are _forced_ to be build last (they
     depend on other libraries).
     [Markus Theissinger <>]

  *) Fix installation procedure: Now that os-inline.c is actually used (a
     recently fixed bug prevented this) we need to also install os-include.c
     in addition to os.h into the PREFIX/include/ location or building of
     module DSOs with APXS fails. [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#3527

  *) Added MODULE_MAGIC_COOKIE as the first field in a module structure to
     allow us to distinguish between a garbled DSO (or even a file which isn't
     an Apache module DSO at all) and a DSO which doesn't match the current
     Apache API. [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#3152
  *) Two minor enhancements to mod_rewrite: First RewriteRule now also
     supports the ``nocase|NC'' flag (as RewriteCond already does for ages) to
     match case insensitive (this especially avoids nasty patterns like
     `[tT][eE][sS][tT]'). Second two additional internal map functions
     `escape' and `unescape' were added which can be used to escape/unescape
     to/from hex-encodings in URLs parts (this is especially useful in
     combination with map lookups). 
     [Magnus Bodin, Ian Kallen, Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Renamed the macro escape_uri() to ap_escape_uri() which was
     forgotten (because it was a macro) in the symbol renaming process.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Fix some inconsistencies related to the scopes of directives. The only
     user visible change is that the directives `UseCanonicalName' and
     `ContentDigest' now use the (more correct) `Options' scope instead of
     (less correct) `AuthConfig' scope.  [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Using DSO, the Server token was being mangled. Specifically, the
     module's token was being added first before the Apache token. This
     has been fixed. [Jim Jagielski]

  *) Major overhaul of mod_negotiation.c, part 2.
     - properly handle "identity" within Accept-Encoding.
     - allow encoded variants in RVSA negotiation and let them appear in
       the Alternates field using the non-standard "encoding" tag-list.
     - fixed both negotiation algorithms so that an explicitly accepted
       encoding is preferred over no encoding if "identity" is not
       included within Accept-Encoding.
     - added ap_array_pstrcat() to alloc.c for efficient concatenation
       of large substring sequences.
     - replaced O(n^2) memory hogs in mod_negotiation with ap_array_pstrcat.
     [Roy Fielding]

  *) Major overhaul of mod_negotiation.c, part 1.
     - cleanups to mod_negotiation comments and code structure
     - made compliant with HTTP/1.1 proposed standard (rfc2068) and added
       support for everything in the upcoming HTTP/1.1
       revision (draft-ietf-http-v11-spec-rev-06.txt).
         - language tag matching also handles tags with more than 2
           levels like x-y-z
         - empty Accept, Accept-Language, Accept-Charset headers are
           processed correctly; previously an empty header would make all
           values acceptable instead of unacceptable.
         - allowed for q values in Accept-Encoding
     - added support for transparent content negotiation (rfc2295 and
       rfc2296) (though we do not implement all features in these drafts,
       e.g. no feature negotiation).  Removed old experimental version.
     - implemented 'structured entity tags' for better cache correctness
       (structured entity tags ensure that caches which can deal with Vary
       will (eventually) be updated if the set of variants on the server
       is changed)
         - this involved adding a vlist_validator element to request_rec
         - this involved adding the ap_make_etag() function to the global API
     - modified guessing of charsets used by Apache negotiation algorithm 
       to guess 'no charset' if the variant is not a text/* type
     - added code to sort multiviews variants into a canonical order so that
       negotiation results are consistent across backup/restores and mirrors
     - removed possibility of a type map file resolving to another type map
       file as its best variant
     [Koen Holtman, Roy Fielding, Lars Eilebrecht] PR#3451, 3299, 1987

  *) RFC2396 allows the syntax http://host:/path (with no port number)
     but the proxy disallowed it (ap_proxy_canon_netloc()).
     [David Kristol <>] PR#3530

  *) When modules update/modify the file name in the configfile_t structure,
     syntax errors will report the updated name, not the original one.
     [Fabien Coelho <>] PR#3573

  *) Correct some filename case assumptions from WIN32 to
     CASE_BLIND_FILESYSTEM.  [Brian Havard <>]

  *) For %v log ServerName regardless of the UseCanonicalName
     setting (similarly for %p).  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Configure was initializing the variables $OSDIR, $INCDIR and $SHELL
     rather late (too late for some invocations of TestCompile).
     This improves the make environment available to TestCompile and
     the *.module scripts. [Martin Kraemer]

  *) The hashbang emulation code in ap_execve.c would interpret
     #!/hashbang/scripts correctly, but failed to fall back to a
     standard shell for scripts which did NOT start with #!
     Now SHELL_PATH is started in these cases. [Martin Kraemer]

  *) PORT: Added the Cyberguard V2 port [Richard Stagg <>]

  *) Update APXS manual page: some -q option arguments were missing
     and another was incorrect. [Mark Anderson <>] PR#3553

  *) Cleanup the command line options: `-?' was documented to show
     the usage list but does it with an error because `?' is not a valid
     command. OTOH a lot of users expect `-h' to print such a usage list and
     instead are annoyed for ages by our huge unreadable list of directives.
     So we now changed the command line options this way:
     1. `-L' => `-R' 
        Intent: we need `-L' to be free, and `-R' for the DSO run-time path is
        very similar to the popular linker option.
     2. `-h' => `-L'
        Intent: while -l gives the small list of modules, -L now gives the
        large list of directives implemented by these modules.  This is also
        consistent with -v (short version info) and -V (large version info).
     3. `-?' => `-h' 
        Intent: it's now the expected option ;-)
     The manual page was adjusted accordingly. 
     [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#2714

  *) Fixed problem of fclose() on an unopened file in suexec if LOG_EXEC
     wasn't defined.  [Rick Franchuk <>]

  *) Removed recently introduced bugs and disfigurements in APACI:
     o fixed argument line processing: using $args was broken: It was not
       initialized and using args="$args $apc_option" and even args="$args
       \"$apc_option\"" fails in the second processing round for any arguments
       containing whitespaces. The only correct way is to use the construct
       "$@" (but not possible here) or iterate _both_ times over the implicit
       argument line (no argument to for-loop) which is what we now use.
     o make --with-layout=Apache the default without creating
       redundancy (copying the --with-layout block in the argument parsing
       loop).  We achieve this by using the "$@" construct together with the
       `set' command to prepend --with-layout=Apache to the command line in
       case --with-layout is not used.
     o fixed auto-suffix handling now that config.layout exists.
       Paths which are auto-suffixed are marked with a trailing plus sign in
       config.layout and every path now can be marked this way (not only the
       four paths for which we do it currently).  Additionally the suffix is
       no longer a static one. Instead it's now `/<target>' where <target> is
       the argument of the --target option or per default `httpd'.
     o allow also tabs (and only spaces) where we match whitespaces
     o various fixes and cleanups related to used shell coding style
     o made Jim happy by replacing `Written by' with `Initially written by' ;-)
     o trimmed output of --help to fit into 80 columns
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Added two new core API functions, ap_single_module_configure() and
     ap_single_module_init(), which are now used by mod_so to configure a module
     after loading. [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) PORT: Add defines for USE_FLOCK_SERIALIZED_ACCEPT and
     of ap_config.h to allow serialized accept for multiport listens.
     [Roy Fielding, Curt Sampson] PR#3120

  *) PORT: Fixed a misplaced #endif for NetBSD/OpenBSD section
     of ap_config.h that would skip several defines if DEFAULT_GROUP
     was overridden. [Roy Fielding]

  *) PORT: The I86 version of DGUX has support for strncasecmp and 
     strcasecmp, so allow it in ap_config.h. [Amiel Lee Yee] PR#3247

  *) Fix ordering of definitions in ap_config.h so that ap_inline is
     defined before it might be used. [Victor Khimenko]

  *) PORT: Add Dynamic Shared Object (DSO) support for BSDI (v4.0).
     [Tom Serkowski <>] PR#3453

  *) Make generation of src/Configuration.apaci more robust: It failed to
     differenciate between modules when one module name was a postfix of
     another (e.g. cgi vs. fastcgi). We now check for mod_XXX, libXXX and even
     just XXX (think about totally non-standard names like "apache_ssl", too).
     [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#3380

  *) In src/Configure remove the SERVER_SUBVERSION support (already deprecated
     since 1.3b7) and make whitespace handling more robust (it failed horrible
     when whitespaces were present in the arguments of -D options).
     [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#3240

  *) Add APACI --shadow=DIR variant (in addition to --shadow). This now first
     creates an external package shadow tree in DIR before the local build
     shadow tree is generated under DIR. This way one can have the extracted
     Apache distribution tree read-only on NFS or CDROM and still build Apache
     from these sources. An automatically triggered VPATH-like mechanism is
     provided through the TOP variable, too.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall, Wilfredo Sanchez <>]

  *) Fix negotiation so that a Vary response header is correctly 
     generated when, for a particular dimension, variants only vary
     in having or not having a value for that dimension. [Paul Sutton]

  *) Fix negotiation so that we prefer an encoded variant over an
     unencoded variant if the user-agent explicitly says it can
     accept that encoding. Previously we always preferred the unencoded
     [Paul Ausbeck <>, Paul Sutton] PR#3447
  *) Fix APXS tool: query variables LIBS_SHLIB and TARGET were not recognized
     and the usage page was inconsistent with the functionality and manpage.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Allow special options -Wc,xxx and -Wl,xxx on APXS compile/link command.
     They can occur multiple times and their arguments (`xxx') are passed AS
     IS to the compiler/linker command.  [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Fixed possible (but harmless in practice) bug in the DBM lookup
     procedure of mod_rewrite: very long keys were truncated.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Added a generic --with-layout=[FILE:]ID option. ID here is a layout
     identifier, currently "Apache" and "GNU" are pre-defined in the file
     config.layout.  Custom layouts are possible by using FILE:ID as the
     argument where the layout ID is taken from FILE.

     The config.layout file consists of <Layout ID>..</Layout> sections
     where inside those sections "path_variable: path_value" pairs can be
     specified. These lines are converted to path_variable='path_value'.

  *) Add a DefaultLanguage directive so that files missing a language
     extension (e.g., .fr, .de) can be labelled as being some other
     default language. DefaultLanguage can appear in <Directory> and 
     <Files> containers as well as .htaccess files.  [Paul Sutton]

  *) Fix TARGET configuration when configuring and installing using
     APACI configure. TARGET now defines the basename of the configuration
     file, startup script, manual page, etc. log_error_core() now reports
     the server binary name given by argv[0]. TARGET can now also be defined
     with --target=TARGET parameter passed to APACI configure.
     [Ralf Engelschall, Randy Terbush]

  *) mod_include.c:handle_perl() now properly tests for OPT_INCNOEXEC
     rather than OPT_INCLUDES [Rainer Schoepf <>]

  *) ap_md5_binary() was using sprintf() rather than a table lookup
     to convert binary bytes to hex digits.
     [Ronald Tschalär <>] PR#3409

  *) Fix SEGV in TCN negotiation if no variants are acceptable.
     [Martin Plechsmid <>] PR#1987

  *) API: ap_exists_config_define() function is now "public" [Doug MacEachern]

  *) Fix documentation of `Action' directive: It can activate a CGI script
     when either a handler or a MIME content type is triggered by the request.
     [Andrew Pimlott <>] PR#3340

  *) Document the `add' command of `dbmmanage' in `dbmmanage.1' manpage.
     [David MacKenzie <>] PR#3394

  *) Ignore a "ErrorDocument 401" directive with a full URL and write a
     notice to the error log. It is not possible to send a 401 response
     and a redirect at the same time.  [Lars Eilebrecht]

  *) Fallback to native compilers for IRIX-32 platform. It seems that
     a gcc 2.8.1 compiled apache is logging client addresses with all
     bits set ( This is the second such problem caused
     by gcc 2.8.1 compiler. The first being broken semaphore locking.
     [Randy Terbush]

  *) Updated mime.types to reflect current Internet media types
     and include a URL to the registry.
     [Manoj Kasichainula, Roy Fielding] PR#2380, 2286, 2246

  *) SECURITY: Do a more complete check in mod_include to avoid 
     an infinite loop of recursive SSI includes.  [Marc Slemko] PR#3323

  *) Add APACI --suexec-docroot and --suexec-logfile options which can be
     used to set the document root directory (DOC_ROOT) and the suexec
     logfile (LOG_EXEC), respectively. Additionally the --layout option
     was changed to show more information about the suEXEC setup.
     [Lars Eilebrecht] PR#3316, 3357, 3361

  *) Added the last two WebDAV status codes of 424 (Failed Dependency)
     and 507 (Insufficient Storage) for use by third-party modules.
     [Roy Fielding]

  *) Enabled all of the WebDAV method names for use by third-party
     modules, Limit, and Script directives.  That includes PATCH,
     Improved mod_actions.c so that it can use any of the methods
     defined in httpd.h.  Added ap_method_number_of(method) for
     getting the internal method number.  [Roy Fielding]

  *) PORT: Add a port to the TPF OS. [Joe Moenich <> and
     others at IBM]

  *) Fix problems with handling of UNC names (e.g., \\host\path)
     on Win32.  [Ken Parzygnat <>]

  *) Rework os_canonical_*() on Win32 so it's simpler, more
     robust, and works.  [Ken Parzygnat <>]
     PR#2555, 2915, 3064, 3232

  *) Work around incomplete implementation of strftime on Win32.
     [Manoj Kasichainula, Ken Parzygnat <>]

  *) Move a typedef to fix compile problems on Linux with 1.x kernels.
     [Manoj Kasichainula] PR#3177

  *) PORT: Add a port to the Concurrent PowerMAX OS. [Tom Horsley

  *) WIN32: Log more explicit error messages if spawning an interpreted 
     script failed, including the command line used to attempt to execute 
     the interpreter and the Win32 error code returned.  [Marc Slemko]

  *) Disable sending of error-notes on a 500 (Internal Server Error) response
     since it often includes file path info.  Enable sending of error-notes
     on a 501 (Method Not Implemented).  [Roy Fielding] PR#3173

  *) http_config.c would respond with 501 (Method Not Implemented) if a
     content type handler was specified but could not be found, which
     should have been a 500 response.  Likewise, mod_proxy.c would responsd
     with a 501 if the URI scheme is unrecognized instead of the correct
     response of 403 (Forbidden).  [Roy Fielding]

  *) SECURITY: Eliminate DoS attack when a bad URI path contains what
     looks like a printf format escape.  [Marc Slemko, Studenten Net Twente]

  *) Fix in mod_autoindex: for files where the last modified time stamp was
     unavailable, an empty string was printed which was 2 bytes short.
     The size and description columns were therefore not aligned correctly.
     [Martin Kraemer] (no PR#)

  *) Update BS2000 OS code to work with recent versions. Starting with
     release A17, the child fork() must be replaced by a _rfork().
     (BS2000 only) [Martin Kraemer]

  *) Add the actual server_rec structure of the specific Vhost to the
     scoreboard file and avoid a string copy (as well as allow some
     further future enhancements). [Harrie Hazewinkel

  *) Add APACI --permute-module=foo:bar option which can be used to
     on-the-fly/batch permute the order of two modules (mod_foo and mod_bar)
     in the Configuration[.apaci] file. Two special and important variants are
     supported for the option argument: first BEGIN:foo which permutes module
     mod_foo with the begin of the module list, i.e. it `moves' the module to
     the begin of the list (gives it lowest priority).  And second foo:END
     which permutes mod_foo with the end of the module list, i.e. it `moves'
     the module to the end of the list (gives it highest priority). 
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Fix problem with 'apache -k shutdown' and startup event
     synchronisation (Win32).  [Ken Parzygnat <>]

  *) The config parser wasn't correctly noticing a missing '>'
     on container start lines (e.g., it wouldn't spot
     "<Directory /" as a syntax error).  [Ryan Bloom <>]

  *) Add a 'RemoveHandler' directive which will selectively remove
     all handler associations for the specified file extensions.
     [Ryan Bloom <>] PR#1799.

  *) Properly handle & allow "nul" and ".*/null" in AccessConfig and
     ResourceConfig directives on Win32.  Also add a note to the effect
     of 'useless User directive ignored on Win32' to the errorlog if
     a User directive is encountered on Win32.
     [Ken Parzygnat <>] PR#2078, 2303.

  *) Fix multiple whitespace handling in imagemaps for mod_imap which was
     broken since Apache 1.3.1 where we took out compressing of multiple
     spaces in ap_cfg_getline().
     [Ivan Richwalski <>] PR#3249

  *) Fix Berkeley-DB/2.x support in mod_auth_db: The data structures were not
     initialized correctly and the db_open() call used an invalid mode
     parameter. [Ron Klatchko <>] PR#3171

  *) PORT: DSO support for UnixWare 7
     [Ralf S. Engelschall, Ron Record <>]

  *) Merge the contents of the {srm,access}.conf-dist* files into the
     httpd.conf-dist* files.  The srm and access files now contain
     only comments, and httpd.conf has all the combined contents in
     a rational order.  [Ken Coar]

  *) PORT: DSO/ELF support for FreeBSD 3.0.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall, Dirk Froemberg <ibex@physik.TU-Berlin.DE>]
  *) Add a "default-handler" handler that calls the default_hander()
     function which is normally called for static content.  This allows
     you to override a specific handler.  [Marc Slemko]

  *) Further simplify checking for absolute paths by replacing an
     hard-coded syntax check with a call to a routine we already created to
     do this.  [Ken Parzygnat <>] PR#2976, 3074

  *) Log an error if we encounter a malformed "require" directive 
     in mod_auth if we know that we know that no other module can
     deal with it.  [Marc Slemko]

  *) Remove ap_private_extern method of hiding conflicting symbols
     on the NEXT platform because it is not correct for all versions,
     and the versions for which it is correct are unknown.
     [Wilfredo Sanchez <>]

  *) Fix inheritance of IndexOptions NameWidth and remove unintended
     restriction on +NameWidth, +IconHeight, and +IconWidth.  [Ken Coar]

  *) Fix per-directory config merging for cases in which a 500 error
     is encountered in an .htaccess file somewhere down the tree.
     [Ken Coar]  PR#2409

  *) Minor performance improvement to ap_escape_html(). [Roy Fielding]

  *) Fixed a segmentation violation in mod_proxy when a response is
     non-cachable.  [Roy Fielding, traced by Doug Bloebaum]. PR#2950, 3056

Changes with Apache 1.3.3

  *) Added a complete implementation of the Expect header field as
     specified in rev-05 of HTTP/1.1.  Disabled the 100 Continue
     response when we already know the final status, which is mighty
     useful for PUT responses that result in 302 or 401. [Roy Fielding]

  *) Remove extra trailing whitespace from the getline results as part
     of the protocol processing, which is extra nice because it works
     between continuation lines, is almost no cost in the normal case
     of no extra whitespace, and saves memory. [Roy Fielding]

  *) Added new HTTP status codes and default response bodies from the
     revised HTTP/1.1 (307, 416, 417), WebDAV (102, 207, 422, 423), and 
     HTTP Extension Framework (510) specifications.  Did not add the
     WebDAV 424 and 425 codes because they are bogus.  We don't use any
     of these codes yet, but they are now available to 3rd-party modules.
     [Roy Fielding]

  *) Fix a possible race condition between timed-out requests and the
     ap_bhalfduplex select that might result in an infinite loop on
     platforms that do not validate the descriptor. [Roy Fielding]

  *) WIN32: Add "-k shutdown" and "-k restart" options to signal a
     running Apache server [Paul Sutton]

  *) Fix mod_autoindex bug where directories got a size of "0k" instead
     of "-".  [Martin Plechsmid <>, Marc Slemko]

  *) PORT: DRS 6000 machine. [Paul Debleecker <>]

  *) Add the server signature text (from the core ServerSignature directive)
     to the list of envariables available to scripts, SSI, and the like.
     [Ken Coar]

  *) PORT: Fix sys/resource.h handling for SCO 3.x platform.
     [M. Laak <>] PR#3108
  *) Fallback from sysconf-based to plain HZ-based `ticks per second'
     calculation in mod_status for all systems which don't have POSIX
     sysconf() (like UTS 2.1) and not only for the NEXT platform.
     [Dave Dykstra <>] PR#3055

  *) Fix `require ...' directive parsing in mod_auth, mod_auth_dbm and
     mod_auth_db by using ap_getword_white() (which uses ap_isspace()) 
     instead of ap_getword(..., ' ') (which parses only according to spaces 
     but not tabs).  [James Morris <>, 
     Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#3105

  *) Fix the SERVER_NAME variable under sub-request situations (where
     `UseCanonicalName off' is used) like CGI's called from SSI pages or
     RewriteCond variables by adopting r->hostname to sub-requests.
     [James Grinter <>] PR#3111

  *) Fix stderr redirection under syslog-based error logging situation.
     [Youichirou Koga <>] PR#3095

  *) Document `ErrorLog syslog:facility' variant of error logging.
     [Youichirou Koga <>] PR#3096

  *) Fix http://localhost/ hints in top-level INSTALL document.
     [Rob Jenson <>, Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#3088

  *) Quote paths in default configuration files.  [Wilfredo Sanchez]

  *) PORT: Remove extra HAVE_SYS_RESOURCE_H define for RHAPSODY since
     it is now taken care of properly by the header file tests.
     [Wilfredo Sanchez <>]

  *) Fix problem with scripts and filehandle inheritance on Win32.
     [Ken Parzygnat <>]  PR#2884, 2910

  *) Win32 name canonicalisation could end up using the server's
     working directory to fill in some blanks.  [Ken Parzygnat
     <>] PR#3001

  *) Correct invalid assumption by ap_sub_req_lookup_file() that all
     absolute paths begin with "/" -- because they don't on Win32.
     [Ken Parzygnat <>] PR#2976, 3074

  *) Add [REDIRECT_]VARIANTS environment variable to mod_speling
     so that ErrorDocument 300 processors can reformat the list
     if desired.  [Ken Coar] PR#2859

  *) Add +/- incremental prefixes to IndexOptions keywords, and
     enable merging of multiple IndexOptions directives.  [Ken Coar]

  *) PORT: Allow GuessOS to recognize Unixware 7.0.1 [Steve Cameron

  *) Reconstructed the loop through multiple htaccess file names so
     that missing files are not confused with unreadable files.
     [Roy Fielding]

  *) The ap_pfopen and ap_pfdopen routines were failing to protect the
     errno on an error, which leads to one error being mistaken for
     another when reading non-existent .htaccess files.
     [Jim Jagielski]

  *) OS/2: The new header tests get things right, need to update
     ap_config.h.  [Brian Havard]

  *) The Perl %ENV hash will now be setup by default when using the
     mod_include `perl' command [Doug MacEachern]

  *) PORT: Add Pyramid DC/OSx support to configuration mechanism.
     [Earle Ake <>]

  *) PORT: Fix sys/resource.h handling for Amdahl's UTS 2.1
     [Dave Dykstra <>] PR#3054

  *) Correct comment in mod_log_config.c about its internals.
     [Elf Sternberg <>]

  *) Avoid possible line overflow in Configure: Use an awkfile to
     handle the creation of modules.c [Jim Jagielski]

Changes with Apache 1.3.2

  *) Fix bug in ap_remove_module(), which caused problems for dso's 
     who were the top_module.  [Doug MacEachern]

  *) Add support for Berkeley-DB/2.x (in addition to Berkeley-DB/1.x) to
     mod_auth_db to both be friendly to users who wants to use this version
     and to avoid problems under platforms where only version 2.x is present.
     [Dan Jacobowitz <>, Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) When using ap_log_rerror(), make the error message available to the
     *ERROR_NOTES envariables by default.  [Ken Coar]

  *) BS2000 platform only: get rid of the nasty BS2000AuthFile.
     You now must define a BS2000Account name for the server User.
     This has fewer security implications than the old approach.
     [Martin Kraemer]

  *) Fix SHARED_CORE feature for HPUX platform: We now use extension `.sl'
     instead of `.so' and `SHLIB_PATH' instead of `LD_LIBRARY_PATH' on this
     platform to make the braindead HPUX linker happy. Notice, for the module
     DSOs we don't have to use this, because these are loaded manually (and
     not via HPUX' dld). [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#2905, PR#2968

  *) Remove 64 thread limit on Win32.
     [Bill Stoddard <>]

  *) Remove redundant substitutions in top-level Makefile.tmpl.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Fix APACI's `Group' configuration adjustment - especially for Linux
     platforms where `nogroup' exists in /etc/group. [Ralf S. Engelschall]
  *) Make PrintPath work generically instead of having one version
     strictly for OS/2. [Jim Jagielski, Brian Havard]

  *) Fix the recently introduced C header file checking: We now use the C
     pre-processor pass only (and no longer the complete compiler pass) to
     determine whether a C header file exists or not. Because only this way
     we're safe against inter-header dependencies (which caused horrible
     portability problems). The only drawback is that we now have a CPP
     configuration variable which has to be determined first (we do a similar
     approach as GNU Autoconf does here). When all fails the user still has
     the possibility to override it manually via APACI or src/Configuration.
     As a fallback for the header check itself we can directly check the
     existance of the file under /usr/include, too.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#2777

  *) PORT: Added RHAPSODY (Mac OS X Server) support. MAP_TMPFILE defined
     as an alternate mechanism for mmap'd shared memory for RHAPSODY.
     ap_private_extern defined to hide symbols that conflict with loaded
     dynamic libraries on the NEXT and RHAPSODY platforms.
     [Wilfredo Sanchez <>]

  *) Delete PID file on clean shutdowns.
     [Charles Randall <>] PR#2947

  *) Fix mod_auth_*.html documents: NSCA -> NCSA
     [Youichirou Koga <>] PR#2991

  *) Fix INSTALL document: ->
     [Karl Berry <>] PR#2994

  *) Fix dbmmanage.1 manual page.
     [Youichirou Koga <>] PR#2992
  *) Fix possible buffer overflow situation in suexec.c.
     [Jeff Stewart <>] PR#2790

  *) Add some more LIBS for the SCO5 platform which are needed for the already
     used -lprot. It's actually a bug in SCO5, of course.
     [Ronald Record <>] PR#2533

  *) Fix documentation of ProxyPass/ProxyPassReverse according to the
     trailing slash problem. [Jon Drukman <>] PR#2933
  *) Remove `-msym' option from LDFLAGS_SHLIB for the Digital UNIX (OSF/1)
     platform, because it's only supported under version 4.0 and higher. But
     because our GuessOS is still unaware of Digital UNIX versions and the
     -msym is just to optimize the DSO statup time a little bit it's safe and
     best when we leave it out now.  [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#2969

  *) Fix the ap_log_error_old(), ap_log_unixerr() and ap_log_printf()
     functions: First all three functions no longer fail on strings containing
     "%" chars and second ap_log_printf() no longer does a double-formatting
     (instead it directly passes through the message to be formatted to the
     real internal formatting function). [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#2941

  *) Allow "Include" directives anywhere in the server config
     files (but not .htaccess files).  [Ken Coar] PR#2727

  *) The proxy was refusing to serve CONNECT requests except to
     port 443 (https://) and 563 (snews://). The new AllowCONNECT
     directive allows the configuration of the ports to which a
     CONNECT is allowed.  [Sameer Parekh, Martin Kraemer]

  *) mod_expires will now act on content that is not sent from a file
     on disk.  Previously it would never add an Expires: header to
     any response that did not come from a file on disk; the only
     case where it still doesn't (and can't) add one for that type of 
     content is if you are using a modification date based setting.  
     [Marc Slemko, Paul Phillips <>]

  *) Problems encountered during .htaccess parsing or CGI execution
     that lead to a "500 Server Error" condition now provide explanatory
     text (in the *ERROR_NOTES envariable) to ErrorDocument 500 scripts.
     [Ken Coar] PR#1291

  *) Add NameWidth keyword to IndexOptions directive so that the
     width of the filename column is customisable.  [Ken Coar, Dean Gaudet]
     PR#1949, 2324.

  *) Recognize lowercase _and_ uppercase `uname' results under
     SCO OpenServer. [David Coelho <>]

  *) As duplicate "HTTP/1.0 200 OK" lines within the header seem to be
     a common problem of (mis-administrated?) IIS servers, make the apache
     proxy immune to these errors (and ignore the duplicates, but log
     the fact to error_log). [Martin Kraemer], after the proposal in PR#2914 
  *) The <IfModule and <IfDefine block starting directives now only
     allow exactly one argument. Previously, the optional negation
     character '!' could be separated by whitespace without a syntax
     error being reported, albeit defeating the IfModule functionality
     (enclosed directives would ALWAYS be executed). By using the
     stricter syntax, these hard-to-track errors can be avoided.
     [Martin Kraemer]

  *) Simplify handling of IndexOptions in mod_autoindex -- and BTW
     cause the standalone FancyIndexing directive to logically OR
     into any existing IndexOptions settings rather than wiping
     them out.  [Ken Coar]

  *) Changes in ftp proxy: make URL parsing simpler by using the
     parsed_uri stuff.
     + Add display of the "current directory" in cases where it's
     different from the supplied path (e.g., ftp://user@host/ lives
     in /home/user, not in /, therefore clicking on "../" in the
     starting directory might send us to /home/).
     + When ftp login fails, (esp. when a user name was part of the
     URL already), we now return [401 Unauthorized ] to allow the
     browser to pop up an authorization dialog. This makes passwords
     slightly less visible (they don't appear in the regular log files)
     and implements a functionality that other www proxy servers
     already offered.
     [Martin Kraemer]

  *) Triggered by the recent "Via:" header changes, the proxy module would
     dump core for replies with invalid headers (e.g., duplicate
     "HTTP/1.0 200 OK" lines). These errors are now logged and the
     core dump is avoided. Also, broken replies are not cached.
     [Martin Kraemer] PR#2914

  *) new `GprofDir' directive when compiled with -DGPROF, where gprof can
     plop gmon.out profile data for each child [Doug MacEachern]
  *) Use the construct ``"$@"'' instead of ``$*'' in the generated
     config.status script to be immune against arguments with whitespaces.
     [Yves Arrouye <>] PR#2866

  *) Replace the inlined information grabbing stuff for the configuration
     adjustment feature (no --without-confadjust) with calls to a new helper
     script `' which is both more flexible and already proofed to
     be more robust against platform differences. This mainly fixes the
     recently occured ``sed: command garbled: ...'' problems.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#2776, PR#2848

  *) Make ab.c again pass ``gcc -Wall -Wshadow -Wpointer-arith -Wcast-align
     -Wmissing-prototypes -Wmissing-declarations -Wnested-externs -Winline''
     without complains after we recently added the POST feature.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Renamed is_HTTP_xxx() macros to ap_is_HTTP_xxx() name. They are used inside
     modules as API functions and we forgot them at the big symbol renaming.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Remove bad reference to non-existing SERVER_VERSION in mod_rewrite.html
     [Youichirou Koga <y-koga@jp.FreeBSD.ORG>] PR#2895

  *) Dynamically size the filename column of mod_autoindex output.
     [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Add the ability to do POST requests to the ab benchmarking tool.
     [Kurt Sussman <>] PR#2871

  *) Bump up MAX_ENV_FLAGS in mod_rewrite.h from the too conservatice limit of
     5 to 10 because there are some users out there who always have 5 to 8
     variables in one RewriteRule and had to patch mod_rewrite.h for every
     release. So 15 should be now more than enough, even for them. (I never
     needed more than 4 in my RewriteRules ;-)
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Make the proxy generate and understand Via: headers
     [Martin Kraemer]

  *) Change the proxy to use tables instead of array_headers for
     the header lines. [Martin Kraemer]

  *) Make sure the config.status file is not overridden when just
     ``configure --help'' is used. [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#2844

  *) Split MODULE_MAGIC_NUMBER into _MAJOR/_MINOR numbers. This should
     provide a way to trace API changes that add functionality but do
     not create a compatibility issue for precompiled modules, etc.
     See include/ap_mmn.h for more details.  [Randy Terbush]

  *) Fix suexec installation under `make install root=xxx' situation.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Extend the output of the -V switch to include the paths of all
     compiled-in configuration files, if they were overridden at
     compile time, for least astonishment of the user.
     [Martin Kraemer]

  *) When READing a request in ExtendedStatus mode, the "old"
     vhost, request and client information is not displayed.
     [Jim Jagielski]

  *) STATUS is no longer available. Full status information now
     run-time configurable using the ExtendedStatus directive.
     [Jim Jagielski]

  *) SECURITY: CAN-1999-1199 (
     Eliminate O(n^2) space DoS attacks (and other O(n^2)
     cpu time attacks) in header parsing.  Add ap_overlap_tables(),
     a function which can be used to perform bulk update operations
     on tables in a more efficient manner.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) SECURITY: Added compile-time and configurable limits for
     various aspects of reading a client request to avoid some simple
     denial of service attacks, including limits on maximum request-line
     size (LimitRequestLine), number of header fields (LimitRequestFields),
     and size of any one header field (LimitRequestFieldsize).  Also added
     a configurable directive LimitRequestBody for limiting the size of the
     request message body.  [Roy Fielding]

  *) Make status module aware of DNS and logging states, even if
     STATUS not defined.  [Jim Jagielski]

  *) Fix a problem with the new OS/2 mutexes.  [Brian Havard]

  *) Enhance mod_speling so that CheckSpelling can be used in
     <Directory> containers and .htaccess files.  [Ken Coar]

  *) API: new ap_custom_response() function for hooking into the
     ErrorDocument mechanism at runtime [Doug MacEachern]

  *) API: new ap_uuencode() function [Doug MacEachern]

  *) API: scan_script_header_err_core() now "public" and renamed
     ap_scan_script_header_err_core() [Doug MacEachern]

  *) The 'status' module will now show the process pid's and their
     state even without full STATUS accounting. [Jim Jagielski]

  *) Restore the client IP address to the error log messages, this
     was lost during the transition from 1.2 to 1.3.  Add a new
     function ap_log_rerror() which takes a request_rec * and
     formats it appropriately.  [Dean Gaudet] PR#2661

  *) Cure ap_cfg_getline() of its nasty habit of compressing internal
     whitespace in input lines -- including within quoted strings.
     [Ken Coar]
     but leading and trailing whitespace should continue to be
     stripped [Martin Kraemer]

  *) Cleanup of the PrintPath/PrintPathOS2 helper functions. Avoid
     the ugly use of an env. variable and use command-line args for
     alternate $PATH. Make more like advanced 'type's as well.
     [Jim Jagielski]

  *) The IRIXN32 Rule was being ignored. Configure now correctly adds
     -n32 only if IRIXN32 says to. [Jim Jagielski, Alain St-Denis
     <>] PR#2736

  *) Clean up a warning in mod_proxy. [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Renamed __EMX__ (internal define of the gcc port under OS/2) to OS2
     following the same idea as "MSVC vs WIN32". Additionally the src/os/emx/
     directory was renamed to src/os/os2/ for consistency.
     [Brian Havard, Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Add new Rule SHARED_CHAIN which can be used to enable linking of DSO
     files (here modules) against other DSO files (here shared libraries).
     This is done by determining a subset of LIBS which can be safely used for
     linking the DSOs, i.e. PIC libs and shared libs.  Currently the rule is
     disabled for all platforms to avoid problems with this (experimental)
     rule. But we provide it now for those people how ran into problems and
     want to came out by forcing linking against DSOs.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#2587

  *) Fix suEXEC start message: Has to be of `notice' level to really get
     printed together with the standard startup message because the `notice'
     level is handled special inside ap_log_error() for startup messages.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#2761 PR#2761 PR#2765

  *) Add correct `model' MIME types from RFC2077 to mime.types file.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#2732

  *) Fixed examples in mod_rewrite.html document. 
     [Youichirou Koga <>, Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#2756

  *) Allow ap_read_request errors to propagate through the normal request
     handling loop so that the connection can be properly closed with
     lingering_close, thus avoiding a potential TCP reset that would
     cause the client to miss the HTTP error response.  [Roy Fielding]

  *) One more portability fix for APACI shadow tree support: Swap order of awk
     and sed in top-level configure script to avoid sed fails on some
     platforms (for instance SunOS 4.1.3 and NCR SysV) because of the
     non-newline-termined output of Awk. [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#2729

  *) PORT: NEC EWS4800 support.
     [MATSUURA Takanori <>]

  *) Fix a segfault in the proxy on OS/2.  [Brian Havard]

  *) Fix Win32 part of ap_spawn_child() by providing a reasonable child_info
     structure instead of just NULL. This fixes at least the RewriteMap
     programs under Win32. [Marco De Michele <>] PR#2483

  *) Add workaround to top-level `configure' script for brain dead 
     `echo' commands which interpet escape sequences per default.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#2654

  *) Make sure that the path to the Perl interpreter is correctly
     adjusted under `make install' also for the printenv CGI script.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#2595
  *) Update the mod_rewrite.html document to correctly reflect the situation
     of the `proxy' (`[P]') feature. [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#2679

  *) Fix `install-includes' sub-target of `install' target in top-level
     Makefile.tmpl: The umask+cp approach didn't work as expected (especially
     for users which extracted the distribution under 'umask 077'), so replace
     it by an explicit cp+chmod approach.
     [Richard Lloyd, Curt Sampson, Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#2656 PR#2626
  *) Fix `distclean' and `clean' targets in src/Makefile.tmpl to have same
     behavior and to cleanup correctly even under enabled SHARED_CORE rule.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Use a more straight forward and thus less problematic Sed command in
     src/helper/ script.  [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Make sure the `configure' scripts doesn't fail when trying to guess the
     domainname of the machine and there are multiple `domainname' and
     `search' entries in /etc/resolv.conf.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#2710

  *) Add note about the SHARED_CORE requirement on some platforms also to the
     INSTALL file because a lot of users don't read htdocs/manual/dso.html
     first. [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#2701

  *) Fix document "hyperlink" for dso.html in src/Configuration.tmpl
     [Knut A.Syed <>] PR#2674

  *) Modify mod_rewrite to update the Vary response field if the URL rewriting
     engine does any manipulations or decisions based upon request fields. 
     [Ken Coar] PR#1644

  *) Document the special APACI behavior for installation paths where
     ``/apache'' is appended to paths under some (well defined, of course)
     situations to prevent pollution of system locations with Apache files.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#2660

  *) Fixed problem with buffered response message not being sent for
     the read_request error conditions of URI-too-long (414) and
     malformed header fields (400).  [Roy Fielding] PR#2646

  *) Add support for the Max-Forwards: header line required by RFC2068 for
     the TRACE method. This allows apache to TRACE along a chain of proxies
     up to a predetermined depth. [Martin Kraemer]

  *) Fix SHARED_CORE rule: The CFLAGS_SHLIB variable is no longer doubled
     (compilers complained) and the .so.V.R.P filename extension was adjusted
     to correctly reflect the 1.3.2 version.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#2644

  *) SECURITY: Plug "..." and other canonicalization holes under OS/2.
     [Brian Havard]
  *) PORT: implement serialized accepts for OS/2.  [Brian Havard]

  *) mod_include had problems with the fsize and flastmod directives
     under WIN32.  Fix also avoids the minor security hole of using
     ".." paths for fsize and flastmod.
     [Manoj Kasichainula <>] PR#2355

  *) Fixed some Makefile dependency problems.  [Dean Gaudet]

Changes with Apache 1.3.1

  *) Disable the incorrect entry for application/msword in the 
     mod_mime_magic "magic" file because it also matches other Office
     documents.  [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#2608

  *) Fix broken RANLIB handling in src/Configure (the entry from
     src/Configuration.tmpl was ignored) and additionally force RANLIB to
     /bin/true under HP/UX where ranlib exists but is deprecated.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#2627
  *) 'apachectl status' failed on some systems.
     [Steve VanDevender <>, Lars Eilebrecht] PR#2613

  *) Add new flags for ap_unparse_uri_components() to make it generate
     the scheme://sitepart string only, or to omit the query string.
     [Martin Kraemer]

  *) WIN32: Canonicalize ServerRoot before checking to see if it
     is a valid directory.  The failure to do this caused certain
     ServerRoot settings (eg. "ServerRoot /apache") to be improperly
     rejected.  [Marc Slemko]

  *) Global renaming of C header files to both get rid of conflicts with third
     party packages and to again reach consistency:
       1. conf.h      -> ap_config.h
       2. conf_auto.h -> ap_config_auto.h \ these are now merged
       3. ap_config.h -> ap_config_auto.h / in the config process
       4. compat.h    -> ap_compat.h
       5. apctype.h   -> ap_ctype.h
     Backward compatibility files for conf.h and compat.h were created.

  *) mod_mmap_static will no longer take action on requests unless at 
     least one "mmapfile" directive is present in the configuration. 
     This experimental module has to do some black magic to operate 
     inside the current API and thus creates side-effects for other 
     modules under some circumstances.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]
  *) Add conservative ticks around more egrep arguments in top-level configure
     to avoid problems under brain-dead platforms like Digital UNIX (OSF1).
     [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#2596

  *) mod_rewrite created RewriteLock files under the UID of the parent
     process, thus the child processes had no write access to the files.
     Now a chown() is done on the file to the uid of the children,
     if applicable.  [Lars Eilebrecht, Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#2341

  *) Autogenerate some HAVE_XXXXX_H defines in conf_auto.h (determined via
     TestCompile) instead of defining them manually in conf.h based on less
     accurate platform definitions.  This way we no longer have to fiddle with
     OS-type and/or OS-version identifiers to discover whether a system header
     file exists or not.  Instead we now directly check for the existence of
     those esoteric ones. 
     [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#2093, PR#2361, PR#2377, PR#2434,
                           PR#2524, PR#2525, PR#2533, PR#2569

  *) mod_setenvif (BrowserMatch* and friends) will now match a missing
     field with "^$".  [Ken Coar]

  *) Set the RTLD_GLOBAL dlopen mode parameter to allow dynamically loaded
     modules to load their own modules dynamically.  This improves mod_perl
     and mod_php3 when these modules are loaded dynamically into Apache.
     [Rasmus Lerdorf]

  *) Cache a proxied request in the event that the client cancels the
     transfer, provided that the configured percentage of the file has
     already been transferred. It works for HTTP transfers only.  The 
     new configuration directive is called CacheForceCompletion. 
     [Glen Parker <>] PR#2277

  *) Add the "<!DOCTYPE HTML" magic cookie used by modern documents (and
     required by HTML 3.2 and later) to mod_mime_magic's conf/magic.
     [Anna Shergold <>]

  *) Fix yet another signal-based race condition involving nested timers.
     Signals suck.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) suexec's error messages have been clarified a little bit.  [Ken Coar]

  *) Clean up some, but perhaps not all, 8-bit character set problems
     with config file parsing, and URL parsing.  We now define
     ap_isdigit(), ap_isupper(), ... which cast to an (unsigned char).
     This should work on most modern unixes.
     [Dean Gaudet] PR#800, 2282, 2553  (and others)

  *) The "handler not found" error was issued in cases where the handler
     really did exist, but was just declining to serve the request.
     [John Van Essen <>] PR#2529

  *) Add Dynamic Shared Object (DSO) support for SCO5 (OpenServer 5.0.x).
     [Ronald Record <>] PR#2533

  *) The APACI libexecdir was not extended with an "apache/" subdir
     if the installation prefix didn't already contain "apache", but
     it should be because the DSO files are Apache-specific.  Now
     libexecdir is treated the same way sysconfdir, datadir, localstatedir
     and includedir are already treated.
     [Charles Levert <>] PR#2551

  *) The <Limit> parsing routine was incorrectly treating methods as
     case-insensitive.  [Ken Coar]

  *) The ap_bprintf() code neglected to test if there was an error on
     the connection.  ap_bflush() misdiagnosed a failure as a success.
     [Dean Gaudet]

  *) add support for #perl arg interpolation in mod_include
     [Doug MacEachern]

  *) API: Name changes of table_elts to ap_table_elts, is_table_empty
     to ap_is_table_empty and bgetflag to ap_bgetflag. [Ben Laurie]

  *) PORT: Add UnixWare 7 support
     [Vadim Kostoglodoff <>] PR#2463

  *) Fix the Guess-DSO-flags-from-Perl stuff in src/Configure: "perl" was
     used instead of "$PERL" which contains the correctly determined Perl
     interpreter (important for instance on systems where "perl" and "perl5"
     exists, like BSDI or FreeBSD, etc).
     [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#2505

  *) Move the initial suEXEC-related startup message from plain
     fprintf()/stderr to a delayed ap_log_error()-based one to avoid problems
     when Apache is started from inetd (instead of standalone). Under this
     situation startup messages on stderr lead to problems (the line is sent
     to the client in front of the requested document).
     [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#871, PR#1318

  *) Add a flag so ap_fnmatch() can be used for case-blind pattern matching.
     [Ken Coar, Dean Gaudet]

  *) WIN32: Don't collapse multiple slashes in PATH_INFO.
     [Ben Laurie, Bill Stoddard <>] PR#2274

  *) WIN32 SECURITY: Eliminate trailing "."s in path components. These are
     ignored by the Windows filesystem, and so can be used to bypass security.
     [Ben Laurie, Alexei Kosut].

  *) We now attempt to dump core when we get SIGILL. [Jim Jagielski]

  *) PORT: remove broken test for MAP_FILE in http_main.c.
     [Wilfredo Sanchez <>]

  *) PORT: Change support/apachectl to use "kill -0 $pid" to test if the
     httpd is running.  This should be more portable than figuring out
     which of three dozen different versions of "ps" are installed.
     [a cast of dozens]

  *) WIN32: If we can't figure out how to execute a file in a script
     directory, bail out of the request with an error message.  [W G Stoddard]

  *) WIN32 SECURITY: Eliminate directories consisting of three or more dots;
     these are treated by Win32 as if they are ".." but are not detected by
     other machinery within Apache. This is something of a kludge but
     eliminates a security hole. [Manoj Kasichainula, Ben Laurie]

  *) Move ap_escape_quotes() from src/ap to src/main/util.c; it uses
     pools and thus pollutes libap (until the pool stuff is moved there).
     [Ken Coar]

  *) IndexIgnore should be case-blind on Win32 (and any other case-aware
     but case-insensitive platforms).  New #define for this added to conf.h
     (CASE_BLIND_FILESYSTEM).  [Ken Coar] PR#2455

  *) Enable DSO support for OpenBSD in general, not only for 2.x, because it
     also works for OpenBSD 1.x. [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) PORT: Fix compilation problem on ARM Linux.
     [Sam Kington <>] PR#2443

  *) Let APACI's configure script determine some configuration parameters
     (Group, Port, ServerAdmin, ServerName) via some intelligent tests to
     remove some of the classical hurdles for new users when setting up
     Apache. This is done per default because it is useful for the average
     user. Package authors can use the --without-confadjust option to disable
     these configuration adjustments.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Added an EXTRA_DEPS configuration parameter which can be used
     to add an extra Makefile dependency for the httpd target, for instance
     to external third-party libraries, etc.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Add <IfDefine>..</IfDefine> sections to the core module (with same spirit
     as <IfModule>..</IfModule> sections) which can be used to skip or process
     contained commands dependend of ``-D PARAMETER'' options on the command
     line. This can be used to achieve logical conditions like <IfDefine
     ReverseProxy> instead of physically ones (e.g. <IfModule mod_proxy.c>)
     and thus especially can be used for conditionally loading DSO-based
     modules via LoadModule, etc. [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) PORT: clean up a warning in mod_status for OS/2.  [Brian Havard]

  *) Make table elements const. This may prevent obscure errors. [Ben Laurie]

  *) Fix parsing of FTP `SIZE' responses in proxy module: The newline was not
     truncated which forced following HTTP headers to be data in the HTTP
     reponse. [Ralf S. Engelschall, Charles Fu <>] 
     PR#2412, 2367

  *) Portability fix for APACI shadow tree support: Swap order of awk and sed
     in top-level configure script to avoid sed fails on some platforms (for
     instance SunOS 4.1.3 and NCR SysV) because of the non-newline-termined
     output of Awk. [Bill Houle <>] PR#2435

  *) Improve performance of directory listings (mod_autoindex) by comparing
     integer keys (last-modified and size) as integers rather than converting
     them to strings first.  Also use a set of explicit byte tests rather
     than strcmp() to check for parent directory-ness of an entry.  Oh, and
     make sure the parent directory (if displayed) is *always* listed first
     regardless of the sort key.  Overall performance winnage should be good
     in CPU time, instruction cache, and memory usage, particularly for large
     directories.  [Ken Coar]

  *) Add a tiny but useful goody to APACI's configure script: The generation
     of a config.status script (as GNU Autoconf does) which remembers the used
     configure command and hence can be used to restore the configuration by
     just re-running this script or for remembering the configuration between
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Add httpd -t (test) option for running configuration syntax tests only.
     If something is broken it complains and exits with a return code
     non-equal to 0. This can be used manually by the user to check the Apache
     configuration after editing and is also automatically used by apachectl
     on (graceful) restart command to make sure Apache doesn't die on restarts
     because of a configuration which is now broken since the last (re)start.
     This way `apachectl restart' can be used inside cronjobs without having
     to expect Apache to be falling down. Additionally the httpd -t can be run
     via `apachectl configtest'.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#2393
  *) Minor display fix for "install" target of top-level Makefile:
     the displayed installation command was incorrect although the
     executed command was correct. Now they are in sync.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#2402

  *) Correct initialization of variable `allowed_globals' in http_main.c
     [Justin Bradford <>] PR#2400

  *) Apache would incorrectly downcase the entire Content-Type passed from
     CGIs.  This affected server-push scripts and such which use
     [Dean Gaudet] PR#2394

  *) PORT: QNX update to properly guess 32-bit systems.
     [Sean Boudreau <>] PR#2390

  *) Make sure the DSO emulation code for HPUX finds the proprietary shl_xxx()
     functions which are in libdld under HPUX 9/10.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#2378

  *) Make sure the "install" target of the top-level Makefile doesn't break
     because of a return code of 1 from an "if" (for instance under braindead
     Ultrix the result code of an "if" construct is 1 if the "then" clause
     didn't match). [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Add an additional "dummy" target to the "$(LIB)" target in generated
     modules/xxx/Makefile's to avoid problems with SVR4 Make under "full-DSO"
     situation (no libxxx.a built, only's) where LIB and OBJS are
     empty. [Ralf S. Engelschall, Dean Gaudet, Martin Kraemer]

  *) Replace two bad sprintf() calls with ap_snprintf() variants in
     mod_rewrite. [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Fix missing usage description for MetaFiles directive.
     [David MacKenzie <>] PR#2384

  *) mod_log_config wouldn't let vhosts use log formats defined in the
     main server.  [Christof Damian <>] PR#2090

  *) mod_usertrack was corrupting the client hostname.  As part of the
     fix, the cookie values were slightly extended to include the
     fully qualified hostname of the client.
     [Dean Gaudet] PR#2190, 2229, 2366

  *) Fix a typo in pool debugging code.  [Alvaro Martinez Echevarria]

  *) mod_unique_id did not work on alpha linux (in general on any
     architecture that has 64-bit time_t).
     [Alvaro Martinez Echevarria]

  *) PORT: Make SCO 5 (and probably 3) compile again. [Ben Laurie]

  *) PORT: NCR MPRAS systems have the same bug with SIGHUP restart that
     Solaris systems experience.  So define WORKAROUND_SOLARIS_BUG.
     [Klaus Weber <>] PR#1973

  *) Change "Options None" to "Options FollowSymLinks" in the 
     <Directory /> section of the default access.conf-dist
     (and -win even though it doesn't matter there).  This has better
     performance, and more intuitive semantics.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) PORT: Updated support for UTS 2.1.2.
     [Dave Dykstra <>] PR#2320

  *) Fix symbol export list (src/support/httpd.exp) after recent
     API changes in the child spawning area.
     [Jens-Uwe Mager <>]

  *) Workaround for configure script and old `test' commands which do not
     support the -x flag (for instance under platforms like Ultrix). This is
     solved by another helper script which searches for Perl and
     Awk like PrintPath but _via different names_.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Remove the system() call from htpasswd.c, which eliminates a system
     dependancy.  ["M.D.Parker" <>] PR#2332

  *) PORT: Fix compilation failures on NEXTSTEP.
     [Rex Dieter <>] PR#2293, 2316

  *) PORT: F_NDELAY is a typo, should have been FNDELAY.  There's also
     O_NDELAY on various systems.  [Dave Dykstra <>] PR#2313

  *) PORT: helpers/GuessOS updates for various versions for NCR SVR4.
     [juerg schreiner <>,
     Bill Houle <Bill.Houle@SanDiegoCA.NCR.COM>] PR#2310

  *) Fix recently introduced Win32 child spawning code in mod_rewrite.c which
     was broken because of invalid ap_pstrcat() -> strcat() transformation.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Proxy Cache Fixes: account for directory sizes, fork off garbage collection
     to continue in background, use predefined types (off_t, size_t, time_t),
     log the current cache usage percentage at LogLevel debug
     [Martin Kraemer, based on discussion between Dean Gaudet & Dirk vanGulik]

Changes with Apache 1.3.0

  *) Using a type map file as a custom error document was not possible.
     [Lars Eilebrecht] PR#1031

  *) Avoid problems with braindead Awks by additionally searching for gawk 
     and nawk in APACI's configure script.
     [Dave Dykstra <>, Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#2319

  *) Rename md5.h to ap_md5.h to avoid conflicts with native MD5 on
     some systems. [Randy Terbush]

  *) Change usage of perror()+fprintf(stderr,...) in mod_rewrite to
     more proper ap_log_error() variants.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Make sure the argument for the --add-module option to APACI's configure
     script is of type [path/to/]mod_xxx.c because all calculations inside
     configure and src/Configure depend on this.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#2307

  *) Changes usage of perror/fprintf to stderr to more proper ap_log_error
     in mod_mime, mod_log_referer, mod_log_agent, and mod_log_config.
     [Brian Behlendorf]

  *) Various OS/2 cleanups ["Brian Havard" <>]

  *) PORT: QNX needed a #include <sys/mman.h>; and now it uses flock
     serialized accept to handle multiple sockets.
     [Rob Saccoccio <>] PR#2295, 2296
  *) Have NT properly set the directory for CGI scripts 
     (& other spawned children)
     [W G Stoddard <>]

  *) Propagate environment to CGI scripts correctly in Win32.
     [W G Stoddard <>] PR#2294

  *) Some symbol renaming:
     ap_spawn_child_err became ap_spawn_child
     ap_spawn_child_err_buff became ap_bspawn_child
     spawn_child was obsoleted and moved to compat.h
     [Brian Behlendorf]

  *) Upgrade the child spawning code in mod_rewrite for the RewriteMap
     programs: ap_spawn_child_err() is used and the Win32 case now uses
     CreateProcess() instead of a low-level execl() (which caused problems in
     the past under Win32).
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) A few cosmetics and trivial enhancements to APXS to make the
     generated Makefile more user friendly. [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Proxy Fix: The proxy special failure routine ap_proxyerror()
     was updated to use the normal apache error processing, thereby allowing
     proxy errors to be treated by ErrorDocument's as well. For this
     purpose, a new module-to-core communication variable "error-notes"
     was introduced; the proxy (and possibly other modules) communicates
     its error text using this variable. Its content is copied to a new
     cgi-env-var REDIRECT_ERROR_NOTES for use by ErrorDocuments.
     The old proxy special error routine ap_proxy_log_uerror()
     was replaced by regular ap_log_error() calls, many messages were made
     more informative. 
     [Martin Kraemer] PR#494, 1259

  *) SECURITY: A possible buffer overflow in the ftp proxy was fixed.
     [Martin Kraemer]

  *) Transform the configure message "You need root privileges for suEXEC"
     from a fatal error into a (more friendly) warning because the building
     ("make") of Apache we can allow, of course. Root privileges are needed
     only for the installation step ("make install"). So make sure the
     user is aware of this fact but let him proceed as long as he can.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#2288
  *) Renamed three more functions to common ap_ prefix which we missed at the
     Big Symbol Renaming because they're #defines and not real C functions:
     is_default_port(), default_port(), http_method().
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) A zero-length name after a $ in an SSI document should cause
     just the $ to be in the expansion.  This was broken during the
     security fixes in 1.2.5.  [Dean Gaudet] PR#1921, 2249

  *) Call ap_destroy_sub_req() in ap_add_cgi_vars() to reclaim some
     memory.  [Rob Saccoccio <>] PR#2252

  *) Fix src/support/httpd.exp (DSO export file which is currently only
     used under AIX) because of recent changes to function names.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

Changes with Apache 1.3b7

  *) Make sure a MIME-type can be forced via a RewriteRule even when no
     substitution takes place, for instance via the following rule:
     ``RewriteRule ^myscript$ - [T=application/x-httpd-cgi]'' This was often
     requested by users in the past to force a single script without a .cgi
     extension and outside any cgi-bin dirs to be executed as a CGI program.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#2254

  *) A fix for protocol issues surrounding 400, 408, and
     414 responses. [Ed Korthof]

  *) Ignore MaxRequestsPerChild on WIN32. [Brian Behlendorf]

  *) Fix discrepancy in proxy_ftp.c which was causing failures when 
     trying to connect to certain ftpd's, such as anonftpd.  
     [Rick Ohnemus <>]

  *) Make mod_rewrite use ap_open_piped_log() for RewriteLog directive's
     logfile instead of fiddling around itself with child spawning stuff.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Made RefererIgnore case-insensitive.

  *) Mod_log_agent, mod_log_referer now use ap_open_piped_log for piped logs.
     [Brian Behlendorf]

  *) Replace use of spawn_child with ap_spawn_child_err_buff, to make everything
     "safe" under Win32.  In: mod_include.c, mod_mime_magic.c
     [Brian Behlendorf]

  *) Improve RFC1413 support. [Bob Beck <>]

  *) Fix support script `dbmmanage': It was unable to handle some sort
     of passwords, especially passwords with "0" chars.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#2242

  *) WIN32: Clicking on "Last Modified" in a fancy index caused a crash. Fixed.
     [Ben Laurie] PR#2238

  *) WIN32: CGIs could cause a hang (because of a deadlock in the standard C
     library), so CGI handling has been changed to use Win32 native handles
     instead of C file descriptors.
     [Ben Laurie and Bill Stoddard <>] PR#1129, 1607

  *) The proxy cache would store an incorrect content-length in the cached
     file copy after a cache update. That resulted in repeated fetching
     of the original copy instead of using the cached copy.
     [Ernst Kloppenburg <>] PR#2094

  *) The Makefiles assumed that DSO files are build via $(LD). This
     is broken for two reasons: First we never defined at least LD=ld
     somewhere to make sure this works (it was silently assumed that most Make
     provide a built-in LD definition - ARGL!) and second using the generic LD
     variable is not the truth. Instead a special variable named LD_SHLIB is
     reasonable because although "ld" is usually the default, the command for
     building DSO files can be "libtool" or even "cc" on some systems.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Replace the AddVersionPlatform directive with ServerTokens which
     provides for more control over the format of the Server:
     header line. SERVER_SUBVERSION is no longer supported;
     all module should use the ap_add_version_component()
     API function instead. [Jim Jagielski]

  *) Support for the NCR MP/RAS 3.0
     [John Withers <>]

  *) The LDFLAGS_SHLIB_EXPORT variable of src/Configuration[.tmpl] was
     not retrieved in src/Configure and thus was not useable.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]
  *) Various Makefile consistency cleanups:
     - make OSDIR also automatically be relative to src/ like INCDIR
     - SUBDIRS is now generated in src/Makefile only and not in
       Makefile.config because it is a local define for this location.
     - remove BROKEN_BPRINTF_FLAGS because is it no longer used inside
       any Makefile but make sure that at least the "-K inline" is kept in
       CFLAGS for SCO 5.
     - update the "depend" targets in Makefile.tmpl files to use $(OSDIR), too.
     - updated the dependencies theirself
     - removed not existing SHLIB variable from "clean" targets
     - replaced SHLIB_OBJS/SHLIBS_OBJ consistently with OBJS_PIC because OBJS
       already exists and OBJS_PIC are also just plain objects and have not
       directly to do with "shared" things. The only difference is that they
       contain PIC. So OBJS_PIC is the more canonical name.
     - Updated the Makefile-dependency lines for OBJS_PIC
     - Removed the Makefile-dependency line in Configure to avoid double
     - replaced ugly xx-so.o/ hack with a clean and consistent usage
       of xxx.lo as GNU libtool does with its PIC objects
     - reduce local complexity in modules Makefile.tmpl by moving the last
       existing target "depend" to the generation section in Configure, too.
     - removed the historical $(SPACER) which was used in the past together
       with BROKEN_BPRINTF_FLAGS to avoid zig-zags in the build process. This
       is no longer needed.
     - force the build and run of the gen_xxx programs under main/ as the
       first step before building the objects because it looks cleaner
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) WIN32: Make Win32 work again after the /dev/null DoS fix.
     [Ben Laurie]

  *) WIN32: Check for buffer overflows in ap_os_canonical_filename.
     [Ben Laurie]

  *) WIN32: Don't force ISAPI headers to finish with \n.
     [Jim Patterson <Jim.Patterson@Cognos.COM>, Ben Laurie] PR#2060

  *) When opening "configuration" files (like httpd.conf, htaccess
     and htpasswd), Apache will not allow them to be non-/dev/null
     device files. This closes a DoS hole. At the same time,
     we use ap_pfopen to open these files to handle timeouts.
     [Jim Jagielski, Martin Kraemer]

  *) Apache will now log the reason its httpd children exit if they exit
     due to an unexpected signal.  (It requires a new porting define,
     SYS_SIGLIST, which if defined should point to a list of text
     descriptions of the signals available.  See PORTING.)  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) WIN32: chdir() doesn't make sense in a multithreaded environment 
     like WIN32.  Before, Win32 CGI's could have had sporadic failures 
     if a chdir call from one thread was made between another chdir call 
     and a spawn in another thread.  So, for now don't chdir for CGI scripts 
     in WIN32.  The current CGI "spec" is unclear as to whether it's 
     necessary.  Long-term fix is to either serialize the chdir/spawn combo 
     or use WIN32 native calls to spawn a process.  This temp fix was 
     necessary to remove this as a showstopper for 1.3's release. 
     [Brian Behlendorf]

  *) Cleanup the suEXEC support in APACI and make it more safe:
     1. Add big fat hint in INSTALL about risks and to read the
        htdocs/manual/suexec.html document before using the suexec-related
        configure options.
     2. Make sure the user has at least provided one --suexec-xxxx option
        (specifies suEXEC parameters) in addition to --enable-suexec option.
        If only --enable-suexec is given APACI stops with a hint to INSTALL
        and htdocs/manual/suexec.html documents.
     3. Provide two additional --suexec-xxxx options to make the suEXEC
        configuration complete (especially for package maintainers who else
        had to patch the source tree) by providing ways to configure minimal
        UID/GID and safe PATH, too.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Cleanup of the `configure --shadow' process:
     - make sure the configure script creates its temporary files in the
       shadow tree to avoid conflicts with parallel configure runs
     - removed unnecessary option "-r" from "rm" call for Makefiles
     - make sure the configure scripts creates the shadow-wrapper Makefile
       only when no shadow trees already exists
     - make sure "make distclean" removes the shadow-wrapper Makefile but only
       when no more shadow trees exists
     - overhauled script: now its more IFS-safe and approx. twice
       as fast (in the past it needed 70sec, now it runs just 38sec)
     - make sure CVS does not complain about the created files
       Makefille.<gnutriple> and directories src.<gnutriple>
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Added the ap_add_version_component() API routine and the
     AddVersionPlatform core directive.  The first allows modules to
     declare themselves in the Server response header field value,
     augmenting the SERVER_SUBVERSION define in the Configuration file
     with run-time settings (more useful in a loadable-module environment).
     AddVersionPlatform inserts a comment such as "(UNIX)" or "(Win32)"
     into the server version string.  [Ken Coar] PR#2056

  *) Minor stability tweaks to avoid core dumps in ap_snprintf.
     [Martin Kraemer]

  *) Emit the "Accept-Range" header for the default handler.
     [Brian Behlendorf] PR#1464

  *) Add a note to httpd.conf-dist that apache will on some systems fail
     to start when the Group # is set to a negative or large positive value.
     [Martin Kraemer]

  *) Make sure the module execution order is correct even when some modules
     are loaded under runtime (`LoadModule') via the DSO mechanism:
     1. The list of loaded modules is now a dynamically allocated one
        and not the original statically list from modules.c
     2. The loaded modules are now correctly setup by LoadModule for
        later use by the AddModule command.
     3. When the DSO mechanism for modules is used APACI's `install'
        target now enables all created `LoadModule' lines per default because
        this is both already expected by the user _and_ needed to avoid
        confusion with the next point and reduces the Makefile.tmpl complexity
     4. When the DSO mechanism for modules is used, APACI's `install'
        target now additionally makes sure the module list is reconstructed
        via a complete `ClearModuleList+AddModule...' entry.
     5. The support tool `apxs' now also makes sure an AddModule command
        is added in addition to the LoadModule command.
     6. The modules.c generation was extended to now contain two
        comments to make sure no one is confused by the confusing terminology
        of loading/linking (we use load=link+load & link=activate instead of
        the obvious load=activate & link=link :-( )
     This way now there is no longer a difference under execution time between
     statically and dynamically linked modules.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Fix the generated mod_xxx.c from "apxs -g -f xxx" after the
     Big Symbol Renaming. [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Add a comment to mod_example.c showing the format of a FLAG command
     handler.  [Ken Coar]

  *) Standardized the time format in mod_status to match that of other 
     places in the code (e.g. DATE_GMT).  PR#1551

  *) Fix handling of %Z in timefmt strings for those platforms with no time
     zone information in their tm struct. [Paul Eggert <>]

  *) Makes mod_rewrite, mod_log_config, mod_status and the ServerSignature 
     feature compatible with 'UseCanonicalName off' by changing  
     r->server->server_hostname to ap_get_server_name().  And I changed some 
     functions which use r->server->port to use ap_get_server_port() instead, 
     because if there's no Port directive in the config r->server->port is 0.
     [Lars Eilebrecht]

  *) get/set_module_config are trivial enough to be better off inline.  Worth
     1.5% performance boost. [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Fix off-by-one error in ap_proxy_date_canon() in proxy_util.c
     when ensuring 'x' is at least 30-chars big. [Jim Jagielski,
     Brian Behlendorf]

  *) [BS2000 security] BS2000 needs an extra authentication to initialize
     the task environment to the unprivileged User id. Otherwise CGI scripts
     would have a way to gain super user access. [Martin Kraemer]

  *) Fix debug log messages for BS2000/OSD: instead of logging the whole
     absolute path, only log base name of logging source as is done
     in unix. [Martin Kraemer]

  *) Ronald Tschalaer's Accept-Encoding patch - preserve the "x-" in
     the encoding type from the Accept-Encoding header (if it's there)
     and use it in the response, as that's probably what it'll be expecting.

  *) Fix to mod_alias: translate_alias_redir is dealing with
     a URI, not a filename, so the check for drive letters for win32 
     and emx is not necessary. [Dean Gaudet]

  *) WIN32: Allow .cmd as an executable extension.
     [Kari Likovuori <>] PR#2146

  *) Make Apache header files, and some variables, C++ friendly.
     [Michael Anderson's <>]

  *) Child processes can now "signal" (by exiting with a status
     of APEXIT_CHILDFATAL) the parent process to abort and
     shutdown the server if the error in the child process was
     fatal enough. [Jim Jagielski]

  *) mod_autoindex's find_itme() was sensitive to MIME type case.
     [Jim Jagielski] PR#2112

  *) Make sure the referer_log and agent_log entries in the default httpd.conf
     file are also adjusted for the actual relative installation paths.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#2175

  *) WIN32: Extensive overhaul of the way UNCs are handled. [Ben Laurie]

  *) WIN32: Make roots of filesystems (e.g. c:/) work. [Ben Laurie]

  *) PORT: Various porting changes to support AIX 3.2, 4.1.5, 4.2 and 4.3.
     Additionally the checks for finding the vendor DSO library were moved
     from mod_so.c to Configure because first it needs $PLAT etc. and second
     mod_so already uses an abstraction layer and does not fiddle with the
     vendor functions itself.
     [Jens-Uwe Mager, Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) PORT: Some optimization defines for NetBSD
     [Jaromir Dolecek <>] PR#2165

  *) PORT: Dynamic Shared Object (DSO) support for NetBSD.
     [Jaromir Dolecek <>, Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#2158

  *) Add Dynamic Shared Object (DSO) support for AIX (at least 4.2 but older
     AIX variants should work fine, too. Even AIX 3.x should work). This is
     accomplished by using the free DSO emulation code from Jens-Uwe Mager
     which we put into a os/unix/os-dso-aix.c file.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]
  *) PORT: Fix compiler warnings under AIX >= 4.2 where the manual pages imply
     that we should use NET_SIZE_T == int but the include files force size_t.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Fix two bugs in select() handling in http_main.c.
     [Roy Fielding]

  *) Suppress "error(0)" messages for ap_log_error() when the APLOG_NOERRNO
     is unset (as it is in situations like timeouts) where it is unclear
     whether errno is set or not.  [Martin Kraemer]

  *) Just having APACI's localstatedir is too general and not enough for most
     of the systems. 1.3b6 again required manual APACI patches by package
     maintainers from Red Hat and FreeBSD because for their filesystem layout a
     little bit more flexibility in configuring the paths is needed. Hence we
     provide three additional configure options (--runtimedir, --logfiledir,
     --proxycachedir) which now can be used for more granular adjustments if
     --localstatedir is not enough to fit the particular needs. As a nice
     side-effect this reduces some subdir fiddling in configure+Makefile.tmpl.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Make the install root for "make install" in APACI's Makefile overrideable
     by package authors.  This way we are even more friendly to package
     maintainers (especially Debian and Red Hat) who build for the real prefix
     via "configure --prefix=/<real>" but use a different local prefix via
     "make root=/tmp/apache install" for rolling the package without bristling
     the target location on their system. 
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Workaround sed limitations in APACI's configure script by now
     substituting in chunks of 50 commands (because for instance HPUX's vendor
     sed has a limit of max. 98 commands)
     [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#2136

  *) Adding SOCKS5 support and fixing existing SOCKS4 support.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#2140

  *) Manually fix some symbols which were not renamed to prefix ap_ in the BIG
     RENAMING process because they are defined as pre-processor macros instead
     of real functions: bputc, bgetc, piped_log_write_fd, piped_log_read_fd
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Workaround braindead AWK's when generating ap_config.h: The split() and
     substr() functions cannot be nested under vendor AWK from Solaris 2.6.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#2139

  *) Various bugfixes and cleanups for the APACI configure script:
     o fix IFS handling for _nested_ situation
     o fix Perl interpreter search: take first one found instead of last one
     o fix DSO consistency check
     o print error messages to stderr instead of stdout
     o add install-quiet for --shadow situation to Makefile stub
     o reduce complexity by avoiding sed-hacks for rule and module list loops
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Fix DEBUG_CGI situation in mod_cgi.c [David MacKenzie] PR#2114

  *) Make sure the input field separator (IFS) shell variable is explicitly
     initialized correctly before _every_ `for' loop and also restored after
     the loops. [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Make sure that "make install" doesn't overwrite the `mime.types' and
     `magic' files from an existing Apache installation. Because people often
     customize these for own MIME and content types.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) PORT: Dynamic Shared Object (DSO) support for OpenBSD 2.x
     [Peter Galbavy, Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#2109

  *) Fix the path to the ScoreBoardFile in the install-config target, too.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#2105

  *) Let "configure" clear out the users parameters (provided as shell
     variables) to avoid side-effects in "src/Configure" when the user
     exported them (which is not needed, but some users do it). 
     [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#2101

  *) Provide backward compatibility from some old src/Configuration.tmpl
     parameter names to the canonical Autoconf-style shell variable names. For
     instance CFLAGS vs. EXTRA_CFLAGS. The EXTRA_xxx variants are accepted now
     but a hint message is displayed. [Ralf S. Engelschall]
  *) Make sure that "make install" doesn't overwrite the DocumentRoot and
     CGI scripts from an existing Apache installation. 
     [Ralf S. Engelschall, Jim Jagielski] PR#2084

  *) Make `configure --compat' more "compatible" by first 
     let the libexecdir default to EPREFIX/libexec instead of EPREFIX/bin and
     second by making sure the "avoid-bristling-suffix" /apache is not
     appended to sysconfdir, datadir, localstatedir and includedir when
     --compat is used. [Ralf S. Engelschall, Lars Eilebrecht]

  *) NeXT required strdup() in support/logresolve.c
     [Francisco Tomei <>] PR#2082

  *) AIX required sys/select.h in support/ab.c
     [Jens Schleusener <>] PR#2081

  *) Fix the path to the MimeMagicFile in the install-config target, too.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#2089

  *) PORT: Added HP-UX 11 patches [Jeff Earickson <>]

  *) If you start apache with the -S command line option it will dump
     out the parsed vhost settings.  This is useful for folks trying
     to figure out what is wrong with their vhost configuration.
     (Other dumps may be added in the future.) [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Add %pA, %pI, and %pp codes to ap_vformatter (and hence ap_bprintf,
     ap_snprintf, and ap_psprintf).  See include/ap.h for docs.
     [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Because /usr/local/apache is the default prefix the ``configure
     --compat'' option no longer has to set prefix, again. This way the
     --compat option honors a leading --prefix option. [Lars Eilebrecht]

  *) PORT: Cast the first argument of dlopen() in ap_os_dso_load()
     to `char *' under OSF1 and FreeBSD 2.x where it is defined this way
     to avoid "discard const" warnings. [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) If a specific handler is set for a file yet the request still
     ends up being handled by the default handler, log an error
     message before handling it.  This catches things such as trying 
     to use SSIs without mod_include enabled.  [Marc Slemko]

  *) Fix error logging for the startup case where ap_log_error() still uses
     stderr as the target. Now the default log level is honored here, too.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]
  *) PORT: Make sure some AWK's don't fail in src/Configure with "string too
     long" errors when generating the MODULES entry for src/Makefile
     [Ben Hyde, Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Make sure src/Configure doesn't complain about the old directory
     /usr/local/etc/httpd/ when APACI is used.  [Lars Eilebrecht]
Changes with Apache 1.3b6

  *) PORT: Clean up warnings on Ultrix and HPUX.  [Ben Hyde]
  *) Adding DSO support for the HP/UX platform by emulating the dlopen-style
     interface via the similar but proprietary HP/UX shl_xxx-style system
     calls. [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) PORT: Updated UnixWare 2.0.x and 2.1.x entries for DSO support and made
     APACI Makefile.tmpl "install" target more robust for sensible UnixWare
     Make. [Ralf S. Engelschall]

     To avoid symbol clashes with third-party code compiled into the server,
     we globally applied the prefix "ap_" to the following classes of
        - Apache provided general functions (e.g., ap_cpystrn)
        - Public API functions (e.g., palloc, bgets)
        - Private functions which we can't make static (because of
          cross-object usage) but should be (e.g., new_connection)
     For backward source compatibility a new header file named compat.h was
     created which provides defines for the old symbol names and can be used
     by third-party module authors.
     [The Apache Group]

  *) Added dynamic shared object (DSO) support for SVR4-derivates: The
     problem under SVR4 is that there is no command flag to force the linker
     to export the global symbols of the httpd executable therewith they are
     available to the DSO's. Instead of problematic hacks like creating a file (containing dummy references to all global symbols) the
     httpd binary is linked against, we use a clean trick stolen from Perl 5:
     Placing the Apache core code itself into a DSO library named
     This way the global symbols _HAVE_ to be exported and thus are available
     to any manually loaded DSO's under runtime. To reduce the impact to the
     user to null we go even further and create a stub httpd executable which
     automatically keeps track of the DSO library loading itself and thus
     hides the complete mechanism from the user. Although the generation of
     this DSO library is automatically triggered for platforms which
     essentially need it (mostly all SVR4-derivates) it can be also enabled
     manually via the Rule SHARED_CORE. This can be interesting in the future
     where we perhaps exploit this mechanism for providing nifty
     features like graceful upgrades, or whatever. 
     [Ralf S. Engelschall, Martin Kraemer]

  *) Build the libraries before building the rest of the tools. [Ben Hyde]

  *) Add "distclean" target to src/-Makefiles to provide "make distclean" also
     inside the src subtree (i.e. for non-APACI users). Following GNU Makefile
     conventions while "clean" removes only stuff created by "all" targets,
     "distclean" additionally removes the stuff from the configuration
     process. This way "make distclean" (hence the name) provides a fresh
     source tree as it was for distribution.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Allow top-level (APACI) Makefile to break on build errors
     the same way the src/ subtree Makefiles breaks on them by replacing the
     initial APACI sed-subdir-display-kludge with a more clean
     variable-passing-solution: variable SDP can optionally hold the subdir
     prefix which is consistently used for displaying the subdir movement.
     This way even the top-level Makefile can stop correctly on errors as the
     user expects. [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Fixed ordering of argument checks for RewriteBase directive.
     [Todd Eigenschink <>] PR#2045

  *) Change Win32 IS_MODULE to SHARED_MODULE to match Unix' method of
     indicating that a module is being compiled for dynamic loading. Also
     remove #define IS_MODULE from modules and add SHARED_MODULE define
     to the mak/dsp files. [Alexei Kosut]

  *) Reduce logging level of "normal" warning messages to APLOG_INFO,
     since we are now logging APLOG_WARNING by default. [Roy Fielding]

  *) PORT: OS/2 tweak to deal with multiple .exe targets. [Brian Havard]
  *) Add documentation file and src/Configuration.tmpl entry for the
     experimental mod_mmap_static module. Because although it is and marked as
     an experimental one it is distributed and thus should be documented and
     prepared for configuration the same way as all others modules. 
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Add query (-q) option to apxs support tool to be able to manually query
     specific settings from apxs. This is needed for instance when you
     manually want to access Apache's header files and you need to assemble
     the -I option.  Now you can do -I`apxs -q INCLUDEDIR`.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Now src/Configure uses a fallback strategy for the shared object support
     on platforms where no explicit information is available: If a Perl
     installation exists we ask it about its shared object support and if it's
     the dlopen-style one we shamelessly guess the compiler and linker flags
     for creating shared objects from Perls knowledge. Of course, the user is
     warning about what we are doing and informed that he should send us
     the guessed flags when they work. [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Provide APACI --without-support option to be able to disable the build
     and installation of the support tools from the src/support/ area.
     Although its useful to have these installed per default we should provide
     a way to compile and install without them for backward-compatibility.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Add of the new APache eXtenSion (apxs) support tool for building and
     installing modules into an _already installed_ Apache package through the
     dynamic shared object (DSO) mechanism [mod_so.c]. The trick here is that
     this approach actually doesn't need the Apache source tree.  The
     (APACI-installed) server package is enough, because this now includes the
     Apache C header files (PREFIX/include) and the new APXS tool
     (SBINDIR/apxs).  The intend is to provide a handy tool for third-party
     module authors to build their Apache modules _OUTSIDE_ the Apache source
     tree while avoiding them to fiddle around with the totally platform
     dependend way of compiling DSO files. The tool supports all ranges of
     modules, from trivial ones (single mod_foo.c) to complex ones (like PHP3
     which has a mod_php3.c plus a pre-built libmodphp3-so.a) and even can
     on-the-fly generate a minimalistic Makefile and sample module for the
     first step to provide both a quick success event and to demonstrate the
     APXS mechanism to module authors. [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Fix core dumps in use of CONNECT in proxy.  
     [] PR#1326, #1573, #1942

  *) Modify the log directives in httpd.conf-dist files to use CustomLog
     so that users have examples of how CustomLog can be used.
     [Lars Eilebrecht]

  *) Add the new Apache Autoconf-style Interface (APACI) for the top-level of
     the Apache distribution tree.  Until Apache 1.3 there was no real
     out-of-the-box batch-capable build and installation procedure for the
     complete Apache package. This is now provided by a top-level "configure"
     script and a corresponding top-level "Makefile.tmpl" file.  The goal is
     to provide a GNU Autoconf-style frontend which is capable to both drive
     the old src/Configure stuff in batch and additionally installs the
     package with a GNU-conforming directory layout. Any options from the old
     configuration scheme are available plus a lot of new options for flexibly
     customizing Apache. [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) The floating point ap_snprintf code wasn't threadsafe.
     Had to remove the HAVE_CVT macro in order to do threadsafe
     calling of the ?cvt() floating point routines.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) PORT: Add the SCO_SV port. [Jim Jagielski] PR#1962

  *) PORT: IRIX needs the -n32 flag iff using the 'cc' compiler
     [Jim Jagielski] PR#1901

  *) BUG: Configure was using TCC and CC inconsistently. Make sure
     Configure knows which CC we are using. [Jim Jagielski]

  *) "Options +Includes" wasn't correctly merged if "+IncludesNoExec"
     was defined in a parent directory. [Lars Eilebrecht]

  *) API: ap_snprintf() code mutated into ap_vformatter(), which is
     a generic printf-style routine that can call arbitrary output
     routines.  Use this to replace http_bprintf.c.  Add new routines
     psprintf(), pvsprintf() which allocate the exact amount of memory
     required for a string from a pool.  Use psprintf() to clean up
     various bits of code which used ap_snprintf()/pstrdup().
     [Dean Gaudet]

  *) PORT: HAVE_SNPRINTF doesn't do anything any longer.  This is because
     ap_snprintf() has different semantics and formatting codes than
     snprintf().  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) SIGXCPU and SIGXFSZ are now reset to SIG_DFL at boot-time.  This
     is necessary on at least Solaris where the /etc/rc?.d scripts
     are run with these signals ignored, and "SIG_IGN" settings are
     maintained across exec().
     [Rein Tollevik <>] PR#2009

  *) Fix the check for symbolic links in ``RewriteCond ... -l'': stat() was
     used instead of lstat() and thus this flag didn't work as expected.
     [Rein Tollevik <>] PR#2010

  *) Fix the proxy pass-through feature of mod_rewrite for the case of
     existing QUERY_STRING now that mod_proxy was recently changed because of
     the new URL parsing stuff. [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) A few changes to scoreboard definitions which helps gcc generate
     better code.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) ANSI C doesn't guarantee that "int foo : 2" in a structure will
     be a signed bitfield.  So mark a few bitfields as signed to
     ensure correct code.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) The default for HostnameLookups was changed to Off, but there
     was a problem and it wasn't taking effect. [Dean Gaudet]

  *) PORT: Clean up undefined signals on some platforms (SCO, BeOS).
     [Dean Gaudet]

  *) After a SIGHUP the listening sockets in the parent weren't
     properly marked for closure on fork().
     [Jürgen Keil <>] PR#2000
  *) Allow %2F in two situations: 1) it is in the query part of the URI,
     therefore not exposed to %2F -> '/' translations and 2) the request
     is a proxy request, so we're not dealing with a local resource anyway.
     Without this, the proxy would fail to work for any URL's with
     %2f in them (occurs quite often in
     http://.../cgi-bin/...?http%3A%2F%2F... references) [Martin Kraemer]

  *) Protect against FD_SETSIZE mismatches.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Make the shared object compilation command more portable by avoiding
     the direct combination of `-c' & `-o' which is not honored by some
     compilers like UnixWare's cc. [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) WIN32: the proxy was creating filenames missing the last four
     characters.  While this normally doesn't stop anything from 
     working, it can result in extra collisions.  
     [Tim Costello <>] PR#1890

  *) Now mod_proxy uses the response string (in addition to the response status
     code) from the already used FTP SIZE command to setup the Content-Length
     header if available. [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#1183

  *) Reanimated the (still undocumented) proxy receive buffer size directive:
     Renamed from ReceiveBufferSize to ProxyReceiveBufferSize because the old
     name was really too generic, added documentation for this directive to
     the mod_proxy.html and corrected the hyperlink to it in the
     new_features_1.3.html document.  [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#1348

  *) Fix a bug in the src/helpers/fp2rp script and make it a little bit
     faster [Martin Kraemer]
  *) Make Configure die when you give it an unknown command switch.
     [Ben Hyde]

  *) Add five new and fresh manpages for the support programs: dbmmanage.1,
     suexec.8, htdigest.1, rotatelogs.8 and logresolve.8.  Now all up-to-date
     and per default compiled support programs have manual pages - just to
     document our stuff a little bit more and to be able to do really
     Unix-like installations ;-) [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Major cleanups to the Configure script to make it and its generated
     Makefiles again readable and maintainable: add SRCDIR option, removed
     INCLUDES_DEPTH[0-2] kludge, cleanup of TARGET option, cleanup of
     generated sections, consequently added Makefile headers with inheritance
     information, added subdir movement messages for easier following where
     the build process currently stays (more verbose then standard Make, less
     verbose than GNU make), same style to comments in the Configure script,
     added Apache license header, fixed a few bugs, etc. [Ralf S. Engelschall]
  *) Add the new ApacheBench program "ab" to src/support/: This is derived
     from the ZeusBench benchmarking program and can be used to determine the
     response performance of an Apache installation. This version is
     officially licensed with Zeus Technology, Ltd. See the license agreement
     statements in <> in apache-core.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) API: Various core functions that are definately not part of the API
     have been made static, and a few have been marked API_EXPORT.  Still
     more have been marked CORE_EXPORT and are not intended for general
     use by modules.  [Doug MacEachern, Dean Gaudet]

  *) mod_proxy was not clearing the Proxy-Connection header from
     requests; now it does.  This did not violate any spec, however 
     causes poor interactions when you are talking to remote proxies.  
     [Marc Slemko] PR#1741

  *) Various cleanups to the command line interface and manual pages.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) cfg_getline() was not properly handling lines that did not end
     with a line termination character.  [Marc Slemko] PR#1869, 1909

  *) Performance tweak to mod_log_config.  [Dmitry Khrustalev]

  *) Clean up some undocumented behavior of mod_setenvif related to
     "merging" two SetEnvIf directives when they match the same header
     and regex.  Document that mod_setenvif will perform comparisons in
     the order they appear in the config file.  Optimize mod_setenvif by
     doing more work at config time rather than at runtime.
     [Dean Gaudet]

  *) src/include/ap_config.h now wraps it's #define's with #ifndef/#endif's
     to allow for modules to overrule them and to reduce redefinition
     warnings [Jim Jagielski]

  *) [PORT] For A/UX change the OS-#define for -DAUX to -DAUX3.
     [Jim Jagielski]

  *) Making the hard-coded cross-module function call mime_find_ct() (from
     mod_proxy to mod_mime) obsolete by making sure the API hook for MIME type
     checking is really called even for proxy requests except for URLs with
     HTTP schemes (because there we can optimize by not running the type
     checking hooks due to the fact that the proxy gets the MIME Content-type
     from the remote host later). This change cleans up mod_mime by removing
     the ugly export kludge, makes the one-liner file mod_mime.h obsolete, and
     especially unbundles mod_proxy and mod_mime. This way they both now can
     be compiled as shared objects and are no longer tied together. 
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) util.c cleanup and speedup. [Dean Gaudet]

  *) API: Clarification, pstrndup() will always copy n bytes of the source
     and NUL terminate at the (n+1)st byte.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Mark module command_rec and handler_rec structures const so that they
     end up in the read-only data section (and are friendlier to systems
     that don't do optimistic memory allocation on fork()). [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Add check to the "Port" directive to make sure the specified 
     port is in the appropriate range.  [Ben Hyde]

  *) Performance improvements to invoke_handler().
     [Dmitry Khrustalev <>]

  *) Added support for building shared objects even for library-style modules
     (which are built from more than one object file). This now provides the
     ability to build mod_proxy as a shared object module. Additionally
     modules like mod_example are now also supported for shared object
     building because the generated Makefiles now no longer assume there is at
     least one statically linked module. [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) API: Clarify usage of content_type, handler, content_encoding,
     content_language and content_languages fields in request_rec.  They
     must always be lowercased; and the strings pointed to shouldn't
     be modified (you must copy them to modify them).  Fix a few bugs
     related to this.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) API: Clarification: except for RAW_ARGS, all command handlers can
     treat the char * parameters as permanent, and modifiable.  There
     is no need to pstrdup() them.  Clean up some needless pstrdup().
     [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Now mod_so keeps track of which module shared objects with which names
     are loaded and thus avoids multiple loading and unloading and irritating
     error_log messages. [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Prior to the existence of mod_setenv it was necessary to tweak the TZ
     environment variable in the apache core.  But that tweaking interferes
     with mod_setenv.  So don't tweak if the user has specified an explicit
     TZ variable.  [Jay Soffian <>] PR#1888

  *) rputs() did not calculate r->sent_bodyct properly.
     [Siegmund Stirnweiss <>] PR#1900

  *) The CGI spec says that REMOTE_HOST should be set to the remote hosts's
     name, or left unset if this value is unavailable.  Apache was setting
     it to the IP address when unavailable.
     [Tony Finch <>] PR#1925

  *) Various improvements to the configuration and build support for compiling
     modules as shared objects. Especially Solaris 2.x, SunOS 4.1, IRIX and
     OSF1 support with GCC and vendor compilers was added.  This way shared
     object support is now provided out-of-the-box for FreeBSD, Linux,
     Solaris, SunOS, IRIX and OSF1. In short: On all major platforms!
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Minor cleanup in http_main -- split QNX and OS2 specific "mmap"
     scoreboard code into separate #defines -- USE_POSIX_SCOREBOARD
     and USE_OS2_SCOREBOARD.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Fix one more special locking problem for RewriteMap programs in
     mod_rewrite: According to the documentation of flock(), "Locks are on
     files, not file descriptors.  That is, file descriptors duplicated
     through dup(2) or fork(2) do not result in multiple instances of a lock,
     but rather multiple references to a single lock. If a process holding a
     lock on a file forks and the child explicitly unlocks the file, the
     parent will lose its lock.". To overcome this we have to make sure the
     RewriteLock file is opened _AFTER_ the childs were spawned which is now
     the case by opening it in the child_init instead of the module_init API
     hook. [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#1029

  *) Change to Location and LocationMatch semantics.  LocationMatch no
     longer lets a single slash match multiple adjacent slashes in the
     URL.  This change is for consistency with RewriteRule and
     AliasMatch.  Multiple slashes have meaning in URLs that they do
     not have in (some) filesystems.  Location on the other hand can
     be considered a shorthand for a more complicated regex, and it
     does match multiple slashes with a single slash -- which is
     also consistent with the Alias directive.
     [Dean Gaudet] related PR#1440

  *) Fix bug with mod_mime_magic causing certain files, including files
     of length 0, to result in no response from the server.
     [Dean Gaudet]

  *) The Configure script now generates src/include/ap_config.h which
     contains the set of defines used when Apache is compiled on a platform.
     This file can then be included by external modules before including
     any Apache header files in case they are being built separately from
     Apache.  Along with this change, a couple of minor changes were
     made to make Apache's #defines coexist peacefully with any autoconf
     defines an external module might have. [Rasmus Lerdorf]

  *) Fix mod_rewrite for the ugly API case where <VirtualHost> sections exist
     but without any RewriteXXXXX directives. Here mod_rewrite is given no
     chance by the API to initialize its per-server configuration and thus
     receives the wrong one from the main server. This is now avoided by
     remembering the server together with the config structure while
     configuring and later assuming there is no config when we see a
     difference between the remembered server and the one calling us. 
     [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#1790

  *) Fixed the DBM RewriteMap support for mod_rewrite: First the support now
     is automatically disabled under configure time when the dbm_xxx functions
     are not available. Second, two heavy source code errors in the DBM
     support code were fixed.  This makes DBM RewriteMap's usable again after
     a long time of brokenness. [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#1696

  *) Now all configuration files support Unix-style line-continuation via 
     the trailing backslash ("\") character. This enables us to write down
     complex or just very long directives in a more readable way.  The
     backslash character has to be really the last character before the
     newline and it has not been prefixed by another (escaping) backslash.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) When using ProxyPass the ?querystring was not passed correctly.
     [Joel Truher <>]

  *) To deal with modules being compiled and [dynamically] linked
     at a different time from the core, the SERVER_VERSION and
     SERVER_BUILT symbols have been abstracted through the new
     API routines apapi_get_server_version() and apapi_get_server_built().
     [Ken Coar]  PR#1448

  *) WIN32: Preserve trailing slash in canonical path (and hence
	   in PATH_INFO). [Paul Sutton, Ben Laurie]

  *) PORT: USE_PTHREAD_SERIALIZED_ACCEPT has proven unreliable
     depending on the rev of Solaris and what mixture of modules
     are in use.  So it has been disabled, and Solaris is back to
     using USE_FCNTL_SERIALIZED_ACCEPT.  Users may experiment with
     USE_PTHREAD_SERIALIZED_ACCEPT at their own risk, it may speed
     up static content only servers.  Or it may fail unpredictably.
     [Dean Gaudet] PR#1779, 1854, 1904

  *) mod_test_util_uri.c created which tests the logic in util_uri.c.
     [Dean Gaudet]

  *) API: Rewrite of absoluteURI handling, and in particular how
     absoluteURIs match vhosts.  Unless a request is a proxy request, a
     "http://host" url is treated as if a similar "Host:" header had been
     supplied.  This change was made to support future HTTP/1.x protocols
     which may require clients to send absoluteURIs for all requests.

     In order to achieve this change subtle changes were made to the API.  In a
     request_rec, r->hostlen has been removed.  r->unparsed_uri now exists so
     that the unmodified uri can be retrieved easily.  r->proxyreq is not set
     by the core, modules must set it during the post_read_request or
     translate_names phase.

     Plus changes to the virtualhost test suite for absoluteURI testing.

     This fixes several bugs with the proxy proxying requests to vhosts
     managed by the same httpd.
     [Dean Gaudet]

  *) API: Cleanup of code in http_vhost.c, and remove vhost matching
     code from mod_rewrite.  The vhost matching is now performed by a
     globally available function matches_request_vhost().  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Reduce memory usage, and speed up ServerAlias support.  As a
     side-effect users can list multiple ServerAlias directives
     and they're all considered.
     [Chia-liang Kao <>] PR#1531

  *) The "poly" directive in image maps did not include the borders of the
     polygon, whereas the "rect" directive does.  Fix this inconsistency.
     [Konstantin Morshnev <>] PR#1771

  *) Make \\ behave as expected.  []

  *) Add the `%a' construct to LogFormat and CustomLog to log the client IP
     address. [Todd Eigenschink <>] PR#1885

  *) API: A new source module main/util_uri.c; It contains a routine
     parse_uri_components() and friends which breaks a URI into its component
     parts.  These parts are stored in a uri_components structure called
     parsed_uri within each request_rec, and are available to all modules.
     Additionally, an unparse routine is supplied which re-assembles the URI
     components back to an URI, optionally hiding the username:password@ part
     from ftp proxy requests, and other useful routines.  Within the structure,
     you find on a ready-for-use basis:
	scheme;     /* scheme ("http"/"ftp"/...) */
	hostinfo;   /* combined [user[:password]@]host[:port] */
	user;       /* user name, as in http://user:passwd@host:port/ */
	password;   /* password, as in http://user:passwd@host:port/ */
	hostname;   /* hostname from URI (or from Host: header) */
	port_str;   /* port string (integer representation is in "port") */
	path;       /* the request path (or "/" if only scheme://host was given) */
	query;      /* Everything after a '?' in the path, if present */
	fragment;   /* Trailing "#fragment" string, if present */
     This is meant to serve as the platform for *BIG* savings in
     code complexity for the proxy module (and maybe the vhost logic).
     [Martin Kraemer]

  *) Make all possible meta-construct expansions ($N, %N, %{NAME} and
     ${map:key}) available for all location where a string is created in
     mod_rewrite rewriting rulesets: 1st arg of RewriteCond, 2nd arg of
     RewriteRule and for the [E=NAME:STRING] flag of RewriteRule. This way the
     possible expansions are consequently usable at all string creation
     locations. [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Fix initialization of RewriteLogLevel (default now is 0 as documented 
     and not 1) and the per-virtual-server merging of directives. Now all
     directives except `RewriteEngine' and `RewriteOption' are either
     completely overridden (default) or completely inherited (when
     `RewriteOptions inherit') is used. [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#1325

  *) Fix `RewriteMap' program lookup in situations where such maps are
     defined but disabled (`RewriteEngine off') in per-server context. 
     [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#1431

  *) Fix bug introduced in 1.3b4-dev, config with no Port setting would cause
     server to bind to port 0 rather than 80.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Fix long-standing problem with RewriteMap _programs_ under Unix derivates
     (like SunOS and FreeBSD) which don't accept the locking of pipes
     directly.  A new directive RewriteLock is introduced which can be used to
     setup a separate locking file which then is used for synchronization.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#1029

  *) WIN32: The server root is obtained from the registry key
     HKLM\SOFTWARE\Apache Group\Apache\<version> (version is currently
     "1.3 beta"), unless overridden by the -d command line flag. The
     value is stored by running "apache -i -d serverroot". [Paul Sutton]

  *) Merged os/win32/mod_dll.c into modules/standard/mod_so.c to support
     dynamic loading on Win32 and Unix via the same module. [Paul Sutton]

  *) Now mod_rewrite no longer makes problematic assumptions on the characters
     a username can contain when trying to expand it via /etc/passwd. 
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) The mod_setenvif BrowserMatch backwards compatibility command did not
     work properly with spaces in the regex.  [Ronald Tschalaer] PR#1825

  *) Add new RewriteMap types: First, `rnd' which is equivalent to the `txt'
     type but with a special post-processing for the looked-up value: It
     parses it into alternatives according to `|' chars and then only one
     particular alternative is chosen randomly (this is an essential
     functionality needed for balancing between backend-servers when using
     Apache as a Reverse Proxy.  The looked up value here is a list of
     servers). Second, `int' with the built-in maps named `tolower' and
     `toupper' which can be used to map URL parts to a fixed case (this is an
     essential feature to fix the case of server names when doing mass
     virtual-hosting with the help of mod_rewrite instead of using
     <VirtualHost> sections). [Ralf S. Engelschall, parts based on code from
     Jay Soffian <>] PR#1631

  *) Add a new directive to mod_proxy similar to ProxyPass: `ProxyPassReverse'.
     This directive lets Apache adjust the URL in Location-headers on HTTP
     redirect responses sent by the remote server. This way the virtually
     mapped area is no longer left on redirects and thus by-passed which is
     especially essential when running Apache as a reverse proxy.  
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Hide Proxy-Authorization from CGI/SSI/etc just like Authorization is
     hidden. [Alvaro Martinez Echevarria]

  *) Apache will, when started with the -X (single process) debugging flag,
     honor the SIGINT or SIGQUIT signals again now. This capability got lost
     a while ago during OS/2 signal handling changes.

  *) [PORT] Work around the fact that NeXT runs on more than the
     m68k chips in mod_status [Scott Anguish and Timothy Luoma

  *) [PORT] Recognize FreeBSD versions so we can use the OS regex as well
     as handling unsigned-chars for FreeBSD v3 and v2 [Andrey Chernov
     <> and Jim] PR#1450

  *) Use SA_RESETHAND or SA_ONESHOT when installing the coredump handlers.
     In particular the handlers could trigger themselves into an infinite
     loop if RLimitMem was used with a small amount of memory -- too small
     for the signal stack frame to be set up.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Fix problems with absoluteURIs introduced during 1.3b4.  [Dean Gaudet,
     Alvaro Martinez Echevarria <>]

  *) Fix multiple UserDir problem introduced during 1.3b4-dev.
     [Dean Gaudet] PR#1850

  *) ap_cpystrn() had an off-by-1 error.
     [Charles Fu <>] PR#1847

  *) API: As Ken suggested the check_cmd_context() function and related
     defines are non-static now so modules can use 'em.  [Martin Kraemer]

  *) mod_info would occasionally produce an unpaired <tt> in its
     output. Fixed. [Martin Kraemer]

  *) By default AIX binds a process (and it's children) to a single
     processor.  httpd children now unbind themselves from that cpu
     and re-bind to one selected at random via bindprocessor()
     [Doug MacEachern]

  *) Linux 2.0 and above implement RLIMIT_AS, RLIMIT_DATA has almost no
     effect.  Work around it by using RLIMIT_AS for the RLimitMEM
     directive.  [Enrik Berkhan <>] PR#1816

  *) mod_mime_magic error message should indicate the filename when
     reads fail.  ["M.D.Parker" <>] PR#1827

  *) Previously Apache would permit </Files> to end <FilesMatch> (and
     similary for Location and Directory), now this is diagnosed as an
     error.  Improve error messages for mismatched sections (<Files>,
     <FilesMatch>, <Directory>, <DirectoryMatch>, ...).
     [Dean Gaudet, Martin Kraemer]

  *) <Files> is not permitted within <Location> (because of the
     semantic ordering).  [Dean Gaudet] PR#379

  *) <Files> with wildcards was broken by the change in wildcard
     semantics (* does not match /).  To fix this, <Files> now
     apply only to the basename of the request filename.  This
     fixes some other inconsistencies in <Files> semantics
     (such as <Files a*b> not working).  [Dean Gaudet] PR#1817

  *) Removed bogus "dist.tar" target from Makefile.tmpl and make sure
     backup files are removed on "clean" target [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) PORT: Add -lm to LIBS for HPUX.  [Dean Gaudet] PR#1639

  *) Various errors from select() and accept() in child_main() would
     result in an infinite loop.  It seems these two tickle kernel
     or library bugs occasionally, and result in log spammage and
     a generally bad scene.  Now the child exits immediately,
     which seems to be a good workaround.
     [Dean Gaudet] PR#1747, 1107, 588, 1787, 987, 588

  *) Cleaned up some race conditions in unix child_main during
     initialization. [Dean Gaudet]

  *) SECURITY: "UserDir /abspath" without a * in the path would allow
     remote users to access "/~.." and bypass access restrictions
     (but note /~../.. was handled properly).
     [Lauri Jesmin <>] PR#1701

  *) API: os_is_path_absolute() now takes a const char * instead of a char *.
     [Dean Gaudet]

Changes with Apache 1.3b5

  *) Source file dependencies in Makefile.tmpl files throughout the
     source tree were updated to accurately reflect reality.
     [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Preserve the content encoding given by the AddEncoding directive
     when the client doesn't otherwise specify an encoding.
     [Ronald Tschalaer <>]

  *) Sort out problems with canonical filename handling happening too late.
     [Dean Gaudet, Ben Laurie]

Changes with Apache 1.3b4

  *) The module structure was modified to include a *dynamic_load_handle
     has been bumped accordingly.  [Paul Sutton]

  *) All BrowserMatch directives mentioned in
     htdocs/manual/known_client_problems.html are in the default
     configuration files.  [Lars Eilebrecht]

  *) MiNT port update. [Jan Paul Schmidt]

  *) HTTP/1.1 requires x-gzip and gzip encodings be treated
     equivalent, similarly for x-compress and compress.  Apache
     now ignores a leading x- when comparing encodings.  It also
     preserves the encoding the client requests (for example if
     it requests x-gzip, then Apache will respond with x-gzip
     in the Content-Encoding header).
     [Ronald Tschalaer <>] PR#1772

  *) Fix a memory leak on keep-alive connections.  [Igor Tatarinov]

  *) Added mod_so module to support dynamic loading of modules on Unix
     (like mod_dld for Win32). This replaces mod_dld.c. Use SharedModule
     instead of AddModule in Configuration to build shared modules
     [Sameer Parekh, Paul Sutton]

  *) Minor cleanups to r->finfo handling in some modules.
     [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Abstract read()/write() to ap_read()/ap_write().
     Makes it easier to add other types of IO code such as SFIO.
     [Randy Terbush]

  *) API: Generalize default_port manipulations to make support of
     different protocols easier. [Ben Laurie, Randy Terbush]

  *) There are many cases where users do not want Apache to form
     self-referential urls using the "canonical" ServerName and Port.
     The new UseCanonicalName directive (default on), if set to off
     will cause Apache to use the client-supplied hostname and port.
     API: Part of this change required a change to the construct_url()
     prototype; and the addition of get_server_name() and
     [Michael Douglass <>, Dean Gaudet]
     PR#315, 459, 485, 1433

  *) Yet another rearrangement of the source tree.. now all the common
     header files are in the src/include directory.  The -Imain -Iap
     references in Makefiles have been changed to the simpler -Iinclude
     instead.  In addition to simplifying the build a little bit, this
     also makes it clear when a module is referencing something in a
     other than kosher manner (e.g., the proxy including mod_mime.h).
     Module-private header files (the proxy, mod_mime, the regex library,
     and mod_rewrite) have not been moved to src/include; nor have
     the OS-abstraction files.  [Ken Coar]

  *) Fix a bug where r->hostname didn't have the :port stripped
     from it.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Tweaked the headers_out table size, and the subprocess_env
     table size guess in rename_original_environment().  Added
     MAKE_TABLE_PROFILE which can help discover make_table()
     calls that use too small an initial guess, see alloc.c.
     [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Options and AllowOverride weren't properly merging in the main
     server setting inside vhosts (only an issue when you have no
     <Directory> or other section containing an Options that affects
     a request).  Options +foo or -foo in the main_server wouldn't
     affect the main_server's lookup defaults.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Variable 'cwd' was being used pointlessly before being set.
     [Ken Coar] PR#1738

  *) r->allowed handling cleaned up in the standard modules.
     [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Some case-sensitivity issues cleaned up to be consistent with
     RFC2068.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) SIGURG doesn't exist everywhere.
     [Mark Andrew Heinrich <heinrich@tinderbox.Stanford.EDU>]

  *) mod_unique_id was erroneously generating a second unique id when
     an internal redirect occured.  Such redirects occur, for example,
     when processing a DirectoryIndex match.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) API: table_add, table_merge, and table_set include implicit pstrdup()
     of the key and value.  But in many cases this is not required
     because the key/value is a constant, or the value has been built
     by pstrcat() or other similar means.  New routines table_addn,
     table_mergen, and table_setn have been added to the API, these
     routines do not pstrdup() their arguments.  The core code and
     standard modules were changed to take advantage of these routines.
     The resulting server is up to 20% faster in some situations.

     Note that it is easy to get code subtly wrong if you pass a key/value
     which is in a pool other than the pool of the table.  The only
     safe thing to do is to pass key/values which are in the pool of
     the table, or in one of the ancestors of the pool of the table.
     i.e. if the table is part of a subrequest, a value from the main
     request's pool is OK since the subrequest pool is a sub_pool of the
     main request's pool (and therefore has a lifespan at most as long as
     the main pool).  There is debugging code which can detect improper
     usage, enabled by defining POOL_DEBUG.  See alloc.c for more details.
     [Dmitry Khrustalev <>, Dean Gaudet]

  *) More mod_mime_magic cleanup:  fewer syscalls; should handle "files"
     which don't exist on disk more gracefully; handles vhosts properly.
     Update documentation to reflect the code -- if there's no
     MimeMagicFile directive then the module is not enabled.
     [Dean Gaudet]

  *) PORT: Some older *nix dialects cannot automatically start scripts
     which begin with a #! interpreter line (the shell starts the scripts
     appropriately on these platforms). Apache now supports starting of
     "hashbang-scripts" when the NEED_HASHBANG_EMUL define is set.
     [Martin Kraemer, with code from (Peter Wemm)
     taken from tcsh]

  *) API: "typedef array_header table" removed from alloc.h, folks should
     have been writing to use table as if it were an opaque type, but even
     some standard modules got this wrong.  By changing the definition
     to "typedef struct table table" module authors will receive compile
     time warnings that they're doing the wrong thing.  This change
     facilitates future changes with more sophisticated table
     structures.  Specifically, module authors should be using table_elts()
     to get access to an array_header * for the table. [Dean Gaudet]

  *) API: Renamed new_connection() to avoid namespace collision with LDAP
     library routines.  [Ken Coar, Rasmus Lerdorf]

  *) WIN32: mod_speling is now available on the Win32 platform.
     [Marc Slemko]

  *) For clarity the following compile time definition was changed:


     Also, for example, HAVE_MMAP would mean to use mmap() scoreboards
     and not be a general notice that the OS has mmap(). Now the
     HAVE_MMAP/SHMGET #defines strictly are informational that the
     OS has that method of shared memory; the type to use for
     the scoreboard is a seperate #define (USE_MMAP_SCOREBOARD
     and USE_SHMGET_SCOREBOARD). This allows outside modules to
     determine if shared memory is available and allows Apache
     to determine the best method to use for the scoreboard.
     [Jim Jagielski]

  *) PORT: UnixWare 2.1.2 SMP appears to require USE_FCNTL_SERIALIZED_ACCEPT,
     as do various earlier versions.  It should be safe on all versions.
     Unixware 1.x appears to have the same SIGHUP bug as solaris does with
     the slack code.  A few other cleanups for Unixware.
     [Tom Hughes <>] PR#1082, PR#1282, PR#1499, PR#1553

  *) PORT: A/UX can handle single-listen accepts without mutex
     locking, so we add SINGLE_LISTEN_UNSERIALIZED_ACCEPT. [Jim Jagielski]

  *) When die() happens we need to eat any request body if one exists.
     Otherwise we can't continue with a keepalive session.  This shows up
     as a POST problem with MSIE 4.0, typically against pages which are
     authenticated.  [Roy Fielding] PR#1399

  *) If you define SECURITY_HOLE_PASS_AUTHORIZATION then the Authorization
     header will be passed to CGIs.  This is generally a security hole, so
     it's not a default.  [Marc Slemko] PR#549

  *) Fix Y2K problem with date printing in suexec log.
     [Paul Eggert <>] PR#1343

  *) WIN32 deserves a pid file.  [Ben Hyde]

  *) suexec errors now include the errno/description.  [Marc Slemko] PR#1543

  *) PORT: OSF/1 now uses USE_FLOCK_SERIALIZED_ACCEPT to solve PR#467.
     The choice of flock vs. fcntl was made based on timings which showed that
     even on non-NFS, non-exported filesystems fcntl() was an order of
     magnitude slower.  It also uses SINGLE_LISTEN_UNSERIALIZED_ACCEPT so
     that single socket users will see no difference. [Dean Gaudet] PR#467

  *) "File does not exist" error message was erroneously including the
     errno.  [Marc Slemko]

  *) Improve the warning message generated when a client drops the
     connection (hits stop button, etc.) during a send.  [Roy Fielding]

  *) Defining GPROF will disable profiling in the parent and enable it
     in the children.  If you're profiling under Linux this is pretty much
     necessary because SIGPROF is lost across a fork(). [Dean Gaudet]

  *) htdigest and htpasswd needed slight tweaks to work on OS/2 and WIN32.
     [Brian Havard]

  *) The NeXT cc (which is gcc hacked up) doesn't appear to support some
     gcc functionality.  Work around it.
     [Keith Severson <>] PR#1613

  *) Some linkers complain when .o files contain no functions.
     [Keith Severson <>] PR#1614

  *) Some const declarations in mod_imap.c that were added for debugging
     purposes caused some compilers heartburn without adding any
     significant value, so they've been removed.  [Ken Coar]

  *) The src/main/*.h header files have had #ifndef wrappers added to
     insulate them against duplicate calls if they get included through
     multiple paths (e.g., in .c files as well as other .h files).
     [Ken Coar]

  *) The libap routines now have a header file for their prototypes,
     src/ap/ap.h, to ease their use in non-httpd applications.  [Ken Coar]

  *) mod_autoindex with a plaintext header file would emit the <PRE>
     start-tag before the HTML preamble, rather than after the preamble
     but before the header file contents.  [John Van Essen <>]

  *) SECURITY: Fix a possible buffer overflow in logresolve.  This is
     only an issue on systems without a MAXDNAME define or where
     the resolver returns domain names longer than MAXDNAME.  [Marc Slemko]

  *) SECURITY: Eliminate possible buffer overflow in cfg_getline, which
     is used to read various types of files such as htaccess and
     htpasswd files.  [Marc Slemko]

  *) SECURITY: Ensure that the buffer returned by ht_time is always
     properly null terminated.  [Marc Slemko]

  *) The "Connection" header could be sent back with multiple "close"
     tokens.  Not an error, but a waste.
     [] PR#1683

  *) mod_rewrite's RewriteLog should behave like mod_log_config, it
     shouldn't force hostname lookups.  [Dean Gaudet] PR#1684

  *) "basic" auth needs a case-insensitive comparison.
     [] PR#1666

  *) For maximum portability, the environment passed to CGIs should
     only contain variables whose names match the regex
     /[a-zA-Z][a-zA-Z0-9_]*/.  This is now enforced by stamping
     underscores over any character outside the regex.  This
     affects HTTP_* variables, in a way that should be backward
     compatible for all the standard headers; and affects variables
     set with SetEnv/BrowserMatch and similar directives.
     [Dean Gaudet]

  *) mod_speling returned incorrect HREF's when an ambigous match
     was found. Noticed by <> (Soeren Ziehe)
     [ (Soeren Ziehe), Martin Kraemer]

  *) PORT: Apache now compiles & runs on an EBCDIC mainframe
     (the Siemens BS2000/OSD family) in the POSIX subsystem
     [Martin Kraemer]

  *) PORT: Fix problem killing children when terminating.  Allow ^C
     to shut down the server.  [Brian Havard]

  *) pstrdup() is implicit in calls to table_* functions, so there's
     no need to do it before calling.  Clean up a few cases.
     [Marc Slemko, Dean Gaudet]

  *) new -C and -c command line arguments
     -C "directive" : process directive before reading config files
     -c "directive" : process directive after reading config files
     httpd -C "PerlModule Apache::httpd_conf"
     [Doug MacEachern, Martin Kraemer]

  *) WIN32: Fix the execution of CGIs that are scripts and called 
     with path info that does not have an '=' in.
     (eg. http://server/cgi-bin/printenv?foobar)  
     [Marc Slemko] PR#1591

  *) WIN32: Fix a call to os_canonical_filename so it doesn't try to 
     mess with fake filenames.  This fixes proxy caching on 
     win32. PR#1265

  *) SECURITY: General mod_include cleanup, including fixing several
     possible buffer overflows and a possible infinite loop.
     [Dean Gaudet, Marc Slemko]

  *) SECURITY: Numerous changes to mod_imap in a general cleanup
     including fixing a possible buffer overflow.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) WIN32: overhaul of multithreading code. Shutdowns are now graceful
     (connections are not dropped). Code can handle graceful restarts
     (but there is as yet no way to signal this to Apache). Various
     other cleanups. [Paul Sutton]

  *) The aplog_error changes specific to 1.3 introduced a buffer
     overrun in the (now legacy) log_printf function.  Fixed.
     [Dean Gaudet]

  *) mod_digest didn't properly deal with proxy authentication.  It
     also lacked a case-insensitive comparision of the "Digest"
     token.  [Ronald Tschalaer <>] PR#1599

  *) A few cleanups in mod_status for efficiency.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) A few cleanups in mod_info to make it thread-safe, and remove an
     off-by-5 bug that could hammer \0 on the stack. [Dean Gaudet]

  *) no2slash() was O(n^2) in the length of the input.  Make it O(n).
     [Dean Gaudet]

  *) API: migration from strncpy() to our "enhanced" version called
     ap_cpystrn() for performance and functionality reasons.
     Located in libap.a.  [Jim Jagielski]

  *) table_set() and table_unset() did not deal correctly with
     multiple occurrences of the same key. [Stephen Scheck
	 <>, Ben Laurie] PR#1604

  *) The AuthName must now be enclosed in quotes if it is to contain
     spaces.  [Ken Coar] PR#1195

  *) API: new function: ap_escape_quotes(). [Ken Coar] PR#1195

  *) WIN32: Work around optimiser bug that killed ISAPI in release
     versions. [Ben Laurie] PR#1533

  *) PORT: Update the MPE port [Mark Bixby, Jim Jagielski]

  *) Interim (slow) fix for p->sub_pool critical sections in
     alloc.c (affects win32 only).  [Ben Hyde]

  *) non-WIN32 was missing destroy_mutex definition.  [Ben Hyde]

  *) send_fd_length() did not calculate total_bytes_sent properly.
     [Ben Reser <>] PR#1366

  *) The bputc() macro was not properly integrated with the chunking
     code; in many cases modules using bputc() could cause completely
     bogus chunked output.  (Typically this will show up as problems
     with Internet Explorer 4.0 reading a page, but other browsers
     having no problem.) [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Create LARGE_WRITE_THRESHOLD define which determines how many
     bytes have to be supplied to bwrite() before it will consider
     doing a writev() to assemble multiple buffers in one system
     call.  This is critical for modules such as mod_include,
     mod_autoindex, mod_php3 which all use bputc()/bputs() of smaller
     strings in some cases.  The result would be extra effort
     setting up writev(), and in many cases extra effort building
     chunks.  The default is 31, it can be overriden at compile
     time. [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Move the gid switching code into the child so that log files
     and pid files are opened with the root gid.
     [Gregory A Lundberg <>]

  *) WIN32: Check for binaries by looking for the executable header
     instead of counting control characters.
	 [Jim Patterson <Jim.Patterson@Cognos.COM>] PR#1340

  *) ap_snprintf() moved from main/util_snprintf.c to ap/ap_snprintf.c
     so the functionality is available to applications other than the
     server itself (like the src/support tools).  [Ken Coar]

  *) ap_slack() moved out of main/util.c into ap/ap_slack.c as part of
     the libap consolidation work.  [Ken Coar]

  *) ap_snprintf() with a len of 0 behaved like sprintf().  This is not
     useful, and isn't what the standards require.  Now it returns 0
     and writes nothing.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) When an error occurs in fcntl() locking suggest the user look up
     the docs for LockFile.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Eliminate some dead code from writev_it_all().
     [Igor Tatarinov <>]

  *) mod_autoindex had an fread() without checking the result code.
     It also wouldn't handle "AddIconByType (TXT,/icons/text.gif text/*"
     (note the missing closing paren) properly.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) It appears the "257th byte" bug (see
     htdocs/manual/misc/known_client_problems.html#257th-byte) can happen
     at the 256th byte as well.  Fixed.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) PORT: Fix mod_mime_magic under OS/2, no support for block devices.
     [Brian Havard]

  *) Fix memory corruption caused by allocating auth usernames in the
     wrong pool.  [Dean Gaudet] PR#1500

  *) Fix an off-by-1, and an unterminated string error in
     mod_mime_magic.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Fix a potential SEGV problem in mod_negotiation when dealing
     with type-maps.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Better glibc support under Linux.  [Dean Gaudet] PR#1542

  *) "RedirectMatch gone /" would cause a SIGSEGV. [Dean Gaudet] PR#1319

  *) WIN32: avoid overflows during file canonicalisations.
     [] PR#1378

  *) WIN32: set_file_slot() didn't detect absolute paths. [Ben Laurie]
     PR#1511, 1508

  *) WIN32: mod_status display header didn't match fields. [Ben Laurie]

  *) The pthread_mutex_* functions return an error code, and don't
     set errno.  [Igor Tatarinov <>]

  *) WIN32: Allow spaces to prefix the interpreter in #! lines.
     [Ben Laurie] PR#1101

  *) WIN32: Cure file leak in CGIs. [Peter Tillemans <>] PR#1523

  *) proxy_ftp: the directory listings generated by the proxy ftp module
     now have a title in which the path components are clickable and allow
     quick navigation to the clicked-on directory on the currently listed
     ftp server. This also fixes a bug where the ".." directory links would
     sometimes refer to the wrong directory.  [Martin Kraemer]

  *) WIN32: Allocate the correct amount of memory for the scoreboard.
     [Ben Hyde] PR#1387

  *) WIN32: Only lowercase the part of the path that is real. [Ben Laurie]

  *) Fix problems with timeouts in inetd mode and -X mode.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Fix the spurious "(0)unknown error: mmap_handler: mmap failed"
     error messages. [Ben Hyde]

Changes with Apache 1.3b3

  *) WIN32: Work around brain-damaged spawn calls that can't deal
     with spaces and slashes.  [Ben Laurie]

  *) WIN32: Fix the code so CGIs can use socket calls on Windows.  
     The problem was that certain undocumented environment variables
	 needed for sockets to work under Win32 were not being passed.
     [Frank Faubert <>]

  *) Add a "-V" command line flag to the httpd binary.  This 
     flag shows some of the defines that Apache was compiled with.
     It is useful for debugging purposes.  [Martin Kraemer]

  *) Start separating the ap_*() routines into their own library, so they
     can be used by items in src/support among other things.  
     [Ken Coar] PR#512, 905, 1252, 1308 

  *) Give a more informative error when no AuthType is set.
     [Lars Eilebrecht]

  *) Remove strtoul() use from mod_proxy because it isn't available
     on all platforms.   [Marc Slemko] PR#1214

  *) WIN32: Some Win32 systems terminated all responses after 16 kB. 
     This turns out to be a bug in Winsock - select() doesn't always 
     return the correct status.  [Ben Laurie]

  *) Directives owned by http_core can now use the new check_cmd_context()
     routine to ensure that they're not being used within a container
     (e.g., <Directory>) where they're invalid.  [Martin Kraemer]

  *) PORT: Recent changes made it necessary to add explicit prototype
     for fgetc() and fgets() on SunOS 4.x.  [Martin Kraemer, Ben Hyde]

  *) It was necessary to distinguish between resources which are
     allocated in the parent, for cleanup in the parent, and resources
     which are allocated in each child, for cleanup in each child.
     A new pool was created which is passed to the module child_init
     and child_exit functions; modules are free to register per-child
     cleanups there.  This fixes a bug with reliable piped logs.
     [Dean Gaudet]

  *) mod_autoindex wasn't displaying the ReadmeName file at the bottom
     unless it was also doing FancyIndexes, but it displayed the
     HeaderName file at the top under all circumstances.  It now shows
     the ReadmeName file for simple indices, too, as it should.  
     [Ken Coar] PR#1373

  *) http_core was mmap()ing even in cases where it wasn't going to
     read the file.  [Ben Hyde <>]

  *) Complete rewrite ;-) of mod_rewrite's URL rewriting engine:
     Now the rewriting engine (the heart of mod_rewrite) is organized more
     straight-forward, first time well documented and reduced to the really
     essential parts. All redundant cases were stripped off and processing now
     is the same for both per-server and per-directory context with only a
     minimum difference (the prefix stripping in per-dir context). As a
     side-effect some subtle restrictions and two recently discovered problems
     are gone: Wrong escaping of QUERY_STRING on redirects in per-directory
     context and restrictions on the substitution URL on redirects.
     Additionally some minor source cleanups were done. 
     [Ralf S. Engelschall] 

  *) Lars Eilebrecht wrote a whole new set of Apache Vhost Internals
     documentation, examples, explanations and caveats. They live in a new
     subdirectory htdocs/manual/vhost/. [Lars Eilebrecht <>]

  *) If ap_slack fails to allocate above the low slack line it's a good
     indication that further problems will occur; it's a better indication
     than many external libraries give us when we actually run out of
     descriptors.  So report it to the user once per restart.
     [Dean Gaudet] PR#1181

  *) Change mod_include and mod_autoindex to use Y2K-safe date formats
     by default.  [Ken Coar]

  *) Add a "SuppressColumnSorting" option to the IndexOptions list,
     which will keep the column heading from being links for sorting
     the display.  [Ken Coar, suggested by Brian Tiemann <>]
     PR #1261

  *) PORT: Update the LynxOS port.  [Marius Groeger <>]

  *) Fix logic error when issuing a mmap() failed message
     with a non-zero MMAP_THRESHOLD.
     [David Chambers <>] PR#1294

  *) Preserve handler value on ProxyPass'ed requests by not
     calling find_types on a proxy'd request; fixes problems
     where some ProxyPass'ed URLs weren't actually passed
     to the proxy.
     [Lars Eilebrecht] PR#870

  *) Fix a byte ordering problem in mod_access which prevented
     the old-style syntax (i.e. "a.b.c." to match a class C)
     from working properly. [Dean Gaudet] PR#1248, 1328, 1384

  *) Fix problem with USE_FLOCK_SERIALIZED_ACCEPT not working
     properly. Each child needs to open the lockfile instead
     of using the passed file-descriptor from the parent. 
     [Jim Jagielski] PR#1056

  *) Fix the error logging in mod_cgi; the recent error log changes
     introduced a bug that prevented it from working correctly.
     [M.D.Parker] PR#1352

  *) Default to USE_FCNTL_SERIALIZED_ACCEPT on HPUX to properly 
     handle multiple Listen directives.  [Marc Slemko] PR#872

  *) Inherit a bugfix to fnmatch.c from FreeBSD sources.
     ["[KOI8-R] áÎÄÒÅÊ þÅÒÎÏ×" <>] PR#1311

  *) When a configuration parse complained about a bad directive,
     the logger would use whatever (unrelated) value was in errno.
     errno is now forced to EINVAL first in this case.  [Ken Coar]

  *) A sed command in the Configure script pushed the edge of POSIXness,
     breaking on some systems.  [Bhaba R.Misra <>] PR#1368

  *) Solaris >= 2.5 was totally broken due to a mess up using pthread
     mutexes.  [Roy Fielding, Dean Gaudet]

  *) OS/2 Port updated; it should be possible to build OS/2 from the same
     sources as Unix now.  [Brian Havard <>]

  *) Fix a year formatting bug in mod_usertrack.
     [Paul Eggert <>] PR#1342

  *) A mild SIGTERM/SIGALRM race condition was eliminated.
     [Dean Gaudet] PR#1211

  *) Warn user that default path has changed if /usr/local/etc/httpd
     is found on the system.  [Lars Eilebrecht]

  *) Various mod_mime_magic bug fixes and cleanups: Uncompression
     should work, it should work on WIN32, and a few resource
     leaks and abort conditions are fixed.
     [Dean Gaudet] PR#1205

  *) PORT: On AIX 1.x files can't be named '@', fix the proxy cache
     to use '%' instead of '@' in its encodings.
     [David Schuler <>] PR#1317

  *) Improve the warning message generated when the "server is busy".
     [Dean Gaudet] PR#1293

  *) PORT: All ports which don't otherwise define DEF_WANTHSREGEX will
     get Spencer regex by default.  This is to avoid having to
     discover bugs in operating system libraries.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) PORT: "Fix" PR#467 by generating warnings on systems which we have
     not been able to get working USE_*_SERIALIZED_ACCEPT settings for.
     Document this a bit more in src/PORTING.  [Dean Gaudet] PR#467

  *) Ensure that one copy of config warnings makes it to the
     error_log.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Invent new structure and associated methods to handle config file
     reading. Add "custom" hook to use config file cfg_getline() on
     something which is not a FILE*  [Martin Kraemer]

  *) Make single-exe Windows install. [Ben Laurie and Eric Esselink]

  *) WIN32: Make CGI work under Win95. [Ben Laurie and Paul Sutton]

  *) WIN32: Make index.html and friends work under Win95. [Ben Laurie]

  *) PORT: Solaris 2.4 needs Spencer regex, the system regex is broken.
	[John Line <>] PR#1321

  *) Default pathname has been changed everywhere to /usr/local/apache
     [Sameer <>]

	[David Bronder <>] PR#849

  *) PORT: i386 AIX does not have memmove.
     [David Schuler <>] PR#1267

  *) PORT: HPUX now defaults to using Spencer regex.
     [Philippe Vanhaesendonck <>,
     Omar Del Rio <>] PR#482, 1246

  *) PORT: Some versions of NetBSD don't automatically define
	    __NetBSD__.  Workaround by defining NETBSD.
     [Chris Craft <>] PR#977

  *) PORT: UnixWare 2.x requires -lgen for syslog.
     [Hans Snijder <>] PR#1249

  *) PORT: ULTRIX appears to not have syslog.
     [Lars Eilebrecht <>]

  *) PORT: Basic Gemini port (treat it like unixware212).
     ["Pavel Yakovlev (Paul McHacker)" <>]

  *) PORT: All SVR4 systems now use NET_SIZE_T = size_t, and
     [Martin Kraemer]

  *) Various improvements in detecting config file errors (missing closing
     directives for <Directory>, <Files> etc. blocks, prohibiting global
     server settings in <VirtualHost> blocks, flagging unhandled multiple
     arguments to <Directory>, <Files> etc.)
     [Martin Kraemer]

  *) Add support to suexec wrapper program for mod_unique_id's UNIQUE_ID
     variable to provide this one to suexec'd CGIs, too.
     [M.D.Parker <>] PR#1284

  *) New support tool: src/support/split-logfile, a sample Perl script which
     splits up a combined access log into separate files based on the
     name of the virtual host (listed first in the log records by "%v").
     [Ken Coar]

Changes with Apache 1.3b2 (there is no 1.3b1)

  *) TestCompile was not passing $LIBS [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Makefile.tmpl was not using $CFLAGS in the link phase. 
     [Martin Kraemer]

  *) Add debugging code to alloc.c.  Defining ALLOC_DEBUG provides a
     rudimentary memory debugger which can be used on live servers with
     low impact -- it sets all allocated and freed memory bytes to 0xa5.
     Defining ALLOC_USE_MALLOC will cause the alloc code to use malloc()
     and free() for each object.  This is far more expensive and should
     only be used for testing with tools such as Electric Fence and
     Purify.  See main/alloc.c for more details.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Configure uses a sh trap and didn't set its exitcode properly.
     [Dean Gaudet] PR#1159

  *) Yet another vhost revamp.  Add the NameVirtualHost directive which
     explicitly lists the ip:port pairs that are to be used for name-vhosts.
     From a given ip:port, regardless what the Host: header is, you can
     only reach the vhosts defined on that ip:port.  The precedence of
     vhosts was reversed to match other precedences in the config --
     the earlier vhosts override the later vhosts.  All vhost matching was
     moved into http_vhost.[ch].  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) ap_inline can be used to force inlining.  GNUC __attribute__() can
     be used for whatever reason is appropriate (i.e. format() warnings
     for printf style functions).  Both are enabled only with
     gcc >= 2.7.x (so that we have fewer support issues with older
     versions).  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Fix support for Proxy Authentication (we were testing the response
     status too early). [Marc Slemko]

  *) CoreDumpDirectory directive directs where the core file is
     written when a SIGSEGV, SIGBUS, SIGABORT or SIGABRT are
     received.  [Marc Slemko, Dean Gaudet]

  *) PORT: Support for Atari MINT.
     [Jan Paul Schmidt <>]

  *) When booting, apache will now detach itself from stdin, stdout,
     and stderr.  stderr will not be detached until after the config
     files have been read so you will be able to see initial error
     messages.  After that all errors are logged in the error_log.
     This makes it more convenient to start apache via rsh, ssh,
     or crontabs.  [Dean Gaudet] PR#523

  *) mod_proxy was sending HTTP/1.1 responses to ftp requests by mistake.
     Also removed the auto-generated link to that was the
     source of so many misdirected bug reports.  [Roy Fielding, Marc Slemko]

  *) send_fb would not detect aborted connections in some situations.
     [Dean Gaudet]

  *) mod_include would use uninitialized data when parsing certain
     expressions involving && and ||. [Brian Slesinsky] PR#1139

  *) mod_imap should only handle GET methods.  [Jay Bloodworth]

  *) suexec.c wouldn't build without -DLOG_EXEC. [Jason A. Dour]

  *) mod_autoindex improperly counted &escapes; as more than one
     character in the description.  It also improperly truncated
     descriptions that were exactly the maximum length.
     [Martin Kraemer]

  *) RedirectMatch was not properly escaping the result (PR#1155).  Also
     "RedirectMatch /advertiser/(.*) $1" is now permitted.
     [Dean Gaudet]

  *) mod_include now uses symbolic names to check for request success
     and return HTTP errors, and correctly handles all types of
     redirections (previously it only did temporary redirect correctly).
     [Ken Coar, Roy Fielding]

  *) mod_userdir was modifying r->finfo in cases where it wasn't setting
     r->filename.  Since those two are meant to be in sync with each other
     this is a bug.  ["Paul B. Henson" <>]

  *) PORT: Support Unisys SVR4, whose uname returns mostly useless data.
     ["Kaufman, Steven E" <>]

  *) Inetd mode (which is buggy) uses timeouts without having setup the
     jmpbuffer. [Dean Gaudet] PR#1064

  *) Work around problem under Linux where a child will start looping
     reporting a select error over and over.
     [Rick Franchuk <>] PR#1107, 987, 588

  *) Fixed error in proxy_util.c when looping through multiple host IP
     addresses. [Lars Eilebrecht] PR#974

  *) If BUFFERED_LOGS is defined then mod_log_config will do atomic
     buffered writes -- that is, it will buffer up to PIPE_BUF (i.e. 4k)
     bytes before writing, but it will never split a log entry across a
     buffer boundary.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) API: the short_score record has been split into two pieces, one which
     the parent writes on, and one which the child writes on.  As part of
     this change the get_scoreboard_info() function was removed, and
     scoreboard_image was exported.  This change fixes a race condition
     in file based scoreboard systems, and speeds up changes involving the
     scoreboard in earlier 1.3 development.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) API: New register_other_child() API (see http_main.h) which allows
     modules to register children with the parent for maintenance.  It
     is disabled by defining NO_OTHER_CHILD.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) API: New piped_log API (see http_log.h) which implements piped logs,
     and will use register_other_child to implement reliable piped logs
     when it is available.  The reliable piped logs part can be disabled
     by defining NO_RELIABLE_PIPED_LOGS.  At the moment reliable piped
     logs is only available on Unix. [Dean Gaudet]

  *) API: set_last_modified() broken into set_last_modified(), set_etag(), and
     meets_conditions().  This allows conditional HTTP selection to be
     handled separately from the storing of the header fields, and provides
     the ability for CGIs to set their own ETags for conditional checking.
     [Ken Coar, Roy Fielding]  PR#895

  *) Changes to mod_log_config to allow naming of format strings.
     Format nicknames are defined with "LogFormat fmt nickname", and can
     be used with "LogFormat nickname" and "CustomLog logtarget nickname".
     [Ken Coar]

  *) New module, "mod_speling", which can help find files even when 
     the URL is slightly misspelled. [Martin Kraemer, Alexei Kosut]

  *) API: New function child_terminate() triggers the child process to
     exit, while allowing the child finish what it needs to for the
     current request first.  
     [Doug MacEachern, Alexei Kosut]

  *) Windows now defaults to using full status reports with mod_status.
     [Alexei Kosut] PR #1094

  *) *Really* disable all mod_rewrite operations if the engine is off.
     Some things (like RewriteMaps) were checked/performed even if they
     weren't supposed to be.  [Ken Coar] PR #991

  *) Implement a new timer scheme which eliminates the need to call alarm() all
     the time.  Instead a counter in the scoreboard for each child is used to
     show when the child has made forward progress.  The parent samples this
     counter every scoreboard maintenance cycle, and issues SIGALRM if no
     progress has been made in the timeout period.  This reduces the static
     request best-case syscall count to 22 from 29.  This scheme is only
     used by systems with memory-based scoreboards.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) The proxy now properly handles CONNECT requests which are sent
     to proxy servers when using ProxyRemote.  [Marc Slemko] PR#1024

  *) A script called apachectl has been added to the support 
     directory.  This script allows you to do things such as 
     "apachectl start" and "apachectl restart" from the command
     line.  [Marc Slemko]

  *) Modules and core routines are now put into libraries, which
     simplifies the link line tremendously (among other advantages).
     [Paul Sutton]

  *) Some of the MD5 names defined in Apache have been renamed to have
     an `ap_' prefix to avoid conflicts with routines supplied by
     external libraries.  [Ken Coar]

  *) Removal of mod_auth_msql.c from the distribution. There are many
     other options for databases today. Rather than offer one option,
     offer none at this time. mod_auth_msql and other SQL database
     authentication modules can be found at the Apache Module Registry. It would be nice to offer a generic
     mod_auth_sql option in the near future.

  *) PORT: BeOS support added [Alexei Kosut]

  *) Configure no longer accepts the -make option, since it creates
     Makefile on the fly based on Makefile.tmpl and Configuration.

  *) Apache now gracefully shuts down when it receives a SIGTERM, instead
     of forcibly killing off all its processes and exiting without
     cleaning up. [Alexei Kosut]

  *) API: A new field in the request_rec, r->mtime, has been added to
     avoid gratuitous parsing of date strings.  It is intended to hold
     the last-modified date of the resource (if applicable).  An
     update_mtime() routine has also been added to advance it if
     appropriate.  [Roy Fielding, Ken Coar]

  *) SECURITY: If a htaccess file can not be read due to bad permissions,
     deny access to the directory with a HTTP_FORBIDDEN.  The previous
     behavior was to ignore the htaccess file if it could not be read.
     This change may make some setups with unreadable htaccess files
     stop working.  [Marc Slemko] PR#817

  *) Add aplog_error() providing a mechanism to define levels of
     verbosity to the server error logging. This addition also provides
     the ability to log errors using syslogd. Error logging is configurable
     on a per-server basis using the LogLevel directive. Conversion
     of log_*() in progress. [Randy Terbush]

  *) Further enhance aplog_error() to not log filename, line number, and
     errno information when it isn't applicable. [Ken Coar, Dean Gaudet]

  *) WIN32: Canonicalise filenames under Win32. Short filenames are
     converted to long ones. Backslashes are converted to forward
     slashes. Case is converted to lower. Parts of URLs that do not
     correspond to files are left completely alone. [Ben Laurie]

  *) PORT: 2 new OSs added to the list of ports:
      Encore's UMAX V: Arieh Markel <>
      Acorn RISCiX: Stephen Borrill <>

  *) Add the server version (SERVER_VERSION macro) to the "server
     configured and running" entry in the error_log.  Also build an
     object file at link-time that contains the current time
     (SERVER_BUILT global const char[]), and include that in the
     message.  [Ken Coar]

  *) Set r->headers_out when sending responses from the proxy.
     This fixes things such as the logging of headers sent from
     the proxy.  [Marc Slemko] PR#659

  *) support/httpd_monitor is no longer distributed because the 
     scoreboard should not be file based if at all possible. Use
     mod_status to see current server snapshot.

  *) (set_file_slot): New function, allowing auth directives to be
     independent of the server root, so the server documents can be
     moved to a different directory or machine more easily.
     [David J. MacKenzie]

  *) If no TransferLog is given explicitly, decline
     to log.  This supports coexistence with other logging modules,
     such as the custom one that UUNET uses. [David J. MacKenzie]

  *) Check for titles in server-parsed HTML files.
     Ignore leading newlines and returns in titles.  The old behavior
     of replacing a newline after <title> with a space causes the
     title to be misaligned in the listing. [David J. MacKenzie]

  *) Change mod_cern_meta to be configurable on a per-directory basis.
     [David J. MacKenzie]

  *) Add 'Include' directive to allow inclusion of configuration
     files within configuration files. [Randy Terbush]

  *) Proxy errors on connect() are logged to the error_log (nothing
     new); now they include the IP address and port that failed
     (*that's* new).   [Ken Coar, Marc Slemko] PR#352

  *) Various architectures now define USE_MMAP_FILES which causes
     the server to use mmap() for static files.  There are two
     compile-time tunables MMAP_THRESHOLD (minimum number of bytes
     required to use mmap(), default is 0), and MMAP_SEGMENT_SIZE (maximum
     number of bytes written in one cycle from a single mmap()d object,
     default 32768).  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) API: Added post_read_request API phase which is run right after reading
     the request from a client, or right after an internal redirect.  It is
     useful for modules setting environment variables that depend only on
     the headers/contents of the request.  It does not run during subrequests
     because subrequests inherit pretty much everything from the main
     request. [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Added mod_unique_id which is used to generate a unique identifier for
     each hit, available in the environment variable UNIQUE_ID.
     [Dean Gaudet]

  *) init_modules is now called after the error logs have been opened.  This
     allows modules to emit information messages into the error logs.
     [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Fixed proxy-pass-through feature of mod_rewrite; Added error logging
     information for case where proxy module is not available. [Marc Slemko]

  *) PORT: Apache has need for mutexes to serialize its children around
     accept.  In prior versions either fcntl file locking or flock file
     locking were used.  The method is chosen by the definition of
     USE_xxx_SERIALIZED_ACCEPT in conf.h.  xxx is FCNTL for fcntl(),
     and FLOCK for flock().  New options have been added:
	- SYSVSEM to use System V style semaphores
	- PTHREAD to use POSIX threads (appears to work on Solaris only)
	- USLOCK to use IRIX uslock
     Based on timing various techniques, the following changes were made
     to the defaults:
	- Linux 2.x uses flock instead of fcntl
	- Solaris 2.x uses pthreads
	- IRIX uses SysV semaphores -- however multiprocessor IRIX boxes
	    work far faster if you -DUSE_USLOCK_SERIALIZED_ACCEPT
     [Dean Gaudet, Pierre-Yves Kerembellec <>,
     Martijn Koster <>]

  *) PORT: The semantics of accept/select make it very desirable to use
     mutexes to serialize accept when multiple Listens are in use.  But
     in the case where only a single socket is open it is sometimes
     redundant to serialize accept().  Not all unixes do a good job with
     potentially dozens of children blocked on accept() on the same
     socket.  It's now possible to define SINGLE_LISTEN_UNSERIALIZED_ACCEPT and
     the server will avoid serialization when listening on only one socket,
     and use serialization when listening on multiple sockets.
     [Dean Gaudet] PR#467

  *) Configure changes: TestLib replaced by TestCompile, which has
     some additional capability (such as doing a sanity check of
     the compiler and flags selected); the version of Solaris is now
     available via the #define value of SOLARIS2; IRIX n32bit libs
     now supported and selectable by new Configuration Rule: IRIXN32;
     We no longer default to -O2 optimization.  [Jim Jagielski]

  *) Updated Configure: Configuration now uses AddModule to specify
     module source or binary file location, relative to src directory.
     Modules can be dropped into modules/extra, or in their own 
     directory, and modules can come with a Makefile or Configure can 
     create one.  Modules can add compiler or library information to 
     generated Makefiles. [Paul Sutton]

  *) Source core re-organisation: distributed modules are now in 
     modules/standard. All other source code is in main. OS-specific
     code is in os/{unix,emx,win32} directories. [Paul Sutton]

  *) mod_browser has been removed, since it's replaced by mod_setenvif.
     [Ken Coar]

  *) Fix another long-standing bug in sub_req_lookup_file where it would
     happily skip past access checks on subdirectories looked up with
     relative paths.  (It's used by mod_dir, mod_negotiation,
     and mod_include.) [Dean Gaudet]

  *) directory_walk optimization to reduce an O(N*M) loop to O(N+M) where
     N is the number of <Directory> sections, and M is the number of
     components in the filename of an object.

     To achieve this optimization the following config changes were made:
	- Wildcards (* and ?, not the regex forms) in <Directory>s,
	  <Files>s, and <Location>s now treat a slash as a special
	  character.  For example "/home/*/public_html" previously would
	  match "/home/a/andrew/public_html", now it only matches things
	  like "/home/bob/public_html".  This mimics /bin/sh behaviour.
	- It's possible now to use [] wildcarding in <Directory>, <Files>
	  or <Location>.
	- Regex <Directory>s are applied after all non-regex <Directory>s.

    [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Fix a bug introduced in 1.3a1 directory_walk regarding .htaccess files
     and corrupted paths.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Enhanced and cleaned up the URL rewriting engine of mod_rewrite:
     First the grouped parts of RewriteRule pattern matches (parenthesis!) can
     be accessed now via backreferences $1..$9 in RewriteConds test-against
     strings in addition to RewriteRules subst string. Second the grouped
     parts of RewriteCond pattern matches (parenthesis!) can be accessed now
     via backreferences %1..%9 both in following RewriteCond test-against
     strings and RewriteRules subst string. This provides maximum flexibility
     through the use of backreferences.
     Additionally the rewriting engine was cleaned up by putting common
     code to the new expand_backrefs_inbuffer() function. 
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) When merging the main server's <Directory> and <Location> sections into
     a vhost, put the main server's first and the vhost's second.  Otherwise
     the vhost can't override the main server.  [Dean Gaudet] PR#717

  *) The <Directory> code would merge and re-merge the same section after
     a match was found, possibly causing problems with some modules.
     [Dean Gaudet]

  *) ip-based vhosts are stored and queried using a hashing function, which
     has been shown to improve performance on servers with many ip-vhosts.
     Some other changes had to be made to accommodate this:
	- the * address for vhosts now behaves like _default_
	- the matching process now is:
	    - match an ip-vhost directly via hash (possibly matches main
	    - if that fails, just pretend it matched the main server
	    - if so far only the main server has been matched, perform
		name-based lookups (ServerName, ServerAlias, ServerPath)
		*only on name-based vhosts*
	    - if they fail, look for _default_ vhosts
     [Dean Gaudet, Dave Hankins <>]

  *) dbmmanage overhaul:
     - merge dbmmanage and functionality, remove 
     - tie() to AnyDBM_File which will use one of DB_File, NDBM_File or
       GDBM_File (-ldb, -lndbm, -lgdbm) (trying each in that order)
     - provide better seed for rand
     - prompt for password as per getpass(3) (turn off echo, read from
       /dev/tty, etc.)
     - use "newstyle" crypt based on $Config{osname} ($^O)
     - will not add a user if already in database, use new `update' command
     - added `check' command to check a users' password
     - added `import' command to convert existing password text-files or 
       dbm files exported with `view'
     - more descriptive usage, general cleanup, 'use strict' clean, etc.
     [Doug MacEachern]

  *) Added psocket() which is a pool form of socket(), various places within
     the proxy weren't properly blocking alarms while registering the cleanup
     for its sockets.  bclose() now uses pclose() and pclosesocket().  There
     was a bug where the client socket was being close()d twice due a still
     registered cleanup.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) A few cleanups were made to reduce time(), getpid(), and signal() calls.
     [Dean Gaudet]

  *) PORT: AIX >= 4.2 requires -lm due to libc changes.
     [Jason Venner <>] PR#667

  *) Enable ``=""'' for RewriteCond directives to match against
     the empty string. This is the preferred way instead of ``^$''.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Fixed an infinite loop in mod_imap for references above the server root
     [Dean Gaudet] PR#748

  *) mod_proxy now has a ReceiveBufferSize directive, similar to
     SendBufferSize, so that the TCP window can be set appropriately
     for LFNs. [Phillip A. Prindeville]

  *) mod_browser has been replaced by the more general mod_setenvif
     (courtesy of Paul Sutton).  BrowserMatch* directives are still
     available, but are now joined by SetEnvIf*, UnSetEnvIf*, and
     UnSetEnvIfZero directives.  [Ken Coar]

  *) "HostnameLookups double" forces double-reverse DNS to succeed in
     order for remote_host to be set (for logging, or for the env var
     REMOTE_HOST).  The old define MAXIMUM_DNS has been deprecated.
     [Dean Gaudet]

  *) mod_access overhaul:
     - Now understands network/netmask syntax (i.e.
	and cidr syntax (i.e.  PR#762
     - Critical path was sped up by pre-computing a few things at config
     - The undocumented syntax "allow user-agents" was removed,
	the replacement is "allow from env=foobar" combined with mod_browser.
     - When used with hostnames it now forces a double-reverse lookup
	no matter what the directory settings are.  This double-reverse
	doesn't affect any of the other routines that use the remote
	hostname.  In particular it's still passed to CGIs and the log
	without the double-reverse check.  Related PR#860.
     [Dean Gaudet]

  *) When a large bwrite() occurs (larger than the internal buffer size),
     while there is already something in the buffer, apache will combine
     the large write and the buffer into a single writev().  (This is
     in anticipation of using mmap() for reading files.)
     [Dean Gaudet]

  *) In obscure cases where a partial socket write occurred while chunking,
     Apache would omit the chunk header/footer on the next block.  Cleaned
     up other bugs/inconsistencies in error conditions in buff.c.  Fixed
     a bug where a long pause in DNS lookups could cause the last packet
     of a response to be unduly delayed.  [Roy Fielding, Dean Gaudet]

  *) API: Added child_exit function to module structure.  This is called
     once per "heavy-weight process" just before a server child exit()'s 
     e.g. when max_requests_per_child is reached, etc.
     [Doug MacEachern, Dean Gaudet]

  *) mod_include cleanup showed that handle_else was being used to handle
     endif.  It didn't cause problems, but it was cleaned up too.
     [Howard Fear]

  *) mod_cern_meta would attempt to find meta files for the directory itself
     in some cases, but not in others.  It now avoids it in all cases.
     [Dean Gaudet]

  *) mod_mime_magic would core dump if there was a decompression error.
     [Martin Kraemer <>] PR#904

  *) PORT: some variants of DGUX require -lsocket -lnsl
     [Alexander L Jones <>] PR#732

  *) mod_autoindex now allows sorting of FancyIndexed directory listings
     by the various fields (name, size, et cetera), either in ascending
     or descending order.  Just click on the column header.  [Ken Coar]

  *) PORT: Various tweaks to eliminate pointer-int casting warnings on 64-bit
     CPUs like the Alpha.  Apache still stores ints in pointers, but that's
     the relatively safe direction.  [Dean Gaudet] PR#344

  *) PORT: QNX mmap() support for faster/more reliable scoreboard handling.
     [Igor N Kovalenko <>] PR#683

  *) child_main avoids an unneeded call to select() when there is only one
     listening socket.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) In the event that the server is starved for idle servers it will
     spawn 1, then 2, then 4, ..., then 32 servers each second,
     doubling each second.  It'll also give a warning in the errorlog
     since the most common reason for this is a poor StartServers
     setting.  The define MAX_SPAWN_RATE can be used to raise/lower
     the maximum.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Apache now provides an effectively unbuffered connection for
     CGI scripts.  This means that data will be sent to the client
     as soon as the CGI pauses or stops output; previously, Apache would
     buffer the output up to a fixed buffer size before sending, which
     could result in the user viewing an empty page until the CGI finished
     or output a complete buffer.  It is no longer necessary to use an
     "nph-" CGI to get unbuffered output.  Given that most CGIs are written
     in a language that by default does buffering (e.g. perl) this
     shouldn't have a detrimental effect on performance.

     "nph-" CGIs, which formerly provided a direct socket to the client
     without any server post-processing, were not fully compatible with
     HTTP/1.1 or SSL support.  As such they would have had to implement
     the transport details, such as encryption or chunking, in order
     to work properly in certain situations.  Now, the only difference
     between nph and non-nph scripts is "non-parsed headers".
     [Dean Gaudet, Sameer Parekh, Roy Fielding]

  *) If a BUFF is switched from buffered to unbuffered reading the first
     bread() will return whatever remained in the buffer prior to the
     switch. [Dean Gaudet]

Changes with Apache 1.3a1

  *) Added another Configure helper script: TestLib. It determines
     if a specified library exists.  [Jim Jagielski]

  *) PORT: Allow for use of n32bit libraries under IRIX 6.x
     [derived from patch from Jeff Hayes <>]

  *) PORT: Some architectures use size_t for various lengths in network
     functions such as accept(), and getsockname().  The definition
     NET_SIZE_T is used to control this. [Dean Gaudet]

  *) PORT: Linux: Attempt to detect glibc based systems and include crypt.h
     and -lcrypt.  Test for various db libraries (dbm, ndbm, db) when
     mod_auth_dbm or mod_auth_db are included.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) PORT: QNX doesn't have initgroups() which support/suexec.c uses.
     [Igor N Kovalenko <>]

  *) "force-response-1.0" now only applies to requests which are HTTP/1.0 to
     begin with.  "nokeepalive" now works for HTTP/1.1 clients.  Added
     "downgrade-1.0" which causes Apache to pretend it received a 1.0.
     [Dean Gaudet] related PR#875

  *) API: Correct child_init() slot declaration from int to void, to
     match the init() declaration.  Update mod_example to use the new
     hook.  [Ken Coar]

  *) added transport handle slot (t_handle) to the BUFF structure
     [Doug MacEachern]

  *) get_client_block() returns wrong length if policy is
     [Kenichi Hori <>] PR#815

  *) Support the image map format of FrontPage.  For example:
        rect /url.hrm 10 20 30 40
     ["Chris O'Byrne" <>] PR#807

  *) PORT: -lresolv and -lsocks were in the wrong order for Solaris.
     ["Darren O'Shaughnessy" <>] PR#846

  *) AddModuleInfo directive for mod_info which allows you to annotate
     the output of mod_info.  ["Lou D. Langholtz" <>]

  *) Added NoProxy directive to avoid using ProxyRemote for selected
     addresses.  Added ProxyDomain directive to cause unqualified
     names to be qualified by redirection.
     [Martin Kraemer <>]

  *) Support Proxy Authentication, and don't pass the Proxy-Authorize
     header to the remote host in the proxy. [Sameer Parekh and

  *) Upgraded mod_rewrite from 3.0.6+ to latest officially available version
     3.0.9. This upgrade includes: fixed deadlooping on rewriting to same
     URLs, fixed rewritelog(), fixed forced response code handling on
     redirects from within .htaccess files, disabled pipe locking under
     braindead SunOS 4.1.x, allow env variables to be set even on rules with
     no substitution, bugfixed situations where HostnameLookups is off, made
     mod_rewrite more thread-safe for NT port and fixed problem when creating
     an empty query string via "xxx?".
         This update also removes the copyright of Ralf S. Engelschall,
     i.e. now mod_rewrite no longer has a shared copyright. Instead is is
     exclusively copyrighted by the Apache Group now. This happened because
     the author now has gifted mod_rewrite exclusively to the Apache Group and 
     no longer maintains an external version.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) API: Added child_init function to module structure.  This is called
     once per "heavy-weight process" before any requests are handled.
     See http_config.h for more details.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Anonymous_LogEmail was logging on each subrequest.
     [Dean Gaudet] PR#421, 868

  *) API: Added is_initial_req() which tests if the request being
     processed is the initial request, or a subrequest.
     [Doug MacEachern]

  *) Extended SSI (mod_include) now handles additional relops for
     string comparisons (<, >, <=, and >=).  [Bruno Wolff III] PR#41

  *) Configure fixed to correctly propagate user-selected options and
     settings (such as CC and OPTIM) to Makefiles other than
     src/Makefile (notably support/Makefile).  [Ken Coar] PR#666, #834

  *) IndexOptions SuppressHTMLPreamble now causes the actual HTML of
     directory indices to start with the contents of the HeaderName file
     if there is one.  If there isn't one, the behaviour is unchanged.
     [Ken Coar, Roy Fielding, Andrey A. Chernov]

  *) WIN32: Modules can now be dynamically loaded DLLs using the
     LoadModule/LoadFile directives. Note that module DLLs must be
     compiled with the multithreaded DLL version of the runtime library.
     [Alexei Kosut and Ben Laurie]

  *) Automatic indexing removed from mod_dir and placed into mod_autoindex.
     This allows the admin to completely remove automatic indexing
     from the server, while still supporting the basic functions of
     trailing-slash redirects and DirectoryIndex files.  Note that if
     you're carrying over an old Configuration file and you use directory
     indexing then you'll want to add:

     Module autoindex_module    mod_autoindex.o

     before mod_dir in your Configuration.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) popendir/pclosedir created to properly protect directory scanning.
     [Dean Gaudet] PR#525

  *) AliasMatch, ScriptAliasMatch and RedirectMatch directives added,
     giving regex support to mod_alias. <DirectoryMatch>, <LocationMatch>
     and <FilesMatch> sections added to succeed <DirectoryMatch ~>, etc...
     [Alexei Kosut]

  *) The AccessFileName directive can now take more than one filename.
     ["Lou D. Langholtz" <>]

  *) The new mod_mime_magic can be used to "magically" determine the type
     of a file if the extension is unknown.  Based on the unix file(1)
     command.  [Ian Kluft <>]

  *) We now determine and display the time spent processing a
     request if desired.  [Jim Jagielski]

  *) mod_status: PID field of "dead" child slots no longer displays
     main httpd process's PID.  [Jim Jagielski]

  *) Makefile.nt added - to build all the bits from the command line:
        nmake -f Makefile.nt
         Doesn't yet work properly. [Ben Laurie]

  *) Default text of 404 error is now "Not Found" rather than the
     potentially misleading "File Not Found".  [Ken Coar]

  *) CONFIG: "HostnameLookups" now defaults to off because it is far better
     for the net if we require people that actually need this data to
     enable it.  [Linus Torvalds]

  *) directory_walk() is an expensive function, keep a little more state to
     avoid needless string counting.  Add two new functions make_dirstr_parent
     and make_dirstr_prefix which replace all existing uses of make_dirstr.
     The new functions are a little less general than make_dirstr, but
     work more efficiently (less memory, less string counting).
     [Dean Gaudet]

  *) EXTRA_LFLAGS was changed to EXTRA_LDFLAGS (and LFLAGS was changed
     to LDFLAGS) to avoid complications with lex rules in make files.
     [Dean Gaudet] PR#372

  *) run_method optimized to avoid needless scanning over NULLs in the
     module list.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Revamp of (unix) scoreboard management code such that it avoids
     unnecessary traversals of the scoreboard on each hit.  This is
     particularly important for high volume sites with a large
     HARD_SERVER_LIMIT.  Some of the previous operations were O(n^2),
     and are now O(n).  See also SCOREBOARD_MAINTENANCE_INTERVAL in
     httpd.h. [Dean Gaudet]

  *) In configurations using multiple Listen statements it was possible for
     busy sockets to starve other sockets of service.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Added hook so standalone_main can be replaced at compile time
     (define STANDALONE_MAIN)
     [Doug MacEachern]

  *) Lowest-level read/write functions in buff.c will be replaced with
     the SFIO library calls sfread/sfwrite if B_SFIO is defined at
     compile time.  The default sfio discipline will behave as apache
     would without sfio compiled in.
     [Doug MacEachern]

  *) Enhance UserDir directive (mod_userdir) to accept a list of
     usernames for the 'disable' keyword, and add 'enable user...' to
     selectively *en*able userdirs if they're globally disabled.
     [Ken Coar]

  *) If NETSCAPE_DBM_COMPAT is defined in EXTRA_CFLAGS then Apache
     will work with Netscape dbm files.  (dbmmanage will probably not
     work however.) [Alexander Spohr <>] PR#444

  *) Add a ListenBacklog directive to control the backlog parameter
     passed to listen().  Also change the default to 511 from 512.
     [Marc Slemko]

  *) API: A new handler response DONE which informs apache that the
     request has been handled and it can finish off quickly, similar to
     how it handles errors. [Rob Hartill]

  *) Turn off chunked encoding after sending terminating chunk/footer
     so that we can't do it twice by accident. [Roy Fielding]

  *) mod_expire also issues Cache-Control: max-age headers.
     [Rob Hartill]

  *) API: Added kill_only_once option for free_proc_chain so that it won't
     aggressively try to kill off specific children.  For fastcgi.
     [Stanley Gambarin <>]

  *) mod_auth deals with extra ':' delimited fields.  [Marc Slemko]

  *) Added IconHeight and IconWidth to mod_dir's IndexOptions directive.
     When used together, these cause mod_dir to emit HEIGHT and WIDTH
     attributes in the FancyIndexing IMG tags.  [Ken Coar]

  *) PORT: Sequent and SONY NEWS-OS support added.  [Jim Jagielski]

  *) PORT: Added Windows NT support
     [Ben Laurie and Ambarish Malpani <>]

Changes with Apache 1.2.6

  *) mod_include when using XBitHack Full would send ETags in addition to
     sending Last-Modifieds.  This is incorrect HTTP/1.1 behaviour.
     [Dean Gaudet] PR#1133

  *) SECURITY: When a client connects to a particular port/addr, and
     gives a Host: header ensure that the virtual host requested can
     actually be reached via that port/addr.  [Ed Korthof <>]

  *) Support virtual hosts with wildcard port and/or multiple ports
     properly.  [Ed Korthof <>]

  *) Fixed some case-sensitivity issues according to RFC2068.
     [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Set r->allowed properly in mod_asis.c, mod_dir.c, mod_info.c,
     and mod_include.c.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Variable 'cwd' was being used pointlessly before being set.
     [Ken Coar] PR#1738

  *) SIGURG doesn't exist on all platforms.
     [Mark Andrew Heinrich <heinrich@tinderbox.Stanford.EDU>]

  *) When an error occurs during a POST, or other operation with a
     request body, the body has to be read from the net before allowing
     a keepalive session to continue.  [Roy Fielding] PR#1399

  *) When an error occurs in fcntl() locking suggest the user look up
     the docs for LockFile.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) table_set() and table_unset() did not deal correctly with
     multiple occurrences of the same key. [Stephen Scheck
     <>, Ben Laurie] PR#1604

  *) send_fd_length() did not calculate total_bytes_sent properly in error
     cases.  [Ben Reser <>] PR#1366

  *) r->connection->user was allocated in the wrong pool causing corruption
     in some cases when used with mod_cern_meta.  [Dean Gaudet] PR#1500

  *) mod_proxy was sending HTTP/1.1 responses to ftp requests by mistake.
     Also removed the auto-generated link to that was the
     source of so many misdirected bug reports.  [Roy Fielding, Marc Slemko]

  *) Multiple "close" tokens may have been set in the "Connection"
     header, not an error, but a waste.
     [] PR#1683

  *) "basic" and "digest" auth tokens should be tested case-insensitive.
     [] PR#1599, PR#1666

  *) It appears the "257th byte" bug (see
     htdocs/manual/misc/known_client_problems.html#257th-byte) can happen
     at the 256th byte as well.  Fixed.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) mod_rewrite would not handle %3f properly in some situations.
     [Ralf Engelschall]

  *) Apache could generate improperly chunked HTTP/1.1 responses when
     the bputc() or rputc() functions were used by modules (such as
     mod_include).  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) #ifdef wrap a few #defines in httpd.h to make life easier on
     some ports.  [Ralf Engelschall]

  *) Fix MPE compilation error in mod_usertrack.c.  [Mark Bixby]

  *) Quote CC='$(CC)' to improve recurse make calls.  [Martin Kraemer]

  *) Avoid B_ERROR redeclaration on sysvr4 systems.  [Martin Kraemer]

Changes with Apache 1.2.5

  *) SECURITY: Fix a possible buffer overflow in logresolve.  This is
     only an issue on systems without a MAXDNAME define or where 
     the resolver returns domain names longer than MAXDNAME.  [Marc Slemko]

  *) Fix an improper length in an ap_snprintf call in proxy_date_canon().
     [Marc Slemko]

  *) Fix core dump in the ftp proxy when reading incorrectly formatted
     directory listings.  [Marc Slemko]

  *) SECURITY: Fix possible minor buffer overflow in the proxy cache.
     [Marc Slemko]

  *) SECURITY: Eliminate possible buffer overflow in cfg_getline, which
     is used to read various types of files such as htaccess and 
     htpasswd files.  [Marc Slemko]

  *) SECURITY: Ensure that the buffer returned by ht_time is always
     properly null terminated.  [Marc Slemko]

  *) SECURITY: General mod_include cleanup, including fixing several
     possible buffer overflows and a possible infinite loop.  This cleanup
     was done against 1.3 code and then backported to 1.2, the result
     is a large difference (due to indentation cleanup in 1.3 code).
     Users interested in seeing a smaller set of relevant differences
     should consider comparing against src/modules/standard/mod_include.c
     from the 1.3b3 release.  Non-indentation changes to mod_include
     between 1.2 and 1.3 were minimal.  [Dean Gaudet, Marc Slemko]

  *) SECURITY: Numerous changes to mod_imap in a general cleanup
     including fixing a possible buffer overflow.  This cleanup also
     was done with 1.3 code as a basis, see the the previous note
     about mod_include.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) SECURITY: If a htaccess file can not be read due to bad 
     permissions, deny access to the directory with a HTTP_FORBIDDEN.  
     The previous behavior was to ignore the htaccess file if it could not
     be read.  This change may make some setups with unreadable
     htaccess files stop working.  [Marc Slemko]  PR#817

  *) SECURITY: no2slash() was O(n^2) in the length of the input.  
     Make it O(n).  This inefficiency could be used to mount a denial 
     of service attack against the Apache server.  Thanks to 
     Michal Zalewski <> for reporting
     this.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) mod_include used uninitialized data for some uses of && and ||.
     [Brian Slesinsky <>] PR#1139

  *) mod_imap should decline all non-GET methods.
     [Jay Bloodworth <>]

  *) suexec.c wouldn't build without -DLOG_EXEC. [Jason A. Dour]

  *) mod_userdir was modifying r->finfo in cases where it wasn't setting
     r->filename.  Since those two are meant to be in sync with each other
     this is a bug.  ["Paul B. Henson" <>]

  *) mod_include did not properly handle all possible redirects from sub-
     requests.  [Ken Coar]

  *) Inetd mode (which is buggy) uses timeouts without having setup the
     jmpbuffer. [Dean Gaudet] PR#1064

  *) Work around problem under Linux where a child will start looping
     reporting a select error over and over.
     [Rick Franchuk <>] PR#1107

Changes with Apache 1.2.4

  *) The ProxyRemote change in 1.2.3 introduced a bug resulting in the proxy
     always making requests with the full-URI instead of just the URI path.
     [Marc Slemko, Roy Fielding]

  *) Add -lm for AIX versions >= 4.2 to allow Apache to link properly
     on this platform.  [Marc Slemko]

Changes with Apache 1.2.3

  *) The request to a remote proxy was mangled if it was generated as the
     result of a ProxyPass directive. URL schemes other than http:// were not
     supported when ProxyRemote was used. [Lars Eilebrecht] PR#260, PR#656,
     PR#699, PR#713, PR#812

  *) Fixed proxy-pass-through feature of mod_rewrite; Added error logging
     information for case where proxy module is not available. [Marc Slemko]

  *) Force proxy to always respond as HTTP/1.0, which it was failing to
     do for errors and cached responses.  [Roy Fielding]

  *) PORT: Improved support for ConvexOS 11.  [Jeff Venters]

Changes with Apache 1.2.2 [not released]

  *) Fixed another long-standing bug in sub_req_lookup_file where it would
     happily skip past access checks on subdirectories looked up with relative
     paths.  (It's used by mod_dir, mod_negotiation, and mod_include.)
     [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Add lockfile name to error message printed out when
     [Marc Slemko]

  *) Enhanced the chunking and error handling inside the buffer functions.
     [Dean Gaudet, Roy Fielding]

  *) When merging the main server's <Directory> and <Location> sections into
     a vhost, put the main server's first and the vhost's second.  Otherwise
     the vhost can't override the main server.  [Dean Gaudet] PR#717

  *) The <Directory> code would merge and re-merge the same section after
     a match was found, possibly causing problems with some modules.
     [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Fixed an infinite loop in mod_imap for references above the server root.
     [Dean Gaudet] PR#748

  *) mod_include cleanup showed that handle_else was being used to handle
     endif.  It didn't cause problems, but it was cleaned up too.
     [Howard Fear]

  *) Last official synchronization of mod_rewrite with author version (because
     mod_rewrite is now directly developed by the author at the Apache Group):
     o added diff between mod_rewrite 3.0.6+ and 3.0.9
       minus WIN32/NT stuff, but plus copyright removement.
       In detail:
       - workaround for detecting infinite rewriting loops
       - fixed setting of env vars when "-" is used as subst string
       - fixed forced response code on redirects (PR#777)
       - fixed cases where r->args is ""
       - kludge to disable locking on pipes under braindead SunOS
       - fix for rewritelog in cases where remote hostname is unknown
       - fixed totally damaged request_rec walk-back loop
     o remove static from local data and add static to global ones.
     o replaced ugly proxy finding stuff by simple
       find_linked_module("mod_proxy") call.
     o added missing negation char on rewritelog()
     o fixed a few comment typos
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Anonymous_LogEmail was logging on each subrequest.
     [Dean Gaudet] PR#421, PR#868

  *) "force-response-1.0" now only applies to requests which are HTTP/1.0 to
     begin with.  "nokeepalive" now works for HTTP/1.1 clients.  Added
     "downgrade-1.0" which causes Apache to pretend it received a 1.0.
     Additionally mod_browser now triggers during translate_name to workaround
     a deficiency in the header_parse phase.
     [Dean Gaudet] PR#875

  *) get_client_block() returns wrong length if policy is 
     [Kenichi Hori <>] PR#815

  *) Properly treat <files> container like other containers in mod_info.
     [Marc Slemko] PR#848

  *) The proxy didn't treat the "Host:" keyword of the host header as case-
     insensitive.  The proxy would corrupt the first line of a response from
     an HTTP/0.9 server.  [Kenichi Hori <>] PR#813,814

  *) mod_include would log some bogus values occasionally.
     [Skip Montanaro <>, Marc Slemko] PR#797

  *) PORT: The slack fd changes in 1.2.1 introduced a problem with SIGHUP
     under Solaris 2.x (up through 2.5.1).  It has been fixed.
     [Dean Gaudet] PR#832

  *) API: In HTTP/1.1, whether or not a request message contains a body
     is independent of the request method and based solely on the presence
     of a Content-Length or Transfer-Encoding.  Therefore, our default
     handlers need to be prepared to read a body even if they don't know
     what to do with it; otherwise, the body would be mistaken for the
     next request on a persistent connection.  discard_request_body()
     has been added to take care of that.  [Roy Fielding] PR#378

  *) API: Symbol APACHE_RELEASE provides a numeric form of the Apache
     release version number, such that it always increases along the
     same lines as our source code branching.  [Roy Fielding]

  *) Minor oversight on multiple variants fixed.  [Paul Sutton] PR#94

Changes with Apache 1.2.1

  *) SECURITY: Don't serve file system objects unless they are plain files,
     symlinks, or directories.  This prevents local users from using pipes
     or named sockets to invoke programs for an extremely crude form of
     CGI.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) SECURITY: HeaderName and ReadmeName were settable in .htaccess and
     could contain "../" allowing a local user to "publish" any file on
     the system.  No slashes are allowed now.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) SECURITY: It was possible to violate the symlink Options using mod_dir
     (headers, readmes, titles), mod_negotiation (type maps), or
     mod_cern_meta (meta files).  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) SECURITY: Apache will refuse to run as "User root" unless
     BIG_SECURITY_HOLE is defined at compile time.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) CONFIG: If a symlink pointed to a directory then it would be disallowed
     if it contained a .htaccess disallowing symlinks.  This is contrary
     to the rule that symlink permissions are tested with the symlink
     options of the parent directory.  [Dean Gaudet] PR#353

  *) CONFIG: The LockFile directive can be used to place the serializing
     lockfile in any location.  It previously defaulted to /usr/tmp/htlock.
     [Somehow it took four of us: Randy Terbush, Jim Jagielski, Dean Gaudet,
     Marc Slemko]

  *) Request processing now retains state of whether or not the request
     body has been read, so that internal redirects and subrequests will
     not try to read it twice (and block). [Roy Fielding]

  *) Add a placeholder in modules/Makefile to avoid errors with certain
     makes. [Marc Slemko]

  *) QUERY_STRING was unescaped in mod_include, it shouldn't be.
     [Dean Gaudet] PR#644

  *) mod_include was not properly changing the current directory.
     [Marc Slemko] PR#742

  *) Attempt to work around problems with third party libraries that do not
     handle high numbered descriptors (examples include bind, and
     solaris libc).  On all systems apache attempts to keep all permanent
     descriptors above 15 (called the low slack line).  Solaris users
     can also benefit from adding -DHIGH_SLACK_LINE=256 to EXTRA_CFLAGS
     which keeps all non-FILE * descriptors above 255.  On all systems
     this should make supporting large numbers of vhosts with many open
     log files more feasible.  If this causes trouble please report it,
     you can disable this workaround by adding -DNO_SLACK to EXTRA_CFLAGS.
     [Dean Gaudet] various PRs

  *) Related to the last entry, network sockets are now opened before
     log files are opened.  The only known case where this can cause
     problems is under Solaris with many virtualhosts and many Listen
     directives.  But using -DHIGH_SLACK_LINE=256 described above will
     work around this problem.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) USE_FLOCK_SERIALIZED_ACCEPT is now default for FreeBSD, A/UX, and
     SunOS 4.

  *) Improved unix error response logging.  [Marc Slemko]

  *) Update mod_rewrite from 3.0.5 to 3.0.6.  New ruleflag
     QSA=query_string_append.  Also fixed a nasty bug in per-dir context:
     when a URL http://... was used in conjunction with a special
     redirect flag, e.g. R=permanent, the permanent status was lost.
     [Ronald Tschalaer <>, Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) If an object has multiple variants that are otherwise equal Apache
     would prefer the last listed variant rather than the first.
     [Paul Sutton] PR#94

  *) "make clean" at the top level now removes *.o.  [Dean Gaudet] PR#752

  *) mod_status dumps core in inetd mode.  [Marc Slemko and Roy Fielding]

  *) pregsub had an off-by-1 in its error checking code. [Alexei Kosut]

  *) PORT: fix rlim_t problems with AIX 4.2. [Marc Slemko] PR#333

  *) PORT: Update UnixWare support for 2.1.2.
     [Lawrence Rosenman <>] PR#511

  *) PORT: NonStop-UX [Joachim Schmitz <>] PR#327

  *) PORT: Update ConvexOS support for 11.5.
     [David DeSimone <>] PR#399

  *) PORT: Support for DEC cc compiler under ULTRIX.
     ["P. Alejandro Lopez-Valencia" <>] PR#388

  *) PORT: Support for Maxion/OS SVR4.2 Real Time Unix. [no name given] PR#383

  *) PORT: Workaround for AIX 3.x compiler bug in http_bprintf.c.  
     [Marc Slemko] PR#725

  *) PORT: fix problem compiling http_bprintf.c with gcc under SCO
     [Marc Slemko] PR#695

Changes with Apache 1.2

Changes with Apache 1.2b11

  *) Fixed open timestamp fd in proxy_cache.c [Chuck Murcko]

  *) Added undocumented perl SSI mechanism for -DUSE_PERL_SSI and mod_perl.
     [Doug MacEachern, Rob Hartill]

  *) Proxy needs to use hard_timeout instead of soft_timeout when it is
     reading from one buffer and writing to another, at least until it has
     a custom timeout handler.  [Roy Fielding and Petr Lampa]

  *) Fixed problem on IRIX with servers hanging in IdentityCheck,
     apparently due to a mismatch between sigaction and setjmp.
     [Roy Fielding] PR#502

  *) Log correct status code if we timeout before receiving a request (408)
     or if we received a request-line that was too long to process (414).
     [Ed Korthof and Roy Fielding] PR#601

  *) Virtual hosts with the same ServerName, but on different ports, were
     not being selected properly.  [Ed Korthof]

  *) Added code to return the requested IP address from proxy_host2addr()
     if gethostbyaddr() fails due to reverse DNS lookup problems. Original
     change submitted by Jozsef Hollosi <>.
     [Chuck Murcko] PR#614

  *) If multiple requests on a single connection are used to retrieve
     data from different virtual hosts, the virtual host list would be
     scanned starting with the most recently used VH instead of the first,
     causing most virtual hosts to be ignored.
     [Paul Sutton and Martin Mares] PR#610

  *) The OS/2 handling of process group was broken by a porting patch for
     MPE, so restored prior code for OS/2.  [Roy Fielding and Garey Smiley]

  *) Inherit virtual server port from main server if none (or "*") is
     given for VirtualHost.  [Dean Gaudet] PR#576

  *) If the lookup for a DirectoryIndex name with content negotiation
     has found matching variants, but none are acceptable, return the
     negotiation result if there are no more DirectoryIndex names to lookup.
     [Petr Lampa and Roy Fielding]

  *) If a soft_timeout occurs after keepalive is set, then the main child
     loop would try to read another request even though the connection
     has been aborted.  [Roy Fielding]

  *) Configure changes: Allow for whitespace at the start of a
     Module declaration. Also, be more understanding about the
     CC=/OPTIM= format in Configuration. Finally, fix compiler
     flags if using HP-UX's cc compiler. [Jim Jagielski]

  *) Subrequests and internal redirects now inherit the_request from the
     original request-line. [Roy Fielding]

  *) Test for error conditions before creating output header fields, since
     we don't want the error message to include those fields.  Likewise,
     reset the content_language(s) and content_encoding of the response
     before generating or redirecting to an error message, since the new
     message will have its own Content-* definitions. [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Restored the semantics of headers_out (headers sent only with 200..299
     and 304 responses) and err_headers_out (headers sent with all responses).
     Avoid the overhead of copying tables if err_headers_out is empty
     (the usual case).  [Roy Fielding]

  *) Fixed a couple places where a check for the default Content-Type was
     not properly checking both the value configured by the DefaultType
     directive and the DEFAULT_TYPE symbol in httpd.h.  Changed the value
     of DEFAULT_TYPE to match the documented default (text/plain).
     [Dean Gaudet] PR#506

  *) Escape the HTML-sensitive characters in the Request-URI that is
     output for each child by mod_status. [Dean Gaudet and Ken Coar] PR#501

  *) Properly initialize the flock structures used by the mutex locking
     around accept() when USE_FCNTL_SERIALIZED_ACCEPT is defined.
     [Marc Slemko]

  *) The method for determining PATH_INFO has been restored to the pre-1.2b
     (and NCSA httpd) definition wherein it was the extra path info beyond
     the CGI script filename.  The environment variable FILEPATH_INFO has
     been removed, and instead we supply the original REQUEST_URI to any
     script that wants to be Apache-specific and needs the real URI path.
     This solves a problem with existing scripts that use extra path info
     in the ScriptAlias directive to pass options to the CGI script.
     [Roy Fielding]

  *) The _default_ change in 1.2b10 will change the behaviour on configs
     that use multiple Listen statements for listening on multiple ports.
     But that change is necessary to make _default_ consistent with other
     forms of <VirtualHost>.  It requires such configs to be modified
     to use <VirtualHost _default_:*>.  The documentation has been
     updated.  [Dean Gaudet] PR#530

  *) If an ErrorDocument CGI script is used to respond to an error
     generated by another CGI script which has already read the message
     body of the request, the server would block trying to read the
     message body again.  [Rob Hartill]

  *) signal() replacement conflicted with a define on QNX (and potentially
     other platforms). Fixed. [Ben Laurie] PR#512

Changes with Apache 1.2b10

     to be configured via -D in Configuration.  [Dean Gaudet] PR#449

  *) <VirtualHost _default_:portnum> didn't work properly.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Added prototype for mktemp() for SUNOS4 [Marc Slemko]

  *) In mod_proxy.c, check return values for proxy_host2addr() when reading
     config, in case the hostent struct returned is trash.
     [Chuck Murcko] PR #491

  *) Fixed the fix in 1.2b9 for parsing URL query info into args for CGI
     scripts.  [Dean Gaudet, Roy Fielding, Marc Slemko]

Changes with Apache 1.2b9  [never announced]

  *) Reset the MODULE_MAGIC_NUMBER to account for the unsigned port
     changes and in anticipation of 1.2 final release.  [Roy Fielding]

  *) Fix problem with scripts not receiving a SIGPIPE when client drops
     the connection (e.g., when user presses Stop).  Apache will now stop
     trying to send a message body immediately after an error from write.
     [Roy Fielding and Nathan Kurz] PR#335

  *) Rearrange Configuration.tmpl so that mod_rewrite has higher priority
     than mod_alias, and mod_alias has higher priority than mod_proxy;
     rearranged other modules to enhance understanding of their purpose
     and relative order (and maybe even reduce some overhead).
     [Roy Fielding and Sameer Parekh]

  *) Fix graceful restart.  Eliminate many signal-related race
     conditions in both forms of restart, and in SIGTERM.  See
     htdocs/manual/stopping.html for details on stopping and
     restarting the parent.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Fix memory leaks in mod_rewrite, mod_browser, mod_include.  Tune
     memory allocator to avoid a behaviour that required extra blocks to
     be allocated.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Allow suexec to access files relative to current directory but not
     above.  (Excluding leading / or any .. directory.)  [Ken Coar]
     PR#269, 319, 395

  *) Fix suexec segfault when group doesn't exist. [Gregory Neil Shapiro]
     PR#367, 368, 354, 453

  *) Fix the above fix: if suexec is enabled, avoid destroying r->url
     while obtaining the /~user and save the username in a separate data
     area so that it won't be overwritten by the call to getgrgid(), and
     fix some misuse of the pool string allocation functions.  Also fixes
     a general problem with parsing URL query info into args for CGI scripts.
     [Roy Fielding] PR#339, 367, 354, 453

  *) Fix IRIX warning about bzero undefined. [Marc Slemko]

  *) Fix problem with <Directory proxy:...>. [Martin Kraemer] PR#271

  *) Corrected spelling of "authoritative".  AuthDBAuthoratative became
     AuthDBAuthoritative. [Marc Slemko] PR#420

  *) MaxClients should be at least 1. [Lars Eilebrecht] PR#375

  *) The default handler now logs invalid methods or URIs (i.e. PUT on an
     object that can't be PUT, or FOOBAR for some method FOOBAR that
     apache doesn't know about at all).  Log 404s that occur in mod_include.
     [Paul Sutton, John Van Essen]

  *) If a soft timeout (or lingerout) occurs while trying to flush a
     buffer or write inside buff.c or fread'ing from a CGI's output,
     then the timeout would be ignored. [Roy Fielding] PR#373

  *) Work around a bug in Netscape Navigator versions 2.x, 3.x and 4.0b2's
     parsing of headers.  If the terminating empty-line CRLF occurs starting
     at the 256th or 257th byte of output, then Navigator will think a normal
     image is invalid.  We are guessing that this is because their initial
     read of a new request uses a 256 byte buffer. We check the bytes written
     so far and, if we are about to tickle the bug, we instead insert a
     padding header of eminent bogosity. [Roy Fielding and Dean Gaudet] PR#232

  *) Fixed SIGSEGV problem when a DirectoryIndex file is also the source
     of an external redirection.  [Roy Fielding and Paul Sutton]

  *) Configure would create a broken Makefile if the configuration file
     contained a commented-out Rule.  [Roy Fielding]

  *) Promote per_dir_config and subprocess_env from the subrequest to the
     main request in mod_negotiation.  In particular this fixes a bug
     where <Files> sections wouldn't properly apply to negotiated content.
     [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Fix a potential deadlock in mod_cgi script_err handling.
     [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) rotatelogs zero-pads the logfile names to improve alphabetic sorting.
     [Mitchell Blank Jr]

  *) Updated mod_rewrite to 3.0.4: Fixes HTTP redirects from within
     .htaccess files because the RewriteBase was not replaced correctly.
     Updated mod_rewrite to 3.0.5: Fixes problem with rewriting inside
     <Directory> sections missing a trailing /.  [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) Clean up Linux settings in conf.h by detecting 2.x versus 1.x.  For
     1.x the settings are those of pre-1.2b8.  For 2.x we include
     USE_SHMGET_SCOREBOARD (scoreboard in shared memory rather than file) and
     HAVE_SYS_RESOURCE_H (enable the RLimit commands).
     [Dean Gaudet] PR#336, PR#340

  *) Redirect did not preserve ?query_strings when present in the client's
     request.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Configure was finding non-modules on EXTRA_LIBS. [Frank Cringle] PR#380

  *) Use /bin/sh5 on ULTRIX.  [P. Alejandro Lopez-Valencia] PR#369

  *) Add UnixWare compile/install instructions.  [Chuck Murcko]

  *) Add mod_example (illustration of API techniques).  [Ken Coar]

  *) Add macro for memmove to conf.h for SUNOS4. [Marc Slemko]

  *) Improve handling of directories when filenames have spaces in them.
     [Chuck Murcko]

  *) For hosts with multiple IP addresses, try all additional addresses if
     necessary to get a connect. Fail only if hostent address list is
     exhausted. [Chuck Murcko]

  *) More signed/unsigned port fixes.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) HARD_SERVER_LIMIT can be defined in the Configuration file now.
     [Dean Gaudet]

Changes with Apache 1.2b8

  *) suexec.c doesn't close the log file, allowing CGIs to continue writing
     to it.  [Marc Slemko]

  *) The addition of <Location> and <File> directives made the
     sub_req_lookup_simple() function bogus, so we now handle
     the special cases directly.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) We now try to log where the server is dumping core when a fatal
     signal is received.  [Ken Coar]

  *) Improved lingering_close by adding a special timeout, removing the
     spurious log messages, removing the nonblocking settings (they
     are not needed with the better timeout), and adding commentary
     about the NO_LINGCLOSE and USE_SO_LINGER issues.  NO_LINGCLOSE is
     now the default for SunOS4, UnixWare, NeXT, and IRIX.  [Roy Fielding]

  *) Send error messages about setsockopt failures to the server error
     log instead of stderr.  [Roy Fielding]

  *) Fix loopholes in proxy cache expiry vis a vis alarms. [Brian Moore]

  *) Stopgap solution for CGI 3-second delay with server-side includes: if
     processing a subrequest, allocate memory from r->main->pool instead
     of r->pool so that we can avoid waiting for free_proc_chain to cleanup
     in the middle of an SSI request.  [Dean Gaudet] PR #122

  *) Fixed status of response when POST is received for a nonexistent URL
     (was sending 405, now 404) and when any method is sent with a
     full-URI that doesn't match the server and the server is not acting
     as a proxy (was sending 501, now 403).  [Roy Fielding]

  *) Host port changed to unsigned short. [Ken Coar] PR #276

  *) Fix typo in command definition of AuthAuthoritative. [Ken Coar] PR #246

  *) Defined USE_SHMGET_SCOREBOARD for shared memory on Linux.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Report extra info from errno with many errors that cause httpd to exit.
     spawn_child, popenf, and pclosef now have valid errno returns in the
     event of an error.  Correct problems where errno was stomped on
     before being reported.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) In the proxy, if the cache filesystem was full, garbage_coll() was
     never called, and thus the filesystem would remain full indefinitely.
     We now also remove incomplete cache files left if the origin server
     didn't send a Content-Length header and either the client has aborted
     transfer or bwrite() to client has failed. [Petr Lampa]

  *) Fixed the handling of module and script-added header fields.
     Improved the interface for sending header fields and reduced
     the duplication of code between sending okay responses and errors.
     We now always send both headers_out and err_headers_out, and
     ensure that the server-reserved fields are not being overridden,
     while not overriding those that are not reserved.  [Roy Fielding]

  *) Moved transparent content negotiation fields to err_headers_out
     to reflect above changes.  [Petr Lampa]

  *) Fixed the determination of whether or not we should make the
     connection persistent for all of the cases where some other part
     of the server has already indicated that we should not.  Also
     improved the ordering of the test so that chunked encoding will
     be set whenever it is desired instead of only when KeepAlive
     is enabled. Added persistent connection capability for most error
     responses (those that do not indicate a bad input stream) when
     accessed by an HTTP/1.1 client. [Roy Fielding]

  *) Added missing timeouts for sending header fields, error responses,
     and the last chunk of chunked encoding, each of which could have
     resulted in a process being stuck in write forever.  Using soft_timeout
     requires that the sender check for an aborted connection rather than
     continuing after an EINTR.  Timeouts that used to be initiated before
     send_http_header (and never killed) are now initiated only within or
     around the routines that actually do the sending, and not allowed to
     propagate above the caller.  [Roy Fielding]

  *) mod_auth_anon required an @ or a . in the email address, not both.
     [Dirk vanGulik]

  *) per_dir_defaults weren't set correctly until directory_walk for
     name-based vhosts.  This fixes an obscure bug with the wrong config
     info being used for vhosts that share the same ip as the server.
     [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Improved generation of modules/Makefile to be more generic for
     new module directories. [Ken Coar, Chuck Murcko, Roy Fielding]

  *) Generate makefile dependency for Configuration based on the actual
     name given when running the Configure process.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Fixed problem with vhost error log not being set prior to
     initializing virtual hosts. [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Fixed infinite loop when a trailing slash is included after a type map
     file URL (extra path info). [Petr Lampa]

  *) Fixed server status updating of per-connection counters. [Roy Fielding]

  *) Add documentation for DNS issues (reliability and security), and try
     to explain the virtual host matching process.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Try to continue gracefully by disabling the vhost if a DNS lookup
     fails while parsing the configuration file.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Improved calls to setsockopt.  [Roy Fielding]

  *) Negotiation changes: Don't output empty content-type in variant list;
     Output charset in variant list; Return sooner from handle_multi() if
     no variants found; Add handling of '*' wildcard in Accept-Charset.
     [Petr Lampa and Paul Sutton]

  *) Fixed overlaying of request/sub-request notes and headers in
     mod_negotiation.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) If two variants' charset quality are equal and one is the default
     charset (iso-8859-1), then prefer the variant that was specifically
     listed in Accept-Charset instead of the default.  [Petr Lampa]

  *) Memory allocation problem in push_array() -- it would corrupt memory
     when nalloc==0.  [Kai Risku <> and Roy Fielding]

  *) invoke_handler() doesn't handle mime arguments in content-type
     [Petr Lampa] PR#160

  *) Reduced IdentityCheck timeout to 30 seconds, as per RFC 1413 minimum.
     [Ken Coar]

  *) Fixed problem with ErrorDocument not working for virtual hosts
     due to one of the performance changes in 1.2b7. [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Log an error message if we get a request header that is too long,
     since it may indicate a buffer overflow attack. [Marc Slemko]

  *) Made is_url() allow "[-.+a-zA-Z0-9]+:" as a valid scheme and
     not reject URLs without a double-slash, as per RFC2068 section 3.2.
     [Ken Coar] PR #146, #187

  *) Added table entry placeholder for new header_parser callback
     in all of the distributed modules. [Ken Coar] PR #191

  *) Allow for cgi files without the .EXE extension on them under OS/2.
     [Garey Smiley] PR #59

  *) Fixed error message when resource is not found and URL contains
     path info. [Petr Lampa and Dean Gaudet] PR #40

  *) Fixed user and server confusion over what should be a virtual host
     and what is the main server, resulting in access to something
     other than the name defined in the virtualhost directive (but
     with the same IP address) failing. [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Updated mod_rewrite to version 3.0.2, which: fixes compile error on
     AIX; improves the redirection stuff to enable the users to generally
     redirect to http, https, gopher and ftp; added TIME variable for
     RewriteCond which expands to YYYYMMDDHHMMSS strings and added the
     special patterns >STRING, <STRING and =STRING to RewriteCond, which
     can be used in conjunction with %{TIME} or other variables to create
     time-dependent rewriting rules. [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) bpushfd() no longer notes cleanups for the file descriptors it is handed.
     Module authors may need to adjust their code for proper cleanup to take
     place (that is, call note_cleanups_for_fd()). This change fixes problems
     with file descriptors being erroneously closed when the proxy module was
     in use. [Ben Laurie]

  *) Fix bug in suexec reintroduced by changes in 1.2b7 which allows
     initgroups() to hose the group information needed for later
     comparisons. [Randy Terbush]

  *) Remove unnecessary call to va_end() in create_argv() which
     caused a SEGV on some systems.

  *) Use proper MAXHOSTNAMELEN symbol for limiting length of server name.
     [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Clear memory allocated for listeners. [Randy Terbush]

  *) Improved handling of IP address as a virtualhost address and
     introduced "_default_" as a synonym for the default vhost config.
     [Dean Gaudet] PR #212

Changes with Apache 1.2b7

  *) Port to  UXP/DS(V20) [Toshiaki Nomura <>]

  *) unset Content-Length if chunked (RFC-2068) [Petr Lampa]

  *) mod_negotiation fixes [Petr Lampa] PR#157, PR#158, PR#159
     - replace protocol response numbers with symbols
     - save variant-list into main request notes
     - free allocated memory from subrequests
     - merge notes, headers_out and err_headers_out

  *) changed status check mask in proxy_http.c from "HTTP/#.# ### *" to
     "HTTP/#.# ###*" to be more lenient about what we accept.
     [Chuck Murcko]

  *) more proxy FTP bug fixes:
     - Changed send_dir() to remove user/passwd from displayed URL.
     - Changed login error messages to be more descriptive.
     - remove setting of SO_DEBUG socket option
     - Make ftp_getrc() more lenient about multiline responses,
       specifically, 230 responses which don't have continuation 230-
       on each line). These seem to be all NT FTP servers, and while
       perhaps questionable, they appear to be legal by RFC 959.
     - Add missing kill_timeout() after transfer to user completes.
     [Chuck Murcko]

  *) Fixed problem where a busy server could hang when restarting
     after being sent a SIGHUP due to child processes not exiting.
     [Marc Slemko]

  *) Modify mod_include escaping so a '\' only signifies an escaped
     character if the next character is one that needs
     escaping.  [Ben Laurie]

  *) Eliminated possible infinite loop in mod_imap when relative URLs are
     used with a 'base' directive that does not have a '/' in it.
     [Marc Slemko, reported by Onno Witvliet <>]

  *) Reduced the default timeout from 1200 seconds to 300, and the
     one in the sample configfile from 400 to 300.  [Marc Slemko]

  *) Stop vbprintf from crashing if given a NULL string pointer;
     print (null) instead.  [Ken Coar]

  *) Don't disable Nagle algorithm if system doesn't have TCP_NODELAY.
     [Marc Slemko and Roy Fielding]

  *) Fixed problem with mod_cgi-generated internal redirects trying to
     read the request message-body twice. [Archie Cobbs and Roy Fielding]

  *) Reduced timeout on lingering close, removed possibility of a blocked
     read causing the child to hang, and stopped logging of errors if
     the socket is not connected (reset by client).  [Roy Fielding]

  *) Rearranged main child loop to remove duplication of code in
     select/accept and keep-alive requests, fixed several bugs regarding
     checking scoreboard_image for exit indication and failure to
     account for all success conditions and trap all error conditions,
     prevented multiple flushes before closing the socket; close the entire
     socket buffer instead of just one descriptor, prevent logging of
     EPROTO and ECONNABORTED on platforms where supported, and generally
     improved readability.  [Roy Fielding]

  *) Extensive performance improvements. Cleaned up inefficient use of
     auto initializers, multiple is_matchexp calls on a static string,
     and excessive merging of response_code_strings. [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Added double-buffering to mod_include to improve performance on
     server-side includes. [Marc Slemko]

  *) Several fixes for suexec wrapper. [Randy Terbush]
     - Make wrapper work for files on NFS filesystem.
     - Fix portability problem of MAXPATHLEN.
     - Fix array overrun problem in clean_env().
     - Fix allocation of PATH environment variable

  *) Removed extraneous blank line is description of mod_status chars.
     [Kurt Kohler]

  *) Logging of errors from the call_exec routine simply went nowhere,
     since the logfile fd has been closed, so now we send them to stderr.
     [Harald T. Alvestrand]

  *) Fixed core dump when DocumentRoot is a CGI.
     [Ben Laurie, reported by]

  *) Fixed potential file descriptor leak in mod_asis; updated it and
     http_core to use pfopen/pfclose instead of fopen/fclose.
     [Randy Terbush and Roy Fielding]

  *) Fixed handling of unsigned ints in ap_snprintf() on some chips such
     as the DEC Alpha which is 64-bit but uses 32-bit ints.
     [Dean Gaudet and Ken Coar]

  *) Return a 302 response code to the client when sending a redirect
     due to a missing trailing '/' on a directory instead of a 301; now
     it is cacheable. [Markus Gyger]

  *) Fix condition where, if a bad directive occurs in .htaccess, and
     sub_request() goes first to this directory, then log_reason() will
     SIGSEGV because it doesn't have initialized r->per_dir_config.
     [PR#162 from Petr Lampa, fix by Marc Slemko and Dean Gaudet]

  *) Fix handling of lang_index in is_variant_better().  This was
     causing problems which resulted in the server sending the
     wrong language document in some cases. [Petr Lampa]

  *) Remove free() from clean_env() in suexec wrapper. This was nuking
     the clean environment on some systems.

  *) Tweak byteserving code (e.g. serving PDF files) to work around
     bugs in Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer.
     Emit Content-Length header when sending multipart/byteranges.
     [Alexei Kosut]

  *) Port to HI-UX/WE2. [Nick Maclaren]

  *) Port to HP MPE operating system for HP 3000 machines
     [Mark Bixby <>]

  *) Fixed bug which caused a segmentation fault if only one argument
     given to RLimit* directives. [Ed Korthof]

  *) Continue persistent connection after 204 or 304 response. [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Improved buffered output to the client by delaying the flush decision
     until the BUFF code is actually about to read the next request.
     This fixes a problem introduced in 1.2b5 with clients that send
     an extra CRLF after a POST request. Also improved chunked output
     performance by combining writes using writev() and removing as
     many bflush() calls as possible.  NOTE: Platforms without writev()
     must add -DNO_WRITEV to the compiler CFLAGS, either in Configuration
     or Configure, unless we have already done so.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Fixed mod_rewrite bug which truncated the rewritten URL [Marc Slemko]

  *) Fixed mod_info output corruption bug introduced by buffer overflow
     fixes. [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Fixed http_protocol to correctly output all HTTP/1.1 headers, including
     for the special case of a 304 response.  [Paul Sutton]

  *) Improved handling of TRACE method by bypassing normal method handling
     and header parsing routines; fixed Allow response to always allow TRACE.
     [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Fixed compiler warnings in the regex library. [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Cleaned-up some of the generated HTML. [Ken Coar]

Changes with Apache 1.2b6

  *) Allow whitespace in imagemap mapfile coordinates. [Marc Slemko]

  *) Fix typo introduced in fix for potential infinite loop around
     accept() in child_main(). This change caused the rev to 1.2b6.
     1.2b5 was never a public beta.

Changes with Apache 1.2b5

  *) Change KeepAlive semantics (On|Off instead of a number), add
     MaxKeepAliveRequests directive. [Alexei Kosut]

  *) Various NeXT compilation patches, as well as a change in
     regex/regcomp.c since that file also used a NEXT define.
     [Andreas Koenig]

  *) Allow * to terminate the end of a directory match in mod_dir.
     Allows /~* to match for both /~joe and /~joe/. [David Bronder]

  *) Don't call can_exec() if suexec_enabled. Calling this requires
     scripts executed by the suexec wrapper to be world executable, which
     defeats one of the advantages of running the wrapper. [Randy Terbush]

  *) Portability Fix: IRIX complained with 'make clean' about *pure* (removed)
     [Jim Jagielski]

  *) Migration from sprintf() to snprintf() to avoid buffer
     overflows. [Marc Slemko]

  *) Provide portable snprintf() implementation (ap_snprintf)
     as well as *cvt family. [Jim Jagielski]

  *) Portability Fix: NeXT lacks unistd.h so we wrap it's inclusion
     [Jim Jagielski]

  *) Remove mod_fastcgi.c from the distribution. This module appears
     to be maintained more through the Open Market channels and should
     continue to be easily available at

  *) Fixed bug in modules/Makefile that wouldn't allow building in more
     than one subdirectory (or cleaning, either). [Jeremy Laidman]

  *) mod_info assumed that the config files were relative to ServerRoot.
     [Ken the Rodent]

  *) CGI scripts called as an error document resulting from failed
     CGI execution would hang waiting for POST'ed data. [Rob Hartill]

  *) Log reason when mod_dir returns access HTTP_FORBIDDEN
     [Ken the Rodent]

  *) Properly check errno to prevent display of a directory index
     when server receives a long enough URL to confuse stat().
     [Marc Slemko]

  *) Several security enhancements to suexec wrapper. It is _highly_
     recommended that previously installed versions of the wrapper
     be replaced with this version.  [Randy Terbush, Jason Dour]

        - ~user execution now properly restricted to ~user's home
          directory and below.
        - execution restricted to UID/GID > 100
        - restrict passed environment to known variables
        - call setgid() before initgroups() (portability fix)
        - remove use of setenv() (portability fix)

  *) Add HTTP/1.0 response forcing. [Ben Laurie]

  *) Add access control via environment variables. [Ben Laurie]

  *) Add rflush() function. [Alexei Kosut]

  *) remove duplicate pcalloc() call in new_connection().

  *) Fix incorrect comparison which could allow number of children =
     MaxClients + 1 if less than HARD_SERVER_LIMIT. Also fix potential
     problem if StartServers > HARD_SERVER_LIMIT. [Ed Korthof]

  *) Updated support for OSes (MachTen, ULTRIX, Paragon, ISC, OpenBSD
     AIX PS/2, CONVEXOS. [Jim Jagielski]

  *) Replace instances of inet_ntoa() with inet_addr() for ProxyBlock.
     It's more portable. [Martin Kraemer]

  *) Replace references to make in Makefile.tmpl with $(MAKE).
     [Chuck Murcko]

  *) Add ProxyBlock directive w/IP address caching. Add IP address
     caching to NoCache directive as well. ProxyBlock works with all
     handlers; NoCache now also works with FTP for anonymous logins.
     Still more code cleanup. [Chuck Murcko]

  *) Add "header parse" API hook [Ben Laurie]

  *) Fix byte ordering problems for REMOTE_PORT [Chuck Murcko]

  *) suEXEC wrapper was freeing memory that had not been malloc'ed.

  *) Correctly allow access and auth directives in <Files> sections in
     server config files. [Alexei Kosut]

  *) Fix bug with ServerPath that could cause certain files to be not
     found by the server. [Alexei Kosut]

  *) Fix handling of ErrorDocument so that it doesn't remove a trailing
     double-quote from text and so that it properly checks for unsupported
     status codes using the new index_of_response interface. [Roy Fielding]

  *) Multiple fixes to the lingering_close code in order to avoid being
     interrupted by a stray timeout, to avoid lingering on a connection
     that has already been aborted or never really existed, to ensure that
     we stop lingering as soon as any error condition is received, and to
     prevent being stuck indefinitely if the read blocks.  Also improves
     reporting of error conditions.  [Marc Slemko and Roy Fielding]

  *) Fixed initialization of parameter structure for sigaction.
     [, Adrian Filipi-Martin]

  *) Fixed reinitializing the parameters before each call to accept and
     select, and removed potential for infinite loop in accept.
     [Roy Fielding, after useful PR from]

  *) Fixed condition where, if a child fails to fork, the scoreboard would
     continue to say SERVER_STARTING forever. Eventually, the main process
     would refuse to start new children because count_idle_servers() will
     count those SERVER_STARTING entries and will always report that there
     are enough idle servers. [Phillip Vandry]

  *) Fixed bug in bcwrite regarding failure to account for partial writes.
     Avoided calling bflush() when the client is pipelining requests.
     Removed unnecessary flushes from http_protocol. [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Added description of "." mode in server-status [Jim Jagielski]

Changes with Apache 1.2b4

  *) Fix possible race condition in accept_mutex_init() that
     could leave a small security hole open allowing files to be
     overwritten in cases where the server UID has write permissions.
     [Marc Slemko]

  *) Fix awk compatibilty problem in Configure. [Jim Jagielski]

  *) Fix portablity problem in util_script where ARG_MAX may not be
     defined for some systems.

  *) Add changes to allow compilation on Machten 4.0.3 for PowerPC.
     [Randal Schwartz]

  *) OS/2 changes to support an MMAP style scoreboard file and UNIX
     style magic #! token for better script portability. [Garey Smiley]

  *) Fix bug in suexec wrapper introduced in b3 that would cause failed
     execution for ~userdir CGI. [Jason Dour]

  *) Fix initgroups() business in suexec wrapper. [Jason Dour]

  *) Fix month off by one in suexec wrapper logging.

Changes with Apache 1.2b3:

  *) Fix error in mod_cgi which could cause resources not to be properly
     freed, or worse. [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Fix find_string() NULL pointer dereference. [Howard Fear]

  *) Add set_flag_slot() at the request of Dirk and others.
     [Dirk vanGulik]

  *) Sync mod_rewrite with patch level 10. [Ralf Engelschall]

  *) Add changes to improve the error message given for invalid
     ServerName parameters. [Dirk vanGulik]

  *) Add "Authoritative" directive for Auth modules that don't
     currently have it. This gives admin control to assign authoritative
     control to an authentication scheme and allow "fall through" for
     those authentication modules that aren't "Authoritative" thereby
     allowing multiple authentication mechanisms to be chained.
     [Dirk vanGulik]

  *) Remove requirement for ResourceConfig/AccessConfig if not using
     the three config file layout. [Randy Terbush]

  *) Add PASV mode to mod_proxy FTP handler. [Chuck Murcko]

  *) Changes to suexec wrapper to fix the following problems:
     1.  symlinked homedirs will kill ~userdirs.
     2.  initgroups() on Linux 2.0.x clobbers gr->grid.
     3.  CGI command lines paramters problems
     4.  pw-pwdir for "docroot check" still the httpd user's pw record.
    [Randy Terbush, Jason Dour]

  *) Change create_argv() to accept variable arguments. This fixes
     a problem where arguments were not getting passed to the CGI via
     argv[] when the suexec wrapper was active. [Randy Terbush, Jake Buchholz]

  *) Collapse multiple slashes in path URLs to properly apply
     handlers defined by <Location>. [Alexei Kosut]

  *) Define a sane set of DEFAULT_USER and DEFAULT_GROUP values for AIX.

  *) Improve the accuracy of request duration timings by setting
     r->request_time in read_request_line() instead of read_request().
     [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Reset timeout while reading via get_client_block() in mod_cgi.c
     Fixes problem with timed out transfers of large files. [Rasmus Lerdorf]

  *) Add the ability to pass different Makefile.tmpl files to Configure
     using the -make flag. [Rob Hartill]

  *) Fix coredump triggered when sending a SIGHUP to the server caused
     by an assertion failure, in turn caused by an uninitialised field in a
     [Ben Laurie]

  *) Add FILEPATH_INFO variable to CGI environment, which is equal to
     PATH_INFO from previous versions of Apache (in certain situations,
     Apache 1.2's PATH_INFO will be different than 1.1's). [Alexei Kosut]
     [later removed in 1.2b11]

  *) Add rwrite() function to API to allow for sending strings of
     arbitrary length. [Doug MacEachern]

  *) Remove rlim_t typedef for NetBSD. Do older versions need this?

  *) Defined rlim_t and WANTHSREGEX=yes and fixed waitpid() substitute for
     NeXT. [Jim Jagielski]

  *) Removed recent modification to promote the status code on internal
     redirects, since the correct fix was to change the default log format
     in mod_log_config so that it outputs the original status. [Rob Hartill]

Changes with Apache 1.2b2:

  *) Update set_signals() to use sigaction() for setting handlers.
     This appears to fix a re-entrant problem in the seg_fault()
     bus_error() handlers. [Randy Terbush]

  *) Changes to allow mod_status compile for OS/2 [Garey Smiley]

  *) changes for DEC AXP running OSF/1 v3.0. [Marc Evans]

  *) proxy_http.c bugfixes:  [Chuck Murcko]
        1) fixes possible NULL pointer reference w/NoCache
        2) fixes NoCache behavior when using ProxyRemote (ProxyRemote
           host would cache nothing if it was in the local domain,
           and the local domain was in the NoCache list)
        3) Adds Host: header when not available
        4) Some code cleanup and clarification

  *) mod_include.c bugfixes:
        1) Fixed an ommission that caused include variables to not
           be parsed in config errmsg directives [Howard Fear]
        2) Remove HAVE_POSIX_REGEX cruft [Alexei Kosut]
        3) Patch to fix compiler warnings []
        4) Allow backslash-escaping to all quoted text
           [Ben Yoshino <>]
        5) Pass variable to command line if not set in XSSI's env
           [Howard Fear]

  *) Fix infinite loop when processing Content-language lines in
     type-map files. [Alexei Kosut]

  *) Closed file-globbing hole in test-cgi script. [Brian Behlendorf]

  *) Fixed problem in set_[user|group] that prevented CGI execution
     for non-virtualhosts when suEXEC was enabled. [Randy Terbush]

  *) Added PORTING information file.  [Jim Jagielski]

  *) Added definitions for S_IWGRP and S_IWOTH to conf.h [Ben Laurie]

  *) Changed default group to "nogroup" instead of "nobody" [Randy Terbush]

  *) Fixed define typo of FCNTL_SERIALIZED_ACCEPT where

  *) Fixed additional uses of 0xffffffff where INADDR_NONE was intended,
     which caused problems of systems where socket s_addr is >32bits.

  *) Added comment to explain (r->chunked = 1) side-effect in
     http_protocol.c [Roy Fielding]

  *) Replaced use of index() in mod_expires.c with more appropriate
     and portable isdigit() test.  [Ben Laurie]

  *) Updated Configure for ...
        OS/2          (DEF_WANTHSREGEX=yes, other code changes)
        *-dg-dgux*    (bad pattern match)
        QNX           (DEF_WANTHSREGEX=yes)
        *-sunos4*     (DEF_WANTHSREGEX=yes, -DUSEBCOPY)
        *-ultrix      (new)
        *-unixware211 (new)
     and added some user diagnostic info.  [Ben Laurie]

  *) In helpers/CutRule, replaced "cut" invocation with "awk" invocation
     for better portability. [Jim Jagielski]

  *) Updated helpers/GuessOS for ...
        SCO 5            (recognize minor releases)
        SCO UnixWare     (braindamaged uname, whatever-whatever-unixware2)
        SCO UnixWare 2.1.1      (requires a separate set of #defines in conf.h)
        IRIX64           (-sgi-irix64)
        ULTRIX           (-unknown-ultrix)
        SINIX            (-whatever-sysv4)
        NCR Unix         (-ncr-sysv4)
     and fixed something in helpers/PrintPath  [Ben Laurie]

Changes with Apache 1.2b1

  *) Not listed. See <>

Changes with Apache 1.1.1

  *) Fixed bug where Cookie module would make two entries in the
     logfile for each access [Mark Cox]

  *) Fixed bug where Redirect in .htaccess files would cause memory
     leak. [Nathan Neulinger]

  *) MultiViews now works correctly with AddHandler [Alexei Kosut]

  *) Problems with mod_auth_msql fixed [Dirk vanGulik]

  *) Fix misspelling of "Anonymous_Authorative" directive in mod_auth_anon.

Changes with Apache 1.1.0

  *) Bring NeXT support up to date. [Takaaki Matsumoto]

  *) Bring QNX support up to date. [Ben Laurie]

  *) Make virtual hosts default to main server keepalive parameters.
     [Alexei Kosut, Ben Laurie]

  *) Allow ScanHTMLTitles to work with lowercase <title> tags. [Alexei Kosut]

  *) Fix missing address family for connect, also remove unreachable statement
     in mod_proxy. [Ben Laurie]

  *) mod_env now turned on by default in Configuration.tmpl.

  *) Bugs which were fixed:
        a) yet more mod_proxy bugs [Ben Laurie]
        b) CGI works again with inetd [Alexei Kosut]
        c) Leading colons were stripped from passwords []
        d) Another fix to multi-method Limit problem []

Changes with Apache 1.1b4

  *) r->bytes_sent variable restored. [Robert Thau]

  *) Previously broken multi-method <Limit> parsing fixed. [Robert Thau]

  *) More possibly unsecure programs removed from the support directory.

  *) More mod_auth_msql authentication improvements.

  *) VirtualHosts based on Host: headers no longer conflict with the
     Listen directive.

  *) OS/2 compatibility enhancements. [Gary Smiley]

  *) POST now allowed to directory index CGI scripts.

  *) Actions now work with files of the default type.

  *) Bugs which were fixed:
        a) more mod_proxy bugs
        b) early termination of inetd requests
        c) compile warnings on several systems
        d) problems when scripts stop reading output early

Changes with Apache 1.1b3

  *) Much of cgi-bin and all of cgi-src has been removed, due to
     various security holes found and that we could no longer support

  *) The "Set-Cookie" header is now special-cased to not merge multiple
     instances, since certain popular browsers can not handle multiple
     Set-Cookie instructions in a single header. [Paul Sutton]

  *) rprintf() added to buffer code, occurrences of sprintf removed.
     [Ben Laurie]

  *) CONNECT method for proxy module, which means tunneling SSL should work.
     (No crypto needed)  Also a NoCache config directive.

  *) Several API additions: pstrndup(), table_unset() and get_token()
     functions now available to modules.

  *) mod_imap fixups, in particular Location: headers are now complete

  *) New "info" module which reports on installed module set through a
     special URL, a la mod_status.

  *) "ServerPath" directive added - allows for graceful transition
     for Host:-header-based virtual hosts.

  *) Anonymous authentication module improvements.

  *) MSQL authentication module improvements.

  *) Status module design improved - output now table-based. [Ben Laurie]

  *) htdigest utility included for use with digest authentication

  *) mod_negotiation: Accept values with wildcards to be treated with
     less priority than those without wildcards at the same quality
     value. [Alexei Kosut]

  *) Bugs which were fixed:
        a) numerous mod_proxy bugs
        b) CGI early-termination bug [Ben Laurie]
        c) Keepalives not working with virtual hosts
        d) RefererIgnore problems
        e) closing fd's twice in mod_include (causing core dumps on
           Linux and elsewhere).

Changes with Apache 1.1b2

  *) Bugfixes:
        a) core dumps in mod_digest
        b) truncated hostnames/ip address in the logs
        c) relative URL's in mod_imap map files

Changes with Apache 1.1b1

  *) Not listed. See <>

Changes with Apache 1.0.3

  *) Internal redirects which occur in mod_dir.c now preserve the
     query portion of a request (the bit after the question mark).
     [Adam Sussman]

  *) Escape active characters '<', '>' and '&' in html output in
     directory listings, error messages and redirection links.
     [David Robinson]

  *) Apache will now work with LynxOS 2.3 and later [Steven Watt]

  *) Fix for POSIX compliance in waiting for processes in alloc.c.
     [Nick Williams]

  *) setsockopt no longer takes a const declared argument [Martijn Koster]

  *) Reset timeout timer after each successful fwrite() to the network.
     This patch adds a reset_timeout() procedure that is called by
     send_fd() to reset the timeout ever time data is written to the net.
     [Nathan Schrenk]

  *) timeout() signal handler now checks for SIGPIPE and reports
     lost connections in a more user friendly way. [Rob Hartill]

  *) Location of the "scoreboard" file which used to live in /tmp is
     now configurable (for OSes that can't use mmap) via ScoreBoardFile
     which works similar to PidFile (in httpd.conf) [Rob Hartill]

  *) Include sys/resource.h in the correct place for SunOS4 [Sameer Parekh]

  *) the pstrcat call in mod_cookies.c didn't have an ending NULL,
     which caused a SEGV with cookies enabled

  *) Output warning when MinSpareServers is set to <= 0 and change it to 1
     [Rob Hartill]

  *) Log the UNIX textual error returned by some system calls, in
     particular errors from accept() [David Robinson]

  *) Add strerror function to util.c for SunOS4 [Randy Terbush]

Changes with Apache 1.0.2

  *) patch to get Apache compiled on UnixWare 2.x, recommended as
     a temporary measure, pending rewrite of rfc931.c. [Chuck Murcko]

  *) Fix get_basic_auth_pw() to set the auth_type of the request.
     [David Robinson]

  *) past changes to http_config.c to only use the
     setrlimit function on systems defining RLIMIT_NOFILE
     broke the feature on SUNOS4. Now defines HAVE_RESOURCE
     for SUNOS and prototypes the needed functions.

  *) Remove uses of MAX_STRING_LEN/HUGE_STRING_LEN from several routines.
     [David Robinson]

  *) Fix use of pointer to scratch memory. [Cliff Skolnick]

  *) Merge multiple headers from CGI scripts instead of taking last
     one. [David Robinson]

  *) Add support for SCO 5. [Ben Laurie]

Changes with Apache 1.0.1

  *) Silence mod_log_referer and mod_log_agent if not configured
     [Randy Terbush]

  *) Recursive includes can occur if the client supplies PATH_INFO data
     and the server provider uses relative links; as file.html
     relative to /doc.shtml/pathinfo is /doc.shtml/file.html. [David Robinson]

  *) The replacement for initgroups() did not call {set,end}grent(). This
     had two implications: if anything else used getgrent(), then
     initgroups() would fail, and it was consuming a file descriptor.
     [Ben Laurie]

  *) On heavily loaded servers it was possible for the scoreboard to get
     out of sync with reality, as a result of a race condition.
     The observed symptoms are far more Apaches running than should
     be, and heavy system loads, generally followed by catastrophic
     system failure. [Ben Laurie]

  *) Fix typo in license. [David Robinson]

Changes with Apache 1.0.0                                        23 Nov 1995

  *) Not listed. See <>

Changes with Apache 0.8.16                                       05 Nov 1995

  *) New man page for 'httpd' added to support directory [David Robinson]

  *) .htgroup files can have more than one line giving members for a
     given group (each must have the group name in front), for NCSA
     back-compatibility [Robert Thau]

  *) Mutual exclusion around accept() is on by default for SVR4 systems
     generally, since they generally can't handle multiple processes in
     accept() on the same socket.  This should cure flaky behavior on
     a lot of those systems.  [David Robinson]

  *) AddType, AddEncoding, and AddLanguage directives take multiple
     extensions on a single command line [David Robinson]

  *) UserDir can be disabled for a given virtual host by saying
     "UserDir disabled" in the <VirtualHost> section --- it was a bug
     that this didn't work.  [David Robinson]

  *) Compiles on QNX [Ben Laurie]

  *) Corrected parsing of ctime time format [David Robinson]

  *) httpd does a perror() before exiting if it can't log its pid
     to the PidFile, to make diagnosing the error a bit easier.
     [David Robinson]

  *) <!--#include file="..."--> can no longer include files in the
     parent directory, for NCSA back-compatibility.  [David Robinson]

  *) '~' is *not* escaped in URIs generated for directory listings
     [Roy Fielding]

  *) Eliminated compiler warning in the imagemap module [Randy Terbush]

  *) Fixed bug involving handling URIs with escaped %-characters
     in redirects [David Robinson]

Changes with Apache 0.8.15                                       14 Oct 1995

  *) Switched to new, simpler license

  *) Eliminated core dumps with improperly formatted DBM group files [Mark Cox]

  *) Don't allow requests for ordinary files to have PATH_INFO [Ben Laurie]

  *) Reject paths containing %-escaped '%' or null characters [David Robinson]

  *) Correctly handles internal redirects to files with names containing '%'
     [David Robinson]

  *) Repunctuated some error messages [Aram Mirzadeh, Andrew Wilson]

  *) Use geteuid() rather than getuid() to see if we have root privilege,
     so that server correctly resets privilege if run setuid root.  [Andrew

  *) Handle ftp: and telnet: URLs correctly in imagemaps (built-in module)
     [Randy Terbush]

  *) Fix relative URLs in imagemap files [Randy Terbush]

  *) Somewhat better fix for the old "Alias /foo/ /bar/" business
     [David Robinson]

  *) Don't repeatedly open the ErrorLog if a bunch of <VirtualHost>
     entries all name the same one. [David Robinson]

  *) Fix directory listings with filenames containing unusual characters
     [David Robinson]

  *) Better URI-escaping for generated URIs in directories with filenames
     containing unusual characters [Ben Laurie]

  *) Fixed potential FILE* leak in http_main.c [Ben Laurie]

  *) Unblock alarms on error return from spawn_child() [David Robinson]

  *) Sample Config files have extra note for SCO users [Ben Laurie]

  *) Configuration has note for HP-UX users [Rob Hartill]

  *) Eliminated some bogus Linux-only #defines in conf.h [Aram Mirzadeh]

  *) Nuked bogus #define in httpd.h [David Robinson]

  *) Better test for whether a system has setrlimit() [David Robinson]

  *) Calls update_child_status() after reopen_scoreboard() [David Robinson]

  *) Doesn't send itself SIGHUP on startup when run in the -X debug-only mode
     [Ben Laurie]

Changes with Apache 0.8.14                                       19 Sep 1995

  *) Compiles on SCO ODT 3.0 [Ben Laurie]

  *) AddDescription works (better) [Ben Laurie]

  *) Leaves an intelligible error diagnostic when it can't set group
     privileges on standalone startup [Andrew Wilson]

  *) Compiles on NeXT again --- the 0.8.13 RLIMIT patch was failing on
     that machine, which claims to be BSD but does not support RLIMIT.
     [Randy Terbush]

  *) gcc -Wall no longer complains about an unused variable when util.c
     is compiled with -DMINIMAL_DNS [Andrew Wilson]

  *) Nuked another compiler warning for -Wall on Linux [Aram Mirzadeh]

Changes with Apache 0.8.13                                       07 Sep 1995

  *) Make IndexIgnore *work* (ooops) [Jarkko Torppa]

  *) Have built-in imagemap code recognize & honor Point directive [James

  *) Generate cleaner directory listings in directories with a mix of
     long and short filenames [Rob Hartill]

  *) Properly initialize dynamically loaded modules [Royston Shufflebotham]

  *) Properly default ServerName for virtual servers [Robert Thau]

  *) Rationalize handling of BSD in conf.h and elsewhere [Randy Terbush,
     Paul Richards and a cast of thousands...]

  *) On self-identified BSD systems (we don't try to guess any more),
     allocate a few extra file descriptors per virtual host with setrlimit,
     if we can, to avoid running out. [Randy Terbush]

  *) Write 22-character lock file name into buffer with enough space
     on startup [Konstantin Olchanski]

  *) Use archaic setpgrp() interface on NeXT, which requires it [Brian

  *) Suppress -Wall warning by casting const away in util.c [Aram Mirzadeh]

  *) Suppress -Wall warning by initializing variable in negotiation code
     [Tobias Weingartner]

Changes with Apache 0.8.12                                       31 Aug 1995

  *) Doesn't pause three seconds after including a CGI script which is
     too slow to die off (this is done by not even trying to kill off
     subprocesses, including the SIGTERM/pause/SIGKILL routine, until
     after the entire document has been processed).  [Robert Thau]

  *) Doesn't do SSI if Options Includes is off.  (Ooops).  [David Robinson]

  *) Options IncludesNoExec allows inclusion of at least text/* [Roy Fielding]

  *) Allows .htaccess files to override <Directory> sections naming the
     same directory [David Robinson]

  *) Removed an efficiency hack in sub_req_lookup_uri which was
     causing certain extremely marginal cases (e.g., ScriptAlias of a
     *particular* index.html file) to fail.  [David Robinson]

  *) Doesn't log an error when the requested URI requires
     authentication, but no auth header line was supplied by the
     client; this is a normal condition (the client doesn't no auth is
     needed here yet).  [Robert Thau]

  *) Behaves more sanely when the name server loses its mind [Sean Welch]

  *) RFC931 code compiles cleanly on old BSDI releases [Randy Terbush]

  *) RFC931 code no longer passes out name of prior clients on current
     requests if the current request came from a server that doesn't
     do RFC931.  [David Robinson]

  *) Configuration script accepts "Module" lines with trailing whitespace.
     [Robert Thau]

  *) Cleaned up compiler warning from mod_access.c [Robert Thau]

  *) Cleaned up comments in mod_cgi.c [Robert Thau]

Changes with Apache 0.8.11                                       24 Aug 1995

  *) Wildcard <Directory> specifications work.  [Robert Thau]

  *) Doesn't loop for buggy CGI on Solaris [Cliff Skolnick]

  *) Symlink checks (FollowSymLinks off, or SymLinkIfOwnerMatch) always check
     the file being requested itself, in addition to the directories leading
     up to it. [Robert Thau]

  *) Logs access failures due to symlink checks or invalid client address
     in the error log [Roy Fielding, Robert Thau]

  *) Symlink checks deal correctly with systems where lstat of
     "/path/to/some/link/" follows the link.  [Thau, Fielding]

  *) Doesn't reset DirectoryIndex to 'index.html' when
     other directory options are set in a .htaccess file.  [Robert Thau]

  *) Clarified init code and nuked bogus warning in mod_access.c
     [Florent Guillaume]

  *) Corrected several directives in sample srm.conf
     --- includes corrections to directory indexing icon-related directives
     (using unknown.gif rather than unknown.xbm as the DefaultIcon, doing
     icons for encodings right, and turning on AddEncoding by default).
     [Roy Fielding]

  *) Corrected descriptions of args to AddIcon and AddAlt in command table
     [James Cloos]

  *) INSTALL & README mention "contributed modules" directory [Brian

  *) Fixed English in the license language...  "for for" --> "for".
     [Roy Fielding]

  *) Fixed ScriptAlias/Alias interaction by moving ScriptAlias handling to
     mod_alias.c, merging it almost completely with handling of Alias, and
     adding a 'notes' field to the request_rec which allows the CGI module
     to discover whether the Alias module has put this request through
     ScriptAlias (which it needs to know for back-compatibility, as the old
     NCSA code did not check Options ExecCGI in ScriptAlias directories).
     [Robert Thau]

Changes with Apache 0.8.10                                       18 Aug 1995

  *) AllowOverride applies to the named directory, and not just
     subdirectories.  [David Robinson]

  *) Do locking for accept() exclusion (on systems that need it)
     using a special file created for the purpose in /usr/tmp, and
     not the error log; using the error log causes real problems
     if it's NFS-mounted; this is known to be the cause of a whole
     lot of "server hang" problems with Solaris.  [David Robinson;
     thanks to Merten Schumann for help diagnosing the problem].

Changes with Apache 0.8.9                                        12 Aug 1995

  *) Compiles with -DMAXIMUM_DNS ---- ooops! [Henrik Mortensen]

  *) Nested includes see environment variables of the including document,
     for NCSA bug-compatibility (some sites have standard footer includes
     which try to print out the last-modified date).  [Eric Hagberg/Robert

  *) <!--exec cgi="/some/uri/here"--> always treats the item named by the
     URI as a CGI script, even if it would have been treated as something
     else if requested directly, for NCSA back-compatibility.  (Note that
     this means that people who know the name of the script can see the
     code just by asking for it).  [Robert Thau]

  *) New version of dbmmanage script included in support directory as

  *) Check if scoreboard file couldn't be opened, and say so, rather
     then going insane [David Robinson]

  *) POST to CGI works on A/UX [Jim Jagielski]

  *) AddIcon and AddAlt commands work properly [Rob Hartill]

  *) NCSA server push works properly --- the Arena bug compatibility
     workaround, which broke it, is gone (use -DARENA_BUG_WORKAROUND
     if you still want the workaround).  [Rob Hartill]

  *) If client didn't submit any Accept-encodings, ignore encodings in
     content negotiation.  (NB this will all have to be reworked anyway
     for the new HTTP draft).  [Florent Guillaume]

  *) Don't dump core when trying to log timed-out requests [Jim Jagielski]

  *) Really honor CacheNegotiatedDocs [Florent Guillaume]

  *) Give Redirect priority over Alias, for NCSA bug compatibility
     [David Robinson]

  *) Correctly set PATH_TRANSLATED in all cases from <!--#exec cmd=""-->,
     paralleling earlier bug fix for CGI [David Robinson]

  *) If DBM auth is improperly configured, report a server error and don't
     dump core.

  *) Deleted FCNTL_SERIALIZED_ACCEPTS from conf.h entry for A/UX;
     it seems to work well enough without it (even in a 10 hits/sec
     workout), and the overhead for the locking under A/UX is
     alarmingly high (though it is very low on other systems).
     [Eric Hagberg, Jim Jagielski]

  *) Fixed portability problems with mod_cookies.c [Cliff Skolnick]

  *) Further de-Berklize mod_cookies.c; change the bogus #include.  [Brian
     Behlendorf/Eric Hagberg]

  *) More improvements to default Configuration for A/UX [Jim Jagielski]

  *) Compiles clean on NEXT [Rob Hartill]

  *) Compiles clean on SGI [Robert Thau]

Changes with Apache 0.8.8                                        08 Aug 1995

  *) SunOS library prototypes now never included unless explicitly
     requested in the configuration (via -DSUNOS_LIB_PROTOTYPES);
     people using GNU libc on SunOS are screwed by prototypes for the
     standard library.

     (Those who wish to compile clean with gcc -Wall on a standard
     SunOS setup need the prototypes, and may obtain them using
     -DSUNOS_LIB_PROTOTYPES.  Those wishing to use -Wall on a system
     with nonstandard libraries are presumably competent to make their
     own arrangements).

  *) Strips trailing '/' characters off both args to the Alias command,
     to make 'Alias /foo/ /bar/' work.

Changes with Apache 0.8.7                                        03 Aug 1995

  *) Don't hang when restarting with a child from 'TransferLog "|..."' running
     [reported by David Robinson]

  *) Compiles clean on OSF/1 [David Robinson]

  *) Added some of the more recent significant changes (AddLanguage stuff,
     experimental LogFormat support) to CHANGES file in distribution root

Changes with Apache 0.8.6                                        02 Aug 1995

  *) Deleted Netscape reload workaround --- it's in violation of HTTP specs.
     (If you actually wanted a conditional GET which bypassed the cache, you
     couldn't get it). [Reported by Roy Fielding]

  *) Properly terminate headers on '304 Not Modified' replies to conditional
     GETs --- no browser we can find cares much, but the CERN proxy chokes.
     [Reported by Cliff Skolnick; fix discovered independently by Rob Hartill]

  *) httpd -v doesn't call itself "Shambhala".  [Reported by Chuck Murcko]

  *) SunOS lib-function prototypes in conf.h conditionalized on __GNUC__,
     not __SUNPRO_C (they're needed to quiet gcc -Wall, but acc chokes on 'em,
     and older versions don't set the __SUNPRO_C preprocessor variable).  On
     all other systems, these are never used anyway.  [Reported by Mark Cox].

  *) Scoreboard file (/tmp/htstatus.*) no longer publically writable.

Changes with Apache 0.8.5                                        01 Aug 1995

  *) Added last-minute configurable log experiment, as optional module

  *) Correctly set r->bytes_sent for HTTP/0.9 requests, so they get logged
     properly.  (One-line fix to http_protocol.c).

  *) Work around bogus behavior when reloading from Netscape.
     It's Netscape's bug --- for some reason they expect a request with
     If-modified-since: to not function as a conditional GET if it also
     comes with Pragma: no-cache, which is way out of line with the HTTP
     spec (according to Roy Fielding, the redactor).

  *) Added parameter to set maximum number of server processes.

  *) Added patches to make it work on A/UX.  A/UX is *weird*.  [Eric Hagberg,
     Jim Jagielski]

  *) IdentityCheck bugfix [Chuck Murcko].

  *) Corrected cgi-src/Makefile entry for new imagemap script.  [Alexei Kosut]

  *) More sample config file corrections; add extension to AddType for
     *.asis, move AddType generic description to its proper place, and
     fix miscellaneous typos. [ Alexei Kosut ]

  *) Deleted the *other* reference to the regents from the Berkeley
     legal disclaimer (everyplace).

  *) Nuked Shambhala name from src/README; had already cleaned it out
     of everywhere else.

Changes with Apache 0.8.4

  *) Changes to server-pool management parms --- renamed current
     StartServers to MinSpareServers, created separate StartServers
     parameter which means what it says, and renamed MaxServers to
     MaxSpareServers (though the old name still works, for NCSA 1.4
     back-compatibility).  The old names were generally regarded as
     too confusing.  Also altered "docs" in sample config files.

  *) More improvements to default config files ---
     sample directives (commented out) for XBitHack, BindAddress,
     CacheNegotiatedDocs, VirtualHost; decent set of AddLanguage
     defaults, AddTypes for send-as-is and imagemap magic types, and
     improvements to samples for DirectoryIndex [Alexei Kosut]

  *) Yet more improvements to default config files --- changes to
     Alexei's sample AddLanguage directives, and sample LanguagePriority
     [ Florent Guillaume ]

  *) Set config file locations properly if not set in httpd.conf
     [ David Robinson ]

  *) Don't escape URIs in internal redirects multiple times; don't
     do that when translating PATH_INFO to PATH_TRANSLATED either.
     [ David Robinson ]

  *) Corrected spelling of "Required" in 401 error reports [Andrew Wilson]

Changes with Apache 0.8.3

  *) Edited distribution README to *briefly* summarize installation
     procedures, and give a pointer to the INSTALL file in the src/

  *) Upgraded imagemap script in cgi-bin to 1.8 version from more
     recent NCSA distributions.

  *) Bug fix to previous bug fix --- if .htaccess file and <Directory>
     exist for the same directory, use both and don't segfault.  [Reported
     by David Robinson]

  *) Proper makefile dependencies [David Robinson]

  *) Note (re)starts in error log --- reported by Rob Hartill.

  *) Only call no2slash() after get_path_info() has been done, to
     preserve multiple slashes in the PATH_INFO [NCSA compatibility,
     reported by Andrew Wilson, though this one is probably a real bug]

  *) Fixed mod_imap.c --- relative paths with base_uri referer don't
     dump core when Referer is not supplied. [Randy Terbush]

  *) Lightly edited sample config files to refer people to our documentation
     instead of NCSA's, and to list Rob McCool as *original* author (also
     deleted his old, and no doubt non-functional email address).  Would be
     nice to have examples of new features...

Changes with Apache 0.8.2                                        19 Jul 1995

  *) Added AddLanuage code [Florent Guillaume]

  *) Don't say "access forbidden" when a CGI script is not found.  [Mark Cox]

  *) All sorts of problems when MultiViews finds a directory.  It would
     be nice if mod_dir.c was robust enough to handle that, but for now,
     just punt.  [reported by Brian Behlendorf]

  *) Wait for all children on restart, to make sure that the old socket
     is gone and we can reopen it.  [reported by Randy Terbush]

  *) Imagemap module is enabled in default Configuration

  *) RefererLog and UserAgentLog modules properly default the logfile
     [Randy Terbush]

  *) Mark Cox's mod_cookies added to the distribution as an optional
     module (commented out in the default Configuration, and noted as
     an experiment, along with mod_dld). [Mark Cox]

  *) Compiles on ULTRIX (a continuing battle...). [Robert Thau]

  *) Fixed nasty bug in SIGTERM handling [reported by Randy Terbush]

  *) Changed "Shambhala" to "Apache" in API docs. [Robert Thau]

  *) Added new, toothier legal disclaimer. [Robert Thau; copied from BSD

Changes with Apache 0.8.1

  *) New imagemap module [Randy Terbush]

  *) Replacement referer log module with NCSA-compatible RefererIgnore
     [Matthew Gray again]

  *) Don't mung directory listings with very long filenames.
     [Florent Guillaume]

Changes with Apache 0.8.0 (nee Shambhala 0.6.2)                  16 Jul 1995

  *) New config script.  See INSTALL for info.  [Robert Thau]

  *) Scoreboard mechanism for regulating the number of extant server
     processes.  MaxServers and StartServers defaults are the same as
     for NCSA, but the meanings are slightly different.  (Actually,
     I should probably lower the MaxServers default to 10).

     Before asking for a new connection, each server process checks
     the number of other servers which are also waiting for a
     connection.  If there are more than MaxServers, it quietly dies
     off.  Conversely, every second, the root, or caretaker, process
     looks to see how many servers are waiting for a new connection;
     if there are fewer than StartServers, it starts a new one.  This
     does not depend on the number of server processes already extant.
     The accounting is arranged through a "scoreboard" file, named
     /tmp/htstatus.*, on which each process has an independent file
     descriptor (they need to seek without interference).

     The end effect is that MaxServers is the maximum number of
     servers on an *inactive* server machine, but more will be forked
     off to handle unusually heavy loads (or unusually slow clients);
     these will die off when they are no longer needed --- without
     reverting to the overhead of full forking operation.  There is a
     hard maximum of 150 server processes compiled in, largely to
     avoid forking out of control and dragging the machine down.
     (This is arguably too high).

     In my server endurance tests, this mechanism did not appear to
     impose any significant overhead, even after I forced it to put the
     scoreboard file on a normal filesystem (which might have more
     overhead than tmpfs).  [Robert Thau]

  *) Set HTTP_FOO variables for SSI <!--#exec cmd-->s, not just CGI scripts.
     [Cliff Skolnick]

  *) Read .htaccess files even in directory with <Directory> section.
     (Former incompatibility noted on mailing list, now fixed). [Robert

  *) "HEAD /" gives the client a "Bad Request" error message, rather
     than trying to send no body *and* no headers.  [Cliff Skolnick].

  *) Don't produce double error reports for some very obscure cases
     mainly involving auth configuration (the "all modules decline to
     handle" case which is a sure sign of a server bug in most cases,
     but also happens when authentication is badly misconfigured).
     [Robert Thau]

  *) Moved FCNTL_SERIALIZED_ACCEPT defines into conf.h (that's what
     it's *for*, and this sort of thing really shouldn't be cluttering
     up the Makefile). [Robert Thau]

  *) Incidental code cleanups in http_main.c --- stop dragging
     sa_client around; just declare it where used.  [Robert Thau]

  *) Another acc-related fix.  (It doesn't like const char
     in some places...). [Mark Cox]

Changes with Shambhala 0.6.1                                     13 Jul 1995

  *) Fixed auth_name-related typos in http_core.c [Brian Behlendorf]
     Also, fixed auth typo in http_protocol.c unmasked by this fix.

  *) Compiles clean with acc on SunOS [Paul Sutton]

  *) Reordered modules in modules.c so that Redirect takes priority
     over ScriptAlias, for NCSA bug-compatibility [Rob Hartill] ---
     believe it or not, he has an actual site with a ScriptAlias and
     a Redirect declared for the *exact same directory*.  Even *my*
     compatibility fetish wouldn't motivate me to fix this if the fix
     required any effort, but it doesn't, so what the hey.

  *) Fixed to properly default several server_rec fields for virtual
     servers from the corresponding fields in the main server_rec.
     [Cliff Skolnick --- 'port' was a particular irritant].

  *) No longer kills off nph- child processes before they are
     finished sending output. [Matthew Gray]

Changes with Shambhala 0.6.0                                     10 Jul 1995

  *) Two styles of timeout --- hard and soft.  soft_timeout()s just put
     the connection to the client in an "aborted" state, but otherwise
     allow whatever handlers are running to clean up.  hard_timeout()s
     abort the request in progress completely; anything not tied to some
     resource pool cleanup will leak.  They're still around because I
     haven't yet come up with a more elegant way of handling
     timeouts when talking to something that isn't the client.  The
     default_handler and the dir_handler now use soft timeouts, largely
     so I can test the feature.  [Robert Thau]

  *) TransferLog "| my_postprocessor ..." seems to be there.  Note that
     the case of log handlers dying prematurely is probably handled VERY
     gracelessly at this point, and if the logger stops reading input,
     the server will hang.  (It is known to correctly restart the
     logging process on server restart; this is (should be!) going through
     the same SIGTERM/pause/SIGKILL routine used to ding an errant CGI
     script).  [Robert Thau]

  *) asis files supported (new module).  [Robert Thau]

  *) IdentityCheck code is compiled in, but has not been tested.  (I
     don't know anyone who runs identd). [Robert Thau]

  *) PATH_INFO and PATH_TRANSLATED are not set unless some real PATH_INFO
     came in with the request, for NCSA bug-compatibility. [Robert Thau]

  *) Don't leak the DIR * on HEAD request for a directory. [Robert Thau]

  *) Deleted the block_alarms() stuff from dbm_auth; no longer necessary,
     as timeouts are not in scope. [Robert Thau]

  *) quoted-string args in config files now handled correctly (doesn't drop
     the last character). [Robert Thau; reported by Randy Terbush]

  *) Fixed silly typo in http_main.c which was suddenly fatal in HP-UX.
     How the hell did it ever work? [Robert Thau; reported by Rob Hartill]

  *) mod_core.c --- default_type returns DEFAULT_TYPE (the compile-time
     default default type); the former default default behavior when all
     type-checkers defaulted had been a core dump.  [Paul Sutton]

  *) Copy filenames out of the struct dirent when indexing
     directories.  (On Linux, readdir() returns a pointer to the same
     memory area every time).  Fix is in mod_dir.c.  [Paul Sutton]

Changes with Shambhala 0.5.3 [not released]

  *) Default response handler notes "file not found" in the error log,
     if the file was not found.  [Cliff Skolnick].

  *) Another Cliff bug --- "GET /~user" now properly redirects (the userdir
     code no longer sets up bogus PATH_INFO which fakes out the directory
     handler). [Cliff Skolnick]

Changes with Shambhala 0.5.2                                     06 Jul 1995

  *) Changes to http_main.c --- root server no longer plays silly
     games with SIGCHLD, and so now detects and replaces dying
     children.  Child processes just die on SIGTERM, without taking
     the whole process group with them.  Potential problem --- if any
     child process refuses to die, we hang in restart.
     MaxRequestsPerChild may still not work, but it certainly works
     better than it did before this!  [Robert Thau]

  *) mod_dir.c bug fixes: ReadmeName and HeaderName
     work (or work better, at least); over-long description lines
     properly terminated. [Mark Cox]

  *) http_request.c now calls unescape_url() more places where it
     should [Paul Sutton].

  *) More directory handling bugs (reported by Cox)
     Parent Directory link is now set correctly. [Robert Thau]

Changes with Shambhala 0.5.1                                     04 Jul 1995

  *) Generalized cleanup interface in alloc.c --- any function can be
     registered with alloc.c as a cleanup for a resource pool;
     tracking of files and file descriptors has been reimplemented in
     terms of this interface, so I can give it some sort of a test.
     [Robert Thau]

  *) More changes in alloc.c --- new cleanup_for_exec() function,
     which tracks down and closes all file descriptors which have been
     registered with the alloc.c machinery before the server exec()s a
     child process for CGI or <!--#exec-->.  CGI children now get
     started with exactly three file descriptors open.  Hopefully,
     this cures the problem Rob H. was having with overly persistent
     CGI connections. [Robert Thau]

  *) Mutual exclusion around the accept() in child_main() --- this is
     required on at least SGI, Solaris and Linux, and is #ifdef'ed in
     by default on those systems only (-DFCNTL_SERIALIZED_ACCEPT).
     This uses fcntl(F_SETLK,...) on the error log descriptor because
     flock() on that descriptor won't work on systems which have BSD
     flock() semantics, including (I think) Linux 1.3 and Solaris.

     This does work on SunOS (when the server is idle, only one
     process in the pool is waiting on accept()); it *ought* to work
     on the other systems. [Robert Thau]

  *) FreeBSD and BSDI portability tweaks [Chuck Murcko]

  *) sizeof(*sa_client) bugfix from [Rob Hartill]

  *) pstrdup(..., NULL) returns NULL, [Randy Terbush]

  *) block_alarms() to avoid leaking the DBM* in dbm auth (this should
     be unnecessary if I go to the revised timeout-handling scheme).
     [Robert Thau]

  *) For NCSA bug-compatibility, set QUERY_STRING env var (to a null
     string) even if none came in with the request.  [Robert Thau]

  *) CHANGES file added to distribution ;-).

Changes with Shambhala 0.4.5

  *) mod_dld --- early dynamic loading support [rst]
  *) Add wildcard content handlers for XBITHACK; default_hander now
     invoked with that mechanism (as a handler hanging off mod_core) [rst]
  *) XBITHACK supported as a wildcard content-handler, and 
     configurable at run-time (not just at compile time, as in the
     "patchy server" releases) [rst]

Changes with Shambhala 0.4.4                                     30 Jun 1995

  *) Fixed basic thinkos in mod_dbm_auth.c [rst, reported by Mark Cox]
  *) Handle Addtype x/y .z [rst, reported by Cox]

Changes with Shambhala 0.4.3

  *) Fixed very dumb bug in mod_alias; "Alias" and "Redirect" are not
     synonymous [rst, terbush]

Changes with Shambhala 0.4.1                                     28 Jun 1995

  *) First-cut virtual host implementation; some refit in the config
     reading code, and log management, was necessary to support this [rst]
  *) Sub-pool machinery, originally added to avoid excessive storage
     allocation on listings of large directories (which turned out to
     be the problem that the 0.3 storage accounting was added to
     find).  Subrequests and mod_dir changed to use subpools.  [rst]
  *) More memory debugging --- free list consistency checks. [rst]
  *) Added err_headers to request_rec, with support elsewhere [rst]
  *) Other fixes to minor bugs in mod_dir and mod_includes [rst, terbush]

Changes with Shambhala 0.3                                       19 Jun 1995

  *) Switch ONE_PROCESS to a runtime command-line option (-X)
  *) Don't compile in mod_ai_backcompat by default
  *) Switch name of server from Apache to Shambhala in Makefile
  *) Add some accounting routines to track memory usage in the pools,
     for debugging

Changes with Shambhala 0.2

  *) Set DOCUMENT_ROOT CGI variable
  *) Add single-process debugging, as a compile-time option (ONE_PROCESS)
  *) Add critical section protection to handling of cleanup structures 
     in alloc.c [rst]
  *) Significant code reorg within the server core to group related
     functions together [rst]
  *) Correctly handle clients that hang up before sending any request
  *) Replace dying child processes. [rst]

Changes with Shambhala 0.1                                       12 Jun 1995

   Major rewrite of the pre-existing "patchy server" codebase, by
   Robert Thau (rst).  Significant portions of the server code, such
   as configuration-file handling and HTTP authentication support,
   were ripped out and rewritten from scratch.  Code that was not
   completely rewritten was significantly altered.

   Major changes with this release include:

   *) Introduction of the module API; in request handling, the central 
      machinery just dispatches to various modules, which actually do
      most of the work.  Configuration handling is similar --- modules
      declare their own commands, and the central machinery just
      dispatches to them.  

      API features from shambhala/0.1 were substantially unchanged in
      Apache 1.0 and 1.1.  (1.0 API features not yet present in this
      release, such as wildcard handlers and subpools, were added in
      subsequent Shambhala releases, and were also generally rst's

   *) This release included the following modules:

      mod_access      (access control --- allow and deny directives),
      mod_alias       (Alias and Redirect commands),
      mod_auth        (straight HTTP authentication, based on flat-files)
      mod_auth_dbm    (same, with dbm files)
      mod_cgi         (CGI scripts and, in this release, ScriptAlias)
      mod_common_log  (CLF access logs; later renamed mod_log_common)
      mod_dir         (directory indexing)
      mod_include     (server-side includes)
      mod_mime        (AddType directives)
      mod_negotiation (content negotiation)
      mod_userdir     (support for users' public_html directories)

      It also included a mod_ai_backcompat, which was a private hack
      for back-compatibility with rst's own AI-lab servers.

      All of these modules were substantially complete, and functional 
      or nearly so (a few, which implemented features not in use at
      Thau's site, required patches of a few lines).

   *) sub-request machinery, to allow modules to determine how other
      modules would assign MIME types to a given file, or optionally
      serve its content (this is heavily used by mod_dir, mod_include
      and mod_negotiation).

   *) Resource pool system for keeping track of memory allocated and
      files opened in service of a particular request.  Much of the
      code in the modules (when they weren't rewrites) was adjusted to 
      replace a pervasive convention of using fixed-size buffers on
      the stack with an equally pervasive convention of using memory
      allocated with palloc().

   *) Reorganization of data structures associated with a given
      request to eliminate use of global variables and the troublesome 
      unmunge_name function (used in NCSA and early Apache releases to 
      attempt to determine the URI which mapped to a given filename
      --- a difficult proposition, given that it is easy to produce
      setups in which multiple URIs map to the same file).

   *) Source files renamed and rearranged

   *) Very simple pre-forking behavior --- parent process forked off a 
      fixed number of children, and then just waited for SIGHUP.

   *) Other more minor changes too numerous to list.

   This release included modified versions of a lot of code from the
   Apache 0.6.4 public release, plus an early pre-forking patch
   codeveloped by Robert Thau and Rob Hartill.

Changes with Apache 0.7.3                                        20 Jun 1995

   *) There were a bunch of changes between Apache 0.6.4 and 0.7.3 that
      were incorporated by Rob Hartill on the main branch while Robert Thau
      worked on the Shambhala rewrite above.  Most were merged into the
      Shambala architecture after Apache 0.8.0.

Changes with Apache 0.6.4                                        13 May 1995

   *) Patches by Rob Hartill, Cliff Skolnick, Randy Terbush, Robert Thau,
      and others.

Changes with Apache 0.5.1                                        10 Apr 1995

Changes with Apache 0.4                                          02 Apr 1995

  *) Patches by Brian Behlendorf, Andrew Wilson, Robert Thau,
     and Rob Hartill.

Changes with Apache 0.3                                          24 Mar 1995

  *) Patches by Robert Thau, David Robinson, Rob Hartill, and
     Carlos Varela.

Changes with Apache 0.2                                          18 Mar 1995

  *) Based on NCSA httpd 1.3 by Rob McCool and patches by CERT,
     Roy Fielding, Robert Thau, Nicolas Pioch, David Robinson,
     Brian Behlendorf, Rob Hartill, and Cliff Skolnick.