BUILD.NOTES   [plain text]

OS Specific notes for building/compiling Apache

Apache has been ported to a wide variety of platforms, from multiple
UNIX variants to OS/2 to Windows95/NT. In building and/or compiling
Apache on some platforms, there are some hints and notes which may
help you if you run into problems.

  Don't even try with cc. Instead, use gcc-2.7.2 and the libUTIL.a
  function library, both of which are available on
  libUTIL.a includes many basic functions that Apache (and other software)
  requires as well as fixed versions of functions in libc.a. Contact
  Jim Jagielski ( if you need a precompiled build for
  A/UX 3.1.x.

  If you compiled Apache on AIX (any version) using the xlC compiler
  version 3.6.X and you receive an error such as the following when
  trying to start Apache:

    "Expected </Directory> but saw </Directory>"
    "Expected </Files> but saw </Files>"

  then you have encountered a bug in xlC.  This is a problem with the
  3.6.X versions of xlC, and is not a problem with the Apache code.
  You need to update your xlC compiler and rebuild the server.  A
  set of PTFs which correct the problem is available from:
  The PTFs are:  U462005, U462006, U462007, and U462023 through
  U462030.  The PTFs have been tested and do indeed fix the problem.