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 * Utility routines to complement the ASN.1 encoding and decoding functions.
 * $Id: secasn1u.c,v 1.3 2004/05/13 15:29:13 dmitch Exp $

#include "secasn1.h"

 * We have a length that needs to be encoded; how many bytes will the
 * encoding take?
 * The rules are that 0 - 0x7f takes one byte (the length itself is the
 * entire encoding); everything else takes one plus the number of bytes
 * in the length.
SEC_ASN1LengthLength (unsigned long len)
    int lenlen = 1;

    if (len > 0x7f) {
	do {
	    len >>= 8;
	} while (len);

    return lenlen;

 * XXX Move over (and rewrite as appropriate) the rest of the
 * stuff in dersubr.c!

 * Find the appropriate subtemplate for the given template.
 * This may involve calling a "chooser" function, or it may just
 * be right there.  In either case, it is expected to *have* a
 * subtemplate; this is asserted in debug builds (in non-debug
 * builds, NULL will be returned).
 * "thing" is a pointer to the structure being encoded/decoded
 * "encoding", when true, means that we are in the process of encoding
 *	(as opposed to in the process of decoding)
const SecAsn1Template *
SEC_ASN1GetSubtemplate (
	const SecAsn1Template *theTemplate, 
	void *thing,
	PRBool encoding
	#ifdef	__APPLE__
	const char *buf			// for decode only
    const SecAsn1Template *subt = NULL;

    PORT_Assert (theTemplate->sub != NULL);
    if (theTemplate->sub != NULL) {
	if (theTemplate->kind & SEC_ASN1_DYNAMIC) {
	    SecAsn1TemplateChooserPtr chooserp;

	    chooserp = *(SecAsn1TemplateChooserPtr *) theTemplate->sub;
	    if (chooserp) {
			void *dest = thing;
			if (thing != NULL) {
				thing = (char *)thing - theTemplate->offset;
			subt = (* chooserp)(thing, encoding, buf, dest);
	} else {
	    subt = (SecAsn1Template*)theTemplate->sub;
    return subt;