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.IX Title "OpenSSL 1"
.TH openssl_fips_fingerprint 1 "2006-10-08" "0.9.7i" "OpenSSL"
openssl_fips_fingerprint \- OpenSSL FIPS Fingerprint tool
\fBopenssl_fips_fingerprint\fR checks the SHA-1 HMAC fingerprint of the passed \&\fIlibcrypto\fR (which should be the one the passed \&\fIapplication\fR was linked against).  If the fingerprint is correct \fBopenssl_fips_fingerprint\fR generates a digest of the application in its parent directory.  This digest will be checked by the application's FIPS functions at runtime.  If the digest does not match, FIPS_mode_set() will fail.
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