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<P><B>This module is <FONT COLOR="#990000">BETA</FONT> code, which means that the interfaces are fairly stable BUT it has not been out in the community long enough to guarantee much testing. Use with caution! Please report any errors back to <A HREF="mailto:eryq@zeegee.com">eryq@zeegee.com</A> as soon as you can.</B><UL>

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<P>mimeabuse - try hard to break MIME parsing

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<P>This is meant to be run from the MIME-tools distribution directory
as a test.  It will attempt to parse the same several messages 1000 
times each.  It does a purge after each parse, so it shouldn't fill up
your disk; however, it should be a good test for hitting resource 

<P>I wrote this after I discovered that, under Perl 5.002 at least,
FileHandle-&gt;new_tmpfile returned an object that did not get
destructed automatically when it exited scope.  :-(

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<P>Eryq, eryq@zeegee.com

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