TouchEvent.idl   [plain text]

 * Copyright (C) 2008, Apple Inc. All rights reserved.
 * No license or rights are granted by Apple expressly or by implication,
 * estoppel, or otherwise, to Apple copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade
 * secrets or other rights.

module events {

    interface [
    ] TouchEvent : UIEvent {
        void initTouchEvent(in AtomicString type, 
                            in boolean canBubble, 
                            in boolean cancelable,
                            in DOMWindow view,
                            in long detail,
                            in long screenX, 
                            in long screenY, 
                            in long clientX, 
                            in long clientY, 
                            in boolean ctrlKey, 
                            in boolean altKey, 
                            in boolean shiftKey, 
                            in boolean metaKey, 
                            in TouchList touches,
                            in TouchList targetTouches,
                            in TouchList changedTouches,
                            in float scale,
                            in float rotation);
        readonly attribute TouchList touches;           // all touches
        readonly attribute TouchList targetTouches;     // all touches in this TouchEvent Target
        readonly attribute TouchList changedTouches;    // all touches changed in the current event

        readonly attribute float scale;      // distance (since event start) between fingers as multiplier of initial value. Initially 1.0, zoom out (pinch) < 1.0, zoom in > 1.0.
        readonly attribute float rotation;   // rotation delta (since event start) in degrees (clockwise is positive). Initially 0.0.

        readonly attribute boolean ctrlKey;
        readonly attribute boolean shiftKey;
        readonly attribute boolean altKey;
        readonly attribute boolean metaKey;