CHANGELOG   [plain text]

XFree86 4.4.0 (29 February 2004)
 821. Fix Radeon secondary head register initialization (Hui Yu@ATI,
      Benjamin Herrenschmidt).
 820. ati & atimisc module changes (Marc La France)
      - Allow builds with ATIAvoidNonPCI && !ATIAvoidCPIO;
      - Make handling of unknown Radeon's saner;
      - Add private option to re-enable BIOS display switches;
      - Deal with ati & atimisc module version skews;
      - Fix private option handling;
 819. Fix rendition driver system lockup on changes to text mode
      (Bugzilla #1204, Eric Wittry).
 818. Make the "fp=n" TTCap option behave the same with the FreeType backend
      as with the X-TT backend (Bugzilla #1163, Chisato Yamauchi).
 817. Fix the disappearance of the RAW_ASCENT, RAW_DESCENT, RAW_PIXEL_SIZE,
      and RAW_POINT_SIZE properties for the FreeType backend (Bugzilla #1163,
      Chisato Yamauchi).
 816. Fix a FreeType backend problem with the font ascent/descent being
      incorrect with some fonts (Bugzilla #1163, Chisato Yamauchi, reported by
      Michael Lampe).
 815. Fix for detection of hardwired panel for the via driver (Bugzilla #813,
      Luc Verhaegen, reported by Johannes Specht).
 814. Fix missing ';' in via_driver.c hidden by an empty macro (Bugzilla #813,
      Luc Verhaegen).
 813. Add FT_Get_Postscript_Name() to the freetype2 export list for OS/2.
      This is needed for the recent PostScript fontname property fix
      (Bugzilla #1189, Frank Giessler).
 812. Fix MGA driver for big endian and EXTRADEBUG compilation (derived from
      #6132, Rene Rebe).
 811. Turn off the GetDisplayInfo BIOS call by default and add an option 
      to turn it back on in the i810 driver. This fixes some lockup
      problems found with some Dell BIOS' (Alan Hourihane, Alain Poirier).
 810. Fix compile issue in imstt driver (#6140, Rene Rebe)
 809. Only reset primary head of a Radeon (#6133, Rene Rebe).
 808. Fix big-endian typo in xf86CopyYUV12ToPacked (#6131, Rene Rebe).
 807. Fix neomagic white screen/lockup bug introduced in (Bugzilla
      #1179, #1157, David Dawes).
 806. Fixing DPMS: let modification of DPMS timeout take effect immeditately,
      don't activate DPMS when disabled (Egbert Eich).

XFree86 (15 February 2004)
 805. Resync the pci.ids data with (2004-02-15 snapshot).
 804. Improve X server performance on OS/2 when using TCP transport:
       - Let the server set TCP_NODELAY, et al.
       - Change the behavior of os2PseudoSelect() on sockets.
      (Bugzilla #1175, Frank Giessler).
 803. X server on OS/2 doesn't respect AutoRepeat on/off unless XKB is disabled
      (Bugzilla #1174, Frank Giessler).
 802. Licence update.
 801. Optimise SlowBcopy() for ia64 architecture (Marc La France).
 800. Simplify vgaHWSaveFonts() and vgaHWRestoreFonts() to fix hangs seen with
      certain nVidia boards on ZX1-based systems (Marc La France).
 799. Some more font path checks.
 798. Don't define X_LOCALE on Panther (Etsushi Kato and Toshimitsu Tanaka).
 797. Fix GL_VERSION string for indirect rendering (Bugzilla #1147, DRI Project)
 796. Fix the 1024x576 modes in the via driver (Bugzilla #812, Luc Verhaegen,
      reported by Julian Cable).
 795. Add uz_UZ locale (Bugzilla #1151, Mashrab Kuvatov).
 794. Fix font alias overrun.
 793. Fix for the way the FreeType backend sets the
      _ADOBE_POSTSCRIPT_FONTNAME property for Type1 fonts (Bugzilla #1123,
      David Dawes, based on Roland Mainz, reported by David Capshaw).
 792. Fix formatting of the XLookupString bytes that xev prints out (Bugzilla
      #1153, Noah Levitt).
 791. Likely fix for FreeBSD 5.2 libGL build problem (David Dawes, reported by
      Terry R. Friedrichsen).
 790. Fix typo in bsd_mouse.c (Tyler Retzlaff).
 789. Fix off-by-one errors in the emulation of an ix86's BT, BTS, BTR and BTC
      instructions (Marc La France).
 788. Fixing segfaults that may happen in some corner cases on VT switch
      and int10 initialization (Egbert Eich).
 787. Increase PCI I/O space size on Linux/PowerPC (Bugzilla #1143,
      Paul Mackerras).
 786. Fix DRI cleanup at exit and re-enabling on reset for the via driver
      (Bugzilla #998, Thomas Hellström).
 785. Fix Xv error propagation to the client for the via driver (Bugzilla #998,
      Thomas Hellström).
 784. Fix a problem when utilizing DrawArrays when indirect rendering
      (Bugzilla #1142, DRI Project).
 783. Xterm followup fix for Bugzilla #981 (Thomas Dickey).
 782. Fix EXT version of vertex arrays (DRI Project).
 781. Fix long-standing off-by-one bug in calculating dimensions of single
      (private) back cliprect when the window is partially offscreen in
      libdri.a (Keith Whitwell)
 780. Don't do the MGAISBUSY() loop in MGAStormSync() for Mystique cards
      because this reportedly results in an infinite loop (Bugzila #85,
      David Dawes, reported by Phil ??? and Stéphane VOLTZ).
 779. Make sure the r128 driver enables the hsync and vsync signals after
      programming a video mode (Bugzilla #935, Kevin Martin).
 778. Fix Multitexture problems with vertex arrays and indirect rendering
      (Bugzilla #1092, DRI Project).
 777. Fix SecondaryColor & FogColor when indirect rendering (Bugzilla #1091, 
      DRI Project).
 776. Fix build failures on Mac OS X 10.1.x (Torrey T. Lyons).
 775. Fix a timing problem in the nsc driver that prevents the display from
      working in some cases (Bugzilla #840, Hansruedi Glauser, Alan Hourihane).
 774. Via driver workaround to handle setting WC for the video memory when
      initially only part of it has WC set (Bugzilla #1010 Thomas Hellström).
 773. Fix the XAA clipping flags for the via driver, which fixes a line
      drawing problem seen with OpenOffice Calc (Bugzilla #1026,
      Thomas Hellström).
 772. HKSCS and GB18030 support for luit (Bugzilla #1048, Zarick Lau).
 771. Fix some remaining memory allocation related problems with the via
      driver (Bugzilla #998, Thomas Hellström).
 770. Add a UseRpath build switch to allow the use of -rpath to be enabled
      or disabled from the host.def file.  Implemented for *BSD, Hurd, Linux.
      The default settings remains as before (David Dawes).
 769. Add a root window property called XFree86_VT that holds the VT number
      that the XFree86 server is running on (Andrew Aitcheson, suggested by
      Samuel Thibault).
 768. Fix a problem where root window properties registered with
      xf86RegisterRootWindowProperty() are not re-registered after server
      regeneration (David Dawes, reported by Samuel Thibault).
 767. Fix xtest failures for the savage driver's zero width lines by
      removing the TwoPointLine and using only the Bresenham version
      (reported by Nicolas Joly).
 766. Fix refresh rate setting for 845G/856G systems that don't support the
      Intel-specific refresh rate BIOS calls (Bugzilla #1106, David Dawes,
      reported by Lucian Precup).
 765. Fixes/build updates for BSD/OS 5.1 and 4.3.1 (Bugzilla #1111, Kurt Lidl).
 764. Fix a problem in libXmu's FindChildren() that can cause a crash by
      copying memory from outside the bounds of an array (Bugzilla #1109,
      John Tillman).
 763. Add missing TimerCallback in trident_video.c to shutdown the video.
      This could account for many peoples lockups with video on Trident chips.
      Also, add a Wait for vsync when programming video modes to avoid lockups.
      (Yukun Chen, Alan Hourihane).
 762. Fix a lockup problem on Trident Blade3D engines by permanently turning
      on PCI Retry. Also sync the engine on CloseScreen and LeaveVT.
      (Yukun Chen, Alan Hourihane).
 761. Fix getaddrinfo() return value check in SmsGenerateClientID() that was
      causing a crash when the current hostname is unresolved, and returning
      a NULL id otherwise (Bugzilla #1096, David Dawes).
 760. Support automatic configuration of the X server on OpenBSD with 
      wsmouse-supported mices. (Matthieu Herrb).
 759. Updates for XKB keyboard maps:
      - Add Tibetan/Dzongkha keyboard layout (Bugzilla #1082, Gregory Mokhin).
      - Add three new Internet/multimedia keyboard descriptions
        (Bugzilla #1088, Radics Laszlo).
 758. Add overlooked SecondaryColor entries to AppleDRI indirect dispatch
      table (Torrey T. Lyons).
 757. Allocate pBIOSInfo->UserSetting in the via driver, which fixes a crash
      (James Harris).
 756. Fix Linux drm kernel modules to handle the nopage() prototype change in
      Linux 2.6.1 (Michel Dänzer, from DRI CVS).
 755. Fix use of dynamic xcursors on OS/2 (Bugzilla #1087, Frank Giessler).
 754. Fix the fbdev driver so that it allows 24-bit pixel size, and disable
      the RandR extension when rotation is enabled (Jonathan Thambidurai).
 753. Rendition driver fixes:
       - Fix the mode size limits so that the set of modes that the driver
         accepts isn't unnecessarily restricted.
       - Fix color palette refreshing after VT switching.
       - Fix a core dump at server exit with the hardware cursor was enabled.
       - Add checking for supported depths.  Without this the server could
         crash if an unsupported depth was specified.
      (Eric Wittry)
 752. Update XKB registry file rules/xfree86.xml (Sergey Oudaltsov).
 751. Fix some rules in en_US.UTF-8 Compose file (Bugzilla #1071,
      Matthew Fischer).
 750. Add some content (supported hardware and driver options) to the tdfx(4)
      man page (Bugzilla #1068, Nicolas Joly).
 749. Make '-pn' (partial network) the default for all X servers, and document
      the '-nopn' option (David Dawes).
 748. Allow rstartd.real to be installed into a location other than LIBDIR
      (#6034, Luke Mewburn).
 747. Allow xdm's chooser to be installed into a directory other than LIBDIR
      (#6033, Luke Mewburn).
 746. Add XKB description for the Logitech Access keyboard (#6026,
      Michael Geddes).
 745. Fix typo in computing xterm's relative font size (Jess Thrysoee).
 744. Fix typo in savage man page (Bugzilla #1065, Nicolas Joly).
 743. Fix for xf86Msg() call with swapped arguments (Bugzilla #1064,
      Nicolas Joly).
 742. Set the dependencies correctly for SCO shared libraries, and use gcc
      for linking instead of ld (Bugzilla #1045, Kean Johnston).
 741. Some cleanups for the SCO support, and a few changes required for
      compilation on UnixWare (Bugzilla #1045, Kean Johnston).
 740. Make the X server lock file code treat the display string in the same
      way as the local listener code (i.e., convert it to an integer then back
      to a string).  This fixes a problem where an non-numeric display
      argument could cause a second server to be started on display :0,
      replacing the local listener nodes for the original server.
      (Bugzilla #1056, David Dawes, reported by Robin Schoonover).
 739. Fix xfs and xdm core dumps in BecomeOrphan(), and rework/simplify
      the BecomeDaemon() code (Bugzilla #1060, #1074, David Dawes, 
      reported by Martin Birgmeier).
 738. Add a "VBERestore" option for the i830 part of the i810 driver, to
      allow the VBE restore bug workaround to be disabled.  This is needed
      for correct text mode restoration on some 830M-based machines
      (David Dawes, reported by Martin van Es).
 737. Fix memory leak when list of registered renderers are cleared at the
      start of each new server generation (Kevin Martin and Rik Faith).
 736. Fix memory double freeing at XIM destroying in imLcIm.c (Ivan Pascal,
      reported: Bugzilla #1015).
 735. Add xkb keymap for Microsoft Mutimedia Keyboard keys (Bugzilla #1052,
      Jacques Legare).
 734. Update Compose file for en_US.UTF-8 locale (Bugzilla #1053,
      Matthew Fischer) and fix wrong comment signs there (Ivan Pascal).
 733. VIA driver fixes:
       - Restructure the via driver's cache allocation to work with both
	 the VIA and new open DRI module, and remove the now unneeded
	 version check (Thomas Hellström, Alan Cox, bugzilla #998).
       - Remove special case lindvd hack (Alan Cox)
       - Add support for Xv when unaccelerated (Thomas Hellström)
      (Bugzilla #998, #1020, #1021).
 732. Check for a NULL argument in XSetICFocus() before dereferencing it.
      This fixes crashes with some XIM software (see
 731. Improve the i810 bitblt bug workaround, and re-enable the pixmap cache
      at depth 24 (David Dawes).
 730. Workaround for lockup at mode switch with an i810 (David Dawes).
 729. Fix transparent mono 8x8 pattern fills for the i810 (David Dawes).
 728. Disable XKB by default in XDarwin (Torrey T. Lyons).
 727. Fix manpage build warnings on Panther (Matthieu Herrb).
 726. Make sure that the ring buffer is flushed in I810CloseScreen().  This
      fixes unpredictable behaviour that sometimes shows up after server
      exit/restart or server reset, including memory corruption, spontaneous
      reboots, etc, and some odd xtest behaviour (David Dawes).
 725. Xdmcp fixes for IPv6 and mixed IPv6/IPv4 operation. (Mario Klebsch, 
      Matthieu Herrb).
 724. Update rman by merging XFree86 changes to rman 3.2 (Thomas Dickey).
 723. Create fonts.scale and fonts.dir files in the target directories at
      'make install' time.  This fixes several problems where some font
      entries get left out (David Dawes).
 722. Add the Bitstream Vera fonts (Bitstream, Inc and The Gnome Project).
 721. Xterm patches #183, #184 (Thomas Dickey).
 720. Build fix for the Chips driver on Linux/arm (#6011, Michel Dänzer and
      Othmar Pasteka).
 719. Change v4l "norm" names to the bttv versions (#5993,
      Marco Antonio Alvarez).
 718. Fix for symbols/hr map (#5991, Vlatko Kosturjak).
 717. The current VIA DRI driver isn't remotely compatible with the current
      code, so make sure it isn't loaded by requiring version 2.0.0 or later
      (Alan Cox).
 716. Fix VIA KM400 memory detection (Luc Verhaegen, Bugzilla #813).
 715. Fix a long standing VIA Xv problem with totem/xine and YUV surface
      types (Uberto Barbini).
 714. VIA driver updates/fixes:
       - Remove HARDWARE_NEEDS_PROGRAMMED_ORIGIN (Bugzilla #1011).
       - Allocate the UserSetting structure and use it. Changed the names so
         its uses can be tracked through the tree (Bugzilla #1006, #1014).
       - Remove dead FIFO handling code.
       - Clean up formatting in via_bios.h, via_driver.h.
       - via_tuner module (1/2 of Bugzilla #1012, #1013):
         + Add via_tuner structures and methods.
         + Handle the back end work for boards with Philips SAA71xx
           devices on the I2C bus providing one or two TV overlays.
         + Handle CXA2104S audio decoder if present.
         + Handle FI1236 TV tuners if present.
       - Remove bogus DriverVersion, DriverName stuff.
       - Xv updates (Bugzilla #1013):
         + Remove DDR mode tables and compute supported overlay modes properly.
         + Remove various bits of dead code.
         + Probe for Tuners in the Xv setup.
	 + Don't advertise XvImageMask on the tuner overlays - they can't do it.
         + Clean up tuner channel computation.
         + Make the property setting code use the via_tuner backend.
         + Fix formatting of the various YUV copying loops.
      (Alan Cox).
 713. Add a missing code for jisx0208.1990-0.enc (Chisato Yamauchi).
 712. Xtt2 update: Restore the behaviour of "bw" TTCap option for Netscape 4.x.
      (Chisato Yamauchi).
 711. Fix neomagic driver default mode selection to match the detected
      panel size.  This allows it to work correctly with automatic
      configuration (David Dawes).
 710. Fixes and updates for XKB keyboard maps:
      - Fix Armenian phonetic keymap (Bugzilla #1016, Ani).
      - Fix rules for Brasilian ABNT2 keyboard (Ricardo Y. Igarashi).
      - Add Shift+CapsLock group switcher (Ivan Pascal, see Bugzilla #1025).
      - Update rules/xfree86.lst with missing descriptions (Ivan Pascal).
 709. Build fix for Solaris Express (Bugzilla #1032, Alan Coopersmith).
 708. Fix warning in lib/Xt/Alloc.c (Bugzilla #1035, Nicolas Joly).
 707. Fix short overflow problem with box clipping in fb/fbcopy.c
      (Bugzilla #978, Stephen McCamant).
 706. Fix logic in xterm's get_pty() for platforms where old-style pty's are
      preferred to /dev/ptmx (Bugzilla #997, Kean Johnston, Thomas Dickey).
 705. Fix handling of eightBitInput for UTF-8 locales in xterm (Thomas Dickey).
 704. Merge recent cygwin-related changes from's config/cf
      (Thomas Dickey).
 703. Disable Xv in the via driver when acceleration is disabled (Alan Cox).
 702. Fix bugs caused by empty PCI buses on ZX1-based systems (Marc La France).
 701. Fix optional save/restore of BIOS area data in int10 module
      (Marc La France).
 700. Update Swedish localization of XDarwin GUI (Patrik Montgomery).
 699. Fixes to build/run on cygwin (Thomas Dickey).  This includes a workaround
      for _XtInherit by Ralf Habacker, needed to run applications such as xman.
 698. Warning fixes for gcc 3.3.2 (Marc La France).
 697. Fix file descriptor leaks in xdm (Marc La France).
 696. Fix memory leaks in libFS (Marc La France).
 695. Security fix:  change xdm to use mkstemp(), where available, instead of
      mktemp() (Marc La France).
 694. Update XKB registry file rules/xfree86.xml (Sergey Oudaltsov).
 693. Fix for FreeType-related crash when attempting to draw a missing glyph
      with constant-width fonts (Chisato Yamauchi).

XFree86 (18 December 2003)
 672. Fixes for xterm (Thomas Dickey):
      - Add a limit-check in selection to fix a bug in triple-clicking
        (Bugzilla #981)
      - add -v/-version/-h/-help options to uxterm (Debian #223926)
 671. Updates for SCO support (Bugzilla #994, Kean Johnston).
 670. Don't build the Aiptek driver unless HasLinuxInput is set
      (Bugzilla #972, Andrew Aitchison).
 669. A new fixed version of the zh_CN.UTF-8 locale file (Bugzilla #991,
      James Su).
 668. Fix locale.dir/locale.alias bugs that break the zh_CN.GB2312 locale
      (Bugzilla #990, James Su).
 667. Fixes and updates for XKB keyboard maps:
      - Add to 'us' keymap backslash key that can be rewritten in other layouts
        (Bugzilla #976, Børre Gaup).
      - Fix some keys in Georgian latin keymap (Bugzilla #985, Vano Beridze).
      - Add Korean keymap (Jungshik Shin).
      - Add French variant of 'dvorak' keymap (Josselin Mouette).
      - Fix wrong key type in the 'keymap without special keys' (Ivan Pascal).
 666. Via driver updates:
       - Fix pixmap caches and Xv. The blitter has a 2048 pixel limit so we
         must constrain the pixmap cache.
       - Rip out all the memory allocator garbage and put it in one place.
       - Allow optional use of AlanH's new linear allocator (not yet heavily
       - Fix allocation bugs that this clean up made visible.
       - Add missing I2C symbols.
       - Some small formatting/other cleanups.
      (Alan Cox).
 665. Fix a problem with distinguishing unassigned characters in the FreeType
      backend (Bugzilla #975, Roland Mainz, Chisato Yamauchi).
 664. Update Japanese localization of XDarwin GUI (Toshimitsu Tanaka).
 663. Fix setjmp-related build issues on Solaris 2.5.1/x86 (Lindsay Haigh).
 662. Xdm, xf86cfg, mkfontscale and fonttosfnt fixes for platforms without
      snprintf() (Lindsay Haigh).
 661. Update Brazilian keyboard map (Ricardo Y. Igarashi).
 660. Fix a bug in the fbgc.c code that caused the even stipple code path to
      be used instead of the odd stipple path. Basically causing glitches in
      rendering or no rendering at all. (Alan Hourihane).
 659. Fix XDarwin crash in IOKit mode for certain screen resolutions
      (Torrey T. Lyons).
 658. DRI update - update the SiS DRI driver from DRI trunk (Eric Anholt).
 657. Fix mouse wheel code again for PowerPC (#5990, Rene Rebe).
 656. Fix sparc asm glapi initialisation in libGL when using indirect rendering
      (GLX) (Bugzilla #923, Ferris McCormick).
 655. Disable the OPTGX1SubsequentHorVertLine() function in the NSC Geode
      GX1 driver to due problems falling back to the FillRectSolid function.
      (Alan Hourihane, See Bugzilla #841 for reasons).
 654. Add sun.unicode.india-0.enc (Bugzilla #939, JungShik Shin, Roland Mainz).
 653. Fix an x86emu crash for a BIOS that references the FS (or GS) register
      (Sergey Babkin).
 652. Install the DRM kernel module source under ProjectRoot/src (David Dawes).
 651. Update XKB registry file rules/xfree86.xml (Sergey Oudaltsov).
 650. Fix '-nolisten tcp' when building with IPv6 disabled (Bugzilla #651,
      Andrew Bevitt).
 649. Add some missing dead-key compose sequences for Vietnamese (#5981,
      Le Hong Boi).
 648. Fix a problem with the v4l driver not seeing all the tv-norms
      available under the bttv driver with the Linux 2.6.0-test11 kernel
      (#5976, Marco Antonio Alvarez).
 647. Build fix after recent REGION_* changes (Part of #5983, Oswald
      Buddenhagen, and #5984, Alexander Stohr).
 646. Fix for XKB map 'altwin' to avoid one keysym to more than one modifier
      mapping (Ivan Pascal).
XFree86 ( 2 December 2003)
 645. Update xterm's checking of modifiers to match change 635, and handle
      the case of keys like Meta_L being in more than one modifier.  This
      addresses an issue arising from Bugzilla #924 (David Dawes).
 644. When XDM-AUTHORIZATION-1 is used with IPv6 IPv4-mapped addresses,
      (which should not happen with change 643, but can be done with other 
      xdm implementations) send the IPv4 address in the auth data; otherwise
      send fake data for alignement purposes. (Matthieu Herrb).
 643. Don't generate XDM-AUTHORIZATION-1 authentification data for 
      IPv6 connections (Matthieu Herrb).
 642. Fix fontconfig timestamp checking problem that shows up on JFS
      (Bugzilla #932, Frank Giessler).
 641. Restore VT ownership at XFree86 server exit on Linux.  Should do the
      same for other platforms that change change VT ownership at startup
      (Bugzilla #927, Andrew Bevitt).
 640. Fix Mesa/GL problem on Linux with -mcpu=ultrasparc (reported by
      Ferris McCormick).
 639. Fix a problem connecting to an IPv4-only X server running on a
      machine which happens to have an AAAA DNS record from a NetBSD or
      OpenBSD host with IPv6 configured (Matthieu Herrb).
 638. Don't use IPv6 sockets with IPv4-mapped addresses (::FFFF:w.x.y.z)
      when making IPv4 connections with the "tcp" transport type.  This
      fixes problems on platforms (such as FreeBSD 5.1) which disable
      IPv4-mapped addresses by default.  It also fixes a problem with
      XDM-AUTHORIZATION-1 for IPv4 connections with the default "tcp"
      transport as reported in Bugzilla #903 (David Dawes).
 637. Fix backward compatibility of Xlib+IPv6 for apps linked against a libc
      without IPv6 support (David Dawes).
 636. Restore the behaviour of scalable fonts.dir entries in directories with
      the ":unscaled" attribute (Chisato Yamauchi, David Dawes, reported by
      Mike Fabian).
 635. Fix xmodmap's output of the modifiers map when the first column keysym
      is empty (Ivan Pascal).
 634. Fixes for XKB keyboard maps:
      - fix Meta, Super, Hyper keysyms interpretation
      - fix typo in rules/xfree86.xml (Ivan Pascal).
 633. DRI updates.
      - Latest kernel drivers from the DRI trunk.
      - Fix FB_LOCATION in radeon driver (Michel Daenzer).
      - Texture managment code consolidation (Ian Romanick)
      - i830 stencil fix (Keith Whitwell)
      - mga blend fixes (Ville Syrjala)
 632. Fix a problem that prevented the i810 driver from using dot clocks less
      than 12MHz (which appear to work) (Bugzilla #925, Richard Dengler).
 631. Fix a server crash that can happen when loading some CID fonts
      (Bugzilla #906, David Dawes).
 630. Restructured version of the wacom driver, with support for TwinView,
      fixed bugs and added filters (Bugzilla #537, Ping Cheng).
 629. Fix libfontenc link failure on OS/2 (Bugzilla #921, Frank Giessler).
 628. OS/2 fixes:
       - Unable to connect to a font server.
       - SIGFPE in GLX.
      (Bugzila #920, Frank Giessler).
 627. Add a missing entry to big5hkscs-0.enc (Bugzilla #917, Jungshik Shin).
 626. Update libfreetype-xtt2 to version 1.1a:
       - Fixed erroneous method of making up italic bitmap.
      (Chisato Yamauchi, After X-TT Project).
 625. OS/2 build fixes:
       - Cleanup of bootstrap leftovers in xc/config/imake.
       - Explicitly define int32_t and int64_t in Mesa.
       - Missing Xft/Imakefile patch.
      (Bugzilla #915, Frank Giessler).
 624. Fix hide/unhide of XDarwin application with xpr when an AppleWM-aware
      window manager is not present (Torrey T. Lyons).
 623. Fix generic rootless code bug which caused the wrong region to be
      damaged on window resize (Torrey T. Lyons).
 622. Fix server crash when doing 'listwithinfo' of an outline font in
      a directory marked ":unscaled" (Bugzilla #911, David Dawes).
 621. Fix a key truncation problem with 'xauth add' (Bugzilla #903,
      David Dawes).
 620. With AppleDRI, don't use APPLE_fence as a replacement for NV_fence
      calls (John Harper).
 619. Fix intermittent XDarwin crash when quitting (Torrey T. Lyons).
 618. Build fixes and updates for GNU/Hurd and GNU/K*BSD systems (Bugzilla
      #907, #908, Robert Millan).
 617. Xterm fixes (Bugzilla #893, #905, Thomas Dickey).
 616. XDarwin fixes:
       - Fix intermittent crash on XDarwin startup.
       - Fix failure to redraw after resizing with cr implementation.
       - Fix install failure when DESTDIR is specified (Reported by
         Benjamin Reed).
      (Torrey T. Lyons).
 615. Add command line options to mkfontscale to enable/disable generation
      of iso10646-1 lines (Bugzilla #885, Roland Mainz).
 614. Add a more complete set of the encodings we support to mkfontscale
      (Bugzilla #884, Roland Mainz).
 613. Add ansi-1251 encoding file (Bugzilla #884, Roland Mainz).
 612. Update XDMCP to use the IPv6 multicast address that has been assigned
      by IANA.  Draft XDMCP 1.1 specs updated accordingly (Bugzilla #895,
      Alan Coopersmith).
 611. Add 'defined(VT_ACTIVATE)' to the test for platforms that support VT
      switching (based on Bugzilla #894, Robert Millan).
 610. Make several tests for glibc features glibc-specific rather than
      specific to the underlying OS (Bugzila #890, 891, Robert Millan).

XFree86 (20 November 2003)
 609. Fix 'constype' for modern framebuffers on Solaris (Bugzilla #890,
      Alan Coopersmith).
 608. Fix a thread deadlock problem in libXp (Bugzilla #887, Roland Mainz).
 607. Fix event buffer overrun in the wacom driver (Bugzilla #882, David Dawes,
      reported by Jonathan Hough).
 606. Add unmapping code to DGAUnmapPhysical() for most systems that use
      mmap().  Without this lots of map/unmap calls would result in running
      out of address space and/or file handles (Bugzilla #880, David Dawes,
      reported by Eckhard Neber).
 605. Restore the Windows keycodes in the 'xfree86' XKB keycodes map,
      and add the Solaris-compatible tokens as aliases (reported by
      Panagiotis Papadakos).
 604. Fix some problems building against external installations of
      freetype2 (David Dawes).
 603. Add font bounds checking to the X server side of the font server
      interface (Chisato Yamauchi, David Dawes).
 602. Fix ForcePCIMode option to work as advertised in Radeon driver
      (Bugzilla #850, Kevin Martin).
 601. Update the fonts document for the FreeType backend changes
      (Chisato Yamauchi, Reiko Nakajima, After X-TT Project).
 600. Don't allow the lack of "SUPERSCRIPT TWO" to prevent Adobe Standard
      Cyrillic encoded fonts from being accepted as "koi8" capable
      (Michail Vidiassov).
 599. Xvfb didn't have enough pixmap formats for Render (David Dawes).
 598. Fix the processing of xdm/config/Xres.cpp, which is broken with
      gcc 3.3.2 (reported by Chisato Yamauchi).
 597. Fix two problems with Xvfb:
        - Too much memory was allocated because of a confusion between
          bytes and pixels.
        - The XWD header was corrupted at server reset.
      (David Dawes).
 596. Fix several problems xwud has displaying TrueColor dumps (extreme
      slowness displaying on TrueColor visuals, and incorrectness displaying
      on DirectColor visuals) (David Dawes).
 595. Rank TrueColor above DirectColor in xwud.  This avoids colourmap flashing
      by default when running on a server with both visuals available
      (David Dawes).
 594. Build with Xplugin support by default on Panther (Torrey T. Lyons).
 593. On Mac OS X, allow "X -version" to work without connecting to
      CoreGraphics (Torrey T. Lyons, reported by Benjamin Reed).
 592. Don't optimize away window restacks in rootless mode (John Harper).
 591. Fix problems preventing mesa-based GLX from working with Xnest, even
      though it is linked in and advertised (David Dawes).
 590. Fix typing in XDarwin Preference panel going to X11 (Torrey T. Lyons).
 589. Fix rootless build after REGION_* macro rework (Torrey T. Lyons).
 588. Fix broken GLX indirect rendering (David Dawes).
 587. Fix the XKB definitions for the "Hiragana_Katakana" key, and fix
      some incorrect definitions in symbols/jp (Chisato Yamauchi).
 586. Change the mkfontdir wrapper script to invoke mkfontscale via its full
      path name (Chisato Yamauchi).
 585. Modify xf86config and xf86cfg to enable loading the "freetype" module
      (Chisato Yamauchi).
 584. Wrap ucs2any with ProgramTargetName in dependencies, as needed for
      OS/2, and note that OS/2 doesn't have basename(3) (Bugzilla #871,
      Frank Giessler).
 583. Fix atimisc's decoding of the mode on input for large panels
      (Marc La France).
 582. Fix SEGV when ATIPreinit() fails (Marc La France).
 581. In rootless XDarwin, don't send ButtonPress events when clicking in
      non-X11 windows (Torrey T. Lyons, John Harper).
 580. AppleWM compatibility fixes:
       - Disable XDarwin handling cut and paste if AppleWM-aware cut and
         paste manager is available.
       - Set _NATIVE_SCREEN_ORIGIN property on root window.
      (John Harper, Torrey T. Lyons).
 579. Change ProjectRoot from /XFree86 to /usr/X11R6 on OS/2 (Bugzilla #865,
      Frank Giessler).
 578. Fix building of new Mesa on OS/2 (Bugzilla #865, Frank Giessler).
 577. Change the way how libraries with long file names are handed on
      OS/2 (Bugzilla #865, Frank Giessler).
 576. Force screen blanking when entering DPMS states (Bugzilla #866,
      David Dawes, reported by Ed Fardos).
 575. XDarwin fixes/cleanups:
       - Handle X11 executables opened from the Finder.
       - Use xcodebuild instead of pbxbuild on Panther.
       - Clean up Darwin specific imake #defines.
       - Fix compiler warnings on Panther.
      (Torrey T. Lyons).
 574. A workaround for platforms (like *BSD) where IPv6 sockets don't accept
      IPv4 connections: disable IPv6 XDMCP code by default.  This allows IPv4
      XDMCP to work on such platforms (David Dawes).
 573. Rework REGION_* macros to eliminate NEED_SCREEN_REGIONS build failures
      (Marc La France).
 572. Fix an old bug in the X server and xfs related to usage of
      c->savedName (Bugzilla #818, Owen Taylor).
 571. Fix FontFileListOneFontWithInfo() so that it handles aliases in the
      same was as FontFileOpenFont() (Bugzilla #818, Owen Taylor).
 570. Respect USE_SSE_ASM for the .S files in the r200 and radeon 3D drivers.
      This should fix the reported OpenBSD build problem (David Dawes).
 569. Some missing FreeBSD AMD64/Sparc64 patches (Bugzilla #786, Eric Anholt).
 568. The call to xf86RandRSetMode() from xf86RandRCreateScreenResources()
      doesn't appear to be necessary.  Removing it restores the documented
      ViewPort behaviour when RandR is enabled (David Dawes).
 567. Make the vesa driver blank the screen during initialisation for
      cosmetic reasons (David Dawes).
 566. Make the cirrus driver blank the screen during initialisation for
      cosmetic reaons (most other drivers do this) (Bugzilla #781,
      Nicholas Miell).
 565. The vesa driver wasn't setting the viewport correctly either at
      ScreenInit or EnterVT (David Dawes).
 564. Fix the viewport initialisation.  The ViewPort parameters from the
      XF86Config file were being ignored, and the default was a 0,0 viewport
      rather than centred on the virtual screen as documented.  When RandR
      is enabled, it undoes all of this though... (David Dawes).
 563. Fix an off-by-one bug in libXcursor that can result in segfaulting
      applications (David Dawes, reported by Agustin Gianni).
 562. Fix RandR initialization problem when default screen resolution is
      different from the virtual resolution. (Bugzilla #853, Bob Paauwe).
 561. Fix an Xv problem with the via driver where updating a portion of the
      overlay causes excessive CPU usage (Bugzilla #821, Neil Terry).
 560. Fix an Xnest hang on OS/2 (Bugzilla #852, Frank Giessler).
 559. OS/2 update for the recent move to building most libraries shared,
      and add some functions to the export lists for freetype and Xt for
      compatibility with older applications (Bugzilla #852, Frank Giessler).
 558. Fix the installation location of the XRes and Xss manpage aliases
      (Bugzilla #848, ISHIKAWA Mutsumi).
 557. Include backwards compatibility API for renamed stream functions in
      Freetype2 library (Torrey T. Lyons).
 556. Fix acecad driver to call xf86DeleteInput() (Bugzilla #855, S. Voltz).
 555. Register to handle X11 executables on Panther (John Harper).
 554. Fixes for GLX on Mac OS X:
       - Make libGL not export libGLU symbols.
       - Fix uninitialized mutex for threaded direct GLX.
      (John Harper).
 553. Fix "Non-aligned pointer being freed" warnings on XDarwin startup
      (Torrey T. Lyons).
 552. Miscellaneous fixes for Panther:
       - Fix spurious #pragma getting inserted by cpp (Martin Costabel).
       - Fix startup failure due to bad keymapping file (Torrey T. Lyons).
       - Fix startup warning about missing semicolons (Torrey T. Lyons).
 551. Mesa X86 asm build fix for Solaris (David Dawes).
 550. Fix building libOSMesa on Darwin (Torrey T. Lyons).
 549. Get backlight working on Apple's GeForce4 powerbooks (Guido Guenther).

XFree86 ( 1 November 2003)
 548. Update libfreetype-xtt2 to version 1.1:
       - Improved the very lazy method.  To prevent displaying chipped bitmap
         when having italic angle, the lsb and rsb are adjusted by using
         italicAngle in post table.
       - Added automatic correction of bitmap position for preventing
         displaying chipped bitmap when using charcell or very lazy method.
       - Set DEFAULT_VERY_LAZY macro.  If post table is available, the very
         lazy method is used as default when handling multi-bytes fonts.
       - Added additional glyphs(0x2d21-0x2d7c) to jisx0208.1990-0.enc.
      (Chisato Yamauchi, After X-TT Project).
 547. Set the pixel clock limit above which hzoom is enabled for the video
      overlay for G450 and G550 cards to 234MHz.  This fixes a problem with
      the Xv support having half horizontal resolution (Michel Lespinasse).
 546. Add support on Mac OS X for building keymap using Carbon Keyboard
      Layout API (John Harper).
 545. Map holes in kdrive VESA driver (#5436, Juliusz Chroboczek).
 544. Add option to Radeon driver to allow minimum dot clock to be
      overridden (Bugzilla #831, Nils Philippsen).
 543. Add shared libraries run-path information to pkg-config datafiles
      provided for some libraries. (Bugzilla #832, Frederick Bruckman, 
      Matthieu Herrb).
 542. Fix buglets detected by SGI compiler in neomagic, sis and tseng drivers
      (Marc La France).
 541. Fix I/O alignment in mga and via drivers (Marc La France).
 540. Improve xkbcomp's key types auto-recognition (Ivan Pascal).
 539. Add support for multi-threaded direct GLX rendering with AppleDRI
      (John Harper).
 538. Fix a problem in Xlib that was cause by the ANSI prototype cleanups
      (Bugzilla #839, Owen Taylor).
 537. Limit the rate of duplicate audit messages in the X server. (Matthieu 
      Herrb, David Dawes).
 536. Fix ChipValidMode() return type (Marc La France).
 535. Fix for AGP8x support on HP zx1-based systems (Marc La France). 
 534. Workaround for mysterious segfault related to mkfontscale's use of
      memcmp()  (Marc La France).
 533. Support the new Linear allocator in the trident driver and make the
      hardware cursor use it. Xv automagically uses it. (Alan Hourihane).
 532. Fix acecad input driver build and re-enable it 
      (Bugzilla #816, Alan Hourihane).
 531. Fix DRM_CAS on ia64 as used by the DRI (Bugzilla #778, John Dennis).
 530. Call OsCleanup() at the end of each server generation, and add an
      argument to indicate when the server is terminating.  This allows
      misc end-of-generation cleanups to be added to OsCleanup() (David Dawes).
 529. Explicitly free the DPMS and ScreenSaver timer resources at the end
      of each server generation (David Dawes).
 528. Cygwin configuration updates and install script updates (Bugzilla #799, 
      805, Harold L Hunt II, Alexander Gottwald)
 527. Build shared libraries for Xt and Xaw on Cygwin. (Bugzilla #804, 
      Ralf Habacker).
 526. Xterm patches #180, 181 (Thomas Dickey).
 525. Update libfreetype-xtt2 to version 1.0d:
       - Fixed server crash caused by loading fonts for which encoding file
         does not exist.
       - Some fixes for minor bugs when handling errors.
       - Some minor cleanups.
      (Chisato Yamauchi, After X-TT Project).
 524. Export strl{cat,cpy} functions to the server modules and provide 
      an implementation for the systems that don't have them. (Matthieu 
 523. Fixes and updates for XKB keyboard maps:
      - Update Serbian layouts (Bugzilla #92, Danilo Segan).
      - Add 'MS Windows like' US International variant for 'us' keymap (Ivan
      - Change CapsLock default behavior to 'Caps acts as locking Shift,
        Shift cancels Caps'.  Add new type for four-level keys (Ivan Pascal).
 522. Fix generic rootless code bug which tests CopyWindow instead of CopyBytes
      (Kensuke Matsuzaki).
 521. Update libfreetype-xtt2 to version 1.0c.  This consists of some minor
      fixes and cleanups (Chisato Yamauchi, After X-TT Project).
 520. Add accelerated rootless drawing support and fix bug in rootless
      FillSpans (Torrey T. Lyons and John Harper).
 519. Update SiS driver:
      - Merge 661/741/760 support
      - Clean up
      - Fix Xv problems after swsuspend
      - Fix LCD-via-CRT1 on various machines
 518. Prevent some compilers from optimising out Mesa's X11 error interface
      (Marc La France).
 517. Add rules to generate post-processed and assembler source from C++ files
      (Marc La France).
 516. Change `make World` so that well it interrupts itself to build a utility
      (makedepend, pswrap, etc), it only builds that utility.  Some things were
      being built too early (Marc La France).
 515. When the i830 driver's checks for sufficient memory for tiled mode
      fail, don't later try to allocate with tiling enabled (David Dawes).
 514. Enable I845G_VBE_WORKAROUND in the i830 driver for all platforms, since
      this reportedly fixes VT switching problems on hardware other than the
 513. Updated README.SiS (Thomas Winischhofer).
 512. Add the After X-TT Project's libfreetype-xtt2 1.0b fixes and
      enhancements to the "freetype" module (Chisato Yamauchi,
      After X-TT Project).  This should make it possible to deprecate the
     "xtt" module in a future release.  Fixes and enhancements include:
       - Fixed crash caused by using fonts which have OS2 sfnt table.
       - Corrected metrics calculation error.  Although the original code uses
         size->metrics, the FT_Size_Metrics does not have exact values when
         handling the outline.  So the codes for metrics calculation were
         drastically rewritten.
       - Fixed some problems with FreeTypeRasteriseGlyph():
          + Made "only metrics is required" distinct from "both metrics and
            rasterised bitmap are required" to improve performance when
            loading large charset.
          + Fixed the erroneous usage of freetype2 API.  To get valid metrics,
            FT_Outline_Get_BBox() or FT_Outline_Get_CBox() is used for outline.
          + Took the strange code for raster copying and rewrote it.
       - Fixed UNDERLINE_POSITION so that it counts downwards.
       - Fixed a risky calculational method for info->maxbound and
         info->minbound when spacing is not charcell.  All glyphs' metrics are
         calculated and valid info->maxbounds and info->minbounds are set
         without cutting any corners.
       - Added TTCap option "fn","ai","ds","fs","vl","cr","bw","eb","hi",
         "fc" and "fm" which are compatible with X-TT 1.4.
       - Supported character width for vertical layouts.
 511. Encoding file updates (After X-TT Project):
       - Removed jisx0208.1983-0.enc and added 'ALIAS jisx0208.1983-0' to
       - Added Windows ucs2 cmap(3,1) to jisx0208.1990-0.enc and
       - Added files for GB18030-0 and GB18030-1 (James Su).
 510. Update X-TrueType (X-TT) to version 1.4.2 (Chisato Yamauchi,
      After X-TT Project):
       - Fixed several bugs of make_up_italic_bitmap() function.
       - Changed the order of priority of mapIDRelations in JISX0208 and
         JISX0201 code converter. The windows ucs2 is given the highest
         priority for kochi-substitute Japanese fonts.
       - Fixed code relation in cc_jisx0208_to_std_ucs2() function
         (not 0x215d -> 0x00b1 but 0x215d -> 0x2212)
       - Added minor improvements.
 509. Fixes and updates for HTML and PDF versions of spec docs for
      installation and inclusion in the online docs (David Dawes).
 508. Implement SharedLibtoolLibraryTarget, etc for bsdLib/ELF, including
      creating links for older but compatible revisions of such
      libraries (David Dawes).
 507. Allow a simple form of option name aliasing for options handled
      via OptionInfoRec (David Dawes).
 506. Add optimized code for RENDER with rootless XDarwin (John Harper,
      Torrey T. Lyons).
 505. Declare LoadPalette, SetOverscan and DPMSSet as public functions through
      the XFree86's ScrnInfoRec, so these functions can be wrapped.
      (Alan Hourihane).
 504. XDarwin improvements:
       - Add complete server side support for AppleWM with xpr.
       - Allow Aqua and X11 windows to interleave when AppleWM-aware window
         manager is present.
       - Fix hang on server reset.
      (Torrey T. Lyons, John Harper).
 503. Fix double-free at server regeneration in the screensave/DPMS timer
      code (David Dawes).
 502. Build most libraries as shared by default. (Matthieu Herrb, 
      David Dawes).
 501. Add missing symbol definition files for libraries (Matthieu Herrb).
 500. Add 'inet' keymaps for two Logitec keyboard models (Bugzilla #762,
      Eric Mountain; Bugzilla #766, Chris Hornbaker) and cleanup Logitec
      keymaps (Ivan Pascal).
 499. Add missing SetScreenSaverTimer() to ProcSetScreenSaver (Ivan Pascal).
 498. Fix building on Mac OS X after DRI merge (Torrey T. Lyons).

XFree86 (10 October 2003)
 497. Add an xf86InitFBManagerLinear() function and implement the Linear
      allocation routines. These still fallback to XY area allocation if
      no (or the lack of) linear space is available. It assumes the driver
      has already called one of the init routines to the FBManager for Areas
      before this new setup can be used (Alan Hourihane).
 496. Added USB keyboard support for Solaris/x86 platform (Bugzilla #352,
      Daniel Rock).
 495. i830/i810 driver:
      * Added Christian Ziez's code to tweak BIOS image to convince chipset of
        resized video RAM.
      * Fixed viewport/video overlay window alignment issues.
      * Fixed calculation of video overlay memory size.
      * Fixed video overlay on TV out (Bugzilla #213). (Egbert Eich).
 494. Fixed mode setting in trident driver: use mode passed in function 
      argument, not value in currentMode (Bugzilla #197, Egbert Eich).
 493. Added delay when writing to Glint PM2 ramdac to avoid lockups 
      (Egbert Eich).
 492. Fixed bug in Glint Bresenham line fallback code that caused line be drawn
      beyond framebuffer boundaries (Bugzilla #624, Egbert Eich).
 490. Force sane pallette when entering DGA mode in Matrox driver 
      (Egbert Eich).
 489. ATI Rage128: Wait with modifying FP video mode according to BIOS values
      until final call of ValidMode() to prevent modes from being rejected
      (Bugzilla #661, Egbert Eich).
 488. Some Savage BIOSes turn on clock doubling on non-doubled modes. 
      Added code that catches and fixes this situation (Egbert Eich).
 487. Tdfx driver: Fixed order of initialization/deinitialization in 
      ScreenInit()/ CloseScreen().
      Fixed texture video support, removed artefacts in last line of overlay
      video support (Bugzilla #299). (Egbert Eich).
 486. Add "automatic configuration" support for the XFree86 server, allowing
      it to be started in a useful way without an XF86Config file.
       - Add support to the config file parser for processing internally
         supplied configuration data.
       - Modify the algorithm for finding core input devices to maximise the
         likelihood that they will be found.
       - Add a FindDevice function to the OSMouse interface, allowing
         an OS-specific function to be called to find the mouse device when
         none is specified in the configuration.  Implementations included for
         Linux and FreeBSD.
       - Add a GuessProtocol function to the OSMouse interface, allowing
         an OS-specific function to be called as a fallback when the mouse
         protocol can't otherwise be detected.  Implementation included for
       - Bump the OSMouse interface version to 1.1 with the addition of the
         above two functions.
       - An interface for calling an external utility "getconfig" to generate
         some configuration data.  Implementation of getconfig included.
       - Generate a default internal configuration, autodetecting as much
         as possible, with reasonable fallbacks.
       - Recognise "DefaultDepth" and "DefaultFbbpp" options in the Device
       - Add a "TargetRefreshRate" option to help prevent modes with too
         high a resolution (and poor refresh rate) being used as the default.
       - Use DDC-probed mode timings to estimate the monitor parameters when
         the DDC-probed information doesn't include a DS_RANGES property.
         This should improve the reliability of monitor auto-detection.
      (David Dawes, X-Oz Technologies).
 485. Add functions for checking option values without marking them as "used"
      (David Dawes).
 484. Add missing xf86ReplaceRealOption() function (David Dawes).
 483. Added support for Siliconmotion Cougar3DR chip (Bugzilla #754, 
      Chris Edgington).
 482. Cygwin:
      * Added another German keyboard layout.
      * Added Japanese keyboard layout to the list of defaults as jp.
      * Added a new default keyboard layout for Portuguese (Brazil, ABNT2).
      * Print the layout number in hexadecimal.
      * Display the argument to the -query option in the window title.
        (Bugzilla #763, Alexander Gottwald)
 481. Add processing for WM_WINDOWPOSCHANGED to cause window to repaint when
      using TweakUI's focus-follows-mouse behavior.  (Bugzilla #763, 
      Harold L Hunt II)
 480. Added runtime detection of SHM support by checking the return value of 
      shmget to the SHM and xf86BIGFONT extension to support SHM on Cygwin 
      (Bugzilla #764, Harold L Hunt II).
 479. Adding O_BINARY flag when opening an xkm file if this flag is defined
      (Bugzilla #768, Alexander Gottwald).
 478. Radeon driver fixes (Hui Yu@ATI)
      - 9200 DVI fix and TMDS_PLL initialization for all chips
      - New chips support (9800XT/SE, 9600XT/SE, M11, T2/X2 etc.)
      - Cleanup unused/secondary chip ids
      - Autodetect PCI cards
      - Add BusType to override PCI card autodetect
      - Add display bandwidth calculation routine to fix flickering/tearing
        display problem
      - Workaround for corrupted BIOS image causing incorrect panel size
      - Fix the LCD table reading loop
      - Various small changes (including improving DDC reliability and
        CRTC_MORE_CNTL initialization)
 477. Fix XAA Color8x8 cache bug:
      Pattern was expanded from source instead of destination
      (Thomas Winischhofer)
 476. Fixes and updates for XKB keyboard maps:
      - Add 'United Kingdom w/deadkeys' gb(intl) keymap (Bugzilla #744,
        Phil Jones).
      - Add multi_layout compliant 'us_intl' keymap (Ivan Pascal).
      - Fix 'macintosh' geometry file (Bugzilla #753, Simon Vallet).
 475. APM driver:
      . improved clock parameter calculation.
      . Fixed order of initialization of cursor.
      . Fixed restauration of graphical text mode.
      . Added YUY2 video format.
      . Corrected accel framebuffer pitches and max screen height 
      (Bugzilla #528, Egbert Eich).
 474. Moved DisableMMIO() out of the unmap() function, added call to 
      EnableMMIO() to EnterVT() to work around lockup problems when 
      switching between two Xserver (Bugzilla #748, Egbert Eich).
 473. Fixed problem with text widget in Xaw when widget has a different 
      depth than the default visual (Bugzilla #745, Wolfram Gloger).
 472. Fixed Sig11 when calling X -query with no ipv6 support in kernel 
      (Bugzilla #737, Egbert Eich).
 471. Added support for Sparc64 and AMD64 on FreeBSD.
      This patch also disables warnings from system headers, fixes some elf
      relocations also relevant for other platforms and disables translation of
      KEY_SysReqest and KEY_Break on sparc64. (Bugzilla #739, Eric Anholt).
 470. Switched VIA video driver to fillkey helper function (Bugzilla #525,
      Alan Cox).
 469. Fixed CRT modes > FP panel size for siliconmotion (Bugzilla #727, 
      Hugues Fournier).
 468. Fixed xedit coredumps: update counter of free objects when getting an
      object from the list (Bugzilla #722, Egbert Eich).
 467. Fixed definition of UseInstalledOnCrossCompile so that it never is
      undefined (Harlod L. Hunt II).
 466. Add the 'b' flag to fopen() when opening binary xkm files. This is
      irrelevant for *nix OSes, but required for Cygwin. (Bugzilla #689, 
      Harold L Hunt II).
 465. Cygwin:
      * MultiWindow Mode: Automatically validate the size of windows that are
        being resized.  (Earle F. Philhower III)
      * Safely shutdown the MultiWindow Mode and Clipboard Manager threads on
        server shutdown.  (Earle F. Philhower III)
      * MultiWindow Mode - Fix a crash from a string copy bug.  
        (Earle F. Philhower III)
      * Add lots of defaults for keyboardlayout.  (Alexander Gottwald)
      * Add a system tha allows arbitrary commands to be added to the tray menu
        icon.  (Earle F. Philhower III)
      * Print the name of the keyboardlayout to aid in adding more layouts. 
        (Alexander Gottwald)
      * Stop printing the IDirectDrawSurface4_Blt() failure messages after 10
        times.  (Harold L Hunt II)
      * Disable check for pc105 keyboard and just assume that it is present.  
        This check was causing problems with certain keyboard drivers that 
        failed to report that a pc105 keyboard was present. 
	(Alexander Gottwald)
      * MultiWindow Mode - Add handling for WM_CHANGE_STATE IconicState 
      minimize the associated Windows window when these messages are
      received. (Harold L Hunt II).
      Submitted: (Bugzilla #704, Harold L. Hunt).
      * removed BuildDPS flag.
      * Changed Alloca flag as Cygwin 1.5.x supports alloca, now.
      * Use external expat package by default.
      * Changed XawI18nDefines to utilize improved wide char support in 
      Cygwin 1.5.x. (Bugzilla #699, Harold L. Hunt II). 
 463. Fixed C&T panel register setting (Akira Taniguchi, Egbert Eich).
 462. Fixing crash on ia64 because of wrong setjmp buffer alignment (Bugzilla
      #596, John Dennis).
 461. Changing ImPS/2 mouse Z-axis range to -8 to 7 (Bugzilla #691, 
      Matthew W. S. Bell, Egbert Eich).
 460. Making sure the compiled xkb config file is found by Xnest if 
      ProjectRoot is modified (Bugzilla #688, Frank Giessler).
 459. Fixing build of machine code .S files on OS/2 (Bugzilla #689, 
      Frank Giessler).
 458. Import Mesa 5.0.2 (Alan Hourihane).
 457. DRI merge (DRI Project)
      - Update the SiS driver to use Mesa 5.0
 456. Fixes and updates for XKB keyboard maps:
      - Update xkb geometry files (Alexander Pohoyda).
      - Fix German-Romanian maps (Manfred Pohler).
      - Cleanup Hungarian layout (Bugzilla #730, Egmont Koblinger).
 455. Change the order of the timeouts processing and the input devices
      reading in WaitForSomething() which caused unneeded keyboard autorepat
      events (Ivan Pascal).

XFree86 (25 September 2003)
 454. Add support for chip ID 5964 (Radeon 9200 SE) to the radeon driver, and
      fix detection of IDs 5962 and 5963 with Driver "ati" (Bugzilla #732,
      Michel Daenzer)
 453. Add gcc format checking for the X server's message and logging
      functions, and fix lots of associated warnings (David Dawes).
 452. Replace the perl version of ucs2any with a C version ( Ben Collver and 
      other NetBSD developers, Matthieu Herrb).
 451. For drivers that support 'Option "dri"' have the driver request
      loading the dri module when this option is true.  This brings
      it in to line with how other things are handled.  Other drivers
      that have DRI support need to have the "dri" option added (David Dawes).
 450. Fix libGL bug that could cause deadlock when switching contexts
      (John Harper).
 449. Improve the contrast of the whiteglass xterm cursor, and fix the
      hotspot of the whiteglass right_ptr cursor and add transparency
      to it (#5867, René Rebe).
 448. Fix a problem with the "pl2" (Polish qwertz) map where the order in
      which the Alt_R and Shift keys are pressed affects the results
      (Tom Pala).
 447. In xdm, use better pseudo-random number generators to generate
      magic cookies. Add support for EGD and other compatible entropy
      gathering daemons. (Oswald Buddenhagen from KDE, Matthieu Herrb).
 446. Fix IMPS/2 mouse wheel on platforms where char defaults to unsigned
      (Rene Rebe).
 445. Fix rare xterm crash on Darwin due to dyld deadlock when a signal comes
      in while dyld is looking up a symbol (Rob Braun).
 444. XDarwin cleanup and improvements:
      - Load bundle at runtime for chosen Quartz mode: xpr, cr, or fullscreen.
      - AppleWM extension has been generalized to work with any Quartz mode.
        Currently only the xpr implementation is complete.
      - Wrote a man page for AppleWM.
      - Moved hw/darwin/quartz/aqua* files that contained code to protect
        the alpha channel to miext/rootless/safeAlpha.
      (Torrey T. Lyons).
 443. Remove lots of redundant redeclarations (David Dawes).
 442. VIA driver:
      Fixed video memory detection. (Bugzilla #525, Alan Cox).
      Fixed TV and FP initialization problems (Bugzilla #525, Frederic Crozat,
       Alan Cox).
      Removed remaining globals (Egbert Eich).
 441. Fixed memory leaks in the loader (Bugzilla #682 and #683, Juergen Keil).
 440. Fixed erroneous freeing of DisplayModeRec in xf86DeleteMode() when
      deleting the modePool in xf86PruneDriverModes() the 'prev' member has
      a different meaning for modePool modes than for ScrnInfoPtr->modes modes
      where it creates a doubly linked list (Bugzilla #678, Juergen Keil).
 439. Fixed SDK for VIA driver (Bugzilla #674, Bernhard Rosenkraenzer).
 438. Extended list of monitor ranges and modes in xf86cfg (Egbert Eich).

XFree86 (10 September 2003)
 437. Move the X server log file handling from the XFree86 DDX to the DIX,
      allowing the more descriptive logging to be used throughout the server,
      and the log messages to be more uniform in formatting (David Dawes).
 436. Added support for the Compaq Evo keyboard (Stanislav Brabec).
 435. Fixed writes past end of array in via_bios.c (Bugzilla #662,
      Egbert Eich).
 434. Let luit copy the termios settings from the calling terminal (Bugzilla
      #641, Juliusz Chroboczek).
 433. Add _ADOBE_POSTSCRIPT_FONTNAME to the list of font properties xlsfonts
      that are atoms and should be converted to strings when run with the
      -ll flag. Also fixed the lenght problems that may arise (Bugzilla # 659,
      Alan Coopersmith).
 432. Backing out 321.: sysMem gets initialized once during server lifetime
      (Egbert Eich).
 431. Fixing X11.tmpl to set XFTINCLUDES after defining a non-standard path
      to fontconfig, adding FONTCONFIGINCLUDES to the build rules for fontconfig
      (Kevin P. Fleming).
 430. Added support for the hp5181 inet keyboard (Bugzilla #648, Alan Strohm).
 429. Added support for Apple Laptop keyboards, added level3/group switching to
      KP_Enter, modified layout so keyboards acts the same way as under Mac OS
      (Bugzilla #642, Frank Murphy).
 428. Adding ANGKHANKHU (U+0E5A) character to level 3 of keycode <AD09> on
      th_tis keymap (Theppitak Karoonboonyanan).
 427. Fixes and updates for XKB keyboard maps:
      - Add 'Romanian keymap for German keyboard' and 'Romanian keymap with
        access to German umlauts' (Manfred Pohler).
      - Update xfree86.dtd file (Sergey V. Oudaltsov).
      - Add an XkbOption that makes a keyboard map without special keysyms
        on Ctrl+Alt+smth for those who use such combinations for another
        purposes (Ivan Pascal).
 426. Reverse patch #423 because it causes compile problems (Ivan Pascal).
 425. Disable the bytecode interpreter by default in FreeType 1, bringing it
      into line with the default for FreeType 2.  Document how to enable
      it in xf86site.def for those with no legal impediment to doing so
      (David Dawes).
 424. Improvement of Xlib's keysym compose module:
      - Allow to figure out a mulibyte string if it is omitted in Compose file.
      - Add 'include' instruction with some substitutions.
      - Add a searching of Compose file as a value of XCOMPOSEFILE environment
        variable and as a $HOME/.XCompose file. (Ivan Pascal).
 423. Add a writing of some Xserver XKB module error messages into a servers
      log file (Ivan Pascal).
 422. Add Trident CyberBladeXP4 support, but acceleration is currently
      disabled. (Alan Hourihane).
 421. updates to reduce its reliance on external utilities and
      provide better diagnostics when required external utilities don't exist.
      (David Dawes).
 420. Fixes and updates for XKB keyboard maps:
      - Fix unneeded BKSL redefinition in Ukrainian 'winkeys' keyboard map
        (Andriy Rysin).
      - Fix some keycodes for jp106 keyboard model (Bugzilla #657,
        Stephen J. Turnbull).
      - Update xfree86.xml registry file (Andriy Rysin, Sergey V. Oudaltsov).
 419. Add a missing xf86UnblockSIGIO() call to xf86InstallSIGIOHandler()
      (#5839, NetBSD PR xsrc/22668, Yorick Hardy).
 418. Fix a problem with the "pl" map where the order in which the Alt_R and
      Shift keys are pressed affects the results (#5832, Tom Pala).
 417. Fix the warning generated by the ONE_LEVEL <RALT> definition in
      the "level3" map (#5832, Tom Pala).
 416. Remove the unnecessary dependence of RandR on RENDER (David Dawes).
 415. Remove some static variables that should be per-screen (David Dawes).
 414. SiS driver update:
      - Add 8x8 Color Pattern Fill (315/330 series)
      - Add transparency support for 8x8 Mono Pattern (300/315/330 series)
      - Fix Xv "insufficency" triggered by MPlayer (315 series)
 413. Add missing REQUEST_SIZE_MATCH() to xSyncSetCounter protocol request
      (noticed by Ruben Nunez Francisco).
 412. Allow building libOSMesa during non-XFree86 builds (Marc La France).
 411. Rip out incorrect limits on the number of PCI buses an ix86 chipset can
      handle and implement an improved solution for avoiding "phantom" PCI
      buses (Marc La France, Bugzilla #604).
 410. Fixes for potential integer overflows in font libraries. (blexim, 
      Matthieu Herrb).
 409. SiS driver: Add RENDER hardware acceleration
 408. Add a Fopen() function to open the Xauthority file without spawning
      a shell (Bugzilla #255, Aidan Kehoe, Matthieu Herrb). 
 407. Fix a bug introduced with #397 that results in the core pointer and
      keyboard devices specified in a ServerLayout section being ignored
      (David Dawes).
 406. Added big5hkscs encoding to font encoding files (Bugzilla #575, 
      Jungshik Shin).
 405. Don't call FBIOPAN_DISPLAY ioctl with arguments that will cause a
      confusing if harmless error; make an fbdevhw internal function static to
      fix a warning. (Michel Dänzer)
 404. Passing correct virtual screen size to xf86ValidateModes() in VIA driver
      (Luc Verhaegen).
 403. Added RGB overlays to i810 driver (Bugzilla# 625, Alastair M. Robinson).
 402. Fixed mode switching and mode comparison for xf86VidMode extension for S3
      driver (Bugzilla #613, Alexey Baj, Egbert Eich).
 401. Via driver: Fixed remaining globals, some formatting issues, out of 
      memory handling in Xv overlay code and a couple of small glitches caused 
      by the fixes (Bugzilla# 525, Alan Cox)
      Fixed some missing globals and static build (Egbert Eich).
      A handful globals still remain.
 400. Update the Xserver(1), XFree86(1) and XF86Config(5) man pages to
      clarify how XFree86 configuration/run-time parameters are specified
      and their order of precedence (David Dawes).

XFree86 (25 August 2003)
 399. Try to make the state of libXfont more consistent.  It shouldn't depend
      on whether a static or loadable XFree86 server is being built, so it
      now always has a dependency on the FreeType2 library (when FreeType
      support is enabled) (David Dawes).
 398. Make the specification of a Monitor in the Screen sections of the
      XF86Config file optional.  Some drivers may need changes (coming later)
      to maximise the utility of this (David Dawes).
 397. When a core keyboard or core pointer cannot be found in the
      configuration, create default ones.  The pointer part of this
      requires some changes to the mouse driver (coming later) before
      the default core pointer configuration will be useful on most
      platforms (David Dawes).
 396. Add a facility for assigning version numbers to builtin XFree86 server
      interfaces and allowing modules to query them.  Assign versions for
      the os-mouse and os-kbd interfaces (David Dawes).
 395. Include uname(2) information in the server's banner messages
      (Marc La France). 
 394. Fix bug in detection of multi-function PCI devices (Marc La France, in
      partial resolution of Bugzilla #574).
 393. Change the XFree86 server's global default depth to 16, and change most
      drivers that support the three common depths (8, 16, 24) to defer to
      the global default rather than specifying their own (David Dawes).
 392. Fixed a crash when _XIMProtoOpenIM(), hich is called through XOpenIM() 
      API when protocol IM is being set up,  fails (Bugzilla #618, 
      Hisashi MIYASHITA).
 391. Fixed a possible source of Sig11 in Jamstudio driver (Bugzilla #617,
      Jonathan Hough, Egbert Eich).
 390. Fixed building without RENDER support (Bugzilla #306, Matthieu Herrb, 
      Egbert Eich).
 389. Pass pointer obtained by Xalloc() to Xfree() not the one that may be
      manipulated in the mean time (Bugzilla #614, Alan Coopersmith).
 388. Added reverse mapping of keysyms to keycodes (XKeysymToKeycode())
      to xev to detect situations where this maps to a different keycode than
      the one of the key pressed (Egbert Eich).
 387. Made xauth called by startx quiet (Bugzilla #597, Stas Sergeev).
 386. Added missing operand size override handling to PUSH imm8 in x86emu
      (Bugzilla #590, Boris Weissman).
 385. Fixed compile glitch with NetBSD in xdm/genauth.c (Bugzilla #587, 
      Nicolas JOLY)
 384. Fix bugs in Xlib's EUC string converters that cause incorrect work of
      _Xmblen.  Fix _Xmblen usage in imCallbk.c when Xlib is built with
      X_LOCALE (Etsushi Kato).
 383. Update xev program for print the result of XmbLookupString call
      (Bugzilla #582, Noah Levitt, Ivan Pascal)
 382. Fixes and updates for XKB keyboard maps:
      - Fix for Uzbek keyboard map (Bugzilla #595, Mashrab Kuvatov).
      - Fix for the problem with Alt+Tab combinations in some window mangers
        (Bugzilla #580,616): window chooser menu doesn't disappear after
        Alt key release (Egbert Eich, Ivan Pascal).
 381. Allow a Display subsection with no depth or fbbpp specified to match
      any depth/fbbpp, and make Display subsections optional, creating one
      with default parameters when no suitable one can be found (David Dawes).
 380. Include <sys/param.h> to get the BSD macro for luit (ITO Tsuyoshi).
 379. DRM resync from the DRI trunk...
       - Lots of misc fixes/cleanups, and some resyncs with 2.4 and 2.6
       - Fix maplist entries being used after they were freed; thanks to
         Benjamin Herrenschmidt for tracking this down (Michel Daenzer).
       - FreeBSD updates (Eric Anholt).
       - Fail in DRM(agp_acquire) if the AGP aperture can't be used, such
         that the X server falls back to PCI GART or disables the DRI
         gracefully (Michel Daenzer).
       - Possibly fix stanford checker complaints about sarea for radeon
         (Keith Whitwell).
       - Restore i830 texture age waiting when swapping in new textures
         (Keith Whitwell).
       - Fix texture rectangle support for r100 (Keith Whitwell).
       - Add i810 add page flipping support to the DRM (Dave Airlie).
       - Merged DRM documentation (Jose Fonseca). 
       - r128 MESA_ycbcr_texture (Ian Romanick, Leif Delgass).
 378. Linux drm module build fixes for newish kernels from the DRI
      repository (Michel Daenzer, Linus Torvalds, Leif Delgass).  This
      addresses Bugzilla #603, 605 (Calum Mackay).
 377. Fix the test for 2.5.x with x < 52 Linux kernels for the drm module
      build (Bugzilla #601, Callum Mackay).
 376. Fix an XAA pixmap cache server crash that can happen in some cases
      when the off-screen memory is heavily fragmented (David Dawes, based
      on #5752, Koike Kazuhiko, Chisato Yamauchi).
 375. Fix for the Brazilian ABNT2 keyboard extra key that now translates to
      a different keycode value. Patch suggested by Ivan Pascal.
 374. Fixed XDarwin fullscreen crash in some screen sizes (Torrey T. Lyons).
 373. Be a little more precise about differentiating between active and
      inactive non-video PCI resources (Marc La France).
 372. Added Apple-WM extension and library (John Harper, Torrey T. Lyons).
 371. Fixed indirect GLX on Mac OS X when the client can not make a
      connection to the CoreGraphics window server (John Harper).
 370. Fixed support for 64bit PCI bus on 32bit systems (Egbert Eich).
 369. Added support for using aliases in the -nolisten option. '-nolisten tcp'
      aliases to IPv4 and IPv6 (Matthieu Herrb, Egbert Eich).
 368. Added fallback Xlib transport layer if IPv6 socket cannot be openend
      (Egbert Eich).
 367. Added missing symbol to the vbeSymbols table in i740 driver (Bugzilla
      #583, Egbert Eich).
 366. Changed scripts containing 'head -1' which is not supported by 
      POSIX 1003.1-2001 any more (Bugzilla #570, #569, Paul Eggert, 
      Egbert Eich).
 365. Changed POSIX 1003.1-2001 non-conformant 'sort +2' to 'sort -k 3' with
      backward compatibility (Bugzilla #568, Paul Eggert).
 364. Add Microsoft Pro OEM model to XKB inet map (Bugzilla #458,
 363. Extract the CHANGELOG's commit date and include it in the XFree86
      server log/version information (David Dawes).
 362. Change the way xf86Build.h is created so that it doesn't cause its
      dependencies to be rebuilt when its contents are not changed
      (David Dawes).

XFree86 (10 August 2003)
 361. Fixes and updates for XKB keyboard maps:
      - Added numpad:microsoft XKB option (Bugzilla #558, Will Styles).
      - Fixed inconsistence in indicator names (Bugzilla #577, Noah Levitt).
      - Added type6 model of Sun keyboard (Warren Turkal).
 360. Add UK (gb) layout to the dvorak XKB map (#5739, Mike Sulivan).
 359. More work on the NativeGDI server for Cygwin/XFree86. The span routines
      are nearing completion (albeit they run slowly until the higher
      level X primitive functions are implemented). The obvious issue with
      the current code is the problems surrounding 1-bit DIBsections which
      have msb/lsb issues compared to the other types of DIBsections.
      This work was done quite some time ago in the Cygwin/XFree86 CVS.
      (Alan Hourihane).
 358. SiS driver update:
      - Added pseudo-Xinerama extension for MergedFB mode
      - Fixes for Clevo L285/L287 (1024x768)
 357. Include Xmd.h in Xpm/lib/XpmI.h to get definitions of LONG64 
      (Bugzilla #562, John Dennis).
 356. Moved Meta_L/R keys and added Super_L/R keys on macintosh keyboard.
      This makes the layout more compatible to the PC keyboard layout 
      (Bugzilla #565, Frank Murphy).
 355. Add check for Xmalloc() return value in XGetErrorDatabaseText() to avoid
      Sig11 (Bugzilla #563, Alan Coopersmith).
 354. Separated build of libglx.a module and normal libglx.a library 
      (Bugzilla #541, Frank Giessler).
 353. Fixed build of Xnest, Xprt and Xvfb for OS/2 by linking with the linker
      definition files (Bugzilla #541, Frank Giessler).
 352. Fixed freeing of properties form xkb_geomerty block (Bugzilla #550, 
      Alexander Pohoyda).
 351. Fixed string octal number parsing and string to int conversion for "\00"
      in xkbcomp (Bugzilla #553, Egbert Eich).
 350. Removed stale definition from XftCompat.h (Bugzilla #543, Egbert Eich).
 349. Added XLC_LOCALE file for zh_CN.UTF-8, moved iso10646 encoding to the end
      in ja_JP, ko_KR and zh_TW UTF-8  XLC_LOCALE files 
      (Bugzilla #544, Akira TAGOH).
 348. Fixed typo in #if conditional in cfb code (Bugzilla #556, Dave Love).
 347. Fixed ValidMode() in C&T driver to work with option 'FixPanelSize' 
      (Egbert Eich).
 346. Fixed Meta_R key on us layout Macintosh keyboard (Bugzilla #539, 
      Frank Murphy).
 345. Add new charset sequence for CText at the end of list. This way the
      sequence of a charsets that were added earlier will be picked if two
      sequences for the same charset are registered (Bugzilla #228, 
      Egbert Eich).
 344. Use return value sysconf (_SC_OPEN_MAX) instead of the fixed number 256
      for allowed number of open files on POSIX.1 conformant systems
      (Egbert Eich).
 343. Added missing exported functions in libfreetype to compile mkfontscale,
      made mkfontsdir script install on platforms that use extensions (Bugzilla
      536, Frank Giessler).
 342, Fixed a sig11 in Xaw that may appear on the rare condition that no font
      can be found (Bugzilla #482, Egbert Eich).
 341. Added KP_Separator to symbols that can generate decimal() in xcalc
      (Egbert Eich).
 340. Disabled Color8x8PatternFill() in savage driver (Egbert Eich).
 339. Fixed a sig11 in twm when used with a session manager (Egbert Eich).
 338. Fixed rounding of refresh rate in RandR, updated Xrandr man page 
       (Bugzilla #527, Egbert Eich).
 337. Added MenuBorderWidth and MenuBorderColor options to twm (Bugzilla #529, 
      Alexander Pohoyda)
 336. Update for VIA driver:   
      - DGA no longer hangs (eg freedroidRPG now runs reliably)
      - Starting two copies of Xine no longer aborts the X server
      - Added support for KM400/K8M400
      - Improved video overlay support.
      - Fixed video overlay clipping when the image cliprects change but 
	not the size.
      - TV tuner support via XV interface for two overlay ports.
      - DRI support (the client side library is not yet fully ported to 4.3).
      - Disable Xv in modes with insufficient bandwidth (1600c1200x16).
      - Updated documentation
	It differs from the base VIA codedrop.
      - Several of the fixes were done by me on top of it (the dual Xine fix,
	and bandwidth)
      - Various system types have been turned to CARD32 to make the code 
      - The hybrid Video4Linux/XV glue was racy and has been removed 
	(the XV layer is more than sufficient anyway)
      - DRI library client code is not included (porting not yet finished)
      - Additional debugging
        (Bugzilla #525, VIA, Alan Cox) .
      - Cleaning up namespace pollution, removing dependency on via_drm.h
	removing some global symbols from driver (Egbert Eich).
        Please note: there are more global symbols yet to be removed.
 335. Remove the 'xc/xkbcomp/geometry/HP' directory from the CVS repository.
 334. Substantial rewrite of the "nv" driver (Mark Vojkovich).
 333. Resync with Cygwin/XFree86 changes up to Test92 (#5721, Harold Hunt and
      the Cygwin/XFree86 project).
 332. Add a clean target for Cygwin's ResourceObjectRule() rule (#5720,
      Harold Hunt).
 331. Fix xman's formatting/displaying of manual pages on Darwin, where
      'groff' defaults to PostScript formatting (#5719, T. M. Pederson).
 330. SiS driver update:
       - Fixed SiS 620 support
       - Added interface for sisctrl utility
      (Thomas Winischhofer)
 329. Fixes for regressions in xauth and xhost with IPv6 code
      (Matthieu Herrb, Hideki ONO). 
 328. Update X-TrueType (X-TT) to version 1.4.1 (Chisato Yamauchi,
      After X-TT Project):
       - Extension of code converter modules for ARABIC, ARMSCII8,
         BIG5HKSCS, GB18030, ISO8859.*, etc. (Pablo Saratxaga, James Su)
       - Try to use TT_Load_Glyph_Bitmap() in get_metrics() when `bs'
         option is not set.
       - Use Embedded Bitmap with the option `eb=y' when Auto Italic is set.
       - Enhancements for `ds', `eb' and `bw' options.
       - New options for TTCap, `fc' and `fm': they enable the *extremely*
         fast loading of big Japanese or unicode fonts with `-p-' in the XLFD.
       - Performance improvement of FreeTypeGetMetrics() function.
       - Improved performance based on the solution to the buffer
         overflow problem, caused by exceeding the range of
         maxbounds.ascent/maxbounds.descent.  This problem occurred only
         when `-m-' spacing was used.
       - Improved fix to crashes caused when certain fonts (e.g. verdana.ttf)
         are used; solution based on investigating the true nature of the
       - Added patch for mktcapdir-0.5.4 and some ttfconf files suitable for
         X-TT 1.4.0.
       - Preparation for extending the encoding field of XLFD.  X-TT permits
         the following additional XLFD format:
         The last number can be used to indicate the plane number of a huge
         character set.
       - Support for reverse `fc' specification. `fc=0xaa00-0xa0ff' means
         specifying the ranges 0x0000-0xa0ff and 0xaa00-0xffff.  This is
         useful for GB18030 proportional fonts.
       - Improved fix for server crash that appears on Linux/PPC.
       - Added ksc5601.*-3 and ksx1001.*-3 to KSCJOHAB/main.c (Jungshik Shin).
       - Added U+20AC and U+00AE characters to KSCJOHABtoUCS2.c and
         KSC5601toUCS2.c (Jungshik Shin).
       - Fixed an X server crash when using LucidaSansRegular.ttf
         (reported by Koike Kazuhiko).
       - Improved fix to prevent NULL dereference when the font cache
         becomes full; solution by allocation of a dummy area for bitmap.
       - Fixed an X server crash because of an inconsistency problem between
         XFree86 and X-TT (reported by Koike Kazuhiko).
       - Numerous minor improvements.

XFree86 (25 July 2003)
 327. Add Mach64 I2C framework.  Derived from GATOS project (Marc La France).
 326. Removed ru_yawerty xkb symbols file as it is misleading as suggested
      by Ivan Pasacal (Bugzilla #516, Ivan Pascal).
 325. Fixed two bounds errors in rman 
      (Bugzilla #505, Dan Nelson, Bugzilla #506,  Eric Anholt).
 324. Cleaned up MMIO map/unmap in RADEONPreInit(), unmapped MMIO in 
      CloseScreen() even when server is switched away (Bugzilla #504, 
      Hui Yu, Egbert Eich).
 323. Modified transport code so that a bind to an IPv4 socket fails silently
      when the bind to an IPv6 socket for the same port was successful.
      This works around a problem in theIPv6 implementation on some OSes
      that also handle IPv4 calls over IPv6 sockets (Egbert Eich).
 322. Simplified handling of the -nolisten option as suggested by 
      Alan Coopersmith. This option can now be issued multiple times.
 321. Added code to unmap sysMem when freeing int10 (Bugzilla #504, 
      Frank Giessler).
 320. Fix generic rootless crash while resizing when CopyBytes is not defined
      by the implementation (Torrey T. Lyons).
 319. Fix XDarwin Cocoa rootless crash when unshaping a shaped window
      (Torrey T. Lyons).
 318. More IPv6 changes from Alan Coopersmith as follows:
      - Add support for IPv6 bracketed numeric addresses, similar to RFC 2732
        syntax to a number of areas.
      - Fix some issues with colon parsing and determining which addresses are
        DECnet (two colons between hostname and display number) and which are
        non-bracketed IPv6 numeric addresses ending in two colons, followed by
        another colon and the display number (three colons in a row).
      - Fix additional places Fabio forgot to change the string length when
        switching "inetv6" to "inet6".
      - Use MAXHOSTNAMELEN if it is defined for MAXHOSTNAME in xrdb.  (Perhaps
        NI_MAXHOST should be used as well on platforms that support it.)
      - Make #include <sys/socket.h> in Xtrans.h look like the other places
        it's included in the tree, with checks for Lynx & Win32
 317. IPv6:  2003.07.11 update to X.Org's response to comment #13;  i.e.
      s/FamilyInternetV6/FamilyInternet6/g  (Marc La France).
 316. IPv6 build fixes for older Linux systems;  Many of these are derived from
      a suggestion by Alan Coopersmith (Marc La France).
 315. Change DEVID macro to work around glitch in SCO's C compiler
      (Marc La France).
 314. Fixed Radeon driver so that clone modes survive server reset 
      (Bugzilla #487, Egbert Eich).
 313. Changed behavior of FreeType and Type1 renderer: when no encoding file
      is found fail with BadFontName instead of using an iso8859-1 encoding
      (Bugzilla #479, Roland Mainz, Juliusz Chroboczek, Egbert Eich).
 312. Fixed screen switching problem on SCO where VT was off by one 
      (Bugzilla #470, Kean Johnston).
 311. S3 driver:
      . allow only specific displayWidths when acceleration is enabled 
      . added double_scan support (Egbert Eich).
 310. Removed build rules for hp Xserver that was recently removed from 
      Xserver/Imakefile (Egbert Eich).
 309. Fixes for C&T driver: 
      . switch to SW mouse in doublescan modes.
      . centered video correctly for all interlaced modes (docs were
      . fixed README (Egbert Eich).
 308. Fixed a typo in mkfontscale (Bugzilla #491, Juliusz Chroboczek).
 307. A lot of X server prototype cleanups, including fixing an
      inconsistency between the cfbBitBlt and CopyPlane functions 
      exposed by the prototyping (#A.1859, Alexander Stohr).
 306. Fix missing newline in Message -> MessageF transition in dri_glx.c
      (#A.1833, Alexander Stohr).
 305. Fill out the sunleo man page (#A.1783, Arnaud Quette).
 304. Fix a typo in the XSetWMProtocols(3) man page (#5697, Alexander Pohoyda).
 303. Fix for a few Xlib charset converters (Bruno Haible).
 302. Fix calculation of CRTC2 frame offset with page flipping in radeon driver
      (Michel Daenzer)
 301. Xinerama-fy the XTest extension (Rik Faith).

XFree86 (10 July 2003)
 300. X.Org IPv6 changes (Bugzilla #227, Alan Coopersmith, Marc La France).
      See for details.  This has
      been further modified as follows.
      - Deal with small memory leaks in xdm & xauth.
      - Fix a number of compilation issues.
      - Where supported, use SIOCGLIFCONF to query network interfaces on more
        than only Solaris.
      - Incorporate X.Org responses to comments #'s 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 10, 11, 12,
        13, 14 and 15 (taken from an X.Org-internal document dated 2003.06.17).
      - Replace HasIPv6 imake symbol with BuildIPv6, defaulting it to YES, and
        build in IPv6 support whenever BuildIPv6 is asserted _and_ the OS
        #define's AF_INET6.  This is to maximise IPv6 code exposure and
        eliminate <OS>.cf file changes to support IPv6.
 299. On Solaris, don't allow remote root xdm logins if CONSOLE is set in
      /etc/default/login (Bugzilla #227, Alan Coopersmith).
 298. Fix SEGV in fstobdf when font server is not specified and FSServerName()
      returns NULL (Bugzilla #227, Alan Coopersmith).
 297. Fix XDMCP bug that could cause local host entries in /etc/X0.hosts to be
      lost (Bugzilla #227, Alan Coopersmith).
 296. Make certain xtrans static variable volatile to avoid optimisation issues
      that occur when they are modified by SIGALRM handlers
      (Bugzilla #227, Alan Coopersmith).
 295. Use %p instead of %x to print pointer values in xtrans debug messages to
      avoid overflow on platforms with 32-bit ints & 64-bit pointers
      (Bugzilla #227, Alan Coopersmith).
 294. Change SUN-RPC code to use authdes_seccreate() call rather than the
      deprecated authdes_create() (Bugzilla #227, Alan Coopersmith).
 293. Add xdm /dev/random handling for Solaris
      (Bugzilla #227, Alan Coopersmith).
 292. Solaris compile fixes (Bugzilla #227, Alan Coopersmith).
 291. Update X.Org version numbers to X11R6.6 or X11R6.7 and replace old
      references to X Consortium with X.Org (Bugzilla #227, Alan Coopersmith).
 290. Update the usage of DRM AGP handles so that valid handles aren't
      mis-interpreted as invalid handles (based on Bugzilla #484, Dave Airlie).
 289. Twisting fontfile.c and fontdir.c to be able to pass all fonts (bitmap
      and scaleable) to the scalable renderer as this one can deal with 
      XLFD names (Bugzilla #475, Juliusz Chroboczek). PLEASE TEST!
 288. Changing PS/2 mouse resolution to 8 counts/mm as some broken mice have
      problems with other values (W. uses 8) (Egbert Eich).
 287. Fixing mode setting by BIOS. Wrong clock selection in MiscOut register
      caused screen to stay blank (Egbert Eich).
 286. Added description for -dumpSched and -schedInterval to the usage
      message (Egbert Eich)
 285. Update the SCO OpenServer port, fixing these specific problems:
        . Fixed the Imake template so i[3456]86 and friends arent defined
        . Fixed bad preprocessor stuff in X11.tmpl that was producing warnings
        . Updated default GCC flags to more aggresively optimize
        . Fixed keyboard LED handling
        . Enable SCO function keys in xterm
        . Make Delete key send  DEL by default on SCO in xterm
        . Fix to make fonttosfnt compile (Bugzilla #470, Kean Johnston).
 284. Added missing ro2 symbols file to list of files to install 
      (Bugzilla #476, Egbert Eich).
 283. Corrected precedence problem in test in xc/lib/X11/XKBUse.c:
      XkbUseExtension(). This avoids an extra round trip during application
      startup (Bugzilla #473, Owen Taylor).
 282. Fixing deadlock in libXi - when is called _XLockDisplay() twice - when 
      calling a Xi function that calls XGetExtensionVersion() (Bugzilla #260,
      Bastien Nocera, Owen Taylor). 
 281. Adding support for video modes <320x240 to S3 driver by changing the 
      minimal clock frequency to 15.6 MHz (Bugzilla #472, Alexey Baj).
 280. Made mkfontscale behavior and options compatible to mkfontdir, fixed
      bugs in output format (Bugzilla #425, Juliusz Chroboczek, Kean Johnston).
 279. Changed xclock hands back to black (antialiased) , created
      to set colored hands instead, added missing documentation for missing
      resources. This follows the behavior of the other X applications more
      closely (Bugzilla #437, Joerg Wunsch).
 278. Added support for Trio64UV+ and Trio64V2/DX/GX to S3 driver (backport
      from 3.x) (Bugzilla #465, Alexej Baj).
 277. Increased Xlib default buffer size to 16k (was 2048), made size 
      configurable thru environment variable XLIBBUFFERSIZE (minimum 2048)
      (Bugzilla #466, Roland Mainz).
 276. Increased maximum BIGREQUEST size to 4Mb and made it configurable thru
      a command line option. This increases performance of certain 
      applications considerably (Bugzilla #460, Roland Mainz).
 275. VIA driver: initialized screen parameters in PreInit() instead of
      AccelInit() so that they are set even when acceleration is disabled
      (Egbert Eich).
 274. Do not drop H&V sync during screen blanking for Radeon
      (Bugzilla #320, Michael Breuer, Hui Yu@ATI).
 273. Let out-of-limit pixel clocks only use the frequency below pll output
      lower limit for Radeons (Bugzilla #262, John Vickers, Hui Yu@ATI).
 272. Add support for Radeon cards with DAC/TMDS wire up in different ways
      from what the driver was originally programmed to; includes support
      for dual DVI cards (Hui Yu@ATI).
 271. Add Radeon DPMS handling for flat panels (Bugzilla #26, Hui Yu@ATI).
 270. Decreased the retry loops in DDC probing so that Radeon startup
      time won't be too long in the worst case (Hui Yu@ATI).
 269. Fix Radeon Asic bug in RMX unit of IGP chips (Hui Yu@ATI).
 268. Fix Radeon register initialization for RGB offset to fix the
      "milky-screen" problem (Bugzilla #351, Hui Yu@ATI).
 267. Add support for new Radeon chips: R350(9800), RV350(9600,M10),
      RS250(IGP7000), RS300(IGP9000), RV280(9200) (Hui Yu@ATI).
 266. Fix a lockup with the trident driver when stopping/starting Xv
      applications (Alan Hourihane).
 265. Fix initialisation in xauth (Martin Birgmeier).
 264. Calling RADEONSaveFPRegisters() regardless of display type to catch
      register restauration problems (Bugzilla #193, Hui Yu).
 263. Fixed order of name and filename in encodings.dir files generated by
      mkfontscale (Roland Mainz).
 262. Changed resource registration in TDFX driver: VGA mem resources
      are unused during OPERATING state, RAC isn't required for memory
      resources (Bugzilla #357, Egbert Eich).
 261. Attempt to fix VIA driver lockups when moving windows:
      assumed bug compatibility to previous S3 products 
      (Bugzilla #435, Egbert Eich).
 260. Disabled mode writeback to client program from MGA driver (Egbert Eich).
 259. #ifdef'ed variables in os-support/bsd in cases they are not needed
      (Bugzilla #430, Jason L. Wright).
 258. Fixes and updates for XKB keyboard maps:
      - add Faroese keyboard map (Bugzilla #401, Roi a Torkilsheyggi)
      - add missing KPPT key to ABNT2 keycodes list (Bugzilla #431, Christian
      - fix geometry/pc file (Alexander Pohoyda).
 257. Don't sleep on Darwin for directory owner/mode problems (John Harper).
 256. Limit 430TX and 430VX to 128 and 32 PCI buses respectively
      (Marc La France).
 255. Add direct GLX rendering on Mac OS X and Apple-DRI extension
      (John Harper).
 254. Replaced inline asms with compier intrinsics for Intel compiler
      (Bugzilla #427, Slava Sysoltsev).
 253. Partly fixed build problems caused by mkfontdir replacement
      (Bugzilla #425, Egbert Eich).
 252. SiS driver update:
      Fixed Xabre support
      (Final) fix for Compaq 3045US
      Customized timing for 848x480 parallel panels
 251. Replaced mkfontdir by simple shell script that calls mkfontscale
      (see #233) (Bugzilla #388, Juliusz Chroboczek).
 250. Added encoding files for Arabic (iso8859-6.16 and iso8859-6.8x)
      (Bugzilla #420, Roland Mainz).
 249. Removed O_SYNC from open call for /dev/mem for all Linux platforms.
      This hopefully takes care of the speed problem 
      (Bugzilla #419, #414, Egbert Eich).
 248. Fixed fontstosfnt to build on OS/2 (Bugzilla #415, Frank Giessler
      Juliusz Chroboczek).
 247. Fixed DMC touchscreen driver: button press events are properly
      recognized now, made sure device is still recognized after a restart,
      fixed misleading error messages (Bugzilla #418, Andreas Kies).
 246. Added PanoramiX supprt for the RENDER requests: Trapezoids, Triangles,
      TriStrip, TriFan, SetPictureTransform and SetPictureFilter 
      (Bugzilla #138, Egbert Eich).
 245. Fixed SW/Theme cursor drawing glitches in i740 driver (Bugzilla #21,
      Egbert Eich).
 244. Added input driver for Aiptek tablet (Bugzilla: #393, (list #5686), 
      Bryan W. Headley).

XFree86 (25 June 2003)
 243. Added 'BitKeeper' to the directories that get excluded by lndir
      (Bugzilla #408, H.J.Lu).
 242. Fixed gcc warnings in xdmauth.c (Bugzilla #410, Jason L. Wright).
 241. Updated Citron touchscreen driver: set 'block duration time'
      to one second to avoid timeouts, added user strings to inform about
      HW version (Peter Kunzmann).
 240. Fixed wraparound bug in TimerSet() (Peter Osterlund).
 239. Fixed X*LookupString() in imDevLkup.c to return status 
      XBufferOverflow and the required size as required 
      (Bugzilla #397, Kusanagi Kouichi).
      Dto. for imLcLkup.c (Egbert Eich).
 238. Removed unused function QualifyName, Exit() from Xprint 
      and CountBits(), matchVisuals() from GLX 
      (Bugzilla #395, #400, #394 Jason L. Wright).
 237. Fixed type warning when building sunffb driver on 64bit 
      (Bugzilla #404, Jason L. Wright).
 236. Fixed warnings when building Palmex touchscreen driver statically
      (Bugzilla #405, Jason L. Wright).
 235. Fixes and updates for XKB keyboard maps:
      - add programmers variant to the Turkish keyboard map (Nilgün Belma
      - add a variant of the Romanian keyboard map for German keyboard
        (Manfred Pohler)
      - add layout for BTC 9001AH keyboard (Nick Kurshev)
      - add Uzbek keymap description (Bugzilla #391, Mashrab Kuvatov)
      - update geometry files (Alexander Pohoyda)
 234. Added fonttosfnt, a utility that generates bitmap-only TTFs. It is
      capable of reading most font formats (Bugzilla #389, 
      Juliusz Chroboczek). 
 233. Added functionalities to mkfontscale so mkfontscale performs every
      functionality mkfontdir does (Bugzilla #387, Juliusz Chroboczek).
 232. Removed absolute path from cpp for Linux as /usr/bin/ should be
      in the default search patch (Egbert Eich).
 231. Fix regression of Xvideo not working with some videos on the
      CyberBladeXP/Ai1 chips (Bugzilla #251, Stephane Voltz).
 230. Added early failure and warning message when not sufficient memory
      available for DRI in i8xx driver (Egbert Eich).
 229. Fix bug in original patch which added support for two new relocation
      types for IA64 (Bugzilla #195, John Dennis).
 228. Fix scaling calculus in savage driver (Bugzilla #274, Emmanuel).
 227. Clarifying if conditions, fixing memory leaks in error path, removing
      useless code in savage driver (Bugzilla #278+279, Emmanuel).
 226. Adding message to R128 driver which informs about modified modes for LCD
      according to VBIOS (Bugzilla #23, Egbert Eich).
 225. Fixed chipset ID for v2100/v2200 for overrides (Egbert Eich).
 224. Added interlaced support for Voodoo 3,4,5 to TDFX driver (Bugzilla #383,
      Jakub Bogusz).
 223. Fixed typo in getPciBiosTypes() (Bugzilla #382,  Jakub Bogusz).
 222. Restore previous mode if mode switch fails (Bugzilla #381, Jakub Bogusz).
 221. Fixed typo that prevented lubB19 fonts with different maps from being
      generated (Bugzilla #380, Jakub Bogusz).
 220. Sync entrypoints for OS/2 with recent changes in fontconfig and Xft
      (Bugzilla #374, Frank Giessler).
 219. Added detection of 2Mb memory for CLGD7548, fixed a possible memory 
      leak and did minor cleanups (Bugzilla #369, Lucas Correia Villa Real). 
      (PLEASE TEST!)
 218. Recode single-byte keyboard scancodes that clash with recoded
      double-byte scancodes (David Dawes).
 217. Fixes and updates for XKB keyboard maps:
      - add more EuroSign to "us_intl" keyboard map (Paul Bolle)
      - update geometry files (Alexander Pohoyda)
      - add AudioMute key to inet(hpxe3gc) (Bugzilla #350, Paul Pacheco)
      - add option for replacing RCtrl key with Right Alt (Bugzilla #343,
        Adam Tlalka)
      - add Uzbek keyboard map (Bugzilla #372, Mashrab Kuvatov)
 216. (Re-)fix portability of gccmakedep and generate ccmakedep on all
      platforms (Marc La France).
 215. Fix i810/i815 problem with interlaced modes where only the top half
      of the screen gets displayed (Paul Stewart).
 214. Changed any occurance of x86_64 to AMD64, the official name of the
      architecture (Egbert Eich).
 213. Removed Copyright sign from man pages as this causes some formatters
      to choke (Egbert Eich).
 212. Export SysV IPC functions to modules in Net and OpenBSD 
      (Bugzilla #355, Quentin Garnier). 
 211. Fix rootless bug when reordering windows behind others (Torrey T Lyons).
 210. Fix page size issues that prevented the mmap()'ing of SBUS devices
      (Marc La France).
 209. Fixes for the following problems on OS/2:
       - long startup delay of xinit
       - recovery from hard-error popups
       - text-mode version of xf86cfg
       - xf86cfg unable to find default config file
       - installation of static libraries
       - missing exported functions in X11.dll
       - typo in xf86pathIsAbsolute()
      (Bugzilla #267, Frank Giessler).
 208. SiS driver update:
      Fixed 1280x960 and 1280x1024 LCD support (SiS 30x)
      Added Chroma-Keying support to Xv part
      Added support for Barco iQ R and G series projectors

XFree86 (10 June 2003)
 207. Add support for the Mac's KP_Equal key (untested) (David Dawes).
 206. Import fontconfig 2.1.0 as an external package, and update the build
      to use this version (David Dawes).
 205. New version of the FreeType backend. (Bugzilla #325, Juliusz Chroboczek).
 204. Rework XDarwin's Cocoa rootless implementation to use new generic
      rootless code in miext/rootless (Torrey T. Lyons).
 203. Fix repeated image problem when using a vesa video mode before starting
      the Xserver on the S3 Trio3D cards (Alan Hourihane).
 202. Import zlib 1.1.4 for systems that don't provide it (Matthieu Herrb).
 201. Improve fonts width and weight detection (Bugzilla #265-266,
      Juliusz Chroboczek).
 200. Fix library dependencies for xlibi18n modules (Bugzilla #82, Joe Kelsey,
      Matthieu Herrb).
 199. Fix manual pages typos (Bugzilla #316, Jens Schweikhardt).
 198. Fix bug (Bugzilla #315) in _XTextPropertyToTextList() that causes
      an application crash in some circumstances (Ivan Pascal).
 197. Fixes and updates for XKB keyboard maps:
      - add asciitilde to Swedish 'nodeadkeys' map (Bugzilla #291).
      - add map for true Romanian keyboard (Bugzilla #300, Manfred Pohler).
      - add EuroSign to "us_intl" keyboard map (Bugzilla #309, Paul Bolle).
      - fix some keys in Armenian 'phonetic' layout (Bugzilla #313, Ani).
      - add some geometry files (Alexander Pohoyda).
      - some cosmetic changes.
 196. Import FreeType 2.1.4, and do initial merge for config/build
      (David Dawes).
 195. Remove unnecessary links of libm (Marc La France).
 194. IRIX 6.5 build fixes and noise reductions (Marc La France).
 193. Clean up confusion in Imakefiles between XONLYLIB and XLIBONLY (and
      between DEPXONLYLIB and the previously non-existent DEPXLIBONLY)
      (Marc La France).
 192. Do not unnecessarily link libXmu, libXt and/or libXext into executables
      (Marc La France).
 191. Fix makedepend for IRIX 6.5 (Marc La France).
 190. Make the handling of X_BYTE_ORDER in Imakefiles more portable
      (Marc La France).
 189. Allow building of a libXfont without font cache support (Marc La France).
 188. When using cpp to generate scripts and data files, change XCOMM to pound
      signs even when preceeded by only whitespace, and provide a means to
      generate output lines with trailing backslashes.  Change `startx` script
      accordingly (Marc La France).

XFree86 (25 May 2003)
 187. Fix XDMCP queries in xdm on systems using getifaddrs(). 
      (Bugzilla #277, Joel Ray Holveck). 
 186. Initial imake/config support for more closely (and more
      automatically) emulating how libtool handles shared library revisions.
      Implmemented for Linux only so far (David Dawes).
 185. Fix libexpat shared lib revision on platforms that use minor version
      numbers (David Dawes).
 184. Update Tamil keyboard map (Thuraiappah Vaseeharan).
 183. Add missing xfs reply to GetEventMask requests (Marc La France).
 182. Change the ELF loader to ignore .debug* sections (Marc La France).
 181. Simplify internal interfaces in the PCI code and remove the Xserver's
      interference with normal PCMCIA operation (Marc La France).
 180. i810/815 depth buffer needs to be a multiple of the tile size.  This
      fixes 3D corruption near the bottom of the screen at 800x600@16bpp
      (Bugzilla #283, Dave Airlie).
 179. SiS driver update
       - Allow Modelines for LCD and secondary VGA on 301B
       - Support plasma panels natively (including a small
         database for some known panels since some panels
	 report wrong timing data via DDC)
 178. DRM resync from the DRI trunk...
       - Lots of fixes/cleanups/resyncs for the BSD DRM drivers (Eric Anholt).
       - Fix potential oops and memory leaks when allocations fail in
         addbufs_agp/pci (Leif Delgass).
       - Add support for buffer private structs with PCI DMA buffers
         (Leif Delgass).
       - Disable MTRRS on FreeBSD-stable (Eric Anholt).
       - Remove some unused code (Keith Whitwell).
       - Move prototypes for gamma functions to gamma_drv.h (Keith Whitwell).
       - 2.5.x resync (Linus Torvalds).
       - Ensure driver has been initialized before installing irq handler,
	 and modify all drivers to ensure irq handler is removed before
	 cleanup, and cleanup is called at takedown (Leif Delgass).
       - Check for lock on init/cleanup in all drivers except i810/i830
         (Leif Delgass).
       - Put back __HAVE_KERNEL_CTX_SWITCH for the sparc drm driver
         (Keith Whitwell).
       - Only free original pagelist in addbufs_pci if one already exists
         (fixes oops) (Leif Delgass).
       - texmem-0-0-1 branch merge (Ian Romanick).
       - Fix warning on machines where sizeof(drm_addr_t) != 4 (Randy Dunlap).
       - Support AGP bridges where the AGP aperture can't be accessed directly
         by the CPU (David Mosberger, Benjamin Herrenschmidt, Michel Daenzer,
         Paul Mackerras, Jeff Wiedemeier).
 177. Fix another xedit compile problem (Marc La France).
 176. Small fix for Italian keyboard map (Sebastiano Vigna).
 175. Don't ship xf86Bus.h and xf86pciBus.h with the SDK (Marc La France).
 174. Restore VGA driver's checking for depths 1, 4 & 8 (Marc La France).
 173. Fix a problem with savage driver when UseBIOS is off, such that the
      performance drops dramatically. Now the performance matches or
      exceeds that of the option UseBIOS (Alan Hourihane).
 172. Add workaround for problems that arise when in multi-layout map
      different modifier keysyms share the same key (Ivan Pascal).
 171. Fix bug that causes XGetKeyboardMapping produce incorrect map when keys
      have more then two keysyms.  Also add a map columns duplication for better
      compatibility with core protocol keyboard maps (Ivan Pascal).
 170. Fix XKB bug (Bugzilla #253) that causes an Xserver crash when XKB action
      RedirectKey is used (Ivan Pascal).
 169. Add missing letters to Ukrainian phonetic keyboard map (Andriy Rysin).

XFree86 (10 May 2003)
 168. Prevent a SIGFPE with the glint/pm3 driver when attempting to display
      an XVideo image less than 8 pixels wide (Måns Rullgård).
 167. Support for building a DRI enabled server on OpenBSD (Wilbern Cobb,
      Matthieu Herrb).
 166. Fix double free bug when a Mac-specific font fails to load with
      Freetype (Torrey T. Lyons).
 165. Check for NULL tObj in the i830 3D driver's TexEnv function.  This
      fixes a FlightGear crash (Keith Whitwell).
 164. Set Mesa hooks to flush vertices on state changes in Radeon 3D drivers
      (Keith Whitwell).
 163. Add an entry to the i2c module that drivers can call to retrieve an array
      of all I2C buses associated with a screen (Marc La France).
 162. Fix to prevent PCI and CardBus resets when switching out of the server's
      virtual console (Marc La France).
 161. Change the /dev/ file used on some *BSD's to mmap the framebuffer in DGA
      clients to match the /dev/ file used by the server (Marc La France).
 160. SiS driver fixes:
      - Added MergedFB mode (including HWCursor and Xv)
      - Xv enhancements and fixes for all chipsets
      - New Xv properties (SWITCHCRT, TVPOSITION, etc)
      - Added support for custom LCD resolutions (via DDC)
      - Fixed DVI output (DVI-D and DVI-A), automatic detection
      - Numerous bugfixes and enhancements
      (Thomas Winischhofer)
 159. Make freetype-config more useful on NetBSD (#5693, Thomas Klausner).
 158. Small fixes in keyboard maps:
      - add an explicit type declaration in level3(ralt_switch)
        (Bugzilla #225, Séamus Ó Ciardhuáin);
      - fix wrong group number in Russian keyboard map (Ivan Pascal).
 157. Add rootless implementation for XDarwin using Apple's Xplugin API
      (John Harper, Torrey T. Lyons).
 156. Fix precision problems in xf86XVClipVideoHelper and in Mach64 XVideo
      support (Marc La France).
 155. Add missing symbols when DRI is disabled to glint driver
      (Bugzilla #203, Mike Harris).
 154. Fix a memory leak caused by the data allocated in XGetDefault() never
      being freed (Jim Radford).
 153. Update keysym capitalization rules in XConvertCase() with unicode
      keysyms and some missed charsets (Bugzilla #209, Séamus Ó Ciardhuáin).
 152. Use C89 style function prototypes in manual pages (Bugzilla #208,
      Aidan Kehoe).
 151. Fix small memory leaks in XvQueryAdaptors() and __driUtilCreateScreen()
      (Jim Radford).
 150. Updated Wacom driver to support ntuos 2 2D mouse and a few styli,
      TabletPC with ISD V4 protocol, intiq 15X and Cintiq 18SX 
 149. Fix programming error in ix86 motherboard chipset determination
      (Marc La France).
 148. Ansi prototypes cleanup in Xserver/include and Xserver/os 
      (Matthieu Herrb).
 147. Fix shared libXp dependencies on *BSD and Darwin (Dale Rahn). 
 146. Fix infinite loop that occurs on systems whose PCI configuration space
      doesn't advertise a host bridge (Marc La France).
 145. Workaround for broken devices that don't implement the header type field
      in their PCI configuration space (Marc La France).
 144. Portability changes for older Sun compilers (Alan Coopersmith).

XFree86 (25 April 2003)
 143. Fix building of the dristat and drmstat utilities (David Dawes).
 142. From the DRI trunk...
       - Remove more dead code from the BSD DRM (Eric Anholt).
       - Remove some #if 0'd code and unused string functions from the Linux
         DRM (Keith Whitwell).
       - Move debug versions of the DRM memory functions to a new file
         (Keith Whitwell).
       - drm_memory cleanup (Leif Delgass).
       - dristat and drmstat cleanups (Leif Delgass).
       - Remove unused dev->map_count (Leif Delgass).
       - For the i830 DRM driver, pass the dma handle from pci_alloc_consistent
	 to the card for status page rather than using virt_to_bus on
	 the virtual address (Leif Delgass).
       - Cleanup the style of the linux-compat code in the BSD DRM, and use
         ioctl directly rather than reimplementing it (Eric Anholt).
 141. Remove old XF86Setup source code. (Matthieu Herrb).
 140. Only add all default modes to mode list when RandR is enabled and 
      active (Egbert Eich).
 139. MGA driver: vertical blanking can generate interrupt (2D driver part)
      (Ville Syrjala Bugz.: 199).
 138. Fix mmapw SEGV (Marc La France).
 137. From the DRI trunk...
       - Install dummy/noop read & poll fops unless the driver has
         replacements (Keith Whitwell).
       - Remove gamma-specific stuff from the BSD DRM (Eric Anholt).
       - Remove DRM_DMA_HISTOGRAM and associated code from the BSD DRM
         (Eric Anholt).
       - Remove BSD DRM's unused drm_init.h (Eric Anholt).
       - Handle read() failures in the drm X server module (Michel Daenzer).
       - Set DRM device major for NetBSD.
 136. Fix bug that prevented fbman from using the last partial scanline of a
      Mach64 framebuffer (Marc La France).
 135. Make ATI Mach64 FIFO cache integrity testing optional (Marc La France).
 134. Export ATI Mach64 hardware overlay as an XVideo adaptor (derived from
      GATOS project, Egbert Eich, Marc La France).
 133. Reorganise ATI Mach64 support into separate source files
      (Marc La France).
 132. Refine atimisc's decoding of the panel mode on server entry in an attempt
      to reduce the effect of atyfb bugs (Marc La France).
 131. Make Rage128 and Radeon XVideo available even when 2D acceleration is
      disabled (Marc La France).
 130. There is no longer any need to require hardware cursors during Rage128
      and Radeon XVideo displays (Marc La France).
 129. Initialise v4l's XVideo adaptors last (Marc La France).
 128. Reduce cut&paste effects by adding more helpers to Xv
      (derived from #5645, Björn Augustsson, Marc La France).
 127. Centralise a region comparison primitive into 'mi' and use it instead of
      local definitions throughout the server (Marc La France).
 126. DPMSExtension & XvExtension driver cleanups (Marc La France).
 125. Add missing tests for vtSema to xaa 'Picture' functions.
      These missing checks caused strange behavior with some drivers
      when RENDER extension requests were made while X was switched away.
      (Egbert Eich).
 124. i810 driver: call drmCtlUninstHandler() on CloseScreen() 
      (David Airlie).
 123. Savage driver updated to several fixes for video glitches
      (Tim Roberts).
 122. Put back the DRM part of Charl Botha's Radeon suspend/resume support
      that was inadvertently backed out in the DRI resync last week.
 121. Resync the Linux drm modules with the DRI trunk.  Includes:
       - Check for NULL map before calling DRM(ioremapfree) on cleanup
         (Leif Delgass).
       - Remove DRM read, poll and write_string (Keith Whitwell).
       - Add more get_param queries for embedded project (Keith Whitwell).
       - Move a bunch of gamma-specific code into a gamma-specific file,
         and restore the kooky DRM(write_string) code for gamma
         (Keith Whitwell).
       - Remove unused DMA histogram code (Keith Whitwell).
       - Remove unused 'DRM_FLAG_NOCTX' option (Keith Whitwell).
       - Remove unused __HAVE_KERNEL_CTX_SWITCH code (Keith Whitwell).
       - Fix templates so the i8x0 drivers don't have to define
         __HAVE_DMA_WAITLIST (Keith Whitwell).
       - Gamma drm updates (Alan Hourihane).
       - Only mga, i810, i830 require AGP (Leif Delgass).
       - Remove PCIGART_ENABLED define for radeon, pcigart support now
         included for any arch (Leif Delgass).
       - Get rid of superfluous fields in struct drm_radeon_ring_buffer
         (Michel Daenzer).
       - Use correct address for radeon ring read pointer writeback
         (Michel Daenzer).
 120. Fix a potential bug in ZX1 support (Marc La France).
 119. Fix a buffer overflow in xkbprint (Ivan Pascal).
 118. Fix a bug in Xlib that prevents a vertical text drawing with
      X[mb|wc]DrawString (bugzilla #178, OSAME Ken-ichiro).
 117. Added missing files to the SDK so it can actually be used (Sven Luther).
 116. mkfontscale enhancements (bugzilla #166, Julius Chroboczek). 
 115. Fix handling of local host names in /etc/X<n>.hosts (bugzilla #156,
      Alan Coopersmith).
 114. Add to XLookupString an automatic search of the layout which keysym can
      be converted to a control-code when Control modifier is set (Ivan Pascal).
 113. Fix xkbcomp crash with some combinations of layouts in a multi-layout
      keyboard map (Ivan Pascal).
 112. Keyboard maps cleanups, including:
      - fix incorrect aliases in a keycodes file.
      - remove unneeded type declarations.
      - remove ThirdLevel modifier key descriptions in maps and replace them
        with references to a common one in 'level3' file.
      - some cosmetic changes.
      (Ivan Pascal).
 111. Fix some function definition conflicts from Xlib cleanup when X_LOCALE
      or NeedWidePrototypes is set (Torrey T. Lyons).
 110. Resync the BSD drm modules with the DRI trunk (Eric Anholt).
 109. Resync the Linux drm modules with the DRI trunk.  Includes:
       - Add 2nd arg for DRM_FREE (Keith Whitwell).
       - Use file pointers instead of pids for resource and lock tracking
         (Keith Whitwell).
       - Add 'SG' map type identifier string ((pci scatter/gather) to /proc vm
         info (Leif Delgass).
       - Use list_entry() to get container struct from struct list_head
         pointers.  Build fix for RedHat 9 kernel (5 args to
         remap_page_range()) (Leif Delgass).
 108. Fix a server crash with shadowfb and render when refreshing outside the
      visible screen (Sven Luther).
 107. Fix a potential infinite loop during server generation when in
      Xinerama (Rik Faith).
 106. Fix DRM module build on 2.5.41 and later kernels (tqueue -> workqueue)
      (David Dawes).
 105. Fix lockup when using Xv in the trident driver (Alan Hourihane).
 104. Add support for TV chipsets VT1621 and CH7005 to the trident driver
      (VIA, Alan Hourihane).
 103. Add VIA CLE266 driver (Bugzilla #154, VIA/S3)
 102. Remove non-functioning glxStub, and remove external GlxStaticServerLib
      support (David Dawes).
 101. Change the WORLDOPTS default to empty.  This means that 'make World'
      will now stop on the first error.  To get the old behaviour, run
      'make WORLDOPTS=-k World' (David Dawes).
 100. Add preliminary version of generic rootless code based on XDarwin's
      rootless mode (Torrey T. Lyons, John Harper).
  99. Remove PEX and XIE source code (Matthieu Herrb).
  98. The XKB version of XRefreshKeyboardMapping() had an UnlockDisplay()
      call without a preceding LockDisplay() call (Yoel Perl).
  97. Xlib cleanups and fixes, including:
       - Fixed up any old style function defintions that raised warnings.
       - Fixed functions with no parameter or return value.
       - Moved any external prototype in a c-files to h-files.
       - Set unreferenced and unmentioned functions to static.
       - Completed any forward declartion with its calling parameters.
       - Established function typedefs where might be helpful.
       - Fixed bogus XIM callback function to XID type, fixed XPointer* -
         XPointer mismatch on some callback.
       - Added explicit FIXME XXX statement on locations for the work around
         macro XCMS_CONVERSION_HARDWARE where the compiler was unsatisfied
         about a known problem with the currently inconsistent src_to_CIEXYZ
         table types.
       - Split _XcmsSetGetColor and *Colors handling routine in order
	 to avoid any type conflicts there, fixed a memory leak for
	 error case in that area.  Used stack based Buffer for single-color
	 version (should be simpler and faster).
       - Fixed _XAsyncReply where a "register variable pend" was passed
	 and returned with the & operator.  This location is further
	 suspect of variable size problems on anything else but 32 bit
	 platforms, with the new code it might more likely raise a type
	 mismatch warning for those specific location.
      (#A.1729, Alexander Stohr).
  96. Fix the <KPDL> mapping for the hr XKB map, and add an hr_US map (#A.1726,
      Vlatko Kosturjak).
  95. Fix vmware driver crash when running two X servers concurrently (#5688,
      Nolan Leake).
  94. Rework the Linux drm kernel module build to leverage off the standard
      kernel build system.  This is based on suggestions and examples from
      David Woodhouse.  This approach has the advantage that the build
      requirements of a wider range of standard kernels are now supported
      transparently, but the disadvantage of some extra complexity to handle
      building against clean vendor-distributed kernel source trees.
      This has been tested with some recent Red Hat and SuSE distributions
      (David Dawes).
  93. Update Italian keyboard map (Bugzilla #109, Sebastiano Vigna).
  92. Add keys missed in multi-layout keyboard maps: LSGT key in Belgian map
      and 'old','phonetic' variants in Armenian map (Ivan Pascal).
  91. More reliable workaround for handling the I830Sync() function being
      called while VT switched away (David Dawes).
  90. Fix references to DRI functions in non-DRI i810_driver.c build
      (David Dawes).
  89. Import expat 1.95.4 (Matthieu Herrb). 

XFree86 (10 April 2003)
  88. Fix file descriptor leaks in xman (Ted Unangst, OpenBSD PR#3186).
  87. Fix bug in mode validation that occurs when the XF86Config doesn't
      specify any mode or virtual resolution information (Marc La France).
  86. Resetting 'bound' flag for an agp entry after undbind succeeded in
      drm_agpsupport.h (Egbert Eich).
  85. Ignoring hw_lock for drm device if lock was set by a different instance
      (ie Xserver) to prevent second server to spin in driver release function
      (currently only relevant for i8xx drm drivers) (David Dawes).
  84. Adding extra delay before doing a slowBcopy in ia64 to prevent a MC
      when saving/restoring VGA fonts (Egbert Eich).
  83. Turn off needToSync in LeaveVT() in i830 driver to prevent server
      crashes because xaa tries to sync blitter while switched away 
      (Egbert Eich).
  82. Added the O_SYNC flag when opening /dev/mem to work around a kernel bug
      which causes conflits between WC settings in MTRR registers and cacheable
      attribute in page table (Egbert Eich).
  81. Reduced retry count for mouse configuration to 4. This should speed
      up server start for people who use a mouse repeater like gpm
      (Egbert Eich).
  80. Fixed xf86cfg to duplicate font names before they get freed when
      unloading the module (Egbert Eich).
  79. Added missing functions to xf86cfg (Egbert Eich).
  78. Added missing ROP_NEEDS_SOURCE to Savage driver;
      now all 2D accel functions should use this flag (Egbert Eich).
  77. Reduced flicker with video playback in Savage driver (Tim Roberts).
  76. Load vgahw submodule in RENDITION driver before using it
      (Egbert Eich).
  75. Magically speed up video playback on Neomagic (Egbert Eich).
  74. Added drmAgpUnbind()/drmAgpBind() functionality on Leave/Enter for i810
      cards to allow a second Xserver to be started if the first one has
      DRI enabled (Egbert Eich).
  73. Set NeedRingBufferLow for i855/i865 to avoid lockups on vt switches
      (Egbert Eich).
  72. Check for vtSema before accessing registers in I830BIOSSaveScreen()
      (Egbert Eich).
  71. Some sanity fixes for atiprobe to work better with xf86cfg: Handle
      situation gracefully if the PCI config pointer doesn't exist 
      (Egbert Eich).
  70. Changed behavior of fontfile: don't drop the entire directory if some
      fonts cannot be rendered (Egbert Eich).
  69. Fixed B&H bdf fonts: AVERAGE_WIDTH is not a string but an int (Mike Fabian).
  68. Fixed type in radeon driver which caused display to go into
      powersaving mode when Xcursor is disabled (Bugz: 90, Michel Dänzer).
  67. Fixed typo in XKB-Config.sgml (Bugz: 53, Hiroyuki Bessho).
  66. Fix SiliconMotion driver for mode switching and SEGV problem when
      initializing Xv functionality (Bugzilla #50, Alan Hourihane).
  65. Add Radeon DRI suspend/resume support (Charl Botha, #A.1431).
  64. Rage 128 Xv fix for high resolution displays (Rik Faith).
  63. PPC updates for Radeon (Michel Dänzer, Hui Yu@ATI).
  62. Radeon patch from ATI (Hui Yu@ATI).
      - IGP320/330/340 support (2D only)
      - RV280 (9200/M9+) support
      - Fix for some M9 laptop panels
      - Improved version of monitor detection code previously submitted
      - Fixed bug for two or more radeon cards
      - Man page updates
      - Workaround for double scan modes problem at high resolutions
      - Overlay scaling problem when RMX is used
  61. Fix xprop to get all windows (not only the first) in a property holding
      a window list printed (#A.1676, Kim Woelders).
  60. Fix for spontaneous repeated keyboard events during sync grab (#A.1713,
      Michal Maruska).
  59. Fixed DPMS problem on C&T 69000 due to incorrect LCD flag 
      (Bugzilla #101, Egbert Eich).
  58. Added xkb symbols layout for BTC 5090 internet keyboard  
      (Bugzilla #57, Jack Angel).
  57. Fix the script so that it can handle being run from a
      directory with white space in its path name (#A.1690, Eric Branlund).
  56. Allow AGPGART support to be enabled for OpenBSD (#A.1684, Brian Feldman).
  55. Make the mouse driver check the SendDragEvents option (based on #A.1682,
      Juuso Åberg).
  54. Fix a double allocation in _XTextPropertyToTextList() (#A.1681,
      Lubos Lunak).
  53. Fix a typo that causes the 'yu' keymap to emit a lower case 'L' in
      both shift states (#A.1675, Nikola Smolenski).
  52. Allow the remote shell command for xon to be specified from the
      command line.  This allows ssh to be used (for example) (#A.1657,
      Mike Urban).
  51. Fix segfaults that can happen when using composition of RENDER and
      non-RENDER fonts (#A.1656, Wu Jian Feng).
  50. Add convenient ways to enter "double quote" and "cedilla" with the
      en_US.UTF-8 compose rules (Alexandre Oliva).
  49. Improve support for Wacom Cintiq boards (#A.1547, Sebastian Rittau).
  48. Add support for Kensington's "ValuMouse" to the mouse driver (#A.1494,
      Roy Wood).
  47. Workaround for a crash that happens if a scalable font has a bitmap
      entry in fonts.dir (#5687, Juliusz Chroboczek).
  46. Single/dual rasterizer quiescence patch for the glint/gamma DRI driver
      (#5685, Sven Luther).
  45. Fix a FreeBSD/alpha build problem (#5679, Fred Clift).
  44. Fix a bug in the GLU/project.3gl man page (#5676, Thomas Klausner).
  43. Luit fixes:
       - Fix a buffer overflow.
       - Allow for holes in the pty space, and use the union of the pty
         names in 4.4BSD and recent FreeBSD.
       - Allow luit to be set-uid on all BSD releases, and introduce an
         additional security fix on POSIX saved-id systems.
      (#5672, 5674, ITO Tsuyoshi, Juliusz Chroboczek).
  42. Fix memory leaks in ProcXF86VidModeModModeLine and
      ProcXF86VidModeValidateModeLine, and unintialized fields of the mode
      structure in ProcXF86VidModeAddModeLine, VidModeCreateMode, and
      VidModeAddModeline (#5671, Miguel Freitas).
  41. Fix SEGV in fbdev's mode validation (Alexandr Andreev).
  40. Add two more variations of Thai XKB maps (#5658,
      Theppitak Karoonboonyanan, Visanu Euarchukiati,
      Supphachoke Santiwichaya).
  39. Fix a twm crash when the window menu is used and no windows are open
      (#5667, Matthias Scheler).
  38. Restore the sign of UNDERLINE_POSITION in the FreeType backend (#5665,
      Roman Kagan).
  37. Check the return value of fclose() in xauth to prevent losing the
      existing contents of an Xauthority file when there is insufficient
      space to write the new one (#5663, Owen Taylor).
  36. Fix case in xmag which would cause a BadMatch during a X_GetImage for
      single child of root class InputOnly.  Also do some null pointer
      protection (#5657, Kevin Brosius).
  35. Allow an arbitary message to be sent to the DDX by pressing a key
      which has the appropriate action definition (#5519, Joe Moss).
  34. Add a new request to the XF86Misc extension that allows a client
      to send an arbitrary message to the DDX, which in turn can send the
      message to the driver.  The driver may also send a string back.
      An example of this is implemented for the radeon driver (#5518,
      Joe Moss).
  33. Remove duplicate XShmGetEventBase() declaration (#5656,
      Branden Robinson).
  32. Fix drag lock when using a mouse button greater than 4
      (Bugzilla #51, Paul Elliott)
  31. Fix lockup on server shutdown/restart with the radeon driver
      (Bugzilla #94, Michel Dänzer).
  30. Add missing symbols to reference list that show up when DRI is not
      loaded in r128 driver (Bugzilla #83, Leif Delgass).
  29. Add missing symbols to reference list that show up when DRI is not
      loaded in mga driver (Bugzilla #84, Leif Delgass).
  28. Various build and warning fixes (#A.1703, Peter Breitenlohner).
  27. Avoid overlapping strcpy() in imake.c (Dan Nelson).
  26. Updates for building on OS/2 (#5650, Frank Giessler).

XFree86 (23 March 2003)
  25. Xterm patch #176 (Thomas Dickey).
  24. Another int10 fix.  This time for adapters found at PCI:0:0:0.  This
      fix is particularly important for ZX1-based systems (Marc La France).
  23. int10 fix for all ix86 non-Linux systems (Marc La France).
  22. Add preliminary support for generating HTML and PDF versions of most
      spec documents (David Dawes).
  21. Use lower-case extensions uniformly for text and PostScript documents
      (based on #4876, Branden Robinson).
  20. Disable cuase of SEGV's in rendition driver (Marc La France).
  18. Limit 440EX & 440LX based systems to 32 PCI buses (Marc La France).
  18. Fix typo that caused incorrect initialization of xkb memory
      (John Heasley).
  17. Fix bug in trident driver that caused old Cyber 9382/9385 chipsets
      to display half a jittered screen (Alan Hourihane).
  16. Add shadowfb support to XDarwin IOKit mode (Torrey T. Lyons).
  15. Change most of os-support/ to respect VIDMEM_READONLY (Marc La France).
  14. Fix compatibility problem between modules generated without the recent
      setjmp/longjmp work and a server generated using glibc <= 2.2.*
      (Marc La France).
  13. setjmp/longjmp related fixes for Linux/libc5 systems (Marc La France).
  12. Fix possible overflow in _XlcLocaleDirName. (Matthieu Herrb).
  11. Various NetBSD fixes for non-i386 (#5662, #5666 Aymeric Vincent, 
      Matthew Green, Chris Gilbert, Thomas Klausner). 
  10. Enable native thread support on NetBSD 1.6M and later (#5597, #5660, 
      Matthias Scheler). 
   9. Make setjmp/longjmp emulation save/restore blocked signal masks on all
      libc5 & glibc systems (Marc La France).
   8. Fix for non-PC keyboard bug introduced by changes to make SysRq
      generate the same keycode as PrtScrn (Ivan Pascal).
   7. Workaround for problems linking C programs against libGLU on FreeBSD 3.x
      (David Dawes).
   6. Make setjmp/longjmp emulation save/restore blocked signal masks on all
   5. Fix setjmp/longjmp emulation for glibc 2.2.[01] systems and remove
      HasGlibc21Sigsetjmp override (Marc La France).
   4. setjmp/longjmp-related compilation fixes for libc5 systems
      (Marc La France).
   3. Fix minor glitch in the generation of Makefiles for libraries that don't
      need threads support (Marc La France).
   2. Fix XDarwin build broken by #960 (Shantonu Sen).
   1. Fix StaticColor colormap on Darwin/x86 6.x (Rob Braun).

XFree86 4.3.0 (27 February 2003)
 964. Add an imake option to allow the glibc21-style setjmp() behaviour
      to be forced when auto-detecting it fails (this is needed for RH 7.0).
 963. Add missing raise/lower volume key descriptions for the "hpxe3gc"
      XKB map (#A.1651, Paul Pacheco).
 962. Fix some typos in the Syriac XKB map (#5654, Emil Soleyman-Zomalan).
 961. Add documentation about using XKB for the XFree86 server's special
      key sequences and the HandleSpecialKeys config option (#5653, Joe Moss).
 960. Move the XF86_DATE definition to a separate file so that bumping it
      doesn't trigger almost everything to be rebuilt (David Dawes).
 959. Xterm patch #174 (Thomas Dickey).
 958. Fix a bug that was preventing DGA2 acceleration from being advertised
      by the i810 driver (David Dawes).
 957. Fix an "xtt" font backend module crash that shows up on Linux/PPC,
      related to an invalid code converter module being loaded because of
      a broken string comparison in xttconv.c (#A.1647, Chisato Yamauchi,
      Daisuke MASATSUNA).
 956. Fix a NULL dereference that can happen in lcGenConv.c (#A.1646,
      Anthony Fok Tung-Ling).
 955. Bump the libXft minor revision for the UTF-16 APIs that were added
      after rev 2.0 (#A.1643, A.1644, Keith Packard, 5652, Mike Harris).
 954. Fix a typo in the "freetype" font backend that prevents "ttc" fonts
      from working (#5651, Mike Fabian).
 953. Fix atimisc bug in restoring colourmaps after a VT switch
      (Marc La France).
 952. A more complete set of dead accent/space compose sequences, add
      <Multi_key> <slash> for letters with a "stroke", and add some
      combos for exponent characters, katakana voiced sounds, etc to
      the en_US.UTF-8 compose file (#5646, David Monniaux).
 951. Reinstate the VBEInit() call in the savage driver's PreInit().  This
      appears to fix a problem on some Savage MX platforms (#5649,
      Mike Harris).
 950. Restore the radeon driver's unconditional RADEONPreInt10Save() call
      on Alpha platforms because this is needed for Radeon cards where the
      BIOS ROM can't be read after it's been run once (by the firmware)
      without this (#5648, Jeff Wiedemeier).
 949. Update Newport driver doc (#5647, Guido Guenther).
 948. Fix reversed logic for VGA locking/unlocking (Nat Ersoz).
 947. Luit fixes:
       - Fix a bug with --encoding being too strict with the syntax.
       - Add a -x flag that causes luit to exit as soon as the child does.
       - Update the man page to synchronise with Tomohiro's work on XTerm.
      (#5643, Juliusz Chroboczek).
 946. Fix some endianness bugs in the r200 DRI driver, and guard a debugging
      print message (Michel Dänzer).
 945. Fix radeon HW cursor artifacts when switching between 2-color and
      ARGB cursors by always using the ARGB mode (#A.1639, Michel Dänzer and
      Fredrik Höglund).
 944. Fix rootless XDarwin crash when trying to GetImage with a rectangle
      bigger then the associated top level window (John Harper).
 943. Add support for multi-head on ZX1-based Itanium2 systems  (Marc La France
      with documentation and assistance from Hewlett-Packard).
 942. Correctly initialize the RE_LINE_PATTERN register in the radeon
      and r200 DRI drivers (Keith Whitwell).
 941. Fix a problem where a malformed Ximage can cause Xcursor to step
      outside the image data (#A.1636, Keith Packard, reported by
      Michel Dänzer).
 940. Allow xf86setjmp/xf86setlongjmp to work with platforms where
      setjmp() isn't directly available as a function, specifically Linux
      platforms that use glibc 2.0 and 2.1. (David Dawes, Keith Packard).
 939. Check pScrn->vtSema before calling xf86SetCursor() from
      xf86CursorCloseScreen().  This avoids a segfault at exit with some
      drivers (Alan Hourihane).
 938. Fix adding FP native mode for Radeon (Hui Yu@ATI, Kevin Martin).
 937. Initialize I2C when primary head has an invalid DDC type for the
      Radeon driver (Hui Yu@ATI).
 936. Video fixes for TV and TVOverscan for the nsc driver (Sarma Kolluru).
 935. Fix to prevent ShadowComposite() to try to update the framebuffer
      when server is switched away (Egbert Eich).
 934. Fix problems where the ThirdLevel key and Alt modifiers don't work
      when a map that uses the ThirdLevel virtual modifier is not the first
      layout in a multi-layout configuration (#5642, Ivan Pascal).
 933. Use safe values in the Thai XIM which should work regardless of
      the signedness of XIMStringConversionPosition (#A.1628,
      Theppitak Karoonboonyanan).
 932. Replace xf86setjmp/xf86setlongjmp with symbol aliases that resolve
      directly to the native libc versions so that they can operate in
      modules, and make xf86jmp_buf much larger so that should be big enough
      for any reasonable CPU/OS combination.  This should fix problems
      with the Freetype2-based freetype font module (#A.1625, Keith Packard).
 931. Change the default base symbols map from pc104 to pc105, which should
      fix most cases where the <LSGT> key isn't defined.  Also change the
      default XkbModel from pc101 to pc105 (Ivan Pascal).
 930. Fix run-time enabling/disabling of VT switching via xf86EnableVTSwitch()
      (David Dawes).
 929. Add a "DontVTSwitch" option to allow VT switching to be disabled
      (on platforms where the X server initiates VT switches) (#5640,
      Branden Robinson).
 928. Fix a memory leak in _XimExtension() (#5638, MINAMI Hirokazu).
 927. Fix hard-coded ProjectRoot paths in the proxymngr man page (#5634,
      Branden Robinson).
 926. Fix a NULL pointer dereference in the fontenc library (#5633, Debian).
 925. Update the neomagic man page to document the OverlayMem option (#5632,
      Diego Santa Cruz and Branden Robinson).
 924. Fix a memory leak in XCloseDisplay, and a potential race condition
      when multiple threads attempt to initialize the Xcursor library
      simultaneously (#A.1623, Keith Packard).
 923. Fix xvidtune to pop up a info window if mode on chipset is
      not tuneable (Egbert Eich).
 922. Fix a NULL pointer in a var_arg list in xfd which causes problems
      on 64 bit systems (Egbert Eich).
 921. Fix a typo in the nsc Imakefile when installing the linkkit 
      (#A.1624, Stanislav Brabec).
 920. Remove a dependency on how Xlib buffers requests internally for
      xtest's test 2 of XSync (Keith Packard).
 919. Fix a bug in the way the bitmap font code calculates mix/max bounds
      (it was ignoring empty characters), which fixes some xtest fonts
      bounds check failures (Keith Packard).
 918. Check that the HW cursor has been setup before calling
      xf86ForceHWCursor() in the radeon (and r128) driver.  This fixes
      crashes when using only the SW cursor (#5628, Michel Dänzer).
 917. Fix duplicate arguments for xf86MatchPciInstances() in the DESIGN doc
      (#5627, Guido Guenther).
 916. Miscellaneous 64-bit and warning fixes to mfb, xf1bpp and xf4bpp
      (Marc La France).
 915. Fix a bug in beforelight that was preventing it from being restarted 
      and could cause random X clients to be killed. (Matthieu Herrb)
 914. Add a means by which a motherboard chipset driver can prevent the common
      layer's check for mis-configured PCI-to-PCI bridges (Marc La France).
 913. Fix bug that would sometimes cause an extra hardware cursor to re-appear
      on a secondary head after a server reset (Marc La France).
 912. Protect "cvl" references in recent changes to _XEventsQueued() with
      '#ifdef XTHREADS' (reported by Dan Holm).

XFree86 (17 February 2003)
 911. Change the newport driver to use ShadowFBInit2 to fix the broken
      "switching back from the console" issue, and update the driver's man
      page (#5625, Guido Guenther).
 910. SCO doc update (#5624, J. Kean Johnston).
 909. Fix X11.tmpl so that Fontconfig works correctly if an file
      sets HasFontconfig, and do this in (#5624, J. Kean Johnston).
 908. Move the vbe module from xfree86/os-support/ to xfree86/ (David Dawes).
 907. Some changes to the os-support kbd driver layer's calling conventions
      to provide more flexibility (#A.1615, Zephaniah E. Hull).
 906. Fix a crash in the "xtt" font module caused by a NULL dereference
      when the font cache becomes full (#A.1611, Chisato Yamauchi and
 905. Update the list of DRI-supported Radeon hardware (#A.1610,
      Knut J Bjuland).
 904. Fix a problem in _XEventsQueued() that causes an event reader lock
      of another thread to be released.  This can cause a hang and keyboard
      lockup in KDE (#5619, Ewald Snel).
 903. Fix some bugs with Xft drawing to non-Render enabled servers:
       - Drawing monochrome glyphs had an infinite loop.
       - XftGlyphSpecCore failed to render some glyphs, leading to application
         crashes from uninitialized values.
       (#A.1608, Keith Packard, reported by Nalin Dahyabhai).
 902. Fix the <BKSL> key in the "winkeys" variants of the Russian and
      Ukrainian XKB maps (#5624, Leon Kanter).
 901. Install the XKB README files (#5623, Ivan Pascal).
 900. Add the numeric keys row to the pc/us symbols map (#5622, Ivan Pascal).
 899. Resync with DRI mesa-4-0-4 branch:
       - Fix DOT3 texture combine env in the r200 driver (Ian Romanick).
       - Fix SW TCL path in the radeon driver (Felix Kühling).
       - Don't assert for FLUSH_STORED_VERTICES if a glBegin hasn't been
         emitted (Alan Hourihane).
 898. Another update to the fix for the client-side DRI cleanup code that
      should fix references to freed data, an fix a potential memory leak
      (Leif Delgass).
 897. Fix the behaviour of XLookupString() when XKB is enabled in Xlib
      but not the server.  This fixes an xtest XRebindKeysym() failure
      (David Dawes).
 896. Added radeon driver options documentation to the Options file
      (#5621, Michel Dänzer).
 895. Fix the return value of SetFontPath() when a font path element is bad
      (David Dawes).
 894. Add some more HP keyboard layouts (Peter Soos).
 893. Remove XFree86-specific keysyms that already have generic equivalents
      (Menu, Redo, Print, Undo).
 892. Add keyboard layout information for the HP 5181 Internet/Multimedia
      keyboard (#A.1603, John Mitchell).
 891. Fix a problem where two-color render cursors have extra pixels set
      (#A.1607, Keith Packard).
 890. Fix for corruption when using video modes requiring more than 2MB on
      S3 968 cards (#A.1602, Justin T. Gibbs).
 889. Fix TVoverscan problems on the NSC SC1200 chip (Sarma Kolluru).
 888. Cure cursor artifacts by setting HARDWARE_CURSOR_SHOW_TRANSPARENT and
      HARDWARE_CURSOR_UPDATE_UNHIDDEN in the r128 and radeon drivers.  The
      wait-for-VSync nonsense the Radeon's currently do can, and should, be
      ripped out later.  (Marc La France).
 887. Extend HARDWARE_CURSOR_SHOW_TRANSPARENT to make hardware cursors
      transparent, rather than disabling them, when a switch to a software
      cursor is needed.  This removes recently introduced cursor artifacts
      in the atimisc driver.  (Marc La France).
 886. Cancel repeat for switch screen XKB actions, which fixes a VT
      switching problem that has just become visible (Ivan Pascal).
 885. Added reinitialization of screen layout after RandR size change
      on a multihead setup. This keeps cursor movement beween screens
      working (Egbert Eich).
 884. Remove Xcms.txt entries that have server-side equivalents.  It looks
      like the slightly different resulting colour definitions from the
      Xcms.txt entries were responsible for an xtest failure.
 883. Fix some problems with using pre-existing version of fontconfig,
      freetype2 and expat (#A.1600, Keith Packard).
 882. Add missing zero-sized check to one of Xft's core rendering routines
      (#A.1599, Keith Packard).
 881. Add a missing symbol reference to the radeon driver (#5618, Mike Harris).
 880. Fix the Xcursor include path in the man page (#5617, Kevin Brosius).
 879. Update ViRGE documentation (#5617, Kevin Brosius).
 878. Fix mkfontscale so that it doesn't include characters forbidden in XLFD
      in the names it generates (#5616, Mike Fabian and Juliusz Chroboczek).
 877. Fix a rounding problem in the "freetype" module, which fixes the problem
      worked around in entry 864 below (#5615, Juliusz Chroboczek).
 876. Fix incorrect alias for lv_LV.iso885913, and add some missing lv_LV
      aliases (#5614, Aivils Stoss).
 875. Fix a bug where xauth may write an incomplete authority file and delete
      the old one if there is insufficient disk space (#5612, Harald Hoyer).
 874. DPMSClose() wasn't correctly setting its devPrivate to NULL (based
      on #A.1594, Denis Zaitsev).
 873. Fix scanpci's printing of routing information for PCI-to-PCI bridges
      (Marc La France).
 872. Bring Cygwin/XFree86 up-to-date (#5613)
       - Multiwindow Window Manager (Kensuke Matsuzaki).
       - Clipboard integration (Harold Hunt).
       - Remove unnecessary redefines of fchown/fchmod (Takashi Sawanaka)
       - Fix some NULL pointer problems on screen changes (Alexander Gottwald).
 871. Fix some problems when noaccel is used in the nsc driver (Sarma Kolluru).
 870. Fix acceleration bugs in the nsc driver (Sarma Kolluru).
 869. Change initMouseHW() to always return TRUE, which restores the older
      more graceful behaviour (Egbert Eich).
 868. Revert the DestroyContext, GarbageCollectDrawables reording in
      dri_util.c, and instead check if the drawable is known to the DRI
      client code before calling XF86DRIGetDrawableInfo (Egbert Eich).
 867. Fix some scaling problems with the updated whiteglass cursor icons,
      fixing some incorrect hotspots (Kevin Puetz).
 866. The sunffb driver was treating a function with a void return value
      as if it had a Bool return value.  This causes the driver to fail
      in some cases (#A.1588, Ferris McCormick).
 865. Add private keysyms for the new XKB actions (XFree86 special keys),
      and move those actions to an XKB compatibility map.  This fixes
      side-effects (loss of auto-repeat and mousekeys functionality) of
      the way this was implemented previously (#5610, Ivan Pascal).
 864. Fix an X server crash with the "freetype" module when displaying
      kochi-mincho.ttf at a size of 18 pixels or higher (Chisato Yamauchi).
 863. Fix segfault in XkbInitKeyboardDeviceStruct() (David Dawes).
 862. Add a ServerFlags/ServerLayout option for disabling the RandR extension
      (David Dawes).
 861. Resync with DRI mesa-4-0-4 branch:
       - Correct RADEON_MAX_TCL_VERTSIZE and set MaxArrayLockSize
         (Keith Whitwell).
       - Fix EAGAIN handling in radeon_cp_dispatch_texture(), which fixes
         corruption of large textures (Michel Dänzer).
       - Fix bufferSize and alphaMask for DRI in several drivers (Brian Paul,
         Leif Delgass).
       - Avoid a loop on validating destroyed drawable (Keith Whitwell).
       - Reorder DestroyContext, GarbageCollectDrawables to avoid error
         (Egbert Eich).
       - Remove untested BSD DRM vlank signal code (Eric Anholt).
       - Update Radeon PCI IDs for BSD drm driver (Eric Anholt).
       - Uninitialize mutexes on cleanup in the BSD drm driver, which
         fixes panics with FreeBSD-5.0 with WITNESS (Eric Anholt).
       - Remove the untested/unused gamma DRM driver for BSD (Eric Anholt).
 860. Fix byte swapping of the refresh rate argument to RandR's
      SetScreenConfig request, and fix a 1.0 client compatibility problem
      with SetScreenConfig (#A.1574, Keith Packard).
 859. The i810 driver wasn't releasing control of the agpgart when VT switching
      away for the 830M and later (David Dawes).
 858. Update Rage 128 and Radeon PCI IDs (Mike Harris).
 857. Fix vertical retrace to not interfere with interrupt handling
      (#5608, Michel Dänzer).
 856. Add M9 DRI support (Hui Yu@ATI).
 855. Update Radeon man page (Michel Dänzer).
 854. Add Radeon man page (Hui Yu@ATI).
 853. Use strtol instead of atoi in xf86cfg 'expert' mode. Make pauses
      when printing keyboard models in xf86config (#5609, Chisato Yamauchi).
 852. Xterm patch #173 (Thomas Dickey).
 851. Don't use XkbGetKeyboard() in xset, just use XkbAllocKeyboard()
      (Ivan Pascal).
 850. Fixes for the nsc driver for HW cursor hotspots and GX2 video
      clipping issues (Sarma Kolluru, NSC).
 849. Fix HW cursor on CRTC2 for SiS650+301B (Thomas Winischhofer).
 848. Update the i810/i830 driver to recognise the 865G integrated graphics
      chipset (David Dawes).
 847. Updates for the nsc driver (Sarma Kolluru, NSC).
 846. Fixed dual head for 1400x1050 displays (Thomas Winischhofer).
 845. Initializing clock ranges in several drivers to get rid of the
      annoying 'scaled from 0.0 MHz' message in xf86PrintModes()
      (Egbert Eich).

XFree86 (4 February 2003)
 844. Fixing a double free in libXRandr (Egbert Eich).
 843. The microsoft-win3.1 encoding file wasn't being installed (#A.1569,
      Mike Harris).
 842. Sync the FIFO in the vmware driver after defining an ARGB cursor
      (#5607, Nolan Leake).
 841. Add missing Num_Lock and Scroll_Lock modifiers to the jp XKB map
      (Chisato Yamauchi).
 840. Change the default cursor theme to "core".
 839. Fix some keys in the Slovenian (si) XKB map (David Balazic,
      Henrik Nordström).
 838. Add a check to xset for a NULL return from XkbGetKeyboard()
      (Tapani Utriainen).
 837. Resync with DRI mesa-4-0-4 branch:
       - radeon DRM: only acknowledge interrupts we handle -- others could
         be used outside the DRM (Michel Dänzer).
       - Fix PCI and AGP posting problems (based on testing by Chris Ison
         and suggestions by Benjamin Herrenschmidt and Arjan van de Ven).
       - Remove radeon_flush_write_combine() which has been unused for a while
         (Michel Dänzer).
       - Disable strict aliasing when building the DRM (Michel Dänzer).
 836. Fix xfs crash on Darwin by making libXfont a flat namespace image
      (Torrey T. Lyons).
 835. Avoid endless loop when initializing an PS/2 mouse behind a 
      repeater (Egbert Eich).
 834. Radeon driver: make sure  RADEONCPStop() is only called when
      RADEONCPStart() has been called before. Failing to do so may
      make the kernel driver oops (Egbert Eich).
 833. Disabling MMX, 3DNow and SSE support for x86-64 as the function
      call sequence is hardcoded to ia32 (Egbert Eich).
 832. Fix a hang in multi-thread mode caused by a missing UnlockDisplay() in
      XkbGetMapChanges() (Jose Luu).
 831. Resync with DRI mesa-4-0-4 branch:
       - Don't inflate relative vblank sequence numbers on repeated calls
         (e.g., when interrupted by a signal) (Michel Dänzer).
       - Fix size of VERTEX2 ioctl struct (Egbert Eich).
 830. SiS driver fixes:
       - Mode restoration fix.
       - Xv Hue and Saturation property fixes (310/325 series).
       - Built-in mode fixes.
       - Revert wrong bus width assumptions from previous patch.
      (Thomas Winischhofer).
 829. R128 build fix on big endian platforms (#A.1565, George Staikos).
 828. Updated whiteglass cursor icons that fix the resizing glitches in the
      existing ones (#A.1563, Kevin Puetz).
 827. Include server control definitions in some XKB maps that were missing
      them (based on #A.1562, Jens Petersen).
 826. Define Alt/Meta modifiers for the jp106 XKB layout, and include
      server control definitions (#A.1562, Jens Petersen).
 825. Add some locales required for the OpenI18N compliance test (#A.1550,
      Leon Ho).
 824. s3virge driver updates:
       - 320x240 doublescan support with mouse adjust.
       - Power management printouts, DAC error printout fix.
       - Log XVideo status based on chipset, and preliminary support for
         disabling XV when a mode doesn't support it.
      (#A.1550, Kevin Brosius).
 823. Add an Ethiopic TTF and OTF font (#A.1549, Daniel Yacob).
 822. Add a phonetic layout to the Bengali XKB map (#5606, Taneem Ahmed).
 821. Work around an AGP bug in the AlphaServer ES45 by padding each ring
      buffer packet in the radeon drm with NOPs to cache line boundaries.
      This is only done for Alpha platforms (#5605, Jeff Wiedemeier).
 820. Add missing domain decoding to DRM(irq_busid) for Alpha (#5604,
      Jeff Wiedemeier).
 819. Build fix for the DRM on FreeBSD 5.0-current (#5603, Eric Anholt).
 818. xaaStateChange.c was not calling RestoreAccelState before doing
      CPUToScreenTexture and CPUToScreenAlphaTexture, which seems to be the
      reason why RENDER acceleration was broken on some dual-monitor MGA cards
      (#5602, Nolan Leake).
 817. Make the vmware driver a little more conservative about supporting
      HW RGBA cursors in 8-bit modes (#5606, Nolan Leake).
 816. Work around a problem with the vmware driver's interaction with the
      offscreen memory manager (#5606, Nolan Leake).
 815. Fix fb's rotation of tiles and stipples when using non-zero PixOrigin
      macros (Torrey T. Lyons).
 814. Fix Radeon native FP mode initializion (Hui Yu@ATI).
 813. Resync with DRI mesa-4-0-4 branch:
       - Fix Q3A mode change prolbem in thr r200 driver (Keith Whitwell).
       - Add a missing break to prevent spurious GL_INVALID_ENUM
         (Leif Delgass).
       - Fix __FUNCTION__ usage in the ffb 3D driver (Leif Delgass).
       - Limit the number of pending vblank signals to 100 to prevent
         a DoS (Michel Dänzer).
       - Fix a void * arithmetic warning in the radeon DRM driver
         (Leif Delgass).
 812. Fix a typo in the "pl2" XKB map (#A.1553, Piotr Xurek).
 811. Fix a null dereference in Mesa that can cause an X server crash at
      client exit (#A.1548, Ezra Peisach).
 810. Improve the XTT code that prevents unexpected data to be passed to
      XAA (#5600, Chisato Yamauchi).
 809. xkbcomp/rules/xfree86.xml wasn't being installed (#5599, Ivan Pascal).
 808. Add knowledge about two Korean foundries to mkfontscale (#5598,
      Jungshik Shin).
 807. Disable the INREG fallbackup in the radeon 3D driver on Alpha because
      it references a function that's not availalbe (#5596, Jeff Wiedemeier).
 806. Fixed patch 760: VBEInit takes entity index, not screen index 
      (Egbert Eich).
 805. Card name changes/fixes (Hui Yu@ATI).
 804. Panel color channel depth fix for Radeons (Hui Yu@ATI).
 803. Include list_for_each_safe define for kernels that do not have it
      (Kevin Martin).
 802. Fix 2D corruption around 3D window, when 3D window is moving and using
      Radeon page flipping code (Michel Dänzer).
 801. Big endian fixes for Rage 128 and Radeon video and Radeon cursor code
      (Michel Dänzer).
 800. Enable PCI GART for all architectures (still gated by ForcePCIMode, if
      on an AGP card) (Michel Dänzer).
 799. Fix for Radeon's CP accelerated 2D sync routine (Michel Dänzer).
 798. SiS driver fixes:
	- Fix for SiS730+LVDS machines (display modes restricted due to 
	  hardware limits; LCD text mode restoration fixed)
	- Fix for SiS300 bus width detection
	- Fix for Fn+Fx output device switching on some machines (still 
	  does not work on all)
	- Numerous Dual Head fixes
	- Added color hardware cursor support on 300/310/325/330 series
	- Added PAL-M and PAL-N support for Chrontel 701x
	- Added ModeLine handling for 300/310/325/330 series (CRT1 only)
        (Thomas Winischhofer).
 797. Fix for memory fences on PowerPC (Marc La France).
 796. Work-around for Radeon int10 problems (Marc La France).
 795. Fix XDarwin crash in rootless mode with 16-bit color by ensuring that
      window pixmap pointers are 32-bit aligned (John Harper, Torrey T. Lyons).
 794. Update the i810 2D driver and i830 3D drivers to recognise and handle
      the Intel 852GM/855GM integrated graphics chipsets (David Dawes,
      Keith Whitwell).
 793. Force extension-generated mode switches always occur (Marc La France).
 792. Fix OS/2 library build problem (Frank Giessler).
 791. Fix bug that at times prevented recognition of resources decoded on PCI
      root buses (Marc La France).
 790. Fix XDarwin's spurious transparent regions in rootless windows
      (Torrey T. Lyons).
 789. Fix bug in recognition of certain ix86 Host-to-PCI bridges
      (Marc La France).
 788. Fix for breakage in reading the serial PnP mouse ID string (David Dawes).
 787. Add "core" theme to Xcursor to force old behaviour (Keith Packard).
 786. Increase the default font cache size so that it works better for
      iso10646 (#A.1541, Hidetoshi Yamanouchi, Chisato Yamauchi).
 785. Fix an XTT problem where garbage is displayed when there are undefined
      glyphs for fixed width fonts, and fix some other potential problems
      (#A.1541, Hidetoshi Yamanouchi, Chisato Yamauchi).
 784. Resync symbols/fi with symbols/pc/fi (#A.1532, Marko Myllynen,
      #5589, Linus Torvalds).
 783. Resync xkb/rules/xfree86.xml with xfree86.lst (#5595, Ivan Pascal).
 782. ISO_Level3_Shift was breaking compose sequences because Xlib wasn't
      recognising it as a modifier key (#5594, Ivan Pascal).
 781. Add a Lao (lo) XKB map (#5592, Anousak Souphavanh).
 780. Add a multi-layout version of the Malayalam keymap (#5593, Ivan Pascal).
 779. Add some missing entries to the xkb rules $oldlayouts and $nonlatin
      sets (#5593, Ivan Pascal).
 778. Prevent mkfontscale from looking at bitmap fonts, and ensure that it
      doesn't crash if a font happens to have no head (#5591,
      Juliusz Chroboczek).
 777. Document that DVI the mga_hal module may be necessary to use the DVI
      output with the G550 and other cards (#5590, Andrew Aitchison).
 776. Fixes for a few "nodeadkeys" XKB maps (David Dawes).
 775. Protect magic cookie from short-lived exposure on command line in 
      startx (Christian Biere).
 774. Fix ELF loader to ignore -g debugging information
      (#A.1539, Juergen Keil).
 773. Fix artifacts left by XDarwin when reshaping a shaped window (reported
      by Adrian Umpleby).
 772. Fix XDarwin rootless crash when resizing a window (John Harper).
 771. Fix vbe module to not assume BIOS call results are zero-extended
      (Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
 770. Fix improper initialisation of pciConfigRec's.  Reported by Marcel
      Moolenaar (Marc La France).
 769. Fix intermittent XDarwin crash on Mac OS X 10.1.x when changing cursors
      on dual processor machines (Torrey T. Lyons).
 768. Correction to 'is' keymap (reported by Richard Allen).
 767. Fix GLX library mis-use of LockDisplay()/UnlockDisplay() sequences
      (reported by Alexis Vartanian).

XFree86 (20 January 2003)
 766. Fix XDarwin's rootless mode with 16-bit color (John Harper).
 765. Allow UTF8 conversion to work for Japanese locales (#A.1527,
      Etsushi Kato).
 764. Add a method for working around a problem that can show up when
      running setxkbmap from a machine with a different version of XKB
      than the X server.  The workaround method is documented in
      the setxkbmap(1) man page (#5588, Ivan Pascal).
 763. Add some new keys and key combinations that can be used for switching
      between XKB groups (#5587, Ivan Pascal).
 762. Fix typos in the README.fonts document (#5585, John Himpel,
      Juliusz Chroboczek).
 761. Fix the pc/fi and pc/il XKB maps after recent changes made them
      non-compliant with the multi-layout scheme (#5581, Ivan Pascal).
 760. Allow the mga driver to fallback to using VBE for DDC when using
      the native method fails.  This allows DDC to work for DVI output
      on Matrox cards (#5580, Andrew Aitchison).
 759. Add block handler for XDarwin's quartz modes to clean up any
      autoreleased objects in the server thread (Torrey T. Lyons).
 758. Fix use of uninitliazed variable in xmag/xmag.c (A.1525, Keith Packard).
 757. Fix typo in Radeon Mono8x8 code (#A.1526, Juergen Keil).
 756. PS/2 mice initialization sequence changed: rerun entire sequence
      when something goes wrong - this needs to be rewritten completely
      after 4.3 is out (Egbert Eich).
 755. Savage driver: disable HW cursor on stretched LCD displays,
      let SaveScreen and DGA test if HW cursor is on before 
      disabling/reenabling it (Egbert Eich).
 754. Fixed VBE EDID read: due to a missing register setting read
      ended in endless loop on certain systems (Egbert Eich).
 753. Changed the default mouse device for FreeBSD to sysmouse and the
      protocol to auto when running X -configure (#5584, Eric Anholt).
 752. Changed the default mouse device for xf86cfg and xf86config to
      /dev/sysmouse for FreeBSD (#5582, #5583, Eric Anholt).
 751. Fix for Mono8x8 patterns on Radeon (#A.1520, Juergen Keil, Kevin Martin).
 750. Fix for Radeon mode validation (#A.1330, #A.1380, #A.1393, #A.1522,
      #A.1523, Wayne Whitney, Hui Yu@ATI, Juergen Keil).
 749. Workaround for flickering problem with switching between ARGB and mono
      cursors on Radeons (#A.1380, Hui Yu@ATI).
 748. DDCMode fix for VidMode extension (#A.1380, Kevin Martin, Hui Yu@ATI).
 747. Panel detection bug fix for Radeon (#A.1380, Hui Yu@ATI).
 746. Add Xv overlay support for dual headed Radeons (#A.1380, Hui Yu@ATI).
 745. Fix Radeon driver's 24-bit support for flat panels (#A.1380, Hui Yu@ATI).
 744. Add Radeon 9500/Pro support (#A.1380, Hui Yu@ATI).
 743. Disable CGWorkaround for non-A11 rev R300s (Kevin Martin, Hui Yu@ATI).
 742. Radeon solid/dashed line fix for RV200 and newer card (Kevin Martin).
 741. Radeon overlay gamma fix (Hui Yu@ATI).
 740. Radeon LG panel fix (Hui Yu@ATI).
 739. Change makedepend to warn about any whitespace it finds in front of
      pre-processor directives (Marc La France).
 738. Missing deadkeys in UTF-8 compose table (Mike Fabian).
 737. Build fix for SPARC (Thorsten Kukuk).
 736. Fixed integer address value in vesa driver to be large enough
      to hold a 64 bit memory address (Andreas Schwab).
 735. Disabled RENDER accel on Matrox when used in multihead mode 
      (Stefan Dirsch).
 734. Added FireGL 8700/8800 to the list of supported cards or RADEON
      driver (Stefan Dirsch).
 733. Added -mcmodel=kernel to DRM Makefile for x86_64 (Stefan Dirsch). 
 732. Added vesa and fbdev driver to x86_64, removed nsc driver for ia64 build
      (Stefan Dirsch).
 731. Fixing comments in th_TH.UTF-8 (Stefan Dirsch).
 730. Fixes from the DRI CVS:
       - Don't segfault when spec or fog stride is 0.
       - Don't set RADEON_SURF_TRANSLATION_DIS for framebuffer aperture
         byte swapping on big endian machines; doesn't work with R200 and
         later chips.
       - Improve AGP workaround for pre-R200 chips.
      (Michel Dänzer).
 729. Remove inappropriate __linux__ ifdef in the tdfx client-side DRI driver
      (#5579, Eric Anholt).
 728. Allow makedepend handle whitespace in front of the '#' in preprocessor
      directives (ISO C permits this) (#A.1516, Alexander Stohr).
 727. Add zh_TW.UTF-8 locale support (#A.1514, Leon Ho).
 726. Add recognition of wacom "XD-xxxx" models to the wacom input driver,
      and treat them the same as "GD-xxxx" models (#A.1505, Rene Rask).
 725. Fix some missing render extension big-req compatibility (#A.1493,
      Keith Packard).
 724. Fix a missing initialisation in the calcomp input driver that makes
      the driver unusable and crashes the X server at startup (#A.1492,
      Martin Kroeker).
 723. Work around for a bug in the i740 driver's XVideo support where the
      video output would sometimes stop updating (#5578, Stephen Blackheath).
 722. Make DRM signal-on-vblank request return EINVAL on BSD since it's
      not been ported yet (#5576, Eric Anholt).
 721. Remove the no longer used bsd/drm/kernel/r128/*.[ch] files (#5576,
      Eric Anholt).
 720. drmFreeBufs was missing from the r128 driver's referenced symbols list
      (#5574, Eric Anholt).
 719. Allow all of the extended mouse button bits for the "sysmouse" protocol
      to be passed through (#5573, Eric Anholt).
 718. Update the XFree86 server special key handling so that by default
      there is a fallback to the the hard-coded keys when there is no
      Terminate action binding in the XKB map.  A new global option is
      added to allow the fallback mechanism to be used never, when needed,
      or always, with "when needed" the default (#5572, Joe Moss).
 717. Update the README.fonts document (#5570, Juliusz Chroboczek).
 716. Build the loader's libc wrapper with -DHAVE_SYSV_IPC on FreeBSD
      since NVIDIA's binary driver uses it (#5569, Eric Anholt).
 715. Reduce the stack usage from 64k to 8k in imLcPrs.c, which fixes
      a problem with Java for FreeBSD (#5568, Eric Anholt).
 714. Gcc 3 deprecated the #pragma weak method for weak links (#5567,
      Motoyuki Konno).
 713. updates:
       - Sparc64 support
       - Recent 5.0-current doesn't need libXThrStub
       - Disable SharedLibXdmGreet, fixing xdm on alpha
      (#5566, Eric Anholt).
 712. XDarwin now loads GLX support dynamically. Current options are Apple's
      OpenGL framework or Mesa (Torrey T. Lyons).
 711. GeForceFX support in the nv driver (Mark Vojkovich).
 710. DPMS support in the nv driver.  CRTs only at this time (Mark Vojkovich).
 709. Fix for recognition of non-existent PCI devices (Marc La France).
 708. Fix for when firmware/BIOS initialisation does not enable the extra
      command FIFO entries available on second-generation integrated Mach64
      variants (Marc La France).
 707. Copying Syriac OTF fonts to directory OTF instead of TTF.
      The xtt font renderer cannot handle OTF fonts causing the
      entire directory to be ignored (Egbert Eich).
 706. Disabling MIT-SHM extensions for Xnest, fixing pixmap private
      code in Xnest, thus cleaning out bogus patch 137. 
      NOTE: The MIT-SHM presently *does* *not* work with Xnest. 
      I have code to make it work but it is not well tested therefore 
      MIT-SHM is disabled for now! (Egbert Eich).
 705. Fix the misnaming of three of the redglass cursors (#A.1491,
      Keith Packard).
 704. Fix for two problems where the combination of xtt and XAA could result
      in a crash.  The first problem was xtt returning a NULL pointer for
      the bitmap even though the height was non-zero.  The second problem
      was glyph ascent/descent exceeding the range of maxbounds.ascent/
      maxbounds.descent (A.1484, Chisato Yamauchi, Masanori Shimada).
 703. Eliminate locale-dependent behaviour in fontconfig's setfontdirs
      script (#A.1483, Markus Kuhn).
 702. Fix a bug in previous Thai XIM changes (#5563,
      Theppitak Karoonboonyanan).
 701. Updates for the Israeli XKB map, including:
       - Implement parens mirroring.
       - Add two additional variants: "lyx", replacing shifted Hebrew
         letters with Hebrew point marks, and "si1452", implementing the
         Standard of Israel no. 1452 mapping.
      (#5562, Tzafrir Cohen).
 700. BuildServersOnly fix when building on a system with no installed
      X headers or libraries (#5559, ISHIKAWA Mutsumi).
 699. Add extended symbols for the "Logitech Cordless Desktop Navigator"
      keyboard (#A.1480, Gilbert Fridgen).
 698. Fix xdm resource's font references to match actual bitmap fonts (#A.1477,
      Göran Uddeborg).
 697. Update the xcursorgen man page (#A.1475, Keith Packard).
 696. Add a Mongolian XKB map (#5557, Sanlig Badral).
 695. Fixes for the Turkish XKB map (#5556, Nilgün Belma Bugüner).
 694. Thai XIM fixes:
       - Fix the arguments in calling to StringConversionCallback in Thai XIM
         filter, according to Hideki Hiura's explanation on the protocol.
       - Add input sequence correction capability to the Thai XIM by
         exploiting the XIMStringConversionSubstitution operation.
      (#5553, Theppitak Karoonboonyanan).
 693. Resync the pc/fi XKB map with the previous map (#5552, Marko Myllynen).
 692. Workaround for parsing of Layout sections caused by recent changes
      (#5558, Andrew Aitchison, Paulo César Pereira de Andrade).
 691. Fix the enabling of the Glint Gamma for use on an Appian Graphics
      Jeronimo 2000 board which uses two Permedia3's (#5448, Sven Luther).
 690. Fix a problem in the trident driver for older chipsets and using
      16bit clock programming, manifested itself on a Thinkpad 760EL,
      but there are probably lots of others. (Alan Hourihane).
 689. On Darwin add Mac font directories to fonts.conf (Torrey T. Lyons).
 688. Post XDarwin mouse events in Quartz mode where they happen rather than
      where the cursor currently is (Adrian Umpleby).
 687. Enable Freetype Mac FOND support on Mac OS X (Torrey T. Lyons).
 686. Add an "lswitch" option to the group xkb map, allowing the left Alt
      key to be used for AltGr (#A.1463, Andreas Tobler).
 685. Add some locales for OpenI18N1.2 (LI18NUX2000) level.1 conformance,
      and change zh_HK to point to zh_HK.big5hkscs which conforms to
      glibc's default for zh_HK (#A.1457, Leon Ho).
 684. Updates for the Irish and Ogham XKB maps (#5549, 5550,
      Séamus Ó Ciardhuáin).
 683. Xterm patch #172 (Thomas Dickey).

XFree86 (21 December 2002)
 682. Add a request to XFree86-VidModeExtension to get the read/write
      permissions so that clients can check if they have permission to
      change parameters (David Dawes).
 681. Fix read-only XFree86-VidModeExtension requests for remote connections
      (David Dawes, reported by Jamie Zawinski).
 680. Correct problem when the server prints the name of a 'private
      xkb action' in a format that xkbcomp cannot understand, and
      was causing problems when calling XkbGetKeyboard (Ivan Pascal).
 679. Fix animated cursor problem with multiple screens (#A.1454,
      Keith Packard).
 678. gtf.c build fix for LynxOS 4.0 (#A.1453, Stuart Lissaman).
 677. Fix a segfault in fontconfig (#A.1450, Keith Packard).
 676. If some LEDs are lighting when one reloads the XKB keyboard map
      (using setxkbmap or xf86cfg) the LEDs become 'frozen' and can't
      be switched off. The patch fixes this bug. (#5544, Ivan Pascal).
 675. Fix some problems with the addition of multi-layout scheme to
      xkb: some keys that aren't 'alphabetic' should be treated as
      such to allow CapsLock+Shift working as expected; sometimes it
      is required to load an include file more than once due to
      multi-layout configuration, also fix some typos
      (#5545, Ivan Pascal).
 674. XKB programable 'special combinations' (such as Ctrl+Alt+<key>)
      also send usual key evants (press and release).  Although the
      keysym generated in this case is NoSymbol such events can confuse
      some applications (#5546, Ivan Pascal).
 673. Fix some remaining memory leaks in xkb initialization code
      (Paulo César Pereira de Andrade).
 672. Temporarily enable the hard-coded Ctrl-Alt-Backspace terminate sequence
      until a better fallback mechanism is implemented (Egbert Eich).
 671. Allow XKB-remappable hot keys to work with the "kbd" driver
      (Egbert Eich).
 670. Export xf86inSuspend as needed by the "kbd" driver (Egbert Eich).
 669. SiS driver updates, including:
       - support for SiS 330 Xabre (untested)
       - Bugfix for boxes with two VGA connectors (tested)
       - Autodetection of second monitor (tested)
       - TV detection improved (tested)
       - fixed error in 1280x1024 panel support (yet untested)
       - Fixed bug in TV output on SiS30xB/30xLV (PAL still only BW, not
         even the Windows driver can display PAL in color)
       - Fixed positioning of TV picture. Works now for all video bridges
         except Chrontel 7019 (still untested).
      (Thomas Winischhofer).
 668. Add an alternative French XKB layout (fr-latin9) (#A.1446, Guylhem Aznar,
      Rene Cougnenc, Nicolas Mailhot).
 667. Add bar and brokenbar to default <LSGT> definition for pc102 and
      pc105 xkb maps (based on #A.1445, Göran Uddeborg).
 666. Change the keypad "decimal" key to KP_Separator in the dk, fi, no, se
      xkb maps (#A.1440, Robin Rosenberg).
 665. Fixes and cleanups for the ISO8859-14 Compose table (#5543, 
      Séamus Ó Ciardhuáin).
 664. Update the Ogham xkb map, including full support for the IS434 standard
      and laptops (#5542, Séamus Ó Ciardhuáin).
 663. Update the Irish xkb map, including adding support for laptops (#5541,
      Séamus Ó Ciardhuáin).
 662. Add "Inet" key definitions for the Honeywell Euroboard keyboard (#A.810,
      Scott Penrose).
 661. Add "Inet" key definitions for the Trust Direct Access keyboard (#A.897,
      Raphaël Poss).
 660. Add draglock support to the mouse driver, for aiding trackball use
      by people with low dexterity (#A.1224, Paul Elliott).
 659. Fix bad includes in the xkb "level3" symbols file (A.1444,
      Göran Uddeborg).
 658. Fix atimisc panel support bug that occurs when the mode on server entry
      is a VGA mode with large horizontal and/or vertical blanking pulses
      (Marc La France).
 657. Fix small documentation error in config/imake/imakemdep.h (#A.1052,
      Linus Almstrom).
 656. Small change to find_mesa_visual() in xf86glx.c to avoid
      branch misprediction on x86 (#A.1057, lompik at
 655. Clear memory allocated in xtWidgetAlloc() to avoid garbage from
      malloc() being referenced later (#A.1114, Adam J. Richter).
 656. Make SysRq generate the same keycode as PrtScrn, and Break the same
      keycode as Pause (#A.1160, Owen Taylor).
 655. Add "Inet" key definitions for some HP and Toshiba laptops (#A.1213,
      Peter Soos).
 654. "Inet" key definitions for the Brother Internet keyboard (#A.1242,
      Diego Iastrubni).
 653. "Inet" key definitions for the Ennyah model DKB-1008 keyboard (#A.1256,
      Lionel Landwerlin).
 652. Apply i830 DRM driver cleanups to the i810 driver (#A.1438,
      David Airlie).
 651. Add XI18NOBJS files for the ko_KR.UTF-8 and ja_JP.UTF-8 locales
      (#5538, 5539, Jungshik Shin).
 650. Add FIRSTINDEX to the gb2312.1980-0.enc, gbk-0.enc and jis0212.1990-0.enc
      encoding files (#5537, Jungshik Shin).
 649. Increment shared libraries major revisions on OpenBSD if gcc with 
      stack protector is used (Matthieu Herrb, Todd Fries). 
 648. Resync with DRI (mesa-4-0-4-branch).
 647. Update XDarwin's IOKit mode to work with new event handling code
      (Torrey T. Lyons).
 646. Add some more aliases for some German locales (#A.1263, Thomas Koeller).
 645. Update kio8-r encoded Cyrillic BDF fonts (#A.1267, Andrey A. Chernov).
 644. Fix Xtrans TLI code to handle a port scan and not fill the log file
      with error messages from _XSERVTransTLIAccept() (#A.1333, Fiel Cabral).
 643. Only free when cbs.type is XIMTextType in
      _XimStatusDrawCallback() (#A.1342, Owen Taylor).
 642. Allow mouse pointer movement to be rotated (#A.1346, Joost Buelens).
 641. Add xkb layouts for Indian scripts (Kannada, Telugu, and Oriya) (#A.1436,
      Guntupalli Karunakar).
 640. Enable MMX, SSE and 3DNow! for NetBSD 1.6 and later (#5536,
      Matthias Scheler).
 639. Merge the xkb 'lt' layouts into pc/lt (#5535, Nerijus Baliunas).
 638. Set the default fa_IR character set to UTF-8 instead of
      ISIRI-3342 (#A.1356, Roozbeh Pournader).
 637. Fixes and updates for building under LynxOS/PowerPC 4.0 (#A.1386,
      Stuart Lissaman).
 636. Update the ClearlyU fonts to version 1.9 (#A.1386, Mark Leisher).
 635. Fix for drmOpenDevice() ignoring success on its second attempt at
      opening the drm device (#A.1394, Alexander Stohr).
 634. Add support for a "-include" command line option to makedepend, similar
      to the same GNU C option (#A.1396, Alexander Stohr).
 633. Perform country-independent matching for Chinese languages in fontconfig
      (#A.1406, Keith Packard).
 632. Finish off the UTF-16 APIs in Xft, and fix the UTF-16 conversion
      code in fontconfig (#A.1411, Keith Packard, Jungshik Shin).
 631. Make XIM locale checking case-independent (based on #A.1422, Leon Ho).
 630. Fix incorrect datatype for the pixmap width in
      fbCompositeSrcAdd_8000x8000(), and add some small optimisations
      (#A.1423, Keith Packard).
 629. Update the se xkb map to allow the older AltGr+5 method of entering
      the Euro sign (#A.1433, Christian Rose).
 628. Add validation for the screen number parameter received over the wire
      by the X server's DRI extension code, and fix some similar checks in
      the GLX code.  This fixes X server segfaults when an invalid screen
      value is provided (#A.1434, Felix Kühling)..
 627. Fix some bugs in the Iranian xkb layout (#A.1135, Roozbeh Pournader).
 626. Add a Bosnian xkb layout (#A.1398, Amila Akagic).
 625. Fix for Hungarian xkb layout (#A.1175, Peter Soos).
 624. Update the Maltese xkb layouts (#A.1243, Ramon Casha).
 623. Add EuroSign to the xkb "gb" layout (#A.901, Dermot McNally).
 622. Various updates for the xkb "xfree86" keymap list (including #A.777,
      Andriy Rysin).
 621. Let kbd driver test if Xserver is in suspend before handling any
      input events (Egbert Eich).
 620. Fixed agp version checking to accept minor versions >= the specified
      number (Leif Delgass).
 619. Update referenced symbols lists for the mga, vesa, i810 and vmware
      drivers (David Dawes).
 618. Add missing symbol to the mga driver's referenced symbols lists
      (#5534, Mike Harris).
 617. Add some utf8 locale aliases (#5533, Mike Harris).
 616. Fix some Linux/Alpha (with domain support) build and runtime
      problems (#5532, Jeff Wiedemeier).
 615. Add some missing symbols to the radeon driver's referenced symbols
      lists (#5531, Mike Harris).
 614. Restore the Alt/Meta mappings for pc104/pc105 keyboards in the
      multi-layout maps (David Dawes).
 613. Add UTF-8 locale entries for Amharic-Ethiopian, Tigrinya-Eritrean
      and Tigrinya-Ethiopian (#5529, Daniel Yacob).
 612. Restore the "\|" key in the GB multi-layout keyboard layout (#5528,
      Andrew Aitchison).
 611. Updates for the auto-generated UTF-8 Compose file (#5527,
      David Monniaux).
 610. Updates/fixes for the Korean font encoding file (#5525, Jungshik Shin).
 609. Fix some problems with the multilayout version of the Turkish layout
      (#5521, Nilgün Belma Bugüner).
 608. DRM vertical blank ioctl can send a signal as an alternative to
      blocking (r200 and radeon only so far) (#5523, Michel Dänzer).
 607. Build fix for Linux/Alpha (#5515, Mike Harris).
 606. Change CppCmd on Linux to /usr/bin/cpp (#5514, Mike Harris).
 605. Fix an incorrect check for the "StrangeLockups" option in the
      neomagic driver (#5505, Mike Harris).
 604. Rename geode driver to nsc and add GX2 support (Sarma Kolluru, NatSemi).
 603. Add the missing XKB definition for keysym "ISO_Level3_Lock" (#5526,
      Séamus Ó Ciardhuáin).
 602. XkbSetControls should return True when successful, not False (#A.1385,
      Stephen Montgomery-Smith).
 601. The functions XGetXlibControls and XSetXlibControls must work even if
      the X server doesn't have the XKB extensions (#5513, Ivan Pascal).
 600. Add en_ZA locales (#5512, Berend De Schouwer).
 599. Fix shadowfb to not make update callbacks for operations that don't
      touch offscreen memory, and to not double (or more) update glyph
      rendering (#5509, Nolan Leake).
 598. Change XAA to not sync when it sees RENDER operations that don't
      touch VRAM, and to try to accelerate Glyphs with Composite if it
      seems likely that will work (#5509, Nolan Leake).
 597. VMware driver updates, including:
       - Fixed vmwareGetImage to correctly calculate the region to be gotten.
       - Small cursor bypass optimization.
       - Fixed race between writing normal registers and writing HWcursor
       - Fixed small race in the FIFO wrap code that could cause FIFO
       - Added temporary offscreen memory manager.
       - Added compositing (RENDER) acceleration.
      (#5509, Nolan Leake).
 596. Newport driver updates, including:
       - Add hardware cursor support.
       - Workaround blank console after VT switch on some newports
         (based on a patch from Dominik Behr).
       - Support for the Indigo2 XL (based on a patch from Adrian Schroeter).
      (#5507, Guido Guenther).
 595. Add SGML versions of the XKB config and enhancing docs (#5506,
      Kamil Toman).
 594. Enable SSE, MMX, 3DNow support by default for Linux/x86_64 (#5502,
      Mike Harris).
 593. Replace hard-coded "lib" directory names with LibDirName in Imake.tmpl
      (#5480, Mike Harris).
 592. DRI shouldn't have been enabled for Linux/s390 (#5500, Mike Harris).
 591. Numerous bug, stability, and correctness fixes for the Intel 830/845G
      3D support (#5517, Keith Whitwell).
 590. Numerous bug and stability fixes for the Intel 830/845G 2D and Xv
      support (#5517, David Dawes).
 589. Move IOKit-specific global variables out of generic XDarwin code
      (Torrey T. Lyons).
 588. Add a new interface for registration of core font renderers that allows
      priorities to be assigned.  This allows multiple renderers for the
      same extension to be registered, with the one with the highest priority
      being the one that gets used (#5435, 5437, Juliusz Chroboczek).
 587. Fix 640x480 modes in neomagic driver (Egbert Eich).
 586. Fix reporting of G400/G450 in MGA driver (Andrew C. Aitchison).
 585. Don't change the authorization data (and in particular, don't
      enable local host access) if the X server's authority file
      is removed or becomes unreadable while the server is running
      (David Dawes, reported by Dietmar Schröter).
 584. Xterm patch #171 (Thomas Dickey).
 583. Fix uninitialized buffer-count in luit (Semen A. Ustimenko).
 582. Various xdm updates from Debian and Suse (#5358, Branden Robinson, 
      #5511, Sebastian Krahmer).
 581. Flesh out suncg6's SaveScreen() function (Moritz Bunkus).
 580. lib/Xaw/MultiSrc.c improperly checks open() return value
      (A.1415, Jaromir Dolecek), Fix provided by Hideo Saito in NetBSD.
 579. Add DPMS and screen blanking support in the sunffb driver
      (Ferris McCormick).
 578. Fix SEGV that occurs when Xsun* runs into an unrecognized framebuffer
      type (Marc La France).
 577. When the mode on server entry is found to be using composite sync on a
      Mach64 variant, turn on the "compositesync" option (Marc La France).
 576. Plug SIGIO hole while the server is switching back into its VT
      (reported by Michel Lespinasse).
 575. Use shadowfb in XDarwin fullscreen Quartz mode (Torrey T. Lyons).
 574. Make RENDER optional for Xvfb. When RENDER is enabled add depth 32 
      pixmap format  to list of supported pixmaps (Egbert Eich).
 573. Fix va_args glitches for xterm/libfontconfig: 0 == (void*)0 isn't true   
      for all platforms (Egbert Eich).
 572. Fix lbxproxy to also build on platforms that don't have snprintf()    
      (Egbert Eich).
 571. Fix va_args glitches in mkfontscale: arg stack isn't preserved after
      calling va_arg on all platforms (Egbert Eich).
 570. Fixed x11perf aa benchmarks to support non-default visuals/colormaps
      (Egbert Eich).
 569. Use -Os to build on Darwin PPC with Gcc 3.x (Torrey T. Lyons).
 568. XEditResCheckMessages trashed XtMalloced memory on some widget
      hierarchies, due to using incorrect indexes when removing
      duplicates (A.1409, Rob Arthan).
 567. xprop updates (Mihael Hategan).
 566. Fix SEGV in ICE library (Petter Reinholdtsen).
 565. Fix interaction between backing store and miext/shadow (adapted from
      Paulo César Pereira de Andrade).
 564. Add new key descriptions for XFree86 special keys (i.e. for terminating
      and VT switching the Xserver) (#5510, Ivan Pascal).
 563. #define DEALLOCATE_LOCAL as "do {} while(0)" instead of nothing to
      eliminate GCC warnings caused by code that does not assume
      DEALLOCATE_LOCAL can deal with null pointers (suggested by Kevin Martin).
 562. -
 561. Fix bug in kldload() call on FreeBSD (reported by Joy Ganguly).
 560. Adding int10 symbols to the list of possibly unresolved symbols in
      Rage128 driver (Egbert Eich).
 559. Allowing scanpci to be build on Ppc (Egbert Eich).
 558. Updating SiS driver. Lots of new features, supported chipsets and
      LCD panels, bug fixes. For details please check: 
      (Thomas Winischhofer).
 557. Changed MGA driver to query fb_offset for DRI from kernel instead
      of taking the driver's FBAddress - this is required by platforms
      like Alpha (Egbert Eich).
 556. Fix Xmu memory leak (reported by Michael Vogt).
 555. Deal with Creative SBlive devices that mis-identify themselves as
      "prehistoric" VGA's (Marc La France).
 554. Allow -configure to setup Unknown Vendor/Boards removing the requirement
      of xf86PciInfo information (Alan Hourihane).
 553. Hardware alpha blended cursors in the "nv" driver, new PCI IDs, and
      a fix for a problem on PowerPC (Mark Vojkovich).
 552. "nv" driver workaround needed to let Xv continue to work after a 
      suspend on some laptops (Pierre Lombard).
 551. Restore '--assembler-with-cpp' in AsCmd for Linux/mips, fixing the build
      on that platform (#5499, Guido Guenther).
 550. An alternative update for alphabetic four level cz, sk XKB maps.
      This is compatible with the way MS Windows behaves (#5498, Kamil Toman).
 549. Clarify the difference between characters and bytes in xev (#5497,
      Markus Kuhn).
 548. Add an Irish (ie) XKB keyboard map (#5496, Seamus O Ciardhuain).
 547. Replace the UTF-8 compose map with one automatically generated from
      the official Unicode documentation, with the addition of some
      handwritten rules (#5495, David Monniaux).
 546. Document the "nomtrr" option in the XF86Config man page (#5494,
      Mike Harris).
 545. Some fixes for the Icelandic xkb map (#5493, Olafur Osvaldsson).
 544. Add French Canadian keyboard description to xfree86.lst (#5492,
      Mike Harris).
 543. Add a new file for descriptions of XkbModel, XkbLayout, XkbVariant
      and XkbOption names, using an XML format.  Includes a DTD file
      and perl script to convert from the new format to the old (.lst)
      format (#5491, Ivan Pascal).
 542. Add missing "dvorak" single-group XKB layout (#5490, Ivan Pascal).
 541. Change the xkbfile library to allow some names to be grouped into
      a named list, which allows the rules file to be simplified (#5490,
      Ivan Pascal).
 540. Make the new single-group XKB symbols maps used by default (#5490,
      Ivan Pascal).
 539. Fix a crash that can happen when some apps are run in CJK locales
      (#5489, Havoc Pennington).
 538. Make xdm check the full password string (on Linux) for locked accounts
      rather than just the first character (#5485, Mike Harris,
      Nalin Dahyabhai).
 537. Fix a few cases where the transport endpoints would be removed
      even if NOUNLINK is specified in the flags (#5484, J. Kean Johnston).
 536. Attempt to fix bitblt problems when doing offscreen pixmaps in
      i810 (Egbert Eich).
 535. Change Build rule so that x86 assembler code for MESA can be completely
      disabled on i386 (Egbert Eich).
 534. Added IEEE Optimization for x86-64 (Egbert Eich).
 533. Initialized fullscreen in DRIscreenPrivate to a vaild value 
      (Egbert Eich).
 532. Fixed module loader to map memory in the low 32bit address space on
      x86-64 (Egbert Eich).
 531. Shifted Keypad delete: added KP_Separator for de_DE and de_CH keyboard.
 530. Added sanity checks to various scripts (Egbert Eich).
 529. Fixed Trident RGB16 video playback mode (Alastair Robinsion).
 528. i810 only set OVRACT register when TVout isn't enabled 
      (Sebastien BASTARD, Matthew J. Sottek, Egbert Eich).
 527. Record changes of BusMaster state so that pciDisable/Enable/Mem/Io
      don't override these (Egbert Eich).
 526. Fixed RAC code: when no resources are shared chips may still need
      RAC for bus access if both require non overlapping parts of the
      VGA resources (Egbert Eich).
 525. Fix for resource registration of C&T and Tdfx driver (Egbert Eich).
 524. Prevent   core dumps in Xutf8Reset/Lookup code of Xlib (Masaru Yokoi).
 523. Added support for BE systems for C&T driver (Michael Stephen Hanni). 
 522. Added support for special keys found on many ACPI control, Easy Access
      Keyboards, Internet keyboards, laptops, notebooks and PDA (via
      xkb/symbols/inet). Added new key symbols for these keyboards 
      (Stanislav Brabec).
 521. Fixed some problems with ininite loops which where introduced 
      with the host bridge specific code (Egbert Eich).
 520. AXP domain support (Jeff Wiedemeier).
 519. Added -m32 flag to c++ when build on ia32 (Egbert Eich).
 518. -
 517. Added rule to be able to use Numlock key on broken IBM keyboards
      (Stefan Dirsch).
 516. Fixed Xlib build rules so it builds a truly static library again 
      (Egbert Eich).
 515. When compiled with GCC, force imake to generate Makefile's using GCC's
      preprocessor rather than a system-provided one (Marc La France).
 514. Replace hard-coded "lib" directory names with LibDirName in X11.tmpl
      (#5480, Mike Harris).
 513. Add some README files for XKB and it's configuration files (#5479, 5483,
      Kamil Toman).
 512. Fixes for the "pc" cz and sk XKB maps:
       - readded cz_qwerty (but new pc/ style) map
       - added bskl variant missing in cz_qwerty and sk, sk_qwerty
       - fixed keypad decimal key definition to affect only defined group
         in cz, cz_qwerty
       - missing SPCE definition readded to sk, sk_qwerty
      (#5478, Kamil Toman).
 511. Union Reality UR-F98 headtracker input driver (Linux-only) (#5476, 5477,
      Alan Cox).
 510. Palmax PD1100 touch screen driver (#5475, 5477, Alan Cox).
 509. Fujitsu Stylistic input driver (#5474, 5477, Rob Tsuk, John Apfelbaum,
      Richard Miller-Smith, Alan Cox).
 508. Initialise ProgramName in xterm's main before referencing it (#5473,
      Peter Valchev).
 507. Add an Ogham XKB keyboard map (#5472, Seamus O Ciardhuain).
 506. Handle Alt+Ctrl+Shift+SPECIAL differently from Alt+Ctrl+SPECIAL
      where SPECIAL is one of the fallback built-in XFree86 hot keys
      (#5468, J. Kean Johnston).
 505. Add Syriac XKB keyboard maps (#5467, Emil Soleyman-Zomalan).
 504. Rename HasKatmaiSupport to HasSSESupport (#5461-5463, 5465, Mike Harris).
 503. Add mouse wheel support for SCO OpenServer (#5460, J. Kean Johnston).
 502. Fix i18n problem in xmessage due to use of the useStringInPlace
      resource (A.1381, Chisato Yamauchi).
 501. Fix xnest build on file systems that are not case sensitive
      (Torrey T. Lyons).
 500. Use unique local Imake define for fonts.conf dir (#5482, Mike A. Harris)
 499. Fix xc/lib/Imakefile to not break HasFontconfig (#5481, Mike A. Harris)
 498. Refresh screen after wake from sleep in XDarwin full screen mode
      (Torrey T. Lyons).
 497. Fixes and updates for the SCO OpenServer port (#5459, J. Kean Johnston).
 496. Add PCI ID defines for some ATI R300 chipsets (#5458,
      Vladimir Dergachev).
 495. Fix error message typo in MakeRootTile() (#5451, Mike Harris).
 494. Redirect hostname's stderr in the xon script (#5450, Mike Harris).
 493. Add a request to the XFree86-Misc extension for querying the
      X server's config file, module path, and log file name (#5456, Joe Moss).
 492. Add support for using the XKEYBOARD extension's action handlers
      for the XFree86 X server hot keys.  This provides control over
      the mapping of these hot keys (#A.1334, 5454, Joe Moss).
 491. Reinstate the X server -xkbdir option, but only when the X server's
      real and effective uids are the same (based on #A.1132, Ivan Popov).
 490. Fix an xkbcomp bug that prevents a later definition from specifying
      actions if the previous definition didn't (#5471, Joe Moss).
 489. Add a stub handler to xkbcomp for the DeviceValuator action (#A.1341,
      Joe Moss).
 488. Fix broken software cursor with XDarwin's new event handling
      (Torrey T.  Lyons).
 487. Change imake so that, when compiled with GCC, it invokes the pre-
      processor through the gcc front-end, passing it imake's -v flag
      (Marc La France).
 486. xf86cfg and xf86config patches, includind 1400x1050 mode, update list
      of modules, auto inclusion of the xtt module when running X -configure
      (A.1363, A.1364, A.1365, Chisato Yamauchi).
 485. Fix unbalanced paranthesis in linuxPci.c (#5466, Ishikawa Mutsumi).
 484. Remove "Option VideoRam" from savage driver, there's no need for it,
      and utilize the entities given VideoRam size (Alan Hourihane).
 483. Fix fontconfig to obey NothingOutsideProjectRoot, so that the directory
      /usr/share/fonts is ignored in this case (#A.1325, Joe Moss).
 482. Fix a segfault when using xkbcomp's -I option, and update the man
      page to correctly document the way this option works (#5447, Joe Moss).
 481. Don't assume mmap returns the pointer hint requested.  This is in
      the DENSE map code for Linux/alpha (#5439, Ray Strode).
 480. Build fix for r128_accel on PPC when DRI is disabled (based on
      #5438, Mike Harris and #5449, Matthieu Herrb).
 479. Updates to bdf/misc UCS fonts (#5446, 5453, Markus Kuhn).
 478. Fix Thai glyphs in the 6x13 UCS font (#5427, Theppitak Karoonboonyanan).
 477. Add Thai glyphs to 7x13, 7x13B, 7x13O, 7x14, 7x14B UCS fonts
      (#5445, Theppitak Karoonboonyanan).
 476. Add Thai subfont generation based on the ISO8859-11 map from
      (#5434, 5445, Theppitak Karoonboonyanan).
 475. Update the multilayout version of the Greek (el) xkb symbols (#5425,
      Vasilis Vasaitis).
 474. On XDarwin startup, do not send events to the X server thread until it
      is ready to receive them (Torrey T. Lyons).
 473. Add a utility (called gtf) for calculating VESA GTF mode lines
      (Andy Ritger).
 472. Add an input driver for KB-Gear's Jamstudio pentablet (A.1328, 
      Brian Goines).
 471. Add a Tektronix 4957 input driver (#A.1211, Olivier Danet).
 470. Fix backing store in Rage 128 and Radeon drivers (Kevin Martin).
 469. Fix Mono8x8 code in savage driver, needed ROP_NEEDS_SOURCE, also
      add NO_PLANEMASK to ScreenToScreen as code doesn't handle that case
      (Alan Hourihane).
 468. Add a little utility to read and write I/O ports, for those host
      architectures that have them (Marc La France).
 467. Ignore (with messages) any HorizSync and VertRefresh specifications for
      panels when using ATI LT, LTPro, XL and Mobility M1 (Marc La France).
 466. Fix a build failure when BuildServersOnly is defined and XnestServer
      is not defined, and when /usr/X11R6 is not installed. (#A.1145,
      Valeriy E. Ushakov).
 465. Fix panel support bug for ATI LTPro, XL and Mobility M1 chips
      (Marc La France).
 464. Fix mode validation to deal with video memory sizes 256MB or greater
      (Marc La France).
 463. Add ARGB cursors support to the vmware driver (#5442, Nolan Leake).
 462. Add more query options to glxinfo (#5441, Brian Paul).
 461. Fix a typo in glxinfo (#5440, D. Hageman).
 460. Fix a memory leak in Cygwin/XFree86 server (#5444, Kensuke Matsuzaki).
 459. Missing fallback to miPolyArc in fbarc.c (#A.1339, Ralf Klingebiel).
 458. Fix the cyrix driver support for the 5510, 5520 and 5530. This driver
      only works with VSA1 based chips (#A.1260, Alan Cox).
 457. When building with gcc >= 2.8, generate Makefiles with `imake -Wundef`
      (Marc La France).
 456. Re-instate changes clobbered by DRI merge (Marc La France).
 455. Fix a typo in shadowfb support from #5413 (#5430, Nolan Leake).
 454. Fix a bug in vmware's HW cursor support which conditionally hid the
      cursor (#5430, Nolan Leake).
 453. Fix an initialization problem in the calcomp input driver (#A.1056,
      Josef Walzer).
 452. Add command line and XF86Config options to control Render color
      allocation on dynamic indexed visuals (Olivier Chapuis, Keith Packard)
 451. Keep track of whether the 830/845G HW cursor should be visible or
      hidden so that it doesn't get turned on when it shouldn't (David Dawes).
 450. Fix for DGA offset inconsistency in the 830/845G driver (based on
      a patch from Edgar Toernig).
 449. Fix a memory leak when calling _XCloseLC and removing the loadable
      locales (#A.855 Mark Robinson).
 448. Fix input size of character strings used in lib/X11/lcGetConv.c (#A.828,
      Yong-Jhen Hong).
 447. Add Shape extension support to Cygwin/XFree86 rootless mode (#5431,
      Matsuzaki Kensuke).
 446. Fix a typo in the s3 driver which prevented virtual display sizes.
      (#A.965, Stef Voltz).
 445. Fix a server crash that can happen when a DGA client frees its colormap
      before setting the mode back to the original mode (David Dawes).
 444. Modify Type1 font RAM allocation heuristics to allow for larger fonts.
      (#A.1121, Melchior Franz).
 443. Add new relocation entries for Alpha architecture to the loader which
      are used when compiling with gcc >3.1 (#A.819, Thorsten Kranzkowski).
 442. Fix server crash when using Xinerama when application closes. 
      (#A.808, Tsukahara Ken).
 441. Import Mesa-4.0.4, and resync with the DRI trunk (DRI Project).
 440. Server support for the alpha architecture on OpenBSD 3.2. 
      (Matthieu Herrb, Arthur Grabowski). 
 439. Workaround for <linux/input.h> conflict (Marc La France).

XFree86 (21 October 2002)
 438. Fix some memory leaks in libX11 i18n code (#A.1314, Olivier Chapuis).
 437. Add DGA and Xvideo support to the i740 driver (#A.1307, Kopecek Tomas).
 436. Fix the number of beeps when using AccessX and XKB 
      (#A.1302, Alan Coopersmith).
 435. Add twelve hour format to xclock's digital format
      (#A.1285, Brian L. Matthews).
 434. Fix application crash when using DPS client libraries 
      (#A.1282, Frank Giessler).
 433. Fix pixmap cache corruption on VT switches in mga driver
      (#A.1279, Ross Mikosh).
 432. Add missing Increment option in Summa input driver (#A.1276, G.P.Halkes).
 431. Missing semicolon in twm/gram.y (#A.1307, Jim Gifford).
 430. Cygwin/XFree86 updates
      - Add X.ico, an icon for Windows (Harold Hunt, Jehan Bing)
      - Include a preliminary pseudo-rootless mode (Matsuzaki Kensuke)
      - XF86Config file support (Alexander Gottwald)
      - Scrollbars support (Jehan Bing, Harold Hunt)
      (#5424, Cygwin/XFree86 developers).
 429. Add ko_KR.UTF-8 and ja_JP.UTF-8 XLC_LOCALE files (#5421, Jungshik Shin).
 428. Add TCVN support to luit (#5416, Tomohiro KUBOTA).
 427. Expand luit to support several major non-ISO-2022-compliant
      encodings such as GBK and Shift_JIS (#5416, Tomohiro KUBOTA).
 426. Add support for double-buffering to the tdfx driver's XVideo overlay
      support (#5415, Stephen Davies).
 425. Add a -strftime option for xclock's digital mode (#5414, George Belotsky).
 424. README.fonts update (#5409, 5410, Khoda Hafez).
 423. Major update for VMware driver
      - recoded to use XAA, offscreen memory support, and color expansion code
      - Add RENDER support
      - Optimization of HWcursor
      - Bug fixes for HWcursor in 8bit mode and VT switching
      (#5423, Nolan Leake, VMware).
 422. Updates for shadowfb code
      - Add RENDER support
      - support for pre-fb modifications
      - support for real framebuffers rather than memory based framebuffer
      - Removal of old fullscreen update code (when VT switching)
      - fix bug in FillSpans
      (#5411, #5413, Nolan Leake, VMware).
 421. Clear the list of registered renderers at the start of each new server
      generation, and only print warnings about suffixes with more than
      one registered renderer for the first generation (David Dawes).
 420. Make xf86PrintModes() show which modes are hot-key switchable
      (David Dawes).
 419. Fix the vesa driver's misuse of virtualX for displayWidth (David Dawes).
 418. Fix the VBE module's depth/bpp matching, which fixes some 24/32 problems
      as well as some 15/16 problems (David Dawes).
 417. Fix black cursor images on Mac OS X 10.2.2 (Joseph Maurer).
 416. Fix hotkey switching for user-specified modes, and fix hotkey switching
      between all valid modes when no specific modes are specified in the
      config file (David Dawes).
 415. Trival input drivers Imakefile cleanup (#5299, Mike Harris).
 414. Use INSTDATFLAGS when installing X server modules (#5292,
      Branden Robinson).
 413. Fix the iso8859-15 Compose map -- there is no diaeresis codepoint
      in iso8859-15 (#5389, Wolfgang Sourdeau, Rüdiger Kuhlman).
 412. Acute/apostrophe fix for nodeadkeys section of XKB German symbols
      (#5388, Andreas Metzler).
 411. Fix Cards file typo (#5387, Branden Robinson).
 410. Cleanup the XKB Macinosh US keyboard symbols, and remove those that
      should be in other country maps (#5386, Branden Robinson).
 409. Add a user-configurable throttle on xconsole's number of saved lines
      (#5379, Branden Robinson).
 408. Fix missing declaration of XShmGetEventBase() in XShm.h (#5375,
      Branden Robinson).
 407. Remove inconsistencies in the way extension headers are referred to
      in most extension libraries (David Dawes).
 406. Install extension struct/protocol headers that weren't already
      being installed (#5369, Branden Robinson).
 405. Fix long-standing colour map bug in ATI driver (Marc La France).
 404. Enable imake.c to perform correct C library version detection on hppa
      machines (#5372, Ben Collins).
 403. Add new Imake rules to handle C++ programs that don't have man pages
      (#5371, Branden Robinson).
 402. Add a -color app-defaults file for xmessage that exercises some
      features of Xaw7, and fix the base app-defaults to not use the no
      longer supported "whenNeeded" value for the "Scroll" resource (#5370,
      Branden Robinson).
 401. Stop the drm module from creating a world-writable directory in /dev.
      Since dev nodes can only be created by root, there's no need for
      anyone else to be able to write to /dev/dri (#5367, Brendan O'Dea,
      #5380, 5422, Mike Harris).
 400. Fix a SEGV in lbxproxy because it's ResizeReverseMap() makes assumptions
      about the atom numbers that can lead to unallocated memory being
      accessed (#5366, Branden Robinson and Anthony DeRobertis).
 399. Increase the wacom driver's timeout for reading data after a request.
      This is needed for PalmWac (Wacom emulation for PalmOS) (#5364,
      Mathieu Clabaut).
 398. Add Big5-HKSCS to locale.dir, and fix a missing portion in X-TT's
      Big5HKSCS-Unicode table (#5362, Branden Robinson and ThizLinux
      Laboratory Ltd).
 397. Handle vetoed APM suspend events properly on Linux (#5362,
      Branden Robinson).
 396. Handle ARM and HP-PA separately from m68k and PowerPC in,
      and some cleanups (#5360, Branden Robinson).
 395. xfs updates and cleanups (#5359, Branden Robinson).
 394. Fix for random crashes when a screen fails to initialise (Marc La France).
 393. Update RandR to include refresh rates (v1.1) (Keith Packard)
 392. Numerous man pages fixes, add some missing manpages (#5365, #5373,
      #5376, #5377, #5382-5385, #5390, #5391, #5393, #5295 Branden Robinson
      #5374, Jonathan Amery, #5378, Jochen Voss)
 391. Install bdftruncate and ucs2any without the .pl extension
      (#5391, Branden Robinson) 
 390. Rewrite Radeon DDC/DFP mode detection and management (Kevin Martin).
 389. Integrate ATI patch:
      - Add 2D support for Radeon 9000 (RV250), Mobility M9 (RV250 mobile)
        and Radeon 9700 (R300)
      - Clone mode fixes and improvements
      - Dell VE card fixes
      - Dual-head VT switching fixes
      - General code clean up
      (#A.1217, Hui Yu@ATI).
 388. Rewrite XDarwin's event handling to fix some bugs and to use
      SetInputCheck() for a performance boost (Torrey T. Lyons).
 387. Add a little utility to write files through mmap() (Marc La France).
 386. Add National Semiconductor Geode driver, support for the 5530, SC1200
      and SC1400 chipsets (NSC, Alan Hourihane).
 385. updates:
       - Resync the DebianMaintainer #define and the stuff in the
         corresponding if block to meet Debian's current needs.
       - Sort long chains of architecture-dependent #if-#elif directives in
         ASCII order.
       - Add explicit recongition of several architectures to the #ifndef
         BuildXF86DRI block.
       - Define a fallback CplusplusCmd (g++) if we don't recongize the
         platform we're on.
       - Turn off the loadable server on MIPS and SuperH platforms, where it
         doesn't (yet) work.
       - Trash some unneeded #defines in the Mc68020Architecture compilation
       - Remove the block that #defines HasXserver NO for the s390 and s390x
         architectures (things like Xvfb build fine on these platforms).
      (#5357, Branden Robinson).
 384. Fix an error in the Finnish XKB keyboard map (#5356, Marko Myllynen).
 383. Add a Malayalam XKB keyboard map (#5355, Baiju M).
 382. Add a "kbd" driver module that can eventually replace the built-in
      "keyboard" driver (#5344, Ivan Pascal).
 381. Add os-support level support for a loadable keyboard driver for BSD
      and Linux (#5344, Ivan Pascal).
 380. Add some new common layer functions for supporting a loadable keyboard
      driver (#5344, Ivan Pascal).
 379. Move the XkbDisable option to a global server flag rather than
      keyboard driver flag, since it really is a global setting (#5344,
      Ivan Pascal).
 378. Fix RenderCreateCursor's conversion from an ARGB cursor to a 2-color
      cursor when the cursor is wider than 8 pixels (#5353, Greg Parker).
 377. Fix 24bpp displays with the fbdev driver when not using shadowfb
      (#5351, Michel Lanners).
 376. Fixes and improvements for the en_US.UTF8 compose rules (#5346,
      Alexandre Oliva).
 375. Fix compose rules for some dead accents for iso8859-1 and iso8859-15
      (#5338, 5339, Alexandre Oliva).
 374. Add support for th_TH.UTF-8. with XIM (#5336, Theppitak Karoonboonyanan).
 373. Fix some bugs in the Thai XIM:
       - excessive '(' char when switching XKB keyboard group
       - ineffective Ctrl-<key> and Alt-<key>
      (#5335, Theppitak Karoonboonyanan).
 372. Add an X server command line flag (-br) to make the default root window
      solid black (#5334, Jens Owen).
 371. Add support for th_TH.ISO-8859-11 (#5327, Theppitak Karoonboonyanan).
 370. Use pci_alloc_consistent/pci_free_consistent instead of the
      local page alloc/free functions in the i810 and i830 DRM drivers
      (#5323, Arjan van de Ven).
 369. Fix some non-POSIX usage of tail, expand and sort (#5322, Paul Eggert).
 368. Fix bug in PCI code for Solaris/SPARC (Marc La France).
 367. When enabling PCI adapters, also enable their bus mastering capability;
      Consequently, deprecate xf86EnablePciBusMaster() (Marc La France).
 366. Fix lndir's handling of relative symbolic links, and update the man page
      to document the -withrevinfo flag (H. J. Lu, Marc La France).
 365. Xdm patches: realloc usage, zero malloc()ated memory, enable 
      /dev/urandom on NetBSD 1.4 and later, OpenBSD patches (#5345, 
      Mike A. Harris, #5401, Matthias Scheler, Matthieu Herrb)
 364. Xterm patches #168, #169 (Thomas Dickey).
 363. In certain circumstances, allow VGA-rerouting through Simba bridges.
      This only affects UltraSPARC-IIi systems.  This is a small but
      necessary step in eradicating SparcArchitecture's need to compile the ati
      dribver with -DAVOID_CPIO (Marc La France).
 362. In int10, ignore interrupts whose simulation isn't yet implemented.
      Previously, such interrupts caused the emulation to stop.  (Egbert Eich,
      Marc La France).
 361. Add full support for multi-head on 460GX-based Itanium systems
      (Marc La France, with documentation loaned by Intel under NDA).
 360. Fix Darwin build problems with libXrandr and the new FreeType2 backend
      (Torrey T. Lyons).
 359. Savage driver updates.
      - Support for ProSavage DDR (PCI ID 0x8D04)
      - TV output fixes
      - support for -pixmap24 flag
      - XAA fixes to cure lockups
      (#5412, Tim Roberts).
 358. Enable version controlled .dll's on Cygwin/XFree86 (Alexander Gottwald).
 357. Some build fixes for Cygwin/XFree86 (Alan Hourihane).
 356. Add new FreeType2 backend which fixes a bug with -c- fonts
      (#5347, #5348, Juliusz Chroboczek).
 355. Add new command line options to glxinfo for more detailed output
      (#5354, Brian Paul).
 354. Support for 24bpp, fix screen blanking and bug fixes for newport driver
      (#5329, #5349, Guido Guenther).
 353. Add RandR support to XFree86 DDX. (Keith Packard)
 352. Update RandR extension to 1.0.  Eliminate depth switching 
      (Keith Packard, Jim Gettys)
 351. Fix XDarwin rootless crash when window resizing with complex bit
      gravity (Greg Parker).
 350. Fix some incorrect mappings in the gbk-0.enc encodings file (#5313,
      Tomohiro KUBOTA).
 349. Fix C precedence bug in mfb (#5309, Tassia St. Germain).
 348. Updates to mkfontscale (#5307, Juliusz Chroboczek).
 347. Add SharedXcursorReqs to Cygwin build (#5405, Harold Hunt).
 346. Add image transformation and subpixel order to Render (Keith Packard)
 345. Add Xcursor-def.cpp to Xcursor library (#5350, Alexander Gottwald).
 344. Update to pci.ids to 2002-09-24 snapshot (Marc La France).
 343. Add a little utility to read files through mmap() (Marc La France).
 342. Implement a means to ignore certain host bridges while determining PCI
      bus topology (not yet used) (Marc La France).
 341. Bridge driver interface fixups for host bridges (Marc La France).
 340. Change makedepend to recognise invocations of parameter'ed macros
      (Marc La France).
 339. Major redesign in the Xedit syntax highlight code. Now there isn't
      anymore the builtin C mode, but a new version using the xedit lisp
      interpreter, as well as several new modes, including Lisp/Scheme,
      Imakefile, X Resource files, Makefile, Manpage source, Sgml and
      Html (Paulo César Pereira de Andrade).
 338. Print a warning if more than one renderer is registered for a font type
      (#5305, Juliusz Chroboczek).
 337. Fix a double free() that can cause a crash in XCloseIM() (based one
      #5303, Mo DeJong).
 336. Allow xman's MANCONF definition to be specified in the Imakefile
      (based on #5302, Mike Harris).
 335. Config typo and update for Linux on Hitachi SuperH architecture (#5301,
      ISHIKAWA Mutsumi).
 334. Add a "DefaultRefresh" option to the vesa driver (David Dawes).
 333. Fix build problem when calling GNU make with "--" prefixed options
      (#5291, Toomas (toomas at
 332. Avoid noise from hostname call in startx (#5270, Mike Harris).
 331. xwd ignores the -frame option if the -id option is used (#5251,
      Mike Harris).
 330. Fix problem where DRIUnlock was called when DRI fails to load
      (Kevin Martin)
 329. Fix erroneous warnings about removing DRM signal handler when DRI
      fails to load (Kevin Martin)
 328. Add LINE_LIMIT_COORDS option to XAA to work around limited coordinate
      space for lines on Radeons (Kevin Martin)
 327. Fix Radeon DGA code to use XAA sync function (Michel Dänzer)
 326. Major rework of Radeon accel code:
      - Merge CP and MMIO code (Kevin Martin and Michel Dänzer)
      - Fix indirect buffer CP code (Kevin Martin and Michel Dänzer)
      - Add CP support for scanline color expansion and image writes
        (Michel Dänzer)
      - Fix Mono8x8 problems (Kevin Martin and Michel Dänzer)
      - Fix clipping routine to properly set transparency and
        dp_gui_master_cntl reg (Kevin Martin and Michel Dänzer)
      - Fix clipping calculation errors (Kevin Martin)
      - Properly set line bias so that sw rendered solid and dashed lines
        match the accel TwoPoint lines (Kevin Martin)
      - Fix drawing last point for solid and dashed lines (Kevin Martin)
      - Remove NoLineAccel option since two point lines work (Kevin Martin)
 325. Export some more Xft symbols (Cygwin) that are needed for qt 3.x
      (#5285, Ralf Habacker).
 324. Don't sleep on Cygwin for ICE directory mode problems (#5284,
      Ralf Habacker).
 323. Fix a bug in XtGetDisplays() with more than 1 open display (#5282,
      Kip Rugger).
 322. Second part of xkb multi-layout keyboard map support (#5321,
      Ivan Pascal).
 321. Allow the Record extension to report logical coordinated with Xinerama
      (#5231, Paul Stewart).
 320. Allow the XTrap extension to report logical coordinated with Xinerama
      (#5230, Paul Stewart).
 319. Moved LdPreLib define after the vendor/OS specific config files
      as it may depend on setting done there (Egbert Eich).
 318. Several fixes for cross compile environment (Egbert Eich).
 317. Added code to allow for building of static only libraries with
      -fPIC for platforms which require it (Egbert Eich).
 316. Added '-m32' to gcc flags as default for ia32 builds when gcc version
      is >= 3.1. This allows building a 32 bit Version of X on 64bit x86-64
      (Egbert Eich).
 315. Changed direct calls of ld to 'gcc -nostdlib' for Linux (Egbert Eich). 
 314. Changed calls to as to 'gcc -c -x assembler-with-cpp' for Linux
      (Egbert Eich).
 313. Added '-fno-strict-aliasing' flag to gcc version >= 3.1 (Egbert Eich).
      Strict requires that one address must not contain pointers to
      different types - a feature heavily used by X (Egbert Eich).
 312. Fixed a core dump problem in libXtt (?) (Egbert Eich).
 311. Removed '#pragma pack' from structures that contain function pointers
      in x86emu. This causes problems on gcc 3.1 for ia64 (Egbert Eich).
 310. Added defines for missing X types to saverproto.h (Egbert Eich).
 309. Fixed compiler warings generated by gcc >= 3.1 in mesa drivers 
      (Egbert Eich).
 308. For platforms that allow both 32 and 64 bit libraries to be executed
      split Xlib i18n modules path into 
      <libpath>/X11R6/lib/X11/locale/lib/common and
      <libpath>/X11R6/lib/X11/locale/lib64/common. 'lib64' has been defined
      to be the default path for 64bit shared libraries on these platforms
      (Egbert Eich).
 307. Fixed obvious typo in OMlib (Egbert Eich).
 306. Fixed code in cfb that didn't comply with C sequence rules.
      Modern C compilers tend to be more aggressive on code reordering 
      (Egbert Eich).
 305. Changed arguments of NoopDDA() from VarArgs to void. Handling
      of VarArgs by gcc isn't compatible with the way it was used
      on certain platforms (Egbert Eich).
 304. Added support for 32bit pixmaps for 24bit overlay framebuffers in 
      fb overlay code (Egbert Eich).
 303. Fixed kdrive to print a meaningful error message instead of just
      core dump when no matching graphics cards is found (Egbert Eich).
 302. fixed portability bug in xwd (Andreas Schwab <>)
 301. fixed X Server crash, which happended each time a proportional iso10646
      font was loaded with xtt backend (Yong Li <>)
 300. Added some ARM specific fixes to compiler.h (Uli Hecht).
 299. Added a virtual 'dummy' driver (Egbert Eich).
 298. Fixed core dump when certain access functions are not set in
      xf86Bus.c (Egbert Eich).
 297. Fixed problem where SIGIO could be disabled after a server reset.
 296. Added configurable list of devices the xf86Misc extension is allowed
      to change the mouse device to (Egbert Eich).
 295. Changed default mouse type to 'auto' when generating config file
      with '-configure' (Egbert Eich).
 294. Made sure keyboard modifier settings are consistent after exit 
      from DGA when the xkb extension is used (Egbert Eich).
 293. Disabled keyboard processing when Xserver is suspended by power 
      This allows effective locking of laptops when stolen (Egbert Eich).
 292. Added/improved options for lockfile syncing (Egbert Eich).
 291.  Added support for backup copy of Xserver logfile (Egbert Eich).
 290. Fixed GetTimeInMillis() to use deltas instead of absolute time
      returend by gettimeofday(). This ensures time is monotonic in X
      (Egbert Eich).
 289. Fixed xf86Misc extension to allow modification of Expps2 mice 
      (Egbert Eich).
 288. Made code in xf86MiscExt.c more readable (Egbert Eich).
 287. Fixed PCI CardBus bridge handling (Egbert Eich).
 286. Added code to reenable PCI bus mastering after coming back from a 
      VT switch to radeon driver (Charl P. Botha <>) 
      (Egbert Eich).
 285. Dito for r128 driver (M. Harris).
 284. Dito for glint and mga driver (Egbert Eich).
 283. Fixed double scan issues for low res modes in C&T driver (Egbert Eich).
 282. Set rgbBits to 8 for all HiQV chips in chips driver (Egbert Eich).
 281. Moved initialization of accel funtions past initialization of
      offscreen fb manager in chips driver (Egbert Eich).
 280. Fixed initialization of video in chips driver (?).
 279. Fixed HALlib problem restoring text mode on G550 (Egbert Eich).
 278. Restructured and included Matrox's Merged Framebuffer changes
      to mga driver (Egbert Eich).
 277. G450/550 clockchip programming fixes (Matrox).
 276. Fixed HW Cursor for HALlib frame granularity (Egbert Eich).
 275. Enabling 2D accel in 24-bit for neomagic 2360 and 2380 (Egbert Eich).
 274. Added support for builtin 1024x480 mode of Sony subnotebooks for
      Neomagic driver (Egbert Eich).
 273. Fixed support for lowRes (320x240) modes in neomagic driver 
      (Egbert Eich).
 272. Fixed RAC function registration in S3 driver (Egbert Eich).
 271. Added some voodoo to screen initialization of S3 driver (Egbert Eich).
 270. Fixed vbe/int10 support in SMI driver. It used to core dump
      when BIOS was not usable (Egbert Eich).
 269. Separated BRIGHTNESS and and CAPTURE_BRIGNTESS video attributes
      in smi driver: CAPTURE_BRIGHTNESS refers to the capture chip 
      (ie. Philips SAA7110) while BRIGHTNESS controls the video overlay
      of the SMI chip itself (Egbert Eich).
 268. Disable automatic loading of DRI when running SUN ffb as this is
      inconsistent with other drivers (Thorsten Kukuk).
 267. Fixed Gamma/Brightness code in trident driver (Egbert Eich).
 266. Added FpDelay debugging option (Egbert Eich).
 260. Fixed video support for Trident 9397 (Egbert Eich).
 265. Fixed Cursor/VT switch support for vmware driver (Egbert Eich).
 264. Fixed Blit problems in vmware driver when running KDE (Egbert Eich).
 263. Added RENDER support to vmware driver (Egbert Eich).
 262. Added C&T 69030 to extrapci.ids (Egbert Eich).
 261. Improved mouse autodetection code (Egbert Eich).
 260. Restructured int10 code so that vm86 and x86emu support can be loaded
      as modules. Implemented heuristic to try vm86 first and fall back to
      x86emu. This allows 32 bit Xservers to run on x86_64 on 64-bit kernel
      without vm86 support (Egbert Eich).
 259. Restructured elf loader: determine which section to load from elfheader
      flags (Egbert Eich).
 258. Adding RENDER Support to RAC (Egbert Eich).
 257. Using borderClip instead of borderSize region for redisplay function
      in miext/shadow code to avoid core dumps when vt switched away 
      (Egbert Eich).
 256. Replacing sprintf() by snprintf() in lbxproxy to eliminate possible
      buffer overrun exploits (Egbert Eich).
 255. KP_Decimal fixes to Czech and Slovak keybards 
      (Jan Holesovsky <>) (Egbert Eich).
 254. Treat PCI-to-MCA and PCI-to_EISA bridges as PCI-to-ISA (Marc La France).
 253. Correct the server's understanding of CardBus resource ranges
      (Marc La France).
 252. Ignore unconfigured (and mis-configured) PCI-to-PCI and PCI-to-CardBus
      bridges (Marc La France).
 251. Prevent infinite loops during VGA re-routing (Marc La France).
 250. Add a framework for bus bridge drivers and use it to rework the handling
      of Sun's Simba P2P bridges (Marc La France).
 249. Fix bdftopcf memory leak (Marc La France).
 248. XVideo support for the i830 and i845G (David Dawes, Alan Hourihane).
 247. Fix various bugs in the DRI support for the i830 and i845G
      (Keith Whitwell).
 246. Major rework of the 2D i830/i845G support, including:
       - Improve VESA mode selection, and fix refresh rate selection.
       - Don't duplicate functions provided in the vbe modules.
       - Don't duplicate functions provided in the vgahw module.
       - Rewrite memory allocation.
       - Rewrite initialisation and save/restore state handling.
       - Decouple the i810 support from i830 and later.
       - Remove various unnecessary hacks and workarounds.
       - Fix an 845G problem with the ring buffer not in pre-allocated
       - Fix screen blanking.
       - Fix some HW cursor glitches, and turn HW cursor off at VT switch
         and exit.
       - Don't attempt to use the i830's function 1 entity.
       - Fix problems with option handling.
      (David Dawes).
 245. A "hammer" approach at ensuring font properties are freed properly
      (Marc La France).
 244. Fix 'su' usage for FreeBSD in the default xdm config (Eric Anholt).
 243. Fix a FreeBSD scrollwheel problem that shows up with gcc 3.1
      (Eric Anholt).
 242. Make C++ libraries on FreeBSD get linked with $(CXX), fixing libGLU
      (Eric Anholt).
 241. updates, including enabling SSE/3DNow support (Eric Anholt).
 240. Intel 830 and 845G DRI support, including i830 support updated for
      Mesa 4.x (#5288, Jeff Hartmann, 2D3D).
 239. [SECURITY] Fix an Xlib problem that made it possible to load arbitrary
      code into privileged clients.
 238. Add Xcursor library.  Make Xlib use it. (Keith Packard)
 237. Fix threaded libraries on Mac OS X 10.2 (A.1229, Marko Karppinen).
 236. Add hardware accelerated GLX to XDarwin (Greg Parker).
 235. Use Imake custom version variables in XDarwin startup message
      (Torrey T. Lyons).
 234. Attempt to prevent PCI scans on non-PCI ix86 systems (Marc La France).
 233. Allow master aborts on CardBus buses to complete normally during PCI
      scans (Marc La France).
 232. Fix bug that prevented the server from restoring CardBus data properly
      (Marc La France).
 231. Fix DEVID define and make it more generally available (Marc La France).
 230. Fix bug in NetBSD PCI code (Marc La France).
 229. Add an option to completely disable PCI scans (Marc La France).
 228. Xterm patch #167 (Thomas Dickey).
 227. Add CreateCursor request to Render extension (Keith Packard)
 226. Change scanpci to not disable I/O too early (Marc La France).
 225. Better error handling in xfs -ls argument parsing (Mordy Ovits).
 224. Make loader ignore ELF objects that don't define any symbols (H. J. Lu)
 223. Add a HasGcc3 imake symbol (Marc La France).
 222. Enable threaded libraries on Darwin (Jeff Whitaker and Torrey T. Lyons).
 221. Xaw documentation fixes (A.1218, Paul Vojta).
 220. Add some mode collection/handling interfaces to the vbe module,
      which makes it easier for drivers to set modes via the video BIOS
      (David Dawes).
 219. I830/845 Workaround for BIOSes which force 1MB stolen memory, and
      agpgart related fix (#5300, Abraham vd Merwe).
 218. Add NetBSD specific PCI access functions for powerpc and alpha 
      platforms (Charles Hannum). 
 217. Split bsd_video.c into architecture specific files, and merge NetBSD
      alpha and powerpc support there. (Matthieu Herrb, Simon Burge, 
      Charles Hannum & other NetBSD developers). 
 216. Define CSRG_BASED for Darwin and fix xman so it works on Darwin
      (Torrey T. Lyons).
 215. On Darwin, fix imake to find Gcc and correct config for RawCppCmd
      (Torrey T. Lyons).
 214. Add functions to allow modules to query the core X server version
      and the version of its sub modules (David Dawes).
 213. Fix scanpci's printing of 64-bit PCI bases (Marc La France).
 212. Add missing dependency and regenerate xf86PciStdIds.h accordingly
      (Marc La France).
 211. A more flexible way of dealing with ix86 motherboard chipsets that can
      only implement less than the full 256 PCI buses (Marc La France).
 210. RAC-related fixups to ATI drivers and xf86SetOperatingState() call
      cleanups in most drivers (Marc La France).
 209. Fix int10 miscompilation glitch on IA-64 (Marc La France).
 208. Add support for Permedia3 (rev C) chips that use slightly different
      clock programming techniques (Jay Estabrook).
 207. Fix Finder warnings about XDarwin plist format on Jaguar
      (Torrey T. Lyons).
 206. Fix XDarwin build issues on Jaguar (Sean Fagan).
 205. Fix Radeon DDC for non-Dell cards, and fix a radeon pci id-related
      build problem (#5326, Andrew C Aitchison).
 204. Change the X server (and scanpci) to use the pci.ids file (from for vendor/device descriptions (David Dawes).
 203. Change XDarwin to use NSQuickDrawView instead of Carbon windows to
      get a QuickDraw graphics port for rootless windows (Torrey T. Lyons).
 202. Add support for some missing 32-bit address modes to x86emu.  Some
      video BIOSes use them, especially those for some of the integrated
      Intel chipsets, and this fixes int10/vbe support for these on
      platforms that use the emulator (David Dawes).
 201. Add PCI ID for ATI Radeon Mobility M7 'LX' (#5233, Mike Harris).
 200. Fix CrossCompile environment for Cygwin/XFree86 
      (#5324, Alexander Gottwald, Harold Hunt).
 199. ATI patch to:
      - Fix Dell OEM VE card support
      - Add better clone mode support
      - Fix large panel (>= 1600x1200) detection and initialization problems
      - Remove "PanelSize" and "CrtScreen" options since they are no longer
        needed with new CloneMode and improved flat panel support
      - Add "DDCMode" option to detect and use DDC modes
      - Add "PanelOff" option to disable panel on laptops
      - Fix corrupted console problem
      - Other misc fixes
      (#A.1043, Hui Yu@ATI).
 198. Remove -DNO_TCP_H from for Cygwin/XFree86 (#5320, Harold Hunt).
 197. Major updates to Cygwin/XFree86.
       - fix depth 24 issues.
       - fix the handling of the DirectDraw module.
       - disable the use of the LAYER/RANDR extension.
       - lots of bug fixes. 
      (#5318, #5317, Harold L. Hunt, Alan Hourihane).
 196. When using the vesa driver and the DisplaySize option the server
      would crash with a floating point exception due to a divide by zero
      in miscreeninit() (#5298, Mike A. Harris).
 195. The function MoveLine in lib/Xaw/TextAction.c sometimes attempts to
      read uninitialized memory when hit ctrl-N in a Text widget to move to
      the next line (#5245, Johnathan Kamens).
 194. Adjust -probe for change in default stderr verbosity (Marc La France).
 193. Radeon patch for Xv on all known Radeon devices (James Ralston and
      Keith Packard).
 192. New XDarwin application icon (Michael Oland).
 191. Dead strip unneeded code in rootlessValTree.c and other miscellaneous
      XDarwin code cleanup (Greg Parker and Torrey T. Lyons).
 190. Lots of Cygwin/XFree86 cleanups and fixes (#5304, Harold Hunt)
 189. Fix rootless XDarwin crash when resizing a window with negative x
      coordinate (Torrey T. Lyons).

XFree86 (7 June 2002)
 188. Fix some build problems when building with shared libraries disabled
      (David Dawes).
 187. Update the magellan input driver and turn it on in the build process
      (#A.1024, Christoph Koulen).
 186. Add Peritek Borealis support to the I128 driver (Robin Cutshaw).
 185. Modify the r128 and radeon drivers to use fbdev's DPMS support when
      fbdev is enabled (#5219, Michel Dänzer).
 184. Add support for the composite sync mode flag to the radeon driver
      (#5219, Michel Dänzer).
 183. Add a mkfontscale utility for creating fonts.scale files (#5213, 5214,
      Juliusz Chroboczek).
 182. Add a 1152x768 mode suitable for Titanium PowerBooks to the set of
      build-in modes (#5212, Michel Dänzer).
 181. Add support to xkbcomp and libxkbfile for composing multi-layout
      keyboard maps from partial "single layout" files.  This allows
      the XkbLayout to be specified as a comma-separated list of single
      layout names.  Note: new "single layout" symbol maps aren't available
      yet. (#5210, Ivan Pascal).
 180. Fix Xv endianess problem with the Radeon driver (#5207, Guido Guenther).
 179. Updates to the Finnish xkb map, including:
       - add ISO-8859-15 missing symbols ([zZsS]caron)
       - reorganize some special symbols (such as paragraph, cent, division)
       - map AltGr+SPCE as space, nobreakspace comes way too often by accident
       - minor white space/comment cleanups
      (#5197, Marko Myllynen).
 178. Add an option to the r128 driver for enabling DMA for Xv image transfers
      (#5195, Michel Dänzer).
 177. Make the 'distclean' target remove depend files (#5194,
      Carlos A M dos Santos).
 176. Fix bad usage of "UseInstalled" in (#5192,
      Carlos A M dos Santos).
 175. Several xkb layout updates:
       - Added other Armenian layouts.
       - Added Swedish dvorak layout.
       - Fixed typo in "la" file.
       - Added EuroSign in Dutch keyboard.
       - Added a "comma" variant for "ro" keyboard allowing to type real comma
         below Romanian letters.
       - New file "ro2" with the real Romanian layout (the file "ro" is not a
         Romanian keyboard, but a modified US one that has been hacked to
         include Romanian letters).
      (#5191, Pablo Saratxaga).
 174. Fix makedepend so that it can parse a unary '+' operator (#5185,
      Mark Snitily).
 173. Fix a typo in Xvesa's emulation of instructions forbidden in vm86
      mode (#5184, Juliusz Chroboczek)
 172. Fix a bounds check in Xlib's Region code (#5183, Owen Taylor).
 171. Fix LIBXML2LIBDIR name clash in lib/Imakefile (#5180, ISHIKAWA Mutsumi).
 170. Avoid a problem with setfontdirs when run in some locales (#5179,
      ISHIKAWA Mutsumi).
 169. A little tuning for XtAppPeekEvent() (#5178, Dan McNichol).
 168. Add a command line option to luit to specify the encoding (#5177, 5181,
      Tomohiro Kubota).
 167. A fix for luit's command line argument handling (#5173, Tomohiro Kubota).
 166. Add support to luit for some more 8-bit encodings (#5171,
      Juliusz Chroboczek).
 165. Add an option to luit to enable using GL codes instead of GR codes
      after a single shift for keyboard input (#5170-5172, Tomohiro Kubota
      and Juliusz Chroboczek).
 164. Fix an fbdev driver crash when the VT isn't active (#5169,
      Michel Dänzer).
 163. Fix a bug that resulted in XwcTextPropertyToTextList() storing an
      incomplete list (#5168, Tassia St. Germain, for X.Org).
 162. Add "ISO8859-16" to the registry (#5167, Tassia St. Germain, for X.Org).
 161. A revised Greek xkb layout, including a three-level "extended"
      variant, and a "polytonic" variant (#5165, Vasilis Vasaitis).
 160. Add support for an el_GR.UTF-8 locale, including a compose file with
      support for polytonic Greek text (#5165, Vasilis Vasaitis).
 159. Add missing zh_CN XI18N_OBJS file (#5164, Yong Li).
 158. Make xfs chdir to "/" before fork()ing (#5162, Mike Harris).
 157. Add some reference counting for Xlib's i18n modules, preventing
      a module getting unloaded while it's still in use (#5160, Owen Taylor).
 156. Update for SCO OpenServer support (#5158, Kean Johnston).
 155. Add aliases for the Brazilian Portuguese locale as defined on FreeBSD
      (#5157, Carlos A M dos Santos).
 154. Recognise the en_UK.ISO8859-15 and en_US.ISO8859-15 locales (#5156, 5186,
      Matthias Scheler).
 153. Some cleanups for the UTF-8 Compose file, including:
       - Better support for Greek
       - Typo fixes, including incorrect character literals and keysyms.
      (#5154, Vasilis Vasaitis).
 152. Modify Xt's default fallback font pattern to work better in locales
      where the current one fails to find a useful font (#5152,
      Tomohiro KUBOTA).
 151. Updates to bdf/misc UCS fonts, and generate ISO8859-16 subsets
      (#5147, Markus Kuhn).
 150. Fix some empty delay loops and jiffie wrap bugs in the i830 drm driver
      (#5149, Arjan Van de Ven).
 149. Fix a potential NULL dereference in the drm kernel module (#5148,
      Andreas Schwab).
 148. Major OS/2 support update (#5119, Holger Veit).
 147. Fix mode setting in DGA on the Rage128 & Radeon drivers (Alan Hourihane).
 146. Build libXt as a flat namespace image on Darwin (Torrey T. Lyons).
 145. Install the bitmap file xc/programs/bitmap/Stipple as Stippler on file
      systems that are not case sensitive (Torrey T. Lyons).
 144. Fix enabling of MMIO window on BladeXP desktop chips (Alan Hourihane).
 143. Due to bugs in the CyberBladei7/i1 series that cause offset problems,
      we're disabling the hardware cursor (for now) (Alan Hourihane).
 142. Fix Xft-def.cpp file for Cygwin/XFree86 (#5283, Harold Hunt).
 141. Server support for OpenBSD/sparc64 (Jason Wright, Matthieu Herrb).
 140. Alignment fixes for Xvideo on the Permedia3 (Alan Hourihane).
 139. lndir fix for paths containing '//' (H. J. Lu).
 138. Fix blank display problem in trident driver for older TGUI series
      chips, and a few Xv cleanups too (Alan Hourihane).
 137. Enable MIT-SHM extension in Xnest server (#A.795, Steve Schwarz).
 136. Fix typo in Rage128 DGA driver (#5187. Charles M. Hannum).
 135. Fix enabling of DRI when XvMC is disabled (#5208, Matthew Sottek, Intel).
 134. Fix HW Cursor handling in vmware driver (#5193, Jeremy, VMWare).
 133. YUV handling updates for v4l module. Can now handle multiple formats
      and find common format for both videocard and kernel.(#5196, Gerd Knorr).
 132. Savage driver updates (#5203, Tim Roberts).
 131. Drop the indirect buffer after ScreenInit, fixes corruption and
      kernel error messages. (#5199, Michel Dänzer).
 130. Add Polygon support to Render extension (Carl Worth, Keith Packard)
 129. Add Intel i845G 2D support to the i8x0 driver, DRI is disabled. 
      (#A.1062, Graeme Fisher, 2D3D).
 128. Fix RGB/BGR inversion problem and screen blanking in the glint
      driver (Alan Hourihane).
 127. Add MIT-SCREEN-SAVER extension docs (Alan Coopersmith).
 126. Fix problems opening /dev/fb0 in fbdevhw layer (#5229, Michel Dänzer).
 125. Update the apm driver (#5227, Loic Grenie).
 124. Update the Japanese localization of XDarwin (Toshimitsu Tanaka).
 123. Symbol table cleanup, leaving xf86GetPointerScreenFuncs() as the only
      common/xf86Cursor.c entry available to modules (Marc La France).
 122. Fix VidMode-generated mode switches by making them go through (almost)
      the same code path as keyboard-generated mode switches (Marc La France).
 121. Allow AGP apertures to overlap with other BIOS-assigned PCI resources
      (Marc La France).
 120. Indent'd most of xterm's C code (Thomas Dickey).
 119. Major Radeon driver code cleanup (Kevin Martin).
 118. Radeon Xv fixes and video key support added (Keith Packard).
 117. DPMS support for DFP/LCD and second head added for Radeon (Hui Yu@ATI).
 116. Option to disable line acceleration added since Radeon only has 14 bits
      for lines and clipping.  This will be changed to an XAA option for 14
      bit support in the future (Hui Yu@ATI, Kevin Martin).
 115. Radeon DDC and DFP handling improvements (Hui Yu@ATI).
 114. Fixes for DRI lockup problems with Radeon 7500/VE and the AMD 761
      chipset (Hui Yu@ATI).
 113. Radeon PLL routines rewritten with ATOMIC_UPDATE enabled (Hui Yu@ATI).
 112. Clone mode added to Radeon driver (not yet functional and disabled
      by default) (Hui Yu@ATI, Kevin Martin).
 111. Fix usage of BuildBinTop in Cygwin/XFree86 (#5223, Harold Hunt).
 110. Implement WarpCursor for Cygwin/XFree86, and use GetProcAddress
      instead of relying on ddraw.dll (#5220-#5222, Harold Hunt).
 109. Fix bug that prevented the vesa driver from accessing VGA CRTC registers
      (Marc La France).
 108. New pre-processor files for expat, fontconfig and rename of
      OSmesa-def.cpp to OSMesa-def.cpp (#5215-#5218, Alexander Gottwald).
 107. Rework ati, atimisc, r128 and radeon module versioning (Marc La France).
 106. Code clean up for the original Rage LT (Marc La France).
 105. An attempt at disabling display switches while the server is running on
      an LT Pro or Mobility M1 (Marc La France).
 104. Make atimisc, r128 and radeon modules register the symbols they reference
      at module load time, rather than PreInit() (Marc La France).
 103. Fix rounding error in Mach64 DSP calculation (Marc La France).
 102. Convert xmh to ANSI C (Thomas Dickey).
 101. Xterm patch #166 (Thomas Dickey).
 100. Fix keyboard beeps on Cygwin/XFree86 (#5211, Harold Hunt).
  99. Fixed i810 crash on vt switch due to call to Sync() while switched away
      (Andris Pavenis).
  98. Fixed MGAG550 HW Cursor (Laure-Amelie Couturie).
  97. Added Xv support to neomagic driver (Shigehiro Nomura).
  96. Implemented cross compile environment (Egbert Eich).
  95. Added AMD x86-64 architecture support (Egbert Eich).
  94. Fixed memory leaks in xkb code (Egbert Eich).
  93. Fixed several memory leaks in the config file parser and initialization
      routines (Egbert Eich).
  92. Added CardBus bridge support (Egbert Eich).
  91. Fixed strdup() define in glx (Egbert Eich).
  90. Extended xf86misc extension to support changing the mouse device
      (Egbert Eich).
  89. Replaced strdup() in xf86Configure.c with xalloc()/strcpy() to avoid
      conflicts when using internal malloc (Egbert Eich).
  88. Extended memory debugging: Added signal handler to trigger a memory
      debugger dump on SIGUSR2 when compiled with memleak support
      (Egbert Eich).
  87. Set vtSema to FALSE when suspended by APM to catch calls to 2D accel
      functions (Egbert Eich).
  86. Implemented mouse protocol detection by analyzing data stream
      (Egbert Eich).
  85. Added PnP mouse detection for PS/2, ImPS/2 and older MS serial mice
      (Egbert Eich).
  84. Fixed gamma correction code for Trident 9397 (Alan Hourihane).
  83. Fixed C&T driver to avoid initialization of video in non-linear mode
      (Egbert Eich).
  82. Changed C&T driver to allow video even if acceleration is disabled
      (Egbert Eich).
  81. Attempt to implement a more consistent handling of HW cursor in C&T
      driver (Egbert Eich).
  80. Fixed MGA driver to make HALlib work with VESA framebuffer modes
      (Egbert Eich).
  79. Reworked Rendition driver (Egbert Eich).
  78. S3 Virge driver: added minimal gap between SyncStart and HDisplay to
      avoid video lockups (Egbert Eich).
  77. Fixed memory leaks in S3 Savage driver (Egbert Eich).
  76. Modified several drivers to do int10 initialization using the
      VBE functions instead of calling int10 directly (Egbert Eich).
  75. Fixed video support and mode initialization in Silicon Motion driver,
      removed wait for v-retrace (Egbert Eich).
  74. Misc fixes to SiS driver (Thomas Winischhofer).
  73. Added support for 1400x1050 screen in Trident driver (Egbert Eich).
  72. Fixed several video issues for Trident CyberBladeXP chips (Egbert Eich).
  71. Added probe for Tseng ISA chips (Egbert Eich).
  70. Added 'KGAUniversal' option to generic vga driver which changes handling
      left overscan to work also on chips with C&T core (ie all C&T and Intel
      graphics chips) (Egbert Eich).
  69. Modified int10 code to map area between V_BIOS and SYS_BIOS instead of
      copying it. Copying causes problems if legacy devices map MMIO
      registers there (Egbert Eich).
  68. Implemented an extended int10 init function to allow passing flags
      (Egbert Eich).
  67. Implemented optional handling of BIOS video mode scratch area in int10
      code (Egbert Eich).
  66. Again modified MTRR range splitting (Egbert Eich).
  65. Added funtions to VBE to save and restore a video mode (Egbert Eich).
  64. Added missing commas to symbols/us_intl (Hans Lunsing).
  63. Added Ungherese (qwerty) support (Koblinger Egmont).
  62. Added Euro symbol for hungarian kbd layout (Koblinger Egmont).
  61. Build with libcurses on Darwin for forward compatibility
      (Jordan Hubbard).
  60. Add Trident CyberBladeXP acceleration (Alan Hourihane).
  59. Major XDarwin rootless mode rewrite:
       - Use Carbon to draw directly to windows' backing buffers, rather
         than "triple" buffering with Core Graphics.
       - Reorganized Xserver/hw/darwin directory structure to separate out
         legacy support for Mac OS X 10.0.x.
      (Torrey T. Lyons and Greg Parker).
  58. Fix RGB/BGR inversion problem on Permedia3 chips (Alan Hourihane).
  57. Fix server link problem that shows up on ppc (#5205, Guido Guenther).
  56. Restore effect of option "NoSilkenMouse" (Marc La France).
  55. Fix some nForce graphics regressions caused by recent flat panel and
      Mac updates to the nv driver (Mark Vojkovich).
  54. Recognise the "Absolute" keyword that was documented in the
      XF86Config man page (David Dawes).
  53. Fix the man page information about Absolute screen positioning in
      the ServerLayout section (David Dawes).
  52. SunOS changes to xedit's lisp interpreter (Marc La France).
  51. Support the Ti 3026 ramdac with 3DLabs Permedia found on some
      AccelStar boards (Alan Hourihane).
  50. Move int10 softbooting furthur up in the glint driver to post
      much earlier (Alan Hourihane).
  49. Fix bug that sometimes caused makedepend to forget #define'd symbols
      (Marc La France).
  48. MIT-SHM updates (Roberto Zunino, Matthieu Herrb).
  47. Import Mesa-4.0.1, and resync with the DRI trunk which is now based
      on this (Keith Whitwell, Brian Paul, Alan Hourihane, David Dawes).
  46. Mga driver updates:
       - Don't try dual-head mode with the G400 unless the mga_hal module
         is loaded.
       - Distinguish between the G400 and G450 when showing the chipset in
         the log.
       - Update the mga man page for supported hardware and dual-head
         support.  Futher updates are needed to document all of the
         drivers's options.
      (David Dawes).
  45. Add -Wundef when compiling the tree with GCC >= 2.8 (Marc La France).
  44. Macintosh flat panel fix in the "nv" driver (Mark Vojkovich).
  43. XDarwin fixes and improvements for full screen Quartz mode:
       - Pull full screen specific code out of generic Quartz support.
       - Install new colormaps correctly with PseudoColor.
       - Release the screen immediately when closing down.
       - Do not try to release the screen when closing down in rootless mode.
      (Torrey T. Lyons).
  42. Reimplement Xft library on top of new fontconfig library (Keith Packard).
  41. Resync with the final Mesa-3.4.x-based DRI trunk.
  40. Add support for wscons bell (Jason Wright).
  39. Fix IBM-reported bug that could cause PCI bus lockouts with second
      generation integrated Mach64 controllers (Marc La France).
  38. Rework ATI driver's registration of symbols with the loader
      (Marc La France).
  37. In the ATI driver, add option "CrtDisplay" to force CRT display in a
      dual display situation (Marc La France).
  36. In the ATI driver, rename option "CrtScreen" to "NoPanelDisplay", keeping
      "CrtScreen" as a private option for compatibility (Marc La France).
  35. Document X_NOT_IMPLEMENTED (Marc La France).
  34. NetBSD teeny OS version handling improvement in imake (#5176,
      Matthias Scheler).
  33. Build I2C support before building drivers (Marc La France).
  32. Fix a problem related to reserving the overlay key in the default
      colormap in 24+8 mode.  This caused some clients using the 8-bit
      visuals to fail (David Dawes).
  31. [SECURITY] Zlib error handling fix (Mark Adler).
  30. Put back XDarwin's byte-ordering fix for reading keymappings on
      Darwin x86 that was inadvertently dropped (Rob Braun).
  29. Fix Big Endian hardware cursor bug on GeForce3 (Mark Vojkovich).
  28. Experimental flat panel support in the "nv" driver.  GeForce2 Go
      should work now (Mark Vojkovich).
  27. XDarwinStartup improvements:
       - Auto-detect proper mode to run XDarwin.
       - Find with Launch Services.
       - Add XDarwinStartup man page.
      (Torrey T. Lyons).
  26. Localize XDarwin credits in French (Olivier Verdier) and Portuguese
      (Fabr’cio L. de Castro).
  25. Turn off XFree86-Misc and VidMode extensions for XDarwin
      (Torrey T. Lyons).
  24. Localize a few missing strings in XDarwin preferences (Torrey T. Lyons).
  23. GeForce4 support (Mark Vojkovich).
  22. Add IA-64 460GX PCI IDs (Marc La France).
  21. Some vesa driver updates:
       - Use the common layer's mode validation functions, which gives
         mode selection behaviour more consistent with other drivers.
       - Don't force the depth 24 framebuffer bpp.  Instead check what
         framebuffer layouts are supported by VBE, and and choose the
         layout appropriately.
       - fb handles 24/32 fb/pixmap layout conversion, so don't use
         the xf24_32bpp module.
       - shadow + fb at depth 4 needs the bpp set to 8.
      (David Dawes).
  20. Fix some misleading messages about why modes aren't available
      (David Dawes).
  19. Fix for `hostname` issue on Linux (Marc La France).
  18. Fix startx script for ksh (Phillip B. Bruce).
  17. Fix Emulate3Buttons for wsmouse protocol on NetBSD and OpenBSD
      (Matthieu Herrb).
  16. Add Portuguese localization of XDarwin front end
      (Fabr’cio L. de Castro).
  15. Fix mouse Protocol "Auto" for SunOS (Marc La France).
  14. Relocate all driver low memory accesses (atimisc module not yet done)
      (Marc La France).
  13. Make driver I/O relocatable (atimisc, s3, sis and tseng not yet done)
      (Marc La France).
  12. PCI domain changes for SunOS/SPARC64 (Marc La France).
  11. PCI domain changes for Linux/SPARC64 (#4653, David S. Miller,
      Marc La France).
  10. Temporary workaround for IA-64 (Marc La France).
   9. Fix SIGSEGV when printing modes that have no modifiers (Marc La France).
   8. Revert the ATI driver's composite sync default to off (Marc La France).
   7. Add a note to the messages that get printed when a signal is caught
      during initialization (which includes X -configure) that reported
      unresolved symbols might not be the reason for the server aborting
      (David Dawes).
   6. Fix symbol registration in some drivers, which reduces the number of
      symbols reported as "unresolved" when 'X -configure' crashes
      (David Dawes).
   5. Fill in names for BIOS modes in the vesa driver's mode pool that weren't
      otherwise assigned names (David Dawes).
   4. Fix an unresolved symbol in that shows up when building it
      with gcc-3 (David Dawes).
   3. Fix invalid code caused by a memcpy() macro being split by a directive
      (#5150, Sami Farin).
   2. Fix incorrect symbol prefixing with Xlib's i18n modules on Solaris
      (Keith Packard, David Dawes).
   1. Don't try to print mode names when the name is NULL (David Dawes).

XFree86 4.2.0 (18 January 2002)
 690. Workaround for hardware bug that prevents older ATI 3D Rage adapters from
      being assigned to XF86Config device sections (Marc La France).

XFree86 (17 January 2002)
 689. Fix bug introduced in snapshot causing XDarwin's PseudoramiX
      extension to always be disabled (Torrey T. Lyons).
 688. Disable the pipe check for stdout/stderr that was added in the previous
      snapshot because it looks like it might cause too many problems
      (David Dawes).
 687. Update the Arabic (ar) XKB keyboard map (#5145, Arabeyes team).
 686. Update the Russian (ru) XKB keyboard map, adding two new variants
      ("typewriter" and "phonetic") (#5143, Ivan Pascal).
 685. Remove the lt_a and lt_p XKB keyboard maps (#5139, Nerijus Baliunas).
 684. Disable the DRI and print a warning message for Radeon 8500 cards
      until they are supported (Kevin Martin).
 683. Properly detect when no BIOS is present on Radeon cards (#4978,
      Charles Hannum, Kevin Martin).
 682. Delay before restoring VGA registers for Radeons to "fix" VT switch
      problems (Kevin Martin).
 681. Add new PCI IDs from ATI (Kevin Martin).
 680. Update the script to create version compatibility links for
      shared freetype libraries when needed (David Dawes).
 679. Update Freetype2 shared library versions to match the versions libtool
      generates (Keith Packard).
 678. Doc updates (lots of people, includes #5142, 5144)

XFree86 (14 January 2002)
 677. Change the default verbosity level for stderr from 1 to 0 (David Dawes).
 676. Set the X server's stderr to non-blocking for non-root users
      (David Dawes).
 675. Don't allow the X server to start when stdout or stderr is a pipe for
      non-root users (David Dawes).
 674. Add OpenGL man pages.
 673. Avoid duplicate symbol problem with xkbevd on some platform (#A.769,
      Nicholas Leippe).
 672. Updated Ukranian XKB symbols file (#A.764, Andriy Rysin).
 671. Fix ELF loader for ARM architecture (#5138, Phil Blundell and
      Adam C. Powell IV).
 670. Fix a race condition in the Linux kernel DRM code (#5136,
      Arjan van de Ven).
 669. Fix DGA support in the s3virge driver (#5135, Kevin Brosius).
 668. Add XvBskew, XvRskew to adjust skew values for centering of an
      Xvideo window for the trident driver (Alan Hourihane).
 667. Fix loader for Motorola 68k machines (Alan Hourihane).
 666. Fix very high resolution modes (e.g. 1600x1200@16bpp) in the
      Trident driver (Alan Hourihane).
 665. -
 664. Quick hack to allow GLX to be included in non-XFree86 servers
      (Marc La France).
 663. More ROP_NEEDS_SOURCE fixes for Savage chipsets (Egbert Eich).
 662. Improvements to the SiS driver which should fix a lot of the 630
      issues (Thomas Winischhofer).
 661. In XDarwin IOKit mode, ignore screens sized 1x1 (Torrey T. Lyons).
 660. Some missing QNX fixes (#5121, Frank Liu).
 659. Update XDarwin man page and usage message for XFree86 4.2.0. Add
      XFree86 man page to XDarwin distribution (Torrey T. Lyons).
 658. Add bn_BD.UTF-8 to locale.dir (Taneem Ahmed).
 657. Fix luit not dropping priviledges when run with the -c flag (#5134,
      Juliusz Chroboczek).
 656. Fix unresolved symbol and loader symbol registration problems in the
      i810 driver that were introduced with the i830 support (David Dawes,
      Abraham vd Merwe).
 655. Fix sparklies problem for other Trident *BladeXP chipsets
      (Alan Hourihane).
 654. In XDarwin IOKit mode, ignore screens that can not provide the requested
      size, depth, or refresh rate instead of generating a fatal error
      (Torrey T. Lyons).

XFree86 (7 January 2002)
 653. Fix some typos in the DRI README (#A.757, Andreas Mohr).
 652. path setting from 3.3.6 (#A.756, Marc Herbert).
 651. Fix a problem with the Radeon driver that was causing the sync polarity
      to be ignored (#A.753, Vedran Rodic).
 650. Set the max clock correctly for the G550 second head (#5133,
      Luugi Marsan).
 649. Fix a Radeon DRI lockup problem (#5128, Steven Pritchard).
 648. Back out some mga_g450pll.c changes that cause problems on at least
      some G450 configurations (#5122, David Woodhouse).
 647. Fix some xterm build warnings on *BSD (David Dawes, Thomas Dickey).
 646. Some QNX4 fixes/updates (#5121, 5124, 5130, 5131, Frank Liu).
 645. Prefer POSIX O_NONBLOCK to O_NDELAY (when defined) in lib/dps (#5121,
      Frank Liu).
 644. Fix portability problem with XpmI.h (based on #5121, Frank Liu).
 643. Only use SA_RESTART in xterm when it's available (#5121, Frank Liu).
 642. Work around Watcom compiler bug that shows up when building Mesa's
      stencil.c (David Dawes, based on #5121, Frank Liu).
 641. Handle __inline and __inline__ in compiler.h for non-GNU compilers,
      which makes it more likely that drivers will build with other compilers
      (David Dawes, based on #5121, Frank Liu).
 640. Build fixes for xedit/lisp. Don't define NEED_SNPRINTF when not needed.
      Avoid a double recursion into subdirs (#5123, Matthieu Herrb).
      Added code for systems without getpagesize.
 639. Fix the xdm's handling of keys, allowing keypad keys to work (#A.662,
      Servaas Vandenberghe).
 638. Fix hang when quitting XDarwin before starting X server
      (Torrey T. Lyons).
 637. Don't add XDarwin's PseudoramiX extension with only one screen
      (Greg Parker).
 636. Add Spanish localization of XDarwin help file (Pablo Di Noto).
 635. Improve XDarwinStartup's error reporting (Torrey T. Lyons).

XFree86 (28 December 2001)
 634. Update the ati/radeon driver to recognise the All-in-Wonder 8500's
      ID (#5117, Vladimir Dergachev).
 633. Fix bug where a pointer may be checked without being intialized in xman
      (#5120, Martin Husemann).
 632. Add an informational message to the radeon driver when LCD/DFP mode
      validation fails (#5118, Vladimir Dergachev).
 631. Handle the ATI Rage128 "PP" variant like the "PR" variant (#4982,
      Mike Harris).
 630. Fix a LynxOS on PowerPC build problem (#A.746, Stuart Lissaman).
 629. Fix the names of the Northern Saami keyboards (#A.742,
      Petter Reinholdtsen).
 628. Add Xinerama info to xdpyinfo (#A.741, Greg Parker).
 627. Fix an xdm problem caused by not handling an interrupted read (#A.728,
      Darren Marshall).
 626. Add functions completing text control for Render.  Bump XRender library
      minor version (Keith Packard).
 625. Add XKB layout info for a newer Logitech iTouch keyboard (#A.727,
      Dimitromanolakis Apostolos).
 624. Fix a problem that shows up with the summa tablet driver when using
      a Genius EasyPen (#A.714, Anders Melchiorsen).
 623. Fix for VT switch problem with the S3 driver (based on #A.677,
      Juergen Lesny).
 622. Remove some more spurious entries in the KSC 5601 encoding file (#A.678,
      Jungshik Shin).
 621. Fix for APM problem on devfs-based Linux systems with APM in a kernel
      module (#A.663, Denis Zaitsev).
 620. Update the mga Xv double buffering to match the more recent submission
      (#4976, Didier Gautheron).
 619. Fix a bug in the XKB Slovak (sk) layout (#A.621, Juraj Bednar).
 618. Fix a small window when a SIGIO may be received without a handler
      installed (David Dawes, based on #A.620, Michel Lespinasse).
 617. ISO 8859-{1,7,15} Compose file updates and fixes (#5114,
      Vasilis Vasaitis).
 616. In XDarwin multi-monitor IOKit mode, read screen location from the
      kernel (Torrey T. Lyons).
 615. Update XDarwin credits file (Torrey T. Lyons).
 614. Fix various XDarwin crashes in multi-monitor rootless mode by using
      a new "light" version of PanoramiX/Xinerama called PseudoramiX
      (Gregory Parker).
 613. Fix some typos in the X.Org INSTALL doc (#5113, Chris Pepper).
 612. Fix an bug that prevented the releasing of XvMC memory on exit (#5112,
      Matthew J. Sottek).
 611. Some Xprint build warning fixes (David Dawes).
 610. Xprt PCL3 support (#5111, Mark Snitily, from X11R6.6).
 609. Xprt PostScript bitmap cache (#5110, Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
 608. Updates for the Romanian (ro) XKB map (#5108, Marius Andreiana).
 607. Update s3virge docs (#5107, Kevin Brosius).
 606. Disable pixmap24 option for Permedia3/4/R4 as the chip doesn't support
      this (Alan Hourihane).
 605. Fixed a infinite loop in the i2c code.
 604. Fixed a Sig11 problem in siliconmotion driver (Egbert Eich).
 603. Fixes to silicon motion driver:
	- gamma correction for 24 bit true color mode.
	- XAA: clipping rectangle was clipped to visible screen, so offscreen
	  pixmaps could not been drawn at with accelerated drawing functions.
	- in SMI_ScreenInit frame buffer size calculation for video changed.
	- smi_video: partly rewritten.
	  - Support for 7111
	  - interlaced video via
	    - XF86Config Option "Interlaced" or
	    - attribute XV_INTERLACED (Corvin Zahn).
 602. Add French localization of XDarwin help file (Olivier Verdier).

XFree86 (19 December 2001)
 601. Change the property Xprint uses to identify pmf printer internal fonts
      to avoid a clash with DPS (#5106, Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
 600. Fix a C type aliasing bug in xkbcomp (#5104, Jakub Jelinek).
 599. Fix a bug in Xprint's PS output code that was over-optimizing out
      clip change requests (#5102, Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
 598. Improved error handling for Xprint's -XpFile option (#5101, 5105,
      Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
 597. Add higher resolution options to the Xprint postscript printer support
      (#5096, Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
 596. BuildLoadableXlibI18n should be keyed off "SharedLibX11" rather than
      "BuildX11Lib" (#5095, Ernie Coskrey).
 595. Fix a luit inconsistency between the default data used when a
      locale is unknown and the data used by ISO 8859-1 locales (#5092,
      Juliusz Chroboczek).
 594. Add eo_EO locale entries, which is what GNU libc 2.2 uses for the
      Esperanto locale (#5091, Juliusz Chroboczek).
 593. Fix an Xprt page handling problem (#5090, Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
 592. Update the X.Org release number from 6.5.1 to 6.6 in various
      documents and header files (#5089, 5100, Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
 591. Recognise __SVR4 as an alternative for SVR4 in Xosdefs.h (#5087,
      Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
 590. Cleanup some header files to make them more C++ friendly (#5086, 5088,
      Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
 589. Update the driver status document (#5085, Branden Robinson).
 588. Fix the SiS drm driver (#5084, Torsten Duwe).
 588. Fix Trident driver pitch values when accelerator is in use, applies
      to Image and Blade series chips (Alan Hourihane).
 586. Minor bugfix to SiS driver, restructured VT switching code
      (Egbert Eich).
 585. Attempt to fix flickering in 24bpp on Trident CyberBladeXPAi1
      (Egbert Eich).
 584. Fixed UTF8lib support (Mike Fabian).
 583. Re-instate makedepend's recognition of backslash line terminations
      (Marc La France).
 582. Add proper reference counting to the XvMCContext so that destroying
      the context before destroying associated surfaces is handled correctly
      (#5083, Matthew J. Sottek).
 581. Fix the xtt (X-TrueType) font module so that it will recognise
      fonts with upper-case suffixes (".TTF" and ".TTC") (#5082,
      ISHIKAWA Mutsumi).
 580. Use uname instead of hostname in rstart and xon scripts for portability,
      plus some other rstart and xon fixes (#5081, Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
 579. Some newport driver cleanups and fixes (#5080, 5103, Guido Guenther).
 578. Fix XagNsingleScreen definition and some related side-effects (#5077,
      Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
 577. Fix some doc typos, and remove references to the non-existent
      shadowfb(4) man page (#5076, David Krause).
 576. Pitch calculation updates for the r128 driver (#5074, Michel Dänzer).
 575. Updates for VMware SVGA programming documentation (#5073,
      Jeremy (VMware)).
 574. Fix cases where makedepend reports the wrong line number and file when
      an error occurs (#5072, Mark Snitily, from X11R6.6).
 573. Fix differences in libXt behaviour when using poll() compared with
      when using select() (#5071, Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
 572. Some warning cleanups for Tru64 (#5069, Antti Tapaninen).
 571. Fix a typo in the mt_us keymap entry (#5067, Nerijus Baliunas).
 570. Add some missing UNDEFINE lines to the iso8859-11 and tis620-2
      encoding files (#5065, 5066, Theppitak Karoonboonyanan).
 569. Some Luxi font updates:
       - update the Type 1 versions to fix a UID-related bug and cover more
       - update the TTF fonts.scale file to include ISO 8859-13
       - update the docs to properly reflect the fonts' glyph coverage
      (#5064, B&H, Juliusz Chroboczek).
 568. Fix "The Open Group" copyright notices to reflect the change in
      post R6.4 licensing (#5093, Mark Snitily, from X11R6.6).
 567. Added debugging helpers (Egbert Eich).
 566. Added support for the Trident CyberBladeXPAi1 (Egbert Eich).
 565. Fixed Mono8x8Fill problem in S3 Virge and Savage drivers (Egbert Eich).

XFree86 (12 December 2001)
 564. Fix XDarwin GetImage bug on screens other than 0 in rootless mode
      (Gregory Parker).
 563. Fix acceleration, hw cursor and console restoration in the "nv" driver
      on PowerPC (Mark Vojkovich).
 562. Fix console switching on r128 & radeon drivers using FBDev (#5075,
      Benjamin Herrenschmidt (radeon), Michel Dänzer (r128) ).
 561. Implement double buffering for XVputimage in the mga driver (#A.601,
      Didier Gautheron).
 560. Fix a wheel emulation problem that prevented delivery of button
      events when the wheel button was the same as one of the emulated
      button (#A.600, Antonio Larrosa Jiménez).
 559. Fix some 'make install.sdk' problems (#A.586, Stanislav Brabec).
 558. Fix mga DGA when UseFBDev is enabled (#A.584, Wayne Whitney).
 557. Fix dri module build when BuildXinerama is set to NO (David Dawes,
      based on #A.599, Pontus Lidman).
 556. Fix libXext build when BuildLBX is set to NO (based on #A.582,
      Didier Gautheron).
 555. Fix typo in ms_MY locale name (was ms_NY) (Hasbullah Bin Pit).
 554. Fix incorrect code in signal handlers in most of the clients,
      xterm and xdm not done yet (Matthieu Herrb).
 553. Add Glint R4 and Gamma2 support to the glint driver (Alan Hourihane).
 552. Fix rotated display in the nv driver (Mark Vojkovich).
 551. By default, validate all available modes rather than only the largest
      such mode (Marc La France).
 550. Various XDarwin improvements:
      - Use all 8 bits of PseudoColor in full screen Quartz mode.
      - Write XDarwin version number to console log.
      - Move Alt/Option key back to Mod1 by default.
      (Torrey T. Lyons)
 549. Fix offscreen memory manager segfault (Jacques Gangloff).
 548. XDarwin Quartz mode cursor improvements:
      - Safely free QuickDraw cursors.
      - Fix disappearing cursor in rootless mode with multiple monitors.
      (Gregory Parker and Torrey T. Lyons)
 547. i810 XvMC fixes (#5078, Matthew J. Sottek).
 546. Downgrade DDC-related mode rejections to warnings as some monitors
      advertise their nominal, rather than actual, tolerances (Marc La France).
 545. Add Korean localization of XDarwin front end (Kyunghwan Kim).
 544. Allow XDarwin to launch from the Finder even if there are spaces, etc.
      in the path to its application bundle (Torrey T. Lyons).
 543. Add XvHsync, XvVsync to adjust skew values for centering of an
      Xvideo window for the trident driver (Geoffrey Hausheer, Alan Hourihane).
 542. Fixed xkb to avoid setting of AccessXTimeout to 0 (Egbert Eich).
 541. Added option to sync the logfile after every line written (Egbert Eich).
 540. Improved APM handling:
      - Added disable of Input Handlers.
      - Added support for undo on failed APM requests.
      - Set vtSema to false (Egbert Eich).
 539. Improved detection of primary device especially for non-PC platforms
      (Egbert Eich).
 538. Silicon Motion driver Fixes:
      - Removed separate loading of int10 code.
      - Added reset of graphics engine on EnterVT (Egbert Eich).
 537. Set flag ROP_NEEDS_SOURCE for CPUToScreenColorExpand for all
      S3 Savage chips (Egbert Eich).
 536. SiS driver:
      - Added fix to restore fbdev mode properly on VT switch/exit.
      - Improved LCD handling on SiS 630.
      - fixed screen blanking in SiS driver to properly blank LCDs
        (Egbert Eich).
 535. Trident driver:
      - Fixed screen centering for 640x480 Modes.
      - Fixed video playback for BladeAi1.
      - Fixed hotkey internal/external switching for XPm8/16.
      - Added support for on-the-fly video recentering.
      - Attempt to fix contrast settings for video (Egbert Eich).
 534. Added reset code for PS/2 mice when replug events occurs
      (required for later Linux 2.4.x kernels) (Egbert Eich).
 533. xf86cfg: start AccessX controls even when started from a running server
      (Egbert Eich).
 532. Add support in glint driver for booting secondary cards that have
      the VGA disable jumper set (so no access to the BIOS) (Jay Estabrook).
 531. Add Spanish localization of XDarwin front end (Pablo Di Noto).
 530. Set the r128 DRI driver version back to 2.2 so that the major version is
      the same as for the version in XFree86 4.1.0.
 529. Fixes for DGA2.0 support in the radeon driver (#A.585,
      Shyouzou Sugitani).
 528. Fix mkfontdir's scanning of fonts.scale files to detect a bad file
      resulting from concatenating two fonts.scales files, and to avoid
      buffer overruns from over-long strings (#A.563, Jonathan Kamens).
 527. Avoid i810 VT switching problems on FreeBSD (David Dawes).
 526. Fix a possible SIGFPE in the X-TrueType fonts (#A.640, Nam SungHyun).
 525. Fix -probe and -configure to not clear the screen on exit on SunOS SPARC.
      (Marc La France).
 524. Fix support for ATI Graphics Pro Turbo 1600 adapters (Marc La France).
 523. Newport driver updates, including 24-bit support (#5062, Guido Guenther).
 522. Fix pixel info not being returned from the APPGROUP extension (#5061,
      Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
 521. Remove debug message in the calcomp driver (#5060, Martin Kroeker).
 520. Replace "X Windows" with "X Window System" or "X" in various places
      (#5058, David Krause).
 519. Fix the size of some lbx struct members on 64-bit architectures
      (#5053, Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
 518. Fix the size of some xXagGetAttrReply struct members on 64-bit
      architectures (#5052, Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
 517. Add a NULL check that was missing in the CID part of the Type1 code
      (#5050, Mark Snitily, from X11R6.6).
 516. XKB AccessX LED beep feature (#5047, Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
 515. Fix WriteToClient flushing bug (#5046, Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
 514. Fix improper freeing of widget translations in libXt when
      REFCNT_TRANSLATIONS is defined (#5044, Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
 513. Fix XPrint memory leak (#5042, Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
 512. Local Authorization Fix (#5041, Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
 511. Add locale entries for Sami (#5055, Børre Gaup).
 510. Fix XProcessInternalConnection man page duplication (#5040, Chris Bare,
      from X11R6.6).
 509. Minor xrx Imakefile fix (#5038, Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
 508. Remove outdated xc/fonts/encodings/large/README (#5033,
      Juliusz Chroboczek).
 507. Enable XVideo support for the SuperSavage (#5031, Tim Roberts).
 506. Add some missing locale entries (#5026, Mike Harris).
 505. s3virge driver updates, including:
       - cr3a patch (#4884, Adam J. Richter)
       - ViRGE MX XVideo patch (#4915, Sven Menke)
       - An option to disable XVideo
       - Disable solid filled rects for Trio3D because of trouble reports
       - Some MX fixes
       - Fix ViRGE MX XVideo so window overlap works
       - Enable ViRGE GX2 XVideo
       - Fix low resolution problems on ViRGE MX (&GX2)
      (#5024, 5030, 5034, Kevin Brosius).
 504. Some new/updated xkb files (#5019, Pablo Saratxaga).
 503. Add some ATI PCI IDs (#5018, Mike Harris).
 502. Implement a hack for the DEC TGA2 cards which maps an extra page
      before framebuffer start as the acceleration code is slightly
      broken (Jay Estabrook).
 501. Allow secondary MGA boards to be used on Alpha that have the VGA
      disable switch set (Jay Estabrook).
 500. Fix Radeon jerky cursor movement bug (Jay Estabrook, #5054, Mike Harris).
 499. Add new Luxi fonts from Bigelow & Holmes (#5010, Charles Bigelow and
      Kris Holmes, integrated by Juliusz Chroboczek).
 498. Update the ClearlyU fonts to version 1.8 (#5009, Mark Leisher).
 497. Add XKB symbols for Saami (#5006, 5059, Børre Gaup).
 496. Change the mapping of the JIS reverse solidus to what most Japanese
      users expect (#5002, Juliusz Chroboczek).
 495. Fix hiding/showing of mouse cursor under Windows on Cygwin/XFree86
      (#5056, Harold Hunt).
 494. Fix Permedia3 SDRAM based boards planemask problems (Jay Estabrook).
 493. Don't use int10 in glint driver when using fbdev interface (#5039,
      Michel Dänzer).
 492. Fix SlowBCopy for MIPS and PowerPCs (Marc La France).
 491. Fix XF86Config overrides for I/O base, framebuffer address and video
      memory size in cyrix driver (Marc La France).
 490. Don't interfere with ATI panel support when using DDC information for
      monitor tolerance defaults (Marc La France).
 489. Add Dutch localization of XDarwin help file (Paul Edens).
 488. Add stub functions needed by libGL to libXThrStubs. Link libGL against
      libXthrStubs on systems that build it. (#4997, Matthieu Herrb).
 487. Fix building and loading of I18N modules by Xlib on NetBSD and OpenBSD
      (#5049, Matthieu Herrb).
 486. Fix duplicate loader symbols (#5048, Vladimir Dergachev).
 485. Fix problems with clipping in fb when the clip list contains negative
      coordinates (Gregory Parker).
 484. Fix return value of VBEBankSwitch() (Norm Raden).
 483. Updates/fixes for the QNX6 (aka Neutrino) port (#4990, Frank Liu).
 482. Autodetect when -fno-merge-constants is needed for building modules,
      and enable its use by default in those cases (Marc La France,
      David Dawes).
 481. Status doc updates (#4991, Branden Robinson).
 480. Fix for flickering i815 LCDs (#4968, Poul-Henning Kamp, Harald Koenig).
 479. Move much of the I18N code in Xlib into separately loadable
      modules (#4965, 5043, Ernie Coskrey, from X11R6.6).
 478. Modify's font5 resource so that xterm can display double
      width characters using a font distributed with XFree86 (#4962,
      Tomohiro KUBOTA).
 477. Add Dutch localization of XDarwin front end (Paul Edens).
 476. Add a quick check to not use as the default mode any internal modes
      with horizontal timing parameters that aren't CRT-friendly (David Dawes).
 475. Add an 832x624 @ 75Hz mode line to the default mode set (#4960,
      Andrew C. Aitchison).
 474. Fix Radeon LCD Panel detection and Power Delay (ATI Technologies).
 473. Ignore XDarwin full screen switch key combination when in rootless mode
      (Torrey T. Lyons).
 472. Xterm patches #163, #164 (Thomas Dickey): mostly bug fixes.
 471. Fix race condition in XDarwin causing occasional hangs or crashes when
      quitting from the menu (Torrey T. Lyons).
 470. Cygwin/XFree86 updates (#5035, #5036, Harold Hunt).
 469. Make sure Cygwin checks ENOBUFS for error test in XlibInt.c, as under
      Cygwin when the socket is full ENOBUFS is returned (Brian Genisio).
 468. Fix SIGFPE in LastLinePel for ATI Radeon, console restoring on dual CRT
      head on VE, improved panel and ddc line detection (ATI Technologies).
 467. Fix bug that caused hardware cursors to disappear on mode switches when
      silken mouse is disabled (Marc La France).
 466. Preliminary changes to keyboard handling for SPARC SunOS
      (Marc La France).
 465. Zero out SPARC SunOS primary framebuffer on exit, like Sun's servers do
      (Marc La France).
 464. More driver name normalisation (Marc La France).
 463. Minor speedup for Mach64 acceleration for big-endian architectures
      (Marc La France).
 462. Fix bug that prevented relocation of unassigned PCI I/O bases
      (Marc La France).
 461. Add Swedish localization of the XDarwin help file (Patrik Montgomery).
 460. Fix use of gethostbyname and getservbyname to _XGethostbyname and
      _XGetservbyname for portability (#5017, Mark W. Snitily, from X11R6.6).
 459. Fix buffer problems used by xrdb to build command line, noticed on
      systems with a large amount of visuals (#5016, Alan Coopersmith).
 458. Fix bug regarding signal handling in x11perf by inserting an abort
      test after each run (#5015, Mark W. Snitily, from X11R6.6).
 457. Add improved diagnostic messages and error checking to libXfont
      which is used by bdftopcf command (#5014, Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
 456. Fix advertised surfaces for the i810 Motion Compensation driver and
      make use of new XVMC_INTRA_UNSIGNED surface flag (#5003, Matthew Sottek).
 455. Fix r128 driver to call wrapped screen functions when using the
      fbdevhw layer (#5004, Michel Dänzer).
 454. Add Rage128 Pro PP detection to ati driver (#5025, Alfred Perlstein,
      Mike Harris).
 453. Add CyberBladeXPAi1 recognition to the trident driver (#A.658,
      Jani Jaakkola).
 452. Fix typo in PCI bus scanning that caused a hang when there was more than
      one PCI bus (#A.652, Uwe Dannowski).
 451. Update Japanese localization of XDarwin help file (Toshimitsu Tanaka).
 450. Update XDarwin help file (Torrey T. Lyons).
 449. Fix XDarwin SHAPE support in rootless mode (Gregory Parker).
 448. More corrections to Xaw manpage (#5022, Branden Robinson).
 447. Fix XDarwin crash if a NULL mask is passed to Composite in rootless
      mode (Torrey T. Lyons).
 446. Fix XDarwin crash if more than one keyboard interface is returned from
      NXEventSystemInfo (Gregory Parker).
 445. Big5 encoding fix (#4957, Juliusz Chroboczek).
 444. Use DDC sync (disabled by default) and DPMS info (#4955,
      Andrew C Aitchison).
 443. Update the i810 XVideo support to double the maximum image width
      to 1440 (#4933, Philip Pokorny).
 442. Fix several memory leaks in x11perf (#4931, Ernie Coskrey, from X11R6.6).
 441. Bypass startup VT #1 switching hack for FreeBSD/syscons unless running
      on a pre-3.1 version of FreeBSD (#4926, Huver).
 440. Catch bogus flat panel dimensions in the ati/r128 driver (#4907,
      Michel Dänzer).
 439. Fix Maltese entry in xkbcomp/keymap/xfree86 (#4921, Nerijus Baliunas).
 438. Fix a locale.alias typo (#4920, Nerijus Baliunas).
 437. Documents Options for the Matrox and Neomagic drivers, and makes
      HW/SWcursor generic options (#5021, Dr. Andrew C. Aitchison).
 436. Corrections and updates to Xaw manpage (#5020, Branden Robinson).
 435. Add German localization of XDarwin front end (Andreas Monitzer).
 434. Add the DEC-XTRAP extension and sample clients (#4904, 4918,
      Paul Stewart).
 433. Update the us_intl XKB symbols map to include all diacritics used
      in latin script (#4917, Pablo Saratxaga).
 432. Add a Compose file for utf-8 (#4917, 5019, Pablo Saratxaga).
 431. Fix radeon and sis GL module Imakefiles (#4916, Bill Nottingham).
 430. Bug fixes and updates for Savage driver (#5001, Tim Roberts).
 429. Add luit (#4914, Juliusz Chroboczek).
 428. Fix a typo in fontenc that prevents building with no dependency on
      libfont (#4913, Juliusz Chroboczek).
 427. Add an encoding file for the KSC Johab encoding (#4912, Jungshik Shin).
 426. Remove some spurious entries in the KSC 5601 encoding file (#4910,
      Jungshik Shin).
 425. Add Swedish localization of XDarwin front end (Patrik Montgomery).
 424. Fill in mode switch characters in XDarwin keymap (Mario Klebsch and
      Torrey T. Lyons).
 423. Linux/PA-RISC portability fixes (#4892, Grant Grundler, Bdale Garbee,
      and LaMont Jones).
 422. Linux/mips portability patch (#4891, 4919, Guido Guenther).
 421. Preliminary support for building on Linux/arm32 (#4890,
      Branden Robinson).
 420. Make it possible to build the X server on Linux/m68k platforms
      (#4889, Christian T. Steigies).
 419. Fixes for xman's manpath config handling (#4886, Branden Robinson and
      Colin Watson).
 418. Fix some man page aliases (#4882, Branden Robinson).
 417. Define __GLX_ALIGN64 for glx on Alpha (based on #4888, Branden Robinson).
 416. Remove PEX5 from the lists of specs in doc/specs/Imakefile (#4881,
      Branden Robinson).
 415. updates (#4874, Branden Robinson).
 414. Updates for zh locale files (#4879, Branden Robinson).
 413. xf86config man page update (#4877, Branden Robinson).
 412. Startx enhancements and cleanups (#4875, Branden Robinson and
      Henry T. So).
 411. Use DirectDraw2 instead of DirectDraw on Cygwin (#5012, Harold Hunt).
 410. Add French localization of XDarwin front end (Olivier Verdier).
 409. Fix portability problem in the generation of the man page version string
      (Marc La France).
 408. Fix a NativeGDI problem on Cygwin/XFree86 (#5007, #5008, Harold Hunt).
 407. Fix for threaded libraries (Marc La France).
 406. Finish removal of SuperProbe (Marc La France).
 405. A rather large number of warning fixes throughout (Marc La France).
 404. Fix bug in HTML install script (Marc La France).
 403. Missing ident lines for some XFree86-modified files (Marc La France).
 402. Add default half-width doublescanned modes (Marc La France).
 401. Mark all driver-registered resources with ResBus (Marc La France).
 400. Fix DPMS-related build problem (Marc La France).
 399. Log a message just before calling each ChipProbe() during '-probe'
      processing (Marc La France).
 398. Temporarily disable ISA probing on SPARCs and PowerPCs (Marc La France).
 397. Add PCI IDs for Sun hardware (Marc La France).
 396. Fix memory leak in resource relocation (Marc La France).
 395. Do not relocate resources that only conflict with disabled non-video PCI
      devices or disabled PCI ROMs (Marc La France).
 394. Re-organise SBUS code (Marc La France).
 393. Add as-yet-unused definitions for PCI resource types other than I/O and
      memory (Marc La France).
 392. Add doc for Solaris, but don't format it yet (Marc La France).
 391. Normalise driver names (Marc La France).
 390. For SPARCs, disable DGA support in ATI driver
      (from #4650, David S. Miller).
 389. Clean up some debugging messages (Marc La France).
 388. Fix newport driver for when a /proc fs isn't mounted (Marc La France).
 387. Fix DAC handling bugs in s3 driver (Marc La France).
 386. Fix resource registration bug for PCI Tseng's (Marc La France).
 385. Add aperture driver for Solaris (not yet used) (Marc La France).
 384. Rework scanpci to fix problems that prevented it from completely
      displaying non-PCI bridges and Simba bridges (Marc La France).
 383. Fix build problems in some input drivers (Marc La France).
 382. Fix int10 compile problem for SPARCs and PowerPCs (Marc La France).
 381. Ensure master aborts on secondary buses complete normally during PCI
      scans (Marc La France).
 380. Some memory mapping and Solaris cleanups (Marc La France).
 379. Fix XDarwin crash on server reset and problem in full screen mode when
      switching from X to Aqua to X too rapidly (Torrey T. Lyons).
 378. Add __apploaddir__ definition to imake MANDEFS, to specify location of
      app-defaults directory, fixes Debian bug report #87611 (Thomas Dickey).
 377. Xterm patches #161, #162 (Thomas Dickey): mostly bug fixes.
 376. Add new CyberBladeXP Aladdin based chip ID's (#4994, Hubert Feyrer).
 375. fix a potential issue where POSIX allows the string returned
      from getenv to be overwritten (from X11R6.6, Chris Bare).
 374. Cygwin/XFree86 cleanups and fixes (#4992, #4993, #4999 Harold Hunt).
 373. Fix i830 VT switching problems which hang the ring buffer (#4987,
      #4989, Abraham vd Merwe).
 372. fix a format string problem in lbxproxy, apparently not exploitable
      (,  Matthieu Herrb).
 371. Fix disappearing cursor in XDarwin rootless mode by falling back to
      system cursor for cursors bigger than 16x16 (Torrey T. Lyons).
 370. Make XDarwin start more robustly from the Finder (Torrey T. Lyons).
 369. Update XDarwin Japanese localization (Toshimitsu Tanaka).
 368. Fix calculation of DPI when Xinerama in use (#4986, Andrew C Aitchison).
 367. Update XDarwin preferences GUI to match current features
      (Torrey T. Lyons).
 366. Xkb fixes for international keyboards (Matthieu Herrb).
 365. Add client side sparc64 support for NetBSD and OpenBSD (Eduardo Horvath,
      Matthieu Herrb).
 364. Allow xkbcomp to be used in a cross-compile environment (Alan Hourihane).
 363. Update documention for the SiS driver, the Options file
      (Ademar de Souza Reis Jr.).
 362. Xterm patches #157, #158, #159, #160 (Thomas Dickey): mostly bug fixes.
 361. Fix high-res modes in the nv driver.  Add interlaced support for
      chips older than NV11 (Mark Vojkovich).
 360. Cross compilation fixes (#4981, Harold Hunt, Alan Hourihane).
 359. Fix cursor artifacts when running XDarwin in full screen Quartz mode
      with 8 bit depth (Torrey T. Lyons).
 358. Fix byte ordering issue in XDarwin when loading keymapping files on x86
      and correctly set ByteOrder for PPC and x86 (Rob Braun).
 357. When XDarwin is launched from the Finder, start X clients in an
      interactive shell if user's shell is Bourne-based (Torrey T. Lyons).
 356. Add CaseSensitiveFileSystem definition, which defaults to YES, except
      on Darwin, Cygwin, and OS/2. Fix another case problem spotted by
      NAKAHASHI Ichiro (Torrey T. Lyons).
 355. Enable Vendor specific FatalError for Cygwin/XFree86 and create
      the Xserver as a windows executable (#4967, Harold Hunt).
 354. Add i830 2D and DRI driver (#A.604, VA Linux Systems, 2D3D).
 353. Use the -no-cpp-precomp compiler option on Darwin, rather than the
      deprecated -traditional-cpp (Christoph Pfisterer).
 352. Reverting patch #340, fixing type (Egbert Eich).
 351. Fix rotation in fbdev driver (#4958, #4959, Michel Dänzer).
 350. Resync with DRI CVS trunk (DRI Project).
 349. Move ati driver out of DevelDrivers on PPC platforms (#4952,
      Michel Dänzer).
 348. SECURITY: set default value of authComplain resource in xdm to true.
      This closes a hole where anyone can connect to the X server if
      the xdm auth dir doesn't exist (Galen Hancock).
 347. SECURITY: don't let a non-root user halt the machine by having X
      send SIGUSR1 to init (Thomas Moestl).
 346. Changed int10 module to stub on Sparc (Egbert Eich).
 345. Added hyperpen driver (Roland Jansen et. al.).
 344. Fixed alignments of x86emu-structures for AXP (Jay Estabrook).
 343. Fixed XLoadQueryFont() and XLoadFont() to support locales
      (required for Euro support) (Markus Kuhn).
 342. Modified XtCvtStringToFont() to match any ISO8859 instead of
      latin1 as fallback. Required for Euro Support (Markus Kuhn).
 341. Added acute to compose key list for iso8859-15 (Markus Kuhn).
 340. Modified XV Xinerama support to recognize adaptors if screen 0
  has no adaptor (Egbert Eich).
 339. Modified order of disable devices and LeaveVT() to be symetric
      to the enter case (Egbert Eich).
 338. Modified GetTimeInMillis() to handle non monotonous system clocks
      (Egbert Eich).
 337. Added comment about a Zeos Meridan 850c Notebook to C&T docs (Alan Cox).
 336. Added call to vbeFree() to apm driver (Egbert Eich).
 335. C&T driver:
      - fixed sig11 problem for non-69030 chipsets.
      - fixed DGA to announce acellerated functions only if accelleration
        is enabled.
      - added FP_mode flag to C&T driver which allows to override the detected
        state of the flat panel (Egbert Eich).
      - fixed driver to act appropriately if the BIOS switches to the
        external monitor it detects when doing DDC.
      - Set IOBase correctly for MMIO when detection 65545 PCI.
      - fixed text screen restauration on 69030 (Egbert Eich).
      - reinabled correct KGA handling of C&T chips: unblank before the end
        of scanline.
      - added support for composite sync.
      - when FP is active disallow display sizes greater than panel.
      - added double buffering to video support.
      - fixed register settings to prevent flickering during video playback.
       (Egbert Eich).
 334. Fixed bug in C&T driver that caused interlaced mode not to work
      (Claus Hulstrøm).
 333. Added full MMIO support for C&T 69030 chips (Gregg H. Burman).
 332. Fixed MMIO accel code in Cirrus Alpine driver, got PIO accel code to
      work (Egbert Eich).
 331. Fixed fbdev to obtain 24 bit framebuffer format from the kernel, added
      more failure messages to fbdev driver (Egbert Eich).
 330. Added calls to vbeFree() to rendition, savage, silicon motion,
      i740 and i810 driver (Egbert Eich).
 329. Modified MGA driver for new Sparse allocation sceme (Jay Estabrook).
 328. Modified handling of sparse addresses on AXP: The code now no longer
      maps the entire sparse range. Now the required ranges are mapped
      relative to a fixed base address (Jay Estabrook).
 327. Fixed HW cursor for MGA G100 (Egbert Eich).
 326. Fixed MGA drivers to be able to use overlay modes when HAL lib is
      loaded (Egbert Eich).
 325. Disabled accel functions that cause lockups on certain neomagic
      systems by default. They can be reenabled by setting the option
      "StrangeLockups" to "no" (Egbert Eich).
 324. Did a further fix on ScreenToScreenCopy() for Neomagic 2200
      (Egbert Eich).
 323. Added experimental support for Toshiba Libretto. This can be enabled
      by the option "DisplayHeight480" (Egbert Eich).
 322. Fixed clipping in Savage driver, update to version
      (Tim Roberts).
 321. fixed calls to BLTSync() on SiS driver (Egbert Eich).
 320. Fixed Mono8x8PatternFill(): Moving SETROPFG behind SETROPBG did the
      trick (Egbert Eich).
 319. Setting 24 bpp pximap flags correctly in SiS driver dependening
      on chipset (Egbert Eich).
 318. Setting depth and bpp of framebuffer correctly for suncg14 and sunleo
      driver (Thorsten Kukuk).
 317. Tseng driver not longer ignores results of TsengDoMemLimit() which
      tests for certain restrictions on the usable framebuffer size
      (Egbert Eich).
 316. Vesa driver: adding calls to vbeFree() before exiting PreInit().
      Reinit vbe in ScreenInit() (Egbert Eich).
 315. Adding int10 initialization to generic vga driver (Egbert Eich).
 314. Modified generic vga driver to use shadow fb for vga16 on AXP.
      This works around the problem that AXP can address memory only 32bit
      wide which doesn't work on a latched register planar fb (Egbert Eich).
 313. Removing 3.3 code from wacom driver. Makes driver hard to read
      (Egbert Eich).
 312. Removing message output from xf86WcmPlug() which causes -configure
      to core dump (Egbert Eich).
 311. Modified int10 Pci code to be able to use new version of
      xf86ReadPciBIOS() (Egbert Eich).
 310. Modified int10 int1A handler to return valid when an unimplemented int10
      call is encountered. This allows fallback to system BIOS (Egbert Eich).
 309. Modified xf86ReadPciBIOS() to check for valid i386 PC signature.
      Added functions xf86GetAvailablePciBIOSTypes() and
      xf86ReadPciBIOSByType() to obtain available PCI BIOS types and
      retrieve a certain BIOS by type (Egbert Eich).
 308. Reversed bogus patch 1050 of version 4.0.2. The graphics engine will
      *never* be called after receiving an APM suspend and before receiving
      an APM resume. If the neomagic locks up on resume this has a different
      reason (Egbert Eich).
 307. Change  real/effective user ID to 0/0 before calling modprobe in
      xf86LoadKernelModule() on Linux so user can also load drm modules. Fixed
      PATH environment variable to /sbin (Stefan Dirsch, Egbert Eich).
 306. Removed disable/enable interrupt code on ia64 as interrupts cannot
      be controled from user level (Egbert Eich).
 305. Further attempt to fix split algorithm for MTRR regions (Egbert Eich).
 304. Fixed problem in XAACopyPlaneNtoNColorExpand() that caused bogus
      memory accesses when src was not in fb memory (Egbert Eich).
 303. Fixed cfb8_32PaintWindow() to use correct cfb32FillBoxTileOdd function
      (Egbert Eich).
 302. Fix to xdm PAM support (Werner Fink).
 301. Fixed cz and cz_querty keyboard layouts, added support for Slovak
      keyboard (Jan Holesovsky).
 300. Fixed core dump in twm if no locales are present (Egbert Eich).
 299. Modified xterm app default to use LFD fontnames instead of old type
      (Michael Schroeder).
 298. Add a f.startwm function to twm to start another manager.
      (Matthieu Herrb).
 297. Disable MIT-SHM in Xnest, caused a segfault (Matthieu Herrb).
 296. Update wskbd keyboard protocol handling for OpenBSD/macppc
      (Matthieu Herrb).
 295. Fix problems starting XDarwin from the Finder and pasting with
      multi-button mouse emulation (Torrey T. Lyons).
 294. S3 driver updates. Restore console for 964 with Ti3025 and Trio64, and
      support for Aurora64V+ (#4953, Ani Joshi).
 293. Fix USB Keyboard access when no PS/2 controller present
      (#4948, Pontus Lidman).
 292. Add i810 XvMC (Motion Compensation) driver (#4946, #4964, #4966,
      Matthew Sottek, Intel).
 291. When using XKB and LEDs are switched on/off by external application
      the keyboard module doesn't change phisycal LEDs state immediately
      (#4951, Ivan Pascal).
 290. Clean up Cygwin/XFree86 keyboard files (#4949 Harold Hunt).
 289. Add Matrox G550 support (#4947, Luugi Marson, Matrox).
 288. Remove definition for manual page
      (#4944, Ishikawa Mutsumi).
 287. Ark driver updates (#4943, Ani Joshi).
 286. Fix xterm when XIM is disabled - caused a segfault
      (#4942, Tomohiro Kubota).
 285. Add Big Endian support (PowerPC) to radeon driver (#4934, Ani Joshi).
 284. Fix support for legacy Windows TrueType fonts in Big5 encoding
      (#4938, Joe Man).
 283. Support Radeon 7500, 8500 and Rage128ProII (#4941, ATI Technologies).
 282. Support Trident TGUI96xx and greater with Xv (Alan Hourihane).
 281. XDarwin fixes for Xinerama in Quartz modes:
       - Turn Xinerama on by default.
       - Fix warping the cursor.
      Also load keymapping from file in IOKit mode for Mac OS X 10.1
      compatibility. (Torrey T. Lyons and Gregory Parker)
 280. Fix Trident 96xx high clock setting, acceleration fixes (Alan Hourihane).
 279. Fix XDarwin rootless crashing bug when window resizing with the Mac menu
      bar not on X11 main screen (Gregory Parker).
 278. Define X_LOCALE on Darwin as Darwin's setlocale() does not work
      properly (Torrey T. Lyons).
 277. Fix problems with XDarwin multi-monitor support for some screen
      arrangements (Gregory Parker).
 276. Preliminary big endian (PowerPC) support for the "nv" driver
      (Ani Joshi, Mark Vojkovich).
 275. Enable ThreadedX for Cygwin/XFree86 using auto import features of
      newer binutils packages (Alan Hourihane).
 274. Exclude the Mac OS X menu bar from the X11 screen while running XDarwin
      in rootless mode (Yannick Bessette and Torrey T. Lyons).
 273. Add support for builtin MTRR and AGP support in NetBSD 1.5Y.
      (Matthias Drochner and Frank van der Linden).
 272. Rework XDarwin front end to start X clients in the user's normal
      environment and fix issues while quitting (Torrey T. Lyons).
 271. SECURITY: fix glyph clipping for large origin (Keith Packard).
      Reported to be remotly exploitable through konqueror or netscape
      by Georgi Guninski.
 270. Fix setting of memPhysBase in a few drivers (#4937, Gerd Knorr).
 269. Finish merging freetype-2-0-4 into trunk by resolving conflicts. This
      also fixes a syntax error on Darwin caused by an out of date version of
      ttgload.c (Torrey T. Lyons).
 268. Update VMware driver (#4935, Jeremy (VMware)).
 267. Native GDI infrastructure sync with Cygwin/XFree86 (#4936, Harold Hunt).
 266. Update Darwin build configuration files including:
       - Report full OS version and more capabilities.
       - Fix X server build problem due to libraries in ProjectRoot being
         listed as dependencies for some targets.
       - Allow dynamic shared libraries to take advantage of two-level
         namespace on Darwin 1.4.
      (Torrey T. Lyons)
 265. Disable clipboard viewer, external program xwinclip handles this (fow now)
      (#4932, Harold Hunt).
 264. Add ability to let Aqua and X use different display modes while running
      XDarwin full screen (Torrey T. Lyons).
 263. Fix build dependency problem in xedit/lisp/lisp.rules
      (#4930, Harald Koenig).
 262. Fix a fontenc-related problem that can cause the TrueType backend
      to crash (#4909, Juliusz Chroboczek).
 261. Fix DPMS support for I128 driver (Robin Cutshaw).
 260. Add OSVErrorF for Cygwin/XFree86 (#4923, Harold Hunt).
 259. Support Trident Cyber9320, TGUI9440, TVGA8900C, TVGA9000 ISA chips
      (Alan Hourihane).
 258. Fix banked 24bpp displayWidth calculation (Marc La France).
 257. Fix accel initialisation bugs in ATI driver (Marc La France).
 256. Add entry to initialise framebuffer manager by area (allowing for a
      possible extra partial scanline) and make it print all largest areas
      (Marc La France).
 255. Make xdm use BSD authentification on OpenBSD and use setproctitle()
      instead of home grown version where available (enabled on
      OpenBSD and NetBSD only) (Matthieu Herrb).
 254. Make -configure generate the DisplaySize from the acquired DDC
      information (#4897, Andrew C Aitchison).

XFree86 (20 August 2001)
 253. Fix bad xalloc() in the new fontenc code (#4899, ISHIKAWA Mutsumi).
 252. Fix some Xrandr build issues on Cygwin/XFree86 (#4898, Suhaib Siddiqi).
 251. Fix some Cygwin/XFree86 dependencies in cygwin.rules (#4894, Harold Hunt).
 250. Add ATI Xpert2000 (Rage 128 SM) (#4896, Mike Harris).
 249. Fix '-configure' crash introduced recently (#4895, Andrew C Aitchison).
 248. Re-write Xvideo support for Permedia3 (Alan Hourihane).
 247. Add Texas Instruments Permedia to Delta attached chips (Alan Hourihane).
 246. Add Permedia4 support (different clock synth) (Jay Estabrook).
 245. Resync with DRI CVS trunk (VA Linux Systems).
 244. Add XKB descriptions for the extra keys on a Dell Internet keyboard
      (#A.533, Ben Liblit).
 243. Add a Maltese XKB map and locale support (#A.527, Ramon Casha).
 242. Add a new "bksl" variant of the Czech XKB map (#A.515, Stanislav Brabec).
 241. Fix the initialization sequence for ExplorerPS/2 (#A.510,
      Arndt Schoenewald).
 240. When xdm is built with PAM support, don't call getpwnam() before
      calling the various PAM functions associated with authenticating a user
      (A.504, Ben Harris).
 239. Fix ccmakedep to handle source file extensions of more than one
      character (#A.507, Andy Wiggin).
 238. Fix a VT switching crash in the cirrus driver when acceleration is
      disabled (#A.489, Kirill V. Semenkov, #A.518, B. D. Elliott).
 237. Add support for the "PR" variant of the Rage 128 Pro (#A.487,
      Alfred Perlstein).
 236. Make the config file created with 'XFree86 -configure' load the
      speedo and/or type1 modules if relevant font directory is in
      the font path (#A.484, Dmitry Yu. Bolkhovityanov).
 235. Fix a bug in the nv driver's detection of the crystal frequency (A.481,
      Leo L. Schwab).
 234. Make xfontsel use the same order in its menus as the sort order used
      by the X server and xfs (#A.480, Dmitry Yu. Bolkhovityanov).
 233. Add an input driver for DMC FIT10 touch-panel (#A.477, Mayk Langer).
 232. Fix xf86PostMotionEvent() to handle first_valuator values other than
      zero (#A.468, Joe Krahn).
 231. Change the Swedish xkb map to map AltGr+Space to space (#A.467,
      David Härdeman).
 230. Fix the return value information in the Xv library man pages (#A.458,
      Tommi Vainikainen).
 229. Fix the DGA client library so that it can map the video memory on
      Solaris 8 x86 (#A.454, Juergen Keil).
 228. Change {Max,Min}{X,Y}Position options in the elographics and mutouch
      drivers to {Max,Min}{X,Y} so that it's consistent with the other
 227. Some Bulgarian and Serbian locale updates (#A.444, Anton Zinoviev).
 226. Add a usage message to glxinfo (#A.430, Mike Coleman).
 225. Set the Alt/Windows key mappings for 104-key keyboards to be
      compatible with 101-key keyboards by default, and add some new
      XKB options to set them differently.
 224. Add some new XKB options to select third level shift and group
      switchers/togglers (#A.425, Anton Zinoviev).
 223. Fix a bug in the Serbian XKB map (#A.424, Anton Zinoviev).
 222. Export from the loader the DIX symbols necessary for a modular version
      of the DEC-XTRAP extension (#4797, Paul Stewart).
 221. Add a workaround for FreeBSD to make programs (like mkfontdir) that
      are run as part of the build use the shared libraries from the build
      rather than those that may be installed on the system (David Dawes).
 220. Use MAXSOCKS for connection limit in Cygwin/XFree86 (Alan Hourihane).
 219. Add Render's layer support to Cygwin/XFree86 (#4872, Harold Hunt).
 218. Support for OpenBSD/powerpc (Matthieu Herrb).
 217. Experimental change to default behaviour of ATI panel support to override
      the horizontal and vertical porches of all modes to that found in the
      mode on entry (Marc La France).
 216. Fix detection of a panel's mode on entry in the ATI driver
      (Marc La France).
 215. Fix for Option "CRTScreen" in ATI driver (Marc La France).
 214. Patch for the Thai glyphs in Mark Leisher's ClearlyU font (#4846,
      Theppitak Karoonboonyanan).
 213. Add a font encoding file for tis620-2 (#4845, Theppitak Karoonboonyanan).
 212. Add a font encoding file for ISO8859-16 (#4844, Markus Kuhn).
 211. Make the input method framework in Xlib work better in an UTF-8
      locale (#4843, Yao Zhang and Bruno Haible).
 210. Default *sampleText*international to false in xfontsel's app-defaults
      file, since it breaks if the user has '*international: true' (#4842,
      Juliusz Chroboczek).
 209. A new version of the fontenc layer.  A major difference is that it
      reads from a "system" encodings directory
      <ProjectRoot>/lib/fonts/encodings/encodings.dir, which is searched
      after any encodings.dir file in the font's directory.  The font
      ABI version is bumped to 0.3 and the Xfont shared library's version
      is bumped to 1.4 (#4839, Juliusz Chroboczek).
 208. Add support to xload for displaying the load of remote hosts by using
      information in rwhod(1)'s database (#4833, Anders Eriksson).
 207. Rename the XVisibilityNotifyEvent man page to XVisibilityEvent,
      which matches the naming convention for the other X Event man pages
      (#4830, Ernie Coskrey, from X11R6.6).
 206. Update the registry to match X.Org's X11R6.6 version (#4829,
      Ernie Coskrey, from X11R6.6).
 205. Fix for the SlowKeys feature of the AccessX portion of XKB not working
      when the delay is longer than the amount of time between the delivery
      of key press events to the extension (#4828, Ernie Coskrey,
      from X11R6.6).
 204. Add a locale alias for "th_TH.TIS-620" (#4827,
      Theppitak Karoonboonyanan).
 203. Some updates (#4825, Branden Robinson).
 202. Make the vbe module build like the other modules.
 201. -
 200. Add a command line options (-show) to xvidtune to print out the current
      video mode (#4809, Markus Kuhn).
 199. A new driver for the "Acecad Flair" tablet (not enabled by default yet)
      (#4800, Edouard TISSERANT).
 198. Fix some typos in the iso8859-2 Compose file (#4799, Kamil Toman).
 197. Add some XKB options to allow the CapsLock behaviour to be easily
      selected (#4794, Ivan Pascal).
 196. Don't reference the log file in the FatalError message if it hasn't
      been opened yet (#4793, Branden Robinson).
 195. Add Calcomp input driver (#A.554 Martin Kroeker).
 194. Add preliminary 8 bit PseudoColor support to XDarwin full screen Quartz
      mode and fix IOKit mode PseudoColor that was broken by the multi-monitor
      patch (Torrey T. Lyons).
 193. Load XDarwin keymapping from file by default and give more useful error
      message if getting keymapping from kernel fails. Change keymapping
      translation so delete key is XK_BackSpace by default (Torrey T. Lyons).
 192. Create the two sets of locale.alias and locale.dir entries (those with
      and those without the ':' separator) from a single set of entries in
      the source files (David Dawes).
 191. Add an MS mouse driver for KDrive (#4754, Juliusz Chroboczek).
 190. Improve "true Big5" and "Emacs Big5" support (#4792, Yong Li, #4798,
      Tomohiro KUBOTA).
 189. Fix a non-standard character set bug in Xlib (#4792, Ivan Pascal).
 188. Fix for the savage driver on 64-bit platforms (#4788, Jay Estabrook).
 187. Xv fix for the r128 driver on big-endian architectures (#4781,
      Michel Dänzer).
 186. Fix an Xlib bug that affects conversion from CTEXT to multibyte /
      wide character (#4780, Tomohiro KUBOTA, #4783, Bruno Haible).
 185. Release notes (4.1.0) and Status doc fixes (#4778, 4779,
      Branden Robinson).
 184. 64-bit fix for lib/X11/ImUtil.c (#4773, Mike Harris).
 183. Fix dashed lines for the r128 driver on big-endian architectures
      (#4769, Michel Dänzer).
 182. Fix Xlib's parsing of CTEXT with multi-byte characters in GR (#4761,
      Juliusz Chroboczek).
 181. Fixes for the Romanian (ro) XKB map (#4746, Marius Andreiana).
 180. XDarwin bug fixes:
       - Stop FatalError re-entry in "no Quartz support" messages.
       - Synchronize XDarwin serverVisible state with application on rootless
      (Torrey T. Lyons)
 179. Fix an XDarwin bug that broke XWarpPointer in Quartz modes (Gregory
 178. Fix some more mi build warnings (David Dawes).
 177. Fix some mi build warnings (#4716-4719,4721-4724, Adam Sulmicki).
 176. Port for Linux/SuperH (Jornada680/690 and SEGA Dreamcast) (#4680, 4681,
      ISHIKAWA Mutsumi).
 175. Support for mouse wheel emulation (#A.506, Henry T. So).
 174. Add support to Cygwin/XFree86 to use CTRL+ALT+BKSPACE as the shutdown
      signal and fix up command line options to accomodate.
      (#4838, Alexander Gottwald).
 173. In XDarwin, add ability to change modifiers to use when faking multiple
      mouse buttons (Gregory Parker).
 172. Do not build Cygwin/XFree86 with -ansi as Cygwin's library (newlib) lacks
      some prototype definitions that cause runtime failures (hypot being one
      of them) (Alan Hourihane).
 171. Add extra library flags (commented out for now) for building
      Cygwin/XFree86's server (#4834, Harold Hunt).
 170. Fix a bug in the v4l module which caused multiple TV cards not to work
      (#4835, Gerd Knorr).
 169. Add multi-monitor support to XDarwin for all display modes using
      Xinerama (Gregory Parker and Torrey T. Lyons).
 168. Fix 16bpp colour maps on Mach64's (Marc La France).
 167. Fix Mach64 DPMS bug (Marc La France).
 166. Fix bug that prevented hardware cursors on Mach64 CT's (Marc La France).
 165. Document what a ChipAdjustFrame() function should to to prevent moving
      of hardware cursors during mode switches (Marc La France).
 164. -Wimplicit warning cleanup [`make World` >required<] (Marc La France).
 163. Ensure installed headers can find the headers they, in turn, #include
      (Marc La France).
 162. Make imake pass its -W* flags to cpp (Marc La France).
 161. More accomodations for newer GCC's (Mike A. Harris).
 160. Remove a CYGWIN define from Xserver/include/windowstr.h
      (#4832, Harold Hunt).
 159. Fix a casting problem which causes bdftopcf to write corrupted
      fonts on buffer boundaries (#A.522, Jakub Bogusz).
 158. Cygwin/XFree86 updates (#4824, #4826 Harold Hunt).
 157. Fix horizontal stripes problem in Permedia3 driver (Alan Hourihane).
 156. Remove most X_NOT_STDC_ENV code, and assume that __STDC__ is defined
      (David Dawes).
 155. Remove (stale) support for Amoeba and Minix (David Dawes).
 154. Update Cygwin/XFree86 cross-compilation and update to latest
      source base (#4801, #4802, Harold Hunt).
 153. Fix 'make install' for Freetype. (#4812, Carlos A M dos Santos).
 152. Turn on dll style modules for Linux/MIPS. (#4807, Guido Guenther).
 151. Add support for ATI's Radeon VE, Mobility M6, All-In-Wonder Radeon
      and Rage128 Pro Ultra, Digital Flat Panel support. Use DDC2 interface.
      (#4817, Mike Smith, ATI Technologies).
 150. Add IBM S/390 support for building the tree (#4815, Mike A. Harris)
 149. Fixes incorrect spelling of "XChangeWindowAttributes" found in
      XCreateColormap(3X11) and XInstallColormap(3X11)
      (#4813 Carlos A M dos Santos).
 148. Fix a serious memory leak in XAA (Mark Vojkovich).
 147. Add a DriverPrivate field to I2C devices (Marc La France).
 146. In the ATI driver, initialise the fb manager whether or not XAA is also
      used (Marc La France).
 145. Fix typos in radeon and wacom drivers.
 144. Don't disable the secondary CRTC on ATI Rage XL adapters (it doesn't
      exist) (Marc La France).
 143. Speed up ix86 block moves in ATI driver (Marc La France).
 142. Temporarily disable hardware cursor support for ATI GX & CX adapters
      (Marc La France).
 141. Make composite sync the default in the ATI driver (David S. Miller).
 140. Rework stretching of small DFP modes in ATI driver (Marc La France).
 139. Add an interesting PCI ID (Marc La France).
 138. Allow ChipValidMode() functions to pre-calculate a mode's horizontal
      sync and vertical refresh rates (Marc La France).
 137. Another fix for mode switch and cursor interactions (Marc La France).
 136. Temporary fix for endianness problems in ATI driver (Marc La France).
 135. Add XGetIMValues() prototype to Xlib.h (Marc La France).
 134. Use a more reasonable numbering for recent binutils versions on Linux
      (Marc La France).
 133. Fix dependencies for building drivers in a static server
      (Marc La France).
 132. Update XDarwin Japanese localization to include rootless UI changes
      (Toshimitsu Tanaka).
 131. Fix potential XDarwin bug in translating Darwin keymappings to X11
      keymaps with unrecognized modifier keys (Gregory Parker).
 130. Make XDarwin ignore Caps Lock when checking for VT switch, except when
      the user's switch key preference includes Caps Lock (Gregory Parker).
 129. Update XDarwin Cocoa UI and preferences for rootless mode. Add more
      explicit error message for users trying to run in Quartz modes without
      Quartz support. Remove unneeded info.nib files (Torrey T. Lyons).
 128. Added XDarwin menu bar hiding/showing in rootless mode (Gregory Parker).
 127. Fix DDC from reporting misleading information.
      (#4806 Andrew C Aitchison)
 126. Patch to make VBE DDC honour the NoDDC option.
      Before this, NoDDC disabled only 2 of the 3 ways the server might
      ask the monitor for DDC infomation.
      (#4805 Andrew C Aitchison)
 125. Stops xf86cfg complaining about non-video chips from Intel.
      Adds a few PCI card ids for Intel and one for Matrox.
      (#4804 Andrew C Aitchison)
 124. Add support for NVIDIA nForce integrated graphics (Mark Vojkovich).
 123. Fix a possible fatal crash in Xv when Xinerama is used (Mark Vojkovich).
 122. Corrects typos in output of xf86cfg when checking modules and
      documents ddc module options (Andrew C Aitchison).
 121. On Mac OS X, allow users to disable mouse acceleration changes by
      XDarwin (Torrey T. Lyons).
 120. By default, don't build the MagicTouch input driver until a common layer
      interface is coded for it (Marc La France).
 119. Fix Offscreen Image support for Xv/v4l in tdfx driver (Alan Hourihane).
 118. Add MagicTouch driver (A.482, Mauro Ziliani)
 117. Fix side effect in XFree86 of the recent changes to libxf86config
      (A.486, Knuts Andy).
 116. Define Xutf8LookupString in X11-def.cpp for Cygwin/XFree86
      (#4790, Suhaib Siddiqi).
 115. Turn on RandR build for Cygwin/XFree86 (#4789, Harold Hunt).
 114. Import of Gregory Parker's rootless code for Mac OS X. The code has
      been cleaned up, reorganized, and modified to use Cocoa and fb
      (Gregory Parker and Torrey T. Lyons).
 113. Freshen SCO port (#4709, J. Kean Johnston).
 112. Fix int10 build for GCC 3.0 (Marc La France).
 111. An attempt at fixing the i740 driver to not reference options before they
      are collected (Marc La France).
 110. Fix for RandR build (Bill Crawford).
 109. Fix 3Dfx Voodoo Banshee boards with timing issues (Alan Hourihane).
 108. Allow Cygwin/XFree86 to be cross compiled (#4784-#4786 Harold Hunt).
 107. Fix fatal bug in XAA's N-to-N CopyPlane acceleration (Elliot Lee).
 106. Add RandR support to the Kdrive PCMCIA driver (Alan Hourihane).
 105. Fix SharedLibGL to SharedLibGlx in cygwin.rules and some Cygwin/XFree86
      fixes including enabling backing store. (#4770, #4771 Harold Hunt).
 104. xf86UnMapVidMem shows the wrong number of arguments in
      os-support/README.OS-lib (#4357, Guido Guenther).
 103. Some driver loader symbol req/ref registration cleanups (David Dawes).
 102. Cygwin/XFree86 fixes.
      Release pressed modifier keys when server looses focus.
      Remove declaration in lib/X11/lcGetConv.c (no longer needed).
      Remove unnecessary #if(n)def __CYGWIN__ in lib/X11/lcGetConv.c, one in
      lib/dps/csconndi.c and one in lib/font/Type1/regions.h.
      Add a new SharedDepLibraryTarget rule (#4763-#4768, Harold Hunt).
 101. Fix bogus handling of BUS_CNTL Mach64 register (Marc La France).
 100. Fix a typo in xc/programs/bitmap/Bitmap.h (#4757, Suhaib Siddiqi).
  99. Add Cygwin/XFree86 manpage and minor tweaks (#4756, Harold Hunt).
  98. Ensure PCI master aborts are allowed to complete normally on non-root
      buses (Marc La France).
  97. Allow ChipScreenInit()'s to load modules during the first server
      generation (Marc La France).
  96. Update XvMC header files to match the spec (Matthew Sottek).
  95. Darwin build configuration changes:
       - Turn on building Xv and GLX extensions.
       - Make GLX and GLU build successfully.
       - Use Darwin's libz instead of building one for XFree86.
       - Use XFree86's standard compiler optimization flags per CPU type.
      (Torrey T. Lyons).
  94. Fix Xserver/Imakefile typo which broke XDarwin build (Torrey T. Lyons).
  93. Fix Darwin bindist files so that dynamic shared libraries are put in
      Xbin.tgz instead of Xprog.tgz (Torrey T. Lyons).
  92. Fix problem in Ib/Xaw/AsciiSrc.c:nitStringOrFile() when descriptor 0
      is closed, as a zero return value from open(2) is taken as an error
      (splite at
  91. Fix glide driver that causes -configure to fail for all drivers
      (Alan Hourihane).
  90. Don't define SVR4 on Cygwin/XFree86 (#4751, Suhaib Siddiqi,
      Alan Hourihane).
  89. Don't override system commands specified in host.def on Cygwin/XFree86
      (#4753, Alexander Gottwald).
  88. Fix cursor problem in server respawn's on Cygwin/XFree86
      (#4750, Harold Hunt).
  87. Fix typo definition of CplusplusCmd in
      (#4752, Alexander Gottwald).
  86. Fix makedepend for use on Cygwin/XFree86.
      Use makedepend on Cygwin/XFree86.
      Fix SharedDepLibraryTarget so that build dependencies are correct,
      this fixes libGLU's build problem (Alan Hourihane).
  85. Don't define MKSTEMP on Cygwin/XFree86 (#4725, Harold Hunt).
  84. Fix memory count function for I128 (Mark Thompson).
  83. Use TermcapLibrary as -lncurses instead of -ltermcap, fixes problem
      building xterm/resize on Cygwin/XFree86 (#4749, Harold Hunt).
  82. Fix X server segfault in the GLX code (Brian Paul).
  81. PseudoColor fixes for Cygwin/XFree86 (#4745, Harold Hunt).
  80. Fix broken TGA driver (Alan Hourihane).
  79. Fix FIFO reset trouble in tdfx driver by lowering the FIFO size due to
      suspect code in Glide3. (Alan Hourihane).
  78. Fix Xvideo in tdfx driver when using YUY2 or UYVY data (Alan Hourihane).
  77. Add two missing symbols to loader reference for the glint driver
      (#4740, Mike Harris).
  76. Make Cygwin/XFree86 work at 8bpp, and re-arrange some command line
      flags. (#4743, Harold Hunt).
  75. Fix some build issues on Cygwin/XFree86 (#4736, #4737, Suhaib Siddiqi).
  74. Some Cygwin/XFree86 cleanups (#4735, Harold Hunt).
  73. Fix XAA's incorrect acceleration of X-Render's repeated sources and
      masks (Mark Vojkovich).
  72. Disable PCI resource conflict checking for Linux/Alpha (Jay Estabrook).
  71. Fix Linux xf86GetPciSizeFromOS() parsing when the kernel is 64 bit
      and any base or size is larger than 32 bits in magnitude (#4732,
      David S. Miller).
  70. updates and bug fixes (David Dawes).
  69. Make XDarwin ddx pass up proper right and middle mouse button numbers
      and fix mouse button 5 (Christoph Pfisterer and Torrey T. Lyons).
  68. Restore backwards compatibility from 4.0.[2,3] to 4.1.0 for
      the i810, r128 and radeon DRI drivers (Gareth Hughes).
  67. Fix a problem when using patterns of horizontal lines with the mga
      video overlay (#A.442, Ewald Snel).
  66. Remove duplicate XineramaLibrary section in X11.tmpl (#4731,
      Mike Harris).
  65. Enable building DRI for Linux/ppc, and fix a drm-related bug
      for Linux/ppc (#4728, 4730, Michel Dänzer).
  64. Document Options for the r128 and fbdev drivers (#4727, 4729,
      Michel Dänzer).
  63. Add a BuildBindist switch which causes a file containing the XFree86
      version number to be installed in ProjectRoot, include this in
      the Xbin bindist tarballs, and turn on this switch in the bindist
      host.def files.  The purpose is to allow the installer script to
      easily identify which version the bindist tarballs are (David Dawes).
  62. Resync bindist and with changes made for 4.0.3 (David Dawes).
  61. Fix the Shape extension's XShapeCombineMask to handle cases where
      src_mask is None according to the spec.  This reportedly fixes an
      X server crash (#4715, Huver).
  60. Exclude the DRI extension when NO_HW_ONLY_EXTS is defined (based on
      #4714, Frederic Lepied).
  59. Fixup Cygwin/XFree86 after recent Xrandr changes (#4726, Harold Hunt).
  58. Fix ATI Radeon driver on Alpha. Seems as though the BIOS doesn't
      like Re-POSTing and memory setup gets confused. (Jay Estabrook, Jeff
  57. Build fixes for Cygwin/XFree86 (#4710,#4711,#4713 Harold Hunt).
  56. Fix problem with on Darwin 1.3.x (#A.431, Stefan Pantos).
  55. Update and Darwin bindist directories to optionally
      install Quartz support and to add an x86 distribution (Torrey T. Lyons).
  54. Install xterm.termcap and xterm.terminfo when installing xterm
      (Torrey T. Lyons).
  53. Add missing return value for miSetPixmapDepths() (#4708,
      ISHIKAWA Mutsumi).
  52. Fill in the v4l man page template with some useful information (#4707,
      Gerd Knorr).
  51. Fix FFB OpenGL SwapBuffers (#4705, David S. Miller).
  50. Fix some mi build warnings (#4695-4701,4704, Adam Sulmicki).
  49. Work around a problem building the rstart specs doc with a symlinked
      build tree (David Dawes).
  48. Fix Glint 300SX+Delta support. Add faster 500TX text acceleration
      based on other code (Alan Hourihane).
  47. Remove SPARC-specific byte-swapping code that would not work on older
      SPARC CPUs (part of #4653, David S. Miller).
  46. NULLify mapVidMem() and remove DEV_MEM define for Linux/SPARC
      (#4651, David S. Miller).
  45. Fixing MTRR split code (hopefully) (Egbert Eich).
  44. Fixing coredump when doing vbeFree() twice: S3 Virge and C&T
      (Egbert Eich).
  43. Fixing HWCursor for mga driver in fbdev mode (Egbert Eich).
  42. Make the entire source tree (except GLX) compile under SunOS/SPARC 5.7.
      Functions that have yet to be ported are FatalError()'s.  This is
      temporarily controlled through a BuildXFree86onSparcSunOS #define in
      host.def (Marc La France).
  41. Merge support for all Solaris/ix86 versions together (Marc La France).
  40. Replace Xserver/Imakefile's DDXDIRn scheme with a more general scheme
      (Marc La France).
  39. For GCC on SVR4 variants, use -fPIC rather than -fpic to generate shared
      objects (Marc La France).
  38. Fix xmh's use of XtNewString() with getenv (#4694, Tim Waugh).
  37. Xdm/PAM fixes: leave it to PAM to observe whether or not an account
      is locked, and reinitialize credentials after calling initgroups(),
      because sometimes the credentials pam_setcred() gives are in the
      form of group membership (#4693, Mike Harris).
  36. Add an encodings file for standard box drawing characters for
      VT100-compatible terminals (#4691, Juliusz Chroboczek).
  35. Fix warnings when building mieq.c (#4689, Adam Sulmicki).
  34. Fix some bugs in the cz and sk entried in XKB's keymap/xfree86 file
      (#4692, Ivan Pascal).
  33. Add 'hr' entries to XKB's keymap/xfree86 and rules/xfree86.lst files
      (#4687, Nerijus Baliunas).
  32. Include <X11/Xutil.h> in shape.h to get Region typedef (#4686,
      Adam Sulmicki).
  31. Acceleration bug fixes for GLINT Permedia1 (Alan Hourihane).
  30. Ensure glint driver chips don't exceed the specified virtual sizes.
      (Alan Hourihane).
  29. ATI DGA changes (Patrick Chase and Marc La France):
      - Add accelerated DGA primitives for Mach64 variants;
      - Add accelerated DGA transparent blits for Rage128 and Radeon;
      - Fix setting of DGA_CONCURRENT_ACCESS;
      - Take XaaNo* options into consideration.
  28. Simplify DGAShutdown() (Marc La France).
  27. Fix colourmap bug when switching out of a DGA mode (Marc La France).
  26. Make it possible, but not required, for a driver to initialise DGA after
      XAA so that it may factor in any XaaNo* options in determining what DGA
      drawing primitives to support (Marc La France).
  25. Prevent mode switches while DGA modes are set (Marc La France).
  24. Remove all VGA'isms from the glint driver, it doesn't need them
      (Alan Hourihane).
  23. Support the Delta in the glint driver, needed for boards that have
      the Delta connected to the rasterizer, as it acts as an arbiter for
      the bus. Resolves acceleration troubles. (Alan Hourihane).
  22. Add an lv entry to XKB's keymap/xfree86 file (#4685, Nerijus Baliunas).
  21. Fix some typos in XKB's xfree86.lst file (#4684, Nerijus Baliunas).
  20. Add DDXOSVERRORF ifdefs to the XFree86 ddx code that make use of the
      OsVendorVErrorFProc feature (#4678, Michel Dänzer).
  19. Convert the r128 driver's "UseBIOSDisplay" option into a more general
      "Display" option (#4678, Michel Dänzer).
  18. Treat GL_POINT like GL_POINTS and GL_LINE like GL_LINES in the sunffb
      DRI driver (#4677, David S. Miller).
  17. Some doc updates related to cross compiling (#A.413, Scott A McConnell).
  16. Fix bsdLib.rules and bsdLib.tmpl problems that show up when
      X11ProjectRoot is defined (#4676, Johnny C. Lam).
  15. Fix Trident XVideo colorkey at depth 15, 24 (Alan Hourihane).
  14. Fix some apm driver bugs, including one that prevented acceleration
      from working (#4674, Loïc Grenié).
  13. Fix 555 (depth 15) palette handling in the i810 driver (#4673,
      Andrew C. Aitchison).
  12. [SECURITY] Fix authentication issues with mmap() on drm devices
      (Jeff Hartmann).
  11. Add euro locales and some other missing locales to locale.alias and
      locale.dir (#4662, 4665, 4667, Mike Harris).
  10. Fix Romanian XKB map (#4664, Mike Harris).
   9. Spell Portuguese correctly in XKB lst files (#4663, Mike Harris).
   8. Fix new ioperm calls in lnx_video.c for Alpha that are not needed
      (Jay Estabrook).
   7. Add drivers for PCMCIA cards, HP VGA Out F1252A, and the ColorGraphic
      Voyager VGA card to the KDrive server. Tested on the Compaq IPAQ.
      Use -listmodes, to check resolutions supported.
      (Alan Hourihane).
   6. Add RandR extension (Jim Gettys)
   5. Fix int10 option handling and DDC max clock reporting (Marc La France).
   4. Fix problems with assembler file dependencies when using gccmakedep
      with the build (Frederic Lepied).
   3. Update Japanese localization of XDarwin help file (Toshimitsu Tanaka).
   2. Update XDarwin man pages, help files, and version info. Add option to
      build bundle for deployment (Torrey Lyons).
   1. Finish DRI resync, including tdfx driver updates for textured video
      support (VA Linux Systems).

XFree86 (18 May 2001)
 561. Add an XKB description for Latvian (lv) keyboards (#A.411, Ilya Ketris).
 560. Resync with DRI CVS trunk (VA Linux Systems).
 559. Savage driver updates, including compiler warning fixes, document
      the "ShadowStatus" option in the man page, and fix an argument
      mismatch between ShadowWait and SavageWaitQueue (#4661, Tim Roberts).
 558. Update the wacom driver to add a "ScreenNo" option to allow a tablet
      to be attached to a screen in a multi-head setup, and to add auto-
      detection of USB line and max parameters of USB tablets (#4640,
      Frederic Lepied).
 557. Add a README file that has information about enabling the extra buttons
      on the IBM Rapid Access keyboard (#4639, Dennis Bjorklund).
 556. Fix some Slovene/Slovak confusion in locale.dir/locale.alias files
      (#4638, Kamil Toman).
 555. New XKB keymaps for cz and sk (#4634, 4637, Kamil Toman).
 554. Updates for the iso8859-2 Compose file (#4634, Kamil Toman).
 553. Check V_CSYNC in the r128 driver, and fix building with R128_DEBUG
      enabled (#4631, Michel Dänzer).
 552. Mesa 3.4.2 (and later) import.
 551. More build & warning fixes (Marc La France).
 550. Fix bug that caused hardware cursors to be temporarily moved during mode
      switches (Marc La France).
 549. Optimise HARDWARE_CURSOR_AND_SOURCE_WITH_MASK case (Marc La France).
 548. Move xf86CursorScreenRec definition into xf86CursorPriv.h
      (Marc La France).
 547. Fix BIOS retrievals in MGA driver (Marc La France).
 546. Fix ATIProbe() for newer Rage128 and Radeon chips (Marc La France).
 545. Add temporary workaround in ATI driver for interrupts that occur on
      PowerPC's upon PCI master-aborts (Marc La France).
 544. Update XDarwin to use fb and support Render (Torrey Lyons).
 543. Back out sunleo conversion to fb.  This driver is too heavily dependent
      on cfb32 for a simple fb conversion (Marc La France).
 542. Miscellaneous build/warning fixes (Marc La France).
 541. More prep work for SunOS (Marc La France).
 540. Fix libXft build on SunOS (Marc La France).
 539. Another makedepend bug fix (Marc La France).
 538. Fix use of xftcache utility during !UseInstalled builds (Marc La France).
 537. Adds #XFree86LOADER define to wrap ModuleInfo related functions
      (#4654, Harold Hunt).
 536. Add an option to the SiS driver to turn off Xvideo support
      (Ademar de Souza Reis Jr.)
 535. Fix FreeType bug, use MAXFONTNAMELEN (#4652, Janusz Gorycki,
      Juliusz Chroboczek).
 534. Fix hw/vfb for compilation on Cygwin/XFree86 (#4655, Harold Hunt).
 533. Fix some Sparc platform issues with Pci resources and the glint
      driver (#4641-4641,4644-4648 David S. Miller).
 532. Update glide, imstt, newport, rendition, suncg14, suncg3, suncg6,
      sunleo, suntcx, vga and vmware to use fb and support Render
      (Keith Packard).
 531. XDarwin fixes:
       - Turn off building non-functional RENDER support.
       - Reduce disappearing cursor problems when switching with Dock.
       - Top of X display is no longer occasionally drawn black when
         switching from Aqua.
      (Torrey Lyons).
 530. Update freetype2 bits to 2.0.2 version (Keith Packard).
 529. Re-fix the Trident Video scaler support for Blade series chips
      (Alan Hourihane).
 528. Fixed lbx to handle endian swapping without core dump (Egbert Eich).
 527. Fixed MTRR region splitting (Egbert Eich).
 526. Cleaned up option handling in int10 code (Egbert Eich).
 525. Added options to specify the Video BIOS to use for POSTing a
      chipset (Egbert Eich).
 524. Trident driver: added call to BIOS to enable unstretched mode when
      display is stretched. This should make the option "CyberShadow"
      obsolete. (Egbert Eich).
 523. Attempt to fix video Support on Trident driver (Egbert Eich).
 522. Added VBE DDC support to SiS driver (Egbert Eich).
 521. Fixed Silicon Motion to unblank the display when driver fails
      in PreInit() (Egbert Eich).
 520. Cleaned up handling of 'shadow status' in Savage driver
      (Egbert Eich).
 519. Savage driver: fixed lockups for Savage4 when loading colormap,
      manipulating the HW cursor, doing certain blit operations
 518. Cleanded up DDC code in mga driver (Egbert Eich).
 517. Fixed KGA handling in i740 driver (Egbert Eich).
 516. Converted i740 and Silicon Motion drivers to fb (Egbert Eich).
 515. Added calls to vbeFree() or xf86FreeInt10() to C&T, glint,
      mga, neomagic, nv, s3v, tdfx and trident drivers to clean up
      shared memory segments (Egbert Eich).
 514. Reworked video support in C&T driver, cleaned up block handler
      (Egbert Eich).
 513. C&T driver: introduced a delay when setting the cursor image for
      the first time after a mode change (Egbert Eich).
 512. Fixed R128CCE_RESET in r128 driver to do a reset only when dri
      is enabled (Egbert Eich).
 511. Rewrote readPciBIOS() and getValidBIOSBase() (Egbert Eich).
 510. Fixed xf86Info structure in xf86Globals.c to match prototype
      (Egbert Eich).
 509. -
 508. Fix XDarwin install problems with DESTDIR handling and with soft links
      to the XtAppAddTimeOut manpage (Christoph Pfisterer).
 507. Add Error message output in Cygwin/XFree86 (#4632, Harold Hunt).
 506. Fix xdm when HasPam defined, and enable Pam support on Solaris 2.6 and
      later (#A.401, #A.402, #A.403, Rainer Orth).
 505. Add Croatian keyboard for xkbcomp from Slovenian keyboard layout
      (#A.405, Vlatko Kosturjak).
 504. Fix XvQueryAdaptors when there is no adaptors found
      (#A.394, Jamie Strachan).
 503. Remove a stray INCLUDES in Xmuu/Imakefile when snprintf isn't used.
      Set the Permedia2 DAC Mask to 0xFF.
      PCI ROM space address access patch for LynxOS PPC.
      Change limit of motoppcBusAddrToHostAddr for LynxOS PPC.
      Include <sys/wait.h> for LynxOS in os/osinit.c.
      Define CBAUD, when it's missing in xterm, on LynxOS.
      (#A.387, Stuart Lissaman).
 502. Add SiS 86C204 to xf86PciInfo.h (#A.382, Carlos Manuel Duclos Vergara).
 501. Fix mga font corruption problems introduced with the recent addition
      of big-endian support (#4629, Andrew C. Aitchison).
 500. Update for the mga driver's man page (#4628, Andy Isaacson).
 499. Add more drivers to the default build on Linux/mips (#4623,
      Guido Guenther).
 498. Move the vgahw module load/init after the PROBD_DETECT handling
      in the i810 driver's PreInit(), which fixes a segv when using
      the X server's -configure option (#A.378, Leandro Martelli).
 497. Fix a problem with Radeon VE cards failing to enable its video output
      (#A.376, Paul Stewart).
 496. Fix some DRI-related build dependency problems (David Dawes).
 495. Fix some drivers (including tdfx, r128, radeon, ark, imstt) that weren't
      respecting the Virtual resolution requested in the config file
      (David Dawes).
 494. Fix some offscreen memory calculation/allocation problems in the
      tdfx driver (David Dawes).
 493. Fix a bug in localResizeOffscreenLinear when checking widths
      (Alan Hourihane).
 492. Update Japanese localization for XDarwin Dock related fixes
      (Toshimitsu Tanaka).
 491. Fix restoring of text mode fonts on Permedia3 (Alan Hourihane).
 490. Provide workaround for an apparent bug in Mac OS X 10.0.2 that causes
      XDarwin to lose the cursor when switching to X using the Dock icon.
      Fix "Application not responding" message in XDarwin's popup Dock menu
      (Torrey Lyons).
 489. Hardware cursor documentation update (Marc La France).
 488. XVideo extension support in ATI driver for generic (e.g. v4l) adapters
      (based on a patch by Ignacio Garcia Etxebarria).
 487. Fix ATI driver bug that caused the hardware cursor to move after mode
      switches (Marc La France).
 486. Fix off-by-one error in screen positioning after a mode switch
      (Marc La France).
 485. Backout part of 479 and implement a proper fix in the ATI driver
      (Marc La France).
 484. Fix palette problem on NVIDIA Riva128 in DGA mode (Mark Vojkovich).
 483. setxkbmap patch that:
        - fixes bug in comand line parser
        - makes debug output more comprehensive
        - prevent to use 'variant' from previous call if 'layout' name changed.
      (#4627, Ivan Pascal)
 482. Documents Xaa specific options in the XF86Config manual page
      (#4616, Branden Robinson)
 481. Add Mouse 3 Button emulation to Cygwin/XFree86 (#4626, Harold Hunt,
      Alexander Gottwald).
 480. V4L documentation fix (Marc La France).
 479. Fix bug in generic hardware cursor RealizeCursor entry
      (Marc La France).
 478. Extend the XFree86-VidModeExtension to accept gamma ramps from the
      client rather than just rgb gamma values (Mark Vojkovich).
 477. More Xv updates for the Permedia3 (#4625, Sven Luther).
 476. Build Cygwin/XFree86 with -ansi -pedantic (Alan Hourihane).
 475. Limit the number of PCI buses to 128 on ix86 (Marc La France).
 474. More fixes for the handling of unassigned PCI bases (Marc La France).
 473. Fix option handling in most drivers so that per-screen options work
      correctly (David Dawes).
 472. Resync with DRI CVS trunk (VA Linux Systems).
 471. Import latest Mesa 3.4.x branch.
 470. Add a PIOOffset value plus readEnable and writeEnable function pointers
      to the vgahw rec.  The former allows vgahw to be used for VGA registers
      that are shadowed in I/O space.  The latter allow the VGA_ENABLE
      register to be accessed in similar way to most other VGA registers.
      Add vgaHWEnable() and vgaHWDisable() functions (David Dawes).
 469. Disable HWcursor for CyberBladeXP chips (Alan Hourihane).
 468. Fix a Trident Cyber9388 setup issue (Alan Hourihane).
 467. Fix man page building and installing on Darwin. To be safe we assume
      the Darwin file system is case insensitive since one common variety is,
      ie. HFS+ (Torrey Lyons).
 466. Improve interoperability between Aqua pasteboard and X cut buffer with
      XDarwin (Gregory Parker).
 465. Updates for Cygwin/XFree86 (Harold Hunt).
 464. Provide more robust default preferences for XDarwin (Torrey Lyons).
 463. Remove map84 keyboard map from Cygwin/XFree86 build (#4621, Harold Hunt).
 462. Disable xload on Cygwin/XFree86 (Alan Hourihane).
 461. Remove an errorneous i++ from os/xdmcp.c with -class (Alexander Gottwald).
 460. Allow Cygwin/XFree86 to build with cygipc support (Alan Hourihane).
 459. Small XDarwin fixes:
       - Don't leak IOService objects when searching for desired screen.
       - Eliminate chance of SIGPIPE while shutting down.
       - Revert to Aqua cursor when quit by exiting main client.
       - Stop console error messages when using mouse button 3.
      (Torrey Lyons and Christoph Pfisterer).
 458. At Linus' request, make linux/int10 module deal with shmat() errors
      (Marc La France).
 457. Fix makedepend's integer value parsing and make it understand GCC's
      #include_next directive as found in glibc & libc5 (Marc La France).
 456. Xterm patch #156 (Thomas Dickey):  change preference of types for
      selection-target between UTF8_STRING and STRING (Juliusz Chroboczek),
      fixes for configure script and documentation (report by Adam
 455. Fix XDarwin so display number preference is followed (Torrey Lyons).
 454. Fix Xserver/Imakefile for Cygwin/XFree86 (Harold Hunt, Alan Hourihane).

XFree86 (26 April 2001)
 453. Loader fixups for Sparc's (Marc La France).
 452. Fix dependencies for libGLU on Cygwin/XFree86 (Alan Hourihane).
 451. Make xdm & xfs compile on Cygwin/XFree86 (Alan Hourihane).
 450. Update Japanese localization of's Preferences window
      (Toshimitsu Tanaka).
 449. Don't build clients that require extension libraries unless those
      libraries are being built (#A.386, Scott A McConnell, David Dawes).
 448. Fix the BuildXinerama test in Xserver/Imakefile (#4615, Harold Hunt).
 447. Ignore MakeDllModules when DoLoadableServer isn't set (#4613,
      Guido Guenther).
 446. Don't define the <Ctrl>T compose sequences in the iso8859-1 compose
      map by default (#4611, Mike Harris).
 445. Allow the nls compose data files to be pre-processed (David Dawes).
 444. Fix some problems introduced with the internationalisation of twm
      (#4607, Juliusz Chroboczek).
 443. Fix dpsinfo so that the correct headers are included (#4606,
      Juliusz Chroboczek).
 442. Fix mismatches between the way xlsfonts interprets font properties and
      the way they are defined in the XLFD spec (#4604, Jochen Voss).
 441. Add entries for German iso-8859-15 locales (#4603,
      Philipp Matthias Hahn).
 440. Cleanup build in Xserver/GL/mesa, making use of the earlier cleanups in
      the lib/GL build (David Dawes).  #4602 is redundant as a result.
 439. [SECURITY] Check for negative reply length/overflow in _XAsyncReply
      (Xlib) (#4601, Mike Harris).
 438. New 'hu' xkb symbols file (#A.364, Peter Soos).
 437. Trident driver fixes for PC98 platforms (#4612, Akio Morita).
 436. Convert apm driver from cfb to fb (Alan Hourihane).
 435. Fix makedepend for '//' comment parsing and symbols that contain
      expressions (Marc La France).
 434. Fix a problem with the mga G400 2nd head going into power saver mode
      when it should be blanked, and enable DPMS for the 2nd head (#A.358,
      Craig Leres).
 433. Fix a horizontal resolution problem that shows up with mga Xv (#A.365,
      Ewald Snel).
 432. Work around a refresh rate problem when using custom modelines that
      have a refresh rate > 100Hz with the Matrox HAL library (#A.360,
      Ewald Snel).
 431. XDarwin fixes:
       - Provide work around for kernel/driver issue on Darwin 1.3 that
         causes the kernel keymapping to be empty on Mac portables.
       - Command line -dpi option is no longer ignored.
      (Torrey Lyons).
 430. Ensure that the X-TT module isn't built if the Xserver isn't being
      built (#4594, Chu-yeon Park).
 429. Make xconsole try to reopen the /dev/xconsole pipe when it gets an EOF
      (#4593, Jeff King).
 428. Prevent an infinite loop (or unpredictable behaviour) in xmodmap (#4592,
      Peter Maydell).
 427. Add a font substitute for the zh locale (#4590, submitted by Branden
 426. Make the backspace key definitions for the xkb macintosh/us and
      dvorak layouts consistent with the default 'us' layout (#4588, 4589,
      Branden Robinson).
 425. Update for the sessreg man page (#4587, Branden Robinson).
 424. Add a font substitute for the ko locale (#4586, Changwoo Ryu).
 423. Avoid using fileno() in xauth's signal handler, and write messages to
      stderr rather than stdout (#4585, submitted by Branden Robinson).
 422. Fix nested comment warnings in dix/gc.c (#4584, Branden Robinson).
 421. Include <stdlib.h> in two lbxutil files to get malloc/free prototypes
      (#4583, submitted by Branden Robinson).
 420. Remove duplicate paragraph in xdm man page (#4582, Branden Robinson).
 419. Fix line numbers in error messages when parsing .twmrc files (#4580,
      Topi Miettinen).
 418. Fix backwards font glyphs in the ati/Mach64 driver for big endian
      platforms (#4579, Michael Dänzer).
 417. Add a build-time option to xf86config to make it append the major version
      number to the config file name (David Dawes, prompted by #4577,
      Branden Robinson).
 416. xf86config build fix for non-GNU make (Marc La France).
 415. Build fix for Summa driver on SunOS/Sparc (Marc La France).
 414. compiler.h cleanup (Marc La France).
 413. More DependDefines, OS_DEFINES and EXT_DEFINES build fixes
      (Marc La France).
 412. Fix installation of specs docs (#4575, Branden Robinson).
 411. Make Cygwin/XFree86 call miSetPixmapDepth for RENDER extension
      (Alan Hourihane).
 410. Xterm patch #155 (Thomas Dickey): correct change to return-type of
      in_put(), which caused problem with UTF-8 (fixed by Bruno Haible).
 409. Some unobstrusive preparations for SunOS/Sparc (Marc La France).
 408. Remove unnecessary libxf86_os link into Xnest & Xvfb (Marc La France).
 407. Disable building of SuperProbe by default (Alan Hourihane).
 406. Make OS_DEFINES available to all server Makefiles (Marc La France).
 405. Add support to xman for parsing '\" <string> formatting hints.
      Also cleanup some of the vendor-specific definitions and fix
      processing of mandoc pages on FreeBSD (based on #4573,
      Branden Robinson, David Dawes).
 404. Fix default mailbox selection in xbiff for Linux, add recognition of
      $MAIL, and update the man page accordingly (based on #4571,
      Branden Robinson).
 403. Remove redundant PCI id definitions in the tdfx driver, and clean up
      the messages printed when the DRI can't be enabled because the bpp
      isn't supported (based on #4570, Branden Robinson and #4598,
      Antti Tapaninen).  Also, re-enable soft booting.
 402. Install the XftConfig file under $(CONFDIR), with a link from the
      usual place (based on #4569, Branden Robinson).
 401. Update the Debian section on (#4568, Branden Robinson).
 400. Startx fixes/enhancements, including:
       - Fix argument processing.
       - Set XAUTHORITY.
       - Don't overwrite existing cookies, and remove ones added for this
         session when exiting.
       - Deallocate the VT that X was using.
       - Update the man page.
      (based on #4567, Branden Robinson, Henry T. So, Jr).
 399. Implement two new driver-provided options in the common cursor code and
      use them to work around hardware bug that causes flickering Mach64
      hardware cursors (Marc La France).
 398. Integrate SiS driver changes (Ademar De Souza Reis).
 397. Initialize Elsa GloriaXXL (GLINT) framebuffer properly (Alan Hourihane).
 396. Fix bug where would not hide the X display when it was no
      longer the active application (Torrey Lyons).
 395. Make ignore .xserverrc file when started from the GUI so
      that it starts correctly (Torrey Lyons).
 394. Cygwin updates (#4557, 4558, 4563, Suhaib Siddiqi).
 393. Document the usage of the -server option in the xfsinfo man page (#4562,
      Mike Harris).
 392. Fix xfs man page problem (#4561, Mike Harris).
 391. Fix a crash that happens when a font encoding has no aliases and it is
      invoked using a non-canonical name (#4560, Takeshi Miyasaka).
 390. Add imake/config support for distinguising big endian and little endian
      MipsArchitecture types (#4556, Florian Lohoff).
 389. Add support to the mga driver for auto-detecting the display type
      (#4555, Stephane Duguay (Matrox)).
 388. Savage driver updates, including:
       - Enable the Render extension.
       - Make the DGA mode setup look more like the other drivers.
       - First cut at Xvideo for the Savage4.
       - Add a "ShadowStatus" option, which is a reliable workaround for the
         scrolling hang that many experience.
      (#4554, Tim Roberts).
 387. Enable wide character support for NetBSD 1.5P and later (#4553,
      Matthias Scheler).
 386. Add offscreen image support to the i810 driver (for Xv), and fix
      physMemBase (#4552, Matthew Sottek).
 385. Fix bad cut&paste update to the sunffb driver (#4551, David S. Miller).
 384. Fix "DriDrivers" typo in the sparc section of (#4550,
      David S. Miller).
 383. Update UCS 75dpi and 100dpi fonts, including adding UCS versions of
      the UTBI and UTB fonts that were in the unnec_75dpi and unnec_100dpi
      directories.  The other "unnec" fonts are also moved over (#4548,
      Markus Kuhn).
 382. Make the v4l driver module keep searching for more devices if the first
      one can't do overlay (#4545, 4614, Gerd Knorr).
 381. Bug fixes for Xv support using a Permedia3 chip (#4564, Sven Luther).
 380. Xterm patches #151, #152, #153, #154 (Thomas Dickey):
       - improve select/paste of COMPOUND_TEXT and UTF8_STRING (Juliusz
         Chroboczek, Bruno Haible).
       - fixes for erase operations (Alexander V Lukyanov).
       - correct ifdef for bold overstriking when built to support UTF-8.
       - change resource corresponding to "-T" option to match Xt library's
	 "-title", i.e., ".title" rather than "*title" so the command-line
	 options are interchangeable as documented (Debian bug report #68843).
       - modify "RequestResize()" function to save/restore window manager hints
	 (Debian bug report #79939).
       - improved error checking for input-method initialization.
       - minor fixes for terminfo entries.
       - various build/portability fixes.
 379. XDarwin fixes:
       - Don't SetUID XDarwin X server. (The IOKit doesn't need it.)
       - Startup message reports correct display mode.
       - is now installed in /Applications by default.
       - Update xinit server name list.
       - "make clean" now works for a non-root user.
      (Torrey T. Lyons)
 378. Make XDarwin correctly handle color hardware cursors in Quartz mode
      (Gregory Parker).
 377. Fixes to the XDarwin application:
       - Display menubar when started without a splash screen.
       - Query before quitting from Aqua when started with startx.
      (Torrey T. Lyons).
 376. Update Japanese localization for XDarwin application (Toshimitsu Tanaka).
 375. Fix byte ordering and static colormap issues with XDarwin server
      on x86 hardware (Rob Braun).
 374. Fix problems with XDarwin hardware cursor support in Quartz mode
      (Gregory Parker).
 373. Resync with DRI CVS trunk (VA Linux Systems).
 372. Fix bug in XvMC protocol (Bob Paauwe).
 371. Ensure NoInt10 is used for PC98 (Alan Hourihane).
 370. Fix PC98 issues with the trident driver (#4547, Akio Morita).
 369. Add a NoInt10 option to the int10 module, allowing it to be disabled
      per entity (Alan Hourihane).
 368. Fixes to the XDarwin application:
       - X clients are now started correctly.
       - Shuts down cleanly.
       - Removed erroneous NSString releases in quartzCocoa.m.
       - Dragging with mouse button 3 or higher depressed produces events.
      (Christoph Pfisterer and Torrey Lyons)
 367. Make the ramdac module for the IBM RGB640 DAC work at depth 15
      (Alan Hourihane).
 366. Fix interference between acceleration and hardware cursors on Mach64
      variants (Marc La France).
 365. Fix xload so it is functional on Darwin OS (Rob Braun).
 364. Mac OS X specific fixes:
       - Fix typo in XDarwin startup program that could cause crash with
         many command line options.
       - Move Show/HideMenuBar() call to main thread so that XDarwin
         application displays a menu bar on the Mac OS X desktop.
      (Greg Parker).
 363. XDarwin application fixes including:
       - Fix bugs causing XDarwin preferences to not be saved correctly.
       - When using system beep, turn off bell when beep volume is set to 0.
      (Christoph Pfisterer).
 362. Fix building of dpsops.h and psops.h in correct order (Alan Hourihane).
 361. Change xvmc.h to xvmcext.h to avoid case-(in)sensitive name clash with
      XvMC.h for Cygwin/XFree86 (Alan Hourihane).

XFree86 (6 April 2001)
 360. Fbdev driver updates, including:
       - Switch from shadowfb to mishadow.
       - Add RENDER extension support.
       - Add DGA support.
       - Fix SaveScreen function
       - Blank screen in ScreenInit so the former framebuffer contents aren't
      (#4544, Michel Dänzer).
 359. Remove references to th_TH compose file from compose.dir (#4543,
      Theppitak Karoonboonyanan).
 358. Fix for improper setting of the maxHValue limit in the tseng driver.
      This makes modes like 1152x864@24bpp possible (#A.355, Stanislav Brabec).
 357. Fix a hw cursor related lockup that shows up with some mga G400
      16MB OEM single head cards (#A.351, Ewald Snel).
 356. Fix the XKB macintosh/it mapping (the accent-related keys were wrong)
      (#A.349, Andrea Ghirardini).
 355. Add XKB descriptions for the extra keys on a Chicony internet
      keyboard (#A.356, John Gladkih).
 354. Add support for the internal input device interface to mice on
      Solaris 8, and make it the default protocol ("VUID") (#A.340,
      Marcus Comstedt).
 353. Add XKB descriptions for the extra keys on an IBM Rapid Access II
      keyboard (#A.332, Patrick D'Cruze).
 352. Fix a typo in xvidtune (#A.327, Peter Breitenlohner).
 351. Fix Linux/libc5 build problem in the bigfont extension code (#A.327,
      Peter Breitenlohner).
 350. Fix typo in (#A.327, Peter Breitenlohner).
 349. Big endian and PowerPC support for the mga driver (#4540, Ani Joshi).
 348. Big endian support for the tdfx driver (#4539, Ani Joshi,
      Nicolas Dimitrijevic).
 347. Build the tdfx and imstt drivers on PowerPC platforms (#4538, Ani Joshi).
 346. Add IMS (Integrated Micro Solutions) PCI data for the TwinTurbo128
      and TwinTurbo3D (#4537, Ani Joshi).
 345. Fix some color and accel glitches in the imstt driver (#4536, Ani Joshi).
 344. Add ISA I/O support for PowerPC Linux using the __NR_pciconfig_iobase
      syscall (#4535, Ani Joshi).
 343. New Xwin server code from the Cygwin/XFree86 project.  This version
      is more portable across Win32 platforms.  Changes include:
       - Use fb and shadowfb, and use the faster of GDI blitter,
         DirectDraw blitter and DirectDraw4 blitter to update damaged
         regions.  The video card's framebuffer is no longer mapped.
       - Works correctly at depths > 8, but colors are not correct at depth 8.
       - Uses the standard Win32 API messages for processing keyboard and
         mouse input rather than using DirectInput.  This is more reliable.
       - Improved internal structure and coding conventions.
       - Builds completely from the XFree86 tree using gcc (the Visual C++
         compiled xf_dx.dll is no longer used).
       - The new server can run on machines that don't have DirectDraw/DirectX
         installed (or installed but not operable) by falling back to the
         GDI blitter.  The best drawing interface is determined at startup,
         but this can be overriden with the -engine command line option.
       - The Xrender extension is now supported.
       - Command line option is available to run in full screen mode.
      (#4531, 4532, 4534, Cygwin/XFree86 project including Harold L Hunt II,
      Suhaib M Siddiqi, Dakshinamurthy Karra, Peter Busch).
 342. v4l driver bug fixs: catch xalloc() failures, and set the depth
      correctly for the VIDIOCSPICT ioctl (#4530, Gerd Knorr).
 341. Add a driver for VMware virtual SVGA devices.  This is for use
      by X servers running under a VMware guest OS (#4529, VMware, Inc).
 340. Remove Cygwin-specific #ifdef in Xserver/os/Waitfor.c, which fixes
      a crash (#4528, Suhaib Siddiqi).
 339. Cygwin build fixes (#4527, Suhaib Siddiqi).
 338. Updates to the "citron" input driver.  It includes compatibility
      with the Winbond SIO chip (83977EF), and some new commands to
      communicate to the touch driver from an application program
      (via XChangeFeedbackControl) (#4526, Peter Kunzmann, Citron).
 337. Updates to the "summa" input driver, including:
       - "Resolution" replaces "LPI" as option for setting resolution.
       - Fixed device reporting to give the actual tablet area size and
       - Tested and working with: SummaSketch3, Hitachi_1217D, a couple of
         others emulating the Summa protocol.
       - Reduce debug message verbosity.
       - Various cleanups.
      (#4525, Huver).
 336. SunFFB driver bug fixes, including:
       - Be smarter about restoring Kernel framebuffer state.
       - Cure build errors when debug defines are enabled.
       - Do not enable DRI or DGA acceleration if NoAccel option is specified.
      (#4524, David S. Miller).
 335. Mga G450 dual head support, (#4523, Luugi Marsan (Matrox) and
      David Woodhouse).
 334. Fix missing xfree -> Xfree mapping in the Type1 font library code (#4521,
      Juliusz Chroboczek).
 333. Make sure that an initialization assumption in parse_fontdata() in
      lib/X11/omGeneric.c is met (#4520, Jonathan Kamens).
 332. Add checksum verification to detect monitors that give incorrect EDID
      data (#4517, Andrew C Aitchison).
 331. Fix checking of LD_ELFDLOBJECT on big-endian systems (#4514,
      Guido Guenter).
 330. Add an update.fonts target/rule for maintainer use to update
      the latin1 fonts in the source tree that are derived from the
      ISO10646-1 masters (David Dawes).
 329. Update UCS misc fonts, which includes the addition of the missing
      4 DEC VT100 graphics characters from Unicode 3.2 (#4533, Markus Kuhn).
 328. Handle build-time generation of 8 bit fonts from the UCS versions,
      rework the way this is organised, and allow some better control over
      which fonts are built/installed (David Dawes).
 327. Add UCS versions of most of the 75dpi and 100dpi bdf fonts, and generate
      8-bit subsets of them.  Also, remove the now-redundant latin2
      bdf font directories (#4512 Markus Kuhn).
 326. Add support for Trident CyberBladeXP and CyberBladeXPm (mobile)
      (Alan Hourihane, Robert V Fleisig).
 325. Add XKB descriptions for the extra keys on an IBM Rapid Access keyboard
      (#4510, Dennis Bjorklund).
 324. Update Status and i810 docs to mention i815 support and FreeBSD support
      (#4509, Andrew C Aitchison, David Dawes).
 323. Xprt fixes to make it closer to version (Danny Backx).
 322. Fix for reading PCI resource data on Linux/alpha (#4508,
      Ivan Kokshaysky).
 321. Add XKB descriptions for the extra keys on a "Logitech Internet Keyboard"
      (#4505, Matthew Hand).
 320. Build shared libGL and DRI client modules on Linux without PIC for
      performance reasons.
 319. Updates to glxinfo (Brian Paul).
 318. Add glxgears (Brian Paul).
 317. glxinfo needs libGLU (Marc La France).
 316. Rage128 fix to Cards database (Marc La France).
 315. Minor fix to PCI resource overlap handling (Marc La France).
 314. Loader code simplification and IA-64 cache flushes (Marc La France).
 313. Workaround in the ATI driver for troublesome interaction between loader
      and compiler optimisation (Marc La France).
 312. Warning fixes for `gcc -fno-builtin`, which appears to be the default on
      some systems (Marc La France).
 311. Add glyph transformations to Xft (Tuomas J. Lukka)
 310. Add XftCache creation to fonts/Type1 (Keith Packard)
 309. Add Xmuu library for non-Xt/Xaw dependent applications (Jim Gettys)
 308. Add i810 and Xv support to kdrive (Pontus Lidman)
 307. Fix Radeon CPUToScreen acceleration on Alpha platforms (Jay Estabrook).
 306. Fix bug in ServerLayout option handling when there's no ServerFlags
      section present (David Dawes).
 305. Allow fb to access 16bit devices (Alan Hourihane).
 304. XvImage support for GeForce chips in the nv driver (Mark Vojkovich).
 303. XvMC build fix (Marc La France).
 302. Fix recently introduced bug in xf86cfg (Marc La France).
 301. Re-instate warning fixes clobbered by DRI merge (Marc La France).
 300. Ignore disabled non-video PCI ROMs (Marc La France).
 299. Hardware cursor implementation for Mach64 variants (William Blew,
      Ani Joshi, Marc La France).
 298. Some endianness fixes in the ATI driver (incomplete) (Marc La France).
 297. Fix MMIO ordering problems for Mach64 acceleration (Marc La France).
 296. Fix ATI driver behaviour when it finds the LCD panel has been disabled
      on entry (Marc La France).
 295. Fix ECP clock for GATOS (Vladimir Dergachev).
 294. Undo part of CHANGELOG 36 (Marc La France).
 293. Rework the building of libGL and the DRI drivers (David Dawes).
 292. Update greek keyboard layout and compose map.
      (#4513, Katsaloulis Panagiotis)
 291. Fix problems in Xnest when MouseKeys is enabled and patched it to
      use XKB to allow clients to change keyboard description and
      configuration whithout interfering with the "real" X server
      (Paulo César Pereira de Andrade).
 290. Dvorak keymap fix (#A.343, J Phillips).
 289. Some vesa driver updates, including:
       - Wrap CloseScreen().
       - Call xf86PrintModes().
       - Add error messages for when PreInit bails out for lack of modes.
       - Rework how the debugging information is printed.
       _ Avoid some build warnings.
      (David Dawes)
 288. Make it possible to call xf86PrintModes() when there is no hsync or
      refresh data available, like from the vesa drivers (David Dawes).
 287. Add a "cleanlinks" script for cleaning up dangling links in lndir-created
      shadow trees (David Dawes).
 286. Resync with DRI CVS trunk (VA Linux Systems).
 285. Make extension headers available when the extension is enabled but the
      extension's client library is disabled (David Dawes).
 284. Make it possible to enable building selected extension libraries
      when BuildServersOnly is set, and allow independent control of
      building docs and clients (David Dawes).
 283. Import latest Mesa 3.4.x branch.
 282. Lower the default fifo threshold for PM3 chips (Alan Hourihane,
      Rafael Barbalho, 3DLabs).
 281. Fix 3DLabs GLINT driver for use the Flat Panels, use the UseFlatPanel
      option. Tested with the SGI 1600SW and Permedia3 board (Alan Hourihane).
 280. Fix glxinfo to query default display (Alan Hourihane).
 279. Convert TGA driver to use fb (Alan Hourihane).
 278. Fix XTRAP typo in miinitext.c (Damien Touraine).
 277. Major updates to the XFree86(1) man page (David Dawes).
 276. A new (perl) version of the mkhtmlindex script that works better than
      the shell version (David Dawes).
 275. Fix the `make depend` scripts to accept -U flags and not require a blank
      in their -f flag (Marc La France).
 274. Bump the video and input driver ABI minor numbers.
 273. Add xf86SetRealOption() (Huver).
 272. Change Xdarwin do that it processes all pending events instead of
      just the oldest one on ProcessInputEvents() call ,
      Quit Xdarwin cleanly, wether from the Xserve or from Cocoa front end,
      Fix a case typp which cases the Xdarwin server not to start if
      installed on a case sensitive file system like UFS.
      (#4504, #4507, #45011, Gregory Parker, Torrey T. Lyons).
 271. Move Section DRI/Endsection into the DRI function to be consistant with
      all of the other sections. (Quentin Neill)
 270. Made xf4bpp code moer 64bit clean (still doesn't work on Alphas)
      (Egbert Eich).
 269. Removed disable/enable interrupt call on ia64 platforms.
      The machine instruction is privileged and not permitted in user space
      (Egbert Eich).
 268. Improved mode setting in Trident driver; added code to ValidMode
      to reject any modes whose size is larger than the physical LCD
      size if LCD is enabled (Egbert Eich).
 267. Modified error message in TDFX driver to give user a clue how
      to avoid error (Stefan Dirsch).
 266. Fixed appearant typo in SMI driver (Egbert Eich).
 265. Changed Savage driver to unmap memory when exiting PreInit() and
      maps it on every call to ScreenInit() (Egbert Eich).
 264. Changed handling of failed vbe call in rage 128 driver.
      No the driver doesn't fail any more (Egbert Eich).
 263. Integrate the currently Panix-specific keycodes into atKeynames.h,
      since they're not really Panix-specific (David Dawes).
 262. Fix problem with a NULL pointer in Xv Xineramification (Benjamin Monate).
 261. Bug fixes and improvements for mouse 3 button emulation state machine
      (Andrew Pimlott).
 260. Updates for Hurd support (#A.324, Marcus Brinkmann).
 259. Add call to setlocale() in xev (#A.322, Eugene B. Byrganov).
 258. Add support fo the charset Big5HKSCS to the X-TrueType module, as
      well as some basic XLocale support for it (#A.321, Roger So).
 257. Fix core dump in XqueueMousePreInit (#A.317, Fiel Cabral).
 256. Allow the mga driver's "DigitalScreen" option to work for the first
      head (#A.297, Niels Gram Jeppesen).
 255. Add zh_CN.GBK locale support (#A.293, Yong Li).
 254. Fix a problem with the ThinkingMousePS/2 protocol handling of left
      movement (#A.292, Ian Remmler).  (This has been in 3.3.x since 3.3.4.)
 253. Make xdm Xinerama-aware so that it can avoid splitting login and
      chooser windows across physical screens (#A.276,
      Dmitry Yu. Bolkhovityanov).
 252. Fix a resource allocation bug in the DBE code (#A.271, Bill Rugolsky).
 251. Only enable Xv support for the 630 in the sis driver (#A.263, Nick Lamb).
 250. Modify the sis driver to prefer 24bpp framebuffer layout.  Perhaps not
      all support 32bpp? (#A.263, Nick Lamb).
 249. Add missing byte to Intellimouse init string, which fixes problems
      that show up with some KVM switches (#A.258, Seung-Hyeon Rhee).
 248. Some DRM module fixes for FreeBSD 5-current (#A.242, Andrew Atrens).
 247. Fix xterm build on Solaris 2.5.1 (based on #A.282 from mark at
 246. Make the Linux/PPC "custom keycodes" choice a run-time option instead
      of a build-time option (#A.240, Franz Sirl).
 245. Add support to splitting WC MTRR regions on Linux when the regions is
      not aligned on a size boudary (#A.238, _Usul John Obscurant).
 244. Add Acecad support to the "summa" input driver (#A.237, Arpad Gereoffy).
 243. Don't try to map 64K blit window aperture on older trident chips
      (Alan Hourihane).
 242. V4L driver cleanups and Xineramification (#4502, Gerd Knorr).
 241. Make the X server and the Mac OS X front end run in a single process.
      Other build fixes for Darwin (#4500, #4501, the XonX team).
 240. Don't build xf86config under BuildServersOnly (Marc La France).
 239. Potential fix for DGA apps that set colourmaps the normal way rather than
      through DGA (Mark Vojkovich, Marc La France, Pontus Lidman).
 238. Make fstobdf generate correct ATTRIBUTES fields (Ishikawa Mutsumi).
 237. Xt man page updates (Paul Vojta).
 236. Plug kernel security hole in Linux int10 (Marc La France).
 235. Fix Xnest build for newest gcc versions (Marc La France).
 234. Fix typo in Xv Xinerama support (Gerd Knorr).
 233. Fix a problem with multi-thread support on OpenBSD (released OpenBSD
      versions don't have getpwuid_r) (Matthieu Herrb)
 232. Allow to compile on OpenBSD-current which has completly removed PCVT
      from its installation. (Matthieu Herrb)
 231. Support for ThreadedX on FreeBSD (FreeBSD ports patch-xthread).
 230. Updates for console-related FreeBSD system header changes as of 4.1-REL
      (FreeBSD ports patch-r, patch-s).
 229. Don't leave free'd vrotate uninitialised in lib/X11/omGeneric.c
      (FreeBSD ports patch-q).
 228. Protect #define HasPam in (FreeBSD ports patch-d).
 227. Fix border garbage for the G400 second head by backing out #4205
      (David Dawes).
 227. Fix a typo in fonts/util/Imakefile (#4499, Juliusz Chroboczek).
 226. Add a document describing the DPS code included in the tree, and
      pointers to web resources (#4498, Juliusz Chroboczek).
 225. Use VBE to add runtime DDC support to the i810 driver (#4496,
      Andrew C. Aitchison).
 224. DRM kernel module updates for FreeBSD (#4493, joe at
 223. Add support for the "Internet" keys of the Genius Comfy KB-16M keyboard
      (#4491, Kamil Toman).
 222. Include three DPS sample clients:
       - dpsinfo: random info about the DPS extension;
       - dpsexec: interactive DPS ``executive'' (command-line);
       - texteroids: a demo of font support.
      (#4489, 4497, Juliusz Chroboczek).
 221. Don't build the GLU library when not building GLX.  This fixes
      a build failure when GLX is disabled (#4488, Juliusz Chroboczek).
 220. Make the stub files that pswrap generates contain the same set of
      includes as the Adobe version, which fixes problems building
      standalone DPS clients (#4487, Juliusz Chroboczek).
 219. Fix setxkbmap bugs, including:
       - Continue working if the appropriate root window property where the
         current xkb settings are saved can't be read or interpreted.
       - Make the -keymap option work.
       - Update the man page to explain how the "-option" option works.
       - Add primitive sanity checking for 'map name'.
      (#4482, Ivan Pascal).
 218. Fix a server crash while reading DDC data from EDID2 capable monitors
      (#4481, Andrew C Aitchison).
 217. Updates to Thai support, including:
       - Fix a bug combining characterw with Shift keys.
       - Remove the th_TH Compose file so that Thai XIM is/can be(?) activated
         without needing XSetLocaleModifiers().
       - A more precise context-sensitive input sequence check using
         XNStringConversionCallback added. This has been tested with
         xiterm+thai-1.04pre2. The implementation detail might be changed
         if found inconsistent with the X11 specification.
      (#4478, Theppitak Karoonboonyanan).
 216. Update, and replace the special map-* files with the
      original mapping files from  Changes include:
       - A bug has been fixed that caused sometimes the FONT property not
         to be updated correctly.
       - The FONTBOUNDINGBOX is now recalculated, which makes the script
         also suitable for proportional fonts.
       - The mapping table for the DEC VT100 graphic characters is now built
         into the script. This means the special map-* files are not necessary
         any more and they could be replaced with the original mapping files
         found on
       - Whether the DEC VT100 graphic characters are added can be controlled
         with options +d/-d. Default is to add them for upright charcell fonts
       - Slightly improved warning messages.
      (#4472, Markus Kuhn).
 215. Fix libGLU build problem on Cygwin (#4467, Suhaib M. Siddiqi).
 214. Fix missing libX11 exported symbols for Cygwin (#4467,
      Suhaib M. Siddiqi).
 213. Updates for Hurd support (#A.209, Marcus Brinkmann).
 212. Fix some mis-placed mem_barrier's for Alpha platforms (Jay Estabrook).
 211. Fix a Index/DAC register access in glint PM2v, PM3 driver.
      (#A.319, Romain Dolbeau).
 210. Add Xv support to Permedia3 driver (#4480, #4486 Sven Luther).
 209. Support for NVIDIA GeForce3 (Mark Vojkovich).
 208. Allow GccWarningFlags overrides on Linux (Marc La France).
 207. Fix a problem with xvinfo's listing of image formats
      (Giridhar Pemmasani).
 206. Fix bug in XkbSetNamedDeviceIndicator (XkbSetNamedIndicator). This
      function can be used both for change state of specified indicator
      (on/off) and for change description (and so behavior) of indicator.
      Fix bug (in XkbGetPerClientControls). Typo where subroutine apply bit
      mask (that consist of bitwise OR of three separate masks) to value
      that have to be returned (#4474, Ivan Pascal).
 205. Setxkbmap can crash X server if one specify some illegal string as
      'xkb variant' name (#4471, Ivan Pascal).
 204. In Grab mode XKB sends 'state' in key events without 'group info'
      (keyboard map layout) (#4469-4470, Ivan Pascal).
 203. Rewrite the X-Video extension's Xineramification (Mark Vojkovich).

XFree86 (19 February 2001)
 202. Gamma correction and DirectColor visual support for NVIDIA RIVA TNT
      and newer chipsets (Mark Vojkovich).
 201. IA64 fix for generic int10 code (Egbert Eich).
 200. Redadding space as delimiter in locale.alias and locale.dir
      (Egbert Eich).
 199. Modified memory debugger script to retieve backtrace information
      with an unmodified version of gdb (Egbert Eich).
 198. Modified memory debugger to print out backtrace of call where
      a referenced freed pointer was once allocated (Egbert Eich).
 197. Several more fixes for memory leaks and several "referenced freed"
      to keep memory debugger quiet (Egbert Eich).
 196. Fixed "referenced freed" memory debugger message in xf8_24bpp code
      (Egbert Eich).
 195. Add a new rule for building DRI (client) modules, so that only the
      relevant symbols are exported (#4454, Red Hat).
 194. Fixed several memleaks in PCI bus code (Egbert Eich).
 193. Added code to disable SIGIO when entering SETUP state and reenable
      it when leaving SETUP state (Egbert Eich).
 192. Add type of option argument as comment to config file.
      (xf86cfg might need some fixing) (Egbert Eich).
      (Hopefully) fixed reordering of chips so primary comes first
      (Egbert Eich).
 191. Fixed bug that caused server to crash when a DGA private colormap
      was freed as miSprite still had a pointer to this colormap
      (Egbert Eich).
 190. Fixed savage driver for altered vbe functionality (Egbert Eich).
 189. Moved bulk of generic VBE functionality from VESA driver into
      the vbe module (Egbert Eich).
 188. Fixed some bugs in vesa driver (Egbert Eich).
 187. Fixed memleaks in parser code as well as several referenced freed
      pointers which pollute output of memory debugger and obsucre debugging
      (Egbert Eich).
 186. Fixed ChangeWindowAttributes() in cfb8_16 code (Egbert Eich).
 185. Moved Linux specific typedef from shared/xf86AXP.h to linux-specific
      os-level code (Egbert Eich).
 184. Added option to int10 softbooter to POST even primary device.
 183. Fixed memory leak in linux int10 code (Egbert Eich).
 182. Modified vm86 trap code not to fail on a #LOCK prefix byte
      (Egbert Eich).
 181. Fixed memory leak in posix_tty.c (Egbert Eich).
 180. Added support to generic driver to POST even primary devices
      (Egbert Eich).
 179. Added support for more AXP chipsets that require sparse addressing
      to bsd os level (Egbert Eich).
 178. Added missing symbols to C&T driver (Egbert Eich).
 177. Fixed problems with Xv code in C&T driver (Egbert Eich).
 176. Fixed a vertical and horizontal offsets on HiQV chips due to
      non-"standard" handling of H/VBlankEnd registers (Egbert Eich).
 175. Removed code that sets a chipset into graphics mode when
      saving/restoring fonts in standard vga code. This causes problems
      on some trident chipsets (Egbert Eich). [EXPERIMENTAL!]
 174. Moved KGA code that handles the H/VBlankEnd code that overscans remain
      invisible to separate functions. This way drivers have better control
      over these registers.
 173. TGA driver fixes (Jay Estabrook).
 172. Moved option processing to allow VGAClock option to be processed
      (Egbert Eich).
 171. Added option to swap heads on a matrox G400 dual head (Stefan Dirsch).
 170. Added handling of broken planemask support on different models of
      matrox G100 cards (Egbert Eich).
 169. Fixed minor memory leak in ati driver (Egbert Eich).
 168. Fixed resource registration in TDFX driver (Egbert Eich).
 167. Set new modelines for Trident LCD modes (Egbert Eich).
 166. Fixed handling of PreEnd Control register on Trident (Egbert Eich).
 165. Fixed problem with Trident Blade Mono8x8Patterns (Egbert Eich).
 164. Fixed clock division for CyberBlade E4 (Egbert Eich).
 163. Removed last static symbols from Tseng driver (Egbert Eich).
 162. Fixed handling of ICS5341 RAMDAC under 24bpp (Egbert Eich).
 161. Fixed resource registration in rendition driver (Egbert Eich).
 160. Attempt to fix various other issues on rendition - driver remains
      to be broken though (Egbert Eich)!
 159. Fixed false linear size for NeoMagic 2380 (Egbert Eich).
 158. Modified calulation of aperture size in NeoMagic driver to use the
      available video memory instead of the map size (Egbert Eich).
 157. Added a delay to prevent rare cases of lockups when starting
      X on NeoMagic 2160 (Miles Lane).
 156. Added DGA to Cirrus driver (Egbert Eich).
 155. Missing symbols added to Cirrus driver (Egbert Eich).
 154. Fixed acceleration on Alpine (Cirrus) driver. PIO and MMIO versions of
      the accelerator driver now support the same functionality (Egbert Eich).
 153. Removed unneededed call to xfree() in ddc code (Egbert Eich).
 152. -
 151. Siliconmotion driver updates, including:
        - Color change/flash at 8bpp when switch back to desktop in rotation
        - System hangs when enabling rotation in 24-bpp.
        - Overlay disappear in the virtual desktop when move the window.
        - Mouse pointer doesn't work properly in panning modes under rotation.
        - Garbage appears on desktop when click the Basic/Metal for the Theme
        - Added ZoomOnLCD option.
        - Desktop changes color when panning in 24-bpp mode.
        - CRT is off after exit X on DSTN 800x600.
        - Screen broken occurs in X when enable Rotation on DSTN 800x600.
      (#4463, Frido Garritsen).
 150. Include <time.h> in Xos.h to get struct tm (based on #4464, Mike Harris,
      and H.J. Lu).
 149. Add 1400x1050 60Hz and 75Hz to the default built-in modes (#4462,
      Tim Roberts).
 148. Create the default modes source file from the mode definitions on
      systems that have perl (David Dawes).
 147. Alias memset and memcpy to xf86memset and xf86memcpy in the loader,
      which should catch implicit compiler-generated calls to these functions
      (David Dawes).
 146. Fix NV, Glint, ati and mga drivers for Alpha EV56 machines
      (Jay Estabrook).
 145. Work around compiler-generated call to memcpy in the sis driver
      (David Dawes).
 144. Fix the neomagic driver so that it saves/restores the palette (#4452,
      Ken Hornstein).
 143. Fix a palette saving bug in the vgahw module (#4452, Ken Hornstein).
 142. Fix a typo in (#4446, Juliusz Chroboczek).
 141. Major updates to the savage driver, including:
       - DDC support
       - I2C support
       - XVideo YUV overlay support for Savage/MX and Savage/IX
       - DGA support
       - yanks Ani Joshi's depth/bitsPerPixel patch for searching the BIOS
       - fixes interactions with frame buffer and SVGATextMode consoles;
         VT switching now seems quite reliable for almost everyone
       - yanks unused options
       - adds new options for hacks to deal with the status register hangs
       - adds one special case memory configuration for Savage 4
       - adds support for doublescan modes (320x240 works)
       - adds LCD panel detection
       - fixes a panning bug at depth 24 (panning must be to even pixels)
       - adds a workaround for bugs in the latest ProSavage BIOSes
      (#4445, 4448, Tim Roberts).
 140. Make 'X -configure' use the long monitor name when present in the
      DDC info (#4444, Andrew C. Aitchison).
 139. Make glxinfo respect $DISPLAY (#4443, Meelis Roos).
 138. Fix TrueType font problems in 4.0.2 (#4439, Juliusz Chroboczek).
 137. Document the "DisplaySize" keyword in the XF86Config man page (#4438,
      Andrew C. Aitchison).
 136. Update the i810 driver to set the UV vertical phase for the 4:2:0
      planar formats to account for the spatial relationship between the
      chroma and luma samples (#4436, Jonathan Bian).
 135. Updates for Cygwin support (#4433, Suhaib M. Siddiqi).
 134. Fix a bug in the fonts.sgml doc (#4432, Juliusz Chroboczek).
 133. Fix the xdpyinfo so that it will build when the XKB extension isn't
      defined (#4422, Jim Gettys).
 132. Fix the xdm greeter so that it will build when the XKB extension isn't
      defined (#4421, Jim Gettys).
 131. Only build setxkbmap when building the XKB lib support (based on #4420,
      Jim Gettys).
 130. Improve the mga driver messages when the HAL module isn't available
      (#4451, David Woodhouse).
 129. Add G450 support to the mga driver (#4416, Luugi Marsan (Matrox),
      4449, David Woodhouse).
 128. Mga driver updates, including HAL cleanups, add a Crtc2Ram option,
      and merge with Matrox beta4 source (#4415, Antii Tapaninen, #4423,
      Simon Hosie).
 127. Fix a rounding problem in the wacom driver that was causing some
      position instability (#4417, Hannes Eriksson).
 126. Change Freetype2 compilation to pacify makedepend (Marc La France).
 125. Added changes to il (Hebrew) xkb keyboard map (#4459, Tzafrir Cohen).
      Added new by (Belarusian) xkb keyboard map (#4460, Alexander Mikhailian).
      Small additions to fixes A.272 to allow autorepeat control of MouseKeys
      also in 'non-accelerated mode' (#4461, Ivan Pascal).
 124. Add ATI Rage 128 PD support (#4455, ISHIKAWA Mutsumi).
 123. Make script case-insensitive (#4453, Mike Harris).
 122. Change ATI driver to detect panel dimensions of non-PC systems using an
      LT or LT Pro (Marc La France).
 121. Fix misdetection of sparse I/O PCI bases and handling of unassigned PCI
      bases in ATI driver (Marc La France).
 120. Extend libc wrapper's emulation of gettimeofday() and add emulation of PC
      and PC98 interval timers to int10 (Marc La France).
 119. An attempt at fixing the handling of unassigned PCI resources by
      improving detection of them and forcing them to be relocated
      (Marc La France).
 118. Make lndir ignore finder data files on Mac OS X (Matthieu Herrb).
 117. -
 116. -
 115. Undo s3virge changes in 4.0.2 for Xv support on ViRGE chipsets since
      they caused problems with plain ViRGE cards.  Xv is still supported
      for the ViRGE DX (#4414, 4430, Kevin Brosius).
 114. Siliconmotion driver fixes:
       - 24bpp corruption
       - mouse cursor still showing after X-server shutdown
      (#4413, Frido Garritsen).
 113. Change the Thai charset and locale description to a form agreed to
      by some Thai developers (#4412, Chanop Silpa-Anan).
 112. [SECURITY] Fix temp files vulnerabilites in xman on systems with
      mkstemp(). (Matthieu Herrb).
 111. Major improvement to the Xmaster UI on Mac OS X. (#4447, XonX team).
 110. 8 bit DAC support for the NVIDIA Riva-128 (Mark Vojkovich).
 109. Fix panning on Permedia3 (Alan Hourihane).
 108. Enable wsmouse support on OpenBSD/i386 (Matthieu Herrb).
 107. Xdarwin bug fixes and updates (#4440-4442, Torrey T. Lyons).
 106. ATI driver Sparc compile fix (David S. Miller).
 105. Implement BlockFills at 32bpp in the Permedia3 driver (Alan Hourihane).
 104. Ensure PCI retry is off for Permedia3, and fix an over by 1 error on
      FIFO usage (Alan Hourihane).
 103. Prevent glint driver from Seg faulting if mode pool is empty
      (Alan Hourihane).
 102. Add FIFOSize to glint driver for overriding of the FIFO depending on
      the target chip being used (Alan Hourihane).
 101. Major updates to the GLINT driver.
	- Add Dual-Headed Appian Jeronimo 2000 support (dual PM3's), it now
	  shares heads as per MGA driver for G4xx dual head boards.
	- Faster Permedia3 WriteBitmap/WritePixmap accelerator functions.
	- Fix Scanline acceleration routines when MAX FIFO is reached.
	- Improved Gamma support.
	- Upload cursor and cursor colours for pm2v/pm3 during vertical retrace,
	  which fixes r/b inversion and loss of video problems.
	- Fix pm2v/pm3 text restoration problems.
	- Re-arranged structure to accomodate multi-chips per screen.
	- Removed dualmx files and incorporated changes into standalone versions
	- Allow -configure to only configure VGA based Glint chips, works
	  around multichip boards (for now).
      (Alan Hourihane).
 100. Add XaaNoWriteBitmap and XaaNoWritePixmap options to XAA (Alan Hourihane).
  99. Improve determination of primary adapter (Marc La France).
  98. Fix PPC xf86sym.c compile problems (Marc La France).
  97. Fix int10 option handling for drivers that call xf86CollectOptions()
      before calling int10 (Marc La France).
  96. Properly detect unassigned MMIO address in ATI driver (Marc La France).
  95. Fix default compilation on Sparc/Solaris (Marc La France).
  94. Fix typo in Linux/Arm configuration (Marc La France).
  93. By default, don't build libGLU on libc5 systems (Marc La France).
  92. Fix HW cursor colors for pm2v/pm3 in the glint driver (Alan Hourihane).
  91. Rework the memory detection code for Permedia3, now correctly detects
      boards which aren't 32MB (Alan Hourihane).
  90. Write ScanlineCPUToScreen, ScanlineImageWrite functions for Permedia3
      which write directly to the FIFO, and remove obsolete functions
      (Alan Hourihane).
  89. Fix ordering of writes in pm2v/pm3 ramdac functions in the glint driver,
      thus fixing the R/B inversion problems (Jay Estabrook).
  88. Set the version strings in man pages dynamically (David Dawes).
  87. Remove the XF86_VERSION string from xf86Version.h, leaving just
      the numerical values.  All the version information is now derived
      from that single set of values (David Dawes).
  86. [SECURITY] Fix temp vulnerabilities in Xaw/MultiSrc.c using the technique
      in patch #4279 (Branden Robinson). Fix temp file vulnerability in
      gccmakedep based on report from Alan Cox. Fix temp file vulnerability
      in Imake.rules, InstallManPageAliases (Matthieu Herrb).
  85. Support vertical sub-pixel glyph rasterization in Xft
      (Keith Packard)
  84. Allow xf86ClaimPciSlot to be called with a NULL GDevPtr, as it was
      previously (Alan Hourihane).
  83. Fix clean rule in DRM build (Philip Willoghby).
  82. If MouseKeys is switched on, then the mousekeys autorepeat. (fixes
      #272, Stephen Montgomery-Smith)
  81. Ensure Video is unavailable when no acceleration available in the
      trident driver (Alan Hourihane).
  80. Implement a distclean make target (Marc La France).
      NOTE:  To correctly install this change, either `make Everything` or
             `rm xmakefile; make World`.
  79. Preprocess all man pages to make sure that the references to pages
      in sections that are platform-dependent are correct.  Also fixed some
      misc formatting problems found while doing that (David Dawes).
  78. Ensure client side version checking in 3D drivers for Rage128 and
      Radeon chipsets (Alan Hourihane).
  77. Nv driver update to fix the cursor for double scan modes, and to
      improve double scan mode handling in general (#4408, Csaba Halasz,
      Jarno Paananen).
  76. Fix a twm segfault if it gets events for buttons > 5 (#4407, 4425,
      Nathan Hand).
  75. Update the module subdirectory search list to include "multimedia/"
      (#4405, Vladimir Dergachev).
  74. Small R6.5.1 merge update in Xlib (based on #4403, Bruno Haible).
  73. Updates to the xprop utility, including:
       - Move to ANSI C, use const where possible.
       - Print WM_NAME and WM_ICON_NAME properties in the locale encoding.
       - Allow multiple "-remove" commands on the same command line.
       - Better error message when "-remove" is applied to a font.
       - New option "-set" that permits the changing of individual window
      (#4402, Bruno Haible).
  72. Remove schumacher-clean compatibility aliases, since the fonts are
      really ASCII and not iso8859-1 (#4401, Bruno Haible).
  71. Allow drivers to provide their own substitute for the xf86I2CWriteRead
      function (#4399, Vladimir Dergachev).
  70. Cirrus driver updates, including:
       - Add a call to fbPictureInit() in the Laguna driver.
       - Fix warning (missing a symbol from VBE) when starting the Alpine
       - Fix MMIO acceleration for the CL-GD5480
      (#4395, Itai Nahshon).
  69. Fix Neomagic 2200 screen corruption (Egbert Eich).
  68. Disable RENDER extension support in the ATI(misc) driver when mibank
      and/or shadowfb is used (Marc La France).
  67. Remove cfb & friends from the ATI driver (Marc La France).
  66. Some additional ATI PCI IDs (Marc La France).
  65. Make compilation of drivers produce the same object whether or not
      DPMS and DGA extensions are being built.  Partial changes to do the same
      for RENDER (Marc La France).
  64. Ensure `make depend` goes through the same set of subdirectories as
      `make all` does.  Allows MakefileAdditions to contain depend rule(s)
      (Marc La France).
  63. Move $(EXTRA_DEFINES) to the end of ALLDEFINES.  Ditto for
      $(CXXEXTRA_DEFINES) and CXXDEFINES.  Allows easier overrides at the
      subdirectory level (Marc La France).
  62. Add a pre-clean phase to `make World` if xc/xmakefile already exists
      (Marc La France).
  61. Import X.Org's X11R6.5.1 (David Dawes)
  60. Change identification of Trident 8400(CyberBlade/i7) so that it is not
      a Cyber chipset (integrated Desktop version) (Alan Hourihane).
  59. Use the wsmouse protocol in XFree86 -configure if wsmouse is available
      (Matthieu Herrb, lha at
  58. Sync Xdarwin with XonX version (#4428 Torrey T. Lyons):
      - add a working WarpCursor
      - add 15 bit pixel depth to the Quartz mode.
  57. New version of Xmaster, a Mac OS X application that controls the
      X server (#4427, Torrey T. Lyons, Andreas Monitzer).
  56. Add external CRT support for the Rage 128 Mobility (Kevin Martin
      and ATI).
  55. Radeon DRI fixes (VA Linux Systems).
      - Re-enable freeing resources when the screen is destroyed (Kevin
      - Use screen-relative instead of window-relative coordiantes to
        calculate the tiled depth buffer offset address (Kevin Martin)
      - Fix texture upload at offset 0 bug.  Quake 2 engine games use
        TexSubImage to update lightmaps and the like, and we were
        uploading the updates before the image had space in the texture
        heap allocated to it. (Gareth Hughes)
      - Add XF86Config file option to enable depth buffer moves (they
        are disabled by default since they are excuciatingly slow)
        (Kevin Martin)
      - Enable bus mastering in PCI config space for those systems that
        do not automatically have it enabled (Kevin Martin)
      - Remove AGP_CNTL register programming -- it was a holdover from
        the Rage 128 driver and is not needed on the Radeon (Kevin
      - Fix offscreen memory allocation calculation for textures (Kevin
  54. Allow libGLU to be built (Craig Dunwoody, SGI, David Dawes,
      Alan Hourihane).
  53. Import the GLU parts of ogl-sample.
  52. Add an imake control for determining when xload should be installed
      set-gid (David Dawes).
  51. Add some imake controls for installing Xkb and app-defaults files
      in the traditional location rather than under /etc/X11 (Red Hat does
      that) (David Dawes).
  50. Add compressed man page functionality to the rules in Imake.rules,
      so it should be usable on most platforms (David Dawes).
  49. Make acceleration work on the Trident Cyber9388 (Alan Hourihane).
  48. - Various small changes to accomodate Mac OS X support and fix a
        problem people were having with uninitialized globals in X
      - Allow XFree86 to run on Mac OS X as a full screen client of
      - Add a Mac OS X application that controls the X server and feeds it
        events when running on Mac OS X. Currently must be built by
        ProjectBuilder (#4409, #4410, #4411, Torrey T. Lyons).
  47. Fix Mach64 Mono 8x8 Pattern acceleration (Marc La France).
  46. Experiment with setting the server's "vendor release" value from
      the information in xf86Version.h, and modify xdpyinfo to show the
      server version in an easily readable format (David Dawes).
  45. Fix 1bpp colour map in vgaHW (Marc La France).
  44. More IA64 loader fixes and make xf86sym.c compile again
      (Michael Madore, Marc La France).
  43. Add missing symbols in vesa driver (Marc La France).
  42. Fix multihead pointer problem on Rage 128 (Mark Vojkovich).
  41. Resync with DRI CVS trunk (Kevin Martin, VA Linux Systems)
      - Add Radeon 3D driver (Kevin Martin and Gareth Hughes)
      - Improve Rage 128 3D driver support (Gareth Hughes)
      - Add fast AGP read/drawpixels support in MGA driver (Keith Whitwell)
      - Update DRI docs (Kevin Martin, Brian Paul)
      - Fix various bugs (Keith Whitwell, Brian Paul, Kevin Martin)
  40. Rename fsinfo to xfsinfo to avoid a name clash with the fsinfo utility
      in the Berkeley automounter amd (Matthieu Herrb).
  39. Invert NO_COMPILER_H_EXTRAS to prevent unintentional references to inx()/
      outx() on the likes of SunOS (Marc La France).
  38. Change the os-support layer to only claim a bare minimum of I/O resources
      rather than a larger estimate (Marc La France).
  37. Loader work:  Fix handling of shared GOTs on IA-64 and Alpha's, and of
      PLT and OPD entries on IA-64;  Cleanup debug messages and #if testing
      (Marc La France).
  36. Extensive int10 rework to address lockups, spontaneous reboots and tight
      CPU loops on various architectures (Marc La France):
      - Use intialised BIOS to softboot primary adapters on non-PC's;
      - Fix endianness problems;
      - Move stack into its own page to prevent overwritting interrupt vectors;
      - Prevent (with a message) int10 from interfering with mainboard devices
        (i.e. RTC, keyboard, speaker, chipset, etc.);
      - Flesh out int 0x42 emulation on non-PC's;
      - Emulate BIOS data area on non-PC's;
  35. Add missing symbols in i810 and sis drivers (Marc La France).
  34. Optionally disable, at compile time, loader bug workarounds in ATI driver
      (Marc La France).
  33. Prevent the Rage 128 and Radeon drivers from initialising an adapter more
      than once (Marc La France).
  32. Move support for >64kB BIOS'es from int10 into the os-support/bus layer
      (Marc La France).
  31. When retrieving PCI BIOS'es, only use another PCI base when a previous
      retrieval attempt fails (Marc La France).
  30. Temporary kludge to not consider any adapter as primary if more than one
      candidate can be found (Marc La France).
  29. Make deleted mode messages less fearsome (Marc La France).
  28. Fix -configure to retrieve the correct set of options for ATI, C&T,
      Cirrus and NeoMagic adapters (Marc La France).
  27. When removing PCI resource overlaps, always consider resources whose size
      can be accurately determined, whether active or not (Marc La France).
  26. Real 4:2:0 YUV support for the Rage 128 (Mark Vojkovich).
  25. Xinerama support for Render extension (Keith Packard).
  24. Make some changes to the clock selection for trident driver
      (Alan Hourihane).
  23. Switch savage driver to fb (+Render), correct maxHValue (Keith Packard).
  22. Add font property caching in Xft (Keith Packard).
  21. Xterm patch #150 (Thomas Dickey).
  20. Fix 24/8 Overlay support on Permedia2v and Permedia3 chipsets
      (Alan Hourihane).
  19. Add CyberStretch option to the trident driver for Cyber chipsets that
      allows Graphics modes to stretch to the full display (Alan Hourihane).
  18. Xterm patch #149 (#4351, Thomas Dickey).
  17. Fix Y offsets passed to pixmap cache when DRI disabled in R128 driver
      (Alan Hourihane).
  16. Add BlockFills to Permedia3 (Alan Hourihane).
  15. Fix pixmap cache when more than 16MB of memory on Permedia 3
      (Alan Hourihane).
  14. Fix colourmap problems at depth15/16 on Permedia3 (Alan Hourihane).
  13. Bump xc/programs/Xserver/GL/dri (libdri.a) version to 3.1.0 to
      correspond with the DRI backbuffer rewrite, and modify drivers accordingly
      (Alan Hourihane).
  12. Enable ImageWrites on Rage128 and Radeon (Alan Hourihane).
  11. Add DRIMoveBuffersHelper function to prevent code duplication in
      the drivers (Mark Vojkovich).
  10. Bug fixes for endianness problems in Permedia3 driver
      (#4404, Sven Luther).
   9. Add Appian Jeronimo 4x8Mb (PM2v) support to the glint driver
      (Alan Hourihane).
   8. Add render support to i810 driver (Keith Packard with testing
      by Christien Bunting)
   7. Switch misc (non-radeon, non-r128) ATI driver to fb (Keith Packard).
   6. 3DFX driver changes (Mark Vojkovich).
      - fix some DGA issues.
      - 2D and 3D now share offscreen memory (much faster 2D now).
      - rewrite Xv support to use the video overlay.
      - add new Options "VideoKey" and "ShowCache".
   5. Change xterm from simple face name to full Xft font name so
      that options can be provide (like minspace) (Keith Packard)
   4. Add UTF-8 support to Xft (Keith Packard)
   3. Add font/face sharing and a minumum vertical space option
      to Xft (Keith Packard)
   2. Fix 64 bit DGA bug (Mark Vojkovich).
   1. Rewrite DRI back buffer handling to minimize the impact on 2D
      performance (Mark Vojkovich).
   0. Fix incorrect driverName fields in the cyrix, i810 and sis drivers.
      This was causing 'XFree86 -configure' to get the driver name wrong
      (David Dawes).

XFree86 4.0.2 (18 December 2000)
1211. Fix a problem introduced recently when using the "ps/2" protocol for
      mice on FreeBSD (David Dawes).
1210. Disable DRI for tdfx when there's insufficient memory for textures
      (Alan Hourihane).
1209. Rename the R6.4 INSTALL and RELNOTES docs at the top level of the source
      tree, and add a copy of the XFree86 RELNOTES.
1208. Add Solaris 8/x86 key mappings for some more jp106 keys.
1207. Fix wacom man page to match the driver (based on #4398, Akio Morita).
1206. Install the iso8859-13 encoding file (#4397, Nerijus Baliunas).
1205. Misc doc-related updates.

XFree86 4.0.1Zc (15 December 2000)
1204. Fix an Xlib memory overrun when the Xutf8TextPropertyToTextList function
      is used in a unibyte locale (#4394, Bruno Haible).
1203. Fix the yen/backslash keys for Solaris 8/x86 with Japanese 106 keyboards
      (based on #4393, Takaaki Nomura).
1202. Fix type mismatches in the r128 DRI driver on Alpha platforms (#4392,
      Gareth Hughes).
1201. Fix build on Japanized version of Solaris 8 for x86 (#4390,
      Takaaki Nomura).
1200. Remove some old XtOffset magic for the arm that affects building
      with gcc (#4388, Keith Packard).
1199. Release notes updates (David Dawes, Egbert Eich, Mark Vojkovich,
      Robin Cutshaw, Keith Packard, Alan Hourihane, #4391, Kevin Brosius).
1198. Revert the tdfx driver to something functionally close to the
      last known working version (4.0.1g) (David Dawes).

XFree86 4.0.1Zb (14 December 2000)
1197. New fonts document (#4386, 4387, Juliusz Chroboczek).
1196. Status doc update for Trident (Alan Hourihane).
1195. Update the R6.4 INSTALL and RELNOTES docs to include references at
      the top to the XFree86-specific docs (David Dawes).
1194. Make it possible to install platform-specific man pages with most
      ix86 builds (David Dawes).
1193. Add a short man page for the newport driver, update it's sample config
      file, and have the driver check user-supplied parameters (#4385,
      Guido Guenther).
1192. Missing part of fix for FreeBSD sysmouse support (#4317, from FreeBSD
      ports collection).
1191. Trident driver bug fixes (Alan Hourihane).
1190. Make it possible to install hardcopy specs docs that we can't generate
      from source (David Dawes).
1189. Set the HasPerl default correctly for LynxOS (#4384, Thomas Mueller).
1188. Lots of Status doc updates (#4383, Branden Robinson).
1187. Update some DebianMaintainer defaults in (#4380,
      Branden Robinson).
1186. Fix a segfault in the font path verification code in xfs (#4379,
      Charles C. Fu).
1185. Rework and document the various MatroxHal imake parameters, and
      build in support for the mga_hal module by default for loadable server
      builds (David Dawes).
1184. Fix sis driver corrupt display with more than 8MB of video memory (#4378,
      Can-Ru Yeou).
1183. Fix xf86cfg build problem on systems that don't come with snprintf
      and/or regex (based on #4361, Thomas Mueller).
1182. Fix siliconmotion driver screen restoration when a graphics vesafb mode
      is selected during boot up (#4377, Frido Garritsen).
1181. Install and RELNOTES updates for Darwin (#4375, 4376, Torrey T. Lyons).
1180. s3virge patch to get Xft/Xrender working (#4374, Kevin Brosius).
1179. Improve aperture driver related error messages on OpenBSD
      (Matthieu Herrb).
1178. Workaround for IA-64 loader bug (Marc La France).
1177. Fix recognition of valid depth/fbbpp combinations in ATI driver
      (Marc La France).
1176. Fix 1bpp in ATI driver (Marc La France).
1175. Fix ATI DPMS support on panels by mimicking BIOS behaviour more closely
      (Marc La France).

XFree86 4.0.1Za (12 December 2000)
1174. Set defaults for Mesa's x86 CPU-specific asm options, and make it
      possible to build with MMX disabled for systems with older assemblers
      (David Dawes).
1173. Fix some R128 DRI bugs:
       - Fix depth span functions (was causing rendering errors for windows
         not at (0,0)).
       - Don't use 32-bit depth buffers since they're not supported by Mesa.
       - Use subpixel offsets to fix coordinate rounding errors.
      (#4373, Gareth Hughes).
1172. Reinstate the AllTarget for the rule to make html man pages
      (David Dawes).
1171. Build all modules on Linux/mips, fixing Xnest build (#4372,
      Guido Guenther).
1170. Update Permedia 3 README, Cards file, and glint section in the Status
      doc (#4371, Sven Luther).
1169. Fix depth passed to the BIOS in the savage driver (affects depth 15)
      (#4369, Ani Joshi).
1168. Update fbdev man page (#4368, Michel Daenzer).
1167. Fix a problem with 32-bit depth buffers when using indirect rendering,
      by not advertising them in the mga driver (#4367, Brian Paul).
1166. Update man page version strings, and convert some server/XFree86 man
      pages to cpp-processed files to make the references to pages in
      system-dependent sections correct (David Dawes).
1165. Update the release notes for the i18n and Unicode support (#4366,
      Bruno Haible).
1164. Document most of the environment variables that can influence libX11
      and libXt in the 'X' man page (#4365, Bruno Haible).
1163. Update the ICCCM spec document to relfect the selection targets currently
      used in XFree86 (#4364, Bruno Haible).
1162. Update the CTEXT spec document to reflect part of the current
      practice in XFree86 (#4363, Bruno Haible).
1161. Augment SpecsDocDirs to reflect additional docs that have XFree86 changes
      (#4362, Bruno Haible).
1160. Fix Xv library references in the xvinfo Imakefile (#4361,
      Thomas Mueller).
1159. Fix a signed/unsigned error in the calculation of 16-bit displacements
      in x86emu (#4359, Tim Roberts).
1158. Fix "noaccel" option in the tdfx driver when building without DRI
      (David Dawes).
1157. Add Darwin documentation (Torrey T. Lyons).
1156. Add Darwin bindist files and update (Matthieu Herrb).
1155. Update bindist files for NetBSD 1.5 ELF (Matthieu Herrb).
1154. Add DGA support to I128 driver (Robin Cutshaw).

XFree86 4.0.1Z (8 December 2000)
1153. Flesh out the wacom man page (#4358, Frederic Lepied).
1152. Fix incorrect documentation for xf86UnMapVidMem() in README.OS-lib
      (#4357, Guido Guenther).
1151. Update the newport driver to use the map/unmap functions provided by
      the os-support layer (#4356, Guido Guenther).
1150. Bugfix to xf86UDelay() (Egbert Eich).
1149. Added a sanity check to  pciConvertRange2Host() (Egbert Eich).
1148. Added more log messages to Linux APM code (Egbert Eich).
1147. Added a sanity check to xf86ConfigPciEntity() (Egbert Eich).
1146. Resync with DRI CVS trunk (tdfx driver updates) (Daryll Strauss).
1145. Add -textmode mode option for xf86cfg, to run a ncurses interface, and
      add the "expert" interface, to provide more control over the config file.
      Updates to vesa driver, removed debug messages and fixed problem with
      console restoration in some S3 cards.
1144. Merge tdfx 3D driver code (VA Linux).
1143. Add support PPC support on Rage 128 and disable Int10 for PPC on
      Rage 128 (until the bug in PPC Int10 support is fixed) (Kevin Martin).
1142. Install an alternative fonts.alias file that references the UCS-encoded
      fonts on systems without Perl (David Dawes).
1141. Add CyberShadow Option back into Trident driver (Alan Hourihane).
1140. Resync with DRI CVS trunk, including:
       - SSE support updates
       - DRI-specific full screen mode
       - Reduce the minimum space required for 3D on the Rage 128
      (VA Linux).
1139. Fix a memory leak in the UTF-8 <--> CompoundText converter (#4354,
      Bruno Haible).
1138. Add support for the selection target UTF8_STRING to libXaw (#4353,
      Bruno Haible).
1137. Make Xlib's CompoundText converter ISO-2022 compliant (#4352,
      Bruno Haible).
1136. Fix 2 wacom driver bugs (core dump on VT switching, and USB support)
      (#4350, Frederic Lepied).
1135. Update the ClearlyU fonts to 1.8b.  Changes include:
       - Cleaned up the Arabic glyphs so they don't look quite so juvenile.
       - Squared up the Hebrew glyphs so they match the style of the other
         scripts better.
       - Added many of the basic Hangul glyphs.
       - Brought the Cyrillic block in line with Unicode 3.0 and moved the
         extra glyphs into the PUA font in the 0xE4XX range.
      (#4349, Mark Leisher).
1134. Update the savage driver to all I/O via MMIO, and add DPMS support
      (4347, Ani Joshi).
1133. Change xfs to drop privs after daemonising so that the pid file can
      be written (#4346, Frederic Lepied).
1132. Miscellaneous fixups to the trident driver (Alan Hourihane).
1131. Add Xv support to the trident driver. Works for Blade and Image series
      chips, but zooming currently doesn't work on Image series.
      (Alan Hourihane).
1130. Don't perform a software reset on the Graphics Engine for Trident
      Blade3D's and CyberBlade's (Alan Hourihane).
1129. Fix typo in int10 for IA-64's (Marc La France).
1128. Make PCI bridge information in the log more accurate (Marc La France).
1127. Update ATI docs (Marc La France).
1126. Another getValidBIOSBase() fix (Marc La France).
1125. If the loader server dies from a signal during initialisation, print a
      list of undefined symbols (Marc La France).
1124. Move Alpha MMIO definitions from xf86_OSproc.h to compiler.h
      (Marc La France).
1123. Change rule for shadow tree friendliness (Marc La France).
1122. Don't reference libc wrapper names directly in the newport driver
      (David Dawes).
1121. Fix the fr_CH xkb Macintosh symbols file (#4345, Olaf Hering).
1120. Revert the Estonian_Estonia.1257 change in patch #4297 because
      windows-1257 is a closer match to iso8859-13 than iso8859-15.
      Also add entries for the et_EE.ISO8859-1 locale (while not perfect for
      Estonian, it is commonly used) (#4344, Ville Hallik).
1119. Change name of long Unicode keysyms from 6 to 8 hex digits, which
      matches conventional usage better (#4343, Ivan Pascal).
1118. Make XF86VidModeSetViewPort() actually set the viewport to the
      X and Y coordinates specified as opposed to always setting it to (0,0)
      (#4342, Joe Moss).
1117. Work around some build problems on SVR4.0 (#4341, Satoshi Kimura).
1116. Compose characters for the Macedonian UTF-8 locale (#4338,
      Damjan Georgievski).
1115. Fix build problems with the wacom driver on Linux 2.4 when building
      a static server (Frederic Lepied, David Dawes).
1114. Changed name of server binary to call by xf86cfg back to "XFree86
      (Egbert Eich).
1113. Modified handling of memory alloctaion in TDFX driver (Egbert Eich).
1112. Attempt to fix the 'UseModes' directive in the Monitor section
      (Egbert Eich).
1111. Added debugging output for BIOS base address search (Egbert Eich).
1110. Changed neomagic driver to treat disable stretching for each mode
      individually (Egbert Eich).
1109. Removed '-traditional' from cpp rule for makedpend. Required for
      new glibc header files (Ruediger Oertel).
1107. Fix to make SuperProbe build again on ia64 (Andreas Schwab).
1107. Attempt to fix int10 (Egbert Eich).
1106. Modified blitter busy test to use the MMIO mapped registers on chips
      > CT69000 (Egbert Eich).
1105. Attempt to improve dga support in C&T driver (Egbert Eich).
1104. Moved ppc_flush_icache to compiler.h - hope this fixes build problems
      (Egert Eich).
1103. changed cirrus driver to us fb instead of cfb (Egbert Eich).
1102. Modularized HALlib for mga driver (Egbert Eich).
1101. Added DGA support to tseng driver (Rainer Keller).
1100. Added "framebuffer" bus type allowing resource control to take place
      outside of the server (Egbert Eich).
1099. Added turkish keyboard layout (Togan Muftuoglu).
1098. Fix Cyber9397/DVD acceleration problem (Alan Hourihane).
1097. Resync with the DRI CVS trunk.
1096. Fix alot of Rage 128 Xv bugs (Mark Vojkovich).
1095. Fix XKB symbols for Swedish Macintosh keyboards (#4337, Olaf Hering).
1094. Disable DRI on PPC (#4337, Olaf Hering).
1093. Suppress xf86ReadBIOS debugging messages for BSD (#4336, Takaaki Nomura).
1092. Silicon Motion driver update, includes bug fixes (#4335,
      Frido Garritsen, Silicon Motion, Inc.).
1091. Updates to the dumpkeymap utility and its documentation (#4323,
      Eric Sunshine).
1090. Enable 3D support for Rage 128 Mobility chips (Kevin Martin).
1089. Add clip rectangles support to Render extension, Xrender and Xft.
      Make Xrender and Xft usable from c++.
      Fix a bunch of compiler warnings in Render extension code
      (Keith Packard)

XFree86 4.0.1h (4 December 2000)
1088. Fix key mapping for the '\' key on GB keyboards in Solaris 8.
1087. Status doc updates for Neomagic an NVIDIA (#4334, Andrew C. Aitchison,
      Mark Vojkovich).
1086. Updated Rage 128 DRI support from the DRI CVS (Gareth Hughes, VA Linux).
1085. -
1084. Bump the minor revisions of libXmu (UTF8_STRING) and libX11
1083. Fixes for all known bugs in the CompoundText parser and generator,
       * While adding a charset:
         - Adding a charset with two different escape sequences (e.g.
           ISO-8859-14) led to broken behaviour of the converter. Moreover
           the second added would have priority over the first added.
         - If an invalid escape sequence was detected by _XlcParseCharSet, it
           was still used when generating compound text.
         - Extended segment charsets with varying number of bytes per character
           were treated like those with 1 byte per character.
         - _XlcAddCT failed to copy its ct_sequence argument, thus leading to
           bugs when this argument was a dynamically allocated string.
         - Missing detection of different charsets having the same escape
       * Parsing Compound Text:
         - The functions _XlcParseCT and _XlcGetCTInfo did not perform range
           checks on the strings being parsed. Danger of core dump through
           out-of-bounds string access if a malicious client provides malformed
         - Builtin extended segment charsets were not recognized because the
           strncmp in _XlcGetCTInfo was returning false most of the time, due
           to the embedded length bytes.
         - Extended segment charsets in general would not be deactivated after
           the specified number of bytes.
         - In _XlcCheckCTSequence, extended segments with invalid embedded
           length bytes would lead to out-of-bounds string accesses as well.
         - Unrecognized escape sequences did not lead to a return value > 0.
         - Left-to-right and right-to-left indicators (starting with 0x9b) were
           just ignored, without leading to a return value > 0.
         - If the source string was larger than the intermediate buffer,
           multibyte characters could be split into pieces, leading to
           conversion errors.
       * Generating Compound Text:
         - The length embedded in an extended segment prefix was always wrong.
         - Long strings could give rise to extended segments with a length that
           doesn't fit in the allowed 14 bits.
         - After an extended segment, GL or GR designators would unnecessarily
           be repeated.
         - Bytes in the range 0x81..0x88, 0x8b..0x9a, 0x9c..0x9f in multibyte
           encodings could not be output, would be thrown away.
         - Byte 0x9b could not be output in the UTF-8 charset.
       * udcInf.c was generating invalid Compound Text (invalid length in
         extended segment).
       * lcConv.c: If in the indirect converter, the first step led to no
         output, the second step would still be called, possibly leading to
         out-of-bounds accesses.
       * lcUTF8.c: had knowledge about JISX0208.1983-0 but not about
      (#4333, Bruno Haible).
1082. Fix documentation for XSetOMValues() (#4332, Bruno Haible).
1081. Fix namespace polution in <X11/Xlib.h> introduced with patch #4293
      (#4331, Bruno Haible).
1080. Fix a bug in the newly introduced Xutf8LookupString() function that
      loses input not representable in the locale encoding (#4330,
      Bruno Haible).
1079. Avoid four new gcc warnings about const in lcUTF8.c introduced by
      patch #4293 (#4329, Bruno Haible).
1078. Fix some additional cases of confusing local typedef for wchar_t
      (#4328, Bruno Haible).
1077. Fix some round-trip conversion errors in COMPOUND_TEXT -> UTF8_STRING ->
      COMPOUND_TEXT due to wrong tables introduced by patches #4214, 4215
      (#4327, Pablo Saratxaga).
1076. Cygwin update for building Xrender DLL (#4326, Suhaib M. Siddiqi).
1075. Fix an undefined SUBDIRS in xc/lib/GL/mesa/src/drv/Imakefile when
      compiling on something other than x86, alpha or sparc (#4325,
      Brian Paul).
1074. Don't have the neomagic driver disable stretching when a mode that
      fills the panel is selected (#4324, Andrew C. Aitchison).
1073. Fix a bug in Xlib's _XimLocalMbLookupString() that causes a crash when
      a zero keycode keypress event is received (#4322, HIBINO Kei).
1072. NetBSD doesn't have perl in its default install (Matthieu Herrb).
1071. Add Xft support to xditview with #ifdefs (Keith Packard)
1070. Add a MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 generator to startx for NetBSD 1.5 and OpenBSD
      and FreeBSD and make mkcookie support more generic (Matthieu Herrb).
1069. Update OpenBSD and NetBSD docs (Matthieu Herrb).
1068. Clean up r128_video.c again (Marc La France).
1067. Fix ATI clock generator recognition when an adapter BIOS cannot be
      retrieved (Linus Torvalds).
1066. Fix int10 and ATI driver for video BIOSes larger than 64kB
      (Marc La France).
1065. Change xf86MatchDevice() to initialise its return pointer and clean up
      drivers accordingly (Marc La France).
1064. Fix for bug in new imConv.c (#4318, Ivan Pascal).
1063. Fix for FreeBSD sysmouse support (#4317, from FreeBSD ports collection).
1062. Enable the ru_SU local entries for FreeBSD (based on patch from FreeBSD
      ports collection).
1061. Driver for the S3 Savage family of chips (#4315, 4316, 4319-4321,
      Tim Roberts).
1060. Add xkb definitions for the Logitech cordless keyboard (#4314,
      Michel Goraczko).
1059. Add support for "unicode keysym" to XKeysymToString() and
      XStringToKeysym() (#4313, Ivan Pascal).
1058. SiS driver updates, including:
       - Performance tuning for sis630
       - Support XV extension for sis630
       - Support Chrontel TV for sis630
      (#4312, Can-Ru Yeou).
1057. Fix Xrender library to handle strings > 254 chars long.
      Change Xrender and Xft interfaces to use 'unsigned int'
      instead of 'unsigned long' for 32-bit glyph values.
      (Keith Packard)
1056. Fix neomagic driver mangled acceleration test (#4309, 4310,
      Chip Salzenberg).
1055. Add a rudimentary driver for the SGI Indy's newport cards (only
      8-bit and non-accelerated so far) (#4308, Guido Guenther).
1054. Fix a bug in rman that is provoked by the new dumpkeymap man page
      (David Dawes).
1053. Updates to the dumpkeymap utility, and add documentation (including
      a man page) (#4307, Eric Sunshine).
1052. Add -version and -showconfig options to the Darwin Xserver, and print
      the usual "XFree86" banner message (#4306, Torrey T. Lyons).
1051. Fix i810 crash when running XFree86 -configure (#4305, Ryan Drake).
1050. Linux APM fix, which fixes a problem that shows up with the neomagic
      driver after an APM suspend (#4304, 4311, Chip Salzenberg).
1049. Correct maximum ranges for Wacom IV devices (#4303, Frederic Lepied).
1048. Add preliminary support for USB input devices under Linux (wacom
      driver (#4303, MATSUMURA Namihiko).
1047. Locale fixes/cleanups, including:
       - Cleanup garbage in XLC_LOCALES.
       - Add "use_stdc_env' to locales where it was absent.
       - Move non-standard charset descriptions from the lcCT.c table to
         the XLC_LOCALE files.
      (#4302, Ivan Pascal).
1046. Make sure the correct "driverName" string is used in xf86Configure.c.
1045. Fix some i810 driver problems when too little videoRam is specified
      (David Dawes).
1044. Fix an i810 driver bug that prevents the DRI from being enabled
      after a server reset (Jeff Hartmann).
1043. Add a "dri" config file option to the i810 driver that can be used
      to enable/disable the DRI (no other method works for statically
      linked servers) (David Dawes, from VA's 7.0.1).
1042. Update the i810 driver to check the max available GART memory
      (Jeff Hartmann, David Dawes, from VA's 7.0.1).
1041. Resync DRI code/drivers with the DRI CVS (VA Linux).  Includes
      3dfx driver updates (Daryll Strauss).
1040. Fix a couple of clipping problems on the Trident CyberBlade/Blade3d
      chipsets (Alan Hourihane).
1039. Fix a couple of Alpha related issues (Jay Estabrook).
1038. Change Xft interface (again) to use new XftColor datatype for
      colors instead of XRenderColor.  xterm and x11perf updated to
      match.  (Keith Packard)
1037. Fix an i810 init problem that resulted in the fallback to 2D failing
      for one case where there's insufficient memory to enable the DRI
      (David Dawes, from VA's 7.0.1).
1036. Add support for printing a vendor-specific version string in the
      X server startup messages (David Dawes, from VA's 7.0.1).
1035. Xwd workaround for a gcc bug (Red Hat's XFree86-4.0.1-xwd-gcc-workaround
1034. Fixes for sparc drivers, mostly to prevent accessing the hardware
      when the server doesn't have control of the VT (Red Hat's
      XFree86-4.0.1-ffb patch).
1033. Use OS-provided interface for accessing PCI config space on Linux/ia64
      (based on Red Hat's XFree86-4.0.1-ia64-pci patch).
1032. Use AsmDefines when processing the Sparc assembler code for cfb
      (based on Red Hat's XFree86-4.0-sparc-asmflags patch).
1031. Add PAM authentication to the X server (based on Red Hat's
      XFree86-4.0-Xwrapper patch).
1030. Add Slovenian and Romanian entries to XKB's keymap/xfree86 file
      (Red Hat's XFree86-4.0-si_xkb patch and XFree86-4.0-ro_xkb.patch).
1029. Fix for PAM support in xdm SessionExit() (Red Hat's
      XFree86-4.0-pamsession patch).
1028. XlibInt.c patch to avoid buffer overflow (Red Hat's
      XFree86-3.3.6-fixemacs patch).
1027. Updates to xfs from Red Hat and Debian, including:
       - command line options to make xfs drop it's root privs (-droppriv
	 and -user) - command line options to make xfs start as a daemon,
         and a build option to make this the default.
       - don't let a port option in the config file override the -port
	 command line option
       - cleanup/fix syslogging
      (based on #4253, Topi Miettinen, Debian, and Red Hat's
       XFree86-4.0-xfsredhat patch).
1026. Support for startx to set up the Xauth when starting an X server
      (based on Red Hat's XFree86-4.0-startx_xauth patch).
1025. Fix an unaligned access on Alpha with the tdfx driver (Jay Estabrook).
1024. Add detection for CyberBlade/Ai1 Socket A chipsets (Alan Hourihane).

XFree86 4.0.1g (29 November 2000)
1023. Fix small bug in lcGeneric.c (#4301, Ivan Pascal).
1022. Rewrite Xft library for Render extension/core text and font management
      Change xterm to use new interface (Keith Packard).
1021. s3virge driver updates, including Xv fixes for the ViRGE DX, disable
      GX2 color expansion until it's stable, GX2 Xv code (not enabled or
      working yet) (#4299, Kevin Brosius).
1020. Siliconmotion driver (#4298, Frido Garritsen, Silicon Motion, Inc.).
1019. Fix Estonian_Estonia.1257 entry in locale.alias (#4297, 4300,
      Nerijus Baliunas).
1018. New Lithuanian XKB map (#4296, Nerijus Baliunas).
1017. Fix a problem with the "xtt" font module introduced with recent
      changes to the "freetype" module (#4295, ISHIKAWA Mutsumi).
1016. Fix the return value for the "indirect" converter in Xlib (#4294,
      Bruno Haible).
1015. ANSI C cleanup of Xlib locale core code (#4293, Bruno Haible).
1014. Optimize the i18n support for parsing resource files for the unibyte
      locales, and clean up pre-ANSI-C-isms and warnings (#4292, Bruno Haible).
1013. Enhance the CompoundText <-> UTF-8 converter so that it understands
      the BIG5 encoding scheme used by Emacs (#4291, Bruno Haible).
1012. Fix documentation and implementation of _XlcCompareISOLatin1 and
      _XlcNCompareISOLatin1 (#4290, Bruno Haible).
1011. Add new Unicode-based APIs for internationalized text for Xlib (#4289,
      Bruno Haible).
1010. Fix a minor Mesa lighting bug (#4288, Brian Paul).
1009. Fix the glide driver's resolution of symbols from the glide library
      (#4281, Pontus Lidman).
1008. Fix X server stalling forever with local font servers on Linux 2.4
      kernels (#4280, Branden Robinson).
1007. Improve temp file handling in the Xaw library (#4279, Branden Robinson).
1006. Add support for Rage 128 RG (#4277, Michael Mattice).
1005. Modify XimGetCharCode() to use conversion from keysym to UCS and then
      from UCS to the appropriate charset specified in the locale description
      (#4276, Ivan Pascal).
1004. Allow Unicode fonts to be used as UTF-8 locale native fonts (#4275,
      Ivan Pascal).
1003. Fix abnt2/br XKB config (#4274, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
1002. Let the Darwin X server build on pure Darwin as well as Mac OS X systems
      (#4273, Torrey T. Lyons).
1001. Patch to allow xdm to build on Darwin (#4273, Torrey T. Lyons).
1000. Fix parser not dup'ing a string (#4272, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
 999. Improve direct fifo writes for the glint/permedia3 pixmapwrite hook
      when using FIFO disconnect (#4271, Sven Luther).
 998. Fix a sprite problem with the "xwin" server (#4269, Suhaib M. Siddiqi).
 997. Fix a confusing local typedef for "wchar_t' in xc/lib/X11/lcUTF8.c
      (#4268, Bruno Haible).
 996. Allow ProjectVar to override "/var" when set (based on #4266,
      Bruno Haible).
 995. Rework Trident Blade/CyberBlade acceleration (Alan Hourihane).
 994. Make the CyberBlade/e4 (aka 9540) work (Alan Hourihane).
 993. Updates to Big5 encodings for the TrueType font backends (#4265,
      Jacky Bryant).
 992. Fixes for Thai (th_TH) locale support in Xlib (#4264,
      Theppitak Karoonboonyanan)
 991. Fix a segv in Xnest caused by overflowing the pixmap formats array
      (based on #4262, Matthieu Herrb).
 990. Fix an xdm problem that prevents the chooser from working (#4261,
      Matthieu Herrb).
 989. Update the Cards file (#4260, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
 988. Update Macedonian xkb symbols, and add mk_MK.utf8 to locale.alias
      (#4258, 4259, Damjan Georgievski).
 987. Safe tempfile handline for imake's probing of glibc version (based on
      #4257, Colin Phipps).
 986. Fix typo in dvorak xkb symbols file, plus white space cleanup (#4256,
      Branden Robinson).
 985. Fix typo in server startup message (#4255, Branden Robinson).
 984. Make XOpenDisplay() bail out if the server claims that its vendor
      string is > 256 in length (#4254).
 983. Add some useful default key bindings for the xdm login widget (#4252,
      Branden Robinson).
 982. Change the default xdm Xaccess file to not allow any connections
      (#4252, Branden Robinson).
 981. Set the default glyph caching mode to "CACHE_16_BIT_GLYPHS"
      (#4251, Branden Robinson).
 980. Make the X server use the XAUTHORITY environment variable (if set)
      when the -authfile command line flag isn't given (#4250,
      Branden Robinson).
 979. Add Debian-specific settings to (#4249, Branden Robinson).
 978. Rename Trident Cyber9540 to CyberBlade/e4 and make appropriate
      changes in driver (Alan Hourihane).
 977. Fix Trident Cyber series to only detect SDRAM (Alan Hourihane).
 976. Make xf86SoundKbdBell() available to modules (for citron driver)
      (Marc La France, #4270, Frederic Lepied).
 975. Fix glide driver's check for glide library presence (Marc La France).
 974. Add missing symbol references in r128 and s3virge drivers
      (Marc La France).
 973. Fix int10 debugging and reading in all segments between 0x0C0000 and
      0x0F0000 (Marc La France).
 972. Fix typo in imake.c (Marc La France).
 971. Turn off SGRAM optimization for Trident Blade chips, causes some
      problems. (Alan Hourihane).
 970. Ignore various ".stab.*" sections for Solaris (Marc La France).
 969. Fix ENXIO errors on Linux BIOS retrievals by removing restriction on
      several OSes that xf86ReadBIOS()'s Base be page-aligned (Marc La France).
 968. Disable change 873.  It causes device/monitor mismatches
      (Marc La France).
 967. Change linux/int10 to intercept signals generated by the vm86() syscall
      rather than killing the server (Marc La France).
 966. Reinstate DG/UX mmap() bug work-around in int10 (Marc La France).
 965. Rage128 and Radeon fix for -configure (Marc La France).
 964. Fix int10 woes with retrieving PCI BIOSes (Marc La France).
 963. Allow modules to intercept signals that would otherwise kill the server
      (Marc La France).
 962. Fix static Xvfb server build (Marc La France).
 961. Some warning fixes (Marc La France).
 960. Rage128 and Radeon #include changes to reduce recompilations
      (Marc La France).
 959. Modify item no. 949 - only reset clipping for Cyber9382, Cyber9385 and
      ProVidia9682 (Alan Hourihane).
 958. Added messages about modes rejected on lookup (Egbert Eich).
 957. Attempt to fix DDC1 support on Neomagic (Egbert Eich).
 956. Added Block/UnblockSIGIO() to DDC1 readout code (Egbert Eich).
 955. Enabled virtual depth for a second head on a G400 multihead
      (this needs to be looked at) (Egbert Eich).
 954. Added code to check if the PictureScreen structure was initialized
      before referencing it (Egbert Eich).
 953. Modified xf86UDelay() to use Block/UnblockSIGIO and usleep()
      instead of gettimeofday() (Egbert Eich).
 952. Modified xf86MatchPciInstances() to allow for chipset overrides
      even when called with no separate vendorID (Egbert Eich).
 951. Changed Xvfb to use fb instead of cfb (Egbert Eich).
 950. Moved a misplaced xfree() in the generic driver. Now more than
      one chipset can use this driver in a multihead setup (Egbert Eich).
 949. Did some fixes for the Trident driver ie. fixed a LCD modeline,
      reset clipping register on all non 3D chips (Egbert Eich).
 948. Added missing parts for AXP support to lnx_video.c (Egbert Eich).
 947. Added bsr/bsf to x86emu (Jeff Wiedemeier).

XFree86 4.0.1f (16 November 2000)
 946. Add a dumpkeymap utility for Darwin (#4248, Eric Sunshine).
 945. Fix a Darwin build problem with mkcfm, and get xdm closer to building
      (#4247, Torrey T. Lyons).
 944. DDX for the Xdarwin server (#4246, Torrey T. Lyons).
 943. Enable xdm/PAM support by default for FreeBSD versions with PAM.
 942. Fix a problem where the X server thinks it has acquired a VT at startup
      before it has really been released.  This is due to the ioctl()
      returning prematurely because of a pending signal (Jeff Hartmann).
 941. Fix a problem with the PAM support in xdm that prevents
      pam_start_session() from ever being called (Takanori Saneto).
 940. Enable PAM support for xdm on FreeBSD (#A.202, Jean-Marc Zucconi, and
      Takanori Saneto).
 939. Fix xf86cfg build problem when BuildXinerama is set to NO (#A.200,
      Jean-Marc Zucconi).
 938. gccmakedep has a typo which affects handling the -o and -O options
      (A.192, Ivan Zakharyaschev).
 937. Specify the units for the dpms and rate commands in the xset man
      page (#A.191, John Heidemann).
 936. Let makedepend ignore "//" style comments on all platforms, not
      just Win32, and fix a bug in that code that was causing the line
      after such comments to also be ignored (#A.189, Guenther Grau).
 935. Update GNU/Hurd support (#A.188, Marcus Brinkmann).
 934. Initial port of the ark driver to 4.x (#4242, Ani Joshi).
 933. Wacom input driver update, including support for 38400 link speed
      and fix wrong advertisement of min/max values (#4241, Frederic Lepied).
 932. Fix some parser problems, including:
       - parser does not write Modes section and UseModes keyword
       - the vscan value wasn't being used
       - make the XF86ConfModesPtr structure accessible from the
         XF86ConfMonitorPtr structure
       - allow xf86Parser.h to be included from in a C++ program
      (#4238, 4243-4245, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
 931. Fix the name of the Serbian xkb symbols file (rename from yu to sr)
      (#4237, Ivan Pascal).
 930. Fix mkcfm bug (#4236, Juliusz Chroboczek).
 929. Glint/permedia3 updates (#4235, 4238, Sven Luther).
 928. Fix an SVR4 loader build problem introduced in 4.0.1d (#4234,
      Takaaki Nomura).
 927. Fix a bug in fontenc that would cause a memory leak whenever an
      encoding would be declared in encodings.dir but not in the encoding
      file itself (#4233, Juliusz Chroboczek).
 926. Make the freetype backend use the fontenc matrix encoding support,
      remove support for the defunct XAnti extension, and bump the version
      of the freetype backend to 1.1.8 (#4233, Juliusz Chroboczek).
 925. Add proper support for matrix encodings in fontenc (including the
      new FIRSTINDEX keyword in encoding files), and bump the version of
      the font module ABI to 0.2 (#4233, Juliusz Chroboczek).
 924. Fix a problem the vesa driver (#4232, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
 923. Fix problems building the C&T driver with DEBUG defined (#4231,
      Taketoshi Sano).
 922. Remove lt_LT.ISO8859-1 entry from compose.dir (#4230, Nerijus Baliunas).
 921. s3virge driver updates, including:
       - Stabilize GX2 support, reenable silken mouse
       - Enable MX fixes
       - Add support for the render extension
       - Enable BLT_BUG for ViRGE and VX chipsets
      (#4229, Kevin Brosius).
 920. Don't initialize DRI when noaccel is specified in the tdfx driver
      (Alan Hourihane).
 919. Make module ABI compatibility mismatches fatal by default, and
      add a command line option for making them non-fatal (David Dawes).
 918. Changed SiS driver to use fb instead of cfb (Alan Hourihane).
 917. Fix r128 and radeon driver source code formatting that was munged
      during ATI merge (Kevin Martin).
 916. Update Markus Kuhn's UCS fonts, and add his scripts for extracting
      subsets of them to the build process (David Dawes).
 915. Fix visual setting in ATI r128/radeon driver (Jeff Wiedemeier).
 914. Alpha fix for xf86cfg (Alan Hourihane).
 913. Resync DRI code/drivers with the DRI CVS (VA Linux).
 912. Fix tdfx driver to register resources and remove some redundant code
      (Alan Hourihane).

XFree86 4.0.1e (6 November 2000)
 911. Fix the ksc5601.1987-0 encoding file (#4226, 4228, Pablo Saratxaga).
 910. Update xdm/sessreg to write ":0" type entried in utmp on OpenBSD
      (#4225, Matthieu Herrb).
 909. Fix for Xmu under NetBSD, which doesn't #define "unix" anymore (#4225,
      Matthieu Herrb).
 908. Preliminary support for OpenBSD/powerpc (#4225, Tsubai Masanari,
      Matthieu Herrb).
 907. Support for native WSCONS driver on NetBSD and OpenBSD (#4225,
      Tsubai Masanari).
 906. Support for new OpenBSD 2.8 shared libs scheme (#4225, Matthieu Herrb).
 905. Support for the OpenBSD ports tree (#4225, Marc Espie).
 904. Update the list of layouts in the xfree86.lst file (#4224, Ivan Pascal).
 903. Add an XKB map for Serbian (#4224, Milos Rancic).
 903. New revision of the Bulgarian XKB map (#4224, Anton Zinoviev).
 902. Change the Alt key definitions in the "group switcher" descriptions
      to not override the base Alt key mappings (#4223, Ivan Pascal).
 901. Change XKB Mode_switch behavior description to not clear "locked
      group" (#4223, Ivan Pascal).
 900. Create a root window property "XFree86_DDC_EDID2_RAWDATA" when
      suitable data is available (#4222, Andrew C. Aitchison).
 899. Fix some typos/errors in the Latvian and Lithuanian entries in
      the locale.alias and locale.dir files (#4221, Nerijus Baliunas).
 898. Fix two more bugs in xkbcomp: handling of 'keycode aliases', and
      copying of strings when copying structures (#4208, Ivan Pascal).
 897. Added render extension support to tseng driver (Egbert Eich).
 896. Fixed clock code in neomagic driver (Egbert Eich).
 899. xf86Configure now uses the imake variable xf86ConfigFile (Egbert Eich).
 898. xf86cfg has a new option for a server path (Egbert Eich).
 897. xf86cfg can now handle more than one command line argument (Egbert Eich).
 895. Added a delay to dac code in neomagic driver (Egbert Eich).
 894. Changed shadowfb to use delayed updates in neomagic
       driver (Egbert Eich).
 893. Rewrote ddc code in nv driver (Egbert Eich).
 892. Rewrote ddc code in neomagic driver (Egbert Eich).
 891. Fixed problems with enter/leave/closeScreen in nv
       driver (Egbert Eich).
 890. Fixed a bug in the fixed modelines in trident driver (Egbert Eich).
 889. Added reinitialization of blitter on enterVT in trident
       driver (Egbert Eich).
 888. Fixed a typo which caused wrong register to be set in trident
       driver (Egbert Eich).
 887. Added loader symbol handling to tseng driver (Egbert Eich).
 886. Changed tseng driver to use fb instead of cfb (Egbert Eich).
 885. Changed chips driver to use fb instead of cfb (Egbert Eich).
 884. Added render extension support to chips driver (Egbert Eich).
 883. Added render extension support to neomagic driver (Egbert Eich).
 882. Added render extension support to nv driver (Egbert Eich).
 881. Modified helper_mem.c to map everything between video bios and
       system bios on PC-like platforms (Egbert Eich).
 880. Modified Linux mapVidMem() to map memory on page boundaries
       (Egbert Eich).
 879. Changed BIOS_SIZE (Sys BIOS) from 0x10000 to 0xffff to make
       int10 work un DGUX (Takis Psarogiannakopoulos).
 878. Fixed a bug in the argument list of the call to xf86ReadPciBIOS()
       from int10/pci.c (Egbert Eich).
 877. Added simple sanity check to catch situation where DDC reads
       all 0 and therefore trivially has the correct checksum (Egbert Eich).
 876. Changed i2c code to allow for longer rise/fall times on longer
       cables (Egbert Eich).
 875. Removed limit on default visual for 4bpp (Egbert Eich).
 874. Added macros to build nv driver on AXP (Jay Estabrook).
 873. Changed -configure to use primary card as first card (Egbert Eich).
 872. Changed generic vga driver to not unmap memory when switched away.
 871. Fixed problem that caused APM support to be disabled on server
       reset (Egbert Eich).
 870. Added support for newer sparse AXP systems (Egbert Eich).
 869. Added support for MGA G100 PCI (Egbert Eich).
 868. Add missing exported libXext Shm functions to loader (Alan Hourihane).
 867. Change Rage 128 DRM driver name to what the r128 kernel module
      expects (Kevin Martin).
 866. Fix newly merged "ati" driver probe to allow "r128" and "radeon"
      driver names in the XF86Config file for backwards compatibility
      (Kevin Martin).
 865. Use vgaHW module to fix font save/restore in i128 driver (Robin Cutshaw).
 864. Fixed (hopefully) a Xinerama problem with BE clients (Mark Vojkovich).
 863. Modifications to GLw to allow it to build without Motif, and
      integrate it into the regular build process (#4142,
      Carlos A. M. dos Santos, David Dawes).
 862. Import the GLw parts of SGI's ogl-sample (snapshot from 20001102)
      under xc/extras/ogl-sample.
 861. Add support for SubSection in the Vendor Section of the config file
      (Stuart Anderson)
 860. Fix a typo introduced in a recent update to the 'no' xkb symbols
      file (#4218, Pablo Saratxaga, 4219, Harald Nordgård-Hansen).
 859. Parser symbol update (#4217, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
 858. Updates to iso8859-9e, microsoft_cp1251 charset handling, and
      add real support for microsoft_cp1255 and microsoft_cp1256 (#4214, 4215,
      Pablo Saratxaga).
 857. Fix Sparc build problems linking xf86cfb with libloader that were
      related to various interdependencies (#4212, David S. Miller).
 856. Allow generic XVideo adaptors (like v4l) to be initialised for
      the G400 crtc2 (#4211, Antti Tapaninen).
 855. Update mga driver to check the chipset much earlier to prevent
      server hang when using g400 dual head + millennium 2, and some
      G200 PCI/warp cleanups (#4211, Antti Tapaninen).
 854. Updates to the Macedonian xkb symbols (#4210, 4220, Damjan Georgievski).
 853. Combine the ATI, Rage128 and Radeon drivers into one with multiple
      sub-modules (Marc La France).
 852. Make BIOS accesses in the Rage128 and Radeon drivers independent of
      endianess and alignment (Marc La France).
 851. Fix the claiming of XF86Config device sections by drivers, and change
      xf86MatchDevices() to only return unclaimed sections (Marc La France).
 850. Fixed build problem in s3virge when XvExtension is not set (Stuart
 849. Add a message at the top of the server/log output for pre-release
      versions stating that they are unsupported (David Dawes).
 848. Fix two problems in Imake.rules: have LinkBuildBinary create the
      used directory if it doesn't exist, and fix a missing ')' in
      the LinkConfFileLong (#A.187, Ivan Zakharyaschev).
 847. Fix a libXt bug that affects multidisplay applications when Xt is
      built to use select(2) rather than poll(2) (#A.181, Antony Uspensky).
 846. Add a -utime option to xclock that allows the digital clock to
      display the number of seconds since the Epoch (based on A.173,
      Kelsey Hudson).
 845. Add symbols mappings for extra keys on the BTC 9000 keyboard (#A.167,
      Stefano Cavallari).
 844. Fix twm's icon manager so that it is functional before an EnterNotify
      event is received in twm's event loop (#A.156, Jason Zwolak).
 843. Update comments about standards for Estonian support, and add an
      entry for the Estonian keyboard layout to the xfree86.lst file
 842. Fix for G400 crtc2 blank screen color (#4205, Antti Tapaninen).
 841. Modify the mga/HALlib support to allow it to be selected at
      run-time.  This allows a driver built with HALlib to be used with
      older hardware (like the Millennium, Millennium 2) (#4204,
      Antii Tapaninen).
 840. Add config/imake support for Darwin (#4200, Torrey T. Lyons).
 839. Add a driver for the citron touch screen (#4199, Peter Kunzmann).
 838. Fix Html man page install problem (Robin Cutshaw).
 837. Fix transparency problem with blits, add DDC2 for i128-II chipset
      in i128 driver (Robin Cutshaw).
 836. Allow loader to be build if HasShm == NO (Marcus Brinkmann).
 835. Allow the log file to be set in the config files (Stuart Anderson).
 834. Fix Rage128/Radeon drivers to free correct scratch buffer on LeaveVT
      (Alan Hourihane).
 833. Xterm patch #148 (#4213, Thomas Dickey).
 832. Split ATI driver into two modules in preparation for merging in the
      r128 and radeon drivers (Marc La France).
 831. Update the XFree86 -configure code to put the default font path
      in the Files section of the config file it generates (#4202,
      Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
 830. Add write-combine support for IA-64 (Mark Vojkovich).

XFree86 4.0.1d (27 October 2000)
 829. Add code to the xf86config utility to get the list of XKB selections
      from the appropriate XKB files rather than having them hard-coded.
      Also allow XkbOptions to be set (#4209, Ivan Pascal).
 828. -
 827. Xterm patch #147 (#4207, Thomas Dickey).
 826. Move the initialisation of pScrn->EnableDisableFBAccess into
      InitOutput(), which fixes an infinite loop problem that can show up
      on server resets (#4206, Joe Moss).
 825. Make xf86cfg use the same config file search path as the X server
      (#4203, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
 824. -
 823. Fix a bug in the vesa driver when finding the linear address for the
      card, some compile time warnings, faster code for handling colormap
      changes, and add DGA support (#4201, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
 822. Fix a typo in the mga driver that causes planemask problems with
      the PCI version of the G100 (#4198, Antti Tapaninen).
 821. Add an option to the C&T driver to disable "TMED" (DSTN dithering
      scheme) (#A.172, Damir Anicic, #4196, 4197, David Bateman).
 820. Pablo Saratxaga's i18n updates for XFree86 that are used in Mandrake 7.2.
      Includes various new and fixed xkb files, locale name additions and
      updates, and new support for various charset encodings (#4195,
      Pablo Saratxaga).
 819. Improve Xaw 7 compatibility with version 6 in the form widget geometry
      management code.  This should fix some problems seen with ghostview
      (#4194, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
 818. Build fixes for XFree86 on Cygwin (#4193, Suhaib Siddiqi).
 817. Fix for missing symbol messages in int10 and cirrus driver
      (Marc La France).
 816. Detect null windows of PCI-to-PCI bridges (Marc La France).
 815. Update pciConfigRec's and pciVideoRec's when relocating PCI resources
      (Marc La France).
 814. Fix handling of 64-bit PCI bases (Marc La France).
 813. Fix cursor hide on i128 in multi-head mode (Robin Cutshaw).
 812. Fix accel on i128 non-primary cards (Robin Cutshaw).
 811. locale.alias fix for ko_KR.utf8 (#4190, Won-kyu Park).
 810. Fix incorrect vtSema usage in neomagic driver DPMS code (#4184,
      Andrew C Aitchison).
 809. Fix a 1-byte overflow in Xtrans.c (#4182, Aaron Campbell).
 808. Enable building the loadable server for BSD/OS.
 807. Fix the following xkbcomp bugs:
       - 'base group' keyword added to 'whichGroup' possible values list
       - 'groupsWrap' keyword removed from 'controls' possible values list
       - fix crash in processing files with unnamed sections
       - now keep 'per key group adjustment mode' in XKM file
       - now allow an empty 'key' description to be specified in an
         xkb_symbols file.
      (#4170, Ivan Pascal).
 806. Add a "bcast" flag for mode lines, which is needed to display
      broadcast resolutions (#4169, Michel Danzer).
 805. Fix compiler warnings when building the mga driver with or without
      the Matrox HALlib, add the digital/tv-out/tvstandard/cabletype
      options, missing files, and some cleanups (#4166, Antti Tapaninen).
 804. Fix spelling from xvinfo (#4166, Antti Tapaninen).
 803. Add support to twm for displaying multibyte strings on window titles,
      and make the twm config file reader 8-bit clean (#4165, 4168, 4180,
      Tomohiro Kubota).
 802. Fix a tseng driver problem related to the usable amount of video memory
      (#4164, A.182, Randy McCaskill).
 801. Add support for the new Render extension to the nv driver, and
      turn on fb support by default in the nv driver (#4161, Jarno Paananen).
 800. Fix a typo that prevents DPS from being built statically (#4160,
      Juliusz Chroboczek).
 799. Fix some xkbfile bugs in the .xkb files that it writes
      (two adjacent commas, no xkb_types section in xkb_layout) (#4159,
      Ivan Pascal).
 798. Fix an xkbcomp bug that causes an infinite loop for some error
      message output (#4158, Ivan Pascal).
 797. Fix XlcNONE usage in charset description (#4153, Ivan Pascal).
 796. Fix a bug in XKB group adjustment (#4152, Ivan Pascal).
 795. Fix some build problems that show up with the SVR4 C compiler
      (based on #4139, Takaaki Nomura).
 794. Add two new XKB group switches (Alt+Shift and Menu key) (#4151,
      Ivan Pascal).
 793. Fix HTML man page links when the man page suffix has more than one
      character (#4150, Bruno Haible, A.149, Serguei Ostrovskii).
 792. Remove the old UTF-1 locale (it's not filesystems safe, deprecated
      for years, withdrawn from ISO standards, and nobody uses it) (#4147,
      4149, Bruno Haible).
 791. Replace multiple stub functions in libXThrStub by only one (#4141,
      Carlos A. M. dos Santos).
 790. Fix some build problems that show up with glibc 2.1.3 where ctype.h
      sometimes (always?) depends on stdlib.h being included (#4134,
      Kevin Brosius).
 789. Updates for building on BSD/OS 4.2 on UltraSparc (#4132, Kurt J. Lidl).
 788. Default to linking the Xfont library into the X server statically
      (based on #4127, Kurt J. Lidl).
 787. Update apNetBSD.shar for a kernel mmap interface change (#4124,
      Bernd Ernesti).
 786. When the "auto" mouse protocol is specified, do the auto-detection
      whenever regaining control of the VT (based on #4120, Kazutaka Yokota).
 785. Change the usage of the "Xinerama" config file option to be consistent
      with all the other ServerLayout/ServerFlags options, and document it
      in the XF86Config man page (#4118, Itai Nahshon).
 784. Add I2C/DDC support to i128 driver (Robin Cutshaw).
 783. Add non-GXcopy raster op support to cirrus driver (#4178, David Monniaux).
 782. Use DlLibrary instead of referencing -ldl explicitly in xf86cfg
      (#4189, Matthieu Herrb).
 781. Add S3 Virge XVideo support (preliminary) (#4186, Kevin Brosius).
 780. Fix non-DRI build problem in r128 driver (#4188, Matthieu Herrb).
 779. Add XLIB for OpenBSD/i386 dependency problem to xvinfo
      (#4187, Matthieu Herrb).
 778. Update C&T driver, remove obsolete acceleration and use fb instead
      of cfb with USE_FB option (#4185, David Bateman).
 777. Experimental XAA Render support in the MGA driver (Mark Vojkovich).
 776. Preliminary XAA support for the Render extension (Mark Vojkovich).
 775. Pass depth/bpp correctly, scan all fbdev devices, misc fbdev fixes.
      (#4179, Michel Danzer).
 774. Add generic Vesa driver, fixes for xf86cfg plus changes to parser to
      reflect xf86cfg changes (#4174,#4175, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
 773. Loader fixes for Alpha. (Jay Estabrook).
 772. Accelerated TGA2 32bpp for tga driver (Jay Estabrook).
 771. Allow use of Compaq's Math Library on Alpha (currently for Mesa)
      (Alan Hourihane).
 770. Update Tiny-X Xvesa server for standard VGA BIOS modes. (Keith Packard)
 769. Added ATI Radeon driver, accelerated 2D only (for now) (VA Linux).
 768. Fix depth24/32 issue in i128 driver (#4176, Andrew C Aitchison).
 767. On IA-64's, build DRI and drm's if they would be built on IA-32's
      (David Mosberger).
 766. Fix xf8_32wid build on Sparc's (Marc La France).
 765. Fix MMIO macros for Sparc's (David S. Miller, Jakub Jelinek,
      Marc La France).
 764. Sparc warning fixes (Marc La France).
 763. Fix for decoded I/O and memory ranges of certain Sun PCI-to-PCI bridges
      (David S. Miller, Jakub Jelinek).
 762. Force ATIAvoidCPIO to YES on Sparc's (Marc La France).
 761. Minor fix for the ATI driver's printing of MMIO registers
      (Marc La France).
 760. Minor fix for sunffb DGA support (Marc La France).
 759. Remove unnecessary pointer<->long casts in tseng driver (Marc La France).
 758. Re-align Sparc PCI support with that of other architectures
      (Marc La France).
 757. mmap() /dev/fb instead of /dev/mem on Linux/Sparc (Marc La France).
 756. Fix OS-reported PCI ranges on Linux/Sparc (David S. Miller,
      Jakub Jelinek).
 755. Remove a dependency on word size in the determination of PCI resource
      sizes on Linux (Marc La France).
 754. Permedia3 updates (#4177, 4183, 4192, Sven Luther).
 753. Add Xv support to the r128 driver (Stuart Anderson/Vladmir Dergacheb)
 752. Make VBE module log a message when the BIOS doesn't support any VESA
      extensions (Marc La France).
 751. Fix int10 so that it rejects BIOS's that are not aligned on a 512-byte
      boundary (Marc La France).
 750. Fix int10 for ISA adapters on Alpha's (Egbert Eich).
 749. Fix for ATI ISA adapters on Alpha's or with -configure (Marc La France).
 748. Fix stupid clock probe bug in ATI driver (Marc La France).
 747. Reorganise ATI driver in preparation for futuure changes
      (Marc La France).
 746. Formatting changes to hsync/vrefresh messages (Marc La France).
 745. Fix spurious free() when using an ISA adapter (Marc La France).
 744. Preliminary acceleration of the Render extension for Matrox G200/G400
      (Mark Vojkovich).
 743. Fix ordering of drawable destruction in client-side DRI (Brian Paul).
 742. Update Trident's text acceleration routines (Alan Hourihane).
 741. Destroy unbound window info when a client destroys a context in
      the client-side DRI driver (Kevin Martin).
 740. Make ATI driver's detection of Rage 128's more precise (Marc La France).
 739. Reinstate BIOS checksum verification but make it non-fatal
      (Marc La France).
 738. Don't set protection register on older trident chips
      Fixes Vertical line problem. (Alan Hourihane).
 737. Add missing symbols for Solaris (incomplete) (Marc La France).
 736. Add primitive support in xterm for Xft based fonts (Keith Packard)
 735. Add new Xft library to hook FreeType 2 to Render (Keith Packard)
 734. Added support for Number Nine I128 chipsets (Robin Cutshaw).
 733. Added support for softbooting BIOSes on ia64 (Egbert Eich).
 732. Fixed handling of XtMakeGeometryRequest() to test for parent
      belonging to subclass of composite class only if the widget
      itself is managed. This follows the specs more closely.
      (Keith Packard).
 731. Changed handling of DDC read in r128 driver. Driver does not
      fail any more if vbe DDC reads don't succeed (Egbert Eich).
 730. Fixed infinite loop when referencing the same mnitor section
      twice when using a Mode Section (Egbert Eich).
 729. Fixed problem that caused SIGV in xf86GetValidBiosBase() (Egbert Eich).
 728. Fixed macintosh us keyboard (Olaf Hering).
 727. Added missing symbols to mga driver (Stefan Dirsch).
 726. Fixed a ia64 loader problem that caused SIGV when PLT was present
      (Andreas Schwab).
 725. Fixed ia64 build rules (Andreas Schwab).
 724. Fix DGA library to only swap events for DGA 2.0 X servers
 723. Fix locale parsing code in Xlib and Xt (Matthieu Herrb)
 722. Fix X Test Suite to work on 800x600 screens (Keith Packard)
 721. PCI chip ID updates to ATI driver (Marc La France).
 720. Fix i810 driver for -probe and -configure (Marc La France).
 719. Change message when default modes are deleted (Marc La France).
 718. Fix Xinerama byte swapping bug (Marc La France).
 717. IA-64 and Alpha fixes for pswrap, Mesa, DRI, Xpm, libX11, Xt, Xaw, Xmu,
      dps, Type1 fonts, cfb24, most output drivers, ELF loader, ramdac module,
      xf4bpp and xf86cfg (Marc La France).
 716. Improve IA-64 support by removing a plethora of 32-bit'isms
      (Marc La France).
 715. Default HasLinuxDoc to NO (Marc La France).
 714. Lots of Neomagic driver fixes/enhancements (Mark Vojkovich).
      - Fix logic bug that kept HW cursor from being used.
      - Added support for gamma correction and DirectColor visuals.
      - Fixed some depth/bpp confusion (depth 15 works now).
      - Convert from cfb to fb.
      - Fix typo that kept the pixmap cache from being used.
      - Fixed DGA support.
      - Disable 8x8 pattern fills because they don't work.
      - Set correct virtual desktop size limits for 2160 and older chips.
      - Preliminary man page.
      - Enable burst modes by default.
      - Accelerate ImageWrite support for 2097/2160.
 713. Fix some depth 32 problems in XAA (Mark Vojkovich).
 712. Add Silken Mouse to Rage 128 driver (Alan Hourihane).
 711. Resync DRI code/drivers with the DRI CVS (VA Linux).
 710. Add glxinfo to programs list (#4138, Mark Paton).
 709. Add LVDS support for SiS and fix copyright messages (#4136, Can-Ru Yeou).
 708. Fix support for C&T 69030 (#4137, David Bateman).
 707. Support Cirrus Logic 7548 chip (#4146, David Monniaux).
 706. Fix typos in Xt man pages (#4156, Carlos Santos).
 705. Fix libdps bug (#4154, Juliusz Chroboczek).
 704. Xterm patch #146 (#4144, Thomas Dickey).
 703. Xterm patch #145 (#4140, Thomas Dickey).
 702. Fix 32bpp on the Permedia3 (Sven Luther).
 701. Fix to xterm InsertChar() to handle cases where cur_col + n
      ends up past the end of the line (Andreas Schwab).
 700. Added keyboard layouts for PowerMac (Olaf Hering).
 609. Fixed Macintosh keyboard layouts (Olaf Hering).
 608. Fixed build when BuildServer defined NO (Egbert Eich).
 607. Fixes for C&T 69030 (David Bateman).
 606. Fix for locale setting in Xlib and Xt using getlocale()
      from glibc5 (Egbert Eich).
 605. Added handling of i5/686 and k6 compiler defines to
      (Philipp Thomas).
 604. Added support for non-English locales in xload (Egbert Eich).
 603. Fixed memory initialization in Xlib (Vladimir Nadvornik).
 602. Fixed memory initialization in xdm (Egbert Eich).
 601. Rudimentary S390 support (Ruediger Oertel, Bernhard Kaindl).
 600. Enabled support for compressed xpm-files (Stefan Dirsch).
 599. Added support for Czech querty keyboard (Jan Holesovsky).
      Some fixes for ia64 ().
 598. Added CPU to Screen Color expansion to Neomagic driver (Egbert Eich).
 597. Added support for hotkey display output switch for Neomagic
      driver (Egbert Eich).
 596. Add "xvinfo" client for querying Xv adaptors (Mark Vojkovich).
 595. Fix DGA support in the i810 driver (Mark Vojkovich).
 594. Enlarge the i810 pixmap cache and have the YUV overlay use that memory
      rather than allocate dedicated memory for overlay data (Mark Vojkovich).
 593. Add/fix support for the Rage 128 Mobility chips (M3/M4) (Kevin Martin).
 592. Fix RegisterResources for multiple heads in glint driver
      (#4143, Berend Ozceri).
 591. Update Permedia3's hw cursor to match the Permedia2v's they are
      the same (Alan Hourihane).
 590. Fix glint driver to use colorKey rather than fixed value (Alan Hourihane).
 589. Add ScreenToScreenCopies for Permedia3 (Alan Hourihane).
 588. Add SilkenMouse support to the i810 driver (Mark Vojkovich).
 587. Disable DRI acceleration in depth 15 on the i810 because it doesn't
      work (Mark Vojkovich).
 586. Fix some ordering problems in the I810ScreenInit that broke the
      software cursor and backing store (Mark Vojkovich).
 585. Convert the i810 driver from cfb to fb (Mark Vojkovich).
 584. Fix some depth/bpp confusion in the i810 driver.  Depth 15 works now
      (Mark Vojkovich).
 583. Turn off visual ID matching in Xv (Mark Vojkovich).
 582. Add the IA-64 ELF loader (Jakub Jelinek).
 581. Add I420 and UYVY image formats to the i810 driver (#4135, Jonathan Bian).
 580. Fix an Xaw problem with illegal aliases (#4133, Jakub Jelinek).
 579. Set $(SHELL) to '/bin/sh -e' on Linux to allow builds/installs stop
      immediately on errors as on other platforms (Brandon Robinson).
 578. Update i810 driver for -configure to work (Alan Hourihane).
 577. Have Xv silently ignore client requests with zero sized primitives
      (Mark Vojkovich).
 576. Disable gamma correction and DirectColor visuals on the i810 because
      they don't work (Mark Vojkovich).
 575. Fix a bug in XAA's MSBFIRST color expansion support (Mark Vojkovich).
 574. Allow the default i810 video overlay key to be changed from the
      XF86Config file (Mark Vojkovich).
 573. Don't build DRM modules with a non-module Linux kernel (Marc La France).
 572. Reinstate non-MMIO-only version of ATI driver for Alpha architecture
      (Marc La France).
 571. Fix input event queueuing for 64-bit platforms (Marc La France).
 570. IA-64 changes resulting from a source cross-check with Alpha support
      for 64-bit dependencies (Marc La France).
 569. Fix in ATI drivber for DPMS support on panels (Marc La France).
 568. I810 bugs fixes and enhancements relating to Xv (#4121, 4117, 4123,
      4128, Jonathan Bian).

XFree86 4.0.1c (28 August 2000)
 567. Add support to xset for setting the keyboard repeat rate using XKB
      (A.119, A.126, Stephen Montgomery-Smith).
 566. Various DRI-related 64-bit/IA-64 fixes (#A.134, David Mosberger).
 565. Support for multithreaded libraries on NetBSD when used in conjunction
      with the GNU pth library (#4113, Chris Sekiya).
 564. Add /usr/pkg/bin to NetBSD's DefaultUserPath (#4112, Bernd Ernesti).
 563. Add a (Linux-specific) VESA driver for Keith's small X server (#4111,
      Juliusz Chroboczek).
 562. Update Hungarian xkb maps (#A.145, Peter Soos).
 561. Fix ATI driver bug that prevented the disabling of int10, ddc and vbe
      through options (Marc La France).
 560. Improve libX11 behaviour when a server doesn't have XKB, allowing
      XKB-aware XLookupString features with servers without XKB (#4108,
      Ivan Pascal).
 559. Fix a bug in xkbcomp'shandling of 'group compat' data (#4107,
      Ivan Pascal).
 558. Fix an i810 driver problem doing XvImage with clipping (#4106, 4110,
      Jonathan Bian).
 557. Add PCI info for devices found on the G4 Mac (#4105, Matthieu Herrb).
 556. New XkbOptions for LED selection (#4101, Ivan Pascal).
 555. Changes to XkbGetControls regarding ax_options (#4100, Ivan Pascal,
      based on A.125, Stephen Montgomery-Smith).
 554. Changes to XkbSetControls regarding per_key_repeat (#4099, Ivan Pascal,
      based on A.124, Stephen Montgomery-Smith).
 553. Fix MouseKeys acceleration (#4098, Ivan Pascal, based on A.112,
      Stephen Montgomery-Smith).
 552. -
 551. Man page for Xmark (#4097, Richard Braakman).
 550. Fixes for Macintosh XKB data files (#4094, Ani Joshi).
 549. Change VarDbDirectory to /var/lib on Linux to comply with FHS 2.1
      (#4093, Branden Robinson).
 548. Include <sys/types.h> in agpgart.h (#4091, Branden Robinson).
 547. Re-add installation of the micro font (#4090, Branden Robinson).
 546. Fix the rstart/server script generation (#4088, 4089, Branden Robinson).
 545. Allow to work when the shell's -e flag is used (#4087,
      Branden Robinson).
 544. Xterm patch #144 (#4109, Thomas Dickey).
 543. Xterm patch #143 (#4104, Thomas Dickey).
 542. Xterm patch #142 (#4102, Thomas Dickey).
 541. Xterm patch #141 (#4085, Thomas Dickey).
 540. Xterm patch #140 (Thomas Dickey).
 539. Xaw bug fix (#4084, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
 538. Add support for the NeoMagic NM2230 MagicMedia 256AV+ to the neomagic
      driver (#4083, Andrew C Aitchison).
 537. Fix generic Xom to select the same font for measuring text escapement
      as is used for drawing (#4082, Owen Taylor).
 536. Resync DRI code/drivers with the DRI CVS (VA Linux).
 535. Engine polling changes in r128 driver (David Mosberger).
 534. Fix linear memory mapping in ATI driver (Marc La France).
 533. Fix endianness problems in the ATI driver when accessing BIOS images
      (Marc La France).
 532. Allow building Xptr, Xnest and Xvfb with MakeDllModules
      (Bill Nottingham).
 531. Build DRI drivers on IA-64 (David Mosberger, Marc La France).
 530. Use $(CC) instead of $(LD) when building modules (Bill Nottingham).
 529. When building with MakeDllModules, generate both dynamic and static
      libraries (Bill Nottingham, Marc La France).
 528. Fix detection problem with ramdac for Glint Permedia1's
      (Alan Hourihane).
 527. Fix minor symbol resoltion problem in dlopen() loader (Marc La France).
 526. Alpha changes that fell out of RadHat's IA-64 changes (Marc La France).
 525. A merge of most of RedHat's IA-64 changes (Keith Fish, Stephane Eranian,
      Bill Nottingham, Marc La France):
      - Don't force static server build.
      - Fix NULL #define'ition for loader server.
      - Various #if-testing changes.
 524. Fix the few problems that showed up with the integration of the cygwin
      support (Suhaib M. Siddiqi).
 523. ATI driver changes (Marc La France):
      - Make ATIProbe() and ATIPreInit() optionally more verbose.
      - Fix compile problem on Alpha's.
      - Fix Mach64 hardware clipping bug.
      - Support transparency during Mach64 screen-to-screen copies.
      - Disable int10 interface in MMIO-only driver version.
      - Fix determination of MMIO base address for Mach64 GX, CX, CT, ET,
        VT and GT.
      - "Wake" up ATI VGA's before probing for them.
      - Other cosmetic changes.
 522. Workaround for problems with static during palette changes on the
      MGA G400 (Mark Vojkovich).
 521. Share common drm files between Linux and FreeBSD.  This fixes
      DRI-related build problems on FreeBSD (David Dawes).
 520. Add Romanian xkb symbols definitions (Cristian Gafton).
 519. First cut at pushing the AGP GART interface into the os-support
      layer, with support for Linux and FreeBSD (David Dawes).
 518. Fix SHM support in Xv that was broken in 4.0.1b (David Dawes)
 517. Change the Solaris8/x86 keyboard handling to map the raw keycodes to
      the same keycodes that we use on other platforms, and remove the
      Solaris8/x86-specific XKB definitions (David Dawes).
 516. Fix a problem in the fbdev driver where xf86DrvMsg() is called before
      the necessary pScrn fields have been initialised (Martin Dalecki).
 515. Fix mga dri bug that caused some rendering corruption when the dri module
      was loaded (Mark Vojkovich).

XFree86 4.0.1b (11 August 2000)
 514. Fix the freetype font renderer's handling of True Type Collections
      (.ttc files) (based on #A.123, timecop at
 513. Add PCI IDs for Silicon Motion, Inc (#A.122, Martin Dalecki).
 512. Fix a problem with the sequence number not being byte-swapped
      for the reply to the DPMSCapable request (#A.120, Stephen Tse).
 511. Fix input driver PreInit funtions to behave as expected by InitInput()
      (David Dawes).
 510. Port the spaceorb input driver to 4.x (Guido Heumer).
 509. Port the Summa input driver to 4.x (#A.116, Peter Schlaile).
 508. Add a DigitalEdge input driver (#A.116, Peter Schlaile).
 507. Remove obsolete PC98 code (#4081, Takaaki Nomura).
 506. Fix PC98 keyboard problems (#4081, Osamu Tomita).
 505. Imake support for building on Linux/arm32 (#4080, Andrew E. Mileski).
 504. Fix a problem with restoring the PIXCONF register in the i810 driver
      (#4078, Jonathan Bian).
 503. Fix a build problem with the sis dri driver Imakefile (#4076,
      Takaaki Nomura).
 502. Add DPMS support to the fbdev driver (#4075, Ani Joshi).
 501. Add DPMS support to the fbdevhw module (#4074, Ani Joshi).
 500. Fix VGA detection bug with Mach64 integrated controllers
      (Marc La France).
 499. Accelerated line support for the NV driver (Chas Inman, Mark Vojkovich).
 498. Add GeForce2 support to the NV driver (Chas Inman).
 497. Integrate Cygwin support.  To compile, this requires Cygwin 1.0 or
      later with gcc 2.95.2 and Windows NT (#4073, Suhaib M. Siddiqi).
 496. Add en_GB.ISO8859-15 to locale.dir (David Dawes)
 495. Build int10 on all platforms and move ATI driver after r128 driver in
      compiled-in probe lists (Marc La France, Michael Madore).
 494. Fix bug in parser code: addNewOption2() trunkates option list
      when an option is added that already exists (Egbert Eich).
 493. Fix tmp file problem with makedepend scripts (based on report from
      Alan Cox).
 492. ATI driver changes (Marc La France):
      - Fix resource relocation bug.
      - An attempt at fixing problems reported with Chrontel 8398's.
      - Workaround for Mobility BIOS bug that affected the driver's ability to
        restore the mode on server entry.
      - Fix SEGV that occurs with ATI adapter BIOS'es that do not support some
        flavour of VBE.
      - Allow the driver to tolerate the absence of an initialised adapter BIOS
        image and introduce XF86Config options for the information the driver
        would otherwise require from it.
      - Recognise more cases where a DFP panel might be in use.
      - Fix minor bug that occurred on xf86SetDepthBpp() failures.
      - Implement a compilation option that produces an MMIO-only version of
        the driver.  Intended for non-Intel architectures.  See the driver's
        Imakefile for details.
 491. fixed handling of backwards compatibility in xvmode (Egbert Eich).
 490. fixed changing mouse protocol with xf86misc extensions (Egbert Eich).
 489. added code to sanitize uninitialized PCI config space
      base addresses (Egbert Eich).
 488. Changed xf86xv.c to call StopVideo(exit=TRUE) even
      if StopVideo(exit=FALSE) has already been sent (Egbert Eich).
 487. fixed core dump in C&T video driver when vt switching
      Changed C&T video driver to only register a block handler
      when StopVideo() is called with exit = TRUE (Egbert Eich).
 486. Fixed Cirrus driver not segfault when termineated while
      switched away (Egbert Eich).
 485. Neomagic driver: select sw cursor when screen stretching is
      enabled (Egbert Eich).
 484. Neomagic driver: fixed problem with screen to screen copy
      on 2200 chipsets (Egbert Eich).
 483. Neomagic driver: fixed 'white screen problem' by implementing
      a signal save delay routine (Egbert Eich).
 482. r128 driver: Fixed colormap set problem when server is switched
      away (Egbert Eich).
 481. r128 driver Added reinitialization of accel engine after vt switch.
 480. fixed a fg/bg color problem in SiS driver (Egbert Eich).
 479. attempt to address some problems with Cyber LCD chipsets in
      Trident driver (Egbert Eich).
 478. tseng driver: Implemented correct MMIO handling (Egbert Eich).
 477. tseng driver: made accel driver multi screen capable (Egbert Eich).
 476. fixed vgaHW driver to use forground color for readability
      test of pallette registers. This prevents annoying flashing
      screen on server start (Egbert Eich).
 475. added module/font/rgb path parameters to xf86cfg (Egbert Eich).

XFree86 4.0.1a (2 August 2000)
 474. i810 DRI updates (Jeff Hartmann).
 473. i810 driver updates (H. J. Lu).
 472. Save/restore the text mode colourmap for Solaris, to fix a blank
      screen problem on Solaris 8 after exiting the X server (#A.104,
      Richard Coley).
 471. Patch for SuperProbe on Linux with devfs (#A.103, Adam J. Richter).
 470. Enable BSD/gcc-2.95.2 workaround for BSD/OS 4.2 (#4072, Kurt Lidl).
 469. Fix a problem with the header symlinks in Xserver/GL/mesa/include/GL
      (#4071, Matthieu Herrb).
 468. Finish integrating the SiS DRI driver support (Can-Ru Yeou, SiS).
 467. Change references to the Mesa source directory in Imakefiles to
      $(MESASRCDIR) (David Dawes).
 467. Fix a typo an error in the example code in the XtAppAddInput man page
      (#4070, Carlos A. M. dos Santos).
 466. Imstt driver updates, including moving from cfb to fb, fixing fbdev
      bugs and an accel blit bug, and a general cleanup (#4068, Ani Joshi).
 465. Fix the installation path of the xditview bitmap (#4067,
      Carlos A. M. dos Santos).
 464. Some xf86cfg fixes (#4065, 4068, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
 463. Fix some syntax errors in xkb config files and a size mismatch between
      two xkbcomp structures that were being masked one to another (#4063,
      Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
 462. Fix a problem where the xkbcomp would read junk data from the server
      if SmartScheduleTimer() is called while writing to it (#4063,
      Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
 461. Increase MAXVISUALSPERDEPTH further for Xnest so that it will work
      with GLX (#4062, Harald Koenig).
 460. Xv overlay support for the Intel i810 chipset (#4061, Jonathan Bian,
      Matthew J Sottek, Intel).
 459. Penmount touch panel input driver (#4060, Mayk Langer).
 458. Fix the r128 SaveScreen function so that it doesn't touch the hardware
      when switched away (#4056, Benjamin Herrenschmidt).
 457. Add support to xman for FreeBSD's /etc/manpath.config (#4055,
      Carlos A M dos Santos).
 456. Update to handle the different behaviour of ldconfig
      2.1.3 (used on SuSE 6.4) (#4058, Michael Rohleder).
 455. Fix incorrect use of xf86{En,Dis}ableInterrupts() for ppc
      (Marc La France).
 454. Add man pages for pcitweak and scanpci (David Dawes).
 453. Fix problems with xkb "Internet" keyboard mapping support (David Dawes).
 452. A few corrections to PIO and MMIO definitions affecting mips, arm32,
      powerpc architectures and QNX4 (Marc La France).
 451. Minor int10 and VBE fixups (Marc La France).
 450. For frequency options, don't clobber the old value before verifying the
      new one is valid (Marc La France).
 449. Ensure xf86_ansic.h is always #include'd before compiler.h in code
      that can be compiled as a module (even for the static server).  Generate
      an error if not (Marc La France).
 448. Make linux/int10 module complain when SystemV IPC isn't configured
      into the kernel (Marc La France).
 447. Add new offscreen frame bufffer manager functions for managing linear
      offscreen areas (Mark Vojkovich).
 446. int10 fixes and remove checksum verification (Marc La France).
 445. More message formatting changes for DDC (Marc La France).
 444. Add missing xf86write symbol (Marc La France).
 443. Fix open(, O_CREAT) emulation (Marc La France).
 442. Fix Trident Cyber9320 > 8bpp modes (Alan Hourihane).
 441. Allow memory mapping during probe phase (Marc La France).
 440. Clean up os-support/dgux/dgux_video.c (Marc La France).
 439. Fix int10 bug that prevented recognition of video BIOS'es that are part
      of the system BIOS (Marc La France).
 438. MGA driver warning fix (Marc La France).
 437. An update to change 425 (Marc La France).
 436. More EDID formatting changes (Marc La France).
 435. Fix bug that caused the relocation of PCI I/O bases assigned to multiples
      of 0x0100 (but not 0x0400) by the system BIOS (Marc La France).
 434. Add ATI driver to Alpha, and experimentally, to ppc architectures.  ppc
      support is still known to be incomplete (Marc La France).
 433. For IA64, compile everything, except PEX, that is also compiled for IA32
      (Marc La France).
 432. Fix Cyrix driver for -configure (Alan Hourihane).
 431. Fix Glint PM3 memory detect when only 1MB of videoram (Alan Hourihane).
 430. Fix DAC colour problem and blank out issue in glint driver
      (Alan Hourihane).
 429. Add missing clock values to the trident driver (Alan Hourihane).
 428. Fix Glint driver's SaveScreen function (#4057, Michel Danzer).
 427. Convert MGA driver to use fb instead of cfb (Mark Vojkovich).
 426. Rewrite MGA color expansion routines so that pci retries never occur
      (Mark Vojkovich).
 425. Make ATI driver tolerate relocation of conflicting resources
      (Marc La France).
 424. Make Mach64 FIFO handling available to GATOS (Marc La France).
 423. Fix bug in Mach64 scissor handling (Marc La France).
 422. Implement Mark Vojkovich's suggestions in the ATI driver
      (LSB ordering of monochrome data and host transfer burst modes)
      (Marc La France).
 421. More fixes to ATI DSP register calculation (Marc La France).
 420. ATI DGA support fixes for VGA Wonder capable adapters and the
      setting of the DGA_CONCURRENT_ACCESS flag (Marc La France).
 419. Change imake to generate symbols for the GCC version used to
      compile it (Marc La France).
 418. Fix xf1bpp/xf4bpp in trident driver and some planemask problems
      (Alan Hourihane).

XFree86 4.0.1 (1 July 2000)
 417. Update OpenBSD and NetBSD docs (#4053, Matthieu Herrb).
 416. Fix segfault when destroying a GLX context (Kevin Martin).
 415. Doc updates (Georgina Economou).
 414. Fix some palette and fbdev problems, and add a missing break to the
      video memory type detection code for the r128 (#4043, Benjamin

XFree86 4.0Z (30 June 2000)
 413. README updates (Georgina Economou).
 412. Add some SiS DRI code, but currently disabled because the X server
      driver level support hasn't been integrated yet (Can-Ru Yeou, SiS).
 411. Remove the PPC-specific assembly for load/stores from the r128 driver,
      and use the versions now provided in compiler.h, which are faster (#4051,
      Ani Joshi).
 410. Fix the UTF-8 converters so that cut&paste works better in UTF-8 locales
      (#4049, Bruno Haible).
 409. Complete the move of glx.h to xc/include/GL, and don't include
      Xmd.h in glx.h (#4048, Brian Paul).
 408. Apm driver updates, including fixing 24/32 access, fixing an
      initialization bug, and some code cleanups (#4047, Loic Grenie).
 407. Sparc/sbus updates: put sparcProm* in the correct header file, add
      xf86SbusSetOsHwCursorCmap sbus layer interface, and export symbols for
      this new interface and the sparcProm* interfaces in the loader (#4046,
      Jakub Jelinek).
 406. Add cg3/cg14/tcx/bw2 drivers (sparc), and fix a few bugs in leo and
      cg6 drivers.  Build these driver, plus the ati and glint drivers
      on Linux/sparc (#4046, Jakub Jelinek).
 405. Fix Elite3D detection (#4045, David S. Miller).
 404. Treat SBUS like ISA when assigning access control records, so now
      multi-head, Xinerama, etc works with SBUS drivers (#4045,
      David S. Miller).
 403. SDK install updates (#4044, David Bateman).
 402. Work around an odd problem with waitpid() in the code for auto-loading
      DRM kernel modules on Linux (#4042, Brian Paul).
 401. Change the imake parameter for BSD/OS from BSD386Architecture to
      BSDOSArchitecture (#4041, Kurt Lidl).
 400. Make the neomagic driver recognise the NM2380 chip, and treat it
      exactly like a NM2360 (#4041, Kurt Lidl).
 399. Updates for compiling cleanly on BSD/OS 4.0.1, and to make the
      BSD/OS support less i386-centric (#4041, Kurt Lidl).
 398. Disable SilkenMouse for the s3virge GX2 to avoid some lockup problems
      (#4039, Kevin Brosius).
 397. Some mga DRI updates to improve stability (Jeff Hartmann).
 396. Fix some DRI offscreen memory calculations in the Matrox driver
      (Mark Vojkovich).
 395. IA64 workarounds - should compile and run right out of the box now
      (Mark Vojkovich).
 394. LBX, X-TrueType and Xnest warning fixes (Marc La France).
 393. Remove unused xf86MapDisplay() and xf86UnMapDisplay() os-support entry
      points (Marc La France).

XFree86 4.0g (26 June 2000)
 392. Fix a missing -I in sunffb/Imakefile (#4038, David S. Miller).
 391. Some -misc-fixed-* BDF font updates, primarily expanding the 7x13
      set to include the same 8-bit variants as the 6x13 set, including
      a new oblique/italic version (#4037, Markus Kuhn).
 390. Fix an endless loop in the UTF-8 converters (#4036, Bruno Haible).
 389. Straighten out xfindproxy exit codes to match success/failer status;
      also change one instance where error message was printed to stdout
      (#4035, Huver).
 388. With LBX enabled, the X server wasn't checking the proxy connection,
      and so fails the connection request without calling InvalidHost()
      (#4033, Huver).
 387. xfwp doProcessWritables() closes connection, but then proceeds
      to reset client fd via FD_SET() (#4031, Huver).
 386. Don't build a non-DRI libOSMesa (#4029, Takaaki Nomura).
 385. Add generic DGA support to SiS driver (Alan Hourihane).
 384. Add more support structure for Alpha/DRI (not enabled yet though)
      (Alan Hourihane).
 383. Fix glXDestroyContext bug that caused Q3A to use old clip rect info
      when opening a new window (Kevin Martin).
 382. Fix R128 3D driver clear problem which caused R128Pro cards to lock
      up, and fix dword count on ring-based vertex buffer code for PCI
      R128 cards (Gareth Hughes).
 381. Possible fix for a problem introduced with item 332 that resulted
      in the first screen's config file data being used for all screens
      (Mark Vojkovich, David Dawes).
 380. Add an imake parameter NothingOutsideProjectRoot that turns off
      installing links and config files, etc, outside of ProjectRoot
      (David Dawes).
 379. Possible fix a problem with 'make install' on Linux when there is
      already a /usr/include/GL directory (David Dawes).
 378. Fix a DGA-related crash when using multiple input devices with the
      DGA extension disabled (Matthieu Herrb).

XFree86 4.0f (23 June 2000)
 377. Suppress the use of a temporary directory to build man pages on
      OpenBSD, which fixes problems with some external programs (#4028,
      Matthieu Herrb).
 376. Allow some linux/mips settings in to be overriden (#4026,
      Guido Guenther).
 375. Synchronize the pointer state before checking it in xf86CheckButton()
      (Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
 374. s3virge driver fixes for noise and console corruptionn on the GX2 and
      MX (but they're commented out for the MX because it hasn't been tested
      yet) (#4027, Kevin Brosius).
 373. Fixes for lib/GL Imakefiles (Marc La France).
 372. Update DRI drivers sunffb,mga,i810,glint,r128,tdfx to check for
      DRIQueryVersion, overcomes an older libdri issue (Alan Hourihane).
 371. Change tdfx driver to use fb instead of cfb (Alan Hourihane).
 370. Make using libpthread optional for OpenBSD 2.7.
 369. Fix a problem when calling XF86VidModeSwitchMode() when the switched
      screen is different from the one that has the pointer (#4024,
      Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
 368. Bindist files for Linux/mips (#4023, Guido Guenther).
 367. Allow XFree86 to compile on NetBSD-current and 1.5_ALPHA, which
      no longer use the pcvt console, but have a compatibility mode for it
      in wscons (#4021, Bernd Ernesti).
 366. Add support for the iso8859-13 charset to Xlib (#4020, Bruno Haible).
 365. Add ISO-8859-13 support to the UTF-8 converters, which is needed for
      Lithuanian UTF-8 locales (#4019, Bruno Haible).
 364. Fix three bugs in the UTF-8 converters:
       - In an UTF-8 locale, keyboard input coming in as UTF-8 would not be
       - Incorrect handling of the "end of string" and "invalid byte sequence"
       - A bug on platforms with sizeof(wchar_t) != sizeof(int).
      (#4018, Bruno Haible).
 363. Enable building DRI support for FreeBSD 4.1 and higher.
 362. Don't try to use kldload() on FreeBSD versions prior to 3.0 (#4016,
      Takaaki Nomura).
 361. Some sunffb cleanups (#4015, David S. Miller).
 360. Add DRI drawable index callback (#4015, David S. Miller).
 359. Fix -configure option to print out fatal message and abort gracefully
      when pci data isn't entered into xf86PciInfo.h (Alan Hourihane).
 358. Add generic DGA support to NeoMagic (not tested) (Alan Hourihane).
 357. Add generic DGA support to i810 (not tested) (Alan Hourihane).
 356. Fix GCC 2.96 complaints in big font extension and imstt driver
      (Steven King).
 355. Fix remaining DRI III compile glitches (Marc La France).
 354. Fix long standing bug with 3Dfx driver when DRI module isn't loaded.
      It complained about unresolved symbol called after 'Textures memory'
      output (Alan Hourihane).

XFree86 4.0e (20 June 2000)
 353. Fix a couple of acceleration problems in glint driver (Alan Hourihane).
 352. Don't attempt to build the Sparc DRI drivers on ix86, and vice versa
      (David Dawes).
 351. Fix a lib/GL build problem when the DRI isn't enabled (#4014,
      Nicholas J Brealey).
 350. Fix location of dri module links in the xc/exports directory of the
      build tree.
 349. Replace LoaderSymbol() with xf86LoaderCheckSymbol() in drivers.
 348. Disable SmartScheduler on LynxOS 3.1 (#4013, Thomas Mueller).
 347. Update Japanese PC98 docs (#4012, Isao Ohishi, Takaaki Nomura).
 346. Add some S3/Diamond PCI IDs (#4011, Werner Leeb).
 345. Update sbus support for recent bus infrastructure changes
      (David S. Miller)
 344. Check for NULL pointers from item 332 (Alan Hourihane).
 343. Xf86cfg updates (#4010, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
 342. Fix threads support in OpenBSD 2.7 and above (#4006, 4009,
      Carlos A M dos Santos).
 341. UCS misc BDF fonts updates, including new oblique/italic versions
      (6x13O, 8x13O), Korean font covering all Hangul symbols (18x18ko)
      and many additional autogenerated ISO 8859 fonts to cover with
      6x13 and 8x13 all the locale encodings suggested by the Li18nux
      specification (#4007, Markus Kuhn).
 340. Add Linux/Sparc support for the DRI, and a DRI driver for Sun
      Creator3D hardware (#4004).
 339. Fix DRI BusIDString length usage (#4003, David S. Miller).
 338. Xterm patch #139 (#4002, Thomas Dickey).
 337. Make the use of GlxDefines for libGL independent of BuildXF86DRI (#4001,
      David S. Miller).
 336. Fix i810 build warnings (#4000, Jarno Paananen).
 335. Fix an i810 build problem (Keith Whitwell, #4000, Jarno Paananen).
 334. Fix a multihead problem with the mga driver (Mark Vojkovich).
 333. Add support to the i810 driver for the i815 (Keith Whitwell).
 332. Add infrastructure support for cards with multiple CRTCs (screens)
      per accelerator (PCI entity) (Jeff Hartmann and David Dawes).
 331. Fix some Mesa problems (Brian Paul).
 330. Rework patch for mapping drmAddMap on Alpha platforms
      (Bruce Stockwell/Compaq, Alan Hourihane).
 329. Don't build Debuggable Library on Linux for the release (Alan Hourihane).
 328. Don't build lib/GL/mesa/src/X86 on Alpha systems (Alan Hourihane).
 327. xdm warning fix (Marc La France).
 326. Make x11perf die gracefully when display cannot be opened
      (Marc La France).
 325. Fix rendition driver compile glitch (Marc La France).
 324. #ifdef out glitch in glint driver (Marc La France).
 323. Preliminary DGA support in ATI driver (Marc La France).
 322. Minor update to DESIGN and Status documents (Marc La France).
 321. Fix DGA's reporting of vertical refresh rates to clients
      (Marc La France).
 320. Make driver-provided Sync(), SetViewport() and GetViewport() DGA
      callbacks optional (Marc La France).
 319. Fix XKB compile glitch (Marc La France).
 318. Make imstt driver compile (Marc La France).

XFree86 4.0d (16 June 2000)
 317. Fix a typo in the xfree86 xkb keycodes file (#3999, Matthieu Herrb).
 316. Fix some build problems when the DRI is not enabled (#3998,
      Matthieu Herrb).
 315. Add missing Linux/mips config changes (#3997, Guido Guenther).
 314. Fix for libICE DOS (Keith Packard).
 313. FontInfo.c (lib/X11) needs to be built with the bigfont defines (#3996,
      Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
 312. Disable the smart scheduler for SVR4.0 (based on #3916, Takaaki Nomura).
 311. Add a check for PS/2 mice on Linux for the X server's -configure
      option (#3991, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
 310. Fix a problem mouse driver button flush was causing with Xaw menus
      (#3991, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade, David Dawes).
 309. Modify scanpci to print out card/subsys information, and add a few
      more entries to the pci data (David Dawes).
 308. Fix r128_cursor.c build problem for big-endian machines (#3989,
      Thomas Mueller, #3994, Ani Joshi).
 307. Update LynxOS docs (#3989, Thomas Mueller).
 306. Add a few PPC compiler internal symbols to the loader's export list
      (#3989, Thomas Mueller).
 305. Add crypt support to xdm for LynxOS (#3989, Thomas Mueller).
 304. Add preliminary build support for LynxOS 3.1.0 (#3989, Thomas Mueller).
 303. Add keysyms to complete the set for the Compaq SK2850 keyboard and
      the Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro (David Dawes).
 302. Add new keysyms for PDAs (#3985, 3987, 3988, Jim Gettys).
 301. Xterm patch #138 (#3986, Thomas Dickey).
 300. DRI megapatch III.  This includes DRI enhancements, 3dfx fixes and
      updates, updates Mesa to the latest version, adds Intel i810, Matrox
      G200/G400, ATI Rage 128 and 3dfx Voodoo5 3D support, adds ATI Rage
      Mobility 2D support (disabled by default).  (Precision Insight and
      VA Linux Systems).
 299. Add a function to the X server that performs the same checks on
      command line arguments and environment variables as the Xwrapper
      from 3.3.x.  This function is called very early from main()
      (David Dawes).
 298. Fix for some Xlib problems that can show up when connecting to
      a rogue server (Keith Packard, with analysis by Chris Evans).
 297. Increase MAXVISUALSPERDEPTH to 64 for Xnest so that it can handle
      GLX's visuals.
 296. Add a Macedonian xkb symbols file (#A.96, Zlatko Trajceski).
 295. Fix a buffer overflow with the -xkbmap X server flag (#A.91,
      Trevor Johnson).
 294. Fix a rectangle fill problem that shows up with an AGP SiS 6326
      (A.81, A.83, Milivoj Savin).
 293. Fix a problem in xcalc when the current locale uses a character
      other than "." for the decimal point (#A.63, Stanislav Brabec).
 292. Allow some more parameters in and lnxLib.rules to be
      redefined (#A.60, Stanislav Brabec).
 291. Fix a typo in lib/Xss/Imakefile (#A.59, Stanislav Brabec).
 290. Fix an xfs crash that shows up when many clients connect (#A.48,
      Remy Card).
 289. Fix some man page build problems (#A.43, Ian Collier).
 288. Fix xedit core dump (in Xaw) on Solaris, related to the bsearch()
      usage (#A.42, Ian Collier).
 287. Add xkb mappings for the keycodes generated by the SysRq and Break
      keys, which are different from the keycodes generated when used as
      PrtScn and Pause (#A.29, Eric W. Biederman).
 286. Fix problems when building on Solaris 2.6/sparc and Irix 6.5.5
      (#A.21, A.28, Sullivan N. Beck).
 285. Fix a core dump in fstobdf when using 16 bit fonts (#A.25,
      Morten Storgaard Nielsen).
 284. Clean up some of the messages printed by the neomagic driver
      (David Dawes).
 283. Add support for the 2360 (256ZX) to the neomagic driver, and enable
      acceleration at depth 24 for this chip (#A.23, Gregory M Pomerantz).
 282. Adjust the bigfont extension to not use SHM segments for fonts with
      a small glyph metric size, and fix a build problem on systems without
      shared memory (#3984, Bruno Haible).
 281. Status doc updates (#A.9, Chris Smith, A.80, Ferenc Acs).
 280. Fix memleak warning when doing realloc(NULL, size) (#A.7,
      Charles G Waldman).
 279. xf86cfg fixes (#3983, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
 278. Add SilkenMouse support to the s3virge driver (#3982, Kevin Brosius).
 277. Update Xv support in the glint driver and add the XvPutImage function
      for the Permedia 2 (#3926, Michael Schimek).

XFree86 4.0c (13 June 2000)
 276. Xterm patch #137 (#3976, Thomas Dickey).
 275. Doc update for the chips driver (#3981, David Bateman).
 274. Fix some problems building with the SDK (#3981, David Bateman).
 273. Fix comments for the address matching algorithm in
      XauGetAuthByAddr() and XauGetBestAuthByAddr() (Keith Packard, based on
      #3939, Peter Runestig).
 272. Handle setting SharedLibXdmGreet in the OS imake config files rather
      than having a complicated expression in the xdm Imakefile (#3980,
      Matthieu Herrb).
 271. xdm updates from the OpenBSD team, including:
       - support for Kerberos IV authentication [enabled only in,
         but could be enabled for other systems by setting HasdKrbIV]
       - use the arc4random(4) random number generator on OpenBSD
       - add a new resource "allowRootLogin", which can be used to disable
         root logins through xdm
       - log failed logins to syslogd [OpenBSD only, but could be enabled on
         other systems]
       - verify that the shell is valid using /etc/shells [OpenBSD only]
       - verify that the account hasn't expired [OpenBSD only, but could be
         enabled on other system that use the same passwd aging structure]
      (#3948, 3980, OpenBSD team, Matthieu Herrb).
 270. Big/little endian MMIO_XX macros for ppc, and also PIO macros check
      that IOBase is mmapped before doing any accesses (#3979,
      Kostas Gewrgiou).
 269. Preliminary driver for Integrated Micro Solutions TwinTurbo128
      (imstt) (#3978, Ani Joshi).
 268. Fix broken czsk keymaps, and let the user directly select either
      Czech or Slovak keyboard in xf86config (#3975, Kamil Toman).
 267. Implement DGA2 support with depth switching for ATI Rage 128 cards
      (#3974, Ove Kaaven).
 266. Recent versions of FreeBSD have the xpg4 library folded into libc.
 265. xf86cfg updates (#3973, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
 264. Xaw bug fixes (#3973, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
 263. Fix M-d and M-h key bindings in the Xaw Text widget (#A.87,
      Jonathan Kamens).
 262. Fix some Xaw memory errors (#A.79, Jonathan Kamens).
 261. Xman fixes/updates, including:
       - Fix a core dump in fclose()
       - Append the default search path when MANPATH ends in a ':'
       - Understand man pages that have a single line with a .so directive
      (#3969, 3973, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
 260. Resync nls Compose file with 3.3.6 (#3964, 3973,
      Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
 259. Fix moving the pointer between screens when using MouseKeys, and fix
      some bugs in the xkbfile code (#3963, 3973,
      Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
 258. Fix XC-SECURITY security bug (#3954, 3973,
      Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
 257. Bigfont bug fix, which stops cvsup crashing (#3954, 3973,
      Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
 256. Replace some bitswapping assembler code in XAA with faster C code
      (Mark Vojkovich).
 255. Rendition driver updates, including:
       - add DirectColor support
       - add SilkenMouse support
       - documentation updates
       - some code cleanups
      (#3972, Dejan Ilic).
 254. For v4l: don't advertise the XV_VOLUME attr if we're only going to
      return BadMatch on use (#3968, David Woodhouse).
 253. Modify the I2C delay routine to use xf86getsecs (gettimeofday) instead
      of an uncalibrated loop (#3967, Andrew Aitchison).
 252. Add some PCI ids to xf86PciInfo.h, and include some instructions
      about how to add new PCI data (#3966, Kevin Brosius).
 251. Update documentation for Japanese PC98 (#3965, Satoshi Kimura,
      Akio Morita, Takaaki Nomura).
 250. XIM patch (imInt.c) (#3962, Fuminori Hirayama).
 249. Xterm patch #136 (#3960, Thomas Dickey).
 248. Fix Imake.rules for building on Solaris 7 with gcc-2.95.2 (#3958,
      Nicholas Brealey).
 247. Add basic support for the Linux/mips and mipsel architecture (#3957,
      3970, Guido Guenther).
 246. Disable reading the BIOS in the int10 code for Japanese PC98 (#3959,
      Isao Ohishi).
 245. Add a "NoPciBurst" option to the Trident drive for Japanese PC98
      cards with the TGUi968x chip (#3955, Akio Morita).
 244. Xterm patch #135 (#3951, Thomas Dickey).
 243. Fbdev driver fix (#3953, Ani Joshi).
 242. Xterm patch #134 (#3949, Thomas Dickey).
 241. Import the mktemp() usage fixes for imake from the 3.3.x branch
      (#3947, Matthieu Herrb).
 240. Rman updates, including:
       - minor reformating (make { and } match)
       - fix logic for parsing comments in man pages, which allows the
         copyrights to appear in the output html
       - a few changes based on weblint and tidy
      (#3946, Thomas Dickey).
 239. Fix incorrect type for vgaIOBase in the neomagic driver (#3944,
      Ani Joshi).
 238. Fix an Xlib build problem when the big-font extension is disabled
      (#3945, Mutsumi Ishikawa).
 237. Xv v4l attribute handling bug fix (#3928, Gerd Knorr).
 236. Fix some problems with the locale-dependent input processing in Xlib
       - removing unneeded to/from CTEXT conversion for characters coming
         from keyboard input
       - move "locale_code" and "keyboard charset" searching to the
         initialization step (XIM creation)
       - Fix some inconsistencies between memory allocation and freeing
         in XIM objects (imLcIm.c imThaiIm.c)
      (#3927, Ivan Pascal).
 235. Update support for Appian J2000 board with dual PM3 chips, and
      add partial acceleration (#3977, Sven Luther).
 234. Only claim other devices on the same card when gamma chip is used
      in the glint driver (Alan Hourihane).
 233. Separate offscreen memory manager API from implementation to facilitate
      driver replacement of the default manager (Mark Vojkovich).
 232. Add Option "TexturedVideo" to have the Matrox driver optionally use
      YUV textures instead of the video overlay for XvImage support
      (Mark Vojkovich).
 232. Add Xv functions for allocating/freeing XvVideoAdaptorRecs to shield
      drivers from structure size changes (Mark Vojkovich).
 231. Have XDGAQueryModes return no modes as being available instead of an
      error when DGA is not supported on the particular screen (Mark Vojkovich).
 230. Fix xdm when PAM is not available (Marc La France).
 229. Fix int10 bug on non-PC platforms (Marc La France).
 228. Finish prototyping of DPS libraries.  Fix argument promotions in
      pswrap.  Fix yytext portability problem.  Fix non-standard format
      in pswrap (#3941, #3942, Nomura Takaaki, Thomas Dickey).
 227. Fixed FP chipset handling in Trident driver. LCD-CRT switching
      should work now (Egbert Eich).
 226. Modified device detection on PCI bus to handle Host-to-PCI bridges
      better (Egbert Eich).
 225. Fix i810 driver so it advertises 32bpp pixmaps in depth 24 like the
      rest of the drivers do (Mark Vojkovich).
 224. Added a call ioperm() to to allow vm86 to execute in/out calls
      directly to avoid problems with certain notebook bioses (Egbert Eich).
 223. Fixed mouse driver to flush pending button press events on
      protocol change (Egbert Eich).
 222. Fixed DDC support and sync flags handling in trident driver
      (Egbert Eich).
 221. Added PAM support to xdm, ANSIfied prototypes (Werner Fink).
 220. Added ServerFlag to force the use of OS PCI config space
      support (Egbert Eich).
 219. Fix Xv DDX stop overlaid stills/images when XvStopVideo() is called
      (Mark Vojkovich).
 218. Have the Xv DDX send clients exposure events when windows containing
      overlaid data, which isn't actually in the framebuffer, are moved
      (Mark Vojkovich).
 217. Fix ordering of calling DDC probe in VBE to respect NoDDC options
      (Alan Hourihane).
 216. Fix VBE initialization in trident driver for DDC (Alan Hourihane).
 215. Fix a typo in the glint driver (#3943, Michael Schimek).
 214. Fix multithread bug in Xlib big font support (Mark Vojkovich).
 213. Fix a window class initialization problem in Xinerama (Mark Vojkovich).
 212. Fix some multithreading related problems in the Xv client library
      (Mark Vojkovich).

XFree86 4.0b (23 May 2000)
 211. Add support to the sunffb driver for multiple visuals on the same screen,
      overlays, double buffering and some other niceties (#3938,
      David S. Miller, Jakub Jelinek).
 210. Make the modifier setting on Sun keyboards match what XFree86 expects
      (#3937, Jakub Jelinek).
 209. Add unaccelerated support for the Sun CG6 (#3935, Jakub Jelinek).
 208. Make the -configure option work with SBUS/UPA drivers, fix some
      bugs in the sbus layer, add support for ioctl based colormap setting,
      and fix leds on Sun keyboards (#3934, Jakub Jelinek).
 207. Fix a parallel build problem in lib/dps (#3932, H. J. Lu).
 206. Fix some build problems that show up  with LynxOS x86 and PowerPC (#3929,
      Thomas Mueller).
 205. Fix documentation files for the mutouch and elographics drivers,
      and build these drivers by default (#3935, Patrick Lecoanet).
 204. Make the dga2 library use the device name provide by the driver rather
      than always using the default (3924, David S. Miller).
 203. Fix a problem with the internal xalloc that shows up on Sparc (#3923,
      David S. Miller).
 202. Fix a GLX visual problem that causes a crash at server shutdown
      (#3922, David S. Miller).
 201. 8+32 framebuffer for hardware that uses window IDs (David S. Miller).
 200. Fix a memory allocation in lbxproxy that can cause it to crash at
      startup (#3921, Peter Runestig, #A.46, Rob Clark).
 199. Fix a problem with imake's handling of DefaultGccIncludeDir (#3920,
      Peter Runestig, #A.64, Stanislav Brabec).
 198. lib/X11/imInt.c fix from the OpenMotif release notes (#3919).
 197. Prototype and fix almost all compiler warnings fot he dps library
      and the related pswrap program (#3912, Thomas Dickey).
 196. Fix for x-tt font cache corruption (#3911, H. J. Lu).
 195. Ansi prototypes for the lbxusilt library and Xserver/lbx directory
      (#3908, Matthieu Herrb).
 194. Fix some bugs in the cirrus lg driver (#3900, Itai Nahshon).
 193. Accelerated driver for Sun Leo/ZX cards (#3899, 3936, Jakub Jelinek).
 192. Fully accelerated driver for Sun FFB and AFB chips (#3898,
      Jakub Jelinek).
 191. Generic SBUS and UPA support for XFree86 (#3897, Jakub Jelinek).
 190. Fix building xf86cfg on systems where libxpm isn't linked in
      implicitly (#3903, Matthieu Herrb).
 189. Update the fbdevhw stubs for an interface change (#3902, Matthieu Herrb,
      #3910, Bernd Ernesti).
 188. Simplify the platform defines in servermd.h to make them more hardware
      dependent than OS dependent (#3913, Kurt Lidl).
 187. Fix a bug in the search/replace dialog in the Xaw text widget (#3896,
      Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
 186. Xterm patch #133 (#3894, Thomas Dickey).
 185. Fixes for the Xaw TipWidget (#3893, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
 184. Change CTEXT from/to converters to allow processing of "C1" codes
      (0x80-0x9f) as ordinary characters for "non-standard" encodings
      (such as UTF-8) (#3891, Ivan Pascal).
 183. Add "software" per-key auto-repeat disabling (#3889, Ivan Pascal).
 182. Refix fog.c build problem on Alpha (#3888, Dave Gilbert).
 181. Add some new things for the VidMode interface in xf86cfg (#3877,
      Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
 180. Rework most of the look and feel of xf86cfg, and fix some bugs (#3877,
      3886, 3892, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
 179. Add a ProjectRoot to Xaw rather than hard-coding it, so that the
      pixmap code can find pixmaps and bitmaps on non-standard installations
      (#3877, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
 178. Fix a bug in the DRI section parsing (David Dawes).
 177. Add support for building shared libraries on BSD/OS (#3876, Kurt Lidl).
 176. Add imake support for automatically determining the version for BSD/OS,
      and update for the features relevant to the different versions
      (#3876, 3940, Kurt Lidl).
 175. Xterm patch #132 (#3874, Thomas Dickey).
 174. Fix rman-related build problems when building external applications
      (#3869, Matthieu Herrb, #3890, H. J. Lu).
 173. Fix a typo in (#3867, Matthieu Herrb).
 172. Fix some build warnings (#3864, Ani Joshi).
 171. Fix some BSDI typos in hw/sun (#3862, Kurt Lidl).
 170. Fix r128 palette save/restore when VT switching (#3861, Ani Joshi).
 169. Disable the X server's internal malloc by default (#3860, Keith Packard).
 168. Make xdpyinfo and xf86dga fail gracefully when DGA is not enabled
      in the driver, but the extension is enabled (#3870, Andrew Aitchison).
 167. Fix too many xfree calls in lbxproxy (#3907, Matthieu Herrb).
 166. Fix uninitialized fd_set mask in lbxproxy (#3906, Matthieu Herrb).
 165. Fix typo when printing HSync frequency when not a range
      (#3895, Andrew Aitchison).
 164. Fix a window unmapping bug in the mioverlay code (Mark Vojkovich).
 163. Attempt to improve memory detection reliability in the Matrox driver
      (Mark Vojkovich).
 162. Fix possible SEGV in generic int10 module (Marc La France).
 161. Fix *BSD aperture driver to allow for int10 (Bernd Ernesti,
      Marc La France).
 160. Fix vesafb restore problem in ATI driver (Marc La France).
 159. Fix a few more compilation glitches (Marc La France).
 158. Fix DRM for gamma for single and dual MX chips (Alan Hourihane).
 157. Fix Mesa for single and dual MX chips (Alan Hourihane).
 156. Fix Mesa for multiple screen widths (Alan Hourihane).
 155. Add DGA support to the glint driver.
      - Fix initialization of DRI when using single or dual MX's.
      - Fix register resources.
      - Turn on more acceleration for DualMX boards.
      - Fix DualMX boards displaywidth problems at >640 widths.
      - Fix depth15/16 for PM2v and PM3 chipsets (Alan Hourihane).
 154. Use MMIO_xx macros in glint driver (#3904, Michel Danzer).
 153. Fix lib/GL/mesa/src/X86/Imakefile for m4 (Alan Hourihane).
 152. Fix m4 rules in Imake.tmpl (Alan Hourihane).
 151. ATI documentation update (Marc La France).
 150. Disable debugging messages from XF86-Misc extension (Marc La France).
 149. Ensure XAA always respects user options that disable subsets of its
      primitives (Marc La France).
 148. Bug fix in XAA's CPU-to-screen colour expansion (Marc La France).
 147. Finish off XAA's CPU-to-screen colour expansion for 24bpp
      (Marc La France).
 146. When matching adapters to XF86Config sections, the ATI driver will now
      look at the primary adapter before any other non-primary PCI adapters
      (Marc La France).
 145. Ensure Mach64 acceleration is disabled when using the VGA CRTC
      (Marc La France).
 144. Set a Mach64's scaler/overlay clock divider in preparation for a GATOS
      merge (Marc La France).
 143. Make VBE use its own option instead of DDC's (a consequence of
      re-entrancy) (Marc La France).
 142. Make option processing re-entrant in DDC, int10, VBE and XAA modules, and
      in the common layer (Marc La France).
 141. Add Permedia3 support to the glint driver (Sven Luther).
 140. Fix XvPutImage in the client libs so that it can use the BIG-REQUESTS
      extension (Mark Vojkovich).
 139. Fixed xf4bpp for devPrivates in PixmapRec. (Egbert Eich).
 138. Fixed laguna driver to map FB after the video RAM size is known
      (Egbert Eich).
 137. Fixed xdm to give up to respawn Xservers if the server crashes
      more than once within 60 seconds (Egbert Eich).
 136. Added VGA default clock option to generic driver (Egbert Eich).
 135. Fixed CyberShadow option in Trident driver (Egbert Eich).
 134. Fix bug where the cursor is not put back after a failed DGA mode
      initialization attempt (Mark Vojkovich).
 133. Add a missing symbol "AllocateColormapPrivateIndex" (Mark Vojkovich).
 132. Remove Intel 440BX-specific resources from os-support layer
      (Marc La France).
 131. Change ATI driver to mark VGA resources as unused in operating state when
      appropriate (Marc La France).
 130. Fix bug in the generation of default screen layout (Marc La France).
 129. Include all resource attributes when printing them (Marc La France).
 128. Fix compiled-in input driver list (Marc La France).
 127. Allow driver access to resource manipulation functions (Marc La France).
 126. Fix a DGA 2.0 crash that happened when bogus mode numbers were sent
      by the client (Lionel Ulmer).
 125. Make a recent shm pixmap fix Xinerama aware (Mark Vojkovich).
 124. Fix mode setting bug in ATI driver (Marc La France).
 123. Add int10, DDC & VBE support to ATI driver
      (Andrew C Aitchison, Marc La France).
 122. Allow driver to supply DDC module to VBE (Marc La France).
 121. Attempt to fix cyrix driver (untested). (Egbert Eich)
 120. Added support for 'inactive' devices. (Egbert Eich)
 119. Fixed xf86misc extensions. (Egbert Eich)
 118. Fixed design of xf86SetAccessFuncs(). Now all old access funcs
      are returned if the driver asks for them not only the one
      that is used in OPERATING state. (Egbert Eich)
 117. Added a function LoadDrvSubModule() to allow drivers to load
      sub modules before a screen is allocated. (Egbert Eich)
 116. Fixed lndir to handle trailing '/' on path correctly. (Egbert Eich)
 115. Undefined i486/i586/i686 in cpp might predefine
      them which might cause undesirable results. (Egbert Eich)
 114. Updated x86emu. (Egbert Eich)
 113. Fixed problems with xf86RegisterResources() if preregistered
      resources are not marked ResBios. Identical ranges are not considered
      to conflict with each other. (Egbert Eich)
 112. Improved DDC information printout. (Egbert Eich)
 111. Added NODDC options to vbe. (Egbert Eich)
 110. Added fixes for Lynx OS. (Egbert Eich)
      Changed int10 code to always map/allocate entire 1Meg. (Egbert Eich)
 109. Let int10 code try harder to locate a video bios to work
      around some system bios bugs. (Holger Veit, Egbert Eich)
 108. Modified fbdevProbe() to return the name string representing
      the chipset. (Egbert Eich)
 107. Minor fixes to i810 driver (Egbert Eich)
 106. Fixed format of float numbers in C&T driver. (Jens Taprogge)
 105. Added support for the NeoMagic 2360. (Gregory Pomerantz)
 104. Add an xf86UnloadSubModule() entry (temporarily disabled)
      (Marc La France).
 103. Fix missing symbol "ServerGrabCallback" (Mark Vojkovich).
 102. Fix XAA problems with CPU-to-screen colour expansion (Marc La France).
 101. For panel support in the ATI driver, add an entry to the monitor
      section's mode list for the panel's native resolution (Marc La France).
 100. Fix depth24 acceleration problems with 300SX (Alan Hourihane).
  99. Update glint driver for fb24_32 and ensure memset used in fb is
      xf86memset when using loader (Alan Hourihane).
  98. By default, limit ATI 3DRage LTPro's to 200 MHz, instead of 230 MHz
      (Marc La France).
  97. Remove some leftover INTERNAL_VS_EXTERNAL_PADDING stuff from the
      extensions (Mark Vojkovich).
  96. Fix a NonTE text bug in XAA where zero-height primitives could be passed
      to the driver (Mark Vojkovich).
  95. Add CPU-to-screen colour expansion acceleration for Mach64's
      (Kevin Martin, Marc La France).

XFree86 4.0a (6 April 2000)
  94. Major OS/2 resync (#3859, Holger Veit).
  93. Fix some 'XFree86 -configure' problems when multiple cards (#3850,
      Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
  92. New graphical config tool (xf86cfg) (#3850,
      Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
  91. Fix a typo in that prevents moving config files to
      /etc/X11 from being optional (#3858, Richard Gooch).
  90. Add lt_LT.ISO_8859-4 to locale.alias, and update the lt symbols for
      xkb (#3857, Ricardas Cepas).
  89. Fix the return values of some "xkb action" filters (SetControls and
      RedirectKey) (#3854, Ivan Pascal).
  88. Fix problems with using "radio group" number one in XKB keyboard
      descriptions (#3853, Ivan Pascal).
  87. Fix MIT-SHM crash caused by incorrect reference tracking (#3851,
      Keith Packard).
  86. Updates to allow a build on sparc-linux to succeed (#3849,
      Jakub Jelinek).
  85. Fix GetImage in XY format in fb at 32bpp (#3848, Keith Packard).
  84. Add support for 24/32 fb/pixmap format conversion to fb (#3847,
      Keith Packard).
  83. Update the r128 driver to use fb and fb24_32, and disable
      transparency at 24bpp (#3846, Keith Packard).
  82. Let the server continue when a font path element in the default path
      is found to be invalid (#3843, Keith Packard).
  81. Fix parsing of the Group keyword in the DRI section of the config file
      (#3842, Stefan Dirsch, David Dawes).
  80. Add support for YUV422, YV12, RGB15 and RGB16 XvImages to the C&T driver
      (#3840, David Bateman).
  79. Change the config file Xkb* option priority.  Now, if XkbKeymap is
      set it will be tried first.  If a component is present it will override
      components computed from ruls/module/layout/etc (#3839, Ivan Pascal).
  78. Fix an infinite loop problem that can show up in makedepend (#3838, A.10,
      Jeremy Buhler).
  77. Fix Overlay support in the TI ramdac module (Alan Hourihane).
  76. Fix mixup between TVP3026/3030 ramdacs in the ramdac module
      (Alan Hourihane).
  75. Increase usage of ReadPixmap within XAA (Mark Vojkovich).
  74. Allow the v4l driver to use offscreen YUV surfaces exported by the
      chipset drivers (Gerd Knorr).
  73. Change xf86LoadModules() so that it doesn't quit at the first module
      that fails to load (David Dawes).
  72. SIGIO doesn't work on Linux pipes, so diasble it for input devices
      which are pipes (#3835, Keith Packard).
  71. Bring the SDK support up to date (#3834, David Bateman).
  70. Fix an Xlib problem that causes an application crash when inputting
      cyrillic symbols with the koi8-r locale (and other locales with
      long esc-sequences) (#3833, Ivan Pascal, #A.15, Serguei Poliakov, #A.34,
      Stanislav Meduna, #A.40, Rimantas Plaipa, #A.74, Sergei Laskavy).
  69. Fixes for S3 Trio3D/2X:
       - flickering for some cards (bad FIFO setting from bios).
       - workaround for 8MB ram (ramdac can access only 4MB).
       - adjust clock limits which have been too low.
      (#3832, Harald Koenig).
  68. Fix v4l problem with a function being called after the module is
      unloaded (#3831,
  67. Fixes for the PPC icache flushing code (#3830, Kostas Gewrgiou).
  66. Fix for /tmp race installing man pages on OpenBSD (#3829,
      Matthieu Herrb).
  65. Fix problems building the Xsun and XsunMono servers on
      NetBSD-current/sparc (#3828, Matthieu Herrb).
  64. Add a comment to site.def about how to move the /etc/X11 contents to
      a directory under ProjectRoot (#3827, R Horn).
  63. Fix an Xaw bug that shows up when usingn c-mode with xedit on Linux
      (#3824, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
  62. Enable devfs support for the v4l driver (based on #3823,
      Christopher Sekiya).
  61. Update for README.FreeBSD (#3822, Kazutaka Yokota).
  60. Bump the video driver ABI minor version because of interface changes
      (now 0.2).
  59. Disable SilkenMouse when IO/MEM resource sharing means that it cannot
      be reliably used (#382o, Keith Packard and Egbert Eich).
  58. Fix DGA 1.0 compatibility for mouse events and SetViewport behaviour
      (#3820, Keith Packard).
  57. Fix the Linux APM code so that the X server doesn't hang the machine
      on suspend (#3820, Keith Packard and Egbert Eich).
  56. Fix problems that break Overlay support in the glint driver (#3818,
      Michel Dänzer).
  55. Possible fix for AvailableOptions function and submodule loading
      for the cirrus driver (David Dawes).
  54. Add an entry for the GeForce to the Cards file (#A.6, Oliver Lau).
  53. Fix pswrap build problem when cross compiling (#3815, Jim Gettys).
  52. Fix a typo in (#3814, Jim Gettys).
  51. SiS driver fixes:
       - 630/540/300 display abnormal for all modes.
       - 630/540/300 cannot enter true color modes.
       - 530/620 1600x1200x8bpp display abnormal.
      (#3807, Can-Ru Yeou, SiS).
  50. Fix a -configure crash in the nv driver (#3805, Jarno Paananen).
  49. Rendition driver updates:
       - rename most v_ to verite_ to avoid potential namespace clashes.
       - add support for VBE DDC and "XFree86 -configure".
       - fix PROBE_DETECT issues.
       - Replace a number of ErrorF's with xf86DrvMsg to reduce noise
         when not requested. A number of debugging messages #ifdef'ed also.
       - Option "MTRR" reenabled. Was disabled when acceleration was debugged.
      (#3785, 3808, Dejan Ilic).
  48. S3virge driver updates:
       - Revert WAITIDLE to cleanly abort a segfaulting imagewrite.
       - Start of GX2 fixes.
       - Add DDC monitor X -configure code.
       - Update copyrights
      (#3783, Kevin Brosius).
  47. Update XSetWMProperties() to set the WM_LOCALE_NAME property (#3780,
      Peter Novodvorsky).
  46. Xterm patch #131 (#3777, Thomas Dickey).
  45. Add some xtest tests to cover some accelerated cases implemented by
      XAA, and fix some Linux/glibc build problems (#3767, Rik Faith).
  44. Xineramification of XvImage support (Mark Vojkovich).
  43. By default, cache writes to selected Mach64 MMIO registers and allow this
      cache to be disabled (Marc La France).
  42. Add detection of Rage128 Mobility to ATI driver (Marc La France).
  41. Fix a Xinerama GetImage bug that showed up in 24+32 (Mark Vojkovich).
  40. Fix XAA transparent blits.  They are broken in 4.0 (Mark Vojkovich).
  39. Fix typo in mioverlay that broke resize gravity (Mark Vojkovich).
  38. Fix PCI/AGP bridge I/O and memory window detection (Marc La France).
  37. Add Mach64 solid zero-width line acceleration, except for 24bpp
      (Kevin Martin, Marc La France).
  36. Add Mach64 mono 8x8 pattern fill acceleration (Kevin Martin,
      Marc La France).
  35. Fix DDC bug (John McCorquodale).
  34. Fix minClock and maxClock determination in ATI driver (Marc La France).
  33. A first step at allowing -configure to deal with more than one device per
      driver (Marc La France).
  32. ATI driver changes:  Implement Mach64 engine restriction on virtual
      resolution;  Add DPMS support;  More DSP calculation fixes;  Fix text
      mode restoration bug;  Fix Mach64 screen blanking;  Don't probe for
      previously claimed VGA compatibles;  Fix device section matching for
      Mach64 controllers made by UMC foundry;  Miscellaneous cleanups
      (Marc La France).
  31. Add GLINT 300SX support to the glint driver (Alan Hourihane).
  30. Remove the unused GLINT Delta code (for now) to re-implement as
      a chipset (like the gamma) from the glint driver (Alan Hourihane).
  29. Add support for the TVP3026 ramdac to the ramdac module (Alan Hourihane).
  28. Add support for building and installing HTML versions of the man
      pages (David Dawes).
  27. Fix some limitation in rman so that it will handle our man pages
      correctly (David Dawes).
  26. Import rman-3.0.8, for generating HTML versions of the man pages
      (David Dawes).
  25. ATI fixes to Cards database (Marc La France).
  24. Fix some man page formatting problems that show up on some platforms
      (David Dawes).
  23. Fix an 8+24 bug that occured when shared memory pixmaps were used as
      tiles (Mark Vojkovich).
  22. Support for the Trident CyberBlade/DSTN/i1 (Alan Hourihane).
  21. Fix Xinerama problems that occured when screen zero was not at (0,0)
      (Mark Vojkovich).
  20. Add untested support for Matrox SDRAM G400s (Mark Vojkovich).
  19. Improve memory probing reliability in the Matrox driver (Mark Vojkovich).
  18. Fix DESIGN doc and XF86Config man page information about the Screen
      entry format in the ServerLayout sections (David Dawes).
  17. Add missing file permission flags to xf86shmget (Mark Vojkovich).
  16. Workaround in 8+32 for applications that assume changes to window
      background pixmaps go into effect immediately (Mark Vojkovich).
  15. Change loader search order to look in more specific subdirectories first,
      thereby avoiding loading 3.3.* module versions (Marc La France).
  14. Remove the var-* bindist files for platforms that don't use Xvar.tgz
      (David Dawes).
  13. No Xset.tgz, so remove the set-list bindist files (David Dawes).
  12. Fix Xinstall's symlink testing for Solaris (/bin/sh's builtin doesn't
      recognise '-L') (David Dawes).
  11. Update to handle the xkb/compiled directory properly in all
      cases, including when there is no Xvar.tgz tarball (David Dawes).
  10. Add missing cs_CZ.ISO_8859-2 entries to locale.alias (#A.20,
      Cejka Rudolf).
   9. Updates to Linux-ix86 bindist host.def file.
   8. Fix installation of iso8859-{1,2,3} Compose files, and fix the czech
      entry in locale.alias (Charles Lopes, #A.62, Stanislav Brabec).
   7. Fix some problems with layers forgetting that SwitchMode is an
      optional function (Mark Vojkovich).
   6. Parser bug fix for hexadecimal numbers (Marc La France).
   5. Fix scanpci (Marc La France).
   4. DPMS #include fix (Marc La France).
   3. Fix an event ordering problem in Xinerama (Mark Vojkovich).
   2. Fix some clipping bugs in the Xv DDX (Mark Vojkovich).
   1. Remove 24bpp shadowfb support from the NV driver since the hardware
      is not capable of 24bpp (Mark Vojkovich).

XFree86 4.0 (8 March 2000)
3972. Possible fix for a cirrus driver crash when using -configure
      (David Dawes).
3971. R128 driver doc update (#3813, Ove Kaaven).
3970. Update Unicode/ISO 10646 information in the release notes (#3812,
      Markus Kuhn).
3969. Fix an apm driver crash when using -configure (#3811, Loic Grenie).
3968. Release notes updates (David Dawes).
3967. Major updates to the XF86Config man page (David Dawes).
3966. Update the Cyrix driver documentation (#3810, Richard Hecker).
3965. Update the APM driver documentation (#3809, Loic Grenie).
3964. Fix a name clash in XF86OffscreenImageRec (Mark Vojkovich).

XFree86 3.9.18Za (7 March 2000)
3963. GCC/egcs bug workaround and other more minor ATI fixes (Marc La France).
3962. Split HasGlide into HasGlide2 and HasGlide3 (David Dawes).
3961. Enable known gcc optmisation work arounds by default (David Dawes).
3960. Fix uninitialized screen function (RestackWindow) (#3806, Keith Packard).
3959. Added DRI users guide documentation (Brian Paul and Kevin Martin).
3958. Update the -misc-fixed-* BDF fonts.  New glyphs have been added and
      some old ones fixed.  10x20.bdf and 9x15.bdf now also cover the
      ISO 8859-6 characters (Arabic), and 18x18ja.bdf covers now all
      characters necessary to display the full ISO-2022-JP-2 repertoire
      (#3799, Markus Kuhn).
3957. Make sure the fbdevhw module is loaded by the glint driver when it
      is needed, and add some memory barriers to some register access macros
      (#3804, Michel Dänzer).
3956. Update the glint driver man page and release notes (#3804,
      Michel Dänzer).
3955. Remove some noisy messages from the mga driver (#3803, Mark Vojkovich).
3954. The last segment in any zero-width polysegment drawing request to
      a window with more than one clipping rectangle gets dropped in the
      fb code (#3802, Keith Packard).
3953. Fix the versions for which HasMTRRSupport is enabled for OpenBSD
      (#3800, Matthieu Herrb).
3952. Fix some "ambiguous" else statements in some of the driver Probe()
      functions (David Dawes).
3951. Don't make the VBEInit call in the chips driver dependent on the loader
      server (David Dawes).
3950. Register vbe symbols as "referenced" with the loader in drivers that
      use them (David Dawes).
3949. Fixed the unresolved VBE symbols in the r128 driver and a crash
      related to referencing vgahw symbols before the module is loaded
      (Kevin Martin).
3948. Fix a -configure crash in the tdfx driver (David Dawes).
3947. Fix a mouse driver bug that prevented the X server from seeing the
      mouse button 4 and above when three button emulation is enabled
      (#3773, Yoshihiko Sarumau, Kazutaka Yokota).
3946. Add NO_GXCOPY to the s3virge driver's imagewrite flags, which fixes
      a crash (#3783, Kevin Brosius).
3945. Fix a parser build problem for Interactive Unix, and update the
      docs (#3796, Michael Rohleder).
3944. Fix the r128 hw cursor for big endian machines, and enable building
      the r128 driver for PPC (#3975, Kostas Gewrgiou).
3943. Update lnxResource.c to allow builds to succeed on PPC platforms
      (#3795, Kostas Gewrgiou).
3942. B&H Lucidux fonts (#3794, donated by Charles Bigelow, Kris Holmes
      from Bigelow and Holmes Inc, with hinting donated by Berthold Horn and
      Blenda Horn from Y&Y, Inc).
3941. Doc update for the sis driver (#3793, R Horn).
3940. Fix an xman build problem on LynxOS (#3792, Thomas Mueller).
3939. Fix some 24-plane problems with the tga driver, and update the docs
      (#3789, Martin Lucina).
3938. Rage 128 documentation update (Kevin Martin).
3937. Fix an unresolved reference to VErrorF from the int10 module
      (David Dawes).
3936. Reduce some of the noise in the server startup messages (David Dawes).
3935. Static library objects don't use THREADS_CFLAGS (#3790, Matthieu Herrb).
3934. Fix a fatal error related to shared memory pixmaps in Xinerama (#3788,
      Mark Vojkovich).
3933. Fix IA64 build fixes (#3787, Mark Vojkovich).
3932. Fill out the rendition man page (#3785, Dejan Ilic).
3931. Update the s3virge man page (#3784, Kevin Brosius).
3930. Fix the FreeBSD/alpha code to track changes made to the Linux memory
      mapping code (#3782, Doug Rabson).
3929. Update email addresses for C&T driver authors (#3781, Nozomi Ytow).

XFree86 3.9.18Z (3 March 2000)
3928. Restrict the X server -configure option to root, and fix a crash
      when the server fails to read the first stage config file that it
      writes when run with this option (David Dawes).
3927. Modify the parser's xf86WriteConfigFile() function to write the
      file using the real user id when the real and effective ids are
      different (David Dawes).
3926. Fix a problem with VT switching disabling direct rendering 3D apps
      (Kevin Martin).
3925. Add an imake parameter called XFree86Devel that can be set in host.def
      to enable devel-specific settings (like more verbose compiler warnings),
      and adjust GccWarningOptions to use this (David Dawes).
3924. Various doc updates, and don't install out of date docs (David Dawes).
3923. Fix a thread related problem in the Xv client library (Mark Vojkovich).
3922. Fix a Xinerama problem with XShapeMask (Mark Vojkovich).
3921. LynxOS documentation and bindist updates, and an os-support fix (#3779,
      Thomas Mueller).
3920. Update the wacom input driver to suppor the PL400 model and the
      stroking pen on the Intuos model (#3778, Frederic Lepied).
3919. -
3918. -
3917. Add prototypes for xman, and eliminate most of the compiler warnings
      (#3772, Thomas Dickey).
3916. Xterm patch #130 (#3771, Thomas Dickey).
3915. Fix a segfault in XAA caused by reading beyond shared memory bitmaps
      when hardware clipping is not available (Mark Vojkovich).
3914. Update the mga man page (Mark Vojkovich).
3913. A Q&D fix for GLX segment violation in loader server (Marc La France).
3912. Add Mach64 screen-to-screen copy acceleration (Kevin Martin,
      Marc La France).
3911. IA-64 fixes (Mark Vojkovich).
3910. Add skeleton man pages for the video and input drivers that don't
      already have one (David Dawes).
3909. Add man pages for the mouse, keyboard and void input drivers
      (David Dawes).
3908. Enable building the "void" input driver by default (David Dawes).
3907. Keep xf86RegisterRootWindowProperty from freeing data it didn't
      allocate (Mark Vojkovich).
3906. Add an extra file name to the server config file search path --
      XF86Config-M, where M is the major version number (David Dawes).
3905. DRI megapatch II.  This includes DRI enhancements, 3dfx fixes and
      updates, updates Mesa to version 3.3 beta, adds new GLX dispatch
      code and adds i810 2D support (Precision Insight).
3904. Add SERVER_OVERLAY_VISUALS root window property (Mark Vojkovich).
3903. Remove unnecessary VGA CRTC unlock/relock in cyrix driver
      (Marc La France).
3902. Fix ATI driver's 8514/A probe delay when one isn't present
      (Marc La France).
3901. Changes to -configure:  ATI driver interface;  Move default monitor
      tolerances to xf86ValidateModes();  Let drivers decide on default depth
      and mode;  Don't "special-case" VGA driver.  (Marc La France)
3900. Fix xc/lib/Imakefile for BuildServersOnly (Marc La France).

XFree86 3.9.18b (29 February 2000)
3899. Fix a bug in lnx_apm.c that causes fd 0 to be closed instead
      of the just opened /proc/apm (#3766, Kars de Jong).
3898. Fix a SuperProbe build problem on UnixWare 7 (#3765, Thanh Ma).
3897. Mouse doc updates (#3764, Kazutaka Yokota).
3896. Speed up dashed lines and conic sections in fb, including changing
      mi to use PolyPoint instead of FillSpans for dashed arcs (#3763,
      Keith Packard).
3895. Add shadowfb support to the rendition driver (#3762, Dejan Ilic).
3894. Allow Rage128 driver to Probe DDC too (Alan Hourihane).
3893. Allow i740 driver to Probe DDC (using vbe) for -configure, and remove
      one liner from tdfx driver to enable it too (Alan Hourihane).
3892. Make GNU make -j workaround separately configurable (Marc La France).
3891. Replace remaining occurrences of BuildXTT imake symbol with
      BuildXTrueType (Marc La France).
3890. Fix some problems using the UTF-8 -locale:
       - Add proper side (GL/GR) handling to the UTF-8 locale
       - No more need to define ISO10646-1 in en_US.UTF-8. It is already
         defined in lcCT.c
       - The fontset loading routines would access invalid memory when
         not all fonts for a fontset were found
      (#3761, Bruno Haible).
3889. Avoid spurious warnings from the XFree86-Bigfont extension (#3760,
      Bruno Haible).
3888. Fix an error in the XtAppMainLoop() man page related to its return
      behaviour (#3759, Bruno Haible).
3887. Make it possible for gcc to compile the Linux int10 module with -fPIC
      (#3758, Bruno Haible).
3886. Fix typos in fontcacheP.h and RELNOTES (#3757, Bruno Haible).
3885. Disable stripping programs when they are installed to make it
      easier to debug problems that may show up within libraries (#3756,
      Bruno Haible).
3884. Add support for reading power management events for NetBSD and
      OpenBSD (#3755, Matthieu Herrb).
3883. Update for NetBSD-current-ELF (#3754, Matthieu Herrb).
3882. Update NetBSD and OpenBSD bindist files (#3753, Matthieu Herrb).
3881. Apm driver update, including extending the Rush extension to allow
      initialisation of the Rush chip in a legal way (#3752, Loic Grenie).
3880. Xterm patch #129 (#3751, Thomas Dickey).
3879. Add DDC support to the tdfx driver via the vbe interface (#3750,
      Jarno Paananen).
3878. Enable double scan and interlaced modes for the tdfx and nv drivers
      (#3750, Jarno Paananen).
3877. Fix 8bpp initialisation problem with the rendition driver (#3749,
      Dejan Ilic).
3876. Update the XThrStub library version with that in the 3.3.x branch,
      and enable thread-safe libraries for OpenBSD 2.6 and later (#3748,
      Matthieu Herrb).
3875. Fix some REGION_BROKEN related stuff with the overlays (Mark Vojkovich).
3874. Fix a bug with unaccelerated pixmap cache uploads when virtualX
      was larger than the displayWidth (Mark Vojkovich).
3873. Xinerama changes (Mark Vojkovich).
      - extend the Xinerama protocol and change the version number to 1.1.
      - add a new client API in the "Xinerama" namespace with more
        functionality than the previous "PanoramiX" functions.
      - move Xinerama functions out of libXext and into libXinerama.a.
      - some Xinerama bug fixes.
3872. Add a flags field to the XF86OffscreenImageRec (Mark Vojkovich).
3871. Fix a malloc/free problem in Xnest on 64-bit platforms (David Dawes).
3870. Update bindist definition files (David Dawes).
3869. More installer updates (David Dawes).
3868. Make -configure generate multihead configs (Alan Hourihane).

XFree86 3.9.18a (25 February 2000)
3867. Add a preliminary Install document (David Dawes).
3866. Remove obsolete XF98 and XF68 definitions from (David Dawes).
3865. Fix some rendition driver problems (#3746, Dejan Ilic).
3864. Add build-time support for using fb instead of cfb with the nv
      driver (#3744, Jarno Paananen).
3863. Add missing xf86_ansic.h include for the nv driver, and avoid a
      gcc 2.96-generated memcpy call in Mesa (#3743, Jarno Paananen).
3862. Glint driver updates:
       - removed obsolete NoWriteBitmap option
       - reworked pm2_accel.c (cleaned up swapping/mirroring, removed
         obsolete hacks)
       - fixed setting of mode sync flags
       - fixed PolySegmentThinSolidWrapper functions
      (#3742, Michel Dänzer).
3861. Change the positioning of $(XF86INT10LIB) to fix some static server
      linking problems (#3741, Kevin Brosius).
3860. Make xclock's -brief option off by default, and document it in the
      man page (#3740, Nozomi Ytow).
3859. Improve the default converters set in libX11, and use it for all
      "one byte" locales (#3737, Ivan Pascal).
3858. Some improvements to the generic converters set in libX11, including:
       - some converter optimization
       - actions that can be done once at initialization step moved to
       - converters from CharSet to MultiByte/WideChar added
      (#3731, Ivan Pascal).
3857. Add a "showCurrent" resource for Xaw, which makes the list widget
      always show the selected item (#3728, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
3856. Use fb for the fbdev driver, and check if the fbdev modes are suitable
      for the monitor (#3709, Michel Dänzer).
3855. Add support for finding VT devices for Linux kernels compiled with
      devfs (#3692, Christopher Sekiya).
3854. Implmenent the Font Type font properties for the Speedo, Type 1 and
      TrueType backends (#3688, Juliusz Chroboczek).
3853. Add an installation script ( for installing binary
      distributions (David Dawes).
3852. Fix bitmap installation location for xditview (#3724, Harald Koenig).
3851. Make -probe and -configure deal with vendor-supplied modules again
      (Marc La France).
3850. Fix an exposure problem that occured in 8+32 mode when the root
      window was in depth 24 (Mark Vojkovich).
3849. The MGA driver now recognizes a "VideoKey" option that sets the
      default video key for YUV overlays (Mark Vojkovich).
3848. Add some missing cfbDrawableEnabled checks to the 8+32 and 24+32
      framebuffers (Mark Vojkovich).
3847. Fix a segfault introduced by the workaround in 3546 below.
3846. Fix big endian problems in XAA stipple code (Michel Dänzer).
3845. Fix xf86MatchPciInstances() to not cause r128 to report detection of
      other ATI adapters to -probe (Marc La France).
3844. Fix bug in xf86MatchDevices() with -probe or -configure (Marc La France).
3843. More compilation fixups (Marc La France).
3842. Make -probe and -configure use compiled-in driver lists. Make -configure
      work in the static server (Marc La France).
3841. A second attempt at fixing DPS compilation (Marc La France).
3840. Add DDC probing to the -configure option and enable it in the trident
      driver (Alan Hourihane).
3839. Bring xditview over from the contrib dist.
3838. Fix drm free list bug (Jeff Hartmann and Rik Faith, Precision Insight).
3837. Remove deprecated keywords (Kevin Martin).
3836. Support for YUV offscreen surfaces in Xv and have the MGA driver
      offer them (Mark Vojkovich).
3835. Reorder generic Xv adaptor registration to allow V4L to use
      driver-managed YUV offscreen surfaces (Gerd Knorr).
3834. Preliminary IA-64 support (Mark Vojkovich, Johannes Erdfelt).

XFree86 3.9.18 (21 February 2000)
3833. Bump the minor version number for libXaw since it has some symbols
      that are not present in 6.0.
3832. Add a "xf86LoaderCheckSymbol" function and use this in drivers to
      check if the vgahw module is loaded before calling vgaHWFreeHWRec()
      (David Dawes).
3831. Fix some build problems on Interactive Unix (#3739, Michael Rohleder).
3830. Disable NetBSD aperture driver support by default (#3736,
      Matthieu Herrb).
3829. Update OpenBSD and NetBSD docs (#3735, Matthieu Herrb).
3828. Update the VideoBoard98 file (#3734, Isao Ohishi).
3827. Fix 'X -scanpci' crash (David Dawes).
3826. Fix the "ev56" gcc option (#3730, Keith Packard).
3825. Fix some problems with the MMIO macro use of function pointers on
      Alpha (#3729, Keith Packard).
3824. Fix a Mesa bug involving paletted textures and software rendering
      (#3727, Brian Paul).
3823. Fix a glx bug involving glFlush() inside glXWaitGL() (#3727, Brian Paul).
3822. Disable the 3DNow assembler code for now, to avoid problems with
      assemblers that don't recognise the instructions (Brian Paul).
3821. Fix some problems with the Cards file (#3726,
      Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
3820. Eliminate the double mappings added to the r128 driver work around
      earlier limitations, and add the fix necessary to make the R128
      work on an Alpha UP1000 box without hanging the AGP bus during fb
      rendering (#3720, Keith Packard).
3819. Fix an int10 crash when the BIOS accessed memory beyond the first
      8kbytes (#3722, Keith Packard).
3818. Fix PCI memory regions on dense alpha (#3720, Keith Packard).
3817. Fix an int10 module build problem on big endian machines (#3719,
      Kostas Gewrgiou).
3816. Remove "lib" from the GLcore module name (David Dawes).
3815. Set HasPoll to NO for Linux to work around a problem that Netscape
      has when libXt uses poll() instead of select() (#3718, Keith Packard).
3814. Disable 24bpp fb rendering on big endian machines because it doesn't
      work yet (#3717, Keith Packard).
3813. Fix an Xlib bug that causes freed memory to be accessed.  This is
      exposed by Netscape (#3716, Keith Packard).
3812. Fix a problem in glxUseXFont() when direct rendering (#3715, Brian Paul).
3811. A rework of Kevin Martin's Mach64 acceleration.  Only solid fills for
      now (Marc La France).
3810. ATI Mobility fixes (Marc La France).
3809. A new clock ordering has been reported for Mach32's.  Treated as a
      different clock chip for now (Marc La France).
3808. Build fixups (Marc La France).
3807. Fix a bug in the code that checks for the presence of a core keyboard
      and pointer (David Dawes).
3806. Remove unnecessary system headers from Xext/fontcache.c, which were
      causing unresolved symbols for the extmod module on Solaris
      (David Dawes).

XFree86 3.9.17Z (17 February 2000)
3805. Fix VT switch problem when using shadowfb with the ati driver
      (Marc La France).
3804. Fix some typos in the mouse driver that affect some of the extended
      PS/2 protocols (Kazutaka Yokota).
3803. Xterm patch #128 (#3713, Thomas Dickey).
3802. Fix a crash in the XKB library code (#3712,
      Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
3801. Set the right max clock for the Voodoo3 3000 (#3707,
      Yoann Vandoorselaere).
3800. Fix various build problems (David Dawes).
3799. Fix all other SaveScreen() functions, and add a helper xf86IsUnblank()
      that drivers can use to interpret the SaveScreen mode values
      (David Dawes).
3798. Fix GLINTSaveScreen's use of the second argument (#3706, Michel Danzer).
3797. Glint driver updates: register int10 module's symbols, and add a
      workaround to set the sync flags in supplied modes to make the HW
      cursor work with FBDev (#3650, Michel Danzer).
3796. Indented xfree86 for better readability. (Egbert Eich)
3795. Fixed int10 build rules (hope they are right now) (Egbert Eich)
3794. Changed lnxResources.c to know about differences between ev4/5 and ev6.
      (Egbert Eich).
3793. xf86pciBus.c restores old registration if attempt fo fix PCI
      registration fails. (Egbert Eich)
3792. Removed sparse mapping from vidmem.c. (Egbert Eich)
3791. Changed memory mapping for linux on Alpha:
       - removed separate mapping functions for sparse and dense.
       - allow for 32bit read/write to access memory directly without
         going thru a function call if Jensen support is not enabled
      (Egbert Eich)
3790. Fix for dead keys in XKB Norwegian keyboards (#3702, 3703,
      Preston Brown).
3789. Synced with latest Mesa 3.3 sources (Brian Paul, Precision Insight).
3788. Bug fixes for DRI (Kevin Martin, Precision Insight).
3787. Bug fixes for tdfx DRI driver (Daryll Strauss, Precision Insight).
3786. Cleanups for the contrib programs recently moved into the main xc/
      tree (#3701, Bruno Haible).
3785. Small fix (#3700, Thomas Mueller).
3784. Initialise MMIO32 for r128 when using fbdev (#3699, Kostas Gewrgiou).
3783. Avoid most lockups for Trio3D startup (s3virge driver) (#3698,
      Harald Koenig).
3782. Fix unresolved and conflicting symbols in X-TT, and fix the broken
      BIG5 converter (#3697, Takuya Shiozaki).
3781. Update README.fonts (#3696, Juliusz Chroboczek).
3780. Add dot, line, arc accelerations for 24bpp in fb, and cleanup most
      warnings (#3695, 3711, Keith Packard).
3779. Make it possible to build the r128 driver with support for fb
      (disabled by default) (#3693, Keith Packard).
3778. Fix a problem with lnx_ev56 (#3693, Keith Packard).
3777. Fix references to noPanoramiXExtension when Xinerama is not built
      (#3691, Christopher Sekiya).
3776. Fix possible races in xauth and libXau (#3690, 3694, Colin Phipps).
3775. Fix some Xv and PC-98 init bugs in the apm driver (#3689, Loic Grenie).
3774. Fix SVR4.0 build problem in the cyrix driver (David Dawes).
3773. Fix SVR4.0 build problems in the sis driver (#3687, Takaaki Nomura).
3772. Change CppProgram to /usr/bin/cpp for FreeBSD.
3771. DPS build fixes (#3686, Juliusz Chroboczek, David Dawes).
3770. Back out the pMga->PointerMoved change.
3769. Fix DRI/DRM code to build tdfx driver and turn off building MGA DRI
      support until the next code merge (Kevin Martin).
3768. Attempt to first read the PLL parameters in the BIOS from PCI space,
      then fallback to 0xc0000, and then fallback to default PLL parameters
      in r128 driver (Kevin Martin).
3767. Fix compiler warnings in r128 driver (Kevin Martin).

XFree86 3.9.17f (12 February 2000)
3766. Moved Alpha ev5/56 read dense functions to a separate file.
      (Egbert Eich)
3765. Improved RAC support for asynchronous events (not yet enabled).
      (Egbert Eich)
3764. Fixed a bug that prevented restoration of PCI registers after
      a VT switch. (Egbert Eich)
3763. Fixed support for BIOS reading on multiple chipset cards. (Egbert Eich)
3762. Separated stub functions from pcitweak. (Egbert Eich)
3761. Rewrote scanpci to use libxf86_os.a. (Egbert Eich)
3760. Improved server state notification callback handler to meet the
      needs of multi-head dri. (Egbert Eich)
3759. Mga fix for pMga->PointerMoved init (#3684, Isao Ohishi).
3758. Import FreeType 1.3.1 and X-TrueType 1.3, and incorporate the
      font cache extension (#3653, Akio Morita, X-TrueType team, Nozomi Ytow).
3757. Add a stub for xf86OSPMOpen() for OS's that don't have their own
      (David Dawes).
3756. Move the other XFree86-supported contrib programs to the main xc/
      tree (except for xditview) (David Dawes).
3755. Add a dummylib that provides functions required by libxf86_os.  This
      makes it easier for utilities (like scanpci and pcitweak) to use
      libxf86_os (Egbert Eich, David Dawes).
3754. Some bug fixes and PC-98 enhancements for the apm driver (#3685,
      Loic Grenie).
3753. GL build fix (#3683, Christopher Sekiya).
3752. Xterm patch #127 (#3682, Thomas Dickey).
3751. Cyrix MediaGX driver.  Not very usable yet (#3681, Richard Hecker).
3750. Add DPS libraries.  Building these is disabled right now because
      some more work is needed on the Imakefiles and portability issues
      (#3645, 3680, Juliusz Chroboczek).
3749. Fix the mga driver to work with the MGA 2064W on Alpha architectures
      (#3679, Doug Rabson).
3748. Support for building XFree86 on FreeBSD/alpha (#3678, Doug Rabson).
3747. Restore viewport correctly on VT switch for the s3virge, and clean
      up the logging messages (#3676, Kevin Brosius).
3746. Don't try to program the keyboard repeat rate directly for Linux/98
      (#3675, Takaaki Nomura).
3745. Update information about mouse support in 3.9.18 (#3673, 3674,
      Kazutaka Yokota).
3744. Remove the "Extended PS/2 mouse protocol" class from the supported
      interfaces in FreeBSD, since they are already handled at the
      device driver level (#3672, Kazutaka Yokota).
3743. Merge Kevin Hendricks fbdev/ppc patches in r128, fix wrong order
      in cursor init (#3671, Kostas Gewrgiou, Kevin Hendricks).
3742. Fix a problem building xedit/realpath.c that shows up on Linux
      (#3670, Andrew Aitcheson).
3741. Fix a build problem for lcUTF.c on Linux/libc5 (#3668,
      Andrew Aitcheson).
3740. Make sure the cursor is positioned correctly after mode changes
      (#3667, Harald Koenig).
3739. Add support for the SiS 630/540/300/530/620 to the SiS driver with
      hw acceleration.  Support for the tvout function is included for
      the 630/540/300 (#3666, Can-Ru Yeou, SiS).
3738. Fix some build problems with the apm driver on SVR4.0 (David Dawes).

XFree86 3.9.17e (11 February 2000)
3727. Move xman into the main xc/ tree.
3726. The leak-tracing allocator now works on 64-bit machines, and update
      the server to allow the use of the leak-tracing allocator (#3665,
      Keith Packard).
3725. Fix fb so that it works with 64-bit pointers and works on big-endian
      machines (#3665, Keith Packard).
3724. r128 driver updates to work on Alpha UP1000 (ev6).  The changes follow
      recommendations from Kevin Martin and Egbert to try to make them
      reasonable (#3665, Keith Packard).
3723. Modify mfb, cfb and mi so that they now do all accesses 32-bits at
      a time instead of 64 (on 64-bit platforms).  This eliminates image
      repadding in DIX (#3665, Keith Packard).
3722. Bug fixes, comments and cosmetics for the input method code:
       - Add prefix "_Xim" to two input specific functions.
       - Remove buggy function ConvertUCS4toUTF8 (bug: UCS-4 never contains
         surrogates), and replace with simpler code. Based on a patch by
         Ivan Pascal.
       - Fix for _XimLookupMBText and _XimLookupWCText in multibyte locales
         Patch by Ivan Pascal.
      (#3664, Bruno Haible, Ivan Pascal).
3721. Fix ugly code in _XlcCreateDefaultCharSet and add comments (#3663,
      Bruno Haible).
3720. Introduce a UTF-8 locale, including conversion from/to compound text.
      This is not fully functional yet (#3662, Bruno Haible).
3719. Resturcutre lib/X11/lcCt.c so that it is more understandable.  Update
      the default_ct_data array.  Fix bugs in _XlcCheckCTSequence and cstoct,
      and fix the UTF-8 introducing sequence (#3661, Bruno Haible).
3718. Fix parsing of resource files so that it works better in multi-byte
      locales (#3660, Bruno Haible).
3717. Add commens to the libX11 locale files, declare _XlcInitLoader and
      XlcConverter and a portability fix for dlopen() (#3659, Bruno Haible).
3716. Fix an indentation problem in Xlib that was the origin of a malloc/free
      bug (#3658, Bruno Haible).
3715. Fix a bug in the locale file parsing routines (#3657, Bruno Haible).
3714. Create a locale en_US.UTF-8.  This isn't fully functional yet, but
      parts of Xlib work with it (#3657, Bruno Haible).
3713. Modify xman to search for man pages in a locale-specific directory
      first (#3652, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
3712. Have xedit use the BSD realpath() provided instead of the standard
      Linux one because the Linux one behaves differently (#3652,
      Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
3711. Fix some typos in the Monitors and Cards files (#3652,
      Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
3710. Disable SilkenMouse in the C&T driver until the memory transfer
      sync problem is solved (#3654, Nozomi Ytow).
3709. -
3708. Don't "normalise" module names in xf86LoadModules (David Dawes).
3707. Apm driver updates, including updates to the xf86Rush extension (#3649,
      3655, Loic Grenie).
3706. Small cosmetic patch to glide driver (#3648, Loic Grenie).
3705. Fix a bug in the way the BIOS mapping size is calculated in
      in the ReadBIOS functions (#3647, Loic Grenie).
3704. Add ReputImage function to the Xv DDX to prevent flickering during
      window moves on some hardware (Loic Grenie).
3703. Fix a bigfont extension build problem on Interactive UNIX (#3646,
      Michael Rohleder).
3702. Fix a bigfont extension build problem on NetBSD and OpenBSD (#3644,
      Matthieu Herrb).
3701. USB mouse support for *BSD (enabled for OpenBSD) (#3644, 3656,
      Matthieu Herrb).
3700. Update README.fonts (#3643, Juliusz Chroboczek).
3699. i810 driver and preliminary DRI support for i810 and mga (#3638,
      Keith Whitwell, Precision Insight).
3698. 8+24 support upgraded to a non-destructive overlay (Mark Vojkovich).
3697. Modify XAA to allow image rendering into DMA buffers (Mark Vojkovich).
3696. Fix some SVR4.0 build problems (#3642, 3653, Satoshi Kimura).
3695. Add XErrorDB entries for the DPS extension (#3639, Juliusz Chroboczek).
3694. Fix a bigfont extension build problem on Linux/libc5 (#3637,
      Takaaki Nomura).
3693. Extend the Mouse "ZAxisMapping" option so that it can accept
      (optionally) four arguments.  The additional two are for mice that
      have two wheels or whose scroll device has two axes) (#3636, 3641,
      Kazutaka Yokota).
3692. Add support for some new mice (Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer,
      Genius NetScroll Mouse Optical, IBM ScrollPoint) and serial PnP
      IDs (A4 Tech 4D/4D+, MouseSystems SmartScroll, Logitech Cordless
      MouseMan Wheel, 8D Scroll mouse) to the mouse driver, and update
      the mouse documentation (#3636, 3640, 3641, Kazutaka Yokota).
3691. Xterm patch #126 (#3635, Thomas Dickey).
3690. Fix for the Japanese PC-98 with GA-RUSH/6PCI in the apm driver (#3634,
      Isao Ohishi).
3689. Update man pages and server messages for -xf86config usage, and
      FatalError when an unsafe path is given by a non-root user (#3633,
      Mark Montague).
3688. Add support for the Melco WHP-PS8 Permedia2-based card for Japanese
      PC-98 machines to the glint driver (#3354, Isao Ohishi).
3687. Avoid segv in new Linux apm support (David Dawes, Michel Danzer).
3686. Fix unresolved symbols in the linux int10 module and the GLcore module
      (David Dawes).
3685. Add xkb support plus new (XFree86-specific) keysym names for the
      HP and Logitech iTouch "Internet" keyboards (David Dawes).
3684. Fix a vbe-related build problem on Solaris (David Dawes).

XFree86 3.9.17d (9 February 2000)
3684. XKB could crash with keycodes larger than the range given in the
      keycodes file (David Dawes).
3683. Allow the passing of all extended keycodes, which makes it possible
      to access keys on "Internet" keyboards (David Dawes).
3682. Added support for saving/restoring access state during
      asynchronous events. Added code to make xf86EnableAccess()
      atomic for asynchronous events. (Egbert Eich)
3681. Modified xf86EnterServerState() to avoid any unnecessary
      disabling of resources during state transition. (Egbert Eich)
3680. Added function callback registration. Drivers can register
      callback functions to be notified of the start/end of a
      resource transition. (Egbert Eich)
3679. Added support for OS specific Pci address windows. (Egbert Eich)
3678. Added more debug traps to xalloc.c. Added support to peek/poke
      MMIO registers and fb addresses from a debugger. (Egbert Eich)
3677. Changed resource registration to use CPU space addresses
      instead of BUS space addresses. Added flag to resource type
      to mark addresses in bus address space. (Egbert Eich)
3676. Extended host2bus and bus2host address conversion for PCI
      addresses to PIO. (Egbert Eich)
3675. Improved subset and intersect handling for resources ranges.
      (Egbert Eich)
3674. Modified mapping of V_RAM in int10/generic.c. (Egbert Eich)
3673. Updated INT10.HOWTO. (Egbert Eich)
3672. Added support for VBE DDC read out to s3v driver. (Egbert Eich)
3671. Added xf86SetDDCProperties() to glint, chips, neomagic, s3v
      and r128 driver. (Egbert Eich)
3670. Fixed problems with virtual screen size != real screen size
      when using shadow fb in mga driver. (Egbert Eich)
3669. Fixed handling of virtual != real screen in shadowfb. (Egbert Eich)
3668. Prevent reinitialization of pMga->PointerMoved in mga_driver.c
      on server reset. (Egbert Eich).
3667. Added int10 support to r128 driver. (Egbert Eich)
3666. Attempt to make apm driver 64bit clean. (Egbert Eich)
3665. Added options to swap x/y coordinates on mice. Useful when
      using rotate on notebooks. (Egbert Eich)
3664. Modified memory mapping on AXP to map entire MMIO space
      at once. (Egbert Eich)
3663. Fixed handling of sparsely mapped MMIO on AXP increasing
      performance considerably. (Egbert Eich).
3662. Added non-barrier versions of MMIO_OUTxx. (Egbert Eich).
3661. Added support for new AXPs that don't have sparse mapping.
      (Egbert Eich)
3660. Separated high and low level handling in ModeInit() and
      Restore() in cirrus driver. (Egbert Eich)
3659. Made chipset specific record subrecord of vendor record
      in cirrus driver. (Egbert Eich).
3658. Made some improvements to acceleration code of Cirrus Alpine driver.
      (Egbert Eich)
3657. Added support for 64-bit cursor for Cirrus Alpine. (Egbert Eich)
3656. Fixed cirrus driver to handle MMIO access using MMIO_IN/OUTxx
      (Egbert Eich)
3655. Fixed xf86HWCurs.c to handle 32-bit cursors on 64-bit machines
      correctly. (Egbert Eich)
3654. Added rotate support to neomagic, s3v, chips and cirrus
      driver (Egbert Eich)
3653. Added shadow fb support to s3v and cirrus driver (Egbert Eich)
3652. Fixed sig11 problem after server reset caused by the new
      extension loading code. (Egbert Eich)
3651. Attempted to fix build problems with int10 (Egbert Eich)
3650. Added a baseclass/subclass override to xf86PciInfo.h.
      This override is evaluated in xf86pciBus.c (Egbert Eich)
3649. Changed memory mapping in int10 support for Linux to use SYSV
      IPC shm instead of mapping /proc/self/mem (Egbert Eich)
3648. Added APM support for portable systems. (Egbert Eich)
3647. XFree86-Bigfont extension that provides efficient client access to
      the complete glyph metrics, using shared memory where possible/available
      or transmitting the data in a compressed format otherwise (#3626,
      Bruno Haible).
3646. Update locale support for Celtic languages (Welsh, Irish, Scots, Manx
      and Cornish), and include a compose file for ISO-8859-14 (#3612,
      Alastair McKinstry).
3645. Add a Slovenian xkb symbols file (#3629, Marko Samastur,
      Primoz Peterlin).
3644. The new extension init code didn't handle server resets (#3628,
      Ebgert Eich).
3643. xf86GetPciSizeFromOS() didn't close the file it opened (#3627,
      Loic Grenie).
3642. Export frexp() and ldexp() to modules (#3624, 3631, Juliusz Chroboczek).
3641. Fixes for CTEXT handling in Xlib:
       - rewrite CTEXT from/to converters for standard compliance
       - CTEXT parser now understands UTF-8 (and other DOC) sequences and
         performs only CTEXT sequence recognition
       - detailed charset information parsing moved to the procedure that
         adds 'charset object'
       - Some actions for preparing 'charset object' moved to lcCharSet.c
         (where it can be done easily)
       - XlcAddCT call added to XLC_LOCALE file parser to allow recognition
         of charsets that are described only in those files (ie, not
         in internal Xlib tables)
      (#3624, Ivan Pascal).
3640. Convert the nv driver to use MMIO to access the VGA registers
      instead of normal I/O ports.  Also riva_hw is updated to the
      same version as is in 3.3.6 (#3620, Jarno Paananen).
3639. DRI and Mesa update (#3619, Brian Paul, Precision Insight).
3638. Fix a problem with the tdfx driver that can result in a lockup
      (#3618, Nicholas Brealey).
3627. Fix some PPC inline assembler in compiler.h (#3617, Kostas Gewrgiou).
3626. Add support for the S3 Trio3D/2x and Trio3D chips to the s3virge
      driver (#3616, 3623, Harald Koenig).
3625. Fix some build problems on Solaris 8 with gcc (#3615, Richard Coley).
3624. Fix an Xserver core dump that can happen when xdmcp-related command
      line options have missing arguments (#3614, Harald Koenig).
3623. Xterm patch #125 (#3611, Thomas Dickey).
3622. Add a Type1 version of the cursor font (#3610, Juliusz Chroboczek).
3621. Add Trident Cyber9540 detection (not tested) (Alan Hourihane).
3620. Fix horizontal/vertical line drawing for r128 driver (Kevin Martin).
3619. Update -probe option for all bus types (Alan Hourihane).
3618. Fix primary card detection for -configure (Alan Hourihane).
3617. Modularize the mouse driver (Alan Hourihane).
3616. Fix Cyber9388 detection in trident driver (Alan Hourihane).
3615. Implement some of the (installed) path restructuring that was
      discussed back in April 1999 (David Dawes).
3614. Remove duplicated code in XKB and InputMethod processing (#3396,
      Ivan Pascal).

XFree86 3.9.17c (30 January 2000)
3613. Add DDC1 and DDC2 support to the NVIDIA driver (#3608, Jarno Paananen).
3612. Make -configure multihead aware, add loading of all extension modules,
      setup Layout sections (Alan Hourihane).
3611. XTextPropertyToTextList doesn't work if incoming XTextProperty has
      encoding field other than STRING or COMPOUND_TEXT (#3606, Ivan Pascal).
3610. Fix a bug in the X11 generic converters that prevents them from
      converting the last character in a string (#3605, Ivan Pascal).
3609. Fix a bug in _XOpenLC() that was causing unallocated memory to be
      freed (#3604, Ivan Pascal).
3608. Xterm patch #124 (#3603, Thomas Dickey).
3607. Fixes to the character set conversion tables (#3602, Bruno Haible).
3606. Reduce the data section of libX11 by 30% by proper use of
      'const' for tables (#3601, Bruno Haible).
3605. Fix a bug in ConvertUCS4toUTF8() in libX11 (#3600, Bruno Haible).
3604. Fix some fb macros that gcc accepted but which weren't legal ANSI C
      (#3599, Keith Packard).
3603. Update micmap to allow the drivers to specify the r/g/b mask values
      (3598, Keith Packard).
3602. Disable the cfbCopyPlane functions on big endian machines, and fix
      a cfb24 bug (#3597, David Bateman).
3601. Add a CheckExtension() function that can be called to check if an
      extension has been initialised (David Dawes).
3600. Allow extensions to specify which other extensions must be
      initialised first, and sort the initialisation order according to
      this information (David Dawes).
3599. Force BIOS to be read from 0xc0000 for r128 driver (Kevin Martin).
3598. Add a XXXAvailableOptions to DriverRec which allows passing available
      options back to the -configure option (Alan Hourihane).
3597. Avoid PCI-PCI bridges with an unexpected header type, which avoids
      an infinite loop that can show up in the PCI bus enumeration code
      (Egbert Eich).
3596. More compilation fixups (Marc La France).
3595. Add '###' (Comment) line capability to the parser (Alan Hourihane).
3594. Fix the laguna driver to return MOD_CLASS_NONE (Alan Hourihane).
3593. Add the 'extmod' module to the -configure option (Alan Hourihane).
3592. Modify the extension loading code so that he core server no longer
      needs to be aware of all extensions that can be loaded (David Dawes).
3591. Remove XExtensionVersion from XPrint headers (Dirk Hohndel, from 3.3.5).
3590. Fix a build problem with the static server related to the -configure
      option code (#3596, Takaaki Nomura).

XFree86 3.9.17b (24 January 2000)
3589. Add a rule to lnxdoc.rules for maintainers to use to update the
      formatted docs (David Dawes).
3588. Add new -configure option to generate a clean XF86Config without the
      need for a config tool. But hopefully could be used with XF86Setup.
      (Needs some OS based updates - tested only on linux so far)
      (Alan Hourihane).
3587. Fix 64 bit problem in the Xv client header files (Mark Vojkovich).
3586. Change the default charset for et_EE from ISO8859-4 to ISO8859-15,
      which conforms with the upcoming standard EVS8:1999
      ( (#3595, Ville Hallik).
3585. Fix a bug in XKB's CapsLock handling for some non-Latin1 locales,
      and add support for ISO8859-15.  Without this, CapsLock only affects
      Latin1 keysyms and has no effect on scaron and zcaron, for example
      (#3595, Ville Hallik).
3584. Add Estonian keyboard support to XKB (#3595, Ville Hallik).
3583. Hack to disable optimisation when building Xext/xf86vmode.c on FreeBSD
      4.0 to avoid a compiler bug (David Dawes).
3582. Disable the hardware cursor in the tdfx driver when the screen is
      too wide for the hardware to properly position the cursor on the
      right side of the screen (#3593, Scott Bertin).
3581. Fix a typo in panoramiXprocs.c that shows up on SVR4.0 (#3592,
      Takaaki Nomura).
3580. Xterm patch #123 (#3591, Thomas Dickey).
3579. Add a "Status" document that lists and compares the driver status of
      4.0 and 3.3.x (needs a lot more input) (David Dawes, plus contributions
      from the devel team).
3578. Fix a problem with the EmulateTimeout line in the file generated
      by xf86config, and have xf86config create /etc/X11 if it doesn't
      already exist (David Dawes).
3577. Put an OS-independent version of the int10 module/library in
      xfree86/int10, but still allow an OS-specific version to override
      it (David Dawes).
3576. Import a minimal subset of the x86emu 0.6 distribution (David Dawes).
3575. Register the required/referenced int10 symbols in the nv driver
      so that there are no warnings on platforms that don't have this
      module (David Dawes).
3574. Don't probe for PC98 architecture on Solaris (David Dawes).
3573. Fix some SVR4.0 build problems related to bzero() (David Dawes).
3572. Rewrite the way Xinerama deals with events (Mark Vojkovich).
3571. Fix VT switching problem in shadowfb (Marc La France).
3570. Initialize DST_X_DIR and DST_Y_DIR for solid filled rects and for
      horizontal and vertical lines to fix line drawing problems, and
      initialize ScanlineCPUToScreenColorExpandFillFlags to fix font
      corruption problems in r128 driver (Kevin Martin and Rik Faith).
3569. Fix BIOS reading problem with r128 driver (Kevin Martin).
3568. Fix imake failure in Mesa Imakefile (Kevin Martin).
3567. Change trident driver to use fb instead of cfb and make DDC1 info
      available to the primary card (Alan Hourihane).
3566. Fix an XAA text corruption problem introduced by the endian fix
      in 3.9.17a (David Dawes).

XFree86 3.9.17a (21 January 2000)
3565. Update to use the kernel header files on Debian rather than
      those packaged with the libc headers (#3544, Simon Richter).
3564. Add an item to the default twm menu to open an xterm window (#3584,
      David Brownlee).
3563. Update Spanish locales in xc/nls (#3583, Fernando Herrera).
3562. Fix I2C/DDC for S3 ViRGE (#3582, Harald Koenig).
3561. Update the fbdevhw module for some new cards (#3579, Kostas Gewrgiou).
3560. Fix interpret_vdif.c for big endian machines (#3578, Kostas Gewrgiou).
3559. Minor fix to DDC to find monitor descriptions in EDID v1.1 (#3576,
      Andrew Aitchison).
3558. Allow silken mouse to work when building on Linux without DRI (#3574,
      Keith Packard).
3557. Only do the kbdrate I/O on architectures that support it (#3573, 3581,
      Kostas Gewrgiou, Branden Robinson).
3556. Fix XAA colour expansion for big-endian architectures (#3572,
      Kostas Gewrgiou).
3555. Update QNX support (#3570, Frank Guangxin Liu).
3554. Fix "controlization" in XLookupString for chars > 127 (#3569,
      Ivan Pascal).
3553. Take advantage of FB speedups in Tiny-X (#3568, Keith Packard).
3552. Speed up FB and do 32bit accesses instead of 64bit accesses
      (#3567, Keith Packard).
3551. Eliminate saving the contents of the screen durint VT switching
      (#3562, Keith Packard).
3550. Make using fb easier for driver writers (#3561, Keith Packard).
3549. Fix TCP font server connections (#3560, Keith Packard).
3548. Implement the "OverclockMem" option for the Millennium and Millennium
      II (#3558, Andrew Aitchison).
3547. Speed up some FB performance problems (#3557, 3559, 3560, 3588, 3589,
      Keith Packard).
3546. Work around a bad code generation bug in gcc that shows up
      in XAA (#3550, Rik Faith).
3545. Add a -brief option to xclock to show only hours and minutes when in
      digital mode (#3549, Keith Packard).
3544. Fix some dead key problems with xkb symbols for Swiss French and
      Swiss German keyboards (#3546, Charles Lopes).
3543. Add drm_poll to fix SIGIO problem in the drm kernel modules, and change
      drm to use /{proc,dev}/dri to avoid conflicts with /{proc,dev}/graphics
      (Rik Faith and Daryll Strauss).
3542. Fix some fb/glint-realted static build problems (Marc La France).
3541. Add 3.9.17 xterm information to the RELNOTES (#3541, Thomas Dickey).
3540. Fix some 64-bit problems in the GLX code (#3539, Dave Gilbert).
3539. Execute the GLINT delta code in the Probe for each instance of
      hardware found, not just the first one (#3534, Michael Rohleder).
3538. Allow mesa to build on an Alpha (#3533, Matt Grossman).
3537. Fix glint/Imakefile so that the correct fb.h is included, and rename
      the private fb.h file in fbdevhw so that it won't be mistakenly included
      instead of the one in Xserver/fb (David Dawes).
3536. Fix some (unused) bad usages of InstallDynamicModule (David Dawes).
3535. Make the Glint driver use the new fb module and fix correct operation
      for 24bpp support (Alan Hourihane).
3534. Fix for various compilation glitches (Marc La France).
3533. Fix some Segmentation faults with NULL pointers in xf86Config.c
      (Alan Hourihane).
3532. Update some drivers to respect the PROBE_DETECT flag and update
      xf86DoProbe to print out the supported chipset list (Alan Hourihane).
3531. Update Trident driver to fix Clock source for 9440 chips and allow
      linear framebuffer mapping for nommio (Alan Hourihane).
3530. Fix fb for module compiling and ifdef fbcmap for now (Alan Hourihane).
3529. Add Cyber9397 and Cyber9397DVD PCI ID detection to trident driver
      (Alan Hourihane).
3528. Fix Multiple MX RegisterResources with RAC in glint
      driver (Alan Hourihane).
3527. Update loader for Xinerama changes (Alan Hourihane).
3526. Massive Xinerama rewrite (Mark Vojkovich).
      - Change the way it deals with resources.
      - Remove broken Xinerama code from the multibuf extension.
      - Add support for shared memory pixmaps.
      - Lessen Xinerama's impact on DIX.
3525. Point and arc acceleration improvements for the NVIDIA driver
      (Mark Vojkovich).
3524. MGA acceleration modifications to prevent pci retries during
      color expansions (Mark Vojkovich).

XFree86 3.9.17 (31 December 1999)
3523. Clean up bindist directories for the loader server (Robin Cutshaw).
3522a. Fix return values in PsImageText8() and PsImageText16() (#3535,
      Takaaki Nomura).
3522. Old-style DGA keyboard input fix (#3536, Keith Packard).

XFree86 3.9.16Za (29 December 1999)
3521. Fix HW cursor on rendition V2K (#3532, Dejan Ilic).
3520. Sync wacom driver with 3.3 (Frederic Lepied).
3519. Resolve missing symbol in TDFX driver (#3531, Dave Gilbert).
3518. Allow TDFX driver to build on Linux-axp (#3530, Dave Gilbert).
3517. Fix Linux-axp compile problem (#3529, Dave Gilbert).
3516. Jumbo Tiny-X patch with Itsy support (#3527, Keith Packard).
3515. Turn off debug messages in font client code (#3525, Keith Packard).
3414. Allow colormap privates to be allocated before default colormap
      (#3524, Keith Packard).
3413. Make Xserver/fb work with R6.3 server and with MSB cpu
      (#3523, Keith Packard).
3412. Compress built-in fonts (#3522, Keith Packard).
3411. Fix ct_driver for static server (#3521, Takaaki Nomura).
3410. Fix the last Xaw user of XtOffset (#3520, Keith Packard).
3409. FreeBSD-current compile fix (#3519, Eric Anholt).
3408. Xterm patch #122. (#3517, Thomas Dickey).
3407. Remove duplicate symbol from loader (#3516/3528,
      Jarno Paananen/Nicholas Brealey).

XFree86 3.9.16Z (28 December 1999)
3406. Temporary fix for building linux platform without glide (Robin Cutshaw).
3405. Fix unresolved symbols for the loader (#3501, Matthieu Herrb).
3404. Fix compiles on non-NetBSD systems (#3499, Matthieu Herrb).
3403. Fix XKB XlookupString usage (#3511, Ivan Pascal).
3402. Use ForceLatin1Lookup mode after XmbLookupString/XwcLookupString
      (#3510, Ivan Pascal).
3401. Export symbols for SGI driver (#3505, Terence Ripperda).
3400. Fix problem with compilation of static server on SVR4.0
      (#3497,3514 Takaaki Nomura).
3399. Fix where using bitsPerPixel from screen pixmap to use drawable,
      fix default visual class search for fallback visual, fix pixmap
      privates allocation, change screen init sequence so that the
      calling function is responsible for init of backing store
      (#3495, Keith Packard).
3398. Fix more problems between the X and font servers (#3493, Keith Packard).
3397. Fix util/memleak to work on linux/x86 (#3492, Keith Packard).
3396. Add DPS support hooks (#3491, Juliusz Chroboczek).
3395. Add QNX4, Neutrino support (#3489, Frank Guangxin Liu).
3394. Add ATI Rage 128 Pro PF support to r128 driver (#3488, Rik Faith).
3393. AutoRepeat fix for xf86config (#3485, Harald Koenig).
3392. Cirrus driver split for Laguna and Alpine (#3484, Derek Fawcus).
3391. Mga_dac3026 rev A/B fixes (#3427, Mark Montague).
3390. Jumbo font patch.  This updates the bdf/misc fonts to the
      latest ISO versions (#3429+updates, Markus Kuhn).
3389. Fix a problem with no Xv encodings being reported (Mark Vojkovich).
3388. Update Xv driver interface docs (Mark Vojkovich).

XFree86 3.9.16f (15 December 1999)
3387. Fix posix compliance problem in Xserver/os/utils.c
      (Robin Cutshaw/Keith Packard).
3386. Fix for os2_bios (#3483, Holger Veit).
3385. Enhance DK keyboard support (#3481, Keld Simonsen).
3384. Xv client library documentation (#3480, Mark Vojkovich).
3383. Rendition microcode cleanup, accel fix, int10/ddc support,
      pixmap cache fix, doc update (#3479, Dejan Ilic/Marc Langenbach).
3382. Reverse kbdrate patch (#3478, Harald Koenig).
3381. Add Xv support to tga driver (#3473, Matt Grossman).
3380. Add ViRGE/MX and BIOS probing to the s3virge driver (#3470,
      Harald Koenig).
3379. Install NetBSD aperture driver in /usr/local until added to
      the core O/S (#3466, Matthieu Herrb).
3378. Add QNX/Neutrino support (#3464, Frank Guangxin Liu).
3377. DRI megapatch.  This moves mesa to xc/extras, updates Mesa to
      version 3.2, adds full support and fifo code for 3dfx hardware,
      and updates the device driver to work with Linux 2.3 kernels
      (#3463, Daryll Strauss).
3376. Fix dynamic loading on the alpha platform (#3459, Hannes Reinecke).
3375. Add Xinerama option to the serverlayout section of the config file
      (#3458, Joe Moss).
3374. Add accelerated line support, clean up accel code, and other fixes
      for the tga driver (#3453, Matt Grossman).
3373. Restore colormap on exit in nv driver (#3452, Thomas Mueller).
3372. Generalize the SIGIO way of reading input data (#3450, Frederic Lepied).
3371. Fix missing quotes in Xt docs (#3443, Matthieu Herrb).
3370. Add request bounds checking for xfs (#3449, Keith Packard).
3369. Fix problem where font library fails to match bitmap instances
      (#3448, Keith Packard).
3368. Change font client code to recover from font server hangs/crashes
      and reduce memory fragmentation (#3446, Keith Packard).
3367. Allow MAXCLIENT to be any of 64, 128, 256, or 512 and adjust the
      resource allocation code as appropriate (#3445, Keith Packard).
3366. Fix compile problems with Solaris 7 (#3437, Nicholas Brealey).
3365. Add Riva TNT2 M64 to nv_driver (#3436, Jarno Paananen).
3364. Add prototypes for Xserver/Xprint and fix various problems with
      Xprint (#3432, Thomas Dickey).
3363. Add proper clock checking for VidMode extension, add SDK fixes for
      missing files, add SilkenMouse for C&T driver (#3424, David Bateman).
3362. Sync v4l and glint drivers with the new Xv changes (Mark Vojkovich).
3361. Add XvImage support to the MGA driver - G200/400 only (Mark Vojkovich).
3360. Xv changes/additions (Mark Vojkovich)
      - XvImage support in the Xv DDX, DIX, client libs and header files.
      - Add min and max fields to the XvAttributes.
      - Reved Xv minor version.
      - Rewrote some of the way clipping is dealt with in the Xv DDX.
3359. Fix nv driver rendering bugs (Mark Vojkovich).
3358. Add MTRR support for LynxOS (#3419, Thomas Mueller).
3357. Fix bad return in GLINTAdjustFrame (#3418, David Holland).
3356. Fix some build problems with the rendition driver, including a general
      problem building the static server, and problems that show up on
      some OSs (David Dawes, #3418, David Holland).

XFree86 3.9.16e (5 December 1999)
3355. Fix a problem with the bitmap font module (#3421, Matthieu Herrb).
3354. Misc. bug/typo fixes. (Egbert Eich)
3353. Fixed scanpci to generate better output on Alphas (Harald Koenig,
      Egbert Eich)
3352. Added initial VESA VBE support. This includes initialization
      and DDC. (Egbert Eich)
3351. Added support for 64bit PCI devices (untested) (Egbert Eich.
3350. Added support to read PCI memory and io ranges from kernel on
      Linux 2.3 (untested). (Egbert Eich)
3349. introduced "#undef" before definitions in xf86_libc.h to keep
      gcc on Alpha quite. (Egbert Eich)
3348. Added a function to check if any resource needs to share memory.
      Required for DGA. (Egbert Eich)
3347. Added copyright messages to int10 code. Fixed int10 code to
      run on Alphas.
3346. Changed some byte and word access to MMIO registers in drivers
      to use MMIO_READ/WRITE8/16(). Made attempt to make some drivers
      64 bit (and Alpha!) clean: s3virge, chips, gling, neomagic.
      Fixed bugs in compiler.h.  (Egbert Eich)
3345. Made part of the code 64 bit clean. (Egbert Eich)
3344. Cleanups in the C&T driver. (Egbert Eich)
3343. Clearified meaning of VIDMEM_MMIO and VIDMEM_MMIO_32BIT. (Egbert Eich)
3342. Added support for host-PCI bridges. (Egbert Eich)
3341. Changed policy for removing resource overlaps.
      Removed a bug in findIntersect() (xf86Bus.c).
      Added function that enables/disables all resources of a given
      screen. Added a config file option to set overlap removal
      aggressiveness.(Egbert Eich)
3340. Split xf86Bus.c into generic/pci/isa specific parts. (Egbert Eich)
3339. Faster clocks for the G400 (Mark Vojkovich).
3338. Fix bug in FB manager's ResizeArea function (Mark Vojkovich).
3337. Pass positioning information for the obsolete ServerLayout format
      to the common layer, and update the DESIGN doc for the newer ServerLayout
      formats (David Dawes).

XFree86 3.9.16d (19 November 1999)
3336. Fx up new MMIO macros (#3337, Matt Grossman).
3335. Clean up compiler warnings in lib/font/bitmap (#3411, Matt Grossman).
3334. TGA fixes, add sync on green (#3410, Matt Grossman).
3333. Fix NULL pointer dereference in libXaw (#3406, Christopher Sekiya).
3332. Add Rage128 support (#3405, Rik Faith, funded by ATI).
3331. Add MTRR support for NetBSD and OpenBSD. Add new NetBSD aperture driver
      (#3404, Matthieu Herrb).
3330. Xterm patch #121 (#3402, Thomas Dickey).
3329. Rendition driver bugfixes and alpha related cleanups (#3400,
      Dejan Ilic, Marc Langenbach, Egbert Eich).
3328. Add void input device (ä3392, Frederic Lepied).
3327. Changed the Xon serial option to be able to select xon/xoff for input,
      output or both. Add support for Graphire models. Change wacom init
      phase to use new Xoff option (#3391, Frederic Lepied).
3326. Change the SwapAxes option to SwapXY in elographics/microtouch driver
      to match an already existing option in the Dynapro driver. Add a Focus
      class capability to the elographics driver (#3395, Patrick Lecoanet).
3325. Update mouse rate handling (#3388, Harald Koenig).
3324. Fix NULL pointer dereference in misprite.c (#3380, Edward Wang).
3323. Add FBDev and ShadowFB support to glint driver. Add new option
      "NoWriteBitmap" (#3383, Michel Daenzer).
3322. Update SuperProbe to handle S3 Savage4, Savage200 and clean up
      Trio3D/Savage3D detection (#3382,3384 Harald Koenig).
3321. Add new framebuffer code and tiny X DDX architecture (#3379,
      Keith Packard).
3320. Add DGA2 documentation (#3378, Mark Vojkovich).
3319. Update XFree86 manpage wrt -bpp/-depth/-fbbpp (#3377, Andy Isaacson).
3318. Make SuperProbe check primary cards, only (#3374, Harald Koenig).
3317. Add SilkenMouse to *BSD (#3373, Matthieu Herrb).
3316. Allow SilkenMouse to work if not all drivers of an OS support SIGIO
      (#3372, Keith Packard).
3315. Fix a few problems in TGA driver and add support for backing store
      and SilkenMouse (#3371, Matt Grossman).
3314. Add smarter scheduler (#3370, Keith Packard).
3313. Xterm patch #120 (#3369, Thomas Dickey).
3312. Enable xf86SetKbdRate function on Solaris 8 (#3364, David Holland).
3311. Fix some bugs and add acceleration to Rendition server (#3360,
      Dejan Ilic).
3310. Make raw DDC information available as properties in the root window
      (#3357, Andrew Aitchison).
3309. Fix for xf86CreateRootWindow (#3355, Andrew Aitchison).
3308. Add manpage for the chips driver (#3353, David Bateman).
3307. Update contact info (#3352, Andrew van der Stock).
3306. Add kbd rate support for Linux (#3363, Harald Koenig).
3305. Update Portuguese XKB map (#3351, Joao Esteves, Francisco Colaco).
3304. Fix text clipping in 3dfx driver (#3349, Henrik Harmsen).
3303. Fix S3 ViRGE hw cursor (#3348, Harald Koenig).
3302. Fix clipping in 3dfx driver (#3342, Daryll Strauss).
3301. Enable SilkenMouse for 3dfx driver (#3341, Henrik Harmsen).
3300. Enable SIGIO support on LynxOS (#3339, Thomas Mueller).
3299. Get TRUE defined in sigio.c. Fix xterm compile problem on ISC
      (#3338, Michael Rohleder).
3298. Correct DPMS suspend/standby modes for 3dfx driver (#3336,
      Henrik Harmsen)
3297. Xterm patch #119 (#3335, Thomas Dickey).
3296. ATI LCD changes to add interlaced mode support and near-final rework of
      mode validation (Marc La France).
3295. Keep track of a mode's hsync and vrefresh rates used for monitor checks
      so they can be displayed by xf86PrintModes() (Marc La France).
3294. Add sync polarities to VESA modes (Marc La France).
3293. Fix VESA mode typos and some warnings (Marc La France).
3292. Add GeForce/Quadro support to the NVIDIA driver (Chas Inman,
      Mark Vojkovich).
3291. Fix a DGA colormap problem (Mark Vojkovich).
3290. Disable the Double-Buffer extension in Xinerama mode since it
      doesn't work (Mark Vojkovich).
3289. Fix XAA scanline color expansion routines to check the buffer address
      after the Subsequent function is called.  This allows the driver to
      change buffers on-the-fly (Mark Vojkovich).
3288. Update PCI device IDs for newer NVIDIA chipsets (Mark Vojkovich).
3287. Add an 80 Hz sample rate option for PS/2 mice (Mark Vojkovich).
3286. Remove ATI driver's meddling with LCD power management facilities
      (Marc La France).
3285. Ensure miInitializeBanking() fails when a bank clip region cannot be
      allocated (Marc La France).
3284. Static server fix for s3virge and nv drivers (Marc La France).
3283. Map MMIO areas on ATI adapters (Marc La France).
3282. Disable DirectColor and gamma support for the original ATI integrated
      controllers (Marc La France).
3281. Linear aperture fixes for ATI 88800 and CT controllers (Marc La France).
3280. Make LCD mode validation changes in ATI driver (CHANGELOG #3271)
      into a development option, restoring the previous behaviour by
      default (Marc La France).
3279. When display subsection mode names run out without yeilding a valid mode,
      continue validation with the largest unvalidated modePool member, rather
      than the first (Marc La France).
3278. Allow drivers to specify whether or not sync/refresh rates in monitor
      sections are optional and use this for ATI LCD support (Marc La France).
3277. Replace xf86Exiting with its DIX counterpart, dispatchException's
      DE_TERMINATE bit (Marc La France).
3276. NVIDIA driver changes (Mark Vojkovich):
      - Improved shadowfb support (screen rotation).
      - Improved acceleration (color expansion, lines).
      - Fixed some rendering correctness issues.
      - Full DGA 2.0 support including changing depth on the fly.
3275. Make usage of hardware clipping in XAA more consistent (Mark Vojkovich).
3274. Limit MGA driver to using 16 Meg of ram to workaround some hardware
      limitations (Mark Vojkovich).
3273. Fix DGA event bug (Mark Vojkovich).
3272. Mode validation changes (Marc La France).
      - Remove assumption that modes of the same name are also of the same
      - Even if Display subsection mode names include duplicates, no two names
        will ever match the same mode.
      - If the supplied mode names do not yield a usable mode (including the
        case where no names are supplied), scan the mode pool until a usable
        mode is found.  This is a step towards allowing successful server
        runs with XF86Config's that specify no mode information whatsoever.
      - Implement minHeight and maxHeight checks.
      - Call the driver's ValidMode() for a final OK just before accepting a
      - Free mode pool on xf86PruneDriverModes() calls.
      - Documentation updates.
      - Minor fixes to C&T and GLINT drivers.
3271. ATI driver updates (Marc La France).
      - Disallow interlaced modes when scanline pitch exceeds hardware limits.
      - LCD support no longer depends on the mode on server entry.
      - Fix bug introduced by CHANGELOG entry 3245.
      - Re-lock adapters on ATIPreInit() failures.
      - Make default sync polarities consistent.
3270. Trident updates for ISA cards and DGA support (Alan Hourihane).
3269. mibank bug fixes (Marc La France).
3268. Add -withrevinfo flag to lndir to allow shadowing of RCS, SCCS, CVS and
      CVS.adm directories (Marc La France).
3267. SIGIO workaround for older Linux kernels (Marc La France).
3266. Fix xalloc.c compilation failure with -DXALLOC_LOG (Marc La France).
3265. Change ATIProbe() to use int 10 vector to locate the BIOS of VGA and
      VGA Wonder non-PCI adapters (Marc La France).
3264. Make '-probe' work for static server and ATI driver (Marc La France).
3263. #define _POSIX_C_SOURCE to 2 for Linux libc5 (Marc La France).

XFree86 3.9.16c (13 October 1999)
3262. Export SetCriticalEvent from DIX, it was an unresolved external in
      xf86dga2.c (#3326, Jarno Paananen).
3261. Removes Alpha-specific MMIO-mappings from NVIDIA driver in the
      same fashion that was done in MGA-driver (#3326, Jarno Paananen).
3260. Add SilkenMouse to NVIDIA and Glint drivers (#3326, Jarno Paananen).
3259. Workaround for problem in xf86RegisterRootWindowProperty() code
      (Jarno Paananen).
3258. DGA workaround for recent VTSwitch changes (#3325, Mark Vojkovich).
3257. Out of memory fixes for the mi region code (#3323, 3324, Keith Packard).
3256. "Silken Mouse" support (#3323, Keith Packard).
3255. Modify the ati driver to temporarily ignore Rage 128s (#3322,
      Marc La France).
3254. Fix offscreen memory handling for xf4bpp when VT switched away
      (Alan Hourihane).
3253. xf4bpp, xf1bpp, ISA additions for the trident driver (Alan Hourihane).
3252. Fix problem with cleanup after XAA offscreen pixmap allocation fails
      (Mark Vojkovich).
3251. Fix missing USE_MMIO define in trident driver (Alan Hourihane).
3250. Blade, image and trident updates for the trident driver (Alan Hourihane).
3249. A very preliminary "-probe" mode for the X server (David Dawes).
3248. Remove __alpha__ ifdefs from the mga and s3virge drivers by changing
      the way sparse MMIO access is handled (David Dawes).
3247. Fix a WarpPointer bug introduced when "xineramifying" some dix code
      (Mark Vojkovich).
3246. Move the BuildObjectFromLibrary rule into Imake.rules.
3245. Fix text mode restoration when large modes are used in the ATI driver
      (#3318, 3321, Marc La France).
3244. Rendition driver update, including skeleton HW cursor and accelerated
      support (#3317, Dejan Ilic, Marc Langenbach).
3243. Change mode validation to allow drivers to modify a mode before it
      is checked against the monitor's constraints (#3316, Marc La France).
3242. C&T driver fix (#3314, David Bateman).
3241. Change the ati mode validation strategy for programmable clocks to best
      refresh (#3313, Marc La France).
3240. Fix ATI Rage XL/XC & Mobility support so that it actually works this time
      (#3313, Marc La France).
3239. Update the xfsft code to version 1.1.7 (#3310, Juliusz Chroboczek).
3238. Remaining keyboard support for Solaris 8/x86, including keyboard beep,
      auto-repeat, keyboard LEDs, modifier keys (#3294, 3309, David Holland).
3237. Add xf86RegisterRootWindowProperty() - a mechanism for drivers etc
      to add properties to the root window before the screen is created
      (#3307, Andrew Aitchison).
3236. Fix two problems that may occur when some extension allocates a "font
      private index" while a font is already open (#3305, Bruno Haible).
3235. Xterm patch #118 (#3303, Thomas Dickey).
3234. Fix a typo in a dga header file (#3302, Mark Vojkovich).
3233. Update rendition name info in scanpci (#3301, Dejan Ilic).
3232. Getuid fix for scanpci (#3300, Marc La France).
3231. This patch will avoid compilation warnings when GCC 3.0 comes out (#3299,
      Bruno Haible).
3230. Fix some build warnings (#3298, Bruno Haible).
3229. Fix for the DebuggableLibraries support (#3297, Bruno Haible).
3228. Revert to always using bison instead of yacc on Linux (#3296,
      Bruno Haible).
3227. Fix XAA flags checking for the ScanlineImageWrite function (#3293,
      Alan Hourihane).
3226. Fix some problems wth the SiS 2x5 chipsets, and disable advertising
      support for the 201 and 202 chipsets (#3292, Juanjo Santamarta).
3225. Call SoftReset for MGA cards on PC-98 machines (#3291, Isao Ohishi).
3224. Use the int10 soft booter to get a non-primary voodoo3 card to work
      with the tdfx driver (#3290, Henrik Harmsen).
3223. Fixes for the i740 and neomagic drivers (#3289, Jeff Hartmann).
3222. Enable compiling ico on systems with pre-standard pthread API (e.g.,
      LynxOS), and fix a problem where a condition variable is used without
      holding the corresponding mutex (#3288, Thomas Mueller).
3221. Add soft-booting capability to the glint and nv drivers (#3287,
      Jarno Paananen).
3220. Xterm patch #117 (#3285, Thomas Dickey).
3219. Fix xf8_32bpp's VT switching by restoring the previous
      xf86SaveRestoreImage() into it (#3284, Marc La France).
3218. Remove duplicate symbol in misym.c (#3283, Alan Hourihane).

XFree86 3.9.16b (27 September 1999)
3217. Xterm patch #116 (#3280, Thomas Dickey).
3216. Add new flags to the Xv adaptor type to indicate that it can be used
      to render into window or pixmaps and do video or stills (#3279,
      Mark Vojkovich).
3215. Fix some MGA pci retry related corruption problems (#3278,
      Mark Vojkovich).
3214. Attempt to autoprobe the memory on all MGA cards except the 2164
      (#3277, Mark Vojkovich).
3213. APM driver updates, including bug fixes, 24bpp acceleration and
      improved Rush support (#3276, Loic Grenie).
3212. Some DGA fixes (3275, Loic Grenie).
3211. Fix and document the CMAP_LOAD_EVEN_IF_OFFSCREEN option for the common
      layer cmap code (#3274, Marc La France).
3210. Some resource management speed improvements in Xinerama (#3273,
      Mark Vojkovich).
3209. Fix an off-by-one error in shadowfb's EnterVT wrapper (#3272,
      Marc La France).
3208. Fix ATI driver DAC handling for >8bpp TrueColor and add >8bpp
      DirectColor support (#3271, Marc La France).
3207. Add a hardcopy version of the Xv specs (#3270, Mark Vojkovich).
3206. Integration of a bug fix by David Woodhouse in the Microtouch
      driver. Correct a possible problem when configuring only one of
      the two devices supported by the driver (#3269, Patrick Lecoanet).
3205. Update to reflect the current state of the input drivers
      (#3269, Patrick Lecoanet).
3204. Add support for the ThruGlass touchscreens to the Microtouch driver
      (#3269, Andreas Micklei).
3203. Add SwapAxes and PortraitMode options to the Elographics and
      Microtouch drivers (#3269, Patrick Lecoanet).
3202. Port Microtouch and elographics drivers to the new module loading method
      (#3269, Patrick Lecoanet).
3201. Rewrite the way Xinerama handles visibility events.  Also fix some
      problems with CoordModePrevious primitives drawn on the root window
      (#3267, Mark Vojkovich).
3200. Some Xaw and xedit updates.  The html-mode code is removed from xedit
      (#3265, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
3199. Fix a problem with pScrn->rgbBits not being set in the correct place
      in the tdfx driver (#3264, Scott Bertin).
3198. Update ATI info for `XFree86 -scanpci` (#3263, Marc La France).
3197. ATI driver changes:
       - Rage XC & Rage XL fixes.
       - Preliminary Rage Mobility support.
       - Fix from Christian Lupien to disable TVOUT feature of 3D Rage
       - Work around vertical blending limitations with "shallow" modes by
         doublescanning (accelerator CRTC) or multiscanning (VGA CRTC) them.
       - Fix bug that did not map the VGA aperture for generic VGA support.
      (#3260, Marc La France).
3196. Warning fixes in miscrinit.c (#3260, Marc La France).
3195. Rework mibank for maintenance reasons (#3260, 3281, Marc La France).
3194. VT switching changes, implementing a framework for framebuffer layers
      to be notified when an aperture is remapped at a different virtual
      address during EnterVT, and improved DDX-independence for mibank,
      and xf86SaveRestoreImage() no longer cares how the lower framebuffer
      layers access pixmap pixels (#3260, Marc La France).
3193. Remove scanpci's redundant check for "root".  It get in the way when
      setting its setuid bit (#3260, Marc La France).
3192. Add several acceleration functions to the tdfx driver, and fix some
      compliance problems (#3259, Darryl Strauss).
3191. i740 driver updates (#3256, Kurt Olsen).
3190. Enable image writes in the nv driver for the TNT in 32 bit mode
      (#3255, Jarno Paananen, Neil Burch).
3189. Remove the last global variables from the nv driver (#3255,
      Jarno Paananen).
3188. Turn MGA soft reset stuff back on but modified so that it doesn't
      poll for fifos in case the PLLs aren't powered up (#3254,
      Mark Vojkovich).
3187. Xterm patch #115 (#3253, Thomas Dickey).
3186. Comment out some of the CacheBlit tiling code since the logic is not
      quite correct and it can get stuck in an endless loop in some cases
      (#3250, Mark Vojkovich).
3185. Fix tseng 24 bpp mode (#3249, Egbert Eich).
3184. Fix et4000W32p font corruption with ColorExpandScanline in modes > 8bpp
      (#3249, Egbert Eich).
3183. Add Solaris 8 support (#3241, 3247, David Holland).
3182. Fix some build problems in the Type1 code that show up on Solaris 8
      (#3241, David Holland).
3181. Add an ISO8859-1 version of the "micro" font (#3246, Mark Montague).
3180. Minor DDC code improvement: xf86PrintEDID() now returns pointer to
      monitor structure (#3245, Egbert Eich).
3179. Problem with RAC wrapper (hopefully) fixed (#3245, Egbert Eich).
3178. Neomagic ScreenToScreenCopy bug fix (#3245, Egbert Eich).
3177. Initial INT10 module (Linux-only so far) (#3245, 3248, 3251, Egbert Eich).
3176. Update the DRM Linux kernel module to match that in the Linux 2.3.18
      tree, and update libdrm and the DRI routines that use libdrm to reflect
      changes in the Linux kernel (#3244, Rik Faith).
3175. Fix a WarpPointer bug in Xinerama (#3243, 3252, Mark Vojkovich).
3174. Fix a seg fault when changing DGA mode (#3242, Loic Grenie).
3173. Xterm patch #114 (#3240, Thomas Dickey).
3172. Fix an XAA GC validation problem with Polygons for some fillStyles in
      some situations (#3239, Mark Vojkovich).
3171. Fix an incorrect method for preallocating a color on the default map
      (#3237, Mark Vojkovich).
3170. Fix a bad assumption in the XAA NonTE text rendering code (#3236,
      Mark Vojkovich).
3169. An attempt to autodetect the G400 Max and set the max pixel clock
      appropriately (#3235, Mark Vojkovich).
3168. Fix shadowfb problems when drawing is done while switched out (#3234,
      Marc La France).
3167. Attempt to autodetect SDRAM in the MGA driver for the primary head
      (#3233, Mark Vojkovich).
3166. Make Window->Pixmap copies in Xinerama less broken (#3232,
      Mark Vojkovich).
3165. Fix a bug in the Xinerama ShmGetImage support added in the last alpha
      (#3230, Mark Vojkovich).
3164. New cursor warping code.  This implements the new way of specifying
      screen positions in the ServerLayout config file section (#3229,
      Mark Vojkovich).
3163. Add a xf86CheckMTRR function which returns TRUE when changing the
      MTRR setting is supported and enabled (#3227, Alan Hourihane).
3162. Resync SuperProbe and scanpci with the 3.3.x version (#3226,
      Marc La France).
3161. Make 8+24 work on Matrox 2064w (Millennium I) with >4MB (#3224,
      Mark Montague).
3160. Make xdpyinfo -ext XFree86-VidModeExtension print the current mode line
      (#3223, Andrew Aitchison).
3159. Minor fix to Xnest Imakefile (#3222, Marc La France).
3158. Make the wrapping or replacement of ScreenRec region code function
      pointers reliable when NEED_SCREEN_REGIONS is #define'd (#3221,
      Marc La France).
3157. Remove ScreenRec region code function pointers (except BitmapToRegion)
      when the server is compiled with NEED_SCREEN_REGIONS #undef'ined
      (#3221, Marc La France).
3156. Fix memory leak during resource broker initialisation (#3220,
      Marc La France).
3155. During broker initialisation, use both system and non-system PCI
      resources to "trim" OS resources.  Among other things, this allows the
      maximum memory limit to be bumped back up to 2G (#3220, 3282,
      Marc La France).
3154. Temporarily allow a driver to register resources that only conflict with
      resources whose size the common layer has only estimated (#3220,
      Marc La France).
3153. ATI driver updates, including:
       - Add option to display on the CRT interface whether or not a digital
         flat panel is detected.
       - Add support for ShadowFB (adapted from Henrik Harmsen).
       - Always read BIOS from legacy location for adapters found enabled on
         server entry.
       - Ensure the primary CRTC is always used for the CRT interface.
       - Fix determination of panel dimensions with older BIOS's.
       - Stop driver when panel dimensions cannot be determined.
      (#3219, Marc La France).
3152. Thread-related updates to 'ico' (#3217, Carlos A M dos Santos).
3151. Fix a build problem on 64-bit platforms introduced in 3.9.16a (#3216,
      Matt Grossman).

XFree86 3.9.16a (6 September 1999)
3150. Add support to the parser for a new way of specifying the screen
      positions (not made use of yet) (David Dawes).
3149. Remove a spurious #endif in (#3215, Jarno Paananen).
3148. Add driver option VIDEO_OVERLAID_STILLS for the Xv DDX (untested)
      (#3214, Mark Vojkovich).
3147. Comment out the MGASoftReset() call in the mga driver to fix a
      multi-head problem (#3213, Mark Vojkovich).
3146. xman updates, including some app-defaults file tuning, change some
      widget names for better consistency, reformat the help file and
      update the man page (#3212, Carlos A M dos Santos)..
3145. Add support for DG/ux systems to xload (#3212,
      Takis Psarogiannakopoulos).
3144. App-defaults file updates for xcalc (#3212, Carlos A M dos Santos).
3143. Fix some prototypes/casts in viewres (#3212, Carlos A M dos Santos).
3142. Add an XtSetLanguageProc() call to all contrib programs except xman
      (#3212, Carlos A M dos Santos).
3141. Fix a zero-height bug in the xaa text code (#3211, Mark Vojkovich).
3140. ScreenToScreenColorExpansion bug fix for the G400 (#3210,
      Mark Vojkovich).
3139. Xineramify ShmGetImage (#3209, Mark Vojkovich).
3138. Rewrite PanoramiXGetImage so that it passes xtest (#3209,
      Mark Vojkovich).
3137. Increase IMAGE_BUFSIZE to 64k (#3208, Mark Vojkovich).
3136. Remove the "old input" code (David Dawes).
3135. Fix a problem with xman that prevents it form recognising the
      XM_DELETE_WINDOW message when xman is run with the "topbox" disabled
      (#3207, Carlos A M dos Santos).
3134. Prevent xkbcomp from overwriting writing through symlinks (#3206,
      Branden Robinson).
3133. Use ncurses instead of termcap for Linux/libc6 (#3204, H.J. Lu).
3132. Fix a build problem with the tdfx driver (#3203, Takaaki Nomura).
3131. Add a clean rule to remove the automatically generated
      doc/sgml/index.sgml file (#3202, Marc La France).
3130. Fix some build warnings (#3202, Marc La France).
3129. Add missing files for the Rush extension (#3199, Loic Grenie).
3128. Export the xf86InitFBManagerRegion symbol.

XFree86 3.9.16 (31 August 1999)
3127. Potential fix for a server crash when connecting from a byte-swapped
      client in Xinerama mode (based on #3196, Attila Fülöp).
3126. Build xterm/resize with -lncurses on Debian (#3197, Attila Fülöp).
3125. Allow inclusion of Xvlib.h into C++ code (#3195, Vladimir Dergachev).
3124. Modify the ISO-8859-{6,7,10} to Unicode tables so that they agree with
      the tables found on (#3172, Bruno Haible).
3123. Some minor C&T bug fixes (#3194, David Bateman).
3122. Xman update (#3174, Carlos A M dos Santos).
3021. Import some xkb data file updates from 3.3.5.
3020. Fix a build problem on Alpha platforms (#3191, Matt Grossman).
3019. Allow driver SDK builds for the i740 driver (#3190, Daryll Strauss).
3018. Allow driver SDK builds for the tdfx driver, and allow it to be built
      without DRI support (#3189, Daryll Strauss).

XFree86 3.9.15d (29 August 1999)
3017. 3Dfx driver for Banshee and Voodoo3 (#3188,
      Daryll Strauss/Precision Insight).
3016. Fix a 24/32 GetImage problem (#3187, Mark Vojkovich).
3015. Intel i740 driver (#3186, Precision Insight/Daryll Strauss).
3014. Fix a planemask problem in 24bpp with the recently added MGA point
      speedups (#3185, Mark Vojkovich).
3013. Some new and updated ISO 10646-1 fonts, including 5x7, 6x10, 6x13, 6x13B,
      7x13, 7x13B, 7x14, 7x14B, 8x13, 8x13B, 9x15, 9x15B, 10x20, 9x18, 12x13ja,
      18x18ja (#3184, Markus Kuhn, Robert Brady, Birger Langkjer,
      Constantine Stathopoulos).
3012. Update the default xdm config file to disable listening for XDMCP
      requests (#3183, Matthieu Herrb).
3011. Reinstate the code to stop DDC1 problems on secondary screens with
      the MGA driver (#3182, Andrew Aitchison).
3010. Fix for the option handling in the glide driver (#3181, Henrik Harmsen).
3009. NVIDIA doc update (#3179, Jarno Paananen).
3008. Doc update for the C&T driver (#3176, David Bateman).
3007. Update some of the bindist files (#3175, Michael Rohleder).
3006. Fix a libXfont build problem that shows up on IUS (#3175,
      Michael Rohleder).
3005. Xaw and xedit updates (#3174, 3180, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
3004. Add a new DebuggableLibraries imake parameter to allow libraries to
      be built with debugging symbols, and enable this by default for Linux
      (#3173, Bruno Haible).
3003. Some Driver SDK build fixes (#3172, David Bateman).
3002. Modify the MGA driver to fall back to DDC1 if DDC2 fails or is
      disabled (#3171, Andrew Aitchison).
3001. Allow the -allowMouseOpenFail X server command line option to be
      recognised independently of the XFree86-Misc extension (#3170, Joe Moss).
3000. Update NetBSD's and OpenBSD's aperture driver to remove a warning from
      xf86ReadBIOS() during xf86Config.c's PC98 detection on non-PC98 systems
      (#3169, Marc La France).
2999. Disable setting the default gamma from the DDC data (#3168,
      Andrew Aitchison).
2998. Update the microtouch input driver for "NEW_INPUT", and re-enable
      building it (#3178, David Woodhouse).
2997. Back out the change in 3.9.15c that includes "non-system" resources
      in the RAC "system" resources list (#3167, Marc La France).
2996. Update the RELNOTES for DDC (#3165, Andrew Aitchison).
2995. Fix a problem with xf86ReadBIOS() on NetBSD/OpenBSD (#3164,
      Marc La France).
2994. Add an XLC_LOCALE file for zh_TW.Big5 (#3163, Pablo Saratxaga).
2993. Add dummy Compose files for encodings that don't already have them
      (#3163, Pablo Saratxaga).
2992. APM driver updates.  The Rush extension is now included in the driver
      (some files missing, so not enabled yet) (#3162, 3159, Loic Grenie).
2991. Some fixes for the VidMode extension (#3161, Loic Grenie).
2990. Update SuperProbe to recognise the APM AT3D chipset (#3160, Loic Grenie).
2989. Some fixes for the nv driver (#3158, Jarno Paananen).
2988. Fix a typo in ObjectFromAsmSource() in xf86.rules (#3157,
      Matthieu Herrb).
2987. Add some NVIDIA cards to the Cards file (#3155, Jarno Paananen).
2986. A quick hack to cut down on XAA pixmap cache thrashing that
      happens with some particular apps (#3154, Mark Vojkovich).
2985. Update the tabtcvn file to include the full tcvn-5712 encoding, not
      only lowercase characters (#3153, Pablo Saratxaga).
2984. Create the doc index list from information in the .sgml files
      (David Dawes).
2983. Basic man page for the generic VGA driver (David Dawes).
2982. Fix for lockup problem with Trident Image 975 (Alan Hourihane).

XFree86 3.9.15c (22 August 1999)
2981. Update to reflect NetBSD's switch from GNU malloc to FreeBSD's
      malloc (#3151, Bernd Ernesti).
2980. Change xf86ReadBIOS() to reuse the fd for /dev/mem or /dev/xf86 from
      the other bsd_video.c functions in order to avoid the difficulty caused
      by the NetBSD aperture driver only allowing one open of /dev/xf86 at
      a time (#3150, Matthieu Herrb).
2979. Add pre-R6.4 compatible entries to the NLS .dir and .alias files.  This
      should make it possible for them to be used with older versions of Xlib.
2978. Fix a typo in the MGA arc code that broke some arcs (#3149,
      Mark Vojkovich).
2977. Fix a problem with cfb allocating too much space on the stack when
      clipping rects (#3148, Mark Vojkovich).
2976. Add missing sync when uploading into the XAA pixmap cache (#3147,
      Mark Vojkovich).
2975. Change XDGAFlush() to XDGASync() (#3146, Mark Vojkovich).
2974. Add transparent DGA blits to the MGA driver, and enable the OverclockMem
      option for the G400 (#3145, Mark Vojkovich).
2973. Update the common cursor code to keep virtual desktop panning from
      interfering with screen rotation (#3144, Mark Vojkovich).
2972. Dynapro driver update: initialise the incoming packet state machine,
      and add a "SwapXY" option (#3142, David Woodhouse).
2971. Fix a loader problem that shows up on Alpha/ELF platforms when there
      is a .sbss section (#3141, Hannes Reinecke).
2970. Modify DDC for neomagic (#3139, Egbert Eich).
2969. Add DDC support for the S3 ViRGE (DDC2 untested) (#3139, Egbert Eich).
2968. Fix DDC2 support for MGA and C&T drivers (#3139, Egbert Eich).
2967. Add a call to xf86SetPciVideo(NULL,NONE) after each probe (#3139,
      Egbert Eich).
2966. Modified registration of the OS access windows (#3139, Egbert Eich).
2965. Some Xaw and xedit fixes (#3138, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
2964. Next round of the font ansification and warning removal (#3135,
      Matthieu Herrb).
2963. Fix ATI 18800-x detection problem (#3133, Marc La France).
2962. Check for limitations on vertical blending in panel support for the ATI
      driver (#3133, Marc La France).
2961. Update ATI driver to complain about bad BIOS data (#3133,
      Marc La France).
2960. Man page corrections for the MGA driver (#3132, Mark Vojkovich).
2959. Limit PCI BIOS apertures to 16MB as per the PCI 2.1 spec (#3131,
      Marc La France).
2958. Assume a system has up to 1G of physical memory installed, rather than
      2G (#3130, Marc La France).
2957. Fix a bug in the handling for buggy VGA CRTCs (#3129, Marc La France).
2956. Fix to build the mga driver with the driver SDK (#3128, David Bateman).
2955. Xterm patch #113 (#3125, Thomas Dickey).
2954. Port the XAA cfb copyplane functions, adding them to the cfb code
      (#3124, 3126, 3127, David Bateman).

XFree86 3.9.15b (15 August 1999)
2953. Improved point rendering performance for the MGA driver (#3123,
      Mark Vojkovich).
2952. Xaw and xedit updates (#3122, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
2951. Remove the Latin2 Type1 fonts.
2950. Change the RGB mask names in the DGA structures (#3120, Mark Vojkovich).
2949. More acceleration and bug fixes for the NV driver (#3119,
      Jarno Paananen).
2948. Change some things in the XAA color expansion code to facilitate
      rendering into DMA buffers (#3118, Mark Vojkovich).
2947. Fix a 64 bit problem with the xf24_32bpp layer (#3117, Mark Vojkovich).
2946. Modify XF86FlushInput() to work for non-tty devices, which is required
      for PS/2 mice with Linux 2.2.x kernels (#3114, Kazutaka Yokota).
2945. Support for rotating the virtual desktop for the MGA driver using
      the shadowfb (#3113, 3116, Mark Vojkovich).
2944. Fix a colormap problem with DGA when initialized from an 8+24 mode with
      the MGA driver (#3112, Mark Vojkovich).
2943. Fix multihead on the MGA-2164W (#3111, Mark Vojkovich).
2942. XAA speedups for planar copies in some cases (#3110, Mark Vojkovich).
2941. Add a driver SDK which performs a similar function to the old LinkKit,
      but for the loadable server (#3105, David Bateman).
2940. C&T doc update and xgamma man page update (#3105, David Bateman).
2939. Add an option to the C&T driver to allow the user to select the
      transparency key when using the overlay (#3105, David Bateman).
2938. Add DGA2 support to the C&T driver (#3105, David Bateman).
2937. Fix a bug in the bitmap font code introduced in 3.9.15a (#3101,
      Juliusz Chroboczek).
2936. Some TGA driver cleanups, including a SaveScreen function and code to
      disallow virtual desktops in a nicer way (#3100, Matt Grossman).

XFree86 3.9.15a (1 August 1999)
2935. Fix the RAC usage in the nv driver to allow multi-head to work
      (#3093, Itai Nahshon).
2934. Reduce memory consumption of the bitmap font backends when using
      sparse fonts, which is important when using Unicode-encoded fonts
      (#3092, Juliusz Chroboczek).
2933. Fix Option register initialisation in multi-head for MGA 2064/2164
      (#3089, Andrew Aitchison).
2932. Convert the nv (NVIDIA) driver from 3.3.4 (#3078-3080, 3087,
      Jarno Paananen).
2931. Add SuperProbe for NetBSD 1.4 wscons (#3083, Matthias Drochner).
2930. Fix button and modifier key state problems in DGA (#3082,
      Mark Vojkovich).
2929. Avoid a possible segmentation fault in "xsm" which, for example,
      occurs local hostname can't be resolved (#3073, Matthias Scheler).
2928. ATI driver updates, including:
        - Add preliminary panel support.
        - Rework RAC interface.
        - PCI VGA's not on primary bus are now detected.
        - Fix bug when an adapter's VGA has been disabled.
        - Fix gamma support.
      (#3069, Marc La France)
2927. Fix 8514/A pre-defined resource and pre-define VGA sparse I/O resources
      (#3069, 3081, Marc La France).
2926. Fix a bug in the registration of background device BIOS'es (#3069,
      Marc La France).
2925. Invert the meaning of ResMinimised bit into ResEstimated (#3069,
      Marc La France).
2924. Allow drivers to print resource lists, and allow them to enable/disable
      adapters before creating bus slots for them (#3069, Marc La France).
2923. Resync SuperProbe and scanpci with 3.3.x (#3069, Marc La France).
2922. Add some missing man pages for the DGA and VidMode extensions (#3064,
      Joe Moss).
2921. Some changes to the DGA and colormap layers to allow gamma changes
      during DGA mode (#3060, Mark Vojkovich).
2920. Fix XIM segv error (#3033, 3051, Manabe Takashi).
2919. Add a client state callback to the DGA extension so that the server side
      can be cleaned up when a DGA client exits (#3048, 3049, Mark Vojkovich).
2918. Update the FreeBSD/mouse documentation (#3047, Kazutaka Yokota).
2917. Fix an undocumented blitter constraint on the G200 (#3046,
      Mark Vojkovich).
2916. Fix the MGA driver so that it can support changing depth on the fly
      in DGA mode.  All depths are now offered to DGA clients regardless of
      what the screen's main depth is (#3045, Mark Vojkovich).
2915. Fix a bug in the InstallGenManPageLong() rule in (#3043,
      Thomas Mueller).
2914. Update ATI doc with info about a VGA/RAC problem (#3044,
      Andrew Aitchison).

XFree86 3.9.15 (19 July 1999)
2913. -
2912. Fix a problem with the library spec in xgc/Imakefile (#3042,
      Thomas Mueller).
2911. Add native 69030 support to the C&T driver (#3041, David Bateman).
2910. Update release notes for the apm driver (#3040, Loic Grenie).
2909. Fix a small bug in the color expands in the TGA driver (#3039,
      Matt Grossman).
2908. Updates for the Japanese (PC98) docs (#3038, Takaaki Nomura).
2907. Some Xaw and xedit updates (#3037, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
2906. Fix a problem with the VidMode extension (#3036, David Bateman).
2905. Sample config file for Japanese PC98 architecture (#3035,
      Takaaki Nomura).

XFree86 3.9Py (18 July 1999)
2904. Add a visualClass to the XDGAMode request and a XDGACreateColormap
      request to DGA 2.0 so Colormaps can be created for XDGADevices
      without needing a corresponding visual (#3032, Mark Vojkovich).
2903. Update the mmap versions of xf86ReadBIOS() to use a map size that
      fits the requested BIOS offset and length rather than using a fixed
      map size (David Dawes).
2902. Xterm patch #112 (#3031, Thomas Dickey).
2901. Change the colormap layer's LoadPalette function to take a Visual as
      an argument rather than just the Visual class (#3030, Mark Vojkovich).
2900. Add some code to auto-detect Japanese PC98 systems (#3029,
      Takaaki Nomura).
2899. Fix a casting problem in DefineSelf() that shows up on FreeBSD/alpha
      (#3028, Doug Rabson).
2898. Fix a problem with the GMX2000 DRI support (#3034, Jens Owen).
2897. Work around a problem in mfb that is caused by an optimiser bug
      in egcs-1.1.2 for the alpha (#3027, Doug Rabson).
2896. Fix a problem that shows up in the s3virge driver after the recent
      vgahw module changes (David Dawes).
2895. Add missing references to xf86MiscExt.c in common/Imakefile (#3025,
      Joe Moss).
2894. Update for the apm driver so that it will work on a Japanese PC-98
      with GA-RUSH6/PCI(VoodooRUSH based video card) (#3024, Isao Ohishi).
2893. ISO 10646-1 Japanese font (12x13ja.bdf) that covers a superset of
      CP1252 and JIS X 208, and which is suitable to be used together with
      6x13 for bi-width Japanese text output (#3022, Markus Kuhn).
2892. Refine the MouseMan+ (PS2++) protocol support (#3020, Kazutaka Yokota).
2891. Fix problems with the wheels on some mice, including the OEM version of
      the Logitech FirstMouse+, are not recognized and the mouse cursor jumps
      around (#3020, Kazutaka Yokota).
2890. Fix a problem building the X-TT modules on Solaris 7 (based on #3019,
      David Holland).
2889. Fix a bug in Xaw/TextAction.c introduced in 3.9Pw (#3018,
      Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
2888. ISO 10646-1 version of the 5x7 and 6x13B fonts, and an update for the
      6x13 font (#3017, Markus Kuhn).
2887. First part of the ansification of xc/lib/fonts.  So far the bitmap,
      fc and fontfile directories have been done (#3016, Matthieu Herrb).
2886. Fix default PC98 XKB setting (#3015, Akio Morita).
2885. Remove the reference to VGADriverDoc in xfree86/Imakefile (#3015,
      Takaaki Nomura).
2884. Fix a bug in Xaw/TextPop.c (#3014, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
2883. Man page update for xfontsel (#3013, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).

XFree86 3.9Px (12 July 1999)
2882. Updates to get XF86Setup to build again after the NewInput-related
      changes, and have XF86Setup print a short message stating that it
      isn't usable before exiting (#3012, Joe Moss).
2881. Fix some compiler warnings in lib/Xext (#3011, Matt Grossman).
2880. Fix a bug in the wacom driver that shows up when multiple wacom devices
      don't report the same valuators (#3010, Frederic Lepied).
2879. Some updates to the PCI/RAC code (#3008, Egbert Eich).
2878. Fix the acute and apostrophe mixup in the German xkb layout with the
      nodeadkey option, and add the EuroSign to AltGr+e (#3006, Markus Kuhn).
2877. Add code to the mga driver to handle PC98 architecture machines
      (#3007, Takaaki Nomura).
2876. Add a global (ServerFlags) "PC98" Option for the Japanese PC98
      architecture, and add a function xf86IsPc98() that drivers can call
      to check for this.
2875. Fix a relocation problem in the ELF loader that shows up on 64-bit
      platforms when mapping unresolved symbols to LoaderDefaultFunc()
      (#3005, Doug Rabson).
2874. Remove the original text version of the DESIGN doc from hw/xfree86.
2873. Fix a glyph padding problem in XAA's nonTE text code that shows up on
      64-bit platforms (Doug Rabson).
2872. Rework the wacom driver's init phase (#3004, Frederic Lepied).
2871. Add a 19200 speed option to the wacom driver for Airbrush tablets
      (#3004, Frederic Lepied).
2870. Add support for transparent stipples to the tga driver (#3003,
      Matt Grossman).
2869. Modify xfontsel to not show scaled fonts by default (#3002,
      Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
2868. Some notes about xterm for the release notes (#3001, Thomas Dickey).
2867. Some Xaw, Xmu and xedit updates (#2999, 3002,
      Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
2866. Xterm patch #111 (#2998, Thomas Dickey).
2865. Fix a "NoAccel" problem with the PM2 video support (#2997,
      Michael Schimek).
2864. Update for (#2995, Thomas Mueller).
2863. Fix a LynxOS macro clash with the cirrus driver, and fix a
      xf86UnmapVidMem() warning in the cirrus driver (#2995, Thomas Mueller).
2862. Fix a problem on LynxOS where assert is unresolved in the static server
      (#2995, Thomas Mueller).
2861. Fix a problme with vsnprintf being unresolved when building Xvfb
      and Xnest on some platforms (#2995, Thomas Mueller).
2860. Remove the s3virge fifo_ changes introduced in 3.9Pu, update the
      DGA2 support and docs (#2994, Kevin Brosius).
2859. Initial attempt to get the XFree86-Misc again (#2993, Joe Moss).
2858. Remove XAASync() (#2992, Rik Faith).
2857. Cleanup the TGA driver's hw cursor code, remove global variables in
      in the "accel" files, and fix up the RAC support (#2991, Matt Grossman).
2856. Add partial support for color expands to the 8-bit TGA driver (#2991,
      Matt Grossman).
2855. Re-enable DDC2 support in the MGA driver (#2989, Andrew Aitchison).
2854. Add missing TIOC defines for Interactive Unix to xf86_OSlib.h (#2990,
      Michael Rohleder).
2853. Don't register the Xqueue mouse handler for Interactive Unix (#2990,
      Michael Rohleder).
2852. Don't include sys/mman.h in cidchar.c when USE_MMAP isn't defined
      (#2990, Michael Rohleder).
2851. Disable BuildXF86DRI and BuildXF86DRIDriverSupport for Interactive Unix
      (#2990, Michael Rohleder).
2851. Update the apm (Alliance ProMotion) driver (#2987, 2988, Loic Grenie).
2850. Fix a problem with the xf86config screen configuration that was
      introduced with the removal of "32bpp" (#2986, Matthieu Herrb).
2849. Add a DefaultDepth configuration page to xf86config (#2986,
      Matthieu Herrb).
2848. Add the inputDevice examples from to config files
      generated by xf86config (#2986, Matthieu Herrb).
2847. Modify the vgahw module to allow it to save/restore more than the
      standard number VGA CRTC, Sequencer, Graphics and Attribute registers
      (2985, 2996, Jeff Garzik).
2846. Add DDC information to the release notes (#2984, Andrew Aitchison).
2845. Change XDGAChangePixmapMode to return the X-Y position of the pixmap
      in case the server is not able to place it exactly where requested
      (#2983, Mark Vojkovich).
2844. Fix some problems with unfavorable alignment of XAA offscreen pixmap
      (#2982, Mark Vojkovich).
2843. Some XAA speedups for NonTE text in certain cases (#2981,
      Mark Vojkovich).
2842. Rename the assembler files that need preprocessing from .s to .S,
      and adjust the imake rules accordingly.
2841. A fix for xf86PciReadBios() (#2979, Egbert Eich).
2840. Fix a problem with false detection of multi-function PCI devices (#2978,
      Loic Grenie).
2839. Fix a problem with libXfont.a not being linked into exports/lib during
      the build phase (#2977, Thomas Mueller, 2990, Michael Rohleder).
2838. Deal with OSes which don't have TIOCM ioctls in posix_tty.c (#2976,
      Thomas Mueller).
2837. Fix the use of TIOCM_ in some calls to xf86SerialModem..() in mouse/pnp.c
      (#2976, Thomas Mueller).
2836. Enable NEW_INPUT on LynxOS (#2976, Thomas Mueller).

XFree86 3.9Pw (6 July 1999)
2835. Fix for GetBlock() (#2974, Egbert Eich).
2834. Remove the test for SHAREDIOCLASS when creating a pciAccessInfoRec for
      a device (#2974, Egbert Eich).
2833. Modified BIOS ROM handling, doing validation only on demand (#2974,
      Egbert Eich).
2832. Add a ChangeGamma function to the ScrnInfoRec, which allows drivers to
      optionally provide a function to do this instead of the default one
      provided by the colormap layer (#2972, Mark Vojkovich).
2831. Sis driver memclock fixes (#2971, Bart Oldeman, Juanjo Santamarta).
2830. Add snprintf() and vsnprintf() to libc emulation (#2970, Marc La France).
2829. Increase array size in PciInfo data (#2970, Marc La France).
2828. Add a LoaderRefSymbols() function (#2970, Marc La France).
2827. When matching fixed clocks, prefer non-CLKDIV2 modes over CLKDIV2 modes
      (#2970, Marc La France).
2826. Reinstate xf86GetPciConfigInfo() and some warning fixes (#2970,
      Marc La France).
2825. Build libXext and libX11 client-side libraries when also building
      GLX, despite BuildServersOnly (#2970, Marc La France).
2824. Update ATI doc (#2970, Marc La France).
2823. ATI driver from (rac interface is preliminary, no LCD panel
      or Rage 128 support yet) (#2970, Marc La France).
2822. Fix Ukrainian_GHE_with_upturn double definition error (#2969,
      Peter Novodvorsky).
2822. Updates to the xf86config utility for the 4.0 config file format
      (#2968, Matthieu Herrb).
2821. Add default rules to allow easy compilation of .c files to assembler.

XFree86 3.9Pv (4 July 1999)
2820. Add a marked up (SGML) version of the DESIGN doc (David Dawes).
2819. Remove the Alpha-specific Linux libc6 parts in
2818. Add a "defs.ent" file for defining SGML entities that can be shared by
      other docs (David Dawes).
2817. Import the mouse.sgml doc from 3.3.x, and update it for 4.0.
2816. Remove support for the very old LinuxDoc tools.
2815. Use SpecialCObjectRule() in favour of SpecialObjectRule().
2814. Fix lots of 64-bit problems in XAA (#2967, Mark Vojkovich).
2813. Add a new DGA request to allow switching the DGA pixmap from one the
      size of the framebuffer to one the size of the viewport that you
      can move around (#2966, Mark Vojkovich).
2812. Make sure that all Xinerama heads have the same root window depth,
      and don't advertise backing store or save unders as being available
      unless it's available on all heads (#2965, Mark Vojkovich).
2811. Some Xaw and xedit updates (#2964, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
2810. Some DRI updates (#2962, Rik Faith).
2809. Fix a double-free problem in the mouse driver (#2959, Egbert Eich).
2808. Add some debugging code to xalloc.c to detect and allow trapping of
      double xfree() calls (#2954, Egbert Eich).
2807. Add Single GLINT MX support for Direct Rendering, which now allows
      ELSA Gloria XXL to take part in this (#2592, 2955, 2957, 2958,
      Alan Hourihane and #2960, Rik Faith).
2806. Add ScanlineCPU function to the glint driver for PM2 when pci
      retries aren't used (#2952, Alan Hourihane).
2805. Use mediumraw keyboard mode for LinuxPPC (#2946, Gerd Knorr).
2804. Xterm patch #110 (#2943, Thomas Dickey).
2803. Add CyberBlade/i7 (Socket 7), CyberBlade/i7 DSTN (Laptop Socket 7) and
      CyberBlade/i1 (Slot 1) support to the trident driver (#2940,
      Alan Hourihane).
2802. Some new PCI ids for Cyberblades and Via MVP4 (#2939, Alan Hourihane).
2801. Replace `__volatile__' in xf86drm.h with `volatile' (#2938,
      Takaaki Nomura).
2800. Fix a problem with the umask not being reset in some cases in the
      xtrans code (#2936, Bill Nottingham).
2799. Improve the latency associated with writing to the PCI config space,
      which is important for RAC to work efficiently (Egbert Eich).

XFree86 3.9Pu (27 June 1999)
2798. Xterm patch #109 (#2920, Thomas Dickey).
2797. Xaw and xedit updates (#2932, 2933, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
2796. Make the "fifo_conservative" memory settings default for the s3virge
      accelerator (#2931, Kevin Brosius).
2795. Preliminary DGA2 code for the s3virge driver (#2931, Kevin Brosius).
2794. Updates to PI's DRI sample implementation, including:
      - Dynamic loading of the OpenGL client driver is implemented
      - 3D client death while holding the drawable lock does not cause deadlock
      - The kernel module works with Linux 2.2.x [x <= 10] and 2.3.y [y <= 8]
      - A better authentication mechanism has been implemented
      - XF86Config options for the DRI are supported
      (#2929, Precision Insight).
2793. Add functions to the FBManager to query the largest size available and
      to purge all areas that aren't nailed down (#2928, Mark Vojkovich).
2792. Fix some serious performance problems with Xinerama when the number
      of resource IDs becomes large (#2927, Carsten Haitzler).
2791. Remove the significant RGB bits check from Xinerama visual eliminations
      (#2926, Mark Vojkovich).
2790. Fix a typo in xmodmap and xstdcmap (#2924, Matthieu Herrb).
2789. Fix the type of the OverclockMem Option in the MGA driver (#2922,
      Andrew Aitchison).
2788. Fix PCI resource handling problems that were showing up with the
      glint driver (#2918, Egbert Eich).
2787. Fix a problem building some Makefiles when JoystickSupport is enabled
      (#2917, Todd Fries).
2786. Fix a typo in the RAC support for the glint driver (#2915, Jens Owen).
2785. Fix a RAC-related build problem on 64-bit machines (#2913,
      Matt Grossman).
2784. Some afb-related updates (#2911, Sven Luther).
2783. Fix race condition in xinit (Nate Eldredge, Mark Montague).
2782. Documentation for the new RAC code (Egbert Eich).
2781. Fix some problems with the glide driver that can result in server crashes
      if there is a problem when it is starting up (David Dawes).
2780. Install the X server signal handlers before xf86OpenConsole is first
      called.  This makes sure that the VT is returned to text mode if the
      server crashes in the early stages of InitOutput() (David Dawes).
2779. Fix xf86vsprintf() and xf86vfprintf().
2778. Support for the different PLL reference clock used for HP's on-board
2777. Disable building the Xanti extension (Mark Vojkovich).
2776. Update the log file handling to catch most messages that are generated
      before the log file is actually opened (David Dawes).
2775. Another fix for PM2 text restoration (Egbert Eich).

XFree86 3.9Pt (20 June 1999)
2774. First cut at converting the fbdev, sis, glide, neomagic and rendition
      drivers for the new RAC code (David Dawes).
2773. Fix a PM2 lockup problem during GLINTSave, and fix a text mode font
      corruption problem (#2907, Egbert Eich).
2772. Xterm patch #108 (#2906, Thomas Dickey).
2771. Fix a problem with duplicate ShmCompletion events in Xinerama mode
      (#2905, Mark Vojkovich).
2770. Add a XDGAKeyEventToXKeyEvent helper function to the DGA client library
      (#2904, Mark Vojkovich).
2769. Fix some incorrect XAA GC validation checks (#2903, Mark Vojkovich).
2768. Fix some XAA caching problems with shared memory pixmaps (#2903,
      Mark Vojkovich).
2767. Wait for the fifo to clear out in the mga driver before returning to
      the client after any cpu->screen color expansion or image writes (#2901,
      Mark Vojkovich).
2766. Don't use the BIOS info for the MGA G400 since we don't understand
      the format (#2901, Mark Vojkovich).
2765. Fix some MGA bitblit problems when more than 16MB of memory is being
      used (#2901, Mark Vojkovich).
2764. Set memory clocks to the bios defaults in the MGA driver, and add an
      Option "OverclockMem" to allow the previous settings to be used (#2901,
      Mark Vojkovich).
2763. Xaw and xedit updates (see lib/Xaw/Changelog) (#2899,
      Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
2762. Ansification and warning elimination in lib/xtrans (#2896,
      Matthieu Herrb).
2761. Fix a glint scanline interleave bug introduced by the change in
      device scaning order in the new RAC code (#2890, Jens Owen).
2760. Fix a dual head Xinerama crash that happens when running the xv program
      (#2889, Itai Nahshon).
2759. Add v4l Xv support to the trident driver (#2877, Alan Hourihane).
2758. Trident Image series and standard chipset acceleration fixes (#2877,
      Alan Hourihane).
2757. Add more Blade3D acceleration to the trident driver (#2877,
      Alan Hourihane).
2756. Fix for DPMS with the new RAC (Itai Nahshon).
2755. RAC updates, including changing the way PCI resource validation works
      (Egbert Eich).
2754. Update the TGA driver for the new RAC (#2886, Matt Grossman).
2753. Fix a fatal event problem with DGA 2.0 (#2884, Mark Vojkovich).
2752. Fix some macros in xf86str.h that conflict with system headers on some
      platforms (#2883, 2888, 2902, Matt Grossman).

XFree86 3.9Ps (14 June 1999)
2751. Some small RAC updates (Egbert Eich).
2750. Direct Rendering Infrastructure from Precision Insight (#2871).
2749. Fix a problem building xedit on SVR4.0 (missing strcasecmp).

XFree86 3.9Pr (13 June 1999)
2748. Xterm patch #107 (#2879, Thomas Dickey).
2747. Cirrus driver updates, including support for generic (V4L) video
      adapters, fix depth 15 mode for the laguna chips and turn of the DAC
      when blanking the screen (#2878, Itai Nahshon).
2746. Fix problems with the build of the 6.1-compatible Xaw shared library,
      and some optimizations and bug fixes for the Xaw and xedit (#2877,
      Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
2745. Add functions (CreateFontRec and DestroyFontRec) for allocating and
      freeing FontRecs rather than having the size encoded in all of the
      renderer modules.  Also, change the font private index handling to
      make all indices show up in all FontRecs (#2873, Mark Vojkovich).
2744. Add ANSI prototypes for lib/XIE (#2870, Thomas Dickey).
2743. Some preliminary work on adding afb support to the fbdev driver (#2869,
      Sven Luther).
2742. Change the semantics of xf86ReadPciBIOS() to allow it to temporarily
      map an unmapped BIOS at the address assigned to another of the card's
      base address registers, and modify the MGA driver to make use of this
      (David Dawes).
2741. Add some functions to the common layer to allow drivers to register
      input handling functions, and modify the pm2_video code to make use of
      this instead of the XInput code (David Dawes).
2740. Trap for packed 24bpp on systems with 64-bit scanlines.
2739. Fix the type of the "set_mckl" option in the s3virge driver (#2865,
      Harald Koenig).
2738. Fix some s3virge palette problems in 8bpp mode (#2863, Harald Koenig).
2737. Avoid clobbering CR55 in the s3virge HW cursor code (#2862,
      Harald Koenig).
2736. Xterm patch #106 (#2861, Thomas Dickey).
2735. Fix an incorrect test in I2CWriteBytes() in the i2c module (#2875,
      Ben Cahill).
2734. Don't set YDSTORG for the non-WRAM Matrox cards (#2874, Mark Vojkovich).
2733. Change the order of text-mode font restoration in the vgahw module
2732. XInput driver for Dynapro touch screens (#2859, 2860, 2867,
      David Woodhouse).
2731. Enable support for extended PS/2 protocols on Solaris/x86 (#2857,
      Nicholas Brealey).
2730. Fix the ZAxisMapping handling in the mouse driver (#2857,
      Nicholas Brealey).
2729. Add a sixth valuator to the wacom driver to support the wheel of
      the airbrush and of the lens cursor (Frederic Lepied).
2728. Convert the wacom driver to work with the new input code
      (Frederic Lepied).
2727. Increase the MAXSCREENS value from 4 to 16 (Egbert Eich).
2726. Add support to scanpci for printing out PCI-PCI bridge header
      information correctly (Egbert Eich).
2725. New RAC (Resource Access Control) code (Egbert Eich).
2724. Update the Solaris/x86 version of xf86ReadBIOS() to handle BIOSs located
      at high physical addresses (David Dawes).
2723. An attempt at allowing the server to correct the /tmp/.X11-unix
      directory when it is possible to do so safely (David Dawes).
2722. Re-enable screen->screen blts for the Trident Image3D, and fix a problem
      with mapping/unmapping memory with VT switching (David Dawes).
2721. Fix a problem linking with libXfont when building the shared version
      is disabled (David Dawes).
2720. Fix an Xlib problem introduced in 3.9Pq that shows up when X_LOCALE
      is defined (David Dawes).

XFree86 3.9Pq (6 June 1999)
2719. Change the parser's error message printing so that they will end
      up in the log file (David Dawes).
2718. Add support for armscii-8, ibm-cp1133, mulelao-1, viscii1.1-1,
      tcvn-5712, georgian-academy, georgian-ps (not all complete yet)
      (#2843, Pablo Saratxaga).
2717. Some fixes for the v4l driver that make it keep track of the video
      state correctly (#2854, Gerd Knorr).
2716. Xterm patch #105 (#2853, Thomas Dickey).
2715. Add defines to the Xaw code to make it possible to build a version
      of the shared library that is binary compatible with the standard 6.1
      version (#2849, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
2714. Xedit updates (see the Xaw Changelog for details) (#2849,
      Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
2713. Bump the Xaw library major version (now 7.0), and enable the Xpm
      dependency by default (#2849, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
2712. Fix an Xmu build warning (#2849, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
2711. Some updates to the XAnti extension (#2851, 2852, Mark Vojkovich).
2710. Update the scanline width choices used in the MGA driver to better
      match the capabilities of the different chips (#2850, Mark Vojkovich).
2709. Add G400 support to the MGA driver (#2850, Mark Vojkovich).
2708. Resync SuperProbe with, and add ATI Rage XL & XC detection
      (#2847, Marc La France).
2707. Fix for drivers/v4l/README (#2846, David Woodhouse).
2706. Fixes for the big5.eten-0 and gb2312.1980-0 encoding files (#2840, 2841,
      2846, Juliusz Chroboczek).
2705. Use 8-bit I/O instead of 16-bit I/O in xf4bpp (better for older
      adapters), and some cleanups (#2838, Marc La France).
2704. Fix RGB "masks" for depth <=8, and fix the formatting of the "Clocks"
      messages (#2838, Marc La France).
2703. Remove assumption that PCI systems contain PCI video (#2838,
      Marc La France).
2702. Add missing parsing of the ZAxisMapping option to the revised mouse
      driver (David Dawes).
2701. Add a simple verification check for core-capable input devices
      (David Dawes).
2700. Update the serial PnP mouse support for the revised mouse driver
      (David Dawes).

XFree86 3.9Pp (30 May 1999)
2699. Xterm patch #104 (#2836, Thomas Dickey).
2698. Doc updates for the s3virge driver, and cleanup register debugging
      printouts (#2835, Kevin Brosius).
2697. Rework the config file search algorithm, and allow "safe" relative
      paths to be specified by non-root users (David Dawes).
2696. Close input devices while VT switched away (David Dawes).
2695. Prevent the input device "PreInit" from being called in subsequent
      server generations (David Dawes).
2694. Handle the Keyboard config information as an InputDevice section
      (but the keyboard driver isn't converted yet) (David Dawes).
2693. Add basic accessEnable calls to the Tseng driver so that it will at
      least work single head with an ET6000 (David Dawes).
2692. Fix Xinerama bugs related to the Shape extension (#2832, Mark Vojkovich).
2691. Separate the pitch and virtual X increments (#2829, Marc La France).
2690. Add some large encoding files for the `fontenc' layer (#2827,
      Juliusz Chroboczek).
2689. A rewrite of the way Xinerama handles visuals (#2824, Mark Vojkovich).
2688. Integrate the pointer acceleration patch from Kevin Brown (#2823,
      Frederic Lepied).
2687. Make button mapping work for XInput "AlwaysCore" devices (#2823,
      Frederic Lepied).
2686. Fix xtest failure with SiS TwoPointLine (#2821, Juanjo Santamarta).
2685. Xlib support for KOI8-U (#2820, Aleksey Novodvorsky).
2684. Fix a problems with the new mouse code looping by adding CLOCAL to
      the standard termios flags for xf86OpenSerial() (#2819, Matthieu Herrb).
2683. New font document (#2818, Juliusz Chroboczek).
2682. Fix the reworked "wsmouse" code for NetBSD (#2815, Matthieu Herrb).
2681. Fix for `resize' on OpenBSD (#2814, Matthieu Herrb).
2680. Add the `s' flag to ArCmd and ArAddCmd for SVR4 so that empty archives
      can be created (#2813, Nicholas Brealey).

XFree86 3.9Po (23 May 1999)
2679. Enable the new input code (NewInput) by default in
      (David Dawes).
2678. Add compatibilty support for interpreting "Pointer" sections as
      "InputDevice" sections in the reworked input device code (David Dawes).
2677. Modify mkfontdir to handle duplicate encodings in a reasonable way
      when generating the encodings.dir file (#2812, Juliusz Chroboczek).
2676. Xaw and xedit updates (see lib/Xaw/Changelog for details) (#2811,
      Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
2675. Fix xinerama problems with clipmasks and stipple/tile offsets
      in GCs used on the root window (#2810, Mark Vojkovich).
2674. Fix problems uploading to the pixmap cache in 8+32 mode when
      ImageWrites aren't available (#2809, Mark Vojkovich).
2673. Ansify the Xv client library (#2808, Mark Vojkovich).
2672. Add a XvQueryPortAttributes request to the Xv API/protocol and
      driver interface, with an example in the v4l driver, and update the
      documentation (#2808, Mark Vojkovich).
2671. Fix some compiler warnings in the oldX and ICE libraries (#2807,
      Matt Grossman).
2670. Fix a problem with the Type1 font handling that was introduced when the
      CID support was added (#2805, Ivan Bach).
2669. Wacom driver update, including a fix for initialization problems with
      Wacom IV devices, and improved Wacom V device support (Lens cursor
      support) (#2803, Frederic Lepied).
2668. Fix for some 8+32 xinerama problems (#2802, Mark Vojkovich).
2667. Xkb fixes for PC98 (#2800, Akio Morita).
2666. Xkb data files for a Macintosh keyboard (#2798, Sven LUTHER).
2665. Some preliminary support for the "new" mouse driver for most OSs
      (David Dawes).
2664. Prevent xf86LogInit() being called for subsequent server generations.

XFree86 3.9Pn (16 May 1999)
2663. Add a SetClientVersion request to the DGA extension (David Dawes).
2662. Change DGA initialisation ordering in the MGA driver (#2796,
      Mark Vojkovich).
2661. Turn off DGA pixmaps in xinerama since it insists on duplicating
      the rendering protocol on all heads despite the DGA pixmaps existing
      only on a single head (#2795, Mark Vojkovich).
2660. Fix some xinerama problems with 8+32 overlays (#2795, Mark Vojkovich).
2659. Add XAA acceleration for DGA pixmaps (#2795, Mark Vojkovich).
2658. Add PCI IDs for new NVIDIA chipsets (#2794, Mark Vojkovich).
2657. Change the default cursor colour in the app-defaults for editres
      (#2793, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
2656. Xedit updates, including a new file, to show some of
      the new features of Xaw, and some improvements to the ispell interface
      (#2793, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
2655. Xaw updates, including some fixes, optimizations, and additional
      documentation (#2793, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
2654. Working mouse support with the new input device code (David Dawes).
2653. Fix for sysv_video.c on Interactive UNIX (#2792, Michael Rohleder).
2652. Fix handling of xkbcomp's -I flag (Stanislav Meduna).
2651. CID updates (third submission) (#2769, Ivan Bach, SGI).
2650. Kludge to allow a server with the glint driver to link without XInput
      (#2788, Marc La France).
2649. Remove unused dacSpeeds field from the ScrnInfoRec (#2788,
      Marc La France).
2648. Add an option to the colourmap code to allow a driver's LoadPalette()
      to be called even when switched out (#2788, Marc La France).
2647. Add more reasons for rejecting a mode (#2788, Marc La France).
2646. Factor in the log verbosity when reporting the verbosity to a driver
      (#2788, Marc La France).
2645. Allow xf86GetClocks() to be called with NULL ProtectRegs() and
      BlankScreen() functions (#2788, Marc La France).
2644. When deleting a screen, also free its mode lists and options (#2788,
      Marc La France).
2643. Allow a driver to determine if -probeonly was specified (#2788,
      Marc La France).
2642. Fix a large jump in changelog numbering that happened a little while
      ago (#2788, Marc La France).
2641. Various warning and include fixes (#2788, Marc La France).
2640. Xterm patch #103 (#2786, Thomas Dickey).
2639. SiS driver updates, including fixing the SetMClk option, change solid
      lines from bresenham to two-point, correct a clippling bug, and change
      the verbose level of some messages (#2784, 2785, Juanjo Santamarta).
2638. Fix a server loop that can happen when VT switching while a grab is
      in progress (#2782, Edward Wang).
2637. Xterm patch #102 (#2778, Thomas Dickey).
2636. Fix some spelling errors in Xlib.h (#2775, Itai Nahshon).
2635. Add auto-detection of Debian to imake (#2774, Sven Luther).
2634. SiS driver updates, including turning on solid line acceleration,
      remove GXCOPY_ONLY for Mono8x8 patterns, change mmio pointers to
      volatile to avoid optimization problems, use xaarop.h, fix offscreen
      memory init to avoid exceeding the accelerator's address range
      (#2772, Alan Hourihane).
2633. Fix build problems with the v4l driver on some systems (based on #2771,
      Gerd Knorr, and a suggestion from David Woodhouse).
2632. Xterm patch #101 (#2770, Thomas Dickey).
2631. Fix some more Xinerarma bugs (#2766, 2768, Mark Vojkovich).
2630. Fix the use of va_lists in the logging code (David Dawes).

XFree86 3.9Pm (9 May 1999)
2629. Clean up the handling of Alphas in the s3virge driver (#2767,
      Matt Grossman).
2628. Fix a problem that can show up when a module is unloaded while another
      module has unaccounted for references to its symbols (Egbert Eich).
2627. -
2626. Finish DGA event support (#2765, Mark Vojkovich).
2625. Xaw updates (including compatibility updates and a man page), xedit
      and editres updates (#2764, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
2624. Disable MIT-SHM in Xnest since it doesn't work (#2763, Wolfram Gloger).
2623. Add hw clipping for the SiS 6326, and solid lines (disabled) (#2760,
      Juanjo Santamarta).
2622. Cirrus driver updates (#2759, Itai Nahshon).
2621. Fix complier warnings in lib/X11 (#2758, Matt Grossman).
2620. Fix complier warnings in lib/Xau (#2757, Matt Grossman).
2619. Update some of the font encoding translation files (#2756,
      Juliusz Chroboczek).
2618. Fix some bugs in the font encoding support (#2756, Juliusz Chroboczek).
2617. Update the Arabic24 BDF font to version 1.3 (#2754, Mark Leisher).
2616. Xterm patch #100 (#2753, Thomas Dickey).
2615. A start at the unification of input devices (David Dawes).
2614. Change the MGA ImageWrite code to not use the image transfer window
      for simple cpu->framebuffer copies (#2738, Mark Vojkovich).
2613. Add lseek and bsearch to the libc wrappers (and fix fseek), as needed
      by the CID font code.
2612. Add missing file for CID fonts support, and fix a few module-related
      thing with it.

XFree86 3.9Pl (3 May 1999)
2611. Fix Xinerama bugs in GetImage and PolyRectangle (#2751, Mark Vojkovich).
2610. Xterm patch #99 (#2750, Thomas Dickey).
2609. Disable unneccessary C&T message (#2748, Nozomi Ytow).
2608. Add some DGA event support (not working yet) (#2747, Mark Vojkovich).
2607. Xaw and xedit updates including some compatibility updates and
      performance improvements (#2746, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
2606. Modify mkfontdir to create "encodings.dir" files (#2745,
      Juliusz Chroboczek).
2605. Update the DESIGN doc for the new DGA driver interface (#2744,
      Mark Vojkovich).
2604. Update the LynxOS vidmem code to use the new shared vidmem.c (#2743,
      Thomas Mueller).
2603. -
2602. Update TGA docs (#2737, Matt Grossman).
2601. Fix a zero width problem that shows up in xaaSpans.c when hardware
      clipping is enabled (#2736, Alan Hourihane).
2600. Add support for Adobe CID fonts (#2728, Ivan Bach, SGI).
2599. Quick fix for cirrus driver problem introduced in 3.9Pk.
2598. Fix a problem with pcitweak that was preventing it from working with
      buses other than bus 0 (David Dawes).
2597. Update xfontsel to display appropriate glyphs for ISO10646 fonts
      (Mark Leisher).
2596. Add support for building XF86Setup with ncurses on NetBSD and OpenBSD
      (#2734, Matthieu Herrb).
2595. Fix vidmem map/unmap mismatch in the TGA driver (#2733, Matt Grossman).
2594. A minor interlace improvement for the PM2 Xv driver (#2731,
      Michael Schimek).
2593. Fix color expansion bug in the SiS driver (#2729, Juanjo Santamarta).
2592. Major resync for OS/2 (#2727, 2732, 2735, Holger Veit).
2591. Xterm patch #98 (#2726, 2730, Thomas Dickey).
2590. Fix a build V4L driver build problem (#2725, David Woodhouse).
2589. Xterm patch #97 (#2724, Thomas Dickey).
2588. Move the VTInit and VTSysReq keywords from the Keyboard section to
      the ServerFlags section (as options) (David Dawes).
2587. Remove the legacy ServerNumLock and "RightAlt", etc special key mapping
      support (David Dawes).
2586. Add a new, more complete version of snprintf, vsnprintf for OSs that
      don't have it.  This one is based on the "SIO" stdio-like package
      (David Dawes).
2585. Add log file support, including separate log and stderr streams, and
      separate verbosity levels for each stream.  Changed the -verbose option
      to accept an optional integer argument that specifies the verbosity
      level, add a -logverbose option and a root-only -logfile option
      (David Dawes).
2584. Unify the "Overlay" options and "SetMclk" options, and remove the
      SetMClk Device section keyword (David Dawes).
2583. Add a "frequency" option value type for use with options processed
      by xf86ProcessOptions().  This value type consists of a floating point
      number optionally followed by "Hz", "kHz" or "MHz" (David Dawes).

XFree86 3.9Pk (25 April 1999)
2582. Move the SVR4-specific handling of mapping memory areas which have
      read side-effects out of the drivers and into the os-support layer
      (David Dawes).
2581. Fix unmap parameters for the SiS driver (David Dawes).
2580. Fix unmap parameters for the glint driver (#2722, Alan Hourihane).
2579. Fix the depth 24 visual initialisation (mask, offset) in the
      Rendition driver (#2720, Martin Cerveny).
2578. Rework the use of inb/outb in the trident driver, replacing it with
      MMIO.  Also, don't use the 0xBF000 range for the accelerator registers
      (#2719, Alan Hourihane).
2577. Add a -screen option to the xgamma utility so that the gamma of each
      screen can be changed in Xinerama mode (#2717, Mark Vojkovich).
2576. Fix all the known problems with the ispell support in xedit (#2716,
      Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
2575. Xaw updates, including improved speed for FindPiece in AsciiSrc.c,
      add submenu support to the SimpleMenuWidget, add support for text
      justification to the TextWidget, add an overwrite mode to the
      TextWidget, make the TextWidget understand negative "multiply" values,
      add an indent action to the TextWidget, fix a bug in the undo code
      (#2716, 2721, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
2574. Pcitweak fix for LynxOS, and define NO_MMAP for pre 2.5.0 LynxOS
      releases (#2715, Thomas Mueller).
2573. Fix for cirrus hardware cursor on (big endian) PowerPC platform
      (#2715, Thomas Mueller).
2572. Experimental DDC support for the Matrox "G" series cards (#2713,
      Andrew Aitchison).
2571. Fix a crash in the XAA fill code that happens when
      Mono8x8PatternFillFlags is set only to HARDWARE_PATTERN_PROGRAMMED_BITS,
      which affects the TGA driver (#2712, Matt Grossman).
2570. Replace the default "fixed" (6x13) font with Markus Kuhn's ISO 10646-1
      version (#2711, Markus Kuhn).
2569. Import Mark Leisher's ClearlyU BDF fonts (#2707, Mark Leisher).
2568. Import Mark Leisher's Arabic24 BDF font (#2706, Mark Leisher).
2567. Initial acceleration for the 24-plane TGA (#2710, Tim Rowley).
2566. Fix clip bugs in the MGA driver (#2709, Mark Vojkovich).
2565. Update the `xfsft' TrueType backend to version beta1.1.4.  This includes
      updates to the `fontenc' interfaces (#2708, Juliusz Chroboczek).
2564. Fix some #include problems with the rendition driver (#2704, Dejan Ilic).
2563. Fix a syntax error in the `ru' symbols file (#2703, Peter Novodvorsky).
2562. Update the xf86SetGamma and xf86SetDpi helpers to use DDC information
      when it is available, and update the MGA driver to make the DDC
      information available earlier in the PreInit phase (#2702,
      Andrew Aitchison).
2561. Flesh out XF86Setup's config file read and write routines (#2701,
      Joe Moss).
2560. Parser fixes (#2700, Joe Moss).
2559. Remove the out of date references to the sparse map mem functions from
      the loader (#2699, Matt Grossman).
2558. Color expansion for the SiS driver, and change the "NoTurboQueue" option
      to "TurboQueue" (#2696, Juanjo Santamarta).
2557. Xterm patch #96, including improved logic for bold fonts, improved
      Unix98 PTY support, and modify initial-erase logic to ensure that the
      ttyModes resource overrides it (#2695, Thomas Dickey).
2556. Some #include and warning fixes (#2693, Marc La France).
2555. On an error, tell user to re-run the server >without< -quiet.  This is
      generalized to allow the production of error messages to specify the
      minimum verbosity to be used before reporting a problem (#2693,
      Marc La France).
2554. Make -depth 24 produce a more appropriate message when the driver
      doesn't support it (#2693, Marc La France).
2553. Reinstate black & white colour options for 1bpp (#2693, Marc La France).
2552. Fix a typo in (#2691, Itai Nahshon).
2551. Fix the initialisation of some global flags when the config file has
      no ServerFlags section (David Dawes).

XFree86 3.9Pj (18 April 1999)
2550. Update SiS docs (#2690, Juanjo Santamarta).
2549. Glide driver and documentation updates.  Fix the "EXTERN_MODULE"
      usage, force the virtual size to be the display size, and add a
      GlideDevice Option to specify one of multiple cards (#2689,
      Henrik Harmsen).
2548. Resync DPMS timeout code with the 3.3.x code, which fixes some problems
      (#2688, David Wragg).
2547. Preliminary MTRR support for FreeBSD (3.2 and later) (David Dawes).
2546. Separate the OS-independent and OS-dependent parts of the MapVidMem
      functions, and handle sparse mapping with a flag to MapVidMem instead
      of using a separate function (David Dawes).
2545. Remove most LinkKit references.
2544. Disable WC for the framebuffer for the Rendition V1K by default,
      because it appears to be causing lockups (Dejan Ilic).
2543. Some fixes for the Rendition driver (Dejan Ilic).
2542. Add HW cursor using the Bt485 ramdac to the DEC TGA driver (#2687,
      Matt Grossman).
2541. More of the DGA 2.0 extension.  Most of it is there now except for
      the events (#2686, Mark Vojkovich).
2540. Imlement attributes for Audio (mute, volume) and implement
      QueryBestSize for the v4l driver (#2685, Gerd Knorr).
2539. Fix hardware cursor code so that it works with the internal 64 bit
      scanlines used on Alpha platforms (#2679, Matt Grossman).
2538. Export new DGA symbols from the loader (#2678, Alan Hourihane).
2537. Update C&T driver to use independent clocks for FP/dual and CRT modes
      with HiQV chipsets (#2677, Egbert Eich).
2536. Port of Precision Insight's NeoMagic driver to the new design
      (#2677, Egbert Eich).
2535. Add a Linux kernel backbone to the Permedia 2 Xv driver (#2661+revisions,
      Michael Schimek).
2534. Port of the rendition driver to the new design (#2674, Marc Langenbach).
2533. Fix for the parser's printDeviceSection() function (#2673, Joe Moss).
2532. Fix a bug in the handling of ZAxisMapping in the parser (#2672,
      Nicholas Brealey).
2531. Enable mono 8x8 pattern fills for the SiS driver (#2670,
      Juanjo Santamarta).
2530. Remove references to ru_SU in locale.alias (#2669, Aleksey Nowodworsky).
2529. Fix a bug in xf86CollectOptions() that could cause a server crash.
2528. Fix the problem causing the mouse acceleration to be done twice
      (#2671, Frederic Lepied).
2527. Disable clipping in the trident driver for FillRectSolid because the
      driver gets passed zero values (#2681, Alan Hourihane).
2526. Add Trident Blade3D support (#2681, Alan Hourihane).
2525. Add Mono8x8 pattern for the Trident Image series (#2681, Alan Hourihane).
2524. Fix trident screen glitches when mode switching (#2681, Alan Hourihane).
2523. Some minor documentation-related cleanups.  Doctools version 1.0.2 is
      now required to format the XFree86 docs.

XFree86 3.9Pi (11 April 1999)
2522. Fix a Linux/PPC loader relocation bug, and reenable building the
      loadable server by default for Linux/PPC (#2668, Gerd Knorr).
2521. Fix a problem with non-terminated strings in the Xv library (#2665,
      Gerd Knorr).
2520. Update the v4l driver -- fix open/close handling and add support for
      the XV_ENCODING attribute (#2665, Gerd Knorr).
2519. Implement FBDevSaveScreen() (#2664, Gerd Knorr).
2518. Enable shadowfb by default for the fbdev driver (#2664, Gerd Knorr).
2517. Fix fbdev option handling (#2664, Gerd Knorr).
2516. Fbdev documentation updates (#2664, Gerd Knorr).
2515. Some more progress on the DGA 2.0 API/protocol (#2663, Mark Vojkovich).
2514. Add ispell support to xedit (#2662, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
2513. Fix -DUSE_XPM handling in Xaw (#2662, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
2512. Some updates to the offscreen memory allocator and the i2c code
      (#2661, Michael Schimek).
2711. Use the correct version of xf86Xinput.c (the wrong version was
      included in 3.9Ph) (Frederic Lepied).
2710. Fix a pcitweak build problem on NetBSD (#2659, Isao Ohishi).
2509. Add acceleration for the 8+16 mode of the C&T driver (#2658,
      David Bateman).
2508. Add compatibility to the client-side of the VidMode extension so that
      it will work with 3.3.x servers (#2657, David Bateman).
2507. Update 'ru' xkb symbols file (#2656, Aleksey Nowodworsky).
2506. Add Trident 9525 ID to PCI info and trident driver (#2655,
      Alan Hourihane).
2505. Cleanup some compiler warnings in mfb and mi (#2654, Alan Hourihane).
2504. Added a glide driver.  It currently only works with the loadable
      server (read the manpage before trying it) (#2653, Henrik Harmsen).
2503. Update the Type1/latin2 fonts.* files to disable reencoding of the
      fonts while keeping the same XLFD names (#2652, Juliusz Chroboczek).
2502. Fix some pcitweak build problems on Interactive UNIX (#2651,
      Michael Rohleder).
2501. Xterm patch #95 (see xterm.log.html for details) (#2649, Thomas Dickey).
2500. Fix typos in the VidMode extension that causes a protocol problem
      (#2648, 2657, David Bateman).
2499. Reorder the visuals to put TrueColor before DirectColor so that broken
      clients (like Wabi) that assume the default visual is the first visual
      will work (2647, David Woodhouse).
2498. Fix a problem with the ThinkingMousePS/2 protocol handling of left
      movement (#2392, Ian Remmler).
2497. Fix an ISO8859-5 support bug in Xlib (Nikolai Saoukh).
2496. Rework the GlxInitVisuals hooks with a more general wrapper-based
      mechanism (David Dawes).
2495. Fix a XINERAMA bug in dix/events.c (Dirk Hohndel).

XFree86 3.9Ph (5 April 1999)
2494. Add code to XF86Setup for mode adjustment (like xvidtune), addition,
      and removal (#2646, Joe Moss).
2493. Remove the use of the `dialog' program from XF86Setup, and add
      various curses routines and the start of a text mode user-interface
      (both curses & plain text).  Also remove some obsolete Tk 4.0-specific
      code (#2645, Joe Moss).
2492. Add code to XF86Setup to convert all of the config file sections
      to/from Tcl variables (#2644, Joe Moss).
2491. Allow fbdev to handle non-page-aligned framebuffers correctly (#2643,
      Gerd Knorr).
2490. Add RAC code to the fbdev driver (if there is a PCI BusID specified
      in the config file it will "check in" this into access control)
      (#2643, Gerd Knorr).
2489. Cleanup in sysv_video.c (#2642, Michael Rohleder).
2488. Update xedit's realpath.c for IUS (#2642, Michael Rohleder).
2487. Add support for InputDevice sections to the parser (not used yet)
      (David Dawes).
2486. A first cut at cleaning up the handling of memory mapping and client
      exit/crash in the DGA library (David Dawes).
2485. Shadowfb support for the generic VGA driver at depths 4 and 1
      (Dirk Hohndel and Mark Vojkovich).
2484. Fix the printMonitorSection and printDeviceSection functions in
      the parser (#2641, Joe Moss).
2483. Change the s3virge chipset names, removing the slashes (#2640,
      Kevin Brosius).
2482. Preliminary s3virge man page (#2640, Kevin Brosius).
2481. Fix s3virge HW cursor (#2640, Kevin Brosius, Mark Vojkovich).
2480. Remove some multiply defined variables in the cfb modules to avoid
      a problem on LynxOS PowerPC (#2639, Thomas Mueller).
2479. Fix a crash in the new xedit code for listing files and directories
      (#2638, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
2478. Change the kill_ring code in TextAction.c to always end in a text block
      of zero length (#2638, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
2477. Add xpm pixmap support to Xaw (needs to be built with -DUSE_XPM
      for this), and if the xpm image has a mask, the widget will be
      automatically reshaped to the pixmap mask (#2638,
      Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
2476. Add some PCI IDs for Creative Labs 3D Blaster Banshee PCI (#2637,
      Nicholas Brealey).
2475. XAA pixmap->window and window->pixmap copy optimization (#2636,
      Mark Vojkovich).
2474. Implement some attributes for the v4l module, and fix the clipping
      code (#2635, Gerd Knorr).
2473. Incorporate 3.3.1 FIFO settings for the SiS driver based on memory
      bandwidth and pixel clock (#2632, Juanjo Santamarta).
2472. SetMclk and FastVram options for the SiS driver (#2632,
      Juanjo Santamarta).
2471. Fix some SiS mode switch problems (#2632, Juanjo Santamarta).
2470. Imakefile fix for building the X server with BuildGlxExt=NO (#2631,
      Thomas Mueller).
2469. Imakefile fixes for cxpm and sxpm (#2631, Thomas Mueller).
2468. LynxOS resync, including removing the CrossCompile rule from,
      LynxOS sparc resync, remove SMEM warning for default verbose level,
      LynxOS support for chips driver util programs (#2631, Thomas Mueller).
2467. Add man pages for the fbdevhw and fbdev modules (#2630, Gerd Knorr).
2466. Add fb.h so that fbdevhw can be built on pre-2.2 Linux (#2630,
      Gerd Knorr).
2465. Add support for generic Xv adaptors to the fbdev driver (#2629,
      David Woodhouse).
2464. Fix X locale problem for Linux/libc6 introduced in 3.9Pg (#2628,
      Nozomi Ytow).
2463. Fix VT switching problems with the 8+16 code (#2627, David Bateman).
2462. Generic Xv support for the s3virge driver (#2626, David Woodhouse).
2461. Add a permission notice to videodev.h (#2625, David Woodhouse).
2460. Resync parts of the XInput DDX code with 3.3.x, including restoring
      the "Switch" device, RELATIVE_CHECK code, Elographics driver,
      Wacom driver, and Joystick driver (#2514, 2548, Frederic Lepied
      and Patrick Lecoanet).
2459. Fix remaining build issued with the GLX/Mesa integration
      (Marc La France).
2458. Some preliminary support code that the new RAC code may use
      (David Dawes).
2457. Add a utility called `pcitweak' that can be used to read/write
      registers in the PCI config space from the command line (David Dawes).

XFree86 3.9Pg (29 March 1999)
2456. Fix an off-by-one clipping error in the XAA wide line code (#2624,
      Mark Vojkovich).
2455. Add HW cursor support to the s3virge driver and make it the default
      (#2623, Kevin Brosius).
2454. Add OS-specific subdirectories to the loader subdirectory search lists,
      and install OS-specific modules in such directories (David Dawes).
2453. Set the screen numbering in multihead configurations based on the
      ordering of the Screen entries in the ServerLayout section,
      and allow an optional numerical argument to follow the Screen
      keyword to indicate a different ordering (David Dawes).
2452. Fix some signedness discrepancies in the libc_wrapper code.
2451. Add missing parts to the parser's printKeyboardSection routine (#2621,
      Joe Moss).
2450. Finalising the DGA 2.0 driver interface (#2619, Mark Vojkovich).
2449. Xterm patch #94 (#2618, Thomas Dickey).
2448. Accelerated support for 8+16 overlays in XAA (untested) (#2617,
      Mark Vojkovich).
2447. Some optimisations for the 8+32 and 24+32 layers (#2616, Mark Vojkovich).
2446. Updates for IUS (Interactive Unix) (#2614, Michael Rohleder).
2445. Update xf86config for the 4.0 config file format (#2613,
      Justin Bradford).
2444. Update and clean up the Cards file (#2600, 2612, Justin Bradford).
2443. When probing for a VGA, it's unnecessary to unlock its CRTC registers
      (#2611, Marc La France).
2442. Remove xf86FreeBusSlots(), which is redundant, unused and incorrect
      (#2611, Marc La France).
2441. Move the claiming of ISA resources from xf86Check???Slot() to
      xf86Claim???Slot() (#2611, Marc La France).
2440. On Linux, define _GNU_SOURCE only compiling the xc/ source tree (#2611,
      Marc La France).
2439. Remove uneeded s3virge files (#2615, Kevin Brosius).
2438. "pci_burst" option updates for the s3virge driver (#2615, Kevin Brosius).
2437. Fix missing accel flags and depth 24 problem with the s3virge driver
      from the Alpha patch (#2615, Kevin Brosius).
2436. Make sure the size of offscreen pixmaps don't exceed the address space
      of the ViRGE (#2610, Mark Vojkovich).
2435. Add a driver for video4linux frame grabber cards (#2609, Gerd Knorr,
      David Woodhouse).
2434. Add support to the MGA driver so that it will use any available
      generic Xv adaptors (#2609, David Woodhouse).
2433. Add xf86XVRegisterGenericAdaptor() and xf86XVListGenericAdaptors()
      functions for maintaining a list of Xv adaptors which are not tied
      to a particular screen (#2609, David Woodhouse).
2432. Fix virtual screen panning with the SiS driver (#2608,
      Juanjo Santamarta).
2431. Fix security problem with the creation of the /tmp/.X11-unix directory
      (#2607, Matthieu Herrb).
2430. Update the 8+16 layer to get the color key from the new field in
      the ScrnInfoRec (#2605, Mark Vojkovich).
2429. Complete the Xv config evaluation code in the PM2 Xv driver and the
      common layer (#2604, Michael Schimek).
2428. Modify Xv DDX's clipping interface (#2604, Michael Schimek).
2427. Fix a bug in the handling of Boolean options (#2603, Michael Schimek).
2426. Have xf86ChangeGamma() update and install the default colormap
      when the currently installed colormap is not implemented by lookup
      (#2602, Mark Vojkovich).
2425. Export StoreColors() (#2601, Mark Vojkovich).
2424. Replace all Imakefile.obj files with because .obj is
      a reserved extension for object file on OS/2 (#2599, Holger Veit).
2423. Update the Cards file parser to accept a new DRIVER line (#2598,
      Justin Bradford).
2422. Fix getline clash in proxymngr and xsm (#2595, Dejan Ilic).
2421. Fix colourmap on Permedia2, and fix GLINT SaveScreen to blank the
      display (#2594, 2596, Alan Hourihane).
2420. Make fbdev work on Sparc Linux, and fix a few bugs in fbdevhw and
      fbdev (#2593, Jakub Jelinek).
2419. Sparc Linux support for XFree86 (#2593, Jakub Jelinek).
2418. Add DPMS support to the s3virge driver (#2592, Matt Grossman).
2417. ppc_flush_icache() for Linux/PPC, required for the loader to work
      correctly (#2591, Gerd Knorr).
2416. Linux/PPC loader fix (#2590, Stuart Anderson).
2415. Modify the ramdac module and glint driver to use the ScrnInfoRec
      overlay fields (#2589, 2594, Alan Hourihane).
2414. Add RTL ethernet and VIA APCI PCI devices to the ID list (#2588,
      Kevin Brosius).
2413. Fix a problem with $(STD_CPP_DEFINES) that was introduced in 3.9Pf.
2412. Add VESA default modes, small perl hack to create an initialized data
      structure from them, and the code to use those modes as default if no
      other modes with the same name are defined (Dirk Hohndel).

XFree86 3.9Pf (21 March 1999)
2411. Fix some malloc problems in xf86xv.c (#2587, Michael Schimek).
2410. Fix building of Xprt, Xnest and Xvfb when doing a loader build
      (David Dawes).
2409. Updates to s3virge driver to get it working under Linux/Alpha
      (#2586, Matt Grossman).
2408. Fix getline() clash (#2585, Alan Hourihane).
2407. Have the s3virge driver use the new XAA rop helper functions (#2584,
      Mark Vojkovich).
2406. Add code to SuperProbe to detect the S3 Trio3D and Savage3D
      (2583, Eric Molitor).
2405. Add some XAA helper functions that drivers can call for help
      converting X rops into MS rops (#2582, Mark Vojkovich).
2404. Resync the overlay support in the glint driver (#2580, 2581,
      Mark Vojkovich).
2403. Add support for changing the overlay color key to the MGA driver
      (#2579, Mark Vojkovich).
2402. Preallocate the color key in the default colormap and set it to
      something already in the default man (black) so that AllocColor will
      never allocate it (#2578, Mark Vojkovich).
2401. Use the color key field in the ScrnInfoRec for the overlay layers
      (#2578, Mark Vojkovich).
2400. Preliminary loader support for Linux/PPC ELF objects (#2577 (2570),
      Stuart Anderson).
2399. Fix some XAA offscreen pixmap problmes (#2576, Mark Vojkovich).
2398. DGA fixes.  Old apps should now run with the new driver interface,
      and event handling should work better than before (#2575,
      Mark Vojkovich).
2397. Fix most remaining signed/unsigned and prototype warnings in the
      following directories: lib/Xaw, lib/Xmu, programs/xclipboard,
      programs/xconsole, programs/xmag, and programs/xvidtune (#2574,
      Thomas Dickey).
2396. Restore the interface of XmuConvertStandardSelection() to use
      XPointer rather than XtPointer (#2574, Thomas Dickey).
2395. Fix an malloc size bug in libICE (#2572, Christopher Sekiya).
2394. Make MIT-SHM resource types non-static so that other extensions
      (like Xv) can access client shared memory segments (#2571,
      Mark Vojkovich).
2393. First cut at altering the C&T user docs for 4.0 (#2569, David Bateman).
2392. Fix a C&T problem affecting the colourmap setup for 1bpp modes, and some
      other minor C&T driver fixes (#2569, David Bateman).
2391. Fix an buffer overflow in os/connection.c (#2568, Gerd Knorr).
2390. Add support for Modes sections and the UseModes keyword for Monitor
      sections to the parser (#2567, Dirk Hohndel).
2389. Fix for Alpha (#2567, Dirk Hohndel).
2388. Fix XAAFillPolygonStippled to obey the flag NO_TRANSPARENCY in
      Mono8x8PatternFill (#2566, Xavier Ducoin).
2387. Only allow the shadowfb layer in the C&T driver when linear addressing
      is enabled (#2565 (2561), David Bateman).
2386. Fix some problems with the xf8_16bpp layer, and allow it to work
      with depth 15 as well as 16 (#2565 (2561, 2562), David Bateman).
2385. Implement TrueColor with PseudoColor Overlays (8+16) for the
      C&T driver for HiQV chipsets (#2565 (2561), David Bateman).
2384. Add a -quiet option to xgamma (#2565 (2561), David Bateman).
2383. Add TrueColor Gamma Correction for C&T HiQV chipsets (#2565 (2561),
      David Bateman).
2382. Fix Permedia 2 HW cursor lockup (#2563, Alan Hourihane).
2381. Initial XAA support for SiS530 and SiS620 (#2560, Xavier Ducoin).
2380. Add SuperProbe for SiS (#2559, Xavier Ducoin).
2379. Fix the InstalMultipleMan and InstallMultipleManSuffix rules for
      NetBSD and OpenBSD (#2558 (2557), Matthieu Herrb).
2378. Add Cards entry for Number Nine FX Reality 772 (#2556, Harald Koenig).
2377. Make XF86Setup build again (not fully functional yet) (#2555, Joe Moss).
2376. Update the apm (Alliance Promotion) driver to the 4.0 interface (#2554,
      Loic Grenie, Henrik Harmsen).
2375. Add some rules for driver/module man pages, and add a sample driver
      man page for the mga driver (David Dawes).
2374. Update the Option Names section of xfree86/Registry (David Dawes).
2373. Merge the OPTV_BOOLEAN and OPTV_TRI option classes, removing the
      latter.  Update code affected by this (David Dawes).
2372. Fix the BackingStore option.
2371. Disable transparency for screen->screen copies for Trident Image for
2370. Trident Image transparency update (#2564, Alan Hourihane).

XFree86 3.9Pe (14 March 1999)
2369. Fix problems debugging archive library modules on Linux with long
      member names (Paul Flinders).
2368. Add new XAA clipping for Trident Image (#2553, Alan Hourihane).
2367. Fix Trident save screen so that it blanks the display (#2553,
      Alan Hourihane).
2366. Fix tranparency for the Trident Image cards (#2553, Alan Hourihane).
2365. Remove the panmi and pandix directories, since they're no longer
2364. Add gamma correction to the C&T driver, but disabled because it doesn't
      work yet (David Bateman).
2363. Add shadow fb support to the C&T driver (David Bateman).
2362. Finish off the VidMode extension backward compatibility code
      (David Bateman).
2361. Add SetGamma/GetGamma requests to the VidMode extension, and a client
      called 'xgamma' that makes use of them to allow the server's gamma
      correction to be changed dynamically (David Bateman).
2360. Make the cursor layer smart enough to remove the cursor itself when
      DGA is activated (#2552, Mark Vojkovich).
2359. Add some overlay-related entries to the ScrnInfoRec (#2550,
      Mark Vojkovich).
2358. Some DGA fixes (#2550, 2551, Mark Vojkovich).
2357. Set X_BYTE_ORDER from the imake config, and use it in place of
      the system's BYTE_ORDER (David Dawes).
2356. Update copyright notices in the s3virge driver (#2546, Kevin Brosius).
2355. Xterm patch #93 (#2546, Thomas Dickey).
2354. Fix some minor fbdev problems in fbdevhw and the mga driver (#2545,
      Gerd Knorr).
2353. Disable the loader for LinuxPPC because it doesn't work (#2545,
      Gerd Knorr).
2352. Disable the Linux fbdevhw by default for versions older than 2.2
      (#2545, Gerd Knorr).
2351. Xaw and xedit updates, including changes to Xaw to support latin*
      languages in the text code when not using the "international" resource
      (#2544, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
2350. Add 3D decoration and the ability to display an XPM pixmap in the xdm
      Login widget.  A default pixmap made with the XFree86 logo is included
      (#2543, Amit Margalit, Caolan McNamara, Ivan Griffin, Matthieu Herrb).
2349. Improve attribute scaling in the PM2 Xv driver (#2542, Michael Schimek).
2348. Add an "acecad" mouse protocol so that an acecad tablet can be used
      with the standard mouse driver (#2541, Jeff Anton).
2347. Include xf86_ansic.h in module build of xf86vmode.c (#2540,
      Matthieu Herrb).
2346. Fix a server crash when no mode lines are specified in the Monitor
      section (#2539, Andreas Ehliar).
2345. Resync SuperProbe with the version (#2538, Marc La France).
2344. Document -once server commad line option (#2538, Marc La France).
2343. Add and document a -noreset server command line option to disable server
      resets when the last client connection is closed.  This is useful for
      xtest'ing a server that is switched out (#2538, Marc La France).
2342. More compiler warning fixups, including a re-integration of GLX for both
      static and loader builds (#2538, Marc La France).
2341. On Linux, compile with _GNU_SOURCE so that declarations for snprintf &
      friends may be #include'd with <stdio.h> (#2538, Marc La France).
2340. Fix the glint driver's use of resource control, which fixes problems
      using MGA/GLINT combinations in multi-head (#2537, Alan Hourihane).
2339. Fix a problem building xrdb with SVR4.0's cc (#2536, Satoshi Kimura).
2338. Fix a trident 24bpp bug (#2535, Alan Hourihane).
2337. Fix Permedia 2V hardware cursor (#2534, Alan Hourihane).
2336. Add the rest of the known EM_ machine type defines, and Sparc
      specific relocation defines to loader/elf.h (#2533, David Miller).
2335. -
2334. Disable MTRRs when unmapping memory (#2531, David Wragg).
2333. Avoid the MTRR messages on systems with no MTRR support unless
      the "mtrr" option is specified or -verbose is used (#2531, David Wragg).
2332. -
2331. Fix some offscreen pixmap-related problems with XAA (#2497, 2549,
      Mark Vojkovich).

XFree86 3.9Pd (9 March 1999)
2330. Updates for Hurd port (#2528, UCHIYAMA Yasushi).
2329. Fix some Solaris 7 build problems (#2530, Nicholas Brealey).
2328. Add some more PCI entries (#2529, Nicholas Brealey).
2327. Preliminary DGA support for the mga driver (#2527, Mark Vojkovich).
2326. Fix some DGA bugs and turn on events in the DGA compatibility code
      (#2526, Mark Vojkovich).
2325. Fix the memory units in the old DGA (#2525, Mark Vojkovich).
2324. Allow drivers to limit the size of XAA offscreen pixmaps (#2524,
      Mark Vojkovich).
2323. Fix the problem with XAA pixmap cache messages only being printed
      for the first screen (#2524, Mark Vojkovich).
2322. Temporarily disable rops without a source in the s3virge driver,
      and add the ShowCache option (#2523, Mark Vojkovich).
2321. Add XF86Config parser for VideoAdaptor configuration (#2521,
      Michael Schimek).
2320. Fis Permedia DPMS bug and Permedia 2 hw cursor (#2521, Michael Schimek).
2319. Move include/Xvlib.h to include/X11/extensions/, add missing
      XvPortNotify, and fix Xv DDX StopVideo deficiency (#2521,
      Michael Schimek).
2318. More ansifications/gcc warning removal for the clients (#2520,
      Matthieu Herrb).
2317. Implement backward compatibility for the server side of the VidMode
      extension, which relies on the new clients informing the server of
      their version (David Dawes).
2316. Initial conversion of the VidMode extension for 4.0 (David Bateman).
2315. Add DPMS support to the TGA driver (#2518, Matt Grossman).
2314. Fix a bug in xaaInitAccel.c that affects disabling offscreen pixmaps
      (#2519, Andrew Aitchison).
2313. Some SiS driver fixes/updates (#2517, Juanjo Santamarta).
2312. Fix a server crash when assiging the primary device (#2516,
      Alan Hourihane).
2311. Don't save/restore the VGA colourmap in the glint driver (#2515,
      Alan Hourihane).
2310. Fix a problem of using freed data in xgc (#2512, Jeff Anton).
2309. Make the server fail gracefully when it can't load its base modules
      (#2511, Alan Hourihane).
2308. Fix a global declaration clash in panoramiXprocs.c (#2510,
      Alan Hourihane).
2307. Fix installation of GLX man pages (based on #2509, Matthieu Herrb).
2306. Update the Linux/ppc section of (#2507, Gerd Knorr).
2305. Add code to the mga driver for using the fbdevhw module (#2507, 2522,
      Gerd Knorr).
2304. Add a fbdev module that provides a simple non-accelerated driver that
      works on top of fbdevhw (#2507, Gerd Knorr).
2303. Add a fbdevhw module that provides the functions needed to access
      Linux framebuffer devices (#2507, Gerd Knorr).
2302. Add a wrapper for mmap and munmap (#2507, Gerd Knorr).
2301. Fix an XAA FillPoly problem that shows up with the noblank screen
      saver (#2513, Mark Vojkovich).
2300. Fix some problems in XAA's 32->24bpp image conversion (Mark Vojkovich).
2299. Fix padding in the xf24_32bpp layer (#2508, Mark Vojkovich).

XFree86 3.9Pc (2 March 1999)
2298. Preliminary work on new DGA event support (#2506, Mark Vojkovich).
2297. Add rewrite of s3virge driver's accel code (#2505, Mark Vojkovich,
      Kevin Brosius).
2296. Remove typos and inconsistencies between the Xv manual pages and
      the implementation (#2504, Michael Schimek).,
2295. Ansification and gcc warning elimnation in xfwp, xhost, xieperf,
      xinit, xkbevd, xkbprint, xkbutils, xkill, xlogo (#2502, Matthieu Herrb).
2294. Fix an MGA driver crash that shows up when running xtest (#2501
      Alan Hourihane).
2293. Correctly indicate when the MGA driver auto-detects SDRAM cards
      (#2500, Alan Hourihane).
2292. Add "noddc1" and "noddc2" options to the DDC layer to allow DDC to
      be disabled (#2499, Alan Hourihane).
2291. Change PsAttVal.c (Xprt/PS) so that values other then {PostScript 2}
      can be put into xp-raw-formats-supported (#2498, Noah Roberts).
2290. Fix a 'make includes' problem in lib/font that shows up on SVR4.
2289. Integrate SGI's GLX and the Mesa core rendering library
      (#2492, Precision Insight, SGI, Mesa).
2288. -
2287. New DGA DDX layer (not finished yet) (#2495, Mark Vojkovich).
2286. Backwards compatibility layer translating DGA 1.0 into the new DDX
      (#2494, Mark Vojkovich).
2285. Disable old DGA support in the cirrus driver (#2493, Mark Vojkovich).
2284. Ansification and gcc warning elimnation in xclipboard, xclock, xcmsdb,
      xconsole, xdm, xdpyinfo, xedit, xfd and xfindproxy (#2491,
      Matthieu Herrb).
2283. Fix 8 plane TGA 8x8 pattern fill (#2490, Matt Grossman).
2282. Fix pitch padding in the xf24_32bpp layer (#2489, 2496, Itai Nahshon).
2281. Add DPMS support for the Cirrus Laguna chips (#2489, 2496, Itai Nahshon).
2280. Add loader req/ref symbol lists to the cirrus module (#2489, 2496,
      Itai Nahshon).
2279. Fix cirrus display corruption with acceleration and SW cursor
      (#2489, 2496, Itai Nahshon).
2278. Add minimal 5430 support to the cirrus driver (#2489, 2496,
      Itai Nahshon).
2277. Resync LynxOS support (#2486, Thomas Mueller).
2276. Remove the driver for the never-released P3D chipset (#2285, Dejan Ilic).
2275. Change xf86XVScreenInit's arguments so that it's easier to initialize
      the Xv DDX when adaptors come from multiple sources (#2484,
      Mark Vojkovich).
2274. Ansification and gcc warning elimnation in x11perf and xauth
      (#2483, Matthieu Herrb).
2273. Fix a backing store bug in the 24/32 layer, and add a local version
      of a 24->24bpp copy routine since the performance in cfb24 is too
      poor (#2481, Mark Vojkovich).
2272. Add support for setting write-combining for the frame buffer memory,
      and disabling WC for MMIO memory via the PPro/PII MTRR facility
      provided in Linux 2.2 (#2480, 2503, David Wragg).
2271. Xaw and xedit updates/fixes (#2479, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
2270. Add some more PCI data (#2478, Andrew Aitchison, #2489, 2495,
      Itai Nahshon).
2269. Fix a bug in the KIO8-U encoding in fontenc.c (#2477,
      Juliusz Chroboczek).
2268. Fix most of the warnings that show up when building on Digital Unix 4.0D,
      with the DEC C compiler.
2267. Fix for Millennium II hardware cursor-related loss of sync problem
      that shows up with some revs of the 3026 ramdac (Trey Boudreau).
2266. Update the setting of the option registers in G-type RAMDAC
      Matrox cards and add "no_ddc" flag (Dirk Hohndel, Michael

XFree86 3.9Pb (20 February 1999)
2265. Allow YaccCmd to be overridden in host.def (#2474-2476,
      Christopher Sekiya).
2264. Implement null overscans in VGA, minor fixups to VGA generic
      default mode, re-add #ifndef's in VGA generic driver erroneously
      deleted in 3.9No (#2473, Marc LaFrance).
2263. More MULTIBUFFER extension fixes (#2471, Marc LaFrance).
2262. Add support for the Matrox G200 SDRAM cards; G100 SGRAM still
      doesn't work (Dirk Hohndel).
2261. Support Linux PowerPC. Add Linux 2.2 PCI config space code
      (#2470, Gerd Knorr).
2260. Remove gcc warnings in the clients and lib/FS (#2469, Matthieu Herrb).
2259. Updates to the PCI database (Dirk Hohndel, David Monro).

XFree86 3.9Pa (14 February 1999)
2258. Use /dev/io to enable I/O access on FreeBSD instead of KDENABIO.
2257. Correct some typos/grammatical problems with the DESIGN doc (Ivan Bach).
2256. Fix a crash when PciAccInfo isn't initialized (#2468, Alan Hourihane).
2255. Add SiS530 detection to the SiS driver. Clock programming,
      acceleration and hw cursor are not implemented, yet (Dirk Hohndel).
2254. Fix some bugs related to hardware clipping of spans. XAA
      WideLine speedups when hardware clipping is available (#2467
      Mark Vojkovich).
2253. Permedia2 clipping fixes, fix WritePixmap for non-GXcopy rasters
      (#2466, Alan Hourihane).
2252. Add -scanpci option and a scanpci module to the server. Add tons
      of PCI2.1 subsystem ids to identify specifc cards; the PCI data
      base needs more work (Dirk Hohndel).
2251. Remove obsolete xf86[GS]etDefaultColorVisualClass() and fix some
      small typos and comments; make type of BIOS, Memory and I/O
      bases consistent (#2460,2465 Marc LaFrance).
2250. Add ScanlineCPUToScreen for TX/MX and older Permedia chipsets
      for when PCI retries are not enabled (#2459,2461,2462,2463
      Alan Hourihane).
2249. Add 24/8 overlay support for 3Dlabs chipsets and switch to MMIO
      for vga access (#2459, Alan Hourihane).
2248. Add 24/8 overlay support to IBM526 and IBM640 ramdacs, fix IBM640 hw
      cursor (#2458, Alan Hourihane).
2247. Fix depth 24 support in TGA driver (#2456, Tim Rowley).

XFree86 3.9P (7 February 1999)
2246. Some TGA driver speedups and cleanups (#2454, Matt Grossman).
2245. Fix a lock_display() prototype problem in Xlibint.h that shows up
      when building with -DXTHREADS.
2244. Allow the driver to override XAA's assignment of Screen functions which
      access the framebuffer (#2453, Mark Vojkovich).
2243. Fix mga overlay problems related to the software cursor and disable
      overlays for the G100 since it doesn't support planemasks (#2452,
      Mark Vojkovich).
2242. Rectangle outline performance improvements for the shadow framebuffer
      (2451, Mark Vojkovich).
2241. Update the ati driver code to include changes in  The driver
      is not buildable yet (#2450, Marc La France).
2240. Add support for VT switching to the 8+16 layer (#2449, Mark Vojkovich).
2239. Export xf86NewSerialNumber() (#2448, Mark Vojkovich).
2238. Fix XAA pixmap cache in 24bpp when ImageWrites are not available and
      32bpp pixmaps are used (#2447, Mark Vojkovich).
2237. Improve performance for zero width arcs at 24bpp in the mga driver
      (#2446, Mark Vojkovich).
2236. Optimise 24->32bpp transfers (#2445, Mark Vojkovich).
2235. Xterm patch #92 (#2444, Thomas Dickey).
2234. Fix some compiler warnings in libfont (#2443, Marc La France).
2233. Make building the Speedo and Type1 font code optional (#2443,
      Marc La France).
2232. Add DDC2 and Xv support for Permedia 2 to the glint driver (#2442,
      Michael Schimek).
2231. Update the glint driver's clipping for the new XAA clip support
      (#2440, Alan Hourihane).
2230. Add support for the ELSA Gloria-XXL with Glint Gamma chip (#2440, 2441,
      Alan Hourihane).
2229. Fix some ANSI vs non-ANSI prototype mixing in the Speedo code.
2228. Fix a bug setting the framebuffer pixmap format for depth 4 in
2227. Fix some misuse of the VGA "Palette" enable/disable functions in the
      vgahw code, and clarify what they do.  This fixes some display artefacts
      that were showing up when writing to the colourmap.

XFree86 3.9Nz (1 February 1999)
2226. Add an 8+16bpp dual framebuffer layer (#2425, Mark Vojkovich).
2225. Add "ShadowFB" to the mga driver for experimenting with the shadowfb
      layer (#2439, Mark Vojkovich).
2224. Some cleanups/fixes for Solaris 7 (#2437, David Holland).
2223. Ansify (and remove gcc warnings from) the following clients: appres,
      bdftopcf, beforelight, bitmap and editres (#2436, Matthieu Herrb).
2222. Eliminate cpp-related warnings about the "unix" symbol on NetBSD-current
      (#2434, Matthieu Herrb).
2221. Fix a bug in Xaw's StripChart widget that shows up with xload
      (#2433, Matthieu Herrb).
2220. Some initial code for supporting other SiS cards in the SiS driver
      (#2420, Juanjo Santamarta).
2219. Allow static Xvfb to compile (#2432, Marc La France).
2218. Fix ddc and chips Imakefiles (#2432, Marc La France,
      #2435, Matthieu Herrb).
2217. Remove redundant BitsPerPixel macro definitions (#2432, Marc La France).
2216. Remove some redundant rules from Xpm's Imakefile (#2432, Marc La France).
2215. Fix some compiler warnings (#2432, Marc La France).
2214. Allow the deprecated MultiBuffer extension to compile (#2432,
      Marc La France).
2213. Fix problems building with XInput disabled (#2432, Marc La France).
2212. Fix 'make clean' to remove lndir and revpath (#2432, Marc La France).
2211. Add a new "shadowfb" layer that maintains a virtual framebuffer in
      system memory and tells the driver what parts of the videoram
      framebuffer need updating.  This allows the use of write-only videoram
      framebuffers (#2431, 2438, Mark Vojkovich).
2210. Fix some compilation problems on Alpha platforms caused by some
      inlines in complier.h being declared as extern instead of static
      (2430, Matt Grossman).
2209. Remove the inconsistencies with numeric chipset tokens in the s3virge
      driver (#2428, Kevin Brosius).
2208. Move the mga DDC code into the PreInit function, add I2C support
      (disabled and not working so far), and allow the driver to continue
      without DDC support if the DDC module is missing (#2427,
      Andrew Aitchison).
2207. Fix a problem with xsm not acknowledging the SaveYourself message it
      sends clients with a SaveComplete message (#2426, Robert Bihlmeyer).
2206. Update the mga driver to use the new XAA clipping (#2424,
      Mark Vojkovich).
2205. Some enhancements to XAA's HW clipping handling, allowing clipping
      to be used for more than just lines (#2423, Mark Vojkovich).
2204. Fix a problem with the previous cfb screen pixmap access fix (#2242,
      Mark Vojkovich).
2203. Fix SiS 24bpp support (#2421, Alan Hourihane).
2202. Fix SiS HW cursor, max clock and 16bpp support (#2418, Alan Hourihane).
2201. Update the ramdac module's HW cursor support to handle hardware that
      requires nibble swapping (#2417, 2419, Alan Hourihane).
2200. Make the fact that the XAA TE font rendering assembly code is disabled
      by default more obvious (#2416, David Bateman).
2199. Fix VT switches in 8+32 mode (#2415, Mark Vojkovich).
2198. Add common encoding support for the Speedo, Type1 and FreeType
      font backends (#2385, Juliusz Chroboczek).
2197. Update lib/font/FreeType to xfsft-1.0.3 (#2385, Juliusz Chroboczek).
2196. X-TT updates for our loader (X-TT team and Nozomi Ytow).
2195. Import X-TrueType 1.2pre-19990125 (X-TT team).

XFree86 3.9Ny (26 January 1999)
2194. Some improvements to the XAA TE font rendering assembly code (note
      that this assembly code is disabled by default) (#2413, David Bateman).
2193. Fix some places in cfb that were accessing the screen pixmap directly
      from the private (#2412, Mark Vojkovich).
2192. Fix a FreeType build problem on 64-bit platforms (#2411, Alan Hourihane).
2191. Fix a cfb24 build problem that shows up with egcs (#2410,
      Alan Hourihane).
2190. Add DPMS, DDC1 and HW cursor support to the SiS driver, and fix panning
      in the SiS driver (#2409, Alan Hourihane).
2189. Put copyright notices from the pandix/panmi code into the merged
      dix/mi versions (#2408, Alan Hourihane).
2188. Update drivers to use the 24/32 conversion layer, and to default to
      a 24bpp framebuffer format when supported.
2187. Make some refinements to the way the depth 24 pixmap format is set.
2186. Replace the ModuleInit function with a ModuleData data object.  This
      allows the loader to get the version and entry points from a module
      without first executing module code.
2185. Unify the abiclass and abivendor fields of XF86ModuleVersionInfo,
      and add a moduleclass field.
2184. Add a SaveRestoreImage field to the ScrnInfoRec to allow drivers to
      supply an alternative to the default.

XFree86 3.9Nx (24 January 1999)
2183. Prevent LoadSubModule() from passing absolute module paths and from
      providing its own module search path.
2182. Import FreeType 1.2.  This includes the FreeType library specific parts
      of #2385 from Juliusz Chroboczek.
2181. Add a root-only -modulepath command line option to the X server.
2180. Fix the VT switch screen restore bug introduced a few versions ago
      (#2406, Mark Vojkovich).
2179. ND version of the SiS driver, currently only for the 6326 chip (#2404,
      2405, 2407, Alan Hourihane).
2178. xterm patch #91 (#2402, Thomas Dickey).
2177. Add 32/24 support to the MGA driver (#2401, Mark Vojkovich).
2176. Add 32bpp->24bpp conversion acceleration to XAA (#2400, Mark Vojkovich).
2175. Add partial acceleration support to the TGA driver (#2399, 2403,
      Matt Grossman).
2174. Fix an 8+32 layer bug introduced in 3.9Nw (#2398, Mark Vojkovich).
2173. Add a 32/24 conversion layer.  Pixmaps are still 24bpp internally,
      but the interfaces visible to clients are all 32bpp (#2397,
      Mark Vojkovich).
2172. Fix trident driver panning at 24bpp (#2395, Alan Hourihane).
2171. Add DDC1 and DDC2 (the latter not working yet) to the trident driver
      (#2395, Alan Hourihane).
2170. Add MCLK override to the trident driver (#2395, Alan Hourihane).
2169. Enable pixel multiplexing to the trident drive for high resolution
      8bpp modes (#2395, Alan Hourihane).
2168. Add clipping for the Trident 9682 and 9685 and Mono8x8 and CPUToScreen
      support for the 9685 (#2395, Alan Hourihane).
2167. Add offscreen pixmap support for the Trident Image series (#2395,
      Alan Hourihane).
2166. Fix some cfb24 problems that showed up after the previous changes
      (#2396, Nozomi Ytow).
2165. Update the C&T HW cursor defaults to only disable them by default when
      necessary (#2394, David Bateman).
2164. Add some sanity checking for the subdirs argument to LoadSubModule, etc.
2163. Fix a bug in the verbose Mode handling in the parser that can result
      in an infinite loop when the "Mode" keyword is used incorrectly in
      a config file.
2162. Add a global default module path to the loader, and a function that
      the common layer can call to set it.
2161. LoadModule was ignoring the subdir list argument (Nozomi Ytow).
2160. Add printing of subsystem ids to scanpci (Dirk Hohndel).

XFree86 3.9Nw (17 January 1999)
2159. Add functions for finding the pixmap format and pixmap bpp for a
      given depth, and fix a crash in xf86ValidateModes() caused by recent
      changes in this area.
2158. Add an extra argument to LoadSubModule (and LoadModule) to allow the
      caller to optionally specify version and/or ABI requirements that
      the loaded module must meet for the load to complete successfully.
2158. Add support to the loader for vendor-defined ABI classes.  These classes
      are specified as a string.  The main use is for third party modules that
      themselves load sub-modules (like X-TT).
2157. Fix the MGA driver's handling of the "MGA_SDRAM" option.  SDRAM cards
      are still not auto-detected though (#2391, Mark Vojkovich).
2156. Add a screen->screen colour expansion bug workaround to the MGA driver,
      and enable the faster linear expansions instead of the planar ones
      (#2390, Mark Vojkovich).
2155. Fix some depth/bpp issues in the SHM code (#2389, Mark Vojkovich).
2154. Export some missing symbols for Alpha platforms (#2388, Alan Hourihane).
2153. Fix a bug in determing the card type in the TGA driver (#2387,
      Alan Hourihane).
2152. Fix a problem in ramdac/BT.c (#2386, Alan Hourihane).

XFree86 3.9Nv (15 January 1999)
2151. Fix cfb24 problems that show up with xtest (#2384, Nozomi Ytow).
2150. Fix 64 pixel rounding of display width in the C&T driver (#2383,
      David Bateman).
2149. Add an UnloadSubModule() function that can unload individual sub-modules
      without unloading sibilings.
2148. Remove a lot of unnecessary casts of x*alloc().
2147. Add a pciGetBaseSize() funtion to the PCI code.
2146. Make our PCI code aware of the following 2.1 type 0 header fields:
      Cardbus CIS pointer and subsystem ids.
2145. Remove the KEEP_BPP code, and fix problems with some drivers referencing
      the unused pixmapBPP ScrnInfoRec field.

XFree86 3.9Nu (13 January 1999)
2144. Fix a bug in PANORAMIX_FREE(), which was referencing just freed data.
2143. Merge the pandix/panmi code into dix and mi, and enable building
      the Xinerama (panoramiX) extension by default (#2377-2381,
      Alan Hourihane).
2142. Rework the handling of the depth/bpp/fbbpp options.  The -bpp flag and
      related config file keywords are no longer used.  New flags and options
      have been added to specify the server-wide depth 24 pixmap format.
      A "standard" set of pixmap formats is always advertised, so drivers
      using these don't need to worry about explicitly adding them.
2141. Fix some sun_path overflows in xtrans.
2140. Some panoramix fixups (#2376, Alan Hourihane).
2139. Don't allow arbitrarily long display number strings to be passed on
      to xtrans by _X11TransConnectDisplay().
2138. Update the parser and xf86Config.c to allow Options to be specified in
      the config file's ServerLayout section.  Options in the ServerLayout
      section can override those in the ServerFlags section.
2137. Update the parser and xf86Config.c to allow "Inactive" devices
      to be specified in the config file's ServerLayout section.
2136. Import xpm version 3.4k.

XFree86 3.9Nt (11 January 1999)
2135. Fix 8+32 rendering bugs (#2374, Mark Vojkovich).
2134. Update vgaHWddc1SetSpeed() to select the 25 MHz clock (#2373,
      Alan Hourihane).
2133. Add support for a shared font library (#2364, Takuya SHIOZAKI).
2132. Add ProfiledDepLibraryTarget, DebuggedDepLibraryTarget and
      SharedDepLibraryTarget rules to imake (#2364, Takuya SHIOZAKI).
2131. Fix a typo in xf86Init.c (#2372, Nozomi Ytow).
2130. Xaw and xedit updates (#2371, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
2129. Move the DDC call to before the mode initialisation in the mga driver
      (#2367, Alan Hourihane).
2128. Fix a problem with the xkb dvorak layout (#2362, Tabman)
2127. Fix an xsm crash (NULL dereference) when a client sets an SM property
      list to a length of zero (#2361, Robert Bihlmeyer).
2126. Untested support for the Trident 939A/DVD (#2359, 2360, Alan Hourihane).

XFree86 3.9Ns (3 January 1999)
2125. Allow backing store to be controlled with a per-screen config file
      option (#2357, Mark Vojkovich).
2124. Fix XAA so that the offscreen pixmaps are compatible with backing store
      (#2354, Mark Vojkovich).
2123. Fix a bug in XAA's stipple to 8x8 pattern reduction code (#2352,
      Mark Vojkovich).
2122. 8+32 overlay support for XAA (#2352, 2356, Mark Vojkovich).
2121. Add TGUI9440 and Cyber9320 support to the trident driver (#2348,
      Alan Hourihane).
2120. Fix a typo in xkbcomp/symbols/sun/Imakefile (#2337, Matthieu Herrb).
2119. Mga driver updates for the new 8+32 overlay support (#2332, 2353,
      Mark Vojkovich).
2118. New 8+32 overlay support (#2331, 2351, 2358, Mark Vojkovich).
2117. Fix a bug in the xterm man page (#2333, Thomas Dickey).
2116. Remove the -fno-strength-reduce option for OpenBSD and NetBSD (#2328,
      Matthieu Herrb).
2115. Import regex for systems that don't have a Posix regex.
2114. Add a LoaderListDir() function that can be used to list the available
2113. Modify LoadModule and LoadSubmodule to accept optional subdir and
      pattern lists, and use regular expressions for the module matching
      instead of prefix/suffix lists.
2112. Add a "revpath" utility to xc/config/util to help in dealing with
      imake's use of relative paths.  If this proves to be useful, it could
      be used more widely in imake's rules.
2111. Install some classes of modules into subdirectories of the "modules"
      directory.  The imake module install rules have been updated

XFree86 3.9Nr (20 December 1998)
2110. Add support for the wscons console driver for NetBSD-current (#2326,
      Matthieu Herrb).
2109. Remove cfbPuntCopyPlane from cfb (#2325, Mark Vojkovich).
2108. Fix a build problem related to Xarch.h on NetBSD (#2322, Isao Ohishi).
2107. Fix an XAA bug tha can result in a zero height when rendering TE text
      (#2321, Mark Vojkovich).
2106. Fix an optimization bug in the new XAA rect and span code (#2319,
      Mark Vojkovich).
2105. Accelerate CopyPlane on offscreen pixmaps (#2318, Mark Vojkovich).
2104. Fix a 4bpp problem with the C&T driver and the new colourmap code
      (#2317, David Bateman).
2103. Enable XAA offscreen pixmaps in the C&T driver (#2317, David Bateman).
2102. ImageRead functions for some C&T HiQV chipsets (disabled) (#2317,
      David Bateman).
2101. MMIO access to the registers for PCI C&T 69000 (#2317, David Bateman).
2100. Cleanup code in mipushpxl.c (#2313, Thomas Mueller).
2099. Fix MX/TX clipping bugs in the glint driver (#2312, Alan Hourihane).
2098. xterm patch #90 (#2311, Thomas Dickey).
2097. Export missing symbols for panoramiX (#2310, Alan Hourihane).
2096. Initialise a number of Xlib/Xt data structures, correct a minor linker
      bug in OS/2 (#2026, Holger Veit).
2095. Fix some realloc() usages (#2019, Matthieu Herrb).
2094. Support for arc4random() in xdm/genauth.c (#2019, Michael Shalayeff).
2093. Update mkfontdir to create an appropriate fonts.dir file when no
      fonts are found rather than doing nothing.
2092. Replace void main() -> int main() for ANSI conformance (#2019,
      Matthieu Herrb).
2091. Only allow the X server -nolock option when the real uid is root.
2090. Some sanity checks on DISPLAY name (#2168, Kevin Vajk).
2089. Fix an Xnest crash with too many visuals (#2019, Matthieu Herrb).
2088. Swedish sun keyboard support in Xsun and xkb (#2019, Magnus Holmberg).
2087. A quick attempt at neutralising a stack-buffer overflow problem in
      the Xprt server.
2086. LP64 compiler warning fixes from the NetBSD xsrc tree (#2019,
      Ross Harvey).
2085. Don't install lndir on OpenBSD (#2019, Matthieu Herrb).
2084. Teach imake how to automatically determine the NetBSD architecture
      (#2180, Jason Thorpe).
2083. Add local font directory (Dirk Hohndel).
2082. LynxOS OS version detection for imake (#2039, Thomas Mueller).
2081. Resync (#2019, Matthieu Herrb).
2080. Fix security problem by creating /tmp/.X11-unix with sticky bit (#2168,
      Kevin Vajk, David Dawes, Dirk Hohndel).
2079. Make LinkVarDirectory handle DESTDIR (#2019, Matthieu Herrb).
2078. Resync
2077. Some doc and nroff-related updates to the build system.
2076. Update tk/tcl definitions in and add support for building
      a.out compatibility libraries on FreeBSD/ELF systems.
2075. Create host.def with sane defaults when none exists and when a cut-down
      source tree is detected.
2074. Resync with 3.3.3 (items 2075-2096 above).
2073. Fix an xset segfault (#2320, Itai Nahshon).

XFree86 3.9Nq (13 December 1998)
2072. Change the modversion field in the XF86ModuleVersionInfo struct into
      separate major, minor and patchlevel fields.
2071. Initial DG/ux support (#2299, Takis Psarogiannakopoulos).
2070. DDC1 support for TVP3026 based Matrox cards (#2309, Andrew Aitchison).
2069. More rewrites of the way spans and rects are handles in XAA so that
      it never has to allocate any memory, thereby eliminating potential
      stack overflow problems (#2308, Mark Vojkovich).
2068. MGA driver-provided FillCacheBltRects replacement, optimised for fastblt
      (#2307, Mark Vojkovich).
2067. Choose MGA planar vs linear screen to screen colour expansion at runtime
      rather than at compile time (#2307, Mark Vojkovich).
2066. Fix a build problem related to Xarch.h on OpenBSD (#2306,
      Matthieu Herrb).
2065. Fix a typo in that affects adding the runtime library
      search patch for 2.2.x (#2305, Keisuke Inoue).
2064. Some enhanced XKB files for French-Canadian keyboards (#2204,
      Eric Moreau).
2063. Fix an incorrect realloc in xmodmap (#2303, Alexander V. Lukyanov).
2062. Fix depth 30 for the glint driver (#2297, Alan Hourihane).
2061. Resync pandix and panmi, and fix some panoramix build problems
      (#2296, Alan Hourihane).
2060. Enable offscreen pixmaps for the glint driver (#2295, Alan Hourihane).
2059. Fix PC98 XKB (#2292, Hirofumi Nishizuka and #2300, Tetsuo Tsukamoto).
2058. Fix some unresolved symbols (#2293, Michael Rohleder).

XFree86 3.9Np (6 December 1998)
2057. Some xedit updates (#2291, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
2056. Updates to the Xaw text code (#2291, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
2055. XAA doc updates (#2289, Mark Vojkovich).
2054. Replace linear screen to screen colour expansions with planar ones
      in the MGA driver because there seems to be a hardware problem with
      the linear ones (#2288, Mark Vojkovich).
2053. Enable offscreen pixmaps for the MGA driver (#2288, Mark Vojkovich).
2052. Some misc XAA updates (#2287, Mark Vojkovich).
2051. A non-trival rewrite of the way fills are done in XAA (#2287,
      Mark Vojkovich).
2050. Add a LINEAR_FRAMEBUFFER flag to XAA so that the pixmap cache can
      be loaded without requiring a driver-supplied ImageWrite function
      (#2287, Mark Vojkovich).
2049. Add fully accelerated offscreen pixmaps support to XAA (#2287,
      Mark Vojkovich).
2048. Add a RemoveAreaCallback for the offscreen memory manager.  Areas
      for which this is supplied are considered lower priority than ones
      that don't, and can be booted out when something of higher priority
      needs the space (#2286, Mark Vojkovich).
2047. Remove the ScreenPtr passed to the offscreen memory manager's resize
      function since it is already available from the FbAreaPtr (#2286,
      Mark Vojkovich).
2046. Change xf86SaveRestoreImage() so that it doesn't create a new
      screen pixmap but modifies the old one (#2285, Mark Vojkovich).
2045. Add support to mi for pixmaps with non-zero origins (#2284,
      Mark Vojkovich).
2044. Fix some Alpha compilation problems introduced in 3.9No (#2283,
      Alan Hourihane).
2043. Fix an Xlib  problem with _XimLookupMBText() when using KOI8-R
      (#2282, Alexander Kabaev).
2042. Fix the pattern source address mask for the C&T HiQV chips, which
      was causing 8x8 pattern problems when using more than 2MB of video
      memory (#2281, Peter Wainwright).
2041. Update the TGA and Trident drivers for the ramdac/cmap changes (#2277,
      Alan Hourihane).
2040. Change the Permedia2 to use a direct LoadPalette rather than the
      ramdac module because of 16bpp difficulty with the TVP3026 (#2277,
      Alan Hourihane).
2039. Remove the old cmap code from the ramdac module and use the new
      cmap layer instead (#2277, Alan Hourihane).
2038. Fix os.h and misc.h so that system headers don't get included when
      building modules.
2037. Make the X server read an Xauthority file using the real user id
      to avoid problems when it is located on an NFS-mounted filesystem.
      (as suggested by #2276, MIHIRA Sanpei Yoshiro).
2036. Xdm patch to allow the "Willing to manage" test displayed in the chooser
      window to be generated from a program run on the target host.  This
      allows information like number of users, load average, etc to be
      displayed (like CDE does) (#2275, Dick Snippe).
2035. Fix a core dump problem in xauth when interrupted while attempting
      to lock the auth file.  Also fix a potential problem with calling
      printf() from within a signal handler (#2274, BSDI/Jeff Polk).
2034. Add DDC2 probing for Cirrus 5446/5480 and Laguna chipsets (#2273,
      Itai Nahshon).
2033. Fix some possible memory corruption and some minor bugs in the new DDC
      code (#2271, 2272, Itai Nahshon).
2032. Offscreen memory manager and colormap layer doc updates (#2270, 2290,
      Mark Vojkovich).
2031. Some glint clipping fixes (#2269, Alan Hourihane).
2030. New XInput code, including new drivers for the SpaceOrb and Magellan
      (#2243, Metro Link).
2029. Fix mga YDstOrg start address adjustment after VT switching.
2028. Fix cfb24 bitblt for non-trivial planemasks (Peter Wainwright).
2027. Fix bad headers included when compiling cup.c for extmod module.
2026. Fix a malloc/xfree mismatch in xtrans LocalInitTransports().
2025. Add some documentation for DDC (#2259, Egbert Eich).
2024. Fix a problem with recent VT switch changes.

XFree86 3.9No (29 November 1998)
2023. Fix the depth vs bpp mixup in miCreateScreenResources().
2022. Resync the s3virge driver with most of the updates contained in 3.3.3.
      This includes GX2 and MX+ support and the set_mclk and set_lcdclk
      options (#2267, Kevin Brosius).
2021. Update the cirrus, chips and tseng drivers to use the new colourmap
      layer (via vgaHWHandleColormaps).
2020. Add support for automatically adjusting the overscan colour index to
      the new colourmap layer.
2019. Disable backing store by default, and provide a "+bs" option to enable
      it from the command line.  This may be done in a better way later.
2018. Remove the per-depth cfb private indices added in 3.9Nn (#2265,
      Mark Vojkovich).
2017. Build cfb with -DSINLGEDEPTH because we don't need the per-depth
      cfb Screen privates.
2016. Fix problems with the allocation of the cfbScreenPrivateIndex
2015. Remove the offscreen memory manager functions out of the ScrnInfoRec
      (#2266, Mark Vojkovich).
2014. Update the s3virge driver to use the new colormap layer, which fixes
      the VT switch colormap problem (#2264, Kevin Brosius).
2013. Disable s3virge trapezoid fills since they don't match cfb (#2264,
      Kevin Brosius).
2012. Add an ImageWrite function for the s3virge driver, so the pixmap
      cache support now works (#2264, Kevin Brosius).
2011. Turn off PCI_RETRY by default in the glint driver, and various other
      driver updates (#2263, Alan Hourihane).
2010. Fix a glint driver bug in WritePixmap for TX/MX chipsets (#2263,
      Alan Hourihane).
2009. Update the Alpha unaligned access inlines in compiler.h, based on
      similar code in the Linux kernel (#2240, Matti Aarnio).
2008. Fix a typo in the C&T driver (#2262, Nozomi Ytow).
2007. Enable building libraries and clients for for sparclinux (#2261,
      Christopher Sekiya).
2006. Define _XOPEN_SOURCE for Linux (#2261, Christopher Sekiya).
2005. Add the vga copy plane expansion patch to the vgafb code (#2021,
      Jens Owen).
2004. -
2003. Fix a bug in xaaStipple.c which can cause a blitter lockup.
2002. Fix a C&T bug that causes memory corruption when not in linear mode
      (#2260, Egbert Eich).
2001. Only disable C&T transparency blits for HiQV chips below 65550, and
      fix the display pitch when acceleration is enabled (#2260,
      David Bateman).
2000. Conditionally enable ScreenToScreenColorExpandFills for C&T HiQV
      chips (#2259, 2260, Nozomi Ytow, Egbert Eich).
1999. Reduce the timeout period for C&T blitter lockups and reset the reset-bit
      after blitter timeouts (#2260, Egbert Eich).
1998. Add DDC1/2 support for the C&T driver (not tested) (#2260, Egbert Eich).
1997. Add a DDC module with DDC1 and DDC2 support for EDID version 1.x,
      and untested VDIF support (#2259, 2260, Egbert Eich).
1996. Fix a problem switching from VT back to X when displayPitch
      != displayWidth (#2260, Egbert Eich).
1995. Some colormap layer optimisations (#2258, Mark Vojkovich).
1994. Add some missing micmap symbols to the loader's export list (#2257,
      Alan Hourihane).

XFree86 3.9Nn (22 November 1998)
1993. Set the valid gamma range as macros rather than having it hard coded
      in various places.
1992. Always refer to and store the gamma values as those of the monitor,
      not of the correction.  This means that the values stored in the
      ScrnInfoRec are now the same as those entered in the config file and
      on the command line.
1991. Fix the colormap layer's handling of static colormaps (#2255,
      Mark Vojkovich).
1990. Add XAA acceleration for pixmap->window N deep planar copies (#2254,
      Mark Vojkovich).
1989. Add an xf86ChangeGamma() function to the colormap layer (#2253,
      Mark Vojkovich).
1988. Have NameCompare() check for NULL pointers (#2252, Rik Faith).
1987. Port Mark Vojkovich's accelerated line code form Permedia 2 to TX
      and Permedia 1 chips (#2249, Alan Hourihane).
1986. Fix mono 8x8 pattern problem for Permedia 1 (#2249, Alan Hourihane).
1985. Fix glint crash in CloseScreen, and set rgbBits to 8 by default
      (#2249, Alan Hourihane).
1984. Fix glint CRTC setting alignment when using 24bpp (#2249,
      Alan Hourihane).
1983. Give all cfb private indices unique names so that cfb's for multiple
      depths can be loaded on the same screen (#2248, 2250, 2251,
      Mark Vojkovich).
1982. xterm patch #89, including the completion of double-sized character
      support (#2247, Thomas Dickey).
1981. Fix an MGA dashed line clipping bug (#2246, Mark Vojkovich).
1980. S3virge driver updates, including som acceleration, reinstatement of
      config options and chip ID changes (#2245, Kevin Brosius).
1979. Fix some RAC-related problems with the glint driver (#2244,
      Alan Hourihane).
1978. Fix some 64-bit problems in some unused driver code (for reference)
      (#2242, Matti Aarnio).
1977. Fix a 64-bit alignment problem in cfb8line.c (#2242, Matti Aarnio).
1976. Fix a typo in Pclose() (#2242, Matti Aarnio).
1975. Update some Linux-related settings (#2242, Matti Aarnio).
1974. -
1973. Cirrus 546x memory interleaving (#2235, Corin Anderson).
1972. XAA and HW cursor support for the Cirrus 546x series (#2235,
      Corin Anderson).
1971. Fix a cirrus 546x clock setting problem that was introduced in 3.9Nm
      and add a few more predefined dot clocks (#2234, #2235, Corin Anderson).
1970. Move the generic one-installed-colormap colormap handling functions
      into micmap.c, remove the use of STATIC_COLOR, update other fb
      layers to use the micmap functions where appropriate and ensure
      that they initialise InstallColormap, UninstallColormap, StoreColors
      and ListInstalledColormaps in their ScreenInit functions.  Also move
      the global InstalledMaps array into micmap.c.

XFree86 3.9Nm (15 November 1998)
1969. libXv fix (#2233, Michael Schimek).
1968. Add support for building clients on NetBSD/vax 1.3H (#2231,
      Chris Sekiya).
1967. Add an alternate init function for the framebuffer manager.  The new
      one takes a region rather than a box which allows disconnected regions
      to be managed (#2230, Mark Vojkovich).
1966. XAA pixmap cache fix (#2229, Mark Vojkovich).
1965. Add support to XAA for filled rects via ImageWrites (#2227,
      Mark Vojkovich).
1964. Preliminary "XAnti" extension for antialiasing (#2224, Mark Vojkovich).
1963. Fix glint driver coordinates when offscreen (negative) when using
      colour expansion and the NEGATIVE_X stuff (#2221, Alan Hourihane).
1962. Add PCI IDs for S3 Trio3D and Savage chips to scanpci and xf86PciInfo.h
      (#2220, Harald Koenig).
1961. Add support to XAA for the caching of planar colour expansion data,
      including an example of how to use it in the mga driver (#2215,
      Mark Vojkovich).
1960. Xaw and xedit updates (#2205, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
1959. Provide code to initialise cirrus memory config registers on non-primary
      cards using config file options (#2202, Itai Nahshon).
1958. Initial code for Cirrus Laguna I2C/DDC support (#2202, Itai Nahshon).
1957. Fix some cirrus initialisation errors and MCLK calculation (#2202,
      Itai Nahshon).
1956. Synch the cir.h and lg.h files (#2202, Itai Nahshon).
1955. For newer Cirrus Alpine chips, replace most I/O operations to calls
      to the vgahw I/O routines, and configure them for MMIO when available
      (#2202, Itai Nahshon).
1954. Fix mga G100/200 planemask problem (#2198, Mark Vojkovich).
1953. Update the mga driver to use the new colourmap layer (#2198,
      Mark Vojkovich).
1952. A new colourmap layer (#2197, Mark Vojkovich).
1951. Redo the lbx colourmap fix in a multihead friendly way (#2196,
      Mark Vojkovich).
1950. Make the resource access updates to the glint driver to get it working
      again (#2177, Alan Hourihane).
1949. Fix Cirrus 546x big screen modes, 32bpp modes (#2175, Corin Anderson).
1948. Support for the Cirrus 5464 (5462 remains untested) (#2175,
      Corin Anderson).
1947. Fix xf86ValidateModes() to make the maxHeight parameter optional
      as documented (#2174, Corin Anderson).
1946. Acceleration for the trident 3DImage/Cyber9388/Cyber9397 chipsets,
      and accel updates for other trident chips (#2161, Alan Hourihane).
1945. Implement I2C layer for the trident driver (#2161, Alan Hourihane).
1944. Add TGUI96xx hardware cursor support (#2161, Alan Hourihane).
1943. Add some xkb entries for 105 key international PC keyboards (#2157,
      Matthieu Herrb).
1942. Enable mode switching for the ViRGE driver (#2156, Kevin Brosius,
      2200, Joe Moss).
1941. Add depths 15,16,24 to the preliminary ViRGE driver (#2156,
      Kevin Brosius).
1940. Replace __syscall() with syscall() in Linux/Alpha PCI code (#2211,
      Matti Aarnio).

XFree86 3.9Nl (1 November 1998)
1939. xterm patch #88 (#2152, Thomas Dickey).
1938. Fix some build problems that show up on SunOS 4.1.4.
1937. Allow the driver to give XAA the definition of a full planemask,
      with a reasonable default set when it doesn't (#2150, Mark Vojkovich).
1936. XAA optimisation: when fgPixel == bgPixel draw opaque stipples as
      solid rects (#2150, Mark Vojkovich).
1935. Preliminary S3 ViRGE driver conversion (#2148, Kevin Brosius).
1934. Fix a bug in the LBX extension's colourmap code (#2143, Mark Vojkovich).
1933. Add base address size and type fields to PciVideoRec (#2141,
      Egbert Eich).
1932. Change the PCIInfo entries for NeoMagic chips (#2141, Egbert Eich).
1931. Some C&T driver updates (#2141, Egbert Eich).
1930. Add support for the Cirrus 5465 (and 5464, 5462 -- untested)
      (#2140, Corin Anderson).
1929. Make the vgahw module a little easier to use by setting its own
      defaults where appropriate.

XFree86 3.9Nk (25 October 1998)
1928. Some XAA GC validation bug fixes and optimisations.  This includes
      wrapping pixmap rendering to determine when pixmap cache invalidation
      is required (#2126, Mark Vojkovich).
1927. Backout the dix fb,bg planemask manipulation added in a previous version
      (#2125, Mark Vojkovich).
1926. Fix an MGA fastblt bug (#2124, Mark Vojkovich).
1925. Accelerate zero width arcs on MGA (only use for rops other than
      GXcopy and when PCI retries are enabled) (#2124, Mark Vojkovich).
1924. Restore default-promotion to the Xdmcp library (#2103, Thomas Dickey).
1923. Prototype/ansification cleanup for Xserver/XIE, xfs, fontlib, mkfontdir,
      and fix some bugs found along the way (#2103, Thomas Dickey).
1922. Set HasPoll to YES for Linux with glibc2 (#2095, Kars de Jong).
1921. Fix some MGA modeline problems and change the G200 MCLK to 143MHz
      (#2088, Radislaw Kapitan).
1920. Move xedit from the contrib tree to the main tree.
1919. Xaw and xedit updates (see the changelog in the Xaw directory for
      details) (#2083, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
1918. Add support for BSD 4.4 style long file names in ar archives to
      the loader (#2066, Matthieu Herrb).
1917. Some GNU/Hurd config/build updates (#2057, UCHIYAMA Yasushi).
1916. Do a soft reset for secondary MGA cards prior to probing for the
      video memory size (#2052, Radislaw Kapitan).
1915. sigset_t isn't an integer type on NetBSD (and some other OSs) so
      don't try to print it in xdm (#2048, Matthieu Herrb).
1914. NetBSD's preprocessor emits a warning when it sees '#ifdef unix',
      which makes imake noisy (#2048, Matthieu Herrb).
1913. xterm patches 85, 86, 87 (see xterm.log.html for details) (#2043, 2056,
      2097, Thomas Dickey).
1912. Change "fcd8859-15" to "iso8859-15".
1911. Some updates to the "dacG" mga reset code, and enable it by default
      since it helps initialising an inactive secondary G200 (#2032,
      Radoslaw Kapitan).

XFree86 3.9Nj (11 October 1998)
1910. Fix the 8+24 overlay's CopyWindow wrapper so that it works properly
      with "NoAccel" or without hardware planemasks (#2041, Mark Vojkovich).
1909. Reenable planemasks for SDRAM G200s and disable for all G100 (#2040,
      Mark Vojkovich).
1908. Add mga overlay support for the TVP3026 (#2040, Mark Vojkovich).
1907. Ansifiy and remove most warnings from the Xdmcp library and xdm
      (#2038, Thomas Dickey).
1906. xterm patch 84 (see xterm.log.html for details) (#2036,
      Thomas Dickey, Bjorn Helgaas).
1905. Enhancements for xedit (#2028, 2033, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
1904. Patch to make editres work properly (#2028,
      Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
1903. Xaw updates (see the changelog in the Xaw directory for details)
      (#2028, 2033, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).

XFree86 3.9Ni (6 October 1998)
1902. Fix miCreateDefColormap() for depth 1.
1901. Update the "extmod" module of the new extensions.
1900. Fix some font-related problems introduced by the R6.4 merge.
1899. Update the cirrus driver for the recent i2c module changes (#2025,
      Itai Nahshon).
1898. Initial XAA acceleration for the cirrus driver (#2025, Itai Nahshon).
1897. Add some option code to do a soft reset when restoring the video state
      for the "dacG" part of the MGA driver (#2012, Uli Walther).
1896. Add some TTF encoding files (#2013-2016, Juliusz Chroboczek).
1895. Resync the FreeType server interface with Xfsft-1.0.2, including
      code to read encodings from plain text files (#2013-2016,
      Juliusz Chroboczek).
1894. Add an "8plus24" option to the MGA driver that turns on overlays when
      in 32bpp mode.  Support is there only for the 1064 and SGRAM G100/G200
      chips so far (#2024, Mark Vojkovich).
1893. Fix an MGA dashed line bug (#2024, Mark Vojkovich).
1892. Add an "mga_sdram" option that turns off block mode and disables
      planemasks (#2024, Mark Vojkovich).
1891. Add SGRAM and NonTEText optimisations to the MGA driver (#2024,
      Mark Vojkovich).
1890. Add XYPixmap support to XAA (#2023, Mark Vojkovich).
1889. Preliminary support for depth 8 + 24 mode.  Depth 8 currently uses
      32bpp pixmaps.  Support is included for destructive and non-destructive
      overlays and driver-chosen transparency key (#2022, Mark Vojkovich).
1888. Update imake for cpp changes with egcs-1.1 and gcc-2.8.1 (#2017,
      David Wragg).
1887. Fix XvQueryAdaptors() when more than one adaptor is present, and
      export xf86XVScreenInit() to drivers (#2018, Michael Schimek).
1886. Updates/improvements to the I2C module (#2008, 2018, Michael Schimek).
1885. Don't include standard system headers when building XIE as a module.
1884. Cleanup Xlibint.h, which significantly reduces the level of compiler
      warnings, and also cleanup XIE's error.h (#2007, Thomas Dickey).
1883. Add support for built-in driver modes (#2006, Egbert Eich).
1882. Ansify and remove gcc warnings for imake, makedepend, lndir, makestrs,
      makekeys and mkg3states) (#2005, Matthieu Herrb).
1881. Introduce a "generic" PCI device (pseudo vendor/devids) for use with
      the generic vga driver (#1994, Egbert Eich).
1880. Fix some bugs in the C&T driver (#1994, Egbert Eich).
1879. Fix an XAA bug with CPU_TRANSFER_PAD_QWORD handling (#1994, Egbert Eich).
1878. Sanity fix: if all devices of a screen are of type none assume
      resource type NONE in xf86AddControlledResource() even if specified
      otherwise (#1994, Egbert Eich).
1877. Added more support to the resource code for mono devices (for
      consistency) (#1994, Egbert Eich).
1876. Add RAC wrappers to the sprite functions (#1994, Egbert Eich).
1875. Reset xf86Resetting in xf86Init.c (#1994, Egbert Eich).

XFree86 3.9Nh (5 October 1998)
1874. Temporary workaround to avoid static server build problem introduced
      in 3.9Ng.
1873. Import and merge in X11R6.4 and its first three public patches.

XFree86 3.9Ng (27 September 1998)
1872. Rewrite the XAA NonTE text code, fixing the handling of overlapping
      characters (#2002, Mark Vojkovich).
1871. Fix an typo causing a CapNotLast line bug in XAA (#2002, Mark Vojkovich).
1870. Some updates to the FreeBSD/ELF support, including auto-detection
      of the binary format.
1869. Update the Type1 and Speedo fonts.scale files to take advantage
      of the recent ISO 8859-2 encoding updates (#1995, Juliusz Chroboczek).
1868. Update drivers to use miCreateDefColormap instead of calling
      the ones in the fb-specific code, update mfbCreateDefColormap
      to call the mi version, and remove the xf4bpp version.
1867. ANSI-related cleanups for the C&T driver, and make use of the
      LoaderRefSymobols() code to eliminate loader warnings (#1993,
      David Bateman).
1866. Fix pixmap cache sizing for C&T DSTN systems (#1993, David Bateman).
1865. Fix a typo that affected the memory probing for C&T 65550 sysems
      with 2MB of memory (#1993, David Bateman).
1864. Let the C&T driver accept '-depth 15' (#1993, David Bateman).
1863. Reintroduce DirectColor visual support for depth >8 for the
      Millennium I (#1992, Andrew Aitchison).
1862. Fixes and cleanups for Linux/Alpha build problems (#1989, 2000,
      Andrew P. Lentvorski).
1861. Make some changes to the vgahw MMIO handling for Alpha platforms.
1860. Cleanup and simply some of the mga driver/dac/clock code (#1991,
      Radislaw Kapitan).
1859. Enable mga TVP3026 interlaced cursor (#1991, Radislaw Kapitan).
1858. Enable the Pseudo-DMA window for the G100 in the mga driver (#1991,
      Radislaw Kapitan).
1857. Change some tables in the mga driver to 'const' to help make sure
      that they are not abused, and fix the code that was abusing them
      (#1991, Radislaw Kapitan).
1856. Fix some G200 problems introduced in 3.9Nf (#1988, 1991, Mark Vojkovich,
      Radislaw Kapitan).
1855. Fix static server problems caused by item 1851 (based on #1984, 1985,
      Takaaki Nomura).
1854. xman improvements for NetBSD/OpenBSD (#1983, Matthieu Herrb,
      Ross Harvey).
1853. C&T update for SuperProbe (#1981, Taketoshi Sano).

XFree86 3.9Nf (20 September 1998)
1852. Update the sample config file to be consistent with the updated format.
1851. Add a mechanism to allow modules to tell the loader which symbols from
      from other modules it references, and which of those are essential.
      This makes it possible to eliminate unnecessary warnings about
      unresolved symbols, and to trigger a fatal error where appropriate.
1850. More attempts towards a working G100 server (#1982, Dirk Hohndel).
1849. Update the mga driver for use with the resource management code.
1848. Fix some bugs and typos in the resource management code.
1847. Rework the vgahw module, abstracting the register accesses and split up
      the save/restore parts.
1846. Add '\n' to some of the messages in PEXExtensionInit().
1845. Fix the mga driver's handling of the option register in mga_dac3026.c.
1844. Trap reentrancy to the FatalError() function and call abort() when
      this happens.
1843. Avoid a bug in SunPro C 4.2 (ix86) that shows up when building libPEX5
      (#1980, David Holland).
1842. Fix a typo in Xserver/Imakefile (#1979, David Holland).
1841. Have the Xv DIX layer trap zero size src and/or dest, returning
      BadValue (#1978, Mark Vojkovich).
1840. Parially accelerated lines for the Permedia 2 (#1977, Mark Vojkovich).
1839. Some formatting, bug fix updates to the C&T driver, and reintroduce
      the screen blanking during initialisation for the C&T drivers
      (#1976, David Bateman).
1838. Update the C&T driver to use the RAC wrapper (#1976, Egbert Eich).
1837. Add a Resource Access Control (RAC) wrapper module which allows
      colourmap, cursor and fb access to be wrapped when necessary in
      cases where memory and/or I/O resources are being shared (#1976,
      Egbert Eich).
1836. Back out item 1823 (mi bank enable) (#1976, Ebgert Eich).

XFree86 3.9Ne (13 September 1998)
1835. Remove the OS dependence in the formatting of docs in xfree86/doc/sgml
      (which removes the need for the BuildAllDocs setting).
1834. Update mi and dix cursor handling to avoid displaying empty cursors
      (#1972, Mark Vojkovich).
1833. Update Xv docs (#1971, Mark Vojkovich).
1832. Add return values to the Get/Put driver functions in the Xv DDX
      (#1970, Mark Vojkovich).
1831. Some preliminary reorganisation of the MGA driver (#1969,
      Mark Vojkovich).
1830. Update CURSOR.NOTES (#1968, Mark Vojkovich).
1829. MGA driver should recognise 15 as a valid depth (#1967,
      Andrew Aitchison).
1828. Experimental G100 support for the MGA driver, and fix clock PLL
      programming (#1966, Radislaw Kapitan).
1827. Add support for the 9660, 9680 and 9682 chips to the new trident driver,
      and add some initial acceleration (#1963, Alan Hourihane).
1826. Fix some planemask test problems at 16bpp with the C&T driver (#1962,
      Taketoshi Sano).
1825. Fix a problem with QWORD_PAD in XAA (#1961, David Bateman).
1824. Fix SuperProbe's detection of some C&T HiQV chipsets (#1960,
      Taketoshi Sano).
1823. Update the mi banking code to enable resources as required (#1959,
      Egbert Eich).
1822. Update the generic VGA driver to use the new resource control code
      (#1959, Egbert Eich).
1821. Restructure the C&T driver, and fix the following:
        - CRT half-screen blanking
        - 1bpp mode
        - several SEGV problems
        - the long standing LCD blank problem
      (#1959, Egbert Eich).
1820. Allow a Device section without a BusID be acceptable for the primary
      vga device when multiple heads are detected (#1959, Egbert Eich).
1819. New resource management code, which should provide an improved
      infrastructure for handling multi-head configuration, particularly
      where resource sharing is required (#1959, Egbert Eich).
1818. Fix problems with NonTE ImageText in XAA (#1958, Mark Vojkovich).
1817. Fix the tseng driver's handling of cases when there is insufficient
      free memory for acceleration to be used (#1957, Koen Gadeyne).
1816. Change the RELATIVE_CHECK() macro in xf86Xinput.c to fix a multi-head
      cursor problem (Chris Bare).
1815. Update xf86ReadPciBIOS to set the decode enable bit while reading,
      and update the mga driver to use xf86ReadPciBIOS when appropriate.
1814. Use mmap for reading the BIOS on more platforms because the
      lseek/read method doesn't work in many cases when the offset is
      greater than 2G.

XFree86 3.9Nd (6 September 1998)
1813. Preliminary port of the trident driver for the ND (the old version
      has been moved to the olddrivers directory (#1956, Alan Hourihane).
1812. Document the offscreen memory managers new ResizeArea function
      (#1955, Mark Vojkovich).
1810. Allow the FreeType code to be build as an X server font module.
1809. Add Latin2 support to the Speedo and Type1 font code (#1792,
      Robert Wilhelm).
1808. Updates to XFree86 specific parts of FreeType (#1792, 1933,
      Robert Wilhelm, Juliusz Chroboczek).
1807. Add the base FreeType 1.1 distribution to /xc/extras/FreeType, and
      update the build procedure to get the source from there.
1806. Map the pseudo-DMA transfer window used on newer MGA chips, and use
      it for solid rects and spans (#1953, Mark Vojkovich).
1805. Fix C&T HiQV detection (#1952, Taketoshi Sano).
1804. Add dashed line support to XAA, and update the mga driver to use it
      (#1951, 1953, 1954, Mark Vojkovich).
1803. Lots of glint driver updates, including a memclock option to set the
      mclk, and some more XAA functions for the older Permedia chip (#1950,
      Alan Hourihane).
1802. Use POSIX macro S_IS* instead of (((m)&S_IFMT)==S_IF*) and replace
      "u_long" with "unsigned long" (#1949, UCHIYAMA Yasushi).
1801. Fix IBM hw cursor pixel ordering (#1948, Alan Hourihane).
1800. Remove accel/tga and accel/glint directories that are no longer needed
      (#1947, Alan Hourihane).
1799. Build support for FreeBSD/ELF (#1946, Doug Rabson, Joachim Kuebart,
      Ollivier Robert).
1798. Xaw and Xmu fixes (#1945, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
1797. HW Bresenham line drawing support for Tseng W32p and ET6000
      (#1944, Koen Gadeyne).
1796. Fix depth/bpp issues at depth 16 and depth 15 with the IBM support
      in the ramdac module (#1943, Alan Hourihane).
1795. Change messages in xf86PruneMonitorModes() so that they appear at the
      default verbosity level (#1942, Egbert Eich).
1794. Print out clock ranges or fixed clocks scaled by the mul/div factors
      (#1942, Egbert Eich).
1793. MGA G200 support (#1941, Radislaw Kapitan).
1792. Preliminary I2C module (#1940, Itai Nahshon).
1791. Add config support for building XFree86 on Linux with DECnet transport
      (#1939, Eduardo Serrat).

XFree86 3.9Nc (29 August 1998)
1790. 24bpp (high res display problems) and 32bpp (horizontal stripe) fixes
      for the mga driver (#1715, 1716, Doug Merritt).
1789. Take the mga driver's YDstOrg parameter into account when it passed the
      framebuffer start address to the cfbInitScreen functions.  This fixes
      problems that can show up when using more than 4MB.
1788. Fix an extraneous pixel drawn for some H/V two point lines with
      a Millennium I (Mark Vojkovich).
1787. Make the BuildLinuxDoc* symbols default to YES when HasSgmlFmt is YES
      (Marc La France).
1786. Add a resize function to the offscreen memory manager (#1937,
      Mark Vojkovich).
1785. Fix C&T 69000 horizontal CRT overflow register settings (#1936,
      David Bateman).
1784. Add some missing UnlockDisplay calls to lib/Xv/Xv.c (#1935,
      Thomas Mueller).
1783. Fix colourmap save problem (#1935, Thomas Mueller).
1782. Support for LynxOS 3.0.0 and LynxOS PowerPC fixes (#1935,
      Thomas Mueller).
1781. An ND version of the Cirrus driver, currently for 5480 and 5446 chips
      only.  The old driver has been moved to xfree86/olddrivers/cirrus
      for reference (#1932, 1938, Itai Nahshon).
1780. Xterm updates:
        - add configure test to infer if xterm should be installed setuid
          based on previously installed xterm (reported by Stephen Marley).
        - integrate/extend patch by Jason Bacon to implement quasi-continuous
          mouse reporting.
        - correct control sequences transmitted by function keys F1 to F4
          when sunFunctionKeys resource is true (it was still using the
          VT100 control sequences).
        - modify handling of backarrow key so that the control modifier
          toggles the backspace/delete interpretation set by the
          backarrowKey resource.
        - limit the row and column values used to report mouse position.
      (#1931, Thomas Dickey).
1779. Fix clockRanges alloction problem in the tseng driver (#1927,
      Koen Gadeyne).
1778. Fix tseng banked accelerated mode, and disable ImageWrite in banked
      mode if it requires more than 8k (#1927, Koen Gadeyne).
1777. Some initial ET4000W32p acceleration (#1927, Koen Gadeyne).
1776. Fix 24 and 32bpp tseng modes for cards with programmable clocks
      (#1930, Koen Gadeyne).
1775. Implement the pci_retry and Memclk options for the MGA driver (#1927,
      Mark Vojkovich).
1774. Update the mga driver to use MMIO for everything (making use of the
      MMIO support in the vgahw module), and do its own colourmap handling
      (#1927, Mark Vojkovich).
1773. Add a MMIO version of the vgahw code to the vgahw module (#1926, 1928,
      Mark Vojkovich).
1772. Small Xv DDX udpate (#1925, Mark Vojkovich).
1771. Update the C&T driver to use the new ClockMulFactor code (#1924, 1936,
      David Bateman).
1770. Add a ROP_NEEDS_SOURCE option to XAA, as needed by the C&T driver
      (#1924, David Bateman).
1769. Add support to the tga driver for 24 plane cards (#1923, Tim Rowley).
1768. Resync the scale[] find_scale[] arrays in the bitmap font code, which
      got out of sync when gzipped font support was added (#1921 Doug Ridgway).
1767. Fix incorrect #ifdef in sunKeyMap.c for Danish Type 5 Sun keyboards
      (#1919, Erik Bertelsen).
1766. Move HW cursor support from the XAA module to the ramdac module,
      update drivers for this change, move IBM cursor code from  the glint
      driver to the ramdac module, and intergrate the HW cursor code fir
      the IBM ramdacs using a new helper function in the ramdac module.
      (#1918, Alan Hourihane).
1765. Fix some more compiler.h problems for AXP platforms (#1918,
      Alan Hourihane).

XFree86 3.9Nb (20 August 1998)
1764. Fix some memory leaks in Xlib that happen on realloc failures
      (#1914, ??)
1763. Optimise the way C&T acceleration is handled by reorganising
      some of the graphics primitives, including caching foreground and
      background colours, and moving some operations from the Subsequent
      primitives to the Setup primitives (#1915, David Bateman).
1762. Introduce HW cursor for the Permedia2 (but p2 and p2v dont' work
      yet), fixup pm2v_dac and pm2_dac register naming, and add reset
      logic to reset the accelerator (but not used yet) (#1912,
      Alan Hourihane).
1761. Fix building in xfree86/common when XINPUT is not defined (Egbert Eich).
1760. Fix problem compiling xf86_IlHack.c on Alpha platforms.
1759. Add an option "ShowOverscan" to the vgahw module which makes the
      unblanked area of overscan clearly visible.
1758. Adjust the builtin mode for the 8bpp generic vga driver to blank as
      much of the overscan area as possible.
1757. Adjust the horizontal blank end value in the vgahw module to avoid
      excessive blanking for most chipsets when running in generic vga mode.
1756. Tseng driver updates, including:
       - Add support for chips with a set of discrete clocks instead of a
         programmable clock.
       - use the new ClockRanges code to auutomatically select between pixmux
         and normal modes, and for 24bpp clock scaling.
       - add a replacement for vgaHWBlankScreen() that doesn't do a
         sequencer reset.
       - remove some old, unused code.
      (#1910, Koen Gadeyne).
1755. Loader updates required for the updated gdb (#1908, Paul Flinders).
1754. Add VSTATUS control char support to xterm (#1907, Robert Earl).
1753. Update the register probing of the chipset for the C&T HiQV chips
      in SuperProbe and the C&T driver (#1904, David Bateman).
1752. Add cached screen to screen colour expansion to the C&T driver
      (1904, David Bateman).
1751. Add options to XAA to allow acceleration primitives to be disabled
      individually (#1903, David Bateman).
1750. Add preliminary solid Bresenham and two point line support for XAA,
      and code to make use of it for the mga driver (#1900-1902,
      Mark Vojkovich).
1749. Introduce Helper functions for ramdac module, Save/Restore/SetBpp,
      and update the glint and tga drivers to use them (#1899, 1913,
      Alan Hourihane).
1748. Move IBM640 code from the glint driver intot he generic ramdac module
      (#1899, Alan Hourihane).
1747. Add ClockMulFactor and ClockDivFactor fields to clockRanges to allow
      for scaling of clocks when doing mode validation (#1898, 1905,
      Koen Gadeyne, 1906, Itai Nahshon).
1746. Add recognition of the Voodoo 2 to the PCI list (#1897, Koen Gadeyne).
1745. Some editres, xedit and xgc updates (#1788, 1842,
      Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
1744. Lots of Xaw/Xmu updates (including ansification of Xaw and Xmu) --
      see the Changelog in xc/lib/Xaw for further details (#1776, 1788, 1842,
      Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
1743. Support for GNU/Hurd (#1895, UCHIYAMA Yasushi).
1742. Remove the implicit assumption in some areas that O_RDONLY is 0
      (#1894, UCHIYAMA Yasushi).
1741. Merge in Metro Link's version of the 64 bit select fixes for the
      X server and lbxproxy (#1893, Stuart Anderson).
1740. Set DlLibrary to be empty for OpenBSD, and remove formatted man pages
      on 'make clean' for OpenBSD and NetBSD (#1892, Matthieu Herrb).

XFree86 3.9Na (14 August 1998)
1739. Rework the way the maximum number of server client connections
      is determined, and experimentally increase MAXCLIENTS to 256.
1738. Enable mmap support in Xvfb for Linux (#1889, Douglas Ridgway).
1737. Xv DDX layer for XFree86, and add documentation for it to the DESIGN
      doc (#1883, 1884, Mark Vojkovich).
1736. Modify AddScreen() and AllocateScreenPrivateIndex() to initialise new
      screen devPrivates to zero.
1735. Ansify the Xv server dix code (#1881, Mark Vojkovich).
1734. XAA doc update (#1880, Mark Vojkovich).
1733. Cache the fg, bg and planemask values in the MGA driver and only
      change them when needed (#1878, Mark Vojkovich).
1732. Preliminary ImageRead support for the MGA driver (disabled) (#1879,
      Mark Vojkovich).
1731. Preliminary ImageRead support (#1878, Mark Vojkovich).
1730. Use accelerated ImageWrites for PutImage and BackingStore and SaveUnder
      pixmap restores (#1878, Mark Vojkovich).
1729. Fix an XAA text rendering bug for rotated text (#1878, Mark Vojkovich).
1728. Tseng driver updates:
       - Add DPMS support
       - Replace some Boolean options with Tristate options
       - Add ET4000W32p support and the ICS5341 16-bit ramdac support
       - 1bpp and 4bpp support added (1bpp doesn't work yet)
       - cleanup mode validation code
      (#1877, Koen Gadeyne).
1727. Fix problems using ffs() in the X server on 64bit platforms
      (specifically Linux/Alpha) (#1876, Raphael Finkel).
1726. Fix for palette problems with the BT ramdac support in the ramdac
      module (#1873, Alan Hourihane).
1725. Export the symbols __remq and __remqu from the loader for Alpha
      platforms (#1872, Alan Hourihane).
1724. Fix a 24/32bpp problem with the IBM code in the ramdac module
      (#1871, Alan Hourihane).
1723. Change the way the depth/bpp/fbbpp values are selected form the
      command line and config file to prevent inconsistently mixing values
      from the two sources (#1868, Alan Hourihane).
1722. Fix some XAA hw cursor problems:
       - Apply the HARDWARE_CURSOR_INVERT_MASK flag only after applying
       - Fix the 1-bit interleaving code
      (#1867, Koen Gadeyne).
1721. Remove all the (currently unused) colour expansion code from
      the old branch that replaced some XAA functions.  This should no
      longer be necessary (#1866, Koen Gadeyne).
1720. Add XAA hw cursor support for the ET6000 (#1866, Koen Gadeyne).
1719. Fix some problems that showed up with the glint driver when
      using a P2 and TX500 card together (#1861, Dirk Hohndel).
1718. Have the glint driver remove all but one mode since the chipset
      doesn't support panning (#1859, 1870, Alan Hourihane).
1717. Update the loader to correctly identify dll ELF modules (#1858,
      Itai Nahshon).
1716. Fix an infinite loop in the xf86Config code that can happen with a
      config file error (#1858, Itai Nahshon).
1715. Resync the TGA driver with changes elsewhere (#1856, 1874,
      Alan Hourihane).
1714. Glint driver updates, including:
       - HW cursor for IBM 526 and 640 ramdacs
       - Depth 30 support for the IBM 640
       - GLINT MX (ELSA Gloria XL) support
       - More acceleration for the TX/MX chipsets
       - Fixes for Alpha platforms
       - Major acceleration updates for Permedia, Permedia2, 500TX and MX chips
       - Permedia 2v cleanups
      (#1855, 1857, 1860, 1863, 1864, 1865, 1890, Alan Hourihane).
1713. Add support for depth 30 to xf86SetWeight() (#1854, Alan Hourihane).
      XAA options (#1853, Alan Hourihane).
1711. Add support for the IBM 640 ramdac to the ramdac module (#1852,
      Alan Hourihane).
1710. Add finer grained offscreen memory management for the accelerator
      to the Tseng driver to allow as many acceleration features to be
      enabled as can be supported by the available offscreen memory
      (#1851, Koen Gadeyne).
1709. Add XAA scanline colour expansion, screen-to-screen colour expansion,
      8x8 colour pattern fills, ImageWrite to the Tseng driver (#1851,
      Koen Gadeyne).

XFree86 3.9N (2 August 1998)
1708. Fix some XAA problems (#1850, Mark Vojkovich and Koen Gadeyne).
1707. Rename some of the XAA colour expansion stuff, and update the XAA docs
      (#1848, 1849, Mark Vojkovich).
1706. Tseng driver updates (#1847, Koen Gadeyne):
        Add Mclk support, replace globals in tseng_bank.c with entries
        in the TsengRec, remove redundant parameter passing, fix a potential
        bug in the ET6000 memory detection code, implement memory limit
        checking, fix a bug in the 555/565 handling, cleanup locking/unlocking
1705. Some fine tuning of the way the extension modules are build.
1704. Merge in the new design branch.  A full changelog for the new design
      branch can be found in the CHANGELOG.ND file.
1703. Font-related X server buffer overflow fixes (Robin Cutshaw).

XFree86 3.9Ak (11 July 1998)
1702. xterm patches 81 and 82.  Fix Linux/Alpha build problems,
      utmp handling on Solaris, some terminfo nits, and improve
      cursor colour (#1794, 1797, Thomas Dickey).
1701. Fix CloseScreen() related problems (#1793, Marc La France).
1700. Close some sockets that xdm was leaving open when running new
      sessions (#1704, Matthieu Herrb).
1699. Fix usleep problems with static servers on SVR4.
1698. Fix a problem parsing "ModeLine" entries (#1779, Keldon Jones).

XFree86 3.9Aj (04 July 1998)
1697. PC98 fix for VT switching, VideoBoard98 update (#1766, Takaaki Nomura).
1696. xterm patches 79 and 80.  Fix for F1-F4 key handling, fg/bg pixel
      value with -flipPixels, scrollbar color, keypad handling, and
      various terminfo enhancements (#1758,1762 Thomas Dickey).
1695. Lots of Xaw work.  See xc/lib/Xaw/Changelog for details
      (#1660, 1673, 1678, 1686, 1701, 1738, 1752, 1755, 1765
      Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
1694. Add the library security fixes (#1722).
1693. Fix rendering errors in the generic bit expansion code (#1746,
      Jens Owen).
1692. Fix problem in Oak clock setting routines (#1744, Kevin Buhr).
1691. Clean up vga16 (remove unused code, remove vga16's mfb (vga2 is used
      instead), clean up vga16's external name space). Minor fix to ATI
      driver. (#1742, Marc LaFrance).
1690. Fix macro expansion in xf86Config.c (#1730, Jens Maurer).
1689. On Linux, default the use of special or internal malloc's to NO
      (instead of forcing it to NO). Allow CloseScreen to free wrapper
      private storage in most servers. Push out backing store initialisation
      to the callers of the various <framebuffer>ScreenInit()'s. Change
      m68k's XF68_FBDev to use backing store low-level functions to
      save/restore the screen during VT switches. Minor fixup to loader
      message. (#1719, Marc La France).
1688. Fixes for 24bpp and 32bpp on Matrox Millenium II. This fixes the
      horizontal stripe for modes using > 4MB (#1715,1716, Doug Merritt).
1687. Fix build problems on LynxOS and enable keyboard LEDs on LynxOS 2.5.1
      (1712, Thomas Mueller).

XFree86 3.9Ai (05 June 1998)
1686. Add rendition directory. This is not included in the build process, yet
      (#1707, Marc Langenbach).
1685. Make glint compile on Alpha. Some xtest fixes for Alpha (#1705,
      Christian Worley).
1684. xterm patch 77,78, convert to ANSI C (#1702,1706 Thomas Dickey).
1683. Fix compile problems under OS/2 (#1693, Holger Veit).
1682. Fix xmag segfault (#1675, Andy Sloane).
1681. Fix build problem of the static servers on FreeBSD. Fix build problem
      on SVR4(incomplete). Update PC98 Card Database(#1691, Isao Ohishi,
      Takaaki Nomura).
1680. Minor fix to ATI driver clock code. Fix vga16 for xtest-detected
      problems. Fix up vga16's pixmap printing when enabled by DEBUG. There's
      no need for XFree86LOADER specifics in mibitblt.c(#1690, Marc La France).
1679. Fix hw cursor on CT65555 and fix loader problem (#1688,1689 Nozomi Ytow).
1678. Fix freeing of names when removing modes (#1685, Matthieu Herrb).
1677. Enable ImageWrite in 24 bpp for C&T HiQV (#1684,1687 Nozomi Ytow).
1676. Fix unknown symbol type 1e message in a.out loader (#1683,
      Matthieu Herrb).
1675. xterm patches 75 and 76. Fix for print-window function, minor cleanups,
      lots of fixes from other people (see xterm.log.html) (#1681,1682,
      Thomas Dickey).
1674. Make vga16 use backing store functions to save/restore the screen on VT
      switches. Don't call xf86InvalidatePixmapCache when bpp is 1 or 4
      (#1680, Marc La France).
1673. Change PIC code to print names of ALL devices capable of displaying
      video. Return pointer to the last card instead of the first (#1662,
      Dejan Ilic).
1672. Add skeleton driver for Tritech Pyramid 3D (#1661, Dejan Ilic,
      Mark Vojkovich).
1671. Check additional pci bus in scanpci (Robin Cutshaw).

XFree86 3.9Ah (28 April 1998)
1670. Xterm patch 74 fix define conflicts and update print support (#1674,
1669. Xterm patch 73 added print window facility, terminfo updates,
      conditional include cleanup, debugging trace enhancements, and
      HP-UX configure updates (#1672 T.E.Dickey).
1668. Framebuffer fixes leaving valid GC on exit, fix for opaque types
      (#1669 Marc Aurele La France).
1667. Add ELF support for AXP platform (#1666 Stuart Anderson).
1666. PCI function fixes for AXP platform (#1665 Alan Hourihane).
1665. SiS updates (#1664 Mike Chapman, Mitani Hiroshi).
1664. Fix CompressAllFonts define use in X11.tmpl (#1663 Matthieu Herrb).
1663. Xaw updates including more functions for diaplayLists, fixes
      for simpleMenuWidget, boxWidget, and panedWidget (#1660 Paulo Cesar
      Pereira de Andrade).
1662. Xdm seg fault fix (#1658 Matthieu Herrb).
1661. Tseng PIXMUX updates (#1656 Krajcsovits Gyorgy).
1660. Mouse driver loop restructuring and additional packet data
      checks (#1654, Oyvind Aabling).
1659. PANIX build fix for PC98 platform (#1653, Satoshi Kimura).
1658. Sync loss on cursor change fix (#1650, Mark Vojkovich).
1657. Driver line fix, unresolved symbol fix, remove loading of xaavga256
      at depths greater than 8, glint 24bpp fix (#1645-1649 Alan Hourihane).
1656. More XF86Setup patches, P9000 symbol fix, PC98 Imakefile sync (#1644
      Takaaki Nomura).
1655. Tseng doc, accel sync with 3.3.2, PIXMUX and misc fixes (#1641,1642
      Koen Gadeyne).
1654. ISC fix for usleep and glint probe fix for DELTA (#1639,1640 Michael
1653. Add FreeType code to lib/font/FreeType, but the build-related
      things haven't been done yet (David Turner, Robert Wilhelm,
      Werner Lemberg, Mark Leisher, Juliusz Chroboczek).
1652. Xterm patch 72 activity notification enhancement (#1659, T.E.Dickey).
1651. Xterm patch 71 buffer overflow fix (#1651, T.E.Dickey).
1650. Sync I128 server acceleration with 3.3.2 (Robin Cutshaw).

XFree86 3.9Ag (05 April 1998)
1649. AGX ScrnInfoRec fix, fix compiler warnings for Xprt and loader,
      fix vgaCloseScreen problem, add new ScreenRec functions to
      set/get pixmaps and wrapper functions, VC switch to use
      low-level backing store functions (#1635, Marc Aurele La France).
1648. xfree98/XF86Setup sync with 3.3.2 (#1632, Takaaki Nomura).
1647. xfree86/XF86Setup sync with 3.3.2 (#1629,1634 Kazutaka Yokota).
1646. Back out the following R6.4-related changes:
         #1169, 1170, 1342 -- version numbering changes,
         #1167 -- CUP extension,
         #1225, 1282, 1341 -- EVI extension,
         #1171-1178, 1198, 1246, 1305 -- Xinerama extension,
         #1165 -- Xt Resource Configuration Management.
1645. XAA fixes for xf86bpp (#1633, Alan Hourihane).
1644. More 3.3.2 syncs, PC98 sync, usleep problem with FreeBSD,
      SVR4.0 build problem fixes (#1631, Takaaki Nomura).
1643. Kensinngton Thinking and Expert Mouse fix (#1630, Kazutaka Yokota).
1642. S3 968 fix (#1628, Kazutaka Yokota).
1641. Add DoImageWrite for Permedia2 and partial 24bpp acceleration to
      the glint server (#1627, Alan Hourihane).
1640. ISC sync with 3.3.2 (#1625,1626, Michael Rohleder).
1639. Xterm patch 70 including Imakefile fix for logging, "ich"
      restoration, cursor color fix, "-vb" arg fix, character-set
      rework, SS2/SS3 control fix, terminfo updates (#1624, T.E.Dickey).
1638. Add loader symbol for miSetZeroLineBias (#1623, Mark Vojkovich).
1637. Fix duplicate symbols in s3 server (#1621, Takaaki Nomura).
1636. glint cleanup for XAA autoload modules (#1620, Alan Hourihane).
1635. xf86Config fixes for svga and accel servers, extmod load for all
      depths (#1618,1619, Alan Hourihane).

XFree86 3.9Af (28 March 1998)
1634. Add 1024x600 to the identified video modes in the chips server
      (#1617, Nozomi Ytow).
1633. Resync xfree98 with xfree86 and resync some PC98 files with 3.3.2
      (#1616, Takaaki Nomura).
1632. Fix micro typo in chips.sgml (#1615, David Bateman).
1631. Define defaults for XF86Config file locations. Have make World remove
      Makefile.bak files. Resync ScrnInfoRec's for the last time (Hope
      springs eternal). "Externalise" InstalledMaps in all XFree?? servers.
      Remove reference to DEFAULT_MODULE_PATH in static servers. Deal with
      some of the warnings produced by gcc by default. Resync ATI driver with
      the version found in XFree86 3.3.2. Fix loader bug in dealing with XAA.
      (#1614, Marc La France).
1630. Don't abort a static server if the Driver statement in the Device
      section is missing (#1613, Kazutaka Yokota).
1629. Fix typo in #1606 and improve printing of mouse related messages
      (#1613, Kazutaka Yokota).
1628. Build fixes for static S3 and S3V servers (#1613, Kazutaka Yokota).
1627. Re-add 8x8 trap fill support in XAA (#1612, Mark Vojkovich).
1626. Add new text replacements to glint server, add packed data modes, tune
      fifo handling, fix drawing bugs and others (#1609,1611, Mark Vojkovich,
      Alan Hourihane).
1625. Add mouse related 3.3.2 changes to XF86Setup (which still doesn't
      compile) (#1608,1610, Kazutaka Yokota).
1624. Update xdpyinfo to reflect mouse code changes (#1607, Kazutaka Yokota).
1623. Merge missing mouse code from 3.3.2 (#1606, Kazutaka Yokota).
1622. Resync xterm, add missing patches from 3.3.2 (#1605, Thomas Dickey).

XFree86 3.9Ae (22 March 1998)
1621. Bring over some of the new mouse code from the 3.3.2 tree.
1620. Link X11 apps against libxpg4 on FreeBSD to get multibyte locale
1619. SVGA/chips. include support for the new 69000 chipset. Fix up the
      memory probing for the 65554, 65555 and 68554 chips. Add probing for
      the 64200, 64300 and 69000 chips to SuperProbe. Fix  the memory probing
      for the 65554, etc in SuperProbe. Some docs updates (#1603,1604,
      David Bateman).
1618. Fix Mach32 text restoration (#1601, Marc La France).
1618. Add Rendition V2x00 to vgaPCI.h (#1598, Marc Langenbach).
1617. xterm patches. improve test for highlightColor so that xterm does not
      attempt to use that unless it is different from the foreground and
      background colors. remove ich and ich1 from xterm and xterm-8bit
      terminfo descriptions. restore 1-pixel overlap of scrollbar border with
      left edge of window. add a configure option, --enable-logfile-exec.
      make the ALLOWLOGFILEEXEC code compile & run, if configured. minor
      documentation nits. correct the problem in xterm with utmp by removing
      the reset of setuid/setgid before the main event loop (#1525,1571,1599,
      Thomas Dickey).
1616. Change s3/svga from using 8x8 pattern fills to 8x8 color expand fills.
      Add support for S3's type planar 8x8 pattern fills to XAA. Add support
      for S3's planar 8x8 fills to the XAA stippled trapezoid stuff
      (#1594,1595,1596,1597, Mark Vojkovich).
1615. Ensure the correct message for lines at startup (#1591, Alan Hourihane).
1614. Fix XAA to allow vertical lines using TwoPointLine (#1590,
      Alan Hourihane).
1613. Change the xf86orect.c code to always use a hardware filled rect rather
      than a software one when drawing vertical lines (#1589, Mark Vojkovich).
1612. Add MICROSOFT_ZERO_LINE_BIAS flag to xaa to indicate that the hardware
      uses MicroSoft's line bias rules rather than X's. Fix the end point
      sematics for two point lines. Add TiledFilled Rects via image write.
      Fix a problem with the CopyArea wrapper syncing when it shouldn't. Fix
      twopoint line problems with XAA dashed lines. Make sure we alway check
      for one rect situations when using XAA polygon code (#1575,1576,1577,
      1578,1579,1580,1581, Mark Vojkovich).
1611. Add new MGA acceleration, including image writes and 8x8 pattern trap
      fills. Go back to two point lines. Add solid filled span replacement.
      Make PCI retries off for mga by default (need Option "pci_retry" to turn
      them on).  Make hardware cursor work better in doublescan modes.  And
      turn hw cursor on by default (#1582,1583,1592 Mark Vojkovich).
1610. Removes assumption that we have a Trapezoid function (#1573,
      Alan Hourihane).
1609. Fix ImageWrite code at 15bpp by fixing xaa not to rely on xf86bpp, but
      use the accel structure (#1572, Alan Hourihane).
1608. Fix problem building resize on BSDI, update manpages, add log
      xterm.log.html (#1490, Thomas Dickey).
1607. Small patch to xterm's 8-bit terminal description (#1481, Thomas Dickey).
1606. Move framebuffer ModuleInit functions to separate C source files.
      Another fixup to mono's ScrnInfoRec (#1474. Marc La France).
1605. Loader updates (#1467, Stuart Anderson).
1604. Ensure window and GC privates are aligned on a sizeof(long) boundary.
      Minor bug fix to mfb and afb framebuffers. Reinstate building of Xibm
      server. Move pRotatedPixmap, pCompositeClip, fExpose, freeCompClip from
      GC privates to the GC structure proper (in preparation for the banking
      mi wrapper) (#1442,1443,1444,1445,1588 Marc La France).
1603. xterm fixes for configuration (#1437, Bjorn Helgaas).
1602. Lots of SVGA/ATI updates. Enforce architectural limits on panning &
      scrolling. Duplicate recent XF86_Mach64 changes (Bus detection, Chipset
      detection adjustments, Support for 16MB linear apertures, maxClock
      settings). First swipe at supporting adapters whose VGA has been
      disabled. Save and restore more registers on mode
      entries/switches/exits. Colour map initialization changes to make use
      of uninitialized entries more obvious. Bug fix to DSP register
      calculation. Support 15, 16, 24 and 32bpp on integrated controllers.
      Remove dependence on TimingTab. Include VGA DAC registers in verbose
      output. Skip sparse I/O probes when PCI configuration space indicates a
      device has registered a block I/O base. Virtual X rounding adjustments
      for packed modes. Documentation updates (#1430, Marc La France).
1601. Clean up ScrnInfo, make vgaCloseScreen call the framebuffer's
      CloseScreen() function, determine more pricely whether the virtual
      resolution fits in video memory, minor optimization of cfb's
      ImageGlyphBlt entry (#1428,1429, Marc La France).
1600. Fix typo in mga.h (#1418, Tim Rowley).
1599. Fix some baserom/_baserom confusion (#1407, Gary Barton/Concurrent).
1598. More fixes from Metro Link and some updates for clients. Remove
      all but one copy of sdimple.c (#1405,1406, Craig Groeschel).
1597. Remove unnecessary byte_reversed arrays (#1400, Craig Groeschel).
1596. Add missing Xarch.h (#1399, Craig Groeschel).
1595. Add no-listen keyword to xfs (#1397, Topi Miettinen).
1594. Build fixes for PC98 static build (#1391,1396 Takaaki Nomura).
1593. Build fixes to loader directory (#1388, Alan Hourihane).
1592. Some Link Kit fixes (#1384, David Bateman).
1591. Add zoom initialization and fix blits on T2R (Robin Cutshaw).
1590. Add support for several new mice, including Kensington ThinkingMouse,
      ALPS GlidePoint, Genius NetScroll, Genius NetMouse, Genius NetMouse,
      ASCII MieMouse, Logitech MouseMan+, Logitech FirstMouse+ (#1380,
      Kazutaka Yokota).

XFree86 3.9Ad (25 January 1998)
1596. Fix two buffer overflow problems in the X server.
1595. Fix some libXt VSW5 failures (#1347, 1359-1363, 1365, Kaleb Keithley,
      Arthur Barstow).
1594. Change server's default vendor string and release (#1342,
      Kaleb Keithley).
1593. Fix problem entering mode_shifted characters with xdm and XKB
      (#1340, Kaleb Keithley).
1592. Bump SunOS 4.x libXext rev (#1339, Kaleb Keithley).
1591. Pick up PCI multimedia/video devices and display devices of all
      subclasses (not just VGA) in vgaGetPCIInfo().
1590. Reinstate Xserver/hw/ibm for reference purposes.
1589. Cirrus and vga256 driver changes to support the PowerPC machines.
      (1357, Gary Barton/Concurrent).
1588. Organize xf86_ansic.h/xf86_libc.h/xf86_OSlib.h, and de-mangle xf86*
      libc calls. Move Probe routine to the beginning of the ScrnInfoRec to
      match the vgaVideoChipRec. Make the mach32, mach64, mach8, i128, and
      ibm8514 servers loadable. Use one global byte_reversed array. When
      SetCursor is called with a null CursorPtr, turn the cursor off. Fix
      CapNotLast lines and segments in mach64 and xaa. Copy some code from
      Metro-X 3 to handle panning at 24 bpp on Mach64. Mask the correct
      number of pitch bits when updating the CRTC_OFF_PITCH register. Use
      xf86scanpci instead of vgaPCIInfo. Fix tseng driver DPMS bug. Declare
      and initialize xf86PixmapIndex. (#1356, Craig Groeschel/Metro Link).
1587. Add xf86Serial functions (#1355, Chris Bare/Metro Link).
1586. New config file parser, new functions for accessing xf86Info,
      handle an XQUEUE race condition, make sure XqueQaddr is initialized
      (1353, Stuart Anderson/Metro Link)
1585. Build cleanups and fixes to cursor handling for multi screen layout
      (#1354, Craig Groeschel/Metro Link).
1584. Add portable and extensible PCI support framework (#1352,
      Gary Barton/Concurrent).
1583. Support PowerMAX_OS on Motorola/Concurrent PowerPC machines
      (#1351, Gary Barton/Concurrent).
1582. .cf and Imakefile changes to use PpcArchitecture and PpcSvr4Architecture
      definitions for consistency (#1350, Gary Barton/Concurrent).
1581. Fix 9397 detection in Trident driver (#1376, Alan Hourihane).
1580. Add support for the DacSpeed entry to the Mach64 server (#1375,
      Kevin Martin).
1579. Fix 16bpp for the Permedia 2 (#1373, Alan Hourihane).
1578. Fix DPMS for Trident cards (#1372, Alan Hourihane).
1577. Add Option "no_pci_retry" to option code and the MGA driver (#1370,1371,
      Mark Vojkovich).
1576. Add back CyberCont that was removed from Trident driver in 3.9Ac by
      mistake (#1369, Alan Hourihane).
1575. Fix ImageWrite code to not read beyond the end of the source in cases
      of bad alignment (#1368, Mark Vojkovich).
1574. xterm updates (#1366,1378 Thomas Dickey) including:
      - change the terminfo entry so that rs1 does a hard reset
      - modify treatment of hard reset by the xterm program to reset the saved
      - correct hard reset by also resetting user-defined keys.
      - change the way highlihting is implemented
1573. Fix PutImage to work with Rops other than GXcopy (#1364, Alan Hourihane).
1572. Fix clipping in 16bpp on tgui chipsets, fix 32bpp and add transparency
      (#1345,1346,1349 Alan Hourihane).
1571. Some updates to stub driver to reflect current layout (#1343,
      Dejan Ilic).
1570. Change xdm config to explicitly specify the VT used on OpenBSD (#1337,
      Matthieu Herrb).
1569. Build fix for P9x00 driver (#1336,1344 Takaaki Nomura).
1568. Resync xaa/Imakefile for PC98 (#1335, Takaaki Nomura).

XFree86 3.9Ac (11 January 1998)
1567. Fix some VSW5 failures in libXt (#1333, Kaleb Keithley).
1566. xterm updates (#1332, Thomas Dickey) including:
      - Add xterm support for blinking text.  It doesn't actually cause the
        text to flash, but text with the blink attribute can be displayed in
        color, using new resources colorBL and colorBLMode.
      - Corrected a missing save-cursor in the handling of SGR 1048.
      - Flush the output of the transparent printing after each line.
      - Correct the modes that are affected by save/restore cursor.
      - Corrected placement of one of the XSync calls which had the
	side-effect of writing on the window border when the xterm was
	resizing from 132 to 80 columns.
      - Work around an incompatibility of the XKB definition used in xterm
        versus that symbol from IRIX 6.2's imake definitions (by adjusting
        the standalone configure script).
1565. Add detection of Intel TX chips and Pyramid 3D TR25202 to scanpci
      (#1330, Dejan Ilic).
1564. Fix xtest related problems on MGA (related to syncing before reading)
      (#1329, 1334, Mark Vojkovich).
1563. Possible fix for Millennium II crashing (#1328, Mark Vojkovich).
1562. Add more careful checking of $HOME/.xsession in the default xdm
      Xsession script (#1327, Geoff Wing).
1561. Fix uninitialised variables in decddx (#1326, Kaleb Keithley).
1560. Fix a typo in the Xlib docs (#1325, Kaleb Keithley).
1559. Add 8x8 pattern filled 1 rect polygons to XAA.  Also included is
      an 8x8 pattern filled trapezoid function (#1324, 1331, Mark Vojkovich).
1558. Add more conservative limits for when XAA uses trapezoid fills rather
      than spans (#1323, Mark Vojkovich).
1557. Add transparent 8x8 pattern fills to s3/svga (#1322, Mark Vojkovich).
1556. Xt (VSW5 failures): Xt11/XtCallConverter - Test Purposes 11, 12, 13
      (#1321, Kaleb Keithley).
1555. Xt: XtMakeGeometryRequest doesn't emit error if parent != composite
      (#1320, Kaleb Keithley).
1554. S3 (svga) ramdac fixes in IBMRGB52x_Init, TI_3020_3025_Init,
      NORMAL_PreInit, and ATT_409_498_Probe routines, including fixes for
      the use of the dacSpeeds array (#1319, Craig Groeschel/Metro Link).
1553. Fixes for Permedia PM2 support to correct 32bpp, and improve things
      for 16bpp (#1318, Alan Hourihane).
1552. P9x00 driver (#1317, Joerg Knura).
1551. Allow xvidtune to be driven by the keyboard (#1315, via Kaleb Keithley).
1550. Add missing exported symbols to Win32 DLLs (#1314, Kaleb Keithley).
1549. Detect an extra Trident Cyber chip (#1313, Alan Hourihane).
1548. Add timeouts to all Tseng "wait for something" functions (#1312,
      Koen Gadeyne).
1547. Tseng driver documentation update (#1311, Koen Gadeyne).
1546. Update xterm man page, configure script and related things (#1310,
      Thomas Dickey).
1545. Add a version number to xterm, and make the -version and -help options
      used before attempting to open the display (#1310, 1316, Thomas Dickey).
1544. Implement logic to permit xterm to work with proportional fonts.
      This is done by rendering the characters on a fixed pitch (#1310,
      Thomas Dickey).
1543. Fix missing planemask in XAA function (#1309, Mark Vojkovich).
1542. Fix XAA syncing inconsistencies (#1308, Mark Vojkovich).
1541. Allow Trident 9397 and later 3D chipsets to work by not using
      acceleration (#1307, Alan Hourihane).
1540. Fixes for older Trident Cyber series (#1307, Arthur Tateshi).
1539. Fix includes for xfwp (#1306, Craig Groeschel/Metro Link).
1538. Fix for large pixmaps in XINERAMA extension (#1305, Kaleb Keithley).
1537. Xlib: XGetICValues fails for {preedit,status}Attributes
      (#1299, Kaleb Keithley).
1536. Add locale and xkb files for Lithuanian (#1298, Ricardas Cepas).
1535. Device updates for scanpci (Robin Cutshaw).
1534. First cut at cleaning up the parallel make dependencies (Robin Cutshaw).

XFree86 3.9Ab (29 December 1997)
1533. Reorganize the acceleration code in the tseng driver. Fix tseng XAA init
      problem (#1303, Koen Gadeyne).
1532. Add support for changing the MClk from the XF86Config file for
      W32p cards with ICS5341 RAMDAC and for the ET6000 family (#1302,
      Koen Gadeyne).
1531. Add option to build xterm without tek4014 emulation. Add option to
      build xterm with default TERM value other than "xterm". Apply some
      minor bugfixes to OS/2 version. Fix configure help message and missing
      quotes in memmove/bcopy configure test (#1297, Thomas Dickey, Darren
1530. Add support for clock setting of the new trident chips (#1294,
      Alan Hourihane).
1529. XAA vertical line speedup (#1293, Alan Hourihane).
1528. Add panning for Permedia and Permedia 2 (#1292, Alan Hourihane).
1527. Add a few more messages to tseng driver and clean up the use of
      the different bytes-per-pixel variables. Add "showcache" option
      (#1300,1301, Koen Gadeyne).
1526. Fix XAA pixmap cache bug with 16bpp and RGB=555 or 32bpp (#1295,
      Walter Gadeyne).
1525. Fix ImageWrite for Tseng (and re-enable it) (#1296, Koen Gadeyne).
1524. Fix horizontal lines in Tseng driver (#1291, George Krajcsovits).
1523. Support MUSIC MU9C4910 RAMDAC in Tseng driver (#1290, Koen Gadeyne).
1522. Fix bad color in hardware linedraw for Tseng (#1290, Koen Gadeyne).

XFree86 3.9Aa (20 December 1997)
1521. Fix border colours for Trident server (#1289, Alan Hourihane).
1520. Major update to Mach64 server. Proper identification of the different
      chips. Support for 16MB boards. Increased max DAC speed settings for
      newer chips. Support for AGP RagePro cards. Block write mode for
      RagePro chips. 1600x1200 mode support for VT and newer chips. Use the
      auxilliary register aperture on chips that support it. Use 16MB memory
      aperture on PCI Mach64s with integrated controllers.
      (#1288, Kevin Martin).
1519. New code for the glint server. Preliminary support for the Permedia 2
      hardware cursor. Preliminary support for panning the display with
      multiple modelines for Permedia/Permedia 2. Fix ELSA Permedia 2 boards.
      Cleanup of glint_init.c. Fix DGA when using software cursor. Addition
      of code to not save VGA state if the VGA core is disabled.
      (#1285,1286,1287, Alan Hourihane).
1518. Fix the "invalid depth" problem with packed 24 (#1284, Andrew Aitchison).
1517. Fixes to finish keyboard layout (Johan Myreen).

XFree86 3.9z (14 December 1997)
1516. Fix loss of sync while panning problem and attempt to fix the occasional
      crashes of the Millennium II by restricting the MGACountRam function
      to test the first 8MB, only (#1280, Mark Vojkovich).
1515. Fix XF86Setup to create a (symbolic) link of /usr/X11R6/bin/X when it
      doesn't exist (#1279, Matthieu Herrb).
1514. Fix solid trap/rect fill bugain the mga server for the Millennium II
      that was hurting performance severely (#1277, Mark Vojkovich).
1513. Reenable BitBlt accelerations for Millennium II (#1271, Mark Montague).
1512. Fix mmap memory leak in IGS driver. ARM32/NetBSD specific fix for
      xf86MapInfoMap (#1265, Katrina Maffey).
1511. Resync change 1474 for PC98 and fix a reference to usleep on SVR4
      (#1264, Takaaki Nomura).
1510. Add BLK opaque color expansion for 2164 and change the mga code to use
      a lookup table for XFree->mga rop conversions (#1261, Mark Vojkovich).
1509. Fix XAA hardware cursor support for BT485 ramdacs
      in the S3/SVGA server (#1260, Mark Vojkovich).
1508. Fix VT switching hang in FreeBSD (#1259, Joerg Wunsch).
1507. Enable MMIO / linear FB on Cirrus 7548. Experimental patch for screen
      expansion (640x480 on 800x600 LCD) which doesn't seem to work, yet
      (#1258, Achim Oppelt).
1506. Fix gc validation (#1257,1262 Mark Vojkovich).
1505. Fix SIGSEGV in xf86setup (Dirk Hohndel).
1504. Extend XF86Setup to allow selecting the modes and the default color
      depth (Dirk Hohndel).
1503. Fix build problem on Solaris 2.6/x86 with gcc
1502. Fix Solaris 2.x + gcc build problem in xfwp (#1272, Takaaki Nomura).
1501. Xkb{Get,Set}PerClientControls missing from XKBlib.h (#1283,
      Kaleb Keithley).
1500. BSD 4.4 sockets not handled correctly in xfwp/transport.c (#1276, 1281,
      Kaleb Keithley).
1499. Local connection doesn't work for lbxproxy on AIX (#1275,
      Arthur Barstow).
1498. Get fcntl flags in Xtrans before setting them (#1268, Kaleb Keithley).
1497. Fix 'Xnest -query' on IBM (#1263, Kaleb Keithley).
1496. Fix X server core dump after disconnecting from a font server
      (#1256, Arthur Barstow).
1495. Xserver:Security Policy parsing code returns bogus value on suceess
      (#1254, M.S. Ramesh).
1494. Install app-defaults in /var (#1253, Kaleb Keithley).
1493. Some xfwp fixes (#1252, Arthur Barstow).
1492. Fix some Win32 problems (#1251, 1255, Kaleb Keithley).
1491. DPMS was missing from pandix main.c (#1246, Kaleb Keithley).
1490. Solaris 2.x LOCALCONN updates (#1269 Kaleb Keithley).
1489. DPMS updates (#1229, Kaleb Keithley).
1488. KeyPress event doesn't use XKB state when GrabsUseXKBStateMask is set
      (#1227, Kaleb Keithley).
1487. Add EVI (Extended Visual Information) server extension (#1225, 1282,
      Kaleb Keithley).
1486. Fix some Xmb man pages and specs docs (#1220, 1270, Kaleb Keithley).
1485. Plugin fixes (#1219, 1221, 1224, 1226, 1247, 1273, Kaleb Keithley).

XFree86 3.9y (6 December 1997)
1484. Fix some initialization problems in the xkb programs (#1233,
      Andreas Schwab).
1483. Fix loader to resolve symbols properly in Xext (#1250, Robin Cutshaw).
1482. Fix loader on Solaris and enable it for SVR4 (#1248,1249, Robin Cutshaw).
1481. Fix some problems with T2R support (#1245, Robin Cutshaw).
1480. Fix rfhcnt calculation and VT swithcing in mga driver. Allow DirectColor
      on Millennium II cards (#1241,1242,1243,1244, Mark Montague).
1479. Potential fix for s3/svga cursor support for Ti ramdacs. Remove a
       mistake from the s3/svga acceleration code (#1237, Mark Vojkovich).
1478. Switch the MGA driver over to XAA Hardware Cursor. Only support for
      TVP3026 is included (#1236,1239, Mark Vojkovich).
1477. Add delayed syncing abd faster arcs ub 8bpp to mga driver (#1235,
      Mark Vojkovich).
1476. Fix another SIGSEGV in xterm, where wrong assumptions about the type of
      widget passed to an action handler were made (#1234, Thomas Dickey,
      Arfst Ludwig).
1475. Fix the wraparound problem with the Mach32 cursor and add another seven
      pixels to the possible width of the cursor (#1232, Bryan Feir).
1474. Remove vga256/vgainit (#1231, Mark La France).
1473. Fix a namespace collision in Mach8 server (#1230, Mark La France).
1472. Fix SIGSEGV when some internal xterm buffers overflowed (#1228,
      Thomas Dickey).
1471. Fix HiQV version of ImageWrite in the C&T driver (#1222,1223,
      David Bateman).
1470. Yet another attempt to fix packing order for dashed lines (#1217,
      Mark Vojkovich).
1469. Build fixes for Xext (#1216,1238 Takaaki Nomura).
1468. Remove all references to the W32 server (but not the actual server code)
      (#1215, Koen Gadeyne).
1467. Complete initial support for Permedia 2 and add some acceleration for it
      (Alan Hourihane).
1466. Some more code for supporting the IBM RGB640 in the glint server
      (Dirk Hohndel).

XFree86 3.9x (23 November 1997)
1466. Updates for SCO (#1211, 1212, J. Kean Johnston).
1465. Fix netscape plugin core dump when transfer is interrupted (#1209,
      Kaleb Keithley).
1464. Registry updates (#1205, Kaleb Keithley).
1463. Preliminary imake support for different Linux distributions (#1203,
      Kaleb Keithley).
1462. Enable JIS, SJIS, EUC, etc. on X_LOCALE machines (#1201, Kaleb Keithley).
1461. Linux and HP imake cf updated (#1200, Kaleb Keithley).
1460. Updates to XINERAMA (#1198, Kaleb Keithley).
1459. Make the DPMS extension a more "standard" item (ie, its library code
      is now in libXext) (#1197, Kaleb Keithley).
1458. xload doesn't need libutil and libkvm on NetBSD and OpenBSD (#1189,
      Scott Reynolds).
1457. Separate module-specific and non-module-specific Xserver/Xext code
      (#1149, Holger Veit).
1456. OS/2 updates (don't use WIN32 file handling) (#1149, Holger Veit).
1455. Clean up XAA calls in glint server (#1210, Alan Hourihane).
1454. Adapt memory detection in I128 server to T2R (#1208, Robin Cutshaw).
1453. Add DGA to glint server and get xvidtune to work with it (#1207,
      Alan Hourihane).
1452. Cleanups and preliminary support for the Trident 3DImage975 and
      3DImage985 (#1206, Alan Hourihane).
1451. Add stipple acceleration to the tseng driver (#1192, Koen Gadeyne,
      Mark Vojkovich).
1450. Add better text acceleration to the tseng driver (#1190, Koen Gadeyne).
1449. Fix HiQV image writes (#1191, David Bateman).
1448. Remove the need for the VideoMemSave buffers in glint server (#1196,
      Alan Hourihane).
1447. Handle bogus base address in vgaPCIInfo for s3/svga (#1194, Mark
1446. Fix XF86Setup to work with Tcl/Tk 8.0 and improve support for future
      mouse protocols in XF86Setup (#1158,1159, Joe Moss).
1445. Fix DGASetViewPort problem in S3 server (#1157, Harald Koenig).
1444. Add -U flag to imake (#1156, Chris Demetriou).
1443. First cut for I128 Revolution support (#1155, Robin Cutshaw).
1442. Fix packing order for dashed lines (#1154, 1188, Alan Hourihane, Mark
1441. Fix joycal.c to work with Linux 2.1.x (#1153, Robin Cutshaw).
1440. Fix ImageString xtest results. Call miImageGlyphBlt instead of
      cfbImageGlyphBlt8 (#1152, Alan Hourihane).
1439. Add overlay support for the IBM RGB526 (disabled)(#1151, Mark Vojkovich).
1438. Fix setting maxclock in s3/svga (#1151, Mark Vojkovich).
1437. Print module version in plain text (#1150, Holger Veit).
1436. Correct change 1390 (#1148, Takaaki Nomura).

XFree86 3.9w (16 November 1997)
1435. Remove some compiler warnings.
1434. Fix lcPublic state_depend_encoding test in Xlib (#1181, Kaleb Keithley).
1433. Fix buffer overrun in lib/X11/omGeneric.c (#1180, Kaleb Keithley).
1432. Add new XINERAMA extension (#1171-1178, Kaleb Keithley).
1431. Update man pages for X11R6.4 (#1169, 1170, Kaleb Keithley).
1430. Add new CUP (Colormap Utilization) extension code (#1167,
      Kaleb Keithley).
1429. Add resource configuration management code to libXt (#1165,
      Arthur Barstow).
1428. Xkb{Get,Set}PerClientControls not implemented in Xlib (#1164,
      Kaleb Keithley).
1427. Fix bug in lbxproxy's detection of synonymous server names (#1161,
      Arthur Barstow).
1426. Various xfwp fixes and cleanups (#1103-1107, 1109, 1110, 1140-1144,
      1160, 1162, 1163, 1166, 1168, 1179, Arthur Barstow).
1426. Fix select prototype for HP/UX 10.x (#1102, Kaleb Keithley).
1425. Fix a 64-bit nit in MakeRootTile (#1080, Kaleb Keithley).
1424. Export weak symbols in elistgen.sun (#1078, Kaleb Keithley).
1423. Put back the reference to the xfree68 directory in
1422. Add xkb support for some older HP keyboards (#1077, Kaleb Keithley).
1421. Fix some typos in the iso8859-1 compose file (#1076,
      Niels Kristian Bech Jensen).
1420. Xlib UTF support uses longs, but should use wchar_t (#1068,
      Kaleb Keithley).
1419. HP/UX 10 config update (#1066, 1079, Kaleb Keithley).
1418. Update lbxproxy to use the Xtrans library (#1060, Arthur Barstow).
1417. Deal with gratuitous Xserver colormap flashing (#1059, Kaleb Keithley).
1416. LBX-related updates to the Xserver (#1049, Kaleb Keithley).
1415. Remove Xibm server from the source (#1048, Kaleb Keithley).
1414. Remove xmh from the core tree (#1043, Kaleb Keithley).  Note, only
      the entry for it in xc/programs/Imakefile is removed here so far, and
      we may want to move it into our supported contrib.
1413. Update (#1042, Kaleb Keithley).
1412. Fix inconsistency with the naming of general man pages and the sections
      they are installed in (#1040, Kaleb Keithley).
1411. Fix xrx plug-in build problem on Solaris 2.6 (#1039, Kaleb Keithley).
1410. Fix Xserver crash when using lbxproxy and xdm-auth-1 (#1038,
      Kaleb Keithley).
1409. Fix an infinite loop in CreateVisual() in lbxproxy (#1034,
      Arthur Barstow).
1408. locale.alias updates (#1032, Kaleb Keithley).
1407. Misc very minor TOG updates (#1031, Kaleb Keithley).
1406. Fix for MaxClients not being defined correctly in the Xserver
      (#1030, Sekhar Makkapati).
1405. Fix an Xserver problem related to FreeCursor() in
      DisposeWindowOptional() (#1026, Kaleb Keithley).
1404. Add setusercontext support to xdm for FreeBSD (#1025, Kaleb Keithley).
1403. Use named pipes for local connections with Solaris 2.x (#1011, 1067
      Kaleb Keithley).
1402. Fix lost support for non-standard encodings in Xlib (#1005,
      Kaleb Keithley).
1401. Fix Xserver crash when colormap of copyfromparent given (#990,
      Sekhar Makkapati).
1400. Make lbxproxy try another port when bind fails (#988, Arthur Barstow).
1399. Remove the Xserver '-config' flag for OSs that don't have tight command
      line length restrictions (#987, Kaleb Keithley).
1398. Remove some vararg cruft from the Appgroup library (#986,
      Kaleb Keithley).
1397. Fix SecurityLookupIDByClass in Xserver (#1186, Sekhar Makkapati).
1396. Fix for sample site.def (#1184, Sekhar Makkapati).
1395. Fix references to LINE_MAX in Xos_r.h (#1182, Sekhar Makkapati).

XFree86 3.9v (9 November 1997)
1394. Add unrolled text code for the 9 pixel width fonts (#1147,
      Mark Vojkovich).
1393. Fix planemask/transparency problems in tseng driver (#1146,
      Harald Nordgard Hansen).
1392. Add Fire GL 3000 option for glint server (#1139, Bart van den Broek).
1391. Remove unnecessary ARM32 code (#1138, Katrina Maffey).
1390. Fix a crash in XCopyPlane after server reset (#1137, Katrina Maffey).
1389. Add support for PS/2 Intellimouse (#1136, Tim Goodwin).
1388. Add a PolyArc replacement for s3/svga in 8bpp when using a linear
      framebuffer. Add a stippled rect speedup for destinations less than 32
      pixels wide (#1135, Mark Vojkovich).
1387. Add read speed benchmark and support for >8bpp modes to dga test
      program (#1134, Koen Gadeyne).
1386. Fix dashed lines for vga256 (#1133, Alan Hourihane).
1385. Enable trapezoid fill on mga (#1132, Radek Kapitan).
1384. Fix ImageWriteFlags in trident driver (#1131, Alan Hourihane).
1383. Fix wide line problem in the static server (#1129, Brian Wainscott).
1382. Fix syncing problems with the scanline routines in XAA (#1128,
      Alan Hourihane).
1381. Restructure glint server to call the AccelInit function in a sane
      manner (#1127, Alan Hourihane).
1380. Add planemask support for the tridents and add hardware clipping for
      the Cyber chipsets. Add Cyber 9397 detection (#1126,1130, Alan Hourihane).
1379. Fix a typo in vgaPCI.h (#1125, Alan Hourihane).
1378. Fix a problem with setting the maximum clock value on s3 cards at depths
      other than 8bpp (#1123, Steve Forsythe).
1377. Fix dashed lines for matrox driver (#1122, Radek Kapitan).
1376. Use correct arguments to xf86ImageWrite when uploading cursor image to
      videoram. Units of pixels instead of bytes (#1120, Mark Vojkovich).
1375. Fix s3/svga cursor location computation error (#1119, Mark Vojkovich).
1374. Improve GC validation code in XAA (#1117,1118,1121, Mark Vojkovich,
      David Bateman).
1373. Add accelerated color expansion for all color depths and for all
      W32-style chips (#1116, Koen Gadeyne).
1372. Add Warpnext/Warpprev to twm (#1114, Benjamin Gras).
1371. One more fix to restore changes to variable types made in change 1347.
      This should fix MouseSystem mice (#1111,1124,1145, Steve Forsythe,
      Andrew Aitchison).
1370. Add missing pm_accel.c.
1369. Add ImageWrite support to glint server (Alan Hourihane).

XFree86 3.9u (1 November 1997)
1368. Add support for I128 Revolution to scanpci and SuperProbe (#1108,
      Robin Cutshaw).
1367. Compile fixes for ARM32/NetBSD (#1099, Katrina Maffey).
1366. Change mga to use bresenham lines instead of two point (#1098,
      Radek Kapitan).
1365. Add mga stipple code so that it is 256K pixels barrier sensible and
      even faster than current XAA stipple code (#1097, Mark Vojkovich,
      Radek Kapitan).
1364. Move C&T hw cursor into XAA. Re-enable ImageWrite on C&T. Rewrite 32bpp
      HiQV code (should be almost usable) (#1096, David Bateman).
1363. Get the ch8398 work in tseng driver at every color depth and any hibit
      setting (#1095, George Krajcsovits).
1362. Changes to XAA hw cursor code to better support switching between hw
      and sw cursor (#1094, David Bateman).
1361. Fix incorrect parenthesis placement caused by hand-applying part of
      change 1347 (#1092, Mark Vojkovich).
1360. Resync PC98 Imakefiles (#1091, Takaaki Nomura).
1359. Build fix for PANIX (#1090, Takaaki Nomura).
1358. Fix a duplicate inclusion of <sys/termio.h> on ISC inside xterm/screen.c
      and update the help text for xterm to correspond with the appropriate
      commandline switches (#1089, Michael Rohleder).
1357. Fix some incorrect type modifications in change 1347 (#1087,1088
      Alan Hourihane, Michael Rohleder).
1356. Fix mga_xaarepl.c to compile with non-GNU cc (#1086, Robin Cutshaw).
1355. Clean up vgaPCI.h for Trident (#1085, Alan Hourihane).
1354. Fix a bug introduced in change 1222 (#1084, Koen Gadeyne).
1353. Remove amiga/ataritt files from xkbcomp/symbols Imakefile (they have
      been moved to a subdir in change 1338) (#1083, Takaaki Nomura).
1352. Update VideoBoard98 (#1081, Takaaki Nomura).
1351. Add DO_NOT_BLIT_STIPPLES to the xf86AccelInfoRec.Flags (#1070,
      Marc Vojkovich).
1350. More work for Permedia 2 support. Still doesn't work (Dirk Hohndel).
1349. Split acceleration drivers for GLINT and Permedia. Get glint server
      to work (again) on Fire GL 1000 (Helmut Fahrion).
1348. Get glint server to work on Fire GL 3000 (Bart van den Broek).

XFree86 3.9t (26 October 1997)
1347. Add support for ARM32 architecture and IGS CyberPro 2010 support
      (#1052, Digital Equipment Corporation).
1346. Multi-display support for lbxproxy (#969-971, 977, 978, Arthur Barstow).
1345. Remove some misleading 32-bit comments in Xlib (#967, Kaleb Keithley).
1344. Additional symbols for Japanese 109 key keyboard (#962, Kaleb Keithley).
1343. Faster bit counting algorithm for Xlib/Xt modifier code (#958,
      Kaleb Keithley).
1342. XKB updates for hp ddx (#955, 956, Kaleb Keithley).
1341. Fix Xaw Text Widget call to XtMalloc(0) (#954, Kaleb Keithley).
1340. Updates to xrx plugins (#953, 957, 959-961, 963, Kaleb Keithley).
1339. Use dump instead of nm in elistgen.sun (#922, Kaleb Keithley).
1338. xkb updates (#920, Kaleb Keithley).
1337. Fix imake's SPARCcompiler CCompilerMajorVersion detection (#919,
      Kaleb Keithley).
1336. Updates related to xkbcomp install (#918, Kaleb Keithley).
1335. General MS-Win lib fixes (#917, Kaleb Keithley).
1334. xterm support for -lcurses on HPUX 10.2 (#914, 916, 952, Kaleb Keithley).
1333. Fix incorrect mode name in xf86config.c.
1332. Fix text restore problem on some Avance Logic cards (#1072, Thomas
1331. WriteBitmap code for MGA driver (#1069, Mark Vojkovich, Radek Kapitan).
1330. Add a clean rule to remove XKB's .dir files. Add support for newer 3D
      Rage III adapters to SuperProbe, the Mach64 server and the ATI driver.
      Fix misuse of DirtyStartup define. Fix Mach64 mode restoration problems
      in ATI driver. Fix 8MB linear aperture problem in ATI driver. Fix
      typo's in drivers/s3* Imakefiles. Fix banking globals when a linear
      aperture is used. Retrofit 3.3.1 vgaPCI code into 3.9s. (#1065,
      Marc La France).
1329. Add support for the Microsoft Intellimouse in the XFree86-Misc
      Extension and XF86Setup (#1063,1064, Takaaki Nomura, Joe Moss).
1328. Add Scanline ImageWrite support to XAA (#1062, Alan Hourihane).
1327. Missing Millennium II AGP fixes (#1058, Brian Wainscott).
1326. XAA hw cursor fix. Delay cursor restoration until after the saved screen
      is restored (#1057, Mark Vojkovich).
1325. Fix server to print the clock scale instead of effective clocks when
      using a clockchip (#1056, Krajcsovits Gyorgy).
1324. Correct eraser/stylus detection in wacom driver (#1055, Frederic Lepied).
1323. Fixes for APM driver. HW lines/HW clipping. ROP support. Text accel now
      uses PAD_DWORD. Bugfix for WaitForFifo() (lost serial interrupts) and
      ApmSync() (various errors). HW cursor now uses XAA interface. Combined
      write for many registers (x+y in one longword etc.) (#1054, Henrik
1322. xterm fixes. Correct a minor placement problem with the right scrollbar.
      Implement a new set of control sequences for switching between the
      normal and alternate VT100 screens. Implement the alternate-screen menu
      entry (#1053, Thomas Dickey).
1321. Add some reasonable limit for when a trapezoid fill is used rather than
      using spans (#1051, Mark Vojkovich).
1320. Add bindist description files for an OpenBSD/sparc binary distribution
      (#1045, Todd Fries).
1319. Some fixes and additions to the PCI databases (#1046,1050, Dejan Ilic).
1318. Add 543x cirrus driver for PowerPC, fix some LynxOS related problems
      (#1044, Thomas Mueller).
1317. Add support for ViRGE/GX2 to SuperProbe (Dirk Hohndel).
1316. Add support for ViRGE/GX2 to SVGA and S3V server (#1041, Harald Koenig).

XFree86 3.9s (15 October 1997)
1315. Fix segmentation fault in glint driver when server is started with a
      card without GLINT/PERMEDIA chip (Stefan Dirsch).
1314. Lots of fixes and additions to glint acceleration (Helmut Fahrion).
1313. Fix problem with xterm hanging when opening a log file. Add
      right-scrollbar to xterm (#1037, Thomas Dickey, Michael Rohleder).
1312. Add GD7555 to vgaPCI.h and fix XF98_SVGA (#1036, Shuichi Ueno).
1311. Fix a bug with Qword pad support in ImageWrite (#1033, Mark Vojkovich).
1310. Fix mystique driver and build problem on SVR4.0 (#1029, Takaaki Nomura,
      Isao Ohishi).
1309. Fix SuperProbe to correctly detect memory on the Trident 9685 (#1023,
      Alan Hourihane).
1308. Add hardware clipping and transparency for the trident chips that
      support it. Partially implement the 'set_mclk' option, not yet
      complete, remove the tgui_mclk_66 option, clean up the TV output for
      9685 boards. Documentation updates (#1022, Alan Hourihane).
1307. Add accelerated ImageWrite and a WriteBitmap replacement to the tseng
      driver (#1021, Mark Vojkovich, Koen Gadeyne).
1306. Documentation update for tseng driver (#1020, Koen Gadeyne).
1305. Clear disallowed flags in Options bitmap (#1019, Alan Hourihane).
1304. Fix XAA hardware cursor for built-in S3 RAMDACs (#1018, Alan Hourihane).
1303. Use trapezoid fills for some wide lines (#1017, Mark Vojkovich).
1302. Fix colormap switching problem in svga/s3 (#1016, Mark Vojkovich).
1301. Fix install problem with xkbcomp (#1014, Robin Cutshaw).
1300. Fix lnx_jstk.c to work with 2.1.x joystick.h file (#1013, Robin Cutshaw).
1299. Disable some HTotals in matrox driver that cause vertical stripes (#1010,
      1015, Radek Kapitan).
1298. Improve some bailout messages in tseng driver (#1009, Koen Gadeyne).
1297. Suppress popen/pclose messages (#1008, Takaaki Nomura).
1296. Initial support for Millennium II AGP (Dirk Hohndel).
1295. Fixes to make glint server pass more of xtest (Alan Hourihane).

XFree86 3.9r (30 September 1997)
1294. Bug fixes to xterm. Change default resource of colorMode to true. Fix
      'ech' control. Add resource boldColors and +pc / -pc. Add resource
      colorAttrMode. Fix conflict between colorULMode/colorBDMode versus ANSI
      colors. Correct two problems with the optional logging support. Various
      updates to configure-script macros (#1004, Thomas Dickey).
1293. Make sure ImageWriteBase gets set with a default value (#1003,
      Alan Hourihane).
1292. Replace mktemp() with mkstemp() in xrdb (#1002, Luke Mewburn).
1291. Don't fail to start if there isn't enough memory for the hw cursor in
      tseng driver (#1001, Koen Gadeyne).
1290. Fix the install problem with XF98_SVGA (#1000, Takaaki Nomura).
1289. Add bresenham lines to tseng driver (#997, Koen Gadeyne).
1288. Significantly accelerate clipped terminal font performance (#996,998,999,
      Andrew van der Stock, David Bateman).
1287. Enable 24bpp for Trident TGUI 96xx (#995, Alan Hourihane).
1286. Add support for the Trident ClearTV (#994, Alan Hourihane).
1285. Remove INT64 from XAA text code (#993, Mark Vojkovich).
1284. XAA hw cursor support for s3/svga. IBM cursor works, other RAMDAC
      cursors need to be implemented/verified. S3 builtin curser seems
      to work in 8bpp, but fails in other depths (#992, Mark Vojkovich).
1283. Some fixes for Unixware 2.1.2 (#989, Steve Forsythe).
1282. Fix the remaining line drawing problems for the CL-GD5428 and CL-GD754x
      chips (#985, Corin Anderson).
1281. Fix build problem (982, Takaaki Nomura).
1280. Add more acceleration for Permedia (this is partly producing drawing
      errors and needs much more testing) and remove Trapezoid bug in 500TX
      support of glint server (Helmut Fahrion).
1279. Build fixes for XAA hw cursor and updates to glint XAA hw cursor (#983,
      984, Alan Hourihane).
1278. Better color depth support and cleanups for glint server (Helmut Fahrion).
1277. Add initial support for Permedia 2 chip to glint server (Dirk Hohndel).
1276. Add support for GLINT MX chip to glint server (Dirk Hohndel).
1275. Add RIVA 128 to scanpci (Dirk Hohndel).

XFree86 3.9q (19 September 1997)
1274. Add XF98_SVGA server, update XF98Conf.cpp, VideoBoard98, fix mga driver
      for PC98 (#980,981, Michio "Karl" Jinbo, Shuichirou Urata).
1273. Some fixes to glint server (Helmut Fahrion, Stefan Dirsch, Dirk Hohndel).
1272. Fix for glint_dump_regs and disable accelerated lines for glint
      (Stefan Dirsch).
1271. Add XAA hw cursor support and update trident and glint drivers to use it
      (#973-976,979, Alan Hourihane).
1270. Several fixes to xterm: fix redraw errors after font changes or resizes,
      add sunKeyboard resource, correct fg/bg test in the control sequence
      that replies with the current SGR settings ((#972, Thomas Dickey).
1269. Several fixes to the xterm standalone configure script (#972,
      Thomas Dickey).
1268. Fix to pointer movement constraints (#968, Stuart Anderson).

XFree86 3.9p (15 September 1997)
1267. Disable Image Write for HiQV chips in C&T driver (#966, David Bateman).
1266. Add stipple accelerated functions through the ScanlineScreenToScreen
      function (#965, Alan Hourihane).
1255. Add ImageWrite support for the Laguna chips in cirrus driver (#964,
      Corin Anderson).
1254. Disable the Xserver '-config' option when run set-uid.
1253. Have the Xservers run xkbcomp under the real user's ID.
1252. Fix xterm's default handling of the KP_Add key.
1251. Fix Linux-axp xdm build problem.
1250. Fix stripping of extension from module names (so that it works OK
      when there is a '.' in the module directory pathname).
1249. Fix some problems in the trident driver with the 9685 programmable clock
      and disable the GE when too little memory is available (#950,
      Alan Hourihane).
1248. Fix build problem with non gcc compilers (#948,949, Takaaki Nomura,
      David Bateman).
1247. Fix some dangling references and max MClk value in matrox driver (#951,
      Dirk Hohndel).
1246. Disable debugging messages in DirectColor support (Andrew Aitchison).
1245. Fix saving video memory for glint server (Helmut Fahrion).

XFree86 3.9o (9 September 1997)
1244. Yet another fix for the problems around installing xkbcomp
      (Michael Rohleder, David Dawes, Dirk Hohndel).
1243. Add more acceleration for 500TX to glint server (Alan Hourihane).
1242. Add initial acceleration for Permedia to glint server (Dirk Hohndel).
1241. Lots of cleanups and fixes to glint server (Stefan Dirsch, Helmut
      Fahrion, Dirk Hohndel).
1240. Fix glint server problems on some ASUS motherboards (Stefan Dirsch).
1239. Add Permedia support to glint server (Helmut Fahrion, Dirk Hohndel).
1238. Several m68k related fixes (faster pic code, change Atari TT geometry),
      fixes to not reference the undefined variable XPROJECTROOT, some glibc
      updates (#947, Andreas Schwab).
1237. Move some of the improvements that Mark Vojkovich made for the S3 stipple
      code back into XAA (#945, David Bateman).
1236. Fix problem with HW cursor disappearing on Cirrus Laguna chips (#943,
      Corin Anderson).
1235. Fix 24bpp XAA NonTE image text with RGB_EQUAL (#942, David Bateman).
1234. Fix BIOS layout issues in matrox drivers. This might make Millennium
      Rev 3 cards work (#941, Andrew van der Stock).
1233. Improve the performance of the 24bpp fills on the 6554x machines and
      hopefully implements a solid fill at 32bpp for the 6555x machines
      (untested). Some cosmetic changes (#940,944, David Bateman).
1232. Turn off CPU_TRANSFER_BASE_FIXED in SVGA/S3 driver (#939, Mark Vojkovich).
1231. Add the correct Enable/DisableIO Ports back into the glint driver (#938,
      Alan Hourihane).
1230. Fix trident & mga driver for PC98. Fix XF98Conf.cpp. Resync PC98
      Imakefiles (#935, Takaaki Nomura).
1229. Add accelerated Image Write to C&T driver. Attempted fix for the use
      of TMED DSTN dithering on the 65555 and 68554 chips. Small
      documentation patch (#934, David Bateman).
1228. Fix XF86Setup to load XFree86-VidModeExtension (#932, Takaaki Nomura).
1227. Fix MClk limits for matrox driver (#931, Andrew van der Stock).
1226. Fix build problem on Solaris (#929, Matthieu Herrb).
1225. Add DacSpeed to C&T driver (#930, David Bateman).
1224. Disable acceleration for IMA bus chips in tseng driver (#928,
      David Bateman)
1223. Turn Record extension into module and fix problems in XInput joystick
      module (#927,933, Matthieu Herrb).
1222. Add support for the ch8398 and ch8398a clockchips to the tseng driver
      (#913,914 Gyorgy Krajcsovits).

XFree86 3.9n (26 August 1997)
1221. Lots of small fixes for xterm (#912, Thomas Dickey).
1220. Add DirectColor visual to Matrox server (#911, Andrew Aitchison).
1219. Disable 8x8 pattern tiling on W32 (not W32i/p) cards. Fix lowend W32p
      cards with IMA bus. Modify linear memory code (#910, Koen Gadeyne).
1218. Fix locale in R6.3, Fix PC98 XKB, Remove xf86ClearIOPortList() and
      xf86AddIOPorts() from PEGC driver (#908, Takaaki Nomura, Isao Ohishi).
1217. Remove xf86ClearIOPortList() and xf86AddIOPorts() (#907,909
      Matthieu Herrb).
1216. Add ET6100 support to tseng driver (#906, Koen Gadeyne).
1215. Add wide lines to XAA (#904, Mark Vojkovich).
1214. Add Chrontel8391CalcClock function (#903, Gyorgy Krajcsovits).
1213. Fix output of hex numbers in chip revision (#902, Dejan Ilic).
1212. Add accelerated Bresenham lines to tseng driver at 8bpp (#901,
      Koen Gadeyne).
1211. Xlib: XIMStringConversionRetrival should be XIMStringConversionRetrieval
      (#905, Kaleb Keithley).
1210. Official fix for potential buffer overflow in XGetErrorDatabaseText
      (#900, Kaleb Keithley).
1209. Fix typo in cde.rules (#899, Kaleb Keithley).
1208. SGI threads patch update (#898, Kaleb Keithley).
1207. Fix UNSHARED_CXXLIB for SPARCcompiler4.0 (#897, Kaleb Keithley).
1206. Fix SPARCcompiler CCompilerMajorVersion (#896, Kaleb Keithley).
1205. Parse junk from export lists better (#895, Kaleb Keithley).
1204. Removes some dead or unused code in os-support (#893,  Matthieu Herrb).
1203. Remove xf86tmpnam() from libc_wrapper and rewrites xf86tmpfile() to
      use tmpfile() (#892,  Matthieu Herrb).
1202. Add a separate README.OpenBSD for 3.9 (#890, Matthieu Herrb).
1201. Move most common extensions into a module (#889, Matthieu Herrb).
1200. OpenBSD multi-architecture support (#888, Matthieu Herrb).
1199. Disable disables broken software/hardware cursor switching in s3/svga
      (#887, Mark Vojkovich).
1198. Some fixes for PC98. XF86Setup, mga driver, VideoBoards98, Cards98
      (#886, Takaaki Nomura, Takefumi Tsukada).
1197. Acceleration fixes for Trident and accelerated ImageWrite (#883,884,885
      Alan Hourihane).
1196. Bring the 3.3.1 Trident fixes into 3.9 (#882, Alan Hourihane).
1195. Add incomplete Rendition detection code to SuperProbe (Dirk Hohndel).
1194. Add Rendition detection to PCI code (#881, Marc Langenbach, Dirk Hohndel).
1193. Fix to only build *.dir file for xkbcomp on make install (#880,
      Michael Rohleder).
1192. Add ImageWrites for s3/svga (#879, Mark Vojkovich).
1191. Rename dashed pattern flags (#878, Mark Vojkovich).
1190. Add ImageWrite support for XAA (#877, Mark Vojkovich).
1189. Add MGA2164 define to vgaPCI.h (#876, Takaaki Nomura).
1188. Extend the frame buffer test in glint_dump_regs (Stefan Dirsch).

XFree86 3.9m (13 August 1997)
1187. Add printing support to xterm (#870, Thomas E. Dickey).
1186. Fix denial of service attack through xdm double freeing memory (#875,
      Kaleb Keithley).
1185. Fix Solaris build problem (#874, Takaaki Nomura).
1184. Preliminary experimental support for the Millennium II (#852-857,
      Andrew Vanderstock).
1183. Recognise the rev 3 Mystique, and hopefully set everything up
      correctly for it, change MMIO/fb mapping for Mystique rev >=3.
      (David Dawes)
1182. Patches to both XAA and the Glint sources that enable the
      ScanlineScreenToScreen colour expansion (#873, Alan Hourihane).
1181. Fix problem of xkbcomp not generating .dir files during install
      (#872, Kaleb Keithley).
1180. Fix problem with possible denial of service attack using the X server
      (#867, Kaleb Keithley).
1179. Update VidModes.sgml to latest version (#871, Eric Raymond).
1178. Fix I128 support for AXP (#868, Robin Cutshaw).
1177. Add planemask support to most XAA functions for all tseng chips
      (#869, Koen Gadeyne).
1176. Fix text rendering for W32 at 16bpp, always determine bus type, fix
      bug in XAA color expansion (#865, Koen Gadeyne).
1175. Fix ET6000 dram speed code, disable 32bpp on ics5301 ramdacs (#864,
      Koen Gadeyne).
1174. Clean up RAMDAC handling in tseng driver, extend stg1702 support, and
      fix problems caused by treating unknown RAMDACs as AT&T compatible
      (#862, Koen Gadeyne).
1173. Fix support for linear memory mode on W32p rev a&b (#861, Koen Gadeyne).
1172. Fix ET6000 black screen problem (#861, Koen Gadeyne).
1171. Changes to Amiga XKB code (#860, Bernd Ernesti).

XFree86 3.9l (31 July 1997)
1170. Fix parsing of DPMS parameters in config file.
1169. Catch a NULL dereference in lib/X11/lcFile.c (#843, Dirk Hohndel).
1168. Xterm support for compound text cut and paste (#836, Kaleb Keithley).
1166. Fix some I128 problems reported with PPro CPUs (#834, Robin Cutshaw).
1165. Disable C&T fill at 32bpp (#831, David Bateman).
1164. Update VideoBoard98 file (#830, 842 Takaaki Nomura, Isao Ohishi).
1163. Prevent re-allocation of cfb ScreenPrivateIndex for multi-head
      server (#829, Stuart Anderson).
1162. Fix unintended changes in PCI code.
1161. Fix handling of PS/2 protocol mice with OpenBSD (it doesn't translate
      to BusMouse protocol like NetBSD does) (#820, Matthieu Herrb).

XFree86 3.9k (29 July 1997)
1160. Several fixes to xterm. Correct  an indexing error in the doublesize
      character logic. Correct the logic of ShowCursor when it is painting in
      a doublesize cell. Correct the behavior when switching to doublesize
      characters and back again. Add cbt (back_tab) to the terminfo
      description. Correct the logic for disabling xmc. Minor correction to
      positioning of underlines for small (e.g., 5x8 font size. Add more
      special-case tokens to the standalone configure script's imake-option
      filter. Add a '--enable-logging' option for the standalone configure
      script. Add check and ifdef's for the standalone configure script to
      allow for building on platforms with X11R6, which lacks Xpoll.h
      (#769,821, Thomas Dickey).
1159. Preliminary support for Millennium on PC98 (#825, Shuichiro Urata,
      Takaaki Nomura).
1158. update XKB for PC98 (#825, Isao Ohishi).
1157. Support XF86Setup for PC98 (#825, Takaaki Nomura, Kazunori Ueno).
1156. PC98 resync (#825, Michio "Karl" Jinbo).
1155. Add common Imakefiles for some PC98 sub directories (#825,
      Michio "Karl" Jinbo).
1154. Add code to fine tune memory access on ET6000 boards and cleanup some
      W32 specific code that would write to illegal registers on ET6000 cards
      (#818, Harald Nordgard Hansen).
1153. Ensure accelerator CRTC registers are unlocked before writing them and
      horizontal & vertical syncs are not disabled on mode switches (#817,
      Marc La France).
1152. Change xsetroot -mod option to count pixels from left to right within
      each 16-pixel slice, instead of right to left (#817, Marc La France).
1151. Cleanup declarations for xf86Verbose, xf86ProbeOnly & xf86ProbeFailed,
      make VGABase XF86Config option recognized by more servers, HSkew wasn't
      being dealt with correctly in matching modes to clocks, fixup default
      mode for the generic VGA driver (#817, Marc La France).
1150. Fix a few bugs in ATI driver, break it up in multiple files, add
      support for Mach64 accelerator CTRC, which now is used by default, and
      generic VGA (untested) (#817, Marc La France).
1149. Fix build problem on Solaris (#810, Dirk Hohndel).
1148. Re-enable LEFT_EDGE_CLIPPING_NEGATIVE for the HiQV chips and tidy up the
      ScreenToScreenColorExpand stuff (#808, David Bateman).
1147. Enable the sw_cursor option and add support for the no_accel option (#806,
      Joe Moss).
1146. Avoid source overruns in xf86DrawStippleScanline() and remove the
      restrictions on TRIPLE_BITS_24BPP, LEFT_EDGE_CLIPPING
      and LEFT_EDGE_CLIPPING_NEGATIVE_X (#805, David Bateman).
1145. Allow keywords with underscores in XF86Setup (#802, Harald Koenig).
1144. Explicitly enable hsync and vsync on Mach64 boards (#799, Marc La France).
1143. Small fix for norwegian keyboard in xkb (#797, Harald Nordgard Hansen).
1142. Add 32bpp to HiQV driver and get CopyArea and Solid Fills accelerated
      in 32bpp (#790,796, David Bateman).
1141. Fix clock calculation on HiQV chips (#783, David Bateman).
1140. Fix hardware clipping and get closer to a working 8x8pattern color expand
      (#781,811, Alan Hourihane).
1139. Disable C&T HiQV ImageWrite (#780, David Bateman).
1138. Change how patterns are packed for LINE_PATTERN_MSBFIRST_INCREASING
      (#779, Mark Vojkovich).
1137. SVGA/S3 acceleration improvements (#778, Mark Vojkovich).
1136. Fix xclock problem that shows up on Cirrus 542x chips
      (#777, Corin Anderson).
1135. Small fix for C&T driver (#775,776 David Bateman).
1134. Merge missing ViRGE code from 3.3* into 3.9* (#773, Harald Koenig).
1133. Support for I128 DRAM cards (#816, Robin Cutshaw).
1132. PCI updates required for the I128 server (#815, Robin Cutshaw).
1131. Fix for Xt/Error.c (#813, Kaleb Keithley).
1130. Make XF86Setup's keyword matching the same as the Xservers (ie,
      ignore '_', ' ', '\t' in keywords).
1129. Tseng documentation update (#800, 803, Koen Gadeyne).
1128. Update to imake's auto GCC PostIncDir detection for OpenBSD
      (#794, Matthieu Herrb).
1127. Fix I128 problems (#792, 809, Robin Cutshaw).
1126. Fix some errors in the symbols/th XKB file (Poonlap Veeratanabutr).
1125. Don't use EXTRA_DEFINES in Xserver/xkb/Imakefile (#786, Kaleb Keithley).
1124. Alternate way of fixing the "./" problem in Imake.rules
      (#785, Kaleb Keithley).
1123. Install full path in dynamic libraries for SCO (#782, J. Kean Johnston).
1122. Fix remaining problems with SCO OpenServer 5 support (#772,
      J. Kean Johnston).
1121. Fix support for older I128 cards (#771, Robin Cutshaw).
1120. Add detection for C&T 68554, and fix detection of the 65550 revision
      numbers (#770, David Bateman).
1119. Fix STG170x support in tseng driver (#766, Koen Gadeyne).
1118. Fix linkkit install problem in apm driver (#767, Holger Veit).
1117. Add more resolutions to xf86config (#767, Holger Veit).
1116. Add OS/2 diagnostic on network config (#767, Holger Veit).
1115. Fix EditRes problems that show up on OS/2 (#767, Holger Veit).
1114. Fix a problem in OS/2's imakesvc.cmd (#767, Holger Veit).
1113. Fix lockup when the SVGA server dumps core with the MGA driver
      on some OSs.
1112. Fix a bug in cfb24GetSpans which can cause a server crash
      (StarOffice will provoke this).
1111. Fix the use of a C++ reserved word in xf86vmode.h.
1110. Reset the DPMS state to ON when re-entering the server's VT.

XFree86 3.9j (12 July 1997)
1109. Process Xqueue events synchronously to avoid problems with
      accelerated servers.
1108. Fix sqrt problems in miarc (#765, Harald Koenig).
1107. Remove special Tk 4.0 support in XF86Setup and add C code to match the
      latest vidmode extension changes. Fix a minor bug in the DPMS code
      (#764, Joe Moss).
1106. Several small fixes to Xserver/{dix,include,os/,PEX5} (#760-763,
      Craig Groeschel).
1105. XKB fixes (#759, Stuart Anderson).
1104. Fix uninitialized variable (verbose) in scanpci.c (#757, Thomas Mueller).
1103. Add big endian version of PCI config structure (#757, Thomas Mueller).
1102. Add cross compile definitions for LynxOS and add static vga server for
      LynxOS PowerPC (#757, Thomas Mueller).
1101. Add bindist files for LynxOS (#756, Thomas Mueller).
1099. Add handling for AST onboard Mach32 card (#754, Bryan Feir).
1098. Fix a problem in Imake.rules that shows up when using Motif.rules.
1097. Fix MGA lockup on SVR4.0.
1096. Add missing for Japanese "small TSU" character to the XKB
      symbols/jp file (#751, Shigehiko Sasaki).
1095. Fix ET4000/W32i acceleration at 16 and 24bpp, and accelerate colour
      expansion at 16bpp and 24bpp for the W32p (#747, Koen Gadeyne).
1094. Fix for I128 rev 2 chips (#746, Robin Cutshaw).
1093. Fix typo in xf86_libc.h.

XFree86 3.9i (6 July 1997)
1092. Fix apm HW cursor problem at VT switch, and a problem with
      screen-to-screen bitblts (#745, Henrik Harmsen).
1091. VidMode extensions updates, including adding a new function to
      return the available clocks, and how many more clocks can be programmed,
      add the HSkew parameter and some reserved fields (this introduces
      a protocol incompatibility), and fix a bug in the ValidateModeLine
      function's clock checking (#744, Joe Moss).
1090. Add port probing to SuperProbe for the Alliance 6410, 6422 and AT24
      (#743, Joe Moss).
1089. Add similar ET6300 detection to scanpci and vgaPCI.h.
1088. Fix SuperProbe's ET6000 memory probe (#742, Koen Gadeyne).
1087. Add detection for the ET6100 and ET6300 to SuperProbe (#742,
      Koen Gadeyne).
1086. Some PCI video cards don't have the expected "IBM" string in the
      BIOS, so look for the "PCI" string too.  Without this, scanning with
      -nopci fails for some cards (#741, Koen Gadeyne).
1085. Possible fix for XWarpCursor() not working with the XInput
      xf86PostMotionEvent() function (#740, Michael Rohleder).
1084. Add some "test-support" code to xterm, which is not enabled by
      default (#739, Thomas E. Dickey).
1083. Fix ET4000W32p RAMDAC detection (backs out most of #717), make
      the tseng driver use DELAYED_SYNC, and an (unsuccessful) attempt
      to get CPU-to-screen colour expansion working (#737, Koen Gadeyne).
1082. Add missing valuator initialisation to the OS/2, SCO and Xqueue
      MouseProc() functions.  This fixes the mouse problems on those OSs
      (#736, 738, Holger Veit and Richard Coley).
1081. Fix a misplaced va_end() in the recent XInput code which caused a core
      dump on OS/2 (#736, Holger Veit).
1080. Fix SummaSketch bug that shows up with newer XInput code, add
      a missing conversion_proc, fix misplaced break, and add new config
      options to the SummaSketch subsection for ActiveArea and ActiveOffset
      (#735, Steven Lang).
1079. Fix a problem with xterm's cursor colour versus the background, and
      remove a duplicate initialisation of the cursor's GC (#734,
      Thomas E. Dickey).
1078. Fix XAA's bpp setting at 24bpp (#733, Mark Vojkovich).
1077. Fix cpp script problem on AIX (#732, Kaleb Keithley).
1076. Fix xhost core dump that can happen if no hosts are authorised
      (#731, Kaleb Keithley).
1075. Glint driver updates (#729, 730, Alan Hourihane).
1074. Move the solx86usleep() function out of solx86_init.c into a separate
      file, which should fix the problems addressed by #726.
1073. Add ANSI-C wrappers (#724, Holger Veit).
1072. Update recent config and libX11 changes for OS/2 (#724, Holger Veit).
1071. Fix and enable ET4000W32i acceleration, and fix unmap bug in the
      ET6000 memory probe (#723, Koen Gadeyne).
1070. Replace fdflush() in the Summa and AceCad drivers with tcflush
      (#722, Steven Lang).
1069. SCO support updates (#721, J. Kean Johnston).
1068. Add some more dead accents to the 'se' xkb layout (#718, Dejan Ilic).
1067. Merge in TOG's X11R6.3 public patch 2.

XFree86 3.9h (30 June 1997)
1066. Don't call seteuid in the server when the real uid is root.  This
      fixes a problem of not getting a core file under some FreeBSD versions.
1065. Tseng driver cleanups (#717, Koen Gadeyne).
1064. 'xset dpms 600 0 0' complains about 600 being greater than 0.
1063. New XInput driver for the AceCad ADVANCEDigitizer (#716, Shane Watts).
1062. Clean up some problems with the xf86 wrappers (#715, Matthieu Herrb).
1061. New Xinput driver for MicroTouch TouchPen touch screen (#714,
      Patrick Lecoanet).
1060. Changes for E281-2310 and fully compatible controllers in the
      Elographics driver (#714, Juergen P. Meier).
1059. Elographics driver updates (#714, Patrick Lecoanet).
1058. Fix ROP bugs in the svga/s3v driver (#713, Harald Koenig).
1057. Fix a malloc/free bug which can cause the Xserver to crash when
      an lbxproxy terminates.
1056. Change default compression level in lbxproxy (#710, Kaleb Keithley).
1055. Xt/Error.c update (#708, Kaleb Keithley).
1054. LibXext cleanups (#707, Kaleb Keithley).
1053. Config updates (#706, Kaleb Keithley).
1052. Add PreviousCandidate and MultipleCandidate keysyms (some new Japanese
      keyboards have these keys) (#705, Kaleb Keithley).
1051. Fix some xterm bugs (#700, Thomas E. Dickey).
1050. Initial part of implementing VT100 doublesize characters for xterm
      (#700, Thomas E. Dickey).
1049. First stab at adding dlopen() style loader (#712, Matthieu Herrb).
1048. Add further acceleration to the GLINT server (mostly disabled) (#711,
      Alan Hourihane).
1047. Add support for I128 Series II Rev 2 chips (#704, Robin Cutshaw).
1046. Additions to the apm driver. Add support for AT3D, acceleration for
      8,16,32bpp (for AT3D and AT24, filled rectangles, screen-screen bitblts,
      host-screen color expansion bitblts for text). DPMS support, hardware
      cursor code (also in 8bpp), use programmable clock, set MCLK to 57.3
      MHz on AT3D, various bugfixes and cleanups (#702, Henrik Harmsen).
1045. Fix problems with displaying card READMEs in XF86Setup (#701, Dirk
1044. Add left-edge clipping to s3_newmmio. There's bug in both the scanline
      screen->screen and CPU->screen stipple fallback routines though.  Both
      break certain patterns and the screen->screen bug is worse than the
      CPU->screen one (#694, Mark Vojkovich).
1043. Enables the XInput modules from 3.2 to be loaded as modules in
      XF86_LOADER (#693, Matthieu Herrb).
1042. Add code to have XAA check to see if a stipple can be reduced to an 8x8
      pattern before banishing it from the pixmap cache on account of it's
      size (#692, Mark Vojkovich).
1041. Fix CapNotLast problem in dashed line code (#686, Mark Vojkovich).
1040. Add stippled fill fallback for SVGA/S3 if the pixmap cache is too small
      (#685, Mark Vojkovich)
1039. Fix for xf86initac,c so that drivers can specify their own WriteBitmap
      functions and fallbacks for non-cachable stippled fills. This also
      allows usage of both CPU->screen and scanline screen->screen color
      expansion instead of one or the other (#684, Mark Vojkovich).
1038. Some Xlib fixes (#687-690, 695-699, Kaleb Keithley).
1037. XKB updates (#674, 675, 709, Kaleb Keithley).
1036. Config updates to make use of change 1033 (#673, Kaleb Keithley).
1035. Fix a typo in the XKB symbols/hu file and add an entry for it in
      the rules/xfree86.lst file (Peter Soos).
1034. Fix a bug in Xt/Error.c that can result in partially duplicated
      error/warning messages.

XFree86 3.9g (20 June 1997)
1033. Changes to imake to determine LinuxCLib*Version,
      LinuxBinUtilsMajorVersion and PostIncDir at build time (#673,
      Kaleb Keithley).
1032. Fix SEGV in solx86's xf86MapVidMem() when called without first
      calling xf86LinearVidMem() (David Thompson).
1031. Fix for pci detection code in S3 server (#683, Harald Koenig).
1030. Fix problems with rop -1 in S3V server (#679,681,682, Huver Hu, Harald
1029. Fix cache expansion routine for HARDWARE_PATTERN_NOT_LINEAR (#680,
      Mark Vojkovich).
1028. Add "no_split_xfer" option to S3 server (#678, Harald Koenig).
1027. Fix bug in xterm. Logout records should contain '\0' as first char
      in user name (#676, Alex Belits).
1026. Fix color problems on S3 cards with Ti3026 for SVGA/S3 (#671,
      Achim Oppelt).
1025. Adapt code to future changes in NetBSD's (and OpenBSD's?) mmap
      semantics (#670, Matthieu Herrb).
1024. Fix xterm's op termcap entry, and shorten the entry so it fits within
      the 1024 character limit.
1023. Actually include changes 963-965.
1022. Add accelerated server for cards based on 3DLabs GLINT chipsets. This
      server is known to work on Elsa GLoria L cards on most motherboards.
      It does not support any other cards at this time. This work was
      sponsored by S.u.S.E., Elsa, and SNI (Alan Hourihane, Stefan Dirsch,
      Dirk Hohndel).

XFree86 3.9f (16 June 1997)
1021. Fix some build problems with 3.9e.

XFree86 3.9e (15 June 1997)
1020. Add some more I128 acceleration, including pixmap cache, rectangle
      fills and line drawing (#669, Robin Cutshaw).
1019. Fix a compile problem that shows up with GLX isn't enabled
      (#668, Frederic Lepied).
1018. If the Wacom driver isn't supplied with a value for the Suppress
      option it is calculated to report motions according to the screen
      resolution (#668, Frederic Lepied).
1017. Fix a bug in the XInput Wacom driver which prevented the eraser from
      working (#668, Frederic Lepied).
1016. Add a virtual XInput device called "Switch" which sends extended
      motions when a different device sends a core event (with AlwaysCore
      enabled (#668, Frederic Lepied).
1015. Fix behaviour of XInput relative devices.  They send events with
      accumulated valuators not with valuators deltas (#668, Frederic Lepied).
1014. XInput devices with AlwaysCore enabled send both core and extended
      events at the same time (#668, Frederic Lepied).
1014. Move HP's HPkeysym.h (#667, Kaleb Keithley).
1013. Fix a bad include in FS.h (#666, Arthur Barstow).
1012. Add the mechanism to acknowledge the new DacSpeed[] values to the
      svga/s3 driver.  Only the Trios use it so far (#665, Mark Vojkovich).
1011. Fix(?) Truecolor depths for the Ti 3026/3030 ramdacs in the svga/s3
      driver (#665, Mark Vojkovich).
1010. Fix a logic bug in the XAA code that checks to see if there is
      enough room for 8x8 patterns in the pixmap cache (#664,
      Mark Vojkovich).
1009. Changes to vga256/vga to allow the NV1 driver to work without
      requiring any VGA functionality (#663, David McKay).
1008. Resync the MGA driver with 3.3 (#660, Radoslaw Kapitan).
1007. Lots of updates to the svga/ati driver (#659, Marc Aurele La France).
1006. Update support for ATI Rage II+, Rage Pro in the Mach64 server, scanpci,
      and SuperProbe (#659, Marc Aurele La France).
1005. Remove man pages for VGA16 and Mono servers (#659,
      Marc Aurele La France).
1004. Fix duplicate target in drivers/s3/Imakefile (#658, Robin Cutshaw).
1003. Fix some Xprt problems (#655-657, Kevin Samborn).
1002. Fix some DPMS problems, including problems when the DPMS timeouts
      are smaller than the screensaver cycle time, and problems with the
      various DPMS setting not being re-initialised at server reset.
1001. Fix an InfoRec initialisation problem in xfree68/fbdev (#652,
      Andreas Schwab).
1000. Fix incorrect links created from nls/XLC_LOCALE to xc/exports
      (#652, Andreas Schwab).
 999. Fix a flaw in a libX11 security fix (#652, Andreas Schwab).
 998. Add libc 6 config for Linux/m68k to (#652, Andreas Schwab).
 997. Allow depth-specific Dacspeeds to work for the tseng driver
      (#651, Koen Gadeyne).
 996. Tseng driver cleanups (#650, Koen Gadeyne).
 995. Allow xterm to start when /etc/termcap is missing, and fix some
      configure script nits (#649, Thomas E. Dickey).
 994. Fix twm crash if interrupted during startup (#644, Wolfram Gloger).
 993. Fontlib fixes (#636-640, 642, 646, 648, Arthur Barstow).
 992. Add audit logging to xfwp (#623, Kaleb Keithley).
 991. Sun/XKB keyboard fix (#621, Kaleb Keithley).
 990. Update xrx defaults (#620, Kaleb Keithley).
 989. Fontserver fixes (#613, 643, Arthur Barstow).
 988. Imake config updates (#610-612, 614-617, 619, 624, Kaleb Keithley).

XFree86 3.9d (10 June 1997)
 987. Fix "xaa_no_color_exp" option for scanline-screen-to-screen color
      expansion (#629, Koen Gadeyne).
 986. Add hint how to disable building Xprt to xf86site.def (#627, Koen
 985. Change Linux to use -D_REENTRANT (#644, Wolfram Gloger).
 984. Fix C&T driver to be more strict about DClk and MClk limits for HiQV
      chips (#645, David Bateman).
 983. Fix I128 server (#635, Robin Cutshaw).
 982. Fix VT switching problems in mga driver (#634, Guy Desbief).
 981. Fixes for xterm (missing part of install-rule, incorrect assignment for
      --enable-color-mode option, unexpected cursor color change while
      scrolling) (#632,633, Thomas Dickey).
 980. Fix a problem where the Tseng memory mapped registers get cleared in
      vgaScreenInit() when it is clearing the screen as startup.  This only
      happened for 8bpp with linear mode enabled (#630, OEyvind Aabling).
 979. Avoid nested asm calls for SVR4.0 (#631, Takaaki Nomura).
 978. Fix error messages when loading modules in the static server (#626,
      Matthieu Herrb).
 977. Change svga/s3 into two separate modules s3_pio and s3_newmmio. This
      doesn't work with the static server at this point. Add linear
      addressing and 16/24(packed)/32bpp. Add pci_retry option. (#625,
      Mark Vojkovich).
 976. Allow the ChipId and ChipRev values to be overridden from the XF86Config
      for the Mach64 server.
 975. Fix some 1bpp and 4bpp problems (#609, Marc Aurele La France).
 974. Changes to allow SuperProbe, Mach64 driver, scanpci and vgaPCI to
      detect the newer ATI 3D Rage II+ chips (#609, Marc Aurele La France).
 973. Allow the server side of the multibuffer extension to compile (#609,
      Marc Aurele La France).
 972. Continue removal of the XF86_VGA16 & XF86_Mono servers (#609,
      Marc Aurele La France).
 971. Add some new keywords to xf86_Config.h (#608, Stuart Anderson).
 970. Fix problem building the PC98 loader server (#607, Takaaki Nomura).
 969. Fix xdm/Imakefile for OpenBSD (which doesn't have libcrypt)
      (#606, Matthieu Herrb).
 968. Fix default value for xf86bpp (David Dawes, Dirk Hohndel).
 967. Some cleanups to tseng driver, re-apply the STG1700 RAMDAC changes and
      re-introduce some 1/4bpp checks (#605, Koen Gadeyne).
 966. Fix a few typos in tseng.sgml (#605, Koen Gadeyne).
 965. Automagically select the correct protocol for PS/2 mice at startup
      with XF86Setup (#604, Dirk Hohndel).
 964. Fix XF86Setup to follow links that point to non-existing files (so that
      it creates /var/X11R6/bin/X if necessary (#604, Dirk Hohndel).
 963. Fix XF86Setup to allow reading the right README files for cards using
      the SVGA server (#604, Dirk Hohndel).
 962. Fix small problem with installing the LinkKit (#603, Geert Uytterhoeven).
 961. Fix 8x8 pattern cache size checking (#602, David Bateman).
 960. Remove old (pre-XAA) acceleration from C&T driver (#601, David Bateman).
 959. Two small fixes in C&T driver for "use_vclk1" option and ImageWrites
      (#600, David Bateman).
 958. Add C&T 65555 detection to SuperProbe and SVGA server; treat it
      basically like a 65550 but attempts to use the TMED features (untested)
      (#600, David Bateman).
 957. Fix build problems in tseng_driver.c (#599, David Bateman).
 956. Fix XF86Setup build problem (#598, Takaaki Nomura).
 955. Fix yet another fontserver problem (#597, Arthur Barstow).
 954. Remove bogus changes to xc/Imakefile (Dirk Hohndel).
 953. Fix incorrect define for DGA (Steve Kump).

XFree86 3.9c (3 June 1997)
 952. Fix a problem with the HW cursor being drawn in the overscan area
      with the svga/s3v driver and cleanup some of the register
      save/restore (#585, Harald Koenig).
 951. Disable the banked-mode speedups for the Tseng driver when running
      in linear mode (#584, David Bateman).
 950. Fix for CR53 not being restored unless xf86Verbose > 1 in the svga/s3v
      driver (#572, Sebastien Marineau).
 720. Fix problems restoring some non-standard text modes for the Millennium
      (#571,573, Radoslaw Kapitan, #574, Ansgar Hockmann).
 948. Fix svga/s3v panning at 24bpp (#570, Harald Koenig).
 947. Fix S3V panning at 24bpp (#569, Harald Koenig).
 946. Fix misleading messages in the svga/s3v driver when the SVGA server
      is started with a non-ViRGE S3 card (#568, Sebastien Marineau).
 945. Alternate S3V 32<->24 bpp translation to avoid unaligned traps
      on Alpha platforms (#567, Harald Koenig).
 944. Disable 8x8 pattern fill when less than 8 scanlines are available
      in the XAA pixmap cache (#566, David Bateman).
 943. Fix a screen restore problem for the Mystique when the server is
      started with '-probeonly' (#559, Radoslaw Kapitan).
 942. Turn the monitor back on after DPMS has done its thing for
      OSs where the input devices are not selectable (558, Jack Thomasson).
 941. Fix some incorrect ROP definitions in the C&T driver (#557,
      David Bateman).
 940. Fix some text font corruption for the S3 Trio64 (#549,554 Harald Koenig).
 939. XF86Setup carddata updates (#547, Koen Gadeyne, #552, Matthieu Herrb).
 938. Modify xon to use the fully qualified hostname on Linux (#544,
      Burchard Steinbild, Dirk Hohndel).
 937. Exclude ROPs with no source from XAA CopyPlane functions (#538,
      David Bateman).
 936. Mach32 updates, including accepting '-bpp 15' and increasing the
      16bpp clock limit for the 68875 ramdac to 80MHz (#536, Bryan Feir).
 935. PC98 doc updates (#535, Takaaki Nomura).
 934. Fix for an S3V server problem at 16bpp introduced in change 650
      (#532, Huver Hu).
 933. Further fix for Mystique problems when VT switching (#531,
      Radoslaw Kapitan).
 932. Fix a blit bug with the ViRGE chip in the svga/s3v driver which
      shows up with xv rubber-banding (#529, Sebastien Marineau).
 931. Fix a blank screen problem when switching back to the Xserver
      from a text VT with the Mystique (#520, Radoslaw Kapitan).
 930. Some minor Tseng code cleanups (#519, Koen Gadeyne).
 929. Add a timeout to the MGA Sync() function (#518, Radoslaw Kapitan).
 928. Map only the amount of video memory present in the MGA driver
      rather than always 8MB (#516, Radoslaw Kapitan).
 927. Disable the HW cursor in the tseng driver when entering DGA mode
      (#514, Koen Gadeyne).
 926. Fix a S3V server text console corruption problem when running at 24bpp
      (#513, Kevin Brosius).
 925. Update NetBSD/OpenBSD docs (#512, Matthieu Herrb).
 925. Update Cirrus docs (#509, Harm Hanemaayer).
 924. Change Tseng memory mapped registers to volatile (#507, Koen Gadeyne).
 923. Disable Tseng 24bpp for CH8398 RAMDAC (#507, Koen Gadeyne).
 922. Update docs to reflect change 643 (#507, Koen Gadeyne).
 921. Re-enable Tseng 8bpp+linear+accel combination (#507, OEyvind Aabling).
 920. Update mga docs (#502, #503, Radoslaw Kapitan).
 919. Fix font and LUT corruption on VT switch for the svga/s3v driver
      (#497, Harald Koenig).
 918. Fix some acceleration bugs in the TGUI driver (#495,496, Alan Hourihane).
 917. Updates to the I128 server for Alpha platforms (#494, Robin Cutshaw).
 916. Fix a Mystique colour problem when switching VTs (#488, Guy Desbief).
 915. Fix a bug in Mystique memory detection (2MB was detected as 4MB)
      (#482, Radoslaw Kapitan).
 914. Merge in simple dashed horizontal and vertical line drawing in the
      S3V server into s3line.c, and use this for 24/32bpp (#474, Huver Hu).
 913. Modify the S3V server to advertise a 32 bits-per-pixel pixmap
      format to clients, and translate to/from packed 24bpp when accessing
      the framebuffer.  This allows a lot of clients which didn't know
      how to handle the 24 bits-per-pixel pixmap format to work
      (#474, Huver Hu).
 912. Start cleanup of depth/bitPerPixel usage in the SVGA server.  xdpyinfo
      should now report the correct information (#472, Mark Vojkovich).
 911. Change chiprounding from 128 to 64 in 8bpp for the Mystique, which
      allows 1600x1200x8 on 2MB boards (#467, Radoslaw Kapitan).
 910. Position the tseng accel scratchpad area correctly (#461, Koen Gadeyne).
 909. Fix a problem with the W32 server that causes it to hang with
      W32i cards (#456, Koen Gadeyne).
 908. Save the initial state of bit 7 of CR58 in the S3, S3V servers and
      svga/s3v driver, and change the "ras_precharge" option to allow it
      to be turned on or off (#458, Harald Koenig).
 907. Enable the clockchip in the tseng driver by default when a suitable
      RAMDAC/clockchip is found (#448, Koen Gadeyne).
 906. Fix text mode restore with ViRGE (#443, Harald Koenig).
 905. Add CH8398 probing to XF86_W32 (#439, Kurt Olsen).
 904. Add STG1702 probing to XF86_W32 (#434, Stuart Lamble).
 903. Fix blitbug widths in SVGA/S3V and S3V servers, enable the hardware
      cursor in doublescan mode in SVGA/S3V server, fix the 24bpp problem in
      SVGA/S3V server when mode switching (#432, Sebastien Marineau).
 902. Disable 24bpp on the STG1700, new "default" linear memory base for W32p
      cards, fix STG170x problems (#430 Koen Gadeyne).
 901. Add MODULEVENDORSTRING to the ModuleVersionInfo (#423, Stuart Anderson).
 900. Finetuning for Miro 80SV support. Add "no_pci_disconnect" Option
      (for some Alpha boxes, Alphastation255 and UDB) (#416, Harald Koenig).
 899. Fix several problems with the tseng driver. Don't allow pixmux modes
      in the VGA16 or MONO server (it doesn't work), disable the combination
      8bpp + linear + acceleration, fix maximal pixel clock for W32p, fix
      cut'n'paste bug where CRTC 0x31 was restored incorrectly, update the
      XF86_SVGA manual pages (#414,415, Koen Gadeyne).
 898. NetBSD and OpenBSD doc updates (#412, Matthieu Herrb).
 897. LynxOS documentation updates (#411,537 Thomas Mueller).
 896. LynxOS microSPARC fixes (#410, Thomas Mueller).
 895. Small fixes for dacspeed and set_mclk code in the S3V server (#401,
      Harald Koenig).
 894. Fix text mode restauration in S3V server (#400, Harald Koenig).
 893. Some misc bug fixes (#395, Harald Koenig).
 892. Change clock limits for S3 /DX and /GX chips to 170/170/135 based
      on information from S3 (#395, Harald Koenig).
 891. Add detection and higher clock limits for MELCO S3 ViRGE card
      (#395, Harald Koenig).
 890. Add set_mclk for S3V and S3/Trio64 (#395, Harald Koenig).
 889. Add support for specifying DACSpeeds separately for 8/16/24/32bpp
      (#395, Harald Koenig).
 888. Fix module handle leak in LoaderOpen (#393, Eric Nygren).
 877. Add Mach8 and 8514 to loader server (#387,394, Hans Nasten).
 876. More 68k loader updates (#380, Alan Hourihane).
 875. Some updates to the S3 server (#374, Harald Koenig).
 874. Fix some hangs on C&T 65550/65554 (#370, David Bateman).
 873. Several OS/2 fixes: Add the creation of host.def if not present. Get
      errno declared correctly. Add missing commandline options (#403,405
      Holger Veit).
 872. Fix a problem in the tseng driver which was causing it to fail at >8bpp
      with the STG1700 RAMDAC (#594, Koen Gadeyne).
 871. Tseng doc updates (#594, Koen Gadeyne).
 870. Enable shadow passwords by default for xdm on Linux-Elf.
 869. Fix Xrm buffer overflow in Xprint ddx (#591, Kaleb Keithley).
 868. Fix for incorrect handling of negative values in cfb (#586, Harald
 867. Fix for fontserver accessing NULL pointer (#587, Arthur Barstow).
 866. A better fix for change 862 (#590, Kaleb Keithley).
 865. Fix the incorrect resetting of the HW cursor hotx/hoty values at
      VT switch in most servers/drivers that support HW cursor
      (based on #582, OEyvind Aabling, #588, Dejan Ilic).
 864. Fix for Xlib/Xt buffer overflows which can be triggered by long
      $LANG and related environment variables (#576, Alex Belits).
 863. Cards db updates (#583, Dirk Hohndel, Harald Koenig).
 862. Fix for NULL dereference in XtOpenApplication/XtAppInitialize.
      This also makes these functions behave as documented (ie, exit
      when the display open fails).
 861. Some man page updates.
 860. Refine change 856 to take into account that some forms of 8x8
      pattern fill only need one scanline in the XAA pixmap cache
      (#581, David Bateman).
 859. Remove some unneeded <locale.h> includes in libXp and XKB (libX11)
      (#579, 580, Kaleb Keithley).
 858. Fix a problem that can cause xfs to crash after running for a while
      (#578, Arthur Barstow).
 857. Fix a problem with xfs that meant it could be killed by interrupting
      one of its clients (#575, Arthur Barstow).
 856. Disable 8x8 pattern fill when less than 8 scanlines are available
      in the XAA pixmap cache (#566, David Bateman).
 855. Fix some sgml problems in fbdev.sgml (#564, Matthieu Herrb).
 854. Cards db updates (#548, Koen Gadeyne, #552, Matthieu Herrb,
      #555, Harald Koenig).
 853. Make the TGA server us the same black/white pixel defaults as the
      others, and make it honour the flippixels flag (#551, Alan Hourihane).
 852. Updates for the VGADriverDoc sample stub driver (#546, Harald Koenig).
 851. Fix uninitialised variables in xeyes which can cause it to crash
      on Alpha platforms (#546, Harald Koenig).
 850. Fix a problem where XAA calls accel text functions with a ROP that
      has no source by rechecking the text function when the ROP is changed
      in the gc (#543, David Bateman).
 849. Fix an xterm autoconf problem (#541, Thomas E. Dickey).
 848. Add support for ICD2061 programmable clock in the pvga1 driver,
      as used by Diamond Speedstar 24X cards (#539, Torsten Duwe).
 847. Fix XAA cap style problem with thin lines that shows up with the
      MGA driver (#540, Radoslaw Kapitan).
 846. Update the Cards db for ViRGE cards (#534, Sebastien Marineau).
 845. PC98 doc updates (#530, Michio "Karl" Jinbo).
 844. Implement the Get/SetViewPort() functions in the VidMode extension
      (these were already documented).
 843. Fix some client/server protocol mismatches in some newer VidMode
      extension functions, and allow new clients to not fail with
      servers that don't have these fixes.  The extension version has
      been bumped to 0.8.
 842. Allow xconsole to handle regular files (it could in our R5-based
      releases, but this was lost when we moved to R6).
 841. Updates of tgetent for terminfo vs termcap for resize (#527,
      Thomas E. Dickey).
 840. Add aixterm-style 16 colour support to xterm (#527, Thomas E. Dickey).
 839. Make sure the port number is printed in host byte order in Xserver
      AUTH warning messages (#525, Marc W. Eichin).
 838. Stop xterm from setting the TERMCAP environment variable when
      using terminfo (#523, Mark W. Eichin).
 837. Remove '.' from DefaultUserPath (#517, Per Fogelstrom).
 836. Add more ET6000-based cards to the Cards db, and make ET6000 and
      ET4000w32i/p cards point to the SVGA server instead of the W32 server
      (#515, Koen Gadeyne).
 835. Remove '-m486' from the default gcc options.
 834. Add detection of other variants of the Cyber9385 to the trident
      driver and SuperProbe (Arthur Tateishi and Alan Hourihane).
 833. Change the SVGA server to tell DGA clients that the memory available
      is InfoRec.videoRam rather than ChipLinearSize (which is often
      too large).
 832. Cards db updates (#511, Harm Hanemaayer).
 831. Fix LynxOS inconsistent TERMCAP use by xterm and resize ($504,
      Thomas Mueller).
 830. Fix a duplicate declaration in imConv.c that shows up when building
      without XKB support, and remove a "Const" from the declaration
      (#505, David A. Koontz).
 829. Remove all local symlinks for 'make clean' in lnxLib.rules.
 828. Add an autoconf configuration script for xterm.  This isn't used
      in the standard build process, but is useful when building xterm
      standalone (#500, Thomas E. Dickey).
 827. Fix a problem in the RECORD server extension where the last ClientDied
      is never flushed (#498, Kaleb Keithley).
 826. Fix array bounds problem in dixutils.c (#493, Kaleb Keithley).
 825. Fix Xserver crash in SHAPE extension (#492, Kaleb Keithley).
 824. Fix typos in and (#491, Takaaki Nomura).
 823. Update with the version numbers of more recent Sun ProWorks
      compilers (#489, William Austin).
 822. TOG fix for the lib/X11 -xrm buffer overflow (#487, Kaleb Keithley).
 821. XInput doc updates (#486, Frederic Lepied).
 820. Fix SuperProbe's memory size detection for the ATI 264VT-B, 264GT-B,
      264LT and above, and fix SuperProbe's detection of the 264LT
      (#481, Marc Aurele La France).
 819. New entries for the Monitors db (#478, collected by Andrew Vanderstock).
 818. Enable building support for the NetBSD/OpenBSD/Solaris aperture
      drivers by default.
 817. Have optionally install a link in /usr/bin to rstartd.
 816. Change the name of the saved ids feature test macro in xterm to
      be more accurate.
 815. Enable colour in the default XTerm app-defaults file, and include
      the colour-related resources there.
 814. Update SOLX86 docs (#477, Matthieu Herrb).
 813. Update the Xservers to check for /dev/xsvc before /dev/fbs/aperture
      on Solaris (#477, Matthieu Herrb).
 812. Fix XAA stipple ScreenToScreen colour expansion, and fix a problem
      with stipples when ONLY_TRANSPARENCY is flagged (#476, David Bateman).
 811. Fix Xlib ctstowcs parser mishandling charset escape sequences in
      COMPOUND_TEXT (#470, Kaleb Keithley).
 810. Fix the -ar1 and -ar2 Xserver flags breaking XKB auto-repeat (#469,
      Kaleb Keithley).
 809. Add a backward-compatibility option to disable the recent XtMalloc
      changes (#468, Kaleb Keithley).
 808. Bump the revision number of SuperProbe (#462, Koen Gadeyne).
 807. Add ICS5341 and ISC5301 SDAC/Gendac detection to SuperProbe (#462,
      Koen Gadeyne).
 806. Fix negative offsets in pixmap during stipple fill (#460,
      Radoslaw Kapitan).
 805. Fix the layout of the mouse protocol buttons in XF86Setup.  XF86Setup
      now requires Tk version 4.1 or later (#459, Matthieu Herrb).
 804. Install rstartd in /usr/X11R6/bin rather than in /usr/bin.
 803. Fix a DGA addressing problem in the S3 server (#457, Mark Vojkovich).
 802. Remove the part of the PCI config-type detection that seems to switch
      some Neptune-based machines from type 1 to type 2.
 801. xtest update for OpenBSD (#455, Matthieu Herrb).
 800. Only show Xinput initialisation messages once (#454, Matthieu Herrb).
 799. Add support for the IntelliMouse protocol to xf86config and XF86Setup.
 798. Fix a problem in the Xservers where the DPMS timer code can cause
      select() can get called with a negative timeout value (and get stuck
      in an infinite loop) (#453, Van Jacobson).
 797. OS/2 updates (including docs) (#452, Holger Veit).
 796. Doc updates (#450, Matthieu Herrb).
 795. Fix the trident driver to make virtual resolutions work for the
      TGUI96xx/Cyber chips and make 32bpp available to these chips too.
      Also, update the clock code for these chips to allow higher
      resolutions (#386, Alan Hourihane).
 794. Disable the svga/s3v register dumps except for xf86Verbose > 1.
 793. Fix the svga/s3v driver Probe() to not falsely assume a ViRGE card
      is present in some circumstances.
 792. Add some new entries for the ServerFlags section to allow some
      control of the code used to determine the PCI config type on
      Intel platforms.
 791. Fix handling of the "line" parameter for the scroll-forw/scroll-back
      actions in xterm, and add entries to the XTerm app-defaults to
      use buttons 4 and 5 (as generated by the wheel on the IntelliMouse)
      for scrolling.
 790. Add debugging messages to the PCI probe code.  These are enabled
      when xf86Verbose > 2.  Also, try scanpci's method of detecting PCI
      config type 1 when the other method fails.
 789. Fix DeviceButtonMotion (#437, George Sachs).
 788. Fix for SuperProbe dumping core on NetBSD (#433, Matthieu Herrb).
 787. Fix fbdev.c and update documentation (#428, Geert Uytterhoeven).
 786. mga/README updates (#419, Radoslaw Kapitan, #431, Guy Desbief).
 785. xtest fixes, and updates for Linux (Harald Koenig).
 784. MGA doc updates (#447, Guy Desbief).
 783. Fix the Xt TopLevelShell's XtNiconic resource (Sekhar Makkapati).
 782. Tseng doc updates (#445, Koen Gadeyne).
 781. Tseng doc updates (#421, Harald Nordgard Hansen).
 780. Change the behaviour of XtMalloc, XtCalloc and XtRealloc when
      Malloc0ReturnsNull is set to YES so that they conform to the
      Xt spec (#444, Kaleb Keithley).
 779. Fix for buffer overflows in libX11's GetDatabase().  This can be
      used to exploit setuid programs linked against libX11
      (#442, Harald Nordgard Hansen).
 778. Doc updates (#441, Takaaki Nomura).
 777. Doc updates (#440, Thomas Mueller).
 776. Modify some messages in the svga/s3v driver (#443, Harald Koenig).
 775. Undo change 623; the post dividers were incorrect (#435, Marc Aurele
      La France).
 774. Move the Tk/Tcl include dirs after all the others in the XF86Setup
      Imakefile to make sure they don't cause installed X headers to be
      incorrectly used.
 773. Add CH8398 RAMDAC detection to SuperProbe (#418, Kurt Olsen).
 772. Fix an error in xterm's vt220 emulation: the DECUDK is only supposed
      to be interpreted for _shifted_ function keys (#384, Thomas E. Dickey).
 771. Patch to GLX comment/example in xf86site.def (#409, Henry Worth).
 770. Improve handling of screen pitch for accelerated C&T driver (#407,
      David Bateman).
 769. Add support for the Miro 80SV to the S3 server (#406, Harald Koenig).
 768. Fix bmtoa, smproxy, twm, xsm and Xprint to use mkstemp, if available,
      to avoid the mktemp() race condition (#404, Matthieu Herrb).
 767. Several updates XInput: Add always core feature to mouse driver. Add zone
      configuration for the wacom driver (TopX, TopY, BottomX, BottomY). Add
      KeepShape option for the wacom to respect the ratio of width/height
      |of the screen. Add multiple active zones on the same tablet. Add
      checks not to send core button events when multiple devices control the
      core pointer. Fix problem in the mouse driver not sending the button id
      in extended events. (#402, Frederic Lepied).
 766. More modes for xf86config and XF86Setup database (#397, Koen Gadeyne).
 765. Fix name of GLX stub library (#389, Henry Worth).
 764. Renumber option flag definitions to allow more space in the various
 763. Fix problems with DGA on 4/8MB Millenniums (#390, Radoslaw Kapitan).
 762. Fix Mystique display problems and dim text font after exit problems
      (#378,379, Guy Desbief).
 761. Rewrite clock restoring procedure for mga driver (#385, Radoslaw Kapitan).
 760. More modes for XF86Setup database (#372, Koen Gadeyne).
 759. Fix typos in (#363, Takaaki Nomura).
 758. Add a ModuleInit function to libxaa.a (#362, J. Kean Johnston).
 757. Fix a NULL dereference in xf86Config.c on OSs that don't support
      dlopen() loading for the static servers (#361, Thomas Mueller).
 756. Fix a problem with references to the GLX stub libraries in
      Xserver/Imakefile that affects building static servers
      (#361, Thomas Mueller).
 755. Allow most of the extensions in Xext to be dynamically loaded (in
      a single module) (#360, Matthieu Herrb).
 754. Allow the DBE extension to be dynamically loaded (#359, Matthieu Herrb).

XFree86 3.9b (4 May 1997)
 753. Add BuildPC98Servers as an easy way to enable/disable building
      all PC98 servers.
 752. Build Xvfb by default to help pick up build problems.
 751. Make 'makedepend' understand '-U' on the command line.
 750. Some fix-trackers from TOG, includes:
        lib/Xi: missing error message (#352 -- we already had this fix)
        lib/X11: long font paths can garbage heap (#353)
        fix potential memory leak in xinput ProcXGetDeviceMotionEvents (#354)
        fix unmatched quotes in comments (and other stuff?!?) (#355)
        config updates (#356)
        lib/X11: when IMS dies the library closes all open IMs (#357)
        lib/X11: When doing XSetICValues and IMS returns ERROR, library core
          dump (#358).
 749. Clean up the GLX for the static-linked servers (#351, Henry Worth).
 748. Fix SCO Open Server build problem (#348, J. Kean Johnston).
 747. Add an option to allow VClk1 to be used as the programmable clock
      with C&T 65550 and 65554 chips (#346 Daniel Bischof, Andreas Heitmann
      and Thomas Landgraf).
 746. Remove trailing ',' at the end of InfoRec initialisations, which
      was hiding potential compiler warnings (#343, Koen Gadeyne).
 745. Replace the ChipClockScaleFactor field with ChipClockMulFactor and
      ChipClockDivFactor to allow for non-integer factors required in
      some cases (#343, Koen Gadeyne).
 744. Fix some 'make' problems that show up on NetBSD and OpenBSD, and clean
      up BSD 4.4 -specific make stuff in the config/cf directory
      (#342, #344, Matthieu Herrb).
 743. Add better error/warning messages for the aperture driver code for
      NetBSD/OpenBSD (#341, Matthieu Herrb).
 742. Block choosing interleave mode for the Mystique, and set maxPixelClock
      for the Mystique (#338, Radoslaw Kapitan).
 741. Add ability to set MCLK for the mga driver in XF86Config (#338, #339,
      Radoslaw Kapitan).
 740. Fix some problems with XAA DELAYED_SYNC and the software cursor and
      backing store -- new wrappers are added (#337, Sebastien Marineau).
 739. Re-enable HW cursor for Millennium, and implement looping over
      MGAIdent when checking the Chipset (#336, Radoslaw Kapitan).
 738. Remove some assumptions about burst modes from the C&T ImageWrite
      function (#335, David Bateman).
 737. Matrox Mystique driver support, which should work fine with
      acceleration disabled (#334, Guy Desbief).
 736. Fix for double-height MGA hw cursor when using interlaced modes
      (#333, Radoslaw Kapitan).
 735. Explicit syncing of the blitter at the end of the C&T XAA primitives
      is no longer needed since delayed syncing is off by default
      (#332, David Bateman).
 734. Use the source pitch for colour CPU to screen operations in the C&T
      driver (#332, David Bateman).
 733. Fix writing the 16bpp planemask to the chip in the C&T driver
      (#332, David Bateman).
 732. Stop reserving 1kb of video memory when the accelerator is disabled
      for the Tseng driver (#331, Stuart Lamble).
 731. Fix Trident 96xx/Cyber series for snow on the screen and fix
      acceleration issues (#330, #349, Alan Hourihane).
 730. C&T doc updates (#329, David Bateman).
 729. Fix a bitblt bug for 8bpp, widths 49..56 in the s3v driver (#328,
      Sebastien Marineau).
 728. Add filled trapezoid support to the s3v driver (#328,
      Sebastien Marineau).
 727. Add caching of often-used ViRGE registers (#328, Sebastien Marineau).
 726. Add hw cursor support for the SVGA s3v driver (#328, Sebastien Marineau).
 725. Add a new kind of XAA pixmap cache slot which is used to hold mono
      8x8 patterns for chips which have PROGRAMMED_BITS (#327,
      Sebastien Marineau).
 724. Fix XAA pixmap cache invalidation after a VT switch (#327,
      Sebastien Marineau).
 723. Fix lockup problem in SVGA s3v driver, and some cleanups (#326,
      Harald Koenig).
 722. Fix MGA hw cursor not displaying after switching resolutions
      (#325, Radoslaw Kapitan).
 721. Fix text colour problems for ViRGE/VX, a rectfill and bitblt bug
      for virtual width == 2048, and avoid some more bad hardware lines in
      the S3V server (#324, Harald Koenig).
 720. Move chipset independent hw-cursor stub from mga_dac3026.c to
      mga_hwcurs.c (#322, Radoslaw Kapitan).
 719. Fix a build problem in osPexFont.c, and add a ModuleInit function
      for libxf86cache.a (#321, Michael Rohleder).
 718. Fix a 32bpp Millennium DAC initialisation typo (#318, Radoslaw Kapitan).
 717. Loader support for m68k (#317, #323, Alan Hourihane).
 716. Fix copyright and remove RCS idents in xf86_ldext.h (#316,
      Matthieu Herrb).
 715. Fix some NonTE text problems, and back out change #690 (#315,
      David Bateman).
 714. Add initialisation of GlxInitVisualsPtr to loadmod.c (#313, Henry Worth).
 713. Don't build libX11 for BuildServers only unless building the Xnest
      server (#312, Marc Aurele La France).
 712. Remove extraneous line in xf86text.c (#311, Harald Nordgard Hansen).
 711. Restore changes accidentally backed out of in 3.9a
      (includes #310, #313, #320, #326).
 710. Open /dev/tty0 instead of /dev/console on Linux to find the first
      free VT.

XFree86 3.9a (17 April 1997)
 709. Add delayed syncing as an optional flag for XAA.  This is now
      currently enabled only in the S3 driver (#308, Mark Vojkovich).
 708. Several fixes to TE and NonTE fonts. The server now passes CH06
      drwimgstr, drwimgst16, drwstr, drwstr16, drwtxt and drwtxt16 xtest tests
      (#305,307, Sebastien Marineau).
 707. Add Latin2 Type1 fonts (Peter Soos).
 706. Add Latin2 bdf fonts (Petr Kolar).
 705. Add SubsequentDashedTwoPointLine to XAA (#296, Mark Vojkovich).
 704. Add a Hungarian XKB symbols file (Peter Soos).
 703. Add support for Microsoft Intellimouse (#304, Thomas Vogler).
 702. Add ViRGE/VX support to SVGA/S3V server; this isn't really working, yet
      (#299,301, Harald Koenig).
 701. Add memory, FIFO, and PCI retry options to SVGA/S3V server (#293,300,
      Sebastien Marineau).
 700. Add support for 15bpp and 32bpp to SVGA/S3V server. 32bpp only with
      very limited acceleration (#293,300, Sebastien Marineau).
 699. Only build libX11 while doing BuildServersOnly if Xnest is enabled (295,
      Harald Koenig).
 698. Disable color expansion with planemask at 24bpp in chips driver (#303,
      David Bateman).
 697. Fix small bug in SVGA/S3 dash line code (#302, Mark Vojkovich).
 696. Allow trident 96xx chips to restore text mode (#298, Alan Hourihane).
 695. Fix virtual resolutions for trident driver at 24bpp (#298, Massimiliano
 694. TGUI driver updates for PC98 (#297, Akio Morita)
 693. Fix building PC98 modules, resync PC98 Imakefile (#297, Takaaki Nomura).
 692. Fix ch8398 ramdac command byte for 8bpp in tseng driver (#294,
      Krajcsovits Gyorgy).
 691. Fix NonTE fonts in XAA (#292,309 David Bateman).
 690. Disable XAA matchcommon logic to fix problem with grayed out fonts
      (#291, David Bateman).
 689. Fix sis driver for 8x8 color expand pattern fill pattern flags and XAA's
      new synching policy (#290, Xavier Ducoin).
 688. LynxOS updates (#289, Thomas Mueller).
 687. Enable 1bpp and 4bpp for the chips driver (#288, David Bateman).
 686. Jump version number to document that this is the branch working towards

XFree86 3.2At (14 April 1997)
 685. Fix ImageText fallback (#287, David Bateman).
 684. Some fixes for NonTE text. Add FixedBase support. Add TRIPLE_BITS24BPP
      support. Fix CPU_TRANSFER_PAD_QWORD problem. Fix possible loss of a few
      pixels at the end of NonTE text strings (#286, David Bateman).
 683. Fix compile problem with USL compiler (#283, David Bateman).
 682. Updates to mga_reg.h for Mystique (Guy Desbief).
 681. Add ATT20C49x RAMDAC support for 16 and 24bpp modes to tseng driver.
      Make ET6000 hardware cursor use closest available color instead of
      refusing to change colors when it can't find an exact match. Fix
      another W32i linear mode bug. Change ET6000 pixel clock limits as per
      Tseng's recommendations (=much lower than we had before). fix a BUG in
      the ET4000 "standard set-of-clocks" code. Use ChipClockScaleFactor.
      (#282, Koen Gadeyne).
 680. Fix and re-enable 8x8 pattern color expansion (!=24bpp) for Alpine cards
      Fix CPUToScreen color expansion for 24bpp mode, fix determining the BG
      color in 24bpp color expansion routines (#281,285, Corin Anderson).
 679. Various Cirrus fixes and additions. Fix HAVE_546X() macro for Laguna
      support. Add support for CL-GD5480. Disable Alpine XAA color expansion
      code. Fix 32bpp Alpine mode bug. Overload {slow,med,fast}_dram options
      to set Rambus BCLK on Laguna chips. Remove Sync()'s in laguna_acl.c.
      Removed unnecessary, dead, and/or dumb code in cir_driver.c. Add clock
      values for 150MHz through 229MHz dot clocks. Set clock limits correctly
      for Laguna chips. (#280, Corey Anderson).
 678. Fix problem in xf86gcmisc.c that could cause a segfault (#279,
      Mark Vojkovich).
 677. Fix problems with NonTE text in XAA (#278, David Bateman).
 676. Fix loader under SVR4.0.4 (lstat,fstat,mknod)(#277, Richard Coley).
 675. Speedups for dashed lines in SVGA/S3 (#276, Mark Vojkovich).
 674. Allow building Xnest with BuildServersOnly (#275, Marc Aurele La France).
 673. Fix vga16 and banked vga2 without also breaking either of the loader or
      static servers. Remove obsolete directories and other extraneous junk.
      Remove mi's dependence on mfb. LoaderFixups is no longer needed. Add
      xf86InitViewport to the symbol table. Combine vga2/mfb & vga2/mfb.banked.
      (#274 Marc Aurele La France).
 672. More layout cleanups in matrox driver (#273, Radek Kapitan).
 671. Fix LinkKit to build loader (#272, Takaaki Nomura).
 670. Fix some Alpha problems (#270, Robin Cutshaw).
 669. Add MemClk field to all drivers (#270,271 Robin Cutshaw, Sebastien
 668. Fix server crashes in C&T driver caused by delayed syncing (#269, David
 667. Fix problems with PEX modules (#268, Takaaki Nomura).
 666. Fix some problems in XAA benchmarks and Trident Cyber support (#266,267,
      Alan Hourihane).
 665. Add Mystique to scanpci (#264, Guy Desbief).
 664. Fix problems with delayed syncing (#263, Mark Vojkovich).
 663. Fix LinkKit and cirrus driver (#262, Takaaki Nomura).
 662. Fix I18N bug (#261, Nagao Tadaaki).
 661. First steps to get loader on SCO (#260, J. Kean Johnston).
 660. File structure changes for mga driver (#259, Radek Kapitan).
 659. Add stubs to load GLX extension (#228,246, Henry Worth, Dirk Hohndel).

XFree86 3.2As (09 April 1997)
 658. Several fixes and enhancements for the cirrus driver. Fix the crash that
      showed up in 3.2A with MMIO on some chips at 16bpp. Enable the 8x8
      pattern fill code for different chips. Reorganize the BitBLT feature
      checks in the accelerated driver, and make it compatible with the new
      delayed syncing in XAA.Fix the > 85 MHz dot clock mode on the
      CL-GD5436/46. Detect all DRAM configurations that are possible on the
      CL-GD5446. Add code to handle the 7555 (no detection).
      (#258, Harm Hanemaayer).
 657. Fix Bresenham line bug in trident/9440 driver (#257, Alan Hourihane).
 656. Add trapezoid acceleration to tseng driver (disabled), disable W32 hw
      cursor, remove redundant warning message about "Wrong Cursor Color Tried"
      (#256, Koen Gadeyne).
 655. Add mga dashed lines (#255, Andrew Vanderstock).
 654. Add more flexible way of loading and initializing extensions (#253,
      Matthieu Herrb).
 653. Fix bugs in the S3V server concerning rectfill with scan line width of
      2048 and with lines (#251,252, Harald Koenig).
 652. Add option "set_memclk" (#249, Sebastien Marineau).
 651. Fix hangs in svga/s3v server, fix some bugs, add planemask support to
      most accelerated primitives and start accelerated lines (#249, Sebastien
 650. Fix XAA to force ROP to GXcopy for XDrawImageString (#249, Sebastien
 649. Change "unsigned long" to CARD32 in dashed line support (#248,
      Mark Vojkovich).
 648. Add Matrox Mystique to vgaPCI.h (Guy Desbief).
 647. Fix building XF98_EGC (#247, Takaaki Nomura).
 646. Fix some problems with delayed syncing in the C&T driver (#245, David
 645. Add dashed line support for SVGA/S3 (#243, Mark Vojkovich).
 644. Add dashed line support for XAA (#242,244, Mark Vojkovich).
 643. Fix some fill problems in S3V server (#241, Harald Koenig).
 642. Several fixes to C&T driver that rearrange code in XAA FillRect code to
      work around bug in HW cursor, add ImageWrite function, use the 8x8
      pattern where possible to simulate a planemask, add preliminary support
      for vga2 and vga16 and temporary fix for Syncing problems in new XAA code
      (#239, David Bateman).
 641. Further LinkKit changes (#238, Takaaki Nomura).
 640. Small fix for LinkKit (#237, David Bateman).
 639. Fix twm double-frees (#236, John Hawkinson).
 638. Include missing patch for change 601.
 637. Update Compaq vgaVideoChipRec (1bpp,4bpp,15bpp,32bpp) (#234, Gerry Toll).
 636. Fix Linkkit (#233, Takaaki Nomura).
 635. Fix broken console restore for 4bpp driver (#232, Marc Aurele La France).
 634. Add S3 chipset override code to SVGA/S3 server (#231, Harald Koenig).
 633. Start converting XF86Setup to use the loader (#230, Joe Moss).
 632. Correct DCLK limits for S3V server (#229, Harald Koenig).
 631. Add STG1702 to SuperProbe (#227, Stuart Lamble).
 630. Small fix for syncing in XAA color expansion (#225, Mark Vojkovich).
 629. Resync PC98 server (#224, Takaaki Nomura).
 628. Add stg1702 auto probing to the tseng driver (#223,#226, Stuart Lamble).
 627. Fix 4bpp for PC98 (#222, Takaaki Nomura).

XFree86 3.2Ar (28 March 1997)
 626. Remove the old driver subdirectories.
 625. Fix setting of CRTC[22] on VGA compatibles (#220, Marc Aurele La France).
 624. Fix vga16 & banked vga2; don't remap *fb's endtab. Use the correct
      banking functions, displayWidth handling (#219, Marc Aurele La France).
 623. Change Mach64 to use the known extended post-divider setting on the
      3D Rage II (#218, Marc Aurele La France).
 622. Lots of changes to the SVGA/ATI driver, including 3D Rage II support,
      memory type detection (#217, Marc Aurele La France).
 621. Clean up internal allocator a bit, and make it log more information
      (when enabled) (#216, Marc Aurele La France).
 620. Fix misuse of UseInstalled in the .cf files for BSD derivatives.
      Make LinkKit use the same default CCOPTIONS as the main build.
      Remove redundancy in (#215, Marc Aurele La France).
 619. Add newer ATI chipsets to SuperProbe (#214, Marc Aurele La France).
 618. Fix color expansion and pixmap cache in trident driver (#212,213,
      Alan Hourihane).
 617. Change XAA to delay syncing (#211, Mark Vojkovich).
 616. Fix OS/2 naming problem in Xserver Imakefile and XAA 8x8 pattern
      rotations and flag checking inconsistency (#210, Sebastien Marineau).
 615. Add SVGA/S3V driver (#210, Sebastien Marineau).
 614. Add Sigma Designs REALMagic to SuperProbe (#209, Harald Koenig).
 613. Merge Trio64V2/Aurora64V+/PLATO changes into S3/SVGA driver (#208,
      Harald Koenig).
 612. Fix building XF98_EGC (#207, Takaaki Nomura).
 611. Add ImageWrite to s3/svga and prepare driver for upcoming XAA changes;
      the s3/svga server no longer does cursor blocking, users of Xqueue
      might have to use the Option "sw_cursor" (#206, Mark Vojkovich).
 610. Fix 8 bit DAC handling in SVGA server (#205, Mark Vojkovich).
 609. Add better support for linear memory on W32i cards (#204, Koen Gadeyne).
 608. Add HORIZONTAL_TWOPOINTLINE to XAA (#203, Alan Hourihane).
 607. Add autoloading of libxf86cache to Mach32 & Mach64 server and compile
      ServerInit() and ModuleInit() only for the LOADER (#202, Takaaki Nomura).
 606. Add support for Cirrus CL-GD5464BD, CL-GD5465 (#201, Corin Anderson).
 605. Documentation updates and improved memory bandwidth handling in tseng
      driver (#200, Koen Gadeyne).
 604. ViRGE/DX support for S3V server (#199, Harald Koenig).
 603. Some fixes to Trio64V+ & Trio64V2 (#198, Harald Koenig).
 602. Recognize 1MB on ViRGE (using an illegal setting) (Alan Hourihane).
 601. Fix and enhance handling of unresolved symbols in loader (#196, Harald
 600. Fixes and Additions for XF86Setup (#194,195, Joe Moss).
 599. Fix SuperProbe for W32 chipsets (#191, Koen Gadeyne).
 598. Fix building the static S3 server (#188-190, Harald Koenig).
 597. Fix undefined symbols in the pex5 module (#187, Matthieu Herrb).
 596. Fix autoloading modules in the S3 server for PC98 (#186,197 Takaaki

XFree86 3.2Aq (23 March 1997)
 595. Fix building static XF86_S3 (#185, Harald Koenig).
 594. Enable loader on OpenBSD (#184, Matthieu Herrb).
 593. Add missing files for NV1 (change 591).

XFree86 3.2Ap (22 March 1997)
 592. Fix screen problems with C&T at 24bpp (#182, Nozomi Ytow).
 591. Add NV1 acceleration (#181, David McKay).
 590. Add Trio64V2 170/110/60MHz support to S3 server (#180, Harald Koenig).
 589. Automagic loading of modules for old S3 server (#178,179 Harald Koenig).
 588. Automagic loading of modules for PC98 servers (#177, Takaaki Nomura).
 587. Fixes to blitter and hw cursor handling in C&T driver (#176, David
      Bateman, Egbert Eich).
 586. Add Elsa handling to S3/SVGA and Trio64V2/DX/GX, ViRGE/DX/GX and PLATO/PX
      to SuperProbe, scanpci, S3, S3V and S3/SVGA servers (#174,175,
      Harald Koenig).
 585. Build fix for Xprt, Xnest and Xvfb (#172, Takaaki Nomura).

XFree86 3.2Ao (18 March 1997)
 584. Fix/add IBM RGB528 support and add ELSA eeprom detection (only
      for IBM ramdacs right now) (#170, Harald Koenig).
 583. Fix linking problem of XF86_LOADER for Linux/a.out (#170,171, Harald
      Koenig, Xavier Ducoin)
 582. Fix several problems with loader and static server that were caused
      by change 567 (Dirk Hohndel).
 581. Fix bad 400x300 mode line (#165, Koen Gadeyne).
 580. Finer W32 chipset detection (#165, Koen Gadeyne).
 579. Tseng documentation updates (#165, Koen Gadeyne).
 578. Fix unresolved strlen in PEX and XIE (#164, Takaaki Nomura).
 577. Fix changes of NEC480 to PEGC (#163, Michio "Karl" Jinbo).
 576. Fix building of XF98_LOADER (#163,169, Michio "Karl" Jinbo,
      Takaaki Nomura).
 575. Fix building of normal X servers for PC98 (#163, Takaaki Nomura).
 574. Fix building P9000 module (#160, Takaaki Nomura).
 573. Add S3/SVGA color expansion (#161, Mark Vojkovich).
 572. Fix problems with "dac_8_bit" in svga server (#159, Mark Vojkovich).
 571. Fix ET6000 hardware cursor (#158, Harald Nordgard Hansen).
 570. Changes to NetBSD + BSD Elf library configuration (#157, Chris G.
 569. Fix for the SVGA/S3 hardware cursor (Xavier Ducoin).

XFree86 3.2An (15 March 1997)
 568. Build fixes in order to get a clean compile on Linux and FreeBSD
      (not for PC98, though). The servers still don't work quite as
      they should.

XFree86 3.2Am (12 March 1997)
 567. First attempt to get a universal SVGA server that statically links
      in all drivers except those from the accel directory. Links ok and
      seems to work at >=8bpp, but has bit ordering problems for 1,4bpp.
      (David Dawes, Dirk Hohndel).
 566. Fixes for Trident Cyber chipsets (#154,155, Alan Hourihane).
 565. Fixes for OS/2 (more IHaveModules and drive letters in ModulePath),
      get Mach64 to work again (#153, Holger Veit).
 564. Cleanups and improvements to tseng hw cursor code (#152, Koen Gadeyne,
      Harald Nordgard Hansen).
 563. Add pci_retry option to tseng driver (#151, Dejan Ilic).
 562. Change NEC480 to PEGC, resync of SuperProbe/Imakefile (#150, Takaaki
 561. Add hardware cursor to MGA driver (#149, Xavier Ducoin).
 560. Make tseng driver handle 1/4/8bpp at runtime (#145, Koen Gadeyne).
 559. Make apm driver loadable (#146, Joe Moss).
 558. Fix some cross compilation problem for XAA on OS/2 (#144, Sebastien
 557. Fix some 24bpp problems for ViRGE and cfb (#144, Sebastien Marineau).
 556. Move cursor area to top of vidmem for ViRGE (#144, Sebastien Marineau).
 555. Really fix mono/Imakefile and fix PEX struct dirent problem (#143,
      Matthieu Herrb).
 554. Add handling for S3-style 8x8 pattern fill to XAA; fix s3/svga
      accordingly (#141, Mark Vojkovich).
 553. Fix OS/2 problems; disable cross compiling Xprt, Xvfb, Xnest (#140,
      Holger Veit).
 552. Include some fix trackers, fixing problems with sunLib.tmpl,,
      memory leak in xdm: xdmcp.c manage(), Imake.rules, zlib 1.0.4, AltGR
      not working in Xlib (#131,132,135-139).
 551. Reapply change 536 for the new drivers (#130, Mark Vojkovich).
 550. Enable loader for NetBSD and fix a few typos (#127-129, Takaaki Nomura).

XFree86 3.2Al ( 7 March 1997)
 549. Fix a.out loader for FreeBSD (#126, Takaaki Nomura).
 548. Add the BT-848 to scanpci (#121, Dejan Ilic).
 547. Change the way dynamic loading of vga2. vga16, vga256 modules is done
      (just one module per driver for all color depths, all the drivers are
      moved to xfree86/drivers) (#122-124, Alan Hourihane, Dirk Hohndel).
 546. Add support for 3DLabs GLINT chipsets to scanpci and SuperProbe, start
      working on a 2D server for Elsa Gloria L (Dirk Hohndel, Stefan Dirsch).

XFree86 3.2Ak ( 4 March 1997)
 545. Make Mono drivers loadable and clean up some of XF86_LOADER; this
      change replaces some of the things done in change 537 (#119, H.J. Lu).
 544. Fix char alignment in COFF loader as well (#120, Thomas Mueller).
 543. Fix short alignment in COFF loader and add missing entry to SYMENT
      (#118, Michael Rohleder).
 542. Build fix for libc_wrapper.c on ISC (#117, Michael Rohleder).
 541. Add Module Version to Mach32 server (#117, Michael Rohleder).
 540. Add smarter handling of unresolved symbols in the loader (#116,
      Sebastien Marineau).
 539. Fix problem in OS/2 loader (#115, Sebastien Marineau).
 538. Add module versioning and auto loading to S3V server (#114, Sebastien
 537. Change name of Screen Section to "XFree86".
 536. Set correct clipping rectangle for SVGA/S3 (#112, Mark Vojkovich).
 535. Fix a problem in trapezoid solid fill code (not sure if this fixes
      the problems that caused change 533 to be disabled) (#110,
      Mark Vojkovich).
 534. Add 'Doublescan' support to MGA driver (#109, Radoslaw Kapitan).
 533. Add trapezoid solid fill acceleration to MGA driver; disabled as it
      doesn't draw correctly at this point (#109, Radoslaw Kapitan).
 532. Remove MgaAccelSwitch (#108, Radoslaw Kapitan).
 531. Improve SolidFill speed on C&T65545/6/8 (#107, Nozomi Ytow).
 530. Fix libc_wrapper.c build problem on SVR4 (#106, Takaaki Nomura).
 529. Fix VGA16 driver (#105, Thomas Mueller).
 528. Fix Compaq AVGA driver (#104, Ming Yu, Joseph Pfeiffer, Gerry Toll).
 527. Add more comments to MGA driver (#103, Radoslaw Kapitan).

XFree86 3.2Aj (28 February 1997)
 526. Various build fixes for FreeBSD, NetBSD, Linux, Solaris (Dirk Hohndel).
 525. Fixes for OS/2 loader and ar code (#100, Sebastien Marineau).
 524. Updates to S3/SVGA driver (#99, Mark Vojkovich).
 523. Add SubsequentFillTrapezoidSolid to XAA (#99, Mark Vojkovich).
 522. First stab at getting VGA16 as loadable module; doesn't work, yet
      (Dirk Hohndel).
 521. Add Mystique register definitions (#98, Guy Desbief).
 520. Fix unresolved symbols with loadable ati driver (#96, Thomas Mueller).
 519. Add module versioning (#97, Holger Veit).
 518. LynxOS doesn't have vfscanf (#95, Thomas Mueller).
 517. Fix 499 was missing. It is now included.
 516. Remove bogus code in xf86frect.c (#93, Harm Hanemaayer, Harald Nordgard
 515. Build fixes for FreeBSD (#92, Takaaki Nomura).
 514. Restructure RAMDAC handling in tseng driver and add 16/24bpp support
      for STG1703 (#91, Koen Gadeyne).
 513. Tseng HW cursor state save/restore (#91, Dejan Ilic).
 512. Disable HW cursor on et4000 (#91, Koen Gadeyne).
 511. Fix et6000 memory probing (#91, Koen Gadeyne).
 510. Fix handling of PCI probe in the tseng driver (#91, Koen Gadeyne).
 509. Fix "double-magic" in libc_wrapper.c (#90, Holger Veit).
 508. Fix for ET6000 HW cursor (#89, Harald Nordgard Hansen).
 507. Fixes to MGA driver: remove "nolinear", allow overriding MMIO address
      as IoBase in XF86Config, remove obsolete files (#88, Radoslaw Kapitan).

XFree86 3.2Ai (25 February 1997)
 506. Fix libc_wrapper.c for LynxOS, where stdin/out/err isn't a valid
      initializer (#87, Thomas Mueller).
 505. Updates to SiS driver: fix setting MemBase, allow some XAA functions
      in 8bpp even without linear mode, support DPMS (#86, Xavier Ducoin).
 504. Disable the stream display fetch length control for Trio64V2
      (#85, Xavier Ducoin).
 503. Update SuperProbe for sis86c202 and sis86c205 (#84, Xavier Ducoin).
 502. Allow ModulePath to have multiple elements; use heuristic to find the
      module if only part of the exact filename is specified; allow subdirs
      of the module directory to be searched (Dirk Hohndel).
 501. Change loader code so that ModuleInit is a magic function name that
      indicates the init function for a module. ServerInit now is the function
      used to get the initial ScrnInfoRec; change all modules to follow these
      naming conventions (Dirk Hohndel).
 500. Fix missing fsetpos/fgetpos in ISC (#78, Michael Rohleder).
 499. Fix elfloader to recognize .data1 and .rodata1 sections
      (#82, Steve Forsythe).
 498. Add readdir family of functions to libc_wrapper (#81, Holger Veit).
 497. Add crosscompilation support for OS/2 (#81, Holger Veit).
 496. Add loadable module support for P9000 (#80, Erik Nygren).
 495. Fix error message in loader (#79, Matthieu Herrb).
 494. Workaround for a bug in 68k GNU binutils (#77, Geert Uytterhoeven).
 493. Add new xf86_libc.h to make porting to the new style loader
      architecture easier. Adapt PEX5 using the new header file (Dirk Hohndel).
 492. Fixes for a.out loader (#74-76, Matthieu Herrb).
 491. More fixes for libc_wrapper.c (#73, Michael Rohleder).

XFree86 3.2Ah (23 February 1997)
 490. Some a.out loader updates for Linux/a.out (#72, Harald Koenig).
 489. Add support for cross compilation of modules in the Imake rules
      (#71, Holger Veit).
 488. Add a subset of xf86stdio functions to libc_wrapper.c (#71, Holger Veit).
 487. Make the I128 driver loadable (#65,66,70, Robin Cutshaw).
 486. Fix et4000 driver compile problems for vga2 and vga16
      (#69, Koen Gadeyne).
 485. Fix 8x8 patterns for TGUI chips (#68, Alan Hourihane).
 484. Fix direct reference to memset() (#67, Harald Nordgard Hansen).
 483. Gnu parallel make update for loadable server (#64, H.J. Lu).
 482. Include the summasketch support explicitly in xf86Xinput.c when
      not using dynamic modules (#63, Christer Nilsson).
 481. Loader support for OS/2-style a.out (#62, Sebastien Marineau).
 480. Fix nested asm calls in tseng_cursor.c (#61, Takaaki Nomura).
 479. Add a timeout to the C&T blitter wait loop, and reset the blitter
      when this happens (#60, David Bateman).
 478. Add missing imake patch for massaging the results of parse_utsname()
      (#57, Chris Demetriou).
 477. Don't define DoLoadableServer yet for non-Intel Linux platforms.
 476. Don't refer to the PEX init function in loadmod.c when PEXEXT isn't
      defined (as is the case on Alpha platforms) (#56, Alan Hourihane).
 475. Fix references to usleep on SVR4 (#61, Takaaki Nomura).
 474. Fix references to snprintf on SVR4 (David Dawes).
 473. Fix some compile problems on FreeBSD (David Dawes).

XFree86 3.2Ag (19 February 1997)
 472. Fix Imakefiles and loader problems on OS/2 (#53, Sebastien Marineau).
 471. Fix problems with ISC and the Mach32 module (#55, Michael Rohleder).
 470. Fix Xnest and Xvfb when DoLoadableServer is YES (Dirk Hohndel).
 469. Clear up multiplex support on 96xx and display error message when
      requested resolution exceeds available memory with the accelerator
      engine (#52, Alan Hourihane).
 468. Let Trio64V2 use newmmio driver (#49, Tom Angert).
 467. First cut for ET6000 hardware cursor (#48, Dejan Ilic).
 466. Some xf86 wrappers (#47, Craig Groeschel).
 465. Convert PEX and XIE to be loadable with the new style loader
      (Dirk Hohndel).
 464. Clean up configuration files to distinguish old and new style
      loading of extensions (Dirk Hohndel).
 463. Add DPMS support (off mode only) to the P9000 server
      (#9, Karl Anders Oygard).
 462. Add PCI probing to the P9000 server (#9, Karl Anders Oygard).
 461. Resync PC98 Imakefiles.
 460. Enable the loadable server for LynxOS AT (#46, Thomas Mueller).
 459. Better fix for XF86Setup compile problems (David Dawes).

XFree86 3.2Af (17 February 1997)
 458. Fix XF86Setup/Imakefile (#45, Harald Nordgard Hansen).
 457. Fix xdm/Imakefile for ISC (Michael Rohleder).
 456. Fix problem with S3V and W32 modules (Dirk Hohndel).
 455. Move module rules from xf86.rules to Imake.rules, and when building
      a module, install a link to it in xc/exports/lib/modules/ (David Dawes).
 454. Start Elf loader for Linux/Alpha; doesn't work, yet (#44, Alan Hourihane).
 453. Hide cursor in S3/SVGA when DGA is active (#43, Mark Vojkovich).
 452. a.out loader for module loading (#42, Matthieu Herrb).
 451. Extend OS support layer to cover some libc functions and update all
      drivers to use the internal functions (Dirk Hohndel).

XFree86 3.2Ae (16 February 1997)
 450. Add -showunresolved flag to server.
 449. Add sourceAddress option to xdm (#41, Christos Zoulas).
 448. Fix cfb8line (#40, Jeff Anton).
 447. Turn pixmap cache in SVGA/S3 server back on and switch over to XAA for
      lines and segments (#39, Mark Vojkovich).
 446. Fix COFF header file (#38, Stuart Anderson).
 445. Better XKB russian keyboard support (#36, Andrey A. Chernov).
 444. Fix an X11R6.3 problem with SCO 5 build (#35, Alan Hourihane).
 443. Fixes for Trio64V2 (#35, Tom Angert, Harald Koenig, Xavier Ducoin).
 442. avoid nested asm calls which cause compile errors on PANIX(SVR4) (#31,
      Takaaki Nomura).
 441. Resync LinkKit (#26, Takaaki Nomura).
 440. Fix some build problems when not using the new loader code
      (on FreeBSD) (David Dawes).
 439. Stop S3 and S3V server from overwriting CR11 (#30, Harald Koenig).
 438. Fix banking code in S3/SVGA driver (#29, Thomas Mueller).
 437. Fix DPMS code for C&T (#28, David Bateman).
 436. Enable left edge clipping for HiQV chips (#28, David Bateman).
 435. Stop C&T probe from printing out messages for non C&T chips (#28,
      David Bateman).

XFree86 3.2Ad (14 February 1997)
 434. Merge Metro Link loader code and make all SVGA drivers and S3, S3V
      server loadable (Metro Link, Dirk Hohndel).
 433. Avoid installing CVS admin files when doing 'make install' for rstart
 432. Resync xfree98/SuperProbe/Imakefile.
 431. Fix for 'xset r rate' and XF86MiscSetKbdSettings() for some OSs (#24).

XFree86 3.2Ac (12 February 1997)
 430. Fix problem with system #define Control on LynxOS (Thomas Mueller).
 429. FreeBSD 2.2 doesn't need libz (Takaaki Nomura).
 428. Another attempt at left edge clipping for HiQV chips (still disabled
      by default) (David Bateman).
 427. DPMS in C&T is now enabled even when no monitor is detect (David Bateman).
 426. Additional fixes for 65530/35 linear addressing (untested) (Egbert Eich).
 425. Fix for the 16/24 bpp corruption in RIGHT2LEFT blits in the C&T driver
      (Egbert Eich).
 424. Fix LinkKit and XF98_TGUI server (Takaaki Nomura).
 423. Reenable xsetpointer, xsetmode, xsetxkbmap in programs/Imakefile.
 422. Encapsulate arguments in C&T header files (Nozomi Ytow).
 421. Documentation updates for ET4000, mostly about 16/24/32bpp (Koen Gadeyne).
 420. Fix VGA2 and VGA16 that were broken in 394/395 and reenable them
      (Koen Gadeyne).
 419. Improved resolution switching and 24bpp handling in S3V (Kevin Brosius).
 418. Matrox detection in SuperProbe (Alan Hourihane).
 417. Fix bug in the Type1 font code (H.J. Lu).
 416. Autoprobe Viper PCI and DPMI support for P9000 (Karl Anders Oygard).
 415. Use fill rect solid for horizontal lines on S3 (Mark Vojkovich).
 414. Add 8bit dac support to MGA (Mark Vojkovich).
 413. Add make -j support for gnu make (H.J. Lu and Craig Groeschel).

XFree86 3.2Ab (11 February 1997)
 412. Some fixes for Linux/m68k (Geert Uytterhoeven).
 411. Add XAA S3 driver to the SVGA server (Mark Vojkovich).
 410. Add a flag argument to the ValidMode functions (Dirk Hohndel).
 409. Implemented (but disabled) left edge clipping for color expansion for
      HiQV chips (David Bateman).
 408. 8x8 mono pattern fills for HiQV chips (David Bateman).
 407. DPMS support for C&T driver (David Bateman).
 406. Scanpci for Alpha (Robin Cutshaw).
 405. Fix clock clock limits for trident driver (Alan Hourihane).
 404. 9420/9430 acceleration - not tested, only partial, too (Alan Hourihane).
 403. DPMS support for the Trident driver (Alan Hourihane).
 402. 24/32bpp support for Trident chipsets (Alan Hourihane).
 401. Trident support for the Alpha platform (Alan Hourihane).
 400. Add DPMS to et4000 driver of the SVGA server (Harald Nordgard Hansen).
 399. Fixes and addition to the acceleration for W32 and ET6000 (Koen Gadeyne).
 398. Chrontel RAMDAC support for W32 in SVGA server (Kurt Olsen).
 397. Hardware Linedraw support for ET6000 and ET4000W32p (Koen Gadeyne).
 396. Add memory bandwidth as a concept to the W32 RAMDAC code (Koen Gadeyne).
 395. Move W32/ET6k clock setting functions into tseng_clock.c. This together
      with change 394 breaks the W32 server and the et4000 driver in the
      VGA2 and VGA16 server (all those are disabled by default for now)
      (Koen Gadeyne).
 394. Move RAMDAC support from W32 server in SVGA server and added
      accelerated 16/24/32 bpp support for ET4000/W32p (Koen Gadeyne).

XFree86 3.2Aa (10 February 1997)
 393. Much additional acceleration for the HiQV chips (David Bateman).
 392. Print the PCI retry setting in MGA server (Radoslaw Kapitan).
 391. OpenBSD fixes (Matthieu Herrb).
 390. Small fix for doc naming.
 389. Fix 24bpp clock limit for ViRGE (Harald Koenig).
 388. Fix 16bpp 6554x 8x8 pattern fill problem (David Bateman).
 387. Fix core dump in C&T driver (Egbert Eich).

XFree86 3.2A (28 January 1997)
 386. Updates to the OS/2 pipe xtrans code (Sebastien Marineau).
 385. Update the max clock for the TGUI ProVidia 968x (Alan Hourihane).
 384. Disable memory interleaving before restoring the text font info
      for the MGA driver.  This fixes font corruption that shows up
      in Alpha platforms (Jay Estabrook).
 383. Fix some document formatting problems.
 382. Enable MMIO by default for TGUI chips when acceleration is enabled.
      It can be disabled with the "no_mmio" option.
 381. Fix problems with the Trident driver in 16-colour mode (Alan Hourihane).
 380. Back out change 370 because it is obsoleted by change 373.
 379. Fix 369 was missing, and is now included.
 378. OS/2 updates (including documentation) (Holger Veit).
 377. Add bitblt acceleration for 16 and 32bpp for the I128 server
      (Robin Cutshaw).
 376. Tseng doc update (Koen Gadeyne).

XFree86 3.2y (26 January 1997)
 375. I128 accel fix (Robin Cutshaw).
 374. Update Japanese version of documentation to 3.2 (Kazuyuki Okamoto).
 373. Fix 8x8 pattern acceleration for ET6000 (Koen Gadeyne).
 372. Fix an optimisation/volatile problem with the I128 accel code
      (Robin Cutshaw).
 371. Fix the clearing of video memory in the SVGA server when the linear
      base address has been offset (Jay Estabrook).
 370. Disable 8x8 pattern acceleration for ET6000 (Harald Nordgard Hansen).
 369. Fix stippled/tiled lines (segments) (Harm Hanemaayer).
 368. Update the LinkKit for recent I128 server changes (Takaaki Nomura).
 367. Fix display of 8bit characters in xterm (when in VT100 mode)
      (Thomas E. Dickey).
 366. m68k server updates (Geert Uytterhoeven).
 365. Matrox doc updates (Andrew Vanderstock).
 364. Update Mach64 docs (Kevin Martin).
 363. Fix a ELSA Winner 2000PRO/X-8 initialisation problem that shows up
      after running a certain other X server (Harald Koenig).
 362. Fix a PC98 TGUI problem when using XAA colour expansion (Kazunori Ueno).

XFree86 3.2x (23 January 1997)
 361. Remove some XAA debugging messages (David Bateman).
 360. Preliminary I128 bitblt acceleration using XAA (Robin Cutshaw).
 359. NetBSD doc updates (Matthieu Herrb).
 358. Fix a problem with specifying the chipset as "et6000" with the W32
      server (Koen Gadeyne).
 357. Fix for XAA bitmap problem which showed up with the C&T driver, and
      With this fixed, change 339 has been backed out (David Bateman).
 356. Update clock limits for the PC98 TGUI server (Akio Morita).
 355. PC98 documentation update (Akio Morita).
 354. Tseng doc updates (Koen Gadeyne).
 353. Add NO_PLANEMASK to the Tseng XAA colorexpansion flags (Koen Gadeyne).
 352. LynxOS doc updates (Thomas Mueller).
 351. Fix some unaligned access problems with pixmap data that show up on
      Alpha platforms (Jay Estabrook).
 350. Fix a problem with passing the depth/weight specified on the
      server command line in some situations (Harald Koenig).
 349. Add support for the S3 Aurora64V+ programmable clock, which is slightly
      different from the Trio64 (Harald Koenig).
 348. Blank the screen before turning off the sync signals for the WD90C24
      DPMS support (Brad Bosch).
 347. Change 341 was missing, and is now included.
 346. Don't accelerate XAA functions which use source bitmap data when
      the rop is GXclear, GXnoop, and GXset (as well as GXinvert)
      (Harm Hanemaayer).
 345. S3V doc updates (Kevin Brosius).
 344. S3 doc updates (Harald Koenig).
 343. Remove some experimental code in XF86Setup that was causing it
      to fail when starting the first server (Joe Moss).

XFree86 3.2w (22 January 1997)
 342. Update the xset man page for the DPMS additions.
 341. Updates to TGUI acceleration, to hopefully fix some problems that
      show up with xtest (Alan Hourihane).
 340. Add recognition of some other TGUI Cyber chipset codes (Alan Hourihane).
 339. Enable 8x8 mono pattern fills for C&T 65545, and limit colour expansion
      to GXCOPY_ONLY to avoid some crashes when running things like
      xengine and xdvi (David Bateman).
 338. Fix various Chips & Tech display problems for 6554x, 65550 and
      64300 chips (Egbert Eich).
 337. Fix some XAA-related xtest errors (Harm Hanemaayer).
 336. Enable the "no_accel" flag for the ET6000 (Koen Gadeyne).
 335. When the "et6000" chipset is specified, use the port-probed value
      for the membase rather than getting it from the PCI info (Koen Gadeyne).
 334. Tseng documentation updates (Koen Gadeyne).
 333. Cirrus documentation updates (Harm Hanemaayer).
 332. Add README.SiS (Xavier Ducoin).
 331. Temporary workaround for Mode_switch problems when using XKB and
      Latin1 charset (Matthieu Herrb).

XFree86 3.2v (20 January 1997)
 330. Added rules to use FreeBSD's sgmlfmt tool to format Linuxdoc/sgml
      docs -- but this needs more work.
 329. Blank the screen before setting a DPMS mode (Leonard N. Zubkoff).
 328. Fix sync disabling for DPMS for the S3 (and S3V) server (Robert Wilhelm).
 327. Change the .name parameter of the S3V server to "S3V" (Kevin Brosius).
 326. Improve S3V 24bpp mode switching (still has some problems)
      (Kevin Brosius).
 325. Disable 32bpp for the S3V server (not supported) (Kevin Brosius).
 324. Fix S3V aspect ratio problem at 24bpp (Kevin Brosius).
 323. Fix rotation direction of 8x8 mono patterns in XAA (David Bateman).
 322. XAA updates (see xaa/NOTES for details) (Harm Hanemaayer).
 321. Another fix for 5446 clocks higher than 85 MHz (Harm Hanemaayer).
 320. When a clocks line is specified in the XF86Config file for the
      cirrus driver, ignore it rather that insisting on its removal
      (Harm Hanemaayer).
 319. Remove artificial limit for LCD dot clock for Cirrus 754x chips
      (Harm Hanemaayer).
 318. Fix a problem with default cirrus MMIO operation (Harm Hanemaayer)
 317. Improved acceleration support at 24bpp for the Ark driver
      (Harm Hanemaayer).
 316. Ark documentation updates (Harm Hanemaayer).
 315. Enable "slow_dram" in the tseng driver for cards below W32i
      (Koen Gadeyne).
 314. Fix a tseng driver typo (missing braces) which was causing linear
      mode to incorrectly disable acceleration for the ET6000 (Dejan Ilic)
 313. Fix a tseng driver bug which was causing a system hang because
      "fast_dram" wasn't completely disabled (Dejan Ilic).
 312. Fix a tseng driver bug which causes a server crash when the chipset
      "et6000" is specified for the SVGA server (Koen Gadeyne).
 311. Some more W32i accel code, but disabled because it doesn't yet
      work (Koen Gadeyne).
 310. Fix for ET6000 24bpp MULBPP optimisation (Harald Nordgard Hansen).
 309. Tseng documentation updates (Koen Gadeyne).
 308. Cirrus documentation updates (Corin Anderson).
 307. Updates for TGUI96xx hw cursor (8bpp, 16bpp), and PC98 TGUI card
      list (Akio Morita).
 306. Fix build TGA compile problem and xdm build problem on Linux/Alpha
      (Robin Cutshaw).

XFree86 3.2u (19 January 1997)
 305. Only show the "extension not loaded" messages for the first
      server generation.
 304. Don't allow DPMS to be switched if the Xserver's VT isn't active
      (Leonard N. Zubkoff).
 303. Implement DPMS "off" support for the WD90C24, for LCD, CRT or both
      (Brad Bosch).
 302. Add a missing DPMSExtension #ifdef in os/WaitFor.c (Corin Anderson).
 301. Fix an XAA bug with mono patterns, SCREEN_ORIGIN, and PROGRAMMED_ORIGIN
      (Corin Anderson).
 300. Implement monochrome pattern fill for Cirrus Laguna chips
      (Corin Anderson).
 299. Disable "fast_dram" for the ET6000 because it can cause serious
      problems (Koen Gadeyne).
 298. Disable "power saving" in the Tseng driver because the current
      way of doing it causes memory corruption (Koen Gadeyne).
 297. Disable linear mode and acceleration for Tseng chips that have
      not been tested or which are not supported (Koen Gadeyne).
 296. Add some code to treat the ET6000 slightly differently when the
      chipset is specified in the XF86Config file, to help the case
      when another (disabled) PCI video card is detected (Koen Gadeyne).
 295. Use triple-buffering for colour expansion in the tseng driver
      (Koen Gadeyne).
 294. Make some variables in the tseng driver static (Koen Gadeyne).
 293. Remove some asm stuff in the tseng driver, and add a C optimised
      MULBPP calculation (Koen Gadeyne).
 292. Disable XAA framebuffer concurrency in the tseng driver, which
      hides most of the text corruption problems (Koen Gadeyne).
 291. Man page (DPMS) and documentation (MGA) updates (Leonard N. Zubkoff).
 290. Fix invalid modelines in XF98Conf.cpp (Takaaki Nomura).
 289. Add checking of mode size against video memory requirements to the
      Mach32 and Mach64 servers.
 288. Fix GXnor and GXnand ROP definitions for the TGUI driver.
 287. Update for Linux a.out libX11's jump_ignore (Harald Koenig).
 286. Fix (?) TGA server link problem.

XFree86 3.2t (18 January 1997)
 285. Update W32 docs (Dirk Hohndel).
 284. Recognise "noaccel" and "slow_dram" options in the ET4000 driver
      (Dirk Hohndel).
 283. Fix problem with not truncating pixel values in the MGA driver
      (Dirk Hohndel).

XFree86 3.2s (18 January 1997)
 282. Fix a problem with xdm's sessreg and utmp on Linux (Leonard N. Zubkoff).
 281. Fix a plane-enable bug for Cirrus 754x (Corin Anderson).
 280. Don't use teblt code for depths other than 8 for Cirrus 754x
      chips (Corin Anderson).
 279. Implement programmable pattern offset using XAA, add support for
      plane masks and fix sum bugs for Cirrus Laguna chips (Corin Anderson).
 278. Don't check the PCI command FIFO for Cirrus Laguna chips
      (Corin Anderson).
 277. Add XAA support to the SiS driver.  The old code can be reverted
      to at runtime with the "noaccel" option (Xavier Ducoin).
 276. Add recognition of XAA options as valid options for the SVGA
      server (Alan Hourihane).
 275. Add "please report" messages when S3 Trio64V2, Trio64UV+ or
      Aurora64V+ chips are detected (Harald Koenig).
 274. Add undocumented options to XF86Config to allow a numerical ChipID
      and ChipRev to be specified (used by the S3 and S3V servers)
      (Harald Koenig).
 273. Attempt to fix false detection of RGB524 ramdac as RGB528
      (Harald Koenig).
 272. Make sure x coordinate doesn't overflow into the y coordinate
      for some MGA operations (Xavier Ducoin and Radoslaw Kapitan).
 271. Don't write high order CRTC vertical bits for Trident chips earlier
      than TGUI9440AGi (Alan Hourihane).
 270. Fix an error in koi8-r charset switching code (Andrey Chernov).
 269. Disable acceleration for TGUI Cyber chips (Alan Hourihane).
 268. Fix register access in Cirrus 754x LCD size detection (Harm Hanemaayer).
 267. Add support for the "no_stretch" option for Cirrus 754x chips
      (Harm Hanemaayer).
 266. Enable MMIO by default for Cirrus 543x/4x chips, and add a "no_mmio"
      option to allow it to be disabled (Harm Hanemaayer).
 265. Disable PCI burst mode on the TGUI by default, but allow it to be
      turned on with options (Alan Hourihane).
 264. Update max clocks for the TGUI 96xx chips (Alan Hourihane).
 263. Fix centre/stretch TGUI LCD problems (Alan Hourihane).
 262. Add Option "tgui_mclk_66" to force MCLK to 66 MHz (Alan Hourihane).
 261. Fix TGUI Cyber detection problems (Alan Hourihane).
 260. Flush MGA "direct access read cache" in MgaSync(), which fixes
      problems reading directly from the framebuffer after accelerated
      operations (Radoslaw Kapitan).
 259. XAA updates (see xaa/NOTES for details) (Harm Hanemaayer).
 258. Updates for LynxOS 2.5.0 (Thomas Mueller).
 257. Fix xterm text highlighting when the window it partly off-screen
      (Thomas E. Dickey).
 256. Remove the GetSaver/SetSaver functionality from the client
      side of the XFree86-Misc extension, but leave dummy support in
      the server side for now to avoid breaking old clients
      (Leonard N. Zubkoff).
 255. Implement hw-specific DPMS support for servers/drivers which already
      had an old implementation, adding support for Standby mode where
      possible, and adding a StandbyTime keyword for the XF86Config
      file (Leonard N. Zubkoff).
 254. Fix some problems with the original DPMS extension behaviour
      (Leonard N. Zubkoff).
 253. Possible speedup for S3V polypoint code (Harald Koenig).
 252. Disable C&T 65550 acceleration features that weren't present
      in 3.2 (David Bateman).
 251. Fix a C&T 24bpp pattern fill problem (David Bateman).
 250. Make the XAA C&T code independent of the old acceleration code
      (David Bateman).
 249. Recognise the Alliance AT24, but treat the same way as a 6442
      (Joe Moss).
 248. Add detection for newer TGUI chipsets to SuperProbe (Alan Hourihane).

XFree86 3.2r (14 January 1997)
 247. Use some extra XAA flags in the MGA acceleration (Radoslaw Kapitan).
 246. XAA updates (see xaa/NOTES for details) (Harm Hanemaayer).
 245. Fix DAC register for > 85 MHz mode on Cirrus 5446 (Harm Hanemaayer).
 244. Memory config fix for 2MB Cirrus 7543/8 and fix 754x LCD size detection
      (Harm Hanemaayer).
 243. Fix a problem in Imake.rules that causes problems when using bash
      (Leonard N. Zubkoff).
 242. Fix some server prototyping problems (Thomas E. Dickey).
 241. Detect the Trio64UV+, Trio64V2 and Aurora64V+, and handle them
      as a Trio64V+ (Harald Koenig).
 240. Add preliminary support for the ELSA Winner 2000PRO/X-8 (S3 968,
      IBM RGB528A, 8MB VRAM 250 MHz) (Harald Koenig).
 239. Fix retrace waits in the MGA driver (Radoslaw Kapitan).
 238. Enable CPUToScreen colour expansion for the TGUI driver (Alan Hourihane).
 237. Add an options "lcd_center" to the TGUI driver for Cyber chips
      (Alan Hourihane).
 236. Some S3V updates, including combining s3dline.c and s3dseg.c,
      moving planemask/colour conversion into a separate module,
      add FillSolid, improve speed of s3plypt.c, and enable some
      previously disable functions (Berry Dijk).
 235. Updates for ISC support (Michael Rohleder).
 234. Disable ExportLists for Solaris versions older than 2.5.
 233. Fix for C&T 8x8 pattern fills (David Bateman).
 232. LinkKit fix (SiS driver) (Takaaki Nomura).
 231. Fix for XAA colour expansion when using FIXED_BASE (Koen Gadeyne).
 230. ET6000 accel updates and optimisations (Koen Gadeyne).
 229. Add code to the MGA driver to set MCLK based on the values
      stored in the BIOS and the memory size (Andrew E. Mileski).

XFree86 3.2q (12 January 1997)
 228. Make makedepend recognise #warning on all OSs (since we have it
      in shm.h).
 227. Add Digital's DPMS server extension (no device-specific support yet).
 226. Fix some compile problems on Solaris x86 2.4 with gcc (James Hawtin).
 225. Add prelim support for LCD stretching with the TGUI Cyber chips
      (Alan Hourihane).
 224. Add support for some blitter functions to the SiS driver (not XAA
      yet) (Xavier Ducoin).
 223. Fix HW cursor problems in the SiS driver (Xavier Ducoin).
 222. Add 15/16/24bpp support to the SiS driver (Xavier Ducoin).
 221. Fix problems with linear mode in the SiS driver (Xavier Ducoin).
 220. Programmable clock support for the SiS 205 (Xavier Ducoin).
 219. TGUI acceleration updates (Alan Hourihane).
 218. Add XAA support for the Chips & Technologies driver (David Bateman).
 217. Support for 555 weighting in the MGA driver (Xavier Ducoin).
 216. TGUI clock fix (Alan Hourihane and Massimiliano Ghilardi).
 215. VGA server compiler warning fixes (Thomas E. Dickey).
 214. LinkKit fixes (Takaaki Nomura).
 213. XAA updates (see xaa/NOTES for details) (Harm Hanemaayer).
 212. The item 203 fix was missing.  It is included now.
 211. Modify Cirrus 754x LCD size detection (Harm Hanemaayer).
 210  Add support for pattern offset for the Cirrus 5446 (Harm Hanemaayer).
 209. Fix non-MMIO operation for the Cirrus 5446 (Harm Hanemaayer).
 208. Fix font cache problem introduced in 3.2p (Takaaki Nomura).

XFree86 3.2p (8 January 1997)
 207. XAA support for the Cirrus Laguna chips (Corin Anderson).
 206. Modify the PF1-PF4 coding in the xterm termcap/terminfo, and add an
      interim xterm-vt220 description to accommodate the old and new styles
      (Thomas E. Dickey).
 205. Combine the coding for foreground and background colours in xterm
      into a single byte (Thomas E. Dickey).
 204. Some optimisations and transparent 8x8 pattern tiling for the ET6000
      driver (Koen Gadeyne)
 203. Parallel make fix for lbxproxy (Robin Cutshaw).
 202. LinkKit fixes (David Bateman).
 201. Defining XF86ExpireServer to YES in host.def allows easy enabling
      of server expiry.
 200. The item 176 fix was missing.  It is included now.
 199. Fix an Xlib  problem with non-8859-1 locales (Kaleb Keithley).
 198. Set default hsync and vsync polarity for the MGA driver in the same
      way as other servers (Leonard N. Zubkoff).
 197. Fix sync polarity in MGA driver (Radoslaw Kapitan).
 196. Add DGA support to the MGA driver (Mark Vojkovich).
 195. Some xterm cleanups (Thomas E. Dickey).
 194. Implement DECSTR (soft terminal reset) for xterm (Thomas E. Dickey).
 193. Fix some unaligned accesses in cfb16SegmentSS1RectCopy() on Alpha
      (Harald Koenig).
 192. 8x8 colour expand patterns for MGA (Radoslaw Kapitan).
 191. Fix various compiler warnings in the S3 server (Thomas E. Dickey).
 190. Fix TRANS_ENABLE definition for the TGUI driver (Alan Hourihane).
 189. Fix a problem with the location of ident lines in the tclIndex file
      (Joe Moss).

XFree86 3.2o (5 January 1997)
 188. Add MIPS/Arc support to build the S3 server on OpenBSD (Per Fogelstrom).
 187. Split OpenBSD config support out into a new file
      (Matthieu Herrb).
 186. Split the retrace wait out into a separate function in the S3
      server (Mark Vojkovich).
 185. Fix a problem with FIFO setting for Mach64 chips with an
      integrated DAC (Kevin Martin).
 184. Fix a pixmap corruption problem that shows up on Mach64 [CVG]T chips
      (Kevin Martin).
 183. Disallow block write mode for [CVG]T Mach64 chips (Kevin Martin).
 182. Fix a problem for Mach64 CT-D cards where the server writes to the
      wrong I/O address, possibly that of another PCI device (Kevin Martin).
 181. Fix Rage II support in the Mach64 server (Kevin Martin).
 180. Add preliminary XAA support for the TGA server (Alan Hourihane).
 179. Don't compile Xprint/Xrm.c because it is already included in
      attributes.c (Holger Veit).
 178. Various updates for OS/2 (Holger Veit).
 177. Fix some typing problems in xf86expblt.c (Alan Hourihane).
 176. Fix XAA crash for drivers that don't fill in the ServerInfoRec
      (Harm Hanemaayer).
 175. Add DPMS support for the MGA driver (Leonard N. Zubkoff).
 174. Add sync-on-green support to the MGA driver (Leonard N. Zubkoff).
 173. Add support for display modes that require more than 4MB on
      Millennium cards (Leonard N. Zubkoff).
 172. Enable acceleration support for the Trident 9320LCD chips
      (Alan Hourihane).
 171. Add parallel make support for the lbxutil Imakefile (Robin Cutshaw).
 170. Fix a problem with the Xmark script (Andrew E. Mileski).

XFree86 3.2n (3 January 1997)
 169. Fix some xaa build problems on some platforms.
 168. Updates to, including auto-detection of ELF (Chris Demetriou).
 167. Add I128 series II detection to scanpci and SuperProbe (Robin Cutshaw).
 166. Fix a problem in (Robin Cutshaw).

XFree86 3.2m (2 January 1997)
 165. Fix some problems creating Xserver links in XF86Setup (Dirk Hohndel).
 164. Update to R6.3 public patch 1.
 165. XAA updates (Harm Hanemaayer).
 163. Fix problems with out-of-date cirrus_acl.c (Harm Hanemaayer).
 162. Move all default settings from xf86site.def to, and leave
      xf86site.def containing only commented out definitions.
 161. Fix 'make install' problems in xkbcomp.
 160. Fix some ZLIB problems.

XFree86 3.2l (31 December 1996)
 159. Tseng acceleration updates (Koen Gadeyne).
 158. Add config support for using the system's standard version of libz
      when it exists (Chris Demetriou).
 157. Add rules for ELF shared libraries on BSD (Chris Demetriou).
 156. Recognise __alpha__ as AlphaArchitecture for NetBSD, and treat
      __alpha__ the same way as __alpha is various part of the code
      (Chris Demetriou).
 155. Update NetBSD config file (Chris Demetriou).
 154. Add code to dynamically recognise NetBSD versions in imake, and
      add defines to allow massaging of the information returned by
      uname Chris Demetriou).
 153. Fix inconsistent usage of malloc/xalloc/Xalloc in the Xprt server.
 152. Fix segfault at startup of clients linked with libICE on SVR4.0
 151. Add detection for the 250MHz ramdac used on the PowerDoc Edition
      variant of the Matrox Millennium (Dirk Hohndel).
 150. Fix some compile/cpp warnings (Marc Aurele La France).
 149. Add support to makedepend for the '^' and '? :' operators
      (Marc Aurele La France).
 148. Change GZIP to GZIPCMD in Makefiles because of a conflict with
      an environment variable used by gzip (Marc Aurele La France).
 147. Fix make depend problem for xdm-shadow (Marc Aurele La France).
 146. Update Linux a.out support for R6.3 (Harald Koenig).
 145. Trident doc updates (Alan Hourihane).
 144. TGUI solidfill updates (Alan Hourihane).
 143. XC fixes.

XFree86 3.2k (28 December 1996)
 142. Fix a problem introduced in 3.2i which causes the S3 server to crashed
      for cards with a Ti3026.
 141. Updates for GNU libc on Linux, and fix some compile warnings
      (H.J. Lu).
 140. Updated Russian XKB layout (Andrey Chernov).
 139. Workaround for KOI8-R problem in XmbLookupString().  The change
      is to XLC_XLOCALE/koi8-r (Andrey Chernov).
 138. Fix some problems with the server build on Alphas (Jay Estabrook).
 137. Avoid a server hang in the et4000 driver (Koen Gadeyne).
 136. Add some more acceleration for ET4000 chips (Koen Gadeyne).
 135. Fix server crash when chipset "et6000" is specified (Koen Gadeyne).
 134. Cleanup of vgaHW.c (Marc Aurele La France).
 133. In the vga2 server, use the bank size, not the aperture size, to
      decide between banked and non-banked support (Marc Aurele La France).
 132. Fix to FIFO depth calculation in the Mach64 server
      (Marc Aurele La France).
 131. Fix some problems with the width of the pixmap used by the VGA servers
      when the server's VT isn't active (Marc Aurele La France).
 130. Major ati SVGA driver updates (Marc Aurele La France).
 129. Fix Xserver/Imakefile problem that sometimes causes problems with
      cfb24 not being built (Marc Aurele La France).
 128. Fix some compiler warnings (including a problem with the ScreenInfoRec
      initialisation in the I128 server) (Marc Aurele La France).
 127. Updated PC98 TGUI support (Akio Morita).
 126. Add MMIO support to the TGUI driver, and remove MCLK limits
      (Alan Hourihane).
 125. Add pa, Sf, Sb capabilities to the xterm termcap.
 124. Add Tcl interfaces for the new vidmode functions (Joe Moss).
 123. Complete the implementation of XF86VidModeAddModeLine() (Joe Moss).
 122. Some more s3init.c cleanups (Mark Vojkovich).
 121. XC fixes.
 120. More R6.3-related updates.

XFree86 3.2j (26 December 1996)
 119. Integrate X11R6.3 (pre-release) source base.

XFree86 3.2i (20 December 1996)
 118. Some general cleanups (Stuart Anderson, Dirk Hohndel).

XFree86 3.2h (20 December 1996)
 117. Fix a "void * used in arithmetic" warning in lnx_video.c.
 116. Allow the XInput "AlwaysCore" feature to be controlled dynamically
      via an "integer feedback" (Frederic Lepied).
 115. Fix TGUI clock programming problems (Alan Hourihane).
 114. Fix clock scaling with ClockChip "cirrus" (Harm Hanemaayer).
 113. Fix some compile problems on SVR4 (Takaaki Nomura).

XFree86 3.2g (19 December 1996)
 112. Separate the function prototypes out of xf86_OSlib.h (Stuart Anderson).
 111. Fix for change 97 (which was causing a server startup problem)
      (Harald Koenig).
 110. Enable accelerated copy plane for 24bpp in XAA.
 109. Fix some compile problems related to the recent Cirrus changes.

XFree86 3.2f (18 December 1996)
 108. Enable the XAA driver for cirrus chips with a BitBLT engine and
      the driver for Laguna family chips (Harm Hanemaayer).
 107. Modify the support for dot clocks > 85 MHz on the 5436/46
      (Harm Hanemaayer).
 106. Fix 24bpp support for the CL-GD5430 (Harm Hanemaayer).
 105. Add optimized support for the CL-GD5446 to the XAA driver
      (Harm Hanemaayer).
 104. When a PCI cirrus chip is detected, enable linear addressing by default
      (Harm Hanemaayer).
 103. Better LCD control settings for CL-GD754x for different LCD sizes,
      and improve 754x LCD type detection (Harm Hanemaayer).
 102. Modify CRT FIFO threshold setting for the CL-GD7548 (Harm Hanemaayer).
 101. Don't treat the CL-GD7543 as an Alpine-family chip (Harm Hanemaayer).
 100. XAA updates (see the NOTES file in the xaa directory for details)
      (Harm Hanemaayer).
  99. Support for sharing the core pointer between multiple XInput devices
      (Frederic Lepied).
  98. XAA support for the ET6000 (Koen Gadeyne).
  97. Fix an S3 server crash caused by an off-by-one access when displaying
      images (Harald Koenig).
  96. Updates to LynxOS support for 2.5.0 (Thomas Mueller).
  95. Add a "pc104" XKB layout for keyboards with the extra "Windows" keys
      (Joe Moss).
  94. Fix for problem clearing "chordmiddle" flag from XF86Setup (Joe Moss).
  93. Ti3026 clock programming updates for the MGA driver (Andrew E. Mileski).
  92. A general s3init.c cleanup and modularization.  This isolates
      ramdac register save/restore functions, and moves them into
      s3ramdacs.c (Mark Vojkovich).
  91. Fix S3 server lockup due to vsync wait when power-saving mode is
      active (Xavier Ducoin).
  90. PC98 LinkKit updates (Takaaki Nomura).

XFree86 3.2e (12 December 1996)
  89. Fix some TGUI clock programming problems (Massimiliano Ghilardi).
  88. Disable <ctrl><alt><backspace> when in DGA mode (Mark Vojkovich).
  87. Fix some XAA-related server link problems (Marc Aurele La France).
  86. Fix some LinkKit problems (David Bateman and Takaaki Nomura).
  85. Fix some more implicit typing in function declarations (Andreas Schwab).
  84. Add some more ELSA cards to the Cards file (Harald Koenig).
  83. Fix the ICS5342 clock limit (Harald Koenig).
  82. Fix typos in the mga Alpha support.
  81. Fix a typo in the XThrStub Imakefile (H.J. Lu).
  80. Resync the PC98 Imakefiles (Takaaki Nomura).

XFree86 3.2d (9 December 1996)
  79. Updates to SCO Open Server 5 support (Tom Angert and J Kean Johnston).
  78. Add support for Linux C library version 6 (GLIBC), and fix some
      prototype problems (H.J. Lu).
  77. Add Alpha support for the mga driver (SVGA server), and generic
      driver (Mono/VGA2 server) (Jay Estabrook).
  76. Fix s3ReadImageBanked() with a planemask (Harald Koenig).
  75. Add fast bitblt support for the mga driver (Radoslaw Kapitan).
  74. Allow probing of the Bt485 when an S3 968 is detected (Mark Vojkovich).
  73. Fix an integer overflow in the S3V server when drawing long lines
      (Harald Koenig).
  72. Add detection of the Alliance ProMotion chips to SuperProbe
      (Joe Moss).
  71. XAA updates (including disabling non-TE text acceleration)
      (Harm Hanemaayer).
  70. Fix pixmap support in XAA (Harm Hanemaayer and Alan Hourihane).
  69. Update the device-specific XF86Config parsing support to report
      unknown keyword and options (Egbert Eich).
  68. Add another check for the fb base address in the S3 server
      (Harald Koenig).
  67. Fix some typos in the SuperProbe Imakefile (Harald Koenig).
  66. Update the AXP/IO Jensen support (David Mosberger).
  65. Add code to the S3 server to recognise the ELSA 1000PRO/X
      (Harald Koenig).
  64. Fix an initialisation problem for Diamond ViRGE/VX cards, which
      causes a lockup (Harald Koenig).
  63. Add support for the STREAMS processor to the S3V server (Kevin Brosius).
  62. Fix a problem in xf86bench.c for OS/2 (Holger Veit).
  61. Some mga line fixes (Radek Kapitan).
  60. Chips & Technologies driver updates (includes support for the
      64200 and 64300 WinGine series of chips, and the 65525 and 65535
      chips) (David Bateman and Egbert Eich).
  59. Fix some problems with the new S3 probe code (Mark Vojkovich).
  58. Allow xterm to output 8-bit characters in VT100 mode (Matthieu Herrb
      and Thomas Dickey).
  57. Add a return value to XF86DGAGetVideo() (Mark Vojkovich).
  56. Add missing write_mem_barrier definitions (Harald Koenig).
  55. Fix some compile problems with 3.2c.

XFree86 3.2c (24 November 1996)
  54. Fix some potential buffer overflows in SuperProbe, and don't
      install it setuid root (Marc Slemko).
  53. Add support for driver-specific parsing of the XF86Config file's
      Device section (Egbert Eich).
  52. Fix S3 virtual resolution handling problem introduced in 3.2a
      (Mark Vojkovich).
  51. Add a '-nolisten' flag to the X server to allow disabling of
      a transport type (Nathaniel D. Daw).
  50. Update Imake.rules to do better error recovery for missing
      directory or Makefiles (Thomas E. Dickey).
  49. Add REP (repeat) control for xterm (Thomas E. Dickey).
  48. XAA updates (Harm Hanemaayer).
  47. Add required changes for the PC98 servers to build using XAA
      (Takaaki Nomura).
  46. Fix an unaligned access in cfb (Harald Koenig).
  45. Add support for Alpha Jensen (EISA) using sparse memory MMIO
      (Martin Ostermann).
  44. Add working "newmmio" support for AXP (Harald Koenig).
  43. Add some memory barriers to the ViRGE server for AXP (Harald Koenig).
  42. Reset the ViRGE (but not ViRGE/VX) GE while reading the BIOS to avoid
      text font corruption (Harald Koenig).
  41. Change the S3 ViRGE default base address when PCI config registers
      can't be accessed (mainly for AXP) (Harald Koenig).
  40. S3 ViRGE/VX fix (Harald Koenig).
  39. Patch for mk68 servers (Geert Uytterhoeven).
  38. Add detection for the S3 Aurora64V+ and Trio64UV+ (Harald Koenig).
  37. Replace the truncated files in xterm/tektests with full versions
      (from color_xterm) (Thomas E. Dickey).
  36. Add some more MGA line code (Andrew Vanderstock).
  35. Add some MGA macros, especially for access type setting
      (Radoslaw Kapitan).
  34. Add MGA screen-to-screen color expansion (not used yet)
      (Radoslaw Kapitan).

XFree86 3.2b (20 November 1996)
  33. Fix some compilation problems with 3.2a.
  32. Fix DGA fb mapping for SVR4 (Richard Coley).
  31. Fix Hercules mono driver text bug (H.J. Lu).

XFree86 3.2a (18 November 1996)
  30. Bump default FreeBSD version to 2.1.6.
  29. TGUI driver updates for PC98 (Akio Morita).
  28. Fix trident driver compile problem with VGA2 and VGA16 servers
      (Takaaki Nomura).
  27. XAA support for the Trident driver (Alan Hourihane).
  26. Add VT52 emulation to xterm (Thomas E. Dickey).
  25. Fix a missing resets to groundstate in xterm (Denis Auroux and
      Thomas Dickey).
  24. Improve overflow problem in XAA internal benchmarking
      (Akio Morita).
  23. XAA support for the mga driver (Radoslaw Kapitan and the Matrox team).
  22. XAA support for the Cirrus BitBLT and Laguna chips (but not enabled
      yet) (Harm Hanemaayer).
  21. XAA support for the ARK driver (Harm Hanemaayer).
  20. A new acceleration interface (XAA) for the SVGA server (Harm Hanemaayer).
  19. S3V s3plypt.c changed to use GE, but is slower so still disabled
      (Harald Koenig).
  18. Change the S3V GE reset to avoid lockups (Harald Koenig).
  17. Add WaitIdle() at the end of S3V accel routines to avoid screen
      corruption from direct fb access while the GE is still active
      (Harald Koenig).
  16. Remove unsupported option flags from the S3V server (Harald Koenig).
  15. Allow large S3 cursors by switching to SW cursor when required
      (Harald Koenig).
  14. Fix S3 frame buffer probing and memory leak (Harald Koenig).
  13. Fix S3 ReadImage with a planemask (when ReadImageNoMem can't be used)
      (Harald Koenig).
  12. S3 line and text fixes (Harald Koenig).
  11. Fix DGA colourmap problems in the W32 server.
  10. Fix a problem with realloc usage in xrdb for some older OSs
      (eg, SunOS 4.x) (Wolfgang Rupprecht).
   9. Fix an xrdb malloc problem (Michael Lipp).
   8. Fix xload problems on Solaris 2.5 (David Thompson).
   7. Fix xload problem for most BSD OSs that was introduced in 3.2, and
      fix some problems in the BSDI-specific code (Matthieu Herrb).
   6. Modify the external ClockProg support to allow for programmable
      clocks (ie, no clocks line) (Egbert Eich).
   5. Fix W32p rev C and rev D PCI ids (Koen Gadeyne).
   4. Fix a problem which causes a server crash on PANIX/PC98 when using
      the XFree86-Misc extension (Takaaki Nomura).
   3. S3 server probe cleanup (Mark Vojkovich).
   2. Fix XF86Setup compile problem on Solaris (Robin Cutshaw).
   1. Patches for OS/2 support (Holger Veit).

XFree86 3.2 (26 October 1996)
1079. Fix a bug in xgc that can cause a SEGV (Takaaki Nomura).
1078. README and FreeBSD doc updates (Takaaki Nomura).
1077. RELNOTES updates, and some updates to the preinst and postinst scripts.
1076. Tell xf86config about the S3V server.
1075. Fix some typos in XF86Setup.
1074. Fix a problem with XF86Setup that shows up when there is no
      <Xroot>/bin/X link present.
1073. Fix a test restoration problem with the ali driver.
1072. NetBSD and Solaris doc updates (Matthieu Herrb).
1071. Cirrus doc updates (Harm Hanemaayer).
1070. Prevent Oak probe from falsely detecting some Avance Logic chips.

XFree86 3.1.2Zd (24 October 1996)
1069. Fix a problem with the TGUI driver disabling linear mode when the
      OS doesn't support it.
1068. Fix an image stipple problem in the S3, Mach8, Mach32 and 8514 servers
      (Harald Koenig).

XFree86 3.1.2Zc (24 October 1996)
1067. Mach64 doc updates (Kevin Martin).
1066. Xvfb shouldn't depend on cfb24 (Geert Uytterhoeven).
1065. Update contrib to R6.1.
1064. C&T doc updates (David Bateman).
1063. Fix an image stipple problem in the S3V server (Harald Koenig).
1062. Doc updates (Takaaki Nomura).

XFree86 3.1.2Zb (23 October 1996)
1061. Fix some NV1 problems, including clock selection problems and
      pixel corruption problems (David McKay).
1060. Fix some bad random() prototypes for Linux (Harald Koenig).
1059. Fix NeqnCmd definition in (Matthieu Herrb).
1058. Chips&Tech doc updates (David Bateman).
1057. Cards db update for Chips&Tech (David Bateman).
1056. Some updates to the "supported" contrib clients (Harald Koenig).
1055. VGADriver doc updates (Stuart Lamble).
1054. LynxOS doc updates (Thomas Mueller).
1053. Fix a problem in mgaFillBoxSolid() (Radoslaw Kapitan).
1052. Fix a serious probe bug in the MGA driver which causes a crash on
      non-PCI machines (Egbert Eich).
1051. Fix a serious probe bug in the NV driver (David Bateman).

XFree86 3.1.2Za (21 October 1996)
1052. Some documentation updates (Dirk Hohndel).
1051. A few cleanups that have no affect on function (Harald Koenig).
1050. Fix a problem in XF86Setup (Harald Koenig).

XFree86 3.1.2Z (20 October 1996)
1049. Update XF86_SVGA man page (Harm Hanemaayer).
1048. Update Linux README (Dirk Hohndel).
1047. Fix some mono/4bpp problems introduced by recent ET6000 changes
      (Koen Gadeyne).
1046. Updates to the Cards database (Harald Koenig).
1045. Fix xdpyinfo core dump when the XInput extension is not available
      (Frederic Lepied).
1044. Fix SuperProbe mis-detection of S3 ViRGE (Harald Koenig).
1043. S3V README (Harald Koenig).
1042. Resync some PC98 Imakefiles (Takaaki Nomura).
1041. Update XF86Setup card list features, and add 1152x864 video modes
      (Harald Koenig).

XFree86 3.1.2Gq (19 October 1996)
1040. Some updates to use the native setlocale() in the GNU libc used
      by Linux/Alpha/ELF (Ulrich Drepper, Harald Koenig).
1039. MGA README (Andrew Vanderstock and Dirk Hohndel).
1038. Fix REQUIREDLIBS problem with dynamic (Alan Hourihane).
1037. Update man page versions (Takaaki Nomura).
1036. Add xf86VTSema checks to the MGA server, move blitter init to
      HWRestore, and wait for drawing engine before enter/leave VT
      (Radoslaw Kapitan).
1035. TGA and Trident doc updates (Alan Hourihane).
1034. Remove an unused TGA server file (Alan Hourihane).
1033. Update to the Chips&Tech screen corruption fix (Egbert Eich).
1032. Fix a typo in the Chips&Tech driver which prevents the "hw_clocks"
      option from working (David Bateman).
1031. Move the SVGA 'mx' driver to after the 'chips' driver, because its
      probe causes problems for the chips driver.  Also, fix a problem
      in the 'mx' probe where it writes to a register without first saving
      its contents.

XFree86 3.1.2Gp (18 October 1996)
1030. Fix the cursor colour not being correctly set in 15/16/32bpp modes
      on the CT, ET, VT and GT chips (Kevin Martin).
1029. Change Mach64 block_write behaviour.  Assume that block write mode is
      initialised by the BIOS, but still allow it to be turned on or off
      explicitly in the XF86Config (Kevin Martin).
1028. Set the extended display FIFO LWM bit on the Mach64 CT-D (Kevin Martin).
1027. Fix the retrace wait in mach64AdjustFrame() (Kevin Martin).
1026. Delete Mach64 doublescan modes for chipsets that don't support any
      accelerated doublescan modes (Kevin Martin).
1025. Set Mach64 display FIFO setting to the values supplied by ATI for
      various chipset/memory type/memory size/bpp combinations (Kevin Martin).
1024. Fix some MGA accel problems (Radoslaw Kapitan).
1023. FreeBSD and NetBSD doc updates (Takaaki Nomura).
1022. Fix some Mach32 16bit font display problems (Bryan Feir).
1021. Add support for the ICS1562 clockchip used by the DEC TGA (Harald
1020. Make WaitQueue wait for three more free slots than requested to
      allow a safety margin in case of coding bugs (the ViRGE will lock
      up the PCI bus when the FIFO is full) (Harald Koenig).
1019. S3V fixes for some XTEST errors, and remove debug and unused code
      (Harald Koenig).
1018. Preliminary support for the Trident Cyber 938x chipset (Alan Hourihane).
1017. Update the max clock for the Cirrus 754x with LCD enabled, and
      deal more gracefully when a clock line is encountered (Harm Hanemaayer).
1016. Add/implement XF86DGAGetViewPortSize() and add an extra argument
      to XF86DGAViewPortChanged() which indicates the number of pages
      being used when multi-buffering (Harm Hanemaayer).
1015. Move the setting of the XF86DGADirectColormap flag into
      XF86DGAInstallColormap() so that apps which use this function but
      don't explicitly set the flag will work correctly.

XFree86 3.1.2Go (17 October 1996)
1014. Add xterm-r6 entries to the xterm termcap and terminfo files.  These
      are compatible with the standard X11R6 version of xterm.
1013. Chips&Tech driver updates, including:  add an option to deal with
      LCD panel size problems, add an option to use an 18bit bus for some
      TFT laptops, allow imageblt to be disabled, support sync-on-green
      for the 65550, improve some screen scrambling problems, add DGA
      support, fix 24bpp acceleration problems, fix HW cursor colouring
      problems, update docs (Egbert Eich, David Bateman, Nozomi Ytow,
      Marc de Courville, Jens Mauer, Adam Sulmicki).
1012. BlankDelay settings for ViRGE (non-VX) (Harald Koenig).
1011. More S3V ROPs for planemask simulation for BLTs (not used yet)
      (Harald Koenig).
1010. S3V fix for some image ops (Harald Koenig).
1009. LynxOS microSPARC updates (Thomas Mueller).
1008. OS/2 updates (Holger Veit and Sebastien Marineau).
1007. TGA server updates, including disallow interlace modes, parse /proc/pci
      output to find the memory base address (Alan Hourihane).
1006. Add a DGA flag (XF86DGADirectColormap) to control when the colourmap
      is in the exclusive control of XF86DGAInstallColormap().  This allows
      older DGA clients which don't use XF86DGAInstallColormap() to work
      as before.
1005. Fix mmap in libXxf86dga for FreeBSD 1.1.5.
1004. Fix a typo in xf86writepci() which causes it to return without doing
      anything (URATA Shuichiro).

XFree86 3.1.2Gn (16 October 1996)
1003. Fix a problem with the ospex Imakefile regarding the building of
      a non-shared library.
1002. Increase the listen(2) backlog value in Xtranssock.c.
1001. VidMode extensions updates (Joe Moss).
1000. Add QueryDirectVideo and ViewPortChanged functions to the DGA
      extension (Harm Hanemaayer and Mark Vojkovich).
 999. Fix a problem where parts of lines incorrectly appear black with the
      S3V server (Berry Dijk).
 998. Fix some S3V problems that show up when running xtest (Harald Koenig).
 997. Change MGAAdjustPitch to choose a pitch for which acceleration is
      possible (Ansgar Hockmann).
 996. Fix some server compile warnings (Thomas E. Dickey).
 995. Set HasPoll to YES for NetBSD 1.2 and OpenBSD.  This solves the
      fundamental problem select has with the width of a fd_set
      (Matthieu Herrb).
 994. Use modified ROPs and colour bit patterns to simulate the planemask
      where possible in the S3V line code (Harald Koenig).
 993. Report the Wacom function/macro button as key events (Frederic Lepied).
 992. Initial DSP programming of Mach64 VT-B and GT-B implemented, but not
      enabled yet (Kevin Martin).
 991. Mach64 CT, ET, VT, GT clock programming changed to be more accurate.
      Previously it used integer arithmetic, now it uses floats (Kevin Martin).
 990. Mach64 VT-B and GT-B extra clock divisors (3,6,12) implemented
      (Kevin Martin).
 989. Fix Mach64 VT-B and GT-B memory detection (Kevin Martin).
 988. Updates for LinkKit and SVR4 README files (Takaaki Nomura).
 987. Add a MGAWAITFIFOSLOTS macro for use with accel functions
      (Andrew Vanderstock).
 986. Fix for MGA line colour that works at all depths (Andrew Vanderstock).
 985. Add a wait for retrace to the end of most Adjust functions when DGA
      mode is active (Mark Vojkovich and Harm Hanemaayer).
 984. Fix a typo in XF86Setup, and change the vsync parameters of some
      of the default monitor types (Harm Hanemaayer).
 983. ET6000 support for linear memory and 16/24/32bpp in the SVGA server
      (Koen Gadeyne).
 982. OpenBSD no longer defines __NetBSD__ in their cpp (Matthieu Herrb).
 981. OpenBSD/NetBSD doc updates (Matthieu Herrb).

XFree86 3.1.2Gm (13 October 1996)
980. Set foreground colour for MGA line code (Ansgar Hockmann).
979. Add weight 555 support for the Cirrus 5464 (Corin Anderson).
978. Fix Cirrus HAVE546X macro to detect the 5464 (Corin Anderson).
977. Updates to Cirrus docs and Cards database (Corin Anderson).
976. Add detection of the ARK2000MI to SuperProbe (Harm Hanemaayer).
975. Cirrus updates, including fix MMIO for the Cirrus 5446, update some
     DAC register values, disallow clocks line and change max clock for
     LCD displays (Harm Hanemaayer).
974. Add some sanity checks for potential VT problems in the cirrus and
     ARK drivers (Harm Hanemaayer).
973. Fix for LynxOS microSPARC (Thomas Mueller).
972. Update the LynxOS docs for 3.2 (Thomas Mueller).
971. Change the various malloc/free calls in the XKB code to use the
     XkbMalloc/XkbFree equivalents (Joe Moss).
970. Update the Wacom driver to support the new stylus with two side
     buttons.  The second side button is reported as button 4
     (Frederic Lepied).
969. Update the LinkKit to build the SVGA and I128 servers, and update the
     LinkKit README (Takaaki Nomura).
968. DGA support for the W32 server (Koen Gadeyne).
967. Resynch some PC98 Imakefiles (Takaaki Nomura).
966. LinkKit updates for a PC98-only LinkKit (Takaaki Nomura).
965. Add some missing bits to the MGA solid box fill patch (Radoslaw Kapitan).
964. Fix a typo in SuperProbe that would result in incorrect chipset
     reporting for some Cirrus chips (Harm Hanemaayer).

XFree86 3.1.2Gl (10 October 1996)
963. PC98 doc updates (Michio "Karl" Jinbo).
962. Add some solid box fills to the MGA driver (Radoslaw Kapitan).
961. Cirrus and Ark doc updates (Harm Hanemaayer).
960. Apply 959 to the Mach32 server.
959. Ignore clipping boxes completely to the left of right of each glyph
     for the S3, Mach8 and 8514 servers (Hans Nasten).
958. LinkKit fixes for PC98 (Takaaki Nomura).
957. Fix Imakefile problem related to dynamic loading for PC98
     (Michio "Karl" Jinbo).
956. ViRGE/VX update (Harald Koenig).
955. Add power_saver support to the TGA server (Alan Hourihane).
954. Some more line/seg updates for S3V (Harald Koenig).
953. Fix some problems with the previous S3V planemask patch (Harald Koenig).
952. Add code to read the MGA card information from the BIOS.  This
     allows the RAMDAC type/speed to be determined (Andrew E. Mileski).
951. Disable 24/32bpp for S3V server because it doesn't work yet.
950. Driver for NVidia NV1 / SGS-Thomson STG2000 (David McKay).

XFree86 3.1.2Gk (8 October 1996)
949. Use cfb code in the S3V server when the planemask is non-trivial
     (Harald Koenig).
948. More line/seg fixes for the S3V server (Harald Koenig).
947. Fix XORing text (and other ROPs) for the S3V server (Harald Koenig).
946. Force 1-cycle EDO mode for the ViRGE/VX (Harald Koenig).
945. Disable the font and pixmap caches in the S3V server (not implemented).
944. Apply 943 to the Mach32 and S3V servers.
943. Ignore clipping boxes completely above or below the displayed text
     for the S3, Mach8 and 8514 servers.  This improves performance
     when a window is partly covered by a shaped window (Hans Nasten).
942. Resync PC98 Imakefiles, and update documentation (Michio "Karl" Jinbo).
941. Some LinkKit changes to prevent conflicts between the xf86 and xf98
     linkkits when doing a combined build/install.
940. Fix for keycodes/xfree98 (Takefumi Tsukada).
939. LinkKit support for PC98 servers (Takaaki Nomura).
938. Fix MGA 24bpp problems (Ansgar Hockmann).
937. Fix a potential memory interleave problem and spurious warning messages
     in the Cirrus driver (Corin Anderson).

XFree86 3.1.2Gj (6 October 1996)
936. Build PEX, XIE as dynamically loaded modules by default where it is
935. Fix some S3gendac interface changes (Koen Gadeyne).
934. Fix a lex warning for reconfig (Koen Gadeyne).
933. Fix a ROP problem in the W32 solid fill code (Koen Gadeyne).
932. Dynamic PEX, XIE extension support for Linux/ELF.
931. 24bpp packed support for the MGA driver (Ansgar Hockmann).
930. Fix the way the list of clocks is derived for the Cirrus driver
     (Harm Hanemaayer).
929. Fix problems with 16bpp for a 1MB Cirrus 5434 (Harm Hanemaayer).
928. Fix for xdm indirect query for ISC (Michael Rohleder).
927. Remove virtual size check in the mach32ValidMode (Michael Rohleder).
926. Fix a typo in lib/Xbsd (Michael Rohleder).
925. Fix "nolinear" mode in the MGA driver (Radoslaw Kapitan).
924. Add memory detection to the MGA driver (Radoslaw Kapitan).
923. Update NetBSD/OpenBSD docs (Matthieu Herrb).
922. Add OpenBSD/mips config support (Per Fogelstrom, Matthieu Herrb).
921. Update OpenBSD version to 2.0 (Matthieu Herrb).
920. Updates to the S3 ViRGE line code (Harald Koenig).
919. Updated ViRGE/VX support (Harald Koenig).
918. TGA server shouldn't report DGA support (Alan Hourihane).
917. Alpha-related config updates (Harald Koenig).
916. Updates to Cirrus probing in SuperProbe (Harm Hanemaayer).
915. Fix a Cirrus bitmap overrun problem (Harm Hanemaayer).
914. Fix Cirrus FIFO settings for 5436/5446 (Harm Hanemaayer).
913. Fix Cirrus HW cursor colours at 32bpp (Harm Hanemaayer).
912. Fix 24bpp support for Cirrus 54xx (Harm Hanemaayer).

XFree86 3.1.2Gi (3 October 1996)
911. SCO updates.  SCO5 is now the only supported version (there are
     still problems to be resolved though) (J. Kean Johnston).
910. LinkKit updates and related cleanups (Marc Aurele La France).
909. Updated code to program the Ti3026 clock in the MGA server
     (Andrew E. Mileski).
908. Preliminary S3 ViRGE/VX support (Harald Koenig).
907. Fix S3 PCI read burst disable problem (Harald Koenig)
906. Fix SuperProbe memory reporting for the S3 ViRGE, ViRGE/VX, and
     separately report off-screen memory (Harald Koenig).
905. Fix MGA interleave and 32bpp problems (Radoslaw Kapitan).
904. Fix a RD_MASK problem that shows with 928 cards (at least on some
     PC98 servers) (Michio "Karl" Jinbo, Harald Koenig).
903. Allow xterm to be statically linked with libtermcap on Linux
     (Dirk Hohndel).
902. Fix screen save/restore on VT switch for the TGA server (Alan Hourihane).
901. Chips&Tech updates, including a fix for line acceleration
     problems (David Bateman).
900. VidMode extension changes/enhancements (not complete yet) (Joe Moss).
899. S3 ViRGE solid line code (Harald Koenig).
898. S3 ViRGE updates, including using cfb calls for non-implemented
     functions (Harald Koenig).
897. Fix for a line drawing problem in the Cirrus driver (Harm Hanemaayer).
896. Ark driver updates, including fixes for FIFO settings, HW cursor at
     16/32bpp, virtual panning at 24bpp, and enable BitBlt acceleration at
     32bpp (Harm Hanemaayer).
895. LynxOS microSPARC updates (Thomas Mueller).
894. Add support for Japanese 106 key keyboards on PANIX.  This is enabled
     with the 'panix106' keyword in the Keyboard section (Takefumi Tsukada).
893. README.SVR4 update (Takaaki Nomura).
892. ValidMode function for Mach32 (Bryan Feir).
891. Fix a Mach32 problem with VT switch screen save/restore when the
     virtual width is less than 1024 (Bryan Feir).
890. Updated NetBSD aperture driver (Matthieu Herrb).
889. Allow the PEX and XIE server extensions to be built as dynamic modules
     (FreeBSD and NetBSD so far).  (Matthieu Herrb).

XFree86 3.1.2Gh (29 September 1996)
888. Replace virtualX by displayWidth where appropriate in many SVGA drivers.
887. Fix virtual width/pitch checking/setting for the MGA driver.
886. Solid line acceleration for the MGA driver (Dirk Hohndel).
885. Improve the way scanline pitch restrictions are implemented for the
     SVGA server.
884. Set default W32 black/white pixel values the same as for the other
883. Fix some W32 stipple problems (Glenn Lai).
882. Allow "mclk" as a synonym for "s3mclk" (Harm Hanemaayer).
881. Adjust mode timings in the ARK driver when required for 24bpp operation
     and for HW cursor operation (Harm Hanemaayer).
880. Some MGA driver cleanups.
879. Fix selection of interleave mode for MGA (Ansgar Hockmann).
878. Add "fifo_conservative" option for the ARK driver (Harm Hanemaayer).
877. Possible fix for ICS5342 MCLK calculation in the Ark driver
     (Harm Hanemaayer).
876. Fix max clocks when ClockChip "cirrus" is used (Harm Hanemaayer).
875. XF86Setup updates (see XF86Setup/CHANGELOG for details) (Joe Moss).
874. LCD code for Cyber9320 in PC98_TGUI server (X98 core team).
873. Fix typos in pc98_tgui.{c,h} (X98 core team).
872. PC98 Imakefile updates (X98 core team).
871. PC98 documentation updates (X98 core team).
870. New Chips&Tech accelerations, including: multiple depth ImageGlyph
     and PolyGlyph for 65545, 8bpp CopyPlane1to8 for 65545, 8bpp
     FillRectTransparentStippled32 and FillRectOpaqueStippled32 for 65545,
     modified simple BitBlt and Solid fill for 65550, stipple and tile
     functions for 65550 (Egbert Eich, Xavier Ducoin, David Bateman).
869. Chips&Tech driver fixes, including: improve stability of
     suspend/resume, fix DSTN screens with 65550, reduce the size of
     MMIO regions, fix PCI burst mode, disable line acceleration because
     it can cause a server crash in rare circumstances (Egbert Eich,
     Xavier Ducoin, David Bateman).
868. Make the Cirrus fifo options work for the 546x chips (Corin Anderson).
867. Support for the Cirrus 5464 (Corin Anderson).
866. Add a hook to the SVGA server to allow drivers to specify a display
     width (pitch) which is different from the virtual width.  This
     is required for some Cirrus chipsets (Corin Anderson).
865. 24bpp packed pixel Cirrus support (Harm Hanemaayer and Corin Anderson).
864. Work around a problem on NetBSD/OpenBSD where dlsym() searches for
     the symbol in the whole executable rather than just in the modules
     specified (Matthieu Herrb).
863. Add an X server and config/imake support for LynxOS microSPARC 2.4.0
     (Thomas Mueller).
862. Remove stale fb shared memory before dying on LynxOS (Thomas Mueller).
861. Work around a popen/pclose bug on LynxOS in the server XKB code
     (Thomas Mueller).
860. Work around a bash problem on LynxOS which affects rstart/Imakefile
     (Thomas Mueller).
859. Solid vertical and horizontal lines for the S3 ViRGE server (Berry Dijk).
858. Fix max clock for TGA (Alan Hourihane).
857. Fix for TGA VT switching problems (Alan Hourihane).
856. Add code to detect the ViRGE/VX (Dirk Hohndel).

XFree86 3.1.2Gg (26 September 1996)
855. Preliminary support for the Matrox Millennium (MGA 2064W)
     (Radoslaw Kapitan, Andrew Vanderstock, Dirk Hohndel).

XFree86 3.1.2Gf (25 September 1996)
854. Mach32 documentation (Bryan Feir).
853. Improve Mach32 ramdac probing in SuperProbe (Bryan Feir).
852. Fix xf86writepci() prototype (Alan Hourihane).
851. TGA server and documentation updates (Alan Hourihane).
850. Fix missing argument in the QueryBestSize functions in the SVGA server
     (Harm Hanemaayer).
849. Another fix for usage of XInput defines, and make initext depend on
     ICONFIGFILES (Marc Aurele La France).
848. Improve reliability of detecting Mach64 cards in SuperProbe, the
     Mach64 server and the ati driver (Marc Aurele La France).
847. Complete s3im.c for s3_virge (Harald Koenig).
846. Fix s3_virge framebuffer detection (Harald Koenig).
845. Fix s3_virge compile problems when using a compiler other than gcc.
844. Missing patch to vgaCmap.c for item 842 (Harm Hanemaayer).

XFree86 3.1.2Ge (24 September 1996)
843. Add Trio/ViRGE clock support to the "s3_svga" driver.  This is still
     incomplete, and for development use (Harald Koenig).
842. Add vgaGetInstalledColormaps() and support for 8-bit colour components
     to the SVGA server (Harm Hanemaayer).
841. ARK driver updates, including: fix problems with BitBlts at 24bpp,
     fix hw cursor at 8bpp, fix some ZoomDAC problems, and add support
     for 8-bit colour components (dac_8_bit) at 8bpp (Harm Hanemaayer).
840. Fix some typos in compiler.h (Harald Koenig).
839. Initial ViRGE s3im.c, and remove unneeded s3linear.h and bank switching
     (Harald Koenig).
838. Fix some XInput and XKB defines (Marc Aurele La France).
837. LinkKit fixes (Marc Aurele La France).
836. Add ARK Logic chipset detection to SuperProbe (Harm Hanemaayer).
835. Fix a typo in xkbcomp/symbols/de (Thomas Mueller).

XFree86 3.1.2Gd (23 September 1996)
834. Rename ViRGE driver from s3_generic to s3_virge (Dirk Hohndel).
833. Don't reference uninitialised s3MmioMem in ViRGE server (Harald Koenig
     and Dirk Hohndel).
832. Don't do S3 bug tests for 928 and earlier (Harald Koenig).
831. ViRGE fixes, including BITBLT and text clipping (Harald Koenig).
830. Updates to the Cards file for Cirrus and Ark (Harm Hanemaayer).
829. xf86config updates, including 24bpp support, and making "virtual"
     optional (Harm Hanemaayer).
828. Fix trident probe so that it restores all registers it touches
     (Harm Hanemaayer).
827. ARK driver updates, including: auto-detect the ZoomDAC and print out
     the RAMDAC type, use DRAM bandwidth for CRT FIFO setting, don't allow
     5-5-5 weight for 16bpp with 1000PV and ZoomDAC, and add sanity check
     for off-screen CopyWindow (Harm Hanemaayer).
826. Fix a typo in the TGA server that could cause it to think it has found
     a valid mode (Alan Hourihane).
825. Don't try to use -ldl for XF86Setup on non-ELF Linux (Harald Koenig).
824. Add "slow_dram" option for the W32 server to fix some problems with
     older cards (Dirk Hohndel).

XFree86 3.1.2Gc (22 September 1996)
823. XKB data file updates for jp106/jp (Takaaki Nomura).
822. S3 Virge server (preliminary version) (Harald Koenig).
821. ARK driver updates, including basic BitBlt acceleration, improved
     ramdac support, experimental 24bpp support, and max dot clocks take
     the memory clock into consideration (Harm Hanemaayer).
820. Minor xdm and xterm changes to allow them to compile on FreeBSD 1.1.5.
819. Fix Trident probe in SuperProbe so that it doesn't corrupt ET6000
     display (Koen Gadeyne).
818. Fix Sierra 1502X RAMDAC handling in the W32 server (Dirk Hohndel).
817. TGA server for Alpha machines.  Not accelerated at this stage
     (Alan Hourihane).
816. SuperProbe update for ELSA Gloria (Harald Koenig).
815. Fix/add 15/16bpp support for S3 805i with AT&T 20C498 (Hermann Lauer).
814. Improve S3 clipped text performance (Harald Koenig).
813. Fix a typo in xkbcomp/rules/xfree86 (Joe Moss).
812. Add detection for the Cirrus 7548, and treat it like the other 754x
     chips (Harm Hanemaayer).
811. Change xterm valid-response code in DECRQSS from 0 to 1 to match a
     real VT420 terminal (Thomas E. Dickey).
810. Add a resource 'decTerminalID' to control the reporting level of
     xterm (e.g., VT100, VT220), and use it to implement/correct the
     DA1, DA2 and DECRPTUI reports (Thomas E. Dickey).
809. Fix xterm restoration of color for bold/underline color mode
     (Thomas E. Dickey).

XFree86 3.1.2Gb (15 September 1996)
808. Update PC98 Imakefiles (Michio "Karl" Jinbo).
807. Fixes for problems with the PC98 TGUI server (Michio "Karl" Jinbo).
806. Fix/workaround to avoid DGAInstallColormap() being affected by
     window managers.
805. Fix some problems related to the change in the xf86scanpci() interface.

XFree86 3.1.2Ga (14 September 1996)
804. Implement s3ValidMode() (Mark Vojkovich).
803. Modify the ValidMode interface in preparation for some VidMode extension
802. Fix a problem with the XOpenDisplay buffer overflow fix (item 734 below)
     (X Consortium, Kaleb Keithley).
801. Fix FIFO setting for Cirrus Alpine (543x, 5446) cards with 1MB
     (Harm Hanemaayer).
800. Modify Cirrus asm code to allow PCI burst accesses (Harm Hanemaayer).
799. Change default for MvCmd to 'mv -f'.
798. Redo the xf86PCI code, based on that in FreeBSD-current.
797. Update xf86PCI code to deal with PCI bridges and multi-function
     devices (Mihoko Tanaka).
796. Fix a problem with the Sigma L-View driver (and presumably the same
     problem in the HGC1280 driver (Norbert Berzen).
795. Add a "Sundeadkeys" XKB variant for European keyboards.
794. Change the "es" XKB symbols to match a Spanish keyboard (Jon Tombs).
793. Update Cards database.
792. Fix panning problem with some Cirrus cards (Corin Anderson).
791. Map the S3 MMIO area separately (Harald Koenig).
790. Don't allow S3  newmmio to be selected for chips that don't support
     it (Harald Koenig).
789. Fix for Linux/m68k frame buffer device (Geert Uytterhoeven).
788. Fix detection of some SiS chips.
787. Turn on 32-bit mode for TGUI chips.  This allows PCI burst to be
     turned on by default.  (Alan Hourihane).
786. Disable 16bpp for the TGUI9320LCD since it doesn't work (Alan Hourihane).
785. Fix ET6000 problems with the VGA16/Mono servers (Koen Gadeyne).
784. Speedups for the W32 arc and teblt8 code (Glenn Lai).
783. Fix W32 line-drawing using the wrong ROP for horizontal and vertical
     lines (Koen Gadeyne).
782. Add a new xdm access control keyword "NOBROADCAST" to disable answering
     broadcasts from specified hosts (Kimmo Suominen).
781. Make xf86config run the correct server by name rather than trying
     to run 'X' (Holger Veit).
780. Change default "gb" XKB symbols (James Hawtin).
779. Config and documentation updates for LynxOS (Thomas Mueller).
778. Update XF86Setup's device list for LynxOS (Thomas Mueller).
777. Fix compile problem when XINPUT isn't defined (James Hawtin).
776. XF86Setup needs to be linked with -ldl on Solaris (James Hawtin).

XFree86 3.1.2G (3 September 1996)
775. Fixes for some NECS3 server problems (Naofumi Honda).
774. Fix some XF86Setup typos.
773. OS/2 updates (Holger Veit).

XFree86 3.1.2Fc (3 September 1996)
772. XF86Setup updates (see XF86Setup/CHANGELOG for details) (Joe Moss).
771. PCI detection for the Alliance ProMotion 6422 (Kent Hamilton).
770. Documentation updates (Dirk Hohndel, Matthieu Herrb).
769. Updates for OpenBSD, including support for recent changes to the
     console drivers (Matthieu Herrb).
768. Need rint() for ISC and Lynx (Michael Rohleder).

XFree86 3.1.2Fb (1 September 1996)
767. S3 support for the Diamond SS2410 RAMDAC (eriks).
746. Fix resize on Linux (for terminfo) (Rik Faith).
745. Updates to Cyrillic fonts (Andrey Chernov).

XFree86 3.1.2Fa (31 August 1996)
744. Fix xterm's handling of SGR 22, 24 and 25 in combination with colorUL
     and colorBD resources.  Also noted & fixed reset of colored
     underline/bold with SGR 0 (Thomas E. Dickey).
743. Fix a typo in the xterm termcap (Thomas E. Dickey).
742. Don't allow the "fb_debug" option when newmmio is used (Harald Koenig).
741. Make sure s3Port59/s3Port5A are initialised before s3Init() is called
     (Harald Koenig).
740. Force 64MB alignment of linear FB, even when MemBase is given in
     the config file (Harald Koenig).
739. Disable newmmio when "nolinear" is specified, or when linear memory
     mapping isn't available (Harald Koenig).
738. Fix C&T driver printing out a line in its probe in cases where a
     C&T chip hasn't been detected.
737. Driver for the Alliance ProMotion 6422 (Alliance Semiconductor, and
     Kent Hamilton).
736. Make the Ark SVGA driver detect the ARK2000MT, and treat it as an
735. Updates for SCO OpenServer 5 support (J. Kean Johnston).
734. Fix for a buffer overflow problem in XOpenDislpay (libX11)
     (X Consortium, Kaleb Keithley).
733. Some imake/config updates (Dirk Hohndel).
732. Add a '-nolock' server command line option to disable the X server
     locking (Roger Wolff).
731. Scanpci updates: Check general pci-pci bridges, add some more
     vendor and device IDs, and add a '-f' flag to print out the full
     information -- otherwise just print the vendor/device name
     (Mihoko Tanaka).
730. Updates for ISC (Michael Rohleder).
729. Fix typo in XF86Setup/mouse.tcl (Thomas Mueller).
728. Fix malloc problem in TLI xtrans code (Joe Moss).
727. Fix some WaitQueue problems with the S3 server (Naofumi Honda,
     Takaaki Nomura, Harald Koenig).
726. Fix for display problem with Trio64V+ at 16bpp (Harald Koenig).
725. Fix clock limit arrays for Cirrus 754x chip (Corin Anderson).
724. Add a "DefaultColorDepth" keyword for the Screen section of the
     XF86Config (Dirk Hohndel).
723. Fix problem using non-linear mode with TGUI chips (Alan Hourihane).
722. Turn off PCI burst write by default for TGUI chips.

XFree86 3.1.2F (27 August 1996)
721. Update the QuickStart guide with details about using XF86Setup (Joe Moss).
720. Some XF86Setup updates (Joe Moss).
719. Avoid a possible malloc/free problem in the xtrans TLI code (Joe Moss).
718. Some Linux a.out lib updates for libX11, libXt (Harald Koenig).
717. Fix 32bpp S3 newmmio problem (Harald Koenig).

XFree86 3.1.2Eo (26 August 1996)
716. Disable 24bpp packed mode in S3 server because it doesn't work properly
     yet (Harald Koenig).
715. Don't use newmmio S3 driver by default on Alpha architecture (or
     for ISC) (need to specify it explicitly in XF86Config) (Harald Koenig).
714. Fix some incorrect printf-style arguments in xkbcomp (Thomas E. Dickey).
713. Fix compiler warnings, including uninitialised variables, missing
     prototypes, etc (Thomas E. Dickey).
712. XF86Setup updates (Joe Moss).
711. Fix for some potential buffer overrun problems in libXt and libX11 that
     can lead to security holes.

XFree86 3.1.2En (25 August 1996)
710. Build/install the xkbui library regardless of whether XF86Setup is
     being built.
709. Fix lots of compiler warnings and related problems when building on
     Alpha (Richard Henderson).
708. Fix missing function prototype problem in libXi that causes problems
     on Alpha platforms (Richard Henderson).
707. XF86Setup updates.

XFree86 3.1.2Em (24 August 1996)
706. Swap acute and apostrophe keys in de(nodeadkeys) (Michael Rohleder).
705. ISC documentation updates (Michael Rohleder).
704. Chips & Tech documentation update (Egbert Eich).
703. Chips & Tech driver updates, including a fix for a 65545 PCI problem,
     and a hack/option for a suspend/resume problem (Egbert Eich).
702. Major updates to XF86Setup (Joe Moss).
701. Updates to the Cards database (various).
700. ATI (SVGA) driver update (Marc Aurele La France).
699. Cards file update for AGX (Henry Worth).
698. Fix for a BIOS initialisation problem on some VideoLogic (S3) cards
     (Harald Koenig).
697. Fix some 32bpp problems with S3 newmmio (Harald Koenig, Bernd Lind).
696. Fix some PCI lockups when using S3 newmmio mode (Harald Koenig).

XFree86 3.1.2El (23 August 1996)
695. NetBSD/OpenBSD doc updates (Matthieu Herrb).
694. Fix typo in rules/xfree86 (Joe Moss).
693. Fix some virtual desktop scrolling bugs with the CL-GD5462 in the
     Cirrus driver (Corin Anderson).
692. Set BSD (syscons/pcvt) keyboard to K_RAW after establishing the tty
     settings (was done in the opposite order) (Naofumi Honda).
691. Fix PCVT_SUPPORT in BSD xf86KbdOn/Off functions (Naofumi Honda).
690. Add correct handling of PCI connect/disconnect for the PC98 S3 968
     server (Naofumi Honda).
689. Fix PCI probing for PC98 machines (Michio Jinbo).
688. Fix mask used for TGUI fb address when membase is supplied (Michio Jinbo).
687. Add an xterm option/resource to allow text selection to be shown
     differently -- ie, only highlight the characters selected when selecting
     beyond the end of a line (Thomas E. Dickey).
686. Fix PCI base address for S3 868/968, and newmmio fixes (Harald Koenig).
685. Fix problem with memory allocation in XKB that could cause the server
     to crash (Joe Moss).

XFree86 3.1.2Ek (21 August 1996)
684. Fixes for m68k support (Geert Uytterhoeven).
683. Naming changes for m68k servers and config options (Geert Uytterhoeven).
682. Update SuperProbe to identify the amount of memory for a 65550/54,
     and fix detection of 65545 (David Bateman).
681. Fix for 65545 PCI problems in the C&T driver (Egbert Eich).
680. resync os2_select.c (Holger Veit).

XFree86 3.1.2Ej (20 August 1996)
679. Fix install problem when xkbcomp is linked against shared libs.
678. Prevent server exit if the mouse device is changed to something
     unsuitable (Joe Moss).
677. XF86Setup updates (Joe Moss).
676. Update XF86Config man page and sample XF86Config file for XKB changes
     (Joe Moss).
675. LinkKit fixes (David Bateman).
674. Chips & Tech driver updates (David Bateman and others?).
673. xterm bug fixes (Thomas E. Dickey).
672. PCI probe fix for S3 server (Harald Koenig).
671. Support for new MMIO style for 868/968/Trio64V+, and MMIO support
     (with optimised use of memory barriers) for Alpha/AXP.  This currently
     has problems at 32bpp (Bernd Lind, Harald Koenig).
670. Use POSIX termios for xterm for all Linux systems (Richard Henderson).
669. Generalise mmap access to DENSE I/O memory for Alpha (Richard Henderson).
668. 32/64 bit cleanup, especially in server's XIE code (Richard Henderson).
667. Config updates for Linux/Alpha (Richard Henderson).
666. Updates for OS/2 (Holger Veit).
665. Fix problems building XF86Setup with BuildServersOnly set to YES.

XFree86 3.1.2Ei (18 August 1996)
664. Fix some PC98 Imakefile problems (Michio "Karl" Jinbo).
663. Linux/m68k support (Geert Uytterhoeven, Martin Schaller, Gary Henderson).
662. Change the S3 server's handling of situations where mode choices
     cause problems.  It is now less likely to exit in these situations.
661. Add a -bestRefresh command line option to the X servers to change
     the mode selection to pick the mode with the best refresh rate when
     multiple modes of the same name are available.
660. XF86Setup updates (see XF86Setup/CHANGELOG) (Joe Moss).

XFree86 3.1.2Eh (14 August 1996)
659. Update Cyrillic fonts (Andrey Chernov).
658. Add support for the CL-GD5462 to the cirrus driver, and update
     documentation for recent cirrus driver changes (Corin Anderson).
657. XF86Setup updates (Joe Moss).
656. Fix some LynxOS-related typos in the config (Thomas Mueller).
655. Add a man page for the DGA extension.

XFree86 3.1.2Eg (14 August 1996)
654  Update Japanese docs (Michio "Karl" Jinbo).
653  Add XF98_GA968 server for GA-968V4/PCI(S3 968) (Michio "Karl" Jinbo).
652. Bring the PC98 tree into sync with the main tree, and add XF86Setup
     (Michio "Karl" Jinbo).
651. Fix problems with 32bpp sparse mode that were introduced in 3.1.2Eb.
     Need to check that this fix works OK with 24bpp packed mode.
650. Fix some compiler warnings (Thomas E. Dickey).
649. Mods to ct_driver.c so that it will compile on SVR4.0 (no nested
     asm calls, and work around a code generation problem).
648. Fix some problems with mouse changes in 3.1.2Ef (Joe Moss).

XFree86 3.1.2Ef (13 August 1996)
647. ET6000 support for the SVGA and W32 servers.  The support in the
     W32 server is accelerated (Koen Gadeyne).
646. Add support to xterm for most vt220 and vt320 terminal features
     (Thomas E. Dickey).
645. Support for I128 series II cards (Robin Cutshaw).
644. Wacom driver updates (Frederic Lepied).
643. Support for core motion history management through mi (Frederic Lepied).
642. Improved integration of mouse with XInput (Frederic Lepied).
641. Major updates to XF86Setup (Joe Moss).
640. Update to latest version of XKB.
639. Fix broken 32bpp sparse support in S3 server (there are still some
     problems though, and they are also seen with the Mach64 server).

XFree86 3.1.2Ee (11 August 1996)
638. Implement ech and ech1 terminal capabilities for xterm (Thomas E. Dickey).
637. Add blinking cursor support for xterm (disabled for now)
     (Thomas E. Dickey).
636. Fix a PEX font struct being freed twice (Richard Henderson).
635. Make xterm tolerant of applications that allocate the whole colour map
     (by disabling colour mode if the ANSI colours are set with non fg/bg
     values) (Thomas E. Dickey).
634. Allow ISO colour support to be #ifdef'd out in xterm.  This allows
     xterm's memory usage to be significantly reduced when colorMode is not
     enabled (Thomas E. Dickey).
633. Reduce flickering during resize for ReverseVideo in xterm
     (Thomas E. Dickey).
632. Fix xterm core dump problem on IRIX 5.2 (Thomas E. Dickey).
631. Update scanpci to detect the #9 I128 series II (Robin Cutshaw).
630. Preliminary Mach32 ramdac support updates (Bryan Feir).
629. Document new xterm control sequences (Thomas E. Dickey).
628. Fix problem introduced in 3.1.2E with software cursor on some non-i386
     platforms (Thomas E. Dickey and Thomas Mueller).
627. Support for SCO Open Server 5 (J. Kean Johnston).
626. Add detection of the S3 ViRGE chip to SuperProbe (and scanpci), and
     use PCI probing for S3 chipset detection in SuperProbe where appropriate
     (Harald Koenig).
625. Add detection of newly supported C&T chips to SuperProbe.
624. Add a TextClock keyword for the XF86Config to fix problems restoring
     the text clock with the chips & tech driver (Egbert Eich).
623. Updates for the LinkKit (Egbert Eich).
622. Significantly improved driver for Chips and Technologies chipsets.
     Includes linear addressing (65530 and above), 16/24bpp (65540 and above),
     programmable clock support (65540 and above), HW cursor support (65545
     and above), BitBLT acceleration (65545/46 and 48), support for the
     65546, 65548, 65550 and 65554 (Nozomi Ytow, Egbert Eich, Ken Raeburn,
     Xavier Ducoin and David Bateman).

XFree86 3.1.2Ed (10 August 1996)
621. Fix xterm colour translation problem (Michael Rohleder and
     Thomas E. Dickey).
620. xterm termcap/terminfo fixes (Thomas E. Dickey).
619. Add escape sequences to xterm that act like CDE ddterm's window
     operations (Thomas E. Dickey).
618. Set the initial cleared screen colour correctly for the 8514 and Mach8
     servers to match the default black pixel value and the -flipPixels
     flag (Hans Nasten).
617. Add support for LynxOS AT version 2.4.0, and client-only support for
     LynxOS microSPARC and PowerPC (Thomas Mueller).
616. Config updates for OpenBSD and NetBSD 1.2 (Matthieu Herrb).
615. Fix typo in trident driver, and update XFree86 man page (Alan Hourihane).
614. Fix problems with Trio64V+ video blanking signal.  Some undocumented
     options "trio64v+_bug1" to "trio64v+_bug3" have been added enable/disable
     parts of the code in case they are required later (Harald Koenig).
613. Don't require SuperProbe to do the BIOS signature check for VGA cards
     when the PCI probe detects a VGA card (Koen Gadeyne).
612. Add ET6000 detection to SuperProbe (Koen Gadeyne).
611. Add PCI detection of ET6000 to scanpci and SVGA server (Koen Gadeyne).
610. Update AGX documentation (Henry Worth).
609. Add DGA support to the AGX server (Henry Worth).
608. AGX server recognises "fast_vram" and "slow_vram" options as equivalents
     to "fast_dram" and "slow_dram" (Henry Worth).
607. 8 bit/RGB DAC mode is now the default for the AGX server where supported
     (Henry Worth).
606. Fix initialisation of the Bt481 for AGX-016 based Hercules dual-DAC
     Graphite cards (Henry Worth).
605. Fix overscan colour correctly for the AGX server to match the change
     to the default black pixel value and the -flipPixels flag (Henry Worth).
604. Update et4000w32.c for ChipHas24bpp in vgaVideoChipRec (Thomas E. Dickey).
603. Prevent Xserver from exiting when a mouse device can't be opened and
     the '-allowMouseOpenFail' command line option is used (Joe Moss).
602. Add CL-GD5446 detection to SuperProbe.
601. Add support for CL-GD5446 to the cirrus driver (Corin Anderson).
600. Add PCI detection of Cirrus CL-GD5446 to SVGA server and scanpci
     (Corin Anderson).
599. Add a function XF86DGAForkApp() to the dga library, which causes
     the client to fork, with the parent remaining to clean up after the
     child exits (Jon Tombs).
598. Add an InstallColormap function to the DGA extension (Jon Tombs).
597. Fix broken DGA setviewport on SVGA servers (Jon Tombs).

XFree86 3.1.2Ec (8 July 1996)
596. XF86Setup fixes and updates (Joe Moss).
595. Fix some build problems on Solaris due to the positioning of
     <stdlib.h> includes in xconsole and xwd (William Austin).
594. Fix a make problem in xfree98/vga16/drivers (Takaaki Nomura).
593. Add some minor features from ISO 6429 to xterm (Thomas E. Dickey).
592. Fix for SiS clock programming, and implement HW cursor for SiS
     (Alan Hourihane).
591. XInput support for SummaSketch tablets (Steven Lang).
590. Improve the startup of the Wacom driver (Frederic Lepied).
589. Fix an XInput bug with extended events reporting the wrong number
     of valuators (Frederic Lepied).
588. Fix xterm's utmp usage for Solaris (Christos Zoulas).

XFree86 3.1.2Eb (30 June 1996)
587. Fix MMIO setting which causes problems with Trio64V+ cards in machines
     with PCI SCSI controllers (Harald Koenig).
586. Auto-select the ICD2061A for Diamond Stealth 64 VRAM cards (when
     a Diamond BIOS, Bt485 and S3 964 are all detected).
585. Fix a problem with the VGA16 server when Chipset "generic" is specified.
584. Fix twm/gram.y and fonts/PEX/to_wfont.y problems that show up when
     using bison-1.25 (Matthieu Herrb).
583. Move the beta expiry check code into a separate file, and add a command
     line option to allow the expiry date to be extended when a key is
582. Preliminary 24bpp packed support for some S3 cards (Harald Koenig).
581. Add 24bpp (packed pixel) support for cfb (cfb24), and the required
     hooks for using it with the SVGA server (Shigehiro Nomura and
     NoZomi Ytow).
580. Fix some xterm background colouring problems (Thomas E. Dickey).
579. Allow the PCI burst to be separately turned on/off for read and write
     for the TGUI chips (Alan Hourihane).
578. vgaHW.c fix (NoZomi Ytow).
577. Fix for Mach64 block_write problems introduced in 3.1.2E (Kevin Martin).
576. An alternate fix to the Makedirectories() rule, which causes only
     one 'sh -c' to be used (Marc Aurele La France).
575. Some sanity checks for the trident driver (Alan Hourihane).
574. Another HSkew fix for the ATI SVGA driver (Marc Aurele La France).
573. Add 256 colour support to the SiS driver (Alan Hourihane).
572. Fix a stdlib.h -related problem in xwd (Joe Moss).
571. Fix a stdlib.h -related problem in xfs/os/utils.h (Takaaki Nomura).
570. Add a new Xserver configuration utility -- XF86Setup (Joe Moss).
569. Remove the "-noscale" flag from the Xserver usage message (Joe Moss).
568. Fix session handling of xdm for *BSD (Peter Wemm).

XFree86 3.1.2Ea (10 June 1996)
567. xf86config.c update in preparation for the XF86Setup utility (Joe Moss).
566. Fix some Mach64 problems in the SVGA ati driver (Marc Aurele La France).
565. Fix the xf86GetClocks prototype (Marc Aurele La France).
564. Fix MakeDirectories rule (Stephen Hocking).
563. By default, don't change PCI burst settings for TGUI (Alan Hourihane).
562. Fix interlaced modes for the SVGA ali driver (Thomas Graichen).
561. xfs updates for OS/2 (Sebastien Marineau).
560. Fix some TGUI problems introduced in 3.1.2E (Alan Hourihane).
559. Fix problems with scanpci on NetBSD (Michio "Karl" Jinbo).
558. Some cleanups/removal of compiler warnings (Christos Zoulas).
557. Patch for compiling on BSD/OS 2.1 (Mike Bernson).
556. Turn off the Xaw3d arrow scrollbar support in xterm by default (it
     causes xterm to suck CPU), and make it an option/resource
     (Thomas E. Dickey).
555. Reinstate the "no_program_clocks" for TGUI9440 chips (Alan Hourihane).
554. XInput updates, including motion history support for the joystick and
     elo devices, removing auto link speed detection for the elo -- it is
     now set with the LinkSpeed XF86Config option, and added acceleration
     handling for relative devices (Patrick Lecoanet and Frederic Lepied).
553. Add VGA16 support to the ET3000 driver (Thomas Graichen).
552. Fix for first button click in a xterm being mistaken for a double
     click (Kaleb Keithley).
551. Fix for server crash on Alpha when using the logo screen saver
     (Manabe Takashi).
550. xkb datafile updates, including more/better European keymaps, pc102
     geometry and keycodes (Stuart Anderson, courtesy Metro Link).
549. Fix xterm problem on *BSD (VMIN initialisation) that would cause
     rlogin to fail (Matthieu Herrb).
548. Fix problems when a dynamic module is specified with an absolute path.

XFree86 3.1.2E (13 May 1996)
547. Fix Trio64V+ problem with DAC entry#255 for color mode 0 (1 8bpp/DCLK)
     by only using color mode 8 (2 8bpp pixel/DCLK, CR67=10) (Harald Koenig).
546. Added options to the S3 server to slow down DRAM and EDO DRAM access
     (Harald Koenig).
545. Add inlined assembler code to do unaligned access on Alphas
     (Harald Koenig).
544. Fix a font corruption problem for Alphas in cfb (Harald Koenig).
543. Fix sample Xcms.txt colour entries (Harald Koenig).
542. Fix some problems building the a.out DLL version of libX11
     (Harald Koenig).
541. OS/2 updates (Sebastien Marineau).
540. Fix(?) server crash on keyboard input when using DGA with XKB disabled.
539. Install xterm termcap/terminfo files in lib/X11/etc for all OSs, not
     just SYSV/SVR4.
538. Convert egc_asm.s to the portable assembler format so it can be built
     on SVR4 (Takaaki Nomura).
537. Fix Mach64 ghostview scrollbar problem.  This may also fix some font
     corruption problems seen in Netscape (Kevin Martin).
536. Fix Mach64 ol[v]wm icon problem (Kevin Martin).
535. Add Mach64 cursor in doublescan mode -- this still has problems
     (Kevin Martin).
534. Add Mach64 doublescan mode for low resolution modes (only works so far
     for the VT chip) (Kevin Martin).
533. Fix Mach64 264VT support in the Mach64 server (Kevin Martin).
532. Update the xterm termcap and terminfo descriptions (Thomas E. Dickey).
531. Fix an xterm bug where XmbLookupString is used even though an
     IM/IC isn't open/used (Kaleb Keithley).
530. Fix a clock roll-over bug in xterm (Kaleb Keithley).
529. Add some new locale aliases used by Solaris 2.5 and some other OSs
     (Kaleb Keithley).
528. Fix some potential data overruns with long environment variables in
     libX11 and libXt which could create security holes in suid root
     programs like xterm (Kaleb Keithley).
527. Fix makedepend's handling of long typed defines (eg, 1993L)
     (Kaleb Keithley).
526. User alloca on UnixWare (Kaleb Keithley).
525. Improved fix for removing compiled keymap files (Kaleb Keithley).

XFree86 3.1.2Dj (12 May 1996)
524. Disable POSIX_TERMIOS in xterm for FreeBSD versions prior to 2.1.
523. Add a document for XInput (Frederic Lepied).
522. Have the server remove the compiled keymap file when shutting down
     (Joe Moss).
521. Fix problem of XkbListComponents() not listing anything in
     subdirectories (Joe Moss).
520. Fix passing of button events for the Joystick (Frederic Lepied).
519. NetBSD documentation updates (Matthieu Herrb).

XFree86 3.1.2Di (11 May 1996)
518. Modify xterm to revoke() its pty before opening it on *BSD
     (Matthieu Herrb).
517. Fix xterm not sending SIGHUP to its children when it dies on *BSD
     (Matthieu Herrb).
516. Fix some problems that were preventing extended Mouse devices from
515. Add "Port" as a synonym for "Device" in the Pointer section.
514. Fix Makefile dependencies for dynamically loaded XInput modules.
513. Fix screen saver blanking for Mach64 CT at 16bpp and 32bpp.
512. Remove the directory components from the XKB parameters in the sample
     XF86Config files, and from the XF86Config files generated by xf86config.
511. Fix Mach64 memory mapping bug introduced in 3.1.2Dg.

XFree86 3.1.2Dh (10 May 1996)
510. Fix for some image problems on VGAWonder V3, V4 and V5 adapters
     (Marc Aurele La France).
509. Enable TERMIOS for xterm on Linux/Alpha (Kazushige Goto).
508. Make the "clkdiv2" option a valid option for most accelerated
     servers (Koen Gadeyne).
507. Unified the global function names to use the xf86 prefix in the XInput
     code (Frederic Lepied).
506. Add support for motion history for extended input devices (implemented
     for the Wacom driver) (Frederic Lepied).
505. Oak documentation updates (Jorge Delgado).
504. Fix compiler warnings introduced in 3.1.2Dg (Thomas E. Dickey).
503. OS/2 updates (Sebastien Marineau and Holger Veit).
502. Fix formatting of xtrans error messages (Holger Veit).
501. S3 image fixes for Alpha (Harald Koenig).

XFree86 3.1.2Dg (6 May 1996)
500. X98 updates for PANIX(98) support (X98 core team).
499. Allow halved clocks to be used with the VGA servers (Koen Gadeyne).
498. Use same xlfd value rounding for alpha as for i386 (Harald Koenig).
497. Support for Linux/Alpha (Jay Estabrook, Craig Ruff, Harald Koenig
     and others?).
496. Fix autorepeating modifier keys (Kaleb Keithley).
495. Fix nonMuxMaxClock for S3 864/868 (Harald Koenig).
494. Make sure that imake, xinit and the XFree86 servers don't inherit
     a SIGCHLD signal handler of SIG_IGN (Marc Aurele La France).
493. Fix default HSkew for ATI 28800 cards (Marc Aurele La France).
492. Fix typo in SuperProbe/PCI.c (Holger Veit).
491. Colour xterm fixes -- fixes inner border being painted with the wrong
     colour (Thomas E. Dickey).
490. More X server prototyping fixes -- mostly for Xserver/Xext
     (Thomas E. Dickey).
489. DGA support for the P9000 server (Erik Nygren).

XFree86 3.1.2Df (15 April 1996)
488. Changes to xf86Config.c in preparation for XF86Setup sharing this
     code (Joe Moss).
487. Prevent SuperProbe from falsely detecting non-VGA PCI devices.
486. Config/Imake support for building LBX (Holger Veit).
485. OS/2 updates (Holger Veit and Sebastien Marineau).
484. Add support for the I128 8MB board with the IBM528 RAMDAC (Robin Cutshaw).
483. Add prototyping for Xserver/dix, and fix copyright notices in new
     header files (Thomas E. Dickey).
482. Replace the vsync wait delays in the ICD2061A code with a 20ms usleep
     (Harald Koenig).
481. Ensure that the S3 server clears the screen to black even when
     '-flipPixels' is used, and erase the S3 HW bug test patterns after
     completing the tests (Harald Koenig).
480. Fix incorrect S3 HW cursor offset after VT switching (Harald Koenig).
479. Fix SuperProbe's memory probing for S3 cards with more than 4MB,
     and add detection for the TVP3030 RAMDAC (Harald Koenig).
478. Fix some S3 TVP3026 problems introduced in 3.1.2Dc (Harald Koenig).
477. Add support to the S3 server for the ELSA Gloria-8 card (except the
     GLint 300SX 3D chip) (Harald Koenig).
476. Fix for POSIX termios support in xterm (Matthieu Herrb).
475. Add -li386 to ServerExtraSysLibs for NetBSD (Matthieu Herrb).
474. Fix problems when XINPUT isn't defined (Kaleb Keithley).
473. Fix for TGUI 9320 LCD support (Alan Hourihane).
472. Imakefile updates for X98, and PCI detection added for TGUI9320
     (Michio "Karl" Jinbo).

XFree86 3.1.2De (31 March 1996)
471. Change the default HSkew calculation (Marc Aurele La France).
470. Add detection of the ATI 264VT, 264VT2 and 264GT to the ati driver,
     SuperProbe, scanpci, and the Mach64 server (Marc Aurele La France).
469. Fix the W32 server's reporting of the bits/rgb resolution (Koen Gadeyne).
468. Add ICD2061A clockchip support to the W32 server (Koen Gadeyne and
     Peter Chang).
467. Add support for PowerWindow968, Cyber9320 and TGUI9680 (X98 core team).
466. Fixes for XF98_NEC480 on PANIX-PC98 (X98 core team).
465. Remove X98 style version info from the server startup messages
     (X98 core team).
464. Improve stability of the XF98_PWSK server (X98 core team).
463. Add some missing XFreeXDGA #ifdefs (Kaleb Keithley).
462. Fix problem of the XKB keymaps not getting loaded when using the
     Xqueue keyboard driver on SVR4 (Joe Moss).
461. Add POSIX termios support to xterm, and use it for BSD Net/2
     derived systems.  This removes the need for kernels on those systems
     to be compiled with COMPAT_43 in order to run xterm (Matthieu Herrb).
460. Update the I/O enabling in the X servers and SuperProbe for
     NetBSD-current (Matthieu Herrb).
459. Save the S3 cursor colour stack (CR4A/CR4B) (Harald Koenig).
458. Add macro button support to the Wacom driver, and handle more than
     six valuators to post events (Frederic Lepied).
457. Support for the Miro Magic S4 (S3 928 + Bt485).  A known problem is
     that switching between pixmux an non-pixmux modes doesn't work
     (Bernd Strobel).
456. Fix banked mono for the SiS driver (Alan Hourihane).
455. X server prototype cleanups and fixes, particularly in the Xi code
     (Thomas E. Dickey).
454. Possible fix for tvga9000 and tvga8900d problems (Alan Hourihane).

XFree86 3.1.2Dd (17 March 1996)
453. Include R6.1 public patch 1.
452. Fix incorrect type in SuperProbe/PCI.c (Thomas E. Dickey).
451. Fix a memory leak in xterm when switching fonts (Thomas E. Dickey).
450. Fixes for mouse problems introduced in 3.1.2Dc (Joe Moss,
     Michael Rohleder, Takaaki Nomura).
449. Man page for the VidMode extension (Joe Moss).
448. Modify xterm to work properly with Xaw3d's arror scrollbars (based on
     Kaleb Keithley's R5 patch).
447. Add tilt report for the Wacom device (Frederic Lepied).
446. Deal with DAC/clock discrepancy for Mach64 in the ati driver
     (Marc Aurele La France).
445. Reduce warnings in the ati driver when compiling with 'gcc -Wall'
     (Marc Aurele La France).
444. Fix recognition of ATI extended VGA register I/O port number on some
     Mach32 Mach64 PCI adapters in the ati driver (Marc Aurele La France).
443. Add nested prototypes to xf86_HWlib.h (Marc Aurele La France).
442. Fix typo in IBM RGB514 programming for the Mach64 (Marc Aurele La France).
441. Fix a problem with the Mach64 server incorrectly using Block I/O mode
     on some cards.

XFree86 3.1.2Dc (11 March 1996)
440. XKB updates from recent XC fix-tracker.
439. Fix freeing a random pointer in the module code when an absolute
     path is given (Thomas E. Dickey).
438. Updates to Ti3026 PLL parameter limits (Harald Koenig).
437. Support for ELSA Winner 2000PRO/X rev G (Harald Koenig).
436. Fix 'make clean' problems for PC98 (Takefumi Tsukada).
435. OS/2 updates (Holger Veit).
434. Remove DEVINTPTR ifdefs by renaming the entrypoints of the affected
     functions (Thomas E. Dickey).
433. Fix for handling of long version strings in beta servers (Harald Koenig).
432. Some XFree86-Misc cleanups (Joe Moss).
431. Add an extended input device supporting mouse protocols.  This shares
     code with the core mouse (Frederic Lepied).
430. Fix the behaviour of ANSI colours in xterm when reverse video is used,
     and some other xterm updates (Thomas E. Dickey).
429. Fix SEGV with ark driver when no Ramdac is given in the XF86Config.
428. Avoid retrace wait for S3 HW cursor when DGA is active (Jon Tombs).

XFree86 3.1.2Db (5 March 1996)
427. Fix a problem where hw cursors get recoloured incorrectly.
426. Fix another possible Trio32 font cache problem (Harald Koenig).
425. Another S3 968 dashed line fix (Harald Koenig).
424. Fix RecolorCursor problems for S3 hw cursors in RAMDACs and for
     sw cursor (Harald Koenig).
423. Add a Japanese version of the FreeBSD README (Takefumi Tsukada).
422. Fix for problems with XF86_WSNA server (X98 core team).
421. Add a mapping for Pointer_EnableKeys to the XKB symbols/us map (Joe Moss).
420. XC patch for XKB.
419. Add code to the vidmode and misc extensions to print details of mode
     keyboard and mouse setting changes (Joe Moss).
418. Add code to recognise extra keys on Digital LK201 PC keyboards
     (Basil Duval).
417. Don't include Multibuffer support in xdpyinfo when it isn't included
     in the X servers (Joe Moss).
416. Fix core dump when XInput debugging is enabled (Frederic Lepied).
415. Fix implicit grab problem with Wacom input device (Frederic Lepied).
414. Add an "allowMouseOpenFail" XF86Config and command-line option to allow
     the server to be started when no mouse can be initialised (Joe Moss).
413. Updates for parallel make (Robin Cutshaw).
412. Update xf86config for the I128 server (Robin Cutshaw).

XFree86 3.1.2Da (3 March 1996)
411. Add a script.
410. Documentation updates.
409. Fix for Linux/ELF rules (H.J. Lu).
408. Always used extended I/O for SYSV/SVR4.  This is required now for
     ISC (Michael Rohleder).
407. Fix BootstrapCFlags in for Solaris x86.
406. Solaris fixes for SuperProbe and the Mach64 server (Robin Cutshaw
     and James Hawtin).
405. Wacom bug fix (Frederic Lepied).
404. Add support for writing to stdout for gccmakedep, which is required
     for NetBSD and FreeBSD (Matthieu Herrb).

XFree86 3.1.2D (24 February 1996)
403. Fix xterm SEGV if it cannot open an input method (Manabe Takashi).
402. Update Linux/ELF SharedLibraryTarget() (H.J. Lu).
401. Add a BinUtilsVersion parameter for Linux, and modify ExtraLoadFlags for
     Binutils versions and later (H.J. Lu).
400. Set CplusplusCmd to 'c++' for Linux, set YaccCmd to byacc when
     USE_BYACC is defined, and remove $(CBRT) from ServerExtraSysLibs
     (H.J. Lu).
399. Fix installation of some SCO rules/cf files (H.J. Lu).
398. Modify imake.rules to include Motif rules/tmpl files when BUILD_MOTIF
     is defined (H.J. Lu).
397. Fix argument passing typo in SuperProbe (Thomas E. Dickey).
396. Update Cards database (Joe Moss).
395. Documentation updates (Holger Veit, Joe Moss).
394. Fix xset/Imakefile for OS/2 (Holger Veit).
393. Don't use the index/rindex macros with arguments for non-ANSI compilers.
392. Uncomment xf86cleanpci() in vga.c.

XFree86 3.1.2Ch (22 February 1996)
391. Fix xset linking for Linux a.out (Harald Koenig).
390. Disallow interlaced modes with the SiS driver (Alan Hourihane).
389. Change SCO interface to allow for a 128K VGA aperture
     (Marc Aurele La France).
388. Add support to the ati driver for Mach64 cards with a base address
     other than 0x2EC (Marc Aurele La France).
387. Introduce a new XF86Config mode option called HSkew which sets bits
     0x60 of CRTC[3] (Marc Aurele La France).
386. Fix colour map problem on VGA Wonder V3 boards (Randall Hopper,
     Marc Aurele La France).
385. Allow multiple "-verbose" command line flags to increase the verbosity
     level (Marc Aurele La France).
384. Modify xf86scanpci() so that it will be able to deal with multi-headed
     servers in the future, add an xf86cleanpci() function to allow
     the PCI data to be freed after use, allow xf86scanpci() to be called
     more than once, and fix a problem with it not always returning with I/O
     permissions disabled (Marc Aurele La France).
383. SuperProbe updates for Mach64 and PCI (Marc Aurele La France).
382. OS/2 updates (Holger Veit).
381. Keyboard/mouse parameter changes with XFree86-Misc can now be disabled,
     and these are only allowable by default for local client connections
     (Joe Moss).
380. Only check/change relevant parameters with XFree86-Misc (Joe Moss).
379. Add new/better protocol error messages for XFree86-Misc (Joe Moss).
378. Man page for the XFree86-Misc library functions (Joe Moss).
377. Add detection of the SiS 86C202 and 86C205 to SuperProbe and the SiS
     driver (Alan Hourihane).

XFree86 3.1.2Cg (20 February 1996)
376. Modify the handling of the XF86Config xkb options to allow the
     -xkbmap server flag to work (it overrides what is in the XF86Config).
     The XKBKeyMap XF86Config setting will now work too, and it overrides
     any other XKB settings given there.
375. Fix for parts of a VT switch sequence getting passed to clients when
     XKB is enabled.
374. update (Matthieu Herrb).
373. Fix various cases of nested comment delimiters (Thomas E. Dickey).
372. Config additions/updates for CLIX and for HP with GCC2 (Thomas E. Dickey).
371. Fix RecolorCursor for HW cursor in AGX, Mach32, Mach64, P9000, I128,
     Cirrus, Ark and Trident server/drivers (untested).
370. Fix xinit problem introduced in 3.1.2Cf.
369. S3 dashed line fix, including an option "s3_968_dash_bug" to enable
     a workaround for a 968 bug.  There is code to auto-detect this problem,
     so the option shouldn't need to be specified explicitly (Harald Koenig).
368. Fix for RecolorCursor problem with S3 HW cursors.  This problem is
     also present in other accel servers (Harald Koenig).
367. Trident linear mode updates (Alan Hourihane).

XFree86 3.1.2Cf (19 February 1996)
366. S3 update for ELSA Winner1000 cards with the AT&T 20C409 Ramdac
     (Dirk Hohndel).
365. PC98 updates, including a new xkbcomp/compat/pc98 description
     (X98 core team).
364. SiS driver updated (Alan Hourihane).
363. Work around an S3 968 dashed line bug (Harald Koenig).
362. OS/2 updates, including a new OS/2 README (Holger Veit and
     Sebastien Marineau).
361. ISC documentation updates (Michael Rohleder).
360. NetBSD documentation updates (Matthieu Herrb).
359. Trident driver updates (Alan Hourihane).

XFree86 3.1.2Ce (18 February 1996)
358. PC98 documentation (X98 core team).
357. Fix a bug in the handling of the Wacom eraser as a third button
     (Frederic Lepied).
356. Enable the Joystick driver for NetBSD (using a port of the FreeBSD
     joystick driver to NetBSD) (Matthieu Herrb).
355. Allow XInput dynamic loading for NetBSD (Matthieu Herrb).
354. Use the FreeBSD way of making dependencies in .depend files for NetBSD
     (Matthieu Herrb).
353. Change the XInput Dynamic module loading to allow a ModulePath to
     be specified in the Files section of the XF86Config, and move the
     list of loadable modules into a Modules section in XF86Config
     (Frederic Lepied).
352. Fix some glitches in xterm's colour behaviour (Thomas E. Dickey).
351. Modify the xf86config utility to allow XKB information to be entered
     (Holger Veit).
350. Fix Xserver prototyping problems (Thomas E. Dickey).
349. Modify PCI code for PC98 (X98 core team).
348. Add PC98 server for WSN-A2F (X98 core team).
347. XKB description files for a Japanese 106 key keyboard (Takefumi Tsukada).
346. Probe the VGA sis driver before the the cl64xx to avoid mis-probing
     (Alan Hourihane).
345. Modify XF86VidModeGetAllModeLines() to allocate memory in one chunk
     so it can be freed later by the client (Joe Moss).
344. Fix incorrect handling of S3RefClock when specified in the XF86Config
     (Harald Koenig).
343. Clean up linear mode setup in the Trident Driver (Alan Hourihane).
342. Disable PCI burst mode by default for the Trident driver
     (Alan Hourihane).
341. Fix a problem restoring 16bpp modes with the Mach32 server on OS/2
     (Sebastien Marineau).
340. Fix a problem that was preventing the tgui driver from working on
     some TGUI9440 cards (Alan Hourihane).

XFree86 3.1.2Cd (12 February 1996)
339. Fix library ordering for Linux a.out for xset, xdpyinfo and xvidtune
     (Harald Koenig).
338. Add a version check to the XInput dynamic modules (Frederic Lepied).
337. Fix keyboard LED initialisation.  This usually shows up as a problem
     on *BSD where the NumLock LED is on when the server is started.
336. Update Linux DLL jump files (Harald Koenig).
335. PC98 updates, including XF98Conf, and the XKB nec geometry description
     (X98 core team).
334. Automatically treat the PS/2 protocol the same as the busmouse protocol
     on NetBSD (since that's how NetBSD's PS/2 driver works).
333. Add XInput dynamic loading support for FreeBSD 2.x.
332. Fix problem with XInput on non-Linux/ELF systems.
331. xterm fixes, including updates to allow building on R5
     (Thomas E. Dickey).
330. Add to the docs a file containing a list of PC98 cards that are
     supported (X98 core team).
329. Documentation updates for xterm (Thomas E. Dickey).
328. Disable the TGUI HW cursor by default (Alan Hourihane).
327. Add PCI support to SuperProbe (Alan Hourihane).

XFree86 3.1.2Cc (10 February 1996)
326. Merge in final form of R6.1.

XFree86 3.1.2Cb (9 February 1996)
325. XC fix-trackers to seq-4114 (mostly XKB).
324. Xlib prototyping improvements/fixes (Thomas E. Dickey).
323. OS/2 updates (Holger Veit and Sebastien Marineau).
322. Allow the eraser button of a wacom stylus to act as a third button
     if the WacomEraser device isn't enabled (Frederic Lepied).
321. Allow XInput device support to be dynamically loaded.  This is for
     Linux only so far (Frederic Lepied).
320. Major updates to the ati driver, including support for the newer
     Mach64 chips and clocks, preliminary support or pre- VGAWonder V3
     adapters and generic VGA.  The default chipset name has been changed
     back to "ati" from "vgawonder" (Marc Aurele La France).
319. Properly implement xf86DisableIOPrivs and xf86Disable/EnableInterrupts
     for Linux (Marc Aurele La France).
318. ATI doc updates (Marc Aurele La France).
317. Remove ati.test.c, and move the functionality into the ati driver
     (Marc Aurele La France).
316. Remove the "undoc_clocks" option (Marc Aurele La France).
315. Make all I/O ports in compiler.h unsigned short, and all values
     unsigned char/short/int (Marc Aurele La France).
314. Updates Mach64 probing for SuperProbe (Marc Aurele La France).
313. Make the Linux ELF/a.out default build the same as the system default
     (Marc Aurele La France).
312. Delete unneeded cmd/sh files in xfree98/vga256 (X98 core team).
311. Fix problems with XF98_WABS (X98 core team).
310. update xfree98/etc/Imakefile, and remove the *.sed files and their
     related imake rules (X98 core team).
309. XF98_WABEP server added (for Melco WAB-EP) (X98 core team).
308. Trident driver updates including some clock probing fixes
     (Alan Hourihane).
307. Fix 2MB Trio64 display error problem due to incorrect parameter
     calculation (Harald Koenig).

XFree86 3.1.2Ca (5 February 1996)
306. Improve S3 Diamond BIOS detection.
305. XC fix-trackers to seq-4104 (mostly a new XKB snapshot).
304. Don't include the compaq driver by default -- it is broken.

XFree86 3.1.2C (31 January 1996)
303. Allow the mouse parameters (except the device) to be changed with
     the XFree86-Misc extension.  This causes a close/reopen of the the
     device (Joe Moss).
302. Fix problem introduced with the server lock code which causes a delay
     at startup.
301. Add some checking for the mouse baud rate given in the XF86Config
     (Joe Moss).
300. Fix for the bright left border problem with some Trio64V+ cards
     (Harald Koenig).
299. PC98 XKB support files (Kaleb Keithley, Toyonori Fujiura).
298. Update German XKB symbols (Thomas Mueller).

XFree86 3.1.2Bo (30 January 1996)
297. Updates for XF98Conf.cpp (Takefumi Tsukada).
296. Add an XF86Config option for disabling XKB (Kaleb Keithley).
295. Further OS/2 support updates, including a working X server
     (Sebastien Marineau and Holger Veit).
294. Documentation update for PC98 (Takefumi Tsukada).
293. Improved prototyping for Xlib.h (Thomas E. Dickey).
292. xterm updates, including mods to allow it to be built with X11R5
     (Thomas E. Dickey).
291. Some XFree86-Misc extension updates (Joe Moss).
290. GlidePoint updates (Jean-Christophe Hugly).
289. Add XInput knowledge to xdpyinfo, and update the output format of
     xsetpointer (Frederic Lepied).
288. NetBSD updates for scanpci now that console.h isn't included any more
     (Matthieu Herrb).
287. XC fix-trackers to seq-4086 (xsm updates).
286. xkb symbol addition for European-style keyboards (Kaleb Keithley).
285. Possible fix for security problem related to the X server's lock files.

XFree86 3.1.2Bn (28 January 1996)
284. Fix reporting of the ATI68860 Rev C Ramdac with the Mach64 server.
283. Support for ALPS GlidePoint.  A tap on the pad is treated as a fourth
     button (Jean-Christophe Hugly).
282. Improved XKB support for XFree86 servers (Kaleb Keithley).
281. Prevent mode switching and VT switching when DGA is active (Jon Tombs).
280. Don't include for syscons with NetBSD by default.
279. NetBSD doc updates (Matthieu Herrb).
278. XFree86-Misc extension updates, including more sanity checking (Joe Moss).
277. Fix some length calculations in libXxf86vm (Joe Moss).

XFree86 3.1.2Bm (26 January 1996)
276. Remove (for now) the vertical retrace wait in the S3 SetViewPort.
275. Updates TGUI support for SuperProbe (Alan Hourihane).
274. TGUI driver updates (Alan Hourihane).
273. Major updates to OS/2 support (Holger Veit).
272. Update xdpyinfo for the latest XFree86-Misc changes, and update xset
     to allow the keyboard repeat parameters to be changed (Joe Moss).
271. Add functions to the XFree86-Misc extension to allow getting and
     setting mouse and keyboard configuration (Joe Moss).
270. Remove the low ICS5342 clock limit (Harald Koenig).
269. Add an "XF98Config.cpp" from which a sample config file suitable for
     the X98 servers is generated (X98 core team).
268. Update Imakefiles under hw/xfree98 (X98 core team).
267. Fix for make dependency problem with BSD make and the XFree86 drivers
     subdirectories (Matthieu Herrb).
266. X Consortium fix-trackers to seq-4084 (mostly XKB and doc updates).
265. Allow the XInput debug level to be set from the XF86Config
     (Frederic Lepied).

XFree86 3.1.2Bl (21 January 1996)
264. Fix xterm IM problem if *inputMethod == "" (Kaleb Keithley).
263. Xvfb fix for systems that have mmap, but not the MS_ASYNC flag for
262. XC fix-trackers to seq-4060 (some XKB and config updates).
261. 6-bit/rgb fix for the I128 server (Robin Cutshaw).
260. Update hw/xfree98 Imakefiles (Takefumi Tsukada).
259. Add a GetAllModeLines function to the VidMode extension, and modify
     xdpyinfo to use it (Joe Moss).

XFree86 3.1.2Bk (17 January 1996)
258. Don't allow DGA operations which affect the server when it isn't on
     the active screen.
257. Have XFree86-Misc report the power saver times in seconds rather
     than milliseconds (to be consistent with XGetScreenSaver).
256. Modify xset to allow setting/viewing the power saver parameters via
     the XFree86-Misc extension.
255. Modify the VidMode extension to disallow both mode switches and
     the locking/unlocking of mode switching when DontZoom has been set
     in the XF86Config.
254. Only allow the DGA extension to accept local connections.
253. Fix Home/End key support in xterm (Thomas Mueller).
252. Add support for VT200 compatible cursor on/off to xterm (Thomas Mueller).
251. Add support for the XFree86-Misc extension to xdpyinfo (Joe Moss).
250. VidMode/xvidtune updates (Kaleb Keithley).
249. XC fix-trackers to seq-4055 (mostly XKB fixes).
248. Fix link ordering of new libraries (Thomas Mueller).
247. Add some missing XKB #defines (Thomas Mueller).
246. Fix typo in include/extensions/Imakefile (Thomas Mueller).

XFree86 3.1.2Bj (16 January 1996)
245. Remove the XExExt library, and replace it with individual libraries
     for each extension.
244. Remove the GetSaver/SetSaver functions from the VidMode extension
     and add them to a new extension: XFree86-Misc.
243. Cleanup VidMode extension code -- removing "vgahelp" references
     (Kaleb Keithley).
242. Allow the write functions of the VidMode extension to be disabled
     for non-local clients (default), and all clients (Kaleb Keithley).
241. XC fix-trackers to seq-4052 (new XKB snapshot).
240. README.S3 updates (Paul Gortmaker).
239. Do framebuffer address scan for all VLB Trio64 cards, not just those
     with > 1MB.
238. Fix typo in trident driver (Alan Hourihane).
237. Modify the I128 server to use xf86scanpci() rather than its own PCI
     probe (which didn't work for PCI config type 1 boards) (Robin Cutshaw).

XFree86 3.1.2Bi (14 January 1996)
236. Enable dynamic allocation of XInput devices to allow for multiple
     instances of the same device type.  The Joystick2 device has been
     removed (Frederic Lepied).
235. Fix typo in a recent xconsole fix (Michael Rohleder).
234. Add POSIX build config option for ISC, and change the Vendor name to IUS
     (Interactive Unix System) (Michael Rohleder).
233. Disable linear mode by default for non-PCI Trident cards (Alan Hourihane).
232. Fix some compiler warnings in various parts of the source (Fred Appelman).
231. Fix xterm compile problem with -DALLOWLOGGING (William Austin).
230. Fix compile problem in resize for NetBSD (Matthieu Herrb).

XFree86 3.1.2Bh (13 January 1996)
229. Fix dga speed test problem when the bank size is less than 64k.
228. Add DGA support to the Mach32 server (untested).
227. Add SVGA-based servers for PC98 (Cirrus driver) (X98 core team).
226. Update the Cirrus driver to use the vga PCI probe data (not tested).
225. Include XC fix-trackers to seq-4035 (mostly fixes for Solaris 2.5
     build problems).
224. Update xdpyinfo to print some info about XKB (Joe Moss).
223. Fix(?) problem some people see with vertical lines / black screens
     with the Trident driver (Alan Hourihane).
222. Update the Trident and SiS drivers to use the vga PCI probe data
     (Alan Hourihane).
221. Define SetTtyGroup for Linux (Kevin Martin).

XFree86 3.1.2Bg (12 January 1996)
220. Fix cursor colour for TGUI 9660/9680 (Alan Hourihane).
219. LynxOS fix for xterm's resize (Thomas Mueller).
218. Write beta marker file as the user's real uid rather than as root.
217. Fix DGA for SVGA cards using banked memory, and enable it for most
     SVGA drivers.
216. Add a PCI probe to the VGA servers.  The happens before the chipset
     probes, and may be disabled with the "no_pci_probe" option.
215. Add 16bpp support for Trident 8900D, and some cleanups (Alan Hourihane).
214. Add install.linkkit target to the top level Makefile.

XFree86 3.1.2Bf (11 January 1996)
213. Xinput updates, including: improved error handling, "Screen" option
     renamed to "ScreenNo" for consistency, new config options for the
     Wacom tablet, update to the Linux joystick support, and a fix
     for xsetmode (Frederic Lepied and Patrick Lecoanet).
212. Fix core dump when exiting an X server started with XKB enabled.
211. Update accelerated servers' use of miZeroClipLine().
210. Include XC fix-trackers to seq-4031 (includes update of RECORD spec
     to version 1.13, some Xlib and xterm fixes, and preliminary ISO Latin-2
     compose support).
209. Add code to detect the Trio32 BITBLT bug, and automatically enable
     the workaround when it is detected (Harald Koenig).
208. Final changes for POSIXized ISC build (Michael Rohleder).
207. Define NO_READAHEAD for ISC in xconsole (Michael Rohleder).
206. Fix(?) Xalloca.h problem on Solaris 2.5.
205. Fix missing XFreeDGA #ifdef in change 187 (Kaleb Keithley).

XFree86 3.1.2Be (10 January 1996)
204. Fix build with BuildServersOnly set to YES (Takefumi Tsukada).
203. Major xterm cleanup (including prototyping), and fixes to the colour
     code (Thomas E. Dickey).
202. PC98 EGC (16 colour) server added (X98 core team).
201. Updates for LynxOS AT, including a workaround in the xkb clients
     for the fact that stdin/out/err isn't a valid initialiser
     (Thomas Mueller).
200. Modify the dga test program to use GetTimeInMillis() (Tiago Gons).
199. Fix merge problem in xconsole (Michael Rohleder).
198. Initial changes to POSIXize the ISC build (Michael Rohleder).
197. Fix a clash of symbols between libX11 and the X server's libxkb which
     shows up when building Xnest on ISC (Michael Rohleder).
196. Fix XKB merge problem in xf86Events.c (Kaleb Keithley).
195. Complete the logging code in xalloc (Pascal Haible).

XFree86 3.1.2Bd (8 January 1996)
194. Fix a build problem when BuildServersOnly is set to YES.
193. Clean up the InstallManPageLong() run for NetBSD (Takefumi Tsukada).
192. Modify ForceSubdirs() rule for NetBSD and FreeBSD so that it works
     with GNU make (Matthieu Herrb).
191. Fix a Ti3026 clock problem that appears on SPEA 968+Ti3026 cards
     (Harald Koenig).
190. Fix TGUI 9440 HW cursor problems (Alan Hourihane).
189. Fix problems with the TGUI 9660/9680 support (Alan Hourihane).
188. Fix 256-colour interlace problem with TGUI cards (Alan Hourihane).
187. Fix for text mode restore problem when the DGA extension has been
     used with the SVGA server (Alan Hourihane).
186. Set the Block I/O bit in the PCI userconfig register for Mach64 cards
     that report an I/O address range.

XFree86 3.1.2Bc (7 January 1996)
185. Update lnxLib.rules for new GNU elf tools which look for
     rather than at link time (Helmut Geyer).
184. Set default ProjectRoot back to /usr/X11R6.
183. Include fix-trackers to seq-4024 (includes more a more recent XKB snap,
     some record updates, and some config and Xlib updates).
182. Fix some merge problems.

XFree86 3.1.2Bb (6 January 1996)
181. Merge in X11R6.1 beta.
180. Fix problems with the ARK/ICS5342 clock programming (Leon Bottou).
179. Fix problem with Mach64 CT cards that incorrectly appear to be using
     block I/O.

XFree86 3.1.2Ba (3 January 1996)
178. Fix support for the old ET4000 in the et4000 driver.
177. Fix problem with the SIS driver that can cause a server crash
     (Alan Hourihane).
176. Modify linux config for building a.out binaries on Slackware 3.0.
175. Fix Linux Joystick compilation problems.
174. Doc updates.

XFree86 3.1.2B (28 December 1995)
173. Fix a problem with the ARK/ICS5342 clock programming (don't know if this
     completely fixes the clock programming problems).
172. Don't do PCI probe in S3 server for PC98 (Takefumi Tsukada).
171. Fix bank select problem with S3 911 cards when using DGA.

XFree86 3.1.2Af (26 December 1995)
170. Added README.DGA which gives a brief outline of the API for the DGA
     extension.  This should be converted to man pages.
169. Added a simple standalone program (joycal) to get the Joystick
     calibration coordinates.
168. Modify the Joystick code to auto-detect the centre values at startup
     if they are not given the XF86Config (this assumes that the Joystick
     is centred when first enabled).
167. Add XInput Joystick support for FreeBSD 2.x.
166. Remove the strict membase checking for "orchid_p9000" in the P9000
     server so that the correct membase can be specified for some other
     types of P9000 cards which are not explicitly supported.
165. Fix problem with the trident driver in the VGA16 server (Alan Hourihane).
164. XF86Config(4/5) man page additions for the XInput section
     (Frederic Lepied).
163. Update xfree98/Imakefile (Takefumi Tsukada).
162. Remove the "no_ti3026_curs" option again.
161. Updates for xdpyinfo's Imakefile and the Xinput code for ISC
     (Michael Rohleder).

XFree86 3.1.2Ae (23 December 1995)
160. A new document called QuickStart.doc which is a quick-start guide
     to XFree86 setup (Joe Moss).
159. Add a PCI probe to the S3 server, and use the membase value reported
     when it is non-zero.  This should help for some TrioV64+ cards.
158. Move the DGA client-side helper functions into libXExExt.
157. XInput support for XFree86.  This includes device support for two
     Joysticks (Linux-only so far), Wacom tablet (Wacom IV protocol only),
     and Elographics touchscreen.  Two utility programs are included.
     xsetpointer can be used to make an extended device the core pointer
     or to list the extended devices.  xsetmode can be used to set a device
     in absolute or relative mode  (Frederic Lepied and Patrick Lecoanet).
156. Workaround for a hardware bug in some S3 Trio32 revisions which causes
     font corruption when using the font cache.  This is currently enabled
     with the "trio32_fc_bug" Option (Harald Koenig).
155. Logging support for the internal xalloc code (Pascal Haible).
154. Fix the S3 server's detection of the Trio64V+.
153. Fix problems building the PC98 code (Takefumi Tsukada).
152. LynxOS support for the DGA extension (Thomas Mueller).
151. Fix a problem were XListFonts() can return fewer font names than
     XListFontsWithInfo() (Manabe Takashi).
150. Add knowledge of the XFree86-VidModeExtension, XFree86-DGA and LBX
     extensions to xdpyinfo (Joe Moss).
149. Add a benchmark function to the dga test program.  It is activated with
     the 'b' key (Koen Gadeyne).
148. Change all servers to default to blackPixel = 0 and whitePixel = 1,
     and allow this default to be swapped with the -flipPixels server
     command line flag (Michael Rohleder).
147. Restore the "no_ti3026_curs" option to the S3 server (Harald Koenig).
146. Trident driver and documentation updates (Alan Hourihane).

XFree86 3.1.2Ad (21 December 1995)
145. Fix for incorrect usage of S3 PIX_TRANS writing (Takefumi Tsukada).
144. PC98 support integrated into the main XFree86 source tree.  The PC98
     code gets built under xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree98 (Takefumi Tsukada
     and the X98 team).

XFree86 3.1.2Ac (17 December 1995)
143. Modify the XDGA implementation in the server, and add support for it
     to the Mach64 server.  Also, XDGA is now enabled for all OSs since there
     are now no OS-specific parts on the server side.
142. Add "no_font_cache" and "no_pixmap_cache" options to allow the font
     cache and pixmap cache/expansion to be disabled in the S3 and Mach64
141. Fix positioning and shape of the Bt485 HW cursor for doublescan modes
     in the S3 server.
140. Fix positioning of the HW cursor for interlaced and doublescan modes
     with the IBM RGB RAMDACs in the S3 server.  The cursor shape still
     isn't correct though (Trent Piepho and R.E. Wolff).
139. HW cursor support for the Trident 9660/9680 and 9430 -- not tested
     (Alan Hourihane).
138. XFree86-DGA extension support for ISC SVR3 (Michael Rohleder).
137. Fix for "XIOerror 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable)" errors while
     running xterm on ISC (Michael Rohleder).
136. Major Trident driver updates, including HW cursor for 9440, and
     an option to use a set of fixed clocks instead of fully programmable
     clocks for the TGUI chips (Alan Hourihane).
135. I128 updates (Robin Cutshaw).
134. Mach64 support for ATI Extended VGA register location on PCI
     cards with block I/O (Kevin Martin).
133. Clean up Mach64 software cursor support (Kevin Martin).
132. "dac_8_bit" is now the default for supported RAMDACs in the Mach64
     server.  6-bit mode can be forced with the "dac_6_bit" option
     (Kevin Martin).
131. Mach64 support for the ATI Graphics Pro Turbo 1600, including
     1600x1200 mode support (Kevin Martin).
130. Mach64 support for the IBM RGB514 RAMDAC (Kevin Martin).
129. Mach64 support for the GX-F (GX rev 3) (Kevin Martin).
128. Add new options "w32_interleave_on" and "w32_interleave_off" to
     the SVGA and W32 servers.  They allow the desired mode to be
     forced for W32i and W32p cards (Dirk Hohndel).
127. Full STG1703 support for W32 server (Dirk Hohndel).
126. Fix some incorrect prototype ifdefs in xf86.h (Kaleb Keithley).
125. Modify xterm to call XtSetLanguageProc() rather than setlocale()
     (Kaleb Keithley).
124. Preliminary driver for the SIS 86C201 chipset (VGA2 and VGA16 only
     so far) (Alan Hourihane).
123. Change the Mach64 aperture mapping to map the video memory and
     mmapped registers into two separate areas rather than mapping the
     entire 8MB aperture range.
122. Use an 8MB aperture for all but ISA Mach64 cards since most of the
     newer Mach64 chips only support an 8MB aperture size.
121. Fix typo in Mach64 server that was causing some RAMDACs to be incorrectly
120. Fix aperture address detection for VLB Mach64 cards.
119. In the Mach64 server, set RAMDAC to 20C408 if the 20C408 clock type
     is detected, and same for STG1703.
118. SIGWINCH support for xterm on ISC 4.x (Geoff Steckel).

XFree86 3.1.2Ab (9 December 1995)
117. FreeBSD support for the DGA extension.
116. Split the DGA code out into a separate extension (called XFree86-DGA)
     (Kaleb Keithley).
115. Fix some compiler warnings when compiling on LynxOS (Thomas Mueller).
114. Fix some byte swapping problems in XFree86-VidModeExtension
     (Thomas Mueller).
113. Add preliminary STG1703 support to the W32 server. No clock
     programming and no pixmux yet (Dirk Hohndel).
112. Add new options "pci_burst_on" and "pci_burst_off" to SVGA and
     W32 server. They will allow to solve display problems on many
     ET4000/W32p based cards (Dirk Hohndel).
111. Add new clock selection scheme to SVGA and W32 server, so that
     32 clocks are used. The first 16 are the same as before, the
     second 16 use CS3 (Dirk Hohndel and Koen Gadeyne).
110. Add STG1703 detection to SuperProbe for ET4000/W32 based cards (Dirk
109. Fix extension version checking in xvidtune.
108. Modify xterm to call XSupportsLocale() before initialising I18N
     support (William Volkman).
107. Fix S3 support for clocks up to 135MHz in 8 bpp for S3 868 cards
     with ATT20C409 Gendac (e.g., Elsa Winner 1000AVI) (Dirk Hohndel).
106. Fix S3 HW cursor handling for doublescan modes (Jon Tombs).
105. Config and doc updates for NetBSD 1.1 (Matthieu Herrb).
104. Preliminary (unaccelerated) I128 server code (Robin Cutshaw).
103. Attempt to fix problem of Mach64 server mis-detecting the CH8398
102. Modify the Mach64 server to use the membase address it reads from
     the configuration registers.
101. Fix cursor colour problem at 16, 32bpp with the Mach64 server.
100. Support for the Mach64 CT.

XFree86 3.1.2Aa (2 December 1995)
 99. Fix for xterm behaving badly when TERM is set to "vt100" (Joerg Wunsch).
 98. XDGA (direct graphics access) support added via the XFree86 VidMode
     extension.  This is primarily intended for games support.  Currently
     it is implemented only for Linux, and for the S3 and Cirrus drivers
     (Jon Tombs).
 97. Fixes for Ti3026 loop clock calculation code (Dirk Hohndel).
 96. Detection and preliminary support for the Elsa Winner2000PRO/X-2,4 Rev.G
     which has a S3-968, Ti3026, and ICS9161A clock chip.  Clock doubling
     doesn't work yet (Dirk Hohndel).
 95. Mach64 code cleanups and documentation updates (Kevin Martin).
 94. Fix Mach64 pixmap cache bug which resulted in xcalloc being called
     with a negative size (Kevin Martin).
 93. The state of the AT&T20C408 is now saved/restored by the Mach64 server.
     This should fix the dim screen problem when exiting from the server
     (Kevin Martin).
 92. ClockChip and Ramdac can now be specified in the XF86Config for the
     Mach64 server (Kevin Martin).
 91. Mach64 server ATI 18818/ICS 2595 clock chip programming now works
     (Kevin Martin).
 90. Mach64 server now automatically programs a programmable clock chip
     when present.  This can be overridden with the "no_program_clocks"
     Option.  The "program_clocks" option has been removed (Kevin Martin).
 89. Initial changes to allow for integration of the I128 server
     (Robin Cutshaw).
 88. Avoid defining __USLC__ for MP/RAS in compiler.h (Kaleb Keithley).
 87. If the server can't find an XF86Config file, print out the files it
     tried to open (Joe Moss).
 86. Fix(?) display centering for the Cirrus 754x.
 85. Fix text mode clock problem in ET4000/W32 server (Koen Gadeyne).
 84. Remove the "-noscale" flag from the Xserver and xfs since it has
     been obsoleted by the ":unscaled" fontpath attribute.
 83. Remove the RepeatedMiddle mouse option because it doesn't work
     properly (Jon Tombs).
 82. Remove some casts in xf86MouseProtocol() to work around in the
     Metaware compiler/NCR assembler (Kaleb Keithley).
 81. When the X server exits due to an unrecognised command-line option,
     print out the offending option (Joe Moss).
 80. Remove '-lc_s' from ExtraLibraries for ISC (Michael Rohleder).
 79. Add code to SuperProbe and the Cirrus driver to recognise the
     CL-GD7542 (and a guess for the CL-GD7541).
 78. Fix RAMDAC probe problem introduced into the S3 server in 3.1.2e
     (Joe Moss).

XFree86 3.1.2A (19 November 1995)
 77. Added a Beta Report template form.
 76. Update xf86config for some of the new Ramdacs.
 75. Allow 'Ramdac "ibm_rgb526" to be recognised by the S3 server.  It
     then treats it as an RGB524.
 74. Modify the beta startup message usage so that it gets printed once
     for each different server started.
 73. Fix for AGX-010 clock probing (Henry Worth).

XFree86 3.1.2e (16 November 1995)
 72. Updates to the Cards database.
 71. S3 868 + AT&T 20C409 support (8/15/16/24bpp) without pixmux, and
     S3-868 + AT&T 20C499 support (untested) (8/15/16/24bpp, no pixmux).
     Pixmux support is enabled, but not functional (Dirk Hohndel).
 70. Update SuperProbe to recognise AT&T 20C409 and AT&T 20C499 RAMDACs
     (Dirk Hohndel).
 69. Allow attributes to be appended to elements of a font path.  The
     attributes are introduced by a ':' character, and multiple attributes
     are separated by a ':'.  Currently the attribute "unscaled" is
     supported for bitmap fonts, and this prevents them from being scaled.
 68. Trident driver cleanups, and fixes for interlacing (Alan Hourihane).
 67. LynxOS updates for using MetroLink Motif (Thomas Mueller).
 66. Preliminary AT&T 20C409 support for the S3 server (not functional
     yet) (Dirk Hohndel).
 65. W32 updates to Xserver and SuperProbe (Dirk Hohndel and Koen Gadeyne).

XFree86 3.1.2d (12 November 1995)
 64. Fix a typo in the iso8859-1 Compose file.
 63. Add a '-noscale' flag to the Xserver and xfs to allow scaling of
     bitmap fonts to be disabled.  The keyword DontScaleBitmapFonts
     in the ServerFlags section of the XF86Config file has the same affect.
 62. Fix problem that prevents bitmap fonts from being scaled after
     running something like 'xset fp rehash'.
 61. Add a Release Date to the X server startup messages.
 60. Add a "RELNOTES" document to describe changes in beta releases.
 59. Fix panning for ARK2000PV chips with 2MB of memory (Leon Bottou).
 58. Support for ICS5342 programmable clock in the ARK driver (Leon Bottou).
 57. Major updates to the Oak driver, including more accelerated functions
     for the OTI087 (Jorge Delgado).
 56. Option "program_clocks" added for the Mach64 server to allow
     arbitrary clocks to be programmed for most clock chips.  This
     currently doesn't work with the ATI18818/ICS2595 chips (Kevin Martin).
 55. Mach64 server support for the AT&T 20C408 (Kevin Martin).
 54. Fix problem of two undisplayed pixels with the CL-GD7543
     (Thomas Zerucha).
 53. Add support for three button operation with some dual protocol mice
     when they are in Microsoft-compatible mode.  The keyword to enable
     this is 'RepeatedMiddle' (Jon Tombs).
 52. Fix 3 button emulation problem introduced in item 48 (Thomas Mueller).
 51. Add support for '-crt /dev/ttyXX' command line option for the X
     servers for SCO.  This is for compatibility with the native SCO X
     servers (Didier Poirot).

XFree86 3.1.2c (5 November 1995)
 50. Add expiry date and startup message for beta versions.
 49. Fix problem using a LinkKit generated with BuildLBX set to YES.
 48. Allow a real middle button event to be passed when 3 button mouse
     emulation is enabled (Thomas Wu).
 47. Fix panning and some initial clock selection problems for TGUI9440
     cards (Alan Hourihane).
 46. Support for the Cirrus CL-GD7543 (Thomas Zerucha).
 45. Fix for instability problems with Cirrus programmable clock
     (Koen Gadeyne).
 44. Fix memory overwrite problem in xterm which could be a security
 43. Merge in the X Consortium's public patch 13.
 42. Define X_LOCALE for LynxOS for compatibility with Metrolink's
     Motif package (Thomas Mueller).
 41. Update SuperProbe to recognise the Cirrus CL-GD7543.
 40. The Trident driver now automatically selects the "tgui" clockchip
     when it detects a TGUI9440 (Alan Hourihane).
 39. Remove the dependency on -lthread for UnixWare 2.x, while still
     allowing full MT support.  This is done by adding a threads stub
     library with weak symbols (David Wexelblat).

XFree86 3.1.2b (22 October 1995)
 38. Updated Japanese docs, including SGML versions suitable for formatting
     with jlinuxdoc-sgml.  These docs use EUC encoding (Kazuyuki Okamoto).
 37. Preliminary support for the Trident TGUI9440 (Alan Hourihane).
 36. Add an "AllowNullPasswd" resource to xdm to make it possible for xdm
     to login to accounts with a null password.  This is set to "False"
     by default (Joerg Wunsch).
 35. Use dynamically allocated strings in xrdb to avoid overruns that
     can occur otherwise (Joerg Wunsch).
 34. Add ELSA Winner 2000PRO/X-8 to the S3 ELSA probe code (Dirk Hohndel).
 33. Fix S3 probe of IBM RGB RAMDACs incorrectly identifying an RGB528
     or RGB528A as an RGB524 (Dirk Hohndel).
 32. Fix incorrect memory probe for S3 964/968 (Dirk Hohndel).
 31. Prelim pixmux support for ICS5341 RAMDAC in W32 server (Dirk Hohndel).
 30. Support for ICS5341 programmable clock in W32 server (Dirk Hohndel).
 29. Add RFC1700-conformant charset names for ISO-8859 locales to
 28. Fix LynxOS video mapping problem that shows up when the "fb_debug"
     option is set in the S3 server (Thomas Mueller).
 27. Fix reference to undeclared variable in os/xalloc.c for OSs which
     don't have MMAP_ANON or MMAP_DEV_ZERO defined (Thomas Mueller).
 26. Fix W32 server core dump on LynxOS when run with '-probeonly'
     and no Clocks line in the XF86Config file (Thomas Mueller).
 25. Fix reference to uninitialised string in Hercules mono driver
     (Paul Gortmaker).

XFree86 3.1.2a (23 September 1995)
 24. Fix HW cursor masks in Mach32 and Mach64 servers.
 23. Add detection of C&T 65548 to SuperProbe.
 22. Fix snow problems with WD90C24 when for clocks higher than MCLK
     (Brad Bosch).
 21. Add XNLS support for KOI8-R (Andrey Chernov).
 20. Fix problem with IBM ramdac and clockchip handling in xf86config.
 19. Change XF86Config parsing to ignore '_' characters in keywords, and
     to ignore '_', ' ', and '\t' characters when comparing strings with
     StrCaseCmp() (ie, all strings except paths, Device/Monitor identifiers
     and Mode names).
 18. Reduce nonMuxMaxClock to 80MHz (from 100MHz) for S3 864 with
     ATT498-compatible RAMDACs because it was too high for some cards.
 17. Fix problem installing xterm on SunOS 4.x introduced in 3.1.2.
 16. Set -fno-strength-reduce with -O2 for gcc2 to avoid a compiler bug.
 15. Fix xvidtune/XF86VidMode problem when the Monitor Vendor and/or Model
     are not specified in the XF86Config file.
 14. Colour support for xterm (David Wexelblat).
 13. Fix usage of $LINES and $COLUMNS by xterm on SVR4 (David Wexelblat).
 12. Fix xconsole for Unixware 2.0 (David Wexelblat).
 11. Fix optimisation problem with inline asm on Unixware 2.0
     (David Wexelblat).
 10. Improve subdir/lib dependence on systems using BSD 4.4. make
     (Matthieu Herrb)
  9. Allow the Xserver to accept InvertVCLK, EarlySC and BlankDelay.  It
     previously expected Invert_VCLK, Early_SC and Blank_Delay.
  8. Fix problem selecting a StaticGray visual with the VGA16 server
     (Olivier De Smet).
  7. Fix compile problem on FreeBSD 1.1.5 (David Bremner).
  6. Change index and rindex macros in Xos.h when X_NOT_STDC_ENV is not
  5. Fix(?) alloca declaration in Xtos.h for Solaris 2.5.
  4. Fix dependencies for 'make includes' to ensure that auto-generated
     headers exist before linking them to xc/X11 (David McCullough).
  3. Change default InvertVCLK setting for the Hercules Terminator 64 Pro
     (Harald Koenig).
  2. Update for (Thomas Mueller).
  1. README updates.

XFree86 3.1.2 (24 July 1995)
235. Fix(?) scanpci compile problem with gcc on Solaris.
234. Documentation updates.

XFree86 3.1.1Z (22 July 1995)
233. Code Freeze for 3.1.2.
232. Fix an imake config problem on non-XFree86 platforms.
231. xman update for Solaris 2.5 (William Austin).
230. Cyrillic fonts with KOI8 encoding added (Cronyx Ltd, Serge Vakulenko,
     Andrey A. Chernov).
229. Allow ndbm to be used for the rgb database on NetBSD for those
     who want it (Matthieu Herrb).
228. Attempt to fix register corruption for Cirrus 5430/5434/5436 in
227. Remove -DUNIXCONN from the default SVR3 ConnectionFlags.
226. Fix disappearing S3 hw cursor when switching modes with xvidtune
     (Harald Koenig).
225. Sync-on-green support for the ELSA Winner 2000Pro/X (Harald Koenig).
224. Add vendor options to S3 server (hercules, stb, genoa) (Harald Koenig).
223. Documentation updates (Joe Moss, Harald Koenig, Matthieu Herrb).

XFree86 3.1.1Dc (19 July 1995)
222. Fix(?) server crash when the Cirrus driver auto-detects the linear
     fb address for PCI cards.
221. Support for 964+IBM (Hercules Terminator 64) (Harald Koenig).
220. Disable >8bpp for S3 911 and 924 because it won't work.
219. Fix some auto-apply problems in xvidtune, and added a restore hot-key "R".

XFree86 3.1.1Db (17 July 1995)
218. Documentation updates.
217. xvidtune updates.
216. S3 parameter updates for STB 968 card, and update to the Trio64V
     probe (Harald Koenig).

XFree86 3.1.1Da (16 July 1995)
215. Replace xf86pci.c with the real scanpci.c (Robin Cutshaw).
214. Updates to the code for the additional S3 mode parameters, including
     better default settings (Harald Koenig).

XFree86 3.1.1D (15 July 1995)
213. xterm fix for crash when inputMethod is set to kinput2 (Manabe Keishi).
212. Code to detect the AT&T20C490, and Sierra 1148[234579] ramdacs
     (Joe Moss).
211. Update the VidMode extension to handle extra mode-specific parameters,
     and update xvidtune for extra S3 parameters.
210. Allow some S3 parameters to be set in the Display SubSection for
     individual modes.
209. xf86config Cards database updates.
208. Updates to README.WstDig for the 90C24 (Brad Bosch).
207. Updates to LynxOS support, including support for version 2.2.1, and
     a README.LynxOS (Thomas Mueller).
206. Support for the SC1148{2,3,4} ramdacs at 15bpp, and the SC1148{5,7,9}
     ramdacs at 15 and 16bpp in the S3 server (Joe Moss).
205. Fix for problems with some WD90C24 TFT systems (Brad Bosch).

XFree86 3.1.1Cd (12 July 1995)
204. Allow for three verbosity levels for Xserver messages: -quiet, default,
     and -verbose (Marc Aurele La France).
203. Make the LinkKit self-contained.  Apart from Xnest, it no longer
     depends on the config files, headers, and utility programs being
     installed (Marc Aurele La France).
202. Updates to xvidtune.  The Show button now also sets the primary
     selection, better usage/error messages and exit codes, man page
     updates (Joe Moss).
201. Updates for SCO -- mostly for lbx (David McCullough).
200. Fix a cause for some S3 lockups (Harald Koenig).
199. Updates/fixes and SVR4 support for new malloc code.

XFree86 3.1.1Cc (8 July 1995)
198. Merge in final form of XC fix-12.

XFree86 3.1.1Cb (7 July 1995)
197. Minor IBM RGB updates (Harald Koenig).
196. MCLK detection for STG1703 (Harald Koenig).
195. Add detection for new S3 Trio64V+ chip to the S3 server and
     SuperProbe (Harald Koenig).
194. Fix some clashing option numbers (Harald Koenig).
193. Preliminary STG1703 clock programming code.
192. A new malloc for use by the Xserver.  It is enabled by setting
     UseInternalMalloc to YES (Pascal Haible).
191. Fix for threads lib problem on Unixware 2.0
190. Support for the WD90C24 in the pvga1 driver (Bradley Bosch).

XFree86 3.1.1Ca (5 July 1995)
189. Don't enable HAS_MMAP for Xvfb on Linux (Marc Aurele La France).
188. Code to detect the STG1703 RAMDAC in SuperProbe and the S3 server
     (Harald Koenig).
187. A few AGX bug fixes (Henry Worth).
186. More pre-fix-12 fix-trackers.

XFree86 3.1.1C (3 July 1995)
185. Manual page updates.
184. Add extended power_saver support to the VGA and Mach64 servers.
     Suspend mode isn't currently supported by the VGA servers.
183. Add entries for the SunFA_ dead accents to the iso8859-1 Compose file
     (Jon Tombs).
182. Updates to IBM RGB52x in the S3 server, including fixing the
     8bpp problem.
181. Documentation updates (including a README.ark) (Harm Hanemaayer).
180. Change the Mach64 server to ignore the Clocks line in the XF86Config
     unless the "no_bios_clocks" option is used (Kevin Martin).
179. Fix font corruption with Mach64 server (seen when running Mosaic
     or Netscape) (Kevin Martin).
178. Fixes for constant-metric fonts in AGX server (Henry Worth).

XFree86 3.1.1Bi (2 July 1995)
177. Improved "power_saver" for the S3 server, and modified XFree86-VidMode
     extension to allow its parameters to be set from a client.
176. Fixes for AGX copyplane (Henry Worth).

XFree86 3.1.1Bh (1 July 1995)
175. Updates to AGX server.  Includes reversing previous copyplane change,
     restoring the setting of membase for AGX chips, cleanup setting
     of the default planemask, and fixes to the agxIm routines + some
     speedups (Henry Worth).
174. Some more pre-fix-12 fix-trackers.

XFree86 3.1.1Bg (29 June 1995)
173. Turn on "dac_8_bit" by default in the S3 server for RAMDACs that
     support it.  Add "dac_6_bit" option to allow 6-bit mode to be selected.
     Also, complain when "dac_8_bit" is used for a RAMDAC that can't do it.
172. Improve "power_saver" operation by adding a delay between turning off
     the video signal and the syncs (Bernhard Bender).
171. Workaround for the NumLock modifier interfering with the xterm
     ctrl+btn menus.
170. More pre-fix-12 fix-trackers.  Mostly some libX11 and libXt fixes.
     Includes a workaround for the NumLock modifier interfering with
     Xaw pull-down menus.
169. Preliminary support for the IBM RGB52x ramdacs in the S3 server
     (Harald Koenig).

XFree86 3.1.1Bf (27 June 1995)
168. Another stab at the ET4000/W32p mouse droppings fix (Glenn Lai).
167. Back out some LBX fixes that won't be in fix-12.

XFree86 3.1.1Be (25 June 1995)
166. Some documentation updates.
165. Fix a few LinkKit problems.
164. Fix LBXProxyOnly build.

XFree86 3.1.1Bd (24 June 1995)
163. Add a BuildLBXProxyOnly Imake config option to allow building lbxproxy
     from a self-contained cut-down source tree.
162. vtname was too short in Linux OS-dep code (similar change for LynxOS
     and SCO too) (Pascal Haible).
161. Change uses of malloc/free in Xserver to xalloc/xfree (Pascal Haible).
160. AGX documentation updates (Henry Worth).
159. Fixes for AGX font rendering, and copyplane (Henry Worth).
158. AGX font cache flushed by screensaver (Henry Worth).
157. AGX screensaver for >8bpp (Henry Worth).
156. pre-fix-12 fix-tracker: improvement to the Xt translation manager
     performance when high order modifiers are assigned.   Also, change
     the servers to use Mod3 for Mode_switch instead of Mod5 to further
     improve this.
155. Fix some UseGnuMalloc config stuff, and set this to YES by default
     for FreeBSD.
154. Fix some problems with the VGA2 server, including crashes in banked
     mode, and incorrectly switching banks when bitblting in non-banked

XFree86 3.1.1Bc (21 June 1995)
153. Fix for ET4000/W32p cards -- don't change the PCI burst setting.
     This should fix mouse droppings and missing characters in text mode
     for some cards (Glenn Lai).
152. Fix AGX font corruption problem (Henry Worth).
151. Disable 32bpp in AGX server by default -- it is too unstable
     (Henry Worth).
150. XGA clock updates in AGX server (Henry Worth).
149. EISA XGA probing in AGX server (Henry Worth).
148. Better scratchpad and font cache support for XGAs in AGX server
     (Henry Worth).
147. Font glyph blting for non-cached fonts with AGX server (Henry Worth).
146. AGX font cache fixes (Henry Worth).
145. pre-fix-12 fix-trackers, including:
      - LBX fixes and additional functionality
      - some xtrans and fontlib fixes
      - smproxy and xsm fixes
144. Fix sessreg (WTMP, LASTLOG, but no UTMP) for *BSD.
143. Allow 'UseGnuMalloc' to work on all platforms.

XFree86 3.1.1Bb (17 June 1995)
142. Config updates to make LinkKit more self-contained
     (Marc Aurele La France).
141. Fix some problems with blocking stderr on BSD/OS 2.0 (Hans Nasten).
140. Add auto-apply mode to xvidtune, and flesh out the xvidtune man
     page (Joe Moss).
139. AGX font cache bug fixes, and fix font clipping problem (Henry Worth).
138. Some more pre-fix-12 fix-trackers, including:
      - Xaw - removal of undocumented/broken INTERNAL selection mechanism
      - Fix makestrs problem with -earlyR6bc.

XFree86 3.1.1Ba (14 June 1995)
137. Fix AGX problem with vertically overlapping fonts (Henry Worth).
136. Fix some mono (VGA2) problems that can lead to a server crash.
135. New "VGAbase" keyword for XF86Config -- currently used only by the
     AGX server (Henry Worth).
134. Fixes for XGA autoconfig code in the AGX server (Henry Worth).
133. Documentation updates (Dirk Hohndel).
132. Change default FreeBSD version in to 2.0.5.
131. Add a LockModeSwitch function to the VidMode extension, and modify
     xvidtune to use it.
130. Force VTotal to be odd for interlaced modes.
129. Fix default Vsync/Hsync polarity setting (Marc Aurele La France).
128. Trap a failed 'cd' in 'make Makefiles'.  This prevents the Makefile
     in the . directory being removed (and other potential problems) when
     one of the SUBDIRS directories is missing.
127. Include some XC fix-trackers intended for fix-12.  Main changes include:
      - Using -Xa for SVR4 compiles, and changing '#if __STDC__' to
         '#ifdef __STDC__'
      - Overhall tty setup in xterm -- should work better for Solaris now.
      - Fix SVR4 ABI problems with libXt strings.
126. Recognise 'Ramdac "generic"' in W32 server (Glenn Lai).

XFree86 3.1.1B (10 June 1995)
125. Fix problem with dacspeed line in files generated by xf86config.

XFree86 3.1.1Ad (8 June 1995)
124. Rename the vgahelp client to xvidtune.
123. Rename "VGAHelp" extension to our registered name
     "XFree86-VidModeExtension", and update API to use the XF86VidMode
     prefix instead of the "XVGAHelp"/"VGAHelp" prefix.
122. Undef i386 in for i386Architecture systems.
121. Fix(?) WTMP problem with xterm on SYSV and Linux.
120. Mach64 documentation updates (Kevin Martin).
119. Power_saver support for the Mach64 server (Kevin Martin).
118. Autodetect when block write mode should be disabled for the Mach64
     server.  A "block_write" option has been added to override this
     (Kevin Martin).
117. Use "dead_*" keysyms instead of the DEC "D*" keysyms for the dead keys
     in the Linux keyboard code and Compose file.
116. Use our registered name for the ModeLock keysym.

XFree86 3.1.1Ac (6 June 1995)
115. Vgahelp client enhancements (Jon Tombs).
114. Fix core dump in fslsfonts when no fontserver is specified
     (Matthieu Herrb).
113. Fix W32 problem introduced with modified SaveScreen code.
112. Update "M" parameter calculation for Trio boards (Harald Koenig).

XFree86 3.1.1Ab (2 June 1995)
111. Preliminary support for the Cirrus 5436 (Harm Hanemaayer).
110. PCI base address detection for the Cirrus driver (Harm Hanemaayer).
109. Fix problem linking AGX server with the LinkKit (Stephen Kump).
108. Support for LynxOS (Thomas Mueller).
107. Update LinkKit to make it self-contained regarding X headers
     (Marc Aurele La France).
106. Realtek SVGA driver.  It works with the RTG3106, and possibly the
     RTG3103 and RTG3105 (Peter Trattler).
105. Enable the s3MCLK option for the S3 805i, and fix some bugs relating to
     s3MCLK (Harald Koenig).
104. Fix XF86Config problem when monitor and screen sections are interleaved.

XFree86 3.1.1Aa (1 June 1995)
103. Fix SiteIConfigFiles settings for the LinkKit (Marc Aurele La France).
102. Fix gccmakedep problem with .s files.
101. Updates to BSDI docs (Hans Nasten).
100. Updates to Linux ELF config/rules (Orest Zborowski).
 99. Check for 868 before 864 in S3 server (Harald Koenig).
 98. Add rule for compiling/installing scanpci.

XFree86 3.1.1A (28 May 1995)
 97. vgawonder driver updates (including fix for VGA2 driver with Mach64)
     (Marc Aurele La France).
 97. Small TVP3026 fix (Harald Koenig).
 95. Fix keyboard LEDs not being turned off now that the initial lock state
     is ignored.

XFree86 3.1.1h (26 May 1995)
 94. Support for parallel make (on SVR4) (Robin Cutshaw).
 93. Don't initialise the state of the lock keys based on their state
     prior to server startup.
 92. Untested changes in the AGX server for AGX-010 support (Henry Worth).
 91. Tested support in the AGX server for the XGA-2 at 8bpp and 16bpp
     (Henry Worth).
 90. 16bpp and 32bpp support for the AGX server (Henry Worth).
 89. Additional accelerations for the P9000 server (Henrik Harmsen and
     Chris Mason).
 88. Fix some gamma correction problems in the S3 server (Harald Koenig).
 87. More 968/868 fixes, including code to recognise the newer ELSA cards
     (Harald Koenig).
 86. Further VGA16 scrolling fix (Stuart Anderson).
 85. Fix problems with some 1MB P9000 cards (Erik Nygren).
 84. Swap the black and white pixel values in the SVGA server's default
     colour map.  This fixes a white line problem with some older
     VGA Wonder boards (Marc Aurele La France).
 83. Move sequencer resets into the driver's SaveScreen function
     (Marc Aurele La France).
 82. vgawonder and ati_test updates (Marc Aurele La France).
 81. Handle "crippled" Mach32 and Mach64 chips in SuperProbe and the
     vgawonder driver (Marc Aurele La France).
 80. Distinguish between different types of Mach64 chips in SuperProbe and
     the vgawonder driver (Marc Aurele La France).
 79. Add defines to xf86Version.h for each part of the XFree86
     version numbers (Marc Aurele La France).
 78. LinkKit updates to make it self-contained (Marc Aurele La France).
 77. Memleak support for NetBSD, and add UseMemLeak Imake config
     parameter to allow compiling Xserver/os with memleak (Matthieu Herrb).
 76. Update NetBSD aperture driver to support -current loadable kernel
     modules (Matthieu Herrb).
 75. Don't try to do clock doubling for 964 + Bt485 at 32bpp.

XFree86 3.1.1g (7 May 1995)
 74. i386 BSD support for the memleak utility (Jeffrey Hsu).
 73. Fix a scrolling corruption problem with multiple regions in the VGA16
     server (Stuart Anderson).
 72. Modify VGA16 server to provide 4 visuals which can be selected
     using the standard -cc flag (Stuart Anderson).
 71. Changes to allow XDMCP broadcasts on some transports when using
     STREAMSCONN (Stuart Anderson).
 70. Updates for building on NCR SVR4/MP-RAS 3.0 (Stuart Anderson).
 69. Some updates for ISC (Michael Rohleder).
 68. Fix FillRect problem that causes a server crash for most accel servers
     when running at 16/32bpp and X isn't on the active VC (Harald Koenig).
 67. Fix mach32 inline asm problem (outsw) that shows up with recent gcc
 66. Modify xterm to find all ptys on recent FreeBSD (Satoshi Asami).
 65. Work around S3 Trio "white line" problem by swapping the default black
     and white pixel values.

XFree86 3.1.1f (24 April 1995)
 64. Remove ComplexProgramTargetNoMan rule, and use NormalProgramTarget
 63. Fix cirrus MMIO problem introduced in 3.1.1e, and allow 135MHz clocks
     for a wider range of CL-GD5434 revisions (Harm Hanemaayer).
 62. Update to S3 HW cursor fix (Harald Koenig).
 61. Preliminary support for S3 866 and 868 boards (tested with the
     ELSA Winner 1000AVI) (Harald Koenig).
 60. Fix a problem with virtual resolution calculation in the Mach32 and
     Mach64 servers (when none is given in the XF86Config file)
     (David Holland).

XFree86 3.1.1e (10 April 1995)
 59. Fix problems that can lead to S3 crash/lockup when using HW cursor
     (Harald Koenig).
 58. S3 Trio updates (Harald Koenig).
 57. Fix return value of QueryBestSize() for HW cursors.
 56. Fix cirrus display error when scrolling without BitBLT engine
     (Harm Hanemaayer).
 55. Sanity check to prevent cirrus crash with negative size rectangle
     fill (Harm Hanemaayer).
 54. Cirrus MMIO improvements, including support for 5429 (Harm Hanemaayer).
 53. More balanced cirrus FIFO settings to resolve display refresh errors
     during drawing operations at high dot clocks (Harm Hanemaayer).
 52. Support for clocks up to 135MHz for CL-GD5434 revision E and later
     (Harm Hanemaayer).
 51. Fix memory leak in cirrus text drawing (Harm Hanemaayer).
 50. Updates for Linux ELF support (H.J. Lu).
 49. Fix mail directory path in xbiff.
 48. Fix S3 interlace mode problem for boards with programmable clocks
     (Harald Koenig).
 47. Fix core dump from vgahelp when started with no args (Christos Zoulas).
 46. Fix 968 detection in SuperProbe, and add Ti3026 detection (Harald Koenig).
 45. Preliminary S3 968 and Ti3026 support (Harald Koenig).
 44. Added similar code for SYSV regarding I/O permission, but not enabled
     (yet) by default.
 43. Modify Linux I/O permission code to use IOPL rather than TSS bitmap
     in all cases (Orest Zborowski and Harm Hanemaayer).
 42. Fix lack of keysyms for numerical keypad when ServerNumLock is enabled
     on Linux (Orest Zborowski).
 41. Update _SC_OPEN_MAX code.
 40. Fix ALLOCATE_LOCAL() not using alloca() with gcc.

XFree86 3.1.1d (21 March 1995)
 39. Preliminary mode checking for the VGAHelp extension.
 38. Add timeout for 3 button emulation (Mike Hench).
 37. Reorganise Ti302x code to remove S3-specifics from common_hw
     (Robin Cutshaw).
 36. General PCI probe code (Robin Cutshaw).
 35. FreeBSD 1.1.5 has _SC_OPEN_MAX defined, but no sysconf().

XFree86 3.1.1c (12 March 1995)
 34. Updates for #9 GXE64Pro required due to changes in 3.1.1b (Hans Nasten).
 33. Support for BSD/OS 2.0 (Hans Nasten).
 32. Updates for OS/2, including work on the X server support (Holger Veit).
 31. SVGA driver for the ARK 1000PV and 2000PV chipsets (Harm Hanemaayer).
 30. Add predefs to makedepend for FreeBSD and NetBSD.  This allows
     xf86_OSlib.h to be cleaned up a little.
 29. Fix config rules for Sentinel build (David Wexelblat).

XFree86 3.1.1b (8 March 1995)
 28. Fix for byte swapped extension problem in lbxproxy (Dave Lemke).
 27. Support for Unixware 2.0 (Robin Cutshaw and Kaleb Keithley).
 26. Fix FIFO detection problem and bug reading BIOS video max modes in
     Mach64 server (Kevin Martin).
 25. Support for Chrontel 8398 and STG1703 clock programming in the Mach64
     server (Kevin Martin).
 24. Add "no_block_write" option to turn of block write mode in the Mach64
     server (Kevin Martin).
 23. Add "override_bios" option to override the Mach64 server's BIOS mode
     checking (Kevin Martin).
 22. Allow Membase to be given in XF86Config for the Mach64 server
     (Kevin Martin).
 21. Fix bug in Mach64 ATI68860 RAMDAC code which causes noisy display
     (Kevin Martin).
 20. Add support for STG1702, STG1703, ATI68875, CH8398 RAMDACs to Mach64
     server (Kevin Martin).
 19. Post events for initial lock key state differently to avoid calling
     ProcessKeyboardEvents() before all the data it uses is initialised.
 18. Fix and extend ISO8859-1 Compose file (Peter Dalgaard).
 17. Update S3 SVGA driver so that it works with 3.1.1.
 16. Fix 90C33 problem with 2MB cards when memory is not auto-probed.
 15. Fix some ISC LOCALCONN problems (Michael Rohleder).
 14. Put back some #9 GXE64Pro specific bits in S3 server.
 13. Remove 1024 min virtual width restriction from Mach64 server
     (Kevin Martin).
 12. Fix dashed line server hang problem for Mach32.
 11. Add UseGnuMalloc to xf86site.def (only implemented for ISC so far).
 10. Fix POSIX_SAVED_IDS typo in xterm (Christos Zoulas).
  9. Fix problem of attempting to include the VGAHELP extension in Xnest.

XFree86 3.1.1a (12 February 1995)
  8. VGAHELP X server extension for tuning video modes (Kaleb Keithley).
  7. Fix libfont problem that can cause xfs to get into a loop (Jason Venner).
  6. Fix problem with TekHVC colours (Kaz Sasayama).
  5. Fix merge problems in hw/sun.
  4. Fix line clipping problem in Mach32 server (can affect font cache).
  3. Fix font cache problem on 2MB Mach32 cards.
  2. Add detection of Trident GUI9440 to SuperProbe (untested).
  1. Fix some ISC problems (Michael Rohleder).

XFree86 3.1.1 (30 January 1995)
265. --- Code freeze ---
264. Include final form of fix-11.

XFree86 3.1.0Zg (29 January 1995)
263. Include final form of fix-10.
262. Fix some merge problems.

XFree86 3.1.0Zf (28 January 1995)
261. Merge in prelim version of XC fix-11.

XFree86 3.1.0Ze (28 January 1995)
260. Merge in prelim version of XC fix-10.

XFree86 3.1.0Zd (28 January 1995)
259. Merge in XC fix-09.
258. Minor updates (mostly typographical) to smooth the fix-11 merge.
257. Define X_LOCALE for Linux.

XFree86 3.1.0Zc (27 January 1995)
256. Doc updates.
255. Minor hw/xfree86 updates for fix-11 (Kaleb Keithley).
254. Merge in XC fix-08.

XFree86 3.1.0Zb (26 January 1995)
253. Rename some files under hw/xfree86 to avoid clashes when truncated to
     8.3 type names as used on ISO9660 format CDROMs.

XFree86 3.1.0Za (25 January 1995)
252. Minor pixmux clock limit update for Trio64 (Harald Koenig).
251. Merge in XC fix-07.
250. Some documentation updates.

XFree86 3.1.0Z (23 January 1995)
249. Restore correct key maps for 84-key keyboard, but allow alternate (old)
     behaviour when "ServerNumLock" is set in the XF86Config.
248. xf86config updates (Harald Koenig).
247. Remove stripes when panning with Ti3025 (Harald Koenig).
246. Enable linear fb probing for VLB Trio64 cards with > 1MB DRAM
     (Harald Koenig).
245. Put blank delay values back to what they were for non-#9 Ti3025
     boards (Harald Koenig).
244. Fix AGX fill problems and hangs when exiting with an AGX-016 under
     SVR4 (Henry Worth).
243. Fix AGX font cache problem, and other updates/cleanups
     (Henry Worth).

XFree86 3.1.0Ce (22 January 1995)
242. Updates to vgawonder driver, including fix for 68800-6 memory probe,
     and a reworking of the clock matching code (Marc Aurele La France).
241. Remove most BIOS dependencies in vgawonder probe code
     (Marc Aurele La France).
240. Change ordering of Mach32 and Mach64 probing in SuperProbe, ati.test
     and the vgawonder driver to avoid hanging Mach32 boards.  Also use
     a timeout in all WaitIdle loops in the probes (Marc Aurele La France).
239. Minor #9 GXE64Pro updates (Hans Nasten).
238. Allow LASTLOG to be independent of SYSV_UTMP in xterm -- so it will
     work for Linux (Helmut Geyer).

XFree86 3.1.0Cd (21 January 1995)
237. Improve positioning of pixmap expansion and font cache areas with
     the S3 server.
236. Fix problem with Cirrus mono server crashing (Stephen Kump).
235. Allow the "sw_cursor" option to work for the S3 server.
234. Fix S3 HW cursor hot spot problem when no ViewPort entry is given in
     the XF86Config (Harald Koenig).
233. Fix some S3 Trio64 8bpp+pixmux display errors (Harald Koenig).
232. Fix #9 GXE64Pro problems introduced in 3.1.0Cc (Hans Nasten).
231. SPEA auto-detection for their Trio64 cards (Norbert Distler).
230. Possible fix for keymap problems with 84-key keyboards.
229. Internationalisation support for xterm (Martin Forssén).
228. Remove the need for a Virtual entry in the XF86Config for the Mach64

XFree86 3.1.0Cc (20 January 1995)
227. Add a check to the W32 server for invalid depths.
226. Fix bug in PaintWindow in Mach32 and AGX servers (Stuart Anderson).
225. Chrontel 8391 programmable clock support (Richard Burdick
     and Harald Koenig).
224. S3 programmable clock code updates (Harald Koenig).
223. Support for S3 Trio32 and Trio64 (Harald Koenig).
222. Updates to S3 Ti3025 code for the Miro 40SV (Harald Koenig).
221. Update xf86config to know about the latest clockchip changes
     (Harm Hanemaayer).
220. Minor cirrus HW cursor patch (Harm Hanemaayer).
219. Updates to OAK driver, including mapping the linear fb above 64MB
     (Jorge Delgado).

XFree86 3.1.0Cb (19 January 1995)
218. Fix XLOCAL parsing problem introduced in XC fix-06 (Steve Forsythe).
217. Added a DocIndex (to use as a starting point for the HTML docs).
216. README.Oak (Jorge Delgado).
215. SuperProbe/kbd_mode updates for compiling with PCVT_SUPPORT
     (Joerg Wunsch).
214. Fix for 90C31 acceleration problems.
213. Don't use '-ansi -pedantic' for Solaris versions earlier than 2.4.

XFree86 3.1.0Ca (18 January 1995)
212. S3 update for SPEA Mercury P64 (Norbert Distler).
211. Late LBX updates from the XC.
210. Add a "no_imageblt" option for the Cirrus driver (Harm Hanemaayer).
209. Support for 2:1 pixmux 8bpp RAMDACs on boards with fixed clock chips.
208. S3 changes for the ICS5342 ramdac/clock (Harald Koenig).
207. Fix problem in miZeroClipLine() which can cause a server hang
     (Harald Koenig).
206. Fix register unlocking problem in S3 server (for Stealth 64 VRAM)
     (Harald Koenig).

XFree86 3.1.0C (15 January 1995)
205. Preliminary programmable clock support for the Mach64 server
     (Kevin Martin).
204. Add accelerated line code for the P9000 server and fix/update some
     other accelerated code (Chris Mason).
203. Allow XF86Config Videoram to override autodetection with the P9000
     server, and allow the "vram_128" option force recognition of
     128kx8 VRAM (Erik Nygren).
202. Change P9000 programmable clock operation to be consistent with other
     servers (Erik Nygren).
201. Allow Cirrus MMIO for the 5429, and change on of the fixed clocks
     in the Cirrus programmable clock code (Harm Hanemaayer).

XFree86 3.1.0Bf (14 January 1995)
200. Preprocess Linux jump files, and allow libX11 to be built with XdmAuth
     (Orest Zborowski).
199. Fix VTSema-related problem in s3bstore.c (Henry Worth).
198. Merge in XC's pre-fix-07 LBX code.

XFree86 3.1.0Be (12 January 1995)
197. Include Japanese translations of some XFree86 3.1 docs (Kazuyuki Okamoto).
196. Updates to SPEA detection code (Norbert Distler).
195. Fix for ICS2595 initialisation problem (Norbert Distler).
194. Some vgawonder driver fixes (Marc Aurele La France).
193. Prevent xf86config from crashing when some fields are missing in
     the Cards database (Matthieu Herrb).
192. Fix S3 cursor X position when the display address is not changed to
     avoid display errors.
191. Set S3 M/N parameters depending on the MCLK value (which can be probed
     or set in XF86Config) (Harald Koenig).

XFree86 3.1.0Bd (12 January 1995)
190. Update cl64xx driver for modeRec changes.
189. Merge in XC public fix-06.

XFree86 3.1.0Bc (11 January 1995)
188. Added a DontZoom keyword for the XF86Config "ServerFlags" section
     to disable the mode switching key sequences.
187. Updates for ISC.  Includes imake config support for the SVR3 mmap
     driver, updates to install.svr3, and patches for building lbxproxy
     (Michael Rohleder).
186. Fix 864 + STG1700 8bpp pixmux for clocks between 67.5 and 95 MHz
     (Harald Koenig).
185. Change VRAM timings for Diamond Stealth 64 VRAM (Harald Koenig).
184. Set HSyncEnd overflow in S3 server when needed (Harald Koenig).
183. Prevent C&T driver from pretending to support the 82c45x chipsets.
182. Don't trap <ctrl><alt><bs> when DontZap is set.

XFree86 3.1.0Bb (10 January 1995)
181. Updates to linear fb code for OTI087, and allow the FIFO threshold
     to be set from XF86Config (Jorge Delgado).
180. Add hooks for server/driver mode validation.  This is currently used
     only by the NCR SVGA driver (Stuart Anderson).
179. Fix for ET4000/W32 bank switching code in the SVGA et4000 driver
     (David Etherton).
178. Similar hw cursor move fix for S3 server.
177. Fix for Cirrus crash when the hw cursor is moved while in another VT
     (Harm Hanemaayer).
176. Allow the "s3_964_bt485_vclk" to be used for the Diamond Stealth64 (VRAM).
     This requires the "diamond" option (Harald Koenig).
175. Rewrite xlfd_round_double() to speed it up on machines with no
     hw floating point.  This reduces server startup time on such machines
     (Harald Koenig).
174. Reduce amount of floating-point calculation in icd2061a and S3 gendac
     clock code (Harald Koenig).
173. Probe code to detect some SPEA boards and correctly set the clockchip
     (Norbert Distler).
172. Allow Xservers to be built with only PCVT support on *BSD, and
     clean up the console driver probing for *BSD (Joerg Wunsch).

XFree86 3.1.0Ba (8 January 1995)
171. Change "ct5??" chips&tech names to "ct655??".
170. Fix for Xnest (and Xvfb) not calling OsInitColors().
169. Add support for relinking the Xnest server with the LinkKit.
168. Modify vgawonder to probe clocks when -probeonly is used
     (Marc Aurele La France).
167. Fix some cirrus line drawing problems and fix non-interlaced modes
     with vertical timings > 1024 (Harm Hanemaayer).
166. Avoid use of the threads lib for SolX86 (David Holland).

XFree86 3.1.0B (4 January 1995)
165. Support for C&T 65540/45 added to the SVGA server (Régis Cridlig).
164. Change cirrus programmable clock code to use a tested set of clock
     parameters when there is one close to the requested clock frequency
     (Harm Hanemaayer).
163. Fix cirrus BitBLTs with height > 1024 for 543x (Harm Hanemaayer).
162. Clock-related updates to the vgawonder driver (reject invalid clocks
     where possible) (Marc Aurele La France).
161. Config updates (including installation of host.def and fix references
     to cl64xx driver in xf86site.def) (Marc Aurele La France).

XFree86 3.1.0Ae (2 January 1995)
160. Replace docs with the ascii versions generated from the sgml source.
159. Major updates to xf86config(1), including the addition of a Cards
     database (Harm Hanemaayer).
158. Check and reject invalid XF86Config depths for the VGA16 and Mono
157. Add an "s3_964_bt485_vclk" option to fix a problem with 964+Bt485.
     Also added code to detect the MIRO 20SV board revision (Harald Koenig).
156. Add an S3Mclk entry to XF86Config to allow the MCLK value to be specified
     in order to aid the calculation of the optimal M parameter
     (Harald Koenig).
155. Fix S3 linear fb check and allow membase to work for 864/964 boards
     (Harald Koenig).
154. Move server lock code back into Xserver/os so that it gets used by
     Xnest and Xvfb.

XFree86 3.1.0Ad (26 December 1994)
153. Fix problems with DBLSCAN code introduced in 3.1.0Aa (Harm Hanemaayer).
152. Support for adding LBX via the LinkKit.
151. Fix some LinkKit config problems.
150. Fix LinkKit Imakefile bug introduced in 3.1.0A.
149. Support for SPEA Mercury P64 (Bt485 + 964) (Norbert Distler).
148. Enable ICD2061A/SC11412 clockchip by default for S3 server if the
     the "SPEA_Mercury" option is given and Bt485 + 964/928 is detected
     (doesn't happen if an XF86Config entry for either ramdac or clockchip
     is present) (Norbert Distler).
147. Fix for PCI Type 2 probe for I128 SuperProbe code (Robin Cutshaw).
146. Major Cirrus update.  Includes new acceleration using mmio (lines
     tilefill and rectangles), and more acceleration for 16/32bpp
     (Harm Hanemaayer).
145. Fixes for AGX dashed line code (Henry Worth).
144. Allow S3 server to put the cache in the area to the right of the screen
     when it is larger than the area below it (Leonard N. Zubkoff).

XFree86 3.1.0Ac (20 December 1994)
143. Imake template and rules for LinuxDoc-SGML formatting.
142. Documentation converted to LinuxDoc-SGML (Gertjan Akkerman,
     Jayadev Billa, Matthieu Herrb, Michael Klemme).
141. Re-enable SO_REUSEADDR code in Xtranssock.

XFree86 3.1.0Ab (18 December 1994)
140. Item 58. below (the patch didn't get included before).
139. Add some sanity checking for horizontal timing parameters (including
     HTotal overflow for 864 with 24bpp, pixmux and HTotal > 1024)
     (Harald Koenig).
138. Add check for 864 DCLK limit for 24bpp (Harald Koenig).
137. Clean up of SDAC/GENDAC detection and related messages (Harald Koenig).
136. Allow the following ramdac and clock chips to be specified by name:
     att21c498 (att20c498), ics5300 (s3_gendac), ics5342 (s3_sdac),
     ics9161a & dcs2824 (icd2061a).  (Harald Koenig)
135. OS/2 updates, including config updates, SuperProbe support and
     compile-time support for most of the Xserver (Holger Veit).
134. Updated cl64xx driver, including support for the CL6440.  Note, the
     driver name has changed from "cl6420" to "cl64xx" (Manfred Brands and
     Randy Hendry).
133. Fix VT switch problem with the SVGA MX driver (Frank Dikker).
132. Add PCI config type 1 support to I128 probe in SuperProbe (Robin Cutshaw).
131. Update support for STB Pegasus (928 + Bt485), including 16bpp and
     32bpp (Leonard N. Zubkoff).
130. Fix pixmux clock check in Mach32 server (Alan Hourihane).
129. Mods to allow XFree86 servers to compile with 'gcc -ansi -pedantic'
     on Solaris 2.x (David Holland).
128. Fix stipple problem in S3 server.
127. Fix for setuid-root xterm problem reading .Xauthority file on
     nfs-mounted filesystem (so far only for systems with POSIX_SAVED_IDS)
     (Christos Zoulas).
126. Move server lock code into hw/xfree86 (Kaleb Keithley).
125. Really fix Membase handling for S3 server and 805/928.
124. Fix Mach32 probe problem.
123. Fix SVR3 config problems (Michael Rohleder).

XFree86 3.1.0Aa (11 December 1994)
122. Fix default mapping for numpad keys.  ServerNumLock should now not
     be required (for clients using R6 Xlib).
121. DoubleScan modes are no longer specified with doubled vertical timings.
120. Add extra timings fields to the ModeRec which are the CRTC values
     used by the hardware.
119. Update oak driver to support linear mode for the oti-087 (Jorge Delgado).
118. Fix '-DSTATIC_COLOR' problems (Hans Nasten).
117. Fix typos which prevented Mach64 detection in SuperProbe from working
     (Marc Aurele La France).
116. Allow XF86Config settings to override ELSA probe (Harald Koenig).
115. Fix Membase handling for S3 server and 805/928.
114. Make BSD console driver support selectable from imake.
113. Fix some SVR4 config problems.

XFree86 3.1.0A (5 December 1994)
112. Mach64 pixmap cache fixes (Kevin Martin).
111. Improve cirrus programmable clock handling (Harm Hanemaayer).
110. Add code to SuperProbe to detect the #9 Imagine I128 (Robin Cutshaw).

XFree86 3.1.0g (2 December 1994)
109. Enable mmio for the Cirrus 543x (Harm Hanemaayer).
108. Updates to xf86config (Harm Hanemaayer).
107. Code for SuperProbe to successfully detect CL-GD543x (Harm Hanemaayer).
106. Eliminate all references to "SYSV386".  "-Di386" should be used instead,
     even in the BOOTSTRAPCFLAGS for SVR4 and SVR3 (Kaleb Keithley).
105. Some typo changes to bring our code closer to what the XC has.

XFree86 3.1.0f (1 December 1994)
104. Eliminate references to SYSV386.
103. Add check for usable linear fb for 864/964 boards.
102. Detect and reject Mach64 boards whose ROM or VGA capability has been
     disabled (Marc Aurele La France).
101. Experimental code in the vgawonder driver to reset Mach* boards.  This
     is enabled with the "noaccel" option (Marc Aurele La France).
100. Fix clashes with K_SCROLLLOCK and related symbols defined in newer
     Linux releases (Marc Aurele La France).
 99. Change SuperProbe to detect the Mach64, and deal with ATI DAC classes
     6 and 7, and recognise the ATI 28800-6 chip (Marc Aurele La France).
 98. ISC 3.x and 4.x support (Michael Rohleder).
 97. Add support for 640 and 800 line widths to AGX server (Henry Worth).
 96. Fix cursor/screen scrolling problem for doublescan modes (Henry Worth).
 95. Add missing XF86_Mach64.c file.

XFree86 3.1.0e (27 November 1994)
 94. Add missing install rule for gccmakedep.
 93. Define CSRG_BASED for *BSD (Kaleb Keithley).
 92. Code/prototype cleanup under hw/xfree86 (Kaleb Keithley).
 91. Mach64 accelerated server (Kevin Martin).

XFree86 3.1.0d (22 November 1994)
 90. Updates to NetBSD aperture driver (Matthieu Herrb).
 89. Bring back 'gccmakedep' from 2.x.  Currently only use it when
     UseInstalled is true.
 88. Support for additional keys on Microsoft ergonomic keyboard (may
     require support in the OS's console driver) (Kaleb Keithley).
 87. Updates for SCO (David McCullough).
 86. Don't require the Virtual size to be specified for the Mach32 server.
 85. Allow virtual widths < 1024 for Mach32 server (currently untested).
 84. Some preliminary support for ISC (SVR3) 4.x (Michael Rohleder).
 83. ET4000/W32 server updates.  Includes accelerated 32-bit opaque and
     transparent stipple, acceleration for cases where the planemask != 0xFF,
     and ramdac code changed to accommodate more ramdac types (Glenn Lai).
 82. NetBSD support in hw/sun (Dennis Ferguson, Matthew Green, Matthieu
 81. Fix xterm hang-on-exit problem on SolX86 2.4 (David Holland).
 80. Speedups for AGX constant-metric and non-overlapping characters
     (Henry Worth).
 79. AGX accelerated dashed lines, and solid fills for arcs and polygons
     (Henry Worth).
 78. Doublescan support for the AGX server (Henry Worth).
 77. Update AGX server to delete unusable modes, and to allow the virtual
     width to be less than the display width (Henry Worth).
 76. Fix typo in oak driver (which broke 067/077 support) (Jorge Delgado).
 75. NetBSD updates, including SparcArchitecture support in imake config
     (Matthieu Herrb).
 74. 32bpp support for SPEA Mercury (928+Bt485) (Norbert Distler).
 73. Modify Linux kbd code to read the "high_keys" mapping (Takashi Manabe).
 72. Fix RGBPath in XF86Config being ignored.

XFree86 3.1.0c (6 November 1994)
 71. Fix xload for FreeBSD 1.1.5 (Joerg Wunsch).
 70. Modify S3 linear fb probe to handle the non-standard CR5A[6:7] address
     mapping used by some Diamond boards (including the Diamond Stealth Pro).
     Also, the 10 most significant bits of a specified MemBase value are
     now used (which leads to an incompatibility with previous usage)
     (Dick Streefland).
 69. Fix clock matching and some other problems in vgawonder driver
     (Marc Aurele La France).
 68. Reduce RAS to 6 MCLKs for SPEA Mercury (Norbert Distler).
 67. Fix setting of CR65 for the SPEA Mercury -- fixes 1600 width at 8bpp
     and 1152 width at 16bpp (Norbert Dislter).
 66. Change MCLK from 46MHz to 49MHz in the SC11412 clock code (Norbert
 65. S3 code to detect 866/868/968/Trio32/Trio64 and treat them as
     an 864 (Harald Koenig).
 64. Update SuperProbe to detect  STG1700, S3 GENDAC and SDAC, ATT22C498,
     S3 Vision866, 868, 968, Trio32 and Trio64 (Harald Koenig).
 63. Enforce 95MHz limit for 864 when no pixmux (eg, 16bpp) (Harald Koenig).
 62. Increase pixmux cut-in point for ATT20C498 to 95MHz (Harald Koenig).
 61. ATT22C498 detection and (untested) support (Harald Koenig).
 60. New code for S3 SDAC/GENDAC detection, and enable the programmable
     clock when one of these is detected (Harald Koenig).
 59. Fixes for S3 RAMDAC detection (STG1700 and SDAC) (Harald Koenig).
 58. Fix ICD2061A code for clocks between 110MHz and 120MHz (Harald Koenig).
 57. Chips & Technology SVGA driver (Jon Block, Mike Hollick, Régis Cridlig).
 56. 16/32bpp support for #9 boards with Ti3020 ramdac (Robin Cutshaw).
 55. Fix problems with gcc options (Hans Nasten).

XFree86 3.1.0b (30 October 1994)
 54. 16/32bpp support for Elsa Winner2000Pro (964+Ti3020) (Dirk Hohndel).
 53. Update to cirrus programmable clock code (Harm Hanemaayer).
 52. Accelerated 16/32bpp bitblt for the Cirrus driver (Harm Hanemaayer).
 51. The vgawonder driver will now attempt to determine what the board uses to
     generate clocks (Marc Aurele La France).
 50. Allow mode flags to specify composite sync polarity (Marc Aurele
     La France).
 49. ati.test and vgawonder driver updates (Marc Aurele La France).
 48. Vgawonder driver will now attempt to use a default video mode (derived
     from the existing CRTC settings) when no modes are specified in the
     XF86Config (Marc Aurele La France).
 47. Fix problem where clock probe could report high values as zero (Marc
     Aurele La France).
 46. SVGA driver for Avance Logic Inc. ali2301, ali2302, ali2308 and
     ali2401 (Ching-Tai Chiu).
 45. Enable linear aperture access for BSD/386 (Hans Nasten).
 44. Some Linux xterm fixes (Orest Zborowski).
 43. Fix Linux xdm groups setting problem (Orest Zborowski).
 42. Allow Mach8 server to delete unsuitable modes (Hans Nasten).
 41. Attempt at fixing FatalError() re-entrancy problems when aborting.
 40. Add X server lock file code.
 39. Modify PTS code in xtrans to remove an existing node at server startup
     (as happens with UNIXCONN).
 38. Set debug level to 1 in xtrans (this should allow error messages to
     finally be seen).
 37. Modify xtrans to use ErrorF() for debug/error messages within the
     X server.
 36. Updates to the S3MNAdjust option -- including no longer using global
     variables (Harald Koenig).
 35. Fix horizontal stripes when panning with an S3 805i (Harald Koenig).
 34. Fix SDAC + pixmux patch (Harald Koenig).
 33. Fix line-related crash problem when using linear addressing with
     the SVGA server (Harm Hanemaayer).
 32. Fix Cirrus 5434 linear addressing text blt bug (Harm Hanemaayer).
 31. Fix Cirrus 14-pixel font bug (Harm Hanemaayer).
 30. Improve Cirrus probing (Harm Hanemaayer).

XFree86 3.1.0a (21 October 1994)
 29. Fix some missing globals in Linux libX11 (Orest Zborowski).
 28. Fix for TCPCONN code's checking for an existing server.
 27. Support for building ELF dynamic libs on Linux (Michael Riepe).
 26. Fix gcc local label usage in vgaFasm.h (Adam Richter).
 25. OS/2 client support (Holger Veit).
 24. Fix some data initialisation problems in libX11 and libXt
     (Christos Zoulas).
 23. Use '-ansi -pedantic' with GCC when building the core tree.
 22. Changes to vgaFasm.h to allow compilation with 'gcc -ansi -pedantic'.
 21. Revised OAK driver which includes OTI-087 support (Jorge Delgado).
 20. Don't use -lmalloc for FreeBSD 1.1.5 -- it seems to cause some server
 19. Change to refer to the compiler as 'cc' instead of 'gcc'
     (Rich Murphey).
 18. Work around some problems GNU make 3.62 has with the rstart Imakefile
     (Jim Tsillas).
 17. Fix HW cursor problems after switching resolutions with the SVGA
     server (Harm Hanemaayer).
 16. Fix I/O permission problem with AL2101 driver (Harm Hanemaayer).
 15. Preliminary doublescan mode flag support (Harm Hanemaayer).
 14. Accelerated transparent text for Cirrus 5426/8 (Harm Hanemaayer).
 13. Cirrus programmable clock support (Harm Hanemaayer).
 12. Cirrus accelerated image text for 16/32bpp (Harm Hanemaayer).
 11. Fix Cirrus HW cursor colour map at 16/32bpp (Harm Hanemaayer).
 10. Fix 16bpp VC switch lockup on Cirrus 5426 (Harm Hanemaayer).
  9. Fix SDAC 15/16bpp setup and 8bpp pixmux clock selection (Harald Koenig).
  8. New (faster) S3 stipple code (Hans Nasten).
  7. Add the xf86config program to the source tree (Harm Hanemaayer).
  6. Gamma correction support for Ti3025 (Hans Nasten).
  5. Add code to set 170MHz Bt485/20C505 limits for 32bpp.
  4. Fix incorrect clock limit for ATT20C490 + programmable clock.
  3. Fix S3 co-ord overflow check for bpp > 8.
  2. Fix to S3 server to support newer #9 GXE64Pro boards (Robin Cutshaw).
  1. Documentation updates.

XFree86 3.1 (29 September 1994)
400. --- Code freeze ---
399. Fix slow server death and VT switching problems with W32 server
     (Glenn Lai).
398. Fix problem with the W32 server not being installed set-uid (Hans Nasten).
397. Fix problem with LinkKit Imakefile (Matthieu Herrb).
396. Documentation updates.

XFree86 3.0Z (27 September 1994)
395. Fix mouse access problem when server resets while not in the active VT
     (Orest Zborowski).
394. Fix typo in pvga1 driver (Simon Cooper).
393. Documentation updates.
392. Disable MMIO for Cirrus -- doesn't work yet (Harm Hanemaayer).
391. Workaround for Cirrus GRF corruption in SVGA probe (Harm Hanemaayer).
390. Update colourmap/blanking for W32 server (Glenn Lai).
389. Fix clock ordering problem for vgawonder driver (Marc Aurele La France).
388. Fix typo in Mach32 server which prevents it from starting at 16bpp
     (Alan Hourihane).

XFree86 3.0Fe (26 September 1994)
387. Fix for S3 line drawing overwriting HW cursor storage.
386. Include Monitors and Devices files which contain the Monitor and Device
     XF86Config sections that have been submitted (Gertjan Akkerman).
385. Update Cirrus probing for 543x chips in SuperProbe (Harm Hanemaayer).
384. Update ET4000/W32 probing for SuperProbe (Glenn Lai).
383. 16bpp support for S3 GENDAC + 801/805 (Harald Koenig).
382. Updates to S3 GENDAC code -- program best matching clock frequency
     (Harald Koenig).
381. Fix most pixel shift problems for #9GXE64Pro (Hans Nasten and
     Robin Cutshaw).
380. Don't allow the S3 "dac_8_bit" option to have any affect at 16/32bpp,
     and fix related problem when using the SC15025 RAMDAC.
379. Fix problem with Spea Mercury (Norbert Distler).
378. Documentation updates.
377. Updates to SolX86 aperture driver config (David Holland).
376. Don't write mouse speed setting commands when using a non-logitech

XFree86 3.0Fd (25 September 1994)
375. AGX documentation updates (Henry Worth).
374. Fix for text-mode restore problem with AGX server (Henry Worth).
373. Change name of XF86Vga256Drivers to XF86SvgaDrivers.
372. Documentation updates.
371. Enable 16bpp, 32bpp for 964+Bt485.
370. Support for 16bpp and 32bpp on 964+Bt485 -- tested so far on
     Miro Crystal 20SV (Eddy Olk).
369. Fix pixel wrapping for 964+Bt485 (Eddy Olk).
368. Fix low-res mode support for GXE64Pro (Robin Cutshaw).
367. Fix some depth 15 vs depth 16 code for the Ti3020 (Hans Nasten).
366. Update W32 server (Glenn Lai).

XFree86 3.0Fc (24 September 1994)
365. Fix image shift at 32bpp on GXE64Pro (Hans Nasten).
364. Only initialise TrueColor visual for 16/32bpp since DirectColor is
     not appropriate for the hardware.
363. Man page updates.
362. Fix installation problems with XF86Config man page.
361. Disable some code in vgawonder driver that leads to problems with
     SuperProbe (Marc Aurele La France).
360. Change clock ordering (in some cases) for vgawonder driver so it
     now depends only on the clock chip used (Marc Aurele La France).
359. Fix S3 VT switching problem with #9 GXE64Pro (Robin Cutshaw).
358. Added README.SOLX86 (David Holland).

XFree86 3.0Fb (23 September 1994)
357. Enable ICS2595 clockchip support.
356. Enable 32bpp for Ti3025+964.
355. Change font cache and pixmap expansion allocation policy for S3
     server.  This allows better performance when there isn't much
     offscreen memory available (Hans Nasten).
354. Fix for banked ImageFill for bpp>8 (Hans Nasten).
353. Updates to XF86_Accel man page.
352. Remove references to 'Xconfig' in source code.
351. Updates for ICS2595 code (Norbert Distler).
350. Enable 16bpp for Spea Mercury.
349. VTSema fixes for AGX server (Henry Worth).
348. Updated 16bpp/32bpp support for 928+Bt485 (Norbert Distler).
347. Partial support for 16bpp/32bpp with 964+Bt485 (Steve Parker).
346. Fix Ti3025 pll save/restore, and set MCLK to 54.8MHz to eliminate
     screen corruption (Hans Nasten).
345. Fix for AGX tile SEGV (plus some cleanups) (Henry Worth).
344. Update to solx86 aperture driver docs (David Holland).
343. Fix problem with S3 mmio usage at 16bpp and 32bpp (Hans Nasten).
342. Fix Mono VGA server crashes when compiled with gcc2.
341. Updates to xterm for Linux to handle its UTMP style and lastlog
     (Helmut Geyer).
340. Remove some dependencies on removed cfb.banked.
339. Fix Mach32 SW cursor SEGV.
338. Prevent "nomemaccess" being used for S3 864/964.
337. Change to use gnumalloc for FreeBSD 2.x (Rich Murphey).
336. Set weights correctly for Cirrus 32bpp (Harm Hanemaayer).
335. Fix signal handling in xinit for SVR4 (David Holland).

XFree86 3.0Fa (21 September 1994)
334. Fix problems with cirrus top/left edge handling with HW cursor
     (Simon Cooper).
333. Fix GC problem causing S3 server crash at 16bpp and 32bpp.
332. Added copyright to the output of reconfig.
331. Fixes for vgawonder driver (Marc Aurele La France).
330. Update README.ati and ati.test.c (Marc Aurele La France).
329. Fix potential problem with transparent text for the cirrus 543x
     (Harm Hanemaayer).
328. Fixes for ICS2595 clock code (Norbert Distler).
327. Remove cfb.banked.

XFree86 3.0F (20 September 1994)
326. Fix problem building reconfig when BuildServersOnly is YES.
325. Updates to README.FreeBSD (Rich Murphey).
324. Fix P9000 problem starting at 16bpp (Erik Nygren).
323. Fix AGX screen saver, and a flash that occurs when switching into
     XGA mode (Henry Worth).
322. Preliminary support for the ICS2595 clock chip (not enabled yet)
     (Norbert Distler).
321. Fix pixel shift problem with GXE64Pro at 8bpp and 16bpp (Robin Cutshaw).
320. Change clock doubler transition to 80MHz for Ti3025 (Robin Cutshaw).
319. Add README.Bsdi (Hans Nasten).
318. Removed the need to specify the "elsa_w1000pro" and "elsa_w1000isa"
317. Remove "stealth64" and "miro_crystal20sv" Options -- they are no longer

XFree86 3.0Ec (19 September 1994)
316. Fixes for Ti3025 support -- fixes problem with machine lockups, and
     adds preliminary 16bpp support (Robin Cutshaw).
315. No longer allow 'Device' in the Keyboard section.  Must now use
314. Updates to Cirrus BitBLT and fix for tile fill bug (Harm Hanemaayer).
313. Disable Cirrus top/left edge HW cursor handling -- problems when
     changing cursors near the edge.
312. Fix another clock limit bug in S3 server.
311. Disable Fresco by default.
310. Updates to W32 server (Glenn Lai).

XFree86 3.0Eb (18 September 1994)
309. Updates to README.NetBSD (Matthieu Herrb).
308. Fix Mode Flags error reporting in xf86Config.c.
307. Fix sessreg for Linux and add an install rule for it (Leonard N. Zubkoff).
306. Fix xdm support with shadow passwords for Linux (Leonard N. Zubkoff).
305. Fix typo in (Hans Nasten).
304. Support for Ti3025/#9GXE64pro (Robin Cutshaw).
303. Don't include s3_svga driver in SVGA server by default.

XFree86 3.0Ea (17 September 1994)
302. Update so Gcc2 is default for versions 1.1 and later only
     (Hans Nasten).
301. Fix mfb.banked so it will compile with gcc 1.4x (Hans Nasten).
300. Remove old Xconfig code.
299. Fix some SEGV after FatalError() problems in xf86Config.c.
298. Set max clock to 67.5MHz for Mach32 at 16bpp.
297. Support for P9000 screen blanking at 16bpp and 32bpp (Erik Nygren).
296. Merge in XC public fix-05.
295. Trap bpp > 8 in S3 server for Bt485 and Ti RAMDACs since it doesn't work.
294. Fixes for various xf86Config.c bugs.
293. Fix S3 clock limits when using clock doubling RAMDACs.
292. Fixes to  Ti3025 code to prevent lockups (Robin Cutshaw).
291. Move S3 Bt485 probe to after the Ti3020/5 probe (Robin Cutshaw).
290. Fix cirrus HW cursor behaviour at top and left edges (Simon Cooper).
289. Set background colour mapping of Cirrus HW cursor correctly
     (Simon Cooper).
288. Allow cirrus hardware cursor to be used when accel is turned off
     (Simon Cooper).
287. Don't build shared lib for LBX on Linux (Orest Zborowski).
286. Add README.Linux (Orest Zborowski)