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Revision history for Perl extension Archive::Zip.

1.10 Thu Mar 25 06:24:17 PST 2004
  - Fixed documentation of setErrorHandler()
  - Fixed link to Japanese translation of docs
  - Added Compress::Zlib Bufsize patch from Yeasah Pell that was supposed to
    have been added in 1.02
  - Fixed problems with backup filenames for zips with no extension
  - Fixed problems with undef volume names in _asLocalName()

1.09 Wed Nov 26 17:43:49 PST 2003
  - Fixed handling of inserted garbage (as from viruses)
  - Always check for local header signatures before using them
  - Added updateMember() and updateTree() functions
  - Added examples/
  - Added examples/
  - Fixed some potential but unreported bugs with function parameters like '0'
  - Removed stray warn() call
  - Caught undef second arg to replaceMember()
  - Fixed test suite run with spaces in build dir name (ticket 4214)

1.08 Tue Oct 21 07:01:29 PDT 2003
  - test noise fix from Michael Schwern (ticket 4174)
  - FAQ NAME fix from Michael Schwern (ticket 4175)

1.07 Mon Oct 20 06:48:41 PDT 2003
  - Added file attribute code by Maurice Aubrey
  - Added FAQ about RedHat 9
  - Added check for empty filenames

1.06 Thu Jul 17 11:06:18 PDT 2003
  - Fixed seek use with IO::Scalar and IO::String
  - Fixed use of binmode with pseudo-file handles
  - Removed qr{} form for older Perl versions
  - Changed rel2abs logic in _asLocalName() if there is a volume
  - Fixed errors with making directories in extractMember() when none provided
  - Return AZ_OK in extractMemberWithoutPaths() if member is a directory
  - Fixed problem in extractTree with blank directory becoming "." prefix
  - Added examples/ to show how to use IO::String as destination of Zip write
  - Edited docs and FAQ to recommend against using absolute path names in zip files.

1.05 Wed Sep 11 12:31:20 PDT 2002
  - fixed untaint from 1.04

1.04 Wed Sep 11 07:22:04 PDT 2002
  - added untaint of lastModFileDateTime

1.03 Mon Sep  2 20:42:43 PDT 2002
  - Removed dependency on IO::Scalar
  - Set required version of File::Spec to 0.8
  - Removed tests of examples that needed IO::Scalar
  - Added binmode() call to read/writeScalar examples
  - Fixed addTree() for 5.005 compatibility (still untested with 5.004)
  - Fixed mkdir() calls for 5.005
  - Clarified documentation of tree operations

1.02 Fri Aug 23 17:07:22 PDT 2002
  - Many changes for cross-platform use (use File::Spec everywhere)
  - Separated POD from Perl
  - Moved Archive::Zip::Tree contents into Archive::Zip
    A::Z::Tree is now deprecated and will warn with -w
  - Reorganized docs
  - Added FAQ
  - Added chunkSize() call to report current chunk size
    and added C::Z BufSize patch from Yeasah Pell.
  - Added fileName() to report last read zip file name
  - Added capability to prepend data, like for SFX files
  - Added examples/ for self-extracting archives creation
  - Added examples/ for validity testing
  - Made extractToFileNamed() set access/modification times
  - Added t/testTree.t to test A::Z::Tree
  - Fix/speed up memberNamed()
  - Added Archive::Zip::MemberRead by Sreeji K. Das
  - Added tempFile(), tempName()
  - Added overwrite() and overwriteAs() to allow read/modify/write of zip
  - added examples/ to show how to read/modify/write

1.01 Tue Apr 30 10:34:44 PDT 2002
  - Changed mkpath call for directories to work with BSD/OS
  - Changed tests to work with BSD/OS

1.00 Sun Apr 28 2002
  - Added several examples:
    - examples/
      How to find out how big a zip file will be before writing it
    - examples/
      shows how to use IO::Scalar as the source of a zip read
    - examples/
      uses Archive::Zip::Tree to unzip an entire zip
    - examples/
      shows how to use IO::Scalar as the destination of a zip write
    - examples/
      Searches for text in zip files
  - Changed required version of Compress::Zlib to 1.08
  - Added detection and repair of zips with added garbage (as caused by
    the Sircam worm)
  - Added more documentation for FAQ-type questions, though few seem to
    actually read the documentation.
  - Fixed problem with stat vs lstat
  - Changed version number to 1.00 for PHB compatibility

0.12 Wed May 23 17:48:21 PDT 2001
  - Added and to show use of IO::Scalar
  - Fixed docs
  - Fixed bug with EOCD signature on block boundary
  - Made it work with IO::Scalar as file handles
  - added readFromFileHandle()
  - remove guess at seekability for Windows compatibility

0.11 Tue Jan  9 11:40:10 PST 2001
  - Added examples/ (by Rudi Farkas)
  - Fixed up documentation in Archive::Zip::Tree
  - Added to documentation in Archive::Zip::Tree
  - Fixed bugs in Archive::Zip::Tree that kept predicates from working
  - Detected file not existing errors in addFile

0.10 Tue Aug  8 13:50:19 PDT 2000
  - Several bug fixes
  - More robust new file handle logic can (again)
    take opened file handles
  - Detect attempts to overwrite zip file when members
    depend on it

0.09 Tue May  9 13:27:35 PDT 2000
  - Added fix for bug in contents()
  - removed system("rm") call in t/test.t for Windows.

0.08 March 27 2000 (unreleased)
  - Fixed documentation
  - Used IO::File instead of FileHandle, allowed for use of almost anything as
    a file handle.
  - Extra filenames can be passed to extractMember(),
    extractMemberWithoutPaths(), addFile(), addDirectory()
  - Added work-around for WinZip bug with 0-length DEFLATED files
  - Added Archive::Zip::Tree module for adding/extracting hierarchies

0.07  Fri Mar 24 10:26:51 PST 2000
  - Added copyright
  - Added desiredCompressionLevel() and documentation
  - Made writeToFileHandle() detect seekability by default
  - Allowed Archive::Zip->new() to take filename for read()
  - Added crc32String() to Archive::Zip::Member
  - Changed requirement in Makefile.PL to Compress::Zip
    version 1.06 or later (bug in earlier versions can truncate data)
  - Moved BufferedFileHandle and MockFileHandle into
    Archive::Zip namespace
  - Allowed changing error printing routine
  - Factored out reading of signatures
  - Made re-read of local header for directory members
    depend on file handle seekability
  - Added ability to change member contents
  - Fixed a possible truncation bug in contents() method

0.06  Tue Mar 21 15:28:22 PST 2000
  - first release to CPAN

0.01  Sun Mar 12 18:59:55 2000
  - original version; created by h2xs 1.19