ChangeLog   [plain text]

2009-07-28  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r4347] README, release 1.3.11
	* [r4346] src/ccid.c, src/ccid_usb.c, src/ccid_usb.h,
	  src/ifdhandler.c: change InterruptRead() to add a timeout
	  parameter. We need a short timeout in ccid_open_hack_pre()
	* [r4345] src/ccid_usb.c: InterruptRead(): also log reader_index
	  (instead of Lun) for debug

2009-07-27  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r4343] src/ccid_usb.c: OpenUSBByName(): do not modify the device
	  name. The same pointer is used by pcscd
	* [r4342] src/ccid_usb.c: InterruptRead(): use usb_strerror() to
	  display the error message in text instead of just decimal

2009-07-21  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r4341] examples/scardcontrol.c: send a "secoder info" command if
	  the reader supports FEATURE_MCT_READERDIRECT
	* [r4340] examples/scardcontrol.c: parse FEATURE_IFD_PIN_PROPERTIES
	* [r4339] examples/scardcontrol.c: use a swicth to parse the
	* [r4338] examples/scardcontrol.c: check a card is present only
	* [r4337] examples/scardcontrol.c: update copyright date
	* [r4336] examples/scardcontrol.c: document how to select a reader
	  using a command line argument
	* [r4335] examples/scardcontrol.c: check the error code returned by

2009-07-20  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r4325] src/ccid.c: the disable card movements notification
	  "hack" for GemProx DU is no more needed

2009-07-18  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r4323] MacOSX/configure: update Copyright date
	* [r4322] MacOSX/configure: try to use a static link with libusb
	  even if libusb-config is found

2009-07-17  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r4318] readers/Panasonic_USB_Smart_Card_Reader_7A-Smart.txt,
	  readers/supported_readers.txt: add Panasonic USB Smart Card
	  Reader 7A-Smart

2009-07-07  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r4313] MacOSX/configure: ifd-ccid-foobar ->
	  ifd-ccid-foobar.bundle for the bundle name
	* [r4311] readers/ATMEL_AT91SC192192CT-USB.txt,
	  readers/supported_readers.txt: add ATMEL_AT91SC192192CT-USB.txt

2009-07-06  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r4310], src/ add --disable-class
	  argument to build a NON class driver
	* [r4309] src/ remove debug line
	* [r4308] src/Info.plist.src, src/ add a
	  --no-class argument so that the Info.plist does not define a
	  Class driver. Default is class driver.
	* [r4307] src/Info.plist.src: default value for ifdCapabilities is
	  now 0x00000000 since pcscd should use libhal instead of udev
	* [r4306] src/Info.plist.src, src/,
	  src/ extend to use
	  --ifdCapabilities= --target= --version= --bundle= instead of sed
	  expression in the Makefile
	* [r4304] readers/Alcor_SCR001.txt, readers/supported_readers.txt:
	  add Alcor Micro SCR001
	* [r4303] MacOSX/configure: document the use of --enable-bundle=
	* [r4302] check if strlcat is provided by the system
	  strlcpycat.h:20: warning: redundant redeclaration of ‘strlcat’

2009-07-03  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r4295] src/ccid_usb.c, src/ifdhandler.c: If the driver fails to
	  open a device (wrong interface number in the libhal scheme for
	  example) then return IFD_NO_SUCH_DEVICE instead of the generic

2009-07-01  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r4292] src/defs.h: use int instead of DWORD for nATRLength in
	  CCID_DESC structure. Gain 8 bytes on the structure size. Thanks
	  to pahole(1)

2009-06-29  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r4284] src/ccid_usb.c: InterruptRead(): use PERIODIC instead of
	  COMM debug level to not pollute to much the logs for this
	  _periodic_ call

2009-06-26  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r4282] src/ifdhandler.c: IFDHControl(): add support of
	  Only the Kobil TriB@nk reader supports this feature for now. This
	  is used for the Secoder functionality in connected mode.
	* [r4281] src/ccid.c: ccid_open_hack_pre(): do not call
	  InterruptRead() with a KOBIL_TRIBANK The call do not timeout and
	  blocs until a card is inserted (on Mac OS X)
	* [r4280] src/ccid.h: #define KOBIL_TRIBANK
	* [r4279] src/ccid_ifdhandler.h: #define

2009-06-25  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r4276] readers/Aktiv_Rutoken_ECP.txt,
	  readers/supported_readers.txt: add Aktiv Rutoken ECP
	* [r4274] MacOSX/configure: typo in comment

2009-06-20  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r4267] readers/supported_readers.txt: add missing ':' separator
	* [r4266] src/ccid_ifdhandler.h: define
	  FEATURE_IFD_PIN_PROPERTIES is defined (pcsc-lite version >=

2009-06-19  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r4263] readers/Synnix_STD200.txt, readers/supported_readers.txt:
	  add Synnix STD200

2009-06-16  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r4260] readers/supported_readers.txt: add 2 Neowave Weneo tokens
	* [r4257] readers/Neowave_Weneo2.txt: another Neowave token - 512MB
	  flash storage - OS is "IBM JCOP41 Standard" - 32k internal memory

2009-06-14  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r4256] src/utils.h: rename variable index in idx
	  utils.h:32: warning: declaration of 'index' shadows a global
	* [r4255] src/ifdhandler.c: IFDHControl(): use the correct return

2009-06-13  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r4254] readers/Kobil_EMV_CAP.txt: new firmware

2009-05-29  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r4235] src/commands.c: CmdXfrBlockAPDU_extended(): Correctly ask
	  for the next extended response block.
	  Thanks to Harm Braams for the bug report

2009-05-27  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r4229] src/ccid_usb.c: ccid_check_firmware(): reindent a line
	* [r4228] src/ccid_usb.c: OpenUSBByName(): no need to get a pointer
	  on the device serial number from the HAL string
	* [r4227] src/ccid_usb.c: ACS ACR122U-WB-R with firmware < 2.06 are
	  bogus: APDU with 0x7B (123) bytes expected do not work with a
	  14443 card. The reader returns SW=63 00 instead.
	* [r4226] readers/ACR122U_PICC.txt: new firmware

2009-05-25  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r4224], generate a .bz2 archive only

2009-05-13  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r4204] readers/Softforum_XecureHSM.txt,
	  readers/Softforum__XecureHSM.txt: remove a _ in the filename
	* [r4203] readers/Samsung_XecureHSM.txt,
	  readers/Softforum__XecureHSM.txt, readers/supported_readers.txt:
	  rename Samsung XecureHSM in Softforum XecureHSM

2009-05-12  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r4197] readers/Samsung_XecureHSM.txt,
	  readers/supported_readers.txt: add Samsung XecureHSM

2009-05-10  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r4195] src/ccid.c: ccid_open_hack_pre(): call InterruptRead()
	  for all CCID device Makes the Broadcom 5880 work a bit better
	  (but the reader is still bogus) ---This line, and those below,
	  will be ignored--
	  M src/ccid.c

2009-05-08  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3494] readers/C3PO_LTC32_USBv2_old.txt, readers/
	  C3PO_LTC32_USBv2_old.txt is a duplicate of C3PO_TLTC2USB.txt

2009-05-07  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3490] readers/LTC32.txt: duplicate of C3PO_LTC32_USBv2.txt
	* [r3488] src/ccid.h, src/ccid_serial.c, src/ccid_usb.c,
	  src/commands.c: do not power up a card with a voltage not
	  supported by the reader

2009-05-02  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3485] readers/SCR331-DI-NTTCom.txt: the CCID descriptor was

2009-04-21  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3462] readers/Feitian_SCR301.txt,
	  readers/supported_readers.txt: add Feitian SCR301

2009-04-17  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3459] src/Info.plist.src: define CFBundleName to
	  CCIDCLASSDRIVER so that non class drivers have a higher priority.
	  It should work on Mac OS X.
	  Patch from SmartCardServices on
	* [r3458] src/Info.plist.src, src/ add
	  CFBundleExecutable, CFBundleIdentifier and
	  CFBundleShortVersionString to be inline with the Apple version

2009-04-16  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3455] readers/supported_readers.txt: add iDream Vid/Pid but
	  commented as the reader is bogus
	* [r3454] README, readers/supported_readers.txt: add Raritan
	  D2CIM-DVUSB VM/CCID in the should work list

2009-04-10  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3425] src/openct/proto-t1.c: t1_transceive(): receiving a WTX
	  block asking for more time is not a critical error. Use
	* [r3424] src/ccid.c: ccid_open_hack_pre(): empty the interrupt end
	  point (card movements) before trying to talk to the device for
	  the GemProx DU/SU

2009-04-09  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3423] readers/Raritan_D2CIM-DVUSB.txt: add Raritan D2CIM-DVUSB
	  VM/CCID virtual reader
	* [r3416] src/ifdhandler.c: IFDHCreateChannelByname() &
	  IFDHCreateChannel(): do not call ccid_open_hack_post() if the 3
	  IFDHICCPresence() failed and we closed the reader
	* [r3414] src/ccid_usb.c: OpenUSBByName(): static_interface
	  variable is used only with USE_COMPOSITE_AS_MULTISLOT

2009-04-08  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3413] readers/SCL010.txt, readers/supported_readers.txt: The
	  SCM SCL010 Contactless Reader is not supported

2009-04-02  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3409] readers/GemProxDU_contact.txt,
	  readers/GemProxDU_contactless.txt, readers/GemProxSU_contact.txt,
	  readers/GemProxSU_contactless.txt: regenerate
	* [r3408] src/parse.c: get the iInterface string instead of just
	  printing the string number

2009-03-31  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3406] src/ccid_usb.c: OpenUSBByName(): only increase the
	  interface number for the next "slot" if the previous interface
	  was opened correctly
	  It is now posible to use 2 composite readers without libusb and
	  libhal scheme
	* [r3405] src/ccid_usb.c: OpenUSBByName(): support more than one
	  composite or composite-as-multislot readers

2009-03-30  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3404] src/ccid.c: move hack code for GemPC Key, GemPC Twin,
	  GemPC pinpad, GemProx DU GemProx SU and SCM contactless readers
	  from ccid_open_hack_pre() to ccid_open_hack_post()
	  We first need to get a correct communication (sync USB togggle
	  bit) before sending the control commands
	* [r3403] src/ccid.c, src/ccid.h, src/ifdhandler.c: split
	  ccid_open_hack() in ccid_open_hack_pre() and
	  ccid_open_hack_post() before and after the empirical "warm up"
	  The problem is the USB toggle bit. I could not find a simple way
	  to reset it. So when the driver is started again the reader and
	  the host may not be in sync. The few first CCID commands may

2009-03-29  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3401] readers/supported_readers.txt: remove support of
	  Reiner-SCT cyberJack pinpad(a) on request of Reiner-SCT
	  You should user the Reiner-SCT driver instead

2009-03-27  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3395] src/ifdhandler.c: IFDHCreateChannel(): use the same
	  empirical hack as in IFDHCreateChannelByName() to recover the
	  reader after pcscd is restarted.
	  The problem is that USB frames have a toggle bit

2009-03-26  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3380] readers/GemProxDU_contact.txt,
	  readers/GemProxDU_contactless.txt, readers/GemProxSU_contact.txt,
	  readers/GemProxSU_contactless.txt, readers/supported_readers.txt:
	  add Gemalto GemProx DU and SU readers
	* [r3379] MacOSX/configure: use --enable-composite-as-multislot on
	  Mac OS X since libhal is not available on Mac OS X
	* [r3378], src/ccid.c, src/ccid.h, src/ccid_usb.c,
	  src/ifdhandler.c: add support of a composite device as
	  multi-slots device

2009-03-24  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3375] src/ccid.h, src/commands.c: SecurePINVerify(): Correct
	  bNumberMessage for Dell keyboard
	* [r3374] readers/DellSCRK.txt: update
	* [r3373] readers/GemPCTwin_serial.txt: add a (faked) USB
	  descriptor for the GemPC Twin using serial communication

2009-03-21  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3356] examples/scardcontrol.c, src/ccid.h,
	  src/ccid_ifdhandler.h, src/ccid_usb.c, src/commands.c,
	  src/ifdhandler.c: add support of PIN_PROPERTIES_STRUCTURE
	  Thanks to Martin Paljak for the patch

2009-03-20  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3354] src/commands.c: CmdEscape(): set the communication
	  timeout to 30 seconds for the PC_to_RDR_Escape commands since
	  some commands may be slow
	  Thanks to Adam Laurie ( for the bug report
	* [r3353] src/commands.c: SecurePINVerify() and SecurePINModify():
	  correctly restore the communication timeout if sending the
	  command fails

2009-03-19  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3351] src/commands.c: SecurePINModify(): do not reject the
	  command if bNumberMessage = 0xFF (default value)
	  Thanks to Martin Paljak for the patch
	* [r3350] src/ccid_usb.c: OpenUSBByName(): support more than one
	  CCID interface per USB device with the libhal scheme

2009-03-17  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3349] MacOSX/configure: Use libusb-config to define LIBUSB_*
	* [r3348] src/ccid_usb.c, src/ccid_usb.h, src/parse.c: allow to
	  list more than one CCID interface per USB device

2009-03-13  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3344] readers/Alya.txt: remove fingerprint part

2009-03-07  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3340] README: use spaces instead of tabs
	* [r3338] README, release 1.3.10
	* [r3337] src/ifdhandler.c: IFDHSetProtocolParameters(): rename atr
	  in openpgp_atr
	  ifdhandler.c:822: warning: declaration of ‘atr’ shadows a
	  previous local ifdhandler.c:527: warning: shadowed declaration is

2009-03-01  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3330] src/ifdhandler.c: IFDHSetProtocolParameters(): add a hack
	  to support the bogus OpenGPG card. The card declares a BWI=4
	  (1.4s) but, sometimes, do not send a WTX (time request) in time
	  and the on board key generation then fails. The patch uses BWI=7
	  Thanks to Jan Suhr for helping tracking the bug

2009-02-25  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3325] readers/ACS_ACR100.txt, readers/ACS_ACR38_plugin.txt: add
	  ACS ACR100 and ACS ACR38 plugin
	* [r3324] readers/ACR122U_PICC.txt: update firmware

2009-02-21  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3322] src/ifdhandler.c: typo in comment

2009-02-18  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3320] README, readers/Precise_200_MC.txt,
	  readers/supported_readers.txt: add Precise Biometrics 200 MC and
	  250 MC in the "should work" list
	* [r3319] src/ifdhandler.c: IFDHSetProtocolParameters(): correct
	  parameter Protocol documentation
	  Thanks to Joachim Breitner for the bug report

2009-02-15  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3318] src/commands.c: SecurePINVerify(): also check the value
	  of bmPINBlockString in case of Case 1 APDU and SPR532
	  Thanks to Peter Koch for the patch

2009-02-14  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3316] README, readers/, readers/Philips_SmartMX.txt,
	  readers/SafeNet_IKey4000.txt, readers/supported_readers.txt: use
	  product name Philips SmartMX instead of commercial name SafeNet
	  SafeNet IKey4000 is also used with different device like:
	  idVendor: 0x04B9 iManufacturer: SafeNet, Inc. idProduct: 0x1206
	  iProduct: iKey 4000 Found a CCID/ICCD device idVendor: 0x04B9
	  iManufacturer: SafeNet, Inc. idProduct: 0x1206 iProduct: iKey
	  4000 bcdDevice: 1.10 (firmware release?) bLength: 9
	  bDescriptorType: 4 bInterfaceNumber: 0 bAlternateSetting: 0
	  bNumEndpoints: 0 Control only bInterfaceClass: 0xFF NOT A CCID
	  DEVICE Class is 0xFF (proprietary) bInterfaceSubClass: 0
	  bInterfaceProtocol: 0 bulk transfer, optional interrupt-IN (CCID)
	  iInterface: 0 USB extra length is too short: 2

2009-02-11  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3315] README, readers/TianYu_CCID_SmartKey.txt,
	  readers/supported_readers.txt: add TianYu CCID SmartKey in the
	  should work list

2009-02-07  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3310] src/ccid_usb.c: OpenUSBByName(): device_vendor and
	  device_product varioables are not used on Mac OS X.

2009-02-04  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3301] display the values of PCSC_CFLAGS and
	* [r3300] use [ ] for PKG_CHECK_EXISTS() arguments
	* [r3299] MacOSX/configure, use PKG_CHECK_EXISTS()
	  before PKG_CHECK_MODULES() so that the *_CFLAGS and *_LIBS are
	  not erased if pkg-config does not find the searched lib

2009-01-29  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3296] readers/supported_readers.txt: use generic "Realtek"
	  instead of one particular brand "iMONO"

2009-01-26  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3293] src/openct/proto-t1.c: reformat to ease diff with
	  proto-t1.c from OpenCT
	* [r3292] src/ifdhandler.c, src/openct/proto-t1.c,
	  src/openct/proto-t1.h: rename t1_negociate_ifsd() in
	  t1_negotiate_ifsd() to be in sync with OpenCT

2009-01-21  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3289] src/ move tokenparser.c from
	  works without error

2009-01-19  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3284] src/ifdhandler.c: ICCD devices do not use
	  usb_interrupt_read() but sleep(). So there is no problem killing
	  the polling thread and sleep for 10 minutes instead of just 5
	* [r3283] readers/GemPCKey.txt: regenerate
	* [r3282] README, readers/Aktiv_Rutoken_Magistra.txt,
	  readers/supported_readers.txt: add Aktiv Rutoken Magistra in the
	  "Should work but untested by me" list

2009-01-15  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3281] remove an extra AC_MSG_RESULT()

2009-01-13  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3280] src/ccid.c, src/ifdhandler.c: disable support of the
	  contcatless part of SDI010 and SCR331DI

2009-01-07  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3272] MacOSX/configure: do not overwrite LIBUSB_CFLAGS and
	  LIBUSB_LIBS if libusb-config is found

2009-01-05  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3271] src/ccid_serial.c: use int instead of long to store a
	  reader ID (32 bits)
	* [r3270] src/ccid_serial.c, src/ccid_usb.h, src/commands.c,
	  src/commands.h, src/towitoko/atr.h, src/towitoko/pps.h: tag
	  output parameters with /*@out@*/
	* [r3269] src/ccid.c, src/ccid_serial.c, src/ccid_usb.c: use
	  snprintf() instead of sprintf() to avoid potential buffer
	* [r3268] src/ccid.c, src/ccid_serial.c, src/ccid_usb.c,
	  src/commands.c, src/debug.c, src/ifdhandler.c, src/parse.c:
	  explicitly cast result in void when not used (reported by the
	  splint tool)

2008-12-17  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3237] README, readers/supported_readers.txt: add Atmel
	  AT98SC032CT in the should work list

2008-12-16  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3236] readers/ATMEL_AT98SC032CT.txt: add ATMEL AT98SC032CT

2008-12-13  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3234] MacOSX/ update FSF address

2008-12-12  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3232] README, readers/supported_readers.txt: add iMONO 43 in 1
	  + Sim + Smart Card Reader in the "should work" list
	* [r3231] readers/iMONO.txt: add iMONO USB2.0-CRW reader

2008-12-09  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3228] README, readers/supported_readers.txt: add Xiring Xi Sign
	  PKI in the supported list

2008-11-27  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3227] readers/Neowave_Weneo.txt: add Neowave Weneo device

2008-11-26  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3226] src/ifdhandler.c: IFDHSetProtocolParameters(): convert
	  protocol from ATR_PROTOCOL_TYPE_T? to SCARD_PROTOCOL_T? in case
	  Thanks to Jim Dawson for the bug report

2008-11-22  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3222] readers/Omnikey_noname1.txt,
	  readers/supported_readers.txt: add a Noname reader (from Omnikey)

2008-11-20  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3220] README, readers/supported_readers.txt: add MSI StarReader
	  SMART in the should work but untested list

2008-11-19  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3219] readers/MSI_StarReader_SMART.txt: add MSI StarReader
	* [r3218] readers/ACR122U_PICC.txt: new firmware

2008-11-18  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3214] bootstrap: add -I m4 to aclocal
	* [r3208] README, release 1.3.9
	* [r3207] src/ccid.h: cast dw2i() to return an unsigned int
	* [r3206] README, readers/supported_readers.txt: add VMware Virtual
	  USB CCID in should work but untested list

2008-11-14  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3205] check for usb_interrupt_read instead of
	  usb_get_string_simple and request libusb 0.1.12 instead of 0.1.7
	* [r3203] README, readers/supported_readers.txt: move Broadcom 5880
	  in the Unsupported list and comment the entry in
	  No communication to the device ("Resource temporarily
	  unavailable" error)

2008-11-11  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3202] src/ add $(LIBUSB_LIBS) to parse_LDADD
	  Thanks to Karl Dahlén for the patch Closes: [#311251] Patch for
	  solving cross-compile build error for the tool parse.
	* [r3201] readers/SDI010.txt: new firmware

2008-11-10  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3199] src/defs.h, src/ifdhandler.c: defs.h: add readerName
	  field ifdhandler.c: also log reader name instead of just Lun
	* [r3198] src/debug.h: #define DEBUG_PERIODIC3
	* [r3196] readers/SCR331-DI.txt: regenerate

2008-11-08  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3195] readers/Xiring_XI-SIGN.txt,
	  readers/Xiring_XI-SIGN_6000.txt: add Xiring Xi Sign PKI et Xiring
	  Xi Sign 6000
	* [r3194] examples/scardcontrol.c: typo in comment
	* [r3193] examples/scardcontrol.c: get the GemPC firmware only if
	  GET_GEMPC_FIRMWARE is #define
	* [r3192] README, readers/supported_readers.txt: move the "jNet
	  Technology jToken s1" in the Unsupported list and remove it
	  (commented entry) from the supported_readers.txt

2008-11-07  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3191] readers/VMware_Virtual_USB_CCID.txt: add VMware Virtual
	  USB CCID reader (available since VMWare 6.5)

2008-10-31  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3189] README, readers/supported_readers.txt: add jNet
	  Technology jToken s1 in should work but untested list
	* [r3188] src/parse.c: small code reformat
	* [r3187] readers/jNet_jToken_s1.txt: add jNet_jToken_s1.txt

2008-10-28  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3185] add --reparagraph to svn2cl arguments
	* [r3183] src/commands.c: SecurePINVerify(): in case of SPR532 and
	  Case 1 APDU we need to set bSeq again to avoid a "Duplicate frame
	  detected" error since the bSeq of CmdEscape is now greater than
	  bSeq set at the beginning of this function
	  Thanks to Peter Koch for the bug report

2008-10-27  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3182] README, readers/supported_readers.txt: add Gemalto PDT in
	  should work list
	* [r3181] readers/Gemalto_PDT.txt, readers/ add Gemalto

2008-10-17  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3177] no need to explicitely provide the aux files

2008-10-16  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3176] README, readers/supported_readers.txt: add ACS ACR122U
	  PICC Interface in the Should work but untested by me list
	* [r3175] readers/ACR122U_PICC.txt, readers/ add
	* [r3174], reconf: build is now .
	* [r3173] build: remove build/ It collides with the Debian build
	  rule when using dh(1)
	* [r3172] build/ylwrap, ylwrap: move ylwrap out of build/

2008-10-14  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3170] src/towitoko/atr.c: ATR_InitFromArray(): use atr_buffer[]
	  directly (no need to copy it)
	* [r3169] src/towitoko/defines.h: remove definition of
	* [r3168] src/towitoko/atr.c: ATR_InitFromArray(): do not reverse
	  the ATR for inverse convention cards since the ATR is already
	  corrected by the reader
	  This never happend since the test was never true (TS == 0x03)
	* [r3167] src/towitoko/atr.c, src/towitoko/atr.h: make atr_buffer[]
	  argument const to avoid accidental modifications
	* [r3166] src/towitoko/atr.c: typo in comment

2008-10-11  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3163] README, readers/supported_readers.txt: add HP MFP Smart
	  Card Reader in the "Should work but untested by me" list
	* [r3162] readers/HP_MFP_SmartCardReader.txt, readers/
	  add HP_MFP_SmartCardReader.txt
	* [r3161] readers/HPUSBSmartCardReader.txt: reindent

2008-10-07  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3154] README: reorder SchlumbergerSema reader
	* [r3153] README: reorder SpringCard readers
	* [r3152] README: reorder 2 readers
	* [r3151] README, readers/supported_readers.txt: add "KONA USB
	  SmartCard" to the should work list

2008-09-27  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3148] README, readers/supported_readers.txt: add Broadcom Corp
	  5880 (found in Dell E6500 laptop) in the "Should work but
	  untested by me" list
	* [r3147] readers/Broadcom_5880.txt, readers/ add

2008-09-23  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3144] src/ifdhandler.c: IFDHCreateChannelByName(): call
	  ClosePort() to release resources if the 3 IFDHICCPresence() fails

2008-09-13  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3129] readers/,
	  readers/Pro-Active_CSB6_Ultimate.txt: Pro-Active CSB6 Ultimate is
	  renamed SpringCard CSB6 Ultimate
	* [r3128] README, readers/supported_readers.txt: add SpringCard
	  CrazyWriter, CSB6 Basic, CSB6 Secure, CSB6 Ultimate, EasyFinger
	  Standard, EasyFinger Ultimate and Prox'N'Roll in the "Should work
	  but untested by me" list
	* [r3127] README, readers/supported_readers.txt: rename Pro-Active
	  in Springcard

2008-09-12  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3126] src/ifdhandler.c: IFDHPowerICC(): use a very long timeout
	  for PowerUp since the card can be very slow to send the full ATR
	  (up to 30 seconds at 4 MHz)

2008-09-10  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3122] readers/, readers/SpringCard_CSB6_Basic.txt,
	  readers/SpringCard_Prox_N_Roll.txt: add SpringCard readers
	  Prox'N'Roll, CSB6 Basic, EasyFinger Ultimate, CSB6 Ultimate,
	  EasyFinger Standard, CrazyWriter, CSB6 Secure

2008-09-09  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3115] readers/, readers/mIDentityXL.txt: add
	* [r3114] readers/supported_readers.txt: differentiate between
	  KOBIL mIDentity M (pid 0x4000) and XL (pid 0x4001)

2008-09-05  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3106] src/ccid_usb.c: InterruptRead(): do not log the error if
	  errno == ENODEV since that happens in canse of timeout

2008-09-01  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3105] src/ccid.c: ccid_open_hack(): GEMPCPINPAD: add a sleep(1)
	  before sending the load strings command to let the reader
	  initialise itself

2008-08-19  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3097] src/ccid_usb.c: InterruptRead(): do not cache if the
	  reader has failed previously since this state was stored in a
	  static variable global to all the readers managed by the driver
	  and was not per reader.
	  Without this mechanism we may have a bit more error messages
	  logged but the driver will work in a multi-reader configuration.

2008-08-18  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3096] src/ifdhandler.c: IFDHSleep(): just sleep for 5 seconds
	  since the polling thread is NOT killable so pcscd event thread
	  must loop to exit cleanly
	  Once the driver (libusb in fact) will support
	  TAG_IFD_POLLING_THREAD_KILLABLE then we could use a much longer
	  delay and be killed before pcscd exits

2008-08-14  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3090] README, readers/supported_readers.txt: add Atmel AT91SO
	  in the "Should work but untested by me" list
	* [r3089] readers/ATMEL_AT91SO.txt, readers/ add

2008-08-07  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3085] README: add Cherry SmartTerminal ST-1200USB in the
	  "Should work but untested by me"
	* [r3084] readers/CherrySmartTerminalXX1X.txt,
	  readers/supported_readers.txt: add Cherry SmartTerminal XX1X

2008-07-30  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3066] MacOSX/configure: link statically against libusb by
	* [r3065] MacOSX/configure: do not build a static driver (building
	  fails when linking statically with libusb)
	* [r3064] MacOSX/configure: do not overwrite PCSC_CFLAGS,
	  PCSC_LIBS, LIBUSB_CFLAGS and LIBUSB_LIBS if already defined by
	  the user
	  Closes [#310945] MacOSX/configure - disable forced OpenSC libusb
	  usage, permit other builds
	* [r3063], src/ no need to use
	  CoreFoundation and IOKit frameworks since we use libusb that
	  already includes them

2008-07-29  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3061] README: add the Aladdin eToken PRO USB 72K Java in the
	  "Should work but untested by me" list
	* [r3060] readers/supported_readers.txt: add the Aladdin eToken PRO
	  USB 72K Java in the "Should work but untested by me" list
	* [r3059] readers/Aladdin_eToken_PRO_USB_72K_Java.txt,
	  readers/ add Aladdin_eToken_PRO_USB_72K_Java.txt

2008-06-27  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3033] README, release 1.3.8

2008-06-26  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3027] src/ccid_usb.c: InterruptRead(): remove a \n in a log
	* [r3026] src/ccid_usb.c: InterruptRead(): use a 2 seconds timeout
	  since it is not possible for pcscd to kill the polling thread.
	  See thread on libusb-devel
	* [r3025] src/ifdhandler.c: IFDHPolling(): log only if
	* [r3024] src/Info.plist.src, src/, src/ifdhandler.c: do
	  not include the release number in the Info.plist to avoid a diff
	  of a configuration file when upgrading the package.
	  Thanks to Benoit Gonzalvo for the bug report

2008-06-25  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3023] README, readers/supported_readers.txt: add "Oberthur
	  ID-One Cosmo Card" in the "Should work but untested by me" list
	* [r3022] readers/, readers/Oberthur-CosmoCard.txt: add

2008-06-18  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3010] readers/KAAN_Advanced.txt: firmware 1.19
	* [r3009] readers/KAAN_Base.txt: firmware 1.19

2008-06-17  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3008] readers/Kobil_EMV_CAP.txt: firmware 0.30
	* [r3007] readers/KAAN_Advanced.txt: regenerate
	* [r3006] src/defs.h: typo in comments
	* [r3005] src/defs.h: Kobil readers does not support APDU chaining
	  for T=1 so you can't send an extended APDU. The readers supports
	  a command of up to 512 or 420 bytes.

2008-06-16  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3004] src/commands.c: CCID_Receive(): do not crash if the
	  reader firmware is bogus and does not support chaining for
	  extended APDU.
	  This is the case for Kobil readers

2008-06-14  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r3002] ask to install libusb if usb.h is not found
	* [r3001] INSTALL: update the "building serial reader driver"
	* [r3000] contrib/ build Kobil_mIDentity_switch only if
	  WITH_LIBUSB is true
	* [r2999] src/ build parse and only if
	  WITH_LIBUSB is true
	* [r2998] define the conditional WITH_LIBUSB if
	  libusb is used
	* [r2997] reconf: remove useless copy if m4.m4
	* [r2996] do not AC_MSG_RESULT([no]) if PCSC is not
	  found since PKG_CHECK_MODULES() will already display the result
	* [r2995] set use_usb_interrupt=no by default

2008-06-09  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2988] rename aclocal to m4
	* [r2987], aclocal,, m4, reconf: rename
	  aclocal to m4

2008-06-08  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2985] README, release 1.3.7
	* [r2984] README, readers/supported_readers.txt: add Pro-Active
	  CSB6 Ultimate in "should work" list
	* [r2983] src/ccid_serial.c: ReadSerial(): return the length of
	  data read in *length
	  Thanks to Alexander Georg for the bug report

2008-06-07  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2982] aclocal/acx_pthread.m4: add the file as a symlink to
	* [r2981] aclocal/acx_pthread.m4: remove file
	* [r2976] aclocal/acx_pthread.m4: update (correct a problem under
	  Thanks to David L. Markowitz for the bug report

2008-05-28  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2974] MacOSX/configure, README,
	  examples/scardcontrol.c, src/ccid.c, src/ccid.h,
	  src/ccid_ifdhandler.h, src/ccid_serial.c, src/ccid_serial.h,
	  src/ccid_usb.c, src/ccid_usb.h, src/commands.c, src/commands.h,
	  src/, src/, src/debug.c,
	  src/debug.h, src/defs.h, src/ifdhandler.c, src/openct/checksum.h,
	  src/openct/proto-t1.h, src/parse.c, src/towitoko/COPYING,
	  src/towitoko/atr.c, src/towitoko/atr.h, src/towitoko/defines.h,
	  src/towitoko/pps.c, src/towitoko/pps.h, src/utils.c, src/utils.h:
	  update Free Software Foundation mail address
	* [r2973] contrib/Kobil_mIDentity_switch/Kobil_mIDentity_switch.c:
	  change the licence from GPL-v2 to LGPL-v2.1 after request from
	  Norbert Federa
	* [r2972] README, readers/supported_readers.txt: add id3
	  Semiconductors CL1356A HID in the should work list
	* [r2971] readers/ add id3_CL1356D.txt
	* [r2970] readers/, readers/id3_CL1356A_HID.txt: add

2008-05-27  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2969] readers/CardMan5321.txt: regenerate

2008-05-23  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2968] README: update RSA SecureID SID800 web page

2008-05-22  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2966] src/parse.c: libusb-compat returns a permission denied
	  error on usb_open() when not run as root
	* [r2965] check if libusb-0.1 is emulated by
	  libusb-compat + libusb-1.0 to use or not the USB interrupt
	  libusb-0.1 may never solve the performance problem of
	* [r2964] readers/GemCoreSIMPro.txt: update

2008-05-11  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2941] add AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS = dist-bzip2 so that
	  make dist alsa generates a .tar.bz2 archive

2008-05-09  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2937] readers/,
	  readers/Pro-Active_CSB6_Ultimate.txt: add
	* [r2936] src/parse.c: do not try to parse devices with
	  bInterfaceClass=0xFF by default (use command line argument -p for
	  proprietary class)
	* [r2935] src/parse.c: remove duplicated code

2008-05-08  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2934] README: use a real space character
	* [r2933] README: use a real space character
	* [r2932] README: sync with the ccid.html web page
	* [r2931] README: rename Gemplus in Gemalto
	* [r2930] README: reorder Eutron CryptoIdentity
	* [r2929] README: add ActivCard Activkey Sim

2008-04-30  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2924] README, release 1.3.6
	* [r2923] README: add URL for Validy USB Token
	* [r2922] examples/scardcontrol.c: exit if no card is present
	* [r2921] README, readers/supported_readers.txt: add Covadis Véga
	  in "Should work but untested by me" list
	* [r2920] readers/Vega-Alpha.txt: regenerate
	* [r2919], src/,
	  src/ add support for DragonFly BSD
	  Thanks to Hasso Tepper for the patch (alioth #310748)

2008-04-29  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2916] src/openct/proto-t1.c: t1_transceive(): correctly reply
	  to S(ABORT request) with a S(ABORT response) instead of a
	  S(RESYNC request)
	  Thanks to Alon Bar-Lev for the bug report

2008-04-25  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2912] add "ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS = -I aclocal" so that
	  "autoreconf --install --verbose --force" works after a clean svn
	  Thanks to Alon Bar-Lev for the patch
	* [r2911] src/ifdhandler.c: init_driver(): use the environment
	  variable LIBCCID_ifdLogLevel to overwrite the value of
	  ifdLogLevel read from the Info.plist file
	  Thanks to Alon Bar-Lev for the idea

2008-04-09  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2876] readers/KEBTechnology_KONA_USB_SmartCard.txt,
	  readers/ add KEBTechnology_KONA_USB_SmartCard.txt
	* [r2875] README, readers/supported_readers.txt: add the Validy
	  TokenA sl vt in the should work list
	* [r2874] readers/, readers/Validy_TokenA.txt: add
	* [r2873] README, readers/supported_readers.txt: Add Vasco DP905 in
	  the should work list

2008-04-08  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2872] src/parse.c: display the enumerated USB devices and if
	  they are or not a CCID/ICCD device also add some colors
	* [r2871] src/ccid.h, src/ccid_serial.c, src/ccid_usb.c,
	  src/ifdhandler.c: Simulate card absence for the GemCore SIM Pro
	* [r2870] INSTALL: improve a bit the serial reader section
	* [r2869] README: add Voltage selection section

2008-03-31  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2864] src/ use $(bundle) instead of the hardcoded
	  ifd-ccid.bundle for CCID_BUNDLE

2008-03-29  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2863] readers/, readers/Vasco_DP905.txt: add Vasci
	* [r2862] src/parse.c: log error messages on stderr instead of
	* [r2861] src/parse.c: use an unsigned char [] buffer only for
	  multi-bytes conversions. usb_* functions want a char [] buffer.
	* [r2860] src/utils.c, src/utils.h: use int instead of DWORD for
	  GetNewReaderIndex() and LunToReaderIndex() Lun parameter
	  utils.c:48: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned
	  utils.c:73: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned
	* [r2859] src/ccid_usb.c: ccid_check_firmware(): use unsigned int
	  instead of int
	  ccid_usb.c:720: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned
	* [r2858] src/ccid_serial.c: WriteSerial(): use unsigned int
	  instead of int
	  ccid_serial.c:199: warning: comparison between signed and
	* [r2857] src/ifdhandler.c: use defined(USE_USB_INTERRUPT) instead
	  ifdhandler.c:60:66: warning: "USE_USB_INTERRUPT" is not defined
	* [r2856] readers/supported_readers.txt: move the Blutronics and
	  Covadis reader before the Bogus readers

2008-03-25  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2855] readers/, readers/Precise_250_MC.txt: add
	  Precise Biometrics 250 MC

2008-03-24  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2854] src/ifdhandler.c: IFDHSetProtocolParameters(): store the
	  protocol used in ccid_desc->cardProtocol even if the reader has
	  CCID_CLASS_AUTO_PPS_PROP. Correct a potential bug in
	  Thanks to Jim Dawson for the bug report

2008-03-14  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2849] src/ifdhandler.c: IFDHSetProtocolParameters(): O2Micro
	  OZ776 does not support a protocol change to T=1 for dual protocol

2008-03-07  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2848] README: add Covadis Alya in the supported list
	* [r2847] readers/supported_readers.txt: add Covadis Alya
	* [r2846] readers/Alya.txt: update

2008-02-27  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2844] readers/Alya.txt, readers/,
	  readers/Vega-Alpha.txt: add Alya and Vega-Alpha

2008-02-22  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2842] README, release 1.3.5
	* [r2841] contrib/Kobil_mIDentity_switch/Kobil_mIDentity_switch.c:
	  add "Try to rerun this program as root." if no device is found
	  and euid != 0
	* [r2840] README: add Advanced Card Systems ACR122 in "Should work"

2008-02-21  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2837] readers/ACR122U.txt, readers/ add ACR122U.txt

2008-02-20  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2836] contrib/Kobil_mIDentity_switch/Kobil_mIDentity_switch.c:
	  #include "config.h" to have HAVE_USB_DETACH_KERNEL_DRIVER_NP

2008-02-16  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2832] README: update SCM Micro URLs
	* [r2831] README: rename the duplicate [31] reference as [31b]

2008-02-15  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2827] typo
	* [r2826] use $PKG_CONFIG instead of pkg-config
	* [r2825], src/ifdhandler.c: use usb_interrupt_read()
	  only if libusb > 0.1.12 or --enable-usb-interrupt is used

2008-02-14  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2824] src/ add MAINTAINERCLEANFILES = tokenparser.c
	  so that make distcheck works
	* [r2822] README: add Cherry SmartBoard, G83-6610 in the "Should
	  work but untested by me" list
	* [r2821] readers/supported_readers.txt: add Cherry SmartBoard XX1X
	* [r2820] readers/CherrySmartBoardXX1X.txt, readers/
	  add CherrySmartBoardXX1X.txt
	* [r2819] README: add Gemplus Gem e-Seal Pro in the "Should work
	  but untested by me" list
	* [r2818] readers/supported_readers.txt: add Gemplus Gem e-Seal Pro
	* [r2815] linked to ../../PCSC/
	* [r2813] readers/Gem_e-SealPro.txt, readers/ add

2008-02-08  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2810] src/ifdhandler.c: IFDHPolling() and IFDHPolling() are
	  defined if TWIN_SERIAL is not defined and also if
	* [r2809] README, release 1.3.4
	* [r2808] src/ccid.c: ccid_open_hack(): do not call InterruptRead
	  when compiling the serial driver since this function is not
	  defined in that case
	* [r2807] README: Bluetronics -> Blutronics

2008-02-07  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2806] src/ifdhandler.c: do not declare IFDHPolling() and
	  IFDHSleep() when building for the serial reader
	* [r2805] src/ccid_serial.h: use #ifndef to avoid multiple include
	  of the file
	* [r2804] src/ccid.c: #include "ccid_usb.h" to get the declaration
	  of InterruptRead()
	* [r2803] src/pcscd_ccid.rules: remove
	  WAIT_FOR_SYSFS="bInterfaceProtocol" to do not delay udev
	  Thanks to Alon Bar-Lev for the patch
	* [r2802] src/ccid_usb.c: InterruptRead(): in case of timeout we
	  can also get EAGAIN (Resource temporarily unavailable)
	* [r2801] src/ifdhandler.c: IFDHSleep(): add a log call

2008-02-06  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2799] release 1.3.3
	* [r2798] build/ylwrap: new version
	* [r2796] README: release 1.3.3
	* [r2795] src/pcscd_ccid.rules: remove the sleep since it causes
	  more problems than solutions the sleep occured for any USB device
	* [r2794] README, readers/supported_readers.txt: add Blutronics
	  Bludrive II CCID in supported list
	* [r2793] src/ccid.h, src/ccid_usb.c: add support for Bludrive II
	* [r2792] readers/BludriveII.txt, readers/ add Bludrive
	* [r2791] src/parse.c: bInterfaceProtocol set to 0 is CCID

2008-02-05  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2790] README: add Lexar/Gemalto Smart Enterprise Guardian in
	  the "Should work but untested by me" list

2008-02-04  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2789] src/commands.c: CCID_Receive(): the receive buffer must
	  be 4 bytes minimum for ICCD-B
	  Thanks to Martin Rauch for the bug report
	* [r2788] src/ifdhandler.c: on an ICCD device the card is always
	  inserted so no card movement will ever happen: just do nothing in
	* [r2786] improve configuration display

2008-02-02  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2783] src/ifdhandler.c: HAVE_DECL_TAG_IFD_POLLING_THREAD is
	  always defined but is set to 0 or 1

2008-02-01  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2782] readers/supported_readers.txt, src/ccid.c, src/ccid.h:
	  add support of Smart Enterprise Guardian
	* [r2781] src/ifdhandler.c: add a prototype for IFDHPolling()
	* [r2777] src/ifdhandler.c: add support of TAG_IFD_POLLING_THREAD
	  using IFDHPolling() to detect asynchronous card movements
	* [r2776] src/ccid_usb.c, src/ccid_usb.h: add InterruptRead() to
	  read the interrupt pipe use by asynchronous card movements

2008-01-29  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2774] src/ccid_usb.c: add comments
	* [r2773] check for TAG_IFD_POLLING_THREAD in
	* [r2772] src/ccid_usb.c: add interrupt end point field in
	  _usbDevice structure
	* [r2771] src/ccid.h, src/ccid_usb.c: add bNumEndpoints field in
	  _ccid_descriptor structure

2008-01-24  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2763] src/ccid_usb.c: ReadUSB(): return an error if we get more
	  than 10 duplicate frames error in one read. Avoids an infinite
	  loop with some buggy readers.
	* [r2762] src/commands.c: CCID_Receive(): return an error if we
	  have read less (or more) data than the CCID frame says to contain

2008-01-22  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2757] version 1.3.2
	* [r2755] README: release 1.3.2
	* [r2754] src/ccid_usb.c, src/ifdhandler.c: add support for Mac OS
	  X Leopard (10.5.1)
	* [r2753] distribute build files for Mac OS X Leopard
	* [r2752] MacOSX, MacOSX/configure, MacOSX/,
	  MacOSX/debuglog.h, MacOSX/ifdhandler.h, MacOSX/pcsclite.h,
	  MacOSX/, MacOSX/winscard.h, MacOSX/wintypes.h: build
	  infrastructure for Apple Mac OS X Leopard
	* [r2751] readers/GemCoreSIMPro.txt: do not duplicate the
	  description for each slot

2008-01-18  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2746], bootstrap: add and use bootstrap instead of
	  reconf. reconf does not work on Leopard

2008-01-14  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2734] readers/supported_readers.txt: do not use a & (as in
	  "G&D") since Leopard cannot parse it as valid XML

2008-01-08  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2725] src/pcscd_ccid.rules: correct comment on sleep: 1s
	  instead of 100ms
	* [r2724] src/commands.c: CCID_Receive(): do not declare a
	  _ccid_descriptor variable for the twin serial (warning: unused
	  variable 'ccid_descriptor')

2008-01-07  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2723] src/commands.c: do not add support for ICCD A or B for
	  the serial driver since ControlUSB() is not available with this
	* [r2722] put src as the lastd directory to have the
	  udev message on screen when installing

2007-12-31  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2717] src/ force the symlink
	  creation to update a previously existing file
	* [r2716] src/ do not include the VERSION number in the
	  created reader.conf file
	* [r2715] src/ create a symlink from to so that the /etc/reader.conf configuration
	  file do not need to edited for each new driver version
	  Closes Debian bug #457657

2007-12-11  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2713] src/pcscd_ccid.rules: increase sleep delay from 0.1 to 1

2007-12-10  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2712] src/pcscd_ccid.rules: wait until the field
	  bInterfaceProtocol is created. Should solve the hotplug problem
	  on Ubuntu 7.10
	  Thanks to OpenCT for the code

2007-11-23  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2711] readers/GemaltoSmartEnterpriseGuardian.txt,
	  readers/ add Gemalto Smart Enterprise Guardian Secure
	  USB Device

2007-11-16  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2699] README: update Reiner-SCT cyberJack pinpad(a) bug
	* [r2698] README: Reiner-SCT cyberJack pinpad(a) bug is "just" a
	  non-management of time requests
	* [r2697] src/ccid_usb.c: remove Reiner-SCT cyberJack pinpad(a)
	  from bogus firmware list since yhe bug is just a missing
	  management of time requests
	* [r2693] README: update Reiner-SCT bug: only case 1 APDU do not
	* [r2692] README, release 1.3.1
	* [r2691] src/ccid_usb.c: move the readers without a correct
	  firmware together at the end of the list of bogus firmwares
	* [r2690] src/ccid_usb.c: add Reiner-SCT cyberJack pinpad(a) in the
	  list of bogus firmwares
	* [r2689] README: use the complete name for "Reiner-SCT cyberJack
	* [r2688] readers/supported_readers.txt: add Reiner-SCT cyberJack
	  pinpad(a) in the bogus section
	* [r2687] readers/supported_readers.txt: create a section "Bogus
	  readers but partly supported" and move the C3PO LTC31 (old model)
	  and ActivCard USB Reader 2.0 in this section

2007-11-15  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2686] README: add Reiner SCT in the unsupported list. The
	  reader does not work correctly.
	* [r2685] src/ccid.h, src/ccid_usb.c: add support for Reiner SCT
	* [r2684] readers/, readers/ReinerSCT.txt: add
	* [r2683] README, readers/supported_readers.txt: add Charismathics
	  token in the "Should work but untested by me" list
	* [r2682] readers/Charismathics.txt, readers/ add

2007-11-01  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2679] src/parse.c: do not claim/release the device on Mac OS X
	* [r2677] src/parse.c: if usb_claim_interface() fails we ask the
	  user to stop pcscd and retry
	* [r2676] readers/Kobil_EMV_CAP.txt: new firmware
	* [r2675] src/parse.c: claim and release the interface

2007-10-24  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2674] README, readers/supported_readers.txt: add Eutron
	  Digipass 860 in the supported list
	* [r2673] readers/Eutron_Digipass_860.txt, readers/ add
	  Eutron Digipass 860
	* [r2672] readers/Eutron_CryptoIdentity.txt: new firmware
	* [r2671] README, readers/supported_readers.txt: add "Eutron Smart
	  Pocket" in the supported list
	* [r2670] readers/Eutron_Smart_Pocket.txt, readers/ add
	* [r2669] README, readers/supported_readers.txt: add "Kobil EMV CAP
	  - SecOVID Reader III" in the "should work" list
	* [r2668] readers/Kobil_EMV_CAP.txt, readers/ add

2007-10-23  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2667] readers/SCR3320.txt, readers/SCR333.txt,
	  readers/SCR3340.txt: firmware update

2007-10-21  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2666] readers/SCR331.txt: regenerated on linux
	* [r2665] readers/SCR331.txt: update firmware
	* [r2664] src/ccid_usb.c: get_end_points(): check that dev->config
	  is not NULL before dereferencing dev->config->bNumInterfaces
	  Avoid a crash on Mac OS X

2007-10-16  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2656] README, readers/supported_readers.txt: add "Lenovo
	  Integrated Smart Card Reader" in "Should work but untested by me"
	* [r2655] readers/Lenovo.txt, readers/ add Lenovo
	  Integrated Smart Card Reader

2007-10-15  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2653] examples/scardcontrol.c: use SCARD_LEAVE_CARD instead of
	  SCARD_UNPOWER_CARD for SCardReconnect() since SCardReconnect()
	  returns SCARD_W_REMOVED_CARD on Mac OS X 10.4

2007-10-14  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2652] readers/SCR3310.txt, readers/SCR3311.txt,
	  readers/SCR335.txt: new firmware version

2007-10-13  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2650] src/parse.c: display "Can't find any CCID device. Maybe
	  you must run parse as root?" if appropriate

2007-10-11  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2649] readers/GemPCPinpad.txt, readers/GemPCTwin.txt: update
	* [r2648] src/ifdhandler.c: typo in log message

2007-09-29  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2632]
	  contrib/Kobil_mIDentity_switch/ compiling
	  `Kobil_mIDentity_switch.c' with per-target flags requires
	  `AM_PROG_CC_C_O' in `'

2007-09-28  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2631] contrib/Kobil_mIDentity_switch/Kobil_mIDentity_switch.c:
	  call usb_detach_kernel_driver_np() only if libusb provides it
	  (Linux only)
	* [r2630] check for usb_detach_kernel_driver_np()
	  since only libusb on Linux provides it
	* [r2629] examples/ use $(PTHREAD_CFLAGS) and
	  $(PTHREAD_LIBS) since the thread library must be explicitly used
	  on *BSD
	* [r2628] readers/supported_readers.txt: add Eutron CryptoIdentity
	* [r2627] readers/Eutron_CryptoIdentity.txt, readers/
	  add Eutron CryptoIdentity (generated under FreeBSD 6.2-STABLE)

2007-09-21  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2626] readers/supported_readers.txt: add Giesecke & Devrient
	  CardToken 350 and 550. They were listed in the README, the web
	  site but not in this list.

2007-09-14  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2624] use PCSC_LIBS instead of LDLIBS in the
	  error message if SCardEstablishContext() is not found

2007-08-21  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2617] README, readers/supported_readers.txt: add SafeNet
	  IKey4000 in the "Should work but untested by me" list
	* [r2616] readers/, readers/SafeNet_IKey4000.txt: add
	  SafeNet IKey4000

2007-08-03  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2610] README: add Giesecke & Devrient StarSign Card Token 350
	  and 550 in the "Should work but untested by me" list
	* [r2609] src/ DISTCLEANFILES = Info.plist so that make
	  distcheck works
	* [r2608] readers/GnD_StarSignCardToken350.txt,
	  readers/GnD_StarSignCardToken550.txt, readers/ add
	  Giesecke & Devrient StarSign Card Token 350 and 550
	* [r2607] README: add OmniKey CardMan 5321 in the "Should work but
	  untested by me" list
	* [r2606] readers/CardMan5321.txt, readers/,
	  readers/supported_readers.txt: add CardMan5321

2007-08-02  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2605] .: update svn:ignore
	* [r2604] README, readers/supported_readers.txt: add O2 Micro Oz776
	  (ProductID 0x7772) to the "Should work but untested by me" list
	* [r2603] readers/, readers/Oz776_7772.txt: add new
	  O2Micro Oz776
	* [r2602] src/ccid.h, src/ccid_usb.c, src/commands.c: add support
	  of the O2Micro oz776 (ProductID 0x7772)

2007-07-05  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2599] src/pcscd_ccid.rules: replace BUS by SUBSYSTEMS
	* [r2597] examples/scardcontrol.c: add support for Mac OS X

2007-07-03  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2596] src/ccid.c: ccid_error(): increase the size of var_text[]
	  to avoid a buffer overflow
	  Thanks to Anders Storsveen for the bug report

2007-07-02  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2593] examples/scardcontrol.c: update version and copyright
	* [r2592] examples/scardcontrol.c: remove compilation warnings
	* [r2591] examples/scardcontrol.c: do not free() unallocated memory
	* [r2590] examples/scardcontrol.c: use PCSC_ERROR_EXIT() for
	  SCardListReaders() call
	* [r2585] examples/scardcontrol.c: display an explicit message when
	  no card is present
	* [r2584] reconf: update versions of autotools used
	* [r2583] build/ylwrap: regenerated using automake-1.10

2007-06-30  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2582] readers/ActivkeySim.txt: update

2007-06-28  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2581] src/pcscd_ccid.rules: use DRIVERS== instead of DRIVER==

2007-06-25  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2579] README, readers/JCOP41V221.txt,
	  readers/supported_readers.txt: add "Philips Semiconductors
	  JCOP41V221" ICCD card in "Should work but untested by me" list

2007-06-18  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2566] readers/Sitecom_MD-010.txt: remove trash at end of file

2007-06-13  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2557] src/commands.c: SecurePINVerify(): avoid a possible
	  buffer overflow detected by sparse

2007-05-19  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2533] src/ generate a local Info.plist before
	  trying to install it
	* [r2532] src/Info.plist, src/Info.plist.src: rename Info.plist as
	  Info.plist.src since it is just a template

2007-05-10  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2526] README: typos
	* [r2524] contrib/RSA_SecurID/RSA_SecurID_getpasswd.1: manpage
	  section is 1 instead of 8
	* [r2522] README, release 1.3.0
	* [r2521] README, readers/, readers/e-gate.txt,
	  readers/supported_readers.txt: add SchlumbergerSema Cyberflex
	  Access e-gate in the should work list
	* [r2520]
	  rename midswitch to Kobil_mIDentity_switch
	* [r2519] examples, src: update svn:ignore properties
	* [r2518] contrib/Kobil_mIDentity_switch, contrib/RSA_SecurID:
	  update snn:ignore properties
	* [r2517] contrib, contrib/Kobil_mIDentity_switch,
	  contrib/RSA_SecurID: set svn:ignore properties
	* [r2516] README, readers/, readers/Sitecom_MD-010.txt,
	  readers/supported_readers.txt: add Sitecom USB simcard reader
	  MD-010 in the "Should work but untested by me" list
	* [r2515] readers/supported_readers.txt: correct KOBIL mIDentity

2007-05-09  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2514] src/pcscd_ccid.rules: exit if ACTION!="add"

2007-05-07  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2511] src/commands.c: #include "ccid_usb.h" to avoid
	  commands.c:103: warning: implicit declaration of function

2007-05-03  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2510] src/ccid_usb.c: get_end_points(): avoid a double free on
	  close for the O2MICRO_OZ776 special case.
	  " In ccid_usb.c you move the extra descriptor from the endpoint 2
	  descriptor to the interface descriptor. The problem is, when
	  libusb try to free the descriptors associated to this device on
	  shutdown or if the device disappears, it tries to free the same
	  buffer twice. For me it means the pcscd is killed with a glibc
	  detected "double free". "
	  Thanks to Michael Wegner for the patch
	* [r2509] README, readers/supported_readers.txt: add OmniKey
	  CardMan 4321 in "Should work but untested by me" list
	* [r2508] readers/CardMan4321.txt, readers/ add

2007-03-28  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2498] src/commands.c: define
	  BOGUS_SCM_FIRMWARE_FOR_dwMaxCCIDMessageLength and code to avoid
	  the bogus limitation of dwMaxCCIDMessageLength on SCM firmwares

2007-03-21  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2489] src/ccid.c: ccid_open_hack(): add Dutch(nl) and
	  Tukish(tr) messages for the GemPC pinpad

2007-03-20  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2488] readers/SCR331-DI.txt, readers/SCR331.txt,
	  readers/SCR3310.txt, readers/SCR3311.txt: firmware updates

2007-03-19  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2487] SCARDGETATTRIB.txt: improve documentation of

2007-03-15  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2485] src/parse.c: if usb_control_msg() fails because the
	  device is busy this is because pcscd has claimed the device
	* [r2484] README: add Fujitsu Siemens Computers SmartCard Keyboard
	  USB 2A and SmartCard USB 2A to the "Should work but untested by
	  me" list
	* [r2483] readers/FujitsuSiemens_SmartCard_Keyboard_USB_2A.txt,
	  readers/FujitsuSiemens_SmartCard_USB_2A.txt, readers/,
	  readers/supported_readers.txt: add Fujitsu Siemens Computers
	  SmartCard USB 2A and SmartCard Keyboard USB 2A readers

2007-03-13  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2480] src/parse.c: use an unsigned char buffer[] to have
	  unsigned multi-bytes convertions

2007-03-12  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2473] src/ifdhandler.c: move #include of config.h before
	  pcsclite.h and reader.h

2007-03-08  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2472] src/commands.c, src/ifdhandler.c: In case of error set
	  the received length to 0 in IFDHTransmitToICC() and IFDHControl()
	  instead of in all the lower level commands
	* [r2471] src/pcscd_ccid.rules: add SchlumbergerSema Cyberflex
	  Access e-gate ICCD
	* [r2470] src/ccid.c, src/ccid.h, src/ccid_usb.c, src/commands.c:
	  add support of ICCD version A and B
	* [r2469] src/ccid_usb.c: ControlUSB(): add some debug: request
	  value and data send/received
	* [r2468] src/parse.c: bit 0x000800 of dwFeatures is undocumented
	  but used by ICCD?

2007-02-28  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2454] readers/supported_readers.txt: differentiate the two
	  KOBIL mIDentity devices (Basic and Classic)
	* [r2453] contrib/Kobil_mIDentity_switch/Kobil_mIDentity_switch.c:
	  usb_detach_kernel_driver_np() is not available on libusb for Mac
	  OS X
	* [r2452] require autoconf 2.61
	* [r2451] check for strlcpy

2007-02-27  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2450] contrib/RSA_SecurID/RSA_SecurID_getpasswd.c: small

2007-02-26  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2448] contrib/Kobil_mIDentity_switch/Kobil_mIDentity_switch.c:
	  replace a C++ comment by a C comment

2007-02-25  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2444] contrib/Kobil_mIDentity_switch/,
	  contrib/RSA_SecurID/ EXTRA_DIST = $(doc_DATA)
	* [r2443] contrib/RSA_SecurID/ remove from SVN
	* [r2442] src/pcscd_ccid.rules: add rule to call
	  /usr/sbin/Kobil_mIDentity_switch for mIDentity devices
	* [r2441] README: move the Kobil mIDentity from the "Supported" to
	  "Unsupported or partly supported" because of a time request
	* [r2440] readers/supported_readers.txt: add (new) KOBIL mIDentity
	* [r2439] contrib/Kobil_mIDentity_switch/ use
	  $(LIBUSB_LIBS) instead of -lusb
	* [r2438], contrib/, contrib/RSA_SecurID,
	  contrib/RSA_SecurID/, contrib/RSA_SecurID/,
	  contrib/RSA_SecurID/RSA_SecurID_getpasswd.c: add
	* [r2437] contrib/GPL-2: add GNU GPL v2 licence
	* [r2436] contrib/Kobil_mIDentity_switch/Kobil_mIDentity_switch.8,
	  contrib/Kobil_mIDentity_switch/ add manpage
	* [r2435] contrib/Kobil_mIDentity_switch/ doc_DATA =
	* [r2434] contrib/Kobil_mIDentity_switch/README.txt,
	  rename README.txt in README_Kobil_mIDentity_switch.txt
	* [r2433] contrib/Kobil_mIDentity_switch/Kobil_mIDentity_switch.c,
	  contrib/Kobil_mIDentity_switch/midswitch.c: rename midswitch{.c,}
	  in Kobil_mIDentity_switch{.c,}
	* [r2432], contrib/Kobil_mIDentity_switch,
	  contrib/, contrib/midswitch: rename contrib/midswitch/
	  in contrib/Kobil_mIDentity_switch/

2007-02-24  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2431],, contrib, contrib/,
	  contrib/midswitch, contrib/midswitch/,
	  contrib/midswitch/README.txt, contrib/midswitch/midswitch.c: add
	  contrib/midswitch to activate the CCID reader of the Kobil

2007-02-23  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2430] src/commands.c: CmdPowerOn() & SecurePINVerify(): rename
	  6 local variables to avoid: warning: declaration of 'cmd' shadows
	  a previous local
	* [r2429] src/parse.c: display the error message if
	  usb_control_msg() fails
	* [r2428] src/parse.c: do not declare another buffer variable to
	  avoid: declaration of ‘buffer’ shadows a previous local
	* [r2427] src/ccid_usb.h: allow multiple inclusion using #ifndef
	  __CCID_USB_H__ ...
	* [r2426] src/ccid_usb.c: get_end_points(): change parameter name
	  from usb_device to usbdevice to avoid: warning: declaration of
	  'usb_device' shadows a global declaration /usr/include/usb.h:329:
	  warning: shadowed declaration is here
	* [r2425] src/ccid_usb.c: ControlUSB(): explicit cast to avoid
	  warning: pointer targets in passing argument 6 of
	  'usb_control_msg' differ in signedness
	* [r2424] src/ccid_usb.c: get_data_rates(): use ControlUSB()
	  instead of usb_control_msg()
	* [r2423] src/ccid_usb.c, src/ccid_usb.h: add ControlUSB()
	  declaration and implementation
	* [r2422] examples/scardcontrol.c: remove a redundant declaration
	  of i scardcontrol.c:486: attention : declaration of ‘i’ shadows a
	  previous local

2007-02-22  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2421] src/commands.c: CmdXfrBlockTPDU_T0(): set *rx_length to 0
	  in case of command too long
	* [r2420] src/commands.c: CmdXfrBlockTPDU_T0(): set *rx_length to 0
	  if CCID_Transmit() fails

2007-02-20  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2407] examples/scardcontrol.c: Secure modify PIN: add a
	  bConfirmPIN and bNumberMessage table
	* [r2406] src/commands.c: SecurePINModify(): set bNumberMessages in
	  all cases
	* [r2405] examples/scardcontrol.c: set max pin size to 8 instead of
	* [r2404] src/commands.c: SecurePINModify(): the GemPC Twin does
	  support different values of bNumberMessages but all the
	  bMsgIndex? must be present in the CCID command

2007-02-17  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2399] src/ifdhandler.c: IFDHControl(): log the Rx and Rx
	* [r2398] src/debug.h: add DEBUG_INFO_XXD()

2007-02-10  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2393] src/ccid_usb.c: get_end_points(): correct bug in revision
	* [r2392] src/ccid_usb.c: get_end_points(): use
	  usb_interface->altsetting->bNumEndpoints instead of the hardcoded
	  value 3

2007-02-08  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2391] src/pcscd_ccid.rules: use ATTRS{} instead of SYSFS{} for
	  use with recent udev versions
	* [r2390] src/parse.c: parse bInterfaceProtocol field
	* [r2389] src/parse.c: parse bNumEndpoints field

2007-02-05  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2387] ChangeLog: use svn2cl instead of

2007-01-30  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2366] src/ccid.c: ccid_open_hack(): add the l10n of the 10th
	  string "PIN blocked"
	* [r2365] src/ccid.c: ccid_open_hack(): add portugese strings for
	  the GemPC Pinpad.
	  Thanks to Stef Hoeben

2007-01-27  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2363] README, release 1.2.1
	* [r2362] README: move the O2Micro Oz7762 from the unsupported to
	  the supported list since patches to support it are applied by
	  default (O2MICRO_OZ776_PATCH)
	* [r2361] src/pcscd_ccid.rules: add non CCID generic
	  (InterfaceClass: 0xFF) readers
	* [r2360] readers/, readers/SK-3106.txt: SK-3106.txt is
	  a duplicate of DellSK-3106.txt
	* [r2359] src/ccid_usb.c: Bogus_firmwares[]: the driver now
	  contains patches to circumvent the Oz776 reader. It is then
	  declared bogus only if O2MICRO_OZ776_PATCH is not defined
	* [r2358] src/commands.c: T0ProcACK(): use a hack to circumvent the
	  Oz776 firmware bug with commands of size modulo 64

2007-01-26  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2357] src/commands.c: CmdGetSlotStatus(): the O2MICRO OZ 776
	  reader sends "card absent or mute" errors when no card is
	  inserted. We do not log this error since it is normal execution
	  and just fill the syslog files
	* [r2356] src/ccid.h, src/ccid_usb.c: move #define
	  O2MICRO_OZ776_PATCH from ccid_usb.c to ccid.h so we can use it in
	  other .c files

2007-01-24  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2355] INSTALL: document how to use --enable-udev on FreeBSD.
	  Thanks to Tilman Linneweh

2007-01-20  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2351] README: version 1.2.0 was released in 2007 not 2006 :-)

2007-01-19  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2345] README, release 1.2.0
	* [r2342] removed since generated from by

2007-01-18  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2338] INSTALL: document udev use
	* [r2337] INSTALL: pcsc-lite versions before 1.3.3 are not
	  supported so remove notes about CHANNELID
	* [r2336] INSTALL: add #CCID_compliant URL refenrece when a reader
	  is not yet supported

2007-01-10  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2329] src/ do not install the pcscd_ccid.rules file
	  but display a message telling so. The exact location of this file
	  is Linux distribution dependent.
	  Thanks to Alon Bar-Lev for the idea.
	* [r2328] src/parse.c: typo: "busses" -> "buses"
	  Thanks to Martin Paljak for the patch
	* [r2326] src/parse.c: add a missing \n in printf

2007-01-09  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2322] src/ use 60-pcscd_ccid.rules instead of
	  50-pcscd_ccid.rules so udev default > rules will run before are
	  run before this one.
	  Thanks to Alon Bar-Lev.

2007-01-08  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2318] src/ add pcscd_ccid.rules in EXTRA_DIST
	  Thanks to Kjell M. Myksvoll for the bug report

2007-01-06  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2317] add SCARDGETATTRIB.txt to EXTRA_DIST
	* [r2316] examples/scardcontrol.c: use LPSTR instead or the
	  deprecated LPTSTR
	* [r2315] src/ if --enable-udev is used we define
	  IFD_GENERATE_HOTPLUG in ifdCapabilities and install the
	  pcscd_ccid.rules for udev
	* [r2314] src/ replace MAGIC_IFDCAPABILITIES
	  by the 3rd command line argument
	* [r2313] src/Info.plist: use MAGIC_IFDCAPABILITIES
	* [r2312] add --enable-udev
	* [r2311] src/pcscd_ccid.rules: udev file for hotplug capability

2007-01-04  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2298] README: add "HP USB Smartcard Reader" in the "Should work
	  but untested by me" list
	* [r2297] readers/HPUSBSmartCardReader.txt,
	  readers/supported_readers.txt: add HP USB Smartcard Reader

2007-01-02  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2296] src/ccid_usb.c: CloseUSB(): free .dirname and .filename
	  only for the last slot
	* [r2295] src/ccid_usb.c: OpenUSBByName(): move the "Checking
	  device: " log message out of the usbDevice[] loop since we
	  display info of the new device and not of a device from
	* [r2294] src/ccid_usb.c: struct _usbDevice: replace struct
	  usb_device *dev; by char *dirname; and char *filename; since the
	  libusb structure can be modified at any time by libusb (this
	  structure is reused for another USB device when the USB device is
	* [r2293] src/ccid_usb.c: get_data_rates() now has a struct
	  usb_device *dev parameter to avoid storing it in struct
	* [r2292] src/ccid_usb.c, src/ccid_usb.h: remove unused get_desc()
	* [r2291] src/ccid_usb.c: revert revisions 2289 and 2290
	  It is not the correct solution to the problem
	* [r2290] src/ccid_usb.c: WriteUSB()/ReadUSB(): check that the
	  device entry is still valid before using it
	* [r2289] src/ccid_usb.c: WriteUSB()/ReadUSB(): call CloseUSB() as
	  soon as the device disapears (ENODEV) since the libusb structures
	  pointed by usbDevice[] may be reused by another USB device

2006-12-30  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2288] do not use two AM_CONDITIONAL() with the
	  same variable
	  Thanks to Alon Bar-Lev for the patch
	* [r2287] --disable-twinserial now works as expected.
	  Thanks to Alon Bar-Lev for the patch

2006-12-25  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2285] src/commands.c: many commands: make sure we received at
	  least STATUS_OFFSET+1 bytes before reading the value of
	  usb_bulk_read() may return 0 bytes instead of an error when the
	  reader is just disconnected
	* [r2280] src/utils.c: GetNewReaderIndex(): check that Lun is NOT
	  already used
	  Thanks to Martin Preuss for the idea

2006-12-20  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2278] README: add the OmniKey CardMan 1021 to the "Should work
	  but untested by me" list
	* [r2277] readers/CardMan1021.txt, readers/,
	  readers/supported_readers.txt: add OmniKey CardMan 1021
	* [r2276] readers/CardMan3021.txt: a line was wrapped

2006-12-12  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2275] SCARDGETATTRIB.txt: new file

2006-12-11  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2271] add PKG_PROG_PKG_CONFIG

2006-12-10  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2270] INSTALL: add --enable-twinserial to build the serial
	  reader driver

2006-12-05  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2269] readers/KAAN_Advanced.txt: upgrade firmware to 1.02
	* [r2268] readers/KAAN_Base.txt: upgrade firmware to 1.02

2006-12-02  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2260] src/openct/checksum.c: #include "checksum.h"
	* [r2258] src/ifdhandler.c: warning: initialization discards
	  qualifiers from pointer target type
	* [r2257] src/commands.c: warning: initialization discards
	  qualifiers from pointer target type
	* [r2256] src/parse.c: remove unused argc and argv arguments
	* [r2255] src/ccid.c, src/ccid.h: ccid_error(): "char *file"
	  argument -> "const char *file"
	* [r2254] src/ccid.c: warning: assignment discards qualifiers from
	  pointer target type
	* [r2253] src/ccid_ifdhandler.h: warning: redundant redeclaration
	  of 'LogLevel'

2006-11-30  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2252] src/ use $(srcdir)/
	* [r2251] readers/ change C3PO_LTC32_USBv_old.txt in

2006-11-29  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2240] test if IFD_NO_SUCH_DEVICE is defined in
	* [r2239] use AC_TRY_LINK_FUNC() instead of
	  AC_CHECK_LIB() to not hard code the use of -lpcsclite
	* [r2238] src/ distribute

2006-11-23  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2237] readers/C3PO_KBR36.txt, readers/C3PO_LTC32_USBv2.txt,
	  readers/C3PO_LTC32_USBv2_old.txt, readers/C3PO_TLTC2USB.txt,
	  readers/ add C3PO_* files

2006-11-22  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2234] src/parse.c: exit if the command is not run as root and
	  getting iManufacturer fails

2006-11-18  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2224] README, readers/supported_readers.txt: add C3PO TLTC2USB,
	  LTC32 USBv2 with keyboard support and KBR36 in the "Should work
	  but untested by me" list

2006-11-17  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2223] src/ifdhandler.c: set IFSC in the SetParameters argument
	  for T=1 if TAi (i>2) is present: IFSC
	  Thanks to Stefan Neis for the bug report and patch
	* [r2222] README, readers/Teo.txt, readers/supported_readers.txt:
	  add Teo by Xiring in the supported list
	* [r2221] readers/LTC32.txt, readers/supported_readers.txt: add
	  C3PO LTC32

2006-11-15  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2210] we need pcsc-lite 1.3.3 since we now use
	* [r2208] src/ifdhandler.c: IFDHICCPresence(): return the error
	  code returned by CmdGetSlotStatus() instead of using
	* [r2207] src/commands.c: CmdGetSlotStatus(), CCID_Transmit() and
	  CCID_Receive(): return IFD_NO_SUCH_DEVICE if the lower
	  communication layer returns STATUS_NO_SUCH_DEVICE
	* [r2206] src/ccid_usb.c: WriteUSB() & ReadUSB(): return
	  STATUS_NO_SUCH_DEVICE if read() or write() fails with ENODEV
	* [r2205] src/defs.h: add STATUS_NO_SUCH_DEVICE
	* [r2197] src/ifdhandler.c: IFDHGetCapabilities(): add support of
	  SCARD_ATTR_MAXINPUT to get the maximal APDU size
	  (dwMaxCCIDMessageLength -10)

2006-11-06  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2195] src/commands.c: SecurePINVerify(): the GemPC Pinpad does
	  not support a bEntryValidationCondition different of 0x02
	  (validation key pressed)

2006-10-13  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2186], src/ remove unneeded dependency
	  on dl library

2006-09-26  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2176] src/ifdhandler.c: IFDHICCPresence(): the patch in
	  revision 2150 was not correct. SCardReconnect(...,
	  SCARD_UNPOWER_CARD, ...) failed since the card was reported as
	  non present after the power off
	* [r2175] src/ifdhandler.c: IFDHPowerICC(): log the action
	  performed (PowerUp, PowerDown, Reset)

2006-09-22  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2174] README, readers/CardMan5125.txt,
	  readers/supported_readers.txt: add OmniKey CardMan 5125 in the
	  should work but unsupported list
	* [r2173] README: update OmniKey URLs
	* [r2172] README, readers/supported_readers.txt: move the RSA
	  SID800 in the supported list now that I have a working model
	* [r2171] readers/sid800.txt: update using a new SID800 model.
	  Unfortunately the firmware version has not changed so it is not
	  possible to detect a non working model
	* [r2170] README: add O2Micro Oz7762 in the unsupported list

2006-09-20  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2168] src/ifdhandler.c: IFDHGetCapabilities(): add support of
	* [r2166] src/, src/ifdhandler.c: add support for
	  SCARD_ATTR_VENDOR_IFD_VERSION tag used by SCardGetAttrib()
	* [r2165] src/ Perl script to convert a version
	  format from "1.2.3-svn-xyz" to "0x01020003"

2006-09-14  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2163] README: update OmniKey URLs
	* [r2162] README: the OmniKey 5125 was a 5121
	* [r2161] readers/CardMan5121.txt, readers/CardMan5125.txt,
	  readers/supported_readers.txt: The reader was a 5121 in fact

2006-09-11  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2156] do not #include the tested .h file since it
	  is already included by the macro. A double inclusion fails with
	  SuSE gcc 4.1.0 with fdopen: Bad file descriptor
	  Thanks to Byron Johnson for the bug report see

2006-09-10  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2155] README: add a note about Alcor Micro AU9520 firmware 1.01
	  bug (time request not forwarded)
	* [r2154] src/ccid_usb.c: Bogus_firm[]: firmware 1.01 for Alcor
	  AU9520 is bogus. The time request of the card is not forwarded to
	  the host by the reader.
	* [r2153] readers/AU9520.txt: new firmware (1.02)

2006-09-06  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2152] src/ccid.c, src/ccid.h, src/ccid_serial.c,
	  src/ccid_usb.c, src/commands.c, src/debug.h, src/defs.h,
	  src/ifdhandler.c, src/openct/proto-t1.c, src/parse.c,
	  src/towitoko/atr.c, src/towitoko/pps.c: remove trailing spaces at
	  end of lines
	* [r2150] src/ifdhandler.c: IFDHICCPresence(): correctly support
	  the removal and insertion between two consecutive
	  IFDHICCPresence() calls

2006-08-11  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2135] README, release 1.1.0
	* [r2134], src/ use ./configure
	  --enable-twinserial to compile and install the the driver for the
	  GemPC Twin serial
	  Thanks to Wolfgang Glas for the idea
	* [r2133] README, readers/CL1356T.txt, readers/ add id3
	  Semiconductors CL1356T in the "should work but unsuported" list
	* [r2132] Regenerate

2006-08-10  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2131] README, readers/, readers/iDream.txt: Add
	  iDream (or THRC2002-2) to the "Unsupported or partly supported
	  CCID readers" list.
	  Thanks to Dr Jean-Pierre Szikora for the report

2006-08-09  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2130] src/ifdhandler.c: IFDHCreateChannelByName(): add a "warm
	  up" sequence. This sequence is sometimes needed when pcscd is
	  restarted with the reader already connected. We get some
	  "usb_bulk_read: Resource temporarily unavailable" on the first
	  few tries. It is an empirical hack

2006-08-07  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2123] src/defs.h: CMD_BUF_SIZE should not include a byte for
	  the cmd. This definition was reused as-is from the ifd-gempc
	  source code.
	  Thanks to Wolfgang Glas for the bug report

2006-08-03  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2122] src/ifdhandler.c: IFDHICCPresence(): check the value
	  returned by CmdEscape() in the SCR331-DI contactless reader
	  familly code.
	  Byg detected by using __attribute__((warn_unused_result)) also
	  used as __must_check by the Linux kernel
	* [r2121] src/utils.c, src/utils.h: change the prototype of
	  ReleaseReaderIndex() to return void since he function always
	  returned 0 and the returned value was never checked
	* [r2120] src/commands.c: SecurePINVerify()/SecurePINModify(): the
	  USB timeout shall be greater than the reader timeout so we get
	  the reader answer. I use a margin of 10 seconds.
	  Thanks to Gerald Richter for the bug report

2006-08-01  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2119] src/ccid_usb.c: ReadUSB(): check that
	  usbDevice[reader_index].dev->bus is still non-NULL (as we do in
	  WriteUSB()) before dereferencing it in the debug message.
	  Thanks to Michael Wegner for the patch
	* [r2118] Exit the ./configure script if some include
	  files are not found
	  Use AC_MSG_ERROR() instead of AC_MSG_WARN()

2006-07-31  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2117] regenerate
	* [r2116], examples/scardcontrol.c, src/ifdhandler.c:
	  use ntohl/htonl from arpa/inet.h since the tag value for
	  IOCTL_FEATURE_MODIFY_PIN_DIRECT _shall_ be encoded in big endian
	  as documented in PCSC v2 part 10 ch 2.2 page 2.
	  The applications using this feature shall be updated (to respect
	  the PCSC specification)
	  Thanks to Ulrich Vogl for the bug report

2006-07-12  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2110] src/commands.c: CCID_Receive(): check that we received at
	  least enough bytes to test cmd[STATUS_OFFSET].
	  usb_bulk_read() will return 0 bytes without error in case of
	* [r2109] src/ifdhandler.c: use LPSTR instead of LPTSTR
	* [r2108] src/commands.c: SetParameters(): do not fail if the
	  command fails to set a parameter that is not changeable by the

2006-07-11  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2107] src/ccid_usb.c: correct a typo in a comment

2006-07-09  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2101] README, readers/AU9520.txt,
	  readers/supported_readers.txt: add Alcor Micro AU9520
	* [r2100] README, readers/id3_CL1356D.txt,
	  readers/supported_readers.txt: add id3 Semiconductors CL1356D

2006-07-04  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2099] update comment for size_t
	* [r2098] src/commands.c: make pcscd detect a buffer overflow when
	  the receiving buffer is too small instead of silently ignoring
	  the detected problem. This problem only occured with readers
	  supporting Extended APDU.
	* [r2097] src/ccid_usb.c: ReadUSB(): be sure we have read enough
	  bytes before checking for frame detectation

2006-07-03  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2096] src/commands.c: CmdXfrBlock(): remove the unused
	  clean_up_and_return goto label
	* [r2095] src/commands.c: CmdXfrBlock(): call
	  CmdXfrBlockAPDU_extended() if the reader supports Extended APDU
	* [r2094] src/commands.c: add CmdXfrBlockAPDU_extended() to support
	  Extended APDU readers
	* [r2093] src/commands.c: CCID_Receive(): return the value of
	  bChainParameter in *chain_parameter
	* [r2092] src/commands.c: CmdXfrBlockTPDU_T1(): also log the length
	  of the reception buffer
	* [r2091] src/commands.c, src/openct/proto-t1.c,
	  src/towitoko/pps.c: use CCID_Receive() with the new API (use NULL
	  as chain_parameter)
	* [r2090] src/commands.c, src/commands.h: CCID_Receive() has a new
	  parameter: chain_parameter
	* [r2089] src/commands.h: add #define CHAIN_PARAMETER_OFFSET
	* [r2088] src/commands.c: move the "command length too big" checks
	  from CmdXfrBlock() to CmdXfrBlockTPDU_T0()
	* [r2087] src/commands.c: CCID_Transmit(): log if the transmit
	  buffer is too big
	* [r2086] src/commands.c: CCID_Receive(): use <= instead of < to
	  detect a reception buffer overrun and log an error if it occurs
	* [r2085] src/ccid.c: ccid_open_hack(): the CL1356D firmware needs
	  some time to initialize. Wait 1 second here
	* [r2084] src/ccid.h: add #define CL1356D
	* [r2083] src/ccid_usb.c: ReadUSB(): detect and ignore duplicated
	  CCID frames

2006-06-30  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2082] src/ccid.c: ccid_error(): display the value of the
	  Unknown CCID error code

2006-06-08  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2078] add support of FreeBSD

2006-05-25  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2055] src/Info.plist: update the licence from GPL to LGPL

2006-05-19  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2048] src/ccid_usb.c: SCM SPR 532 with firmware < 5.10 has
	* [r2047] readers/SPR532.txt: update with firmware 5.10
	* [r2046] src/openct/proto-t1.c: t1_transceive(): add a overrun
	  debug message if we received more bytes than we can store.
	* [r2045] src/openct/proto-t1.c: t1_transceive(): add a debug
	  message if we are in state DEAD. The card must be reset first.

2006-05-16  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2044] readers/ActivkeySim.txt, readers/supported_readers.txt:
	  add Actividentity (ActiveCard) Activkey Sim

2006-05-10  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2041] src/ccid.h: correct a typo in a comment

2006-05-04  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2039] examples/scardcontrol.c: Use a timeout of 0.1 second
	  instead of 0 for waiting characters from the keyboard
	* [r2038] README, readers/supported_readers.txt: add C3PO LTC31
	  (new model, USB product id 0x0006) in the supported list
	* [r2037] README, readers/supported_readers.txt: add "HP USB Smart
	  Card Keyboard" in the "Should work but untested by me:" list
	* [r2036] readers/HPUSBSmartCardKeyboard.txt, readers/
	  add HPUSBSmartCardKeyboard.txt

2006-05-03  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2035] src/ccid.c: ccid_open_hack(): add SCM SCR331-DI-NTTCOM in
	  the list of dual slots contactless readers hack
	* [r2034] README, readers/CardMan3021.txt, readers/ add
	  OmniKey CardMan 3021 in the "Should work but untested by me" list
	* [r2033] readers/LTC31v2.txt, readers/ add LTC31 (new
	* [r2032] src/parse.c: I used the MSB instead of LSB in parsing

2006-04-23  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2026] COPYING: update the Free Software Foundation postal

2006-04-22  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2022] src/ add $(PROVIDED_BY_PCSC) to
	  libccidtwin_la_SOURCES so that libccidtwin uses its own
	  log_xxd/log_msg when configured with --disable-pcsclite
	* [r2021] src/ add $(TOKEN_PARSER) to
	* [r2020] README, release 1.0.1

2006-04-20  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2019] src/ifdhandler.c: declare the functions to export as
	* [r2017] readers/ACR38U-CCID.txt, readers/CardMan3121.txt,
	  readers/CryptoIdentity.txt, readers/GemPCKey.txt,
	  readers/GemPCTwin.txt, readers/KAAN_Advanced.txt,
	  readers/KAAN_Base.txt, readers/KAAN_SIM_III.txt,
	  readers/LTC31.txt, readers/MySmartPad.txt, readers/Oz776S.txt,
	  readers/SCR331-DI.txt, readers/SCR331.txt, readers/SCR3310.txt,
	  readers/SCR335.txt, readers/SCR355.txt,
	  readers/SIM_Pocket_Combo.txt, readers/SPR532.txt,
	  readers/Verisign_secure_storage_token.txt, readers/mIDentity.txt,
	  readers/sid800.txt: regenerate using the latest version of parse
	* [r2016] README, readers/CardMan3621.txt, readers/,
	  readers/supported_readers.txt: add OmniKey CardMan 3621 in the
	  "Should work but untested by me" list Thanks to Bruce Stephens.

2006-04-18  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2014] src/ccid_usb.c: declare get_ccid_usb_interface() as
	  EXTERNAL since this function is used by src/parse
	* [r2013] src/ifdhandler.c: #include "misc.h" so that ifdhandler.h
	  functions are declared EXTERNAL
	* [r2012] src/ add $(SYMBOL_VISIBILITY) to
	  libccid_la_CFLAGS and libccidtwin_la_CFLAGS
	* [r2011] add code to detect the support of
	* [r2007] src/, src/misc.h, src/parser.h, src/strlcpy.c,
	  src/strlcpycat.h, src/tokenparser.l: use tokenparser.l and
	  parser.h from pcsc-lite (using a symlink in subversion). So we
	  also need strlcpy.c, strlcpycat.h and misc.h
	* [r2006] src/parser.h, src/tokenparser.l: remove
	* [r2005], src/ always use our own
	  tokenparser.l even when pcsc-lite is used (do not use
	  LTPBundleFindValueWithKey from pcscd)

2006-04-14  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r2004] readers/ add SCR3311.txt, SCR355.txt and
	* [r2003] readers/SDI010.txt, readers/SSI010.txt: rename SSI010.txt
	  in SDI010.txt
	* [r2002] src/ccid_usb.c: firmwares for Athena ASE IIIe USBv2 and
	  ASE IIIe KB USB were bogus.
	* [r2001] readers/ add ASE_IIIe.txt and
	* [r2000] README, readers/ASEDrive_IIIe_KB.txt,
	  readers/supported_readers.txt: add Athena ASE IIIe KB USB
	* [r1999] readers/ASE_IIIe.txt: update firmware version

2006-03-28  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1986] src/commands.c: SecurePINVerify() and SecurePINModify():
	  Make sure bEntryValidationCondition is valid
	  The Cherry XX44 keyboard smart card reader crashes when a wrong
	  value is used

2006-03-27  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1985] examples/scardcontrol.c: Modify PIN: use a for() loop
	  instead of 3 fgets() since we will not read every "PIN" if the
	  command is aborted
	* [r1984] src/commands.c: SecurePINVerify(): debug a debug message.
	  use dw2i(TxBuffer, 15) instead of just the first byte
	* [r1983] src/commands.c: SecurePINModify(): separate the
	  validation test in three different tests and add a debug message
	  for each test
	* [r1982] src/commands.c: SecurePINVerify(): debug a debug message
	* [r1981] src/ccid.h, src/commands.c: SecurePINModify(): circumvent
	  a bug in Cherry XX44 keyboard firmware

2006-03-21  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1969] README: add Gemplus GemPC Card in the "supported" list
	* [r1968] README, readers/, readers/Winbond.txt,
	  readers/supported_readers.txt: add Winbond Electronics W81E381
	* [r1951] README: add SCM Micro SDI 010 in the "Should work" list
	* [r1950] readers/SSI010.txt, readers/supported_readers.txt,
	  src/ccid.c, src/ccid.h, src/ifdhandler.c: add support for SCM SDI
	  010 contactless reader
	  thanks to Oleg Makarenko for the patch
	* [r1949] readers/AxaltoV3.txt, readers/ add Axalto
	  Reflex USB V3

2006-03-20  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1945] README, readers/supported_readers.txt: add Axalto Reflex
	  USB v3 in the "should work" list
	* [r1944] document --disable-multi-thread instead of
	  --enable-multi-thread since safe threading is used by default
	* [r1943] document --disable-pcsclite instead of
	  --enable-pcsclite since pcsc-lite is used by default
	* [r1942] display the status "use libusb : yes/no"
	  document --disable-libusb instead of --enable-libusb since libusb
	  is used by default.

2006-03-06  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1927] src/ccid_usb.h: use #if defined (__USB_H__) || defined
	  (_SYS_USB_LIBUSB_USB_H) instead of #ifdef __USB_H__ to support
	  the Solaris libusb
	  thanks to Iain MacDonnell for the patch
	* [r1926] remove CFLAGS="$CFLAGS -Wall" since it is
	  GCC specific
	* [r1925] add support of Solaris

2006-03-03  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1911] README: release 1.0.0
	* [r1910] version 1.0.0
	* [r1909] README: add OmniKey CardMan 3821 and CardMan 6121 in the
	  "Should work but untested by me" list
	* [r1908] readers/CardMan3821.txt, readers/CardMan6121.txt,
	  readers/, readers/supported_readers.txt: add OmniKey
	  CardMan 3821 and CardMan 6121
	* [r1905] README: update the "Debug informations:" chapter. The two
	  options comm and periodic have been swaped
	* [r1904] readers/CherrySmartTerminalST2XXX.txt: new firmware

2006-02-28  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1903] readers/, readers/SCR333.txt: add SCR333.txt
	* [r1886] src/ifdhandler.c: IFDHSetProtocolParameters(): if the
	  card is in specific mode and request a speed not supported by the
	  reader we return IFD_COMMUNICATION_ERROR instead of
	  IFD_PROTOCOL_NOT_SUPPORTED so that pcsc-lite do not try to talk
	  to the card

2006-02-24  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1883] README: add URL for the Cherry SmartTerminal ST2000U

2006-02-21  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1876] README: - move the ActivCard USB reader 2.0 from "Should
	  work but untested by me" to "Unsupported or partly supported CCID
	  readers" - add the ActivCard USB reader 3.0 in the "Supported
	  CCID readers" list
	* [r1875] src/ccid_usb.c: the ActivCard V2 is bogus (problem with
	  wMaxPacketSize size frames)
	* [r1874] readers/ distribute ActivCardV2.txt and
	* [r1873] readers/supported_readers.txt: add ActivCard USB Reader
	* [r1872] readers/ActivCardV2.txt, readers/ActivCardV3.txt: add
	  ActivCard v2 and v3 descriptions
	* [r1870] correct the Perl regexp in ChangeLog rule
	* [r1869] add subversion revision in ChangeLog.svn

2006-02-20  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1867] readers/ add SCM SCR3320.txt and SCR3340.txt
	* [r1866] readers/SCR3320.txt: add SCM SCR3320 - Smart Card Reader
	* [r1865] readers/SCR3340.txt: add SCR3340 - ExpressCard54 Smart
	  Card Reader

2006-02-07  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1864] README, readers/supported_readers.txt: add "SCM SCR 3340
	  ExpressCard54" in the "Should work but untested by me" list
	* [r1863] README: add Gemplus GemPC Express in the "Should work but
	  untested by me" list
	* [r1862] readers/GemPC_Express.txt, readers/,
	  readers/supported_readers.txt: add Gemplus GemPC Express

2006-02-06  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1861] readers/supported_readers.txt: rename POS Pro & SIM Pro
	  to a more real name "Gemplus GemCore xxx"
	* [r1860] src/commands.c: SecurePINVerify/SecurePINModify: get the
	  data from a T=1 TPDU block only if the exchange was successful
	  (with special treatment for timeout and cancel cases)
	* [r1859] src/commands.c: SecurePINVerify(): move the prologue
	  filing part to be homogenous with SecurePINModify()
	* [r1858] src/commands.c: SecurePINModify(): add support of T=1
	  cards with TPDU readers
	* [r1857] src/commands.c: SecurePINVerify(): add support of T=1
	  cards with TPDU readers
	* [r1856] src/openct/proto-t1.c, src/openct/proto-t1.h: export
	  t1_build() and some constants
	* [r1855] src/ifdhandler.c: IFDHSetProtocolParameters(): store the
	  card protocol in ccid_desc->cardProtocol
	* [r1854] src/ccid.h: add a cardProtocol field to store the card
	  protocol in use

2006-01-30  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1846] add support for OpenBSD
	* [r1845] examples/, src/ use $(foo) instead
	  of @foo@ to do not replace the values but the variables
	* [r1842] when checking for PCSC exit with en error
	  only if /usr/local/lib/pkgconfig/libpcsclite.pc exists _and_
	  pkg-config is installed

2006-01-25  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1841] readers/ add CardMan5125.txt
	* [r1840] README: add OmniKey CardMan 5125 in the "Should work but
	  untested by me" list
	* [r1839] readers/CardMan5125.txt, readers/supported_readers.txt:
	  add OmniKey CardMan 5125

2006-01-24  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1834] readers/supported_readers.txt: add SmartEpad
	* [r1833] README: add SmartEpad (v 2.0) in the supported list
	* [r1832] src/ccid.c, src/ccid.h: add support for the SmartEpad (v
	  2.0) reader (MYSMARTPAD)
	* [r1831] readers/ add MySmartPad.txt

2006-01-20  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1820] README, readers/SCR3311.txt: move the SCM Micro SCR 3311
	  from the "should work" list to the "supported" list
	* [r1819] src/parse.c: rewrite to scan the devices ourself instead
	  of calling IFDHCreateChannel(). No need to have an updated
	  Info.plist anymore.
	* [r1818] src/ccid_usb.c: get_ccid_usb_interface(): use the same
	  code for a device with 1 or >1 interfaces

2006-01-18  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1815] README: add Gemplus GemPC PinPad, Gemplus GemCore POS Pro
	  & Gemplus GemCore SIM Pro
	* [r1814] INSTALL: document the configuration of /etc/reader.conf
	  for a GemPC PinPad, a GemCore POS Pro or a GemCore SIM Pro
	* [r1810] readers/GemCoreSIMPro.txt, readers/ add
	  GemCore SIM Pro
	* [r1809] readers/supported_readers.txt: add GemCore POS Pro &
	  Gemplus SIM Pro --Cette ligne, et les suivantes ci-dessous,
	  seront ignorées--
	  M readers/supported_readers.txt
	* [r1808] src/ccid.h, src/ccid_serial.c, src/ccid_usb.c,
	  src/defs.h, src/ add support of GemCore SIM Pro
	  and GemCore POS Pro (serial and USB).
	* [r1807] src/ccid_usb.c: CloseUSB(): free the allocated
	  arrayOfSupportedDataRates only for the pimary slot. The other
	  slots of the same reader either point to the same array or point
	  to a statically allocated array.
	* [r1806] src/ifdhandler.c: IFDHSetProtocolParameters(): exit the
	  while if you find a correct speed in the case of a card too fast
	* [r1805] src/ccid.c: ccid_open_hack(): update the spanish PIN Pad
	  string since the number of remaining tries in always displayed at
	  the first character

2006-01-17  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1804] src/ccid_usb.c: OpenUSBByName(): check that
	  usbDevice[previous_reader_index].dev is still valid before
	  dereferencing it
	  Thanks to Martin Paljak for the bug report
	* [r1803] src/ use @PTHREAD_CFLAGS@ and @PTHREAD_LIBS@
	* [r1802] use LIBS instead of LDLIBS when checking if
	  pcsc-lite is installed
	* [r1801] src/ccid_serial.c: OpenSerialByName(): call CloseSerial()
	  if the "Get firmware" or "Change card movement notification"
	  command failed

2006-01-16  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1800] src/commands.c, src/commands.h: SecurePINVerify(): bug
	  circumvention for the GemPC Pinpad (bNumberMessage)

2006-01-12  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1799] src/ccid.c: ccid_open_hack(): use { } around DEBUG_COMM()
	  in an if-else since DEBUG_COMM() is not a function but an
	  multi-instruction macro

2006-01-11  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1798] readers/GemPCPinpad.txt, readers/supported_readers.txt:
	  add Gemplus GemPC Pinpad
	* [r1797] src/ifdhandler.c: IFDHSetProtocolParameters(): if the
	  card is faster than the reader (TA1=97 for example) we try to use
	  a no so bad speed (corresponding to TA1=96, 95 or 94) instead of
	  the default speed of TA1=11
	* [r1796] src/ccid.c: ccid_open_hack(): load the localisation
	  strings according to LANG environment variable. Languages
	  supported: de, en, es, fr, it
	* [r1795] src/Info.plist, src/ccid.c: move the comment about APDU
	  mode from ccid_open_hack() to Info.plist since it is configured
	* [r1794] src/ccid.h, src/commands.c: SecurePINModify(): bug
	  circumvention for the GemPC Pinpad
	* [r1793] src/commands.c, src/commands.h: SecurePINModify(): modify
	  the user command to make the SPR 532 and Cherry ST 2000C firmware
	* [r1792] src/ccid_usb.c: OpenUSBByName(): use log level INFO
	  instead of CRITICAL to display copyright information
	* [r1791] src/ccid_usb.c: release the allocated ressources only
	  when the last slot of a multi-slot reader is closed
	* [r1790] src/Info.plist, src/ccid.h, src/commands.c,
	  src/commands.h, src/ifdhandler.c: allow to select the power on
	  voltage using Info.plist instead of recompiling the source code

2006-01-03  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1789] README, readers/supported_readers.txt: add SCM Micro SCR
	  3311 and 3320 in the "Should work but untested by me" list
	* [r1788] README: add URL for SCM Micro SCR 3310
	* [r1787] README, readers/SCR355.txt,
	  readers/supported_readers.txt: add support for SCM Micro SCR 355

2006-01-02  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1785] readers/ use ACR38U-CCID.txt instead of
	* [r1784] use pkg-config for libusb if available

2005-12-14  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1782] readers/Verisign_secure_storage_token.txt: update with
	  new ./parse version

2005-12-08  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1780] src/ifdhandler.c: typo in a comment
	* [r1779] INSTALL: The GemPC Twin is not the only serial CCID

2005-12-07  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1778] README, readers/ACR38.txt, readers/ACR38U-CCID.txt,
	  readers/supported_readers.txt: replace ACR 38 by ACR 38U-CCID
	  since they are two different readers

2005-12-01  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1776] README, readers/ASE_IIIe.txt,
	  readers/supported_readers.txt: add Athena ASE IIIe USB V2 in
	  "Supported CCID readers" list

2005-11-29  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1775] src/ccid_usb.c: OpenUSBByName(): do not (re)set the
	  usbDevice[].ccid.pbSeq field since we just copied the complete
	  structure just before
	* [r1774] src/ifdhandler.c: Avoid a possible division by 0 if f or
	  d parameter is null. This could happen only with non-ISO cards
	  with TA1=0x00 or other undefined values
	* [r1773] src/towitoko/atr.c: add support of non-ISO TA1=0x97 (Di=7
	  is/was RFU)
	* [r1771] examples/scardcontrol.c, src/ccid.c, src/ccid_serial.c,
	  src/commands.c, src/defs.h, src/ifdhandler.c,
	  src/openct/proto-t1.c, src/towitoko/defines.h,
	  src/towitoko/pps.c, src/utils.c: remove PCSC/ from the pcsc-lite
	  #include header files since the PCSC/ part is already given by
	  `pkg-config --cflags libpcsclite`
	* [r1770] rewrite the libusb detection code to: - use
	  libusb-config if available - --enable-libusb do not give a path
	  anymore but just a yes/no status. paths/arguments/etc must be
	  given using LIBUSB_CFLAGS and LIBUSB_LIBS - use
	  AC_TRY_LINK_FUNC() instead of AC_CHECK_LIB() so we do not
	  explicitely give the library name. This name should come from
	* [r1769] in libusb detection code: restore CPPFLAGS
	  to $saved_CPPFLAGS instead of $saved_LIBS
	* [r1768] recommand the use of PCSC_CFLAGS=...
	  instead of CFLAGS=... to find the pcsc-lite headers
	* [r1767] use $CPPFLAGS instead of $CFLAGS since we
	  only need to set the C preprocessor to find the .h files

2005-11-27  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1761] README: release 0.9.4
	* [r1760] readers/MySmartPad.txt: new file for MySMART PAD V2.0
	* [r1759] README: add Cherry SmartTerminal ST2XXX
	* [r1758] readers/ add 3 missing reader descriptions

2005-11-24  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1754] we need pcsc-lite 1.2.9-beta9 or greater
	* [r1752] src/ifdhandler.c: IFDHGetCapabilities(): use info instead
	  of comm debug level to print the number of slots supported by the
	* [r1751] examples/scardcontrol.c: update copyright date
	* [r1750] examples/scardcontrol.c: in Modify PIN command we need to
	  read 3 lines from the keyboard (old, new and confirm PINs)
	* [r1749] examples/scardcontrol.c: use a buffer of 40 instead of 10
	  to reader the keyboard since the PIN may be longer than 8 digits
	* [r1747] src/commands.c: SecurePINVerify()/SecurePINModify(): set
	  the response length to 0 in case of (write) communication error
	* [r1746] src/commands.c: SecurePINModify(): set the response
	  length to 0 in case of error in the command format
	* [r1745] src/ifdhandler.c: IFDHControl(): use
	  sizeof(PCSC_TLV_STRUCTURE) instead of 6
	* [r1743] examples/scardcontrol.c: my check if the applet is
	  present was wrong
	* [r1742] examples/scardcontrol.c: exit if the test applet is not
	* [r1740] do not duplicate the definition of
	  PCSCLITE_HP_DROPDIR in --enable-ccidtwindir since it is already
	  defined in --enable-usbdropdir
	  This prevented the successful execution of ./configure when
	  -pedantic-errors is used
	* [r1739] src/openct/proto-t1.c: t1_xcv(): correct the comment
	  about &rmax
	* [r1738] src/openct/proto-t1.c: t1_xcv(): the second argument of
	  CCID_Receive() is (unsigned int *) so we can't use &rmax since
	  &rmax is a (size_t *) and may not be the same on 64-bits
	  architectures for example (iMac G5) */
	* [r1737], src/ tokenparser.l is only
	  needed when pcscd is not used (Solaris). It is not needed on Mac
	  OS X since LTPBundleFindValueWithKey() is provided by pcscd
	* [r1735] use libusb-config(1) to get, if possible,
	  correct values for LIBUSB_CFLAGS and LIBUSB_LIBS
	* [r1734] replace dnl by #
	* [r1733], src/ use

2005-11-22  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1730] README: add the "SCM Micro SCR 3310-NTTCOM" in the
	  "Should work but untested by me" list. See
	* [r1729] readers/supported_readers.txt: add SCM SCR 3310 NTTCom.

2005-11-16  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1717] examples/scardcontrol.c: Modify PIN: use a 4 digit PIN so
	  we can test it using the test Java Card applet
	* [r1716] examples/scardcontrol.c: Modify PIN: bInsertionOffsetOld
	  and bInsertionOffsetNew starts from the APDU data (5th byte) and
	  not the APDU start (first byte)
	* [r1715] examples/scardcontrol.c: add a modify PIN dump command
	* [r1714] examples/scardcontrol.c: Modify PIN: add a comment for
	* [r1713] examples/scardcontrol.c: Modify PIN: use 0x03 for
	  bNumberMessage since the GemPC Pinpad rejects any other valu. The
	  SPR 532 needs 0 here
	* [r1712] examples/scardcontrol.c: verify PIN: use 0x01 for
	  bNumberMessage for the GemPC Pinpad
	* [r1711] examples/scardcontrol.c: verify PIN: use 0x02 (validation
	  key pressed) for bEntryValidationCondition as the GemPC Pinpad
	  rejects any other values

2005-11-15  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1705] use instead of rcs2log since we
	  migrated to subversion
	* [r1704] src/commands.c: SecurePINModify(): set the readTimeout to
	  at least 30 seconds since we are not waiting after an APDU but
	  after a human (after the reader in fact).

2005-11-07  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1703] src/ccid_serial.c, src/ccid_usb.c: remove #ifdef
	  DEBUG_LEVEL_COMM since DEBUG_LEVEL_COMM is a numeric value and
	  not a compilation flag anymore. Debug is always active and
	  filtered by pcscd.
	* [r1702] src/Info.plist, src/debug.h: exchange COMM and PERIODIC
	  debug values so that all except PERIODIC value is 7

2005-10-30  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1701] src/commands.c: SecurePINModify(): correct management of
	  bMsgIndex2 and bMsgIndex3
	* [r1700] src/commands.c: SecurePINModify(): do not copy the
	  ulDataLength field to the CCID frame
	* [r1699] src/ccid.h: #define CHERRYST2000

2005-10-19  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1692] readers/SPR532.txt: firmware 5.07
	* [r1691] examples/scardcontrol.c: declare offset, pin_verify and
	  pin_modify variable only if needed

2005-09-27  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1677] src/commands.c: CCID_Transmit(): cmd[8-9] is the expected
	  length in character mode only. It shall be 0x0000 for TPDU and
	  short APDU modes.

2005-09-26  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1676] examples/scardcontrol.c: use the new HandlerTest applet
	* [r1675] src/commands.c: SecurePINVerify(): set the readTimeout to
	  at least 30 seconds since we are not waiting after an APDU but
	  after a human.
	* [r1674] src/ccid.h: _ccid_descriptor.readTimeout is in seconds
	  even for USB. The comment was wrong

2005-09-20  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1670] src/commands.c: SecurePINVerify(): update the size of
	  ulDataLength field as defined in PCSCv2 part 10, revision
	  2.01.04, september 2005
	* [r1669] examples/scardcontrol.c: use

2005-09-05  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1641] src/ccid_usb.c: get_data_rates(): check the response size
	  only if bNumDataRatesSupported is non zero
	* [r1640] src/parse.c: if bNumDataRatesSupported is 0 we get the
	  list size from what GET DATA RATES command returns
	  idem for bNumClockSupported
	* [r1639] src/parse.c: do not request data rates if the reader
	  reports it support a 0 length list. Idem for clocks.
	* [r1638] src/parse.c: print bNumClockSupported: as %d and not

2005-09-01  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1635] examples/scardcontrol.c: also work with T=1 cards
	* [r1634] examples/scardcontrol.c: debug modify PIN test code
	* [r1633] readers/supported_readers.txt: add Cherry ST1044U
	* [r1632] readers/CherrySmartTerminalST2XXX.txt,
	  readers/supported_readers.txt: add Cherry SmartTerminal ST-2XXX
	* [r1631] examples/scardcontrol.c: add sample code to perform
	  reader supports it
	* [r1630] src/ccid_ifdhandler.h, src/commands.c, src/commands.h,
	  src/ifdhandler.c: add support of PC/SC v2 part 10
	  remove support of IOCTL_SMARTCARD_VENDOR_VERIFY_PIN (now

2005-08-25  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1626] README: add Cherry ST-1044U in the supported list
	* [r1625] readers/CherryST1044U.txt: new file

2005-08-21  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1622] README: move the "Cherry XX44 keyboard" from "should
	  work" to "supported" list

2005-08-16  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1619] .cvsignore, aclocal/.cvsignore, build/.cvsignore,
	  examples/.cvsignore, readers/.cvsignore, src/.cvsignore,
	  src/towitoko/.cvsignore: removed since we use SVN and not CVS
	  Thanks to Martin Paljak for the idea

2005-08-13  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1614] src/Info.plist: document DRIVER_OPTION_RESET_ON_CLOSE
	* [r1613] src/ccid_usb.c: CloseUSB(): call usb_reset() only if
	  The problem was that a device reset also disconnects the keyboard
	  on a keyboard + reader device.
	* [r1612] src/ccid_ifdhandler.h: #define

2005-08-11  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1610] readers/CherryXX44.txt: update adding clock frequencies
	  and data rates
	* [r1609] src/parse.c: check that we do not receive more data rates
	  anc clock frequencies than the reader supports
	* [r1608] src/ccid_usb.c: get_data_rates(): check that we do not
	  get more data rates than the reader supports

2005-08-03  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1600] src/commands.c: CCID_Receive(): log time extension
	  messages at priority COMM instead of CRITICAL.
	  Thanks to Martin Paljak for the patch.

2005-08-02  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1585] src/ccid_usb.c: OpenUSBByName(): call usb_close() if the
	  device can't be used

2005-07-04  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1570] src/ifdhandler.c: IFDHControl(): having a NULL RxBuffer
	  is not an error since it is enough to send the code in
	  Thanks to Martin Paljak for the patch
	* [r1569] src/ccid_usb.c: OpenUSBByName(): vendorID, productID are
	  unsigned avoids a "comparison between signed and unsigned"
	* [r1568] src/ccid.h: struct _ccid_descriptor: dwMaxDataRate is
	  unsigned avoids a "comparison between signed and unsigned"
	* [r1567] src/ccid.h: struct _ccid_descriptor:
	  dwMaxCCIDMessageLength is unsigned avoids a "comparison between
	  signed and unsigned" warning
	* [r1566] src/commands.c: CmdPowerOn(): atr_len is unsigned avoids
	  a "comparison between signed and unsigned" warning

2005-06-16  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1563] src/parse.c: parse wLcdLayout
	* [r1562] src/parse.c: parse bClassEnveloppe
	* [r1561] src/parse.c: pares bClassGetResponse
	* [r1560] src/parse.c: parse dwSynchProtocols

2005-06-15  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1559] src/ifdhandler.c: #include <PCSC/reader.h>
	* [r1558] examples/scardcontrol.c: remove definition of
	  SCARD_CTL_CODE and #include <PCSC/reader.h>
	* [r1557] src/ccid_ifdhandler.h: remove definition of
	* [r1556] check the availability of reader.h
	  (provided by pcsc-lite 1.2.9-beta8)
	* [r1555] check against pcsc-lite 1.2.9-beta8 instead
	  of beta7

2005-06-04  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1547] src/ccid_usb.c: WriteUSB(): do not parse
	  usbDevice[reader_index].dev->bus if it is a NULL pointer (the
	  device has been removed for example)

2005-05-27  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1546] README: Add Eutron SIM Pocket Combo and Eutron
	  CryptoIdentity in the supported list
	* [r1545] readers/CryptoIdentity.txt,
	  readers/supported_readers.txt: add Eutron CryptoIdentity

2005-05-20  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1523] README: add Verisign Secure Token in the supported list
	* [r1522] README: add RSA SecureID SID800 in the UNsupported list
	* [r1521] README: add Verisign Secure Storage Token in the
	  supported list
	* [r1520] readers/sid800.txt: regenerate using new ./parse

2005-05-05  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1514] readers/, readers/SCR331-DI-NTTCom.txt: add
	* [r1513] readers/ rename KAAN_mIDentity.txt in
	* [r1512] readers/ACR38.txt, readers/CardMan3121.txt,
	  readers/GemPCKey.txt, readers/KAAN_Advanced.txt,
	  readers/KAAN_Base.txt, readers/LTC31.txt, readers/Oz776S.txt,
	  readers/SCR331-DI.txt, readers/SCR331.txt, readers/SCR3310.txt,
	  readers/SCR335.txt, readers/SIM_Pocket_Combo.txt,
	  readers/SPR532.txt, readers/mIDentity.txt: regenerate using the
	  latest src/parse program
	* [r1511] src/ifdhandler.c: do not #include <math.h> since we now
	  use +1 instead of ceil() to round the calculated timeouts to the
	  upper integer - we do not need an mathematical exact value. the
	  {usb,serial}read must just not timeout before the reader firmware
	  timeouts - we avoid a dependency/link on the math library
	* [r1510] src/ifdhandler.c: T0_card_timeout(): use intermediate
	  variables EGT, BWT, CWT, etu to improve code readability
	* [r1509] src/ifdhandler.c: T0_card_timeout(): declare EGT, WWT as
	  double instead of int to have some precision We also calculate
	  EGT and WWT in milliseconds instead of seconds

2005-05-04  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1508] README, readers/supported_readers.txt: add SCM Micro SCR
	  331-DI NTTCom in the "Should work but untested by me" list
	* [r1507] src/ifdhandler.c: IFDHCreateChannelByName(),
	  T0_card_timeout(), T1_card_timeout(): also include other card
	  parameters (TC1 for T=0, TC1 and CWI for T=1) in the timeout
	* [r1506] README, readers/supported_readers.txt: rename "Kobil KAAN
	  mIDentity" in "Kobil mIDentity"
	* [r1505] src/ifdhandler.c: IFDHICCPresence(): add support of
	  SCR331-DI NTTCom
	  Thanks to Takuto Matsuu fro the patch
	* [r1504] src/ccid.h: #define SCR331DINTTCOM 0x04E65120
	* [r1503] readers/supported_readers.txt: add the manufacturer name
	  in the reader name

2005-05-02  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1496] src/ccid_serial.c: typo in the data rates list
	* [r1495] src/ifdhandler.c: T0_card_timeout()/T1_card_timeout():
	  use ceil() to round the timeout
	* [r1494] src/ccid.c, src/ccid.h: ccid_error(): function is (const
	  char *) instead of (char *) to avoid a "warning: passing arg 4 of
	  `ccid_error' discards qualifiers from pointer target type" using
	  gcc 3.4
	* [r1493] readers/CherryXX33.txt, readers/DellSCRK.txt,
	  readers/GemPC433_SL.txt, readers/GemPCTwin.txt,
	  readers/KAAN_SIM_III.txt: regenerate using the new parse command
	* [r1492] src/commands.c: CmdEscape(): replay the command if we
	  receive STATUS_COMM_NAK
	* [r1491] src/ccid_serial.c: ReadSerial(): if we get a NAK we
	  return STATUS_COMM_NAK to the above layer to replay the command
	  instead of just restarting the read
	* [r1490] src/defs.h: add STATUS_COMM_NAK
	* [r1489] src/parse.c: display the clock frequencies supported by
	  the reader
	* [r1488] src/parse.c: move the display of supported data rates
	  after printing bNumDataRatesSupported info
	* [r1487] src/ifdhandler.c: IFDHSetProtocolParameters(): check if
	  the baud rate is present in the baud rates list only if the list
	  is present. Otherwise we use the old behavior.
	* [r1486] src/ccid_usb.c: get_data_rates(): if the reader do not
	  support GET DATA RATES we return NULL instead of a manually
	  constructed/fake list
	* [r1485] src/ccid_serial.c, src/ccid_usb.c: Open*ByName():
	  initialise dwMaxDataRate field
	* [r1484] src/ccid.h: add dwMaxDataRate field (again)
	* [r1483] src/ccid_usb.c: get_data_rates(): check that the reader
	  sends a DATA RATES list size multiple of 4 othewise it is an
	* [r1482] src/parse.c: display the bit value of dwFeatures in the
	  text message
	* [r1481] src/parse.c: test all the 4 bytes of dwFeatures against 0
	  and not just the first one
	* [r1480] src/parse.c: do not display the list returned by GET DATA
	  RATES if the list size is not a multiple of 4 (n % 4 != 0)

2005-04-27  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1479] src/ccid_serial.c, src/ccid_usb.c: Open*ByName: do not
	  initialise the now disappeared .dwMaxDataRate field
	* [r1478] src/ccid.h: _ccid_descriptor: remove the now useless
	  dwMaxDataRate field
	* [r1477] src/ifdhandler.c: IFDHSetProtocolParameters(): we do not
	  check if (card_baudrate <= ccid_desc->dwMaxDataRate) since
	  find_baud_rate() will tell us if the speed is supported or not by
	  the reader
	* [r1476] src/ccid_usb.c: get_data_rates(): if the CCID command GET
	  DATA RATES is nto supported the array of supported rates contains
	  only the default and max data rates
	* [r1475] src/ccid_usb.c: get_data_rates(): test if int_array is
	  NULL (and not buffer)
	* [r1474] readers/ add the new or missing readers
	* [r1473] version 0.9.4
	* [r1472] src/ccid_serial.c: OpenSerialByName(): inhibit the
	  Plug-n-Play string by setting the RTS signal to low. Mainly
	  useful for the GemPC Card (PCMCIA)
	* [r1471] readers/Verisign_secure_storage_token.txt: Verisign
	  Secure Storage Token
	* [r1470] readers/Verisign_secure_token.txt: Verisign Secure Token
	  (without mass memory)
	* [r1469] readers/supported_readers.txt: add Verisign Secure Token
	  and VeriSign Secure Storage Token
	* [r1468] src/parse.c: display the supported data rates using the
	* [r1467] src/ccid_usb.c: get_data_rates(): use the real interface
	  number instead of 0
	* [r1460] src/ccid_usb.c: get_data_rates(): buffer argument of
	  usb_control_msg is (char *) and not (unsigned char *)
	* [r1459] src/ccid_usb.c: get_data_rates() returns an unsigned int
	  [] (not just int [])
	* [r1458] src/ccid_serial.c: SerialDataRates[] is unsigned

2005-04-26  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1454] src/openct/proto-t1.c: t1_xcv(): increase the read
	  timeout if the card sends and WTX request
	* [r1453] src/ccid_serial.c, src/ccid_usb.c: use the calculated
	  read timeout instead of a fixed value
	* [r1452] src/ifdhandler.c: calculate and store the read timeout
	  according to the card ATR instead of using a fixed value of 60
	* [r1451] src/ifdhandler.c: add T0_card_timeout() and
	* [r1450] src/defs.h: /* Default communication read timeout in
	  seconds */ #define DEFAULT_COM_READ_TIMEOUT 2
	* [r1449] src/ccid.h: struct _ccid_descriptor: add unsigned int
	  readTimeout field
	* [r1448] src/ifdhandler.c: IFDHSetProtocolParameters(): only use a
	  data rate supported by the reader in the PPS negociation,
	  otherwise we stay at the default speed.
	* [r1447] src/ccid_serial.c: OpenSerialByName(): the reader does
	  not support the Get Data Rates CCID function so the list of
	  supported data rates is hard coded.
	* [r1446] src/ccid_usb.c: OpenUSBByName(): get the list of data
	  rates the reader supports
	  See 3.7.3 Get Data Rates (page 25) from CCID spec 1.00
	* [r1445] src/ccid.h: struct _ccid_descriptor: add unsigned int
	  *arrayOfSupportedDataRates field
	* [r1444] src/ccid_serial.c: OpenSerialByName(): set card movement
	  notification in synchronous mde
	* [r1443] we need pcsc-lite 1.2.9-beta7 and not just
	  beta5 since we use the new log API
	* [r1442] src/ifdhandler.c: extra_egt(): rewrite the function
	* [r1441] src/ifdhandler.c: extra_egt(): reuse the same baud rate
	  calculation formula
	* [r1440] src/ifdhandler.c: extra_egt(): change two if() in one
	* [r1439] src/ifdhandler.c: change comments: TBi (i>2) is BWI/CWI
	  not BWI/BCI

2005-04-25  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1438] src/ifdhandler.c: extra_egt(): some (bogus) cards require
	  an extra EGT but the ATR does not say so. We try to detect the
	  bogus cards and set TC1=2
	* [r1437] src/ifdhandler.c: light code reformating

2005-04-22  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1436] readers/supported_readers.txt: add Eutron SIM Pocket

2005-04-21  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1427] src/openct/checksum.c, src/openct/checksum.h,
	  src/openct/proto-t1.h: #include <stdint.h> only if HAVE_STDINT_H
	  is defined. Some old FreeBSD do not have stdint.h.
	  Thanks to Tilman Linneweh for the patch

2005-04-13  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1426] readers/SIM_Pocket_Combo.txt: Eutron SIM Pocket Combo
	  (the reader is dual slot and is seen as two readers)
	* [r1425] readers/sid800.txt: RSA SecurID SID800 Hardware

2005-04-12  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1422] src/Info.plist: "Generic CCID reader" -> "Generic CCID

2005-03-17  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1411] src/ccid.c: ccid_error(): use log_msg() instead of
	* [r1410] src/debug.c: change debug_msg() in log_msg() and add the
	  priority argument same for debug_xxd() changed in log_xxd()
	  These functions are only used by the parse command and if the
	  driver is not used with pcsclite
	* [r1409] src/debug.h: use pcsclite debuglog.h header file and use
	  its Log?() macro instead of debug_msg().
	  This adds color to the log messages because Log?() macros use
	  log_msg() instead of the deprecated debug_msg() function.
	* [r1408] src/ifdhandler.c: init_driver(): use DEBUG_INFO2()
	  instead of debug_msg()
	* [r1407] src/tokenparser.l: add "%option nounput" to avoid the
	  compilation warning "`yyunput' defined but not used"
	* [r1406] src/towitoko/atr.c: ATR_GetDefaultProtocol(): the message
	  "no default protocol found in ATR. Using T=0" is not CRITICAL but
	  INFO only
	* [r1405] store & restore the value of LIBS around
	  the macro AC_CHECK_LIB(pcsclite,...) to avoid adding an automatic
	  -lpcsclite to LIBS
	* [r1404] do not check for SCardEstablishContext is
	  the user does NOT want to use pcsc-lite (with --disable-pcsclite)

2005-03-14  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1400] README: release 0.9.3
	* [r1399] COPYING, README, src/ccid.c, src/ccid.h,
	  src/ccid_ifdhandler.h, src/ccid_serial.c, src/ccid_serial.h,
	  src/ccid_usb.c, src/ccid_usb.h, src/commands.c, src/commands.h,
	  src/debug.c, src/debug.h, src/defs.h, src/ifdhandler.c,
	  src/openct/checksum.h, src/openct/proto-t1.h, src/utils.c,
	  src/utils.h: change licence from GNU GPL to GNU LGPL
	* [r1398] version 0.9.3

2005-03-04  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1397] readers/KAAN_SIM_III.txt, readers/mIDentity.txt: Add KAAN
	  SIM III and KAAN mIDentity
	* [r1396] add HAVE_LIBPCSCLITE
	* [r1395] use $PCSC_LIBS instead of $PCSCLITE_LIBS
	  since we used PKG_CHECK_MODULES(PCSC, ...)
	* [r1394] README, readers/supported_readers.txt: add Kobil KAAN
	  mIDentity in supported reader list
	* [r1393] README, readers/supported_readers.txt: add Kobil KAAN SIM
	  III in supported readers list
	* [r1392] README, readers/supported_readers.txt: add SCR 3310
	* [r1391] readers/SCR3310.txt: SCR3310

2005-02-28  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1368] src/ifdhandler.c, src/towitoko/atr.c: use ATR_t instead
	  of ATR
	* [r1367] src/towitoko/atr.h: rename ATR struct to ATR_t do not
	  conflict with ATR field defined by PCSC/ifdhandler.h. This allows
	  compilation using tcc (Tiny C Compiler)

2005-02-27  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1361] check that we can link with libpcsclite
	  needed by examples/scardcontrol.c
	* [r1360] exits with an error if usbdropdir is not
	* [r1359] if /usr/local/lib/pkgconfig/libpcsclite.pc
	  exists (default pcsc-lite configuration) we exit telling the user
	  to use PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig ./configure
	* [r1358] do not check for pkg-config since we can do
	  without it

2005-02-25  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1356] readers/CardMan3121.txt, readers/CherryXX33.txt,
	  readers/CherryXX44.txt, readers/GemPC433_SL.txt,
	  readers/KAAN_Advanced.txt, readers/KAAN_Base.txt,
	  readers/SCR331-DI.txt, readers/SCR331.txt, readers/SCR335.txt,
	  readers/SPR532.txt: typo: correct ICC by CCID where needed
	* [r1355] src/parse.c: typo: used "ICC" instead of "CCID"
	* [r1354] src/ifdhandler.c: IFDHSetProtocolParameters(): return
	  immediately if the reader has the bit CCID_CLASS_AUTO_PPS_PROP
	  set since he will perform PPS and SetParameters himself
	* [r1353] src/ccid.h: #define CCID_CLASS_AUTO_PPS_PROP 0x00000040
	* [r1352] src/ifdhandler.c: IFDHSetProtocolParameters(): calculate
	  the value of pps[2] (TA1) even if CCID_CLASS_AUTO_PPS_CUR bit is
	  set and no PPS will be generated by the driver since this value
	  is also used later by the SetParameters()
	* [r1351] src/ifdhandler.c: IFDHSetProtocolParameters(): use
	  "card_baudrate <= ccid_desc->dwMaxDataRate" instead of
	  "card_baudrate < ccid_desc->dwMaxDataRate" to not miss the
	  maximum speed value
	* [r1350] we do not need to distribute mkinstalldirs
	* [r1349] define WITHOUT_PCSC=false when pcsclite
	  _is_ used

2005-02-23  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1346] examples/scardcontrol.c: #include <sys/time.h> instead of
	  <time.h> to get correct definition of struct timeval under Mac OS
	* [r1343] src/debug.c: if you use --disable-pcsclite and do _not_
	  want to see the logs sent to stderr just #undef LOG_TO_STDERR
	* [r1342], src/ if --disable-pcsclite is
	  used we must link the library with debug.c to provide debug_msg()
	* [r1341] examples/ use @PCSC_CFLAGS@ and @PCSC_LIBS@

2005-02-21  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1330] src/ccid_serial.c: OpenSerialByName(): use tx_buffer[] =
	  { 0x02 } insead of "\x02" since we want 1 byte only and not a
	  null-terminated string
	* [r1329] src/ use @PCSC_CFLAGS@
	* [r1328] use pkg-config(1) to find everything
	  related to pcsc-lite
	  if you installed pcsc-lite in /usr/local you may use $
	  PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig ./configure
	  if you do not have pkg-config installed you may use $
	  CFLAGS=-I/usr/local/include/PCSC ./configure

2005-02-20  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1327] src/ccid_usb.c: add an "interface field" in _usbDevice.
	  This value is set in OpenUSB() and used in CloseUSB().
	  The struct usb_device structure is half "corrupted" after the USB
	  device is removed and we wanted to use it when when closing the
	  driver after a reader removal. This caused a crash with libusb
	* [r1326] README: add Kobil KAAN Base & KAAN Advanced readers in
	  the supported list
	* [r1325] src/ccid_usb.c: Bogus_firmwares[]: add Kobil KAAN Base &
	  KAAN Advanced readers
	* [r1324] readers/supported_readers.txt: add Kobil KAAN Base & KAAN
	  Advanced readers
	* [r1323] readers/KAAN_Advanced.txt, readers/KAAN_Base.txt:
	  firmware 0.37

2005-02-04  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1322] readers/ACR38.txt: new firmware (but still with version
	  1.0) with the wMaxPacketSize bug removed

2005-02-02  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1321] README: move the ACR 38 from Unsupported to Supported

2005-01-26  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1319] readers/ add the new or missing readers
	* [r1318] readers/CherryXX44.txt, readers/KAAN_Advanced.txt,
	  readers/KAAN_Base.txt: new readers descriptions

2005-01-20  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1317] README: add Cherry XX44 keyboard (SmartBoard G83-6744)
	* [r1316] readers/supported_readers.txt: add Cherry XX44
	  (SmartBoard G83-6744)

2005-01-13  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1314] README: move the SCM Micro readers from unsupported to
	  supported list and document how to upgrade the firmwares
	  Thanks to Torsten Maykranz for his support
	* [r1313] readers/SCR335.txt: New model with firmware 5.14 (instead
	  of 4.16)
	* [r1312] src/ccid_usb.c: Bogus_firmwares[]: the 3 SMC readers had
	  the same (cut-n-paste) USB identification
	* [r1311] src/commands.c: CmdXfrBlockCHAR_T0(): move a variable
	  declaration at the beginning of the function since ISO C89
	  forbids mixed declarations and code
	* [r1310] src/commands.c: SecurePIN(): proprietary command to add
	  the PIN code in the APDU without any padding (this is not
	  possible with the CCID specs).
	  Thanks to Martin Paljak for the patch.
	* [r1309] src/ccid.h: define SPR532 USB identification

2005-01-11  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1302] typo: shat -> what

2005-01-09  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1301] src/commands.c: SecurePIN(), CCID_Transmit(),
	  SetParameters(): check that the user provided command is not too
	  large (avoid a possible buffer overflow)
	* [r1300] examples/scardcontrol.c: The APDU now comes _after_ the
	  CCID structure as described the CCID specifications.
	* [r1299] src/commands.c: SecurePIN(): directly use the user buffer
	  passed instead of reversing the APDU/CCID structure. It is now as
	  described in the CCID specifications.
	  Thanks to Martin Paljak. I was wrong.

2004-12-19  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1298] src/ccid_usb.c: SPR 532 firmware previous to 5.04 is
	  bogus regarding min/max pin lengths
	* [r1297] readers/SPR532.txt: update with firmware 5.04

2004-10-27  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1292] src/ccid_serial.c: OpenSerialByName(): use %s instead of
	  %d for dev_name

2004-10-20  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1290] examples/scardcontrol.c: set wPINMaxExtraDigit: set max
	  to 8 (instead of 4) to differentiate it from min (set to 4)
	* [r1289] examples/scardcontrol.c: in wPINMaxExtraDigit the bytes
	  order is max,min and not min,max. The comments were wrong

2004-10-19  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1288] readers/supported_readers.txt: add Oz776
	* [r1287] src/Info.plist, src/ccid_ifdhandler.h, src/ccid_usb.c:
	  check firmware version to avoid firmwares with bugs. You can
	  still use a bigus firmware by setting
	* [r1286] src/commands.c, src/commands.h, src/openct/proto-t1.c,
	  src/towitoko/pps.c: Add support of character level communication
	  Thanks to Jeffrey Dai

2004-10-14  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1285] readers/DellSCRK.txt: add idVendor & idProduct using the
	  new parse command

2004-10-07  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1284] readers/ reorganize the list and add
	* [r1283] readers/Oz776S.txt: O2Micro Oz776S USB Hub smartcard
	* [r1282] readers/SCR331-DI.txt, readers/SCR335.txt,
	  readers/SPR532.txt: add idVendor & idProduct using the new parse
	* [r1281] src/ccid_usb.c, src/ccid_usb.h: the first argument of
	  get_desc() is lun instead of channel and the function uses
	  LunToReaderIndex() to get the reader index
	* [r1280] src/parse.c: use lun instead of channel as first argument
	  to get_desc() and use the returned value to detect an error
	* [r1279] readers/SCR331.txt: add idVendor & idProduct using the
	  new parse command

2004-10-06  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1278] readers/ACR38.txt, readers/CardMan3121.txt,
	  readers/CherryXX33.txt, readers/DellSK-3106.txt,
	  readers/GemPC433_SL.txt, readers/GemPCKey.txt,
	  readers/GemPCTwin.txt, readers/LTC31.txt: add idVendor &
	  idProduct using the new parse command
	* [r1277] src/parse.c: display idVendor and idProduct
	* [r1276] src/parse.c: display USB bcdDevice field. Is it the
	  device firmware release?
	* [r1275] src/parse.c: add support of "Character level exchange"

2004-10-04  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1265] do not redefine PKG_CONFIG_PATH when
	  checking the pcsc-lite version since the variable is already
	  defined a few lines above

2004-10-03  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1263] examples/scardcontrol.c: add "THIS PROGRAM IS NOT

2004-09-30  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1261] src/ifdhandler.c: mask bStatus to get the ICC state since
	  bSatus may also indicate an error in b6-b7
	* [r1260] src/ccid.h: #define CCID_CLASS_CHARACTER
	* [r1259] src/ccid.h: define OZ776 USB identification
	* [r1258] src/ccid.h: define CCID_ICC_STATUS_MASK and status states
	* [r1257] src/commands.c: CmdGetSlotStatus(): card absent or mute
	  is not an communication error (even if the CCID command result
	  indicates a command failure)
	* [r1256] src/ccid_usb.c: get_ccid_usb_interface(): the O2Micro
	  OZ776S reader has a wrong USB descriptor. The extra[] field is
	  associated with the last endpoint instead of the main USB

2004-09-29  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1254] examples/, src/ use @AM_CPPFLAGS@
	  (defined by instead of `pkg-config libpcsclite
	  --cflags` since PKG_CONFIG_PATH may not be correct here
	* [r1253] define AM_CPPFLAGS=`pkg-config libpcsclite
	  --cflags` here since we also defined/exported a "valid"
	* [r1252] src/ do not define parse_CFLAGS since
	  AM_CPPFLAGS is already defined with the same value
	* [r1251] try to find pkg-config files in
	  /usr/local/lib/pkgconfig since pcsc-lite installs them in this
	  directory by default

2004-09-08  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1228] src/ccid.c: ccid_open_hack(): do not use a null
	  terminated C string for the TPDU->APDU switch command since the
	  command is NOT a C string
	* [r1227] src/commands.c: CmdPowerOn(): do not use a null
	  terminated C string for the EMV->ISO switch command since the
	  command is NOT a C string
	* [r1226] src/commands.c: switch the Cherry xx33 reader in ISO mode
	  if power up in EMV mode fails. Thanks to St�phane Durand for the
	  bug report.
	* [r1225] src/ccid.h: #define CHERRYXX33 0x046A0005

2004-09-03  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1213] src/ifdhandler.c: IFDHSetProtocolParameters(): return the
	  result value of SetParameters() in case of error instead of
	  This will allow to return IFD_NOT_SUPPORTED in some cases and
	  avoid a PTS negociation failure (and card ignored) in pcscd.
	* [r1212] src/commands.c: SetParameters(): returns
	  IFD_NOT_SUPPORTED if the CCID error is "command not supported".

2004-08-24  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1196] src/ifdhandler.c: IFDHSetProtocolParameters(): the
	  bmTCCKST bits shall be _set_ not cleared
	* [r1195] src/ifdhandler.c: IFDHSetProtocolParameters(): we shall
	  indicate the T=1 checksum used (LRC/CRC) in the SetParameters()
	* [r1194] src/openct/proto-t1.c: t1_negociate_ifsd: the frame size
	  is 5 only for LRC checksum. The correct size is (4 +
	* [r1193] src/utils.c: ReleaseReaderIndex: return 0 since the
	  function is not void ()

2004-08-17  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1189] src/Info.plist: use the official doctype, public and
	  system ids. Thanks to Ville Skytt� and OpenCT

2004-08-15  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1186] README: release 0.9.2
	* [r1185] examples/, src/ use AM_CPPFLAGS =
	  `pkg-config libpcsclite --cflags`
	* [r1184] no need to define HAVE_PCSC_IFDHANDLER_H
	  (the check section changed in
	* [r1183] use `pkg-config libpcsclite --cflags` to
	  locate ifdhandler.h and do not use PCSC/ifdhandler.h but just

2004-08-10  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1165] README: place the "Known problems" near the affected
	  reader and not in a independent section for clarification

2004-08-06  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1160] src/parse.c: try to IFDHCloseChannel() only if we opened
	  at least one reader
	* [r1157] src/ccid.c: ccid_open_hack(): update the hack for the
	  SCR331-DI contactless now we use multi-slots
	* [r1156] src/ifdhandler.c: IFDHICCPresence(): periodic debug
	  message indicating the card presence/absence
	* [r1155] src/ifdhandler.c: use a much cleaner way to check
	  presence of a contactless card with a multislot SCR331-DI reader
	* [r1154] src/ifdhandler.c: IFDHICCPresence(): call
	  get_ccid_descriptor() on reader_index instead of Lun
	* [r1153] src/ifdhandler.c: FDHGetCapabilities() tag
	  TAG_IFD_SLOT_THREAD_SAFE: Can NOT talk to multiple slots at the
	  same time (at least until it is fully validated)
	* [r1152] src/ifdhandler.c:
	  IFDHCreateChannel()/IFDHCreateChannelByName(): if the OpenPort()
	  call fails we ReleaseReaderIndex() and do not call
	* [r1151] src/ccid_usb.c: for multi-slots readers
	  IFDHCreateChannel*()/OpenUSB is called for each slot. If we are
	  opening a new slot of an already opened reader we reuse the same
	  data (same libusb structures) and share the same pbSeq.
	* [r1150] src/commands.c: use (*ccid_descriptor->pbSeq)++ instead
	  of ccid_descriptor->bSeq++
	* [r1149] src/ccid_serial.c, src/ccid_usb.c: use pbSeq instead of
	* [r1148] src/ccid.h: replace "unsigned char bSeq" by "unsigned
	  char *pbSeq" so that two slots of a same reader can share the
	  same sequence number
	* [r1147] src/ccid_serial.c: use a dynamic timeout when reading the
	  serial port.
	  The first timeout use when detecting the reader is 2 seconds to
	  not wait too long if no reader is connected. Later timeouts are
	  set to 1 minute to allow long time APDU.

2004-08-04  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1146] src/ccid.h, src/ccid_serial.c, src/ccid_usb.c,
	  src/ifdhandler.c: remove defaultFeatures management (was used for
	  SCR331-DI hack)
	* [r1145] src/ add "parse_CFLAGS = `pkg-config
	  libpcsclite --cflags`" so that parse.c can find and use
	* [r1144] src/parse.c: do not use OpenUSB/CloseUSB but
	  IFDHCreateChannel/IFDHCloseChannel to use the ReaderIndex[]
	* [r1143] src/utils.c: update copyright date (add 2004)
	* [r1142] src/utils.c: LunToReaderIndex(): debug message when Lun
	  is not found
	* [r1141] src/utils.c: GetNewReaderIndex(): debug message when
	  ReaderIndex[] is full
	* [r1140] src/utils.c: GetNewReaderIndex(): store Lun in the first
	  free ReaderIndex[] entry
	* [r1139] src/towitoko/pps.c: typo: Receivig -> Receiving
	* [r1138] src/towitoko/pps.c: PPS_Exchange(): do not recalculate
	  the PPS length from the received PPS but take it from the number
	  of bytes actually received (it may not be a PPS)

2004-07-28  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1107] src/ifdhandler.c: use reader_index instead of lun as
	  reader identification allocate (in IFDHCreateChannel*) and
	  release (in IFDHCloseChannel)
	* [r1106] src/ccid.c, src/ccid.h, src/ccid_ifdhandler.h,
	  src/ccid_serial.c, src/ccid_serial.h, src/ccid_usb.c,
	  src/ccid_usb.h, src/commands.c, src/commands.h: use reader_index
	  instead of lun as reader identification
	* [r1105] src/utils.c, src/utils.h: use a more complex Lun ->
	  reader transformation (Lun>>16) is not usable for multi-slots

2004-07-27  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1103] src/openct/proto-t1.c: this code fails EMV test 1771-4
	  (should be a residue)

2004-07-26  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1102] src/openct/proto-t1.c: - debug some cases - add ISO
	  7816-3 rule number in comments
	* [r1101] src/ccid_serial.c, src/ccid_usb.c: initialise
	  ccid.defaultFeatures field

2004-07-22  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1096] use pkg-config to test the release version
	  of pcsc-lite

2004-07-21  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1095] version 0.9.2
	* [r1094] src/ifdhandler.c: hack to support the SCR331-DI
	  contactless interface
	* [r1093] src/ccid.c: ccid_open_hack(): detect and activate the
	  contactless interface of the SCR331-DI
	* [r1092] src/commands.c: use bCurrentSlotIndex as the slot number
	  in the CCID commands (instead of 0)
	* [r1091] src/ccid_serial.c, src/ccid_usb.c: initialise
	  bMaxSlotIndex and ccid.bCurrentSlotIndex fields
	* [r1090] src/ccid.h: add defaultFeatures field for multislot
	  readers with different dwFeatures for each slot.
	* [r1089] src/ccid.h: add SCR331DI identification
	* [r1088] src/ccid.h: add bMaxSlotIndex and bCurrentSlotIndex
	  fields to support multislot readers (one USB device with two or
	  more card readers)

2004-07-20  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1087] src/openct/proto-t1.c: remove "|| sent_length" in "if
	  (retries == 0 || sent_length)" since it is an OpenCT code that
	  should not be needed with the new automata.
	* [r1086] src/openct/proto-t1.c: update the copyright, add my name
	  to reflect the same change in OpenCT

2004-07-19  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1085] src/ifdhandler.c: update IFDHControl() prototype to
	  replace LPVOID by PUCHAR (prototype changed in
	* [r1084] src/ifdhandler.c, src/openct/proto-t1.c,
	  src/openct/proto-t1.h: BUG: I forgot to initialise the t1.lun
	  field. It failed to work with more than one readers and a T=1
	  card in a TPDU reader.
	* [r1083] src/openct/proto-t1.c: in resync: we set retries = 1
	  since when we return in the loop we have retries--; Without this
	  retries goes negative and the test 'if (retries == 0)' will not
	  become true again before a looooong time.

2004-07-16  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1079] src/ccid_usb.c: OpenUSBByName(): use base 0 instead of 16
	  in strtoul() so that you can express the decimal value 15 as: 15
	  (decimal), 0xF (hex) or 017 (octal).
	  It is not really needed since the reader descriptions in
	  Info.plist are all in hex.
	* [r1078] src/ifdhandler.c: init_driver(): use base 0 instead of 16
	  in strtoul() so that you can express the decimal value 15 as: 15
	  (decimal), 0xF (hex) or 017 (octal)
	* [r1077] src/ccid_ifdhandler.h, src/ccid_serial.c, src/ccid_usb.c,
	  src/ifdhandler.c, src/parse.c, src/utils.c: rename
	  This value is not defined by pcsc-lite but is internal to the
	  CCID driver. By default pcsc-lite supports the same number of
	  readers (16).
	* [r1076] src/commands.c: BUG: CmdPowerOn(): use memmove() instead
	  of memcpy() to copy the ATR bytes since the source end
	  destination buffers (with a more than 10 bytes long ATR)
	  Bug spotted by splint

2004-07-15  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1075] src/openct/proto-t1.h: use "uint8_t *" instead of
	  "unsigned char *" in the prototype of t1_state_t.checksum field.
	* [r1074] src/tokenparser.l: initialise pcDesiredKey to NULL
	  instead of 0
	* [r1073] src/commands.c: BUG in CmdXfrBlockTPDU_T1(): the
	  t1_transceive() returned value was stored in an unsigned int and
	  tested if < 0 (error case). Of course the test was never true.
	* [r1071] src/openct/proto-t1.c: remove a useless break; after a
	* [r1070] src/openct/proto-t1.c, src/openct/proto-t1.h: in
	  t1_transceive() and t1_negociate_ifsd() dad argument is unsigned.
	* [r1069] src/openct/checksum.h: replace "unsigned char *" by
	  "uint8_t *" to use the exact same prototype as in the functions
	* [r1068] src/commands.c, src/commands.h: i2dw() is not used
	  outside commands.c so declare it static
	* [r1067] examples/scardcontrol.c: allow splint to continue parsing
	  after use of type fd_set
	* [r1066] src/commands.c, src/commands.h: CmdXfrBlockTPDU_T0() and
	  CmdXfrBlockTPDU_T1() are internal functions so declare them
	* [r1065] src/towitoko/atr.c: atr tables are internal only so
	  declare them static
	* [r1064] src/openct/proto-t1.c: define internal functions as
	* [r1063] src/openct/buffer.c, src/openct/buffer.h: remove unused

2004-07-10  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1062] src/openct/proto-t1.c: change "previous_block[1]" in
	* [r1061] src/openct/proto-t1.c: remove unused struct
	* [r1060] src/openct/proto-t1.c, src/openct/proto-t1.h:
	  IFD_PROTOCOL_T1_STATE renamed to be in line with OpenCT

2004-07-09  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1059] examples/scardcontrol.c, src/ifdhandler.c, src/parse.c:
	  explicitely cast the returned value as (void) if we don't use it
	* [r1058] src/ifdhandler.c: IFDHSetProtocolParameters(): test the
	  return value of SetParameters()
	* [r1057] src/parse.c: ccid_parse_interface_descriptor() is now
	* [r1056] src/parse.c: make channel variable (unsigned int) instead
	  of (int)
	* [r1055] src/parse.c: include <sys/types.h> so splint can parse
	  the file
	* [r1054] src/ccid_serial.c, src/ccid_usb.c, src/ccid_usb.h: mark
	  potentially null values as /*@null@*/ for splint
	* [r1053] src/ccid_serial.c, src/ccid_usb.c, src/ifdhandler.c,
	  src/openct/proto-t1.c, src/parse.c: mark unused arguments as
	  /*@unused@*/ for splint
	* [r1052] src/ccid_usb.c: include <sys/types.h> so splint can parse
	  the file
	* [r1051] src/ccid.c: the buffer var_text[] was, in fact, used
	  outside its declaration
	* [r1050] src/ccid_serial.c, src/ccid_serial.h: ReadChunk() and
	  get_bytes() are internal use in ccid_serial.c so declare them
	* [r1049] src/ccid_serial.c, src/ccid_usb.c: lun is (unsigned int)
	  so reader = LunToReaderIndex(lun) is also (unsigned int)
	* [r1048] src/ccid_serial.c: OpenSerialByName(): arguments of
	  CmdEscape() are unsigned
	* [r1047] src/ccid_serial.c: replace "121234" by "123456" to make
	  it more clear it is a memory reservation for 6 characters
	* [r1046] src/ccid_serial.c: remove a unneeded cast in (int)lun
	* [r1045] src/ccid_serial.c: allow splint to continue parsing after
	  use of type fd_set
	* [r1044] src/ccid_serial.c: ReadSerial(): the unknown card
	  movement byte is in "c" not "buffer[3]"
	* [r1043] src/ccid.c, src/ccid.h, src/ccid_ifdhandler.h,
	  src/ccid_serial.c, src/ccid_serial.h, src/ccid_usb.c,
	  src/ccid_usb.h, src/commands.c, src/commands.h, src/ifdhandler.c:
	  lun is (unsigned int) instead of (int)
	  Avoid a warning by splint in #define LunToReaderIndex(Lun)
	  (Lun>>16) Left operand of >> may be negative (int): lun >> 16

2004-07-02  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1023] src/Info.plist, src/ replace VENDOR
	  pattern by MAGIC_VENDOR since we also have a VENDOR in
	  same change for PRODUCT and FRIENDLYNAME to be homogenous.
	* [r1022] src/ccid_serial.c: OpenSerialByName(): perform a command
	  (get the reader firmware) to be sure a GemPC Twin (serial or
	  pcmcia) reader is connected
	* [r1021] src/openct/README: present where the files come from and
	  what I did

2004-07-01  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1019] version 0.9.1
	* [r1018] README: release 0.9.1
	* [r1017] src/openct/proto-t1.h: #define IFD_PARITY_ERROR
	* [r1015] README: release 0.9.0

2004-06-30  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r1014] examples/scardcontrol.c: correct a signedness issue
	* [r1013] src, src/.cvsignore: rename tokenparser_macosx.? in
	* [r1012] ., .cvsignore: add build-stamp and configure-stamp
	* [r1011] examples, examples/.cvsignore: ignore temporary files
	* [r1010] src/towitoko/COPYING: LGPL licence
	* [r1009] version 0.9.0
	* [r1008] src/towitoko/pps.c: PPS_Match() was wrong when the
	  confirmation is shorter than the request
	* [r1007] src/towitoko/pps.c, src/towitoko/pps.h: PPS_Exchange()
	  has a new argument (unsigned char *pps1) which is the PPS1
	  returned by the card (TA1 the card wants to use)
	* [r1006] src/towitoko/pps.c: CCID_Transmit() now uses a 4th
	  argument (unsigned char bBWI)
	* [r1005] src/towitoko/pps.c, src/towitoko/pps.h: move macros
	  PPS_HAS_PPS?() from pps.c to pps.h
	* [r1004] src/towitoko/atr.c, src/towitoko/atr.h: add
	  ATR_GetDefaultProtocol() function
	* [r1003] src/towitoko/atr.c, src/towitoko/atr.h: remove unused
	* [r1002] src/towitoko/atr.c: the atr_f_table[] and atr_d_table[]
	  tables were partly wrong
	* [r1001] src/towitoko/README: - update the text - the function
	  ATR_GetDefaultProtocol() is mine (Ludovic Rousseau)
	* [r1000] src/towitoko/defines.h: remove MIN() and MAX()
	* [r999] src/ifdhandler.c: if DEBUG_LEVEL_PERIODIC is not set we
	  temporaily remove DEBUG_LEVEL_COMM in IFDHICCPresence() to avoid
	  having the low level debug every time pcscd test the card
	* [r998] src/ifdhandler.c: - removed CardUp() and CardDown() - all
	  the reader initialisation/negotiation is now done in
	  IFDHSetProtocolParameters() (that's why you need
	* [r997] src/utils.c: pcsclite.h moved in PCSC/
	* [r996] src/defs.h: the t1 field in struct CCID_DESC changed from
	  Protocol_T1 (towitiko) to t1_state_t (openct)
	* [r995] src/debug.h: we do not need to have PACKAGE defined (I do
	  not remember what it was used for)
	* [r994] src/commands.c: CmdXfrBlockTPDU_T1(): use the T=1 TPDU
	  layer from opensc/ instead of towitoko/
	* [r993] src/commands.c: CCID_Receive() returns IFD_PARITY_ERROR if
	  the error returned by the reader is 0xFD (parity error) and
	  IFD_COMMUNICATION_ERROR otherwise (so that the T=1 TPDU layer can
	  recover the error)
	* [r992] src/commands.c, src/commands.h: CCID_Transmit() now has a
	  new "unsigned char bBWI" argument
	* [r991] src/commands.c: CmdPowerOn(): add a mechanism to allow
	  power on at 1.8V, 3V and then 5V as specified by ISO 7816. We
	  still use 5V for now to avoid problems with non ISO compliant
	* [r990] src/commands.c: add __FUNCTION__ as argument to
	* [r989] src/ccid.c, src/ccid.h: ccid_error() now also has a "char
	  *function" argument to log the name of the function in which the
	  error occured
	* [r988] src/ - rename protocol_t1/ in towitoko/ to
	  reflect the project the code comes from - remove the now useless
	  files from towitoko/ and add the files from openct/
	* [r987] src/towitoko/apdu.h, src/towitoko/protocol_t1.c,
	  src/towitoko/protocol_t1.h, src/towitoko/t1_block.c,
	  src/towitoko/t1_block.h: remove these files since I now use the
	  T=1 TPDU code from OpenCT
	* [r986] src/openct, src/openct/LICENSE, src/openct/buffer.c,
	  src/openct/buffer.h, src/openct/checksum.c,
	  src/openct/checksum.h, src/openct/proto-t1.c,
	  src/openct/proto-t1.h: use T=1 TPDU code from the OpenCT project
	  The state automata was greatly improved to manage "all" the
	  possible errors cases.
	* [r985] src/Info.plist: document the possible values for
	  ifdLogLevel and ifdDriverOptions

2004-06-23  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r972] examples/scardcontrol.c: - send Select DF and Select EF
	  APDU before Verify PIN - read stdin (consume the "*" fake keys)
	  if the pinpad is on a keyboard
	* [r971] check for the presence of PCSC/ifdhandler.h
	  instead of ifdhandler.h
	* [r970] HAVE_IFDHANDLER_H is renamed
	* [r969] README: add info for: - Cherry XX33 keyboard - Dell
	  keyboard SK-3106 - Dell smart card reader keyboard
	  Move some readers in "Unsupported or partly supported CCID
	  readers:" - C3PO LTC31 - SCM Micro SCR 331 - SCM Micro SCR 335 -
	  SCM Micro SPR 532

2004-06-22  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r966] ChangeLog is not a .PHONY target but a real

2004-06-13  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r940] examples/scardcontrol.c: use SCARD_PROTOCOL_T0 |
	  SCARD_PROTOCOL_T1 instead of SCARD_PROTOCOL_ANY since it is not
	  defined in Micosoft PC/SC

2004-05-30  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r910] use 'pkg-config libpcsclite
	  --variable=usbdropdir' even if --prefix= is used. You should use
	  --enable-usbdropdir= and --enable-ccidtwindir= to set to
	  different values.

2004-05-26  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r906] readers/DellSK-3106.txt: Dell keyboard SK-3106
	* [r905] src/commands.c: set *rx_length to 0 when a ReadPort()
	  error is returned. The problem was not solved by ccid_usb.c 1.25.
	* [r904] src/commands.c: bPINOperation is not passed in the user
	  command since the command is "PIN Verification" and nothing else
	* [r903] examples/scardcontrol.c: remove useless bPINOperation

2004-05-25  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r900] examples/scardcontrol.c, src/ccid.h, src/ccid_serial.c,
	  src/ccid_usb.c, src/ifdhandler.c: add support for
	  SCardGetAttrib(.., IOCTL_SMARTCARD_VENDOR_VERIFY_PIN, ..) to know
	  if the reader supports SCardControl(..,
	* [r896] add a --enable-pcsclite option (default yes)
	  so that the driver can be compiled for a different framework (one
	  needing tokenparser.l)
	* [r895] src/ccid_usb.c: set length to 0 when a usb_bulk_read()
	  error is returned
	* [r894] src/ install Info.plist before the lib. This
	  is for my convenience only because of my debug setup.
	* [r893] src/ rename tokenparser_macosx.l into
	  tokenparser_fake.l since it is not MacOSX specific.

2004-05-24  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r892] examples/scardcontrol.c, src/ccid.c, src/ccid_serial.c,
	  src/ccid_serial.h, src/ccid_usb.c, src/ccid_usb.h,
	  src/commands.c, src/commands.h, src/debug.c, src/ifdhandler.c,
	  src/towitoko/atr.h, src/towitoko/protocol_t1.c: recompile using
	  gcc -pedantic and correct: - some C++ syntax comments - many
	  signedness "problems"
	* [r891] src/ccid_ifdhandler.h, src/commands.c, src/commands.h,
	  src/ifdhandler.c: add support for Secure PIN through
	  SCardControl() (see sample code in examples/)
	* [r890] src/ccid.c: - add some missing error codes - low error
	  values indicate the byte in error in the CCID frame
	* [r889] examples, examples/, examples/scardcontrol.c:
	  add examples for SCardControl IOCTL_SMARTCARD_VENDOR_IFD_EXCHANGE
	* [r888] add examples in SUBDIRS
	* [r887] remove -fno-common from CFLAGS since it
	  is(?) gcc specific
	* [r886] readers/ACR38.txt, readers/supported_readers.txt: add
	  Advanced Card Systems ACR 38
	* [r885] readers/CherryXX33.txt, readers/supported_readers.txt: add
	  Cherry XX33

2004-05-18  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r882] src/ifdhandler.c: in CardUp():SetParameters() the default
	  TA1 is 0x11

2004-05-17  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r881] src/Info.plist: add default ifdDriverOptions set to 0x0000
	* [r880] src/ifdhandler.c: - add support of
	  ifdDriverOptions from Info.plist to limit the use of
	* [r879] src/ccid.c, src/commands.c: redefined CmdEscape() to pass
	  the CCID message instead of just a tag
	* [r878] src/ccid_usb.c, src/ccid_usb.h: do not export
	  get_end_points() declaration and make the function static
	* [r877] src/, src/ccid_ifdhandler.h, src/ccid_serial.c,
	  src/commands.h, src/defs.h, src/parse.c, src/towitoko/atr.c,
	  src/towitoko/defines.h, src/towitoko/protocol_t1.c, src/utils.c:
	  reorganize header files
	* [r876], check for pcsclite.h and
	  ifdhandler.h installed by recent pcsc-lite
	* [r875] src/pcscdefines.h: types and definitions are now in
	  <pcsclite.h>, "defs.h" and "ccid_ifdhandler.h"
	* [r874] src/winsmcrd.h: removed since pcsclite.h now defines
	* [r873] src/ccid_ifdhandler.h: use the ifdhandler.h provided by
	  pcsc-lite so remove a lot of lines

2004-05-14  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r872] check that pkg-config command is present
	  before using it
	* [r871] INSTALL, use `pkg-config libpcsclite
	  --variable=usbdropdir` so you do not have to use
	  --enable-usbdropdir=DIR or --enable-ccidtwindir=DIR even if pcscd
	  does not use the default /usr/local/pcsc/drivers

2004-05-12  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r863] README: document the libusb bug on MacOS X with
	  unplug/replug in a different USB socket
	* [r862] INSTALL, README: move debug configuration from INSTALL to
	  README since it is dynamic now
	* [r861] README: remove the "readers enumeration" part since this
	  problem is now solved by pcsc-lite-1.2.9
	* [r860] INSTALL: document the use of 'pkg-config libpcsclite

2004-05-10  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r840] src/ifdhandler.c: in IFDHPowerICC() IFD_POWER_DOWN is just
	  power down without a power up. Changed to be compliant with IFD
	  Handler specifications.

2004-05-07  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r837] src/towitoko/protocol_t1.c: in
	  Protocol_T1_Negociate_IFSD() rename sblock in block since the
	  same variable is used for sent and received block. This was not
	  clear and was the source of reported bug [ #300707 ] "Delete
	  block before using it in t1_protocol.c" which is not a bug in

2004-05-06  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r836] INSTALL: add a "configuring the driver for the serial
	  reader (GemPC Twin)" part

2004-05-04  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r825] readers/ add DellSCRK.txt
	* [r824] readers/DellSCRK.txt, readers/supported_readers.txt: add
	  Dell smart card reader keyboard

2004-04-19  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r808] src/ add winsmcrd.h in COMMON
	* [r807] src/ifdhandler.c: reset ATR string (length = 0) when the
	  card is powered down or not present
	* [r806] src/defs.h: typo in a comment
	* [r805] src/winsmcrd.h: list of tags for SCardGetAttrib() like
	* [r804] src/ifdhandler.c: add SCARD_ATTR_ATR_STRING in addition to
	  TAG_IFD_ATR in IFDHGetCapabilities()

2004-04-16  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r795] src/ifdhandler.c: new IFDHControl() API
	* [r794] src/ccid_ifdhandler.h: use a new version from pcsc-lite
	  with support of the new IFDHControl() API

2004-04-08  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r781] src/ccid_usb.c: add support for the libusb naming scheme:
	* [r780] readers/SK-3106.txt, readers/SPR532.txt: parse bPINSupport
	* [r779] src/parse.c: parse bPINSupport field

2004-04-07  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r778] readers/ also distribute SK-3106.txt

2004-04-06  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r777], remove --enable-debugcritical,
	  --enable-debuginfo, --enable-debugperiodic and --enable-debugcomm
	  options since the log level is now dynamically managed by
	  ifdLogLevel in Info.plist
	* [r776] src/Info.plist: define default ifdLogLevel at 3
	* [r775] src/debug.c: remove now useless #ifdef DEBUG
	* [r774] src/ccid_serial.c, src/ccid_usb.c: add { } to avoid
	  ambiguities now that DEBUG_* are "if (x) y" constructions
	* [r773] src/ifdhandler.c: during the first IFDHCreateChannel*()
	  init_debug() is called to read the value of ifdLogLevel from the
	* [r772] src/debug.h: change the DEBUG_* macros from static
	  (compilation conditional) to dynamic (if ())
	* [r771] src/ debug.c is only needed by parse_SOURCES
	  not COMMON
	* [r770] src/ifdhandler.c: do not return before
	  pthread_mutex_unlock() in IFDHCreateChannelByName()
	* [r769] src/ifdhandler.c: also call ccid_open_hack() in
	* [r768] src/ifdhandler.c: T=1 context is initialized in CardUp(),
	  not in IFDHCreateChannel()
	* [r766] src/ifdhandler.c: revert to nearly previous version. -
	  IFD_POWER_DOWN is power down and power up (cold reset) -
	  IFD_RESET is power up (warm reset) - IFD_POWER_UP is power up

2004-04-05  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r764] version 0.4.2
	* [r763] readers/SK-3106.txt, readers/supported_readers.txt: add
	  support for the Dell keyboard SK-3106
	* [r762] src/ccid_usb.c: define ALLOW_PROPRIETARY_CLASS by default
	  Proprietary USB Class (0xFF) are (or are not) accepted A
	  proprietary class is used for devices released before the final
	  CCID specifications were ready. We should not have problems with
	  non CCID devices becasue the Manufacturer and Product ID are also
	  used to identify the device */

2004-03-31  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r755] src/ use $(srcdir) instead of ".". Thanks to
	  Dr Russel Winder for the patch.

2004-03-30  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r738] src/ccid_usb.c: allow proprietary CCID Class byte but only
	  if ALLOW_PROPRIETARY_CLASS is defined. You should know what you
	  do. Only useful for pre-CCID devices.
	* [r737] src/parse.c: - use get_ccid_usb_interface() to also manage
	  USB composite devices (keyboards) - continue parsing even if
	  bDescriptorType == 0xFF (proprietary)
	* [r736] src/ccid_usb.h: define get_ccid_usb_interface() only if
	  __USB_H__ is defined (usb.h included)

2004-03-23  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r723] reconf: move the "cp aclocal.m4 build/" after autoreconf

2004-03-22  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r722] reconf: cp aclocal.m4 build/

2004-03-18  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r716] src/ifdhandler.c: Reset action is power off and power on,
	  not just power on

2004-02-27  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r709] README: add C3PO LTC32, SCM Micro SCR 333 and C3PO
	  TLTC2USB in the list of "Should work but untested by me" readers
	* [r708] README: alphabetical reordering of readers
	* [r707] readers/supported_readers.txt: add SCR 333

2004-02-24  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r706] use a shorter Perl script to convert
	  generate/convert ChangeLog

2004-02-14  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r703] README: release 0.4.1
	* [r702] version 0.4.1
	* [r701] readers/ distribute SCR331-DI.txt and
	* [r700] src/ disribute

2004-02-13  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r698] version 0.4.0
	* [r697] README: release 0.4.0

2004-02-12  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r696] src/ifdhandler.c: huge rework of CardUp()
	* [r695] src/towitoko/protocol_t1.c: return with a error if the
	  received bloc in less than 4 bytes (T=0 error response for
	* [r694] src/ccid_serial.c, src/ccid_usb.c: fill dwDefaultClock and
	  dwMaxDataRate according to the reader descriptor
	* [r693] src/ccid.h: add dwDefaultClock and dwMaxDataRate fields

2004-02-11  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r692] src/ifdhandler.c: Perform PPS and IFSD only if the reader
	  does not do it automatically
	* [r691] src/ccid.h: add CCID_CLASS_AUTO_BAUD and
	* [r690] src/towitoko/protocol_t1.c: add return code tests in
	* [r689] src/towitoko/pps.c, src/towitoko/pps.h: PPS_Exchange() now
	  uses 'int lun' instead of 'Protocol_T1 * t1'
	* [r688] src/towitoko/protocol_t1.c: remove debug message
	* [r687] src/ifdhandler.c: use Protocol_T1_Negociate_IFSD() in
	* [r686] src/towitoko/protocol_t1.c, src/towitoko/protocol_t1.h:
	  add Protocol_T1_Negociate_IFSD()
	* [r685] src/ccid.h: add CCID_CLASS_AUTO_CONF_ATR

2004-02-09  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r683] src/ccid_usb.c: first bSeq is 0 (even if 1 works ok)
	* [r682] src/ccid_usb.c: usb_reset() the device before usb_close()

2004-02-05  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r677] README: add Silitek SK-3105 keyboard URL

2004-02-04  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r676] src/debug.h: DEBUG_COMM4 was named DEBUG_COMM3 due to

2004-02-03  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r673] src/ccid_ifdhandler.h, src/ifdhandler.c: add CardUp() and
	  CardDown() for PowerOn and PowerOff actions
	* [r672] src/ccid.h, src/ccid_serial.c, src/ccid_usb.c: add
	  dwMaxIFSD field
	* [r671] src/debug.h: add DEBUG_COMM3()
	* [r670] src/towitoko/pps.c, src/towitoko/protocol_t1.c,
	  src/towitoko/t1_block.c: use my own debug routines
	* [r669] readers/SCR331-DI.txt: new file

2004-02-02  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r668] src/towitoko/protocol_t1.c: do not restrict ifsc to
	* [r667] src/towitoko/protocol_t1.c: remove PPS hack
	* [r666] README: add SCR 331-DI in the "should work" list
	* [r665] readers/supported_readers.txt, src/Info.plist,
	  src/, src/ use to generate the installed Info.plist from an
	  Info.plist template and a list of supported readers.

2004-01-29  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r663] src/ifdhandler.c: removed useless function name in debug
	  messages since we use __FUNCTION__
	* [r662] src/ccid_usb.c: - remove device_name[] from struct
	  _usbDevice - use naming scheme usb:vendor/product - simplify (a
	  bit) the code
	* [r661] src/ccid_usb.h, src/parse.c: remore *device_name[]
	  argument from get_desc()
	* [r660] src/debug.h: add DEBUG_CRITICAL4

2004-01-27  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r659] src/commands.c: set received size to 0 in case of error in
	* [r658] src/commands.c: in case of error exits CCID_Receive()
	  without copying an nonexistent anwser
	* [r655] src/ccid_usb.c: use DEBUG_CRITICAL2() instead of
	* [r654] README: add the "Silitek SK-3105 keyboard" in the "Should
	  work but untested by me" list
	* [r653] ., .cvsignore, aclocal, aclocal/.cvsignore, build,
	  build/.cvsignore, readers, readers/.cvsignore: ignore some build
	* [r652] src, src/.cvsignore, src/towitoko,
	  src/towitoko/.cvsignore: ignore some build files
	* [r651] src/Info.plist: add Silitek SK-3105 keyboard
	* [r650] src/ccid_usb.c, src/ccid_usb.h: add support of USB devices
	  with multiple interfaces (like the Silitek SK-3105 keyboard)
	* [r649] src/ccid_serial.c, src/ccid_serial.h, src/ccid_usb.c,
	  src/ccid_usb.h, src/defs.h, src/ifdhandler.c: add support of

2004-01-22  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r641] src/ move rules for src/protocol_t1/ files in
	  src/ to avoid building a (problematic) static library
	* [r640] src/towitoko/ removed since rules for
	  src/protocol_t1/ files are in src/

2004-01-15  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r620] src/towitoko/apdu.h: define APDU_Cmd and APDU_Rsp
	* [r619] src/towitoko, src/towitoko/,
	  src/towitoko/README, src/towitoko/atr.c, src/towitoko/atr.h,
	  src/towitoko/defines.h, src/towitoko/pps.c, src/towitoko/pps.h,
	  src/towitoko/protocol_t1.c, src/towitoko/protocol_t1.h,
	  src/towitoko/t1_block.c, src/towitoko/t1_block.h: new files from
	  Carlos Prados towitoko-2.0.7 driver (with a bit of hacking)
	* [r618] src/ build protocol_t1 library
	* [r617] src/commands.c: add SetParameters() CCID command
	* [r616] src/ifdhandler.c: add support of T=1 in TPDU mode
	* [r615] src/defs.h: add CcidDesc.t1 field
	* [r614] src/commands.c, src/commands.h: replace CmdXfrBlockTPDU()
	  by CmdXfrBlockTPDU_T0() and CmdXfrBlockTPDU_T1()
	* [r613] src/commands.c: split CmdXfrBlockShortAPDU() in
	  CCID_Transmit() and CCID_Receive()
	* [r612] src/ccid_serial.c, src/ccid_usb.c, src/ifdhandler.c: call
	  ccid_open_hack() in IFDHCreateChannel() instead of in each
	* [r611] src/ccid.c, src/commands.c, src/commands.h,
	  src/ifdhandler.c: use an (int *) instead of a PDWORD for
	  rx_length argument
	* [r610] aclocal, aclocal/, aclocal/acx_pthread.m4: new
	  files. add definition of ACX_PTHREAD macro
	* [r609] src/ccid_ifdhandler.h, src/ifdhandler.c: add
	  get_ccid_slot() function
	* [r608] src/ccid_serial.c, src/ccid_usb.c, src/ifdhandler.c:
	  remove function name from debug message since __FUNCTION__ is now
	  used in DEBUG_* macro definition
	* [r607] src/Info.plist: add ActivCard
	* [r606] README: created an "Should work but untested by me"
	  section and add SCM Micro SPR 532 and ActivCard USB reader 2.0

2004-01-08  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r584] README: The crashes under MacOS X were not because of a
	  bug in libusb but because of a bug in pcscd MacOS X hotplug.

2004-01-06  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r581] src/ccid_usb.c: the USB extra field length shall be
	  exactly 54 bytes to be CCID.

2004-01-05  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r580] src/debug.h: also print the function name (__FUNCTION__)
	  in the debug messages
	* [r579] src/ccid_usb.c, src/parse.c: add a test on the USB extra
	  field length to avoid a crash and print an error message. This
	  occurs when the reader is _not_ CCID and the CCID driver is used
	  (wrong Info.plist for example).

2003-12-19  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r578] INSTALL, src/ build but do not install the
	  serial ccidtwin driver by default since it is useless on
	  computers without a serial port or without this reader for

2003-12-16  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r570] src/ccid_usb.c: read and write timeouts are not symmetric.
	  write timout can be shorter since the reader and card is not
	  supposed to do anything before receiving (write) a command.

2003-12-12  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r569] src/ifdhandler.c: return IFD_NOT_SUPPORTED instead of
	  IFD_SUCCESS in functions doing nothing (yet)
	  (IFDHSetCapabilities, IFDHSetProtocolParameters, IFDHControl);

2003-12-11  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r568] src/ifdhandler.c: set the result buffer length to 0 in

2003-11-25  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r565] do not try to find usb.h and other libusb
	  files if --disable-libusb is used. Needed if you only want to
	  build the serial driver. Thanks to Niki Waibel for the patch.
	* [r564] INSTALL,, src/ add a
	  --enable-ccidtwindir argument to ./configure to specify the
	  serial GemPC Twin installation directory
	* [r563],,, reconf,
	  src/ifdhandler.c: use a updated version of acx_pthread.m4 needed
	  for FreeBSD

2003-11-06  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r556] check that the installed libusb implements

2003-11-04  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r553] README: add SPR 532 in "Supported CCID readers" list
	* [r552] README: release 0.3.2
	* [r551] version 0.3.2
	* [r550] src/commands.c: comment out the automatic GET RESPONSE
	  part. I don't think it should be in the driver. Maybe in pcscd

2003-11-03  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r547] readers/ also distribute SPR532.txt

2003-11-01  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r545] bootstrap is no more distributed (it is no
	  more in CVS either)
	* [r544] src/ $(CCID_BUNDLE) is a directory so use 'rm
	  -r' in uninstall_ccid: target

2003-10-31  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r543] src/ modify the hack to compile under MacOSX.
	* [r542] reconf: config.guess, config.sub, depcomp and
	  are in build/ so removed them there.
	* [r541] useless since we have a 'make dist'

2003-10-29  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r531] src/Info.plist: add USB identification for SPR 532
	* [r530] readers/SPR532.txt: add SPR 532 description even if it is
	  not a "real" CCID reader.
	* [r529] src/parse.c: continue parsing even if bInterfaceSubClass
	  and bInterfaceProtocol are unsupported. This may be the case with
	  non "real" CCID readers.
	* [r528] src/parse.c: do not exit if the InterfaceClass is 0xFF
	  (proprietary). It is the case with old readers manufactured
	  before the final release of the CCID specs.

2003-10-28  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r525] src/ccid_usb.c: correctly use the device name in a debug
	  message instead of a not yet initialised field.
	* [r524] bootstrap: removed since ./reconf is doing a correct job
	* [r523] README: move LTC31 reader from unsupported to supported
	  reader list. It was my fault since in used odd INS byte in my
	  test applet and odd INS bytes are forbidden by ISO 7816-4 ch.
	  5.4.2 Instruction byte. Thanks to Josep Mon�s Teixidor for
	  pointing the problem.
	* [r522] src/commands.c: correct a stupid bug that occurs with an
	  APDU with 2 bytes response.

2003-09-23  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r467] README: release 0.3.1
	* [r466] MANIFEST: update file list
	* [r465] README: add a note about T=1 cards and readers in TPDU

2003-09-22  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r464] src/ccid_ifdhandler.h: define TAG_IFD_THREAD_SAFE
	  introduced in pcsclite-1.2.0-rc3
	* [r463] src/ifdhandler.c: add support of thread safe (APDU
	  multiplexing on different readers)
	* [r462] src/ccid_serial.c: ReadChunk() realy reads up to
	  min_length bytes. Add some debug messages in the state automata.
	* [r461] src/ modify install rules so that root can use
	  them even over NFS where root is nobody
	* [r460], add --enable-multi-thread for
	  thread safe support
	* [r459], reconf: add reconf file

2003-09-19  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r453] src/ccid_serial.c, src/ccid_serial.h: complete
	  reimplementation of the Twin serial protocol using a finite state
	  automata (code much simpler)

2003-09-16  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r448] Put back AC_PROG_CPP, it has nothing to do
	  with C++ but with C preprocessor
	* [r445] src/ccid.c: Do not switch to APDU mode since it also
	  swicth in EMV mode and may not work with non EMV cards
	* [r444] src/ honor DESTDIR in install rules (closes [
	  #300110 ])
	* [r443] remove useless AC_PROG_CPP (no C++ code in
	  ccid driver)
	* [r438] version 0.3.1
	* [r437] INSTALL: document the use of --enable-libusb=PATH
	* [r436] add --enable-libusb=PATH option

2003-09-10  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r425] README: I forgot to add "support of "time request" from
	  the card."
	* [r423] README: release 0.3.0
	* [r422] INSTALL: document the use of ./configure script
	* [r421] use ChangeLog instead of ChangeLog.cvs since
	  the dist Makefile target is looking at this file name.
	* [r420] src/config.h: config.h is now generated by ./configure
	* [r418],, readers/ add
	  readers/ in generated .tar.gz archive
	* [r417] readers/CardMan3121.txt, readers/GemPC433_SL.txt,
	  readers/GemPCKey.txt, readers/GemPCTwin.txt, readers/LTC31.txt,
	  readers/SCR331.txt, readers/SCR335.txt: use new parse indentation
	  for more readability of supported features
	* [r415] new build process using autoconf/automake
	* [r414] src/ccid_serial.c, src/ccid_serial.h: manage serial
	  protocol used by the GemPC Twin. Thanks to Niki W. Waibel for a
	  working prototype.
	* [r413] src/ccid.c, src/ccid.h: contains common CCID feature for
	  USB and serial (was in ccid_usb before)
	* [r412] src/ used to generate a correct reader.conf
	  with the real library name
	* [r411] src/ccid_ifdhandler.h: remove IFDSetEmv() definition. It
	  is now useless.
	* [r410] src/ifdhandler.c: use OpenPort instead of OpenUSB. move
	  the complex TPDU management in commands.c (and use it only if
	  reader does not support APDU mode)
	* [r409] src/defs.h: transport abstraction: define OpenPort,
	  ClosePort, etc. to OpenSerial or OpenUSB depending on TWIN_SERIAL
	  compilation option
	* [r408] src/debug.h: test for PACKAGE and not __CONFIG_H__ since
	  the config.h file is not generated by ./configure
	* [r407] src/commands.c, src/commands.h: - support auto voltage at
	  power on if reader support it - support Gemplus proprietary
	  command to switch reader from TPDU to APDU mode - use APDU mode
	  if reader support it. make it easy to support extended APDU but I
	  have no reader to test this.
	* [r406] src/ccid_usb.c, src/ccid_usb.h: redesign to separate
	  communication media and CCID protocol. call ccid_open_hack() upon
	  open to do some reader dependent magic.
	* [r405] src/parse.c: indent the output with one feature per line
	  (and not on the same line separated by ,)
	* [r404] Makefile, src/Makefile, src/check, src/ylwrap: new build
	  process using autoconf/automake
	* [r403] src/pcscdefines.h, src/utils.c: use PCSCLITE_MAX_READERS
	* [r402], NEWS, bootstrap, build, build/ylwrap,, src/ new build process using

2003-08-27  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r343] MANIFEST, src/Makefile, src/capabilities.c: remove unused
	  capabilities.c file

2003-08-26  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r342] README: release 0.2.0
	* [r341] script to create the .tar.gz
	* [r340] README: add a note about libusb problem under *BSD
	* [r339] src/check: require pcsc-lite 1.2.0 instead of 1.1.2
	* [r326] README: the reader enumeration problem also exist under
	  GNU/Linux (is not MacOS specific)

2003-08-24  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r322] MANIFEST: remove src/dep_stamp
	* [r321] README: add not about bugs/limitations under MacOS X

2003-08-21  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r314] src/parse.c: do not print garbage if we can't get the
	  iManufacturer or iProduct fields

2003-08-20  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r309] src/config.h: comment low level debug messages
	* [r308] src/Makefile: use ./ylwrap instead of ylwrap
	* [r306] src/check: do not define LDFLAGS since we get it from
	* [r305] src/Makefile: add needed MacOS X frameworks to LDFLAGS
	  (for parse and check)
	* [r304] MANIFEST: add src/ylwrap
	* [r303] src/ylwrap: wrapper to call (f)lex
	* [r302] MANIFEST: src/parse shall not be distributed
	* [r301] src/ccid_usb.c: do not duplicate the Info.plist filename
	  but "calculate" it once
	* [r300] src/Makefile: Add support of MacOS X
	* [r299] src/Info.plist: use an <array></array> for the alias

2003-08-14  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r279] src/ccid_usb.c: use a 1 minute USB timeout instead of the
	  1 second used for debug
	* [r278] MANIFEST: include in CVS
	* [r277] src/Makefile: remove parse binary in clean target

2003-08-13  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r276] src/Makefile: do not exit with failure if makedepend(1)
	  does not exist
	* [r275] INSTALL: Installation and check guide

2003-08-12  Ludovic Rousseau

	* [r273] README: release 0.1.0
	* [r269] ., AUTHORS, COPYING, Makefile, README, readers,
	  readers/CardMan3121.txt, readers/GemPC433_SL.txt,
	  readers/GemPCKey.txt, readers/GemPCTwin.txt, readers/LTC31.txt,
	  readers/SCR331.txt, readers/SCR335.txt, src, src/.dependencies,
	  src/Info.plist, src/Makefile, src/capabilities.c,
	  src/ccid_ifdhandler.h, src/ccid_usb.c, src/ccid_usb.h, src/check,
	  src/commands.c, src/commands.h, src/config.h, src/debug.c,
	  src/debug.h, src/defs.h, src/ifdhandler.c, src/parse.c,
	  src/parser.h, src/pcscdefines.h, src/tokenparser.l, src/utils.c,
	  src/utils.h: Initial revision