CONTRIB_CERT   [plain text]


I have contributed code to the SpamAssassin project, and I did so, and
may continue to do so, under the following understanding:

a.     When I submitted the code, I agreed that the code was to be
licensed for use under the same terms as Perl itself, that is terms of
either the Perl Artistic License (PAL), or version 1 or later of the
GNU General Public License (GPL), at the choice of the licensee.

b.     The code which I submitted was specifically not licensed under
any license incompatible with this dual licensing.  I understand that
code licensed under the GPL or PAL alone might be incompatible with
this dual licensing, and I confirm that the code I submitted was in
fact not restricted in this way.

c.     Any third party is free to use released versions of the code
under the terms of either the GPL or the PAL, and they can choose
which license they wish to use.

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