INSTALL   [plain text]

$Id: INSTALL,v 2003/07/21 16:20:21 zarzycki Exp $

			  Building and installing

1) Edit the Makefile, adjusting any necessary definitions. Pay specific
   attention to the value of PREFIX and the compiler settings.
2) Type "make" to build the "libpoll.a" and "" libraries.
3) Type "make install" to install the shared and static libraries in
   $(PREFIX)/lib (default: /usr/local/lib) and the poll.h header file
   in $(PREFIX)/include (default: /usr/local/include)

			  Using the poll emulator


	To compile a program that wants the poll.h header file, you need
	to include the appropriate "-I" option on the compiler command line.
	If you set PREFIX to "/usr/local", then use "-I/usr/local/include".
	For instance:

		cc -c -I/usr/local/include mypollprog.c


	To link a program that uses poll, you need to link against the
	static or shared version of the library you built and installed.
	Use the "-L" and "-l" options:

		cc -o mypollprog mypollprog.o -L/usr/local/lib -lpoll

        If you need to force static linkage, add "-static" (with gcc) to
	force use of "libpoll.a":

		cc -o mypollprog mypollprog.o -L/usr/local/lib -lpoll -static