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Please volunteer to do any of the following:

- complete testing of untested platforms in INSTALL file
	sunos 3.5

- autofs support: see README.autofs for details.

- deal with everything that has XXX on it in the sources
- documentation update ("XXX: FILL IN" sections).

- compatibility with Sun's automount maps?
	should be easier via the amd.conf file to specify type of map
	perhaps done at the same time autofs support is done.

- convert to using my own rpcgen .x files for amq/amq/nfs (v2 and v3)

- support multiple "fail-over read-only" NFS mounts in Solaris 2.6+.

- use packaging info for various OSs (such as RPM, Redhat Package Manager)

- $mindelay and $maxdelay in milliseconds

- multiple nfsl should be matched if one matched and nfs mount failed.  fall
- fall through syntax?  opts:=nofail,fallthrough?

- random nfs rhost:={srv1, srv2, srv3}

- nfslx, same as nfsl, but using linkx

- loadable info_*, amfs_*, and ops_* modules (lazy evaluation).

- hlfsd should daemonize even if -DDEBUG, then use -D nofork

- fixmount should use generic code from transp/transp_{tli,sockets}.c

- report netbsd/openbsd bugs in BUGS file

- reverse notion of -F and other cmd-line options, so they override the
amd.conf file (right now amd.conf overrides cmd-line options).

- an un/install script for binaries

- update README

- add am-utils URL and COPYRIGHT to all distributed scripts and sources and
  programs etc. also to amq -v output.

- ion: browsable_dirs only works for nis if in [global] broken if it is file

- all if statements should have an else clause because of Ultrix's /bin/sh.

- look for obsolete AM_* macros and use newer AC_* ones
- use 3rd arg to AC_CHECK_TYPE (headers)

- support nqnfs as per Jeffrey C Honig <jch@BSDI.COM>: "Besides having
  NFSMNT_NQNFS set when you try to do the mount, NQNFS requires that you do
  the nfssvc() call to create an nqnfs client daemon.  I can't see any
  obvious way to check if the server supports NQNFS."

- browsable 'auto' style maps.

- mention signals in amd man page

- ALLOWED_MOUNT_TIME of 40 seconds is way too long!
- need option to turn off pings of portmapper before trying a mount

- type:=program should not require umount command. can use default
  umount(). it works for smbmount/umount.

- document var[0-7] variables/selectors

- need a way to export a nfs-mount point after it is being mounted (jukebox
  mounts).  can do this with type:=program.

- support port=n, for machines that use NFS on a different port

- support WebNFS (cf. Solaris mount_nfs(1M) -o public)

- nfsl may be buggy when fs:= is specified explicitly (lockup?)

- detecting down'ed hosts faster: use default portmap TTL variables?

- y2k: amq /home (mounted time uses YY instead of YYYY)

- new amd.conf option to disable amq listener altogether (security)

- new amd.conf option dynamic_system_params to recompute osver, karch,
  etc. from uname() dynamically.

- solaris 8 doesn't pick up hsfs/pcfs/etc *_args structures and mount flags

- support opts:=loop for linux loopback mounts
	make /dev/loop work generically, not just for cdfs
	announce on amd-dev
	send errata to sybex

- avoid having to compile ops_nfs3.o

- linux support for ext3

- support executable maps: run a program/script and use its output as the
  map data.

- be able to pass generic mount options to systems w/ a mount(2) that
  supports it (Linux).  Perhaps genopt="foo,bar" syntax.

#- use mlockall(2) if plock(3) isn't available (e.g., linux)

* Amd notes discovered during CSE-391
amd.conf glob opt to turn off amq RPC service
go back to my email
apply patches from debian person
	"make html" target generated automatically?
	use latest texi2html NOT what's in agora:/usr/local/gnu/bin
	openbsd: malloc.h obsolete; use stdlib.h. sigh.
	remove %W% and such, fix $Id: tasks,v 2002/05/15 01:21:52 jkh Exp $ in am_utils.h and friends

fix email subscription info in .texi and other text-based files in distro.
check all URLs: ftp URL is WRONG!