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SpamAssassin Status:*checkout*/incubator/site/projects/spamassassin.cwiki

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    QA:			Snapshot build scripts, run nightly from cron

			Rule-QA tagging script, run nightly

			Cron job to combine rsync'd log files and generate
			a rule-QA report text file, visible via HTTP, from that

    Rsync:		Rsync server to accept rule-QA log files; currently
			holding 2.7Gb of log files, expected to increase

    Spamtrap:		Spamtrap server, collecting mail from distributed spam
			traps, archiving them, and reporting them to network
			spam-identification services like Razor, Pyzor, DCC,
			and DNSBLs.

			Currently consumes over 1Gbit of bandwidth per day, and
			all the CPU time it's given.  This is not possible to
			run on a shared server due to the load it incurs.
			Suggest this remains outside of the ASF infrastructure.

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