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                         CryptKit change log

   -- Added prototypes for NSFEEPublicKey convenience methods to NSCryptors.h

   * Alpha version to dreece and crandall 13 Aug 1996

   -- Added KeyStringFormat.doc
   -- Deleted -publicKeyData, keyWithPublicKeyData (public keys now always
      represented as strings)
   -- Beefed up range and validity checking in:
         -- hexstr_to_giant()
	 -- new_hexstr_from_key()
	 -- +keyWithPublicKeyString
   -- Added check for valid_hexstr() and NULL hexstr_to_key() in
   -- Added and enforced MAX_UNAME_LENGTH
   -- added key_equal(_plus, other->_plus) to -[NSFEEPublicKey isEqual:]
   -- last version with NSGiantIntegers.m, utilities.m, NSFastEllipticCurve.m
      as ObjC files

   -- Major rewrite of all top-level classes; ported bulk of logic to
      portable C code. ObjC API (in NSCryptors.h, NSDESCryptor.h) unchanged.

   * Alpha version sent to REC 6 Sep 1996 and to dreece 12 Sep 96
   -- Added platform.[ch]
   -- Fixed (b<n), (sign<0) case in gmersennemod() to allow for arbitrary n.
   -- Added feeHashReinit() to feeHash.[hc].
   -- Rewrote feeGenPrivate(). Hashes password and pads to (size of curve
      order)++, then takes result mod curve order.
   -- Added set_priv_key_data(), and removed its function from
      new_public_with_key(); deleted new_public_with_key().
   -- Initial changes for compiling on NT.

   * Sent to REC for testing 1 Oct 96
   -- first version to be (more or less) fully functional on NT
   -- tolerate non-hex leading and trailing characters in public key string
   -- Fixed --size underflow bug in normal_subg()
   -- Added enc64 routines

   * First version to compile & run OK on OpenStep/NT
   * Alpha version sent to dreece (17 Oct 96) and Avie (18 Oct 96)
   -- Added class names to CryptKit.def (was CryptKit.def.src - no longer
      builds C-only DLL from win.mak!)
   -- Updated to 4.1 pb_makefiles
   -- misc. Makefile tweaks to compile on NT
   -- Misc. tweaks for warning-free compile on NT
   -- ifdef'd out DllMain()

    * First integration into cryptdev master tree, 12 Nov 1996
    -- Added feeCipherFile and NSCipherFile
    -- Added sigSigner out param to feePubKeyVerifySignature()
    -- Made enc64, dec64 more robust and more Microsoft-tolerant
    -- feeGenPrivate() returns error if private key data too short

    * Integrated into cryptdev master tree, 20 Dec 1996
    * Sent to J. Landwehr with first NT version of ICE 20 Dec 1996
    * Major changes to keystring and signature format, compatible with
      JavaFEE-4 and backwards compatible with older CryptKit keys and
    * Verfified to work with ICE (JavaDemo-4) running on an NT server
    -- Added debugging code to DES.c, MD5.c
    -- Added mersennePrimes[24..26]
    -- Newlines optional in dec64() and isValidEnc64().
    -- Added byteRep support to utilities.c

    -- New curveParams mechanism, with IEEE-approved curve parameters
    -- Old curve param 'a' is 'c'; new params b, c, x1OrderPlus x1OrderMinus
    -- This version doesn't *use* the new curve params in elliptic algebra;
       it's an interim version for testing. DVT suite (ckutils/cktest) still
       works at depths 0 thru 4.
    -- NO API CHANGES since CryptKit-16.
    -- key strings and signatures still compatible with CryptKit-16 and
    -- Deleted mersennePrimes[], set_crypt_params(), new_public_com(),
    -- Most fields in keystruct now superceded by curveParams *cp
    -- Added setGiantSize() kludge, replaces weird call to borrowGiant(*exp)
       in set_crypt_params()
    -- Added copyGiant(), giant_to_int()
    -- Removed a bunch of dead files from project
    -- Removed *_to_hexstr() from utilities.c
    -- Fixed "pad too short bug" in small depth cases in feePubKeyCreatePad()

   * Integrated into cryptdev master tree, 31 Jan 1997
   * Completely broke backward compatibility with old key strings and
   * Old 2:1 FEED renamed feeFEEDExp (feeFEEDExp.c, names start with
     feeFEEDExp). New 1:1 FEE is feeFEED.c. A #define in feeFEED.h redirects
     client's feeFEED calls to feeFEEDexp
   -- New elliptic math using all curveParams fields
   -- Cleaned up all which_curve/twist code to use CURVE_MINUS/CURVE_PLUS
   -- plus curves now used exclusively except for in FEED decrypt, which
      uses both curves
   -- Moved all byteRep code from utilities.c to byteRep.c.
   -- Added curveOrderJustify(), use it to trim private key data and
      signature random data to [2, curveOrder]
   -- curveParams[4] now has full parameters
   -- ENGINE_127_BITS version, with hard-coded 127 bit elliptic() in
      engineNSA127.c, no longer builds - obsolete (hopefully)
   -- Fixed negation bug in gmersennemod() (a long-standing FEE bug)
   -- Fixed n[words-1] == 0 bug in extractbits() (ditto)
   -- Added keyWithPrivateString:depth:usageName: to NSFEEPublicKey
   -- Deleted obsolete #defines from NSFastEllipticCurve.c, including those
      for signature_compare()
   -- Added FEE_PROFILE logic
   -- Now have unified giant-to-byteRep mechanism via serializeGiant and
      deserializeGiant. Deleted canonicalize_ints(), canonicalize_shorts(),
      giant_cleanse(), data_to_giant()
   -- Removed all *_to_hexstr and hexstr_to* code

   * First version known to be bit-for-bit compatible with JavaFEE.
     keys, signatures, ciphertext, and cipherfiles. Tested against
   * Integrated in cryptdev master 13 Feb 1997.
   -- Broke backward compatibility with CipherFiles. CFILE_VERSION = 1.
   -- First working 1:1 FEED, in feeFEED.c. Old 2:1 FEED, now in feeFEEDExp.c,
   -- Fixed zero bug in gcompg().
   -- CipherFile uses portable byte rep; added CFE_FEED and CFE_FEEDExp types
   -- New optimized numer_plus(), denom_double(), and numer_times()
   -- Added maxShorts and minBytes to curveParams
   -- Added explicit SIGN_PLUS, SIGN_MINUS as 's' arg to elliptic_add()
   -- newGiant() no longer modifies CurrentMaxShorts or giant stack
   -- Added FEE_DEPTH_192_M529891
   -- Added feeFEEDCipherTextSize(), feeFEEDExpCipherTextSize()
   -- Fixed platform dependencies in MD5.c
   -- All borrowGiant() calls in NSFastEllipticCurve,c specify explicit
      giant size (usually curveParams.maxShorts)
   -- #ifdef'd out matric math routines in NSGiantIntegers.c
   -- Added FEE_DEPTH_192_M529891
   -- CurveParams.c now assumes all fields have valid giants
   -- feeCipherfile now has four encrTypes - CFE_PublicDES, CFE_RandDES,

   * Integrated in cryptdev master 20 Feb 1997.
   -- CipherFile - was {key1,key2}, is {sendPubKey,otherKey}
   -- Broke out common defines into CipherFileTypes.h
   -- NSCipher returns nil properly on otherKeyData, sigSata, sendPubKeyData
   -- Added enc64WithLines; dec64 ignores all whitespace
   -- Broke out encrType-specific functions in CipherFile{FEED,DES}

   * Integrated in cryptdev master 7 Mar 1997.
   * Sent to REC 7 Mar 1997.
   -- Added curve depth = 3; q=40, k=213
   -- cleaned up CryptKit.h, NSCryptors.h
   -- updated Makefile for backup purposes
   -- Moved NSFEEPublicKey interface into its own file
   -- Added mulgTime profiling stat
   -- Deleted len = par->minBytes kludge from make_pad()
   -- was iszero(); is isZero()
   -- made bitlen() assertion conditional on FEE_DEBUG
   -- Trimmed plainBlockSize by one byte if q mod 8 = 0 in feeFEED,
      feeFEEEDExp. This is an incompatible change! But I don't think anyone
      was using the last version....

   * Integrated into cryptdev master 31 Mar 1997
   -- New NSMD5Hash class
   -- Rewrote NSDESCryptor using feeDES
   -- NSDataDigester was interface, is protocol
   -- Deleted digestObjectsWithKeys method from NSDataDigester
   -- Deleted NSRequestConcreteImplementation from NSDESCryptor and
   -- Rewrote NSRandomNumberGenerator using feeRandom
   -- Cleaned up misc. #ifdefs and stale code
   -- Put DES per-instance variables in struct _desInst
   -- Fixed memory leaks in feePubKeyCreateKeyString(), feeFEED.c
   -- Removed ANSI C headers from Public Header; framework is now strictly

   * Integrated into cryptdev master 1 May 1997
   * Associated with ComDemo announcement 1 May 1997
   -- No functional changes, only debugging printfs

   * Integrated into cryptdev master 11 June 1997
   -- Mods to build on Mac CodeWarrior
      -- was #import, is #include
      -- mods to platform.[ch]
      -- lots of compiler warning fixes, mainly due to MW's inability to
         implicitly cast unsigned char * to char *

   * Integrated into cryptdev master 18 June 1997
   -- New divg_via_recip(), modg_via_recip(), make_recip()
   -- new per-curveParams fields x1OrderPlusRecip and lesserX1OrderRecip
   -- Added lesserX1OrderJustify(), x1OrderPlusJustify(), binvg_cp()
   -- Added new multiple stack borrowGiant() mechanism
   -- All calls to borrowGiant() and newGiant() explicitly pass needed size;
      no more borrowGiant(0)
   -- Deleted old (i.e., obsolete and/or debugging) code from
      NSGiantIntegers.c and NSFastEllipticCurve.c
   -- Added description of FEED and FEEDExp ciphertext to ByteRep.doc
   -- Marked KeyStringFormat.doc as obsolete

   -- Implemented ECDSA in feeECDSA.[ch]
   -- Added binvg_orderPlus(), x1OrderPlusMod()
   -- Added generic signature encode/decode to byteRep.[ch]