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6.21 Tue Nov 11 00:12:56 PST 2003
    - NetBSD was looking in INSTALLARCHLIB/CORE for libperl isntead of 
      PERL_ARCHLIB/CORE.  Would cause problems if INSTALLARCHLIB was changed
      (ie. LIB or PREFIX used). [Jochen Eisinger]
    - Turns out a handful of modules use dir_target().  Restored a version
      for backwards compatibility.
    - Moved blibdirs target from top_targets() to its own section.  Lots of
      modules rewrite top_targets() so blibdirs wouldn't be written.

6.20 Thu Nov  6 02:25:58 PST 2003
    - Fixing dos2unix on Cygwin.  In-place editing doesn't work 100% so we
      take a more conservative approach.
    - Small postamble.t test temp file cleanup fix for Cygwin and Windows.
    - Small Command.t test fix for 5.5.3.  No real bug [rt 4290]
    - Small Liblist fix for Cygwin and import libraries [Gerrit P. Haase]
    - metafile error message slightly mangled.  Bare $! mistake confusing 
      nmake [rt 4285 4301]

6.19 Mon Nov  3 22:53:56 PST 2003
    - Removed 00setup_dummy.t and zz_cleanup_dummy.t.  Tests now setup and
      teardown the dummy modules as needed.
    - Little test glitch on systems without $Config{usevendorprefix} set
      instead of copying its value.  This lets "perl Makefile.PL 
      INSTALLMAN1DIR=/some/man/man1" work like expected.

6.18 Mon Nov  3 20:09:51 PST 2003
    - parse_version() was blowing over $_ (Ilya Zakharevich)
    - 5.6.2 has the same Cygwin shared lib name fix as 5.7.0. (Gerrit Haase)
    * When $Config{install(site|vendor)man*dir} aren't set it will now
      fall back to $Config{installman*dir}.  Similar for 
      $Config{install(site|vendor)bin}.  This preserves behavior for older
    * Eliminated the dependency on perl.h for pure-perl builds.
    * Eliminated .exists files.  Added blibdirs target using MKPATH instead.
    - Removed now unused dir_target() method.
    - Added a little documentation to instmodsh.
    * Made sure PREFIX always has something in it.  Module authors like to use
      it when extending MakeMaker.  Currently using one of 
      PERL/SITE/VENDORPREFIX based on the value of INSTALLDIRS.
    * Added SIGN to generate module signatures with cpansign (Autrijus Tang)
    - Slight tweaks to MAKEFILE_OLD and MAKE_APERL_FILE restoring a mistake
      made around 6.06 to fix static builds on OS/2
    - Added ExtUtils::Command::dos2unix()
    * manicopy() would make the copied files read-only if 'cp' was used.
    * Fixed prereq check for modules which are also keywords like and (Autrijus Tang)
    - Made ExtUtils::Command mv and cp return whether or not they succeeded.
    * metafile_addtomanifest now mentions what its doing.
    * metafile will not die if it can't write to META.yml, just emit a 
      warning.  This lets 'make dist' continue with a read-only META.yml
    - Small fix to identify UWIN on NT (Randy Sims)
    * metafile will not touch the META.yml if it does not need to be changed
      (Thanks to Tim Bunce for this idea)
    * Fixed 'make uninstall' which looks like its been broken since last
      November and nobody noticed.
    - Fixing minor bug in VMS prefixification logic when PREFIX was not set
      by the user.
    - Fixing potential bug in prefixification for relative directories
    * Documented UNINST=1

6.17 Sun Sep 14 20:52:45 PDT 2003
    - Fixing LD so it can be set properly on Win32. (Orton Yves)
    * Fixing the init_PERL() "tack $Config{exe_ext} onto $^X" logic so 
      it works on VMS allowing $^X to be found.
    * Fixing make install UNINST=1 on Windows so it can search PERL5LIB
      (Orton Yves)
    - Fixing "could not open MANIFEST" test for OS/2 (and probably others) 
      where a read-only file cannot be deleted.
    - Hacking around the fact that when built for debugging, VMS creates
    - Eliminating the never implemented "help" argument.

6.16 Mon Aug 18 01:39:51 PDT 2003
    * Fixing the max exec length for Windows to account for old
      versions of nmake (the one you can download for free from MS).
    - Hack to normalize //foo//bar paths in ExtUtils::Installed.
      [Sreeji K Das]
    * Adding Module::Build utility files to MANIFEST.SKIP
    - PREREQ_PRINT is supposed to exit after dumping. (Wolfgang Friebel
    - maniadd() was trying to open the MANIFEST even if it didn't need to
      causing unnecessary errors for read-only MANIFESTs ( 3180)

6.15 Sun Aug  3 16:41:05 PDT 2003
    - Make FIXIN on Win32 use the new pl2bat rather than an already
      installed one when building the core (Mattia Barbon)

6.14 Sun Aug  3 16:23:27 PDT 2003
    - Adding a reference to the Module::Build META.yml spec in the META.yml
      itself and the metafile documentation.
    - Removed Begin/End comments from manifypods that were getting in the
      way of users adding code to the manifypods target.
    - Putting a POD2MAN macro back as an alias to POD2MAN_EXE and using
      it instead of POD2MAN.  This allows people to generate their own man 
      installation targets in a backwards compatible way.
    * Adding reference to the Module::Build META file spec in the docs.

6.13 Thu Jul 31 16:48:01 PDT 2003
    - Generated META.yml now has the prereqs in sorted order (Andy Lester)
    - Arguments to child Makefile.PLs were still having .. prepended.  This
      was exposed by the earlier fix of 4345.
    - extralibs.ld (for static builds) wasn't being cleaned up.

6.12 Tue Jul 29 22:19:38 PDT 2003
    - Should any of your prefixes be /, MakeMaker might lose this and
      prepend your prefix as "prefixyour/directory" rather than
      "prefix/your/directory" (Ed Moy bleadperl 20283)
    - Reversing "realclean was duplicating work already done by clean"
      (CVS 1.124  Turns out it wasn't a duplication and this
      was causing INST_* files to be left behind if your INST_LIB wasn't
      blib/* as in the perl core.  realclean now removes the files copied
      to INST_*.
    - Eliminating xsubpp_version().  No longer relevant.  It was checking
      for a feature added to xsubpp before 5.003_07 and doing it in a
      really bizarre way.

6.11 Thu Jul 24 01:24:37 PDT 2003
    - Small grammatical doc touch up by Sean Burke
    - Making basic.t clean up better after itself so it can be run
      twice without setting up and cleaning up Big-Dummy again.
    * Noting where to find make in the README
    * Noting that MakeMaker does not produce a GNU make compatible Makefile
      on Windows.

6.10_08 Mon Jul 21 18:17:06 PDT 2003
    * $Config{installvendorman*dir} was being ignored and our default
      always used. [ #2949]
    * Setting NORECURS to true was still resulting in a Makefile which
      tried to recurse into subdirectories which contained a Makefile.PL
      (it simply wouldn't have run them to generate Makefile's).
      This appears to be a rather old bug.
      [ #2951]
    * [ #4345] Arguments passed to WriteMakefile() would get
      stopped upon by $self->{PARENT} in recursive builds in the process
      of prepending a .. onto it.
    - Command.t now using its own temp directory when testing 
      expand_wildcards() so no stray files confuse it.
    * No longer warning about 'postamble' attribute.
    - Added installvars() to list INSTALL* variables so we don't keep
      repeating the list all over the code.
    - Added init_DEST() to create DESTINSTALL* variables for installing
      with DESTDIR set.
    * DESTDIR + PREFIX now does not duplicate DESTDIR.  [Redhat #91892
      and part of #2954]
    * DESTDIR is now not directly prepended to the INSTALL* variables.
      installation targets now use DESTINSTALL* instead.  This prevents
      the DESTDIR from showing up in places it shouldn't like perllocal.pod.
      DESTDIR is still appearing in .packlist (bug). [ #2954]
    - MM_VMS->prefixify() wasn't honoring the %Config_Override causing
      some MakeMaker generated config variables to be ignored.
    - MM_VMS->prefixify() was only VMSifying part of its filepaths causing 
      internal comparisions to get confused and think it had to prefixify 
      when it didn't.

6.10_07 Sat Jul  5 16:12:52 PDT 2003
    * Fixing location of perllocal.pod so its always in INSTALLARCHLIB
      instead of one for each perl, site and vendor.
    - Sun's make treats escaped newlines oddly.  Switching oneliner() back
      to using multiple -e's.
    * Bug in libscan() meant that any .pm containing RCS or CVS or SCCS
      in its name (for example, would be skipped.
    - Command.t was getting confused in the core because it was reading
      files from the core t/ directory, not MakeMaker's t/ directry.
    - MM_OS2 PERL_ARCHIVE_AFTER test wrong for a.out systems (Ilya)
    - Fixing perllocal.pod and XS installation on VMS.  An extraneous
      newline was introduced when changing the install macros over to
    - Added $(ECHO_N) macro to emulate 'echo -n'

6.10_06 Sat Jun  7 00:55:29 PDT 2003
    - Whoops, Liblist.t busted on VMS after I turned strict on in
      ExtUtils::Liblist::Kid.  Merely a test bug, not a real bug.
    - Fixed metafile_addtomanifest failure so the proper error shows.
    - Fixed metafile_addtomanifest failure diagnostic leaking out during
      the basic.t test on Windows.

6.10_05 Fri Jun  6 18:15:30 PDT 2003
    * Documenting META.yml, NO_META
    * Documenting the fact that distdir will auto generate META.yml and 
      alter your manifest.
    * Adding META.yml autogeneration to the FAQ
    - Recognizing comments with leading whitespace in MANIFESTs better.
    - Small ExtUtils::Liblist::Kid problem on VMS (Craig Berry)
    * Fixed "make install UNINST=1".  Appears to have been broken somewhere
      around 6.06_01.
    - Documented the fourth argument to ExtUtils::Install::install()
    - install() will now honor a PERL5LIB change between ExtUtils::Install
      loading and install() running when uninstalling shadows.
    - META.yml generation deals gracefully when the MANIFEST is read-only
      (Slaven 2723)
    - Fixing tests on limited dir depth VMS systems by moving the 
      dummy-install dir one level up (Craig Berry 2747)

6.10_04 Fri May 23 01:13:04 PDT 2003
    - Working around BSD threaading bug in version check. [from bleadperl]
    - Added the Makefile to the dist dependencies. (Slaven Rezic)
    - Reversing the find_perl() version check failure warning introced in
      6.10_03.  Too talkative, warned when nothing was wrong.
    * Fixing META.yml auto-addition when there's no newline at the end 
      of the MANIFEST [ 2444]
    * Making it a bit more obvious in the MANIFEST where META.yml comes from.
    - Fixed $_ clobbering in ExtUtils::Manifest functions.
    - [ 2591] some LD_RUN_PATH thing (Marek Rouchal)
    - Added core.\d+ files to 'make clean' [ 2543] (Slaven Rezic)
    - INST_* targets were expanded too early (Stas Bekman)
    - Adding ExtUtils::MakeMaker::bytes ( backwards compat wrapper)
    - Fixing MM_MacOS so it will compile on 5.5.x machines (use bytes wrapper)
    * Reducing perldepend set of CORE/*.h dependencies to what 5.5.3 has.
      5.5.3 should be able to compile XS again.
    * Eliminating fakethr.h and perlsfio.h from VMS's perldepend as they
      sometimes don't get installed.
    - ExtUtils::Install was making a few directories even with the
      "don't really do it" switch on (Slaven Rezic)
    * can build static linked perl binaries again.  Probably damaged in
      6.06_01 when $self->{MAKEFILE} became FIRST_MAKEFILE. (Nick Clark)

6.10_03 Fri Apr 11 00:21:25 PDT 2003
    * Added NO_META WriteMakefile() option to suppress generation of
      META.yml. (Spoon, 2359)
    - Spurious linebreak in uninstall_from_sitedirs on VMS (Craig Berry)
    * A bit after 6.05 man page names would come out as lib::Foo::Bar
      if the module name didn't contain a ::.  Found with podulators.
    * Skipping installation of RCS ,v files.
    * 'make ci' was busted between 6.05 and 6.06_01.  Fixed. (Andreas)
    - 'make test' was broken when there's no tests.  Introduced in 6.06_03.
      (Stas Bekman)
    - Solving some directory depth problems in tests on oldish VMS systems.
      (Craig Berry)
    - Fixing MM_MacOS so it compiles on UTF-8 systems. (Jarkko)
    - Making find_perl() more talkative when the version check fails
    - Fixing PERL_ARCHIVE on VMS so XS can compile again (Craig Berry)

6.10_02 Mon Apr  7 00:57:15 PDT 2003
    * Removed 2>&1 experiment introduced in 6.10_01 for all non-Unixen
      except for OS/2.  Thought Perl might emulate `... 2>&1`.  It doesn't.
      Just on OS/2.

6.10_01 Sun Apr  6 19:31:42 PDT 2003
    - Making install "Skip ... (unchanged)" message happen consistently
    - Checking file sizes as well as modification times when deciding
      to skip installing a file.
    - OS/2 was using $(RM) instead of $(RM_F) (Ilya)
    - OS/2 needs .dll removed on failed build (Ilya)
    - fixin() was assuming that rename() can overwrite the target (Ilya)
    - manifypods target was empty if there are no pods to manify.  Put in
      at least $(NOECHO) $(NOOP)
    - Cygwin test to check for finding pod2man when building the perl core
      removed.  No longer relevent.
    - Small fixes for dmake (Mattia Barbon)
    * Added "Reporting bugs" section to the PATCHING doc.
    - Minor bug in compile test missed ExtUtils::Liblist::Kid
    - Removing $(VERSION_FROM) from Makefile dependency.  It was too
      annoying to rebuild the Makefile every time the module changed.
      Mentioned it in the FAQ instead.
    - Fixing PERL_ARCHIVE macro on VMS.  Apparently it never appeared
      properly before. (Craig Berry)
    - Fixing ECHO on dmake.
    - Adding os_flavor() and os_flavor_is()
    - Making basic.t error output combine STDOUT & STDERR for easier 
    * ExtUtils::Manifest will now work case insensitively.
    - Fixed 'subroutine redefined' warnings in 00compile.t
    - Fixed it so typemaps are only looked for in the perl core library.
    * Hacking around VMS filesystem problems reconstructing package names
      from filenames in ExtUtils::Installed.  (Jesper Naur)

# There was no 6.06, I jumped straight to 6.10_XX because there's been
# so much change between 6.05 and now.

6.06_05 Mon Mar 31 02:44:11 PST 2003
    - Syncing into bleadperl.  Minor nits revealed...
    - AutoSplit open filehandle bug was fixed in bleadperl.  Averted a
      warning because of this.
    - hint files were only being loaded if . happened to be in @INC.
      A bug/feature of File::Spec was stripping off the current dir from
      the front of hintfile paths causing Perl to look for them in @INC.
      Worked around.
    - Now checking $! for errors if a hint file returns undef
    - compile test was testing all of perl!  Scaling back to just ExtUtils/

6.06_04 Sun Mar 30 20:34:39 PST 2003
    - Now looking for ExtUtils::xsubpp through @INC rather than just
      the perl core directories.  This helps ExtUtils::ParseXS.
    - Systems which don't put their libraries under their $Config{prefix}
      (OS X, Debian) weren't putting their libraries in the spot declared
      in Config.  It was going under $Config{prefix}.
    - Prerequisites check now deals better with X.Y_Z style alpha versions
    - ExtUtils::Liblist->ext() was using $Config{perllibs} which is a 5.6.1
      thing.  Falling back to $Config{libs} if perllibs isn't there.
    - ExtUtils::Command::MM now reads from @ARGV if called with no
      args.  Makes the one liner a bit simpler.
    * Restored ExtUtils::Liblist::ext() for backwards compatibility.
      Missing since 5.6.1.
    - Switching to relative dirs for self-building to shorten
      command line lengths.
    - Fixing minor test warning on VMS when compiling ExtUtils::Manifest
    - Skipping STDIN read prompt() tests on 5.5.3.  Can't test due to
      eof() not honor tied handles.
    - on 5.5.3 doesn't have any concept of vendor*.  This was
      causing warnings when generating the Makefile.

6.06_03 Sat Mar 29 19:44:53 PST 2003
    - Added AUTHOR and ABSTRACT_FROM info for ppd generation.
    - Added echo() method to portably echo text to a file.
    - Worked around 5.8.0 eval 'require Foo::Bar' bug causing MakeMaker
      to think modules weren't installed.
    - Modernized VMS doc_*_install targets
    - Changed some $(PERL) -e "print ..." code to use $(ECHO).
    - Replaced uses of Delete/NoLog/NoConfirm with $(RM_F) in MM_VMS
    - Fixed some duplicate macros making MMS happy.
    - Fixed $ExtUtils::MM_VMS::Revision.  It was just the $VERSION before.
    - Fixed ExtUtils::Command::MM::perllocal_install(), uninstall(),
    * Pulling File::Spec::VMS::fixpath() and eliminate_macros() into MM_VMS
      as the new cannonical location.  They never should have been in F::S
      in the first place.
    * ExtUtils::Command::eqtime() would truncate the file being equalized!
      Holdover from exclusive .exists usage.
    - Cleaned up hard coded 'echo' and '@' to $(ECHO) and $(NOECHO)
    - $(SAY) is now $(ECHO) on VMS
    - Moved rogue initializations from tools_other() to init_others()
    - Normalized MM_VMS's tools_other() to mostly use its superclass.
    - split_command() was off-by-one when calculating max command line
      lengths causing it to run over on VMS
    - made split_command() a bit smarter, taking into account some macro
    - Fixed initialization of OBJECT, DISTNAME and LDFROM on VMS
    - Fixed *_install target uses of File::Spec.
    - Added ExtUtils::MakeMaker::vmsish wrapper around vmsish so MM_VMS
      can be compiled on non-VMS machines.  For testing.
    * Added ExtUtils::MakeMaker::Tutorial about writing modules with
    - Removed "always use h2xs" dogma.
    - Added compile & POD test
    * 'make distdir' now generates META.yml module meta-data file.
      Proof of concept.  Have to syncronize with Module::Build.
    * Added maniadd() to ExtUtils::Manifest to add entries to the MANIFEST
    * ExtUtils::Command::chmod was not interpreting file permissions as
      octal.  Also, docs & tests slightly wrong (thanks Stas Bekman).
    - ExtUtils::Install was hard coding blib/lib and blib/arch, unportable
      [perl #21526]

6.06_02 Mon Dec 23 20:39:57 PST 2002
    * Lots of Win32 fixes busted between 6.05 and 6.06_01.  
    * split_command() tests still not happy on Win32.  Problems with
      shell vs Makefile escaping makes testing difficult.
    * VMS still broken.  Need to convert File::Spec method calls back to
      object method calls so the weird FS::VMS->eliminate_macros() and 
      fixpath() work again.

6.06_01 Thu Dec 19 00:14:49 PST 2002
    - Andreas found that when building the core it is desirable for
      MakeMaker to use a relative path to perl.
    - File::Spec->catfile() has a bug where the resulting file may not be
      canonicalized.  This was causing problems when generating manpaths.
      MakeMaker now uses its own fixed override for catfile().
    - Fixed the POD recognition regex to properly catch /=head\d/ tags.
    * Added a PATCHING guideline document.
    - Updated the class hierarchy in NOTES.
    - Installed.t now cleans up after itself better.
    - Steve Purkis rewrote the manifypods system to use Pod::Man
      rather than pod2man.  Its now portable and manifypods() moved from 
      MM_Unix to MM_Any.  As a result, lots of icky and redudant code went
      away.  This also removes the POD2MAN macro, but noone should be
      using that.  
    - "make manifypods" now works on Win32
    - "make manifypods" is now be faster
    - Made MM_Unix->find_perl more portable.  Eliminated MM_Win32->find_perl
      override.  MM_VMS->find_perl remains.
    * find_perl() can now handle filenames with spaces in them (RT448)
    * find_perl() on Win32 no longer produces spurious "File Creation error"
      messages (perlbug ID 20020709.001)
    - Removed unfinished and unused maybe_command_in_dirs()
    - Removed dead SelfLoader cruft from MM_Unix.
    - Fixed PPD generation when the ppd contains quotes (RT1473)
    - Fixed PPD generation on VMS
    - Moved Win9x specific subdir_x() code from MM_Unix to MM_Win95
    * Craig Berry fixed hint files on VMS
    - Added the perl_onliner() method to generate portable, safe one-liners
    - Changing hardcoded $self->{MAKEFILE} to $(FIRST_MAKEFILE).
    * Rafael Garcia-Suarez made MakeMaker ignore Subversion control files
      by default.
    - Added MAKEFILE_OLD macro.
    * No longer generating man pages by default on VMS.
    - Improved DISTNAME docs
    * Documented DISTVNAME and VERSION_SYM
    * Documented dist()
    - Seperated dist_core() into dist, tardist, uutardist, tarfile,
      zipdist, zipfile and shdist_target methods.  Allows elimination
      of redundant code in MM_VMS.
      one-liners with ExtUtils::Command::MM functions
    - Replaced VMS hand-rolled perl code for TOUCH, CHMOD, RM_F and RM_RF
      with ExtUtils::Command functions.  Added TEST_F.
    - Adding clean_subdirs target and clean_subdirs_target() method to
      generate same.  This allows easier overriding of an unportable part
      of the clean target.
    - Defined DEV_NULL for MacOS
    - Removed ROOTEXT from MM_MacOS, apparently unused
    - Added $(DIRFILESEP) macro and init_DIRFILESEP to avoid
      hardcoding / or \.  Reduces code duplication in the MM_* modules.
    - Added init_platform() and platform_constants() for OS specific
      macros.  Moved OS specific macros from constants() overrides there.
    - Added init_VERSION() to setup various *VERSION* macros.
    - Added default wraplist() to make porting easier.
    - Added makemakerdflt_target() to guarantee 'all' is the default
    - Added special_targets() to handle things like .PHONY and make sure
      they come first.
    - Added init_linker() to initialize linker relatied macros.
    - MM_MacOS constants() disolves
        Moved MACPERL_SRC, MACPERL_LIB, MACPERL_INC from init_main() to 
        Moved DEFINE and INC tweaking from constants() to init_main()
        Moved DEFINE_VERSION & XS_DEFINE_VERSION from constants() to
        Eliminated MODULES.  Unused and its the same as TO_INST_PM
        Moved .INCLUDE from constants() to special_targets()

    - MM_NW5 constants() & init_others() disolves
          init_others() to init_platform()
        Moved INCLUDE and PATH definitions from constants() to 
          constants() to init_platform()

    - MM_Unix constants() goes on a diet
        Moved all macro definitions to init_* methods.
        Added MM_REVISION for completeness
        Using wraplist() instead of manual joining
        Moved .NO_CONFIG_REC, .SUFFIXES and .PHONY to special_targets()
        Moved makemakerdflt: to makemakerdeflt_target()
        Moved INST_{STATIC,DYNAMIC,BOOT} to init_INST()
        Moved EXPORT_LIST, PERL_ARCHIVE & PERL_ARCHIVE_AFTER to init_linker().
        Moved PERL_MALLOC_DEF to init_platform()

    - MM_VMS constants() goes on a diet
        Moved DEFINE from constants() to init_main()
        Moved OBJECT & LDFROM from constants() to init_others()
        Moved MM_VMS_REVISION and PERL_VMS to init_platform
        Added MM_VMS_VERSION
        Moved .SUFFIXES changes to special_targets() override.
        Eliminated $self->{PM_TO_BLIB}.  Its redundant with $self->{PM}.
        constants() now consists only of fixpath() calls.

    - MM_Win32 constants() goes away
        Moved .USESHELL to special_targets() override.
        Everything else was redundant.

    - Added $(VERSION_FROM) to $(MAKEFILE) dependencies.  Helpful for
      XS builds where the version number is very sensitive.
    - export_list(), perl_archive() and perl_archive_after() consolodated
      into init_linker().
    - Eliminated duplicate code in constants() overrides
    - Added all_target() for easier customization of what's run by default
    - Eliminated duplicate top_targets() overrides
    - Made tool_autosplit() method portable.  Moved to MM_Any.  Eliminated
    - Adding realclean_subdirs target and realclean_subdirs_target()
      method to generate same.  This allows easier overriding of an 
      unportable part of the realclean target.    
    - Added oneliner() to create portable perl one-liners.
    - Craig Berry found some typos in ExtUtils::Liblist::Kid's VMS part
    * ExtUtils::Install did not work on MacPerl due to a hardcoded '.'
    * prompt() will now read from STDIN.
    - Craig Berry made sure extliblist() is always called even if LIBS
      is explicitly set to empty.
    * Added DESTDIR to make repacking easier.
    * $(*PREFIX) are returned to the INSTALL* variables.
    * Split $(PREFIX) into $(PERLPREFIX) and $(PREFIX).  The former
      holds the location of the core libraries.  The latter is the
      optional override prefix supplied by the user.
    * PREFIX overrides all other *PREFIXes when set in the Makefile.PL.
      This restores "make install PREFIX=foo".
    - Added quote_literal() to handle some shell quoting.
    - ExtUtils::MM_VMS now compilable on non-VMS platforms.
    - J. D. Laub made MakeMaker honor $Config{installstyle}
    - Renaming on OS/2 requires the target file to be removed.  
      Partially fixed by Ilya, should be applied universally later.
    - Default MANIFEST.SKIP not catching files in subdirs.  Fixed by Ilya.
    - Ilya fixed ExtUtils::Liblist->ext when called outside MakeMaker.
    - realclean was duplicating work already done by clean
    - Adding an explicit LICENSE
    - Cleaning up ExtUtils::Install docs.
    - ExtUtils::Install::uninstall() now has default verbose and
      dont_execute arguments.
    - Added some basic ExtUtils::Install tests
    - Fixed ExtUtils::Install::install() for relative dirs
    - Added split_command() and max_exec_len() to deal with long
    - Seperated escape_newlines() from quote_literal().  This may
      be pointless.
    - pm_to_blib() now generated with split_command().  3x speedup.
    - added init_dist() to initialize distribution constants
    - ExtUtils::Install::pm_to_blib() working around open filehandle
      bug in AutoSplit for systems with mandatory file locking.

6.05 Tue Aug 27 16:09:51 PDT 2002
    - Output format of the hint file verbose diagnostic is now in
      a format native to the OS, so it broke a test on non-Unixen.

6.04 Mon Aug 26 18:31:11 PDT 2002 
    - Little fix for pre-5.8 Cygwin test to get the shared library names 
    * disttest on Win9X broken because of forgotten tabs
    * WriteMakefile argument verification should now be accurate
    - Documented the LD flag.
    * Documented prompt()
    * vendor install was not adding to packlist or updating perllocal.
    - Supporting $Config{vendorarchexp} and $Config{vendorlibexp}.
    - Fixed conflict on VMS between logical names and directories 
      (bleadperl 17488)
    - Fixed space-vs-tab bug on Netware (bleadperl 17579)
    - Mysterious NetWare fix from Ananth (bleadperl 17376)
    - Support OPTIMIZE in MacOS (bleadperl 17347)
    - Support hints in MacOS (mutation of bleadperl 17347)
    * Default man installation directories were using $(MAN*EXT) to
      generate the directory name.  This turned out to be wrong more
      often than right, so we'll use man1 and man3 hard-coded.
    - Debian folks fixed the doc_install targets so the Appending
      diagnostic gives the correct directory for perllocal.pod
    * Added ExtUtils::MakeMaker::FAQ
    - Quieted some warnings on MacOS (bleadperl 17669)

6.03 Wed Jun 19 17:06:14 EDT 2002
    - Documented that we're clamping down on cargo-cult MakeMaker
    - Eased up the parameter verification to leave errant values alone.
    - Doug MacEachern documented LDDLFLAGS and added to known parameters.
    - Possible fix for XS compiles on Cygwin for pre 5.8 perls.

6.02 Sat Jun 15 19:46:06 EDT 2002
    - ExtUtils::Installed->modules() was broken in scalar context
    - Sync bleadperl 16922:  Netware updates from Ananth Kesari.
    - Sync bleadperl 16922:  MM_NW5 tests
    - Sync bleadperl 16938 & 16974:  MM_MacOS->macify fixes from pudge.
    - Sync bleadperl 16989 & 16942:  Small test fixes for MacPerl from pudge.
    - Improved WriteMakefile param verification to differenciate between
      parameters which don't exist and those that just take strings/numbers.
      [RT #707]
    * Documented TEST_VERBOSE

6.01 Thu May 30 14:48:57 EDT 2002
    - MacOS Classic fixes from Pudge: recursive make repair,
      post_initialize() now used, DEFINE & INC work with relative paths,
      removed dead hybrid method/function call code.
    * WriteMakefile now a bit more tolerant of wrong arguments, it will
      warn and try to soldier on rather than just vomiting.
    - Netware whitespace nits (bleadperl@16811)
    - Netware Perl version number tag when building dynamic libraries
      needs to match the current perl version instead of being hard coded
      (a mutation of bleadperl@16851)
    - OS/2 bug in TEST_F target found by John Poltorak (bleadperl@16839)
    - README in 6.00 still declared this as alpha.

6.00 Sat May 25 17:14:09 EDT 2002
    - VMS 8-level limit test tweak (bleadperl@16764)
    * Here goes nothing.

5.96_01 Wed May 22 19:11:09 EDT 2002
    - Fixed ExtUtils::testlib so it doesn't taint @INC.
    - Fixed ExtUtils::Command so it groks % shell wildcard on VMS.
      [RT 625]
    - MM now depends on Test::Harness 2.00 on VMS else tests with -T
      won't work, command line too long.
    - Added Craig's patch to fix limited level VMSs in the core.

5.95_01 Sat May 18 14:40:12 EDT 2002
    - Fixed ExtUtils::testlib so it has a reasonable chance of working
      under taint mode.

5.94_02 Fri May 17 17:16:04 EDT 2002
    - Fixing Manifest.t test for relative @INC when core testing.

5.94_01 Fri May 17 14:53:54 EDT 2002
    - Small NetWare change from Novell.
    - worked around 5.005_03's lack of a $Config{siteprefix} and
    - Small cross compilation changes (bleadperl 16582, 16548)

    [[ Test Fixes ]]
    - Fixing ExtUtils::Command tests for VMS shell wildcard differences.
    - Fixing ExtUtils::Installed tests so they don't go looking at already
      installed installed lists.

5.93_01 Mon May  6 00:54:39 EDT 2002
    - fixed basic.t for limited depth VMS systems
    * MM_BeOS was totally hosed by a typo.
    - Made the ExtUtils::Command docs clear about how things come
      from @ARGV not @_.
    - Quieted nmake banners in disttest

    * Backporting to 5.005_03
    - 'require 5.006' statements to 5.00503
    - Removing uses of File::Spec::Functions
    - Adding MODE arg to mkdir()
    - Changing uses of 'our' to 'use vars'
    - Changing uses of 'no warnings' to 'local $SIG{__WARN__}'
    - Changing 3-arg opens to 2-arg
    - Changing 'open my $fh' to 'open FH'
    - 5.005_03's File::Find doesn't have 'no_chdir'

5.92_01 Mon Apr 29 23:09:38 EDT 2002
    - Fixing case of modules with no .pm files on VMS.
    - LDLOADLIBS fix for NetBSD and easier overriding (bleadperl 16233)
    * syncing in MM_MacOS from pudge.
    - syncing in NetWare fixes (16266 & 16190)
    - Cleaning up somewhat.

5.91_02 Wed Apr 24 01:29:56 EDT 2002
    - Adjustments to tests for inclusion in the core.

5.91_01 Wed Apr 24 00:11:06 EDT 2002
    [[ API Changes ]]
    * A failing Makefile.PL in a subdir will now kill the whole
      makefile making process.
    * "make install PREFIX=something" will no longer work.  Sorry.
    - Now supporting the usevendorprefix %Config setting
    - Tests now guaranteed to run in alphabetical order.
    - Allowing $VERSION = 0.

    [[ Bug Fixes ]]
    - Missing prerequisite warning malformatted.
    - INSTALL*MAN*DIR and INST_MAN*DIR weren't allowed on the command 
    * For years now skipcheck() has been returning a different
      value than what was documented.
    - Partially reversing Ken's "speed up ExtUtils::Manifest" patch
      from 5.51_01 so MANIFEST overrides MANIFEST.SKIP.
    * Fixed PREFIXification so it works on Win32.
    * Fixed PREFIXification so it works on VMS.
    - Fixed INSTALLMAN*DIR=none on VMS.
    * NetWare fixes (bleadperl@16076)
    - Craig Berry fixed some macro corruption on VMS.
    - Systems configured to not have man pages now honored thanks to
      Paul Green
    - Hack to allow 5.6.X versions of ExtUtils::Embed use MY implicitly.
    - Moved use of glob out of MM_Unix so MacPerl could build

    [[ Test Changes ]]
    - Shortening directory levels to accomodate old VMS's
    - was using a slightly wrong prefix for the prefix tests

    [[ Doc Fixes ]]
    - Documenting VERBINST

5.90_01 Thu Apr 11 01:11:54 EDT 2002
    [[ API Changes ]]
    * Implementation of the new PREFIX logic.
    * Added new INSTALL targets:
    * INSTALLDIRS=site now properly using $Config{siteprefixexp}
      (Thieved from Debian.  Thanks!)
    * Added INSTALLDIRS=vendor & support for vendor directories
      (Thieved from Debian.  Thanks!)

    [[ Bug Fixes ]]
    - nmake syntax nits from Mattia Barbon
    - ExtUtils::Packlist fix for files with spaces in them from Jan Dubois
    - Old, old, old dmake bug in MM_Win32->pm_to_blib fixed by Nick
      (bleadperl 15847)

    [[ Internals ]]
    - Purging leftover PDP compiler flags.

5.55_03 Sat Apr  6 21:57:01 EST 2002
    - Reversing "fix" for RT 444.  It wasn't really fixed and it
      caused havoc with Compress::Zlib and Tk.

5.55_02 Sat Apr  6 03:09:15 EST 2002
    [[ Bug Fixes ]]
    - Craig Berry fixed install on VMS (again, I munged the last patch)
    - MakeMaker might not be recognizing it's in PERL_SRC on Win32.
      Made safer.
    - For some reason MM_VMS was using $Config{arch} instead of
    - Fix (well, hack) for creating ABSPERL on VMS.
    - Quieting some warnings revealed by ExtUtils::Constant
    - test_via_script had a typo and forgot INST_ARCHLIB

    [[ Test Fixes ]]
    - INST.t has to tell MakeMaker it's in the PERL_CORE
    - Fixing expected values of INST_* when building the core.

5.55_01 Thu Apr  4 23:58:06 EST 2002
    [[ API Changes ]]
    * Long deprecated INST_EXE completely removed.
    - Removing TEST_LIBS constant (never seen in a stable MM anyway)
    - Added $default argument to prefixify() for safer prefixification.

    [[ Bug Fixes ]]
    - $mm->{PERM_*} were not being set
    - fixin() redundantly chmod'ing scripts.  Let the Makefile do that.
    - The above means MM_Unix will now compile cleanly under strict
    * init_dirscan's search for Makefile.PL's will no longer look
      inside a distdir.
    * Fixed running tests when there are t/'s in subdirs.
    - MM_DOS inheriting from MM_Unix instead of MM_Win32.  DJGPP
      appears to be unix-like (bleadperl@15650)
    - Escaping constants with # in them so they're not confused as
      make comments (bleadperl)
    * ExtUtils::MM_Win95 didn't return a true value
    - Fixing disttest when perl is a relative path.
    * Fixed disttest & tests in subdirs on Win95
    - Fixed recursive Makefile.PL scan on VMS so it skips the distdir
    - Fixed a bug when an alternative MAKEFILE is specified and you're
      using something other than a Makefile.PL (RT 444)
    - Quieting uninit warning when there are no tests.

    [[ Doc Fixes ]]
    - Documented INSTALLMAN*DIR == 'none' feature.

    [[ Test Fixes ]]
    - Paul Green's which_perl patch to build a proper Perl on systems
      that use command extensions.
    - basic.t's Makefile.PL PREFIX call wasn't properly quoted for VMS
      (Craig Berry)
    - little initialization glitch in MM_Win32.t

    [[ Internals ]]
    - INST_* constants moved to init_INST
    - INSTALL* constants moved to inst_INSTALL
    * Internal warning supression removed.
    - Temporarily turning off SelfLoader in MM_Unix so warnings
      have the right line numbers.

5.54_01 Sat Mar 30 02:32:44 EST 2002
    [[ New Features ]]

    [[ Bug Fixes ]]
    - hint files were made a little too noisy in 5.53_01

    [[ Test Fixes ]]
    - adjusting for NFS time drift
    - basic.t was finding the wrong perl in the core

    [[ Internals ]]
    - FULLPERL* PERL* setup moved to init_PERL

5.53_02 Fri Mar 29 04:47:44 EST 2002
    - Adjusted for Perl core.  Synced into bleadperl.

5.53_01 Fri Mar 29 00:13:02 EST 2002
    [[ Bug Fixes ]]
    - Removed duplicate NAME macro definition
    - Fixed makemakerdflt target for VMS
    * bleadperl@11460 introduced a bug with recursive Makefile.PL's not
      having '.' in @INC.  PDL should build now.
    * MANIFEST.SKIP only working on file names, not full relative paths.
      Only since 5.51_01  (RT 413)
    * make test TEST_VERBOSE=1 was busted by 5.50_01 (RT 423)
    * Error messages from dying Makefile.PL's and hint files were
      accidentally supressed in 5.48_04.  Fixed.
    * Makefile.PL's are supposed to be run in package main.  5.48_04
      broke this.  Fixed.
    * Fixing installing on VMS.

5.52_01 Tue Mar 26 00:24:26 EST 2002
    [[ Bug Fixes ]]
    * ActivePerl 5.6.1/build 631 now 100%
    - Fixed some SelfLoader warnings
    * ExtUtils::MM_Win32 not subclassed off of ExtUtils::MM_Any properly
    - Bug in local $ENV{FOO} was causing failures in MM_Win32 tests.
      Compensating for the bug.
    - $Config{prefixexp} is sometimes bad on ActivePerl, compensating
    - Accidentally left htmlifypods tests in MM_Win32 tests

    [[ Doc Changes ]]
    - Expanding Known Good list
    - Adding Known Programs to README

5.51_01 Mon Mar 18 01:37:02 EST 2002
    [[ API Changes ]]
    - Removing xsubpp and typemap from the distribution.  These are not
      Perl version independent files and should not be upgraded.
    - Removing ExtUtils::Embed.  Version specific module and should
      not be updated.
    - Removing ExtUtils::Constant.  Not directly tied to MakeMaker.
      Will be distributed seperately by Nick Clark.

    [[ New Features ]]
    * realclean now deletes 'dist' directory.

    [[ Bug Fixes ]]
    * Fixing ExtUtils::Installed for VMS
    * Fixed it so MakeMaker can build itself without needing an eariler
      version installed
    * Fixed ExtUtils::Installed so packlists work on VMS
    * ExtUtils::MM_VMS test had a stupid typo that prevented most
      of the tests from running.
    - Fixing VMS so 'mmk' is always 'mmk all' (bleadperl 15218)
    - ExtUtils::MM_Any->catfile was calling catdir
    - Added Ken William's "speed up ExtUtils::Manifest" patch.
    - Added Nick Clark's return value of manifest routines patch
    - Merging in bleadperl changes (14438, 14453, 14611, 14612, 14622,
      14655, 14677, 14688, 14902, 15023, 15187, 15367)
    - bleadperl change 15325 (VMS 'mmk all' hack) rejected.
    - ExtUtils::MM_Any->test_via_harness() now using -MExtUtils::testlib
      instead of -I's.  This keeps the command line shorter on VMS, but
      it means TEST_LIB doesn't work anymore.  May prove problematic.
    - PERLRUN now uses FULLPERL instead of PERL.  This avoids 
      accidental use of miniperl.  May cause problems in the core.
    - Fixed test_via_harness() on VMS so it uses PERLRUN.
    - ExtUtils::Manifest wrongly handling MANIFEST on VMS.
    - ExtUtils::Manifest::maniskip broken due to misuse of /o on a regex.

5.50_01 Mon Mar  4 23:44:48 EST 2002
    [[ API Changes ]]
    - htmlifypods and all HTML targets have been removed.  It didn't
      work properly.  A target for HTMLifying of docs will be
      added sometime in the future (read: send a patch).
    - Deprecated ROOTEXT variable removed (its been deprecated for
      more than five years).
    - Removed ExtUtils::Miniperl from the CPAN distribution.  Can't
      see how its useful outside the core.

    [[ New Features ]]
    * Emacs backup files (ie. *~) are no longer copied into blib
      (this means you won't get accidentally installed anymore).
    - prefixify() now returns if the prefixification worked or not.
    - added the Perl patchlevel info to the description embedded in DLLs
      (Ilya Zakharevich perl change 14810)

    [[ Bug Fixes ]]
    * 5.49_01 broke anything that depended on the MM class to be loaded
      with ExtUtils::MakeMaker, like CPAN.  Temporarily fixed.
    * Many places wrongfully assume MM methods can be called as class
      methods!  Inside and outside of MakeMaker.
    * DOS now acts like Win32 instead of Unix.  This should be less wrong.
    - Netware tweak from Ananth Kesari (perl change 14780)

    [[ Doc Changes ]]
    * made the docs about the behavior of PREFIX a bit more vague
      reflecting its odd behavior.    
    - Replaced references to %Config with things people are more likely
      to understand in PREFIX & LIB docs.
    - Put PREFIX before LIB in the docs.

    [[ Internal Refactorings ]]
    - File::Spec wrappers consolidated in MM_Any
    - test_via_harness/script consolidated in MM_Any
    * Added ExtUtils::Command::MM to replace large -e "one-liners"
    * Added ExtUtils::MM_UWIN, took UWIN specific code out of MM_Unix.
    * Added ExtUtils::MM_DOS, took some DOS specific code out of MM_Unix
    - Added a dist() override to MM_OS2.
    - Took the OS/2 specific code out of MM_Unix's dist()
    - Starting to quote as many command line switches as possible
      to make VMS have to override less of MM_Unix.

5.49_01 Mon Feb  4 00:42:40 EST 2002
    - Default TEST_LIBS now contains absolute paths, so tests can
      chdir without breaking @INC.
    - Some bug fixes in MM_Win32 were missing in MM_NW5.
    - LLIBPERL was not being set.
    - Gisle Aas fixed a warning in prompt when the user hits ctrl-D
      or pipes STDIN to /dev/null.
    - VMS's test is now a proper ->can check.
    - Stray newline in Command.t causing havoc (bleadperl 14441)

    * Lots of internal changes.  Everything from here on is an internal
    - Broke ExtUtils::Liblist::Kid out into its own .pm.  Temporary.
    - Broke MM and MY out into their own .pm's.  Possibly temporary.
    - Broke ExtUtils::MM_Win95 out of ExtUtils::MM_Win32.  MM_Win95
      is now an MM_Win32 subclass.
    - Removed wrapper methods from ExtUtils::Liblist that were
      defering File::Spec loading.  Almost everything uses File::Spec
    - Changed most of the 'our's to 'use vars' in prep for 5.005_03
    - Changed ExtUtils::MakeMaker->import(...) cargo-cultery in MM_* 
      modules to proper "use ExtUtils::MakeMaker qw(...)"
    - All non-Unix MM_* modules now directly inherit from MM_Unix.
      They did this before, but in a round-about way.
    - MM_* modules no longer directly muck with @MM::ISA.  Instead
      @MM::ISA does that itself.
    - Removed unnecessary require of Exporter in many MM_* modules.
    - MM_Cygwin was using an MM_Unix function directly without have
      explicitly required MM_Unix.
    - Most of MM_NW5 was redundant with MM_Win32.  So MM_NW5 is now
      a subclass of Win32 and the reduendant code has been deleted.
    - Replaced lots of calls to File::Spec->updir, curdir and rootdir
      with a global in MM_Unix.  Should make things a bit faster.
    - Untabified ExtUtils::MakeMaker.  I hate tabs.
    - "Which MM subclass should I use" logic moved from EU::MakeMaker
      to EU::MM.
    - Deprecated EU::MakeMaker::Version_check deleted.

5.48_04 Mon Jan 21 19:28:38 EST 2002
    - No longer requiring Test::More
    - Now tested to work with a clean 5.6.1
    - Stripped out $Revision based $VERSIONs.
    - Rolled in patches from p5p, vmsperl & VOS (14325, 14338, 14360, 14364)
    * hint files now run in a safer context.  Only $self is available.
    - ExtUtils::testlib now provides absolute paths into @INC.
      No longer obsolete
    - Little test fixes

5.48_03 Thu Jan 17 23:44:38 EST 2002
    * moved bin/inst to bin/instmodsh
    * Some Win32 backporting fixes.  The -x switch doesn't seem to
      work on Win32/5.6.1.
    * Bug on Win32.  MAKEMAKER variable not set properly.
    * _02 broke hints files.  Now fixed.
    - Minor prereq error formatting glitch
    - ExtUtils::testlib no longer a thin wrapper around blib, now a 
      thin wrapper around lib like it was.  blib is noisy on 5.6.1.
    - Nick and chromatic found and fixed some warnings in the tests

5.48_02 Wed Jan 16 19:11:26 EST 2002
    - Fixed some Win32 warnings.  Needs more work.

5.48_01 Wed Jan 16 15:10:28 EST 2002
    * Adapted from bleadperl@14303
    * Backported to 5.6.1
    - inst and xsubpp moved out of lib/ and into bin/
    - ExtUtils::testlib obsoleted.  Now a thin wrapper around
    ***--> Non-Unix platforms not tested at all!  Please test and report
           back.  Tests probably only need minor fixes.