VDADER_RULES.TXT   [plain text]

This is an interim release of the VDA Enchanced version of the SNACC 1.3.  To 
enable the use of DER encoding you need to use the "-D" command line option.  
The DER rules enchancements have been made to the C++ side only so don't 
forget the "-C" (C++) option.

At this time this modified version is closely tied to the VDA developed SFL
library.  If you use the "-D" it's assumed that you are also using the SFL
in which case there is no problem.  However, if you want to use this version
of SNACC standalone you will need to acquire the sm_vdasnacc.h and 
sm_vdasnacc.cpp files from the SFL distribution.  This situation is temporary.
As we fix/add features into SNACC we will most likely move those files into
our enchanced SNACC distribution.

Also..  The file comments have not been updated yet.  However, I did include
the SCCS (SunOS 4.1.3 SCCS) files so that the changes we made can be reviewed
by those wishing to do so.  We will merge the comments from the SCCS history 
into each modified file when modifications are complete.

For more information on the SFL try http://www.jgvandyke.com

Pierce Leonberger
Systems Engineer
J.G. Van Dyke & Associates (VDA)