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#ifndef _SECOID_H_
#define _SECOID_H_
 * secoid.h - public data structures and prototypes for ASN.1 OID functions

#include <security_asn1/seccomon.h>
#include <security_asn1/plarenas.h>
#include <Security/secasn1t.h>

#include <security_smime/secoidt.h>


extern const SecAsn1Template SECOID_AlgorithmIDTemplate[];

/* This functions simply returns the address of the above-declared template. */

 * OID handling routines
extern SECOidData *SECOID_FindOID(const SECItem *oid);
extern SECOidTag SECOID_FindOIDTag(const SECItem *oid);
extern SECOidData *SECOID_FindOIDByTag(SECOidTag tagnum);
extern SECOidData *SECOID_FindOIDByCssmAlgorithm(CSSM_ALGORITHMS cssmAlgorithm);

** Algorithm id handling operations

** Fill in an algorithm-ID object given a tag and some parameters.
** 	"aid" where the DER encoded algorithm info is stored (memory
**	   is allocated)
**	"tag" the tag defining the algorithm (SEC_OID_*)
**	"params" if not NULL, the parameters to go with the algorithm
extern SECStatus SECOID_SetAlgorithmID(PRArenaPool *arena, SECAlgorithmID *aid,
				   SECOidTag tag, SECItem *params);

** Copy the "src" object to "dest". Memory is allocated in "dest" for
** each of the appropriate sub-objects. Memory in "dest" is not freed
** before memory is allocated (use SECOID_DestroyAlgorithmID(dest, PR_FALSE)
** to do that).
extern SECStatus SECOID_CopyAlgorithmID(PRArenaPool *arena, SECAlgorithmID *dest,
				    const SECAlgorithmID *src);

** Get the SEC_OID_* tag for the given algorithm-id object.
extern SECOidTag SECOID_GetAlgorithmTag(const SECAlgorithmID *aid);

** Destroy an algorithm-id object.
**	"aid" the certificate-request to destroy
**	"freeit" if PR_TRUE then free the object as well as its sub-objects
extern void SECOID_DestroyAlgorithmID(SECAlgorithmID *aid, Boolean freeit);

** Compare two algorithm-id objects, returning the difference between
** them.
extern SECComparison SECOID_CompareAlgorithmID(const SECAlgorithmID *a,
					   const SECAlgorithmID *b);

extern Boolean SECOID_KnownCertExtenOID (const SECItem *extenOid);

/* Given a SEC_OID_* tag, return a string describing it.
extern const char *SECOID_FindOIDTagDescription(SECOidTag tagnum);

 * free up the oid data structures.
extern SECStatus SECOID_Shutdown(void);


#endif /* _SECOID_H_ */